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"jamie dornan cy" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"If I wanted to get more Ellen, where would I get it? Good question. You can get more of Ellen on the Ellen Degeneres show weekdays. Andy people often confuse you with a handsome Irishman. Tell us about Jamie durins appearance on the show. Got that guy is sexy. Oh, yeah, profanity sexy. I'm going to say as a heterosexual man. I can look at another man and say, he sexy and that Jamie Dornan. I'm sorry, I got a text who say I can. I read a text from my motor that I found to be quite disturbing this week just while you're finding Jamie doorman who Dohrn who was the star fifty shades of grey appeared? This is a fantastic. My mother is eighty. This is what I get from her. Jamie Dornan Cy loved him. In fifty shades I respond. You saw it with seven question marks the movie. Yes, she writes on my phone, eight years old, watching fifty shades on her. Phone. If this isn't disturbing to son, I don't know. What is I wrote g she writes, is he nice? I wrote yes, but I'm still in shock that you saw the movie. So that's so. Funny slash very disturbing. Have you seen the movie? I have seen the movies, Laurie Laurie and I have seen it. You're fifty. How do you think you got here? Not by now. I get it. My mother has not red room. Andy, I have bad news. No, your mother. Anyway, this is why I'm still in shock. You have kids, you said to to. How old Dulcie oil. This is going to be five in November, and I'll is two and a half. Now when you go to like play dates and stuff, do you find that the moms show up a lot. The moment show below in those things anyway, you know, it's all because. You're there. I don't know, we're, we're plumbing. Dulcie fifth birthday, the moment on we're trying to get away from two years with with the police seemed. With this year, we're having think we're disco is the new thing. She liked of find your old. She. I don't know where she go, but somehow in our highs, one of those discu light like nothing's turned on its. Night, like a chain has all these different settings, different colors. She's very taken by. So she's so now she's going to like Gloria gainer all of a sudden because just because there's a like, I don't know if that's very strong premise. No, it's just really a light. It's really the music. Eventually bring a cake quite solid, but the when the thing I enjoyed the, I'll really seems like you'd be ready to move on from Winnie the Pooh, but it and you control the party anyway. So you can do whatever you want to. I'm every year Roy's there's always of other 'tigers there. Invariably, a lot of the other kids figures. I'm the biggest ticker. Congratulations on that. Good for you. Andy. Have you gotten your new toothbrush yet? Yes, and I- frigging love it. It's called the quip on my gods, electric toothbrushes..

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