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Steelers Preview: Deciphering Fact from Fiction after Week 1 of Steelers Training Camp

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Steelers Preview: Deciphering Fact from Fiction after Week 1 of Steelers Training Camp

"Parvin editor behind the steel curtain dot com and I feel like a complete idiot because I I guess I should apologize to everyone out there listening or watching because because we're used to having our Youtube Channel be nice smooth easy well of course you do Google decides to act the way that we used I used to do our sign ups and all this stuff and so now we're trying to go through a third party service and I am seeing that there are some people is should be connected to our youtube channel but before four we get into all this crap and I'm pissed off already. Dave Scofield is here Brian Anthony Davis they're here. It took US longer than expected guys how you deal with Brian. How's it going Jeff relaxed fine? You've got day got here. We've got your back. Don't worry about it on the T. V. Right now. It's the Broncos it's the Falcons preseason has started. The steelers played nine days. Rejoice my friend. Dave talked me off the ledge. I this is how bad I am. I didn't know there was a preseason game tonight. I've been so busy and everything I didn't even realize that was on so okay sure so I you you guys have it together more than I do Jeff. We've got people in a live chat youtube so here we go. We're good to go. We finally got what you guys. Let's talk about some sealer stuff. Let's do that. I do want to say too now that we are simulcasting live on Youtube. It looks a little different. The screen doesn't change you know Dave and Brian are smaller. I'm larger that wasn't intentional of I was the person who set it up as has still if you we have the super chat feature is still available. We can see all of this stuff <hes> that's going on on. It's actually a little bit. I actually don't mind this look <hes> for the US host here with the live chat right on the screens anyways the Pittsburgh steelers again I just I feel so flustered. The still the Pittsburgh steelers have just wrapped up their first full week of training camp obviously reported last Thursday. They've got through a whole week tomorrow night Friday night or if you're listening to this on Friday obviously that is tonight. Is there Friday night lights practicing latrobe highschool. Everyone always looks forward to that. It's different setting different time <hes> and they do a lot of different stuff but let's look back in the week that was before we look at the week coming up because this is the preview after all and Dave what was something that stood out could be recently or just in general from the first week of training camp. The Camaraderie is really good. I think the intensity is really good the I'm sorry I thought I'll Villanueva's answered to their little scuffle. A camp was really really good. I thought he played that quite well with the saying they were arguing about game of thrones which makes it the comments about Ben having the most funniest hand a longtime plank football. That's what you WanNa hear. You want your guys out there being a team team having a good time and wanted to go out there and perform. What about you there Bryan? What were your thoughts? Anything stood out from the first week. Juju snuck through the back door. That's all you gotta stay about his mindset and his what he is feeling right now. The destroyed now and then Vance McDonald comes out and says Ben Roethlisberger is on fire right now this is this. This is my stick encamped here but he's the most fun I'm John. It just feels like the new Jan brick eighty of Pittsburgh steelers football. I'M GONNA go different routes. Something happened today <hes> and because I try to take all this training camp stuff they giant grain grain of salt because you don't know there's not really being tested but Chris Boswell today was input into his first live. You've kicking. I guess whatever you WANNA call it. He is live live game scenario. That's what we'll call it and he went poos perfect six for six I think they said he hit a fifty two yarder to end the practice <hes>. I thought that I thought it was honest. I thought it was really good. The he is kind of getting back on track because although everyone's on matthew right and all this stuff I'll tell you what if Chris Boswell can can can go back to two thousand seventeen Chris Boswell. We willing to be having these discussions but something that we talked about. I know I talked with Dave about this. Cameron candidate in the long snapper today got injured. He hurt his groin join and he's has to have an M._R._i.. On it who was the tight end is it would is that his last name driver would travis woods as a tight end a trevor well Trevor Trevor yet okays it trevor would is a long snapper slash tight end what would that be interesting in terms of your fifty three roster predictions because if candidate Casey he cannot play 'em should've might bring in another long snapper but if they feel that it would can get the job done now instead of the three specialists you only have to because he also play tight end <hes> yeah because he gets you put them as a slash player interesting to see how that plays out injuries speaking of injuries. I guess I should say that it's not a the steelers knock on wood have had a pretty healthy camp. <hes> Ryan Ed Switzer a quad. They