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"jackie dewar" Discussed on Alchemy This

"Hear me daddy spirit water. What kind of monster are you in. Fact disgusting man you all along the one taking all the orderlies everybody else. I can't. i can't let you do this anymore. Man you took my son's ears. And what did you know these kids drive. And they're all over your walls people. Hi i'm sorry. Mark i just i. It's been so long since i seen bubis ask. Yeah mma gun. I'm here about some back bay. That wasn't delivered. Wait you'd think we owe you back. Bank yeah i don't want i'm sorry. Why are you here again. I'm walter son. y'all can cape. Oh he's he's dead he. We don't want that body sir. He's joe responsibility now. Yeah uh-huh uh-huh well. What are you gonna do walk out of here. Ain't gonna go no sir. Don't put them in my hands. Time out of your own you are well. He saves chuckle hut. Pretty fucked up back. Done a really disturbing alex cross movie. Chris alvarado scott. Thank you so much. You can find me rod on instagram website. His chris dash auburn dot com. My other podcast is the comedy. Fix at the comedy. Shikha us do we get fucking nuts. James seaney on april twenty four th at five thirty pacific standard time. There's going to be alive. Alchemy this show like the good old days but still still digital so. I don't know how you can get to it. It's the austin sketch fest but saved the date save. The time is still status. The specific it's incident. You're right does numbers if you search time. Pacific time is It's five thirty if you're in. La i know you might be somewhere else. But you've got the power to search time. It is for you when it's five thirty in la okay. We're gonna get you link. Just don't worry save the day. save the cheerleader. Save the world Joey rare. I couldn't a better james. Thank you so much. Checkout bear supply every wednesday nine o'clock pacific time on twits eight o'clock clock o'clock pacific twitch dot tv forward slash b comedy and check. Alchemy this on instagram at autonomous and alchemy. This pod on reddit and then write a review. Give us some stars on the i tunes. It helps what does it help. What does the healthcare you get. Other people speak again. Don't ever do that again. I'm so sorry. I'm to piss off. They answer chris okay. I can't answer it. i'll get back that though. Yeah jackie dewar. Hey thanks for having me Did get pretty fucked up. And i feel like it was my fault. One hundred percents time. So hey we roll with the punches. Jackie dorothy instagram and twitter. But you'll see my twitter sad very sad. www dot jacky gonzalez dorothy com. And if you think you can't spell the route the you actually can. It's pretty phonetic. I believe thank you for having meals. Various ones. Of course. I am at cole. Stratton on twitter at stratton cole. On instagram Cole stratton dot com for no dates currently mom.

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