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Call of Duty vs. Racists - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.04.20

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Call of Duty vs. Racists - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.04.20

"Yeah, what's up, welcomed the kind of games daily for Thursday. June fourth twenty. I'm one of your host, blessing, junior and joining me. Is WWe superstar? Xavier Woods, WHO's? Holding. What. What is that? What's happening is Jackie Chan Jackie Chan which Jackie Chan is, is that rush hour, Jackie Chan is that just a ten adventures in? Real life living in the World Jackie Chan. I got it for for Christmas. Because I asked for all of the Jackie Chan movies, and not just like anyone started I wanted all of hundred plus Jackie Chan's movies, and I got like three hundred and my boy guy. He ended up getting what I asked for, and so he wanted to contribute to the larger gift, so he got me Jackie. Chan cut out now. He watches over me as I like video games as I dj. I live my life in my gaming basement. He is there much, and I have a lot of questions right now based on everything you just said, but my first question will be top five Jackie Chan movies. Oh God. Oh, that's so difficult! Not any order project a drunken master. God I can't I can't do that. I can't do that, are you? Were you at Jackie? Chan Adventures person when that was on TV cartoon. I think what does the rated underappreciated show? Yes, yes, I couldn't consumer enough Jackie Chan stuff when I was a kid. 'cause like at so back in my day we had blockbuster and so. Yeah, right so you would go there and written movies and video games to play over the weekend, so we ended up watching all of the anime stuff. 'cause like I saw a Akira I watch that. And I went through all the enemy that they had in the next thing was like. Whatever action for him and the first thing was a Jackie Chan movie and I was like what is this and I watched it and then I instantly like it was. I was ten minutes in I was done. I was obsessed and I watched every Jackie Chan move. I could find I read like books and autobiographies, and I. Just I wanted to be a stuck man and learn karate, and so it bled into becoming a pro wrestler, so we worked out. It all came full circle shot. Jackie Chan Man. Jackie Chan of course like Jackie. Chan gets his love, but I still feel like he needs the love right like Jackie Chan is one of those icons one of those legends I look back on, and there's there's not a bad thing I can say about Jackie Chan. Not like at least. I know they got a pat thing I can say about Jackie. Chan Ev-. Everybody's got their ups and downs throughout their life. Sometimes, you're a little bit more immature than you. Whereas sometimes you make mistakes, you make the wrong moves, but that's a human thing, and you can only try to get better from their chance at some of those in his life looks like all of us. You know so. Yeah Anyway. I mean come on and just make this a Jackie Chan podcast. No I'm actually in joins conversation. Because Jackie Chan Adventures is one of those shows that as a kid was probably one of my favorite shows on TV I got I got into an argument with A friend actually wasn't argument. Debate I, we're talking about like the best cartoons growing up and Jackie Chan Adventures Dragon. Ball Z came up as a conversation and I'm sure he's sensible. Person would probably side on drag falsies. You're very different shows. Those very very different shows I'm not trying to. Talk about. Their both man tastic with very different. There was a broader debate going on, because like this debate included kids next door and Samurai, Jagger kids. Indexes Laboratory and you're playing a dangerous GALVESTON good radar. It essentially. We're making our way down. This cartoon bracket and Jackie Chan Adventures Versus Dragon Ball. Z came up and my argument for Jackie Chan Adventures was that I think Jackie. Chan Adventures had the better macguffin with the talismans right like. The Dragon Balls Great, the Dragon Balls of course iconic. You gather all of them, you make a wish. The Talismans and Jackie Chan Adventures. Actually had specific meaning to each them right because the talismans you have them. Give you a specific power right you can get. You can get super speed. You can get like you can jump real high if you have a certain like that. Then made each episode of Jackie. Chan Adventures like its own cool unique thing, because then it's like all right Jackie. Steam has speed houseman and the jumping high towels, and the enemy team has the in visibilities, Houseman, or whatever talisman and it turns into like these cool superpower battles in a way that I don't know way like for me Jackie Chan Adventures this stuck with me just because it just felt like a cooler show in that essence, even though like drag Mazda of is dragged. Any Christians there and yells until he gets stronger. As and that's that's. I don't know. It's. I will say so. I think that the love of Jackie Chan comes from the fact that all of his movies or even the show he always presents as like this like bumbling Nice Guy and then he completely wins every fight and. Dragon Ball Z Goku like. I mean go dump sometimes. He's very childish child mind, but he's like most incredible fighter so like our Jackie Chan Goku like the is Goku Jackie Chan trying to present like Goku, so it's like Oh, I'm just like fun and happy, but you know what when it's time to go deep screaming to get strong. The difference is I think with Goku Goku obviously like a goofy dude. Right but Goku has Goku is with the shifts right go. Go through can scrap whatever it comes down to it. Where Jackie Chan presents in especially in Jackie Chan Adventures like this like light hearted kind of a kind of a goofy dude, but when it comes to when it comes to the fight scenes, you get held that like he does the Jackie Chan thing where he's using anything in this vicinity to to fight off the enemy, and it is him like stumbling around during the fights and like. Jumping over counters, and like grabbing pots and pans, and like Smash Smash, says he Jackie Chan is messy in his in his actual combat is actual like action that makes it even that that feeds into that same character that is like this lighthearted, goofy goofy kind of character, which I think, we're cool, think Jackie Chan's fighting style is just that he believes that he's an arena fighter power stone esque type of game. Oh, yeah, so he just wanted everything around him. That is fighting. Saleh's power stone. Now. This is a question I've been asking everybody this week this. Segue from very light to a little bit less light. I've been asking people who people who've been guessing this week. 'cause we. You had all black guests, right? We've had all black voices coming onto Katie to represent the question I've been asking. Everybody is house this last week been for you because I know. We're all different people here. We all kind of take in and process things differently. Especially this week as as as we've seen in the news, things crazy out there for you houses last week been. This this week has sucked. A lot for many different reasons This, isn't obviously in. People are aware of this This isn't the first time. This happened is like the millions time him? This is happening, so it's. It's very weird seeing people that I've called friends for so long it do more than like not understand Klay get it if you've never been any situations, you don't understand it, but when people try to say that their life experience canceled out my life experience, and so since it doesn't happen to them, it's not happening at all It's a very eye opening thing because people that you thought were super mind open. Open minded and who had been kind or seem kind of all of a sudden. Now that you're speaking your mind and saying the there's injustice in this country, there's injustice in this world and people are treated unfairly. You might not get treated the same way. I, argue treated, I, won't get treated the same. You treated now. All of a sudden like now. I'm problem to them. Now I need to sit down and shut up because everything is fine. Yes, everything is fine for you, but it's different for people that look like me and one of the ways that been trying to figure out to explain it and sorry I'm. Finding men March, it's not the easiest thing is immature. You know to talk about. Yesterday got caught up crying on the Internet on camera on twitch, just cry about. But it's the thing the thing that I think hits me. The hardest is the fact that. I keep going back to this whenever I talk about it is. My Dad had to sit down and have a talk with me and my mom's at me. Don't talk with me. My grandma, everybody that was my elder in my family. Explain to me what it was going to be like. Once I was out in the real world. It was going to be harder for me. I was going to have to work twice as As hard to get treated to get treated the same way and a lot of times still not get treated the same way, so do everything I can to make sure that there's no excuse for whatever negative behavior may come my way. and having the conversation over, and over again has made me realize that due to these conversations due to the way, society is the way the world is in order to become. Successful in the way that I wanted to be or in the way that society believes successes is quantified. I had to present myself constantly as as nonthreatening. And I say I do I. Do that in order to succeed, but at its base I did it in order to survive because I didn't renew if an interaction with someone in a position of power was going to go the way that I was told it may go, or if it was going to be fine. Many Times you know growing up in Georgia where I was getting like pulled over towards like pulled out of a crowd. In the city and being questioned from the recent, having a in high school girls that I was dating asked. If excuse me, ma'am, are you okay? Do you know this man things like that officers calling me boy license registration boy. Do you know how fast you're going. Boy like things don't happen. To lots of people, so they don't get it but I just I wish that. There were more people in positions of power. WHO WOULD LISTEN! And say okay. We're here to help you. To the people that don't understand the easiest way to explain it. I know this is extremely childish, but if you've seen the movie, Zootopia. If you don't understand how the predators are being treated unfairly. Then that's a problem. because that movie explains Racism and prejudice in the most most basic lowest common denominator away, so if you are if you don't understand what's happening here in this current situation in real life. Watch this movie because. Guaranteed. If my three year old can understand it, then you as like a grown man, or as a sixty year old woman that whatever you can understand that fat just needs to get translated into this. Maybe that will create some compassion because you'll be able to understand oh. These humans literally just want to be treated fairly in in the in the in the largest scale like just want to be left alone like. I don't WANNA have to walk down the street, and if I if I see someone that's on the sidewalk with me, and it's a woman with a person. She clutches her purse. Because maybe there's not a lot of black people in that neighborhood searching, so she's nervous like that's at its core. Like what we're trying to figure out how to change and I don't I'm not necessarily a law that can change the fact that we have to have these talks in our home with our kids. Kids in order for them to be able to survive in this in this society and in other homes I. Don't know what kind of talks they're having, but there's not a law that that can be implemented. That tells people to teach their kids to not be not be racist and not be mean to people. Somehow they look if you don't like somebody. If my kid gets in a fight with someone in hates that person I I wanted to be because that kids sucks because that. was mean to him because he was a kid, not because of the color of their skin or whatever like. Have discussions have disagreements agree to disagree whatever, but when it comes to the talks of human life. And what's what's really important? I just want people. That aren't in the situation. We're not dealing with the situation to to understand that that it's real and just want people to listen and empathize. Because if you empathize. Then you have to, you have to feel it in. There's no way that you can't do something to help that. Stop happening if you just if you actually listen. I I think that's that's the biggest thing for a lot of people is empathy I. Think Tim said it best on the Kinda funny podcast where he was talking about how for him the thing that he's. Had to figure out and learn is listen and then. Take take take in what you hear and then react to it. Right taking what you hear in the react as far as like change which you need to change about yourself, right take the actually need that. You need to and listen some more and then take action, and then listened some more and then take action right? That's as a white dude. Who's saying that like. Yeah, that's that's the thing that he's learned. That's the thing that he understand that he needs to do right and that is. That is part of empathy. Empathy is all about listening to people in hearing what they have to say. in trying to understand what they're going through him in in in. What you can do to be better right if you are at fault or if you were part of a system that is at fault, or if you have a system that's at fault. Right like it's the Spiderman thing where. With great power comes great responsibility right? I know for a lot of people you feel like you don't have power but let me tell you you have power. You have power to do something you power to act. You have power to listen I power to to react and so I. I like all kinds of fees together right and I think empathy is the is the main word that that that comes down to. For I think to another way to look at it is people don't like bullying. They don't enjoy. Everybody can agree that bullying is wrong, and you want to make sure that bullies. Stop or you Wanna do everything that you can do in your power to stop bullying from happening whether it's like an adulterer in schools like this is. Like the highest form it. Yeah and so I- apple are that don't let's say that they don't get. It are having trouble. Imagining this situation with with with different and I'm saying skins I. don't mean skin, but I mean with it with it looking different with looking at something else, so if you can understand that bullying is bad, we want to stop. This is just an extreme form of bullying. Be Able to translate from situation to situation. Say This is wrong. Therefore, this is also wrong, and this is a way higher level of wrong. been whatever you're upset about over here, so let's handle this. and. Get everything else that we can, but people are being. Executed in the streets armed when people are being shot in their homes when they're sleeping in their beds with police officers just bursting in because they think someone is in the vicinity. Killing innocent people like that's a problem regardless of like what color you on if this was happening. To to someone that I that I cared about or just happening to other humans, regardless of what they look like. I want to help and so. I know I. Keep saying same thing just very confusing to see people like not caring and saying Oh, well, look at look at these numbers. This is happening over here like what about this and it's like? Yes, yes, that's. That's also bad, but you can. We like I'm talking about this. Can we talk about this and try to handle this? But X Y and Z over here? It's like yes, yes, that is well, but if this stove top is on fire in this one is prepping food and it's okay. Then? We need to focus on the one that could possibly blow up the whole kitchen. Yeah and that's. That's kind of what's happening and I'm. I want I. Don't want the kitchen to blow i. want everything to be great i. want all the ovens to work. I. Want everything to be copacetic. I want people to shake hands. Hug Love, kiss all that. And that's that's to me. That's what we're asking for when it's met with. Well, but this this this. All we asked for his. Is Equality. Dude like? Why are you so mad? What are you upset about? REEFS ABOUT LOSING POWER Okay, so it is true, you know. Yeah. I think that's legit the perfect way to put it I. Appreciate I appreciate you speaking that I appreciate you being willing to. Share that exhibitor! Because air. This is kind of funny games daily. This is the show about games, so let's talk about some video games. Today's story include call of duty cracking down racism, the return of kingdoms of of never know how to pronounce this game. And more, because this is kind of went against daily each and every weekday at ten am. Lie Right here on twitter DOT TV slash Kinda Fun Games we run you through the needs to know about. If you're watching live, incorrect us when we get stuff wrong by going to kind of funny dot com slash. You're wrong. If you don't WanNa, Watch live. You can watch later on YouTube dot com slash. Games REUSS, teeth DOT COM or you can list later on podcast. There is around. The Globe searching for kind of funny games daily to be a part of the show had to pay John Dot com slash kind of funny games, bronze members, or above get to write in and silver members were above. Get the show at free with the exclusive daily Poe Show Housekeeping speaking of the post show. Today's Poe shows. GonNa Feature, the reuniting of Greg Miller and the commission. That's right. Unstoppable unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Tuned. And that's also happening because I gotta run right at eleven because I'm on another show Roger this this one. And, so if you're if you're Lebron's member, or if you're silver member Patriots dot, com slash games. Stay tuned for that. The great big kind of funny core stream that we've been talking about this week. Is Postponed Accord Games says this. We don't want to distract from the important conversations. Being had about racism in our country right now, so we're postponing the kind funny game jam stream originally scheduled for Thursday June fourth all rules and pricing for the game. Jam will remain the same. We thank everyone who has participated and look forward to playing your creations in the near future. as we've been talking about this week. To kind of funny game, showcase is back, but it's called the gorilla collective as he know teamed up with her friends at the media, the exchange to do a three day showcase featuring nearly ninety games. It all kicks off Saturday at ten am. Pacific time on twitter dot com slash guerrilla collective Thank. You are Patriot Producers Mommy. Mohamed Momo Connor Nolan and blackjack. Say we're brought to you by Brooklyn. I'll tell you about that later for now. Let's begin with what is and forever will be the rope report that at. The. Time. Nor story snack. Dozen. Drake. It's all good man. You're talking about this. Very Jealous. I'M GONNA go. Starting with story number one call duties cracking down on racist content. This is from Sheriff Saieed at vg. Twenty four seven call of duty, modern warfare warzone developer infinity ward has admitted that needs to do better to counter racism in its online games Giggle as I. Read that because that's not a secret. That's not like a good. Article continues going forward. The developer we taking more aggressive approach to racist and hateful clan tag, use names and other offensive content to start the developer will be dedicating more resources to monitor and banned racist user content across the game. The in game reporting tool will be expanded to include racist names end like as possible reasons for filing a report Infinity Ward is increase the number of per hour of the developers, also exploring ways to make it easier for players to report technical upgrades include greater. Greater restrictions on name changes as well as smarter filters to prevent user names from being made in the first place. Lastly Infinity Ward will punish repeat offenders with the permanent bans are with permanent bands, their statement like this and I pulled her statement from twitter where they like posted a screen with with a black background in dark text on it, which I'm not a fan of because it makes it hard to read a little bit especially for me hosting a show, but it's fine. The statement reasons this. There's no place for for racist content in our game. This is this is an effort. We began with launch and we need to do a better job. We're issuing thousands of daily bands of racist and hate oriented names, but we know we have to do more, and we are adding, and they have bullet points the first bullet point. He's like this adding additional resources to monitor an racist content. Adding additional in game reporting systems to increase the number of bans by out by our adding filters in greater restrictions on name changes evaluating in game improvements to make it easier to report offenses, and lastly increasing permanent bands to route repeat offenders. We apologize to our players. This is our commitment to you are fans. Thank you. Are you called? Duty Person, or how do you have any history with duty? In. I'm not very good especially at this last one, and then when When that patch came out, that was like an extra forty gigs, but like you had to have everything to display warzone. It legit like my computer filled up and I've got like a like a couple terabytes on this computer, but I've just. I've so many games musty library. They put that in and I was like I. can't I can't. It's too big. I can't justify it. But I have played a bunch of first person shooters throughout my life, and so in one hand I'm very glad this is happening, because obviously call duty such a a a well received game. It's so hot in the so many people playing it. I have been in the situation. Multiple Times just where you're on on Mike's online like even in like in college we know in college on headset with people, and you just hear like nine old kids screaming racial epithets, and it's like Oh! Cool so like. As as excited as I am happy that I am as be. The people are growing in good things are happening. It's like. Man This has been a problem way longer than for seven days. Yeah, yeah, like graphics dope sweet new spray's on the guns, dope and skins like. What happened in like two, thousand, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven i. Would like. Trying to take away from it, I'm not trying to take away from. Meats this is great, but like it's interesting to see all the stuff changing now, which is great because that's what's being asked for. Just yeah. It's. It's a similar quote I. I use this yesterday I'll say it again right like better late than never, but never it's better is like is the thing where you know I I played college since the since the PS three right like most have right like I jumped in a harder at World War and even even even more on black ops and black OPS to. And like during the PS, four generation right like I kinda fell back and call of duty, but came back jump back into the latest one. Modern Warfare, the the reboot and Is. It was almost like I had forgotten like what it was like to play online because I jump back into. It started playing gun game started. Playing gunfight started playing death match, and would you. There are points where I was like man. People are like really not holding back as far as like Oh, shit talking, and all these things right and like you know shit talking here. Here and they're like I. don't necessarily mind, but is when it comes when it comes down to like people throwing slurs. He will saying things that are not okay people. I like the last time I play. Call of duty hours playing D. gun game right, which is a free for all thing and you can hear. You can hear everybody unless you meet everybody which I should do. Playing but is by default like all the voices are on and rats. Certain point like I was in shock I was legitimate shocked by the things. People were yelling at each other like like a little girl. At y'all like a grown man like I. Hope Your Your family has corona virus like things like that where you're like dude like. What is going on and I know a big part of it is the fact that quality is the most popular first person shooter on the planet called You. Like when you're the top dog, you're going to attract. So many people in so many trolls and so many over that that. You know like. Smaller communities don't necessarily need to worry about as much because those things are easier to to filter out where when you call of duty like I imagine yeah. The, the the number of the number of trolls, the number of of people people coming through and. Throwing out her phone hurtful in in racist and language that almost almost becomes. It will not even almost becomes difficult to manage that said. At a certain point it Kinda does feel like there's a culture of this with call of duty. Right like it's not like one or two matches out of like. Thirty that I'm hearing this. It's like every match to every other match that I'm here, people. Be Terrible, to each other I and so like. Them. Cracking down on it like this I think is awesome i. hope to see more. Specifically highlight racist like identification is right like racist user names like I'm sure like that includes like clan tags and different things like that and I'm sure that'll include customization stuff because you can customize. You're asked what the thing is. I think it might be your clan tag. That is like the images that you can make an attached to your to your profile All that is cool. I'm hoping to see. Like I wonder if there is a way or if airs they have this already where you can like report, somebody for racist language or Or whatever like slurs, or whatever, and then gets sent to somebody and you in that person has to listen to the recorded the record of last thirty seconds to determine whether or not that person gets a banner or not I don't know how that stuff can work, but. This is a started. It's interesting it'll depend on. How obviously like you said how? The auto is set up and Works Kazan turns from person who and this is not the fault of duty. We make that perfectly clear this is. The this is the product of trolls and people filled with. but as soon as you have something like this setup, and then they figure out how to just start randomly reporting people for no reason because now limoges report everybody that. Beats me in this game as racist. It's like man there's there's so bad to to go. Like. Which I'm sure like becomes difficult, because with the amount of people plan, call our duties like all right. How many people working I infinite award in at TRIARC or any of the studios that work on collar duty. I mean people do have their that are able to monitor in are able to review the everything being reported and like how does that come down to which you know like? This seems like they're they're. They're trying to find solutions. which is the the good thing? I'm sure so this will probably be automated and I'm sure that's the answer to a lot of this is fine ways that you can automate it so that it you can automatically detect certain things but yeah anyway like. This a good direction, yes, this. Thing? Yes, positive good thing that they have put this. Instill this into their games. Good job, authority number to. Take, two games are shutting down their online services em- protests This is legit happening as I've been like putting together the show late legit like five minutes before we started the show. This is breaking and so I don't necessarily have all the pieces of the puzzle in front of me. In fact, I am like looking on different websites to see if there is a an actual like article version that I can pull up but essentially I have a screen shot. That I've taken from Rockstar Games on twitter and they tweeted this this morning. This at Rock Games, black lives matter to honor the legacy of George Floyd today June. Fourth from two to four PM Eastern. Time we'll be shutting down access to our online games. Grand theft auto online and read that online. They didn't follow that that tweet up with saying following the memorial, we hope. Will we hope you'll join US further? Join US in further honoring many victims of America's racial injustices by supporting their families, black businesses those marching on the streets and coalitions through the organizations listed here and they link to charity navigator Dot Org where you can find different. Causes to donate to you. Either have a different tweet from Games Industry Biz Biz on twitter where they really tweeted about that that Rockstar story and then updated that tweet. By saying we've been informed that all take. Two's labels will be shutting down their online games during this time including games from Rockstar to K. and social point, private tuition will also suspend activities, and that's going on for a two hour period. Xavier does this. Does this do anything for you? How do you? What's your reaction to all this? I feel like this is is good, because obviously especially during now. I just want to stop for a second I. Feel like. Corona is such a huge thing, and this is happening in the midst of a world pan like. How is it like this is like the end of times like what is going on? You can't bring the murder locust throughout their. Yes, there's so many things happening, but I think stuff like this is good. Because obviously corona people are also at home as well, and it's summertime, so kids are going to be in the house, and so people are on these games. Twenty four hours a day. There's people from all around the world in these games, so if there's someone who might not be in the Social Zeitgeist in really you know educate themselves about what's going on if they're unaware. They log on grand theft auto and they can't and so obviously. What are they GONNA do? They'RE GONNA? Jump on the Internet servers down, and they're gonNA see all this going on, so that might be if one person goes through that process, and then becomes more educated about what's going on and becomes an ally. A young black kid who goes you know what yeah. Let me take a second and Lawrence of men about history. Let me figure out why black people call each other brother, because we're not sure like where our families families like really from because we all got disconnected a long time ago like there's historical context a lot of this stuff so I think this is good, because for a few people. At least it'll force them to to face. What's going on? On and look at an actually like. Take a second and think about it Yeah, that's that's been my my whole thing this week. Right like when companies do something as far when it comes to speaking out it with black lives, matter and George Lloyd in in all of this stuff like I like to see action. I like to see an actual practical thing. Right I like to see at the very least. Let me see you give some money. To 'cause right, let me see if you give somebody bail fund or to to black organizations that are helping to remedy all this, and so for this being in action I, like for this being a even away to protest I. Like right like in the in that Rockstar we. Wasn't the Rockstar tweets in somewhere I read that like? Hold on. Let me I don't WanNA mischaracterize. Rereading okay, so yeah, so to honor the legacy of George Floyd today. We'll be shutting up to four. So. Maybe they didn't use the word protests, but I like this in as an idea to a protest right like. When you look at protests, and this is the thing that somebody somebody tweeted at me. I replied to my tweet when I tweeted out, the playstation and playstation delayed the five games game game event. That's happening today. somebody reply to me saying like Oh. Yeah, like when you look at protests right like the whole point of protests is to get in people's way and to make the protests is to make people stop and have to listen and stop in in inconvenience them right? This is an inconvenience for so many people and granted like, could they? They have gone longer. which all my services, sure like I I think so but even for for a game as big as graduates, auto online, and for a game as big as red dead right, two hours of shutting down online service and pointing that towards. Hey, we want honored the death. George Floyd and point to the things that are going on. You know that's a big statement. And that's going to cause people to stop and be like Oh shoot like all right like I have to pay attention to this. Because now it's directly affecting me I. Think that that really matters when it comes down to it. Definitely I think. I think you're totally right in that I think it's. It's definitely. Protests are a form of making people that need to listen making them uncomfortable, and so if my company Jones playing these games and now I don't have my comfort zone. I go I'm uncomfortable. Why and then you try to find out why you're uncomfortable and then you find? Find out and you either take that opportunity to listen to educate or use it to internalize more hate, and that's the only that's a choice that person as an individual has to make. Yes, story number three and it's it's interesting to point out that three out of four. The news stories have to have to do with the black lives matter protests and everything going on the world, which is wild because like. We haven't seen all I was GONNA say we haven't seen the sense, but coronas still still a thing, but coronas like the other thing that I've seen on the show that has taken over the news like this right? It's like Lou boxes a couple of years ago when I used to listen to the show every day current. Oh, virus took over the news days like this now it is black. Lives matter protesters, which is wild to see that that that is taken over like this story number three fortnight chapter to season three has been delayed. This is Jordan alleman at Aegean. Who writes? Fortnight chapter to season three has been delayed with the new season now launching on June seventeenth with developer epic, explaining that the move is due to current current outcry and protests in the US. Recent events are heavy reminder of ongoing injustices in society from denial of basic human rights to the impact of racism both overt and subtle against people of color. We're acutely aware of the pain. Our friends family families team members, players and communities are experiencing. Begins. A statement from the fortnight blog published earlier today the statement continues, we believe in we believe in equality and justice, diversity and inclusion, and that these that these fundamental fundamentals are politics. The team is eager to move fortnight. Ford but we need to balance the season three launch with with with time for the team to focus on themselves, their families, and their communities and quote, so yeah, another example of like. It's taken over right like the protest. People being outspoken like. It's it's. It's wild to see in today. Today is the day as far as like. The News the news is concerned when it comes to video game news that I've seen a takeover takeover. The most right like the PSI event was by the big, the Big One the call delaying their seasons right was also big, but. Looking at the news today and saying how everybody has shifted. Everybody is now reacting to this. Everybody now has to has to take a stand. It's wild to see, but also at the same time. Like for me is awesome for me. It's cool to see the impact that is being made. It so yeah, it's dope. Yeah. I think it's it's awesome. especially, 'cause everybody is well aware of fortnight does have such a huge huge section of the young audience playing their game constantly, and so there's so many of them who are locked into dates in like Oh, new seasons coming out cool I've been waiting for this for months, and so as soon as they hear that it's moved these kids who? Knows I got carried my friends. My friends kids friend who was playing on a cell phone. He eight any carried us to a win on selling my God. What so that's how smart these kids are, and how good they are these games in how much it's a part of their lives so when they see stuff like this. Maybe that eight year old says wait what's going on because they are clearly hopefully hopefully haven't been exposed to this and hopefully no nothing of it and just. are happy kids who treat everybody equally. You know but if if they do grow up in a home. have those conversations where they're breeding hate and things like that. Maybe this is what opens them up to seeing like Oh everything that's happening at my dinner. Table is kind of mean. Maybe I need to start being the the light in my house. That is much needed to to open things up so so again. Yes, I think this is a great thing and it makes people look at stuff that they might not be looking at otherwise. How deep are you into four? Are You, are you? Are you a part of the night? High like it's fortnight your jam for for a hot second. It was and then. I've realized I was playing on teams of people that were good at building, and so I would just never build, so they're not like you know what I'm having. Fun I'm good enough. Let me like venture out into the world on my lonesome, and it's like Oh if I wanNA actually play this game like for real. I've got to be able to build so I. Enjoy I enjoy watching it. It's very fun to watch for me, but I am head ribble at playing it D-, have you. Do you play any other oils? Have you jumped in apex at all because? I go to I. Love Apex. I don't know what the differences for me. Because normally games like I'm just not I. CAN'T I can't win I'm just can't spend enough time on him to get good enough and I get frustrated. But apex had me for like I. Don't know like eight or ten months. I was digging in heavy. And it's not battle Royale, but I I've been obsessed with. Valerie, because we got chance. Data where I got a team up up down down is actually in the torch rivals event coming up on Saturday. So Yeah! I I've been digging in their heavy again. Not About Ray out, but I think I. Get to stressed out for battle Royale Games. If I get him at the top fifteen, my heart rate jumps at one sixty, and it's not even close, you know. Oh? Yeah, no I'm definitely with you there like when it comes to apex I find that I choked the most when I am in that top five Y- It becomes stressful. It's like all right I'm here now like it's real now like if I. IF I fuck up I'm gone and that's that's. That's a whole match wasted right there. I'm with you on the phone and I think as far as the goes. I love four good Let me say like seven eight months I was very heavy on it. When it came to switch, and I got bit into the building, aspects of it like I ended up changing my concern by control scheme to make it easier because I think there's a I think it might be called builder pro that's like the yeah controls game where you're able to essentially build faster, and so whenever I hear footsteps or see somebody you immediately like whole, a couple of buttons, and then turn a circle, and then automatically like you have. A four all around you built. That was amazing. But. Yeah, certainly when I was like man. This is just like this is getting advanced in a way that. I don't know if I can keep up with. But you're not too far night. Though, because at the core that game a fun game. Yeah! Man and it's like I said. It's good to see them doing some into. Our last new story story number four kingdoms of color is officially back. This is from Ethan Gotch at Kotoka you in Kevin. If you look at the dock, I have screen shots went up as I'm reading through this. New Listing on the Microsoft store has been revealed or has revealed re master of the two thousand twelve action RPG kingdoms of. Coming coming August eighteenth. According to the listing, the remastered will have improved graphical graphical fidelity and refined gameplay. Also come with all the see from the original release. It's also getting a ridiculous new title Kingdoms of Amour re reckoning, it's not clear if the remastered is also coming to other platforms, but you can get get an idea of the Games new-look from some the screen shots. Keenum was was one of the more decent role playing games of the last concert generation that wasn't made by square INEX-, but that's the or one of the other publishers known for excellence in the genre. It was instead created by big huge games in thirty eight studios, and then as an update to the story this morning at reckoning game on twitter, which is the Chemo Kingdoms of Mellor's official twitter account. They tweeted out. The rumors are true. PREPARE FOR A re reckoning. Because King Because Kingdoms of Amour is coming back remastered with stunning visuals. Refined game played soon. It's it's soon time to experience an epic, RPG journey and all its deal. See like never before savior is. You ever into kingdoms of when this was the thing I have never heard of this game. Really I just watch. I just looked at a video of it just now, so it's like gauntlet or that Diablo. It's like an IT's basically A. Yeah Action RPG. I'm going to call up a Greg Miller because Greg Miller is actually a very big kingdoms of Omelettes Fan. Yeah, and he can can speak to I know he'll want to speak to okay all right. Now here we go. Oh you're God. Damn right. I'm a big king. You guys are having a great show. Thanks Ray grab. What's been your reaction to the news I saw last night. You're tweeden about it. You're hyped about it when it was Lee. Now that it's official where you. Where's your head at? I mean it's you know it's the normal thing for Greg Miller and Video Games and twenty twenty and I will be clear just video games twenty twenty, but God is real cute. Dreams come true just in video game. Just. One of the greatest most underrated underplayed RPG's of all time coming back re reckoning. Let's go, let's go. Let's go. All it took was let's corona and the world burning down for us for you to get what you wanted. You know I don't WanNa do this like what it costs you to get pat upon. Doctors. They everything but. Word that the trade was worth that coded here just video. Greg. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. A great action RPG. Is that it has like first off a good Gillian. Quest, a million different things to do really cool story, really cool world, but then great gameplay really fun game action. You know you're in their third person. Action combat that actually responsible funding ready to go. and. What was his on? Greg kinnear rewrite Oh so I forgot that you can't hear exhibit. What was what was it on? Sixty all that jazz okay, okay, Doctor, so yeah Previ-. Previous Gen our check it out before the remastered. Exhibit said he'll check. It out. Okay good I'll push. Bye By. Greg. Awesome yeah. Matt Greg. About. Is it multi player? I don't believe so no I. Think! It's single player dot com slash wrong if I'm wrong about that, billy, the door writes in Patriot dot. COM SLASH KINDA funny games, says Hello Blessing the Honorable Commission so I guess we got our I e three leak with Kingdoms of Allah we reckoning. Do you think this is an announcement? That was planned for this week? Where someone forgot to change the date on one of the listening was was post Max store, and do you think we'll see more leaks over the next week? great work. Thanks, so this is an interesting question, because usually yeah. This is the time where we get the e three leaks, but there's no. And as far as kings of Alder. Looking at how they announced it on, twitter tells me that. This leak might have like force their hand debate like maybe it was meant for later this week, or maybe early next week, but like. It seems like things are prepared as far as you would imagine that they're announcing this. With like a trailer or something like that and you don't really have that right like they have like the links for the stores. In like the quick blurb here, saying that like Oh yeah, it's remastered with stunning stunning visuals and refined game. Plan all this stuff. But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the leaks from last night force their hand and made them go like all right. Let's announce it tomorrow officially, and that will have the rule out from there. As far as like. As far as like how it came how it came out on the store, you mentioned that that is either it could be like it could be anything right, but is probably likely. Somebody put the wrong date, or there was an error in the system, and it just went live prematurely. in that happens, you know or like. Who knows like it? It could be a number of things but yeah I. Either Way I think is like a cool. It's a cool announcement. It's cool to see that this season is kind of officially started even though it started in a very weird way. Like the announcement easing season goals like the Noni three three season. And, so yeah I'm I'm all about it. So, this is technically a leak. It Week last night, but this this is technically now official. Okay, okay. Yeah, they've actually right now. My thought was leaks is always that lake especially in like in the culture of like the past like three or four years like? As far as like game information. Yeah, there's leaks here in there. Like what was it last year? Honda and then got leaked in street fighter before they were at ego. Think they lead character stuff. But I think especially now with this like. I would say that they just knew that there'd be people who'd be excited about the little bit of positive news somewhere. I'd say they're like no just tell them. Just tell him it'll make somebody smile. Everything sucks right now. Twenty twenty is insane. So, let's just give some positivity. Exactly I'm really excited to see. Whether came the kingdoms of reckoning lives up to Greg Miller expectations Bu- I literally just downloaded it, but the real. Oh, did you really yeah I've got fiber? So nine gigs dude. That's awesome. That's really cool actually. But release keenum's of online. We reckoning is so far away if I want to know what's coming up to Mama grop shops today we're at. I look. Ooh, let's see. Where would you look I? I look the official list of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of Funny Games daily show host each and every weekday. Do. Yeah. WHOA WHOA excited today today we got tour to France Twenty, twenty for PS. Four, an xbox, one a depth of extinction for switch the takeover for switch swamp castle for PC and Mac Elliot's cake cafe for. Opening up for. I'm in remnant from the ashes, swamps of courses DLC's available on xbox one in PS. Four new dates project cars three has been announced, and we will be available for PS. Four xbox, one and PC later the summer Mega Games has revealed that popular card based rogue lights slate aspires coming to Iowa. West IOS devices this month the kingdom majestic. -CCOMPLISH will finally launch. July Ninth Twenty Twenty in Europe. ps four one Nintendo switch, and then crying sons is coming to mobile on June twenty fifth two thousand twenty deal the day overcooked is available for free on epic. Game store. Now. It's time for reader mail. You can right into Patriot dot com slash kinda funny games where you can do the show at free speaking of ads. This kind of Funny Games daily is brought to you by Brooklyn. Did you know that making small changes to your everyday life can lead to huge positive changes to your lifestyle. The right towel turns a bathroom into a SPA. The right loungewear turns functioned into luxury. The right betting turns Abed into a retreat. Brooklyn and as the Internet's favorite sheets, but also home to betting loungewear towels in more with over fifty thousand plus five star reviews and counting. Kinda funny, Love Brooklyn their luxury products at a low price, and Tim loves that he can get the right color to match with his room. He also says their comfortable. It can always trust. Tim gettys Brooklyn where the first direct to. To consumer betting company that work directly with manufacturers indirectly with customers, no middleman, just a great product and service all agree products without the luxury Markup Brooklyn and dot. com is the perfect place to start making small changes that make big differences, Brooklyn and is so confident in their product, all their comforters lodge wears and towels come with a lifetime warranty. Go on, make yourself comfortable. Get. Ten percent off your first order and free shipping when you use Promo. Code Games only at Brooklyn DOT com. Brooklyn everything you need to live your most comfortable life. Saver. Xavier, yes, there it is. I always love waiting for the response because it's like a good like. A good Q- like. Say waiting for me to switch back because sometimes I'm I'm also waiting for cabinet. SWITCHBACK is a lot of buttons house saying. I have the sheet over my cameras. Wait. Did My internet freeze the? Call here. let's see here. Kristina writes in to pay dot slash kind of funny games, says Hello I have concerns about gaming, corporations or corporations in general posting general statements about the protests going on this week to me, it seems hollow. Anyone can post a PDF. Statement changed their twitter icon or put a Hashtag. Where's the action behind it? In your opinion, what should these? These companies do truly show. Their support is the posting of a PDF enough I know square next pledged to make monetary donations to various organizations, but what else can be done exhibit? This has been a running fame over last week. we've talked about on the show. Quite a bit brands companies organizations have been putting out statements and also taking action right like. What this whole episode exited about is corporations taking actions as far as all these protests are concerned Xavier. Do you think for you? Is there a right way to do it? Is there a you prefer it to be done? I think I I am going to steal your quote. The, what was it what was it? The second part, which is never late, but better late than never laid his better, yes, better late than never, but never late is better. Yes, I love that I love that so much and I I think definitely applies to to this question In this current position. I I, don't know what people should do I. Don't know what I should do, but I think that people making an attempt to do something. Is Helpful I think that like you know people if they if if companies have people that want to get out in protest, I think that's great, but then also I do understand what you're saying with. You know would feeling hollow, because that's like the hot topic right now, so people are GonNa jump on it, so they get some good Karma points in. In Society, you know so when they put their next merchandise, you know people will be with them, you know. I, get those feelings and I. I understand that even even like with myself. I was talking to one of my partners in the new day. Big e about like. We want to post stuff because there are people who do look at us for. For stuff like this, and even though you know, we're guys who are largely non on TV you know replying with our friends and shiny pants, trying to bring smiles, but there's certain people who look at us, and they say you know. What are you guys think we need your strength, and so it's a thing like we'll do. We say something because we want. Want to say something, and we feel like we need to say something or you know. Is it that like you know my trying to get some likes and some retweets so like I feel as long as people are taking the time to understand like there are people that are doing that that is a possibility, but then there are people who are sitting. Understanding that and trying to in their best way. Put something out and pretending forward. That will actually help people who are affected by this in who's affected by this honestly is everyone. Joe So I think doing something's better than nothing. He would have been nice a long time ago, but it's fantastic that stuff's happening now. Exactly exactly I want her presenting rewrite. Doing something is better than nothing and so I'm I'm gonNA leave it at that I. think that's that's a good way to wrap it up. Now it's time squad up Anikin GMT writes in with this Wabi, bom ps four, and says in honor of the Commission. I'll bike to play the game that has taken up up down down by storm. That's the classic card game, but as exhibited woods can tell you this ain't your daddy's. You know if you WANNA, have some of the most fun and yet most intense moments of a card game. That card game could bring friend me on PS four jump. INS and challenges will get so much respect but China to pull an Adam Cole and make the worst mistake in history as always stay safe and keep it tight. anikin jam GMT's PS. Four IS B H Z that is B. as in boy H. Z.. Anikin A. N., A. K. I N. J. M. T.. And again GMT. There you go. Now. It's time for one of them. One of them rotating segments Exhibited this week I've been asking guess to shout out somebody in the industry. WHO's a black voice that they wanNA give a shout out to and. This can be could be your industry as far as like wrestling and entertainment, or it can be in the games industry. Who Somebody you want to give a shout out to you. You know what I'm going to give a shout out to my boy Mike Daniels. So he is he was of. He's in the NFL. He used to be on the Green Bay packers. He was on the cover of sports illustrated as one of the top hundred football players in the league as a as a Lineman He is one hundred percent one of us one of us. I mean Super Ultra nerds. This, man knows more about Dragon Ball Z than anyone I've ever come across. My life loves all things animates obsessed with video games, and is very much doing everything he can to spread that type of emotion in knowledge vibe throughout his professional of workplace in the NFL, trying to get rid of a bunch of the talk, his toxic masculinity and bringing some positive. Positive and bring a lot of video games with it, so he's definitely a huge ally in that fight. 'cause he is in the fight as well but I definitely say him. He's he's. He's just starting out in this space most recent more recently in the past year or so, but he somebody keep an eye out for because he's definitely knows his stuff. Awesome. Awesome. Now. It's time for kind of funny dot. com slash year round where you right in. Let us know what we got wrong as we got it wrong. quarter Nineteen eighty-eight says. Pronounced among lure I'm allure. Allure. Or, maybe that's Ama- allure I'm, GONNA say. I'm Laurie sounds right. Let's see what else. Lucky dragons says call on warfare slash. Warzone doesn't have the feature. Blessing was thinking of creating custom emlyn emblems that features typically found in trae ARC's entries so hopefully they follow suit. In their game which that would make sense because usually I I am playing the TRIARC caller. Duties design a black OPS boy. Oh Ultra says kingdoms of I'm lure is two player coop. So there you go. Oh, Haley, because I was looking at it like. Ranked player. I know Alex right sending in corrects himself. Sorry I was wrong. Malory's only single player I was able. To crush your heart. Built and then we broke down media I was so pumped and play this with somebody. All Man I mean you can, you can play. Have the homeys watch you do back in the day? Yeah, that's you ever have that friend lease to go over to their house and like you'd go over to play video games. They're like Oh. Yeah. You'RE GONNA Watch. Play graph was auto. Oh! Mine Mine. WAS YOU'RE GONNA? Watch me play final fantasy seven and I'm not going to switch because there's no live. There's lives, so we can't switch oh man. Oh, yeah, all the final fantasy seven. But then when unreal tournament came out, my player to controller magically broke, and he couldn't play to watch me. In, let's see here. I'm look through. Greg Greg Is. A little bit, which is which is always fun to see once again, stay tuned to the polls show because Greg and exhibitor about to have a good old time. Got To wrap this thing up because I gotta show, that had to be on literally thirty seconds. Posts are me and cliff Adams before I. Sign Off Actually Xavier. Where can people find you? They want to consumers when that good good content. At Xavier Woods PhD on Instagram and twitter catch me on twitter at twitter dot TV slash Xavier, woods. Catch me on youtube up down down, subscribe if you'll get to subscribe already also every Monday mixture. You're listening to the new day podcast wherever you listen to your podcast type. Of the power clique pink picture with the three black guys faces on to Subscribe Ladies and Gentlemen, even if you can't stand me even if you don't like my face if you don't like my personality, you, subscribing is an automatic download. You can just delete Tuesday morning and your boys still gets those algorithm numbers much. Awesome awesome, of course, this has been kinda funny games daily each and every week. Right here on twitter dot. TV slash kind of funny games. We run you through Nerdy News. You need to know about. We have a Patriot post show for those that are subbed at the silver level, a Patriot dot com slash kinda games, so stick around for that otherwise until next time game daily.