said he participated ye today but it wasn't a full participant. Dante moncrieff jammed my finger yesterday. He also was a partial participant Sean. Davis has been out of the dislocated finger T._J.. Wad is due out with a hamstring. Johnny Holden returned from his hamstring. I believe leave so it's certainly interesting how the injury situation but compared to other teams. The steelers are sitting fine in terms of the injury situation. I was there anything else. David Sudan used from this week of I. I like what guys are doing when they're given the opportunity you to run with the ones I mean Ola Dehnieh Didata here however lance way to say it is getting more wraps with the ones because first Chila was out <hes> depre- was out today what's still on pop so he's really getting some work and and showing that when he's going against the twos he's really tearing up when he's going against the ones he's got his work cut out for them but they're getting important work same same with <hes> <hes> with Cam Kelly Brian's Guy <hes> getting some work with the safety so it's nice to see these guys that you weren't even sure where they would have a spot with the team team getting some work with that first team so you can't say that it's just because they're playing against lesser quality would have been you brian anything else to sit out from the week that was in the wide receivers are really shining in camp but that doesn't mean corners in the secondary either so they're both seem to be playing so much better and there were question marks going into the season so that's a bright spot fought. Yeah I will say this. I'M GONNA run. Lance was so kindness week and I use that term loosely he did to <hes> podcasts as we one yeah. I said I'm going to run that tomorrow probably tomorrow afternoon. He's INTRODUC- I said it live on Saturday <unk>. Hopefully we get him all set up and ready to go <hes> but his yeah I said it for this week was the first one was take all this camp news with a giant grain of salt felt because you just it's practice and even by Thomas said you know they're still getting acclimated everything. They're definitely <hes> it's. It's one of those situations where they're still getting a feel for everybody so I'm not going to put too much stock in any of this stuff. I'M GONNA put stock into the actual preseason when it rolls around which is next Friday the Tampa Bay buccaneers at Heinz field. Everyone's going to be excited for that because egg even watching Mason Rudolf Joshua Dobbs and Devon Hodges has been having a good camp so far. It'll be fun to watch as well okay. Let's shift gears now to the stack each segment dave go ahead. Whatever you're ready okay first things first? I have a trivia question. That's not exactly a stat and that is this. This is something that Brian did several four weeks ago with steeler different steelers names. I don't think he asked us one and if he did you guys should get it which current steelers real first name mm-hmm is Fidel Various Darius. How would you spend e- than Capital D. E. R. I. U.? S. Go ahead Brian. Ryan knows it a number thirty four trill admits that is correct Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Darius Terrell Edmonds. I knew Brian would appreciate that never got all right. What is play off of his head Gotcha? Did you know that or was that a good guess. Oh No. I knew that Faira Letterman's I think the others have some I think actually I think trade bins is fair Reminder Pharaoh ornaments junior Gotcha Gotcha all right so let's do this quick stat and it's this has to go back to where I was with Brian and Tony on the hangover Monday night. Somebody asked a question that I put a Brian Anthony Davis tonight I abstained from answering it and it had to do with who is going to have a better year between two former steelers but I thought maybe I'll embrace that a little bit this week but do it a little bit different with numbers. Here's your question who is going to have more wins in two thousand nineteen the Pittsburgh steelers or the New York jets and Oakland raiders combined combined now. If you WANNA look at where this comes from the steelers last year had nine wins the jets had four and the raiders had four so the steelers had more <unk> wins the two of them last year but if you look at the Vegas projections they have the steelers once again at nine or nine and a half depends on where you look the jets are seven and a half and the raiders are at six. So what do you think more wins by the steelers or more wins by those teams combined. I'll take the field and that's not to say to the steelers are GONNA be bad. I just think that the raiders are going to win some games even though there are a tough division and the jets. Let's I think with Sam Darnold are going to be a little bit more improved than in. That's a bad division outside of New England so they should be able to Winston Division Games so let's say they both go six and ten. That's twelve wins. I know I predicted thirteen and three for the steelers but at the same time that's tough so I'll take the field in this one's. What do you think Brian? I gotta go. I gotta go with a Combo guys so I agree with Jeff now. If we were talking a combination of the bengals the Arizona Cardinals I would pick the steelers over them. I just think the raiders are much improved. <hes> I actually think Mr big chest is going to make a Derek Carr a pro bowler again. He's going to actually save his job and I think