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Nick Thune - Testicuzzi and the Jets

Dumb People Town

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Nick Thune - Testicuzzi and the Jets

"Marines more fit okay. Seven hundred okay. Hey guys ran in j let all of our San Francisco fans know that we're GonNa do alive dumb people town as part of sketch fest. We've wanted to do this. We worked it out. We're so excited to it. We've never done at this theatre. Although John I did alive Dr Cats at this theory. And it's beautiful. The Marines Memorial theatre seven thirty pm on Friday January seventeenth. We're GONNA have great guests great musical as it's going to be an amazing show. This is the biggest venue we've ever done for dumb people town up in San Francisco. We WanNA fill it. It's over five hundred seats so if you've come to dump people towns and you know how much fun they are at Cobb's now we gotta get you guys to rise up. Double the crowd Mattel. Tenure friends come on out. We WanNa see you there townies and people who love podcasts costs from the San Francisco area. You'll love this. It's Friday January seventeenth seven thirty PM Marines Memorial theatre if you go to sketch Fest Dot Com if you look at the schedule Agile and drop that schedule down you. Just go to January seventeenth. CLICK ON A. You can go right to the tickets. We'll put ticket links up everywhere but San Francisco you know now before the holidays. Great Gift to give People Bohai. I'm GonNa get you tickets to see people town. We'd love to see there and It's dumb together San Francisco Stutz. Do it James Taylor. They lacked Omega All. Make good news breaking down. There's half iced tacky oldest oldest podcast with Komo's Shelby Bonnie around Daddy's in another episode of Dumb People Tabulation Nick. When they join in that it's GonNa be it's gotTa vk nicknamed joined in on the well? Nick Thune was our first. I guess that we've ever done under the auspices of the wmal Dan. This is the last episode guys. It's over you so much started you ended and you guys were going to do a one off and then people were like Whoa Nick Thune. We'll tune out when Nick Thune comes back. We said we'll bring him back right away. This is the three years three years later. We almost Arthur right away. I think that yes so good sane. That is yeah so at this point you guys are probably learning to talk and are are the it's in the toddler phase of podcasts of sleeping in her own Eh can jump high. I can do it to pre K.. So what I love about Nick Thune in in addition to all of the comedy comedy that you do is that in my brain. I if you were to tell me if nick were to say to the three of us right here we've got. Hey what are you working on. I'm just creating content specifically specifically for Leonardo di Caprio. He pays me two million dollars a year and I just create content. Just for him to watch. Yeah him to watch with other people. I'd be like yeah. Yeah nothing about that. I would be like he's being one hundred percent serious right. I would also say this is what I love about nick. Thune you could be the exact person that you are. You are right now in. Nineteen seventy seven nineteen eighty-seven nineteen ninety-seven not two thousand seven. Two thousand seventeen eighteen. Yes same. Same Guy Yeah. It's funny you bring up Leo. I ran into him last night for real. Where at a party? Yeah yeah what did he dizzy. We know you know no no I mean when I say run into them and what do you say to expect him comedies. I AH head you technically run into a Barista at starbucks. Ranson deleo Eh. He actually flagged me down. He want to talk to me. I love when people bastardize aggressive guy. Very people bastardized like famous people's names just to show you that they know them better than you like Bobby Deniro and so I I ran into Leonard Orlando ran into a straw in the three years. Since we've had you on this show nearly I I think that in that time the world has gotten even dumber. I it started out In it's gotten gotten louder way more okay to be dumb. Yeah people. It's become a fashion. It's like it's like how I noticed. I don't know like December rolls around and all of a sudden jackets are in like it's like well. People are wearing jackets more than they were in August. Jockeys put over your brain dump season Jaggi put over your brain and so we as as you know and for the people who are coming to us for the very first time you've ever heard the podcast we get great stories. Sent to us by our awesome fans and then Dan knows them. The three of us know it barely knows it. Dan knows has all the fans. Yeah knows all the stories. Let's jump into one right now. We read anything right here. Sent him by I W C W's capital I W C Nation Nation podcast. But it's Christmas. I W C nation PODCAST. But it's Christmas guys. WC stands for. I looked in Winter Christmas. No that's that's good what it's it's a professional wrestling podcast international wrestling championship. I have no idea. I sent her a continental wrestling championships. podcast they only talk about intercontinental winners. So basically it's like twenty episodes on Mr Perfect Tito Santana dos Sigler. Interesting fact about all wrestlers flers is that they all did start off them with the thumb. Rest it is true minor leaks and they've got to work because you know most it's hard to hand to hand combat sort of thumb wrestling. Yeah there is the like high school wrestling like real like Roman kind of technical but there is a wwf version of wrestling. Yeah I love it by the way. She's thumb lastly no thumb is so intimate literally holding someone's hand in an intimate way. Yeah Yeah and that is that would be a great party if you brought different circles of your social together. And it's it's a thumb wrestle tournament. You'll get brackets bracket style. I know you're not going to know a lot of people but you'll know them very well. It's going to be holding hands by the end of the sanitizer at every table every brought to you by pure l.. Don't okay yes but don't touch your face smart okay. That was a little background stories from life. Here we go. I love this headline. It's all we'd need. I say that a lot because that's why it's a story. I hear writing shotgun. ARGUMENT GETS OUT OF CONTROL. Yep Yeah Riding. RIDING SHOTGUN CON ARGUMENT GETS OUT OF CONTROL my kid when we were going to the conference USA Shotgun. Yeah Georgia's said Shotgun. Mike