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"jacqueline susann michelle" Discussed on KSCO 1080

"I had the musical through an end into the next scene it was flawless however i record it hole while i was doing this and i did it in nashville and i had all of her people and so i knew i was going to release and do the whole psalms and then decide what i wanted in the movie and so it works so well on the line with us is tony nominated actress and emmy nominated actress michelle lee michelle is chatting with us about how she approaches playing such roles as dottie west and jacqueline susann michelle's website is michelle lee online dot com if you want to follow her on twitter she is on twitter at the underscore michelle lee i always like it it's always cool i know i'm talking to the michelle we're talking to michelle lee you'd be in trouble michelle lee the score county underscore michelle lee we accept no imitations on our program when asked a similar question now recently you you played madame moral in wicked there've been a few other occasions where you have a played a character that another actress played either on stage or in film before you what what do you do when you prepare to play that character what do you do to make that character your own so that the audience only thinks of you and nobody else got for your audience if they don't know and they probably do matter marble he's one of the characters in wicked and i did wicked on broadway last year i played this character who been played by many many people before maybe.

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