the jets are going to be a little bit better. They're not they're not gonna be a bottom of the barrel teams this year. They're not going to be amazing but enough to be the steelers record if you combine them Dave Jeff. I just got remind you because we know you are the center of attention which means it stays on you when you roll your is everybody's GonNa see it on Youtube so remember. I think what I definitely know. I know that I would take if we take games wins only when those two former steelers are playing in the in the Games that I've definitely taking the steelers because I wouldn't be surprised sized if some time missed a New York and I honestly if it ends up being where they're out of contention for the play offs and Oakland I could see he mr third and fifth just flying off the handles because he just can't handle it so that's a big wildcard but let's say we go overall Oakland in New New York versus the steelers. I'm going to say I'll go get you guys and I'll take the steelers <hes> I'd like to. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a push but Step out on a limb and I'll I'll go pittsburgh okay. Is that offer this tagging that Gig now all right very good. Well mm-hmm doesn't speak. I think that I like that kind of gambling edge to it there. You know during some odds speaking of odds I talked to Davy text earlier today a and I think I told Brian he has saw him in person. Recently crazy odds is that Juju Smith Schuster is actually favored. <hes> has better odds to lead the N._F._l.. N._F._l.. Receiving then Mr v <hes> Mister third and fifth is twelve to one and Juju Smith Schuster is ten to one now guys WanNa ask you you. Do you think that is more about the player maybe a Mr third and fifth on the decline and Jews you on the incline or do you think it has more to do with the player throwing passes. What do you think Brian? I'm surprised because I think mister big chest is going to go ahead and have a pretty phenomenal. Nobody wants them to I think like I just said a couple of minutes ago. I think he's GonNa make there are a car. Even better remember Derek Carr. A couple years ago was a pro bowl caliber. I believe he went to the probe. WHO's a very good quarterback if you know with with ready for that just makes him a whole lot? Better I o kissed so I really have something to do with Ben Rothlisberger so yeah I guess so go with that. Dave first of all I wanNA disclaimer Lamer that any quotes that you all have will go in article that I put out about this. That'll probably be out this weekend or sometime when we fit it in when we're not having all this breaking news so be careful what you say because I will quote you so now that you know that <hes> exactly what I said said that you earlier jeff when when we had <hes> communicated about it I think it has so much more to do with throwing the ball and I also think it has to do with the other options around them them to make the person who's throwing the ball better for example. I'm loving what I'm seeing from the receivers in Pittsburgh that it looks like there's there's GonNa be multiple options for Ben Rothlisberger this season that he's not going to have to force the Juju. You're going to have other guys work in <hes> ever since they got into pads. deontay Johnson has just been going up and up in his foot work is great and all these other here from him. Who is that Dave my my favorite draft pick? They all all camp. He's been getting into touchdown zone touchdown then a lot so it's it's exciting. Here's the thing that I also find interesting. I know this is a side note. Ever since the pads went on the offense has won seven shots every day the defense wanted without pads but the offense is wanted with pad. You generally think that would be the other way around that. The defense would have the advantage with pads but they got. They've got options they they've they've really got options to throw to and with Ben Having more options that's going to allow hopefully not as focusing coverage on Juju which means that Mr third and fifth if they don't have a lot going on out there you're on the west coast that they could just throw so many people at them because they he he showed himself that you can get in his head. That's the biggest the thing that I factor that he's got to go with now that teams know they can get in his head. So can I do it or not. Okay so let's go to our next which is Kinda. The headline of this is the title of this episode is deciphering fact from fiction <hes> in regards to the upcoming week. <hes> the leaked was <hes> a lot of that seven. This is an article that Brian Anthony Davis typically does for our show <hes> for just our show but also for behind the occurred dot com and so I asked him on short notice as it. Hey let's do some factor fiction tonight and let's just see what people in the live chat have to think about it. We already do have some the people giving some money in the live chat. If you don't know what that is <hes> like for instance of I think it was Dave mispronounce the names of leashes through a dollar and a tip jar because as is a mispronunciation <hes> we had a question from Leo for two dollars. The tip jar will answer that towards the end of the show. I won't forget about it <hes> and then Isaac Thurs twenty dollars a tip jar is here's twenty bucks kick Brian off for the comments about Mr third and fifth going to have a better. They're not gonNA kick him out the Chevy. You're you feel free to your bed. Okay so you can utilize that super chat feature by winter says Chad publicly with B._T.. S._e._C. Radio on the right. There's a little dollar sign. You can click that dollar signed undo any amount of money you want to the program because straight to the program. You're half use it but you can because if you do we guaranteed to answer that question so Brian. Are you ready. