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"jackie jump" Discussed on Mocha Minutes

"Theresa's foolish it and a lot of people are like well. I'm team to reason because she should have never brought a per capita. I'm like let me explain so limit. So let me get this right. Someone is spreading some rumor about show marriage at your husband's birthday party. A you england on one flight and harass. Get the fuck outta my face. And it wasn't analogy. It's like i feel like she should have used. What kim d did to her last season as the analogy but because a married she's going well. I'm not married. So like like she wouldn't have heard it so the fact that she was like people bring up. What happened with marge last year when danielle kept going lower lower as he brought up. Like you don't have a relationship with your kids your grandkids and was like oh no kickoff. Limit theresa who kept doing all season was like. Oh no she has a point. Sorry she has a what it was like. Oh so then jackie's like you know they're arguing. She's like well. Jackie this natural. You shouldn't get upset. Oh so. I heard that jia was smoking she was snorting token a bathroom. What would you say that you fucking bitch. You just prove linked. It doesn't matter if it's true. Why the fuck are you did it at. The part that gets me is at his birthday party. Not you just having dinner with your homies. You did his birthday party around around telling everybody jennifer say. Oh yes you told me that. Last year we went out one ear and out the other. I'm like so this is not the first time she's told this. Why are you doing his birthday party and better if you heard this. Why didn't you come right to jackie. Why are you telling everybody else. And you're acting like one kennedy. Did the same thing to you. What did you jumped in her face. So why are you acting so surprised. Jackie jumped in yours. God good it's it's just to me i You know the people that are on aside are saying that. They're not with jackie. Because jackie brought up jia. And i understand with. I understand where they're coming from was would i have preferred jackie Not have you know in the context of like doing illicit drugs. Yeah i would prefer to. She added but the idea is that she was trying to get theresa where teresa got hurt. Jackie is to her husband. Asif is kit. So i'm gonna use that analogy because that's what's going to fucking bother you the most So that is what it is. And then we'll g as a kid. I'm like she's not really kids. She's grown. she's in college. No one's necessarily believing that she's doing it anyway and if she is she's one of like thousands. I mean she's in college just kind of what kids do they get into things. They probably shouldn't right Gmo strange taste media frenzy. Have you seen her fucking parents like and she'd been on. Tv for all her life pretty much literally sisters. A little girl yes. Oh it's like i. I was having a tough time. Look oh she's just a little girl. Because mike cheese we gotta give her more credit than that. Unless you was the one that told teresa de apologize anyway which is true. Right is going to talk cash shit about melissa when she was a kid. So why y'all doing this. And then she had. I guess came back to twitter because of this she said on this show. You sign up for these kind of rumors so first of all no. They don't getting they signed up for this. It was like girl. If you're literally say this rumor is going to damage me as if both of your parents did not spend at least one year in jail. I need to understand this..

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