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"jacoby cepa" Discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast

"You see the bucks. Just sorta ran away with this one i. It was sort of a game out of the first quarter. And then tom brady was. They took over. They have their almost full complement of weapons. But even without rob gronkowski. This is This is just a handful to deal with your even for a dolphin seem that has been pretty good. Defensively of late and Just just not in this one but Yeah miami has suddenly just a boy a whole lot of issues as they get ready to head over to london and play the jaguars. When the dolphins briefly had a first quarter lead. i was ready. For gary's i was right on jacoby set. This is the key. To the future of the franchise. It was all out for the game had ended at that point all it. After fifteen minutes jacoby reset was still. He's not the future of the franchise but he's still. I don't understand how anyone could watch his tape into his tape. And and say that berset has not been markedly in upgrade at this point even if you want to argue based on his draft status that a has the higher ceiling. Because i think if you're making that argument the only thing you're basing it on is the fact that two oh was drafted very high but That's the other here no there. We'll see what they do next week. Percent was playing on one like this week. You have a hamstring injury and He got it out and he played really well but If your defense is gonna give up forty five points that's the way it goes and that is my Session to yell about two percent. Truly sort of jack youngblood moment for jacoby cepa sweet. Gary definitely agreed with the the heroics were on par with that or maybe like the michael jordan of him. Yeah but I don't know i agree with you somewhat. I mean you know there is Some dropped touchdown passes some weird kinda like doing at the beginning of this game. That i feel like i think jalen waddell had a touchdown pass. That was dropped in You know they had to settle for a field goal. But i know i what i find weird about the semen generals that i thought that at least defensively they would be able to contend with the buccaneers given. Brian is expertise given the the capital. They've thrown at the defense in particular your bad offensive team. You're bad offense team. There's nothing you can do about that but i think especially after the patriots hung with them. So close the week before You could absorb the best of that game plan. And i was surprised that i think is so lopsided as lopsided is it was.

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