how do you know what that is. How does she know at that? How do kids know send? Did she do it in regulation time because Yeah not pre. You can't do. It can't do it in the house a Thanksgiving my nephews we're trying to. I can shotgun when we after we leave Walmart right and I'm like no you call it now. You could say. Hey since my brother sat up front can I sit up front later. Sure but there could be a deal made within Walmart. Yes you can always. All parties are want to chop the pot. It's fine until everybody is outside. You can't have one guy still inside or variations because my group of friends we'd just like shoddy and that would be I think we fully say shoddy yes. I like it as an adult to and people. People don't do it anymore. Yeah it'd be like walking to her car with somebody and be like hey man. There's actually something I wanted to talk to you now. What does that fucking fucking shotgun? What the backseat? My Windows GonNa fucking cool by smoke and only one windows announced. It's GonNa Affect your ear to help far. I'm also like like a classic like turn the warmer on people. I don't like right away. Yes and they realized. How did you turn it on? I remember when I said that's a cool schoolhouse. Feel like he gave me a five second window to do whatever the swamp ass for no reason it would be great to have you. Just I dropped the shotgun and then them instantly come back to you like bucket bucket to other classic moves and this for the listeners. And that I'd like to do too when you're you're saying by to somebody let's say you had dinner both in the parking lot all right see and they get in their car and driving out and they drive by you. The windows are up there on their. Hey Hey you can do that and you go. Your lights are on even though it's night even your concern right now. Want to let you know. Here's another one on. I found that by the way not to get to your file that under At a Sushi restaurant calling the waiter over and being like all this food is called then uh and this is not acceptable. This all seems undercooked the The other one and I understand that it's problematic but we don't do it anymore. Things stinks can be problematic in the past and then we all learned is slavery. No bitch do you guys ever do that again. You don't have to be in the middle. Jane Janai Road in a car in Austin someone drove a somewhere in the back seat of a car. Not a van her but a of a it was an SUV. The back seat were bucket. Were two individuals with nine in the middle. I know I couldn't believe I was like I've never seen that. Nothing in the middle like arm rest. There was just a conscious. All the middle seat. Do love a bench seat though in a truck upfront shaw. Someone has to sit in the middle like literally Dick on the radio. Yeah so to speak. Yeah especially if it's a stick shift. Oh God you're straddling so I guess I guess Harvey Weinstein drove one of those. He did believe downshifting. Blakely Pennsylvania comes to us from W. N. E. P. dot com police in Lackawanna. County were forced to chase tackle and arrest two people in a bizarre and dangerous incident. A brother and sister are jail and it was all over who got to ride shock rather and sit around and they're adults this mess fighting about. How do we know we will end? This isn't about the seat. Yeah I was GONNA say the sister is three years. Older brother is way bigger than her but she can still take him. I really WanNa know who the driver was here. We go workers in Olifants Timothy. If you're nasty we're setting up the boroughs Christmas tree when they witness and altercation in a vehicle. Three people appeared to be fighting in the car. The woman in the passenger seat pleading for help that scary Jemaine. She's is in shotgun. Yeah and she wants help house trying to Al held her yes quote. They called me and said there's a girl they're keeping her hostage in the car and she's he's yelling for help. There's an altercation going on in the car. And they kept is on the car for me said Olifants Police Chief James Wave. That's the police chief. Yes that sounds like a person who doesn't have any information in English and doesn't have a dispatcher. What are they calling you for? They call my cell phone who called Haldeman citizen to meet sounds like the description that a concerned citizen who does not understand. What's going on saying it? Looks like they're keeping her hostage. Something's going yes. I I love unconcerned citizen. Somebody even be. I'll call it. I'll call it in but I don't give a shit. I'm not that concerned about it. aww Shit I am a citizen one. What's your call Okay I? I'm not that concerned what's happening. Somebody else's really upset. Oh you got to send somebody if you dispatch someone. Can you please stay on the line. Here's really guys is no so technically. I can't get charged for my part. All right. They called me said. There's a girl keeping your hostage. This is all from chief. Police James devoe Vo Bell and according to well. Now we know you'll slick according to police. Brett birds in the are easy E. N. S. K.. I. Brzezinski wrestled in High School. Still wears his letter jacket wears. Where's the letter jacket push? He's got all the pin. According to according to police steel toe boots on Brzezinski. Get on the on wall and his girlfriend picked up Brzezinski sister at work. That's when Brianna Brzezinski became angry with with her brother about where his girlfriend was sitting who sees claimed shotgun. This is all about. She doesn't like his girlfriend. That's what this is so so the girlfriend wasn't shotgun. Yes when they pulled up to pick her up from work out but I know I called it off back. I called what I walked out. Yeah this is already already in the car. This is a family. Sisters are assuming this is a four door right because if it is a two door with a back row he gets out and then you're in some sort of limbo car. He tries to lean for a sit in their get out it out as soon as as soon as they have no contact with the car she she goes shocked that I would listen. Car Car has has to be off to turn the car. Get Out of it out of it showed love. I would love to see that passenger. Just turns Cobb grabs keys and runs. I ask your friend who's driving without you. Try to distract them enough that you could kick it into neutral. And then they're just like and they haven't realized that a a real dangerous one who used to do a kit when you