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Cowboys Lose On MNF, The Pats Rise, & Sam Darnold Regresses | NFL Podcast with Albert Breer

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Cowboys Lose On MNF, The Pats Rise, & Sam Darnold Regresses | NFL Podcast with Albert Breer

"On July fourth two thousand nine former NFL quarterback Steve McNair in his mistress Jenny Kazimi were found dead in a Nashville conduct. The police included the Jennie had killed McNair in a murder suicide, but was at the whole truth. The genyk is aiming really kill Steve McNair. I said there's no way that Ginny would pull that off from Sports Illustrated fall of titan available now subscribe on apple podcasts or every get your shows. Guys. We are going to kick things off by digging through the rubble of monthly Dallas, and then has always Jenny Connor or in for the news wrap up in pack of your Twitter blushing, plus go. Are welcome in week is in the books is the QB podcast with our breer start here with the result that we saw Monday night. And I don't think it's what anybody in Dallas expected. I certainly no it's not what Jerry Jones expected and because on national TV because the Cowboys because they make as not us on the outside. They make a big deal out of being in prime time. I think this one takes on a little bit of a different context. They fall twenty eight to fourteen to the Tennessee titans and the challenge going for for Jerry Jones and Steven Jones and anyone else is going to be involved at that level of decision making well McClay the personnel chief falls into that group to Todd Williams one of their top football people the challenge here. I don't think is. Fixing the offense of line because I think that's a short term problem. That's going to work it self out. They've got good players. They're they can figure that out and twenty eighteen or twenty nineteen. I don't think it's the defense is getting better aren't even think it's the receivers. The challenge for Jerry and the rest of the Cowboys going forward now is going to be separating. The coach from the quarterback, and then assigning blame for what's happened over the course of this year and taking a cold hard. Look at Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott. There are strings attached to both Jason Jerry views. Jason is he differently than any other head coach that he's had? I think there's an attachment to Jason Garrett because Jerry views Jason as a product of Jerry. The reason why he's the guy who let Jason Garrett the player back in the late nineties into the quarter into the coach's rooms into the game planning meetings because he knew Jason wanted to coach. He's the guy who hired. Jayson Garrett has offense coordinator in two thousand and seven before he hired Wade Phillips as head coach basically telling Wade Phillips, we already have your offensive coordinator here. He's invested so much in Jason Garrett. The coach I think there's hard for him to admit. Jason's failure because Jason's failure and a lot of ways equates to Jerry's failure. And then with Dak the problem is that was the breaking point for Jerry with a quarterback that he really liked Tony Romo and that was difficult for him. And he made the cold hard decision here. And what would that Prescott? Because at the time. It was what was right for the organization and Dak to his credit was fantastic as a rookie. And. So are you able to make a cold hard decision? Again. Are you able to look at the quarterback from cold point of view, and I'll bring in Jenny and and and Connor now and guys I like, I I look at that team team dysfunctional. I mean, they came out the first quarter. I thought Ziegler great like look we're going to get something out of a Mark Hooper. And after about ten or fifteen plays. It was just right back to what they've been for the first two months of the season. And I think for Jerry now, it's it's like, you know, like how when we're talking about like, the the old eighty nine or has like how much of it was Montana, and how much of it was Bill Walsh. And then, you know, more recently, it's like how much of its Bill Belichick how much of it's Tom Brady. How much of his drew Brees? How much of it's Sean Payton. Now, I think with these guys it's like it's like the opposite of that. So you're looking at what's gone wrong. The last couple of years, and I think you've got a good good Bassi on players team. If you go up and down the roster and its is. The coaches the quarterback. I don't know anybody who's watching this team that doesn't think it's the coach to me. You know, Dak Prescott we we saw during the playoff run, you know, when he was young and not mature, and he was still handling himself. You know, in a really, you know, poised away. I think there's ten or fifteen teams that would trip over themselves to sign him on the market if he came he's strong. He's accurate. He's mobile, and, you know, so I think that it it does it falls on the play caller there. And and this is kind of you know, Jerry Jones he's looking at this team right now, this is a missed opportunity. This was your quarterback on on a rookie deal on fourth round pick. That's about to expire as Yukio Elliott. If AFI smart is going to start asking for an extension before he gets, you know, pounded into obscurity by that, you know, the offensive line is getting older Shenley. He's going to be thirty three next year. I mean, this this was your window. And I think that you know. Emotions aside. Jerry Jones's decision here is kind of obvious to me at least. So you think he moves on? I think he should. I mean, you know, I think that anybody that's clamoring for a change at quarterback is not imagining Dak Prescott could be under more capable offense of hands. The question Jenny is like if you give Prescott and I'm going to say the name because I think he's going to be a factor. If they do make a change Lincoln Riley from Oklahoma who the Jones family has a relationship with who the Jones family, really likes Lincoln recruited, Stephen son last year. So there's a strong recent relationship. They're like, I don't think looking Riley's leaving Oklahoma for just anywhere. But I think because he's a native Texan like that jobs different job opens. And it's like, you may only get one shot at that and your life. You know, that's the Dallas Cowboys. I think that's the biggest question is like this Dak Prescott look like a different player, if he has someone like say Lincoln Riley as his coach, I