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"james pierce" Discussed on Decorating Pages

"From some of hollywood's most famous sets interviews her set decorators production designers directors and actors about creating the look of tv and film about their design. Inspirations and stories take sets from page to screen hello and welcome to decorating pages. I'm your host. Ken one up. Congratulations emmy nominees stiff. Competition out there. I don't know if anybody saw the design Categories but there's gonna be a good one. I think we should play some bets or something. I'm looking for some action. yeah. I can't believe it's emmy time already acutely summers halfway done. I can't believe i'm still on this. Show can't believe twenty three more wake ups and probably more. But it is airing september supposedly. So i'm so happy that maybe you will watch everything that i've talked about for the last year and a half but Some little emmy nominations to talk about it. Outstanding production design for a narrative contemporary program. One hour mayor town yay flight attendant. Handmaid's tale the undoing in yellowstone. That's a good one. That's hard man on the hunger. I know i'm going to vote for for that one. Let's just say. I'm going to vote for filling. I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna vote for mayor of east. Tell i'm going to go for it Outstanding production design for a narrative period or fantasy program. This is rough. Now here's I gotta take a little joy in this because finally the mandalorian has been moved over to one hour instead of in half hour. And i'd like to think my bitching had a little bit to do with that. But i'm not sure i don't know Bridget in halston perry mason. The crown mandalorian queen's gambit contemporary fantasy. It's hard the so much work that goes into periods shows and fantasy. That's so much work from all of these shows. That's-that's a tough one. I don't know massachusetts rewatching. Sue comes up outstanding production design for a narrative program half-hour. Emily in paris hacks. Ted lasso united states of al and wanda vision. Which that's kind of a tough one to you got to watch the episode. They submitted that's good. I mean i don't want boom for their. Let's just say that Out sending production dying for a variety reality or competition series last week with tonight with john. Oliver rupaul's drag race. Serna live late show with stephen. Colbert the masked singer Congrats james pierce connelly for that one and I don't know it's tough. I mean Actually not that. let's move on. Outstanding production signed for a variety special golden globes congratulations. brian stonestreet. The friends reunion election night. With who that's Sixty third annual grammy awards and the oscars to me. The friends one is kind. Of like. I mean i had a lot to put together..

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