would be sitting there. I'm I'm shotgun shocking. You're driving around I. We're at a stop light during an park and I go no go Lights are now the person just based off. Your tone just starts to go brad threat. But I've seen people drive out in intersections. I didn't say it was like my My outgoing voicemail message which is it's You call and then it says. Hey it's next call back when you get this. People are just confused. I just gave you a call Eh. Call Nick Thune House comedy. A- comedy for your car comedy the House the Shotgun cut like you should just do a series series of videos of how to individual com. How do we funny in your life just for you any also? Great one is screen time. You're driving by somebody's house like if even if it's just like a block in from the main street and drive by it and and and Screen shot a screen. Shot you on on by their house and Senate to hey on Google Google maps. I've talked about it before the TIG Notaro's best ever utech someone around to fifteen in the afternoon and the only thing you say is well everyone someone else's here so we're just going to get a table and then you never respond to anything you would supposed to be. Where are we supposed to be? When was I supposed to be? Who else is there? I'M GONNA I'M GONNA add into this millions of great little fun things to people Kurt bronchiolar bit of finding like a random friend in your facebook community. addity going back like two years into their feed and just liking one photo. Yeah that's that's also a great move that I've done with a friend of mine started the dating. A girl never met her sure. The night that I was going to meet her went under our facebook liked her instagram and liked her first photo throw rolled all the way down. Liked it. And then hey this is nick already. Do we meet like fifteen years now. BRIANNA SUZANNE SKI SO. They're fighting in the car. She walks out. She's mad that the girlfriend is in the front seat. plummer police say that. Here's where it takes a weird schedule your on the sister side. No are you serious. no-one said okay. Yeah that's what I'm going to read this back. Because that's when Brenna Brzezinski became angry with her brother about where his girlfriend was sitting right next sentence. Police say Bret presents. He led them on a half mile car chase through elephants into blakely. So this happened in between there so and called the cops the cops showed up and off. Yeah quote this. Is the chief vogue and they had the girls had out the window. She was hanging out of the car. I don't think they had. I think she was probably get me out. Yes yes after getting caught in a traffic j just your head out. The League has not that dangerous. No you would let a dog go to pause out of the window. Would you let your dog would jump. I had my dog Gye would be one paw at the window. You'd be like good boy. Yeah right is is this. Your dog dog couldn't even my dog could not even hear can even lift his yeah. He's pretty spry in certain ways. But Yeah doggy dog. That ate the videotape size. Yeah this is that same dog different version of different version of that. Yeah I noticed. This dog had looked like it. Didn't have videotape-sized pot Brownie. Just referencing. One of his fantastic acid radiator like a cooking pan so he's now remember that Nice dumb. You thought it was late at night and after as I commend us that was. Where is there any food in this house? We needed a snack. And I found a cooking way on by the menu and my children's academic and medical records. Oh by the way where we keep none of our cookies ever I was like I'll eat that and Time you put them down to bed. He's up there and like a handgun and by the time I put him down. That was the only time that You're talking to your daughter. She was like four sleeping in like a tiny bed and and I was worried honestly. But she's like daddy okay. I'm like no no daddy no no I never eat cookies idea to these guys getting pulled over and the cop over the radio What is it? It's a shock shotgun. There's a gun right here. I love this to this when people all right articles and they assumed everyone reading will always know where they mean after getting caught in traffic jam near the anchor and Blakely. Well yeah you know the anchor. I duNno police. He's ordered the man out of the car. Police say first Brzezinski Brett cooperated but that quickly changed. That probably sums up his whole life. Sure I'll go who who's GonNa Talk Talk. I drew my weapon cry because the shock I got him calm down for a second second and told him get up against the car but as soon as he saw me put my weapon down hope that means away. He attacked me again so I picked him up and threw him into the grass. I- detained him. I was trying to get my handcuffs on him when the other girl came over and she started attacking me. I have to assume it's BRIANNA. It's got a girlfriend. Seems like how did they get into this family. So the so these. I'm assuming white people because they weren't shot K.. These white people started fighting COP. Yes all over over gray cone sits in the front seat so yeah. We're there warrants involved though. We don't hires to be clear. People have said I'm not going to get out of the car and and have gotten shot round of their children for being black. Well he's divorced. Handles it right all right so he said I was yelling for backup and some other guys were starting to show show up so he had one cuff on him by this time. Meanwhile he's also dealing with Brianna Brzezinski and fighting a woman behind your the girl friend in the front seat. Do you even have after break up with him. No at this point. You're we're done right you don't have to call them back or turns you on. I like a guy under a guy in uniform. The person in the vehicle was not arrested and in fact police are calling her a victim while this was certainly dangerous situation for those involved. Police say many others were also in harm's harm's way traffic was packed says devaux they were driving like animals. We'll probably better than that stuff. You could've flipped a coin over and now we have people who could have gotten killed. Nobody was Stuff you could've flip the coin. That's the shotgun debate right speaking in such vacant right I was I thought he was saying it was like people could have been flip up to hurt somebody. No but you're you're right. The shotgun is like flip a coin. Flip both Brzezinski Siblings