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"james ray sean jenkins" Discussed on Bolts from the Blue

"So the Browns had pretty good fill position on a lot of these plays are on a lot of these series or drive ago. Four plays out next drive. Seven plays point. Nine plays for fourteen yards. Seven plays for eighteen yards as they're in charge territory, replays on turnover on downs, so they got, they got stop after the Browns for field will and they had they gave up one scoring drive at the end of the quarter at the end of the half. So. Tax of success against the Browns who who have who have been able to move the ball, they've had some success, but there I think just getting back to what the going back to what I said initially, this is what they wanted the chargers defense to look like. It was really just guys winning their one on one battles. Everybody knows Melvin Ingram can win their one on one battle, his one on one battle, but so as show get after it a little bit today more so than ever. And I think the idea of not starting Rochelle, I mean, you don't wanna be cliche, say, fired him up, but I think work is kind of more is less sky or less is more. So he's not worn out. He get a chance to pincers back a little bit and that paid off. He had a believe yet to Sachs. I thought he had two sacks. He might have just had one, but Li got in their square got in there. I think during James Ray Sean Jenkins split sack as well. So they have four think force acts in the first half that was that just never never happens. Comparative as much pressure as the Browns were getting early on. They were still able to bring rivers down once. But the charges sacks, they legit to the Browns out of either going for it on fourth down or completely out of field goal range. So that was big deal and intern. The secondary was able to play a lot more aggressive with Baker Mayfield running around was headed off, not knowing what to do under pressure. He didn't look great, but we get to there in second. But I think just when with when the charge able to give pressure with four or five and they can still play zone behind it, we saw like. What Desmond kings values desert just so good at reading the quarterback and just knowing what the routes around him are going to be like underneath as underneath defender. He is very good. He's not not great man coverage, but we saw what he can be when he when he could just read the quarterback and sit on routes, the two interceptions broke up. Another pass. Ager Phillips got in the passing lane twice actually made some really good place. He broke up a couple of passes as well. A charge in a breaking five, five cuddle passes. Men have coupla interceptions as did. Yeah, I think I'm pretty sure he was the only one who who got interception, but they were there all over the place. They were able to get to Baker Mayfield all all day nine. I think it was nine quarterback. It's to go with. It might have been four quarterback. It's as well as five huddled Saxo. When did that kinda production. When you're in that you're in the backfield that much life is so much easier on recessionary in it's it was the first time in a long time that if felt that way, one of the changes that they made so square started at defensive end for Rochelle, that was a good change instead of putting in who no, I don't know what they're gonna. Do they put in new, oh, Soo at will that I mean, he played. I don't know how well he did. I, I remember seeing a manual in their more. Can't wait to check snap cans out a snap counts out. I remember seeing column in at inside linebacker as well. In, of course, when the Browns spread 'em out, we were seeing racial on Jenkins in there, which I really, really love..

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