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"jamie bust" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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"jamie bust" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"I'll i'll do it. I'll do it. I the most likely buses kyle pits. I don't like it but there have been two tight ends. Since i started playing football twenty three years ago that have scored at least one hundred sixty fantasy points in their rookie season. Bay score one hundred and seventy three and one hundred and seventy one. It was a pair of giants. Jeremy shockey and ingram. Kyle doesn't even play for the giants damrau if he scores hundred and seventy fantasy points this year. You're not quite getting value. You're paying for around four. He needs to have the greatest tight end. Rookie season ever just to justify his. Adp you're not necessarily profiting if he does that. It's just to to be worth what you paid for. That's not the type of bets that you should make and fantasy football. You should not bet on someone needing to break records to justify the cost you're paying for when when do you think that you'd feel okay taking him. Well i'm not taking him until round seven but it does the whole thing is. I might reach form occasionally at the end of round five early round six just to make sure i had some kyle pits if that was an option. It's just never even something to consider. Okay jamie bust. i was gonna say pets. Which pains me. Obviously as a gator. I think it just it just makes the most sense And give me the adp again because all right here we go kelsey. Ninth overall waller. Kill twenty six and twenty seventh round five we have pits andrews and hocson jamie said travis kelsey bust noah fan around seven taoist goddard round seven. That's the one right now. And i i hate it because i have so much. Optimism him if if they can shake loose zachert somehow but efforts there. You can't take him to high five point seven targets per game with and without erz last year no red zone or the way no he had no games with hurts and no hurts with hurts no irt. That never happened. forgot her. you mean. It didn't happen forgot earthly play. Two games with jalen hurts now. He played three games with jalen hurts. Earth played in all three of them. Okay fine so erz was there. I put hurts hurts my ears kill. He didn't really have that great of a season. But when i rent a car ahead so in the first three starts for hurts we won't count the washington game. 'cause got it and play raider actually led the team targets with one thousand nine hundred and then erz goddard both had seventeen. Greg ward at thirteen traffic travis..

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