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"jacob barnes sector" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Know what california the stretch now the pitch swing and a bouncer coming up big twelve thinning orlando arsia planning g men joy to give the brewers to one lead jacob barnes actors in the bottom of the twelfth to strike out the side and the brewers are one end oh following the season opener welcome back to petco park greg matzek with you on wtmj this is sports central got you for forty five minutes and then it's brewers weekly man paulie is going to come along for the ride and we'll talk about this brewers win will look ahead to the rest of the series of course preview the homestand which begins on monday against the cardinals cardinals lost today by the way and i just give our overall thoughts here is how this season has started to win today and that's the most important thing to to one and some good some bad smugly as you might expect from on pretty much any game that you're gonna see played but you know the offense one in a bit of a drought today had very little to show after the third inning and in fact they didn't even have a hint i think until travis shaw hit a double in the sixth to him this after the third inning until the brewers reached the twelfth so yeah the offense well was starved right same with the san diego padres today as the pitching staff both starters were locks rocksolid clayton richard seven innings pitched for the padres he allowed one earned run and struck out four email chase anderson pitched six innings wreck out six walked three in only allowed one hit in his season debut so finds dougherty sanderson picking up from where he left off last season and allowing the birds to get that win today he doesn't get the win himself jeremy jeffers gets that with two innings of relief but chase anderson certainly pits very well today and julie's chassis will get the ball tomorrow we'll hear from brewers manager craig counsel before the program ends tonight also jacob barnes sector to join us coming up at seven twenty four to.

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