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"jackie mas" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"jackie mas" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"They're sponsored by midlife crisis. That's what they're sponsored by. They are they're sponsored by look at me. So look, so I'm not that guy to beach cruiser. It's more relaxed to good setting Sarangi happened to have you here for the rest of the three hours of the program. The NBA all star game just wrapping up this weekend. They don't play. I don't think until March for the rest of the all star break. So we'll see until they will right. Let's see exactly what happens with the NBA when it resumes. We do know Jackie MacMullan joins us now to talk about the NBA most. Notably Jackie with Anthony Davis. And the Boston Celtics at media day at the all star game. He comes out and says it ever said Boston wasn't on my list Boston on list. So what happened? When Boston heard that. Anthony Davis dozen fact have Boston on his list. Well, I think I'm going to stick my neck out and say that up until the trade deadline deadline. Boston wasn't on his list. But once the deadline passed and the Lakers lost out on Anthony Davis via trade. He was a meet Boston was immediately on Anthony Davis is listen, I think they were very clever in how they handle this. You never heard Anthony Davis say he didn't wanna go to Boston. You heard his father say it, and you heard sources and whispers and all that. So I think Anthony Davis has has kept his own integrity intact. If you wanna say in terms of Boston. I I've thought all along that Boston was the front runner for Anthony Davis if they could get past the trade deadline that has happened. They have the most picks they have the best stable of young players. So you mix young pick players and picks, and you can probably make the best package free. Anthony davis. The big question for Danny ainges. Will he do a, wink, wink, and commit with you the on that one year or do you roll the dice for one year and convince them this is the place to be and then resign them after you, you know, after that one year. That's just Jackie Ma. I mean, we're we're we're talking about a generational talent. But also someone who has free agency staring him in the face and who's been waiting, right? And putting his years. Into get to that point. And there's also meanwhile, if you're any age you. Yeah, you're you're looking at Anthony Davis. But you have suddenly a skittish, kyri Irving. How much is the uncertainty about Kyrie's future going to factor in with what they offer for Anthony Davis. They're tied together. You know, ask kyri about this right before the all-star break. Actually, you know, the fact that they're always tied together. And I do think it or some a little bit. And he said, look, we're friends, you know, Anthony, and I are friends K K D, And I have friends. That's why these conversations come up you keep kyri if you get Anthony Davis. So it's a very high stakes game for Boston. It's kind of an all or nothing scenario many ways, I believe the Kyrie irvings gonna stay with Boston. I think he's had some frustrations as you guys know he wears his emotions on his sleeve..

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