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"jake chandler todd" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

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"jake chandler todd" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"And the raiders and the lakers and the clippers and patrick beverley and lonzo ball and i'm talking about my kid and a seaside action jeff you've hijacked the freaking brand kilic k mila six tweets and i quote jake from grand rapids is in 88 now there's two of them now this jeff and there's jake chandler todd's wheats alvin should have run that guy after he said on modest spurs fan goal alliance two different sports blood get admit that cana vetter my head i even pick up on that it's not sit i don't listen to you clone sometimes when you call except sometimes when you call i don't listen where i would have picked up on that myself i'm not a spurs fan go alliance all okay a look on modest spurs fan gogh blackhawks alright at harv cow he tweets man i had to lead to go somewhere but i've been sticking around just so i can hear people crack on that crybaby you have that guy picked up at crybaby quickly but school los angeles mad in la what's up good morning to get around koepka he sure well deserved a longoverdue way i'm not a fan king's go winners so far away backed up at old ears we needed it captain jack guy it catch the right track but of course you know why i'm calling pam goddard gop or more to go and i gotta give it up to the erode healthier one one richard kurt and a word we're maybe you get a guy who has got eight you dial being lives one jackie o kuwaiti that dodgers outbid every man were wounded like us you to right now and i got it why were they were putting them gallant five brutal job once again raleigh dodger too shabby he world champ oh about that out ouch romance sia knew he was calling whereas ira you mentioned turner award yasuo puig on the bench last night messing with turn award who was that i don't know it was hard anonymity kiss nimin paul can amend the facing grabbing his ear loops yossi you're going yossi he'll blood dave roberts gets a lot of credit for getting gas you'll right in his head and deserves all the credit in the world but obviously so turner ward you could tell it how much he thinks of him the way.

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