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S03 - House Call #13 House Guests with  Valerie Ng

Arty Farty

05:53 min | 4 months ago

S03 - House Call #13 House Guests with Valerie Ng

"It's The. Thanks for calling. Jet. Off the. please. Leave your. Biggest celebrities hod before. Thank you. Welcome to Ati Hobbies House coal. Mine is Sean and I'M GONNA find some people to help answer your awesome questions who would the biggest celebrities you've had before while? Jonathan making the biggest celebrity because the biggest motmain very told basketball player. Maybe someone standing on stilts were even a basketball player standing on stilts they would be very big indeed but I think the question we are asking is who are some famous people that have been at the for house? Well, the opera houses such an iconic building with all sorts of US editions and actors, and Comedians and writers and dances over the years. But who is the most famous? Well, that's a tough question. Today we're GONNA make. And she looks up all of the opera houses records some photos and I'll bet shaken tell us the answer to our question. So come with me down into the volts of the Opera House at, let's see Valerie to help. Can you help us answer this question? The biggest celebrities you've had. Scientists, so we've had a range of people. At the offer house celebrities including a little royalty server example between came and has been here on a number of occasions. For example, the opening nine, seventy three and she attended the which already clumps nine, thousand, eight, hundred have rainfall figures as well, and there's a great furhter. Of Her meeting Lee Newton John. And Roger would, and then in the middle is. All hurting poll hugging and Roger would and the quaint and Olivia. Newton John. That is like a celebrity Supernova right there. Now I heard that Nelson Mandela once spoke at the Opera House is that true? Yes. So we've had We had Nelson Mandela speaking on the monumental steps which just a sense up for house. In one, thousand, nine hundred and it was the first year of. That is pretty cool. Now that Marie what's your favorite celebrity moment at the Opera House, oh my favorite out of there I think. Those are pretty fun one I. Guess You can actually find this video. Still on Youtube it was Hugh Jackman tried to introduce. Or to veggie might. So she's trying to in front of everyone turns out she actually liked it. Was Fun I also heard that the ultimate muscle man himself. Schwarzenegger Arnold at the Opera House. Dude he to pub- some iron. Yeah. Unfortunately serve Harley. He won his last Mr Olympia titled. His seven and so it was I think it was surprising because he'd already come out of retirement times come out of retirement well, then I guess you could say he'll be back. You said, the Queen of England has to the Opera House before. So if we had any other royal visitors. Came in two, thousand, eighteen. With me. And they walk around I think the colonnade and they had The come out and see them walk around. Yes there the Danish royal family did come out for the forty thousand Russians in the upper house and. Because of The House obviously and Default ties there within walk. Okay. Now let's get to my personal private, the incredible and Super Talented Jackie Chan Jackie Chan was filmed a scene for his film leading steel in two. Thousand Sixteen. On top of the shows. Muscle which one but apparently, he had to work very hard to get the agreement going I. Think Kids are promised not to damage the tiles. because. Those a fight scene helicopters fire. Kelly pope is on the ruth and Jackie chain and Schwarzenegger, and the world's popping her visa I. Don't know how you can concentrate on your work. Do you really love waking the Opera House Yeah. What I love about the city offer house is the diversity of events we put on. When I do talk to people I, still hear people thinking that we just put on ballet and opera and that's it. But I think we do put on a great range of events for palm to appeal to a great range of people and I think. I really liked the retry hot here I think to advertise or the different offense and also to get people involved well, they you it from the queen of England, the diamonds Royals Ofra Hugh Jackman Adult, Schwarzenegger Jackie Chan and Nelson Mandela. The Opera House shore has had a lot of really amazing visitors over the years. But what really matters to the Opera House family is that everyone should feel welcome. Just pleased. Don't break the tiles if fighting Jackie Channel North. Hud You've enjoyed listening to Ali Fahd he's house coal. We've got plenty more questions to answer. So a hub as soon we'll see you at our house the Sydney. Opera House. By for now.

Opera House Ati Hobbies House Nelson Mandela Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Sean Hugh Jackman Schwarzenegger Arnold Valerie Jackie Channel basketball Marie Newton John Sydney Roger Youtube US Jackie Chan Jonathan Queen of England Mr Olympia
010 - The Pod Investigates Dinky One

Heartland Radio 2.0

1:13:08 hr | 9 months ago

010 - The Pod Investigates Dinky One

"That's the biggest energy to make. A baby is known he saw home. Talk about a sellout. Oh Oh already I. You're the buffalo guys. Got Good beard hair. What's name Dan says? Names Eve. I think if you're the buffalo year the Buffalo. You're the buffalo might not be. Come on man you got to do less. What's tides tournant? I saw it happening on twitter last night and I agree. You don't have to write a song for everything. Everyone does ever since he folded like a lawn chair ever since people get the wrong. Picking the wrong side to go with the pub- apologizing to the POB MEAN. Not The worst said he's kind of bouncing back and forth they're playing both sides. Expect you to turn on this quick. I news going to happen. Not This I mean what a what an asshole you are. Somebody's gotTa do it. Might as well be God. Did us a favor man? It's a great jingle. I've never said a bad word. You're a fucking astle. Talented is to own Israel. The talks it culture in this off on ballistic great interest in it's connor just steamrolls of art that was given to the office or wheelchair friends. You've crushed his hopes. The Druze by snapping Pats Mugshot. I'm sure we'll get a song about this. Oh come on this place? Saturday nicer human beings in this office. We WILL YOU BE. We are a part of it Other the nicest guy in here co work you went. Whoa show any time. Someone goes the gas they always ask. If anyone needs any disassociate myself with you scumbag smart selfish trip the name of the company to what something different company you know what you mean. Xenos up here. Echoing got the pair. It was repeating. Any is part of it brochures human being of all time. I came here three years ago with Pierce Soul and that Song Completely Tom. Lehman at somebody else. Only got about forty five times worse in your arrival in America well fuck and toxic northern nothing but posts volunteer and stuff back in Pittsburgh ethnic I got you a fucking everybody else care. Biggest energy drinks I've ever seen in my life. I don't need that much energy sugar-free he tried to tell me. Coffee and drink twenty coffee a day. It's cost often comes from the Earth match Rod. Would what else he comes off. It gives you wings. Let's put in a coffin. Nothing uranium interesting talking about energy drinks. Yeah Okay Yeah to make sure we're talking about an energy drinks as opposed to you going to keep saying J. direct competitor of a company signing a contract goes out now. I think we've gone too far. This point yeah. You gotTA bleep it out. I guess he does put me in interesting. It's been a very because that is the big. Every week on the dotted line yet. No this is a gallon. Of of sugar for your. Are you going to drink that? Entire thing. In one sitting. No what do you mean you put it back in the fridge flats my name on it. Tony Martin dumpy smart by the way because things get wasted. Or I don't know if anybody's GonNa Steal Your Gallon or but I do think when water things like that it becomes a real ish ever since water crisis of twenty twenty. I started bringing my own. Ronca Shaker. Your own your own growl or nothing all day all day. It's amazing thirty two hours a mound. Do here we go back. Actually actually ty please give us. Oh Go ahead seemed having fun Sit Down there you go. You could probably fucking sin what happens cooking. I didn't start this I saw. I saw other people on twitter. Adam there were to see all time culture. Get Them we love you. You're the Buffalo. You know yeah just little constructive criticism from on the part. We have been a big. Do less podcast. This is outrageous. I'm assign him. Try My best friend. Let's go we had somebody job. Shadowing Nick Saban your fucking ECO ACRE. Incredible almost fucked up shit of that of Lord question for everyone before the show. What are hotdogs? Made out of we mentioned on the live show earlier What are hot dogs when it was mentioned? It was said you don't want to know what's in dog. Just want to enjoy the and he had no idea but here. We are at the point where we pigs potholes main component lips and butthole slips in bottles and then all the other leftover shit. They just need a me crash all the scraps leftover on the floor. It tastes good. There's no food transforms I? The way a hotdog is cooked. Makes it either absolutely delicious or gross and I cannot eat it like if it's grilled hotdog. I'm all in but if it is cooked any other way. I'm fully out on them. Boiling can but that's when you got the trays of just like an eight hundred hotdogs in cafeteria. I'm yeah alone. Will American cheese around the thing and then you put the ketchup in the bottom with the with. I need growth Mike with now exploded. Probably Joanna's is head as a child but now I walked by Echo. I walked by Costco. The microwavable bacon named Joe so it was so fuck with me to Samo. Let me but if I why she. She bakes the Bacon. This is the first human I've ever encountered in the air from it. A whole new game the baked debate and I assume the Air France says it's very very so good is microwave. Bacon Real Bacon. Bacon is making a hot dog in big now know a whole pretty good way but just up until about what a minute and a half ago. You didn't know the pigs hassles. Were being eaten by you on a regular basis. I I mean I'm not a hot dog. Aficionado like Z. But I mean I'll dabble in the art of dodge. The first part he even more than once the battle of port diligent. They let me one. Would they do would they do because he got no conversation about potentially getting mark being an influence or I remember that yeah with the the boss coming in? Yeah whatever happened. They said they're just by the whole office. Launches that are paying me. I mean I said yes right away and Philip Morse L. I'm selfish gene. That's an interesting. I do not know that happened. I would have been intrigued to see how we would have approached that hours that he hasn't Harvey. What did we have to do for the free lunch? Just tweet out Zita. Don't vote and stuff. Don't vote go. Vote go over us. Yeah well we're the free lunch. We should've done that. I was I was on board. That is one way to win. A silver is bring us lunch. It works every time with business since I season. You don't have to worry about that. Box Office is a lot healthier than the last time I was here. Get off your high horse up lament. That's how he reacts. Big Difference we marched versus when we were last December ever a month ago Super Bowl. Yeah I mean I was football season still on. I don't know if I'll be able to survive in football season by put on thirty like. Is that just going to be my life? Now I've done it for the last ten years thirty on thirty it's tough. I went back and looked at me on the couch a few times. I had to start running. It was pathetic when you're going back to the booth when you're on camera smart. We're on camera every day though it is interesting to kind of see yourself grow. Oh Yeah foxy will cut together like a highlight of something we said okay. Let's flashback to whenever we predicted. This is gonNA happen three months ago and they put it up on screen. I'm like Jesus. We'll that Charlie Weis. You're also the lights. Do not help them Very Pale light. It is isn't it? Yeah nothing wrong with that for you guys at the White Very Pale because it bounces off the desk bottle. The milk world so very very pale outside. I mean Goddamn sons never outside done. Mashru go on any more rain. The rain. The last six months has been tough. Yeah comes in case. It doesn't leave. It's interesting I do think. I have a tanning but at the house. You're really never bought it just because I was on vitamins. One day walk through store. The habit house like lady lay down or stand up. Somebody say what Store Family Leisure Natural. I can't go anymore. I I have to stay out. They have everything. You could possibly wanted a very expensive. Don't they always beach with the lights? They always light up something that you want by. It's everything that you put right up in front COSCO TO ME. I was a new TV. I don't need new. Tv got new one. It's the biggest most expensive TV. I've ever seen in Montana in the front in the thing can't do it and I think I'm GonNa Bring attending back into the office down here. What else do you think about Costco? You were in there and you had never really been in one of those stores right. That's awesome in there. What time of day you go right in the middle of the day Sunday. I saw there in Corona viruses happening. So everybody's GonNa standoffish. Who's going stocking up? Yeah I wanted to ask everyone since we last episode we did the Guess I did actually finally did. Break my news on my timeline about the toilet shortage. It's a real thing. That guy wasn't just making that up. If you had to go and Costco and get one item to stock up on Earth. What would it be once that goes makes you didn't understand? It was wrapping himself like a mummy with toilet paper aisle. That was GONNA help the Cronin virus. I think that's potentially the toxic culture mindset. You have to distance yourself from what you said the other day you. I think you do that a lot with the talks culture thing to you just kind of distance yourself from what he said. I mean I'll sneak and get a jab at the grocery saw. Those peanut butter protein bars crystals. I was GonNa say the same answer. Dude seized the best protein bars of all time. These are the best. I will not give their name because this is a massive promotion that we're giving the best protein bars ever created. We found him there. Soft or healthy cookie. It's supposed to be healthy. Some how are they protein? It's healthy area. That's that's the thing like if you could find healthy something healthy to taste good. I think you've figured out life. I think we did lose weight with twelve day sick at this hour. They're all five everytime. Yes yes every time you look over. He's under apple. A New York Watch. Nick Discuss Stared Zeno. Propaganda Body can't even absorb that much to day. You're having five day. No no no. I have one in the morning after the workout. First our own I eat like half's during the day they are so good. Ga You have the ability to half of Something Chore Boxes. No were I was saying you know is really good at eating half something saving like. Oh we order lunch and like a normal size lunch. They don't save the rest for dinner. He's actually actually is normally eats at like at length less than an hour later. I will say this though I went to subway or yesterday and I didn't know double meat was an option fucked up. It was a lot. Is it reasonable? Rice well yeah dollars for like a foot long and just two more for extra meat. I ate two words the cut out the CARBS. Yeah but see. Cmt Spicy Italian. Carter went to subway for lunch the other week. Give me B. M. T. texts foxy for us. Nick would it be was also? It doesn't matter. Go ahead. Yeah you don't need to know what it is you just order. It goes no what it just put lettuce yesterday. That was the that's not. I have no idea what you meatball off. Sandwich like a B. I wouldn't have you met. It's bigger meteor. Tastier is what they the original marketing. Yes yes I know. I've never heard of that in my entire life. That was if you would think she's got double the meat on that. I would have been era. We cannot sure the sandwich wasted two dollars. Extra Sierra packed. Do you always always GonNa go double me now. No it's too much to handle. I go double meet every single time. Oh yeah how different. I always go steak and chicken mushroom like like they just do one scoop your double scoop and you're like well. It was a light skinned. Come on I think I get a point my point across because I say double meat first and then I say very light rice so I want them to know that my whole the burr space in the Burrito the volume of it is taken by sometimes your Burrito Barista though they'll really be get a balancing the chicken on top of the chicken and you'll be able to get you that some of them though are a little bit shakey absolute crap. It's all depends on whether or not they care about your happiness or just get the job. That's what it's all about. I will say that. I think it was the reason why police added the the top window. Because once I was ordering I spend to the food college knowing I was like basically I in that entire container of chicken might as well give. It also just walked away. I just had to get out of the owner. 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I think it might be my lock you down in because then it becomes a psych avows. Well well maybe it is. I'm out yeah no to. It depends on what their setup is. Do I get my own bed. Nice do I get a TV? Do I get a remote? How many meals if it's one of those meals How much spending meals like? I think that because when you're sick you're you're in bed like you're you're so that particular environment is massive to whether or not. It's a success story or not. I think in my us. It's like Rehab if I didn't have net flicks for Rehab. Anybody would be able to sit there on their bedridden. Not Deal do it. So if you're GONNA forty five hundred bucks and you get to pick environment. I think that is signed me up. Yeah see I see. I thought you could just continue on with your life and just have corona virus just to see how many people get it because of you know that they're kind of giving you a controlled like a non contagious version of off boy. They can't fuck and figure out a cure but they'll give you a non-contagious version of studying for them. Because you've got to be able to one strain figure out how the body reacts you know. Maybe there's just one kid that just changes everything about corona virus. Who knows. I don't know I'm just throwing some stuff out testing the waters. Geez you're having a rough day. Great Day this is a great day. Good day you just busted a piece of Art. Aw beautiful one of a kind of woodwork. Your boss friend on it. I don't harp on the negatives of my day but if we were to include the shattering of the wooden piece yeah today was a little but aside from that. It's you just hawk. The basketball it gets the one handed catch. I didn't hock it. I didn't like a soccer goalie. Throwing the ball out the midfield whose gentle path because watch this manteo boaters off the face of the piece of art. I didn't know that it was made of Straw using Straw gift burned. Sketch of PATS. Face why would you even throw a ball at well? Because he thinks he's Randy Johnson with that fucking even. I know it's a piece of Art Jealous. Don't be so jealous of peace. And oh no I am. Joe's at your Mugshot is a photo because I can't find mine but I've thrown the basketball off that pillar. I don't know a thousand times and I've come close so you're one thousand and one and a half came close and he decided to keep doing exactly thrill thrill of it was driving me nuts. I loved it. Taken deep. Threes from there is the best and then here we are you know shatters. One-time currently holds the view repair repaired plaster walls and doors. Have you run through doors? Four holes high seventeen. That's I don't question that's a real number. You've repaired seventeen. No I've caught seventeen and then we've had to pay for. I seventy destructive. Learn how to do the drywall. Yeah they can. They can sometimes tell so. I just decided fuck it. We'll just have a professional. There is a really cool. These are not. He's Malek Seal Ish. Flip by fucking throw not credits putting a thousand holes in our old house and Sosa from playing darts. She's a little piece. I Dunno it covers up the holes appeal with a fly swatter plaster off of it. Pull IT OFF PRETTY GOOD SMART. Sou. I put a Tony size hole in the wall of our college house. After steelers beat Arizona Cardinals in Rancho? Oh Yeah Literally. A hole in a wall or worth it absolutely. We're man. Someone said this is the Kool aid. Man All water the juice or is it the container that hit the containers as clothing. He's everything yeah that's his. It's every always an echo skill. Now you have. The WHO laid itself is is like muscles blood lifeblood personality personality. Yeah I mean His brain is bill does he make more coolly spills. You charge it to the game. He is living a risky life. My friends running y'all's as a glass jar with no LID. But that's why after respect on what he says. Oh yeah he's a doer for a long time he'd be throwing balls off that pillar mario because he lives life on the edge. Nobody's smart. He doesn't in tactical fashion instead of the Arctic. Fashion is usually tactical is just one time one thousand times remember. You said you've done one thousand one. Yeah I didn't see a common. Dnc comment on how you think. How do you not see it because I it's it's usually just the same motion? Just a little flip up and then it goes and it comes right back and this time it did. It artist made that by the way Greg I got got one leg shadowed smash the piece of art from an artist who has one leg. He's Picasso labored on that paining for our one year. Is that worth a thousand in one? Little passes off the wall. Why so you can keep track of score or points? That don't count. Well say no. I'll say it wasn't worth it but in the end I'm better for it now. Alcohol in the talk of the Kool aid man scooped it out like a like a jungle juice type thing. Would he recreate more juice? Like its blood. Because when we lose blood we need someone to pour some powder news Do you need people to poor blood in you? When you lose blood lose enough so it transcends was the last time you've had a transfusing blood before transfusion nick. I haven't heard that much. I'm not talking about draining. The Guy to Gilles basis here just to Think he I think he runs out and then he gets one big refill easy. He goes all the way to zero. Then I think he's like my gas down to one sixteenth one twentieth can. Does anyone in here fill up when they're not on zero all the time. You don't have own a car. I don't part your nice guy just low fuel level. That's when I feel like I was just GonNa ask you guys though. We like Kool aid. More than Hawaiian Punch right. I don't I is very close kool-aid for sure after having the Kool AIDS in the office. Whoever brought those in juice box of wine if it's just Red Kool aid versus wind project? I'm taking got the multitude of flavors. Sir What about Capri Sun? I'm out I'm always thinking in the straw breaking the straw out on those. Yeah they make the fucking punch hole like impossible to get through it about a lot of juice. One squeeze informed gushers scribbles swift us the plastic the canons feral things. Those are huggies diabetes. Hockey's good that got me through some summers back in the day you guys like did you guys make the the whole small as possible and then squirted out like sports drink. I did absolutely out bite into it. My teeth yeah. That's an you would. Yeah what was it you were talking about the squeeze you like a fight when you were running around the yard time you just turn into the Hud heart hot day. You have pretty strong fingers friend me did it. Sounds is with your teeth right in there. You guys were awesome thumb wrestling yes. I wasn't that good. How is that the Cheetah to do the pointing finger over the top? Yeah do the wrap around absolutely go around the left side. Come around the top. I got the trigger finger. Wrap around the wraparound charm. Every time every time a little run there for I think probably the Do you remember the leg wrestling thing? That happened on their backs. Push you have to figure rockaway? Yeah Yeah and yet the push on jackass dominant. I was yeah. I think it may be why plum God this I think was kids. I think they did on Jackass Lou the feet on feet where you'd match your feet up with each other and try and push and so you could get the advantage. What kind of like the hello. What's the water boats pedal? Those aren't the worst remember. Kennywood used to have any puts you out there and you're like Oh this is fun and you're fucking style at one time in my entire career. There never again never again in the Indianapolis magazine Tore Magazine. There's those things in the guy. Has HIS HOUSE ARREST. Anklet on a couple quick questions. If you're on the water it doesn't come get arrested in. Those waters allegedly allegedly allegedly nick. You Still Berry that. You're the Buffalo Guy. I think we're past acknowledged by toward back on good side of Buffalo. I think so out. Welcome back now over. Hone big motoring Kenya Young. This is not a shot though. Because you're just really good at impersonating things I don't know that. Might be a little heightened you know I mean that may be exaggerated tad cover typically. Do that flattery offer the mood. Let's do students sell out. I got mine. Who's Guess Hoosiers Short Week? You're the Buffalo. Shouldn't come back retention in this speech. What what are you talking? Law folds guys. It's like a chair. I mean I agree. I guess let's go a hundred years. Yeah I got one. Whoever decided that Yale automatically wins the Ivy League tournament? I think that guy's a sell out and he's robbing people. In student athletes of basketball. It might be so grow. Virus Ivy Ivy League decided to cancel their tournament in the l. One bulldogs automatic. I disagree with it to the Knicks earlier. Look they're gonNA go maybe WanNa maybe they don then and so. Every year we leaked Shelford. Yale no don't like who cares. Don't get hot. Don't let you ever watch those kids. Are Shooters knows campuses? Hotbeds for Corona virus. So many international students probably been home recently. I mean Christmas. Owners running rampant in the Ivy League. Mark my words this. There's a Wuhan satellite campus. There might be by the way I guess it was created by bats. Now they're they're through schools of thought we're talking about one. Oh one is it was created from this Lane weird meat of bat in bat soup at and the other is that it was man made in a lab. Don't eat bats well off talking the the store catch adult. This story quick. There's no they were eating bad. Santa restaurant cooking them. I saw that at that. See that to me. Feels to believe it's like if you're GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA go baby. It's a delicacy their effort to go catch a bat. You'RE NOT GONNA hide it. You'RE NOT GONNA hide that bat soup here. That's totally hand. Caught Bats hummingbirds of the cave world. It's true it's true. It's very true echo-location. I've Bats live in my house. What do you? You're not eating them. I got a bat house though that they they live in. The House. Like a birdhouse. Yeah you get these things hospital box. The part they get all the bugs US gangster they. Are Your Boys Your Bats? Then I see they do work. They do their job. I did my own is the aussies you ever. Did you ever fuck with them? When you're little and like threw rocks up in the air and that will fly fly at the rock. Yeah they just dive in the area where it's yeah. I think somebody WHO's in my yard. Last night was barking was pitched again. Chuck was barking intruder alert. I do I think so too true. But they're in the woods though. I think chuck was barking. So let them hyenas in your backyard. Coyote yeah more so now they will eat little dog. I know I have to go out now. So anytime chuck goes out. I have to go out just in case I gotTA kick a coyote so chuck and val go out. It's like nine thirty at night in val never valid super chill at this point vows. Ears go up in her back perks up and they both sprint into the woods. Like in Pitch Black and I'm like always been a coyote. Is that a coyote. So I'm like fuck like I'm going to have to go Friday Terry in the woods so I go jogging towards it and then they took off into the woods even further. I'm like fuck so I turned around. I'm like well it's too far. I'M NOT GONNA be able to get them. Now they're spot and then they both come jogging back like happy as anything. We come back inside them like dogs. Just chase something and seems like chased what. I was like. I have no idea. It was a human error yard and I was like didn't even think about that. There probably is a fucking floodlights at your house. My backyard fully comes on. I don't know four or five times a night with a motion sensor sensor like what is it got is coming back and of course I had to get up and fucking check every shot time to make. It's never anything I've no idea it's wild. I thought I was going to get away with coyote last night or human. I you beat the fuck out. Oh yeah there's two of them. Though so much area you might need to set up like a self automated All I got that. They had in the Congo exact time. I saw Congo and they had those guns. That was probably the coolest movie scene. I've ever seen of all time I've ever seen it but I love these these bad killer. Apes WERE COMING IN. They were trying to jump through laser field and they were just getting. Merck Down Metal Awesome. It was awesome. Who's your who's your cell door dash or dash done? Oh 'cause you're gonNA stop there Don Dude. I'm talking with them. What are you going to be done because the current Ivar? So that's true. Did they did send an email. I believe today that they're going to monitor their drivers which I have. No idea have done that in their existence of mine was in Michigan Today. Dearborn Michigan. Did you hundred miles away. Nine hundred eight mile how we got here. That's the way one of them's adding a feature. Where like you don't have to interact with the driver. They'll just drop the food off warning. Even which is I mean practically what they do now. Oh they sneeze on it to other drop it on the fucking concrete to say when they pick through my food now or they're gonna wear surgical gloves now. He's normal spray with disinfect. Like the video. Dallas School. I actually did the same thing myself today. I mean we have the the hand sanitizer bottled down there and I did it before. Eight A. Clementine today and boy did that whole bad call. It's cleaned out my insides. Though we are we are good but no poisonous. Alkyl TRACE AMOUNT STILL BLUES DRINKING EXACTLY. Sidewalk slammer. Just take so many times ads the Dome every time you have pain. I've been while working on that. There was a guy arrested on live. Pd The other night. He was off in his truck outside Walmart right by. My house almost stopped over there to go say hello guy. But I didn't know people still did that. That Wal marts Larry went into all just got a court of bear paint and book and I felt then his pupils right next to it. A little so it was like a good one. Good batch primer primer. Paint DOWN. He obviously opened his window. Just dropped it and then as he was doing that. So there's a paint can and then there was puke and then there's a hat right next to it and then two windows all the way up and he was asleep in conflict knocked on with the flashlight and is like what are you doing. Sleeping words create man. I know people still did that. Used to be massive really. The huff heavy used to be a problem. It was definitely thing. We were children because like I know like my parents. Like what are you GonNa do fucking run around and jumping off. The things I got off paint would use something. Thank you my uniform. Ready to go. Catch our son huffing paint. He's on an Mongoose. Pegues was would add. There's really only two verge. You either had a mongoose or diamondback Offi feel dino was done. It was a good one when they made the ability to completely turn your three sixty Giro. Yup We're the brakes like cut off out at work. Hostile owners thing. They'll break right now. There were like the brakes went through this. It was it was really center rattled them. It's a way of way above our heads. Real cool and then there was a clan or that. Your sixty on the Nephew three handlebars they would spend around. You looked awesome them. They look really cool. Anything about that Do you ever read a bike. Yeah I wrote a bike. I don't think you wrote a by road quite hot right now. Flu Can I bunny hop on the bike? I don't know if I can buddy up. I would do this kind of wrote him. Push down job. I was not a skater. Believe me you just play. Video Games did a lot of game her safe. My studio the week is close malone fans anyone else I mean this guy was just performance his heart out he was really feeling it was very very very much. He was often paid. Who Cares if he was? He's a guy I'm just says. We looked like everyone back in my day. If you're if you're rockstar was not fucked up they weren't Rockstar Amen. Sober Musicians macklemore. Goes Ham. He's sober which Ed's data song. Since John He was in the man saw he made so much money. You didn't after what he did that one that whole album by a very good if you listen to. I'm just saying postponed should have been celebrated this weekend instead of being questioned because he was giving his life to his art and he was also in Spencer confidential who actually not a bad performance glebe credible movies. Yeah I tell you what I thought that moves. I'm incredible but yeah I was surprised. Good Watch what you thought. It would be exactly. It was Ted with not tell you what if Mark Wahlberg yeah. Yeah of course Ted Teddy Bear God. Mark might be the most watchable actor. Oh for sure for like me. If it's Walberg is in a movie I'm watching plays Mark Wahlberg in every movie awesome. It's pretty sweet. People made a lot of my Tom. Cruise Iraq. Let's Naggar Will Smith. I'll watch it for. Obviously what are you talking about? Played himself and every move it smart because it'd be thought he's pretty good. He's great land off blind cakes. Dunk Aladdin pretty so. I've never seen the originals of either of those. I've only seen the new ones. Lying fucking sin book is terrible. Kit As absolutely terrible child. I did not enjoy. The voice selections like for the Children for the GROWNUPS. Saying here Tony. I didn't. This is America Donald Glover and beyonce. I love both of them. I loved Donald. Glover is my favorite artist. You well. It's childish Gambino then so don't say it if he's your favorite artist Dan poison artisan in the acting as well where he's Donald Glover. Yeah he was acting in liking. You fucking childish. Gambino cakes continue. Voices hammered a piece art today. So I mean done. Hamr it if you did I passed the ball off it and it broke his his made a straw. Check the cameras on and we'll have to follow an absolute legend in that role and I thought he did a decent job. I'm nursing Robin as the genie. But I've heard he obviously amazing the Will Smith I thought Russia some good humor longest stooge or saw you. Don't talk about what you're talking about earlier. I forget what I was saying. What was his BACCHUS PITTSBURGH PIRATES? Fuck STINK. Two of them got thrown out at home plate the same play. How does that happen? And that's just be a little bit good they'll love. Ya users will show up if you were just worth a single fuck. Was pickle pickle pickle. There's one throw one guy stands up from Neil walks tabs of his two hots double-play spring training for its kinks. Look like regular season. Pirate baseball though. That's the thing there in midseason form already you guys. Getting thrown out beautiful gorgeous. You ever see a black doubts awesome. It's great while being blocked up the best but they just stink. The ownership ownership in Sports James Dolan gets a lot of respect the dumb decisions he makes and I put them right up there but the pirates ownership is just so bad so so I mean how dare he makes Spike Lee go through the famous person insurance instead of the employee. Entrance is that what happened. Season ticket holder entrance usually accustomed to the employee entrance. Oh years through the employee entrance and he always took good from the famous person entrance. There's a famous person entrance to season ticket holder in yes prime and VIP Charles. I mean that'd be pretty pissed off to if I went through one door for twenty years and one day Yeah apparently there was a handshake like conversation between Dolan and Spike Lee and then Spike Lee. Basically right after fuck. Actually I'll just walk through anyways. And he spent over thirty million dollars over only person that stayed loyal to that Shit. Only when someone say. That's that's on him so you would turn if the steelers were well there you go but if if the Pittsburgh steelers had a different team in Pittsburgh that you could also route for in the NFL do that now like if there's an xfl Pittsburgh team in the NFL like his New York has to NBA. Teams I mean. He could have easily made the switch from nets. You know what I'm saying. Tony would sell out so quick. The other two if they're good for sure same city. Don't believe you would tell you what you would never. What if it was the What if Big Ben went to the other Kids Pittsburgh? Yeah Pittsburgh Burghers Ben Stiller's for team the Pittsburgh hardhats Pittsburgh. Sandwich is a couple of Kach sticker. His does a couple of Our Pittsburgh Italians there's another. Nfl just jumpsuits football team was it the Pittsburgh steelers go on and get them steelers. This is how I'm from found with the great football team warning Taylor this out up dedicated. There's a few my friends who are very upset with me because my wedding is on hall of fame weekend and now they can't go see troy in car get inducted hall of fame come here. You don't know what those problems are like Fox and friends. Luke is it a game. It's all about the people getting into the hall of fame. Got Nothing to worry about our enjoy. Put the entire city on her back for twenty years. Watch it on twitter right. You gotTA wedding. That's more important. Yeah but what happens if everybody has a wedding in? Pittsburg can't represent and steals in the air. Shed tears they might trade. Your average quarterback Matt Stafford giving these guys shifts hall of fame career. He's the best quarterback Chester. You have some respect okay. Never who's number two I mean yeah? Don't Rodney Scott. Mitchell is Rodney. Peete as well who Joey Harrington Joey Bosa. There's a yeah. Thank you got anybody. That is the toxicity. I'm not having one this week. Actually all your own sure. That's what you WanNa call me because if you WANNA call it told me and means sounds like it. Wow you had one did I fuck you? Come participate in the in the second. I mean you couldn't think of I have one but I'd just be doubling down what I said last week. Lavar ball let her fly. Says he doesn't need to be on shows anymore. Let your kids play in the NBA? And get the fuck out of the way he gets. The needle goes up my friend. No I'm done with these articles. Podcast with coach. Jp did he really need all fucking electric. Those guys God's item. Could you fathom die? You got anybody. Yeah I hate to do it but Gary Sanchez. You fucking stooge might have curl virus that God Damn Yankees. Starting catcher might have checked out and flew right now. So I'll tell you what the MLB might not start until like may Japanese league. They're already pushing. Dip Shits are getting sick. They're touching licken people. I'm sick of it. Who Cares? I mean me I like fuck. Watch it if they moved. There may though isn't that I don't give a shit about that. But you know one thing happens and Gary Sanchez dies from Corona. This commissioner is a more is easily here just good died. Just throw in a couple of doubleheaders. Were Fine Couple Day Nights? Don't hate the love between night. I've never done. I've never done to one of those. I would like to do that. Out of you know go to high almost did watch the world series three. Take you Homerun IRA team and come back. And get them tigers pitching. Let's get the fuck you tough dude being there. It's a lot. Yeah ballparks fun but eight hundred innings throwing it on in the background so it's very nice in the background watch golf. Yeah I do I can do. What did you just run through the entire baseball temperature? All you got to your next news before we finish on debate is a couple of things here. The Bates is back. It's back oh boy. It's not yet though I next. New Corners is good news Dating APP launches for men were smaller penises. Wise the situation in how quickly do dinky one is. Dating APP is smaller. Biases aimed at removing the stigma surrounding. Pena size next episode of Dave First Shirts. He probably created this. By the little dicky probably created this and I can't wait to watch it. All unfold with the women have shallow. Vaginas is that what no they like. Having ACORNS. I mean why would you? Why would you willingly sign up? Automatically list could googling you here you're part of a dude's with like massive dogs are signing up. That is not what I signed up. I was say it's not Di's already got to edit. Have Shit out go through Youtuber. Eight a fourteen month old burger to prove he can eat anything under the sun. There's a thirty two minute videos on Youtube. It's been viewed more than seventy three thousand times Student Matt he bought a big Mac fries and chocolate milkshake in November of two thousand eighteen. The fast food is packed in an airtight container and he buried it in a hole in his friends garden dug it up a year later. Eight it hold it all down without puking is he seems to be so alive. I want is the fries under my under my seat. It's been tapped me. I see all time potato but they go bad Jedi this recently. So he's GonNa die. It's not out of the cards. I guess but Seems to be okay for now. So it's a good sign guys woods better than a good night's sleep nothing. There is absolutely nothing better in right now. Lisa mattresses is has their new spring sale. Going on we're talking free shipping and ten percents off any mattress. I have one of these guys. Let's go It is. It is the best mattress. I've ever had in my life when this one runs out which probably never will. I'm going to re up with another Leesamattress Back there the best again free shipping on their new spring sale with ten percent off any mattress at Lisa Dot com anything else. Nick paraplegic man from Gainesville is suing General Motors and General Motors. Canada gumby says the seat warmer in his pickup truck cause third degree burns on his legs during long. I can see it get hot. They get hot hot and learn them off well. The man has no feeling below his waist eggs. So if you leave them on forgot I forgot. About the paraplegic. Good feel the burn off beginning of this episode. You talked clearly about how everybody else is the problem i. I've select viewing I've forgot about that. This is the first word I said. Yet don't listen very well true. That's a good point. How much does he? So we don't know but let's assume he's going to get a hefty sum. All right finish on not digs. Is the Bates. This debate ready for A. Let's not get mad about it anymore. About debates nick host digs offsides. Did you guys see the video? The year the Buffalo Guy. Right up a little biddy for you come out to be and we got a new back. Row News Five Garden. Did you guys you know? The whale was literally so scared to be in the ocean that he decided to ram his head into the rocks and try and himself because he's being chased by seal though he wasn't thought the same thing that we did. We just read the headline. We looked at up ahead being chased by a seal and just was so scared of decided to ram its head into the rocks and I think it was just trying to get away. I don't know if it was intentionally ramming that they had to be euthanized Very very tremors worked in known it just went off the cliff into the basin. So my question is we've done the what do we know more about? What is scarier space or the ocean? Who The ocean here? There are. No more teams thing just didn't fucking workout. That's a free for all free for all. This is going to end up with everyday. Turn on you. I think that's okay with that. No I don't I don't think that's good. I think it's the bathes. Everyone is already turned on me. No yes gigs. To be turned on us. Turn on Sore You don't deserve it. Foxy. I don't care you know what's more scary in my eyes The ocean because we know so much about it. You don't I mean it's kind of a scary you waiting out there but yeah exactly you wade out there in the open. Waters No yes. I'm scared of scary. The Devil you know is more scary. Devil you don't know what's angry. Turn it down there. Yeah prehistoric creatures. Potentially I agree the worst thing to you. Go on call Charlie hunnam stooge off. So don't even start. Start with the slander. Slander guys dog. We see these. King Duncan Keith. Off The whole host. Because he's handsome guys pissed se wasn't canceled exactly who you'll even know this guy is. He's data relevant guys very handsome young gentleman. What if he wasn't handsome pushing fucking room somewhere? That's not an actor that's ninety nine. Percent of Hollywood gentleman was incredible rate in the gentleman. haven't seen it don't want to because he's in. It just absurd to suck in each other offer. I mean Steve. Buscemi is an ugly ugly man and he's a great. He's a firefighter. You shut your mouth. Yeah does that make you feel good? He's terrible looking so you don't just dominate you that the digs of eight. Then what the expenses scarier. No no I don't think died faster space to for what lack of oxygen you're obviously in a spacesuit. Yeah Yeah but in a situation like gravity would be pretty scary if you were like repairing telescoping like an asteroid. Storm came out suck but outside of all right. So that's over Clark rat situation. Would you rather be in your in a little space shuttle and you've got ten days worth of oxygen but you could see earth sit no words or in a little dinky boat in the middle of the ocean? You got ten days worth of food for that spatial clearly. Real the battle the elements null depots son. Rain all down on you. You're thirsty be cantering. Water salt water saved though the ocean. Osha you're sure right. Do I have ten days worth of flares caution. Sharp waters is there will be shark-infested waters the water's shark-infested not all handy money What's Nice Fishing Pole? Go fishing then. He got food for longer than ten days laws. So this up vacation we bite into a raw fish. Start cooking the sauce on Cook Death. Never Sushi. I guess you never cooked a fish with a son. Oh survival mode broken magnify. It's not hard to cook a Fishman of all the easiest fish real cooks scale it. I fail the quickest meat to cook. That's Bumblebee Tuna. That's not like catching a fish in the ocean. Piece of cake and Susan is what do you use them as Bait? My fucking finger out at all. You Chop off the water with the toes pinkie. Toe can't go fishing in space. Can't go fish space. Good luck garage for other stars in a spaceship. Obviously well equipped and AIN'T GONNA less takes more than ten days to get back to earth my friend. Yeah technically was not a part of your original now okay. So you're eleven days away from this kind of no brainer anywhere. Outside of the atmosphere is at least ten days away. I don't know two months. Look pretty quick though. No Mad Mike. Is it really yeah? Came down pretty quick to start the ocean scarier top speed on the way down actually next debate. He took who wins in a fight. Chuck Norris Happy Birthday Video. Thank you chuck reviewed video. And they're both they're both myself and cut it to go through. These dudes are in their prime. Jeez Chuck Norris Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Chan billion balls in their prime both in their prime shit. Are they both on the BOWFLEX? No because only chuck the BOWFLEX. Jackie Chinese or run up wall like actually used to run up walls. Chuck Norris has been fighting fat stooges with flannel shirts on for the last four years and Jackie. Chan was taken out the COOSA. Yeah John Towel. No brainer address ran up walls in some of the best parts of Jackie. Chan's movies were after the credits. Whenever they're showing him just fucking up. I mean the guys the own stunts. Sorry accident prone you ever saw chuck fucking up like that. Now you're right. He's pursuing outtakes for chuck because he never had one. I didn't think about that is true. Good point good call good point Texas Texas Ranger Texas Walker as ranger. I mean Walker if you think the guys that he was fighting in Texas. We're fat stooges. I mean they were go back and watch anything about Texas fat stooges with goatee and moustache the only guys Chuck Norris ever odd buddy. Beat the hell. Did you come on? Gotten the Peace Gawk. Piece DOT ASP positioned himself in a position to have a soundboard just completely acceptable question. Soundboard over. Who Do you think bigger? Jackie China that's what I'm talking about. Fan Wiser Human. Wise human was chuck. Norris Jackie Chuck is listed at five eight one fifty four Tom. Cruise Eulogies Jackie's five ten one. Ninety five to Jank Jackie's five ten. That's what he's listed at. Two Hundred Dollars. I one hundred and fifty four jeeze Michael Tucker Czars thinking of Martin Lawrence Up. That's not good that's makes sense. That's you many worse you to Michael. Tucker. And you said Ob- sorry I was thinking about Martin Lawrence. Yeah so you Miss Chris duckers name an Martin Lawrence is dame at the same time Lawrence into so. I'm just rush. Hour is standing next to Chris. Paul could tell trump saying you can tell these fights up. Jackie Chan because he didn't believe it. Fuck it just wipe it all. Go back to go back to Jackie. Chan wins martial arts better than whatever chuck knows. Chuck does all the keys. A black belt in martial arts as well. It's pretty wide. He's black belt up. Wasn't just getting kicks as a tough judge. Dodgeball was and it was fuck. Chuck Norris is a black belt in Jackie. Chan is all the colors combined belt. I think the Black Ronald. I don't think chuck would like to see that bill. You can't say that. He was very against gay marriage doors that he was a very big advocate against gay marriage. Really Yeah Not WanNa see felt. Thanks ahead we're back. We settled on Jackie. Jackie for sure. Final debate better holiday Saint Patrick's Day or July Fourth of July fourth in the southern size. Never GonNA be cancelled weather. Can't allow it to lie for better weather for sure. That's huge. There's no expectation you just you just want your own. Debate was always expectation barbecue with like a treat or any benefits of Saint Patrick's Day that you don't get in Fourth of July sometimes on July fourth. You have to work. The next day Saint Patrick's Day is always celebrated for me on a Saturday. That's July fourth is commonly some about five out of seven years. That I'll take Alex. Oh don't you not work on Fourth of July like every day Saint Patrick's Day everyone works? Don't they like Tuesday? Everyone will still on Saturday. So you'd never work so you get the day off with. He's playing a card here but it is a valid cards but you celebrated on the weekends you can have a three day weekend you could. Yeah smart and saved your Pto. Unlike Tony now if it's Friday great. How often that APP four years this year out of the? Goddamn ear for me consistency. And there's no expectations expectations Saint Patrick's day very large. I think trump what you'd normally do you have it. I think you have to do it to magnify it by ten. Have to fuck up July fourth. GotTa go to some persons cook out. You don't want to be there to talk to people you don't want to talk to you. Sweating says who Y- Chugged Beers on top of a sounds like you airmont July fourth. No I've never had to go out to the bars. And there's a billion people at the bars on St Patty's Day had a bad experience and remember what he said his socks. Tony Experience to bulldogs. What are you talking about? All deputy drool I yes sir. Good for you. They'll spill any water. Oh they definitely do that. But I don't fucking to the bowl the toilet bowl what I missed. Tony's never had wet song wipe out loud. Tony Dry socks. They Call City had twenty twenty vision. I could see water from a mile away. This might be a great gift. What sock sucks. I never had? What socks either true. Good Point Joe. This is actually worn a pair of the entire day through them. That means ring. Amount of fear factor. Shit don't do that what we're socks. Well are you wearing right now about? That was in his contract showers in the morning scorn. We've talked about this when you walked in this morning. You had not showered. That's awesome rick. Ross Body Wild. I wouldn't put it past Zito to sit on the toilet and just turn that show cheese toilet flog long. I can't believe this toxic Did you do that no data? I'm very happy with my rick. Ross Shampoo did you order it specifically or other grocery store. There's no way you actually you shampoo. That's a shampoo body wash. Yes those there's no way data shows good show guy comes back. So that's a good show. Figured Hey Grad saw in. Today's debate session. Did you know talk? I was loser. Who is the winner? Everyone except for me? We all lost listeners. Mostly because of this we apologize to you. Chose listen to this. But Westerly Learn Jackie Chan's 5-foot-10 that's a mind blurred line. He's got dogs in his shoes. Hollywood I little bit if I ever get in Hollywood hope. Assume six three or something like that might as well as as well. Tom Cruise is four eight. And he's listed at like five five genital Addi- faces more after. Tom Cruise's Oh yeah true. Fact crazy going really. Who's Aladdin's face in? The cartoon was modeled after tankers as Tom. Cruise in it. I don't know they wind him though he played hard gut couldn't get a cruiser allowed. Tom Cruise the scientologist every time we bring them up. I think about San Francisco when we walked by that scientology too scary moments saved your life. You did some say I'm mean. Tom Cruise pro boys at this. Somebody's listening right now. Let me just say some kind of positive that one guy staring down. It's probably got. This place blared Nah. I'm worried about that guy. I wouldn't be surprised and we saw that guy about five hours later. He had definitely been telling us for the entire. We didn't even know we had no idea like you Tom. Cruise in the park you force or where the hell all my God. We'll right your parking ticket. We watch it outside of an Italian place that we had to open up close. We open it up and we're looking at a fucking riot gear. Cop is writing a parking ticket here like fifteen dollars parking here. You got fucking tasers. I got they were the Graham. Oh yeah mostly now. Go Wash your hands. Don't let people keep sending in your questions at the PM. My on instagram and twitter hormone Dan. Lewis in Tuesday's power. We got owning pack. Jimmy Callahan ever in fall and go. Oh Nice Buddy. All round of a flaw.