think, absolutely. I mean, I think. Garrett handled the Prescott to Romo transition very well, obviously that season they had a lot of success. That was a a situation. I could you know, blown up and it didn't. But then since then we haven't seen any progress forward from Prescott and last year, you know, it was okay. Well, the Elliott on and off suspension for the personal conduct violations. He was on and off the field. You know, you could say that offense of line isn't quite what it is. They don't have playmakers this year they bring in Amari Cooper. But I think really all of it is we haven't seen a clear progression from young quarterback who showed promise and has a lot of talent as a rookie. And I think you, you know, you need a coach that can be more creative. And you know, I think there's a lot of game situations that we've seen this year where it's not hard to imagine someone else doing something differently. That puts them in a better position to succeed. Yeah. I think that's the you look at the elements of lit what other coaches are doing with similar talent. And you. Have a game changing running back. You have an accurate quarterback with mobility. You might not have a game breaking wide receiver. But you have a lot of speed at that position and some capable hands in. It's like men would Andy Reid be doing with this offense would Sean McVay doing with this offense. And it doesn't even have to be those guys, you know, at this point. What would Todd Haley be doing with this offense? You know, if you look at the first few games at least in the Browns season and how they rebel to get Baker Mayfield moving around. And it's like, you know, I think that this is what Jason's going to have to answer to there is no evolution it seems. They're stuck in the past. And I think the interesting thing about is like they did they did some things when he was a rookie to accommodate him. And it just didn't push that ball forward, which is interesting too in itself. So I think it's absolutely absolutely. A one worth watching going forward. And I've just heard from people in the building like, you know, one of ask these questions about Garrett in the past. I've gotten constant knows like, no, no, no, that's not happening. And this year it's softer than that this year. Like, and look this isn't coming from Jerry. This isn't coming from Stephen. But the people have talked to they're like below that level of said, this feels different this feels like he is now coaching for his job. And I think it's probably the the effect like, Sean and Andy re defect. They're having on the rest of the league with some of the stuff. They're doing too is. I think a lot of owners are sort of looking at it this way like their operation. And being like, why can't I have that? Which I think opens the door to different types of hires creative types of hires. I think we're going to see probably this year. A lot more flirting with college coaches like you're going to see a lot more of those. Lot more like college coaches having to protect their turf because cruising and everything else. And like, I think could be a really interesting off season when it comes to that stuff. Okay. We're going to get to the news now and our first news item for the week the big game of the week the saints outlasted the Rams in the Superdome. Forty five to thirty five in a game that featured a furious Los Angeles comeback from twenty one point deficit and and an Amish to Joe horn on the Michael Thomas game clinching touchdown. The win was New Orleans seven straight. I think New Orleans is the most complete team in football right now. I think its showed their defense was great. But their defense was certainly more capable of getting stops when it mattered than the Rams were down the stretch of that game. And I look you talked about the window Connor, right? Like that window that the Cowboys had was Zeke on a rookie contract and with Dak on a rookie contract. I that's where the that the saints are right now with last year's rookie class with with Lattimore. And ramczyk and Camara and Marcus Williams. Like they've they've drafted route. They drafted really well say that got these guys who are on rookie deals and you look at the roster. And it's just I mean, it's this was a team that was like deficient from her Auster standpoint that'd be five years ago. And they went and brought in Jeff Ireland who took a lot of criticism in Miami. I fixed the person they've fixed they're like their their personnel operation. And now, I mean, I was so impressed with the way that they the Rams to for coming back from the deficit in that environment. I was so impressed by the saints. Jumped out to the lead. Then took the body blow that you knew it was coming and we're able to finish them off at the end. I think and you know, I think we talked a little bit last week about some of the concerns about the Rams defense. And I think those were sort of, you know, further alight with shined on those a little bit further. And and obviously the Marcus Peter situation is is an interesting, you know, is it really an injury. That's holding him back like he's not playing like the player that we were guarded him. Once as he was in Kansas City. And so why has his play, you know, suffered to the point that it has this year. And that's obviously impacting the defense as a whole. I think he was a little up and down Kansas part of the reason they got rid of he was a little up and down in Kansas City. And I think some of the questions with him have been like Kenny be consistent. And I'll tell you what like two guys that are playing for contracts that right like, Michael Thomas, and and and Marcus Peters. Michael Thomas looked like he was ready for primetime. Look like, he's ready to be. An eighteen million dollar year receiver, and if the Rams I if I'm the Rams I'm coming out of that with almost more questions about him than I went in with in Michael Thomas, you know, knows how to sell tickets that was one of the greatest no question that was one of the greatest moments of the season. I thought that was phenomenal. It set off a string of sort of callback. You know, early two thousand NFL celebrations titans are celebrating on the star on Monday night. I mean, this was fantastic. This is an era. I think you know, what's the next throwback celebration. You want see that's a good one moss. Yeah. Definitely someone panting panting themselves, but Joe buck has to be on the call again just to be so. Fasted the that'd be perfect. 