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Wilson, Jets' defense stun Allen, Bills in 20-17 victory

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Wilson, Jets' defense stun Allen, Bills in 20-17 victory

"The jets pulled off their biggest victory in years coming from behind to beat the AFC leading bill's 20 to 17 Greg Sur line's 28 yard field goal with one 43 remaining broke a 1717 tie capping an 86 yard drive engineered by quarterback Zach Wilson We expected to win this game as a team You know of course we understand this is a good team We understand what they're all about But we understand what we're about as well The jets trailed until late in the third quarter when Wilson threw a 7 yard touchdown pass to James Robinson Robinson then rushed for 39 yards on that game winning drive after buffalo and even the score The jets defense held Josh Allen in check intercepting two passes Tom Arian east Rutherford

Greg Sur Line Zach Wilson Jets AFC James Robinson Robinson Wilson Josh Allen Buffalo Tom Arian East Rutherford
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"james robinson" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"I guess you turned him back. This is a big deal. Playing the jets. You know, it's not one of those because Belichick always beats the jets. Embarrasses the jets. This is different. This is where you have the jet saying. All right, we're ready for you this time around. Yeah, Pauly. You know, in retrospect, after watching the game now that you hear some stories that Belichick was planning on playing two quarterbacks. When Mac Jones got pulled, the camera had got him and he just turned to one of his teammates. The guy said something like, why aren't you in? He goes, I'm out. I'm out. But it was like angry or anything like this. And then Belichick walks over to him to start talking and they cut away. But during the break when the bears were on offense, there was one offensive coach talking to zappy at one talking to Joe and separately. They each had one of those Microsoft surfaces and they were going over plays and stuff. So after seeing that now because I was wondering why they were talking to both, usually it's just the starter gets all the action. And the jets, by the way, acquired James Robinson for a conditional draft pick to replace the injured rookie breeze hall. This is a big deal. Because I thought James Robinson was a quality back. And they got him out of nowhere, and the jets are all in on trying to make the playoffs. I mean, James Robinson, you may have eventually have to pay him, but he is a, he's a good running back. He was averaging, well, you're going to have to get him to come in and take over for bris hall was averaging 97 scrimmage yards per game. Most by a rookie and jets history. But you bring in James Robinson and you're going to lose a little bit, but maybe not as much as you were going to if you weren't able to pick him up. The trade deadline. But the jets are making a trade to stay in the playoff hunt. How long has that been? How refreshing is that that the jets actually feel like they got a shot here. And they might look around and they go, all right, nobody's going to touch buffalo. Can we keep pace with Miami? Are we better than the Patriots?

jets Belichick James Robinson Mac Jones Pauly breeze hall bris hall bears Joe Microsoft buffalo Miami Patriots
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"james robinson" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

"They're trying to get him into rhythm and allow them to make plays allow them to feel more comfortable. And i think it's working. I do expect they're gonna throw the ball more as the year goes on And jomar chase is going to be on the receiving end of a lot of that. That guy looks like a league winner. Right now I do worry what happens when he stops scoring touchdowns but hopefully the usage comes up. I don't expect he higgins to play on thursday night with a shoulder injury. It's good matchup for tyler. Boy is a good matchup for march. As with the bengals touchdown favorites. Joe mixing averaging like what nineteen plus opportunities per game. I think joe mixon is going to get in the box. This week's touchdown it's going to be a good week for the bengal offense nice. What about the jags. You know. Trevor lawrence up and down shows some signs of life and has some bad throws to yeah trevor. It's right now. It's a struggle. He's on a bad team. He's got good receivers. Will viscous hasn't done anything. But i think warrants has good receivers. I'm just not sure what. The jaguars plan is right now. On the offensive line is bad. They finally decided. James robinson's better than carlos hyde. Even though hides getting way too many snaps james robinson actually used in the passing game last week which i thought was very encouraging for those of you. You know week one. It looked like oh. My god james robinson. What the heck happened you know. I thought we'd drives etf now. I think they've figured out over. The past. Couple of weeks that james robinson is the guy in that back till the end. Six targets caught a balls. All six last week couldn't match up for marvin jones. He's actually been. The guy used the most out of the slot for the jaguars. The bengals are giving up. Good production out of the slot like marvin jones quite a bit this week for the jacksonville. Jaguars i dunno. Ross did i know this is crappy game and i know we got a good one coming next week on thursday night with seattle and the rams but i'm actually kind of excited to watch this one. The last number one picks get good. Look at some of the young talent on both these teams of this one's lot more appealing than last week's game between carolina and houston. Me totally agree. I love anytime you know the bengals. Jags don't often play and standalone game. So i like when we get a chance to see them and really. Just watch the players snapping snap out and the bengals good fantasy team so you know. It's it's nice to be able to watch that team on primetime. Yeah how about the titans at the jets jets ross. I could try to talk you into corey davis but the jets stink has kind of permeated. There he dropped a pass for an interception. Michael carter the running back at it. Looked like kevin coleman's out. So michael carr man. He could lead. This backfield only played only about forty percent of the snaps. He died carries for twenty four yards and he had two catches for five yards. That's not getting it done. Jamison crowder could be back this week. I'm talking from a season-long perspective. Everything on this. Podcast is filtered through the lens mostly unless i specifically mentioned deeper leagues ordeal. S everything on. His podcast is filtered through the lens. Like twelve team p league with two running backs three receivers in a flex. There is no way new york jet with the possible exception of gory..

