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"jamie jirsa" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Thousand discover it miles limitation of by the government for new card members only learn more. Discover dot com slash travel next update. Six fifty KOA, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Juniper horses the month of the year, we typically see the most stormy as weather, and that will be the case, again, today round of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Sub storms could produce really having rain possibility for some ale as well, especially varies east of I twenty five today's high seventy five degrees. So not as warm as it was over the weekend. Tonight, dropped to fifty two storm chances wrap up by midnight tomorrow. Pretty good chance for showers and storms in the afternoon. Again, with Seventy-three once they have to eighty three with a much smaller chance for storms from CBS four machinate, Gary on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM, and ninety four one FM how so overcast out there this morning. We are sucked in with fog and clouds here in the metro area. Six forty two and about fifty five degrees. The death of another state trooper hit by a car in the line of duty is a reminder of something law enforcement has long said move over earlier this year for troopers were injured in crashes because of other drivers two years ago. Trooper Cody Donohue, was killed leading to the states move over law. It makes penalties harsher for people who don't move over for law enforcement. Highway workers truck drivers are partners, CBS four and Kristen Leone have a look at the recent history of dangerous trooper space on the roads thinkable tragedies continue to happen across Colorado, four years ago in may twenty fifteen. Chew per Taylor Tif, oh. Was killed by a driver, who was alluding, another state trooper on highway sixty six he was in the middle of training with the Colorado state patrol trooper Tico was only twenty one years old, six months later. In November twenty fifteen to Jamie Jirsa vex was killed when she was hit by a drunk driver while investigating a crash on I twenty five coupons or civics left behind her. Husband, and little girl and was only thirty three years old. Our hearts. When one of our own is lost. It's devastating one year later November twenty sixteen states, you Cody Donohue was hit and killed by a semi trailer on I twenty five while also investigating crash. Donohue was an eleven year veteran of the Colorado state patrol, he too left behind a family. He was wonderful. He was mazing. Visit friend and a father and a husband and in March of this year fifty two year old corporal, Daniel groves was hit by a car during a snowstorm in weld county. The trooper was helping driver, who slid off the road when another driver lost control and hit him his frustrating. Literally dying trying to serve and die trying to serve we ask Colorado state patrol. Whether they believe that this law has been affected for them in recent years, but because of this recent active and ongoing investigation they declined to comment at this time force. Kristen Leone.

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