'cause we compare them side by side. One thing I did talk to you about this about twenty minutes ago was I went back, and I looked at the story from who's eighty. And I found like an AP column where it was just the grumpy old white guy. Call you know, it was it was like this is disgraceful. And like this. I hear anybody say that about Michael Thomas, right? Heard a lot of teams. My Joe box. And said that about two broadcasting side, you know, that's costing you know the team penalty and a critical point of the game. The the tone has changed a little bit. Tell us a little bit. I would I would celebrations overall. I I'd like to see someone imitate the Chad Johnson jacket celebration. That'd be another good one. That'd be good one in totally. I did write in support of Michael Thomas's trip to the liquor store to find the burner phones and all this meant that was his craft. Absolutely. And I got a mail from an anger reader that said you like the celebration. What are you nine he called? He called us when I talked to him on. Now, he called a swap meet store. That's there's a lot of those in New Orleans. Yeah. Yeah. I've seen those in New Orleans watt meet slash liquor store. You go in and it's like it's like a Spencer gifts with like Hennessy. There. Right interesting. Yeah. As commitment, but you can buy alcohol. There aren't very many stores that don't have like the unanswered question. How I think he declined to say, right? How early he had to get there to put the phone under the one thing. I wish I asked him that. I didn't ask him. I should ask them is. Did he buy two or they enter both? Yeah. We did. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Because if you're going to go for it at that point. I mean, you know, can't Bank on being on the right side of the field. Yeah. Can't risk. Yeah. I mean, if he had truly done the celebration, though, he would've had one of his teammates go and get for him. Right. Because that's what Joe horn. Did he had one of his teammates go get it for him and had one of his teammates? Go get it for him. I think that you can't write didn't someone say that basically. This was totally him. Because I think if he had mentioned it to somebody it would have gotten to the coach, and he would have been talked out of it. Right. So this was probably a total rogue movement, which I totally respect. I thought that was fifty nine. All right. Connor news item. Number two, the patriots. Methodically took apart the Packers thirty one seventeen and Foxborough with Cordeiro Patterson at tailback rushing for sixty one yards and eleven carries and the defense holding Rogers two hundred fifty nine yards. The patriots are seven and two. Like, we all said, I mean, this was just gear shifting at the beginning of the season. They're on a roll. Josh, Gordon looks amazing. They're throwing failed first round pick and tailback in goal line situations, he still running high in they're still just really is remarkable concept of pad level. The play where he was like dragging the guy. It was all my God. Like somehow, this is working, and like everything tells you shouldn't be working, and it's working. And I thought it was like like I thought the the creativity like watching, and look I think my McCarthy's in the spot like maybe we're Andy Reid was like six seven years ago where maybe it's best that he that they have a change of seat that there is a change of scenery for both. You know, like where he needs to go somewhere else where the Packers maybe need somebody new to come in. There's obviously been the friction between him and Rogers. But it just like everything looked so hard for the Packers. When they got the ball down there. Scored the first touchdown. I they throw it on first down. They throw it on second down. They wind up scoring the touchdown third-down. But it's like Rodgers scrambling and throwing cross against his body to get the ball to devante atoms. I looked at how hard that looked. And then you see the patriots running like the double pass, you know, picking a big yard to James white on that play and they're running Koro Patterson at tailback. And it's just it looked like. You see the gap. Like, the coaching gap was was to me like jumped up more than anything else watching that. Because there were a couple of drives that were not great for the patriots. Right. There were a few times. And Brady looked a little frustrated by doing good job. Yeah. So I thought you know, that's spoke well to the Packers defensive strategy. But then what did they use to get out of those things they mixed it up? You know that that play you mentioned with Al and throwing it back. And then I'm Brady running down as a blocker and Collins worth at a really good job in the broadcast of explaining how disciplined you have to be legally with the linemen right that they couldn't move down field. Right. They had to wait there. And so I thought you know, when they were in a law. You have the coaches that have the different tools to mix in there to break out of it. And when James white kind of limps off, and as if he bit you put Patterson in there. So you know, that's the thing. That's interesting about the like how you tie those two together the double pass and Paterson they have an answer for. Everything. Like, that's like that's what sets New England's staff apart and has set New England staff apart for the last eighteen years. It's not I wanna say they're impervious to anything happening to them. But it does if feels like they've always had whatever happens to them. There's always some sort of answer. I mean, you know, this is going to sound crass, but they had a player murder someone during a season. I mean, what is more? You know, what is more jarring to a team that and you know, their teams that would take decades for I remember that that year the month before the questions were like, how are they going to handle the Tibo circus because Tibo was on the team at that point. There were rumors that the reason Tibo is there a sort of to take care of Erin now, obviously didn't work out. But like they had Tibo on the roster. And I remember that part of it. And it was like how are they going to handle this like it was such a circus with the jets, and it was such a circus with the Broncos. I mean a week into training camp. He might as well have been like. Chad Henny, you know, what I mean like, it's just they've always got an answer for everything. And here's what I think is interesting, you know, the inverse of that