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Fresh update on "jackson jackson" discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News

Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News

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Fresh update on "jackson jackson" discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News

"Going to be trading on the I s ee as rockets cos We'll have more on this throughout the evening. Keep it tuned right here to news Radio, 9 15 W W J NEWS TIME. 5 15 A look at sports Chris Pilar. It just looks like MSU's recruiting is getting better, and it hasn't been too shabby. Jason Michigan State University basketball Has been strong these past eight days on that recruiting trail as they add another five star verbal commitment, this time from Max Christie, a guard out of the Chicago area. Kristie a 2021 class edition after the team also landed Ypsilanti generational prospect Imani Bates last week Patrick Mahomes excited for his potential $500 million deal, obviously who wouldn't be, But he also says The way it's structured, gives the Chiefs and ability to still be great and gives them the flexibility to keep a great team around him, which was important. The team held a video conference call earlier today to take questions and speak about the deal, saying it's an exciting time to be in Kansas City for the NFL after an upsetting social media post with anti Semetic connotations, the Philadelphia Eagles, releasing a statement vowing that appropriate actions will be taken with wide receiver. Jackson Jackson also posted on Instagram video, saying that he's extremely apologetic for the post, which included a quote by Adolf Hitler and N. Ba teams are beginning to make their trips to Orlando in preparation for the season restart later this month. Training camps and scrimmages will begin closer to the weekend as 22 teams will have a chance to make the postseason through seeding and playing games..

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