james robinson marvin jones jomar chase bengals jaguars joe mixon Trevor lawrence carlos hyde James robinson higgins tyler trevor Joe corey davis jets jacksonville rams kevin coleman michael carr Ross
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"Me throw kyle under the bus. This isn't on kayak. Because i didn't let kyle know change my ranking so that time how poor kyle just gets thrown under the bus battle in research doing stat tires on the serious cost. Shouldn't even microphone doesn't work today by the way that's why he's not chiming in but a poor. Kyle's sitting there like wyman is in conversation by going like. Oh it's it's you're like you know what i mean like. Just why don't you just own your thirty three ranking why. Why did you make up. I'll eat your homework to like what happens. You know like forgot to email kyle. With my rankings were updated he could update the graphics. Come on the friday. Show what you hate zone. I've been idea yeah. Upon further reflection aboard bed all right. I'm listening. I say mike williams yes. We'll finish outside the top thirty and wide receivers. I'll take that. I say mike. We finished his inside the top thirty fantasy wide receivers this week. Put it on the board other that was redemption from daniel right there. I don't know why i made that bad. I just. I'm talking to myself into it with fire every once in. Yeah good i like it. I dig it. Let's move on behalf of everyone here at the. Oh six i went. Oh i was just like to take a moment here to apologize to kyle soppy. Throw the slander. This daniel dogs at you. I'm so sorry you do a great job here. You work hard. It's absolutely not your fault at all. You had nothing to do with this kyle. A daniel wrangham thirty three cosign this apology. Daniel ranked him at thirty three and wanted to figure out a way to explain his bad ranking of it. And then suddenly you got dragged into it. And i'm sorry i apologize. It's not the kind of behavior that you should expect from anyone on the oh six zero. Let's move forward here to james robinson also makes the hate list. Matthew we talk about this james robinson just saw some. We saw way too much. Carlos hyde and week one for my liking expected but still forty one unsavory james robinson saw only forty two percent of the jaguars running back touches craze in week number one he was out touched by carlos. Hyde eleven to eight over thinking man. What was it that made james robinson so valuable last year matthew. Listen to things number one was he was good like give the guy credit the gadget talented but also insane volume insane volume insane volume and we knew we knew the volume would come. Come back but would dial back. But we didn't think it would dial back to the point where he's backing up carlos hyde and look quite backing not quite right but like the fact that this is much more of a committee. I think people thought unless we talked about. What's weird is we talked about in the preseason like after the jaguars game like carlos hyde was that with the first team quite a bit in that. Preseason game like you're getting a little nervous like we talked about. Carlos height is maybe a late round target like. Hey he's gonna get a little more work. There might be some standalone value. Carlson deeper leagues. But i don't think any of us thought that he would get that much work that he would play more snaps. Then james robinson. I drew a little bit of a line between miles gaskin and james robinson with the idea being that they're gonna be veterans. We're going to chip into their workload early in the season. But i'm gonna remain strong The idea like. I'm gonna remain committed to these players because i think in time. Malcolm brown and carlos hyde see their snaps. Go down because the cream rises as we know but based on what we saw last week. It's really hard. Have james robinson inside your top twenty. Which would be much. Start bernie back so from that standpoint. You're saying that you would assuming that you already have them on your roster in your hold is that are they somebody that maybe after this week if they have another down week or two i mean depending on what happens would you look to acquire them because you think season-long no but here's a here's where like i would consider it as like if you have a jamal williams on your roster if you acquired elisha mitchell off of waivers if you added any maybe tyson williams and example those are players who might buy rank be a little bit lower maybe allies mitchell but they may be a little bit lower than james robinson who might be examples of players that you're nervous you could punt return that direction comfortable starting back. I mean i have to your point about jamal williams williams james robinson right next to each other and my rankings. And they're at home against denver. I feel like the jaguars. Offense hopefully plays better this week. Denver traveling east. But if you wanted to start jamal williams over james robinson this week totally get it. It's going to be a much more high scoring game. We think on tonight then. Jaguars broncos which is one of the lowest over under totals on the slate. Let's get to some players whose rankings went up after what we saw from week. One time i to go for to brought to you by truly hard celtic refreshing. Let's begin with los angeles. Rams running back daryl henderson matthew who we have at fifteen for you fourteen for me. Eighteen for daniel played ninety four percents of the snaps last week for los angeles. He's a guy that i think is going to eventually see some touches to sell me michelle again. They didn't try to draft picks for sorting michelle for him to play. One play or five plays ever known. I mean let's see. That would be a gross miscalculation of resources to trade away two picks for a guy this literally sit on the bench. I agree but that time is not here yet right to be another week of darryl henderson in a match up that i don't rely totally scares you. Especially if darius letter who sauce afyon just a will play but not superstar. I'm not not hundred percent. If he does and seattle ran well against the colts last week and look. I mean i put it this way. I don't think the colts are much scarier than the bears in terms of run defense and darryl henderson had no problem running against the bears defensive line of the rams looks really good last night my expectation here is that it's a big workload to sony. Show gets more touches than he didn't week one yet. Probably but do i think the majority of the work goes daryl. Henderson i do. I like them this week again. I'm a top fifteen play at some point. You're right this is going to be more of a committee but at the moment. It's the darrell henderson. Show he's the lead running back on a good offense in a solid matchup. Gimme daryl henderson this week and i'm gonna keep ranking that way until it changes right so maybe some week i guess wrong and all of a sudden tony michelle snap do the week that you guess guess wrong are mentioned email no pile and update the rankings. He didn't. I'm sorry and you just do that. Guy duly noted. Just pull it daniel. Okay also one more here. And that's de'andre swift lines running back monday night football of course and member last week we were not not not because we were nervous about talent. We know he's really talented guy. How the question was just whether or not they would. He was unhealthy in the preseason. There were some some comments from the coaches. That kind of caught your attention. Bit dan campbell williams and boy tomorrow williams was running back to last week so there were some merit to williams role but fifty seven snaps for deandra swift last week. To just thirty. Four to my williams. He's still the guy here in the lions backfield and he's really talented and again. He's also a talented pass catcher. That's the other thing i mean. There's a guy who got and targets in week one and like because both williams and swift can go between tackles because they both can catch the ball out of the backfield. I think it gives jared goff and that offense some versatility and especially considering how none of those wide receivers separated contests and cleef raymond..

james robinson carlos hyde kyle jamal williams jaguars kyle soppy daniel wrangham daniel Carlos hyde mike williams darryl henderson wyman elisha mitchell tyson williams williams james robinson Kyle Jaguars broncos Malcolm brown gaskin
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"Houston was twenty twenty seventh in scoring defense in two thousand twenty and they are switching to a four three this year so good luck to both of them as they tried to completely really scoring doesn't matter for the texans. They had shawn watson houston allowed. Eighty three or more rushing yards to a running back in five straight games to end two thousand twenty. Let's see that could save us. James robinson we are really liking james robinson. This week you should start him Which wide receiver. Who's your favorite wide receiver in this game. Channel over cooks. Yes the second. Are you considering. Marvin jones or dj charq. Absolutely could you not in this match up but I'd like to see what they look like. I so number. Three receivers best. I want to see if Dj is bigger more physical right like A reminder want to hear something like that how about t higgins versus wide receivers. In this game. I started out over. higgins. I'll take. I'll take higgins overall and start any. Would you start in the houston running backs. The jaguars allowed five or more catches nine running backs in twenty twenty and it wasn't because they were leading and the other teams needed to throw. They went one in fifteen but they were so bad. It gets pass catching where look. They're changing their scheme. Whatever but but one game had a lot to do with the last year. Know that game. They're only win last year. They allowed seventeen catches one hundred forty three yards and a touchdown two running backs or it's entirely new. It is yeah system with the texans running back. You had the report yesterday. That it's gonna be lindsey in ingram doing most of the work like good luck. Starting those guys You know just to go back to the streamer situation. I think ingram to me is is right now. The lead guy But i don't want to trust them. Would you start kind of like the ravens on a bad team because ingram lindsay also aren't going to catch passes because if they do that. I think it'll be david johnson. So it's it's a ten to twelve carry. Help they fall into the end zone. Probably gonna average five yards per.

james robinson shawn watson Marvin jones dj charq higgins houston Houston jaguars ingram lindsey ingram lindsay ravens david johnson
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"I. I'm i still montgomery montgomery mall sanders. Josh jacobs miles. Gaskin sargus and germantown. You guys know high feel giovanni williams ginger any starts name already. Put him on. Watch fun somebody told me having at the tail you have to have ill. So it's still too early. I'd say that they mouse. Adage you still got these stub outs. Maybe even as interesting watch you At this way way gotta go away from the strategy so so this is what i'm gonna say something really. Oh go ahead. I'm alan robinson again based on the ball hit a hundred sixty last year Fields fields could be better for so. I think the reason why you're seeing this. Because you're in the middle of the grounds around you really can't go with their gonna beg heavy you draft more hybrid bank inca right now doing about it. Did you gotta get your stubborn. And he had this way away even though there's back there you don't like it as much you like. Yes so you're going that rebbe anchor strategy trying to get to these makes him. I watch list. Were they'll lowers bhante. Swiss must be apple. Can you come up now. We'll see this is not something that i've done before. So she got to be able to adapt on the fly in. It's about taking your guys. So i got to rent backs the receivers here. I can rely too much as far as far as well. Obviously we're one school becoming rapper. Was i liked them. Both victory receiver ones. But here. i'm to go past mahomes getting my book and quarterback the other way back. But let's see what receivers leftover. Which i like i like. I'm starting like we've got more remember was but you can't go wrong with both. Those guys during henderson is there. But he's he's a superhero injuring chrome Dare plays for pretty effective. Feel about my coober figuring. You're up so all as i'm gonna toss up between cooper gut rubber woods or d or more These wars rank higher on my own map. My board I'm to the value of a rubber was cup. So you take over one of those guys. Go cooper cut because you have played slap all right so far so right now. We're gonna baggy harris austin quarterback veteran mahomes. Why receiver cooper all right so balance so balance Away back to me to either draft wanted high or a tiny mess available. Kids in arkansas. Think they're going to me hands board. Yup my biggest coming up. Nope on so right. Now you're looking at it. Come on get on the board. I got really an robinson. Berkeley only one running back. I don't like that debt. So i would've taken josh allen. He made it back he just got taken not long ago. I definitely cock concen Definitely not another white. You know ticket these running backs. If i don't take one now. I'm not going to get good running back so my pink. Lamar just want. I do like hopkinson but a gun. A miles gaskin their devante williams. James robinson definitely want to those guys nights. Grandma's gaskin you know. He's the guy on miami no real for anybody thinks drought if he could great last year and He runs on the preseason lightly but he got good game the preseason main thing is to be he's got anybody behind them so he's going to be the guy who's gonna be the reds on back receiving range over Will you say okay. I'm trying to think here what would have taken better can agree agree with your shrager. Take our pride signal. Wanted a tight end mouse gas coming back. Yeah but still on the return. I had the option. Devante james robinson or hopkinson. If he makes it will survive. He's not going to back to. So if you wanna take robinson won't either that's the thing so it's like having my second tight on our second running back. What the hell was that. Goodson scene especially allies van. Why would you say you just got taken this around the titans. Yup i could go mark andrews but at this point because i only have two running backs i'm gonna pick another running back to solidify my running backs and then i can get one of these sleeper tenants like light any so killing really an robinson sakon miles gaskin again. Don't usually take two aisles early. Ideally three ru- running backs quebec attorney turnout at this point. It's not the way she does go. So you got to be able to death on the fly on the fly a dump veer off your ranking severe offer strategy but you know when we have to make adjustments. You gotta do so. This is a very tough situation. James robinson devante williams you know i am on devante however i do. Think men james robinson's play nobis. They'll be foolish and james robinson is already can do. I know what they can do. He's gonna be a beast melon gordon. Unless he gets hurt will hold devante. Back versus james robinson out gone has nobody holding them back all right so looking at the running backs left delight williams. Turns out of your screen. Madame to the board run. I have tarim mark angeles offensive. Whims i will like the drive. Asia's lint or let the draft oaten humps swing okay. It's up to the top boy. Which i like so i'm leaning towards more definitive whims and a wide receiver is like a weight on time. In if you miss out on these top six five six months delta tight until late sum a sum normally. don't do them a reach for dramatic lambs. That i can get him on the way back but wanted to save.