were arrested and charged with simple assault resisting arrest and related aided offenses police say the third passenger has filed a PFA against both presents keys and other members of their family. which I imagine as a restraining order? We're we'RE GONNA get out of here on this you can do both and we can do one. How old is Brett and Aubrey Anna Brzezinski? Let's do both of them. Okay let's first. What's their age difference? Seven years seven years between them. Yes twenty nine. Twenty two twenty nine and twenty two. WHO's older Brett? Okay Jay. I'm I'm GonNa say Twenty Seven and twenty and I'm going to say thirty five twenty eight and I think she's older okay. Sisters Years Older. Yeah okay I will tell you I. Brett is older. All right very well also tell you that based off it just the numbers one of you is exactly all right now. Somebody's right on the numbers. Not right on Ed right on the sex okay. So who do you think is right nick. Then Randy yeah okay. I think it's me it's me. Jason says the Tim Nick it says and you say okay. So is older. twenty-seven Pianist Brown's twenty the present Zemke's the flying presents the jailed presents keys. WHO fight over? Who has shotgun and decide also due to fight a cop over it? That's how passionate they are about the little things in life their ages are twenty seven and twenty. Hey guys together are a great team together. We should be a communist telling you right now. His Saturn is returning the up and I got a long way to go all right. Listen guys deal deal with shotgun in the proper way like Nick Thune says gotta be outside of the venue car doors have to be shut off are off her off and then you can make the call anything other than that is foreign deserve to be arrested all right. That story number one is down the Bush when we come back when you hear about A little tour that Naked Nick is taking out any of a new book out right. You have a book out now. I wish you had a book out I did that. Would you know what I'm going to write a book. So that Randy break right it out and we'll get edited little promoted. Starting now. I love it. There will be back with more. WTAM people Hey Tony sits me Daniel. Van Kirk guess what I use a lot quip. Guess why. He's 'cause it's great. I recently got invis- aligned by recently. I mean like a year ago and after brush my teeth a lot and quip is great for that one has a little case that it comes in which super easy to travel with Throughout the day a even on big trips as well And then the way brushes your teeth with quick little. It gives you every time it tells you to change To another set of your teeth has a little vibration. That goes was off while it's vibrating. No dual action. It's great And it's really the best way I've ever experienced for brushing my tweet teeth unless a tweet so so you should get quip right now because you're gonNA love it as much as I do. 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QUIP DOT COM SLASH DP T. That's G. E. T. Q. U. I. Dot Com Slash D. P. T. quip the good habits company. Hey guys welcome back to dumb people town we WanNA remind people San Francisco big big coming up on the seventeenth of January sketch. Fast the Marines Memorial theatre. Amy Man is going to be on the show doing some music along with Ted Leo and they'll also be participating fund other guests on that show. It's going to be very very big and a a lot of fun now. I could say this we already know. We have a greenland. We have one of the craziest. Also if it comes out in time and I'm not gonNA say it if you guys remember evergreen. Don't tell people if people remember. We have an annual tradition as sketch fest that. I'm hoping we'll continue because we do see so we do. We do every year where we say. There's a story story about the way. I don't want to give it away after a list of something that happened in the year prior very San Francisco You have a tour of dates. That are coming up January. And yes I do. I'm going to be Tour with Damian Dorado. It's called sad. Music sad comedy hilarious and it starts January fifteenth in Philly. And it just goes tell you know the twenty six cleveland and we're hitting Washington. DC Brooklyn Boston. Providence Portland Burlington Montreal. Toronto Awesome dates. Total like ten twelve great fun and are you going to. How are you? We're GONNA come out and do comedy for. How does it work? You'll do comedy. I know what we were just trying to figure that out. I think we're going to go out together that you know beginning. Yeah but I'll probably close the shows and Although part of me wants to like in between your bits of them do a song or it'd be really a underneath if you play underneath you like you used to have cool. And then he will be doing that on this tour. I'm bringing and guitar. The show will be like a music show pretty pretty much. Nick Dot Com people can conceal those day DOT com Damar auto. Go support the show if you're in any of those cities or any of those areas. This is a growth east. Go see this man. He is hilarious. Fantastic live and maybe the book will be up at the back of. Yeah come on out. What is the ACA? It's actually a look into who podcast. Yeah thank you dive deep dive chronicling. What we've gone over since last year on written handwritten one copy? Oh just one copy. Yeah you really like the Wu Tang album. Yeah just one call. Call our first guest Nick Thune Opinions Saddam. People tell you go deep okay ready to do another story. Let's do it. This was sent him by Jeffrey Albert Guinea Maggie. Jj Albert Gainey Ayla just flew Albert Airlines gmail.com. Just saw that movie Ford versus allegheny. Great really liked it. I I I can see how it's getting some mixed. I watched it with my son. My son who's eleven two and a half hours. He was in all the way in the enjoyed it. We had a great time. It was it was one of those movies that doc ID enjoy with him for sure fight I took. I took my six year old to the Mr Rod. Tom Through the whole thing really. Have you seen the documentary on this. I have watched that you have to watch. It is so good. It touched on a lot of those eight years but it was more of other. I heard because my friend know a harvester wrote it and he was in in. It wrote that movie and then he wrote the movie and he's in it briefly he's like a brother-in-law. Yeah Yeah and so that guy that guy did guys yeah. Great from he was in. He played gigs brother in Sidney warminster he's great