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"jacobs borel" Discussed on Bruins Beat

"I mean, he's all offense and like no defense at all. But if you want to pitch it to me because they don't have any better options that you know, you put them with a dog. I like Kalo and maybe a balances out a little bit. I don't really buy that but you can pitch it to me, right that's better than what the game plan is right now, which is you know, you know, Patrice Bergeron's 35 do creatures 34. Yeah, we're a better team as we roll out her whole back and I and Jacobs Borel and people like, well you have to do that eventually. It's like well, yeah you do that eventually when either those guys are attracted and you can take a hit and you're in a bridge you or Bergeron is 31 and create she is thirty and you can you have four or five years down the road of what that core wage now is not the time to do that. So I really don't get what the game plan is. And again, this news can change. I can check my phone as we're done with this podcast and maybe they trade for a guy like Martinez or Schmidt or something like that. But right now I mean all these all have been doing today is checking my phone and seeing guys on good value deals get signed as the Bruins not doing anything. That's funny. I see these good value deals I say is it the Bruins is the birth. You know, we all have Draeger's tween notifications on and appear LeBron and everyone Rose the Bruins. I know it's the Canadians are oh, what's the Sabres or oh, it's the Flyers and and you know, it's funny. It's that time of year where you check your phone all the time, but you also mentioned the Vegas aspect. So we're recording this Monday night. It's 7:53 right now, as I said that so the the golden knights just signed Alex pietrangelo seven years eight point five million per year. I believe twenty-eight I think eight point eight eight point eight million. It's a stinky contract. I mean really not great. That is a just giving up a first-round picks later down the line, but now Vegas has to trade off somebody they have to free up cap space and the the the feeling is it will be someone like Alec Martinez could do four million next year could solve bloodshot defenseman or Nate Schmidt who's dude 5.8 million, I believe per year until twenty twenty-five twenty-six, which name? Is on a contract that excites me much. It should really excite anybody. It's not a good contract. That is a lot of money for someone like Nate Schmidt. But but they're letting their definite top for guys. I'm more so if you had if you have to pick between the two cuz I think that is the obvious move. The Bruins should make for one of those two. I think the easy move is Alec Martinez, you know, she cuz you know, someone said this on Twitter, I forget who it was I I don't mean to, you know, take their opinion, but I thought it was good one. And the sense that you don't know where this team is going to be any year Martinez is a guy in a year get a year out of them in your top for veteran guy proven winner scored those that huge Cup winner, which was like insane. I mean, it doesn't like doesn't mean he's unbelievable. But you know, that was a crazy..

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