montgomery montgomery Josh jacobs Gaskin sargus giovanni williams alan robinson bhante cooper gaskin harris austin josh allen germantown hopkinson sanders James robinson Devante james robinson robinson henderson williams apple robinson sakon
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"Yesterday morning. We knew that travis. Ctn was undergoing tests on his foot. the wordless. Frank came up but we didn't know the implications for the severity of the injury. We did know we know that's a curse word. Fantasy football yes. Yes or as one of our developers calls it the lisa frank injury and lisa frank is a mean woman to these football players So trump did end up probably about an hour or two after the show came out put on the injured reserve. He's going to undergo surgery. He has done for the season. His rookie year is over before it started the ultimate draft. Kit has been updated. All of our adjustments to james robinson and carlos hyde have have been made as well. James robinson ended up for me at running back. Twenty-one jason rb twenty mike rb twenty four. and i received no fewer than four separate offers for james robinson our dynasty league. Yesterday mind you. This is a player. I attempted to trade the entire summer with only mockery. But this is this is part of it. I don't blame people for that because things change. Now he's a viable player in fantasy. However i think we are lower on him then a lot of people in the fantasy space. The reaction has been essentially one of utn's gone equal sign. Last year's james robinson and last year's james robinson was a top five running back in fantasy football phenomenal asset and he looked great on the field. But i think what's important to realize. Is that the the method in which his fantasy points came on. The jaguars number one worst team in the league was due to opportunity. He had all of it. His rushing market share his snap percentage For the running back room was through the roof and you have to ask yourself is going to be the same this year and the question or the difference here is carlos side which i could see people saying look. I'm not a writer. I'm not afraid of of carlos hyde at all. It's going to be james robinson taking it all again But i think carlos will be certainly more involved than the running back to last year for the jaguars which was nobody. There were seven times. Last season. James robinson was a top twelve running back. He had weeks of number two number three number three number five number five on a weak. Some might argue that you know. Seven touchdowns was a low number for three hundred opportunities in jacksonville on an offense that just couldn't get down to the goal line so where opportunities might be lacking this year or reduced positive regression in the touchdown totals could come could come and bring that you know stabilized. His value do is going to happen. I i'm very concerned like he's still. Yes the the fantasy value. Jameson has gone up and he is if you got him in the wherever he was going six or the seventh round that is now looking like a solid value. He'll probably jump into fourth round. Maybe fourth or fifth brown but my biggest concern is urban meyer in this in this coaching staff. They were willing to use a first round. Pick on a running back which is bad football process to me for a team. That's rebuilding from the ground up to say what. Yeah this is what we're gonna spend our pick on are are really high value first round pick. That's already a bad decision to me. And just they were going to use all three guys they had said we're gonna do it. And so i think that carlos is on the field far more than i if you're rushing out proclaiming up james robinson back to what he was last year. I think that's you're going to be sorely mistake. And to illustrate to give actual data for us saying they used them a ton and they didn't use other running backs wanna illustrate. How true that was here. The running back percentage opportunities for james robinson last year by week one hundred percent eighty nine percent eighty five one hundred percent eighty-seven one hundred percent one hundred percent ninety six percent one hundred one hundred one hundred ninety one hundred and if you're like well. Yeah maybe he's just that good. Here's dalvin cooks numbers. The cooler leader of. He's a work horseback sixty seven percent. Seventy eight percent. Seventy three percent seventy seven percent forty. Four like yeah. Those are workhorse numbers not hundreds of ninety s. So the the the message here is that. I think we've ranked them appropriately. He is still very valuable. He is certainly a steal at the draft price he had been at. Yes correct. i'm and i think we're all comfortable if you slot him his rb to if but probably not expect last year seems yeah. He's running back. Nineteen from he was twenty he. Oh i know why yeah right fell behind talk about another first-round running back gone awry. Well do you guys wanna talk go ahead. Sorry more jacksonville or what. No no no i was. I was getting ahead of myself. I was thinking that we were talking about this trade already. Okay well i was. I was in the throngs of the james robinson area. It's tough to see when you're in the throngs. Yes clouds your vision boy everywhere. I'm sorry again The rams acquired running back sony michelle from the patriots on wednesday for two draft picks fifth. Rounder six rounder. This year that converse to a fourth round or if the rams get a compensatory pick so there's fallout here. We settle off season that something's going to happen in their backfield. Henderson has not proven himself to be durable enough for them to go into a season which i believe and they believe they can win a title so darryl and xavier wasn't going to be enough for them they go out they pursue sony michelle. Who's had a fine preseason very pedestrian runner at this point but certainly an upgrade over xavier jones in the backfield experience and can be utilized in this offense which is a good running offense good scheme so very interesting Is reminding people on twitter this morning. Both sony michelle and rashad penny. Were drafted ahead of nicolas chubb. Yes at the time. I mean nick had was okay but he just euro before that he had a devastating. It's hard to blame. You know you look back and you say. Wow that's a that's a fun fact. But at the time rashad penny he's dealt with injuries and in sony. Michelle won them a most patriots. Fans are fine with it because he helped them win a super bowl and that exchange is good enough but fantasy fallout here. Daryl henderson had been up at sixteen for me. this is going to siphon. A significant amount of carries from him. I still have missed the carry leader But i do have sony. Getting over a hundred and thirty carries alongside him so downgrade for daryl anderson fans. Yeah i mean i. It's clear that the rams don't believe that darryl henderson can carry the massive workload that they hoped a running back kerry that's why they went out and got camakers in the first place spending their draft capital and then They waited until you know they're like we're gonna protect them. We're going to keep him good. And then he hurt his thumb again and had to leave practice and they were worried if if henderson was going to be ready week one and so they knew they needed to get another player. But this takes a lot of the Upside away from henderson Henderson should still be the primary fantasy option for this good offense. So he's certainly not dead. He's very low. He's a low end rb to for me. I have him behind. James robinson now That's why james robinson went from twenty to nineteen hundred. But sony is. Sony is capable. And he will siphon a lot of a lot of away from daryl henderson. hunterston up in the two hundred and seventy kerry range a lot..