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football all podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable national pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches. We're now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. I am a friend so let's let's go ahead and go okay. Let's kick this off with our Oh hundred Villanova his little scuffle including fisticuffs versus Cam Hayward and camp this will ultimately be disruptive eruptive fact or fiction fiction big time station. It's visible game. It's a physical game team and guys are going at it. It's hot and I feel like they're at that point now where they're sick and tired of going hitting each other. They're sick of hitting each other so <hes> <hes> this typically happens we saw with Mr Third Fifth Against Ike Taylor in the past we saw with <hes> mister third and fifth with Artie Burns in the past we saw with Ryan Clark and a few other receivers vast. It happens it. I don't think it ever disrupts the team. It would have to be really really bad. Add Dave Woody thing when you get in the trenches. You're always going to have a little bit of that. Even I mean I was telling my wife today. You could be best friends and if you're going to go up against each other. I mean that could be my brother that I'm going against and if we get going eventually we're going to. We're going to have it out. I mean my brother and I used to do that during football games that alone playing football physical game so it's just one of those things that's going to happen so it needs nothing and like I said earlier al played it off perfectly. I loved his comments about it and I don't think it's going to be a bad thing at all if anything it'll be a more more positive thing you brian this is nothing just wanted to throw it out there Jeff. I have to to throw one in you mentioned all the scuffles that missed third TAD. You forgot to Chin with a couch that was a big one uh-huh he through other stuff besides the cabs the water cooler on the sidelines against Baltimore. That was a big scuffle so let's go head to our General Manager Kevin Cole One year at a time contracts so this is a bigger deal than most people think. Is that fact or fiction. I think that is absolutely fact because like I said headlands Williams on our standard is a standard show. Show me someone that doesn't want job security and I'll show you a liar and he he said it was just like saying your wife that your fulltime job or just going to take a month by month. You know we'll see how that goes. You see what your wife says. She probably won't be too happy with you. <hes> although I get what he's saying I feel like the steelers with both Tomlin's one year extension and with this news about Colbert. They're at their tipping point. I feel like they're at the point. Now where it's okay something's gotTa give a we gotta start winning some big time games not just regular season games and if not some changes might happen avenue. I think this is a bigger deal than people are making it out to be what he think. Dave okay you said fact right. I WanNa make sure I heard the in the right way. I thought yeah I heard it correctly. I guess that's what I thought you're right. That's why I'm going fiction. I don't think this is a big of a deal. How old is Kevin Colbert what what age did he? I don't know sixty to think A._B._C.. Jeff's like I don't know about that. I'm not sure I have no problem with someone saying saying year to year but here's the thing that people might not understand when he saying year to year. Does that mean that he's GonNa. He's got two years left. Does that mean he's going to play both play both years before he decides again or is he going to come back where next next year when he's got one year left that he'll bend decide if he wants to add one more after that we still don't know <hes>. I don't think it's that big of a deal for right now. Oh and I really have no problem saying hey. I don't want to get locked into a to a long term thing that I don't know if that's what I wanna do now I mean I understand Jeffs analogy gee but I know plenty of people that <hes> that that they go on one year contracts for their job all the time at it's not that and they know that that's what it's going to be and they have no problem problem with it. So that's where that's all. Some people live and that's not how other people live so I'm going to say. I don't think it's that big of a deal yet but let's see how it is next offseason all right Brian your the deciding vote here what he could well. Let me throw a different fact I I before I do that. Fact Brian has always right fact he is sixty two years old touchdown zone okay with that being said all all day all this is a huge deal because he he would go ahead and retire with a five years ago as a general manager. He can't penalty contracting decides. Hey I am done with three years. Let them contract. He can't bill coward did that. Bill Kaur had years left on his contract retire. It wasn't a problem there's a booming thing here tepper and the WHO David Tepper is he is the former