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"jacob electric" Discussed on Natural Curiosity

"This one is worth. It's red. You really do have a great way of writing, and you're right about the hot topics what we're really interested in. We have what about three minutes left on today's thing, so maybe we might open for questions and my other two pages of notes we can use report three and four four reside to go down that road. Yes. Yes, does anybody in the audience have another question Karadzic models? Marrying? You mentioned something about marketing hot topics. Your important when you start researching your book. You need to start your marketing program at the same time. When your fingers text those keypads, you need to be marketing your book. You can't wait till the book is finished. It's in your an and okay nine demarcated. That's too late. You WanNa have those dollars coming in when the book is there? You want people to buy that book when it's available, so you need to start your marketing program, I'll be one of the first field amid I. Am I don't have the marketing skills I have writing skills publishing skills other skills, but I do not have but I know people who do so if I need to go to somebody like. Sandy Lawrence for instance to give my my public relations done on my press release. Whatever may happen to be I, need an email us. Maybe I go to Maryanne LaSalle for my ego. I. Need Help on the things that I don't know how to do, and that's where you start that early. So by the time you get down to okay, we're ready to go to press on next. Tuesday! You're letting everybody in the world. No next Tuesday yearbooks coming up. I need reviews I need whatever so you can't wait until that time happens. If you WANNA be a bestselling author, there are things you need to do for that also, but anyway you can't let all go to the go ahead. Marrying widower questions. While we don't have any questions from any more questions from the audience, but I do WanNa. Tell everyone about reds books, so he has a book called longevity secrets for healthy aging. He also has the joy of ageless hell, and no matter what you do, you can do it, and so you can buy all these books at Amazon and. I think that he has a little experience here. Yeah. Put his soul into it, and that's what I appreciate about read. You really do research and put your heart and soul into everything that you right. On my joy. Asia's hills I have a half dozen things in there that keep you healthy as you age on my longevity secrets, I go into the two things that cause aging the basic cause of it. We may be doing three things right and thirteen things wrong. You never know because we don't know what those things are going to that. No matter what you can do, it deals with the subconscious mind Dr Maxwell Malts for a book on time ago called Psycho cybernetics and deals with how the subconscious line works, and that's what I've extracted from his book. And if you have a mindset, no matter what you can do it, then you'll do it. I see almost out signature that Marian one more question. Hopefully we can get to it quickly. How do you feel about introduction to a book versus just getting into the meat of the book? How does everything need an intro? People About Helen, why did the book? We don't have ten seconds left on the book, but if you want to do twenty five page e book, if you want the rest of it, then go ahead and put it all You know I do have a very specific question. Read very similar. I have read books that are kind of like when you're in college and you got the little notes the you could buy I forget what they call them now. Right and now people are reading books and putting their information into a book about their thoughts about the author's books executive. Some refused to do that. What forty years ago they made a business out of it. I know the Catholic Laughlin Aloft man has a. Thing she subscribes to the gives you know the top ten business books, whatever little summaries, but those summaries available people make money off of just summarizing other people's books interesting. All right all right well. Thank you very much, Fred. Of course we're going to have you back again and again and again and again often as I can get you become. Comment your here, so thank you. Let me speaking next month to the Houston West Chamber Commerce on how to write and publish your book. I think you just did a presentation for them last this month, did you? I. Think. We shared the stage again. I'm in. This year anyway, so be speaking about how to wrangle Alicia Book next month on their Houston West, Chamber of Commerce think with the. Third, Wednesday of the month or something like data. Jacob Electric calendar or just goes in and out. Look at my calendar. Okay fine. That's what I have today tomorrow in my calendar. If you'd like information on the Houston Chamber feel free to contact me or we could get. You hooked up neither. Do, they have an expert or two sometimes three every single month, and it's quite fascinating they have. Health and wellness different topic doing nfl two years or something. Longer Thank you. All right, we'll once again. We just enjoyed the Heck Outta Ya Anne, thank you appreciate you. Everybody out. There have a great day. We'll see you again real soon, so honored so on married. To cheer stays with you again. By now. Thank you for joining us for today's show. Remember? It's our pleasure to bring you interesting Co, host and topics..

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