in Green Bay, they were always sort of ahead of the curve in terms of their across the hall policy. Were they have their coaches really challenge each other and evaluate each other constantly in that that cross training philosophy that Mike McCarthy had that got a lot of other coaches hired, you know, in the mid two thousand after that. But I think the problem is when you have that philosophy where you design yourself to be challenged by other people. But then you bring back a lot of the same people. You know, you stop being challenged may be stop forcing yourself to innovate. That's why I thought Mike pen was an interesting higher this off season because it was out side the box outside the umbrella. And at least at somebody. I it's a fresh set of ideas in there. I mean, Joe Philbin still there are a lot of these guys that know Mike McCarthy, they know how to talk to him. They know how to be around him when maybe he needs someone around. That's like, hey this. You're saying make things uncomfortable. Because if you're Joe Philbin. If you have a problem with Mike McCarthy got like this long history. You know, how to manage the problem? It's not a problem. Sometimes you need to have that tension. Look, it has to be a little not wait Todd Haley and Hugh Jackson, but you know, a little bit. Just dial. Okay. Jenny news item. Number three. The jets failed to reach the end zone in thirteen two six loss to the dolphins rookie quarterback. Sam darnold was picked off four times. So this was a talking talking about spectrums here. This is on the opposite end of the spectrum of darnold and testing opener in Detroit right now. The most entertaining game not I mean, I I once covered a six four games. So my standards are pretty low. But I would say that this is not far behind that. I we. The problem for the jets right now is it looks like darnold progressing, and you know, one of the things talking to people there one of the problems with him. Now is that he's not seeing it as fast as he did early in the year, and he's questioning everything, and that's a bad place for quarterback to be like his is aren't moving fast. He's just like and look I a couple of weeks ago. They got the point where he was starting to let it ripple little bit and just this back and forth and back and forth. There's one thing that gets a coach fired. It's the management of the court young quarterback. And that's why I think Todd on balance has done a good job there over the last four years. But if might mcalinden is truly safe, and that's what we've heard right if he's truly safe argue whether or not that should be the case or not. But if he's truly safe like you almost have to fire that bullet now, but you almost have to say, okay. Like we need to do something now. And I think it's interesting though, about darnold as you know, we said there were these games that were he let it rip. And he was you know, he was he looked like the best quarterback in the class will was the Detroit game. And it was the Denver game. I think each one where they ran for over two hundred and fifty all right, and we're just destroying teams. And I don't think that you know, that is necessarily indicative of needing open routes, but if you look at game sense, then look at how many disadvantageous situations he's been put in by the coordinators where maybe an unsuccessful run on first down. And then all of a sudden on second third year meant by yourself to make up the difference with curse, you know. All your receivers are injured, you know, Terrell priors gone. I don't know what he really has. To negate sort of the the blandness of the system that they're running right? Yeah. And I think that there's. I just think that right now. Right. If you're the if you're the jets Jenny like, it's. Do you blow the whole thing up? And I like, I think it's a question that like, and I'm not sure the Jeremy Bates is really to blame for what's happened there. But he had been away from the game for awhile. I think part of the part of the lure in. There are some people that had long long standing relationships with them there. But part of the lure of bringing him in was kind of he's from that like coaching family that McVeigh and Kyle and all these different guys are from same thing that help get mad Florida job in Tennessee is the play caller there. And so I think the question then becomes like do we wanna blow up everything around our young quarterback to what degree do we wanna blow it up, and how do we wanna structure going forward? And they're another team that's gonna I another team is going to look at look under every rock for their next coach if there's a change after this year, I think you know, the discussion of when darnold should start heading into the season. You know, there were questions of is. Is there enough around him? Like you mentioned Conor. You know, look at the people like the players. He's throwing to their enough around him as the line. Good enough. As are you going to do anything that's going to hurt him as a young quarterback? And he was so, you know, precocious early on and look to able to handle the kind of chaos that was you know, on a single play. And you felt like he would be fine going into the season. And I think we didn't talk probably enough about you know, is there is it the right coaching structure around him. Right. Like is the often coronate coroner going to be the right marriage for him? And I think it's sorta hard to look at the results this year and think it's trending the right direction. And so, you know, I think obviously that the trend now is to bring in you know, creative offensive head coach. And I think that the jets will go that direction. I think what's interesting about that, you know, in we're going to hear it so much, right? And that's the Lord that you're attached somehow to McVeigh or to Kyle Shanahan or Lincoln Riley, or whatever it's going to be this off season. Eddie. But it's like if you think about that in any other terms that outside of football like, you know, I was in a room with eighteen years for my sister. And I'm not a division one athlete, and she is Ringo. Starr was in a room with the Beatles for ten years. He just left to make shitty music while the rest of them did amazing things like just being around someone sometimes you can just be in the room, right like, and I think that maybe that's what we're seeing. And that's what's hard for these coaches to great example of it might Tomlin was hired off of Brad Childress staff. You