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"james t. riady" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Into the Biden campaign, and nobody's trying to track it down. $320 million in dark money came into the Biden campaign. Now I want to remind you of something. 19 nineties. One. Bill Clinton was running for re election. The Communist Chinese military poured millions of millions of dollars into the Democrat Party campaign into his campaign ended the Clinton Legal Defense Fund. From the L A Times, which didn't investigation the chief of China's military intelligence secretly directed funds from Beijing to help re elect President Clinton in 1996. Former Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung has told federal investigators Some provided damning testimony before a federal grand jury that the Chinese government wanted Clinton re elected. Charlie Trie, a longtime friend of President Clinton raised 1.2 million and foreign dollars for the Clinton Legal defense fund in the DNC. He also dropped off a $460,000 donation at their office. The L A times. James T. Riady. Remember these names? Another longtime friend of President Clinton. Riady, you had extensive ties to China. His banking group acknowledged in court papers. They made millions of dollars in illegal campaign donations to Democratic presidential and congressional candidates get into 1988, including hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clinton's first campaign for the White House in 1992. Then there was John Wong is the L A Times pointed out. He raised more than 1.5 million from illegal foreign sources, and he visited the White House 78 times. So we know the communist Chinese do this sort of thing. So the question is, and I'm just asking Where did all this dark? Remember everybody where the hell they're getting all this money from hundreds of millions of dollars in dark money? How are they out, Raising Trump? So significantly, while we know Wall Street was Wall Street's in the back pocket of the Chinese We need to know. Where this dark money came from. We know the communist Chinese regime. Max Biden. We know in my view that bind was a Manchurian candidate for China. We have on the record testimony from Tony Bob Belinsky. And, of course job I knew about the deals with China. We have Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post, which dug into the information from the From the hard drive real factual evidence. Factual evidence. And now we know there is a grand jury criminal investigation into Combines brother and into his son. Into his brother and into his son. In the so called office of the president elect. And Joe Biden lied to us every step of the way and the debate moderators never pressed and immediate impress. Must be another Rudy, not job conspiracy theory. Oh, yes, yes, yes. In just the course of a few days, really? A few months. The evidence is overwhelming, isn't it? Ladies and gentlemen. Of two massive scandals. The body crime, family and the media. Yet they spent four years trying to concoct Issues against the president, the United States and his family over collusion of which there was none. They got their congressional investigations, their criminal investigations, their media investigations. Zippo nothing. Impeached our president. They tried to topple our president. In my view, they've stolen this election and I'm sick of these irresponsible lawyers and the rest of them sitting on the sidelines, trying.

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