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"jalen connor" Discussed on The Cedric Maxwell Podcast

"735 games. Both these guys have played in. You name me the time that either one of those guys has gone up to another guy and said, if you do that shit again, I'm gonna kick your ass. I agree. That's what I'm saying. No, I agree. I agree. You can't help me. But how are you going to roll like that? Yeah, that was max's go to line. That was Mexico. I agree max when Chris Middleton knocked the hell out of Jason going for a basket and Jalen Connor came up to him and then at the end they were like laughing and patting each other like, no, no, that's your money, man. You ain't no more money, man like that. Both of them got to have more of a mean streak on the floor. Marcus has that Main Street, but I don't know, but here's what Doc Rivers once said, the philosopher, there's Doc Rivers. You need at least one crazy guy on your team. You can see that mortgage.

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