know, like Mike Tomlin was hired. Brad Childress staff in Minnesota. Now he had been with Tony Dungy before that. But like the higher was made off of an okay team with an okay, Ed coach, and no one would ever. So see it with him with Brad Childress now. But that was the staff he was on nother reason to follow the rule by the letter of the law, be more creative and open mind in the hiring. And I think it's it's it's a matter of for a lot of these teams were look. Cleveland, the people that are say that they're not starting to process now to they better be starting the process now because they have this huge advantage over other teams. They're gonna be looking in that they can get to know, these coaches and so much of it to fire drill. If you wait till January, right? Whereas you're not really are. You really looking at twenty five guys know, you're going to interview the guy you're going to interview. And that those guys are probably gonna come off someone's list, and then you're gonna make a higher the advantage. The Browns have now is that they can do that. They can actually okay. Like, we're going to do background work on thirty five forty five coaches, and they're going to be some names on there that probably no one has on their list. But the very least we're going to have turned over those rocks. And we're going to figure out like if there is someone out there that everyone's missing because I don't I mean, Sean McVeigh. Again off Jay Gruden Stephan. Non-playoff? Tired of NATO non playoff team off Jay Gruden staff. Jay's done a good job in Washington. But nobody's regarding him as like some sort of genius. You know, that's where Sean came from. I it's it's interesting that way, it's interesting. You know, I think we're in the jets again, I think one of these teams is probably quietly already starting to take a peek at it where that could go from here. All right, news item number four. Vance. Joseph Broncos took their six loss in seven games in the coach took heat for his clock management late in Sunday's nineteen to seventeen defeat at the hands of Houston on Monday. John Elway when local radio and said that the team would stick by Joseph heading into the by week. I put this one in there because I wanna group and Connors idea group it with Oakland, and what's happening there in the NFC in the AFC west. We have a couple of teams that are sort of on the ropes and the Denver right now is the point where they're probably one of these teams. It's looking at head coach. And cannons. And they're one of these teams that's going to be in play for a quarterback in twenty nineteen and Oakland, isn't you know, Oakland's tied long-term to Jon Gruden, but there's a lot to fix there. So thought it'd be interesting to look at it this way and ask both you guys this question who's a war spot? Now, acoustical worse. Long-term spot right now. Denver oakland. I don't think there's I don't think I think Oakland is in a much worse long-term spot. Just because I think that there's probably some emotional mental things that need to be repaired there. I think there's a coach that needs to go into that locker room and start assuring some people that either they're going to be around or that they're valued here or that they're not just going to be jettisoned off in the middle of the season. And that they're going to come up with some sort of offense of plan that doesn't get the quarterback killed. And you know, I think there's a lot of things that need to happen there. But I think is interesting in Denver is I wonder if Elway sort of learned a lesson from that fire and brimstone streak that he went on a little bit before the the Broncos blew out the cardinals in that primetime game. It was Monday or Thursday for that. Like he was even going on the team's official radio station, just destroying Vance. Joseph. You know, saying that they're not doing the things that are in his particular department of expertise, right? And so I think that maybe. This was sort of a moment for Elway to say, you know, I also need to I need to give him better players. You know, they're not a lot of outside of the running back position in maybe one or two receivers not a lot to work with on the side of the ball. And I think that's something that maybe Ella has realized we're in Oakland were in sort of the other side of that sort of ego power trip. I think I would tell well, I would just say like, I think that. Oakland. Feels like they're a little ahead of Denver to me. Just because Oakland has already blown it up. And Denver's gotta make that decision now because they've got a lot of guys they've got a handful of guys that been core guys for them that are right at or on the wrong side of thirty Novon Miller is going to be there. So take him off us. But Brandon Marshall Chris Harris, Emmanuel Sanders, they've got a bunch of guys that are right there at thirty or pass thirty. They've been core guys for them for a long time that they're gonna have to make decisions on. And when you make those decisions it's like Seattle last year when you make those decisions, it's okay, we're sticking with them or okay? What's okay? We're gonna blow it up. And that's why I think Denver might be a little behind Oakland in that regard in that. At least they've blown it up are ready, and they're moving it in the direction that go in the direction of the coach is going to take it over the next half decade. Yeah. I was I was going to agree with the there. I was going to say that Oakland and a better spot. Just from the sense that you might not agree with the. Action or you might not like it. But they've already started on the direction, whereas the Broncos, I don't know what that direction as right? I mean, when they when they start over what is it going to look like, and you know, I think the the roster is you know, as flawed as Gruden probably viewed the raiders Rosser coming into the season. And so, you know, it's I, you know, I would think all of us have been critical of a lot of the moves the raiders have made. But you know, it is there on a path. And you know, it'll take a few years to see if the if that leads anywhere positive, whereas the Broncos, I don't think you could even say where they are right now. Right. Because you don't know who the quarterback next year. Right. You don't know who the coach going to be next year? No. You'd argue Oakland coach is going to be two or the who the quarterbacks can be another coach coach. You know, and then the rest of the roster. It's