and so he was like I was like this is GonNa Win Awards. He's yeah already relaxed. It's a big season for stuff and I was like that's great but the actual documentary was amazing. There's so many other white people that are gonNA win awards them. I'm going to go see uncut gems this weekend plus one if anybody wants okay shocking gains nice okay here we go ready then then. There's nothing better after a hard day at the office than soaking your bollocks in a bubbling Takuji at least. That's the view of testing cousy Z.. A brand new groundbreaking many hot tub tailor made for your to Veg. I've never heard it called veg. But it's for your test so it will tiny hot tub. You just restaurant yes here here. I have pictures for you guys. Oh my God I wow no one look at 'em are they deeper for a deeper base. What's that what's that cushion? Is that for the Dick. You're going out Alanon so coming under from can't reach that cushion. Well I just like okay. Then you don't need it full in your your does a little desk all the way. One of my favorite someone shows shows the Tom Sawyer. One time on on our podcast talked about if this is gonna be so gross but if you're having if a man is having sex with the woman any sticks everything inside of her. Oh Yeah it's called giving a dog a bath shots done Rulli and you you named it there. I mean so what would this talk about a fit Giving giving a this is like giving a guinea pig about yeah at least that's the view of susie brand new groundbreaking hot tub tailor-made forever. Don't be fooled. This isn't one of those daft. Stocking fillers its website insists this is an actual actual product by the way could SANA. Don't be secret Santa at an office got you for Christmas. Please sponsor our podcast Eskenazi. You can say all things that went but we only say for products that we actually approved to do guys. We believe in this. We tried it. I use manscaping all the time and they have bald yoder that is in my travel bag ball the odor at yourself after you test. cousy cousy baby has cousy is like the. If testicle is an Albert Gainey are like you as a gag gift you know I would get this for Lance Armstrong. That's right I'd be curious. Are there jets in there. There are jets. Yeah okay here. We go as protest. cousy this guy in the jazz it is an actual product product. But if you want to buy it for a friend we will let you call a gag gift for men. I don't know why a gag gift is a little a little on the deck back to the idea of a hot tub for your balls came about after a funny conversation between friends however rather than writing an office and other silly decide if it was funny friends happen to be twelve billionaire rather in writing it off as a another silly tangent between pals they actually followed through a little silly tangents. They have the next day though. Someone's the phone rang of these two guys and I talked to a product tester. I met UAE so words dipped fifty right Already put eighty thousand dollars down on product had those nights with friends or you were like we do show totally so at least I'll give it to these. Two guys stay meant it. We should write a comic book. None of us know how to draw into. I will say this. This should also double as like a portable golf ball. Wash that so then. Obviously you're going to do so you should if it's clean of be able to like wash radishes and other the two. Yeah I mean is it chlorine for anyone who doesn't know one of those little floating I put goggles on my balls. Oh there's a leaf in here. Hey who's at someone's knocking on the door Guy He's going to be here for here like eight eighty seconds sweep. There's lead cousy guys coming to clean it clean the house for you know there's a rat the drain. This is my thing. Verte anyone listening. Who doesn't have their own set of testicles one or a two they are extremely sensitive These two jets hitting out of them. How does that feel comfortable? That would hurt. You know less. You're you're into it. But they're very sensitive you know that some of the jets that are just like a little warmer water than what the water to water flow me up. Put me in front of it. That's fine okay. How many so might daughters wanted? My youngest daughter wanted a tiny washing machine to wash makeup cup. sponges that actually works. It's a tiny washing machine. How many Pe- to me? I think these guys should call the test to cousy something very close to that so so the people will be buying their daughters. Tiny ball jacuzzis. Because like I saw it quickly and I just didn't know if you like this you might also also like a good thing for staining eggs on Sorry Walmart Center with a sweater. He about a walmart sweater with a snowman. Doing Coke you're going to love this yeah okay So the idea came funny conversation. It comes in a range. Injured colors thank God beautiful gloss black that's in quotes by the way. How did they go test to cousy? Not Ball Tub. I agree with you. Tubby we great ball bath and Gloucester White. If you're feeling we need to come up with a better name for this testing out there. Yeah I'm I'm thinking of the world. Jewels World Jewess. Great Jewel cousy. Yeah let's Jacuzzi if you're falling us. Why not splash out on some gold? We started a funny conversation between friends. A year ago quickly turned into a conversation of quote. We should totally do this. They're the only two people who have said that Robert Schimmel the Great Robert Schimmel. May he rest in peace told a bit about going to the Jacuzzi at his gym. That was in the men's is locker room sitting there and the layer of whatever was on top. He called the Jacuzzi in the band's locker room. A Dick Cappuccino didn't was there a time in your life where you were talking to me about your experiences at the athletic club. Yeah then. You're like Dan it's good. It's great great. It's never busy. You can use anything you want. But you're going to see a lot of very old men very comfortable with their nudity. Yeah I mean that's how I've seen Shawn Kemp stick have seen. That is how we're like. Maybe telling me he was like bill. Just talk to you. Prop one leg up on like a bent like the punching bag hangs. Where does that confidence come Friday and also I? There's in Montreal. Where the festival they have the hotel on the bottom of the floor of the hotel? There's there's There's a locker room like a men's locker room locker room and then there's a steam room sure and