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"james tiberius gibson" Discussed on Security Now

"We call him james tiberius gibson captain of the ship. Security steve gibson steve yolande. Oh what's ons again. Well you know. I did not want to talk about dark side but you have not hel way not to not to about dark side and what was interesting because like how long. How much time have i spent promising our listeners that you know we wouldn't keep talking about ransomware. But when this thing moves from you know an incidental concern about from like. It people to something that you know where our parents or grandparents or you know those who are predate. The internet like What ransomware what's that. I mean and when it steps out to dramatically affect our infrastructure and this group has a weird twist also like they've have an ethics page posted their site on the on the dark web about their intentions. Anyway we'll get to that. There was enough interest about this. Like enough insider information that war listeners would not have picked up from the mainstream media that i thought okay. We gotta talk about that but this is episode eight eighteen for patch. Tuesday of may which will be talking about next week because you know we have to wait to see what happens. We're going to look at a new and old threat to our global dns infrastructure. We also ask what the heck google is planning with their so called two step verification. We examine a huge new problem with the internet's majority of email servers microsoft exchange. That was march. And they're by no means the the biggest player it turns out that the biggest player. Xm has some like really bad problems. So buckle up We're also going to look at the reality of tor exit node. Insecurity leo and really substantiate the statements. You've been making when you're talking about our vpn sponsors that you know that's a just using tour doesn't do the problem. Yeah we're also going to touch on a new scifi novel from a very well known author Share a bit of closing the loop feedback from our listeners. And then we're going to settle down and take a look at this arguably the highest profile ransomware attack ever from what was previously a low key attacker. We'd never talked about dark side before you know we're talking about re yukan all these other guys and this player sort of interesting so l. n. For those listeners. Who've haven't well actually you. And i all of our conversation about our pitcher of the week was before you hit the record button. We have a picture that we're not going to explain. And we will explain watson iq tests. Actually it's not. It's a test of your educational levels. Maybe i don't. I don't think it's an intelligence test but it is a test so we'll we'll we'll have that in a moment But i word from our sponsor. This is a test. are you sure. There's no one on.

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