Norris Jackie Chuck Pittsburgh Buffalo Guy Buffalo Ga Corona twitter Nick Jank Jackie steelers Tony basketball Jackie Chan Mark Wahlberg Chuck Norris Saint Patrick Costco baseball Chuck Norris Jackie Chan Jacki
ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis HR 4

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

00:00 sec | 1 year ago

ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis HR 4

"That's right guys. This is where you know, where the show of the people's that we are with the people. And when you come up to listen, you tell us, hey, you're a fan of the show. We were we give you props them and give your shot. I don't hear. Who'd you can run across Travis. I got to I ran into my old friend, Jack Rita sweat and seen in twenty years. He listens every single day. So shout out to Jack revisit and he had a guy with them named Arthur Wilkie as well who listens to us every single morning. So shout out to Jack and orphan. What about you? I was in Houston of this weekend for work. Don't tell don't tell me stretch that far. Listen, I went to restaurant called boss cat has about two hundred and three hundred different kinds of bourbons model around the world in general manager is originally from Los Angeles area. He saw me there came up was repeating soundbites drops and says he still listens to us a shutout to the general or at boss can by the way. Thank you very much recommending the deep fried, Meatloaf. He was delicious. All right depressed. Deep fry me 'love Keyshawn shoutout to a number of people vacation. So a name helps. That's why a number of people. I can't remember all the people. It was so many people that was no that's not true. It's so many people from the southern California area, but it was peop- families from Chicago that actually listened to us an awful lot. Love Travis think that the idea of bringing Travis was a home run. Love me, a bunch of interesting questions about l z. Oh, interesting. Interesting. These behavior, and they just, you know, they love kids everything it was probably on my vacation. I'll probably ran into at least forty different people all the way around that listen to our show. All right. So I'll give it shot out to Dimitrius and Kevin at little barbecue with them as today Dylan's. And so they're big fans of the show in the always ask questions about all you guys. It's always interest. Would he got Chris out on the Graham Isaac Medina thirty two when I posted my pink I post on Saturday. These drops thanks to on anyone. You came and got us on Germany. He wrote get it out of customs. They said pointing to when we did the customs been on Friday. Picked up on that bed. To get that water out of customs, or did you meet anybody? Yeah. James from the parts department at the Harley Davidson in Pomona valley. Hey, he was helping me in my part Davis. He was helping you with your parts for my. The game. That's like a new two thousand five hundred. It's not the real Harleys. The the team Nino. Have you seen this plan? It's like a Linda looking thing. I mean, real talk though, I thought you were kind of small to handle Harley now, man. Those things are expensive they're pricey. They're big and strong. You know, what else is big and strong? Good. It's time for cheese headline. These headline. This morning is presented by sprint. Cocco doodle do to you. Yes. Snakes are in the world there in the plains water. They're all over. It's a snake draft. So a Lawrence kitschy said Braham use python baton was found in the Florida Everglades. I don't know why you would be hanging around the Florida Everglades. But it's seventeen foot long python. Dangling a carrot weight at one hundred and forty pounds and contained Seventy-three developing eggs, so make seventy three more pythons, but seventeen footer. Wondering forty pounds. So a lot of typed on eggs. And it's the snake. The snake is the largest python ever removed from the big cypress national reserve is this nickname, Malcolm or something seventy two seven hundred twenty nine thousand acre. Swap Lynn west of Miami south in south Florida. I said kill the snake over they just capturing not they captured in probably returning back into wildlife. Right. Where do you own? You can't just throw it around Everglades around where you snake that it's going to hurt. So they're not supposed to be there to begin with. You know, what happened right know, what you're going to let go for the people who thought we could have a snake as a pet, right? We're have having for a pet, and they're gonna get tired of it. They just let it go onto the while. The problem is is that it's not as natural habitat. So these pythons been eaten up all the animals that aren't prepared for an doesn't have a predator. And it does never prayed on natural predator. You're listening to k p in Los Angeles. Glades are lousy with python. There might be a thirty footer out there. Just wait for you to make wrong moves. Find it book. A hundred and forty pounds snake now? Good. You can touch. I could touch it eggs seventy three story in front of you in your jerks three. So what's going to happen? I Travers Florida just going to sink because global warming. Or is it going to eaten by giant snakes? I. Thai. Feels like yes, I'm not I'm not terrified of snakes Pero need those out there. That's too much. Maybe like fifteen foot or you've been all right? But as it was actually where I live. There are a lot of rattlesnakes, right? It's southern California rows things are everywhere. Right. But my house is is it butts up against an sire. Right. So there's there's a lot of rattlesn- wildlife wildlife, you I'm okay with that. I understand that because they're gonna mind their own business. I'm gonna mind my own business. We're not going to run a new more than one hundred and forty pounds snake? I don't need that in my life is hungry. Just calling checking things out. I want to actually cut it open. What they were fine people. Me. Maybe cows cow's never know. That's crazy. Dodgers win last night. They sweep the Rockies and and to excuse me eight and two on the season through their first ten games twelve to six last night. And they're hitting home runs. Hit two more last night. Max months, he had a homerun Cody Bellinger, how to homerun Boehner's got seven on the season leads the major league early MVP candidate early MVP candidate for sure dodgers been home run in all ten of their games key. They're close the record to start a season with a home run in every game is fourteen. So the dodgers are closing in on. They are closing in on it. And the dodgers are extremely hot. Like the temperatures here in southern California. The dodgers now eight and two second best record in the mail, which is the major leagues. Raj. Twelve runs on twelve hits ten walks against four strikeouts. The dodgers scored a whopping wabi Guoping without eighty four runs through ten games. That's an eight point four average. If I'm doing the math right that. Leads the majors. Also. But our guy Cody Bellinger three he was three for four with the walk a double and a Homer. What did he miss out on to get the cycle triple triple? That's right. He missed Donald triple his seventh of the year. Was the Homer he's on pace to hit one hundred thirteen dogs. Why are you laughing in two hundred ninety two Rigby emphasize that we're because if final say it'll be your dog. That's what it is the dodgers. Salim insure Williams. Didn't look particularly great. No he didn't last night. But there is a fantastic story on ESPN dot com. Molly revere Riviera who actually interview. Or is before the game. He should read. If get an opportunity to is is nights insight about the Johnny's been through from nineteen to last night. The way keys Oregon is morning. Brought to you by Tommy snakeskin. I patch for all your snakeskin. I Pat supplies. Visit tommy's. That's right. And you know, all those stats that Keyshawn did say from Tommy snakeskin eyepatches those stats in numbers. Both BUSTER only had something to say about these numbers their offensive numbers. So far they have twenty four homers, which is the most the nationally gets second baseball behind. Seattle's the Mariners have twenty-seven. They have a team batting average of three zero seven. They have a team on base percentage of four zero three and they haven't Opie S team Opie s of nine ninety one. So far this season. They've outscored their Ponant eighty four to forty eight a run differential of plus thirty six after ten games. I went into the air not really knowing how to sort of look at the National League. And I walked away from this week and saying there's no question. The dodgers are the best team head and shoulders in the nationally. Well, the problem is is not that they haven't been the best team head shoulders in the National League for quite some time is finishing the deal. Just finish into deal. Yeah. We also have need to give shutout to kenley Jansen who went to Denver pitched and came out healthy. Yeah. And everything's great. He's lost thirty pounds during the off season that may have contributed to it. Obviously, the off-season surgery also helped, but it's just nice to see him go in that stadium pitch and not having the incident. All those numbers that BUSTER only was talking about right there. There is nearly a thousand is a team they're eight and two team. They're batting over three hundred as a team they're run differential through the first two weeks of the season is plus thirty six which is insane. All these things they're they're hot this. I want everybody to just take a snapshot of this moment. And this is what this team is when it's hot because they play the way they play there's going to be a ten game stretch where they're not hot while I can outta time happening. But this is what it is. This is how they're going to go and it works. It's gotten in the World Series two years in a row. All I'm all in on this. I think. Is a really good team. If the bullpen is right. They got tons of starting pitching the back into the bullpen. I think is pretty good too. But there's going to be some ebbs and flows in this. And it doesn't mean that you have to change it. It just means you kinda have to ride the wave when it's here. And right now, they're at the top of the wave. When they when they were in winter meetings, and they came out of winter meetings in into spring training with no major acquisitions I felt just like I felt a year ago, they obviously know their team and they're off to better than we do. And you know, they're going to have some they're going to have some issues, you know, at some point in time where they're going to have to probably make another midseason type trade or whatever the case is. But right now, you can't complain with the make up of what it is right now, if they're at all I mean, it just it's unbelievable situation that they are in again you also easy. You know, what they said this during the broadcast last night the dodgers have four guys are let me rephrase that they're missing four guys from last year's team that hit twenty five or more home runs. Four guys are gone, and they're still doing we Puig grand all Kemp Randolph and Manny Machado. Matana? We don't can't fire with us. Did he know the dodgers, but he hit a home run guy? Was like four knows more nat- you straight lost over one hundred home runs from those four guys. And they've missed a beat. That's amazing. And some of the bigger guide liked Justin Turner and Cory Seager are hitting but they're not hitting a bunch of home runs and they're St. they've had ten guys at home runs. So far this year. I mean, the home runs are all fine and dandy. Big bull. I'm Bill if there's any reason to give pause to what you're talking about in terms of you know, the street they're ruined right now is middle relief. I think that hasn't been very impressive. And I'm not just talking about Joe Joe. My. Our mulligan that all day long. He'll be dot com. We've given up quite a few runs. We had a great run differential. But if you just look at the run scored against us. It's a little nervous because we're not always going to be able to hit our way out of it. We're going to need to shut guys down and event that we only able to score three or four runs. And when that happens, you need to know that you're pitching is going to be to keep the other team at bay so far as far as I'm concerned Travis that hasn't been the case there the runs against for the dodgers. So far this season is forty eight. So they're giving up just a shade under five runs a game. That's nah. That's okay. The game. Yeah. Yeah. Five. Where it's not great. But it's not terrible either in the way that they hit. And I hear what you're saying that they're going to be days where you're not gonna hit home runs. You're going to score to I suppose, you're given up five then you lose what you're not going to get. You're not going to get to very often with the way this guy. Swing the bat. This is this is a forty eight. You look at it. I mean of the teams in their division the right in the middle the teams in the National League, they're right in the middle. They haven't given up more runs on average than than everybody else. They're writing they're not the best. They're not the worst there in the middle way. They play offense. They're going to be. All right. I don't want to be the middle. We're trying to win a chip. We're not we're not gonna give middle before you get to the end. We're not gonna come up. We're supposed to be the dominant side. Keep in mind dodgers are eight and to score. And all these runs into your point z about the pitching they've done. Couldn't kershaw's thrown a pitch Richhill. Hasn't thrown a pitch. These are two very very good majorly pitchers named and gotten on the field. Speaking of Clayton Kershaw to dodgers ace at three times Cy Young award winner. Clayton Kershaw is in his second injury rehab start. This season is reportedly going to pitch the tosa drillers. He's gonna pitch for the drillers. Yeah. Driller it's their double eighteen. So w we went down to pitch for the Tulsa drillers against spring, Jordan. Jordan's on Tuesday night at one oak. Wait, what's going on one? Okay. Feel okay. One oak. And the reason he went to become the reason he went to double as expected to be around eighty degrees in a triple A. It's a place where it's going to be around sixty. So they wanted him in warm weather just to keep them loose and went along with that he's expected to join the team rotation Sunday. So I guess he'll pitch he'll come with us. And then he'll join the team on Sunday. So he'll be back. According to a suit, assuming his stint with the drillers goes west the drillers. Yeah, he Schantz organ this morning also made possible by get your shine on curl activator. Give them the visit and see how it goes. Sponsors that doesn't sound real. They don't even say, nolaac, all Raj dot com. What is it? Call. Now. It's not clear chicken no-one said. No, no. I don't know anybody who in the hell even wear curl these days. Well, do we still do we still do? What part of the country, you know, where where midwest south. I don't think we do crows anymore pull ups, and criminality this. I was in Atlanta. They still Walgreens somebody man. Tonio Brown is Antonio Browning again despite a Willie ever change. We'll tell you next. I'm not gonna say it. Jackie Chan Jackie Chan bay for Jackie Chan's, sixty five down the tunes. This is Jackie Chan in Kim. He Seon Jackie Chan sings it's called endless love. You're he saying. Now. Checky hits he got hits. I mean there are over there. But they're hits his birthday is he check four-legged Roper Newport Beach off the Seventy-three towards the Sieben over Newport Beach dot com. Land Rover above M beyond. Do you think he would have bought this? If it wasn't Jackie. Listen to this type of music, tell me, this is Casey a gel gel over that. No. James and Tina Marie. May. See I saw him a Knight rider in concert, David Hasselhoff, this why we actors who see reactors in Germany. He is the man I saw him in Monaco years ago with good. I didn't know what I was listening to the because I was invited. I was with people, and they were thinking is cool before after you met Bano. This was going to be after after. Yes, it was after speaking of actors Hussein happy birthday Russell Crowe fifty-five Russell Crowe sings to unfortunately, he is recorded singing the ban miserable. Remember starring Jack. Yeah, he played. He's not a song and dance. Man. He can't see right. Most offensive thing I've ever seen therefore the song part of song and dance is out. It's certainly should have been housi-. He played in a band before he did acting, actually. He thought. Abandon be playing guitar. I knew he was in China. The base guitar the regular regular. Okay. And then he. Raj plays the bass like the George has deep. Russell Crowe nor. Hey, Joe where are you? Keep doing this doing what? Why are you doing over there? Joe? Joe Joe featuring Russell Crowe I'm trying to turn it off. And by the way on Raja's Instagram Twitter. We just posted it behind the scenes video of g shot. Joe Joe, and we'll have another one coming later with serenading be Travis cut out my. I look good. And you miss the in Travis I really made sure that show. I would just get a pregnancy. It's a lot going on right now cheese got his phone turn it off. Everybody's talking. I'm trying to maybe play. Jackie channing. You see? That is crucial to bang Rudy go bear day. Didn't he bought a mile bang on defensive player of the year? No, you can't try sure I kill. You can't get high pay off the team moving along. People are. So and people are listening. See your calves Marcellus. He has a godless dead. I blew small caps. It's a good theory. It is it's a really good theory is yeah, he laid that on me one time. And I I realized I hadn't either. You guys had that show for so long. Good. Dangling is a carrot to pay off the tees, please. Sometimes I just get. Just get discouraged. Sometimes key. It's you know, realize that what I'm in for Antonio Brown and juju Smith Schuster juju was named the team's MVP. The Steelers tweeted out a picture of him and congratulations during the needling AB. Yeah. And then Antonio Brown went on Twitter and took a shot at juju. Sanity fumbles look at the numbers. I mean, I'll read it for you it emotion. Boy. Fumbled the whole postseason in the biggest game of the year. Everyone went blind too busy making guys famous not enough reality these days, by the way, check the list, so grammar aside he's getting after ju ju a little bit. And this is this. This is how it's going to roll, right? Antonio Brown new contract new Team New coach what doesn't matter. He's going to be Antonio Brown. No matter where he is or what? Uniforms, worn. Yeah. But you shouldn't go ju ju ju ju ju just plan e you know, they put him in position to make plays. Now. One would argue that. Ju ju is replacing Antonio Brown. He's not going to replace Antonio Brown. No. He's not as good. He's not. He's he's a good football player. Who had a great year first year second year, he's not a being east, but he's not a beat right and ABC to understand that. No that don't attack ju ju for being VP. You miss games? His satirical numbers were better than you. Always in the team voted for the team voted for him. So you know, you shouldn't you shouldn't attack him. Don't don't do him. Yeah. It doesn't make Antonio Brown. Look in this is the part. I've never understood Antonio Brown on a new team with new deal with a new opportunity in front of him. Go do it. Go play football go. You get what you you? Don't tell you that you usually get three shots. We'll get three three Deeks three days before you get three to four weeks at X teams. When you deport you don't get you. Don't get to nor do I want you to walk away with this. Everything's great. We worked out everything. I'm just glad to be in. Another plate. No, no, it's okay to get three or four exhibit to the organization or to those that you didn't get along with. But after three or four he kind of you, go bursts. He he's burn. He is up now. So when the season come he's not going to be able to because he'll live it anyway, start real crazy three or four. You get a chance to burn up the general manager once you get chance to burn up the quarterback the organization then you leave one for the season when they start losing. Then you got that Zinger form when they start losing who have I'll say I'd be able to help them. Then did you go away? But when you just continuously every week saying something about a team that you're no longer with is starting to make you look real petty. If people are starting to question, you thought processing mentality. That's was getting ready to start happening. People are going to start to wonder what the hell is really wrong with AB. You got everything you want. It. You got outta town. You got the money. Now, leave him. Oh is he's never gonna leave him alone. He doesn't have it in. This is really sad. You gotta leave. I told you three two four eight three to four. He squandered the capital that he had received when the status show who they really were as a franchise the way they talked about ban. But it's what the other players people were behind a beat because we're like, oh, hey, Bs, right? Because look at what they're saying about this. And now he's taking that capital. And he squandered it just like that. It's like, oh, well, he's still Nydia both things can be right. The students can have something wrong with it. But you also can be an idiot. And I don't mean that what happens those people go say see, this is why they got rid of this the X. Say now, it looks as if the Steelers may have made the right move. Exactly. Yeah. And that's unfortunate because he'll you weren't good favor. What you were saying key about Lookie. Get a few on the way out to get. If you get the burn, Dan when I leave the problem is is that he's not going to stop it a few. He's going to do it. What is it? Now. It's April eighth then he'll do it on may eighth. He'll do it on June eight, oh, he ain't do this. He's going to do it over and over and over again and to point at that point. It's just no wonder they ran this guy out of here. So you get the you get the initial press conference. You get the Burnham up. You get the burn them up at training camp. I mean pre pre camp like a mini campus. Someone put the mic in your face. You get the Barnum up, and then you get the burn them up in the summer, we go train a kit. And then you get one during the season. That's it. He shouldn't talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers. No, more she done deduct and heads question next heading the Hogwarts Steelers. That'd be one thing. But he took JJ. That's not cool guys pretty universally. Well liked. That's not cool. Yeah. It's pretty. Yeah. It is he's university. Well, like, would you also is not innocent because he did publicly backed being when? ABC? We see it. Yeah. But he's still very has tobacco. But you don't have to say anything at all. Just stay out of it by not saying anything at all is interesting acid. Because he's trying to which you try to do is make sure you get the football kit. It right. I get it. But if you stay out of your name's not mentioned. All right. So why do wide receivers act the way they do? That's coming up next. Yes. You don't seem to be as fired up about this. This is just cool. Not as fine up. You just gotta let it roll. This is still one of the greatest living colored pits ever. You. Missing. This is the most this is here. There's a lot of babies was made to this, man. I'm just being honest with you if you was born if he was born ninety. Oh, GOP you back in the black community offer. Sure. Percents. Sir. We plan is now we might be starting to population. Boom all over again. That's why they had to get rid of that the soul or beat eight. Had to get rid of much much. They like, wait a minute later. They infiltrate the coming out. So what did they replace it with? Each. Pipe. I gotta go this much from me girl you've been lookout. Jan he got fired up on some ninety zombie. Senior for any. Happy birthday trouble. Gee, I know it took them three years for details. You can do this. Panics? It's not just as jagged is. Joe Joe Casey is is is keep sweat. It's well put. Okay. But it's it's bad advice. Yeah. Come on. I mean back then was out of babies being made with him to Burke back then. All righty. So we're talking about Antonio Brown in back. He has done yet. Sorry. Did he's still going. I think in tune LeBron's is one of those guys it's going to go no matter what whether he's playing well, whether he's playing poorly whether he's on a good team or a bad team. I don't think he's ever going to change. Well, why this right? Why does it seem to be like, for instance? I don't want to say never but tight ends. Don't do this kind of stuff, but running the axe to do kind of stuff tidies goofy. What about running backs running backs? Typically, don't get involved in this running backs not isolated out on the island by themselves. Why receivers are broken down point guards? That's what they are there guys that have a certain swag. They just it's it's in the DNA you depend on ten others to help you be successful at the position meaning offense align running backs to tidy in quarterback. Nate other receivers you're out there. All by yourself. So it takes a certain type of personality to be able to play that position. The success? More only hear about who. Reggie was elected. He was extremely quiet now Reggie Wayne was quiet in Indianapolis. You can't get loud there. He went quite university of 'em. If Teo was it in Indianapolis. He we don't hear from them. No you hear from him because he's a good player. But you don't focus in on it as much C. Deaf old L had started out in Cleveland versus New York. It'd be always just receiver that it took Chad Johnson to take yellow jackets and really do some things for you to really focus in on him. It was like, okay. He's something's wrong with him because he put the yellow jacket. He would do something every single day when I came into the league. There was cry Michael Irvin. They drill rise in they had a certain swag about themselves. But then once I wrote the book, I kind of took it to another level it became more about the individuality like basketball from a promotional standpoint. Unlike in football, they it's teen teen teen I stepped away from that. And said, okay, I'm gonna ball. But I'm still I'm going to make sure I get mine individually. I get that if from there, it kind of grew it took a took some legs of his own, and it just became why why out of that position? Jack, you gotta have the individuality of I'm outta by myself countenance got to sell it got a certain swag and a certain confidence in again, tiny, goofy goofy. I mean, come on, the beer, kegs and all types. Lymon Lymon or just liming. They're just good online. And this is what they do. They go to work quarterbacks a corporate. That's why they uncomfortable with a guy they comfortable we Cam Newton because he's not corporate. He's not go shake the hand like that. He they're comfortable yogurt commercials. That's pretty corporate. Yeah. But his commercials swag and flee. It's not like the old. Here's yogurt here. Good to eat here. Tyson yogurt. Yeah. No. It's not no there is this theory. Maybe Antonio Brown just isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer that maybe it's not a position or an athlete or an age or stardom thing that maybe this one guy tweeted some stuff and because zions gone and because the NBA season is at as low point. There's no other football. It's a new story because he's a name. And he gives us something to talk about that maybe design is still playing and he's in a championship game. We don't even pay attention to this tweets even begin with it could simply. Be the perfect storm between there's a gaping. There's a gaping hole right now. Media coverage sports that needs to be filled. An AB gave us some stuff. And it's just happened to be a guy who's not that awful Sansom dumb stuff on Twitter, and we're we're gravitated towards because we gotta talked about something. He he says enough stuff though, that's on point that when he says, the dump stuff, you're still paying attention. You know, when he's critical of the Steelers in the fact that Ben was running the show. The fact that Ed when he was like, that's what that's what I'm saying. Right. That he was right about that. So when you when you're let you leave that alone at that point. I I've already stamped it. Boom, y'all see what it is magic without the validated. That so now let me just step back. That's smart person. Does I'm a step back. And I'm gonna let five my battle for me yet. But that's what nails these theory starts to shine through. And that is that he's not he's not sophisticated enough to realize. Okay. I wanted I'm gonna shut up now. But you really you really understand when I tried to explain the about the universities in the makeup. So. That makes sense. Like the matrix Travis. The matrix is perfect. Why'd you may two and three money. All right championship game. Tonight. College basketball Virginia's there should they be? That's coming up next. It's saying Casey. And Joe Joe, but I'm sure some babies were made here too. Did you see the sort? I did not so Jason aldean. I believe won the lifetime award the word. He's like thirty some years ago. If that's lifetime achievement. We don't run out of stuff like Jason aldean story artist of the decade the decade. Like ten years. Yes. It is. Yeah. Oh, no. It is the definition of decade. I don't know the tennis with already Wayne. I think her decade was better than his right? If you got compare decades throw shade of Jason L dean chase it. I mean, he's straight. But. Who's this? This is Jason aldean. Is he trying to? He's chilling on a dirt road. Knock came playing this in my car. We played thousand times in my car. You know, what's the number one song in the country right now? No villi Ray one. No. Yeah. Well, why are you said to Billy Ray one? See you soon as the dude if you wanted to say, it'd be made it a hit. No it was. Here. He was already a hit. I started. It was already a hit. And then y'all got mad and took it off the charts. That's the number one country or number one pop. I think it's a moment. Pop got pops. How you feel about that? Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't terrible. But all right. It's all right. So Virginia's in the championship game tonight. Oh, see against Texas Tech. Should they be are you, okay? With the way that the semifinal game went down with a a missed. Call followed by a call that a lot of people feel should not have been called it. That's one of those just swallow your whistle at the players decide at the moment. Because I I I'm going to here. I love this. I'm going to split the herald a little bit. I think it was a foul. I think that there was contact before the ball was released. What I also don't think it was so blatant and so agreed in affected the shots so dramatically that it had to be called. I'm okay that it was. But had they not learned the whistle. I would have been perfectly okay with that too. Because I don't I don't love watching. I go to the free throw one win the game the free throw line. First of all, first and foremost is incredible. Oh, it was well done him. It's the situation. The risks. The things that you have to block out in order to accomplish what he did at the free throw line two to win the game to go to championship that shouldn't be overstated or understated. That's not easy to do. No. We've seen multiple gains including the women's championship game in which miss free. Throws costs you championships. So I wanna give you know, huge that he goes down was huge. But I give him credit for that too. Just as we say, but the saints versus the Rams in the NFC championship game, a miscall or a call made in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter is part of the narrative of why you wanna loss a game. It doesn't define why you wanna lost a game. So so I don't want to sit here and say oh that cost in the game. It's like well that certainly didn't help for sure. But there were clearly other reasons why you in that position to begin with. I guess what I'm getting at. Is is that had there been no call at all? I don't think we're sitting here on Monday morning talking about how auburn's in the championship game because they got away with or not in a championship game. Right. That's what I mean. Did it had had had there been no whistle. And had that that that guy shot the ball and missed we're not sitting here on Monday morning, going Virginia got, rob. That guy got fouled in the corner. That absolutely was a call. You have to make. We're not doing that. For instance, the the Nicole Roby Coleman hit in the ram saints game that you know, you, and I are both you DRAMs fans. Yeah. Man. I mean, yeah. Yeah. Okay. They got one now. And I agree with you. It didn't determine the game it over the course of four quarters. They got one right there. This was not one of those had there been no call. We're we're looking at each other going and look Auburn got one right there. It wasn't that. It was one of those that you could have gone either way if there's no call there. Maybe we look at it once on a replay and say, maybe if you want to get you know, ticky tack about it. But. That's why I would have been one hundred percent okay with it not getting called because it wasn't a guy crashing into another guy. There was some contacted the hips that probably shouldn't have been there that was. But I don't know if it when you get in jail at the peak of your jump during a jump shot, then impacts jumper period. And if we all agree with the foul, and we all know that when you're found in that way. Like, it wasn't a foul in a sense of the Boston released, and then you slap hands to me, you could call it, but you should probably ignore that one. But if you're if the ball is still cocked on your show to basically answer rising up, and you get hit in the hip, it's going to impact your shot, especially when you're a pure shooter. Like guy was for guy is so I'm sitting here going you don't want to call the call. But the real thing is why is that young man flying into jump shooter? Like that in this in that situation because defeat was he was. The contesting the shot. I mean, maybe oh little over aggressively straight up. Yeah. He's coming from the the basket side. Always comes out on that guy. Yeah. And he screwed up. He found a guy getting ready to jump date. That's two things coaches tell you oughta time don't jump up the pass and don't follow jump shooter. Yeah. This this will be by the time. We're two Wednesday. And we'll see if we did by the way for loses tonight. We'll never mention it ever. Again, if Virginia wins tonight, we'll say, hey, they won the national championship. Because they've got a good break. They got a call that maybe maybe shouldn't have been called the got it. And then we'll never mention it again. This is not a lifetime. Hey, remember that final four where Virginia got it? Wasn't that bad? I it wasn't that bad. This is the whole idea about calls officiating. And I know this is the NFL is trying to change the way that they're going about it where you can review things. Now, there are this was the perfect microcosm Virginia. Gotta why they got away with one on a double dribble that nobody called. And then there was a foul called at the end that might have gone either way. This is sports. Sometimes you get a whistle. Sometimes you don't sometimes you get away with one. Sometimes you don't and you're going to be on the wrong. It's going to always feel like you're on the wrong side of it a lot more than you're on the right side of it. But probably pretty equal when it's all said and done. This was that those two calls did not determine that know the did not. And they what we focus in on because visually there are captivating for television and for social media, and essentially that's what this is about. This is about us focusing in on very much in the same with the NFC championship game. The vigil of it is so startling that we show it over and over again and looks as if that's the whole reason why the game transpired the way they did. And that's just not simply true and. I get the ideal of you're supposed to swallow the whistle and lead players decide as far as I'm concerned, the players did decide the young man jumped into a jump shooter. The players did decide it wasn't a call that you look at going could have gone either way. No, everybody agrees is a foul. Call everyone is not everybody. But everyone basically agrees fell called the we're debating whether or not it should have been called. But we're not debating the validity of the call. It sell. No, no. It was by the letter of the law foul. He's a foul. So it was determined by the players. I think again, I'm first of all I don't really have any rooting interest in Virginia Tech or Virginia or Auburn. I think Texas oh anywh what their defense is for what they did in. Michigan state was was real be truthful with me for a second. Are you excited to watch this tonight? Yeah. Are you reluctant you? That's before we even started the broadcast that between the women's championship game and the two men semi-final games that are hoped championship game tonight desert screw up. What was it really? Collegiate basketball weekend. The gains were all compelling. Most of them went down to the final from Michigan state. But the fact that Michigan state with tired of game at the being down by so much. And then unraveled at the end was fascinating to watch. So yeah, I washed all the guys I'm going to watch it, and I'm going to watch it because one it's the championship game. And I want to see it in two it's because there's a sense of professional obligation that I need to see it. But I'm gonna be I'm driving home played golf with Tommy on Saturday. I'm driving hauling Tommy are Tommy you guys. We're friends we're friends. And so we're that's what happens we're playing, and I call chicken with my dad on the way home hadn't talked to him in a while my dad's huge college basketball fan, and I gave what are you guys? He goes I'm watching the game. I said what game? That's how far it's Red Eye. Just had forgotten. It was on. But in all fairness to your dad into you. You didn't care about college basketball leading up to the weekend. Any no I didn't. But my point is the idea of me not being glued to the television on a Saturday afternoon to the final four. I mean that would've. Never happened. And now it it was off of my radar completely. Yeah. I was watching the Bart Houston with Gordon women's game. It will Baylor. Yeah. They went into know Yukon wins every year where we used to win every year. They don't anymore. Well, not last two seasons, and an unfortunate thing the woman the young lady who won a championship for Notre Dame last year on that runner. Yeah. That amazing jumper. She's the one that Mr. free throw yesterday would've sent the game to overtime which led to our question. What do you remember more the missed when you asked the key the question in me the question we both answered the same way. I'm going to remember the one I made not the one I missed what about you? I'm going to remember the one I missed you are. I'm that dude. Yeah. I don't remember any shot that went in. I remember everyone that missed any serve that. I miss any. Always remember the imperfections. It's this the reason why like when people say, oh, you did a good job with this only. Remember the parts like, oh, I got that one stat wrong. Oh, I did this part of that think about that's wrong. Yeah. I know you don't. You know, that you have very I. Well, I think what you're talking about too. Is the way that you go about it is the way that most great, athletes and most most people that have a great deal of success in whether it's athletics or or or anything really that. If you only remember the parts that you screwed up, you're more likely to go back and work and grind and grind and grind. So you're screw ups become fewer and farther between whereas if you can kind of live in the moment and enjoy as it happens. It's like, well that was great. I want to sit here and enjoy and not go right back into the gym and take thirty more jumpers or five hundred more free throws because I missed it. And now I don't ever want that to happen. Again. Anyone plays ball with me? No. I'm more apt to say my bad because whenever I do something wrong. It just eats at me on try for this show. I don't do any beds. If you have a bad, you'll let everybody know why you're getting more and more button on Jodi and stuff, and you really want an answer to that. Yeah. Well, do you really want? I don't want an answer. Before his the bit of the dick. Of the day that bit at the day. The bit of the day is driven by foreign Burg, Los Angeles on the sunset strip. Due to do. This is a little bit of an update I think a while ago. We talked about the rhino story coming out of South Africa. Rhino poachers were taking the horns from the Ryan. Oh, yeah. And cutting them off, and you know, the rhino killings and stuff like that was that a play by play. All time high to some degree. But anyway, a man suspected of being a rhino poacher was killed last week by an elephant to start in. I guess the elephant probably knocked him out cold or whatever the case may be right. Whatever. Well, I don't know if he stopped. He may have. Due to knock them out. He might have knocked him out cove. And in the lions finished him off. The lying is decided to pick him up and heating in the only thing they found with this particular person in in South Africa, national park was a pair khaki right khakis. His skull. Yeah. Some remains is a few remains that was it like seriously. That's why John Lee Hooker. So no shoes. Wouldn't you? Learn what allies ill. May he got some from the last dunes that went in mess around rhinos and got it like, I don't I don't understand that. I'm just I understand why you do it to make money, and it's illegal and all this other stuff. But why are you out in the wilderness in a national park with wild animals trying to do this man, you go get it? You just breathing. Trying to rob a Bank. I'm not I to me. Rob a Bank did take a chance when the elephant because these around the banking. I give him the note, they go give me the money, then just run. We should go say yourself. No, I'm saying you're not going to say, I don't know what the note would say they'll get. So you're much rather be like the do. Try to rob a Donut store the doughnuts. You're not going to rob you damn fool. If you want to rob a go, rob the Bank. You don't get the same forty years kids. If you're listening on the way to school, don't rob the doughnuts source. Regardless. Call go. Goping read. But you do know the rhino doesn't necessarily have a security system. It can't push nine one one, right? Above the dam animals. That's protected. That's the security system serious today. The bit of the bits made us all. Hornberger Los Angeles on the sunset strip brings you a bit of the day every morning to wrap official visit horned burglars. Angeles dot com and Rover above and beyond.

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FH Mini 16  Jackie Chan?

The Flop House Podcast

53:49 min | Last month

FH Mini 16 Jackie Chan?

