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"james james heatwaves" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"You know? And and like what with me, Billy. No, everything was fine. And they usually Amelia flashback Lalla gung get the fuck outta my face. Oh. Head punch, you know. And all I just I just felt extremely disrespected. I wasn't aggressive at all. Yeah. She's like, well what happened with James e James James heatwaves might get broken. Winged. Booed, and she's like. James, let me think James popped. We had a very civilized conversation. And I think I had him very very nicely. We just see me like book, you read, my John and go fuck yourself. Yeah. Congratulations. You got up here. The office cake. It's like who's excited to get a piece of office cake? Literally everybody is offered the office cake, La Voie, I actually really enjoy office cake. But I also enjoy you know, but see both infuriate me at the same time. So this ad things about podcasting is that we don't have any office cake. It's very sad. We don't have a love of an office chocolate muffins. I have a little bit of grit. Upgraders dark talk from Cincinnati still here. That's what I have. So so then Lisa Vanna pampering over and she's like, she one of my most. Rachel sees termi. How was and she just based like crazy yelled at everyone. And then like I was like oh my God. Like, I'm trying to here be here like making without him who were not alleged ship where he's just like, my friend. Anyway, she was crazy like all this person. We're not giving it all because I'm dating on. I'm really not. Crap. I bet I made. She she totally does not have my back right now. Like really because you haven't had issues back off season law. Enjoy the retribution wasn't a last reunion. The big thing that she Lalla took everyone on the PJ except for Sheena to go or something like that. Yes. And other girls didn't want her to like sina, which is totally happening all over again. So so enjoy your just desserts. So Lisa goes, she you're the most professional majors have ever had. And she's like thank Daryl all I was like. Also makes me question. Bandra pumps hiring practices of Schinas like the packs. So so Lisa's like and how James DRAMs very professional. So now says like her mind is blown because she's James was telling the truth kind of a first for germs Kennedy. Juicing on me. Yeah. Like, yeah. Well, I guess in hindsight, I should've respectively, savannah, pomp and not yell at them interested. I dragged us bitches by their hair outside. So then Tom Sandoval Tump, Santa volunteer Schwartz. Start to have like a moment where they're getting sentimental like, whoa. What's happening rooted in Tom Santa vol's? Like, dude, I'm gonna make you a drink. He's going to have a drink in his own bar, dude. And Tom Tom Schwartz is like, oh, this is amazing. I only wish my wife was for here to see it. All. I wish that couch could give up my wife for just one nine and Katie standing right there by. But my back and he just completely ignores her with with such joy relevant. Actually, he does acknowledge briefly because he literally says Bubba where have you been which is so hilariously like, it's not passive aggressive. But it's like was a nagging. It's it's like she's been there. She's been next on the entire time, and like in the back room like this only been to places that she's been he's like, well where have you been is just knowing how that must've driven? Katie mad just Mamie like. What do we like? Oh baba. Look, it's my new restaurants. My new drink. He's busy. He's at work. It's his opening nights. Not about to be. But I just have to point out Husain assist. Congratulations because he comes up to the bar. I have issues nasal clubs. Seena is killing it this season. Case seen is the only person bringing at this three gay guys at a time, and she's more muppet show them. I am for you Sheena..

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