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"james fatallah" Discussed on WCTC

"Just trump should be impeached let's get back to talking about loretta lynch okay look i guys i know with john is waiting for guys i want to introduce you to carter from lucerne valley california carter what's going on with the democrats what's their angle in bombay after back in earnest here bench late ali allow quick president on president elect cycle for the bunker rhetoric but all immediate area except grenade box new and it makes it impossible for him to get out murders we all eat their new plans excited and that's because you've got a machine politician it actually a decent guy who i think will be good for america but there is no mechanism for him to do so look grandad there is a mechanism look and as john it's called the jail he marta charge the gop is in charge of the house and senate and this president still can't get anything done the the media does is not a branch of government for god's sake look carter is saying that we as a people we elect people john before and i want to ask james fatallah the the people elected someone who was from outside of washington we want someone who is a little bit rude a little bit crude he wants to a muscle and get things done he wants to think outside the box so maybe carter is saying that the democrats dino they know there's no crime committed here they're trying to come up the works and do what they can to stop the president from getting his agenda done right or wrong yet carter with john was trying to say is thanks for the call appreciate take time to be a arctic for these brought the addis i'll give up there's no question regardless of what you think of trump and i do think carter honestly when you called trump a good guy trump was listening and did a spit take himself out now i live there's no question that there is a coordinated campaign in motion to de legitimize this guy and that listen let's be fair there he makes.

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