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"jamaica choji" Discussed on 1A

"So, you know, it's really as a result of co salons with the Trump administration's coast but Saudi that he veto. This is not a surprise. I think from a military point of view again, you Nancy may well amplify this from a military point of view United States. Don't refueling Saudi planes, some months ago, the Saudis are going to continue this wool whether that supported by the United States, we're not this was more of a simple. Everybody was engaged symbolism. Congress was appalled by the Jamaica Shoghi motor. You know, Trump is gone. He's all in with Hamad bin Salman, the Saudi is going to continue this war. Whether we're involved or all they gets to what I was going to ask you about Sylvia's what this means practically on the ground. I mean, there's there's the political aspect of this there, certainly the optics of this with regards to the murder of Chanel kashogi of the Washington Post, but what is the outlook for an end to this war? Now that the president has veto this resolution. Does it does it make a difference at all in the big scheme of things? I don't think so I think the the fighting will continue the US's not directly involved, but we keep support and the US on the only ones the classified note published recently confirmed that the French are giving also weapon weapons to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. So the it's all. It's all about Iran, and all these countries want to counter the influence of Iran in in the region and the Saudis, even after Jamaica Choji, how are still the indispensable ally. They cannot do without you know, we've talked in the past about how the war the of it is very much a proxy for this. This tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran Nazi what about on congress aside? Donald asks congress have the votes to override President Trump's Saudi Arabia veto, and even if they did just to extend on his questions a bit..

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