james robinson lisa frank carlos hyde James robinson football jason rb mike rb carlos jaguars jacksonville travis rashad penny sony
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"It's defying his favorite and also the seattle seahawks. Hurry this morning. i'm fine. How are you never better lots of football. We can talk some football because we have a couple of big pieces of by know. Put up one that you predicted one that you denied your your batting five hundred. Honestly you're one for to better that right the baseball hall of fame i guess would be yes you have. You done steroids looking at me right now. Just asking well baseball you. Maybe you've done watched the bar saying i'm not exactly like i've seen your college building. I know senior Senior picture very very bulked up college drank a lot of body armor back in the day. Getting back into its now. Nah so let's get to the news. Because i've got to get to and let's begin in jacksonville's to find you yesterday. We learned i guess late monday night. We knew that tragedy and the jaguars first round pick out of clemson along with trevor lawrence of course had mid foot sprain. but we didn't know was a timetable. Yesterday we got all sorts of additional information. What more can you tell us about the status. Well failed when we talked about yesterday. We heard that he was undergoing more testing and just for people who might be wondering just a little synopsis of what kind of things they might be looking at. When you're talking about amid foot sprain. I tweeted that it would be a big deal to assess whether it was stable or unstable. And they do testing on the mid foot to load it basically to stress it under load and see if they get separation or instability and they can do weight-bearing x-rays and things like weight-bearing. Cat scan so you would assume those are the kind of things that they're looking at for eight and the list. Frank ligament we hear this term lists frank sprained. It makes people nervous. But it's a big ligament that connects bones in the mid and when it severely damaged. That's when you get instability. And why is that a problem because you can't transfer energy from the back of the foot to the front of the foot so it makes it difficult to walk much less run. If you don't have stability in your arch and maurice jones drew. Who had this injury told me once. It's like walking and sinking into sand when you're on hard ground if you don't have stability in the middle of the foot and that's why you get it fixed if you have a significant injury and of course by being placed on injured reserve. That means travis. Tnn is out for the year but suffice. Let's talk long term. Because it's a running back. He plays a position that probably requires you to have good balance and good footwork more than any other in the nfl or at least one of the most important business for it. what does it mean for. his outlook. long-term beyond twenty twenty. One outlook is pretty positive. And i really hate to see when people start assuming. Oh young guy and we talk about this injury and all of a sudden it's career-threatening or he'll never be the same and that's just not fair There was a study published in american journal. Sports medicine a few years ago. That showed that over ninety percent of players who have this injury will return to the nfl. So the chances of him returning are great. He's also young and he doesn't have nfl mileage on him so we don't know yet what he can be if you think about a young player who had this injury. Different position but still very dependent on speed and mobility was hollywood brown and he had this injury and had surgery in january of the year in which he was drafted and was able to participate in training camp and play during that season now. He said that he didn't have his full speed really until another year. And that's sometimes the case but if you think about where. Ten is in the calendar. We're in august and if he is has surgery soon by the time you get to. Ot as he could actually be participating in some form and it's really acclamation to building up acceleration volume. That makes you able to be successful. So i think there's a very positive electricity ten great news they are about long term future for. At and just for those that are having trouble keeping up with all of the injured reserve rules in the nfl because he was placed on injured reserve yesterday. Traffic is officially done for the season. Not that it was likely for him to come back anyways. But let's talk about this matthew. Four twenty twenty one and what it means for the jaguars backfield sure we i. I've just by the way disappointing in that look. Football's a violent sport. And we know that but you know we're not even to the third week of pre season. Whatever there was hall of fame game but you know like the main third week of preseason and we've already lost two running backs for the season right obviously after camakers now we lose tragedy. Is this you know if you bad you feel bad for the young man and his family so excited the first round draft pick you know all the talent in the world and so you wish him his family the best no doubt and we expect them to come back in a major way in two thousand twenty two and this is a player who is buying us at very young him and trevor of course demand for three years at clemson. This guy should have a bright future together in jacksonville as well. So it's impossible to just pivot and say hey let's get right to the fantasy football talk but for the purposes of this show. Let's dive into what it means her. James robinson and perhaps unlikely carlos hyde rob was a player that when they took etienne james robinson way was sorta like why right i mean for me. Football need stamp when you had a really good player. So now that trevor's atm will not be available for this year. Opportunity appears to be there again. For james robinson last year finishes rb five rb. Five is an undrafted rookie with out. Are you pretty easily much worse. Circumstances around him how high does he catapulting rankings. Now yeah so. I moved them all the way up to running back fourteen. So here's the thing. James robinson was fantastic last year. Obviously he was one of the biggest stories and fantasy football undrafted free agent undrafted in most fantasy leagues but due to lend for not getting released and some injuries ahead of me suddenly finds himself at the top of the depth chart and performs amazingly well on a jaguars team that didn't have a lot to smile about last year. But james robinson was certainly part of it. Okay one of the things that sort of helped his fantasy value last year..

trevor lawrence nfl football maurice jones baseball jaguars seattle seahawks jacksonville Tnn american journal travis Frank frank james robinson hollywood carlos hyde rob etienne james robinson trevor brown
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"Best ball streets. Their puppy tournament is just five dollars to get in. If you sign up for our draft kit and you've never had underdog account before you get thirty five dollars credit easy game. Eat if you already have an underdog count. They'll just give you ten dollars because you have the etr draft kit. Let's get into it here and we have bad news to start real bad news. Actually feel bad for the kid. Obviously feel bad for anybody. Who's drafted him travers at. Ti is going to miss the entire season after injuring his foot against the saints on monday night. Football sad times. And it's sad. Because i think even had some sharp plays on jaguars to win. They have sea south. I think that hurts that. I think it hurts. Trevor lawrence helps james robinson who i personally had a pretty big fade on evan immediate reactions to travis at tea and missing the entire season. It sucks heat injuries. But you know the the beat must go. On and john james robinson was actually in the overvalued section. And he's gonna. i'm at the pull him out because he's gonna rocket up the rankings. I mean he's probably gonna end up somewhere around or be twenty overall. If not a little bit higher he does have three down skill set as he showed an undrafted rookie. Last year. carlos. Hyde is almost certainly going to be involved. But he's never been a particularly adept pass catcher in. I think that at the end of the day james robinson is now staring back at a role where he could see sixteen twenty touches a game. Yeah and by the way. It's twelve fifteen on tuesday. This news just broke from adam. Schefter mentioned about five minutes ago. We have not had a chance to fully digest this yet. I will say that. I think james robinson was a feed for me because lack of asking rome and it was so clear. Chavez was gonna take a lot of the past work and siphon off a decent amount of early down work. Now you can project james robinson who was running with the first team on a majority early down snaps anyways as every back. Go back and listen to brandon talk about this jaguars offensive line. Jaguars offensive line could be very good. So man robinson is going to scream up the boards are rankings. We'll be updating for that by the time this comes out any other effects on the jaguars you think past games. Chenault i mean there are some risks. Chenault was going to overlap. Which is out the window now and i still like. This is my favorite of the jaguars wider savers. Any thoughts there. Liska chenault is going to see some upward movement On on mytalk one fifty as a player that they had sort of designated a roll like a gadget role and a manufacturer touch role that urban meyer initially wanted cadavers. Tony to fill but he went in front of the jags they went with. Travis t. n. Tragedy chan's out for the year. I think if you look at throughout the rest of their depth chart throughout the rest of their skill positions la- viscous chenault makes the most sense to fill that role in addition to he was already locked into to the slot receiver duties so yeah i think that he's gonna move up At least a few spots in the top fifty all right be sure you're checking out the rankings. Again these will be updated by the time. This podcast comes out. I want to move on to the rushing rookie quarterbacks who have been a huge part of our draft process this year trae lance and justin fields. I'm i don't wanna say worried. But i thought it was notable that on sixty three preseason snaps treat lance's only rushed one time one time for eight yards. Meanwhile justin fields in about seventy snaps nine kerry seventy nine yards and one touchdown. I'm curious what you think. Do you think this is a preseason thing with trae lance running. Do you think this is the coach's telling him hey don't go out there and get killed. It's the preseason work on your progressions or lance maybe more of a pocket passer than we envisioned and to me. I still like trae but that we cap his ceiling. Plenty what do you think about trailing. It's not rushing hardly at all in the preseason. I really don't make anything. I don't have any strong takeaways from it from a negative standpoint that they're not gonna use them as a runner. I think that actually go back. And listen to the schefter pod and he talked about how he was really trailing his Football i q. Football i intelligence. That really put him over the edge when they were making that that third overall pick but it also. I am sure how to do. Well in schefter mentioned this that there were just things trae lance could do on the field that match jones could not in one of them is be a dynamic dual threat and he absolutely was at north dakota state in his second year there his only full year as a starter. He ran for eleven hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns any averaged over the course of his college career. Seven yards per carry so. I absolutely think that's going to be a big part of their offense. Just like it was with kyle shanahan in washington with rg three yep and trillions played a reasonably good game in the preseason games still expect him to have at least a fifty fifty shot if not better to start week one. Meanwhile though man justin fields. I mean it would be humiliating to start andy dalton over justin fields and yet you can say the offense disaster. That's true but just the fields has the legs to avoid it. Andy dalton is going to get killed back there. Just feel already. Nine kerry seventy nine yards and one touchdown in roughly seventy snaps are so low but more than one games worth so yeah with the offensive line situation. I mean i think justin fields and trae land actually really close right now. I know trillions goes a good round or two before lance. But i'm encouraged by what i've seen from justin fields in the preseason. How close do you think he is too trae lance right now. Yeah i think that the gap if there was a big one. I think it is absolutely narrowed. I think that you can put more trust into the forty niners offense as an entity. Then you can into the bears offense but from rushing standpoint. I mean there..

