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"jaime navarro navarro" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

"I know we've got several emails. Let's go to a bar in Windsor. Standard earlier in the week. He said Thursday Bill free turns seventy seven. So good for him. But unfortunately, he won't make it probably because it was dementia also Julio whiplash Enviro pass this year. Did you know that I did January twenty four th us eighty four. I remember Bob Reynolds. Whiplash. Bob Reynolds to the sports when he was gonna he had a great year with the Tigers look up his numbers. Holy baron. And his son course, played the big lease Jaime Navarro Navarro, I'm in a row, Jamie. Exway tax pitcher. Yeah. I know who he is. Yeah. He played in the big leagues. He was co we're pledging Bob Reynolds at the sports whiplash. Right. He whips it out. They latch. And they lash it out. That's what Bob Ronaldson. Also. He says the best feeling first baseman in history. Victor polat. That's Cowboys opinion died thirteen years ago. Victor pilots misidentified newest in Canada's Vic power that thirteen. The power of show boat. Yeah. I be the greatest of all time is a showman. But he was a great first baseman. So he'd have thirteen years Thursday at seventy eight. He's been dead thirteen years. Correct. He was seventy eight when he passed thirteen years ago. This was good hitter. He's quick big size guy. But he was quick around the bag. Chuck in Beverly says if the Tigers had coach Wilson they could've kept hardy notation he says if the tires are kept Alex Wilson, they could've kept Harding rotation. And he says Alviela please get a shortstop. You were spoiled. Yeah. He's got to you're going to put up the names guys that did get contracts. So we're we're kind of formula guys. Mike fires can come back. Mike fires might come back here to but Hamilton didn't get a contract. Now. There's an interesting guy. Goodell fury can run like the wind. He couldn't have wonder if you fill out of abode. Yeah. We'll give you the top names. Your Billy Hamilton Johnston scope four employs a pretty good player. Good fielder. I'll tell you what I bring him in his short shop. Yeah. You can play multiple. I would I would let them come in as a shortstop. Yeah. Robbie Grossman didn't get a contract. Mike fires. I can't believe that. He did a great job when he go over to opening did a good job here. What are you gonna can you name these sixties actors? Here's an many Cabrera, mini converted. Would you bring him back? No. Bless your boy, Alex. No, thank you. Let's see there's some other interesting names on this. Shelby miller. No, please. No, absolutely. Not sowings. I'll tell you. I like Matt shoemaker? Yeah. Is the back end starter local guy from Trenton local guy, what is it about twenty eight. Now that sounds about right. Here too bad years. We had Tommy John surgery was great before that. Would you take a chance or would you take a chance on Matt Bush that can reliever flame thrower off the field issues in his pants off? Issues. To say, the least he's thirty two by the way, Matt shoemaker? Certitude that may be tough unless you too bad years, Missouri in bed. You're the areas in the mid four is that bad coming off. Tommy, John surgery. Why? I mean, they brought him at more. Yeah. Have another guy that back. I'm like Matt Martin good. Good stop. He's gotta throw strikes. Senses problem. If he turns out we were before the Tommy John surgery. He can he's an all been all star. Again. He's gotta throw more strikes. You just does not do. Well, going back to Chuck's Email though. What do you do though would you have kept hurrying rotation? They would accounts Wilson what's Hardee's future? I don't think they know. I think hardly can be as good as the starter. And they may put him in the rotation depends on what they do in the off season. How if they go after a guy like? They resigned the guy that was intended to contract, but he believed still resigned him with the. The Indians right in the rotation. One of their starters. I don't see him on the list here. The rotation. He was outlawed last year with the injury. Yeah. Are you talking about? Yeah. Now Carlos crosscourt talking about headed right up and Osama czar. Yeah. Look go back to the starting rotation. Danny salazar. Is a pretty good pitcher. He made a lot of money, but. Nicknamed sally. Sally, heck of a nickname. No they settled for four point five million version. Yeah. Billick wells, look the other rotation guys kluber is on the block. Kluber zone. On the blog. Bauer. The only guy savors Justin Bieber. Assume cells are I'll be back in the rotation. They need to cut salaries and they can still win the division. They may win the division next year. It a five hundred Mark. That's how bad is division. Is Tigers don't do as good as they do. The Tigers will do better nicer because they're playing in the division. What you're going to get some a lot of wines. You'll get twenty twenty five wins by accident in this division. They'll win seventy five games this year. Not because you're good not at all. Where do you the other emails got those other emails? Let's go to him. We're all the mind. Give me a call eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five or you can Email Cameron sports talk on Yahoo dot com. Then cowboy beers on Bill. I don't know. Freddie the pizza. Man, Email no says, hey, Ryan's your buddy, your thoughts and James McCann, buddy. Apparently, that's your buddy, Freddie. So he's a good guy, man. So FREDDY says your thoughts and James McKenna. I'm a bit disappointed. We can't develop a catcher. But do you think about him? He says in my opinion, they should develop down the rest of the back end setup guy. I agree. One hundred percent. I'm not arguing how he says the lions win tomorrow thirty to twenty eight book I wanna make a wager. I win host your show you when I let you make pizza at my store. Obviously, I didn't know you serve liquor store. I did not. I did not know you you were liquor that pizza. You think she'll be three times? You can think all you want. I'm going to speak like a English major ain't going to happen. That's McCain though, I think it is disappointing. I it was disappointing. But he was disappointing. Hundred rated defensively the one hundred hundred best in the league. I didn't know the under gadgets in the league. Earn in baseball. I'll tell you though, price and Dickerson just rave about this guy. Like, Alex Wilson. Yeah. And alex. Well, it's not the all star team. Hey, hey, you to home morons. What are you going to say about what are you going to say about Wilson? And now and McCain what are you going to say? Now, you got all over your face. Not for the first time the price. So man, I thought we were I thought Wilson loses some sick and Grecian Nolan. Ryan, though, either were doggone. He'd have a good game. Remember he's unhittable right now. He wanted that game gave up five runs and didn't get a guy out, and they're crying like babies crying like babies. Let's shall we before we take the next break. You can give a call eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine two three nine three. Eight five Email Cameron sports. Talk at Yahoo dot com. Talk about the lions. I think the lines will lose thirty seven to thirty one. Or somewhere around there. Coming back for the Rams keep Toledo. Oh my God. Pretty fantastic cornerback when he's not talking and run himself again. Yeah. Yeah. But he's extremely talented. What are we got here, Los Angeles Rams, Detroit lion? Bowl prediction for week thirteen. One of the ball prediction. Picking the lions. No, they think that again will be closer than people think that the Rams applaud at the end. Brandin cooks they'll have over two hundred yards receiving. They're pretty close to what you're saying. They save thirty five twenty eight. Okay. I think that's a pretty good. I'm pretty sharp. Pretty sharp. I'm interested to see how they respond because remember the saints lost the Cowboys on Thursday. Tell you what that number one. I've been saying, oh, you're the Cowboys make the playoffs all year, the number one seed open now that I'm glad that the Cowboys looks like you're going to sneak in and make it and Troy Aikman. The biggest cowboy. Of all time said it's time to blow up the team start from scratch Henry they said that they won five straight games. So he's got his face to try of all people treatment saying that. I can't believe he.

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