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"jacob richer" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Danube river cruise the federals conveniently located off route one twenty eight in Waltham. I'm looking forward to this trip in meeting you on Saturday, February ninth at two at the new federal restaurant in Walton. Join us Saturday February ninth at two at the federal restaurant of route one twenty eight in Waltham. Call eight hundred five eight one eight nine four two two RSVP that number again, eight hundred five eight one eight nine four two. To see you there. One twenty three time to check traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Starts us off. Kevin Brennan where are you going to start? What's again? It's on that expressway, southbound bad. We are all jammed up solid crawling right at the O'Neill tunnel down were right lane breakdown. Just after mass avenue beyond that though. You look pretty good through Savon hill on your way down a Braintree. Northbound expressway Scott some company coming out of that merge on up towards furnace brook Parkway beyond that though you look pretty good up through neponset. Now, no troubles down on route three coming out through hang Amore Hanover up to the north. It's route to thirteen westbound Methuen all jammed up approaching these crews before route twenty eight ninety three's. Okay. So far coming up through Somerville and Medford upper end one twenty eight no delays yet. Western all the way up to Peabody and route one looks good coming up through revere and Saugus. Inbound north Washington street bridge is all jammed up from Charlestown into the north end you down to one lane for ongoing work there lower deck and Jacob richer. Okay. Lever connector outbound getting a little. Busy again on up towards the Tobin offramp. But the river roads and airport tunnels are wide open..

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