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The Walmart Haul Episode

Hungry Girl: Chew The Right Thing!

07:37 min | 3 years ago

The Walmart Haul Episode

"All right. We're GONNA jump right in. It's a Walmart Hall. Which means we have lots of products that are ready to be chewed and sipped and swallowed starting with the above all of the above. Not necessarily in that order. But first we have tiller and hatch pressure cooker meals chicken Tortilla Stu so basically these are frozen bags of food items that you throw a pressure cooker or these days. We know it as an instant pot and so it's already made so he just throw the what the contents of the bag into the pressure cooker and IT COOKS UP PRETTY QUICKLY. So this one says only gives you stove top directions to which is nice. I had this. Oh you add water to the pressure cooker. Then you add the sauce than the rest five minutes and then when the timer goes off wheat four minutes. This is basically a nine minute meal. But then but you do have to heat up. Depressurize your pressure cooker. So I wonder if it's really quicker than using stove-top but well I don't know but I'm interested to try it because one cup has one hundred ninety calories four grams of fat and four smartphones points. I know you've got that fast because I'm starving fun and have lunch. Mike is not eat lunch. He's about to chew on Jamie's hand but now we're going to try this. It looks very soupy but this is a chicken stew that was made in a pressure cooker. Or in a I'd like you pass Utensil. Thank you so much wonder. What the origins of the word like Stu like as far as you know what you're doing that's STU maybe names to studio originally it make sense doing it Well it's really good. All right that chicken. This tastes like homemade. Mom's chicken suit and there's corn in it. It's very mild but it's flavorful. This is really great. Comfort food totaling. I love that it's not too salty. Yeah what's sodium? Like on six sixty for a cup so it's not low but let's put that over cauliflower. Rice I love. It was like chicken tortilla soup but with corn beans. Yeah so it's really delicious. It's unexpectedly tasty. We're off to a good start. Okay next up. The product is called mighty spark all natural premium cuts of chicken PROSCIUTTO WITH TOMATO. Basil and garlic seasoned ground chicken so this is basically whereas the packaging of that. Is it a It looks like you buy it in. Like the butcher section where you would buy like genealogy so it's ground chicken smells so good smell it. That's already been flavored. We just throw it in my rankin. Who's probably with like Marinara sauce or something? Who took a big hunk of that? Yeah probably but it already has like what's in it seasoned Rochetta Wise. It's tomato Basil Garlic That's really I love that you don't like about it. It's a little different like sometimes we do the shortcut thing where we Italian seasoning. This doesn't hit you over the head in the same way. Like you really taste the basil or things. He's so good you're probably instead of making ground meat out of it you can do like a meatball or something or Turkey ball. Yeah yeah or like a really fun Burger. I love that. Like sometimes they'll name it something like Bouchette and then you taste it. And you're like they should've just called it tomato garlic. I like that really delivers on the shuttle flavor. Absolutely it does and four ounces. One hundred sixty calories eight grams of fat for smart points to for to that is excellent. All right next up. We have hunts chilly kit. Just add meat. Ready in twenty minutes. So it's brought to you by. Hunts the people make ketchup? You know the people who make the the other ketchup. And it's a chilly kit. So this is a little bit. It's a smart thing you it's ready in twenty minutes you everything you need. Except for the ground meat of choice we decided to make it with extra lean ground beef and as it is without the beef or any of the meat. Three quarters of a cup is one hundred calories no fat and three smart points as package so it has like the little tomato the sauce and the beans. So we're GONNA try it already semi seasoning. I think That everything I've rhythm Kinda tastes like catcher. I was GONNA say days like they're less good ketchup. I kind of was I. Wish hines me this. What did hunt do before they did? They just automatically become tiniest competition or they have something else besides the ketchup tomato people. Yeah think they do a lot of tomato? This is not an this is not the. It's good but it's not great. It's a little like sour acidic facing. I think it might be good for kids for effort forever not forever viral with that. Yeah I don't know anyway. Let's move on next one. I'm kind of excited about because I saw this as I went up to the kitchen. And the back. They were prepping. It see cuisine smart indulgences Tortilla crusted. Wild Alaska pollock. I would say Alaskan but it's called the Alaska pollock. I guess and the thing is I think seek was in listened to us or took our idea and ran with it but basically we have made a Tortilla in crusted chicken. This is a Tortilla incrusted. Pollock which I didn't realize anyone ever called anything pollick. I thought pollock was just like fake crab the other white meat even the other whitefish before you tasted the story with C. Cuisine. They're the ones that made the salmon that we didn't like didn't they? Make one thing we liked and one thing we know I think this is like their redemption. I love it. You know what I like about it. It's like soap crispy and crunchy so it's Each belay has two hundred and forty calories. Six grams of fat seven smartphones. That's really tasty. That's like the best fish on the planet it is. It does taste like a fish. Stick to air. Fox did we airfreight or BEGA. How do we do it? I bet we have tortilla crested wild Alaska Pollack with smart ingredients. Oh Yeah do you see all the different things that goes on the cross. Yeah we named him so they are Yellow Corn Black Bean Jalapeno Chili tomato lime cumin Cilantro. Paprika they did not dial it in. I want more of that. It's Great Roy. Wheels aren't turning when the cameras. There are no cameras but when when the audio wasn't rolling I'll be eating more about if we had cameras rolling. Do you think we would do our little dance. In the beginning of the episode with the Music Lisa kind of has like a like a ninety s like Humpty Hump kind of thing. I don't have it. I don't know what you're no. No you did this did that. Jamie Jamie Shuffle. Bought my head your head. Okay all right. We should have cameras rolling. Okay moving on. This is an exciting product for a knife. I WANNA cut these. This is fun because I grew up as a white castle fan. I'm a New Yorker. My Dad and I like if we were sometimes alone on father's Day I don't know why we would be but a couple of years I remember. We went to white castle father's day when was like seven. I don't know where my mom and my siblings were. But we were there now. They're making Vegan White Castle. Black beans sliders stats are incredible but little little side. Note here about me. Because I'm from the West Coast. I've never been to white castle. The only white castle I know of is the frozen white castle.

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