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"jackie kusanagi" Discussed on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter

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"jackie kusanagi" Discussed on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter

"It was a tip from a concern to citizen. That's what led a far right wing website to go publish this photo from governor. Ralph Northerns nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook, regardless of the source, regardless of what website published at I it was important news newsroom. Scrambled to see if it was legit. And it was with hours, the CNN and other outlets had confirmed. The photo was real and now fast forward, today's frankly. Many journalists figured Northam would resign by now. Take a look at the front page of the newspaper in Richmond. This is the Richmond times dispatch on the left. You see the Saturday cover saying he was deeply sorry for the photo that on the right? Today's cover Sundays cover saying. Hey, maybe it wasn't me. What is going on Juana summers is back with me, and we're joined by Jackie Kusanagi CNN political analyst and Washington bureau chief of the Daily Beast as well as Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont who ran for president in two thousand four governor dean since you've been in this position as a governor of a state and. Or the chair of the DNC? What is your position what should north and do? Well, first of all I have never been in this position. I was I was governor. I apologize. Yes. You look. It's okay. I, you know, I don't know Ralph north of I believe he's a decent person. But I think he has to resign. I don't see. He's just can't be affective as a governor after something. Like this. The interesting thing about this. There are some parallels between this Franken who's a very decent. Smart Senator the ground is shifted under people's feed people do not gonna put up with this kind of stuff anymore. And so maybe they would have put up with it in the past. But they're not gonna put up with it. Now, I noticed you re tweeted Bama era healthcare ministries or administrator Andy Slavic, he wrote this on Twitter. He said if you've worn black face or you've repeatedly said President Obama was born in Africa. You should resign. The point here is clear, it's a remarkable President Trump's own racist. Do you see a double standard of play Howard? Oh, sure there is there on the Republicans. You know, they have no morals at all. I mean, the Republicans are happy to ask Ralph northern design. They have a much worse guy who's heading heading their party. It's ridiculous. I mean, this is not this is very similar to the cabinet. This is very similar. The cabinet appointment who got appointed with all nothing, but Republican votes, they don't care about this kind of stuff because they're base doesn't care about this kind of stuff. I think if there was a photo of cavenaugh like this it would have been different. But I'll leave it might. You might have been Jackie the obvious question here. How was this missed? How was this year book missed by the media for decades? It's a really interesting question. It's a fair question. I think it's safe to say that it's open season on yearbooks. Now. No matter what you're running for. I personally was quite surprised that a med school had a yearbook who knew, but it it not only for reporters, you would figured up. Researchers would have turned this. And yet it stayed Durman. And it's a reminder that a lot of the things that we need to go back to the library. We need to go back to these primary sources that might not be on the internet when you're vetting. These candidates is a good reminder going into twenty twenty that's for sure. This is one of those media stories. I don't think really should be a media story. You know? Yes. This came from afar, right wing website. Yes. There's a lot of that kind of stuff out there. But the photos real so it doesn't matter that it came from a tip from a concerned citizen. That's what the website told the Washington Post now at it. Absolutely. Doesn't matter..

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