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"Looking at, um maybe 250 to 300,000 households that could potentially face eviction or foreclosure on their homes as a result of not being able to pay The governor said when he extended the ban back in marks at state and federal funds help both tenants and landlords. Critics want to see more rental assistance money to tenants and housing providers. The rental housing Association, by the way, says this there has been about $900 million in rental assistance. And there are new programs and free legal advice to support tenants and housing providers. As Michelle S. Monaco, Mo. News, Why should say fairies? They posted yesterday that Seattle Bremerton after a week of only one boat is now two boats. And then early this morning. First thing we notice. Sits back to only one vote of sailors having steering issues again. The crews are working to hopefully get that back in service today and maybe get that to boat schedule back for all of us here for travels on Sunday, we'll keep an eye on that. We get the traffic and weather here in three minutes. Come on news time now at 7 10. We've got some sports to cover and who better to help out here? Joel Stern from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk in Anaheim. The Angel score 11 runs in the final five innings in question. Mariners 12 5. Seattle had taken a 51 lead in the fourth on Jake Farley's first career Grand Slam started. Yusei Kikuchi leads from the fifth after taking a comeback or off his right knee. Logan Gilbert gets today start as Mariners look for a four game split. Former All Star Todd Frazier goes four before leading the US to a 42 win over Venezuela and a trip to the Olympic baseball tournament over to the NBA, where the Nets beat the Bucks. 1 15 107 in Game one of the Eastern Conference semifinals..

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