steelers minority owner owner who is now the owner in Carolina boost chef through the south. There's a lot of speculation that Kevin Colbert would they had a good relationship with him and wants to join us. That's something to even look for but I agree. We would Jeff Hordley because look you know you once a game and just saying yeah. I'M GONNA take it year by year. See how I'm feeling see how it goes. I don't buy that that because everybody wants to curate job. That's the rebuttal. Here's the rebuttal title while you guys are wrong. Two words Omar Khan he is he's the guy waiting in the wings and and who's to save Colbert doesn't come out and sign a five year contract that he could retire before it's over would con- Really WanNa stick around that long. He's already turned down other jobs. Jobs and other people have contacted him not as many people to contact their at or we've heard about now because maybe the words out nope. He wants to stay in Pittsburgh at this job and then eventually move on on up and it's Kinda like Mike Month check. Everyone thought the world was going to be over. If Mike Months Shack leaves Oh my goodness he can't be the head coach Denver now. Oh my goodness he couldn't go the steelers turned around and within hours had their new offensive line coach. All the players knew it was everybody knew what was going to happen. He stepped right Isn't as bad as what you think is because the next G._M.. Is sitting right there and waiting and he is going to be just as good if not better than Kevin colored okay. I think you're misunderstanding the question the question it's the fact that this is a bigger deal because it's not that he might decide to retire and hanging up. It's because he wants to go. He goes somewhere else. The why would Kevin Colbert care about what what Omar Khan ones that I mean you know in this dog eat dog world. I mean he shouldn't cares hey leave in if he wants to go he doesn't care who's next or who he's keeping around this day. It's Brett farve Aaron Rodgers. I don't even know yeah well. That's exactly that's why I don't think it's I don't think it affects this season and I don't think in the long term that we should be scared of Colbert somewhere else because we're left with nothing saying who's to say. We're not left with something better. That's why I don't think it's as big of a deal now. If Omar Com left this year and then Colbert's going on a year to year then you're trouble the same same way we would have been in trouble with MUNTJAC would stuck around Sarah would have left her. Sorry Surat. I guess I get another dollar would've left and then then Edmon check would have moved on then. We would've lost both of them. That would be a problem. That's what I would panic all right Brian the next factor fiction here we go like forget the hype forget. The hype is not a future feature back for the Pittsburgh steelers Steph fact or fiction. It's really tough without seeing a preseason game. I'm GonNa say though see that's fiction. I feel like he could be <hes> from the tape that I've seen the highlights I've seen from Kentucky. He said school records and I know that's not the big time S._e._C. School that everyone likes to point to you know whether it's Alabama or Auburn Auburn or any of the other ones that you can think of <hes> a heat. He did it against good competitions. I'm going to say that I guess a fiction that he will be able to be a bigger downhill hardness back as a feature back in the national football league what debate you dave. What do you think I oh? I think to agree with you. That would be fiction right. Yes you said fiction. I keep forgetting how the questions are phrased in order to say the right word so I guess I would say it's almost an how if you wanted to get more precise with the question if he's not a feature back that's going to be going into your season to play sixteen games as the as the feature back <hes> if if you're talking about he's not he can't be a feature back. That's GONNA come in because of injury. I mean he might have three or four games next season perhaps there he's the feature back depending on injuries or whatnot so I think he's he has the ability to I've of whether you're talking about going into a season and he's your guy going to be at for Sixteen Games. The answer is not yet but you also never know how I mean that position the one that's probably one of the most susceptible to injury in the league. I don't have any stats on that but don't even ask me to do that because that would take me forever <hes> I'm so I'M GONNA agree with Jeff that I think he's capable of doing it. The question is what we have the opportunity this is definitely extend and the reason being is the fact that I think that your poster child for this team. I think he's going to be a huge star. Jeff made a comment to me yesterday when we were talking offline and he brought up the that entire thousand seventeen at T. J. Watt will be coming. We'll go under his fifth year option at the same Juju contract at the same time. The James Connor needs a contract. You know there's a possibility you can't and Benny Snow Junior might be stepping in sooner rather than later and not because of injury three so. I have a feeling that this is our for this team it'd be. I'm actually he's one of the guys I'm most excited to watch in the preseason because I know he's GonNa get a lot of action. It won't be behind starting off of line at still. He's one of those rookies. You're