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"jam route nine" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"jam route nine" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Ah, lot of gas. The South about expressway just crawl coming out of the tunnel gets so yet a little speed. Is it clear the gas tank, But you're back in it it granted have and it stays like that most of the way to route 24. Worst unusual. Yes, it was from an earlier crash to start of 24 south of the North Bound expressway isn't a whole lot better. It's jam from Braintree, a passing upon zits circle and just inching along up towards the tunnel through the tunnel. Left laying crash on the second bridge has cleared away. Well, it was in the left center lane. Not that it matters now. Elsewhere to the South won 28 south of Jam Route nine. All the way down into dead Um Re south. Usual stopping go coming off the expressway, then down password. 44 plummets from an earlier problem there. Delays on and off the cape at the born bridge, which is down to one lane, both directions over a mile on route 28. Over a mile on route 25. Looks like Route three South is back to the half mile for the sag, um or two up to the north. Let's check in on Route One. Now is we go to the WBC news radio road report. So it remains slow getting by reach 60 and Revere a group one Nora found. Then you're going to be tied up Frontal in Fells Park. A good deal of the way up toward the Lynnfield Tunnel, and it's also backed up up around the Essex County Cooper's. You approached the energy intersection with route 97 up in Topsfield, so keep an eye open for that. Sal found still heavy through the jug Handle lights and Peabody Kristen acting, the WBC news radio rotor for it elsewhere to the North, 93 North bound, slow going for a while, a past assembly square. It's not terrible. 1 28 Northeast Stop and go after Route to A from Wind street in Burlington, Up past 93 South, bounds, pretty bad route 62 Danvers into Peabody. With that rough road surface delays on the MASS Pike West. Tell towards Newton Corner. Excuse me downtown, the lower deck of 90 three's back to a stop. Excuse me. Sullivan Square. Stroh drives now back before the Longfellow Bridge and the Ted Williams tunnel westbound crawling all the way through and into that connector tunnel to my king deputy busiest traffic on the three. We've got some few clouds that will be around early this evening, and some of them could produce a spot stray shower, especially it'll in later on. And then we'll have the clearing.

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