you walk through the locker room to get to this team and I you know I walk through the locker room. Think okay. I don't have like I'm naked. I don't have anything so I get naked. Good atoll around me. Go sit in the steam room which I'm used to doing like the you know and I'm sitting there like towel on my but I am naked and that's where I find out pretty quickly that this is a unisex because both locker rooms have a door that goes in. Yeah and that there were go entered. You're like sued locker room into this area. Kids can only come from the medlock Hi woman who programs. Hbo How are you yeah. Well Hello Sheila Nevins Nice Okay where was I. The test cousy was started out a funny conversation friends you turned into. We should totally do. This was conceived in a conversation about dating called bubbles. That's great two. It was conceived in a conversation about dating drinking and random trends. I don't know how it ties randoms trends three quadrant idea guys. As many of those conversations go we decided to take what what ultimately was a funny conversation and turn it into reality by the way. Stop calling it a funny. I I know you what you should say. It was funny to us. I don't know if you guys would have found it funny. He thought it was funny. Because people get in the hot tub as a therapeutic thing because they're sore Mhm So hard I got a really yeah. I don't understand what you're sitting on. You're holding your a your member nick finishes thought so you're saying therapeutically a hot tub helps you rehab in some. Yeah Yeah and you know you'll like if you have like a not on your back you'll kind of lean up against Jan if you're not in you're not get a Janet Janet out joke you need to go. Look you're you're not not not not well. That's another name. It could go nuts and UH in order to really nail. The concept team created multiple variations of the test cousy using three D. printers while they were thoroughly examined to ensure product quality and proof of concept images of the product testing will be left to the imagination. It's the perfect solution for people whose testicles bear the brunt of their lifestyles. Whether you're professional is that whether you're a professional cyclist keen sportsman or perhaps even a horse rider. The test to cousy is the hot okay. Let's just look at the word keen right right. Okay okay. So what's that like It is British horsemen strong active active. Right okay so keen on something. Yeah if you're keen on some of it means you like it voted to send your best. It almost like the to me. I just means aware yeah. I'm keen to that. Yeah where the baseball team to the test. Yeah cousy features. Ultra soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on a deep reservoir to dunks not teabag into battery powered bubbles hours of leg into I know it comes in a range. Whatever point is just by the way hours of pleasure I mean we all know every every hot tub says no more than fifteen minutes? I know right you got a crank. Then someone's gotTa get past the dial hours of this. I wonder what that does for seamen levels. It's great not no rate question. It's pure cooking it up. I agree okay ready so as I told you earlier beautiful. What if they've stumbled upon like the secret to like like solving infertility for like people were trying to have kids they can't have hello the heat them up part makes me any cold Tub? Could you can drop them in Ice Sumita ball plunge pool. Have you ever done a nice tub. I've done a plunge pool done plunge politest flexible thirty four degrees or something way way. No that's way to go. Maybe it's forty something. It's plunged fifty so-called it hurts. I did up school in the fifty over West Hollywood after doing doing I suppose too. If you don't move there is a layer of heat that just sits around you. Yeah and I'm talking about your boss know so in the case of the ball so the one over by Bar Lubich is super cool. Yes yeah okay. went there for Andy Woods birthday okay so as I mentioned earlier why not splash out some gold. We'll finally they come back to that. You can purchase a fourteen CARAT GOLD plated test. cousy suzy test to cousy for how much. How much do you guys think the fourteen carat gold test to cousy costs ninety nine the pick of eight hundred ninety nine dollars or eight dollars ninety nine cents? That's eight hundred ninety nine dollars. You're GonNa make what do you think of chasing. What are you say? Two thousand dollars. Two Thousand Dollars Randy score. And how big is it. Do you read me. Dementia supposed to nuts. Nuts is maybe what if Jacuzzi Souci for Jacuzzi for Keebler Elf. I would say uh yeah. Fourteen hundred bucks okay. The total cost for fourteen karat gold plated did test to cousy that they're only gonNA make fifty of is ten thousand dollars. Yup Okay we will get out of here on. There's that sounds like one of their cool ideas. They had come from funny hours now. UNFUNNY YOU'RE GONNA make fifty and sells Dell's zero right. That's less funny holiday rush orders by the time you guys. I think rich rich astles would buy this for their other rich friends. Yeah this is what they're counting on this joke. There are fifty rich piece of shit out there that would just blow ten thousand dollars. I wouldn't we will leave on the. I'm a rich piece of this. The the this is one of the funny. I laughed so hard at this on your instagram. It was the day the ESPN. Dan Body issue came out and like every like all. These people are posting pictures of the body issue and then. I don't know who you got to take that picture of you in your driveway. Driveway like in somewhat of an artful way but sitting on a stool completely naked. And you're like I'm so blessed to be in this bobby the issue. That's the funniest thing ever so this would be a perfect like convenient to that Okay ready that also you know. What did you think about the body? I couldn't believe it you in Prince fielder. The Standard cousy is sold for how much money we will leave. So you now know the solid gold thing these guys grand ten grand. So what do you think is talk in the gold or the technology is the question is what we have to suss out. Okay and so I was GONNA say by the time you guys here. This golby of labor rights not solid gold. Right I'm just reminding okay. Solid goals motor in this other thing that I think think they are. They are on sale for the holidays. Giving us the holiday sale price right