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"jacob lou graham" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"jacob lou graham" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"I think wanted to add a center fielder, but didn't wanna make the multi year commitment to AJ Pollick considering that this was due back lateness season or next year the outfield, and they there was really no other fielder on the market that made sense to them. You alluded to break even wagons prior working relationship with Jeff wilpon that is not the only prior who working relationships that van wagon. It has with the member of the Mets organization and one other one is Jacob Lou Graham, who is his former client and one of the biggest story lines hanging over the Mets. The spring is his extension talks, and he is set sort of an opening day deadline or alternating. So the seemed like it was going to be one of the weirdest things about the Mets hiring VIN wagon and all of these interrelationships and previous business knowledge has that been weird? We know whether it's been weird, and what are the odds of working out something with ground? Well, I think what's been unexpected. This point is that there haven't really been doesn't much in the. Way of negotiation there in terms of index tension for degrom when the Mets, you know, I think coming into the offseason limits did not yet have a general manager. I wondered anything a lot of people wondered what direction the organization's going to take over the next few years if they thought they were capable of contending before Rama's a free agent after the twenty twenty season or whether they should rebuild. We talked about the possibility of trading him at the trade deadline in July. And then when they hire van wagon, and they make some of the early offseason moves that they did in trading for India's from Seattle and signing Wilson romo's. They were very clearly all in on onto dozen nineteen and kind of this window right now, and then sorts of more sense to extend to Graham, you've hired his agent seems like that would be a pretty easy thing to do of an wagon would presumably know about what it would take to extend to ground what he wants in terms of years and average annual value and yet here we are in Middle East February. And there hasn't been a formal offer made you can. The tiniest bit of frustration from degrom side that the Mets still haven't really started the conversation that much, and I think that's why we're hearing now that if it's not done by opening day. They don't wanna talk about it in season. It's kind of a weird dynamic of of leverage and urgency from the two sides because there are two years left. It's not a one year thing, you know, a lot of times when you're having this conversation about an elite player in spring training about an extension. It's because he's entering his walk year. Whereas Graham has two years left. His free agency would be complicated given his age as a late bloomer was gonna hit the market doing age thirty three season. Seattle extent. You know? I don't think that's wanna give them a six year field or something like that. And then, you know, degrom from his side is arguing off of he had a one seventy are a, and you know, the best pitcher in baseball by fair margin. So it's it's a weird dynamic from the start you throw in van wagon history with him. It seems like there's enough there for both sides to get something done eventually. But I was a lot more confident about that. You know, the day they hired them wagon. I am right now. Staying with the Mets starting rotation. Of course, it was two Graham who had the big season last year. It was Zack Wheeler who had the incredible sub to erase second half. But then there's those Noah Syndergaard just kind of hanging around. He only made seven stars to injury in two thousand seventeen. But last year he came out and made twenty five starts spent a had a couple of trips on the injury list with the index finger strain, and then he had hand foot mouth disease. Everyone remembers the chapter Noah Syndergaard hand foot mouth disease. I believe they're a couple of players who had that. Anyway, look at Syndergaard is numbers less season. They they were good. He had basically three array strong peripherals, but I can't help. But kinda look in the in the second half. And even though he was still affective down. The stretch is strikeouts. Started to disappear became a little more of a soft..

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