james robinson jaguars justin fields Chenault trae lance Trevor lawrence john james robinson Liska chenault chenault Football Schefter evan travis lance Hyde
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"Thirteen cpr. And then last year. James robinson and melvin gordon who was twelve and nine and thirteen and four. So we've seen guys you can dominate touches on a bad offense a bottom five offense you can still finish top twelve daca finished top five but still finished top twelve and that's what robinson did last year but he really dominated carries. I mean it was basically. Nobody getting carries other than robinson. Last year dora guba. Wally had thirty two. He was second on the team and almost all of his came. When robinson was out in the last couple of games of the season. So darryl henderson or james robinson if you were drafting today and you know people might be drafting today. So that's why. I'm doing this podcast but we will know hopefully more about soon and the severity of the injury. But which rather take daryl henderson who has a mild thumb sprain reportedly won't miss week one or james robinson is out then robinson if is gonna play at some point this season and i'll take engine so you're saying if you out for the year what if he's on what if he's out the first six weeks if he's on any any sort of i'll take robinson if he's not on on ira. They're going to play out where he can try and come back. Then i'd take anderson. I may reluctantly agree. If somehow e. t. n. Is going to be back in a couple of weeks. Maybe a month. But i don't think this is a good look for henderson because he's dealt with nagging injuries before. They just lost one of their other running backs to do an injury so they've got a potential rosh spot open for them to bring in another running back but but the end on ir now. I'm talking about the rams i know. But so the jacksonville. They have the opportunity another running back to but they're not gonna find another running back quite like e. t. n. so i'm not sure what they would. The ramp would know. The rams have very little depth behind. Darrell henderson that they can look at it and say all right. that's reliable. that's consistent experience that they can count on so. I wonder if this is something. That's just going to make those goods say all right screw. Let's let's call a veteran or you know maybe they make a trade for for latavius. Murray or something i vowed. I'm just spitballing here. But i think the rams aren't done with their shaping the running back room yet and that makes me a little nervous about anderson okay So if you're looking at a later running backs. Carlos hyde xavier jones jake funk who's the highest ranks of those..

robinson melvin gordon daca james robinson dora guba darryl henderson daryl henderson James robinson Wally rams Darrell henderson anderson henderson jacksonville Murray Carlos hyde xavier jones jake funk
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"James robinson was a top eight running back last year. Thought on the rise. We don't like to see injuries. But obviously it's a big part of fantasy football travesty. Mid foot sprain. We'll talk about that. Also give you a little update on daryl henderson and what you should be doing with the rams and the jaguars backfield's welcome to a bonus edition of fantasy football today. This is not our tuesday. Podcast please if you haven't heard tuesday podcasts. Recorded along one yesterday was league winners in every round. So please make sure you check that out. But we didn't want to go a full day without talking about the big injury news. So amid foot sprain for et. And he's going to have more testing dave. What's your initial reaction to this and jamie's here as well. We'll hear from him in a moment. Dave what's your initial reaction. My initial reaction is that. I don't wanna draft travis in any round in any seasonal redraft league but gimme james robinson baby because he's going right back to where he was before the nfl draft. I love it. I think he's really in a position where he's going to get a lot of work. The target volume should now be back to where it was. I don't expect i i dunno. Vpn plays this year. I'll be honest. And and i think there's a real chance that he doesn't it's a significant injury. We've seen these lists frank injuries before it is ruined careers before and i think he's going to end up being just fine. I'm i'm ready to take james robinson and around three. Okay so hold on so right now. It's tuesday what say today. Tuesday morning twenty worth ten. Am eastern and we don't know much but it is possible that this is a big log injury so i'm assuming that it is a it's going to put on the shelf for awhile. Okay but we try here otherwise. We'll we'll read that we will keep as the news comes in but we wanted to at least give something now jamie. Are you doing doing gloomy. Dave excuse me while. I mean it. Most likely he's going to go on short-term ar. i mean just based on what you know about his injury. Mid foot sprain it's a. It's a tough situation. And the you know you never know..

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"Mike evans russell wilson and darryl henderson so twelve names. There are maclaurin jacobs. Herbert lamb woods mile sanders. Cup e. t. n. Amari cooper mike evans russell wilson and darryl henderson jamie league winners mclaren for sure lamb. I believe so woods. I think so. Probably aside from the quarterback okay so that would be lamb so not the runningback not jacobs sand merle. Sanders e. t. n. In barring changes in what. We're seeing. I feel like those running. Backs are getting drafted because they were popular last year. Net he was popular because he was a first round. Pick the only one that that could is henderson. Because of the offense he plays in the role that he has now. But he's going to have to be much better than he was. You don't even my favorite of this group. What about i. Don't think he can be a week. One league winner but you know the possibility that he just is better. He's just too good and they have to start giving them rushing work in just takes over. Yeah that's what peepers go said when he was in jacksonville that you know. He was hearing e. t. n. Going to be more of a passing down guy to start the season and then eventually takeover early season. It could certainly happen. I mean you know. They're not committed to james robinson. There's no money tied. James robinson you know. He was good last year for a different regime So if you're a james robinson guy that should be your fear is that was the first round pick for reason and is the more talented player and that will shine through. But i don't think they're gonna get rid of robinson completely i think they're gonna use him on rushing downs and then eventually will eat into that as the season goes along so It's it's it's a risk reward with if you is up to what he showed clubs and you're gonna be thrilled to take him this up. You guys think is more like around five player..

