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"james walcott james thanks" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"james walcott james thanks" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"DAB to Shireen Well 20 central banks in action this week Caroline but today is really the big on the U.S. Federal Reserve making its final decision for 2021 respecting a wine back of that stimulus perhaps ending soon as march of next year And of course an update to those crucial economic forecasts for the first time since September The U.S. economy of course running hot the jobs market is hot 11 million vacancies PPI hot and CBI running at the fastest pace since 1982 Yeah amazing isn't it And it's only a month after the drawdown in terms of asset purchases was even announced So that's how quickly things are moving So we're going to talk about the fed pivot in a moment but also Boris Johnson's leadership threatened ready for the first time since he was voted in in a landslide election just a couple of years ago We'll talk about that MPs rebelling over the plan B COVID restrictions and also signor vac this fascinating initial study that actually shows that this vaccine billions of doses shipped around the world and used of course domestically in China but the vaccine doesn't appear to protect against oh Macron Again a limited study but we'll talk about that in a moment with Bryn Berg's Sam forseti But let's get into the markets then before we get to those big conversations this is a really interesting day today Dow Jones even if futures are up a tenth of 1% S&P 500 even features also higher this as we look at European markets up by half of 1% this morning Only the 3100 is down two tenths of 1% and we did have UK CPI hitting a record 5.1% in November Italian yields at the moment sorry Italian yields at the moment on BTP's trading at 93 basis points so that's the only European yield that is actually dropping the rest of rising So Germany is a negative 36 basis points U.S. sales at 1.445 flat at the moment So there is the anticipation in markets for the fed decision Other things that we're looking at are Bloomberg dollar spot index is softer a tenth of 1% So the dollar retreating along with the Turkish lira that's a continuing story oil down 6 tenths of 1.7 6 now for WTI crude features Bitcoin I mean the cryptos have been battered around this week 48,601 and gold also down a tenth of 1% So those are the markets Well let's go back to our top story this morning Boris Johnson suffered his biggest rebellion since becoming prime minister forcing him to rely on opposition votes to pass a key measure to stop the spread of a con The biggest rebellion of course on those plans for the COVID pass Well let's get more details now with Bloomberg's James Walcott James Thanks so much for joining us in the studio today Now this was quite something wasn't it A 115 of Boris Johnson's own MPs either directly voting against him or abstaining Quite a large number An insanely large number I mean I was throwing back the records the largest I can see in comparison was Theresa May's Brexit vote which is a 118 and even that You can only imagine Johnson's majority is sort of in the 80s So it has nothing piece for him to lose a vote if the Labor Party won't support him You don't want to be in a position where you're relying on the opposition party to pass your government's motions That's before we even get to the fact that in the Conservative Party you can't need 54 MPs to send a letter of no confidence to put to put Johnson into a vote of no confidence with his own party That's under half of the amount of people who voted against the Mustang But is that realistic I know the things have changed radically but is this a sort of protest vote by MPs Is this really around the health measures Are the consequences so bad for Johnson I mean look at this in terms of a data perspective Is this the peak of the crisis Or is this just the beginning If we take this as the peak you have empathic and started off the scandal His seats is actually up for the buy election tomorrow which could be another indicator of where things go We then have the various party gate and we have ultimately ideologically this sort of Tory opposition to the state getting involved in the pandemic How long will sort of government funding and sort of illiberal as they see it regulation be involved in kind of taking the country out almost 18 months and more than once after the pandemic started That's what they see And that's all coming to a head right now Now is that going to sort of ease off over the Christmas Potentially recess will happen this Friday maybe MPs will go and call their heads On the other hand these MPs who were upset the idea of government regulation taking over could see more health interventions over Christmas as we're seeing data about autocratic looking increasingly grim with I saw a report this morning saying a million people could be icing on Christmas That could be something the other way and look at rebellion coming next year Fantastic Thanks so much James walcot joining us here in the Bloomberg studio And of course we'll be discussing this on the Bloomberg Westminster later meet for us to talk about on the show at 12 o'clock Yeah to have a car because we've got one of those rebels one of those conservative MPs that voted against the plan B restrictions You know what the medics would see is as health measures So this is Anne Marie Morris conservative MP for Newton Abbott in deference So that was at 12 news Yeah fascinating conversation Let's talk about all the other big topics around say the government is relying just not on those measures being passed But also on the swift ramp up of its boost the program in the UK wants to do a million jabs a day to get through the omicron crisis But that rollout is already struggling and medics a warning of bottlenecks and staffing shortages The time today reporting that NHS leaders saying that the yearend deadline of reaching all adults is now unlikely to be met So does this spell trouble for the UK as Christmas approaches just ten days away from Christmas Let's discuss this with Bloomberg intelligence senior director Sam Sam Thanks so much for joining us Bring us up to date with the state of the booster campaign here in the UK Hi there Thanks for having me back on again I think 1 million shot today is an incredible expectation And so I'm not really surprised that it won't be met And also you've got a registration that it takes time to ramp this up The hope is one thing and the announcement is one thing and then actually getting it going is another So I do expect the numbers to rise over the next few days And I don't think we should judge it by the first couple of days after the announcement But I think it's unlikely that we get there But do you have to have aspirations And I think this is a good one to have Yeah okay Also the other thing that is fascinating in terms of the vaccine rollout now is this new study the Hong Kong study around sinovac just explain how significant this is about effectiveness against omicron To be honest with you Caroline I'm not surprised These vaccines which are not the mRNA or the end of viral vaccines And even the adenovirus vaccines we're already showing signs of cracking under pressure.

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