now this is going to drop after the the facts. I can tell you that number afterwards but right now the amount you could get a test to cousy for and they will not ship before the nineteenth. So when you're hearing this guy's you'd be able to get one because holidays. They are they doing a black Friday sale doorbuster okay labia buster onto wanting to back door feels a little problematic eh literally. It feels a little problematic getting word of the day. It is nick fifty five hundred dollars. Nineteen ninety nine. It's on sale. One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Zero S. I think it's twelve hundred bucks. Okay you guys are all way over. Let's go again. Okay if you guys knew it was the gold says go play and I think it was probably salad. I knew that that would skew are you. That's okay three hundred fifty dollars okay. to eighty one twenty nine. All right you can get your own test. cousy play along townies yell out that price wherever you are scarce somebody in a target because total is to end up story to thirty nine dollars ninety five. Oh ooh wow. I don't know I don't know if it's because they're like we're only making fifty these gold plated ones so we I don't know where dollars is ridiculous. I know it feel now. I feel like ten thousand dollars the largest number they could think of and is so I want to know is the only difference the goal related versus non. Go play gold and that they're also it's gotta be yes they look exactly the same. The bench looks for your penis. Looks a little bit nicer on the gold one. I think this tagline should be. You'll have a ball there. You go this you guys were given this conversation where we should really follow through trial. Call you and we'll get this. Is Knox existence their story to a little tin teaser. As to what we're GONNA see in segment as parents awesome so good. We're doing this one with all through as parents you will be so mad. Yeah okay great nicknames. With us we got one more segment of people town. Stay with us. It's been around down more on Hey guys welcome back to dpt. We got that Nick Thune with us once again. Go to nick. Thune DOT COM to find out how to go. See Him. I in January. Find out how the books coming along so I have another website to Arby's DOT DOT COM. Yeah you do have the meats Dan Go go follow Dan on instagram. Up to ten thousand you guys to go to the facebook page because all the links are there for the dates in March and the dates in June Portland Seattle. where else Vancouver couvert Portland MILWAUKEE SAINT LOUIS IN MINNEAP Milwaukee St Louis Minneapolis the Middle March and Vancouver Seattle. We already have good guests lined up for Minneapolis. The Way I can tell you. I don't know who they are shutting down ten white so I think we can get all three but I have to all the dudes from the the original mystery science theater. Three thousand yeah so bill. Corbett Sand Mike Nelson is in and I think Kevin Murphy hopefully. We'll we'll get him as well. That will just be amazing. Okay ready for the story. Three yes sent in by. Save the muck dogs at Jake growney. So he's in some sort of thing where they're trying to save some minor league baseball team. Things happening jake named Roni here. We go new Hanover County. I don't know where that is Probably Pennsylvania's main maybe we'll find out W. E. C. T.. Where we got this parents of students at Myrtle Grove Middle School are concerned of visual aid? Used during career. Fair sends the wrong message and could even be dangerous on Friday November. Some students who visited the career fair were given a prescription shen pill bottle filled with skills as a visual aid about the day to day work in a pharmacy. nope I know. Could you imagine if your kid came. I was like well. They gave us play pills hills inside a prescription case like Candy Candy. Cigarettes and e cigarettes are middle school. But but it's still like yeah. This is US take these. I know I had a kid middle school. WHO's the person who's like let's do that? Let's let's let's find me bring together the world of candy and prescription. Yes you did. They have a child lock on him. No that'd be great to to give those two kids in an open them they do like an instructional like this is how you open the child in a pharmacy. You'll need to know that you ought to be a pharmacist. Learn now that's why the pharmacy hasn't been able to hire children. Yeah I worked in a pharmacy I see when I was fourteen years old. Really yes when you open the bottle. He wouldn't let me open the Bible teach kids about data entry. Act One. It's a wonderful life. Just watch the scene with George and old man gower when he tries to almost kill that Kid George tries to save him and he keeps hitting his his story or again. That's all you need to know. About Pharmaceutical. Life is all man. God Doc. It's yeah kids don't need anything. They don't need to learn thighbone. It's amazing to me that in this guy probably was like man. See anything wrong with. I know that guy was like I didn't even think about it. This is how evil like you're not vaping it with your kids and I know you're for kids. Some of their friends do it. My son I don't think is there yet But they've made vape vapor vaping. Things are not vape pens. They look like fucking not phones they look like Usb like they do look like almost USB we had a USB port a USB thing in our drawer in our kitchen itching and we pull twelve pulled out and she was like. Is this a vape now. No are vapes upstairs. Yeah they make them also they. Have you seen the clint ones. They make them. Look like Clinton Jones kind of link and having those what I just can't find it ever be great to pair as a gift with the ball to just saying okay on Friday. Some students career were different skittles as a visual aid models have new Hanover. Regional Medical Centers Logo and information printed on them. Good now they're they're culpable right along with the the quote prescription mm for three hundred milligrams of candy instruction on the bottles indicate the patient should take two bottles by mouth twice a day as needed for pain. Oh yeah two bottles. I'm sorry to tablets to tap is going to sound like how many how many milligrams of skittles that Gee Caen fifty milligrams a skittles. We don't have an opioid crisis in this country. Oh to me. It's a huge safety thing said Jason Effort e f The F.. Word Husan just tell me Your name. It's my favorite