anxious to see what they can do so why what's a you have one more right Brian Moore and it's the Latin outset that is now the concern concerned with T.. J. Watt Ale thing. I'm sorry there was the a sneeze in the background. That just startled me so I apologize. Let me rephrase that again and linebacker death is now the team's most trying concern with T._J.. Watt Ailey. I'm GONNA say that's fiction because because it's not like he's out long-term <hes> that deb has been a concern from day one but it still not as big a concern for me as tied-in I I feel tight end and I have not heard good things about Asia grumbles of Arin camp who knows what Zach gentry's able to do. It's really just this fans McDonald and that scares me a lot <hes> so even without linebacker Yo Chick Alot Olah Denia. You have some more options there. That is my answer. I'm going to say that it's not a concern too. That'd be fiction. What about you dave? I'M GONNA say that it's also so fiction. It's not a concern. I've really like I thought coming in that Tikolo was a guy I thought you had duprey which was a little more than a guy but not up to the first round hype you had T.. J. Watt and then I was worried after that but if all is really coming on the way he appears to be coming on where he's going to be solid depth there. I'm feeling a little bit better about that. <hes> I I am also so concerned about the tight end depth. I do know that <hes> we've we've seen some conversions from these guys in in seven shots or or plays when they're doing eleven eleven but I just don't know that they're overly consistent so I think jeff is right that that would be more of a concern but I'm before before I thought other than Band T._J.. Was the most important person that you could not lose on this team. I still say that that's important is because how great of a player he is but I'm not as concerned as I might have been a few weeks ago all right Brian Gentlemen. You're both wrong. This is a fact you know why it's a fact because next year when we're watching the draft the number one pick is going to end rusher the outside linebacker. This is a fact because when an Oleh denny rushing the passer or next year in two thousand nineteen eighteen and those are your starters. You know that it's going to be a problem. They have a lack of depth. Look we are in love. Everyone's in love with all ed any. I like him too. You however the only thing we've seen this guy who is Russia seen him do anything else but rush. He hasn't dropped in the coverage. We haven't seen him really against the riot. We haven't seen seen him do anything but we're in love with this guy and we have been cautioning happens that guy is but they're free and maybe Colo- but the pre and maybe a denny but the pre and Sutton's Smith. You don't know it is not this is a huge concern. I understand East what you're staying with tight end and I get it but there for me because if something happens with those guys you have nobody rush in the Asir and you're not gonNA find find somebody that's sitting on their couch in November to go ahead and take over for this is well. You can agree to disagree. That's the beauty of this show and the factor fiction so Brian One last line the another reason that it might not be as much concern is that they they they played most of last year with three and they pulled it off so if it wasn't for that I would be even even more concerned but to try to keep doing that in the future would just not be wise absolutely so at this day. You're you're going against the roles of factor fix dave when you come back in you're going against the the tried and true roles of Jeff Hartmann Brian Davis fiction well okay. I'm sorry I'm new to the. I realized I'll start there you go. I didn't realize what you're that. You're flat up toad. You're wrong that you're not allowed to defend yourself. I'm sorry not at all. I'll give you the last word I'm sorry Brian. I won't do it again. Let's all right to to say from the bickering. We're going to try to do these questions. This is the time the show where we ask you you out in the live chat. Whether you have any questions for the show again you can use as super chat feature to guarantee the your question gets answered so one all the way back Leo had given us two dollars in the live chat. Thank you for that. Put it in the tip jar and he said better season this year. Did you or James Connor Dave. What do you say <hes> a I'm going to go? I think they're both GonNa have a good season but I'm I'll take Brian's answer and I'll say Juju because I'm not sure that Connor will play in all sixteen games all right A. B._A._D.. Say Jews a superstar but for number eighty four Oh aw twenty dollars kick or Ju Ju Eighty Four Oh man all right touchdowns in well to put that behind behind us <hes> snowman put five dollars in the live to the super chat and the tip jar and says what game what week will say. Do you see Mr third fifth having a meltdown Dave. I wish I knew their schedule because I think I could that could help a little bit. I'm going. I WANNA say week six six okay. What about you? Brian Wendy's third and fifth get his first meltdown on the sideline <hes>. I'm thinking I'm GonNa go ahead and say we eleven. He's going to also yeah. He's going to try to behave as much as he possibly can. Completely mounts am really excited to see him next week on H._B._O.. On <hes> on that on hard knocks just because you know he is going to go ahead and <hes> he says anything