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"jackson derek wolfe" Discussed on Schlereth and Evans

"You really never go out of style, I guess, as a defensive guy because of the nature of defense. Yeah. When you look at just defense period, cover two is covered too, from your time you're playing little league through high school, through college, through the pros. Right? Now, all the coverages stay the exact same and when you look at red Ryan and the fact that he's been a defensive minded head coach and he's coach defense for many, many years. All of those things stay the exact same. Now, the techniques might vary, but Rex is going to come in and say, hey, you got to do things my way, right? And he's going to teach the guys and his way is going to be successful. Offense is always evolving. And there's more added to the playbook. There's more wrinkles. Hey, you know what, we do this really well as a football team. So now how do we window dress this so we can continue to do this. So teams don't know that we are just running the same exact place. Defense playbook is 30 pages compared to our offensive playbook that's 500 places. Now not taking anything away from defensive players because it's still very, very hard to play in the National Football League, but when you look at a head coach, it's easier for a defensive head coach would be out of the game for a couple years and come back in it versus an offensive coach where the offense is constantly evolving and wrinkles are being shown in the National Football League and people are saying that we got to go do that and how do we put that in our system here, where defense is like, hey, you know what? You've been running the same thing since day one. Now we just called it something differently here because this is the guy that now is calling the place here for us. So why is it that there's such an emphasis on getting younger when it comes to the offensive guys, but why is the idea that those veteran defensive guys, I get your point about how the game itself hasn't changed, but what do they bring? What's the idea of the veteran defensive guy? So the Vic Fangio now is in charge. Hey, wade Phillips, wade Phyllis has been around this league for decades. He was the guy that came in and made this 2015 defense go. Sean mcvay gets the job with the ramp. The first hire is wade Phillips. So you said knowledge. Knowledge, right? So when you look at these defensive coordinators, these guys are to pin around them NFL for many, many years and these highly covered guys wade Phillips, right? And I saw a text line today, at least ten different texts, wade Phillips. I forget Vance Joseph. The National Football League, we see it as a copycat league. We've seen so many people copy what Vic Fangio has done in the National Football League. When you get now a older guy that's done it for many, many years, even like Bill Belichick. It's all about just tweaking that player. I look at a guy like a keep to leave. When he was in there when he was in New England, the year before he got here. Well, Bill let him play man to man coverage and it keeps one of the better man to man coverage corners in the league, but it was off coverage. It was, hey, you're going to sit at ten yards before the ball is snapped and you're going to kind of let that wide receiver kind of eat up that space. And now you're going to react when a keep came here now and you got Jack Del Rio, Jack saint strap it up. We want you in the line of scrimmage. So if you could get an opportunity of jamming them and disrupting the time in, I'd want you to do that. Now, we're still going to let you play man to man, but we're going to allow you to be more physical to screw up the time and of the quarterback because guess what? We got a dewar Russian to pass. We got von Miller Russia in the past. We got Malik Jackson, Derek Wolfe. We got these guys rushing to pass it. So if you could just get the quarterback the hesitate for half a second by jamming that wide receiver and not giving them that outlet, we should get the sack. So now it's just tweaking it and saying, hey, man, I have these monsters on this defensive line. Well, let's be as physical as possible on the back end because now that's going to transition into sex for this football team. Yeah, the other big difference is with defense, your defensive coordinator, he's coaching the defense. He's coaching the defensive unit. Today's NFL, what's the offensive guy doing? What's the offensive coordinator? What's his main charge to get along with the quarterback? Yeah. They get the most out of one guy. And so now the feeling is younger, creative, energy. Relatability, that that's the thing you're looking for in your offensive guy, which probably leads to the trend of younger guys getting these offensive jobs, whereas with the defense, it's still, hey, you're looking for a guy who's coaching the entire unit. And that's where that experience comes into play. So maybe that best explains it. And by the way, for the folks are saying Sean Payton should pick up the phone and talk to wade Phillips, 100% agree. 100% agree. Why not? You talk to everybody. Don't leave any stone unturned. If I'm Sean Peyton, man, this pressure, the pressure that comes with that Denver Broncos job, I guess he's fixing to find out because New Orleans. Everything gets picked apart. You're hires, get picked apart. I hope that Sean Payton this morning turned on the radio station and heard. Vijay, what do you mean Vijay's a candidate or Rex Ryan? Everything is scrutinized. When you're the head coach of the Denver Broncos. And wade Phillips hasn't coached in the NFL since 2019, to which I say, who cares? Because you're right. And I went into this thinking that maybe how long you been out of the game would matter, but staying said it's no big issue. You've said it's no big issue, and you sold me to the idea that, hey, older's better. On the defensive side. And so the fact that Rex Ryan has been out of the game for 6 years, who cares. The fact that wade Phillips has been out for three, four years, who cares. Talk to these guys. And see if it's a fit. Good stuff. Okay, coming up. We'll get to some of your reaction to all this on the text line. .303713 one zero four three. And I want to get your thoughts big O as somebody who is a little bit skeptical at first about the idea of Sean Payton being able to get the most out of Russell Wilson. What makes you convinced that he can. That's next. 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