Jennifer beals For effort the effort who son attended the fair and sent him photos of the bottles. We are just basically saying look here. Pills are candy when they definitely are not according to effort the pill bottles. We're using a demonstration to show how pharmacy technicians measure out prescriptions. Efforts said well middle. School also do that through a video tactile while middle schoolers might know and recognize recognize that real prescription bottles. Don't contain sweet treats younger. Children may not understand the difference. My biggest fear when my son comes home with two younger siblings is they don't know better at age twelve. He knows better bring a five year old and a two year old so he comes home shaking a medicine bottle full of candy and walking around the house. They're gonNA have to say you had both the five year old and a two year old that he was basically him being like I can procreate guys the twelve year old doesn't know better knows says he in their heart but what you're doing without saying it is your making it more right. He says He's walking around with candy and it they're gonna see that just because there's no pill bottle our house if they go to their grandparents or whatever and they see that what's going to keep one of them from thinking others candy in there. I got a five year old and a two year old. I mean the five year old came along. I thought the two year old near the five companions handed. So he's talking he's like we wanted one thing about it if you take the five year old two year old together we basically have a seven year. Yeah and what's true is that we just have so much love to give parents that we're like we can't just do it for two. It came inside okay mic drop off topic topic. What are we talking like view? The guys should ever be like. What are we talking about again right? Would you say additionally given how many millions of prescription pain pills fueled the OPIOID epidemic. Like efforts that he feels the visual aid was very least in poor taste because of the fact that he says I have three children Joking it said other parents have shared his concern which prompted him to reach out to W act. Now let me just say this okay. This guy's fucked up the middle. He should lose his job okay. The Pharmaceutical Guy who gave out the skit US skittled be reprimanded. I should say oversight Asahi's should've I don't think he should lose. I think he should be reprimanded and should apologize. What could have done is taken a whole bunch of skittles and shown how they measure Azur things out in lifetime? And then just give the kid area of skit or they could have had a piece of paper with an illustration on it that's right describing how they do can you right. So what he could have done is taken. The skills measured them out. Put them in bags. Had the kids stuff the bags up their asses and travel across they have to go over to the. Tsa Part of the career but we will only plant the skills on a few of these kids so this is really about TSA their ability to as part of the education this is when asked about it new new Hanover County schools sent a statement as part. I love this is what sitting here as part of an educational educational opportunity to expose children to a wide range array ride range of career opportunities. The students at Myrtle Grove Middle School participated in a job fair one of the sessions with provided divided by the new Hanover Regional Medical Center Pharmacy Department. NH RMC professionals with Pharmacy Department spoke to students on their job. Descriptions educational climates climates responsibilities. This included teaching students. If your board. Here's why teaching students about prescription measurements and recording and charting medication. All of which a pharmacist dozen their profession and not one apology. No literally just said what happened. We brought some people at. Here's what they did. Yeah I know that the I'm asking all you wanted to statement. Here's here's a statement right. They literally were like the big. Read the weather you might as well just draw middle finger right. Here's what we did. I came inside my wife twice. We are talking talk about her at the time I didn't. The condom broke sir. You're done talking about that. We don't need to do it. Elfrid F F word says that he understands the desire to give students an idea of what to expect in the workplace. This could have been handled better. Here's how I handle my children German. All three of them he says you can show job is done without giving actual pill bottle full of candy. Kiss right captain. Obviously this is pretty good though. Then it's like. Is there a hair stylist. They're not giving them scissors. You know to be Fair Guy Comedian. Yeah come on so funny. Conversation Getting Salon Salonen. Knock your hair out of your mouth. Wait what what did I go to your hair salon and knock the skittles out of your pillbox response to inquiries about the hospitals involvement spokesperson version for Nhra. EMC said they recognize the parents concern again. I will not apologize where we see you guys and I'm not saying that somebody needs to be fired up Dan. They're not even recognizing what they said they're just saying like we've seen one of those. We recognize the liberal. The liberal the worst thing you can say in an argument with anyone alert one of your kid whatever is like. I'm sorry that that made you mad. That is that. Is You not not admitting one. That's saying and so many levels. I own what I did I do it again. You can't handle it. It's unfortunate that you can't handle underway effort. I'm sorry you got upset about it. Go spend some time with your children do too many children. That's how that goes stories stories. A Hey Nick Thune go see him on the East Coast and the northeast. He's out on the road. Go check all take grotto. He's a fifteen to the twenty six sad music sad had comedy I WanNa go see that chump. So mad that it's happening out there. Maybe we'll do it out here in L. A. and we'll come see that job to it. Sounds awesome thank you so much for coming back and doing it. I will see you guys in San Francisco on January seventeenth of Marines Memorial theatre with the man. Ted Leo an another special guest and Oh Shit we gotta get back to work dum go dum dum dum dum dum dum it. Around how starving on a podcast network.

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