"Oh. Man. Good to be back in the saddle. In. SADDLING SEATTLE. By that I mean back in my storage room to sit on it uncomfortable stool. Because I don't think it'd be a good idea to I. Don't think any podcasts are should have a comfortable chair. Yeah. It's an uncomfortable position to be in where you are sharing your views over the Internet with the entire world audience. After so much time in quarantine when you talked about your uncomfortable chair, my immediate reaction was to say, I'm sorry baby. So how would you have reacted if I'd said I'm sorry baby. Out of been like. I'd been like, Oh, no problem. Sweet thing. Now, Dan, what is it about quarantine? That makes you call other people baby the fact that I am a quarantined with my girlfriend. Baby the frequently like this is like the most the person I see. Most during quarantine is by. No because I never call my wife baby is not the way we talk to your wife. Sweetie or lovey. Yeah, I don't like. You know like we all different strokes don't care for loving. Don't never I love is love is out there. As, long the edge. I don't see how it's I. Don't see how extreme than comparing her to a baby. I mean, that's that that's not doing. On this, not Searle's up baby maybe New Year's specifically with a sash that says twenty, twenty one because he's looking forward to that. New, year. I mean to be honest the prospect of reaching twenty twenty. One kind of gives me a boner. have we started who know? Probably. Starting now hey everyone. This is the Flop House I'm. I'm Stuart. Wellington. I'm Elliot Ceylan eager to see what is going to pop out Dan McCoy's mouth next. Yeah. Well, because this is an off week normally on the show, we watch a bad movie we talk about it but we've taken to doing these shows on off weeks that are whatever you know we wanna do in the moment and they have made the mistake of putting me in the driver's seat tonight and boy do I have a surprise for them and for you? I just hope it's like it's kind of like this puzzle box that I got all of a sudden I'm like, oh I guess I solved it. What's GONNA come out? Oh, chains with. Santa Bites. I'm just hoping this many sewed is different from when you surprised us with your Dan McCoy Mini Sodas, which we're actually your P. and tiny airplane bottles The portions was what bothered you though, right that was the. Sweet pea. Elliott Guccione Junior. Hey, Stewart. He is investment in that may turn out to be true someday that's the sex of the future. You're right this enough forward thinker it is I feel like there's definitely there's a movie to be made. I, am not the one to make it about Bob Guccione the corn millionaire who then lost everything in his dual. Assumptions that the future would be golden showers and fusing. Years throwing money away at cold fusion research. And also hours. so guys I'm just making a little note here and let's go. Is that. GonNa play into the episode Lady I. Note I was giving myself a little indicator when maybe I should stop to. Read the AD something. Exciting. So let's maybe not talking about anymore. Here's my many for you. Gentlemen. On episode two, Thirteen, Christian mingle. If you will recall I, help some confusion over Jackie Chan Dan Dan I don't even remember that we did the movie Christian mingle. I watched the first half of our to. Watch movie called Mister. Nice guy the other day. Jackie Chan movie. No. I don't think that. Was it. WHO's in it? A different one don't think that. Channels in. One of the biggest stars in the world. Jackie Chan usually make some pretty specific impression. Not. Like. Remember. If Which? Whether it was like. James Gar or or John or like you know. Peter Graves. That movie from the fifties. All right. Maybe I was thinking of a different movie. This story still don't know Jackie Chan was in it. Is Ask you one simple question was. Jackie Chan in the movies. Whatever movie I watched it did not object. So it's not the Mister Nice Guy then Stewart is referring to let's check mate. Let's not pretend to we live in this. That you could have seen Mister Nice Guy. It. Was Not that movie I think establish through this one piece of information. All Right Sherlock Holmes Slog Fox. Thanks for. I just GONNA do uptake. Doubt that you had maybe watched a Jackie Chan and somehow had forgotten. The very unique. Jackie Speier. Who is synthesis of martial arts virtuosity and slapstick humor is unparalleled in my mind by anyone in the world that you didn't somehow over. Over. HOUSTON. Who was the guy? Who did a really funny ladder battle With or of Organized Crime Hitman I don't even remember there's no way of saying. We're just GONNA have to assume we're. Both was and was not Jackie Chan until through observing film we collapsed those possibilities into one point in time. He was in the Louis. Yeah. It was yesterday. Now, the explanation of what Jackie Chan is not in the movie yesterday. No He's not in the movie yesterday L. I'm pretty sure. Borrow. Sorry. Sorry. It's okay. It's fine well. The explanation of what actually happens in that clip there is that I had gone the title of the Anna Kendrick San Sam Rockwell, it man comedy Mr Right. Confused with Mister Nice Guy because they're both generic names, with Mr, in them however, in the moment as it on spill unspoiled, I'd just. Feel I. decided it would be Funnier to go along with your confusion about me not knowing if Jackie Chan was in a particular seems like a pretty strong ret con that dance like, no no I knew the whole tile. Trap. Listeners you be the judge. Do you think? This assumes. Jackie Chan movie or. My explanation makes sense. This is some real doctor light was lobotomize by the jail lay type ret conning right here guys you're falling right to trap because since then I've had the reputation of never knowing if Jackie Chan movies. So tonight, I'm turning the tables on you. The stew and Elliott wait. But are you gonNa do it the cool way that Jackie Chan with turntables to keep attackers away from him? uh-huh. Well, only why does have in some vases out of there? Yeah they'd be like. Why did these goons led Jackie? Chan go into a table Why why did they allow Jackie Chan to go anywhere with furniture? Don't you know that's his super strength Yeah. So here we go. This is what's going to happen. Tonight I'm going to read you some IMDB plot synopses and you're going to tell me based on the plot. Whether it's a Jackie Chan movie or not and take note. In the rules of this game, a Jackie Chan movie is defined as any. Of the one hundred and forty-one movies with Jackie. Chan has an acting credit minus. Whichever of those movies are animated movies. I'm not GonNa make remember whether he was voice. You mentioned you mentioned in the rules of the game I want to mention that in Renoir's rules of the Game Jackie Chan does not appear. Thank you. That is correct. Now we're one of we. Yeah what happens if we score more points because we've already got a point? That's a point. That's So we get, you can't take. So, what happens if we win the Game Dan? You. Always, you always want steak Stewart I, mean, let's keep in mind that the last time you put a game before us and we won you did not follow through. The. Another tips. That's the thing like why would you put another thing on me that you know I'm just not going to do. That's fair. That's fair. You are. We are dealing with the Republican Party at this point and is our fault for assuming that you would abide by the norms. Fair. All right. Well, don't like. It would just be list of additional task. You'd have to complete when you eventually shuffle off this mortal coil and get to the afterlife and they're like well Dan. You GotTa do these things for you can get to your eternal slumber and you're like. Final Frost tips like this dog to Stewart made. Best all it takes to get into heaven I will do it. Said, heaven. Heaven Dan. We just said the afterlife. Oh. Well, then I won't do it if. I'll I'll prevent myself from doing it. If it means like can just sit around and haunt you guys there because in the afterlife you will be headed for this area strife. That's true. Is that song by Cherry Poppin? Danny's no, it's not. It's the squirrel nut. Danny issues I forgot about Dan's neo swing group, Cherry pop, and Danny's. Okay. So guys here's the first one. This is the synopsis these are contributed. By users in certain cases there edited for length and clarity but these are all. Of. Them uses the phrase rumble in the Bronx he didn't edit that outright. we'll. We'll. We shall see now member one. May Nineteen Sixty Mount Everest the second step under the cliff the four members of the China Everest climbing commando are attacking the most difficult and most difficult. Step. So these are edited for clarity but not to avoid it more honesty. This is their fifth assault. What is Jackie Chan and this movie? Is a tough one that sounds kind of like Jackie Chan move I'm not I'm not sure sounds a little bit like. Condor. But I didn't. I can't remember if that's a period film or not. Because there's a mountain that right? Yeah. Mount Condor. Run around they're like jumping around like old Nazi crap but I can't remember. Exactly. I'm going to say. I'm GonNa say this is a Jackie Chan movie Elliott Yeah. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go out on that limb with you. I will also say it's a Jackie Chan movie. Yes. This is Jackie Chan movie. This is called the climbers it came out just last year twenty, nine, hundred. Wonder I wasn't aware of it. Yeah. Okay. So your next movie is this so that's to is one question two points Oh okay. A hot headed young butcher who is also a kung fu disciple gets embroiled in a feud with a rival, Shaolin Temple. I mean, that's a feels like a pretty straightforward apprentice Elliot does I mean like they could describe a lot of movies? Yeah. The Godfather Rebecca of Sunnybrook, farm? they're all pretty much that put see. Superior Spirit suspicion meets to it see. And then there was suspicion meets the versus Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. But the whole thing was just just felt like it was a sequel to tootsie. Shoehorn crap. Be Fair he is mostly just bringing back the dorothy character in to see at the very end he joins that German dancing school for like two. Rebecca Sunnybrook farm just shows up at the end to as the. Dais X. Rebecca. The audience is GonNa show up just for that. You the whole movie. Joe Black or some Shit Ya. Four five people named Rebecca in that like neighborhood and that like general area. Is that Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm or is that Rebecca with like the weird mole or is that Rebecca who like makes the really good lemon bars which rebecca? or or or the the second Mrs De Winter. Could be actually the first MRS DEWINTER. Was Rebecca. We never learn the name of the Second Mrs, dewinter. So I think Stuart let's just say it's a Jackie Chan movie it's a budget area. It's a little similar to what meals on wheels, but you know maybe it's but that's not it wheels on. Also. is to close to God of cookery who knows. I'm afraid this is not a Jackie Chan movie. This is the magnificent butcher. From one thousand nine hundred seventy nine starring Samo Hung. tipperary. But Not Jackie Chan himself. That's true another another graduate of the same circus school I think. Okay. So this next movie. The Synopsis. Goes, as follows a company that wishes to people. I don't know that means a company that wishes to people said, this was edited for clarity. Yeah but not well. Company that wishes to people looking for a day away from their ordinary lives. I think grants wishes to people looking for a day away from their ordinary lives than grants is the missing. Okay. I mean so far this could be the lobster but continue yeah no, that's it. That's it. I didn't say there were all good synopses. Saying they're ones who I found. So it. So That's the whole synopsis. The whole thing that's read it again because that's Addison. Grants wishes to people looking for I. Think you know what I think that? got. Cut here. Accidentally. So I'm like GonNa even. It was it was Jackie Chan Personal Taylor twenty thirteen but I think something got lost in the cutting and pasting things. Next time. Yeah. Save that save that for a jacket, it was the subject Chan movie part two. Yeah. Okay. How Stewart how cool is it going to be when he has Jackie Chan come out to read the last one? I'm going to lose my mind. Let a huge great surprise that's going to be for that for the listeners. That's so cool. I'm going to I'm going to wake my wife. My Wife. I'm so excited I'm just despite my words I'm GonNa Wake my wife up off the couch and be like you need to come in here Jackie Chan is. Be Like what the fuck are you talking about him like I know you're not dreaming and I start pinching her short stop. Doing that. And I'm like I know but this special occasion jagged chance here, and so I'll bring her in and by that point Yankee channel of lefties of going off Cameron and show think I'm making it up and we're going to get into big. Yeah. So we so mad now and imagine what it disappoint. It'll be when it turns out it's actually shock con still great. Cool but not Jackie there'll be very impressive. Still a great get for Dan but it would be weird to have Chaka Khan when unrelated. It's still excited but we know it's going to be Jackie Chan again I don't want to ruin it for the listeners, but it's going to be such a great surprise Jackie Chan comes at the end. So Okay Dan. WHAT'S THE NEXT ONE? Was All sorts of famous people that he works with Trevor Noah. He hangs out with. With. What's his face? Yeah. Famous Guy David, he's always hanging out with David. And Him and David Hi Pearson Bobby Carnival air always hanging out together. They called themselves. They call themselves the three babe years because they're always on the hunt for Babes. David. Anyway. And ACACIA and occasionally occasionally still over in Prank Jim. Parsons House because he's also like the unofficial fourth paves, Guitar. THIS ONE IS A. Synopsis as follows a humble bit humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of the errors. That's a hundred percent a jagged jam move a cat and mouse conflict ensues with a government official whose past may hold clues. So others identities is that the one with Pierce Brosnan Jackie Chan. I so yeah. Yeah. Let's say it's interesting movie. Okay. Yes. That is the foreigner twenty seventeen starring Pierce. Brosnan. And check. In. On the poster, it looks like Jackie Chan is tiny and fears. That shot in that fast and furious movie where it looks like Vin diesels bigger than the Rock and you like I don't think that's how it works. Okay. Okay. So Next. Movie. Here's the summary. A small town priest struggles with his faith. A small town priest. Struggles. That sounds like diary of a country priest, which is not a Jackie Chan movie. We. Winter Light, which is also not a Jackie Chan movie. was. was. Jackie Chan and that movie with Ethan. Hawke. Forever reformed. Let me. I let me try I mean. Central. So he has Amanda Siegfried you're thinking of it has the has now is Jackie Chan Jerky Chan play her husband from the beginning of the Moon I don't I I'm trying to remember I don't think so okay. So whether movies is it it's not weird kitchen play the release skinny polar bear in the Youtube Videos Ethan Hawke is. Now was Jackie Chan. The kind of like angel that loses his wings in the losing my religion video from rem is that is that the pets but that's not a movie that's a music mix a movie level music credit accredits accredit you're right Let's see other movies about priests struggling with their faith. Are there any I think that might be all three of them? All A wait wait hold on except for nuns on the run they're not priests. Telling struggling with their faith so much like they're pretending. Out. What about Sister Act Now? That's again another one about remember. Sorry. Let about we're not nuns a hideout story. We're no angels there. Heidi out and produce. God you definitely. Concern about how this guy makes a deal with the devil to write songs and what about eighteen against both of them? What about doubt is this doubt starring Jackie Chan? Your answer here. What's Associated One more spotlight is it spotlight? I'm going to start what do you think I. Think it's not a Jackie Chan movie. What do you don't? Now. This is this is winter light Friday sixty three. I guess the right. Yep your guess is correct. Okay. Here's here's one that could be Jackie Chan, do you know? And unconventional cop doesn't take reporters wonder about the last word of a newspaper tycoon. And unconventional cop who doesn't take any bull is paired up with an amazing detective to capture some powerful criminals. But the cops soon realizes that his by the book partner has Split Personality Disorder. Jackie Chan movie here or no? he's played cops. Cops before he's played supercop, he's played a rush hour cop. News played a police story COP. He's been a Shanghainese to police story COPS I. Don't think he was teamed up with anyone multiple personality disorder I. Don't think he had multiple personality disorder that sounds closer to the plot of the hit movies. A second sites during Brunson show layer cat psychic powers I guess. Yeah, that's true. He's he's magic in that one. I'M GONNA. Say This is not a Jackie Chan movie. You know just to play devil's advocate, which is not a Jackie Chan movie stars. Anna Reeves now Pacino and a hundred percent sure that he's not in that movie. Let me double check. He might be the woman that it turns out his counter reeves is. That the devil wants them to have serious. As I've mentioned before on the podcast that was probably the most awkward movie I remember watching. I'M GONNA. Go out on a limb and say it disagree with Stewart just to cover our bases that this is a Jackie Chan, but it wasn't awkward to watch it with My. Honestly that you and your parents had a great time watching devil's advocate and it was in no way. Weird at all. No that's true. We have a pretty open fans. So this this movie about an unconventional cop paired with a by the books cop who has flipped a personality disorder is loose cannons from Nineteen Ninety starring gene, Hackman and Dan, ackroyd, and know Jackie. Jackie Chan. Movie loose cannons. Reminds me. I. Saw that I think I think swing shift or whatever. It is the that Pat Morita Jay Leno movie. That's that's collision course swing. A Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. That's right. Collision courses on a forgot what streaming platform right now. I think I might have too much me. Yeah. Yeah. It was the other day worked together. It was like the other day when I'm like Oh man I got a couple hours to kill what am I going to watch and I pulled up HBO Max and critters to was the first thing the pop up and I don't like I think I broke my playstation controller hidden play. Okay. So moving on this is another fairly generic. Comedy loose cannons. Well. WH-. Whether, you're talking about the filmmakers intent or the audiences react. Yeah. That's a very digital. Here on the PODCAST Yeah. No, they tried to make it a comedy. It is a is a bad movie that both. Makes Light of a mental disorder and is not funny. If, they're going to be offensive about somebody at least be funny right Dan. Stewart I'm in trapping Dan. Let's listen trap him. Under some blazers. Means look in the dictionary it says one to entrap someone to to show your sliding under lasers. Like. The line from the trailer. That's not blackmail. That's entrapment. The notion he said he goes and Trotman. That's a that's a police word. You mean blackmail something like that. That's how he knows. He's actually an undercover cop pretending to be a criminal is he says entrapment and blackmail, but really he's still just thinking about her boss. Pants. Or wait was that the trailer where he goes me I'm the. Medicine. Man. Knows the one where you said you're finding forrester now dog. I. Yeah. So, okay Looks like we've got a real hunt for Red October on. These gentleman. Marry. Joined by Bowling, League that's what does a better. Movie. So. Okay. This is a very generic, well, well, well, abso- ause you. Yeah but like I said, these are used user contributed. So not all we're going to be great. This one says, this isn't a last night. It's a first night. Here's a synopsis for you a man looking for the release of a longtime prisoner. Takes police officer, his daughter and a group of strangers has. A man looking for the release of a longtime prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter and a group of strangers hostage. If it wasn't a police officer, that's the plot of Air Force One. Yeah let's see which Jackie Chan is not in. It was instead of a police officer and his daughter was a boarding school full of kids that would be toy soldiers, our master minds. Or masterminds starring Patrick Stewart and Vincent What's his name alibis her? Vincent Gallo. Let's say if it was Patrick Stewart as an evil therapist, it would be conspiracy theory with Mel Gibson. Yes And if it was John Lithgow, a guy with multiple personalities as would be raising CAIN and also. sponsor. And if it wasn't a movie but a chain of fast food chain where you can buy chicken, fingers would also be called raising cain. If it was a chain where you didn't get chicken fingers instead chicken stars that would be Carl's junior. You give chicken stores when you go to Carl's junior, he certainly do. You don't get a hamburger I mean you can, but it's not really the thing that would have segue you're talking about. So you base your curls junior order on a comedy bid. I mean I base it on what my kids like to eat chicken stars. Your kids like the chicken stars. Yes. Some. Guys in jail in. The Senate. Carl's. Over here. Katie, porter. Whiteboard. Hold up my notes to show that I don't have any notes Oh topical joke from today's news. So he's at I'm GONNA say it is. The last one was not a Jackie. Chan movie would then give us to nose in a rose possible but I think this is actually a jackie. Chan okay. I'll go a stewart on this might trust his instincts Jackie Chan. you guys are both corrects. This is Jackie Chan police story lockdown. release. Twenty. Thirteen. I haven't seen that one. I only know the classically stories. It's a much later sequel and of course. Jackie Chan's L. A. Police story featuring Steve Martin. Here's one for you. A daughter tries to remedy her dysfunctional relationship with her ailing father a decorated baseball scout by helping him in a recruiting trip. Now could be his last trouble with the curve. Dan that's trouble with the curve Clint Eastwood. Lead like Amy Adams. Is. Don't, give. Dan. Give some real stuff. MAKES, it'll be like a couple of dudes. One of whom is Billy Bob Thornton Play Golfing Ten Cup dancing. Cup. Come on. Right. Okay. There's no crying in this movie about a women's baseball team during were. Two is Jackie Chan in it. it's weird that's in the synopsis. Mixed. Movie and old soldier kidnaps a young general of an enemy state and takes them on a long journey to collect the reward. And soldier kidnaps a young general of an enemy state and take some on a long journey to collect the reward. Say There's a Jackie Chan movie I also, there's a lot of possibilities for action and comedy. Yeah, you're correct. This is a Jackie Chan movie called little big soldier. Twenty ten. I'm pulling out of fucking London News. Shit Do. The thing is like the older stuff. All seems pretty obviously. Drunken master. Video Games video games, video games, you like maybe she add more time for them. Maybe you WanNa know the best one to play. Maybe you WanNa know what happens tomorrow when he died in that case, you should check out triple click. It's a podcast about video games, a podcast about video games, but I don't have time for that. Sure. You do once a week kickback as three video game experts give you everything from critical takes on the hottest new releases two scoops interviews, explanations about video games work to fascinating and sometimes weird stories about the Games. We'd love drip quick hosted by me. Even me Jason Shire and me Mattie Myers. You can find triple click wherever you get your podcasts and listen at maximum. Fund Dot Org. I'm James Host of minority corner, which is a I cast. That's all about intersection. 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Get started today it sticks sticks pitch sticks fix you across the river sticks Pixie Sticks Dot Com get started today at stitch fix dot com slash flop house and you'll get twenty five percents off when you keep everything in your fix that's stitch fix dot com slash flop house for twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix stitch fix dot com slash flop house they made me say it thrice. killed me. I. Was just amazed that you can get it out that many times with A. Seeing your head overheat a little bit while you're doing it and steams shooting at your ears. Look at what I'm turned when I'm running too many programs and the laptop. Let's turn to the game. Wait steam shoots out of your ears Stewart when laptops writing too many programs. Yeah. That's the thing because I get so mad at it I'm like Stub it. down. So. Here's here's a here's a movie for you and you can tell me whether Jackie. Chan ended or not Schiller a bespectacled milk toasts bookkeeper loves his pet fish so much that he longs to be one when Henry's wish comes true and he's turned into talking fish. Now the simple ocean life heat envisioned proves more exciting, Mundane Dan. Is Incredible Mr Limpet that is. Over. But so there's no. The American Jackie Chan nuts never had the chance to show off his martial art shops on film. All, right. Well, okay. This went all this. But if he reads the screenplay, I'm sending him. He will. Go on. Is is no longer making films for reasons get into off the of the fall they should have made him one rivers and martial arts master was like hill try you up in knots Don knotts is. Mr Nuts. Quoting my screen. Okay. So this could that's the screenplay features the tagline from the poster. In the screenplay. Yeah that's right. This next one will surely stump you. Oh, speaking of tag lines. I'd look at work recently. Dr Giggles they tried to have it both ways they used both doctor is in sane and the doctor is out of his mind as tag lines make up your mind Dr. giggles. Are you in or? Do. They try and get both of those what copy written I the copyright office like. I don't think so. It doesn't work also. There's a cat in the HAT TV show that my children like now, and there's a doctor on call doctor giggles and I'm always like, no, don't go in there. He's out of his mind. Andy's insane. So. In this movie four relentless door to door salesman deal with constant rejection home sicknesses. home-sickness and inevitable burnout as they go across the country selling very expensive bibles to low income Catholic families. Okay. So this is salesmen. Documentary maizels others. Sixty nine as much as I would love it. If a young Jackie Chan showed up in the background at one of the conventions where the salesman me, there's Nary a Jackie Chan to be found in salesman the maizels brothers, heroin documents. Okay. All right. All right. All right. Doing pretty good Elliott. Get. Excellent Former CIA spy. Bob Ho takes on his toughest assignment to date looking after his girlfriend's three kids who have exactly warmed to their MOMS blow when one of the answers accidentally downloads a top secret formula. His longtime nemesis, a Russian terrorist pays a visit to the family. So that's the Jackie. Chan movie. It's what like the spy next door or the spy center or something like that. That's right. Next door from twenty ten I remember seeing the subway ads. That was during the. One where he's like hanging from. Like ropes. He's hanging from ropes mission impossible style, and he's gotTa look on his face like Oh boy in the kids are looking at him like what's this do is still and then it's Kinda crazy how influential that one scene from DEPALMA's mission impossible. Yeah. Yeah. Really is true. especially considering that like. I. Like is definitely not the best mission impossible movie. It was not the best diploma movie but somehow like the two of them crossing together, it is the Best Palm, mission impossible movie though you gotta say this. Is True Brian. DEPALMA's mission impossible to directed by John Woo. A little bit worse. I didn't say it was the worst. But I I mean, I feel like despite the the the higher level of quality all the in the in some of the other mission impossible movies I don't think any of them have like one scene was that. The. Other movies I mean, the last three undeniably are far better than the the first movies. But yeah, they don't have anything. No matter how great the sequences are there's nothing them. That is quite as immediately iconic as that Europe just hit at the right time people were ready for a movie where a guy was suspended from simply. Trying to keep his sweat off before. Back. Ninety s when everyone was trying to their sweat, the floor that was nineties right or is that early? It was certainly the pre skeet era when sweat dripped everywhere and no one cares anymore you know. Okay so this next movie, it's a hiking b-battle on the dark side when ace vampire slayer and his beautiful sidekicks wage the ultimate martial arts showdown with one of the most dangerous of the dead. Dracula. I don't have Jackie. Chan. Done any like vampire movies or monster movies I'm trying to think of can't. I mean, there's been monsters in some of his movies, but I don't think this is Jackie I. Don't think Jackie chance in this one I don't think so either. Say No not Jackie Chan movie prove me wrong. This actually is a Jackie Chan movie this. The twins effect from twenty, three, two, thousand, and three twenty three is what we usually say I'm to. Watch that shit humans. Great. Cuba's say it all the time the twins effects, the twin boys effect it's it's named after the baseball. They find that fans of the Minnesota twins are turning into vampires yeah. Wade? Boggs is apparently vampire. Can't wait ULA yeah. Sure. Okay moving into the end game. Here we're getting close close relative Andrea Avengers Game Know Jackie Chan is not in it. Yeah. Until this, we've got one two, three, four, five movies left will we'll speak through A four round a former Vaudevillian. A young runaway who is being chased by drug dealers. A former Vaudevillian befriends a young runaway who's being chased by drug dealers. Shirt that's a Jackie Chan movie. What do you think Elliot? I I'm going say no, Not Jackie Chan movie. Okay. Who got the point? The. It is not a Jackie Chan movie. This is just you and me kid from one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine with the classic comedy team, of George Burns and Brooke Shields Very Young Brooke Shields this. George Burns and Jackie Chan confused mentioned. Oh God you devillier yeah. So you're saying Brooke Shields doesn't play the old Vaudevillian and Doesn't play the the young kid on the run for drug dealers, I. What made me think I was like, Jackie Chan wouldn't have been in like Vaudeville. They didn't. You know he came from the Chinese acrobatics and obscene but. I just assumed it was a mistake on the on the part of the person writing the description I didn't even factor that in your right I'd like to change my answer. Dan. And say it is a Jackie Chan movie well, desert change the results. Is it like the prisoner's dilemma and now you have to let us go. I think that's the only. A moving on an agency. Like the Spanish prisoner where you're like, that's cool movie and then you think about and you're like, what was that movie about? Yeah is it like prisoners you're like? I think this is a good. It's really rainy. Is Very rain rain means bedroom ancient and. And the ancient American Indian burial ground is threatened by an evil real estate developer when the owner of the land who runs a local offroad jeep tour company. Is Beautiful me. Or crew of beautiful friends, take over the jeep tours and attract business and save. Day The old fashioned way by off their tops during the cores they're deleting. So I, think Dan wrote this summary. This unluckily unless you. Yes. Eliot I'm really nervous. If we say Jackie Chan isn't in this, Dan's get a blower mucking minds. Turns out. He was actually the Great Bikini off road adventure. Now, there's only one Asian Karen, the Gray Kenny off road adventure it is the tourist photographer who's obsessed with that one girl's boobs. The Jackie Chan is not in the Great Bikini offered adventure right there. No you're correct. That is the Great Bikini off road of adventure from nine, hundred, ninety, four but Jackie Chan is not in it. It's a bit much to say her crew of friends. There's only like three people, right? So One woman and two friends when people ask me about the podcast I'm like me and the crew were doing every day. That's Just three more Wayne A. Filmmaker with the unfortunate name Alan. Smith he realizes he's an unwitting studio puppet being forced to make big budget action movie. He knows his horrible. He steals the master reels and tries to make a deal case. Let's Burn Hollywood burn starring. Eric idle is Jackie Chan in it Right Dan that's the movie. but it's not a movie. I've seen a different than the great beginning adventure which apparently, I've seen too many times. But I'm going to sit. There are celebrity cameos in that movie I think right? I think he's in Okay I'm GONNA say no, he's not. Unfortunately. Jackie Chan is in. Home Burn Hollywood Burn probably playing himself right Yes, he's playing Jackie Chan. Okay. That was a loophole. He got us with the. Channel. Came down to the wire the original characters. Wire leads us at times match understanding. This is. Here's Here's a synopsis of the original characters from the cannonball run race across the country wants more in various cars and trucks. They're not. Characters from the cannonball. Race across the country wants more in various cars and trucks. Now, that's clearly schindler's list which I don't really. That's cannonball run to. Saying which is Jackie. Chan Right Jackie Chan is cannonball run to. All right final question for the evening. When you said down to the wire, I thought that was the final question. I don't know there's just one more stirring the scooby apartment Jackie. Chan comes out it's going to be amazing. Yeah. The Jackie Chan one of the legends of not just action films. But also comedy films one of the true physical poets of the screen and one of the biggest movie stars of all time the biggest loser of all time. Richly deserving of the lifetime achievement Oscar that he of years ago you can draw direct line from Buster Keaton Fred, astaire straight to Jackie Chan in terms of just being so in control of your own body and also seeing the potential in the objects around you as extensions of that body and things to play and interact, and dance and fight with. So cannot wait till this guy comes out and just. Probably as complicated politics the night do really understand because I'm both dumb and drunk. I mean that's something that we need I mean he's not he's not American. You know he has his own perspective on things and he's had to work within a very specific filmmaking culture and political framework for quite some time. Yeah. So Dan let with all that in mind. Please surprise us with Jackie Chan. Hey. It's me Jackie Chan poet of the screen. So this. Movie. John has inherited a castle in Italy and removes their. Susan. Daughter Rebecca. What they don't realize there's someone else in the castle. Abused Child Left to die in the basement who has now become the castle freak and To wreak havoc. What movie is. It's not Operation Condor two now now that's not did wait Elliott I wasn't paying attention to they say that the castle was in the Bronx now I I don't believe it was in England's probably not Shanghai Knights. From. Italy and around the world in eighty days. A good question. I don't know does. Is there a Susan I mean Jackie Chan is an often married in movies. He's in Shell. Yellow. Yeah. I mean what a pair though they're amazing. Yeah I don't I'm Kinda stunt guys I'm GonNa say Jackie Chan is not in this movie I'm GonNa I'm GonNa go with Stewart I feel like he's probably got a six cents about this film he said that was A. Healy Jackie Chan in the six. You're correct Jackie Chan is not in the movie that is, of course, castle freak from hundred nine. Movie. So, you guys did pretty well overall. You got a full thirteen out of seventeen questions correct. Split cancel each other. Did you count that I that I point we got before the game started. Okay. So well, then you got fourteen seventeen with that bonus. So you know you're Jackie Chan and the thing is I gotta say, I had this premise I thought it was pretty funny. Go on Audrey actually suggests to me I'm like, yes, I'm doing it is happening and then I started looking into it and it's pretty obvious. What moved me sick? Guys unless I wanted to be really boring and just describe a bunch of Kung Fu movies like you're getting whether Jackie Chan the movie. Yeah. But but look we all have funnier tonight we could. Make a home game of this. Right surrounding the San Francisco treat I mean, usually you don't you don't get rice rony for winning the home game. Now. Now Dan where you need to apologize game I thought it was pretty good I need to justify what what we did tonight. RB COMES OUT. On. Family feud means like. Now I don't feel. Right at the end of every jeopardy Alex that comes out and goes like enjoyed yourself. Didn't you I mean was this wasn't a waste of your time I don't feel the need, but it is i. think it was interesting to see the conceptual curve. Let's say of this premise where it's like, Oh, this is this is a fun premise. Let's see. What happens. Can I actually fooled them I have to lean into the fact that there's no way to. I mean there's a couple that we didn't know about that Vampire One, right? Yeah. That's true. We didn't know that one. Yeah. We've jagged Jan might have been in first or formed. Remember only we may that. Would have been a very different move. Now, what would happen if you took all Ethan Hawke out of all of his movies and put Jackie Chan Jackie Chan's in. Jackie Chan's in before mid. January Jackie Chan Syria Janzen daybreak. Jackie Chan's in boyhood I don't know that one would change that much. Would have been really awesome. Yeah. I I think that you know it is either. Good or a lateral, but different move wildly different move to a place. Yeah exactly. Well, we'll see rain different skill sets is what I'm trying to say well, this is your mission now. So make it happen. All. Right. Well. That was was Jackie Chan. Movie. And there's always you know right in safe and get a copy of the home game. Yeah. I appreciate that you guys went along with me on this an nonsense road and will be back with a normal show next week. But until then I dan McCoy. I'm Stuart Wellington I'm Elliot. Kaelin. Before we go I just WANNA remind everybody that we have our live show on October twenty fourth on the Flop House Youtube page. That's six PM Pacific Time Nine PM. Eastern. On October twenty four th one week before Halloween where we will be talking live and doing presentations and stuff for charity. As we did with the Howard the duck show this time it is the exorcist part to the heretic. And that should be a lot of fun. And people who contribute to charities that are listed on our website will be entered into a drawing for some fun, flop, House March and some cool prizes and stuff. So join us for that. But until then I'm Elliot Kaelin and not Jackie Chan or AM I. Oh I give Levy did that. Everyone. Maximum Fund Dot, Org Comedy and culture artist owned audience supported.

Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Dan Dan Patrick Stewart Jackie Chan Syria Janzen Chan Dan McCoy Elliott Guccione Jackie Speier Jackie Chan. X. Rebecca Bob Guccione Bronx SEATTLE Ethan Hawke Wellington baseball Peter Graves Stuart Wellington Elliot
Yeezy Busta

Foodgod : OMFG

36:37 min | 7 months ago

Yeezy Busta

"Oh yeezy BUSTA is. Here is dairy and Guys be careful wearing those fakes. 'cause he's watching everybody who. I post on my pager. Put a book but I always one hundred twenty percent. Sure that that whatever they're wearing a fake whether it'd be easy Jordans or dream or whatever it might be a how did it become easy. Buster Supreme Buster like. Why why would watch go? That way have always been like the ticket Tanya Fan. I've always wanted to meet growing up. might got me a fake very easy for my birthday and I didn't know that they were faith. See there was a fake. It took a a stripper. Having Daddy issues give me like five. People will give me some five names of people that WHO I would say. My insolent but Toga Boy. That you'd hate me so basically no one really knows who you are as at is that the thing and then my parents are immigrants they Bulgarian. I've actually never said that before because I'm very like secretive with everything. I don't show my face. That's why I wear a math Wore a Sephora was medically net thera- UN Alagoas. Your friends know that you do this. Is it like a real well honestly right now the only people who genuinely know or like my closest friends obviously my family. I don't tell anybody like over the Internet like my name or anything like that. It all started to get somebody tried to do me and then I would like to have never gonNA show myself. Have you met on yet? Does he know you exist? I have no idea like that but you know hopefully one day. Well it'll happen. I'll bring it up when I finally see them. It's been three months now like this torture. Food Food God podcast. What Guys God? Murder Murph and Mac Belle Harbor Mahal mopeds open. This is all been to Florida. This is the longest that I have not gotten on a plane or in a mall. In how many years is this? How many years I'm usually on a plane. What would you say every week minimum multiple lanes weekly like understand? I'm scared to actually go on a plane because of Covid I'm Lou freaked out about full was flying. It's been so long I don't know how I'm going to sit in a capsule with a closed door. We going somewhere new. We don't know what's going on. Yeah we don't only know what's going on in Florida. We don't send your but everyone has a different strain of situation like New Jersey. It's about like are you doing this or let's go talk to someone. La Take like totally different every state of person. And I'm talking to it's different conversation so I have to adjust because we're open here kind of so it's like you know the people that I talked to my friends in New Jersey every night on facetime. There's still in misery mode and unlike I'm in a better mode and I feel bad I don't WanNa like I don't WanNa like make them miserable by me. Being happy that the mall across the street you know about Harbour Mall is opening up right there. They're stuck the same way as I was stuck a week ago. Going crazy. Shame and I know what they're going through and they're still in the same faces because you know the mayor it will never open up new or go to the mall yet. No and I'll tell you why every day I've gotten ready to go. It's SORTA torrential raining. It's an outdoor mall so every time I get to go both days a little Makoto though a little Makoto Long Way Actually Makoto is opening today and Oh Makoto so weird they put you know. I just want to discuss how like dining is going to be different from now on because they tables in in the middle of everything so we easy. It's so weird. We're opening up Florida next week in. No inside is very weird. You know what I mean inside is like it's inside the mall but outside still but it's not where it used to be. I don't know I just know that something had to get started so forever opens next Wednesday special day special day murder Murphy. You were born on. May Twenty seven. Th which day will I probably will never forget because the restaurant in there. You Go south Florida marriage. I mean what are you gonNa do for your birthday next week? I mean a lot of people are talking to me about going out. A lot of invites coming in a lot of presidents coming in but friends of mine who had birthdays recently expectations. It's like the first night out. So it's like everyone's like Oh. I'm spend spending birthday with you do this and I mean I can't really bring you gonNa work way like so. It was just weird so I'm again in trouble no matter what no. I hear you roll. Jordan's I on my birthday at midnight the same time in my year. That's not gonNA happen. I bright but that's not happening. This year is totally fast. Are you GONNA go? You're going to go out to dinner on your birthday that night. The first night that it opens in Miami beach will say no plans yet so right now the emmy people might want to go to dinner with you. Hit me up. I'm lonely. What's the first meal you're GONNA WANNA get? I can't answer that. What was the first you WANNA get? I can't I can't be mean virtually I always want to go Mr chows. What People WanNa take me out? I'm always like nobody child's for my birthday is how Grenoble for my birthday. Okay but I said those things now you have to pick your own. I would love to go to Komodo and prime same night and hit both of them. You can't you got to. Of course they can. We have done many times. That's different molineaux. When there was not when it was five tables each place that people need to make money when we could just bounce around run up to a restaurant so go ahead Marl. Let me ask you a question. I right where you going next Wednesday. I personally since it's not my birthday in that we'll probably hit every restaurant to say hello not to eat because I just want to see what they look like. Where would you eat where you're GONNA have your birthday dinner wherever I'm invited to? Who's inviting you? I'll be nobody's so probably nowhere. Said you got a lot of calls people but people talk you know this WanNa ready right. You want prime or you want Komodo and I want both your greedy band i. It's my birthday. It'd be greedy my birthday least. I love miles. I love Dave. How can win both Prime Minister though I love miles obviously mas stakes the bass dumplings? That Brad hasn't happened like two years a little bacon but Beef Jerky that salad. Nfl vibe no no. I can't win either way. Put me down for the L. I'm going to stay home then while you're doing a good on a diet. Maybe I don't think you should start going to restaurants and like hit. You know what I mean. I think you should stay local. I think you screwed me Bro. He got a tattoo on his neck. And I know what you do. No no no no of course. I do but I also have a food attached to my thing. I told you I only have one little tattoo and one dream was to have a tattoo on my neck and I cannot walk around. Tweedle Dee and tweedle Dum Nobody. I have. Nyc In old English. He's getting some totally different. Maybe food dish related maybe not so hit the DM talents okay that we both have in little neck tattoo. Let's go guys girls. What do you guys think is okay with the white? Where would you old English from on your neck? You did this. Of course off your disgusting. I that one is the best. I'm sure he's really trust me. You should've you should have asked me you guys. Are This what happened? You guys are sneaky. Sneaky people stay on the bottom. You said it was great. You said Oh that's the hardest thing you've got that's the best to you. GotTa now is not the best outdoor. I hate it you. They don't lie the best to if you think that's the best. Two nd all separated like that. I have helped personally I I. It was separated the this each letter. No yes no. Yes or no. No no no comment like huge separation to not a nice thing to do. I've been telling you for a long time. Is it okay. I get my own Tatsuo. My neck honestly like is this fair. I'm not allowed to get a tattoo like we discussed it. I didn't say I you weren't you weren't getting it. I'm waiting. You've had a chance to know why you go to like regular like local artist on waiting for like a real artists. They're not here in Miami so I need to get to New Yorker La. I gotta get to John. Boy Got the bang. Bang gotta get so when people say who major tattoo like. This one is John Boy. I love being like it's John Boy. When you name brand name brand like sneakers it's like these it's like easy real easy easy knockoffs then you got fucking knockoffs nor have you got flakes that a dirty dirty dirty of Holy Shit. I can't believe rack. You're still wearing those. I sold those lucky I sold. I had I had the money for chew with them. I love my sick part is I said I'm not going to get yeezy during this time in quarantine. Nobody will see them. And there's new ones coming out all the time all the time. Why can't I stop buying them? Still you'd want more well. I got the ones on where those fire. Seven hundreds zero yellow. Are you done on the three? Fifty's now put it out there. I'm done because everybody has them so. I'm only going for these cool. The alien all with the seven hundreds and hundreds aliens are No and then the other one I got hundreds none of the the one that goes into dark. It's five hundred the one that the black with glowing the door seven hundred. They're both the same. Yeah I don't know anyway. There's so many fakes out there. It's been so fucking messy. I have a story about fakes. Not even sneakers. I WANNA call my boy easy bus. Oh yes yeezy buster who nails everybody? It's a huge account and he puts up looks at seven hundred. Eighty six thousand people on that thing while fashion over. Oh Shit is this an easy? Buster looks like this now so he nails celebrities wearing fake shit on the phone was happening is fugard. And Mortimer on the PODCAST. What's happening with my guy? Now how much did you know? Quarantined up at home. Where are you are you right now? I'm I'm in La Not trying to go crazy. Now what are you doing now? Because there's not really that many easy to bust because everybody's fucking home it's miserable. I know I mean people are flexing is definitely not the same as before but I'm yeah working on new content and You know just trying to stay up to date with the new releases and all that because choose are finally starting to come out even though the for but you know it's been really different Ben and Jerry's bad way way before we get into even shoes. When did you start easy? Buster and why did you start it did you? Did you ever wear fake easy? How did that happen like what happened? Like you've where did it come from so I started easy bus. Two Thousand Fifteen okay my whole life. I've been like a huge hit them and you realize you're wondering away from Kanye talking to me. I didn't realize that it's really close. Really close like I sit with him. I talked to him all the time. He's my guy so this is I mean. It's pretty pretty full circle for you here. It's on it's an honor and thank you so much for having me on your podcasts and really appreciate you taking the time and you know a checking me out really really appreciate that some funding that you're doing. I think it's really fun. I got into a fight with somebody that taught a watch. Buster like some website. That thought I was wearing a fake Richard. Mealy the Other Day oh I got into a whole fighting away now. I realize how important it is to have somebody like somebody credible. If they're GONNA say you're wearing a fake that actually knows because these idiots of course did not and then I sent them a hundred videos to shut the fuck up of the same watch from the same day and then they told me that you must have switched it just now and gotten a real one. Unlike yeah. In the middle of a pandemic Rancho closed on me. I ran into a closed. Richard Mealy store got a new watch because I saw you posted me at eleven. Pm At night. So I switched it real quick. Because that's what you told me. Some people do from the birthday video on that was everywhere with two million views around the world this idiot on the main page and then like five times was writing about the watch that I spent a couple of hundred fucking thousand dollars for which really pissed me off which is show me Lord to get an hard to get the bubba Watson one or a real dumb so I was like wait. How could this guy's besides be credible now because he fucked up with me? I don't believe anything else that that guy is posting now. So that's a loser. But he has fifteen thousand followers which is like non existent in all that Shit and yeah and but you know real watch accounts at five hundred six hundred one so this lump sum loser but it was just like it just shows me about credibility so that's why I just WanNa bring it back easy bus to having credibility and that you you know if you're GONNA call somebody for having fake that they're actually fake accord one hundred percent Everybody who is on my pager quote unquote. I always like one hundred twenty percent. Sure that That whatever they're wearing fake whether it'd be easies Jordans or supreme or whatever it might be I definitely don't dive into the world of watchers much. I feel like it's a lot harder to tell. Especially because how good are these as or yeah? A lot of people think they're specialists with everything and it's crazy people say that What I wear it sake. I thought they just tried to tell me that I work thinking. I'm like Yo Bro. Come on Yummy. Where where are you from? Originally I. I grew up in La. I grew up in. My parents are immigrants their Bulgarian. I've actually never said that before because I'm very like secretive with everything I don't show my face. That's why I wear a Matt Matt before it was medically next to Sarah You and Alec Monopoly Poor Alec. I just spoke to him. When we're going to have on a podcast later on like fucking Alex wearing a mask. I've known Alex since he's sixteen. We've been friends and he starts to wear the mask and then he takes the mask off a month later. The mask is one accessory. Alex I was like he could have had probably the biggest mass company in the world at this point and he was a month to shore so basically so no one really knows who you are is that is that the thing and then at all. Even your friends know that you do this. Is it like a real like really really doubt low key or like people around you know well on Italy right now? The only people who genuinely know are like my closest friends. Obviously my family. But I mean you know. I'm not like a Weirdo. Like if we ever met up and I I'm not gonNA pull up on the pre quarantine or quarantine. I wouldn't like pull up on you wearing a map but whenever I go to like an event or if I ever do a TV appearance or like whatever it might be. I'm always wearing the math. I don't tell anybody like over the Internet like my name or anything like that It actually that's a whole back story in itself I don't do it but So okay okay I got you so Basically when I first started using bucks back in two thousand fifteen I suppose that like Indonesian billionaire quote unquote. Because I mean. Some people told me that he's actually not a billionaire and he was wearing a really bad big pair of Turtledove they seven fifties and fake pirate black so he just had like all the biggies that were out at that time and I destroyed him like I suppose him there will be worse than he was trying and this is the biggest thing. I don't really care. People wear fakes. Like I genuinely. Don't like if somebody wants to wear something that's on them. Like who am I to tell them what they can wear what they can't but my biggest thing is when people front you know like Yo. I just two thousand dollars for shoes even though they're fake as you know what I mean like. That's that's where I have issue. You know what I'm saying like so basically that's what he was doing. He was posting. I have the newest. Y'All can't even get these. Yeah y'all can't afford these yet or stuff like that like I expose them and he went ballistic. And you know at the time. I'm twenty two right now and at the time I was eighteen. And he sent me this letter. That basically was going to file a defamation lawsuit against me so I was scared shitless. I didn't know what I was doing. I was Super Young Just graduated high school and the dude came at me sideways. And basically I talked to like my friend's MOMS who was a defense attorney. And she told me no faith no k because you can't really do an instagram page to business or a person all like okay cool. I'M GONNA troll this guy. I never show my face or say who I am later down the line I found out that what I do is actually not decimation. As long as I'm telling the truth so as long as I say they're fake and they genuinely are fake. That's not defamation. That's just me sitting back so I found out that I can't get through for that. So that no faith. No case thing really wasn't necessary but you know it just kinda became a part of my brands like myself and my image and also it's kind of like it's funny because I got a inspired by the Patriots. Bake Watch bust which is like I think one of the only watch pages out there that actually knew their Shit Right. Yeah and so. He called himself the watch. The horror logical Batman so I was like okay cool. I'm going to be the easy Batman. Not Sure my face so that's kind of how it all started but it all started to get. Somebody tried to sue me and then I was like no. I'm never gonNA show myself. Wow that's interesting. I like that. How did become easy to not? Supreme Bust are like why watch it go that way? I've always been like the biggest Cognac Fan. Like I've always wanted easy growing up and I was never able to get up there because they the Nikes as we're like impossible to get And then they became expensive Before I started using bus I had maybe a hundred dollars to my name or this Bro College Kid and then I got a job at starbucks actually before I got the job My Dad got me a fake very easy for my birthday and I didn't know that they were fake fake. It's a some a stripper. Having Daddy issues screwed screwed you. Adm Turtle I wanted to. He used to work at star books. I'm addicted to something. Called the cloud Makihata though I am fucking addicted to it like I've gone every day. We all have we pull up now. They the cloud boys Cloud Ice Cloud Kiato and I don't even drink iced drinks. I hate them. I we Cappuccino in the middle of the of one hundred degrees. I'm addicted to the cloud motto. Look the best thing ever. I still don't can't figure how they make it a Koi. I could show you how to make it. Sometimes I worked there for ten years so been around long already were they brought it back to August. Yeah so what do you say it's vanilla powder a special baby powder we mix it and then we with it eventually okay the whip is like a blender or you literally does egg working it. We don't do the whole part that that's already that's like sinecure anyway. Sorry go ahead. I got to tell you. That's addicted to this drink. No it's all good But yeah I mean like It basically an powder it's like sugar and like Vanilla extract and mix it up basically but it's good good but what I was trying to say is Company actually called me out for my us and I was so confused and I was like I like what the heck because I was in the mall wearing the easy and I was just like walking around and some kid came up to me. And he's like like Nike. Oh thank man. And he was like a- they sounds like what I know my dad. My Dad bought him for me From Ebay and he you know he spent his heart hard earned money on those and I was like really pissed because I was like you know what my dad bought me. A pair of shoes and they ended up being fake. You actually didn't pay the market price that he didn't know the difference between real and either at time they were going for about a thousand dollars and He bought me the frightening to fifty or three hundred. So then we ended up getting the money back basically with Ebay you just file a claim and You can prove that. They're not authentic on an epic product. Basically they refund your money and then I was instructed to destroy them away or something. I have them as a memento. Almost from like where I began. How do you prove there? What do you mean how they out as a regular person say we're easy from somebody know what's fake or whatnot? What can they look fo- so telltale signs what are you probably? Yeah go ahead you know I mean better than me. I've never have not fake one except when I was in Turkey and they sell them on every corner in Istanbul. I've never seen anything like it but you could. Because they have like read like there's no read I mean there's this like weird weird called. Wow obviously fake. What are you look for is like back in the day when they were just starting to come out like the pattern on the shoe a Toronto for example so the turtle the on the Prime Knit? Which is the you know the top of the shoe where it's like the new material there was like a special pattern on it and essentially for different sizes. The pattern looks a little bit different. It's not like a uniform pattern on all of them like I think it's for my size four to nine. It looks different from like ten twelve or something like that. I can't remember exactly but essentially back in the day. The patterns were just completely off like they didn't even try to make them look close to the real thing just like when you. When did you did? He was really building up hype. Though like a bunch of shakes came out get. I'm just thinking nobody would know about fakes or not. Like oh that's pair of those easies. Whatever was back there wasn't a full culture. You get them. No one would even think anybody would be wearing fake ones but they were so hard to get not for not for us. I was very lucky. We would just go to Kim and Connie's house and they were lined up in the garage ice right. We all get them in every time there was a new one. I'd be like I have to get to fuck in La. Because I needed those sneakers and we go to the garage and I'd be like fuck is how do I bring it up? I don't WanNa be the one that brings it up and related and we go in the garage and that all the boxes were there. Everybody's name was on a posted and it was like Jay Z. Just in our this one. This one alert Murphy was never on. Never Nope I was Jonathan back then. So wouldn't be food. God would just say like Jonathan Simon. This one this one and I'd be like Oh God. Thank God and when you're in the garage it's great because they're all different sizes so I will be like. Oh my God they'll high tops or they're too big that sizes too big so pull it let get it from one of Connie's friends hold on and then we pulled somebody nine and a half instead of the ten or whatever was and we'd switch and it was like a whole thing that used to go on. It was such a fun game that I would like when you when I left with those boxes every time it was like immediate because we would get weeks before anybody got them and it would be awesome. Turn an automated system where it's not in in their Karaj anymore and Kim doesn't have a fucking clipboard. Like a general with everybody's name she wouldn't sit there and I'm like I cannot believe she's sitting with a list and like putting a list together for these sneakers. It was like we didn't even understand what that it was a whole thing. That was going to happen with them. Let me ask you this. How much do you think my red? October's are worth with the bag that signed by Kanye and at a concert that we went to backstage for my birthday and it says to Jonathan Basis from Jesus during the tour. Is that worth anything you think dude like? I mean though shoot themselves without a signature or anything is are they go over ten thousand dollars while anywhere between eight ten grand and then I mean obviously with the signature in the back story where they come from. I mean do. They couldn't go anywhere between like ten thousand one. Twenty fifty hundred. It could be it could be. I'm actually not sure that. Can you believe Jonah thesis from Yeezus like that? He wrote it in front of me. Get a story that we were at this. I had an appearance at the Mohegan Sun and he had a concert and I had to leave early to go to start going to my appearance on like and all his friends like that were there ready because they flew in from L. A. Were wearing them in front of me. And I'm sitting wearing older sneakers. Whatever the fuck it was and I'm looking I'm salivating and I'm burning up and I'm fuming and as I go I said Kim I gotta go. I gotta go to my appearances like I would just come with me in the back. Really quick one second. She brought me into the dressing room and she turned around and went into here. Here's a happy birthday. And then I opened them. And I'm like Oh my God. Oh my God these are fucking sick. They were so beautiful they were so special to get those was like I I value so of course then came in right after the show is like the last song and he was to hold on. And then he signed. You know from uses to Jonah. Thesis. That's what it was. It was very nice so that was fun but I those Nike Ones War. The Best I've never put on a more. I could've slept in those and when you wore them people were. I thought it was going to get mugged in the casino or a lot of fake ones like that going around. We walk around California Beverly Hills. Yeah Burgundy like like the things ripped off all that stuff so it's been crazy and what's other ones? I got that I got for Prince Fred Louis Vuitton Vitton ones but these are the with the pink bottom. You know those Jaffer. Is that what they're called? They got pink with these two huge straps. And they're like who the Louis Vuitton yeezus. I think at the time they didn't call them easy. I think it was Louis Vuitton Pine. Yea right outside. Yeah well they were six grand. They were used. We didn't even know. Hey I got fucking. I'm going to say where but they tricked me and we bought a pair of someone. Got Him for me as a gift. They spent six thousand and they're used. How about that raising the? I mean. Those shoes can go us now. Probably for like ten impossible to find that really for everything. You want to buy a pair. Oh my God I'm just rich on sneakers shit is a crazy game. What are your favorite easies right now? Look I'm wearing the the seven hundred with the neon yellow seven hundred right now and I never want to take them off. There's comfortable I I love the Orange version of book. I didn't. We didn't get the the texts for denial for that. I don't know I usually get almost everyone and I never even saw those. I I don't know how what happened to them. But when did the orange ones come out like how the fuck did? I miss that a month before money maybe a but and I got the black ones with the glow in the dark which I really didn't think they glue in the dark. They do sit did Luna Dr Igloo. In the the glue in the Dark Blue Sorry Albert Right. The third kill no doubt. Yeah my favorite sorry John Dollar and I just knocked a wire and the whole thing just fell in four hundred pieces on the floor. Bus To young people will give me some five like names of people that you budding yeast. Biggest that you're like what will fall and you saw them. You're like I got a double take. Oh how one of the ones that I was like Holy Shit. But it's Kinda weird was Jackie Chan Jackie. Chan will like such a legendary actor and like he's older and he probably didn't know that one kind of made me be like Yo. I'm embarrassed I'm actually embarrassed for Jackie Chan right now. I'm like turning red. I would say my Most infamous but if was a soldier boy. That dude hates me that I saw. That went bad with these guys what what happened you. Wearing some really bad he was wearing like fake Light up easy so like the top like using the bottom was like you know there's like schedule is when you walk on 'em they light up. It was like basically a mixture of those two shoes possibly ugliest fake I've ever seen in my life. He warned in a photo and then I called him out and then he deleted the photo. Almost immediately retook the picture with different shoes on and posted again. He tried to claim that photo shopped. It other than he went crazy. Got Really really mad that I called him out again. And then he went on this Interviewing like yeah plus. You'd be buster. He doesn't shed and then try to explain himself. It was really really funny I was actually laughing because You know I just thought it was random and then after that like I bless them for like baking all different kinds of jewelry like big frying this house which was. Here's and all this stuff. So yeah he thinks it's just put it that way so people have called you out like they did like what the fuck they get angry. I did with this watch guy. Except he's a really. Yeah I mean nine hundred ten time the like wherever I busted cool like they'll actually reach out to me and you'll bro. Thanks for letting me now. Like my plug me or whatever it might be and then like I and they're like Yo you have off you and then I normally don't put them up or whatever I mean like the retail industry. So you know I have you like. Oh that's how you parlayed it into a business so like how do you make money? Uneasy busters at ads. Because I saw fashion over. Just now you working with big rich big rich shoutout to average guy you know. Obviously you know brands like brand deals. And all of that is cool. I have an amazing Awesome fan base. That watches my youtube channel by Youtube Channel. Easy about the the same all my at on every every you gotta stay consistent. I forgot on everything and I am food. Glad legally can you get off White. Which one anyone's come out? We get everything so I mean take me out a little bit of dance and I can try and save one for you. We don't get it every time but a lot of times we we get we get to. The most important question is have you met on yet? Does he know you exist I have no idea if you know like I haven't met him. I send like one foot away from him one now those. Wow and somebody somebody was like. Oh Yeah Oh let me introduce you like dude I was like I've never gone starstruck before I've met like drake as the biggest artists in the world. And like you know which is I'm not one to get like insanely starstruck. But when I was like a foot away from the I literally like I was like like I just couldn't I was like Oh my God like what am I going to say Because I looked up to him since I was a kid source the craziest scariest moment of my life and then Literally as my friend was about to introduce me to him He's not really my friend anymore. I don't really WanNa talk. What happened to in depth about that you you probably know who he is and you know. He's he's old photographer That's how you got next to him. Kind of where was it yeah? It was at The photographers event. And this is like way before all that stuff happened. I didn't even know about it. You know obviously I'm no longer friends with someone like that. But right yeah. Was that his event and Kim and Connie showed up and he grabbed me and he was like Yo. Let me introduce you because I I had known him for like three years right. Obviously I didn't know about all the horrible things he was doing but At the time he grabbed me and he's like Yo. Let me introduce you real quick. And then the second. He brought me in front of them Like the Paparazzi came into the event and Tanya and Kim just so it I was like a hair away I was like that close was probably areas limit of my life but hopefully one day right. Well it'll happen I'll bring it on. How when I finally see them. It's been three months now. This torture you have no idea how much that means to me? I really appreciate it and you know it's funny because I have a pair of Red October two. That was like my. It's like my favorite shoe of all time and I have a display case and I'm like you know what if I'm Connie one day I'll wear. That's what I would say that so that special day a while so you're not going to wear the have worn them at all you're saving. I literally weren't every other pair in my collection but I kinda wanted to keep it. You know just like a special show right. So what did you think of Do you love Jordan's yeah? Yeah I'm I originally got into sneakers from from easy's So they did. It really got me into sinker. And now I've kind of expanded into Jordan Nike ds or like huge right now. Everyone's like obsessed with them pretty much all kinds of shoes. I don't discriminate so only a dita's kind of up a little bit. Are you getting the Ben and Jerry's those are so I love the fire. The colors actual a tech news and special box. That certain pairs are gonNA come in and it looks like it. Looks like a Ben and Jerry's ice cream box so cool. I love the I know. Can we to start wearing sneakers again? I can't wait to be out there again so excited because Florida's opening up L. A.'s. Going to be a little bit longer couple months for you guys before you get to wear your new. Are you still buying sneakers while you're in quarantine I bought a new pair definitely. Hasn't been as many as I normally do but I'm actually surprised that Sneaker have actually gone up in value during quarantine. Draw me to it was crazy. I honestly thought that all the prices were just going to tank because people didn't have money so they just kind of wanted to flip them for a quick buck but I mean there's so many shoes are like going way up so I don't know maybe people are sending their stimulus. Check on sneakers the show. I guarantee you a lot of people are. I'm telling you because people are just like think they're in the money with these checks and then just buying sneakers and clothes which is crazy. Yeah why now he fast? They're pretty good. Yeah they're what? Have you done a lot of stuff with them? I started working with them last month. And so far. They've been great on some. They're closer like pretty good quality and they're they look cool and I think it's a good cheap alternative for people who can't afford the high end designers. You know which is cool. It's a good way to pull pieces out. You know what I mean. So you can mix and match high end low and medium and all together. Exactly yeah I I like their pants like I we bought all. That's what I'm lazy to buy pants even when I go to stores. I spent all my money on jackets shirts on everything but I don't ever want to try pants on. It's a fucking nightmare for me. So it's a good alternative so all right well it was great talking to Yeezy. Busta is here dairy and Guys be careful wearing those fakes. 'cause he's watching you're getting. You're getting really good engagement on your on your instagram. Which is dope so hundred thousand. Likes like really good really good strong so you wearing sneakers. They're going to be fucked by the way. Where do you look all day for? These is this like a part of your day to look for the pictures of people wearing fakes. What's like how does that go Well basically I I used to my my my age I started to look up like hashtags like how easy and stuff but now like my are so crazy. They'll send it on there. I love him so much. Yeah they they just photos of people wearing or they'll tag me and it's really funny now whenever anybody wears anything hype like sneaker yeezy Jordans or whatever people always tag me in the photos to make sure that they're not I like to do your work for you because you post it. Yeah exactly and it's pretty. It's pretty cool. Yeah well maybe when we're in La we'll get together we will you'll shopping with mask on and it won't be weird because everybody will be wearing them so it won't be awkward. Want actually walk around. Busting People like on a Fairfax. That'd be great. How Fun would that be just walked by souls stage although store or when they come out real ones those are fake and crazy. Razi Awesome story straight OUT ON EASY TO LOOK. Pov guys just fucking fake servers are a bro. Thanks so much good talking to you. Thank you for having me. I'll rise yours.