about the steelers. He says he's he's going to be fine. It's behind them. He's just all positive but when you have a show like that and I know Oh people in Reality T._v.. The producers job in that show is the needle needle needle off camera so when they have those testimonials and yeah they're they're talking about it. They're not going to be able to do it so he's probably GonNa have a meltdown against the steelers on a hard knocks but I think thing with the team. He's GonNa try and it's going to be late but it's going to happen. Okay I will take week. I'll take eight eight right right DAB in the middle of a bye week that or not I. I was GonNa say I picked the bye week. I didn't know I just patted my week in All Right Brian he's pro bowl year. He's not GONNA lose. That's a little much but <hes> I will say that he keeps his job. I'm not saying pro bowl year but I say keeps his job. Okay Bigger X. Factor for the defensive success S. Steven Nelson Devon Bush. This is a good question Dave. What do you think Oh? I'm going to say Stephen Nelson Elsa not because of the player he is but because of the position he plays. I really think that the steelers need to shore up having another cornerback cornerback there Bryan he needs to control the middle. If you have a sense there it's GonNa Change everything so though Devon's Hugh I'm GonNa say Devin Bush as well because then edited linebacker position as the hub of the defense and communication very very important and they're hoping they have a good one in Devon Bush so we'll see how that pans out <hes> it's your Brandon's as Jordan Berry get replaced by Ian Berryman this season Dave. What do you think <hes> you know I won't be it won't be Berryman? If it's somebody it's going to be somebody else. I don't know because I haven't been there but a few reports I saw was it neither one of them's all that consistent right they might be better with the bus have crunch berries in the UH. Somebody named berries. I don't think it's going to be Jordan. Jordan's GONNA be back in Australia McDonnell. I think Jordan ordinary keeps his job. Believe it or not I do <hes> Darren. Ask who do you think will rise up and be the number two wide receiver this year Logo Brian. I versus time Dante Moncrieff. This guy is going to be okay. What are we dave? If I yield to the all-knowing Brian Anthony Davis because his answer is correct using using moncrieff he and Rothlisberger are really clicking so far. It's going to be tough but I think James Washington is going to have a good year as well <hes> Larry. Let's get one more <hes> swifty pool says how do we think <hes> <hes> issues will be returning kicks and punts this year. Let's say who do you think will be the kick primary kick and punt returner this season. We'll go with <hes> Dave. I changed that later too. I think it's going to be Switzer. I don't think that he's going to get bumped off of the roster and I I think that although I don't know that he's great I think he's better than Eli Rogers and I just don't know that they're ready to put a Deontay Johnson back for both it could be the Deontay Johnson does punts and switcher does kick off that that would surprise me either but I don't like I said Edano. The deontay Johnson will get a helmet early season just because of a rookie but he's playing really well so he might so but I'll I'll. If I had to go with elbows. I'll stay stick with switcher. Hey I'm the editor and the verge host of the verge cast revamping the more and more lately coming out episodes twice a week sometimes even at third bonus episode on Tuesdays. I talked to influential people around the world attack like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other tech execs like founder of lime scooters the C._E._o.. Of Beyond Meat we've also been talking a lot of reporters and academics mixed by the major pressing policy issues tech like facebook's content moderation doing great youtube harassment plan or lack thereof and whether or not the government should break up Amazon which maybe I should and then every Friday I sit down with executive editor bone and Paul Miller for Chacha we cover the latest in Tech News and product of US agreeing our other reporters around the verge that show is party ARDITA listen to it. You can hear all subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast bluff Rita listen and join us so again subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast. We'll see there Brian you probably Switzer but let me give you a wild card here and he gets into training Bolton really return the heck out of this that football I think he has blazing speed. He'd be some buddy to watch. Watch out for okay. I'M GONNA go Switzer's while I think he makes the team. I think that they have back there and we'll put it that way. Now Jerry Cherry vans as Washington better pick it up. I hear he's dropping everything right now. It's funny because you have people that are at practice in there watching him in Washington my job pass then on twitter he he might catch a big passed on the sideline then everyone's tweeting about it <hes> and so unless you're there personally it's tough to gauge who's doing well and who's not doing well. <hes> I heard good things about James Washington so far and training camp boat loan. I'm sure there's been mistakes made but I'm sure that everyone has made mistakes so far in camp. Okay Gay guys <hes> either or we do in one this week Davey Evelyn. Yes I do all right well. Let's fire