russell wilson darryl henderson maclaurin jacobs Herbert lamb Amari cooper darryl henderson jamie Mike evans mike evans mclaren sanders merle james robinson Sanders jacobs henderson James robinson jacksonville robinson
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"Once again the guy like a little bit better has been creeping up guy that is quote unquote ben. Going in front of him is slightly going down but still way too high james robinson. Cute story nice story from last year. I get it. They have no one else on the team. Two hundred forty carries gotta love that. But everything's new on the team. Everything's new on the offense. They also had terrible quarterbacks who did major dump off so first of all his catches forty nine catches. That's gone evaporate. That like i dunno. Cut that in half because not only. They're going to have a lot of times these quarterbacks trevor lauren's like they can actually get the ball downfield so they're not just dumping it off every single time like i always noticed that these games twenty to twenty five twenty three twenty two carries those long gone. I just think everything about this is super questionable for a guy who played. Well i get it was undrafted. Did well in his situation but they drafted a first round running back who's literally going behind him. Who literally played with their star quarterback. What am i missing here. I'm not saying. I love travis fan but i definitely like the upside. Travesty tan specially in the second half of the year for him to pick up steam will take a stab at tribes. Ut and all day over james robinson who so rather having most but kind of falls in that category of like is going to be pretty lacklustre while missing me. I definitely disagree with you on this. One i i. I think you're going to get both travis. He'd any james robinson. This is the best okay going back to back in the fifth round. So you explain to me how you do that. Well you maybe. Trade draft picks or. You're lucky i mean okay. So you've got an x. Relatively okay i get if i had to pick one. I'm taking james robinson. Because i mean i like him a lot more than a lot more than he moster. He actually had a lot of production as only twenty two years. Old great season if travis. They didn't draft tragedy on the first round. And i'll be. This is a very big. If if that didn't happen this is probably talking about going into the third round early third round. Maybe late second. I don't know But water production last year. He's still young. Offense is going to be better. And i don't know if we can expect crappy. Ten is not like the rookie running backs where you can expect him to come in in in really probably do a lot of damage. I think he's going be maybe limited early on he's gonna get better and pass protection. I think that james robinson is going to be the starting running back. And i think that he he's gonna have a lot of value. I think you're getting mad at a pretty good discount. You eat the ends deprecating both at a discount because if if jacksonville didn't have nausea harris's going like obviously they didn't have james robinson where it's going so i mean obviously we can't do that. You can't play. What if like they have both. They're both going the fifth round. I just i. Just don't i'm taking james robin i'm if he was an older journeyman running back they just had a really good statistical year last year. I take on this. I'm a twenty two year old guy who just broke out burst onto the scene on a bad team. I think the fact that they're they're be better helps him. I could be wrong. It's tough i ideally. Like to get find a way to get both be because you could probably playing both at the same time and an et nba. Pretty good handcuff as well But if i had to pick one. I take james robinson i could definitely see myself. Having some shares him see a guy can have some shares of nego maybe You know. I mean i'm just not gonna go down that road. I don't think because for all the reasons i mentioned. I mean he's the reason they went out and a round running back like an. It's cute the way that they played last year. I just don't think with the whole new offense new coach new. Oh see new qb. I mean we don't know what to expect. This reminds me a lot of the philip. Lindsay story You know in many ways where everyone around him and then there he was like like there was robson last year. I mean how many running back to the next thing you know it's james robinson time and he did good. I don't i mean. I'm not trying to doubt him at at all and he he played well which is why. I think he's going to have a role which is definitely going to hurt. Et n. i just don't want to get into the scenario where you know we got a guy here at these levin twelve thirteen carry weeks and he's not really catching the ball at the same time. So who's going to get. The goal line is going to be really huge question. Obviously which we can't forecast yet that's going to be a major question who's getting the goal line because if this guy's not getting to goal line and he's dead in the water but i i could see jackson giving him the goal lines to start off the season for sure so that might help save them. Yeah so i. I can see some shares james robinson. I don't love him. But i do know like did. If they didn't drop. I wasn't gonna be able to get him because i would have been. Everybody would have been too high on him. And i would have been saying he's overvalued. So i i feel like pardon me is like you can get them at a a pretty good discount. You got atm. But i think there's a chance maybe. Atm place some receiver. Use him as like more of a gadget player. He's a change of pace running back when it's just gets a lot of the work. Gets the goal line touches. Better offense gets more touchdowns i think. That's a real a real. You know a very realistic scenario. We could be looking at this looking back at the unseasonably. Wow pretty good value. Fifth round four for someone they can actually actually puts up numbers. Unlike rehim oester damian harris the running backs that are going in general job. And also damian. Harris didn't get going carries because kim new and did in re in damian harris also had one hundred carries so a i mean we gotta take that for what it's worth if fed the amine harris as much as they fed james robison. 'cause they had nothing else better to do. What.

james robinson travis trevor lauren Travesty tan james robin ben jacksonville harris nba robson Lindsay levin damian harris jackson damian Harris kim james robison
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"I like the lamp there to Speaking of theon. He's the next. Pick off the board russell wilson and then mark andrews coal in between Before tyler there tyler you had calcium mary so i'm sure you'd not upset about any of those pecks liking it so far but i just in the deepest my stomach no. I don't have enough running backs leaving leaving the fourth round. But let's see here. We have james robinson miles. Gaskin kareem hunt on the board. I'm gonna just go with brush. Share percentage here and grab miles gaskin. So that so talk us through taking gaskin over a gm driving and haunt you said percentage running back carries. this is what you're more more more touches bears. Okay gotcha from my perspective i do. I have gaskin ranked higher as well as my rb to not all that happy with it but he could he could turn those shares in the some valuable touches yet in. That's based off your projections for twenty twenty one. Because if we looked at twenty twenty james robinson had more percentage of his team's touches so don't get caught up on last year stats. There's a lot of reasons to be down on. James robinson with the team. Going out and drafting travis. Ctn so tyler is making a pick based off of what..

gaskin tyler Gaskin kareem russell wilson mark andrews james robinson mary gm James robinson travis
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"I think he's a top ten quarterback. I don't think that. But i do think he makes enough strides share that they pick up the fifth year option and they keep him now for the record okay. He's entering his fourth year. But sam darnold only twenty four years old right like a very young guy. And if you're the panthers who by the way. I should mention already picked up his fifth year option. But it's only injury guarantees so they could cut it anytime at this year. Not current issues. I think the panthers will see enough in him to go. You know what okay even if maybe they draft a quarterback to sit behind him. I think he's at least there for a couple of years. Yeah i'm not. I don't listen. They took a shot at him. For a reason it wasn't just a complete You know hey there's nobody else out there. Let's go get sam darnold. I think they see something i think. A lot of people out they can sam darnold and of course there's the jets factor which is enormous. So i'll be. I'm i'm in there. And then urban meyer will coach more than thirty games for the jaguars inter out There are a lot of people predicting complete and utter disaster with urban minor. Look man you. You've got trevor lawrence. I think this is gonna go. Better be at least okay. For urban. that'll be able to survive two seasons in jacksonville. I would be in for a year. i think he's done at. I wrote not because they'll farm. I think he's gonna quit. You think he took the job. That's coach there for one year. No i don't think he did that intentionally. But i think he is going to say. This is no fun this sucks. I think he's gonna say you go and by the way obviously look. I'm i'm taking more of the the gambler side of this. Because if you're a betting man you would take the more than my rationale. These and i wrote about this in my column on monday. The stocks call her advance. I police check it out. I wrote the. if you look at time-wise she got hired. It's been nothing but issues with him. The brought him in. He hires a coach to come in. That coach was the next day because of racism allegations dating back to his time in college. Okay then they have not a violation. Where the team. And he are combined. Find three hundred thousand dollars. They draft travesty. Ten in the first round who by the way it might be great. But meyer defends a pick because they already have james robinson who is a really good looking young running back during his ear. Shot out the rockford and they they draft. See theon like well. He's going to be a third down back. You drafted a kid in the first round to be third down back on that team just lost fifteen straight games..

sam darnold panthers trevor lawrence meyer jaguars jets jacksonville james robinson
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"Sports and of course rob for tonight's fantasy flash. Let's go over to connor. Ores report on sports illustrated that said the jaguars may center their offense on the run. Game and twenty twenty one despite drafting trevor lawrence overall. Now this is not without this just speculation. There is some precedent here. Urban meyer obviously ran the football ton at ohio state. The offensive coordinator. In jacksonville darrow. Babble obviously always wanted quote. Or i should say not quote. Hashtag established the run in seattle as the offense coordinator for russell wilson in his rookie year. And this could be a run heavy year for for jacksonville. They use travel ban of a first round. Pick on him. They obviously have james robinson. Brian schottenheimer is actually the passing game coordinator for jaguars. And he loves the run. Trevor lawrence is surrounded by a lot of coaches who will go out of their way to run the football now or also said that this could prevent a quote andrew luck like burnout for trevor lawrence. And you would imagine that if they do run the football lot farrell. You're looking at a pretty good value. On james robinson in fantasy drafts right now. A lotta people wouldn't touch him after the travis bc unpick but shadow to fantasy mojo. Darren armani who helps put together the pros vs joes each and every year for his eighty piece on fantasy. Mo- dot com. You need to sign up for that and registered for that if you are are playing any f. Fcc leaks james robinson farrell running back twenty nine at six twelve. I guess before. I ask you if you think that's a good value there. Are you buying support that the jaguars might be a run heavy team. This season Contributor or from sports illustrated is onto. Something that i felt consistently That this will be the situation with this team. I go back to two last september balking. I'm sitting in the I were at Wherever caesar's caesar's pairs bally's we were everywhere last year. But we're wherever we were we were. We were drafting in the f. Fcc and i'm in the ninth round and is ceedee lamb and it's robinson and which one do i pick and and you know. I looked at the board size of the competition. Thought i could get away with lamb and thought robinson would come back to what great bargain lamb at nine. Can bob anderson. They can So i took my land. Pick robinson lint a twelve v. The only place could getting four spots away from me. My point is i thought never again. Would i have the opportunity to take.

