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"james rassmann" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"When he suffered. What was described to me is a lower right leg injury. Mrs. Nightmarish, this is nightmarish. All championship hopes out the window. Those the words of Stephen A. Smith. It's hard to disagree. At this point, The Warriors were coming off a 15 and 50 season. They didn't even basically make it to the bubble. But you get a healthy staff to get a healthy play. You add the number two pick, which turned out to be James Wiseman and boom. We're right back in this thing, but hang on a second. Almost all of that is true. Except for the clay Thompson part suffering an injury yesterday while working out in Southern California M R I On the way Steve Kerr the team trainers are on their way to Los Angeles to be with Clay Thompson. Let's bring in Bobby Marks. He joins us this morning on the shelf. His oil performance line. He spent more than two decades inside the Nets front office. So put your front office cap on this morning if your general manager Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors, Bobby what is the organization thinking this morning hours after the draft and hours away from probably knowing some of the severity of clay Thompson's latest injury? Yeah, I'm shifting towards the tone market. You go from the draft last night, and now I'm looking at what does that 17 $9 told exception. Get you, Um York O'Connell Gideon insurance policy with the news of clay and They also wanted to try to use that the builders your bunch here, So you're looking down rosters and seeing what makes sense, but it's that exception inspires on I believe on Monday on the 23rd year, so Yeah, It's a speaking, It's a shame. You know, I had a nice my loser of the night. And it wasn't because James Rassmann pick it was because of television set the tone with, you know, it's injury, the Clay Thompson and we wait and see. But yes, you have that exception to try to figure out if you can, you know, go out and you know, uh, you know, quiet time strayed from us in the creation sampling you looking at As you know, you know the minimum salaries that $5.700 Paxman level shooting position of Marquis class for us three agents out there. So yes, potentially top 14 in the Western Conference now probably came just fighting to get into the playoffs if he had if he has a long term injury here How does the James Wiseman pick at number two impact the roster now for the gold State warriors? Starting center right up the band. I think supervising out there, you know, but you know when you're going to training camps in place You know 2025 words. I'm I like what they did I see that into that panic and all the sudden you could lose that place hurt and they go on, son. You arrested last making the board moving guys around and didn't have and back and I gotta get shooting staff. They begin. They said, you know. Hey. Means the best player on number two. Pick it or deal with clay injury tomorrow, and we go. We go from there, so I always said, though, uh, she's on that one thing you want to do, And there was a lot of talk about the art of the possible the back draft. These guys Impossible. What nice Let's see where they are. And Several marginal treated lengthens around. Maybe there's you know when you have that, And you have your dad. Minnesota put, you know, maybe there is an all star out there that you can try to go get. There's a little bit proven Sure. So, um I like the wisemen tough. I think your son of hope, you know, But like most of these kids, you know they're still isn't there Some time Learning times four Bobby marks, ESPN MBA front office inside of joining us here on Qi shot J will and Zubin this morning. Who won the draft Bobby last night. Who got the best? What else Here? I ain't one to drop because once again, the shortest the only training any contracts and move on with the hearts of opportunity that Wonderful night with Jenkins in transfers from island to get 21 20 Nazi and then around halftime, And so, um, those front just officials from the dash and that sectarian Don't boil the first, the first night of both love and money bound. Stop. That roster will see what sentences is from a high school point. But Everyone. I'm so lucky to not have broken general with the Clippers. They work that kind of sacrifice. You're drafted, but the one from when that players wonderful. I'm Angie Shannon. And what? The Clippers with Luke Duke tonight, So you know more than what was that? Bobby Bar Scott. I love talking to you because you're like a beautiful mind. And you can. Can you play chess, not checkers. I still want to go back to Golden State because last year when they traded D'Angelo Russell for Wiggins, I believe that that pick was made so that they can eventually move. Wiggins. And that's why you know, it was a lot of reports saying that maybe they were going to move the pick. And maybe and Wiggins and now they have Ah, wrench in that, of course, would play But you know the deal that fell through with about Donna Bitch Do we see being potentially him being someone that can go and go to say words can capitalize on breaking him in and have like a many big three all over again. As you said, your challenge with back then it's just because of you know, you saw in Milwaukee. It was different with you only require player. The science room. He's restricted free agent hard tops you and when.

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