just again like I think both both have a lot invest, and they'll rookie classes to Denver's rookie class actually looks like the first time in like five or six years. They might have put together a pretty good rookie class was the running backs like you said, Bradley, Chubb of Cortlandt Sutton. There are some good players in their rookie class where you could see those guys being around for a long time. I just think it's a it's a it's a wing thing. Right. How many you know, it used to be we used to value the idea of team blowing it up because that's what you had to deal. But there are a lot of teams that aren't blowing it up anymore. They're just sort of treating it as a fluid process swapping players in and out and granted Denver's certainly on the older side of that spectrum. But I wonder you know, is it something that that truly needs to be detonated. Or is it something that you can sort of piecemeal if Elway can have another two or three good rookie class? Sure. Rookie. I mean, look the fact that rookies are cheap helps Bradley Chubb costs. The fifth pick cost ten years ago or probably talking about something else to Jenny news item. Number five. Steelers won their fourth street game on Sunday beating the ravens twenty three to sixteen to move into sole possession of first place in the AFC. North James Connor was the hammer again, rushing twenty four times for one hundred seven yards and catching seven more balls for fifty six yards and a touchdown. I mean the Steelers are definitely team is trending in the right direction. Right. I mean now, of course, there's going to be this. The the bell situation is hanging over their heads for about one more week now and his cryptic tweet. Obviously on on Monday that said farewell, Miami, which sort of indicated a return or not it's it's very hard to read on that. But they you know, they put their they put their confidence in Connor. And I think he's just gotten better as the season has gone on. And I think you saw the difference in Connor in this ravens game versus the first one which was a loss. The the the the bell tweet to me like that feels a little bit like a guy who has and look at last I checked the Steelers had not heard from him or his camp. It feels a little bit too mealy guy. Who's like totally overplayed his hand and lost this situation completely. And now is almost trying to not be the one to make the call like it's like you don't wanna be the one to call like. They don't want to be like I'm trying to put this in relationship terms. And now, I'm gonna screw up another analogy. So maybe guys can help me. Come up with. It's like, yeah. Well, let me I I got a workshop this a little because I was about to go with a really bad cop myself. Good good. Always so good thing. All right. So so it's like. It's like if if you're if if you I met somebody in your dating them, and you don't want to be the you may be you may be called them last to meet up. And then like, you don't wanna be the one that's constantly calling them. And so it's like all right like now, I'll see if she'll call back, and she'll be the one to set up the next one, and I've kind of feel like the bell is the one who's playing from behind here now. And so like he shoots out that tweet as a little bit of like, hey, I'm leaving Miami. And like you hear Steelers still haven't heard from him or his agent or anyone is camp, right? They're still totally in the dark, but it's like kind of feels like he's putting that out there as like, I don't wanna be the one to make the phone call. But if you guys call now, I've probably pick up there's nothing sadder than unrequited. You know, social media posturing, right? And that's what Levey on Belle has been doing now for the greater part of of eight weeks. Into the season in it's just like, whether it's his cryptic emoji use which we've chronicled very aggressively on this program, or now, the sort of half statement trial balloon statements, where it's like, oh, you know, I might be in the area. You know, then I think it's I think it's just sad the facility with the boombox over his head tomorrow. But think about how like just for a human appear -ly human standpoint. Like, you thought you were this, and then you are just replaced one for one. I mean be jarring. Maybe you can talk about that human terms seeing that happen like chill easily your place just straight up replaced in everything is going fine. And the other person Klay, frankly is like a lot more. I mean, that's just just purely for me. I mean, we've all in life at some point overplayed Eoghan, and we understand how crappy that feels. But man, I mean to do it at this public of in this public of ways gotta be just weird. I mean, I think the Steelers just handled this thing really, well, I mean, we discussed this all along. But, you know, just they they're approaches ban. Well, we're not gonna worry about who's not here. And they had a player that they had drafted that was in place to contribute. And even when things were shaky in the early goings, they were just kind of standing tall and kind of like letting it ride. And so I mean looking back on it. I think it was I think it was the right way to handle it. You know, they just kind of. Yeah. You know, they basically gave Connor the confidence to play the way that he hasn't been obviously, he's a good player. But it does help to have the backing of you know, when you have teammates saying like I'm cool with rolling with Connor when you have marquees pouncey sang week too. I mean, hey, yeah. That's great. And they clearly saw something to those guys. You heard those guys what they were saying it was back in week one thought he was a really good player. This is sort of the problem all running backs up to right? Like, it's not that Levy on bell can't play. It's not that like something any of these guys aren't great players Zeke Elliot Todd Gurley. David Johnson of these guys aren't great players is that this too easy to find them is just too many of them. And so if you're a team, and you look at this the supply and demand like the supply and demand question here for running backs like it doesn't work out for players at that position. It's just I'm not that does not taking away. Does that take away anything from anyone at that spot? It's just too easy to find them and Connors, and other example of it. I mean, Connor I believe was third rounder. Right. Like what in the third round fourth? Okay. So he went in the fourth round draft when the saints got