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"james lawns" Discussed on Lights Camera Barstool

"Yeah. I stopped caring about two. I do think though like you were saying that. One of my favorite lines. I think from the movie was when she got possessed. The coldest possessed in and ed says something along the lines. of like Oh you will you promise the devil soul now he's gonna take it and then she just got crunched in like you see her like they made the legs bend in the most like disgusting way. We're like the the the legos backwards at the knee. And like you just hear that big bone crunch Good sound design on this. There was a funny line of dialogue. That was a joke that fell flat. I thought it was kind of stupid. I guess was when they went into kastner's chamber of horrors in all of his artifacts and books and whatnot in ed was like you don't happen to file these by dewey decimal do you. Yes in in caster. Didn't even riff with them. You no it was just like that was like a line delivered. I don't know i. It was obviously trying to like put a little humor into this movie where there is non or trying to. I guess convey some sense of discomfort on ed's part with what he's walking into the kastner character is ease the ease of south park. Could farmer guy against no here whatsoever it. He's just like a no and that was the end of that thing which i mean maybe a worker. That was kind of a funny interaction but like just imagine like seeing some books in asking anybody. Do you keep these by dewey decimal system and know who does that only libraries. Don't do it here. I think the one thing we can agree on is that it's better than a lot of the other conjuring universe movies and being that just by virtue of having ed and lorraine in it fulltime but not as good as the original conjuring or conjuring to in my opinion But yeah. I gave it a fifty seven. What did you give it. I give sixty. I'm really close to you. I thought i'd james lawns involvement in these I think are pretty paramount to the overall enjoy ability. And they're not covering one conjuring to aren't fantastic. But i do think he brings a do think he brings his own touch and he kind of knows what he wants it to be. An while. This one i think was enjoyable. It didn't feel same. But you're right it is it is miles..

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