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EP. 320 - Mike Ryan

Mark Bell's Power Project

1:12:40 hr | 11 months ago

EP. 320 - Mike Ryan

"All right so questions for both of you guys. How important is intermittent fasting for you? It's been huge for me You know for me. It's it's really helped me control my calories more so than anything else about for you. insieme some control my calories tell me controlling my hunger levels you know. I don't feel like I'm creating all the time. It makes it easier and one thing that you might want to utilize during intermittent fasting as coffee because it just makes it that much easier and then you know throwing something in your coffee will really help a lot to some people throw in in butter you can throw an MCAT oil MCAT oil powder from perfect. Kito is fantastic. Because it's got some really good flavor profiles to the have vanilla. They've salted caramel. They have a chocolate In addition to that they also make a MC T- enriched coffee blend that's That can just be. It's instant coffee. And he just stirred up and it's ready to go so already has the MCAT oil powder in it again. That just makes the fast that much easier and he gets them the cognitive effects of The MCAT oil for those of you that are athletes. Get that Get The electrolytes has a lot of potassium sodium. It's going to help you during your fast. We can perform better when you actually workouts super beneficial. Yeah those capsules were great especially when you're on a ketogenic diet low carb diet carbohydrate helps hydrate the muscles helps you to hold old water when you're not eating those carbohydrates. The only thing that's going to help you is something like these electrolytes from perfect Kito. So if you guys WanNa get control of your calories like Mark Bell head over to perfect dot com Tom Slash power project at checkout. Enter Promo Code Power Project Ten for ten dollars off any order of forty dollars or more. That's power project ten for ten dollars off forty dollars or more. It's all right. We're here today in Mr Mike Ryan's House Mike Ryan has been a longtime athlete longtime trainer. What I think is cool about the way that you train is that you still train today? that looks like he's still trained today. Probably the way that you did when you played football. Yeah absolutely nothing's changed. My my mentality is the same. My preparations the same. I think everyday is going to be Game Day so fuck it Mike. No one's told you it's over over after this I'm going to put on my game. I would love to see that. Actually I actually do. Here's here's my strategy Al Bundy Oh without Outta doubt. I have one more year eligibility college because I left early and chip Kelly the coach of Ucla was my teammate going back to fuck and Ucla One more you. I WANNA be a fifty five year old. Freshmen Thou be awesome. Could you actually like do that. Is that yeah I think so I think so. Why not that would be great? You'd be able to handle it. I Tali but you're lifting heavy. You doing sprints. Yeah what's what's going on with the heavy stuff you've been doing lately It's hot this come to be. I know it's like an epiphanies. Like Oh my God. I'm going to be fifty four Will I hope we trained. Will I look back and say Shit. I wish I'd I've done it then. One of the things that stuck with me when I watched. What's that Ron Coleman video at the end of it all it talking about man you beat up as it were you know what I mean? And everyone's waiting from say. Yeah I'd never should have did that. His his polst. Amy was like man. I should've went for another rep with eight hundred pounds squats and I thought that was fucking awesome. That's that's his only regret. He's like man. I should have went. Oh to meet the Kenny. Walking him do anything he didn't give a fuck. You just wanted that one extra rab when you work with me maybe Maybe five ten years ago. You weren't really focused that much much on yours moving around good weight but you won't really focused on strength right. Yeah not even close I was more premise that I always wanted to be like the most conditioned conditioned athlete in the gym so I could run five seven sometime ten miles a day instill you know. Have you know four or five squats for ten reps or something you know. I mean that was like all right right. I'm going to stay close at all right there. We go so he can side so I try and get Trying to be the most efficient athlete in the gym. You know I I was wanted wanted. Keep my cardio's Boorda Cardio Strength Beast because at that time there's always you strong guys running around so I wanna be a hybrid and but the last of the last couple of years. It's just like you know. Oh fuck this. Give me my last time to ever really train. It's heavy as I cancel. It might as well go for it. What's the body weight at right now? this to eighteen. That's awesome. This is the best I've ever ever senior. Look you look like you look like you way to forty thick but you don't have a lot of body fat it's awesome. It's called short shorts the key. Yeah yeah the There's there's not really any over fifty year olds that look like you. How the hell have you been able to? I mean keep it altogether for so long a lot of. It's probably where I'm at 'cause I'm GonNa Jimmy. You guys know lot of just a bunch of young tigers You know sorry fuse to submit to anything that they're doing doing us every fuse to bow to their will some GonNa go in there and like you guys. Okay let me show you. I want an all fucking guy can do So it's that constant drive content that motivation ovation to really push me over the edge. Do you ever feel like you are older than the guys around you. Oh fuck you let them know. But they'll hear it now. I mean I live I'm I'm an ice pack Pro Finn. I mean he'd packs of and you know what I miss that massage therapy chiropractic. It's like faulk. beat the hell out of myself but he take care of myself with but that being said like we just came back from Michael Hurt's place he's about to be fifty one and you're fifty four. So what even doing to be able to train so well this long because we'll see a lot the lifters in their fifties and they're not looking like you guys. Yeah I think a lot of education again I I. I'm pretty fortunate by Being Gold's gym and seen seen the Mike Seeing Sienna You know smelly seen the real smart ice train heavy but smart in I mean growing When I was there in the early AIDS early days you see You know guys beat the Hell am themselves in and you and you could watch the progression. Unlike that guy's probably gonNA be hurt and a couple of years and you could tell mean ballistic movement smash in volatile movements. You know there wasn't a lot US Planning strategy what they're doing so for me. I was like all right. I'll pretty strong. Never the strongest pretty fit. Never the Fed isn't and that was okay for for me. You know what I mean. I made a career out of it and now it's just like I said to. The enemy is going to try and push it a little more on a little more in a little more. I think Not beating myself up up not in a in the early days. I've never used or anything. So that was a big component. Why I think I have longevity and joins in injury free what about now? I take testosterone. So I guess if that's cheating you know what I mean I mean is it though who the hell not you held off for a long time right. Yeah yeah the only reason I took it because when I was Living in India I got hepatitis. Everything just fell apart. It was just you know what's hepatitis. A. Delivered Disease Basically. Yeah so you can't I mean get it from dirty food you know what I mean. Actually the grows pot. It's it's basically from fecal matter because there's no signs and Nydia plays must wash their hands after they. You know the bathroom yeah it is grossly liver shuts down. Basically a Chinese firework. Got Very very sick. Oh yeah he just shitting Puke in for like fucking day after day and you can't. You can't hold on anything so I was living off fucking Carrington. Rightfully three weeks was terrible. Oh my God that sounds awful. I know you told Oh girls like oh I'd love to get it. I mean because I lost thirty pounds and I don't have thirty pounds to lose. Shit what were you doing over. There was a train in Bollywood and Bollywood actors and fitness genesis. Got It yeah. It was fun it was a great gig. You know what I mean. It's you got to travel the world But with every plus is always the downsides you mentioned earlier having. You didn't want to have any regrets you know. Are there some things that You wish that you would be doing instead or you know you love exactly what you're doing type thing I mean everybody always wants to strive for more. Obviously but do you have any kind of things you kind of. I mean the Clinton you know we always think back the like what would happen if you know what I mean. What would happen if I took theatre when they first started going to school out here and I see all these guys rolling the Dome Fuck? I could've been an action hero. Jason Statham over Arnold House. I mean he's five five six and a half and I'm like Oh my God. I could've crush this guy that could've been my role you know but I never pursued acting so you know. It's always one of those things like. I wish I should've tried. Uh I'm very happy you know I love lifting weights. I love being in fitness. I'm passionate about training and A and I like the core group of people. I'm with because of all into training at this stage in my career that people than the gauge me. It's like all right. We here to get a result here to talk about this current events in bullshit. You know what I mean. We're here at work. Have you ever had to fire or a client before. Oh Shit yeah absolutely Hit the bricks. Hit the brakes as well as you know trainings all about energy so if you get if someone just come in it's GonNa Constantly Bitch and complain bitching plane. It's GonNa bring you down so I mean after nine minutes with this person I can fucking killing me. I got other people who WanNa work it just killing me. What are the? What are the road to becoming a trainer? Look like like you just were in the gym all the time and then somebody asks you. What are you doing? Yeah actually it was a natural progression and I used to run the goals in Venice and I was always like a thick fullback type had one or two avs lip probably like smelly and no so it was the thick fullback type. You know what I mean not vascular but just thick and also I started to learn how to eat I studied nutritionist. Attrition ICED I. I learned proper training and The the two most pivotal P- people in my career. Were Mickey Rourke in the Rock because they saw me just you know train in at like five dude. You're getting in shape. What are you doing and I saw him? I just went to a whole educational process. I mean it's all like the old days we just eat. Five steaks aches and lift weights. And hopefully everything comes together. You know. There's there's a whole science behind and Twain was just like faulk unum wrestling China China. Movies I don't know what to eat. I gotta be in. I gotta be in the desert in Arizona than he had to go to New York City for a main event in the negative cut. PROMOS and how it goes. I'm I'm a mass under what to do with I. I just kind of created this whole job. I'm like well who's US talk to someone. Universal if the put me on the payroll WPRO Balsam five minutes Eddie called and there. I am traveling with them. Training with them eating with him and he was such a great catalyst. He's like man. You you gotTa Talk to my Buddy Mike. So he came back to the Jim and Mickey fucked to US getting shredded. You know what I'm used to be this massive guy but you could see fence physique physically changing so people muscles muscle muscle. You come in with me you know so travel with Mickey then things that have taken off next getting called to be on the set of fight club which was huge because just checked and let me Brad Pitt was just shredded. One of my favorite movies movies. We're really was it was. It was just an amazing. I mean it's like what a Twenty years later and I think it is just celebrating. Yeah so that was that was a wild time and being with those guys Super Fun but then again just like people like who the fuck was work with those guys you know going shape and awesome. That's how my name got kicked around in Bollywood. Did you get a chance to change. Trained Brad Pitt. Brad was actually. He was more about nutrition Carr's from he had a team of Irish boxes with them because he was learn how to fight for fight club. And then he was GonNa do snatch which is all about you know what I mean bare knuckles. E crazy fights you know so so he really WanNa Really WanNA emphasize on having great hands and skills and he did. I mean he watches movies. You can you know the guys in the Health Roach so that was his whole repertoire. You know I really WanNa. I wanted to be super lean but I keep my hands be but he but he didn't know what to eat you know so I'm just like I try this. Try this you know you know what I mean. Stay with you know. Lean meats chickens and everything. He's going to be skinny but I'm like you know you gotta eat though. He doesn't understand that bodybuilder principles. You've got to be lean. So so he I mean he adopted a he doug he was super cool. I mean the first on this. That was just like the coolest thing. 'cause I work with you love. You love movie. Yeah yeah I I work with Edward Norton on American history x Swede packed on his muscles. Like I gotTa Peel off the whole Prophet the whole Storyline my my character melts. Away GonNa be this you know. He's he's trying to explain it to me. It didn't make any sense of duality ripped in my my subconscious and my real sea in my real life skinny frail Mike all right because I I don't Wanna eat eat. Eat Mike you gotta eat. Surprisingly Jackpot movie in American history. He got yeah he did. Poke the boat up like a motherfucker for that so the other one yet appeal it off so when they call me down a mark on that set. So I'm just I'm just walking up and see you know Edward and Brad. You sit there and they have a football. So I'm like Fuck Fuck Kinda excited kind of Jeremy Brad. Pitt's he's just the coolest fucking guy in the world. Edward Super Cool to me. You know some of probably like forty five Brad pitches rifles a football football at me so mike just catch it and Tuck it so I just walk up so I just handed to him he goes you can stay cool full initiation by football. That's awesome. What did you think of Brad Pitt Going against a Bruce Lee in hollow. Aw Th that was I love that so you know my God that guy is he went from cool to ultra cool but I just love the people who are always like martial arts is great and I'm never knock anyone for anything but when people always say Bruce Lee can beat up Mohammed Ali. I would just like finally he goes. You know talks too much thought. Yeah I thought that was amazing. It's here and it's just the old adage a little guy can never beat a big guy. I mean it's every sporty. You know very rarely. Does that happen. Yeah yeah that was one of the best. He'll win an academy award definitely. Yeah sure deserve Kinda got that sucker. I locked in deserves it by the way you said that after. Uh I don't know if it was after fight club you said but all of this that led to Bollywood like it was bollywood a year multiple years or what happened was right after that you know I mean I got ah I was getting calls and I'm just thinking you know probably like you guys. What the fuck is Bollywood? They just sing and dance. Known works out. You know what I mean. So there's one cat WANNA come down. His name was John Abraham and he he was like in the upcoming prominent actor. It really want to be the face of fitness for India. So he calls me and he's like. Oh you know Bollywood actor. I really want to get in shape. But we're really want to you know. Learn the lifestyle bodybuilding principles. Might if you WanNa do it you gotta come to Golds Gym. He's like realized. Yeah Fuck you you know what I mean you really. If you're if you're serious about it then you gotta show up here so in. He did like a week later. This son of a bitch showed up and and I was like I was impressed as I try to kill. You know what I mean and I did kill uh and then right. After the old the old days you would train a goal for a couple hours in the firehouse. So excuse me we train and I'm killing guy and he's taken taking on my father's guy. These guys really enthusiastic about changing the physique and and really you know ledin fitness lead into the whole fitness Generation so super excited. I said let's go to the firehouse in. He's cool. You know so we go there and this is. This is the first day we go. Also Hogan walks in Sina walks in undertake a walks in Goldberg walks in and Kevin Dash Walk in just like like my come join us. You know so this guy you know. Wrestling is huge in India so he is like fucking. Oh my God this is talk this the coolest ever all right so when we come to order and he's like you know mostly vegetarian but it'll have like a fish or something you know. Very very cautious of their diets. So I'm like well let me order for said we'd definitely definitely put on Weight Union. He just skinny he's like six one probably like when sixty I had a mock this shit out unlike any other bodybuilder bodybuilder breakfast Throw pancakes egg whites will get your side to side of Sam and And probably get some Greens and you have some Broccoli and and you know we'll see how it goes so all the food you know and he just sits down and he sees Hogan he sees seen in. Everyone's I mean there's so much food he just he just overwhelmed and all of a sudden when he gets his meals and he's like is for like the week I go no John. This is what you eat right now. He's like he can't do that because ause Hogan is seen as like eat up skinny blue. What's what's your eating like nowadays? I AC- have some peanut butter cups sitting out most people that like are on dire or that bodybuilder. The inner in good shape. They don't have shit like that later. Yeah I'm all about sensible eating it really is i. I don't prescribe any died. I mean so many people do so many fucking diets it just. That's not me if I'm going to have a shitload therese's peanut butter cups. I'm just GonNa work that much harder in the gym. I remember you telling me before. Like just don't ever trust anybody who doesn't have a drink I like. There's something wrong with that person. He should be able to just have a fucking drink here and they're yeah totally. Yeah you can have a racist. Their life's life's too short. You can enjoy the finest stop twisting. I'll have a bowl of peanut butter. You're going to have one of those We'd have for you know I saw that. Those are in Seema's anyway so I could tell your line. Okay how has it. Trump has transitioned over the years. Or have you been doing this or I assume much calories before I was just it was so Kelly conscious is Mike I get at least five thousand a day. I eat every two and a half three hours constant constant constant. That's when I was a head. Contract works shooting all the time and it was just to me. It was crucial because I didn't and I'm not you know what I mean. I didn't take drugs getting drug tested so it was going to be so much fucking harder. I thought to do it naturally and I stand by it. I think it is harder so as I was always watch my diet then as you know I get a photo food every once in a while but I just I tell off you know what I mean if I get work lined up for said a short goal for myself. That's when I'll really watch watch what I do because last year I did. A little experiment was fun. Last winter by January. Was it a probably by by February for ourselves like two thirty five almost like two forty and I said I'm going to do shoot in two months and I got down to two ten and I was pretty fucking shredded and it. It's just obviously just cleaning up my because my train is pretty intense all the time so I just really watched my I something I really love. That was cool is maybe it was like two years ago or array or maybe it was. Maybe it was around the time I was doing the body blanche. I can't remember but I came down and I was training and I was getting in. Get in better shape and you at the time. We're a little bit Outta shape for Mike Ryan Standards and you're like fuck man you know like I'm so fat if I can do something that meant the world to me because I've always looked up to you so much because I went and I remember that exactly Third Room and the gym and I was like all you're doing cardio no I was. I was like the fucking smellie's almost shredded. It's more sort of the past. I went home. I think I ran the block like ten hours. That was really cool to me because I was like a nineteen year old kid coming into goals. And that's that's how I got to. We know you will never ever be able to be built like that guy hit. He's shredded. He's got veins popping out of. You said something. I don't know if it was before the podcast August started or when we were already on air but you said that you wanted to be like the most Jack I but also the most fit guy and running five to seven miles a day. Now Your Big Dude we were you running your ask or are you a which which comes to a great story. This is probably maybe probably like five or seven years old time. Time escapes me. I've always known Arnold Schwarzenegger Forever Used Eastern Gold's gym and it was always a hello. Hello how you doing very very formal. Never not so is one of these days it was you know just training hard artem pilot to twenty and a Mike by past If you know any of so important about five miles from from the gym running a four miles and I'm I'm I'm runnin. Had in its early by now is probably like only five. Yes probably five thirty in the morning and see two guys on bicycles riding toward me and my Kim slowing down. And they're picking up and I see it's Arnold and his bodyguard some like no way so all of a sudden he ride add me. Just mealy stops. He sees me run into he sees me running as first reaction is like you right. I'm like yeah he's like. Who are you running? I said what do you mean your goals gyms like four miles from your when you mean you're at why are you running. Arnold this is this is my cardio. He's like I I said this is my cardio. I'm GONNA run site so so you can take a new home run back. He's like eight miles. I'm like yeah he's like so you're going to go back and then you're gonNA train. I said no no. Actually I already worked out I. I said Yeah Training for Sea Change Four. He didn't you and in University Mazi go back in Chinese. He goes fuck off he wrote away and I was just like. Oh my God is the greatest thing ever told me to fuck off. It's like ever retrieved falls in the woods. Is anyone here like it's five thirty in the morning. There's no one hurt historical fund myself on my. That is the greatest thing that ever happened. I was content right there. You know what I'm like. That was awesome. I sprinted back on. Just cracking up at McDowell is so awesome you know so the next day. I'm in the gym just train. Also polk in the back of turnaround. It's only like did you run. I said Actually my keeping Tabs Allah toll. Yeah I said well. I'm going to run. A lillies like how much I said. Well you know I did eight miles yesterday. So I'm GonNa probably tell her back as may before. Do half after what you doing for weight. I said No. It's back day so I feel pretty good. Try and go heavy dads and stuff like that. How much we saw you know if I get you know five hundred pepys keep it up and he walked away and I'm like this is this is wild? You know what I mean. So next day rolls around and He comes up to me again. I'm like I'm the hot girl in like. This is awesome like all day long bucket so excited he's like Mike Gaga's you like. UFC Mike the love US easily. Come to the House oaten. I'll have it on and I'm like really he's like you heard me and you walked away so my talk so I see his bodyguard. GimMe Gimme the address. He gives me the address on my. This is crazy but I don't know if he's fucking with me and I'm afraid to tell people you because I'm like I usually host people come here for the thanking in a UFC. Tonight on non. I'm I'm not feeling like doing. Yeah yeah it was just like really. I didn't know what to do but I'M A. I'm a nervous wrecks on peace around all day anxious little schoolgirl. You don't like is it going to be just me and him look. Let's take him. I'm like what is going on here. You're mean he's so you know what I mean. There's never a full explanation of anything so my fuck it. I get the direction so I drive up in a from. His House is a guard to get onto street Eh. History does exclusive. It's just like only four people this Dr Drey. There's Arnold. There's just like Tom Brady used to live there. It's like we're getting exclusive loosen neighborhoods. Gated Street in Brentwood. So drive up on my fucking gate you know the guy comes out said microwave for Arnold. He's like hold on them. Is going to be so humiliating turnaround and all of a sudden. So He's like Oh okay you know it's like you know where you're gonNA onto my course I kind of forget though. He's like the first so some left. I said I know that so I drive up and I still drive up all of a sudden his house there. But there's a gate there something like fuck what do I do too I just I can't beep. It'd be like a goof. Also I I literally pulled over. I'm like I'm just going to climb over and say oh. The Gay was half open and I walked through. You know what I mean. I'm thinking of all these is just like so get out of my car off and the gates starts unlocking. I'm like a Fox. Run back in my car sitting idle the tip like I've been here the whole time so the gates opened up and the driver is like a hundred yards guys waving me so I drive all the way up all that. Well Fuck you driving on seeing the whole spread and everything. He's got a statue of Abraham Lincoln. It's just the coolest fucking spread. Yeah Yeah it's wicked so I get out and he takes my car and all of a sudden his security detail. He's like Mike. I'm like. Oh cool man. He's like come on back. Everyone's out back. I'm like all right so we go back. He's like if you've been invoice it. NO SO I. I walked through the House. Oh Mike I mean it's just it's just a gorgeous bread but it's so eclectic communities he knew every president we had presidential pitchers in you know artifacts in miscellaneous stuff than all his you know. He's an art fanatic back in his sculptures and his paintings and I mean I'm just overwhelmed. You know so I go. I'm like he's like always out back. So pack is giant screening room. And it's all these big chairs on US and AJC Arles head in his body. Ralph Mueller. WHO's a big German bodybuilder? had been friends forever and his smoking cigars. I'm like Fuck Steve. censorial by Micah saw him so early he was. What do you mean go? Where is everyone see? UFC part he's like no just invited you and I'm like I I don't know how to react my fucking cool like inside of me Cowles. Go nuts inside trying to maintain a decorum of you know cool. You know so I said so. I walk and deals like Hey. Arnold bikes is good. But you can come. What are you doing you you you you just added combined you WanNa see God Mike I wanna say I wish was often used to guy? Bet Your fucking ass. I want us to guide me so I grab a cigar in you know it's like him. I'm not so I don't know what to do. So I go to sit like follows any like I just seem Saddam over here. I'm like all right. And so he says next to me and he was just the gracious host. You want to know my family my upbringing just so inquisitive in question and everything I do just dislike really endearing like you know what I mean. I like some guys engage a conversation. Hey how you doing. I mean he's like tell me about yourself or your parents you know. Why how'd you get the passion for training? What what what makes you go to the gym? It's almost like a podcast. He was grilling minnows. Fuck it. I'm just answering questions and of course I'm like I got a million questions for you. You know what I mean so Michael Nope what is your what was your first. Inspirations let me take it walk through my house so he took me up to housing. Has this wall if all inspirations and it was on he goes years ago when I was is a little boy in Austria I saw a picture of Steve Reeves during the famous. You know what I mean. Steve's and like his than like a poster for one movies when he was like a Roman Assam Barclays Absolutely. Yeah so I was like no amy goes any shows me the posters. He goes when I made it when I realized I made as when I've actually really had someone find the original magazine that I saw when I was a kid who has that frame yes pitches. This guy framed in Egypt has things that inspire him framed in in his house on my arm and this guy is just so fucking cool he's awesome he's constantly motivating he's a real salt of the earth. Kinda got so unbelievable. Have you noticed that to be Common Thread Amongst because you've been around a lot of really successful people. You mentioned the Rock earlier that they ask questions because I I've I've kind of found that hat. When we're podcasting? And we we get around Jay Cutler and get around these great people. They're like they're asking US questions. And we're like this is Jay Cutler take care of what we do know it is. It's it's always when the however the you are. It seems the more respectful that you end up being. You know it's like when you when you go on sats when you meet you know years ago like Deniro how to use my brother's dog for a scene soon brothers K.. Two narrows when he was a dodger. More go in there. I'm like this. This is fucking wild. You know what I mean you go there and you get all these bit actors like. WHO's this guy who's this guy rolls on rubber generic appreciate it? Let's go for dinner tonight. I appreciate it. Let the dog let me take off identified. It was fucking pretty awesome. You know what I mean. Same thing he was just cordial you know sweet charming and you know. It's always like the guys who've made have real appreciation ship. It's always like the guys who have some proven life usually usually Dick's there. Too anxious into mad. Yeah even think about how you're doing slater's focused in on what they're doing. Yeah in in an unusually affects the career somewhere online. So how cool was it like I your passion for for lifting and all this stuff and then all of a sudden like yeah you are are with with Arnold and stuff but you've been able to. I mean we won't give away too much of where we are but like this place is amazing like and it's like you know you're like oh how what are you up to Mike Lee You know just lifting weights around. It's like fuck man means you know what I mean like even now like do you still get fired up to go to the gym. And and you know he's still wake up in like damn. This is my life all the time I mean I try not to. I mean you get caught up in in the moment but I try to be thankful person and feel like I'm blessed I and it's all I one of the things that Arnold said to me one time which was which was very touching because he was talking about you know was like lose this as as like Bufalino big no works hard at everything he does he works are to be a better man all the time and he works for his family he goes. I will always love and respect Lou Ferrigno and I was like. Wow 'cause everyone's always like always the you know he's this year you're tagging us of life you know. He never made it. He's angry. He's jealous at home. It's just like fuck fuck. You know what I mean Lou. Ferrigno works hard and and and whenever all talks about hard work. It's it's really cool and I like to feel resonates with me and I think one of that's probably one of the reasons why we're friends with is a fucking guy who's just going to work hard every day. Everything he does. What do they say? Real recognize real right when people are you know working working hard other people and they see it too and and that's and again I mean it's not the Arnold show but he just whenever he introduces me. You know were at his house for like for for a a Christmas party in this. Clint Eastwood This J. I mean this is the coolest of the coolant Arles like is my friend. Mike is the best way this guy would just sharp. He'll run from out from algae just crazy dealing bullshit it just goes you know he just goes cleaning for like I'm like yeah. Fuck Yeah. Clint Eastwood Toy. I mean I'm going to be the cool cool cool cool let's What's a good movie seen recently? Because I know you're a you're creding muscle critic F well I guess since it it is a award season. Yeah The joker with Joaquin Phoenix area. This is like the Super Bowl from my wife. She freaks out she loves watching the Shit. Oh yeah those are big party already to me the movies aren't the same like they used to be because everyone who has a streaming network makes movies and a lot of money think water down the just Yeah you know what I mean they. They sacrificed a lot to to get it out there. And how many different streaming things are there spend like a thousand bucks a month Apple Fucking Hulu. I got more shit on this this thing all day long. Yeah and then you still turn it on. You're like Shit on pitch and put online at Micoud. Get someone to watch kids garbage. It's hard to keep track of. What like you know someone mentioned something the need to check that out and then you never write it down or whatever and then you sit there for the TV with a blank stare on Sports Espn let that thing Oregon all that prices right tapes? There's almost too much. There's too much but so then it's funny because that's like that's like the information and training in indicting and supplements information to analogy. Yeah too much information there's so much misinformation it's overwhelming so. What are your thoughts on like instagram? Now that wasn't around I know totally you know. So it's you know it's for me I could be like one of these sour apple guys like fucking socks you know what I mean. I had literally go to Joe Leader's office in front of like Thirteen Guy Strip down to my underwear and had them critique me while I read read something to see if I was articulate. You know what I mean. So I'm sitting there. Why did you even have to do that? I know well. I was the men's fitness spokesman for five years so you had to go if you were bodybuilder. If your fitness you had to go to the office and it was it was a roundtable and guys would just like drinking coffee. Didn't even give a fuck way. You look like they. I mean you know you so you try to talk. You'd be articulate and toby training for your philosophy. Is Your principles the whole time while flexing in your fucking underwear. You know when I log on instagram like fitness this model fitness model fitness. I'm like put the fucking fitness model. Love you take a patriot. You put it on instagram. Quantify you as a fitness model you know but then again having these coxsackie making more money than it. Isn't it crazy it's crazy. It's crazy the amount of money that has come into fitness. But I think it's it's It's amazing because what it's GonNa do is it's going to allow for a lot of companies to come in and be prosperous and and hopefully help America to stop being so fat you know there's is a lot of like bars and treats and protein snacks and stuff like that and I think I don't think you know your diet should have too much of that stuff but I think it's great that we're we're starting to have some solution to how addicted people out of food. Yeah well there's more awareness to Ryan Braun more wariness said I mean you've ever protein cookie. That's a good alternative up to a regular royals but I do love my orioles. Yeah have you been able to capitalize on any like the digital platforms. Now Yeah somewhat you know what I mean. I guess I have a good like I don't have a million people nine close but the people that follow me engage. And that's and that's how they go by you know like these. We know. This is a lot of responses a lot of gauge engagement. So I get hit by some really cool companies to rep their brands or try their gear. So that's a fun. Stuff hits rewind here but I want to ask you this because A lot of guys has I you know. Listen to the show. They want to be jacked. I won't be strong but I want to be fairly conditioned now you were running a lot did it take you awhile to be able to get to that point his mar- run to and I'm just like guys. Think that if I run a few miles GONNA lose all my games. Fuck it takes a while. I mean your body is your body it it takes forever to understand your a body you know what I mean. You can be trained in for twenty thirty years and thank and all of a sudden you find to insomnia like holy fuck. It took me thirty years to figure this out. You know what I mean. That's it's it's it's an ongoing process so so back then. When I was running around with miles I was like man shred of shred? I feel good Al-Shams like you should go back to hit for a couple of months. I'm like that's only twenty minutes. Ain't GonNa work also tighter Leaner Lina just by cutting back on my fuck. I've been beating myself up as a long run. What that's a a really good example of somebody may have heard that and they're like oh I gotta do to hit? The hit will only be effective. If you haven't done it in a while it used to ensure new stimulus and then someone even like myself. I might say I started doing doing a carnivore diet. And that's going to be this huge change for me but it it's going to be the actual change in Joel. Green talked about that a little bit on the podcast saying it's the actual change and not necessarily just the Diet. It's not. It's not the change from doing steady state to hit. It's the fact that there was a change to stimulus. Listen I people ask me what do I do for Cardio and I always say acquitted. It's the same as weights. Variety is the key. Switch it up your body be stagnant if you jog if you walk on the beach every day. Yeah you're not going to get the results. Switch it up. We've been getting this question that keeps popping up every so often like people wanna know like how often they should bulk and then shred shred down and then timing wise and whatnot Obviously you have plenty of experience with that like it's going to vary from person to person but for yourself. What have you found the most success well for me? Everything's all go based it's like. What's my goal? When I was talking earlier like the winter I was like man? I told her gets heavy strong as I can. So that's that's my bulking phase. You know what I mean. Don't have good lifts this summer and then I dropped like lassie. I dropped almost you know. Twenty thirty pounds within two months because I wanted to get lean in his are as I can and trying you know what I mean. Try and get all my social media content out there for pitches and all that other crap. Yeah so it's it's all gold based you know people like should I do this. I mean everyone's going to have a goal. You can't just wake up same trained today ever shared your you know your training information out with people like do you have a pdf web. No you know. I'm the worse if that if anyone no one wants to help me I'm all fucking for it. Yeah because especially now I get more guys you know getting into forties like Jesus Christ. How do I do this my whole all things like don't quit on yourself? I don't think there's a fifty year old out there. That wouldn't WanNa look like the way you're looking Stein on a mean so there's a thirty four year old right here instantly trade. Ah Shit Yeah I do. I do need help in the in the whole digital you know the websites and the online presence. Yeah we got some people that might build help. Yeah thank you guys held up on the fucking man on that note of a bulking real quick because we got a lot of guys that they talked to us about this. What do you think should should be like the general upper limit of like okay? You need to stop gaining weight and maybe you need to just chill here forbid their percentage that you and for me like I said it just goal based if it was funny years ago they used to be the Super Lean Guy in the gym. Yeah we're on the best bodies and he. He wanted to be a w night but he wanted to be a wrestler. He did and he went from this like I was like man. This has the nicer physique. Ever anyone from like probably two fifteen to twenty shredded to like two eighty to ninety it. Just blow up interim but that's that's what he wanted that's what goal wasn't as like a man you fuck. You look awful but he did end up being you know a jobber in wrestling. So he was happy. He you made it you know. He did what he did. Yeah so looking forward in the future of page like two hundred and something of this. PDF that you're GONNA put together. And it's a Mike Ryan Strategy for bulking talking. So how does Mike Ryan recommend that somebody do clean bulk. Well it's just constant feeding Econo- feed and don't be I mean you can't be afraid of carbohydrates you have to devour vour carbohydrates. They're gonNA fill you up the Emilian pack. Wait on you Yeah so just like traditional chicken and Rice oatmeal Rice pastas heavy foods stakes steaks and eat to win like alignment. Yeah when we had Chris Saito on broadcast and so funny. Because it's like how do we get big Ye. You like a bodybuilder. Just more like basically anything else not. Nothing's changed everybody's still they want to find like Abo- well I wanna hear my the answer. I want to hear what his trick was to maintain it for so long there's a there's a great And when you watch pumping iron he evans ever seen it. But the the uncut version origin. You ever see that one. I might have one scene where they actually go to a restaurant mini. Remember that scene. That's cool see never like they sit on the guys it's like I'll have five cheeseburgers to stakes and a bulletin and the waitresses. Just like her her pencils running thin because his hand guides and everyone in the whole thing was like the bottles before the like we were go to eat and people should be like other Taylorsville. Did you hear what they fucking crazy and it was these guys just devoured so much food. It was insane so the game hadn't changed. It is e to win. You know what I mean you WanNa put on size you gotta eat. Yeah that was a pun for game changers but we. I guess we won't go there do did you. Well here's one thing about game changes which is You know I mean. Most of the stuff was Endurance they had Mount Clemens at an cushion. You carbohydrates for you know what I mean you could be. You could be a plan a plan based person if everything's all endurance but they really didn't highlight too many physique people you never said. This guy is a Vegan and look how good his physique is. It really wasn't highlighted at all and I was like you know me. Why don't you show the emphasis of like most people really WanNa look good then run an ultra marathon? And they don't they don't they. Don't enter that at all. It was gullible you know. High performance the strong man. I mean he could lift. You could hit in his offense was he had better conditioning car-based I mean carbohydrate Bassi was he could carry. Everything's more than most people that you know when you whenever you're trying to just feel like you know use a person as an example at sometimes not great because you don't really know what what other things that person did. And in the case of Conor McGregor they were like oh he eats meat eaten and that was insane. Conor McGregor is one of the greatest first of all times not a good example of showing loser. Well but no one even talks about the fight prior I mean he was fighting a bigger guy. You know what I mean He. He was at a lower weight. You you know. Many other guy was probably by the time they fought. I mean D- was probably twenty thirty pounds heavier. Would you think of his recent showing. It was he was amazing but I think it was. You know it was the handpicked opponent. Surani's tough but he he does. He doesn't have the skills. Yeah the next the next one is going to be brutal. Ever fights next. Yeah well it's gotta be Habib. Let's it has to the fight. Everyone wants to see your big fan of like you have see and obviously like you know you do conditioning. Have you ever or do you do any martial arts com LAGARAS. I got a great story my grand great story. So years ago this is the story when you beat up Gracie yeah totally yeah probably toilet before basically USC was started at Gold's gym 'cause uh-huh Gracie was. He's like we do a seminar here and I'm like he's tall. I'm like what are you do is like ostriches union. Busy what is Azeem G. Bring a mad we roll around. You know. Sounds like all right of course back in you know just all this football wait so my music I just come at me sound like you're you're tall but I'm just gonna I said honestly I was gonNA. I'm GONNA tackle you and throw you. And he's like okay. Let me down I did. I ran out him tackling tackling through them down and on top of them next to you know choke me out with his sleeve but the you you gotta tap tap. What but bear on tap the fun? I can stop it. You know what I mean. And so he's like well. That was pretty crazy. I said And I was still owns bodyguard at the time train. who was big fucking Simone? Do I said well. WH- you know I pull the US I said. What would you do about him? He just go do Basiji to you know. So it's I go. No I'm GONNA atom so the same thing as big ice gaming images fucking mall them you know what I mean. Something like four or five seconds. Go my God is he's GonNa get killed saying things slides out he's gay and he's fucking taking like it's it was like his foot as token pick like what the fuck fuck it was crazy and I was like. That's insane I said you know peak from cousy owned scolds. He's like no. I said said he loves crazy. Shit like this. You're not more than one hundred eighty pound. You just went through probably to ten in the guy was like two eighty s you in two who seconds. I was fascinating so he came down and met with Pete. Combs Game Gold's gym sponsored. You've seen one. That's what I get choked out. Real Shrewd Pat on the back totally shamrock meets. When you are when you're working at Gold's gym mm-hmm you're the manager there for several years right? Yes and You know during that time. What are some of the craziest things that you've seen? You Know Jim is so so like it's just not I mean you could. You could walk. You could walk through the place naked. Probably no one would even notice. Because there's so much weird chick there has. I mean there's a there's a lady of the brand and she just WanNa get fucked by bodybuilders. She just rip their clothes off inches bodybuilders. That happens quite a bit about. That's pretty common. Pigeons was wild. I mean there's been so many lunatic so many crazy people so many it was funny. I got my staff pain over here so when they did the movie the Guy who played who says was strongman called Jeep. Swenson Jeep Swenson was like six eight. Four hundred pounds. He's mass rates name ever till any just had a ponytail inside of his head that I went all the way to the floor in for his career. He just bred tiger hit. You come in just slashed to death always you know. You don't put up his wounds he was like it was in tiger fights every day when the meeting after break them up after a while. Four hundred and fifty pounds or something like that so the first eight shows up like he knew all the owners. I didn't know so. Go Fuck with Mike so all of a sudden. I'm down there like Gaza deselect mega-sea guys like the front desk. What's up you look at the camera? I'm like Oh fuck. Is He mad. They're like this guy's pissed. He wants to talk to him. Oh Fuck so good. Allier I am a little pip squeak in a tied guy just mass. I lock up a Mike. What's up he's like you my crying and my fucking I'm married to from your wife or my rates like Jesus Christ in a way this guy so mad at the fuck out of place you run here this place? Bullshit you take your fucking tough guys. What stop it subtle out fucking no you? I'm GonNa fucking kill you just going crazy. I'm like just sweat billing all of a sudden you see like the owners say like I'm like Oh you mother fuckers and he was. This guy was just like the nicest guy he was so fucking huge and so cool if a man I would just like Jesus Chrysler Jeep Shit. My pants literally. I was fucking scared to death. EU Yes originally. Yeah Pain Right. Yeah the regional bane of one guy was actually use a big tough guy give them one One of the guys on the on the counter you know. He didn't want to check in all time. Guys like a check. He's he's lucky you busting my balls. And he's like he just check in and he was a big big fucking. Do Big scary. Do you know so it's like I'm Beata Fahkhad us. Tell them a guy at the desk all of a sudden this guy jeep walked in. He's like would you say I'm a fucking kill. This guy literally keeps grabbed a either the naked. It was like a Hollywood scene. He had so much power. Squeeze the life. I'm this guy was by about six six. Three six four lifted him up grabs smashes head against the wall while he was suspended like two feet in the air and I was like holy fuck number seeing a guy so big and so strong. Do do that without wires. The guy dropped to the ground. He's like I said if you WANNA refund. He's like nope never shown up again. Oh Shit he just walked out of the door. That was one of the only only crazy scenes. Oh man that's that's Hollywood. If fucking happen this guy was big and strong damp for for how crazy gold is. It's amazing that it's still there in the market. Few clarify exactly what happened but like wasn't like the city like somebody who's going to buy it and then Arnold I think helped come to the rescue at We've just recently. Yeah I think someone was trying. They were trying to buy out the gym rat. It's under the Google's Google Google. Google bought the property so they all the property. You you know what I mean. There's no thinking well maybe we could use this building. We're building Blah Blah Blah and all of a sudden there was all this Taco like fuck. What's going to happen to them and I'll just riding in? All of smile and happened happening like Arnold is probably problem with. Jim is like the worry about it. All right and then also. Hey what happened. The cell is like Google was presented. They'd signed a long term lease with Gold's gym knows what happened. You know so. I don't know what he did or what he into jacket but if a coconut on story he was he loves to do pullovers in swing on broke so he calls me still like Mike the Swimming Pool in the second room. I went to machine fixed like you. Did you hear me. They call the fucking guys. I'm like hey bring the bucket so I show up and you know the man Joe. Jose's there he's like while the things broke so we ordered apiece somewhere. Let's see on what's going on. I said well you know they ordered. It's GONNA be like probably four weeks to put it in the you'll be fed ex. I'm like yeah he's like. It should be here tomorrow. Any walks away so I'm like so here I am GonNa fucking work on my job. Why don't you fat fucking part of the manufacturing lead paint apple a day like like machine I'm like are they GONNA fix it. They GONNA well that they get opinions. I told you will pay it. Fed Exit saw the back. I'm like aren't you going to ski. And he's like yes. I'm going skiing. I'm like the Fuck Outta your grammy grades. You know so he goes away so I tell these guys on my you gotta get this fucking machine. You get affects the arms broken. We don't know what to do so I take old one right as a nautilus with Shane Right. Yeah that's like the greatest peace. Yeah so I saw there are some. I don't know what's going on. SAYS GOING TO BE A couple of weeks. He's like a next day on a crate. There's a brand new machine disliking. This is Mike and shows up. I'm like fuck you gotta pull in the world the FI. So does he still trained there every morning every the morning and and it's Funny Ham. People get so excited to see him and he's just the coolest guy and he's always like let me train. I'll see you outside and if your way from outside take pictures with everyone always cordial. He's always fawn and he loves he loves one thing about wrongs the regular guy. He loves fucking joking he just you know one of the things I you know he was. He was trained with this guy. One Time Sky thought it was pretty big and I told him this goofy lineup like all of these guys are muscle softness muscles often is fantastic. Is the greatest eh done. So every day every day for like six months are you doing. How's it was mostly softeners? He must have suffered as a kick in and he kept using every honey. I'm like finally I'm GonNa give you a new line. You beat the hell out of that when he said it's too fantastic. Use It all the time. I seen him on TV. Talking about the The whole muscle lineup that you gave him like trapped and he can. I know that yeah we. It was funny because it took for it was one of those mornings points. He was there early so I see him. He's just like sluggish so he he's walking this way he's got his head down so you watch the red. I walked to the right. See what's left. I walked two left. You are so right I walked right. He's like come on all I said don't try to get by otherwise otherwise you'd be trapped in dealt with goes. Oh My fucking God. That's fantastic. You have to teach me that so every day. Hey we will go over to it then we go we do we do more. That's absolutely we won't be back. You know what I mean. Yeah then the Mondays commodities like there is no end to see every day. Yeah Yeah it was just one of those things he just absolutely loved. You lit up like fucking scoreboard so so cool seen on TV. I can't remember what it was. It might be why Leonard One is that what it is. It was with Leonard. I forgot the brand but I saw that was they did a whole ad Atfer ESPN and the Terminator Terminator funny stuff as fucking cool. Do you ever have any issues with motivation. Because he'd been training for a really long time of course now ruts you know and it just like for me. It only happened like a fuck. You get iside feeding cats because all the fires all these cats shown up so I figured I'd feed I gotTa feed them keeping you on the tape right it is. I mean whatever you want to do. It doesn't Samat I call him. Boundaries he sits on the Deutsche fareless like doesn't let anyone in fights all the dogs in the neighborhood allergic to cats too. Yeah Shit now. Now but actually you know on that subject motivation on the periods. That like maybe you've lacked it or you have been able to work out for a while. Does anything kind of happened happen to you because Oh yeah well I you know what I mean you like. Oh my God him and I don't want to sound like a Dick. Wow that's what it feels like to be a regular person this ox right does. It's like when when you have injuries. Are you just tired sick fatigue. You beat up your take on two three or four days. They're like like I haven't done anything. I feel worthless. My my my self worth is at all time low. Same thing happens to me. That's like can't stop. Yeah isn't it amazing. How Like imagine if you didn't if you didn't exercise you know it's like it's crazy. It seems like you would have endless amounts of time. But what do people say. That don't exercise like I don't have sometime for that court. You like. What the fuck do you do yourself? I know I know people work a lot but Jesus I sometimes well whenever it says that two minutes that this twenty four hours a day will break down your days as as best you can you work. What twelve hours twelve hours sleep? What eight hours? Excuse me four hours. What are you doing for our time period? While I got kids three hours I still get sixty minutes time. What are you GONNA do? There's no way no is no excuse also to not everyone you know it's it would be really rare that you you work twelve hours every single day absolutely weekends or something and that would be at least two training sessions you can sneak in. So how do you How do you get your clients to bounce back then if they kinda like? Hey I haven't talked to you in like a week. Obviously that means you're doing good because nobody stops talking to you because they're doing great sure it's it's the same old thing it just ego trip switches on everybody. I mean what's going to take you on a lot of guys that I work with. You know what I mean. There are especially now. Don't award season and Mike all you producer director gives me in the red-carpet you don't WanNa be photograph seven chance let's fucking let's pick it up. You know what I mean because those publications are everywhere the first time you fuck up then look for the shittiest pitch of you to put out there. So don't Kim the immunization what. What kind of advice do you have for like personal trainers people that train people like you person because nowadays you know it's it it? It is kind of tough to be a trainer doing at a very high level. So let's be able to move in that way. How well the one thing I always told people that I said? I think you are your best business card lead by example in. I mean it's for me. Everyone is visual. And that's how I that's how I got my career. That's how people still approach me like the other day. There's fitness groceries like you have a grass and all of a sudden. She's like one day. We get your ass on MC fantastic so anyone. WHO's anyone who wants to get in this profession? Knowledge is great. It's I mean it's it's it's fantastic all this knowledge but people want to be inspired and high. You're going to expire miss by leading by example sample. And that's I think that's a test the whole the whole profession. Well it's a super bowl feeling too when you go out to eat with people even if you're eating with people that aren't in the fitness industry and you have your order. Go and I and everyone kind of Taylor's their order you know the whole table you know in their head. They were going to get the grilled cheese and French fries and the second you order to clean meal. They'RE GONNA put it shifts the whole table and it's an inspiration and motivational for people. But the downside is you don't get invited dinners anymore. Yeah Yeah fucking drink. Absolutely I had somebody guys like. We're GONNA fight Joe you we would have felt like shit so go fuck yourself. How about like family and stuff like whether he got relatives and stuff like for for me personally like because I'm in this space? They do come to me but then when I do Kinda push the information out they they just like fuck you. I'm not gonNA listen to you because you're my cousin. You're my brother. Whatever it is? Have you had a hard time trying to help close to you while my family's pretty good you know my mom she. She likes to desserts and whatever she's almost eighty so in on my dad's almost eighty so they're they're fine the exercise regular. They're great examples. My brother's a pretty really fit. So they're they're they're cool. I have younger cousins and you know my cousins have kids now. Those kids super excited to train. They ride me all the time. You know what I mean. It's like the younger generation because of the instagram because everyone is so fit in. And it's in your face all day long that it's it's super competitive. So they're they're looking at like uncle. Mikey can and you do this. Monthly and Buckle Mike Again. This guy went to get his bench. Go Mikey and even when I like when I go home. We're talking about the High School Football Hall of fame. I get high school kids all all the time from my old high school and college still write me like hey you know. UN here and this will WANNA DO WANNA increase my forty and one because my vertical can help make sure absolutely. Yeah because I think social media. It's so more prevalent than people. They're really trying to make the gains. They want. Yeah we talk about social media because I know Encima was saying you know when you were like A. He was already developing a lot of strength and he felt fantastic but if he had social media around to be like oh I feel great but men. I'm not even a quarter a strong this guy it might have pushed them the other way but I think what you just said is like the positive side of it because it's it's it is more prevalent people are like. Oh wait I do WanNa look like that like my I think he's only eight years old my nephew he couldn't care less about my three hundred pound dead lift. He just doesn't doesn't but he seemed my physique and he was just like you labs and he was freaking out. How did you do that and I was like? That's really interesting. That like because of a picture at my push him now to Kinda like really be more fit bit. Yes and what else saying there was like. It would've pushed me in the direction of wine to take stuff. Oh that's what it because it's like I've been lifting since I was thirteen. I didn't get on the the Internet social media until I was like nineteen or something so I got time to like get big but all these kids that a lot of guys message me. They're like sixteen starting right and they're like fuck man. How am I gonNa do this for so long? It's GonNa take so long to do that can i. Just what can I take to get bigger. I know I'll I can only relate to my personal experience. I was in being a goals. Drugs were rampant unions. It's no mystery rampant. I mean temptation was everywhere but I was Super Fortunate enough that Bill Phillips saw me one day training and wells photography did needs at We like to shoot you but you gotta take a drug test. And I'm like what test you know what I mean natural question. He's like steroids on my cloud. I can check that off. I can pass that one. Yeah so I was So right after that. I took my drug test bill detention. I was the as Es Cover Guy. I for what eight years or something but that was a reward really smart on his part two was. Oh my God nice. It's weird. No one else like thought of that. He he wanted someone that can really represent the company. This is the result. You could possibly get with these products without taking a bunch of other and he did. I mean he would fill my drug tests and you put it either either. Put It on a video and show people or documenting the magazines and then and he just found guys wanted work hard take products and and believe in the systems that he implemented and we did. It was a so. I was rewarded. which was the coolest thing? The temptation was great. Specially Gold's gym unum. You train every day. All sentences guys like is one hundred so buck fifty silken wet. Of course Jim six months ladies fucking to twenty shredded. Eli Fuck. I can't compete with these fucking guys you know and the drugs were rampant in the nineties. As I mean when you go on their third Jim in third Roman in the the wall and back itches. Sadly it's like an obituary call. You know I mean these guys. They did so much so fast. So hard you know. In a in like an auto competed the heavy. He was like two twenty five. Were from two twenty five to three hundred pounds. There was like like very very small progress but also ever wanted to be over three hundred pounds and compete at like two or three percent body fat and sadly enough and the proof is in the pudding it was just it. The body couldn't take it do you do you find social media. Motivating you know a lot of times we get in the habit of talking about the negatives of it. Of course there's giant it Giant rabbit hole. You can climb down with it being negative but do you find to be motivating because if you post something now and you're in this shape you relates Kinda kind of sucks when you're not in that when you when you're not holding that that level that it's a double edged sword you know what I mean with everything with the good comes the bed you you know what I mean when you I mean you try to be as honest as possible when you have a fan base like all right this I am. I am in struggling. I've been saying to thirty. I'm heavier but my weight's going up so this is cool. I'm digging life life. You know what I mean. The people like grapes much. Can then you get all the people like. Oh you're fucked anyways. It just comes with the territory. It's usually me. Yeah Oh your your Mark Bell. Okay yeah so it always comes with the territory and social media you try and be honest and put things out there that people can relate to aspire to in you know and kind of eight getting coverage by but you know. There's always going to be the people that just you know you're fucking Aso you know. Just that's angry people out there. That's because he hooked hooked up with all their girlfriends basically. I WanNa know this though because like I like all the dope ass figurines at your house right like first off for me. I watched dragged Mazi as a kid I washed all this stuff and that kind of stuff actually got me into the so. What like? WHOA like? What's all this about? Yeah like I mean. I'm born nineteen sixty six. There was no internet. There was there was comic books You know what I mean that's. TV was only three channels and half. It was all news so we just we just had comic books. And that's what you WanNa do is like Oh man. What kind of relate to superman unstoppable? He's cool and you get the X.. Men they all have personal problems you you know I mean I can fucking relate to this but they can. They can battle their demons. Then you get the fantastic four and you know the avengers they just regular guys that just want to be above and beyond so the total inspiration. Yeah how about like the physiques of the superheroes these days Oh God I've had. It's just funny you know I don't want to. It's it's it's a different time. I think I would hate to be a kid right now. 'cause who your role models you mean growing up I was like I was fortunate. I mean you watch TV yet. Schwarzen- stallone he had. You know you had. Everyone was bigger than life. Just train hard in lead by example and it was super cool. But there's been such a dynamic of you don't mean Hollywood being so politically correct that is is it. You know what I mean you watch Alaska vendors. You look at how the. The unstoppable machine hope becomes Vegan doesn't WANNA fight captain. America leads a support group for crying. Men dies in his in his wife takes over Thor or becomes a fat angry drunk. I mean come on. This is going to be a whole generation of boys out there like who I look forward to. We're we're my is gonNA come from you know you know what I mean and toxic masking. Yeah Yeah it's like enough all right please. You know it's it's it's overwhelming it's in it's like I said and they throw it in your face. Yeah they know they literally throat in your face. Well let me with this with that sad like moving forward because you're GONNA be training and training people for a long time. What's the effect? Ah You WANNA have or like how do you want to influence. You want to influence the younger generation in that way. Or what's absolutely you know what I mean Like like when I do camps with I always encourage kids to come out right and just say grab some that you can relate to grab some that that you can see yourself in you know in a lot of kids you know they just like I. I refer like all my nephews fuse. I said you guys you don't pick them comic book something pick up something. That was fun watched. What's the eighties? Watch watch blood sport you watch. Why these for fun movies where the guy was just an underdog and he tried hard the karate kid they tried hard? They always overcame massive obstacles in the and they were just great role models. But I am. I'm looking at TV. You you know these days. I'm actually what what what. What does a young male aspire to? I mean where's it I mean. WHO's your quiz? Look up to beside you probably my dad. He's lucky he's got my my dad there. But yeah yeah you need. You need a role model for kids. I mean terminated came out we all got terminated. Heck right right you know what I meal. We're just like I wonder if I can smash everything I mean. We had we had these. We have these items that we just loved him and just inspire to be my kids. Don't watch TV. Yeah you know I. I don't know if I don't know a lot of kids are why even watching TV at all so quick youtube segments. It's almost half on their phone. And things like that. So I guess if they can find someone they can emulate and and you know some medium some form of medium. That's great but boy. I just think this is the lost generation of young males out there but just you know they really get tossed aside. Awesome Man What what do you have coming up? You have anything anything on the horizon. well traveled anywhere. Yeah hopefully I I. I got a higher by a very successful Chinese lady she's Legit you know Uber wealthy and you. They put me on a boat in travel Mediterranean superfund super while super cool. Yeah it was it was awesome. It was it was just dynamic. How did that come like through Social Amino all things you know they got this crazy email which you mind spending a thirty two days at sea afford this super titanium like I'm thinking it's your brother my Agah Fuck Yourself? You know what I mean but I'm like I should be that me and I'm like Oh yeah. Tell me more details sauce on this is person reach out to me. It was the funny thing is like we have a client. We can't divulge who it is but they like to train you aboard this boat on like looking at the bottom of fog. It's like you have a contract. The Contract Day later came back signed everything. I'm like quote was like the lead we really don't want to it is but but you know the talking all Senator Paul. I think Jackie Timberlake I heard in the background. Mike did they say fucking Jackie. Jackie Chan So. I don't say anything you know what I mean because you know supposed to say anything. Big deep down satellites can be so fucking cool you know fly me to Italy him outside Naples waiting for the the on this board. His boat shows up in his massive is a crew of twenty. Two people are lined up and immaculate outfits and I walk in and introduce myself. I'll send Mike who's import though I UH-HUH IT'll be driving up certainly drive up on this. This lady comes out you know. She's name speak English. She's all Chinese and her daughter and her. Son Noah talk and translate. It's like Oh this is their son. Jackie Chan I. You Know Jackie Chan Jackie Chan but it was cool. So I'm telling you I am trying to Jackie each in God that's wild. It's great to be Jackie Chan. Honey dicked yeah but I mean still. Yeah it was amazing. It was funny the week prior Walberg rented this boat so he had he left heavy dumbbells kettlebells and had them install a chin up bar in the engine room which is awesome. The engine was like one hundred and ten degrees training. Jackie Chan on Mark Wahlberg vote and then rented a Magic Johnson. And SANTRO PAY EH. Who's the toughest person that you trained like who who Who took to it? The best work the hardest just dwayne without a doubt he just. He's an animal. You know what I mean. It's it's it's funny because because he wants to break you sa- to lead by example. Everybody couldn't break me but we had his His brother in Law Hiram who now works for them but we crush them every day and Dwayne and we just love you know what I mean because I can cry anyone. I'm like I'm right with you. Yeah and he'd be like I'm up at four. I knew he'd get up at three fifty. Just just a fucking so much of it. Three forty five be there. You know what I mean so. Wherever the car was waiting I would always be waiting on the Cardi B.? Like fuck. Yeah is there something something that that he does he did that. Somebody might not know that led to so much of his of his success. No it's no mystery is hard work. It's hard work in. Amu Me everything you professors on instagram. It's fucking joke. I mean you get up you can never out beat his post. Be Like I'm going to be up at three o'clock if he's already up it's like fuck. He's already done And and and it's a testament to his character. You know he just works hard everything he does. Yeah I was GONNA say so who did We had compared the rocks. INSTAGRAM's someone else's instagram were like who's cool like which ones more has more mystique. Oh which one's cooler I can't remember who's casino is that WHO is random shit. Yeah I don't know. What do you do like all the stuff that post on instagram? Now Join Yeah. Oh Yeah I think it's fun. Yeah totally I mean a lot of people just love it and they suck it up and I mean it and you go to the gym and everyone's wearing project rockier. You know what I mean. So he and he's inspired thousands. Two thousand people. You know a lot of what you're saying about like training celebrities right A LOT OF PEOPLE WANNA be celebrity traders like dealing with celebrities. Yes if it seems like like you did that organically. Yeah and that seems like something. That'd be fairly difficult to try to do organically nowadays. How would you suggest someone try it is I mean? It's all timing it but it's people have to believe leaving you because they're going to be vulnerable and as a celebrity or high profile so all my relationships I've known you know what I mean like Dwayne broken a wrestling ninety two hours the G. M. when he first showed up I took him a lunch. wjr So wasn't till ninety eight six years later actual friendship that he knew it can trust me. And I'm you say it it's it's all about trust and it was funny. I I referred one guy to the job. I can't name the celebrity but he was just like such. He was just drunk every day. I want to train them and I told him until he quit. I said that's why I sent you out there. You're supposed to help him. It's not about you trying to further your career to do this. Sometimes as jobs are greedy and I mean I work with I again. I don't want to mention names celebrity. I go to her house literally had to pull her out of bed. You know what I mean. Yesh mean with all the good you have the bad you know what I mean. This lady was your mother. Fucking Aso get the fuck out of my house Blah Blah Blah. Crying mistakenly be can't leave. I mean this is a lot of emotional strain that comes with this job because you deal with people and if the successful a lot of times and their whole life. They've just been pampered too and they never hear no so in this way is like I wanNA sleep in them like now get the fuck up in. I mean. They don't hear that so they don't know how to respond like a regular Gila Person. So they're fall until throwing shit at Hewlett and I'm just like why am I here in. I'm here for a reason you know. I'm here to make this person's like better than that's base of the pot. Online awesome. Manno is fun run India. Yeah definitely let people know where they can find you just Mike Underscore Ryan undisclosed delivery trainer but so watch them old football tapes. I got my prices right tick and my love connection tape every cheesy in the eighties Andrew. Where can people find you at I? I am Andruzzi. Make sure you guys are following the podcast on Instagram at Mark Bells Power Project Twitter Tick Tock and I think that's it at at NBA power project run. INSTAGRAM linked in twitter facebook makes her twitch all over the damn place. But for sure. Make sure you are subscribed on I tunes and please rate and review view Encima and see my young on Instagram Youtube. Bennett's he might union onto talking twitter. Mark I'm mark smelly Bell on Grindr Ebisawa profile. How come you haven't hit me up? Pack I mean come on now I sent you a hug and kiss a little fed up. You know we're going to do next. We're talking about grooming of this of this grizzly beard beard. Yeah you get a groom it. It's gotta be. It's gotTa be thinner here. No you can't wait homeless. I can't I can't look at you anymore. Look for a little bit these my is you burning my eyes. The death used to be a handsome by attending tim different. Let's let me help you look at me. I'm ridiculously handsome. So let me let me show you how to help all right. We'll terminate. Save Me Bill. It'll start at slow and keep it light here. We'll get a little more fully down here in little lineup. Actually that's it. Yeah we'll we'll see we'll get. You sorta strengthens never week this week. This never strained catch. y'All ADA. What a podcast? I just wanted to sneak in here right at the very end to thank you for rating and reviewing doing everybody. That's been doing that. We sincerely appreciate it like our boy. Big Kid Aka D be. Oh that's an interesting handle but I like it. He says says Great Info. This podcast has helped me. So many times whether it's about lifting or eating right or just entertain me while I'm a little down a ton of great information that people pay big money all fo free. I enjoy all the guests and mark is super down to earth and relatable if you ain't gave it a listen you're only shorting yourself self. Thank you so much big. Hit Aka D B o We're really curious to know what the DB Oh stands for but Regardless we really really We really appreciate you. And we're grateful pool that we have you as a listener. If you WanNa hear your name at the end of this podcast Drop us a rating and review right now on. ITUNES will catch you guys on the next one piece.

