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"jackie latina" Discussed on Cardionerds

"Fellow Cardio nerds. We are in for a real treat today as Jackie Latina. Dan and I discussed the growing role of the interventional cardiologists in the management of heart. Failure patients with non other than V. Dr Jeffrey Moses I. The pleasure of listening to Dr Moses teach north well cardiovascular cells course in Las Vegas and just couldn't stop dreaming of having him on the show I. She approached him between lectures with an impromptu but heartfelt invitation and instead of brushing me off gladly accepted just showing off his dedication to both the field and medical education. Now we all know about end. Look up to Dr Bose's but Dan would you do the honors absolutely of course almond? I remember you texting while you're in Vegas. How excited your to approach. Dr Moses Document assists. I want to echo on sentiments. About how much of an incredible honor. It is to have you joining us today for our listeners. Dr Jeffrey Moses is a professor of medicine and director of Interventional Cardiovascular Therapeutics at Columbia University Medical Center and Director of Admissions Cardiac Interventions Saint Francis Hospital in Heart Center. He is also the associate director of the Trans Catheter. Cardiovascular Therapeutics which we all know as the famed DC t conference his truly a leader in the field with over six hundred publications. He has been a lead investigator truly practice changing studies including one in two thousand and two which led the FDA approval to drug alluding stance. He is also on the executive committee of the partner trials. He is referencing. Our series way. Back at the beginning of our show in episodes wanted to this is a sampling of his innumerable accomplishments. Dr Moses we cannot thank you enough for your time today. It's a wonderful to be here and I just congratulate the three of you and putting this together. It's quite very innovative. In the you're doing a real service to to the whole field including your appears so. I'm just happy to help. No thank you very much. All right well. Thank you again. Dr Moses to preface our discussion guideline directed medical therapy and March twenty twenty involves primarily medical management electrical device therapy including ICY D. And crt today we will discuss the growing role of interventional cardiology in the heart. Failure population coronary disease is the most common cause of heart failure and valvular. Jesus may be both cause of or a result of heart failure and often as both advances in interventional cardiology are increasingly empowering us to address many of these problems per cutaneous. So let's first tackle scheme at Khartoum out. The there's a substantial portion of patients with complex corners who are told that if no vascular ization options with traditional techniques either perkiness or surgical many providers have not heard of chip or do not have access to chip operators locally. So how do you define ship or for our.

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