Alvin Kamara in the third round the chiefs got Kareem hunt in the third round. And again, that's not to say that Leonard fournette like the Jags aren't. Happy with Leonard four netted four the Panthers aren't happy with Christian McCaffrey at eight. It's just the reality of it. The reality of it is is it really worth spending a top ten pick or fifteen million dollars a year on a player position where their answers, just everywhere. It's the time and everybody's waits for every week. It's time for Connor's fantasy update. So two in a row, and obviously pop champagne last week this week, we take it to another level. I brought you guys in some gifts for short of work shopping sort of a lifestyle brand hashtag forward are are in the forward. Wow. Moving forward in the season. So there actual hats, which I will tweet these out tomorrow when the podcast goes up. That's fantastic. Yeah. So is that like a that looks like it's a New Jersey hat like there's that the state of New Jersey that rubbed off that used to be a lightning bolt when I was skater. This repurpose. This is the new this is fashion repurposing yet like it of old garments prototype stage. Maybe you're pretty excited about where the teams that. Yeah. I mean, you know, we walked in facing the second place team in the league. Obviously, you know, a lot of people dismissed are win the week before and said that was just, you know, maybe, you know, some fluky nece some people on a buy week. But man, I mean, I think we might actually be the doling dolars out of the Duracell blow out of the week this week sixty point resounding victory. Everybody contributing all the way to Valda scant Ling in the night game there. My my new boy. So, you know, we're we're looking far and wide in in the bandwagon is still there's there's there's open seats. So you're more than welcome to Pat merchandise. We've got alcohol we've got anything you could possibly look for. We are. We are a team. I I would like to. Just you know, along these lines, you're still twelve in the standing out of twelve and I'm only bringing this up because I check the standings this morning, and you're twelve and Mike careful, oh who we stoke the pod wars battle with a few weeks ago. He's at tenth and that just made me angry that the two of you guys tried to wage a power play against me because homegirl over here is third. I'm contention. I don't like my chances to win. But I'm just playing to break even here. And so, you know, I just can't believe that number ten and number twelve in early came at number three. We're gonna release decks. Is that gonna have to wait another way? Well, we're gonna have to check the subscriber counts. Remember, we're sort of we're sort of holding the public hostage at this point. And it Mike Tomlin say we don't want. We want. Here's hostages. So that that's kind of what we're looking for my my fancy team, by the way. No, you guys are pumped to hear about it. Right. So we've talked the whole year about how I brought together. All these guys was kind of sorted pass. And I wanted like that tension in the locker room, and it really paid off this week. So I had mixing on a on a by at Barclay on a by I had digs out hurt in somehow like that that tension in the locker room the energy that that brought like may show up in a practice fight on Wednesday. But but everybody everybody everybody's locked in. Right. Like everybody's locked in. Because all these guys there's such wholesale paid each other. Okay. That's credit to you. That's the way I built this team and this week with no Barkley with no mixing with no digs somehow. I pulled out a win. Now. If you guys look here, I don't I don't really understand. How this works says one hundred one hundred right, but somehow they gave me another win. So I'm somehow I'm seventy two recount going to say, I maybe I shouldn't be talking about publicly shouldn't call. It would not alert. You know, what I would do Albert? I would put on your hat, and I would just move forward. I like it. I like it. And we're all going to move forward. See you guys next week. This expect he does know how this works every Tuesday morning. I put out the call for questions on Twitter. I pick six if I pick yours, you gotta like that means I touched that little heart there on Twitter, and you get an answer here on the podcast. We're start with number one. That's from Antanas. I totally messed up your name Fahim. That's at and Thomas Tania's Antonius, something like that. Theme who will be the Browns next head coach, I'm gonna give you as four names that I think will least pique the interest of the Brown's number one Lincoln Riley for obvious reasons says Baker mayfield's former coach at Oklahoma number two Matt Campbell at Iowa State NFL people think very highly of him as a program builder as a guy who can reach young players, and if he can put together an NFL staff, I think he's got a real shot at that job in Cleveland, he's from northeast Ohio. He's actually from the he's from the town that Paul Brown is from which is an interesting side note to all that and to names at the NFL level both quarterbacks guys that I think would make sense for for the Browns patriots OC, Josh mcdaniels where I think you'd have to look at what Chris Ballard the colts GM would say to John Dorsey is good friend the Cleveland GM about mcdaniel's and then Vikings offensive coordinator, John. Filipo who has some roots in northeast Ohio, and who has coached for the Browns previously, which I think is a positive given all the complications that that organization has number two from displays fans. That's at this place fans is the ravens insistence on involving Lamar accident hurting, the offenses flow inefficiency this place. I don't think so I don't think that that's the issue. They're using him summit receiver. I think they there is an effort to get him involved in different ways. I personally don't think that it's at the root of the problem. I think part of the problem is that they did turn the offense upside down some in the off season, which I think helped them early in the year. And now they're going through some of the growing pains. But that's part of the deal. They drafted Lamar Jackson after John Harbaugh. Put it on his staff to find a way to make it work. And make it work for both flacco and Jackson finding offense that would work for both those guys. So they did rework some things, and that's, you know, for mardi Morin wig to you know, to to to to Greg Rome into to urban to all the guys