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LCB 195 - Was Breaking Bad Movie Just Okay?, Succession Finale Discussion, Disclosure Throwback Review and New Mutants' Big News

Lights Camera Barstool

1:45:30 hr | 1 year ago

LCB 195 - Was Breaking Bad Movie Just Okay?, Succession Finale Discussion, Disclosure Throwback Review and New Mutants' Big News

"Just a heads up as we go into the podcast we had some audio sensitivity issues you're GonNa hear some fucking breathing and clicking and shit maybe here and there I cleaned it up I I could we owe you one stupid podcast enjoy on than David for a few days I'm disappointed to hear that because as you know it was all my five top anticipated twenty nineteen list do remember that yeah that was not trying to slight the movie but I don't think the movie warranted about seventy five percent of the discussion that happened around the movie and it's funny that a week after release the only reason well we're going we don't need roads Boehner my part there's only like fourteen theaters in the country that are actually you can view it I believe in the hundred and twenty frames per second what are you GonNa do I I was I was traveling with the baby and there is no way to logistics would work so instead of being on it being shitty dot com Gra very much I gave the joker in eighty-five those very solid movie It was the thing is is I I had heard so much about it that nothing in the movie surprised me gets people to fill in so thanks to them but I'm back you want to hear my thoughts on the joker we do you are you can now reveal your thoughts okay the joker I I like the well we're actually onto movie that's very important for your year based on the hype that you've given the fact that you've said you've bought in because we are viewing Gemini man this week we talk about the movie is to still say it's like murdering at the box office or maybe bands maybe maybe bad bad word to use for that movie a lot of people really hate to them being Christopher Corey and Tom Cruise they absolutely hate that number and they went on that rant about how TV should look and turning ocean smoothing they show your fish might pay you can't handle the truth maybe not up for the who is was the music he was dancing to Gary Glitter yeah the Gary Glitter seem 'cause I had I heard people like I saw people talking one of them is in New York I highly suggest if you see the movie you try to see it in the way it was intended to be seen some my like it some my not but has the soap opera effect which US yeah it's still use US on but yeah I thought I thought it was a very very good movie that got talked about a lot and I'm like about Gary Glitter and I'm like man like did he he must have gotten like killed in jail or something because I I nobody ever talks about Gary Glitter then I figured out that that was the scene welcome to lights camera bar so episode one Ninety Five Jeff Hello Ken JETRO ballance to Sunday. It's October it's middle of October about that welcome back so I was the only thing that was surprising to me on that one Gulch colts used to play that song all the time in the early two thousands when they scored a touchdown in sports teams Tro ballance and I I loved and not be able to record the episode with the biggest movie in the back half of the year but yes and let me tell you chief bringing back bringing back that meme that movie ain't it and movie is not good and we have so much to say about Gemin- I man but we gotta appropriate word to use web movie but it was it was very good and we're on the Cincinnati we are wrong too doc a lot of it was a lot of it was like hanging out with your when you're thirty five getting together with your boys weekend but that's that's related so that's our Cincinnati's Gemini Man and El Camino I liked El Camino yeah liked it that's GonNa make some good discussion the full day of what we've got here is just maybe it's for some people some people might like it I am not one of them it was incredibly offputting but beyond that it's just not a great movie so we're GonNa talk that talk breaking bad movie too as for next week later on but that's we're doing today a lot of relevant interesting things from that movie also Dennis Miller can we talk Dennis Miller forgot he was dolphin in Bourbon and then when you get home you're glad the weekends over because you can't do that anymore but it was nice to do it just for that weekend I empathize with that a lot did you pick this because of big mouth and I went I guess we did because I don't watch this show but a lot of people kept referencing big mouths and like I imagined that's why maybe sixteen seventeen years removed from the hunger Games which is I think a lot of people's reference point for Donald Sutherland probably but commotion smoothing 'cause I Kinda new motion smoothing was like okay I kind of know what that is but when when people start calling it the soap opera fact I'm like totally know what that is is that if you see if you Jim and I'm an RV in an advanced screen advanced theater it is I mean I don't know which I picked based on it being big mouth I didn't know and people they're like hey my analogies are for for them not I get it I get it so that's I think it's GonNa be good though because I think we're going to have slightly different opinions on the movie which will make for some good discussion as always true so you got one extra nugget chosen so you're off the show before we dive on in the news a lot of trailers disclosure or talk in the nineteen ninety four Michael Douglas Demi Moore movie disclosure when you choose a monthly plan if you use the wing get rolling dot com slash lights okay I up get right into it back Dr closer are you guys have seen it before but I just completely I mean I've seen a once a long time ago and I just forgot that he was in when you hear the voice it's just aw aw that doesn't always work though it does sound like it works often the folks are Roman the same now now let me remind keep in mind that I I did say the original Dr Doolittle as if this is the original which is not as somebody a twenty six year old yeah I know I know we have at least a seven dads who are washed listening to this podcast so alternative besides taking about baseball Michael Douglas's face during the jobs senate forgetting he was in it and then seeing him pop up is it's a shocking moment I didn't forget he was never watched the movie to say is definitely first time for me watching this focus on security out kid I wanted yes the Eddie Murphy Dr Doolittle here's The synopsis ever losing his wife seven years earlier the eccentric Dr John doolittle play by Robert Downey junior I'm Dr and veterinarian of Queens Queen Victoria's England hermits himself away behind the high walls of doolittle manner with his only with his exotic animals in cool like because how far is this removed from I think of the last movie using before she looked young and I almost said stand by me but that's Keefer but so is s. across his old adversaries and discovers wondrous creatures around Tony Junior Antonio banderas Michael Sheen is in it then you have John doolittle is back this is not your pronounce it differently we have to find a new way to pronounce like dolittle because no I didn't know that the doctor doolittle with Eddie Murphy's not the original but that is the one that I think is most culturally relevant to people who has podcast but yeah this this is a much different movie for company but when the Young Queen Falls gravely ill a reluctant doolittle is forces set sail an epic adventure to a mythical island search of a cure regaining his wit and courage doc judo has been around for one Hundred Years Yes oh literally one Hundred Years Nineteen Twenty one hundred years so that's just me being an idiot the the second I was out on this trailer was when the I'm assuming the British navy someday be start firing cannonballs shift this is the animal cast John Scene is a polar bear Marian code yards of Fox refines is Tiger Selena Gomez giraffe Holland is a dog rummy Malik guerrilla Kumail Nangiani is an ostrich Craig Robinson a mouse Spencer's Duck Emma Thompson's tear it which is Eddie Murphy was D. O. D. O. L. L. E. I mean that's trash it's too close do little I don't like it wasn't it wasn't spelled At the ship full of animals in guerrilla was startled and Robert Downey junior had some like pillow talk with the gorilla movies not for me I think this is a family movie through and through people love animals kids love animals families love animals I just I don't like it I have no that makes sense I don't know why it was like that voice coming from a parrot so that's that I I don't know this trailer did just not hotline men's out company or changing the game with Roman swiped the secret to lasting longer in the bedroom and Sweitzer clinically proven to last longer they're effective easy to using fast acting I have no interest in in watching this movie please just don't grab anyone's kids I'll put you down so fast and what was the what was the deal to enclose door at the end that that type of cliches usually reserved for characters that were saying a farewell to or familiar characters were getting little sentimental about them you take the swipes out of the package slip it on and let it dry you're good to go that's it when you go to get Roman dot com slash like you can get your first month of swipes for just five dollars common property right exactly Dr Doolittle doesn't have a copyright and people know I'm so the studios like okay we'll go may be leaving I don't feel like they've earned the right to do on those door closing cliche scenes in the trailer of this movie agree with that I don't think he's really in the cultural mindset right now era steam punk non steam look and I'm with you WANNA do video games that way to assess create no thanks I think jangled it don't you said it I was like yeah that's relevant because a big mouth yeah you you toss up disclosure we're going to do a vote and then Ken Jackson let's just disclosure so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA throw other three movie it's also amazing how Donald Sutherland's basically aged five thirty years right that's the first thing I showed up and I was like Oh shit I I didn't know down southern was going to look at mcadoo here looking into some news folks folks you know what's coming most guys have tried different ways to last longer but what what what squeezed the exact person more or less has launch throwing looking Jason State them as a British Tiger yeah I just ah duty to eat fucking a Predator them just didn't really as much from that point on give give for him I have some takes on Donald Soil Ghana's movie I'm not exactly like there's there's going to be another doolittle in like twenty years with fucking I don't know channing tatum or something it's it's one of those things that's thing for me I like how they were like Oh benedict cumberbatch failed as a tiger and mogul who's less British than him let's do refines as tiger the I don't know that for sure though yeah I just it's it's the period thing again man Fuck Oh yeah I who who is partner in that one I wanna say Owen Wilson but I know it's not I'm just thinking Shanghai Knights Yeah that's definitely different movie this could be bad if Coogan by the way tro O it wasn't into last year that I realized Shanghai noon was a play on high noon maybe not pillow talk just some like cuddly words that you just you just trying to call them the grill it down and I was like this yeah so Shanghai Knights is a play in high nights I thought it was oh that was a sequel world he could be great but I but this and it's coming out in January let me let me just note that is does drop in January which is typically one check off the boxes I can't buy another time period do a lot to really get me to buy the favorites different time period right yeah dude lead no can't do that or the studio has a copyright for Dr Doolittle and they gotTa do something every twenty years so don't I don't know the answer to that this to that a minute Gossiping I got my hands on that movie when I was a horny teen disclosure your thoughts of let's let's shit okay okay that I just lied because the favourite last year was incredible but something like this and let's incredibly intriguing in different and unique I'm just not this is no Felicity Jones balloon movie. Okay I'm GonNa see this and and Robert Downey junior one of those charismatic people in got it pretty sure yeah Dan them I found out Jackie Chan was a was a real dude and I've loved Jackie Chan ever since and so require prescription they shouldn't you these discreet packaging it's a small little blue box swipes her great not transfer your partner cheating less long without worrying they're super easy if it's a Shitty Jackie Chan movie at the bare minimum he does stunts and you can look at me like man that's really fucking Jackie Chan that Shit that's pretty neat you don't get that Dr Doolittle I'm pretty sure Robert Downey junior not falling from a glass elevator atrium lobby onto on that's that's the time period I'm talking about why around the world was the Jackie Chan that'd be nasty dude talk to animals the farm now Farmville animal crossing remember that game at the same time to do despite being on the time period you know what I mean just like this older lake jungle cruise if travelling from continent on a fucking boat just talking about Jackie Chan Adventures that might be a little pastime do you remember that yeah I do I do fucking good s. cartoon right there he also had an any s game I think the doctor dolittle feels like what's the one where anyone can do it okay common property ethical tragedy of the Commons fuck he wants he cares make money sherline wins the new sherlock coming out I don't know that there's this and soft made it And that was my first introduction to Jackie Chan Jackie Chan was a fictional character that did the Kung Food Ari and I I hate it sounds like I just hate on old things but stuff from this fucking time period like it just doesn't interest me it would if it looked good it just doesn't look well that's okay adjective adventure they warming whatever whoever owns the rights to that cover really owns the rights that cover 'cause we got DMC on our instagram so fast the second it was another kind of pander he wanted to at work well actually thought the trailer the music worked while here but when they did pure imagination for the trailer to ready player one January curious what wins the box office that weekend bad boys for life definitely has the bigger hyphen play but this one has a lot of popular stars in it could make a difference this one cast pander I liked I kind of like the cover though I like the cover but I feel like using it is pantry in a way that's just like are you ready for a world full of it looks like they had the same special effects team from Dumbo which is bad that same weird like Orange Tint on everything in like that that would be bad newman coming out now the plan doing I is it next year three now it's not I don't have it on twenty twenty list does back there's definitely no Dr doolittle video game either like we'll be their version mobile game of course yeah people love that game I'll one more thing I thought the song choice for this trailer I don't like songs that I don't like trailers that uses saw it feels a little too pantry I I had a very similar type cover to that one this yeah I'm just not pumped for this I I I would rather see already j. doing some other things but at this point ignored Louis Armstrong does a cover though I mean he would never cover no you'd have works might have the songwriting credit and I won't nat seventeen hundred or something this is like eighteen turn of the century of the century it's like steam punk without the steam said Victorian it is they say it's well they say to continuation of the two thousand and two thousand three movies or net probably being G. or PG rated family's GonNa take their kids to see the talk me animals now do the the animals it's a different time of day was a pretty those are darling I'm going to say that good they're entertaining verve they're worth I mean I can watch anything with Jackie Chan and honestly dude produced by Paul Wall and it's called Charleston screw it old Paul baby to start the movie the People's Champ Doc fucking dump terrible it was if this is better than Dumbo to win the the soundtrack is actually it's actually I feel like one step forward two steps back on that name Patrick Stewart plays a Bosley and Kristen Stewart Naomi Scott an Alabama it's like a new Charlie's angels yeah I don't feel like we we retain a lot of pleasant memories from the two thousands Jones angels movies even though I I enjoyed one okay twenty twenty one but do it'll comes out side the side side by side with bad boys for Life Oh that's right forgot that was we had the says the continuation of film series so I don't know on that one but that doesn't mean much to me like I'm just like I've kind of always used nope multiple teams have angels guide by Multiple Bosley that's why there are a couple Baselitz here Completing the tough missions around the world so some of the bosses include the next up November fifteen for this movie Charlie's angels the Elizabeth Banks Charlie's angels she's been working on this for a while now different Charlie's angels have always provided security investigative skills to private clients now the Townsend Agency has expanded internationally with the smartest most highly trained women from all over the they did I'm pretty sure they just made that first movie to do that Pun on the name and then they got to the sequel like fuck different time of day of likeability for the characters in the movie 'cause they do seem like the problem I had with the two thousands Charlie's angels is they all were like so cliches them they were there junk movies that were that were pretty entertaining but not good and I think this one might have a little more substance just in terms of and I hope they just they don't have specializations in this one hope they just all kick ass the here's the premise to kind of explain what they mean by continuation notes and being in their own box like one was the smart one and one was the like socially smart one and then the other one was like strong one the same thing you look for in any sort of like non super serious spy action type movie and that's a cool stuff happening nine squared gross actually Centenario who fucking care who gives a fuck is this movie looks good but like I actually kind of did I like I like the trailer like the first one I like this one I it'll be fun and I think what you look forward to Charlie's angels movie is just in the Undercover Shit and mild deception The funny part about the song is when I first listened to it it's it's area `Grande and Paul Hall it's Area Guerande and somebody else and then who is it look it up are playing the the angels Noah Centennial One of Ken Jax favorite actors is these mode then you show show me how you squirt doc right they're T- they're talking of course yeah you don't get that with regular animals any animal bad words for life is not GonNa talk style so as I how are they gonna Fit Lana del Rey in this and then they completely did like a whole like tempo key change whatever into Alana Delray sounding section Zahn wants Dexter Fletcher was GonNa is GonNa direct the new one the new sherlock would you direct rocket man that'd be fun so we'll see what do little does comes out alongside bad boys for license because the first part of the song feels like Areana `Grande Miley Cyrus go like you know they they trade versus with each other and they saying and it's not really Lana del Rey's you start started to sink our got you know got to play to your strengths what do you call it a square peg round hole or whatever sort of thing smart Yep Yep yeah I mean I I don't think there's too much more to say about this comes out in November fifteenth comes out alongside forever Sorority Komi Angel Great Song Yeah Ronnie Miley Cyrus Lana del Rey okay so I remembered area ground in Lana del Rey I held out and Lana del Rey that's something he said for your head I'm well-versed notes Ingenio because of you weird teepee inhale they were she's her character kind of plays to the trope beat expect from her but something that's a little more upbeat and positive and not a lot of good roles that she's been in since twilight I think the she's like I'm just cooking some Tinos from Hungary boys and then Kristen Stewart comes in and then there's like this French romance seen happens even though it's an obvious at Kazan this is like x. y. man execs man and then Charlie's angels it's like Charlie's angels women may men would ban L. does add plants like that sometimes Yeah I I like it I think it's stupid that if you have a secret agent agency that you make them get tattoos the song like the area and a Guerande song that the kind of like the icon I'm kind of looking forward to seeing this like in terms of popcorn fun right I like Kristen Stewart uh-huh next up on the list folks man I just had the list areas of the Caribbean Tomorrowland Ahsley yes like you know that might get confusing at some point but look I don't run it agency so who am I to talk about it list of Banks Jim Jim non sue but we I I've said that name right last time I said I think I just said it wrong again I think Jimin sure the only Scott I don't know a ton about like I don't think it's going to be good but I got into it'll be a fun movie to go see like kind of turn your brain off type movie I agree Austin Powers Movies I've listened to the Song Secret Agent Man etc etc in a movie called Lizzie last year she was think she's pretty fucking good actress I loved that SNL Skit for the Totino's pizza rolls refunding guys where it's a Vanessa Bayer and yeah I don't know it doesn't seem smart to me no ground to stand on Sir I've watched Archer fraud what archer the Yes that that seems like the ruins the point we're in a dog tag on agent yeah it seems like a bad decision also seems like a bad logistical decision to have everybody a lot of people named totally darker there's adventure land but even that has darker undertones to it and then obviously twilight twilight so cool to see her neurologist on the spot and make something up the order I don't think anything works there because everything involving like our blacklist jokes the haunted mansion the country bears a tower of terror that's TV bully and now jungle cruise that's right Disney we got the trailer Disney has turned good liar the report says some pretty good movies I don't think it's that that's earth shattering groundbreaking but cool to secrest do something upbeat also like yeah watch the blacklist Tuesdays at nine pm on NBC. That's that's one of the well done Lizzy lizzy recalling the huntsman your target our target are all the Charlie's angels what do they call them on fifty and beyond me he can get me out of this message so it looks like the references to the actual jungle cruise ride will be fairly brief and then they just go into what seems like some sort of bizarre rock a yet another ride into a movie the ride in the trailer resembles the ride a little bit or the boat does like they reference a bunch of Shit you see on the ride I I don't have much I don't have any good good things to say about this but I also thought it could've looked worse some people are like I liked it a lot and some people are like it's nothing and it's just GonNa depend on how much like the Rock and how much you like emily blunt because the mummy or national treasure I kind of wish that because she was a bad ass in this trailer she jumped out the bills this is a this is just a straight up like fifty seven percent on rotten tomatoes with her six percent audience score correct Where that first off is GonNa make a Shitload of money like this actually I think is going to make a lot of money mostly because of the Rock and emily bought as well but yeah yeah that's it I liked that because he played against type a little bit like he's still ended up being a bad ass but other parts of it where take us a little since then I think having a different tone I think I'd be saying this looks like garbage but she's enough that I I sit here and I say maybe this is elevated to a level of like awesome fun at square rating sections GonNa make like five hundred million dollars forget it ever existed well before forget we're GonNa see Jesse plummets and Paul Giamati to which are and I I liked emily blunt in this one I if it was just the Rock and then the secondary person or the other characters just like nothing and he's the main focus like Kinda got Scott see another side of his personality so I like that I would have enjoyed that I think they might with the with the character flips in listen I mean he's running the jungle cruise but is is not like a legit jungle cruise with all the stuff that's happening is he's making stuff up like like in the ride and I almost I mean I think that also is playing to his strengths you know being a WWe Guy Cutting promos all that I think he naturally console that pretty well and I just think the movie I agree with you it's going to be right you know have to walk them through everything but I think probably long-term like that gag only go so far I think it's good to have him as in this role where he's almost sort of like a con man winging landed into a double decker bus off allowed shipping off and then the rock is obviously a con man ish type join Johnson Emily Blunt Edgar Ramirez Jesse plans Paul Giamati Ooh does that mean we're GonNa have Nazis as Baghdad joke do your jokes I don't have a joke Majon wick you know what I mean but his care still was a you know a grizzled military or also like he was fumbling you know like a lot which I think is day and it's all you can think about now if you're smart you wear a pair of under armour underwear back in the day when you only have cotton briefs you're a little kid apor to like he didn't know what he was doing for the most part with a lot of what was happening he's very looking like getting the shit beat Adam Indiana Jones as opposed to being like just a pure beat the shit Jumanji to like maybe they'll do that a little more where he's like a little less of a bad ass and they they experimented that the starter Jumanji I was gonna say this deep water right in your like but crotch area Sierra Yeah you're busy area and it's it is wet the entire rest of the the German accent I know my joke was let me tell you about the jungle cruise ride it's one of those rides at Disney where you don't check the seat before you sit down in the water on the empowers all while the trio might fight excuse me must fight against dangerous wild animals and competing German expedition the rock old I wish that the the rock would have played the character off more as in like I don't know what I'm doing sort thing but you know he seems I can't do that yeah bit like what was the a favorite big boy actors I cannot wait combination on the fucking big-screen well let me let me read exactly what the movie's about instead of just saying it's about the ride 'cause actually you guys refunded venture movie I think more like with the not won't be great but it could be again another fun movie that doesn't mean much but at least you have a good time watched I think expect anymore that would be crazy but expectations wise last trailer here on were from Pixar film I'll say it again I said this before I'll say it again the film is set in a magical world populated with elves trolls Mermaids Centaurs Gnomes sprites goblins this world oh so it's it's the trailer is a nod to the right and you can tell they depart from that pretty early on those say could be fun could tell me otherwise jaws right universe anyway also ride that draws rates on it there anymore though they closed for the islands of adventure right yeah I'm not feeling this one yet I think that look I like all I like all the monsters I like this ask watch Godzilla King Kong Loch Ness Goblin Gould only more about the right before I forget Disney during the early twentieth century Riverboat Captain Him Frank Takes a scientist and her brother on a mission to a jungle defined the tree of life which is believed to possess healing Um Dizzy my cut the checks on this one are not give us checks but I I don't I'm not feeling this one the only paid enough for us to say the jungle cruise going to be good the zombies no conscience so like the ads ten that gag got me straight swamp it's it's a ride where you go around water and you see animatronic animals derived that's there because of the stodgy more than anything I refuse to let anyone have just as much as we always get with the Pixar movie but yeah I'm with you I it's something sums missing and I can't tell you exactly what that something is you know the gut punches coming of the dad or the bottom half of the dead But I I don't know like I I just I don't feel like I have enough and I don't know why I'm saying that 'cause maybe we ever were fairy tale was once the reality is losing its sense of magic it's inhabitant use machines such as mobile phones and cards instead of magic at sounds like commentary two teenagers like what's missing here I will say here's something to take into account okay Dan Scanlon is directing and writing this monsters universe an animation looks awesome that's huge for something like this as long as it's going to be get one good cry and like say like five laughs I think it's a success I don't know what he's been Harry Potter I think is what's there yeah but anyway they derive that takes a long time are lower abdomen feelings punch so like I I know it's going to be there it's GonNa make me tear up but aside from that I don't really know it's yeah you're right Jeff I can't describe it though her yeah so I I would have liked it a little more like the would've shown up and they would have been on the jungle cruise and emily blunt like would like be he did with the had the fat suit on with Kevin Hayes whenever any Central Intelligence pretty baby monsters university which I don't dislike I had a good time with it just wasn't amazing and he also did mater and the ghost late which was alf brothers Ian and barely lightfoot embark on to discover if there is still magic in the world order spend one day with their father who died when they were too young to remember him Tom Holland Chris Pratt Zeh a car short and he was a story board artist on a bunch of other things including it's just a it's a remake of the movie gaslight because they haven't shown much either right like haven't show much to really get a true vibe like I don't know what the big thing is because like with picks with with Coco you like this is something that will end up liking just because you gotTa Trust Pixar at this point the the thing that the thing that is pixar like this weird like eighties fucking nostalgia land but starting something not grabbing me on it which which is not which is a bummer for Pixar and that's really all looking for yeah that's true I feel my plums field outtakes as line level is now and look like I say that as well with we talked about recently go back to original movies Pixar they went back to original movies so I mean I'm not complaining to get on a lot and it's not a ride that's more than just sitting in a boat and there's a couple nods like there's natives who like the look they're firing things at you chapin's the trailers they a year next year we'll see cocoa felt special like even in the trailers typing like that felt that belt special to try this and Octavia Spencer talked about this before this is the first floor full trailer comes out on March twenty twenty I there was that review on a trailer where you see the world right now crazy looked off had had such a bizarre different setting and the ad this one's different we haven't seen this because it's pixar granted it won't affect me seeing the movie but as of now I can't say am I wouldn't put this on my list remove excited for for next year Yeah I mean I looking bright so monsters like fantasy characters that look like humans feels dreamworks feel very dreamworks to me Yes Erin Her said no that the ball watch the Jeff Flake like what it what is it's just like it it feels like it's a quest movie with cute things thrown in and I don't know anything more about it than I do like the edition earning their no complaints whatsoever glad they're doing something original something different but I just nothing yet that I really go like Oh shit like pencil natty and his top five I don't want to judge it too early but that's part of why we do this and I think why we're entertaining right I just I don't know can't describe it the lower half of the dad I agree that I'm not like pumped up to see it but I still think it's going to number one definitely perform well and number two like just the it'll be competent at the very very least because I think that's what Pixar at the reunion with their dad and whatever you know that's GonNa Fuck you like you know what that is the I started feeling at my testicles when I was watching this movie like the old you'll picks I don't want to episode is is brought to you in part by stitch fix that's right stick fixes so I think it's going to be decent because I don't think Pixar would make a mess at this point I do think the the the voice cast is awesome expensive dreyfuss or things being captured by the fact that this is like a magic movie that also takes place in modern day but that to me isn't like groundbreaking you know it's not like super cool we kinda started with like what it really is with mater so he hasn't done a lot so it's progress different vibe which is cool I'm okay with that but I just I don't I don't know aren't there that's that's an odd or anything else nothing let's move onward boom weird I liked it that it kind of weird kind of present some other questions so maybe that's the difference here with something that coca right it's like you feel like you're being shown something like you need in a show or whatever where like some story kind of similar to this has happened before so maybe it doesn't feel special you guys are saying it doesn't feel like we're being exposed to something entirely new and maybe they think that Edano how many people have like at least for us among among us anyway just like have exposure day the dead stuff like that I think most of us have seen a movie or read something uh-huh on Youtube for eastbound and down one of the funniest fucking blueberries of all time the best season will ferrell kept changing his wife's name just add I don't know chicks everyone can look their best solution for men women's kids in the US also few K. listener you can stick fix as well it's a rubbermaid that has all your winter clothes in it don't even open it just take it to goodwill correct take the rubbermaid So you gotta you gotTa do sticks moving on here we go murder mystery which one are you guys watched murder mystery without him Sarah sorry so yeah murder mystery I definitely did see that I didn't think they set themselves up for a sequel though I feel like you reading that probably that's not necessarily a bad thing but picks like let's be honest like dreamers has been making some good movies but pixar above them they're they're they're upper-echelon I assume they shipped in the US might take a little longer but guess what you get stuff from such fix if you're in the UK and in the US you gotta get started now with stitch fix there's no commitment to get started go to stitch fix dot com slash lights interesting questions about your preferred style and your personal shopper ship you a box of clothes you've in accessories fire new penalty for shipping exchanges return always three plus the twenty dollar styling fees automatically applied towards anything you keep your box you'll never have to think about looking good again is it takes they just shared a tweak the shower crappy read the tweet eastern time I mean if you're gonNA re tweeted you can read it a different door not endorsing this tweet true I think you would much enjoy this movie of why it just seems right up your alley murder mail like Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston good call maybe be tweeting it out from two thousand fifteen when things were different we cut this out and I liked the work they did in that other movie they did what was the switch up change something like that Jack I want John Instan- I didn't watch it I heard good things though we get the Great Armand Personal stylings or is it delivers your favorite clothing brands right to your door get a big box of clothes Chino's with a zipper walk the time you get a fit it in I think part part of what it is so I I liked his trailer more than the first one I do yeah I don't know I mean I guess the sequels logical that they're they're coming out with this I don't think I have feel I would I would even venture I think in passing we didn't review it right but I think we all generally enjoyed it right it was even the office it was okay yeah it was fine it was like breakfast can you refer to him as a hyphenated last name is just less name as last hyphen probably Dreyfuss Louis Dreyfus Tomlin and Chris Pratt I think you're actually a great brother duo Wadia you got to think about a lot with that so we stitch fix you don't at all plenty of stuff Nike Republic J. Crew Lululemon on there is a ton of stuff what the fuck oh now to give it to goodwill you don't throw it away irresponsible throw away the rubbermaid it'll smell like your old clothes though no one wants that you're sculpting third I'm like okay I actually enjoyed that experience they tease the murder on the Orient Express the end of the movie I figure they're gonNA bring back bring back we got to bring it together okay yeah we're we're back to I know I mean I thought it was actually we talked about it about that seems off how many active Netflix Netflix. There's only one netflix meant flick you log in there's one movie people stream this movie over the span of the less thirteen hours they have said that on June fourteenth fifteenth and Sixteenth Thirty Point Eight seven million don't care where is it going to take place is this a place in Hawaii or it's GonNa take place at the hotel Transylvania it's going to be a crossover ooh yet I can't Jack Warner he tweeted right now eight zero three I know it's red-nosed Iraq triple frontier did cost shits money now was Ben Affleck this is another one of those movies that deflects came out and said broker saying keep making more I mean that's a smart business model every time we bring this up though we say this but I'm just saying that canvas just something seemed wrong here ah do another Agatha Christie type thing Adam Sandler what was going to be coming off a uncut gems for this but they're doing this Emma Jennifer Aniston I'm okay with it doubt it imagine walking sailor moving Spanish or something do you think they're kind of the comedy gets lost when you don't hear his voice I don't know I don't know I Pokka into the gym shorts section odle subscribers I wonder how many of those are we'll just say the US because I'm not sure how broad the base outside the US is for Adam Sandler movies what I'm not going to aw that's happy Gilmore owns Got Mad Golfing in his club was kaput awesome ad that's like Germans came because just like just disorganization the one thing they don't get every day or did they did did they do the movie that was blended was that them or is that another drew barrymore blended was That was Jerry Morin Sandler no yeah it's not like it's not necessarily the comedy level is just like some people are not famous and other countries a lot of people were not famous but it wouldn't surprise me if Adams just cut us now now now we're talking murder mystery they can have the misery of what we talk yeah Adamstown the murder mystery and getting a sequel both you watched it or just sandler's like one of those dudes that was just like super popular in Germany Germans just fucking love him found him Sandler so funny oh I think in January Netflix said they had about one hundred and fifty million subscribers so as I mean as a proportion of that I mean that seems really off right may sandwiches spends his endless fortune on a quick form Bangladesh or something to just constantly watch his movies they love Tj Maxx Brockton coat factory and just the courts on the floor it was Kevin James I think in the book was Adam Sandler says I don't know fucking yeah it was it's like a hockey puck who's to Uber Entertaining Wunderbar I feel like they would hate record write in it for what it was one of those numbers that probably is real but kinda hard to believe it's like a facebook number seven hundred thirty million similar numbers wise to the original I mean a lot of people still like Gopher Sandler I think he's still a draw for Jennifer Aniston too right next to the German appliance curic bugging Rob Snyder Germany need role Justin Kroll friend of the pod from variety said that he they're not sure if he's going to be playing a Young Service for sure ensemble so you got a was he in the first one now he was in the was it the assassin where it was I think we got one more thing one more thing is matrix for you have a fucking Cage Rob Schneider they probably in love him though is right next account stream the movie yeah just something about that number just just doesn't seem right organ crazy just I don't know why but that just doesn't seem right they see this trip was worth it now I don't know I mean this will probably end up doing something can you show can you show us can show us the yolk endured man I like the combination of I mean honestly I would like to see Laurence Fishburne back like he's he's back right yes they're all reading on the level of one I like him but more so a younger version of a of a central character is interesting right now I like it it's it's they do that yeah you're right I I don't know I the thing is is it's so it's so up in the air with him a Prequel but obviously this will deal with time and flashbacks and stuff so don't maintain the second is playing a lead role and that's at the Geek for Netflix. They said a Shitload of people watch it and made money so I mean why not spend a trillion dollars in that new Ben Affleck thing they're going to do orpheus US originally told he would but they're not sure it's not confirmed but that it seems as though the characters connected to the Morpheus in some way at least a frame the the old guard around so good yeah I think he's a good actor to enjoyed him and I think at least the last couple of projects we didn't talk about this the other day we are briefly ya Abdul Mateen the second fantastic name is going to be in Matrix for in the games no seeing that video a few times the X. Pain Olympics I don't know I don't know if I've seen that overhead yeah did who went to memoirs of an international says and starring Kevin James Andy Garcia next up universal studio tour how they're going to go about this so it's it's it's a ambitious so much it's true they On your left is the segue that Kevin James He's feeling of Pall Mall Cop Alcee Hilda I told you to hear eh countries Germany would just despise it would be like the forgetting Tommy Lee Jones and what's his name interaction buffoonery it's disorganized case I am bishops you know it's probably not good gets a replay the Max Payne Video Games rebooting the Matrix I mean because it is a computer system I guess stuck just get reactivated I like the idea of having new New Faces in this franchise jungle mummy movie it has a lot of mummy vibes to it off by the way in a Disney way I mean here's another one zone page on Amazon sales zone products moved on Jeremy Renner weighted blanket I feel it's the second anniversary today the thirteenth of October the second anniversary of the release of the trailer for neum unions were renters snuggling. He's hugging right now Alexa but it's Jeremy Renner's voice we haven't ad read here before we talk about disclosure but I wanNA know Oh yeah buddy I spent my fucking yearly mobile game budget on Jeremy Renner Star points so I can't you spend any more money Yeah it will Max Payne did the whole the whole gimmick was the bulletin feature which is supposed to invoke to the Matrix Swipe remind me of that but I mean supposed to be back yeah I know Kiana and Carrie Ann Moss were supposed to be back so I don't know what they're going to have to deal with them like time travel or the add on some more of his friends in this one I see Kevin's foregin whatever his name is making his in James Doug Heffernan ask is making his way back in Kevin James will definitely be I've seen him in so it's a good addition I'm curious who else they have a they couldn't do a young Neil I mean if you're GonNa have young morpheus sure but I mean who else would they cast a younger actors and movie out of the Mario Kart IOS game instead it's kind of fun I enjoyed beat that I did do any micro transactions prince from the early two thousands thousands at trump didn't get yeah for that stuff that's a pasture time thing I mean Max added to that's a bummer and again those that's been like twenty five dollars on that are you shitting me yeah that's a real bummer they didn't know what a special thing they had there it just went closed it down the fucking flappy bird guy just being like yeah I know you guys love this but fuck you I'm taking it down calm in now Jim Leonard's has assertive knock over my head but to not see that ever ever again till you what that is a scarf on my rain for a wife Damn about an internet going down on it I'm not the name not look it up is that kind of putting on a list probably yeah okay I'll look it up dressing lease wherever years ago today we are fairly new podcast at the time I was supposed to come out in April in year it's now supposed to come out in April two thousand twenty that's not coming out I don't think it's I don't think coming out at that moment it shouldn't flesh just it's it's a nice nice contrast say was there a peach colored I was born in the seventies and we just let it roll let it roll let it roll true I have a question for you have you ever groomed your pride and joy Q.. Disclosure Nine Hundred Ninety four movie starring Michael Douglas Demi Moore Donald Sutherland Caroline Goodall and Dennis Miller Baby Dennis Miller Aka the star of Joe Dirk affable in this Tom Sanders Yeah I have frequently groomed my My cat now I was told to not read that question this copy here for advertiser siree I don't either I think it's funnier if it never comes out in every year we talk about it and it just never releases they they should release lacy rugged drives with this movie sensing hard drives and that's a reference that will go over I feel like ninety five percent of their viewers heads Larry's fucking awesome I loved it just fucking shell but put away buried in the fucking Indiana Jones crypt I have nothing else to say just fair enough put it in the rest in peace fair enough perfect package two point oh inside the perfect package you'll find their electric trimmer called the lawnmower two point Oh this waterproof skin safe technology will protect you from Nikki a scene and played by Michael Douglas is a senior executive at a cutting edge technology corporation on the verge of releasing an innovative new product Sanders boss Bob what's our code lights twenty percent off plus free shipping with the Code Lights at Manscaping Dot Com always use the right tool for the job your balls will think loaded onto it wouldn't eclectic reference I wasn't gemstones and how much I appreciate it so much that was the first thing I tweeted about gemstones I said that writes gemstones Alvin is putting the final touches on a potentially lucrative merger and everything is in order for Tom Until Meredith Johnson swoops in and then doubling down sooner cathedral has been pretty outspoken about the fact that she doesn't like it I don't think museums talk at all and then the stranger things kid doesn't said much about it I don't think anyone wants it I put it in I mean like maybe just released a streaming don't bear in the crib like let us see it actually I don't want to ever come out missile love the old crop reviver ball toner throw you do there's nothing better than after you're done shaving just everything feels great that for your your man parts it's a it's a high it's a high contrast zone you got all my other body here you got to get a patch just I'm for sexual harassment it's a very relevant movie to two thousand nineteen yes so I going back to the start of the pod I didn't know ridiculousness of the viewing nineteen ninety-four through the lens of a Hollywood thanks a computer hardware manufacturer listen Demi Moore in terms of an actual movie it's not good it's not a good movie it is is very very fucked up and parts it is I don't even know what the main plot is I take you about forty five in that forty five comes from just the general shave you know you know what is all man nothing by you know by you know what true they had put it on your underwear I didn't really know anything about this movie it it I don't know why because it probably is very popular at the time and made a lot of money because the you know Michael Dunn Compound Enough I'm don't talk feels great I like the whole manscaping something younger generation does yeah of course yeah you got it yeah baby ball Spitzer Spitzer for your back then I do today no nicks is great not even joking like just we by endorsement you can also create less mass by trimming in the shower and of course yeah I think it was like it gets an entertaining enough plot because it's like suspenseful in that real world application right like this stuff happens a companies like or would look like and it was it was extremely stupid in that that sense yeah I I think I would end up giving it a forty four I'm just GonNa one down neutral purpose and asked you instead manscaping it's forever changing the grooming game Yeah how `Bout Back I do actually use mine today with their blessed there forget about the crop preserver and anti chasing ball deodorant moisturizer already put deodorant on your armpits where you know putting the owner on the smelly part of your body for the on the go fresh he he is one of his opening like a couple of scenes he is so mailed in checked out of this fucking thing on real and his boss was a horrible person in the movie outlandish like cartoonish almost and you know Donald Sutherland's playing it so you're you're rubbing your hands like birdman hand rubbed Heck Technological Innovation Jeff was talking about from his blurb was a faster cd-rom drive themselves admit will be outdated after the time like that part I think is well done but it's like fucking convoluted with this weird VR thing in like the Tech Shit and I think the really didn't know what the fuck they're talking about because press conference to announce the merger talk about the CD ROM drive in Demi Moore's character just fucking railroads it they have a pissing match in the middle just a lot of the Times that like whenever they had to do a scene where they're talking about technical aspect of what their company did they vomited out tech terms like they had a glossary of art center suspenseful are good which is what brings it up a little bit and I dunno also understanding this is Michael Douglas's best performance I think he kind of us in a little bit I think I think a lot of people it's like Oh this is gonna be fucking good just plays like neutrally evil looking dude and that was a disappointment the big the big I don't remember much of it I had seen it because I remembered most of the premise and the plot but I'm GONNA go with a forty nine audience gave me trusting you guys that everything's cool here littering twitter what are you giving Jeff I I mean look I didn't like it what makes up a CD ROM drive in just like sit every word eight Z and is I had no idea what anything actually did I mean I don't either but I can t the fact that I could tell that they were questioning felt bad and I don't know there's just like a lot of like weird loose ends throughout the movie word none of it really gets wrapped up and he just doesn't really feel like a connected plotline but like the in this movie mailed this one in the product yeah that too key fucking socks in this it's useless we'll get it would have been so fucking dead in the water they're having a press conference like a little bit outside the realm of just like general puberty like the first and second season so I think they go into talking things that are more more relevant to current social happening the way they hype is boss character up as being a total fucking asshole you expected just this bomb bass like a horrible person and he the forty nine out of a hundred will be the third lowest movie we've reviewed for Sunday nostalgia that is ahead of scary movie two triple X. The Iron Charleena chocolate factory Barry Levinson directed it heated quiz show you think gusting could show good bears amazing you know he did direct recently that was a big dumpy the joke is that they're doing a musical based on the movie disclosure which like the on the first level it's it's a gag very similar to the planet of the apes inappropriate that children would be making a musical like this and then the third level gag was that the the disclosure listen watch the show big mouth and do a little just in case people don now please inform them on big mouth so so big mouth is a is a really good fifty six I'm not sure how many people actually watched it but the audience composite now on one of our smaller voting pools as a now fifty six so the composite in I don't I can't be delicate about this it's it's through the perspective of a man getting sexually harassed and that does happen but that and the the piece of Shit schoolteacher whatever like one of them to do a disclosure musicals a year so this is the big innovation they keep fucking saying yes is outdated after they keep talking saying it till the person they're merging with like here's our big property ball by the way it's L. People that are involved in it the the third season you know tastes different Termini I'd say the third season tackles subject matter that that goes great animated show on Netflix that ad is created by Nick Kroll and he does a lot of the voices in a lot of other good actors in that well as well in my opinion so it it it tackles a very serious subject matter that you know it's still ongoing but it does it doesn't approach it from probably the most common perspective and that was the third level joke in big mouth was that like you know they're not doing sexual bucket of farts what earn Oh yeah so no no stranger no stranger to want to get into the mix with controversy Asmat through the perspective of those most likely to be sexually harassed in the workplace they're doing it through the perspective of a man not to get too deep into the weeds there but that right and so that's kind of how it related into that and when I was watching it it so first off like my first thought was the third act pivoted to this this battle for the CD ROM drive almost which like dovetailed into what happened in the second act but it's almost like like how he's doesn't understand the movie you know what I mean that whole subplot with him in what's her name Lola very funny great episode is in the minority of sexual harassment cases so in Nineteen ninety-four this you know this is kind of a ahead of its time in that of in that aspect but also at the same time they had way more material that they could joked on big mouth but the thing is I don't think people would have gotten it unless they saw the movie so it would be funny if you went back and watched disclosure I don't know how many people are GonNa do that based on big mouth but it is on HBO go This movie was almost it was almost divided into two parts it's like a corporate thriller with a and I don't WanNa say sexual thriller because it wasn't sexy like if you think like sexual thriller like no Social Subjects Barry Levinson the okay so the joke on the joke on big mouth just set it up from the big for those who like I don't know what people musical from the simpsons which like the first level gag is that Oh they're stupid that they're making musical this the second level gag is that it's very go back to basic instinct like that's Michael Douglas's well Michael Douglas as having a huge huge run of it so the yeah it's going to be known as the Michael Douglas Sexual harassment movie but that was almost like the if you divide it into three acts that was almost just the second hat and then the entire wigan responsible CEO that exact moment is just like this done you know what the fuck is going on within your own company we did zero diligence on this deal so we're just it it had a lot of it didn't make sense to me I guess to summarize what you're saying it's it's definitely a drama it's a it's a corporate drama that's the best way to issue which is like the cohesiveness of a cow everything came together it was almost like a I don't know how to frame this like what would like drama it's not a thriller but it's able to watch it he goes to the office of Demi Moore's character who is now going to be his boss used the date and she tries to that's kind of how it plays out in terms of what it means to the show big mouth very funny episode to overall I do enjoy the whole bit awry revolving around like the dean who doesn't really grasp all the fucking murder in the end the fucking don'ts that ruin runs the other companies like all other this is supposed to be a good conference right here I would have neely if any legal dispute in the movie and his phone was on and it called one of his friends or coworkers voicemails and then there's an entire voice ten minute voicemail slapped it all together until like a a really just not great plot it feels slept together and let me get your thoughts on this is that in the actual movie let me let me run through hiring counter so you find out about this in the maybe the span of one minute to voice taping plate so that was just a really lazy way to resolve it by Donald Sutherland Bob Garvan awesome name they want him out to begin with and so she says that he sexually harassed her etc etc comes out to where he's at the second act beyond a certain point kind of just wasn't really discussed so only one harp too much again on how this relates to big mouth but just as far as the movie goes did you call the voicemail record something he's getting emails and Shit it's a super tech-heavy movie but it just feels like it it kind of slows down a lot and becomes boring and the Lakers enough little like I could understand like this would really happen like I do think when when people do you know like whistle blow in general or report instances picks it back up and then it kind of fizzles out until another thing kind of picks it back up right they have the phone call because he was on the phone she starts going over and trying to get him to do stuff that it she tries to get them to hook up he has a wife all that he says no she he then comes in the next day we need to know that his boss the twist or add on the peak your interest a bit that kind of gets you through the finish line but it just never consistently flows throughout in terms of intrigue I feel like the like it was like a three minute so to set it up so his like Jeff was saying there's a there's a sexual encounter that that sets up the John Michael Douglas and that was the part that was the part where like some parts of it were and I want to get too preachy like some parts of it I think happened but it's it's taking it to the extreme case and like through a perspective that I think probably is Naza impactful of of it being them that's kind of how the movie feels like it's almost like it's almost an analogy for the movies at it just kind of feels like it's puttering along a little bit and then maybe like one thing gets a little so I get it it just it was it was in going back to the big mouth commentary on it you know at the time it's one of those things where it's like you're you're taking something that definitely does put it in this is an adaptation of book write in the book was apparently extremely well received and this just feels like they took the parts they thought would be most intriguing and just weird thing to me still is a whole obsession with VR aspect of it and like the special effects and this was so outrageously out of place like without that I think this would have been like of sexual harassment they get ostracized because you know our he was specifically talking about a stock options and wanting the merger to go through and devaluing that Selena company it goes through all the motions where certain things come out that favor him and then she may have the upper hand and it it's kind of like they're each on their own last thread before another thing saves the Disney tickets for this dude so he was able to get guys good graces enough to get Get the the Malaysian data backup to show at the VR Michael Douglas in this vault of files but he's doing a hotel were the executives and Donald Sutherland have demonstration and they walk in and they do that his wife they're getting into the car had a real awesome jeep wagoneer and he was trying to get this Guy Disney tickets and his wife gets on his case for like trying to get this the other way around so like but the turn was instantaneously like a new is happening and then he just woke up days okay like I fucking hate you again inexpensively yeah also I feel like every every one of his friends from the company just randomly turned on him for inexplicable reasons the Dylan Baker character do they explain why he just the database and there is a scene where he's going into access files that'll help him clear his name or or help because now they're going to essentially going