trevor lawrence jaguars james robinson jacksonville football russell wilson Urban meyer Brian schottenheimer Darren armani connor james robinson farrell ohio seattle farrell Fcc andrew robinson bally bob anderson
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"Stick with david. Stick with dave alright james robinson so. This was someone that he actually said was on. What are the headliners. Do not draft list that about sixty eighth overall is that what was he for james dodson overall and dave. Where are you on robinson. What are you worried about in terms of being wrong about him. He's currently a round seven. Pick for me. And i'm i'm actually worried. Both ways like do 'em i am. I playing it safe. And my sitting on the fence with james robinson by keeping them around seven and calling him a touchdown dependent running back or am i going to be wrong. Because he'll end up being the primary traditional style running back in this jacksonville offense. Or is he gonna stink and get minimized. And you'll see a lot more of travis and trevor lawrence doing their thing in this offense so i'm not quite sure where i'm coming out on james robinson and how big of a role they'll have last year. You had a big role you wanna talk about the best player on an offense. There's no question. It was james robinson jacksonville last year. It was kind of a miracle that ended up being so good given how bad jacksonville was and we already know that. The reception total figures to shrink. He's i definitely feel like the touchdowns are going to have a huge imports of only gets four or five touchdowns this year. It's going to be a colossal bust even around seven but i think you can get more than i think. Jackson offense will be pretty good. I'm just worried about how many overall touches he's gonna get from game to game interesting. Take right there that you think their offense is going to be pretty good. I think that sarcasm no. They had one of the worst offenses and football. Last three of the worst quarterbacks in football last year if you look at what gardner minshew has done to other words. You don't find a lot of rookie quarterback's no matter how good they end up being that. Do better than gardner minshew. That's the weird thing that do better. It.

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"james  robinson" Discussed on The Gridiron Guide

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"james robinson" Discussed on The Gridiron Guide

"He had more. Qb pressures in like certain teams nfl teams. Still being double teamed up. Sounds about right so yeah but i. I don't know how how much the the is or the not oddsmakers people who vote on this award Go into analytics but I'd feel like a different. Mba because the mba. Don't try not to give certain words the same guys over again. I think this this if he wanted to be a second time. I think when the first time. I think i wanted i think the first time you want to get twenty one sacks one year so we'll see you again all. These guys named phenomenal players. I think we're going to go on here. And i think you're going to be different than me just for the sake of one being different too. Because he's been your boil year. Give me your offensive rookie of the year. Yeah like the foreshadowing. Their for all right. So this one is super close We have the running backs. I was he. Jonathan jonathan taylor finished with eleven hundred and sixty nine rushing yards and eleven touchdowns. James robinson was undrafted rookie. Ten or ten hundred seventy yards rushing for seven touchdowns He was more. He was also involved in receiving game. House who forty nine catches three yards and three touchdowns. Jonathan fourteen hundred. Sixty eight total yards thirteen touchdowns touchdowns yep Claypool had a pretty good year for a rookie on is a kind of up and down. But he has sixty catches sixty two catches and seventy three yards and nine touchdowns but justin jefferson was crazy eddie. Catches fourteen hundred yards. Broke a vikings rainy mosses record for rookie receiving ours with fourteen hundred eighty seven pounds but am is there is only one. True worthy of this award is awarded seems to be Was going to be qb buyers. Just because of the staff this guy put up and playing one last game He's only where the rookie would be in this conversation. But as justin. Herbert with four thousand three hundred and thirty six ers thirty one thousand temp ix.

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Browns survive late scare, hold on to beat Jaguars 27-25

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Browns survive late scare, hold on to beat Jaguars 27-25

"Thicker Mayfield gone three straight games without a touchdown pass before connecting with Jarvis Landry in Austin Hooper for scores and the Browns twenty seven twenty five victory over the Jaguars may feel completed nineteen of twenty nine passes for two hundred fifty eight yards in his first good weather game in a month helping Cleveland improved to eight and three for the first time since the old Browns did in nineteen ninety four the Jaguars had a chance to tie it following James Robinson's four yard run with two fourteen left but Mike Glennon's sailed a pass out of the end zone on the conversion try I'm Dave Ferrie

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How One Covid-19 Victim Was Lost in the Chaos

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How One Covid-19 Victim Was Lost in the Chaos

