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Body cam shows controversial Waffle House police encounter

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02:20 min | 3 years ago

Body cam shows controversial Waffle House police encounter

"Meeting our top story a new video has surfaced showing alleged excessive use of force by mesa police department the alleged victim jose louise conde says he was victim what what he calls a brutal attack by mesa police house search down to the ground heat until wa i was i was punched over and over by multiple cops gouge hi i was hitting the head with a massive police flashlight who's comes after seven mesa police officers around leave linked to other incidents recently in the spotlight showing alleged excessive use of force you can see the latest video at ktar dot com the border patrol agent who was shot in southern arizona earlier this week recently played the role of hero national border patrol council president brandon judd tells arizona's morning news that seem agent of saved the life of an infant who was choking a couple of months ago agents you know not only do they enforce the laws but they perform a huge humanitarian mission as well and they do put their lives on the line to save other people wounded agent is still recovering darwin's been charged in the shooting yet but several people who were in the area what had happened are in custody for immigration violations strip says his experience while deployed with the military kicked in a year ago when a shooter appeared on the baseball field as lawmakers practice in alexandria virginia louisiana congressman steve scalise was hit one strip says he applied attorney kit to the wound until help arrived a year later the lawmakers will be back on the field congressman brad onestroke i just i'm gonna think how grateful we are for all the divine intervention that took place that day that all of us are still alive and back for another day stephanie ramos abc news it's twelve thirteen here's what we're working on this afternoon indicate a our newsroom the family of a chandler soldier killed in somalia remembered him today ktar's kathy klein is at the arizona national guards papagos park military reservation and as the story yup jacob conrad phoenix police officer and army reservist got up to talk about his brother he said big brother alex loved and was.

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