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"james michael meyer" Discussed on Hard Factor

"In on the trump having over one hundred and eighty tweets if you put eight fifteen down on that which is the Max bet you are now rolling in the fucking dough so oh good rants yeah grants you know so that's what we call a you just won grants and our policies to whoever deemed us on instagram twitter Nastase what we thought of the pence hence tweets that bet is not looking so oh we thought he meant trump yeah with always said trump's or one eighty not eighty. You guys know that I'm dyslexic. Sorry about that. My I bet sorry lastly seventy two year old Dallas Man James Michael Meyer fatally shot a suspected burglar behind his home and then went back to sleep because Texas MHM because Meyer told police he woke up at five. AM to noise shooting really took it out of him. Yeah exactly like Oh very emotional shooting you had to go back to sleep Meyer told police he woke up at five. Am to noise outside his home and saw someone trying to break into historic shed with a pickaxe so naturally the Texan grabbed his handgun went outside and yelled at Robert to stop and not come any closer or shoot so far so good Meyer said what happened next was the man walked toward him which is exactly what he'd said not to do so he fired and the burglar dropped pick axe and ran meyer allegedly told police that he fired again into the night in the direction and went back to bed satisfied that nothing was gonNA happen no robbery no harm no foul. Nobody called the cops right and no one called the costs that even the neighbors thank God he shot at the Robert. Everyone go back to sleep when when he woke up for the for the day a few hours later around seven. AM He found he'd killed the man has wife than called an attorney before mile called nine one one hundred two reports that he was the victim of crime and medical help was needed for the robber he'd shot to death officers found the unidentified suspect and Myers backyard face down on the ground with gunshot wounds to the neck to the back of his neck act like through his neck so I guess the second shot into the night was a little more focused than it was actually him standing directly over the the body shooting into the back of his very yeah. I think what he did is he waited until he sobered up a little bit. That's I think that's what he's shot wasn't into the night it was into the neck and after homicide detectives investigated they thought similarly will because they've arrested him for murder so I'll tell you but it off my fucking story of being twenty five feet away way and then the next shot being from insure way down through the right probably did not up for logistics. I want to know what was in the shed. Some really important. It really really wasn't assault on his shed is that that's not a crime in my opinion well to watch the shadow well what's in the he's going to go through trial. I think he's allowed to stand his ground but I I think that based on the things he he's certainly lying about how it went down and we'll see what happens anyways before we say the end Antonio Brown tweeted out my English paper due tonight eight at Twelve Nita proof proof reader make sure as and bs he's spelled my paper due tonight and Prophet or Piero Effinson Offensive Piero F. and that's going to do it hard factor. Hopefully the starts. Everyone's week is going to go smoothly today. Oh Hey if you got those hard factors stickers we sent out don't forget to take pictures is with them and send them to us tweet them and stuff and they also make us happy. Also if you want hard factor stickers Diaz on twitter instagram or email us at heart factor Mark Gino Dot com we have another other ship coming soon and we will get them out to you make sure to follow heart factor facebook and Youtube video contents and good news if you missed out on the soft corner and pop the clutch t-shirts Gaza. I'm talking to you. They're coming back for sale for limited time. Only this week and we will keep you updated on windows. Shirts are.

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