"Images and stories from the pandemic that will be seared into many people's memories forever. One of them was the discovery in April of rental trucks, holding dozens of dead bodies out a funeral home in New York City. The people found that day were victims not just of the coronavirus, but of a system overwhelmed one of them was seventy two year old nathaniel hallman. He lived in the Bronx with his wife Mitzi. They were married for forty two years. He repaired whirlpool appliances and in retirement he and his wife or a Deacon and deaconess at the Church of the Meek Baptist. Harlem they visited. visited the sick and shut ins in early April at the height of the pandemic and New York City home in was at a Rehab Center in the Bronx, where he was diagnosed with nineteen, the sent him to the hospital next door where a few weeks later he succumbed to the disease, but that's not where the story ends. It's where it begins our reporter Michael Phillips. He died on April Seventeenth, at Saint Louis Hospital and his goddaughter hope who is a very astute person. decided she would take responsibility for making sure that he was cremated and taking care of and and so his wife is widow. mitzi wouldn't have to do it. And so hope was under the impression that she had only seven days to get his body in the hands of funeral director, or the hospital would give the body to the city, and the city would bury him in a mass grave on Hart Island, which is a the Potter's field for New York City. One hundred and fifty years that the people have been left behind have been buried on on heard island. And, so she thought okay I've got a week to find somebody to take care of the body, and she started calling funeral homes, and they were all full. This was the height of the epidemic of hundreds and of New Yorkers were dying at a day on the day that that Daniel died three hundred eighty four New Yorkers died. And so the funeral homes would just overloaded. She called something like twenty funeral homes, and they all said we can't take him. Her Middle Son was even doing an internship at a Newark New Jersey funeral home and they were full to take Nathanielsz bodies. So she grew more and more panicky over the course of the week, and she contacted a family friend Reverend up in Connecticut, Marshall, Morton and Reverend Morton being in the you know the business of of being a clergyman new number of funeral home directors called up an old contact that he had named James Robinson. Mr Robinson worked out of a funeral home in Neptune City New Jersey as well as one in Brooklyn. And so he said, according to Reverend Morton I'll take care of this for you. I've got it and please. Please take the body down to my funeral home in Neptune. So the Reverend and hope son managed to find a funeral director, who would could drive the body out of New York to Neptune New Jersey Neptune city. And deliver it just before the what hope thought was the deadline at the hospital. They get the body out of there, so they took the bodies of Neptune city Mr Robinson the funeral director was not there. A person who was there said I'm sorry. I can't accept this body. They called up. Mr Robinson the funeral director. And this is where there's a lot of disagreement about what took place, but from the point of view of the family and Reverend Morton. What happened was Robinson said. I didn't mean for you to take it to. New Jersey Take my place in Brooklyn, this is something that that Mr Robinson disputes. He says he never said such a thing. The driver took the body up to Brooklyn to a funeral home called likely funeral services on UTICA avenue in Brooklyn. He dropped the body off there with the people who were there. They put it in. A refrigerated truck was parked on the street. And the family assumed everything was OK at that point. The body was supposed to be cremated on the twenty ninth so a few days later. And when hope called the the crematory to ask whether or not or godfather had been had been cremated, she got an answering. Machine were closed for maintenance the next day. She got answering machine message, but Never received confirmation he had been cremated. During this time news broke about all these bodies in Brooklyn in U. Haul trucks, and that was the same address where they had dropped off Mr Hallman. So hope began to panic and put things together. She called up the Reverend. The Reverend put things together. They all started to worry and at that point they tried to get Mr Robinson to explain where the body was. They tried to get a funeral home to explain where the body was tried to get the city. Medical Examiner explain where the body was, and they just couldn't find. It took until the fifth of May until. Finally learned that her godfather's bodied Nathaniel Hamad's body had actually been in the back of an unrefrigerated u-haul truck left on the street in Brooklyn, just a horrible horrible discovery, and it wasn't the end for Nathaniel. Family, who then spent several weeks trying to get his body and arranged for his final resting. What happened after this? There was another misstep when the bodies were discovered at the funeral home. In the U.. Haul trucks hope called the city medical examiner's office. They had come over. You know when the when the police got there and the after nine one one call reporting bodies and trucks on the street. You know hope called everybody. She could find the governor's offices. The attorneys general of the State of New Jersey and New York. You know. Where's My Godfather? And when she called the medical examiner's office, they had already collected sixty one bodies from the trucks and from clerk. Lee's funeral home itself, including many that would simply on the floor in various states of undress, and on the floor of the Chapel at the funeral homes just loaded with bodies. And so she when she called the medical examiner's office, they went through the list of all the bodies. They retrieved from the funeral home from the trucks. And Nathaniel Holman's name was not on the list, so for days and days she couldn't find out where he was. She even went over with Reverend Morton to the funeral home. Mr Clearly was not there at the time. Mr Robinson was not there at the time and she said. My father was here. Where is he and couldn't couldn't get an answer? And, what happened was and the fifth of May. That medical examiner's office discovered that the name on his paperwork had been reversed as hallman nathaniel so when they had looked up the bodies they had. When hope it call then they looked in their record, says he will what bodies we have. Do we have in home? It came up as a negative. The only had a home in faneuil. And by the fifth of May, they figured this out, and now remember he died on the seventeenth of April, so we're no weeks into this, and only then does hope discover that. In fact, her godfather had been in one of trucks and was now in the care of Medical Examiner's office. At that point, the the medical examiner said look. We have him safe. He's in. You know in cooled unit, so he's he won't decay. To be blunt about it. You can leave them here until you find a funeral director. WHO's able to cremate him? which is what the family wanted to do, so they held onto him and it wasn't until five weeks after his death. I think thirty nine days exactly after his death that they were able to get him cremated, and now his ashes are in an urn that his his widow Mitzi keeps at her bedside Michael. What else did you hear from city officials in response to this as well as from the quickly funeral home. The state authorities suspended Mr Claes. Licensed to act as a funeral director, and then held a series of hearings online hearings to decide whether to permanently revoked his license for you know poor practices, the ruling has not yet come out. They've had three hearings and the lawyers have submitted final closing statements, but the administrative law judge has not yet ruled on whether to revoke his license in listening to the at least one of those hearings, and in talking to Mr.. Claes attorney, he's basically the the argument is they were holding the bodies in the U. Haul trucks as they were moving them from the refrigerated truck which was. Recognized waited two whole bodies into the funeral home to be packaged up four cremation. And so he said we would keep them in the in the U. Haul trucks for a while and then move them. It was hard I think for the prosecuting attorney. I guess he'd be called the prosecuting attorney. Understand that because the argument is why not just move them from the refrigerated truck all the way into funeral home instead of stopping. This is just a matter of a few yards, so stopping and putting them in a truck. Mr Quickly. That's Mr Clarke's defense as well as his lawyer said to me. Look the whole city was inundated with bodies. Just wasn't enough. Space to handle the mall and so things happen. And he said that he thought it was unfair that his client Mr clinically was being singled out when so many other funeral homes were also overcrowded in his in his argument. So, that that is his defense Mister Robinson's defense. He has not been charged with any anything by the state. He has not been his has not been suspended, but in talking to him, his argument is. I never had that body. I never signed any paperwork saying that that body was under my control so everyone who says that I did agree to take control of Mr. Hammond's body is line. That is his argument. There are text messages back and forth in which he says that he would take care of the body, but he also said and give me the paperwork, so there's now a lawsuit underway Msci Hallman and hope dukes. Who is the the Goddaughter of Daniel? Hallman have filed suit against the he quickly home as well as Mr. Robinson And are seeking damages for what they describe of course as mistreatment of Nathaniel remains. Michael as you say, and as you've heard from many of the people in this story, Nathanielsz body was one of dozens discovered in rental trucks during the height of the pandemic. What did reporting out the story and what happened in this one case? Tell you about what happened here in New York at the height of this. So, what are your takeaways from this tragic story? This won't come as a surprise to anybody but. When the pandemic really hits and went really hit New York. Hardest I. At least in the United States of course. It just overwhelmed the system. The city and the people who who manage these things would just not ready for overwhelming the doctor. Was Internal Internist resident at Saint Barnabas Hospital. Who took? Mitzi up to see Nathaniel before he died is she would cry constantly into her. into a mask and goggles because there's just so much misery. All around her. And the same situation occurred with with the body's. Just the city. Wasn't prepared for the awfulness that that's that hit it. I can't judge whether they should have been more prepared. Or there was some mistake making made made at some point. That's not really within my capacity to judge. But, certainly, it was overwhelmed. And that meant that there are a lot of a lot of collateral damage and. Michi and hope, and of course Nathaniel himself were part of that collateral damage, and now I think. Between lawsuits and historians and journalists looking back at what happened. We'll start to peel that apart and figure out. Who did what who could have done things that were you know could have done things better and who who? Who did the best they could?

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The Black Widow of England: Mary Ann Cotton

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The Black Widow of England: Mary Ann Cotton

"Abuse but Marianne was no ordinary woman and ears she'd been rehearsing for her mother's death two daughters named Margaret had already died in her care only nine days turn Mary Ann's arrival in Siham Margaret Stott was also dead soon after her mother's death thirty four year old Marianne and thirty four year old James Robinson moved forward with their nuptials on August eleventh eighteen sixty seven they held a small wedding in ship where mouth Marianne was five months pregnant their honeymoon period didn't last long although Marianne now had all the well security she could ever dream of she still wasn't happy under her skin Marianne was flailing if only she'd been able to settle in she could have lived out the rest of her life and luxury but as the saying goes idle hands are the devil's play thing Marianne found that her life of wealth and security didn't bring her the peace she'd originally hoped it would she grew to disdain James Robinson once again she was desperate to relieve herself of her marriage Marianne preceded with her now usual Mo I she eliminated unwanted step children through the month of April eighteen sixty seven child after child died a son and two daughters all the while Marianne helped herself to her husband's wealth without his permission or knowledge she withdrew his entire savings account today the equivalent of roughly two thousand three hundred dollars it's hard to say where the money went but in addition to taking Robinson's money Marianne also pawned her linens and close for even more cash but that St L. wasn't enough she borrowed another five hundred sixty three dollars in Robinson's name this proved to be a grave misstep as the loan in company notified her husband of the funds he owed Robinson was both befuddled and enraged he felt that Marianne had greatly over stepped her bounds by borrowing and spending without his consent in November of eighteen sixty nine Robinson through Rianne his home he may not have realized it at the time but in abruptly breaking off their marriage he saved his own life and that of his remaining children as we discussed last episode the laws of Victorian England made legal divorce incredibly difficult although men had more options than women Robinson's still would have needed to go to great lengths to dissolve his partnership he never bothered although their marriage was over in all but in name Marianne remained Robinson's legal wife without a divorce she risked bigamy charges the next time she identified a potential spouse and victim but for once Marianne wasn't set on marrying for wealth because justice she found herself estranged from Ron Robison Marianne learned that her longtime lover Joseph Mattress had recently become a widower for most of Marianne adult life she'd only wanted a few things wealth freedom stimulation and the one true love of her life the perpetual Liane unattainable mattress in eighteen seventy for the first time thirty-seven-year-old Marianne and mattress were both single and finally after years of sneaking around in shame Marianne moved into his home so they could finally be together yes Marianne was technically committing adultery but all it took was a move to South Hatton where no one knew her past and Marianne was able to openly stay with her lover thanks to poor record-keeping in the era no one was wise to Marianne secret it seemed that Marianne had finally found her romance Nick happy ending but in only a matter of months she learned that life with mattress wasn't as idyllic as she'd always believed it would be and soon her fairytale transformed into a horror story coming up next Marianne cotton's life with Joseph Mattress takes an inevitable tragic turn I have some exciting news for you too thank you for your unwavering dedication and support we've released our entire back catalogue of shows and they're already in your feed that's fifty episodes A female criminals that are available to listen to right now be sure to check out some of my favorite episodes like the one on Lizzie borden and what drove her to become a not aureus figure or are episodes on Phoolan Devi the bandit queen of India who struck back at the ruling casts after she suffered violence and discrimination listen because of her class and gender whether you're reliving some of your favorite episodes or hearing these fantastic stories for the first time these V the episodes are available right

Marianne Margaret Thirty Four Year Two Thousand Three Hundred Dol Five Hundred Sixty Three Dolla Thirty-Seven-Year Five Months Nine Days