in that staff. Like, they did some things to make an off to put together an offense to make it work for both guys. They're able successfully do that we saw that in September. And now, I think you're seeing some of the natural regression where teams have got tape on what they're doing. And they're starting to catch up to it. And so this is kind of I think some natural growing pains here question number three which divisions. Do you think are locked have multiple playoff teams? I thought this question was interesting. That's from at Joey Deeks at Joey go Deeks Joey card, I'm assuming this is a demon deacon 'cause he's at the little top hat there. Which divisions. Do you think are locked to have multiple playoff teams? I don't know that there's anybody. I any I will consider a lock I think the closest thing to a lock would be the NFC south the falcons are playing really well, and you got Carolina. There which you know, I think Carolina will be the best team in a bunch of other divisions and they're playing on offense and a very creative in different manner. Cam Newton's playing great the Panthers. And I think the saints are locked the Panthers are getting closer to being a sure bet to get in the playoffs and the saints. I think are locked to get in. So the NFC closest thing to locked have multiple playoff teams. And I think the number two division in the league that I would look at along. Those lines would be the AFC west where I think the chiefs are absolutely getting in. No newsflash there. And the chargers are pretty good bet to get in our question number four from Jake MAs. That's Atma's Jake do genuinely believe James Connor is as good a running back as loving on bell. Or is the Steelers offensive line? Just that good. I think James Connor like I said earlier is proof of how easy it is to replace a really good running back. But what I mean by that is replace a really good running back with someone who may be ninety or ninety five percent of what the previous guy was. And so no, I don't think James is quite as dynamic as levian bell. I don't think he's quite the receiver. Levian bell has been even though he has put up good numbers in the passing game. But he's plenty good enough to win with. And again, this is part of the problem. Running backs have is to easy to find guys at that position. And so no, I don't think James Connors is good as loving bell. But I think he's plenty good enough to win to win with. And that creates a problem for all running backs and FARs where your draft it. How you're paid and all the rest of it question. Number five from Michael cazar at Michael chasms should the buccaneers cleaned house. I probably happens. I'm not gonna say whether they should or not. But I think it probably happens. Jason lies done a pretty decent job. Putting that roster together. But typically, you don't get a third head coaching higher. And they've really push their tape. The chips the middle of the table with cutter last year after the Gruden fluid flirtation fell apart they double down under cutter and Dirk cutter turns around he hands play calling off to Todd monkeying. They did the things that you do when a coaches they did some of the things that you do when the coaches getting his last shot. And so I think this is cutters last shot. I there's a good chance. He's gone already fired his defensive coordinator, and that would put Jason light on shaky ground because again typically, and I I know lovey Smith wasn't as higher. But typically, you know, GM's don't see it to third coach if they haven't made the playoffs over their tenure question number six final question for the week from air D at air football John Harbaugh to Denver next season. And this is an interesting one because I do think that there's a good chance that John Harbaugh is somewhere else in two thousand and nineteen. I don't think. Inc. That. I don't think John Harbaugh would have Denver at the top of his list. Do I think he would. I think if you were out in Baltimore you consider all options. I don't think that he would be available for very long. I think he's one of these guys that you know, like Andy Reid six years ago. Like one of these guys who would hit the market will be snapped up. Very very quickly. I personally think the match with John Elway would be a little tough to very strong personalities. And I also from what I understand. I John Elway may may wind up looking at somebody who's more of. More of a forward thinking offense of mind, and it's not to say John Harbaugh, not four thank you. But he doesn't have the offense of background. And I know that always done some work looking at college offenses and looking at some of the stuff that Andy Reid, and Sean McVay and all these guys are bring into the league. And so I could very much see John Elway plucking someone that he believes has that sort of offense of mind that sort of offensive creativity is open minded enough to do different things ofensive Lii, and the I'd see John Harbaugh probably falling in place. Like, I don't know a place place at the jets. I think would make sense for John Harbaugh. I appreciate you guys. Coming out as always we appreciate your feedback and give me on Twitter at Albert breer on Facebook at Arbor on Instagram at Albert underscore breer. You can leave us a review or rating. Also that's important for the algorithm on on I tunes. Appreciate you guys doing that. Again, we want this to be your show. So your feedback does count here. And I want to hear it from all of you. And always always always remember to listen to the other QB NFL podcast, including the gambling podcast the podcast that Gary gramling and Andy Booth annoyed. Do twice a week. And we'll more time this podcast, the QB podcast with Al breer were all on one feed. Now, you can find us on Spotify, Stitcher. Tune in Google play apple podcasts wherever you guys. Get your shows. Same time next week. We'll see them. Tip of the hat to Albert another strong. Addition of 'em QB. Did you know your favorite team has a daily podcast on the locked on podcast network? Sealers fans, we have you covered with locked on Steelers. Cowboys fans it's locked on Cowboys and chiefs fans it's locked on chiefs. You get the picture. Search locked on your favorite team. Search on apple podcasts or Google podcasts for locked on your favorite team or tell your smart speaker to play podcast locked on your favorite team locked on podcast network. Your team every day.

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