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"jake tail" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

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"jake tail" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

"And I do keep a few mayors up in Kentucky and constantly breed up there by and sell a two breed a couple of years here. So we stay pretty busy, but I like that number. It kind of just works for us and that's just kind of kind of the way it goes. It fits with what we do. Well, and I was going to ask because I know your dad will have some of them been named and your brother will have some of the names. Is there a way you decide who gets which horses or is it just kind of random? No, no. It's just kind of random less. And we're all under the same porn. And we were all kind of raised the same way. And certainly there will be different ideas of what we think, but when there's three of us, we all put our heads together and usually we'll decide the same way. So that's kind of how it usually goes. Jake's a home joining us for another moment here on the show. One of the things I love about your story is that you and your wife met when you were young kids, basically. Was she around racing as well growing up? She was very familiar with her dad was in the oil field, which is obviously a huge industry down in Louisiana at the southern part. And he had a few horses during the course of the years and he enjoys betting the ponies. So she was around, so she was used to, I guess, the vernacular of horse racing. And so and then once we had kids, our kids were involved in many things with sports and activities at school. Really not so much. That's kind of more so for me. And my girls really haven't shown that true interest like I did. I wasn't going to force anything on them. So but yes, they do they do enjoy to come every now and then when they're not playing a sport or some type of other activity. So yes, but they know. You know what I mean? They get it. They understand the game and then they certainly pull up pull for me and the family and enjoy it. Yeah, just from knowing a lot of people in the game. Your partner does have to have a little understanding because between time and finance and all that stuff for me. It could be a big commitment to sport. Oh, there's no doubt. She's fantastic about it. She totally gets it. But that's all we've ever done. And you know, I've always been one. If you just work hard, good things will happen. And we're going to put the time and effort. It's not going to be something we're just going to do every now and then and hope for some good luck. We're going to try to put the time and effort in to give ourselves the best chance for success. Well, wish you guys the best of luck this weekend, of course, big day down at the fairgrounds, and you guys will have a few ints, so Jake, thanks so much, really appreciate the time. Thanks for having me on. All right, we'll be right back after the short term out of today Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. All right, big thanks to Jake tail home for joining us. Hope you guys enjoyed that. A lot.

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