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"jacob gromit" Discussed on Boomer & Gio

"Series ms. Thank you toss to. I've been trying to find a consistent. I assume in japan they broadcast all his games. And i can never find. I want to see if that's a regular part of the call. i don't speak japanese obviously. Do you think we'll get a good sets tonight and tomorrow attendance. Do you think there's a noticeable bump. Wednesday is noticeable. If they're if they more than they do now as playing but he's pitching. I would say yes and i would also say that. There is a notable uptick for jacob. Gromit city you weren't here last week. We check check that yes. There was that went from seventeen eighteen. And then he pitched twenty four. Yeah so five thousand. And that's why he's worth every dollar. And every met fan is finally realizing that they're watching brilliance and greatness. And i would say in the in the case of otani. We're seeing maybe if he could stay healthy and do this for you fifty homes. You may see. The greatest. Single season ever agreed by a player. Because he's doing both things he's up to twenty five homers by the way one behind flat grow says she was the first one to commit those. Peter lonzo yep there you go. I t's some of this john and susan stuff. None of it's like you know. Laugh out loud fall over funny. But i enjoy the little digs. They get in here and there and now the thing that's become a parent is they're going to let you know. Hey we're not traveling for the road game. Certain way who could blame the right all right so well. There's a couple of this. I think this is going to actually. It's every game actually. They're telling you every right well. There was the one on saturday where it was the ball down the line. The pesky pole and john was right. You know. i can't tell you can't see what's going on the ball that was hit off-the-wall bike labor as well. Yes yes. But that's not what i was gonna play but yeah they do. Have this kind of ongoing thing with leading you know. They're not there but as far as another theme right. I know. I'm saying it's gotten to the point where they're so frustrated that they're taking every chance they can to remind you of that and i don't blame them. You mentioned the all star game. Susan like most of us hates these new jersey players are going to wear in the game and she had this to say. It felt like that since i was a little kid. I wanna see my guys out there. And and i want to see new york on the chest. Art the the interlocking in. I don't want to see some stupid white uniform. It looks like he's selling ice cream vice cream out there. Of course field. I from cesar. Yeah yeah and then you this no. I said they're not laugh out loud funny but it's you get personality from that. Of course which is what makes them great so when they get on these little things i like to bring them up and then this one from saturday is actually kind of funny to me because they missed the key part of.

tomorrow Susan japan last week Peter lonzo Wednesday tonight fifty homes five thousand saturday susan jacob twenty four john otani new york both things twenty five homers seventeen eighteen Single season