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"james gorzow" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Well it is a good evening to you and now you're be at twelve 0 sinks and forty seconds on this what is now is saturday morning on your fan new york sitting steve summers here randy you their james gorzow fall he's on the other side of the girls one aged seventy seven three three seven six xxx for the one hour's rules right of a jailed tony beja one on the fan new york city while the headlines from mud this friday evening into a saturday morning is with the hockey there was no basketball at least with the unwatchable knickerbockers you're going to re warning to watch i'm assuming and i know what happens when a new start assuming you become the first three letters of that word but nonetheless you wanna look at moody a and i take a look at how he vlams in how he works in and what he looks like on the floor wearing a neck bacher uniform and so there is something to say about another youngster and we should see whatever if you're under the age of twenty you'll need to be out there on the floor whether you're nichelino whether you're a moody a and see what can be with those two as members of the new york knicks markers moving forward you wanna see growth you wanna see development he want to see if there is farm potential to performance you wanna see if there is a future with either one of those two are the rangers won a game last night surprise they wanna foreign evening you can smile i suppose if you're arranger fan n does some of.

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