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"james franck" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Healthy scratches include RJ hunter and PJ dosier. So as we get set tonight are NBA officiating crew is led by zach's Arba Brian forte and Kevin Cutler, also on the whistle. The Lakers take the floor in their gold uniforms, purple letters and numbers trimmed in white for the Celtics the Kelly green uniforms with the white letters and numbers are opening tip. Tonight. Brought to you by grasshopper, the virtual phone system. That helps you put your best voice forward. Try it free at grasshopper dot com. One thing is for sure when you sit courtside for LeBron James game, you will be rubbing Rosin off your spotter. Shop. Real. I mean, we send them the Bill. Brian what's up with that? He does not quite as high as it use. No surprise Lakers going to big here tonight. Right. Just Horford out. There is one big. So we'll see how that matches up probably Wagner gets Morris. Belongs to the Lakers shoot. At the end of our left toward the Boston bench here in the first quarter packed house. You said it yourself JP. There's a pause despite the misfortunes of the Lakers here of late as caldwell-pope takes a hand off from James has the dribble alive. Top of the arc moves the left. Elbow shoots for two. It's too strong tap out. Rebound controlled by Boston and Tatum will be the one that brings it up. Good hustle by smart to get a hand on shot. The opening thirty seconds of the ballgame Morris. Hold your left fall on extended walks the dribble to the top of the picks. It up throws to his left to Irving click feed and into the low post sagoes Horford versus Wagner here. Block left turns into a right hook Doxa down. That's on this starts to to nothing in Boston said Al Horford good start for him would see if they exploit that matchup Wagner on that. Switch our jams top of the floor moves to his lap those back then go right TCP for three will go rebounded by Horford. Bring it up. Himself Osborne, cord left baked the hand off to Irving here comes twice and take it from him can't turn the corner. Retreats a step throws back the Horford wing left all prefer to Hartford more Boston. What are they gonna Horford can't do here in the last couple of weeks? He's is bigger reasons. Any JV as to why Celtics maybe getting back on track? Finer through the left side of the lane. Throws right side for called will halt smart. Mike Boorda, the rallies. Lakers are on the board. It's four to two Celtics. These two teams played a barn burner. Earlier this season. Lakers won it by one dropped it. Twenty two three pointers JV at mentioned Irving, bounce master Horford block level double. I'm no knocked the ball on. Ronald got a hand on it. Mcgee with a loose ball ahead. The LeBron James changed. I down the left slot shoots. The baseline stories and at ties a game at four the degree of difficulty. I'll give them five on that one. Does he faded all the way to the Celtic bench Horford jumper double knock that down on a piece up? And it's how Horford six Lakers four, let's see if Al stays aggressive. He does this from time to time. But just stay throughout the games jumps has from James the right wing Faulkner through three that's a little log weak side. Rebound for Morris. Marcus Morris has been playing very well to he's above his average Morris. Right side. Turns shoots over Rondo. And drops it in Boston. J b s four for four. Like in taking his time there. He had a mismatch. L A didn't recognize and send any help easy fadeaway. Jay over Rondo, James Franck were lost the dribble. Throws the McGee near the top of the key for downhill on Horford. Look good. Look like an old liquor. Slightly. Maybe a little Korean there. Eight six Boston as they break it up nine zero three left to the first Horford, fix it. Up left of the circle short give to his left. And here's Morris one bounce shoots for three trapped in yoga. He had a couple of. Sapar ball games in that stretch of the five of six losses for Boston. But he regained his form stolen, by Irving. Not the center of the floor backing Casey p eurostepped Rodham scoops back to a trailing Morris left wing for three. They finally a shot James with the rebound and outlets Toronto Bondo. Scoops ahead underhand Casey left side line three that's off the side of the rim Tatum. Scoops ahead. Irving Irving back up, the Tatum angle left three on the way. No, good off the back to the rim and the rebound. Chase down in front of us by Toronto. Just like that. It's eleven a Boston still. Days. Really losing it hot shot? I see that Irving for three up top only right over Casey. Kyrie irving. This last game. Yet it here. Nineteen is last outing on the floor leaves six now for Boston Rondo holding silent right? Rolls it into Wagner, posting of smart with the flex it out of his hands and throws off of smart baseline, right? You hear people talk about losing staff and not doing this not doing how'd you like to lose step in average twenty seven eight and a half boards and eight assists again. A drop-off. Oh, yeah. What a shame. You went from averaging a triple double the all star break to just less than that. John John James on the inbound motor. No good off the right block. So the Lakers advocate four of nine from the field. Here's Irving wing, right? For three that's off the front of the rim and McGee has the rebound. Rondo will bring it up. They just got Ronald back onto fun five games ago. They were on a work at is. They felt like putting Rondo back in the starting lineup may get their office back of six James with his back to the goal of all the leftovers shoots. Turns jump master Rondo Bronco. Trying to drive on smart. Good luck with that works. Uphill. Throws up off the free throw line. It's wild off the back of the room. The shot clock was expiring. Bring it up for Boston. Tatum on the left on extending chance. Step with the right foot. Once twice little shoulder thing. Trying to turn the dribble on caldwell-pope where some of the edge of the lane shoots. The better. Alcock by. Tripling on that possession. Jay was six forty five to go on the first Rondo scoops wanted to Jamestown. That's the last thing you want to do in the bond James get a free run the rim. Always protect the ram make him shoot jump shots. Over the top fourteen. Ten boston. John berry. Sean Kelly of Staples Center in Los Angeles Erving Dr kick to just above the left post sweeps. The ball in front of his kneecaps to pump the dribble into Caldwell pulse. Answer to smart bounce pass out to Morris straightaway for three off the further rim. No good. Awesome. Couldn't miss. They were six for six. Now they've missed five straightened. Rondo the left side? Elaine through traffic. Drills divider silent right triples to the baseline scoops leaks. I the spins. Rosza? And that will take us to our first time out where exactly halfway through the first quarter in Los Angeles..

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