away. Let's finish the finish this show strong okay okay. I wanted to do this last week but we needed to have three people to do it because you guys are actually going to help me out with with what our choices are and that is based on what happened last week. Take something very important to <hes> to to the Pittsburgh area is when the first trailer of won't you be my neighbor was released for the new <hes> Mister Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks my wife said to me Tom Hanks is there anything. Is there any row he can't play and I got to think about that. I WANNA movie role. That would be realistic like please. Don't say <hes> Scarlett O'Hara or Black Panther or anything like that but I WANNA realistic movie role from one of you from each. You guys that you think Tom Hanks would not be able what to do and see if anyone else can get better. Wow is there to say like okay. <hes> let me get this correct. Suffice it you know. I don't think Tom Hanks would play a very good John. Maclean die hard that would be an example that would be an example because I don't think he played very good John Maclean in die hard Tanaka. Tell Me Plaza in taking down you know probably the worst terrorist at our country had seen to that day so yes. We'll have one thing Ryan. Ryan has a good one. He said Terminator Yeah. I was GONNA say one more thing it could be. I was thinking a movie role. That's what I was thinking but I don't want to inhibit you too much. It could be like right now. He's playing an actual character that they're doing a movie on if there was a character that you thought they should do a movie about Tom Hanks would not be right for it <hes> at any point of his career. Even if it was young Thomas she got one Brian. Yeah I really couldn't see Tom Hanks's Ghalem from count in my letter. Actually I agree with that. Okay let me give you one Joe Patchy Goodfellas or de Niro in Goodfellas any deniro role I do I would not see would not see Tom. Hanks plan written made the Falcons he can pull that off. Yeah like I even Christmas in dumb and dumber but I'm like areas is young so I'm going with Rocky Balboa so the best one thank you let the live chat knew that so but I was just thinking of that. What's a good role that I don't know the Tom Hanks could pull off so thank you guys for humoring me with that was no it's not I won't you be my neighbor? I can't wait real quick and I do not WanNa see Tom Hanks and for no I we'll just say that right now. It's like we're ready for Brian's question canal. You know what I I saw. How I look? I look sleepy. I wake up when I think about stuff like that that you know I'm just saying you're all I mean the great I mean I move yeah okay. Let's I don't want to prolong this conversation. That's my role Joe Issa. I just got I just got the Batum o'chee from I guess she's going to take money from me in the live chat <hes> so I have one and it has a lot up to do with <hes> what Dave had the stay Mr Rogers icon now. We're this week how Heinz field the oldest probably going to be no longer in two thousand twenty one as far as the naming rights. I was brought up on the hangover. A great name would be of course it would be Fred Rogers stadium so that Rogers fee and you could call the neighbor hood. Let's play in the neighborhood or would you rather have any wooden mark as the name of the stadium. Can I say neither. This booth. Awful beats nothing e._M._c.. Doesn't I'd rather call <unk> U._P._S.. Mister Rogers neighborhood field or whatever he suggested. That's if we get enough to live chat it could be B._T._C.. Field uh-huh Felicia keeps we might we might get that. I have nothing against Mr Rogers. I just don't want his his name on a Code Art Rooney do go with the <hes> you know Paul Brown Stadium The Art Rooney Stadium and then you have that's cool. I would love it but for either or oh. It's easy for that either or it's the neighborhood. I think that would be fun. You know going down to Rogers field. We're heading down to the neighborhood. Hould I like that one for that. I just honestly there. There's too much money involved to name a stadium. That's like like when <hes> wasn't watched to Jack. Kente Cook Basically paid to build the stadium and so they named it after him and then they sold the rights to the name and that's why it's Fedex field feel so the guy even paid for the stadium they wouldn't even name it after because they wanted more money for the name so <hes> as much as that would be great Jeff. If I think you're wrong the neighborhood would be great nothing again. I Dunno hines third and Fifth Stadium is what we got the grassy a really sorry I mean I like. I like the iron coming up but does someone mentioned it and I lost it on the chat just W._c.. It was really funny. I play off of W._C.. Fields I thought that was not sure who threw that in but okay <hes> I don't have I don't have any or this week I I was thinking of one when I was getting ready to sitdown skipped the whole Youtube thing <hes> threw me through loop so first and foremost let me apologize to anyone that might have been waiting in the wings the waiting for a youtube video alive. I knew that the Google hangouts that we have been using was going to be retired on August I. I didn't know that the new new youtube software is not going to allow for other people to join you as a host so I had to use this third party. It seems to be working fine. We've

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