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"Mornings and afternoons injury accidents northwards one ninety second append Meridian does north of twenty third road, king total traffic. Okay. Cloudy tonight, a low in the mid forty s and a little bit cooler tomorrow high in the mid fifties. And we have just a slight chance of rain. Well, governor Mary Fallon says it's no surprise that. So many people are turning out to vote today and the general election. Here's a lot of excitement the year of people just want it to be up to bow to express their opinions are talking about the future. I think we'll see the excitement depression tonight. And she says her office has been preparing for months to welcome. The new governor elect to make sure the transition of power is successful. She cast her vote this morning in Oklahoma City her last vote in the general election as governor of Oklahoma. And remember polls are open until seven o'clock this evening, four people have pleaded guilty in Oklahoma City federal court to charges stemming from a massive steroid distribution ring. Prosecutors say Christopher Kaplan or Donald Vincent junior. Deborah Crawford and Michael shot conspired to distribute steroids, and then tried to hide the proceeds they transferred some of the money to China. But in one case, they bury two hundred eighty thousand dollars in the backyard of a house. They will be sentenced in ninety days. Kaplan is a former Edmund police officer and the Catholic priest removed from ministry by the archdiocese of Oklahoma City, pending an investigation and do an allegation of sexual abuse by a minor. Owner is now considering filing a defamation lawsuit against the archdiocese. Attorney Steven Jones who represents father James mica says the allegation appears to be the same one that was investigated by a review board in two thousand two and found to be not credible. I don't know if the archbishop really knows what the facts are. He seems to be rather vague even the press release and the statement is very vague. So I think the question is how much does he really know does he know this how I mean, they have the record a spokeswoman for the archdiocese says more information will be provided after a further review of the allegation. Those comments were made by Jones to news channel four and the verdict is guilty for a man who shot and wounded two police officers tried to arrest him last September. After a woman was kidnapped court records indicate sixty two year old Alex Klingler was convicted yesterday on assault and battery and attempt to kill charges. The jury recommended life in prison he will be formally sentenced to in March the two officers who were wounded sergeant Matt school field and officer Daniel Ramirez were taken to hospitals..

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