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The Adam Buxton Podcast

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"I did one more. Gye. Cost Band now you out that puck cost out and started listening. I took my microphone and found some human. then. I recalled it all the noises while. I name as at Buxton up. I want you to enjoy. That's the. Hey how you doing cats and Buxton him. Just taking a walk. On a hot afternoon. In early July twenty twenty up ahead is my dog friend Rose Rosie. Comes Salo. She's quite panty at the moment because he just went on a run. With my wife. And now she's a hotdog. Rosie let's go this way. Rose can. I tell you about my guest for this podcast. I wanted to say thank you so much to those of you. Who sent me very kind and thoughtful messages after the last podcast that I did with Joe when I was talking about my mum's death. Has Very touched by the messages I got. They really made a difference and made me feel overall. Less kinda lonely and mad you. Anyway pod cats. Thanks I really appreciate it. So look! As a small, thank you. His great podcast for you. And this is fun I had a good chat. With Holly Walsh for this episode number one to seven. Holly is British writer and comedian. His few holly FACS for you. Holly is currently aged, thirty nine and based in London. She is one of the writers of the BBC Sitcom Motherland. Starring Amongst Others Anna Maxwell Martin, Lucy Punch and Diane Morgan friend of the PODCAST, according to Wikipedia, the show examines the trials and Traumas of middle-class motherhood. Holly started working on the show back in two thousand sixteen when she was pregnant with I, believe her second child. As you'll hit. She's been working on a third series of motherland during lockdown. Holly is also the creator of another BBC Sitcom. That premiered recently the other one starring. Ellie White and Lauren. Socha as two women named Kathryn Woolcott they all sisters who had no idea the other existed until their father drop dead. That's the premise of the other one, and it's on the BBC I player if you missed it. When Holly was young, she was sent to Christ's hospital. A public school with unusual admissions process that places an emphasis on offering applicants from less privileged backgrounds, the opportunity to attend as I discovered Hollywood's aboard while she was there, and as I was also sent to boarding school when I was little, we compared a few memories of the experience. Holly began her comedy career in the mid two thousand, and was nominated for an Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer Award in twenty eleven for her first hour long show Holly Copter based on her experience of being hospitalized after jumping off worthing here in a home-made helicopter. We don't talk about it but I. Would like to know. What we did talk about was stand up comedy. And why Holly hasn't been doing it for a while pop from the lockdown. and. We spoke about it before it became clear that the UK government's one point. Five seven billion pounds support package for the arts. Announced recently was not going to include. Funding for live comedy clubs as far as I'm aware. Many of my favorite guests on this podcast and many of my favorite people in the world have been comedians who relied on live comedy to hone them material and make their living, and if you put, cats would like to help that scene survive the covert lockdown recession. Then stick around at the end of the podcast when I talked briefly about the future of live comedy with the Shadow, Chuckle Secretary of British comedy Richard Harry. Course there are many people in many of you who have been badly affected by this crisis in one way or another. But. I hope that my short chat with Richard might encourage you to spare a thought for the stand ups as well. But first my conversation with Holly, which was recorded at the very end of June, twenty twenty, and in addition to stand up and boarding school. We, covered what we cava thoughts and other things. You don't want to hear in a podcast. Hillary Clinton. Because I've been watching a documentary about her and the problem with mopping. But we began with what is fast becoming a new. PODCAST cliche. The remote recording technical chat. He go. Talk About? Wrong. What do I do this? I can't see you. Black. A deal, but is in fact in my face. That microphone you have already plugged in right because there's a little blue light, suggests I. The TRIPOD! We go against tripods. I mean they try lift up nearby can there's a bit of it? You smashed it. Yes, absolutely smashed it. Tiny Johnston I'm so used to. My son is often coming to me and saying dad I broke. This or this thing is broken. That's broken and it turns out you know. He means that he doesn't know how to switch it on or something. That was like my seven year old mother. Yeah, so finding out that you actually have broken. Is Disappointment. Getting a job as an apple, it guy. No, I would be rubbish whenever when my wife gets in a pickle and asked me for advice because I use computers a little bit more than she does. She immediately gets very defensive. And she is just on alert for any sign of frustration or impatience from me, and then she immediately just goes out. Don't bother then I'll just don't bother. I. Let me see if this is working this stuff going on, but is it coming out with my computer or this relaunched quicktime? Yeah I'm according as well all right, I mean according to Zoom Feet. So you know we've got a backup, but just my listeners a very particular. They are sound Queens. They don't like it when people eat or breathe strangely to say I listened to the on this morning. And does eating a little bit was each drinking I could actually eat it him masticate. It was quite extreme. I, did put a warning and the description of the podcast say this does contain the sound of eating, because people just lose sleep. Such awful as well. It was an inside. Far It was grain. I Don I hear is pr is I would have. He did say I mean this is listeners. If you haven't heard of this episode one twenty six with Joe Cornish and it's quite a strange while, because it's an emotional conversation between myself and show about my mother dying, but at one point when I go out of the room Joe, just lets rip with as Holly. Says quite an exaggerated and library music. Far as she made me feel sick. I'm sorry I must have sinister easier because the sound of it I could smell it I can smell that sounds. Delicious cornball only does very fragrant fats. He did say he assumed that I would cut it out but I. Keep it in because I put. It was funny. did you listen to the episode about surveillance capitalism with Shoshana Zubov? That well. Did you have a problem with eating chicken salad I? Haven't they ever problem with I? I mean I did as well if I'm really honest? But I really struggled in the moment because I was intimidated by this extremely intelligent and successful person who was giving up her time, and the last thing I wanted to do was tell her that she couldn't eat a salad, and she says she told you if I remember rightly I haven't eaten enlighten nine hours. Mice is worried about me. So I know exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everything was pointing towards it being a bad idea to say. You. Know people who listen to podcasts really really hate it when people eat things, so there's any rear mark hiring silent. Hours that would be great. Can Get hurt. Is An IV is that? Speed and then He. Forgets Obama Salad. Better, but point your camera down can just see what set up. You've got their very. Sound sexy, the West. Wearing anything. I sorry. Good just the modern world. I think I saw it and it looked good. I'm just going to hold it and it's going to like. Nine hundred and fourteen needs Rita. That's good perfect I feel like a sports commentator. You do look a little bit line one I'm going to take a picture of. Nervous about this is anyone thinks of emotional. For good while make a recording on quicktime. Why. Everyone, shits themselves about quicktime. Have you been sent any free microphones by? No you would think so wouldn't hey, but not so far. This annoy because of got one hand hold in Mike Phone, and I was really hoping to get on with the tapestry while we talking. Concentrate, fully on the tapestry. How long have you been doing tapestry since lockdown? Really. Well hundred and one days into it sure it's been a while, but but you weren't doing tapestry not. No big into pump plumbing before the now tapestry pump-pumping, being making pom-pom, waving them making pompoms by bit worried, the I'd. Inhaled a lot of. Pum, I thought I'd give him myself pom-pom lung for Awhile, so I transferred tapestry. Safer Do. pompoms give off dust. inhalable I mean. He was easing very cheap. Acrylic world. Ashim if you sit in trimming a critic with a lot as A. Certain amount of pom-pom dust in the ether around. And it was. This is before the days mouth. Face Masks I right okay now days. We just face masks. Obviously, because we know about them, exactly face masks were originally developed to deal with pom-pom dust. One of my fundus memories of when I was gigging. Was that festival? We didn't festival number six, was it? Oh, yeah, and you had! Why would class in my head as a blinder? I mean you couldn't have charmed that tent more. There was like kids and old people and everybody loves G Shaw I. Think I was comparing it and I don't think I think in my head I remember thinking God. I'd love like this one day. Where was that then that was? Put married yeah. Checking Center here. It wasn't Marian. It was green man festival in two thousand fifteen actually. I'm exhausted now. There's almost certainly other things wrong in this podcast with. That's all I've got time to check today for now. Do you do standup still low like out of covid times. I don't. I saw fell in love with it. A bit I think why what happened. Well I had kids, and is just really hard to sort of. You know drive to work and back in a night without feedings hosted and I didn't know. I think things have to work themselves out a bit to stand up like I. Don't feel like I was writing stuff that I connected to i. sort of felt like. I didn't really feel that connected to my jokes for a while Roy and I also felt like the I really did. Enjoy would just sort of riffing with you audience, but then I'd come off stage and get really worried that I defended someone or Something the wrong way I think I got bit paranoid about I think I saw. Things that? My worst nightmare is to sort of say the wrong thing on stage, and then become sold for. That's my worst nightmare, so I think i. Not I'm in any way controversial, but I just think so easy to slip up nowadays that I think that's one of the reasons why I'm so dreading this podcast because I I want to have. Put cost remorse. No, you won't have podcast remorse. This is not the kind of podcasts where I rub my hands with Glee. If someone says something that might be misunderstood, we generally. Cut around it. Find you know shameless? S I've shameless for years right? Okay, so you'll know. He's an excellent fellow and a good judge of. What is going to be understood in what is not going to be understood? Don't worry. He didn't cut the though and that was disgusting. Then, you find it funny though. It was t gross I'm and I. Think. That was my threshold for graceless. It was it was like yeah. It was gross comedy that. But you'll forgive me. Forgive me for that. Will you forgive Joe for that? Yeah, as long as he learns from it. I think if he can move on then. Yes. There you go! That's all we're talking about. We all make mistakes, and we grow as human beings I promise you will be the last fought that I include in the podcast, but the reason. I thought it was funny. It just seemed in such comically stark contrast to everything else that we were talking about. It was really funny. That's the trouble that the for itself was a wet, a nice disgusting. Maybe the mistake I made was to keep the real fought. I should have done was go back and just do Foley like this. There you go, that would have been perfect. That was like a little whoopie cushion far. He's one honestly at a spit to it was. Just done for. One of those up close to the mic I like most wants but I think that it's weird. Going back to what you said about fear of getting council for something you say on stage as far as I'm aware that hasn't happened too many times because it seems to be understood still. Even in these sensitive times that. If, you're saying something on stage. You'll protected by a different contract. It's like a few publish something, or if you put something out and you thought about it, and you either uploaded on a podcast costal, you tweet it or you put it on your blog or whatever it is, but if you have made the decision to release it and make it legendary for permanent, then you're accountable for it and they cancelled, but if you're on stage. Base, isn't it? Maybe maybe that's like a safe unsafe space. I think twitter should be sort of safe-space like that obviously is not the case, but how many people tweet without thinking or drink tweet or just say stuff? I mean. How many times have you read a tweet and gone? Yes, I completely agree with that and then the next day. You've read something else and you're like. Thank God. I didn't like that because now I realize that I completely disagree with I. Just spend my life doing that. Yeah, absolutely because you can read it in a variety of ways you know, and it really depends so much on where you're at when you read something online. You've got no reference for how that person meant it whether there's a smile in their voice, a wink even emojis don't really properly convey where. They should be funds for different feel if you'll say something I run. To winged. Ironic font that I mean. Yes, but I think the conclusion. I've come to as well partly just to not do it, but if I do to be more or less neutral and to write it as if I'm writing instruction manual. It's like that. Terrible thing I. Don't like nobody's watching. An email like is being read out in cool I really do think that because I've done that before I used to really try and write expressively and do jokes in emails and say weird things, and sometimes I'll read back in the email that I wrote years ago I. Don't know why maybe I'm just searching through for reference or something. And I'll see one of my little funny jokes. That in my head was quite funny, but then I read it back in. It's like what the fuck was the person supposed to make. You know I, said a totally weird thing at the end of a of an email, and they may be, they would have read it with my voice in mind, but almost certainly not, and they just would have thought what a strange thing to say. So. It is best to be neutral, but when you're on stage, you know that's the wonderful thing. Not that I'm some kind of genius. If the STANDUP world, but the Times I have had fun and seeing other people really in the swing. It's so clear that that's the special thing about it is that you're in the room with these people and they know where you're coming from. They'll forgive you for screwing up a little bit. Depends it depends. If. They like you. What if you go on stage? And you say something? That's not great, which is quite often comedian. Say That when they're working JAYCO. I'm really a edgy comedian, but I always sort of liquor, edgy comedians with a mixture of or and. Like a you stupid, because to get to the point of writing a brilliant joke, you sort of had to found the boundary pushed it gone over and worked back to the point where you are right. Here's the line right like where our job is that we saw always trying to find the line and most people are trying to get as far away from the line as possible so not to offend anyone or get sacks whereas we're like. No, we have to try and. Work out whether furthest point of this is and I find that really. Fun Great, but I think I. Just lost my nerve on stage. Doing that and I have to build that back up again and come back to that. I think something that I have to just work out in my head, and I've really enjoyed writing, and is giving me a bit of perspective and space to work out what I find funny and stuff, yes. 'cause sometimes I think I. Just my Dick Jokes or light route jokes forever just because it was so funny, coming out of my mouth. I don't know whether. I want to be doing that and it's much funnier to think of really great jokes a seat. You sit your characters. Yes, then just go for the owed COCOM Bulls. Yeah. I was talking to my therapist about this exact same thing yesterday that I think one of the reasons. Why probably into committee? To stand up because it felt sort of. Safe but nonconformist, insofar, as it wasn't like I become a drug dealer, or did something genuinely scary and. Breaking the law but bigger stand up or felt a bit naughty. And swearing for living felt great. Yeah, and. I. Guess I just WanNa so work out a bit more of what amnesty I mean. Don't get me wrong. A Love Jake and love swearing love these things but I. Think I just went to work out a bit more. I want to say on stage if people are going to sit and listen to me, what do I want to say so? I saw of taken a bit of a break from it. To kind recalibrate a bit. which is maybe good, maybe stupid and they should have just kept going and learn and got better on stage and done it that way. But. So I did yeah, I think it's good to take a break every now and again, because if you just carry on plugging away, I mean I can totally see the value. In comedians who say Oh, you've go to get your stage time in there. I've gotta do at least two shows a night, and if I take a break for more than a month, I feel as if I'm dying and. All? My funny muscles have gone okay I. Understand that, but also the progress you're making is very. It's going to be very. A to be whereas if you take a break and you flood yourself with a whole bunch of different experiences or just disrupt the routine in some way this this seems to be a better chance that you might just come at the whole thing from Kochi yeah I agree because I think I was doing club sets and whatnot, and I would just go to those jokes that I knew like bullet proof that I knew I could get the crowd with, and I got out there then. I felt like I was being paid to do it. And I wanted to do a really good job and so. I tended to go for the. Set piece Nici the set whereas. I really found fun and exciting was just trying out new stuff, and just keeping writing keeping developing that, but obviously you had to weigh up with making money and. Doing shows what you can't just new material all night every night, so I think just sort of came to the point where I just didn't feel connected with my set when I was standing on stage doing it to. A really lovely audience. I just felt like I don't feel anything for this anymore so I decided just to kind of pack in. Go a free leads. What's lades think about other stuff and then. Hopefully. I mean covid came along, but then go back to it with a kind of. Some stuff I really WanNa talk about in whatever way that is on just feels like it is. Relevant to me and not jake. I've been doing for three years because it works and is doesn't feel me anymore. Does that make sense? Yes, completely, the good thing about writing though just gets jokes for other people that you can't do which is really good and invent characters and right stuff. Right, characters where jokes are really funny and diesel get from. Say Yep. That's why I've sort of ended up to then when you are writing TV so far the main things that I'm familiar with that you have done our motherland, you one of a small team of writers on that show, and then got your new show, or at least it's a show. It's been in development for a while that right called the other one. Yes, the other one yet, and that just came out on BBC One. Those are the two main shows that you've written or have you written for other shows before then as well I'm Sharon an IRA. Shea could dead boss. Oh yes, Sharon, Hogan that is and I've written. A few other bits and bobs. The an end of? Stand up and panel Shays and has children. Yeah, and so because you right with other people on a show like motherland. How does that work? Do you divvy up? The episodes go often say or holly. This is your one in urine. Charge this one always all more collaborative. We tend to work in partnership so I work with Sharon and Helen Barranca. He's when the writers worked together. And then that's just getting down. And then we just sort of mixed up and send it back and forth, and then we will end up just kind of piling in on each of the scripts. Putting in jokes, and what not sitting in the room together is a very collaborative fun experience. I've done it I've been working on series three throughout lockdown, and that's been so nice. It's like having a group of friends that you saw. Check in with Review Day in just I've really really been grateful for my job in the last few months. Just having kind of an excuse to. have social contact of people outside of my my bubble. That's great. That's so nice to hear. My own experience of writing almost exactly the opposite. It's lonely. It's paranoid. It's full of doubt, and that's why you should write with someone else gear, but I've tried writing with someone else and I just sat there in silence because I was too embarrassed to say any of that my things and then when I did say one of my things, the response I would get was not Wyoming. You WanNa. Be welcomed. It'd be nice just to be welcomed. I. Don't want to be overwhelmed. Come on, that's no one wants to be overwhelmed. You. Don't WanNa be underwhelmed I'm just going a of Wyoming. That's all I want. Solid bit of well. Yeah, just a bit well. What's wrong with us? Maybe you're right in with the wrong person maybe needs to find another right. Maybe that's true or maybe I'm not talented, or maybe I'm just a stupid prick who can't work with other people because I'm so selfish, pathologically controlling and an over thinker, which is I think part of the problem I think just described me. That's my brothers, but I still think. Can what with other people just as someone equally as? Shallow and shit is your and self involved? You'll be fine. Loads of those people around. Cycling. Outweigh to team up. I, think your problem is. You're setting your standards too high. Paul. Someone equally as often as year and then go for it. BAFTA, saying we come all right wet. Florida tomorrow it. Well. It might be that me and you know you never know like as long as they're. Hall fought. Conversation hasn't destroyed my relationship with Joe, You never know we might end up back in a room trying to write together again. You'd be brilliant writing together. Maybe this is the time. Yeah, maybe now we've all grown up a little bit now. You've got the Savia. I'm never gonNA. Get Out of my system. It's hard to say we will grow enough a little bit within the first twenty minutes of. Conversation has been about Farts, and yeah, well I do believe that toilet humor is a valuable leveler and I personally. I'm not prepared to abandon it. I don't think I've ever really regretted a bit of. Toilet Humor in the way that I regretted. Attempts to be edgy and attempts to emulate some of my comedy heroes, which just didn't suit me at all and I've definitely done that. Yeah, everybody is Yeah I. Just Thought Love that I love the way. They say that that's great I'm going to try that and. Hearing it back just like mate what you're doing. which is another reason why it's so important? I think to just be understanding with people. When you look back over there post you know, people are constantly trying out different modes, and I don't just mean in comedy. I mean just as a human being. Everyone's always flailing around trying to find version of themselves that they're happy with. Have you thought about writing fiction for young adults? It's this sound like. Teacher, the cool teacher, talking into the guy. But I think I don't know if the young adults would agree with me, I feel as if maybe I'm just totally out of touch, but I do feel as if. Young people are quite harshly judgmental. As a generation. Yeah, but I think they will say why yet. I really have this. This whole like black lives matter stuff. I just listened to people younger than me. Talking and they're so smart an equipment and They have such a better understanding of things that I feel like. When I was a teenager when I was in my twenty s, we were so rubbish compared to them I'm just I'm constantly amazed and a sound old very old now. I'm not that old, but I really genuinely am like. Maybe we're not going to add on the Hancock because there's a lot of people out there who are quite switched on and have a much better idea of how. Things work than we ever did. We would just Dick's obsolete Dick. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? Eleven. Fifteen! Feet out in the sun a bit nearly forty. Knocking knocking on forty stole. What you do not look like a forty year old I mean I. Don't know how you feel about. Comments on your physical appearance. I've got very bad gum recession. Recession going on in your mouth. I'm really sorry to hear that. When did the downturn began? We some would like my teeth. And Save. Through the recession and make an old popat again. When did that begin? That always been a problem, young young in my twenties. I remember going to the dentist. They said I had gums that were the age of. Twenty years older than I. How Mature Gum Yeah? When I was younger. It was like I did get. Worse. And you just go in Flash. Your gums face my guys foods load up on cigarettes. COUPLE OF SAGA magazine training and I was up. All your friends wanted to take you to the. Teens. Gets. You. A. Out The how you fall apart. Bandon. Skits. When I when I was listening to your last book. I feel like. That was another reason. Why didn't know if I want to see this book? Because I really felt like I was GonNa Shit. Worry like I. Really Love Listening to your and I was worried that. If I went on A. Totally screwed up. Then I couldn't back. Then I'd be so gutted, but. When you're talking about those memories of your mom and you were saying how she sent you parcels at school. With like little, those chocolates and stuff is just like. Oh, my God like I went to Boarding School of what my parents did for me. In those first years polluting school like sending me exactly that my dad would write to me every week and I kept his letters and I know I'm never read them back once he dies it will just be too hard to read buccaneer lettuce that he wrote to me. It's such a strange thing though. That of memories, being like Sir at boarding school and desperately wanted to go home, and then Mama Daddy something really sweet for units just overwhelming thinking about it now. I mean they didn't love me enough to keep me at home, but that was still already nice just to send me chocolates and stuff I know it's a strange thing. Isn't it that they? Are the ones who are sending you away. And really causing you all this heartache. And really making your worst nightmare, come true in a lot of ways. But they are the only ones who can. Alleviate it. A lot of time I didn't know that you had gone to boarding school. And did you ever have that thought though that like? My parents did this to me so i. Did. You ever get angry with your parents. I went to boarding school. Cyclists. That, they could have easily done school run like that wouldn't have been difficult. It wasn't like they sent me. They sent me far away. It was really annoying. Close I can see signs. I could see signs. My village name is Co.. No I really I. didn't feel like they re I never thought rejected by them, but I was so massively homesick for the first three years, I really really struggled with it I. I, mean I expected to my parents since and they've said they. Question whether they done the right thing and think maybe we should. We should take her out because I wasn't happy. And then after three years suddenly, something clicked in my head, and then had the greatest time then really enjoyed it never never magnum, never write to them, and just had a great time. And how's your relationship with them now if you don't mind me asking? Very much need to know basis with them for quite a while, but. Having. Kids and stuff I've really really. Found a way of getting back. I'm really close to the now and I've always loved them. Always been quite. Always loved seeing them and whatnot. I suppose it was more that kind of feeling of. You just get on with your life. I didn't know about yeap in my twenties and early thirties, just sort of cool in every couple of weeks, and that's more than I do. CHECK IN I wasn't calling them about everything and discussing with them. No and I was always a little bit baffled by people who did yeah like. Friends with your mom and Dad. Yeah, that's the way it. You call your mom every day. You talk about what you like Oscar to do your washing every day a what I mean, what do you? What do you say tight if we were when I was little at school, you know when I was eleven. You weren't even allowed to. Cool them. For the first three weeks you were there and then I think you're allowed to find them once a week. You know it was very kind of maybe just get into the habit of. Checking in rather than having a constant conversation with them, and and you're away from them for six weeks time. Wherever say you do kinda length quite independent, which is a good lesson in ways, but also. I didn't think I'd send my kids to Buni school. No, because it's all about I mean the whole project presumably is to foster a sense of independence and to toughen you up to a degree you know, get you used to the whole concept of separation from people you love because life's hard. then. How do we when you with a was nine UNC not very little because he I and I feel like that was. As really little, I was really sort of young eleven year old as well I sorta spent my entire life, just running around in the garden and then suddenly. I was a boarding school. It was quite Pecunia, but. Well Yeah, nine is young. Yes, there were people there who are younger than I was as well I think there was a seven and eight year olds, and did you find that you? Have you been chatting to your therapist about having the tendency to form unhealthily intense, romantic and sexual relationships because you went to boarding school? That's supposed to be a thing. I haven't got to that bit yet, but maybe that's what he's building towards, and you just gave me a spoiler. This does your therapist is telling you know something. I read in in the school magazine. In their prospectus. Did he say that school from the age of nine to eighteen, no I stayed there until I was twelve, but then by that time I was so accustomed to that way of living I not at home. That I ended up going to another boarding school until I was eighteen in London. Even though that was much closer could have easily commuted. And Joe was at that school, but he was a day boy, so you could be a day boy at that school, but I I was so used to being away from home, and the kind of intense relationships that you form with people when you're living with them twenty four seven. That I said Yeah, I'd rather be a border, so that's why. I ended up doing that and I didn't I mean that proved to be the undoing of my? Dad Financially, but he he sort of said all right I'll do. That I didn't have any conception that he was. Way Out of his depth and couldn't really afford it. Did your brothers or your siblings board? Yeah, they did yeah, so they sent all of you A. At least they sent all of you. Yes, no, they didn't keep the good one. Back. Even Goodwin Away Kiss. My brother bought it as well and I think I would have really struggled if he'd state. Yes at least we ru banished. A, now I remember. It was nice when my sister turned up. Put boarding school. It wasn't very nice. She was very homesick and I felt bad I used to have to go. Of The matrons would come and get me and say. Can you come and? Be Nice to your sister and I'd have to go over to her dormitory and she was crying i. mean is brutal really when you think about it just. A little go and she's so distraught. That her brother has to come over. Taylor! It's GonNa. Be Okay, and then you can go to sleep. I had a matron. Jackie Chan, does you? That's a very good rejoinder was really hoping to be house captain of my. I had such a pasta without Major Garrett. With Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan with somebody else. I had such a busted with the nation that GEICO reports, my house, master and I. I didn't make it to house kept him. What was the bus stop over? Shouted face, but I didn't. I was at least three meters from her. This said I shouted didn't have not that I. Talk to my therapist. I was at least three meters from her, and I was wearing a mosque. Was Fine. It was one thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, seven, it was. Very stressful time I was about to see my a-levels I just finished. My archaeology mocks. She was not the coughling. What was I supposed to do. Did you do Auk Eulogy. To a daycare on time team. Sight of time team where I'm thinking in a trench shot Joe face. Is that really true? Yeah, yes, yes, were you a regular dig on time. Ten just in and out is Brown. Did people do. Quiz Echo at your school, yes. Very Long Time. That is something nobody I've ever spoken to you in. He's had like a real world. Education would've ever connected to his old school to the Porsche education stuff, isn't it? That's a Latin thing, right. That was if you had something that you didn't want any more like in our school. It was if you've finished you. If you eat half you seeping noodles you. You didn't need any more. You told up the source of it and say quit. With get it. And it was sometimes a lucky dip. Just sometimes you just became an empty. Much out. It was a risk quiz being spelt Q. I s meaning who yeah. I are meeting I. Have Keeping Katie. Yes. What was that one? Secret, wasn't it? You know you're like you cave all John. I'm going to go and try and get these super needles. That's right. It would be like. Maybe gave me run coming round coming maybe. Jackie towns coming V. K, being like caveat. Isn't it like caveat? Caveat I, think is watch out. My School is so complicated because we it was older years record mad names, and we were Chidi. Uniforms marched into lunch every day to a brass band. Yeah. It was so nuts that say someone like you know. When you were in fourth form needed. This and I just don't have I'm like. Okay now I know that. I didn't know the years I. Don't know years at school and I tell I'm like yeah. I was in Migrations A. Really this happened like what he talking about just the same many things. I don't understand about life because unless school. You're going up to semi fauntleroy next year. Do you guys remember Nicholas. Term when the Grecian's used to. is on the pets that was classic. What about when you were knew? What was the word for the New People? Quits! Yes, squids! What was he was? He had squids. I just remember like I. Remember getting there, and it would be all this fucking lingo and cave and quiz. EGGO and you're squid and just thought fuck you chew pit Cox with your stupid little fucking language. The fucking thing is so great with your little. Hate this and then you know to me, you like. Shut up squares. Randy's coming. And you can speak the language, and you'll part of the gang and you know how to do it all and it's great how what was the contraband situation? Contraband where you weren't allowed sweets and you weren't allowed food really of any kind and you weren't allowed electronic equipment a Walkmans, no video games while the video games, but they had game and watching calculators, just just a simple advocate, your calculators and you were allowed digital watches. All that was the dawn of digital watches and then. The line started getting blurred because. Dental watches you could play space invaders on them. So what the hell are you GonNa do about that so basically as we alluded to earlier. Is Up to parents to make the decision as to whether they were gonNA smell secrete contraband in packages, and that was just wonderful to to get it. That would be parents. Coming in for the weekend with chocolate condom. My mom would turn out with a CAIRN. Stuff up or art. We had to wait for the right moment to get it out. Times Yorkies. End Up eating minstrels. Just say! If the condom bust, then she just be leaking maltesers. Out of every are. I! Would make absolutely no difference. She would. Maybe a slight spike in. You're. Practicing. Sooner domes. Oh sorry. I think my mom would have laughed at that. I'm not sure my dad would have done. He would have shook his head. Through the PODCAST. I think it's really great. Conversations blowing like it would be Nagy's his bag. Giza. The so much chemistry. It's like a science lab of Tall. I'm interested what you said. This jet and those dejected. Meeting Stephen. King Have you been watching the Hillary Clinton documentary. Do you know the one I'm talking about. It's just called Hillary so I think maybe it's on sky and it is directed by net-bursting. who directed a film called American teen a few years back. It was the kind of documentary about a group of American. Kids who are reaching graduation. Film yet, did you because I I had a real problem with it because it seemed as if she had sort of re staged crucial moments, you know for example. There was one scene. In which a girl was being dumped by text by her. Or something I may be getting the details slightly wrong, but you see the moment that the text comes in, and you see her getting upset and I just thought this just no way. That was caught a, doesn't it? Yes, it was sort of directed reality or whatever the phrase is. And I just don't like that. John I just I just feel like I would rather. Know that something is real, even if it's not as dramatically satisfying as it would be otherwise anyway, that's by the by that was a few two thousand and eight. Maybe that came out, but this documentaries is really amazing I. think really worth seeing because. What's your opinion of Hillary Clinton Light? Just? Oh, take on! I just. Feel very feminist, who was like I want to see has succeeded because I wanna see women succeed in that country in America and. Overseas she was. She's comes with so much baggage there. It's difficult. Isn't it to so two separate half in the history? Also I'm very cool about people having multiple email addresses. Something, I feel very comfortable. Exactly I've got a few even addresses so what I'm saying and I can't remember which ones I signed up to what with say? You'll put officials secrets in their it. They always to spam. The official secrets yeah was missing. But your initial response was not like. She's corrupt. She's evil. She modus people which you know, a Lotta people feel. About Hillary and I do remember in two thousand sixteen. There were a lot of people who were saying well. There's no real choice i. mean it's a choice between two disastrous candidates, you know Donald, trump, or Hillary Clinton I mean they're both as bad as each other a lot of people I remember saying. And I think maybe I started saying something similar like a little hit. You know obviously I don't like Donald Trump. He's a maniac, but. I mean Hillary is not much to like. Though is there and she seems to be dodge in She's bit kind of self interested in propping up the establishment kind of trot out these. Sound opinions offer in that way, even like between a rock and a hard place, really between like a rock in A. Slight GPS mattress. Yeah I mean according to the documentary I was between. A. Very spiky rock with a WIG coveted. That was using toxic slime, and instantly turning everyone evil came into contact with the Rock, and wanted to basically destroy the world as between that and soon just a lovely, sweet soft book that was going to teach me how to make everything alright. That's an exaggeration, but the documentary is definitely. Good for well, it changed my opinion of Hillary quite considerably. Donated, that money to the trump campaign, I'm kicking myself. I'm just thinking what? I got sucked in by his. Humor. The I got sucked in by all that fun. Outrageous bands about pussy grabbing, and I thought finally someone who's not afraid to admit to a bit of fun. Harmless Pussy grabbing. That's my guy. He tells it like it is now. Let's start draining the swamp now. If I was going to some rally identity show quiz. Yes. That would be the ruling elite widow. Show go, and it would just creat would be shouting. She was a brilliant human rights lawyer for years before she became. Mrs Clinton Right Exactly Yeah I mean watching the documentary. You just get the sense that she has weathered. So, many of the kind of scandals and storms that would have instantly crushed most other people and she's got through them, and she's still plugging away and it turns out you know. I suppose you could take issue with the details of the documentary, but it does seem fairly clear that the majority of those big scandals were hugely overblown and were like capitalized on by her opponents to a incredibly cynical degree. Yeah, no, say none of them they they hardly had sort of. Clean sheets themselves. Yes yes. Showing where? None of them had shiny underwear. No, there's a clip of Donald. Trump, you know, take you pick really with Donald Trump, but there's a clip of him at some rally in Twenty Sixteen Ranting About Hillary and going. This woman is sick and talking about Bill Clinton, and saying she is married to one of the most evil man. He hates women. He hates women. This guy he disrespects them and I just thought like wow, I mean that's the secret of trump's success obviously is by loudly. Saying the opposite thing that he truly believes just for political capital, he's brilliant at the the the one where this you know like the Crooked Hillary Crooked Hillary Yeah. It's sad, it's sad. It's very sad. She's bad. She's a bad bad bad. Just shameless levels of hypocrisy from some of her opponents. Did you listen to the slow-burn about Monica? Lewinsky now gust brilliant, but that's explains all about sort of the Arkansas. Kind of background of that. You know the scene. They came out of the. Scene. The. The right AC-. Divide. Can I recommend another document GT. That's so brilliant. It's called. That are be feeling. I think. A BBC imagine is it called the arm beef-eating googling I am googling. The R&B, Feeling Twenty fifteen documentary, the life of artist Bob Parks, including his outrageous performances and fall from grace. Is Brilliant, but when I saying about how annoying you found, it went documentary set up something bad happening or like something happens, and you feel like it's. The beauty about this documentary is that it is. Absolutely, not about the thing it turns into. Is Brilliant Look. You can see it on video on the Museum of everything channel. Good recommendation. I'll put a link in the description of this podcast. Yes. I actually shit caveat just for you to say. Maybe they want you at the moment. I just remembered what it's about an I. Don't know if he's. Dead Moms. There is a dead moment nick and maybe give yourself a break on that one. But otherwise we'll be right up your street. Okay, thank you and thank you for the thoughtful trigger warning. But just to return to Hillary for a moment, the episode that I watched last night with my wife and my. I think it was the third one covered the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. And I mean the thing is that bill? Clinton has been accused of multiple sexual. Assault and harassment well. That's what slow and things all about all the different. Relationships and stuff that he was involved in. Z. Women have come out against him. Well, he will. He denies them all. He admits to affairs with Monica Lewinsky. Leeann Jennifer flowers. And I suppose that is the thing that is most suspect that makes you. Question what kind of person? Hillary is even though you should've. You. Sit a think like what kind of. The prejudice as far as I can tell maybe in my own mind is like well. What kind of woman would stay with a man like that. You know that you don't know their setup now got like without without I mean. Yeah I think you know I would probably think that anything will he denied. What's what's the deal that maybe they've good good healthy deal. Just because there's no I would do and what would upset me doesn't mean to say that. Maybe she had a lovely time in terms of others and to judge. Well exactly and that is the humane and intelligent response but I'm just sort of reporting my own. Prejudices that I've now overcome. Thanks to you. Thank? By the way if you ever WanNa, call me just to check in. What the Comoros. MORAL CHECK I'm not the person to call. On this one occasion I got it right, but I rarely. If ever do so, do not call me about this. I. Just don't call me. As, if I suppose if. Unfaithfulness suggests the other person doesn't know about it, but if you've kind of got a sorts of lease, even unspoken agreement where that's the kind of tonight than. I've right right I. Don't think that was the case with the Clintons. Though I mean it doesn't seem to be and there's an interview with bill in this documentary where the director is saying to him like you know. What were you thinking basically like? Didn't you have any conception of the disastrous consequences of particularly the Lewinsky affair you know for your marriage for the people you work with for Monica. Lewinsky for the country as a whole. Would have all these repercussions, and you can really you can make a case for tracing a lot of. Some of the Shit. That's gone wrong nowadays back to that point. You're making it sound so like the full. It's very typical of yeah, but you said you know you sort of think. He was supposed to be like finally. We've got a Democrat in and he's GonNa. Fix everything and he's GonNa. Show that Democrats aren't just weedy. They can get things done, and they can. bolster the economy, and they can take care of marginalized groups, and you know Paret and then he goes, and does that and immediately makes himself sort of illegitimate, and just a whipping boy for the right but I mean arguably it's like you can't do those things and also be unfaithful, your wife and also you can be really standing. Never Cheat on your wife. Never anything bad, and then you know drink drive something that. Isn't that just human nature? Does it mean that what he was basically trying to achieve is completely you know is going back to your favorite subject to council culture like. Just because he did something bad. Does that make an a bad person or does that make his motives? But we'll be so things I don't know. I don't think I don't know maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like he's a human being. I mean look at bill saying Jay Z. I do all the time. I mean that perfect and amazing. The No, you're absolutely. Of course you're absolutely right, but the way these things get filtered through to the general public. It appeals to people's. You know worst kind of judgmental instincts, and the thing is in this documentary. He says you know of course I. Didn't I wasn't thinking about any of those things? Because you don't in that moment when you're being unfaithful, you're in a position of power. You're not thinking about the damage. It's GonNa. Do to your family, the country et CETERA. You are just trying to have a moment of fun. Because you in a kind of super pressurized environment, and you don't know if you're doing the right thing half the time and you'll making decisions that are going to hugely effect great swathes. People imagine the kind of pressure on the Oh my God. It's like when people go into office. You know it's like when Tony Blair and Barrack Obama went into office, and they all young and fresh, faced and Smiley. Come out in their haggard and why? It's only five years later. Recession is extraordinary. It's a nightmare job and so I think Bill Clinton was just. To have a little bit of Monica Fan and I was thinking about. Thinking about the, he doesn't say that voice that he does. That's probably how he seduced her in that. Flower, redress From gap. Do. I, Bang on about canceled Culture Ad Nauseam. You know what it is I, tell you what it is, you definitely don't. It is is that it's my? Current hot topic in my head so I'm sort of fascinated by anyone and I think I hear it. I mean like if you ever mentioned about suddenly resonates with me. Are you thinking though array? He's talking about canceled culture again. I'm interested in it or yes. Absolutely to be honest ever since I read that Jon, Ronson book you know the Saving Public Shamed. It's me fiend haunted by that book I think it was one of the most. Haunting books I've ever read. My life are kind of like how it stuck with me and how I've thought about that book. So I think it's resonates with that, it's me. It's basically what I'm saying is. If you are a rush book a test, they called. Rohrschack Roszak test. I would be seeing that in your podcast, you can Rospa. Test is is whether you read the Guardian on our. Own. I'm old. But you know what I mean like. I hanker for those words if this. Loud? Holly. I was GonNa ask you about your mopping technique, please. What is this about? This I've got one of these amazing mops that has kind of built in squishy on a not squishy bit like. Would you cool that? Oh like spray. Yeah, so it's like a container. That's near the mall penned you. Mop. Is A game changer I'm not joking. People come to my house. They see it. They asked where they can buy luckily I. I seldom. Mop? Anything will say about it is that? It breaks for easy and I've got through about six. That sounds bad. That sounds like a bad mop. That I'm up more often because of it. Okay. And then most mops very unhygienic. She just get rid of them most of the time anyway right because this is the reason I asked you because I don't mop all that much. Since the lockdown I've been Mo- mopping. And actually I've rather enjoyed it, and some of my most carefree times recently have been. Performing, those kinds of routine tasks cooking's. F- Just grime in the kitchen on the kitchen floor, the kitchen we got like a wooden floor. But it just gets black with dirt and foodstuffs and bits of catch up and things that have been dropped on it all lot standard kitchen floor. Today it doesn't you don't deal with some of that Rosie will lick up the excess, but she's not going around looking so much that the floor sparkling afterwards it needs mopping. Have you ever thought about putting some sort of anti back on her tongue? kilty birds one federal. So yes, getting a little bit of Mr Muscle unjust, spraying it in her mouth, eating this simple by car, if you already about chemicals. Thought about it only because she has occasionally very offensive breath and when we're getting intimate, it's not very nice. I'VE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT SPRAYING MR muscle in my dog's mouth and I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Does I. Is Sipping. What's another one that is? I, I was liberty spraying it around the other day because we ran Mr. Muslim and I got this thing off the Internet I went online I was trying to re up on the kitchen spray stash. They didn't have my normal brand. So ended up buying the strange different brand that had loads of good reviews underneath it, and promised to do an incredibly good job, and it was much more tough on stage than any of the others so I got sucked in bought it anyway. It is tough on stains, but it's also tough on human lungs. Is the most toxic thing that you literally have to open all the windows when you're using. If you inhale the fumes from just three sprays on work top. You're going to be coughing up blood. Do you have to go into it? Let Your in breaking bad wearing the full on sort of Yeah Meth Kit. That's right exactly so it's dangerous, but I was mopping the kitchen the other day, and it did occur to me like I'm essentially just slopping water on the floor, and then just moving the dirt around. And you know occasionally I'll put them up back in the bucket, and I'll squeeze out the excess and I'll be satisfied because the water's so dark and I'll think. Oh, look at all the dirt that I've collected off the kitchen floor, but actually then I'm just putting the. Map back in that bucket and slopping it back on the floor and moving it around, and then the filthy water dries on the kitchen floor right. I feel the same about baths and showers. When you get in the bath. Your, all your hose. Nozzles knows levels everything Brussels. Brussels. And what is it and then you're effectively lying in a bath of your own? Excrement excrement then if you don't do that, you'll just talking up the extra N-. If you don't do that, you're not even cleaning. Yes, yes, that's why showers is a better option, right? Talking about up. Until. Up Show is go. Showers don't go up. Yeah. You're Never GonNa get water penetrating the same depth. Show what? As you. Walk you lying relaxed. Let's say relaxing in the bath unless you're using the shower very very very thoroughly yet. We'll you have that option right if you're really worried about deep cleansing. It off the holder. Or to stand on your head ended up for give yourself animal. But no, I think I think your possibly wrong about that I think that this show a fine, and they'll get rid of all the stuff that you need to get rid. With cover all of this specifically. Yeah, the French you've got it all Saas. I went to debate once and we had days and. I did come back miss them. Back from that. Yeah, I remember seeing be days inn hotels in. America, when we first went to America me and my family, my parents. And they told me it was a bath adults. Great Continue. Hey, welcome back podcasts. That was Hollywood's talking to me. Thank you very much holly if you're listening checking back. I really appreciate your time. That was fun. I love talking to you and I. Hope you'll come back again sometime. There are links in the description of this podcast to some of the things that I spoke about with Holly. The R&B feeling. the trailer for the Hillary documentary linked to the I player for. The other one. And there's also a Lincoln the description to a new playlist for you. Back towards the beginning of lockdown. I made a bold promise that I was going to. Create a ton of spotify playlists to keep your toes tapping and keep you chilled out throughout the lockdown. I made a few. But maybe not tons anyway. My son has made you my eldest son Frank. He's nearly eighteen and he has been spending a lot of the lockdown discovering a lot of music. He's always been a big music fan and Recently he went into one of the sheds and came back with a few boxes of vinyl records that have been there for a long time. And in amongst those, he was very excited to find some Brazilian music. Some of which he knew about already others, he wasn't so familiar with so he's been on a Brazilian pop and Psychedelia Jag mainly from the sixties and Seventies. The other night he puts them on and even his brother. WHO CAN SOMETIMES BE? A little bit the Liam to his knoll. Started nodding along and saying this is really good. And so I said Oh you should make a playlist anyway. He has done, and it's really good. Stuff on them. Marcus Valet forgive by pronunciations. Some of these names Berto Jill Milton Nascimento mutant this Guy Donald also, Bayden Powell venise use. You pronounce it right. But there's loads of stuff on there that I hadn't heard before. It's a very good selection. So have listen I think you'll enjoy it. spotify playlist link in the description. Right as I said at the beginning of this podcast I spoke to Richard Herring recently. Just about the impact that the covy crisis has had on the live comedy scene, and sort of where it's likely to go from here and I was interested as well and what if anything? People like me and you put. Cats could do to help. You know if you're inclined as I said. We've all got. Stuff that we're dealing with but if you are able to help either financially or just with general support then. I think there'd be a lot of people in the standup community. Who'd be very grateful and it say A community that I'm obviously. Very fond off anyway. His My short conversation on the subject with the Great Richard Herring. Don. Here Richard Herring has entered the waiting room for this meeting. I will admit him. Hey, hello, Richard Hello. How you doing! I'm good van. However, you not too bad feeling. Right excellent. You Look Marvelous can I say my listeners can't see you. Yeah, but it just growing into a very handsome mature man. Fox very kind of you say I just sort of myself. From a year ago, I was on a diet last year and I lost a lot weight. Then a source of your with are now. Look at me now. I'm looking at now I like what I'm saying. But listen to man, I we should do a podcast together sometime soon I'd love to get you back on mine but today. I just want to I just want to briefly talk about the situation with the live comedy scene and the fact yet. It was notably absent from the government's recent arts bailout package. Yeah, I, think my understanding is that it's not classed as what is it not as good now? He was talking about. The culture sector is talking about wanting to prioritize the so-called crown jewels of the arts. Yes, and evidently live comedy does not count. Yeah, it's the sort of weird thing you know it's hard to. Peg Most semi as arts for I think it's creativity at the coalface, and at its best I think it is I've been on twitter about this and people really understand what the comedy circuit is. Af Imagine all Canadians are on TV and a super rich, and after which is true of you know many comedians including myself I'm I I can weather this storm and you know you and I do lots of work isn't live work as well so it's kind of this is not a disaster for us. As much as I'm missing live shows and I did make a reasonable living out during the live shows but most comedians. Nine percent of Comedians on people were basically hand to mouth. They have a lovely life of learning how to do this Hob job. Getting good at it takes five ten, fifteen, twenty as people in the circuit who've been going. Thirty years and Probably more than that and you become very good at it. Then that's your life. And then suddenly without warning, there was a week's warning. Maybe this might be happening there in Tahrir revenue and all their workers takeaway, they might get for four or five nights a week. They'll make fifty or a hundred or two hundred pounds of night is not terrible money, but they're not the kind. Kind of people who've saved up some money and you know it's not the kind of money that you can go I'm going to say this up and buy a house. You know it's it's a reasonable wage to suddenly lose all of your work, and then not anez no prospect of US coming back in full on former think this year. I don't think it'd be nice if I've got some gigs Tim. For the autumn God knows if they'll happen. Yeah, I was supposed to be doing a book tour and that they rescheduled that for. October and but now I think they're saying actually. It's looking more likely for spring next year, and even then you're going to be looking at venues that are half full in order to comply with social distancing measures, which is going to be very weird. Particularly it won't. That'll be business as usual for me obviously, but For. For live comedy it'll be particularly anywhere. They will logistically is yeah. Logistically won't there will work very time and not just the COMEDIANS who have no money, and they can go and get other jobs if they if they're lucky, but. The problem is. Seven or eight months. That's GonNa be problem, and then if you come back and the club's level closed down because they can't afford to reopen even the more major clubs they're working on this idea that. In fifty one, hundred, two hundred three hundred people come in through the Dole every week or every day. That's how that Basnet model is is a lot harder than just saying. Saying. Oh, well, open a room in a public. Some things will come in and people, but you may go to publicize. You're going to send up cook acts. You've gotta work out again. It takes years to really establish a night, so people aren't treated well this some clubs will fall, but then other people coming inciting them over I'm not sure that's true because it's not like. There's a few venues pepper built for comedy, but not not that many of the things will happen. They'll get re purposed into some they also I think i. read something that that may be going to protect than us from being redeveloped, which would be good, but yeah, so the problem. Thank is the major problem. Not. That isn't a problem to something. You have no money as a comedian. is that when they come back, they'll be fought. Few Clubs and little clubs will go first and those clubs, which a those long-serving comedians headlining, but also new comedians coming through, and it takes as I say I really think it takes five years become a good comedian. It's very rare to find the comedian whose progressing after one or two years ago. Even the Comedians just seeing on, TV now gentlemen working about ten or fifteen years the new the new one. And if they lost that ability to discuss, try stuff out and. Environment just go cubs. Batter out until it turns into a show and that's how you create show, and so even if you're touring big of a new and that's. The biggest venues will be there. Obviously, the venues are going to want to be selling tickets when they come back, so they'll prefer to book bigger. I think than the smaller acts so just think there's this danger that we lose a generation of COMEDIANS and. Maybe two generations. Comedians comedians have been going for a long time. Macondo anything else and then have to just leave it behind and the new people coming three who? was so frustrating. If you've been working for five years, Lauren, pass new. I had on my podcast recently. She's been worth about five six years. Just got the point which is not puck in bid radio and breaking through, and then now she's back working in missing for market with a mum. Because there's nothing else to do, and you know in years time. Wishy come will be venues threats before men. I know it's not the only profession. Miskin can happen to, but I just think it will be. Devastating to lose, stand up I. Think is the most important source of comedy. At least two so much of all the people who say on TV pretty much all of work the way through the club's Netflix putting five hundred thousand pounds for artists, so five hundred people in the arts are GONNA get a thousand pounds to help them through the next up. which is great, but it's not that big of now. It's very object. That's very generous of netflix because they don't have much money at all. I need to count every penny. Either Netflix's need Netflix's should realize the BBC's. Sky should realize all these people they've got. All these people are making them large amounts of money and helping them get to these billion-pound businesses came up that way, so if we lose that, we lose that ladder and if we lose that. That creates a crucible of of imagination is, and it's a special experience as well just to be in a room with other people that I talked to Hollywood in this episode about that. The the special consideration that you give to a person if they're saying something right in front of you live on stage as opposed to seeing it printed or seeing it on social media or hearing it on a podcast, it's a different thing if your remote somehow, and if you're actually in the room with someone, that's a really unique thing anyway. What what? What should we be encouraging people to do I know you're you're not the the Oracle of funding schemes. But what do you reckon well? I think they've set up this. This website saved Comedy Co. Dot UK, and there's an open letter to sign. Now I'm not sure if it's just for comedians over everyone, but I think people are going to sign. and. I think that will just go to the government. I think the government needs to provide some support, and it's incredibly difficult and wherever that money will filter down to the clubs that need I don't know, but we I think. That will help. was involved with the heckle. The virus thing on just giving dot com. I. Think That's still open I'm not sure. I know they were winding down the they kept going to Jane but I'm sure it's more money goes into that next up. Comedy who have been incredible at organizing that will make sure it goes to the right people, and that's basically a fund to tide over working comedians who aren't gigging. So. Yeah, there's I think just look out for if you have a favorite comedy venue, follow them on social media. See what they're doing if they're running shows. Please, watch them doing live stream shows. Please donate to them to keep them going as see what you can do with that. You know there's as many good clubs that are excess Milwaukee. I'm Oh. The they don't Murray in Angel and I was kind of done patriots on. The stand which erects which I'm sure will survive anyway. They've been doing brilliant stream shows so if you see comedians doing shows, try and support them and if you can It's going to be. It's going to be very difficult. Year thinks combat. Anyone I hope we'll get through and hopefully comedians will start look other ways to make a living as well and I think the online stuff is great as well. I think he can. They can go hand in hand. I hope the comedy clubs realize. Hey, why don't we live stream our regular nights anyway? And then people around the world can pay five pounds to watch him, and that's a whole new revenue streams thousand people around the World Watch much comedy night because they can't get there in so. So that's great. I think it's been great for things like parents like myself. You I never get to go go out so I can watch company at home so there is this audience out there if your audience and you can't afford to pay some money and he doesn't have to be huge amounts of money. In Quito, to hear, there will really help with all these things out and again if you can't afford to pay them, what is nice is most comedians that working on the basis that that putting stuff out for Free I. Know You and I always of stuff. And you can enjoy if you can't afford it. Which I think is is should be partly comedy as well, but I it. Just you know it's all older self-employed industries all the interest which struggling through this. We've all made a sacrifice in order to protect the lives of the population seems to be. The government should be the ones that really are. Picking up the TAB and I'm the big businesses should be picking up the tab so I think just everything you do to encourage the government everything in due to encourage Netflix's or anyone. You know this should be a year where from goes. We're not going to make a profit. Let's come on. I JUST WANNA. Make it clear I'm not if NETFLIX'S WANNA to do a show with me then I I WANNA retract any sake comments that I may have made, but at the moment. Cough up. Yeah, it's not just that it Netflix's have at least something, which so that's I think? It's the doing something and a half a million is not nothing so. I think you have to be grateful for whatever whatever's being done, but I think we just need to pressurise people anther everyone of the obviously the NHS. We don't just want to the jess. We wanted to make sure the NHS ah, properly rewarded firmly lived on us, but all the other people as well. Everyone's sacrificing in order to. Help each other. And you know I. Don't think people should be punished for that by losing their livelihoods really says always I agree. Yes goods thank God. I thought I was controversial. Thanks man. It's nice to talk. and You I've just got you audiobook listened to it yet, but I'm looking forward to listen to audio. Oh, it's a rollercoaster of. Tears and feelings. I can't. Say. Thanks very much to Richard Herring. links in the description of this podcast. Should you wish to support the live stand up comedy community in some way? Richard mentioned five audio book that Ramble Book Very obligingly. I didn't ask him to do that. It just happened spontaneously. It was an amazing. And very moving moment. that of course is still available. Audible, you could have a free trial on audible and. Download ramble book. For Nothing. or it's available other places as well apple audiobooks. Wherever audio books are sold I believe, but if you would rather read the book with Your Eyes, you'll have to wait until the third of September in the hardback comes out, but you can pre-order a signed copy now. It took me a long long time I. had to sign two thousand because I wanted to make my name when I signed it somewhat legible. Sometimes, you get those signed copies of books, and it's like someone depend to slip something you know. So didn't want it to be like that. You get a very nice legible Adam. I think there's a kiss on pretty much all of them. And There's a great deal of love in every single one. Think in the description of the podcast. All right. That's it for this. extended waffle fest. Thank you very much indeed to shame Murphy Mitchell for production support as ever and to Matt Lamont for his brilliant edit was buttery. Thanks, shameless thanks Matt. Thanks Richard Herring thanks holly. Walsh. Thank you podcasts. Once again for all your support and. Kind wishes. Which really cheered me up. In those moments. When you feel bleak, you know. So come on. Let's have a virtual covert hug. The! Come over here, Hey! Thanks mate. back-off! To meet is. That Moscone. Until next time we share the same. Sound space. Go Kathleen. Remember I do love you. Style. Is.

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JUMP 107: How Gringos Learn to Speak Fluent Spanish (Los Gringos Part 1)

The Budget Minded Traveler

1:16:16 hr | 2 years ago

JUMP 107: How Gringos Learn to Speak Fluent Spanish (Los Gringos Part 1)

"Nothing says respect like someone who's not from the culture or place coming in and learning it so well that they can communicate on the level that you do. Welcome to jump podcast, formerly known as the budget minded traveler, I'm your host, traveling Jackie. And I'm here to explore travel adventure and lifestyle in ways meant to motivate you to move and get out and see the world let this show via source of travel advice and inspiration. But remember that in the end, it's you who takes the leap. All right. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to jump podcasts. You're in for a treat today. At least I hope that. That's how it goes. Because I'm currently sitting in front of my laptop staring at a Skype video that looks like the Brady bunch because we have not one, but a not two or three or even four but five guests say one of them, you existing listeners already know that's Ford quarter min from where's the Gringo say, hey, Ford up guys going. So you retitled your podcast jump podcast did. Yeah. About seven episodes ago. So this is this is your first appearance on the new under the new title. So welcome back. Well, you know, new title but same same just quality podcasts. It's a pleasure to be back. That's right. Awesome. Thank you. You guys will remember Ford from man you've already been here for three episodes episodes, eighty one and eighty eight where we talked about his long-term travel down. The entire length of the PanAmerican highway with his forerunner Cielito Lindo, and then again in eighty nine when we talked about when I jumped in the car with him and did our month long road trip together down, the gut writer, our thrall in Patagonia. So welcome back to Ford thanks for being here. And you guys already know that Ford night, both speak fluent Spanish, and I've been wanting to bring him back on the show to have a conversation. More about the journey and opportunities of learning a foreign language and as a United States in and such like this out. Ford has connected very closely with several other guys who are also from the US and have also all learned to speak fluent Spanish, and they're all doing super cool things on individual levels. And now collectively as a group. So it is my pleasure to introduce you guys to these guys who are known as Los gringos, and they've even started. Their own I guess social media channels and web series on YouTube called Los gringos day or an English Los gringos TV which we're going to get to a little later in this conversation. But first, let's go ahead and introduce these guys. So let's see we have Dustin Gringo hint. Tina Dawson, say, hey, go on bell MO. Doesn't it? Thanks for having me. I recently. Yeah. Thanks for being here. So I can can you show your Instagram handle? So people can kind of follow as we go. Introducing less. I can. Eight at the Dustin Mook D U S T, I N L U the Dustin Luke agai doesn't as the one who's got the Argentinian accent. If you can hear it if you can hear it. Okay. And then we have Clayton who is getting better wanna Clayton say, hey can be the. The. Clayton. What is your Instagram, by the way? Jackie thanks for having us mind singer. G as a. Getting gosh. Okay. I'm gonna say that I'm gonna rain Godhra repeat that for him getting gosh show is G R three right guys. GR three n s wait. And G A S H O is green gash show earth. Roy. All right. We're having a little bit of technical difficulties. What's funny is that he's one of the ones in the United States right now. And so, of course, this going to happen to you. But he's so Peruvian he brought the Peruvian said on Sierra internet connection with him back to the United States. Why why why now hopefully, it'll get better as we keep going? Okay. Dustin Clayton we have Zach and getting Colombiana what's up Zac? How's it going? Thanks for having me. A pleasure to be here. Can you hear me? I can hear you fine. Who's gonna? Pretexts everybody I'm actually in Colombian bus terminal. So if you hear any sounds at why my Instagram handle is Zack Morrissey A C H immoral S as soon as you nameless. Speaking audience that we're dealing with primarily misspeaking on right? Yes. It is. Yes. It is pay cool. Thanks. And then finally we have Chad and getting but I y you on. Yes. Yeah. I actually met forward along the PanAmerican highway. I was driving with Clayton. And I know came to Perry why on a William and ended up staying Clayton. Convinced me to make videos and overnight. I became the Gringo Petr while my Instagram is at L, Chad E, L C H A D. I think I think all the Americans know how to spell chat ad from the memes. So there you go sweet. Thank you guys. All so much for being here. Can I also say my new because I got a new unsure Shishir. Yeah. Don't forget me. I want. All sorry. I love four. Oh, do ya. Actually changed my Online's title as well. Like you to change the name of your podcast. I changed my names of my social media accounts as well. So you can find me on Instagram now as at Ford quarter min Ford like the car quarter, like twenty five cents in man Ford courtroom, man, that's my name areas. Sweet. I'm honestly gonna be I'm gonna put all of these on the senate's page for everybody. So that you'll be able to hear and see it all in one place, which will be nice before we get into this interview. I wanna take a moment to think toss -able digits for supporting our show today. You may have seen this name before on the budget minded traveller blog because we have a great post about it there. And I'm happy to be partnering with them now for the podcasts because they have proven to be a major problem solver for people who are traveling long-term or moving abroad. Perhaps studying abroad and who want to keep their US cell phone numbers. So basically, how it works and bear with me on this is that you can port your number two toss double digits online, which turns it into a virtual number. And then you can keep it and pay as you go to have any calls or texts forwarded to whatever international sim card our phone number you end up getting overseas, and then you can port your number back to a US carrier. Once you get home and Vala, you still have the same number as always. And here's the best part. They're offering your first month for one dollar exclusively to jump listeners. So you can go to toss. -able digits dot com slash jump to find everything you need to get started. And they have chat support to if you have questions. So again, that's toseh- -able digits dot com slash jump for anyone who wants to keep your US cell phone number while traveling abroad without keeping your expensive monthly service contract. It's. Brilliant and simple, so go check that out and thanks again to toss double digits. Before we really start this. I want to say for the benefit of the listeners because I know that you guys listening are mostly English-speaking my audience is mostly Bisi, nited states. So don't worry because a huge majority of this conversation will be an English. But I know that a huge number of English. Speaking Americans would like to learn Spanish as a second language, and so we will be switching to Spanish here and there for little bits of conversation specifically so that you can hear us all speak in a language that is none of our mother tongue that we've all learned from scratch. So we want you to hear us, speak Spanish, we hope that you can be inspired through that. But know that when we do switch it won't be for too long, so everybody okay with that cool. Good talk. It's gonna be fun. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I'm gonna start with a question in Spanish. So that you guys can all hear us speaking in this, beautiful, language and. I know it might be difficult to follow all the voices and know who's talking, but we're just going to do the best we can enroll with it. So if you guys listening, see how much you can pick up see if you can hear the differences in our accents and hurry. So here we go. Okay. Almost beat that. Bucket. Dodd knows as cushion islander spaniel. Okay chat. Joe's. I warned you. Let's be here. Be analyst Bagnoli. Okay. The demand. We're not cost them in Radoslaw. Isis panel this Kuala to our e pork. But it will not select Chris on a story say would've thrown Bitta solo restaurant. Okay. Egypt contest stopper female, by some conforms Dali buffer. Gay. But a me Joe in Quinton throw owning country goose low in the low spices that medical Latina. But Joe, but a fetal Makiko, but I see some Boko they thought though, but I me issued by complex then as saloon arizon- Lara's on Kennedy case idea by complex thrown on me. And after les Estonia when a Hindi Kameda, see Santa in English to for an English. Should I say it in English shares? If you want to translate yourself, go ahead. Intern gray. So what does that is that I think every country in Latin America has something has its own enchantment has something great about it. But I prefer Mexico because I think Mexico has it all I think it has the complete package. It's a it has the total package is a complete country. It has great food. Great weather. Great people, very rich history all types of nature. Yeah. Yeah. Cain to stop there. And the question was. In out of all of the Spanish, speaking countries, which is your favorite and why and just one reason because I know that there were all going to have a lot of reasons. But one reason why it's your favorite country, and we're all gonna we're all going to answer. This one so dozen you got a huge grin on your face. Tuck got the I was almost I talk. Oh. Gene, the that to send them more by Nola. But K. Waypoint your now. Okay. Let's say they hit on the cell, see. But I'm being built by. Nice as they go for. I mean when she'll. They it will be three hundred say on Smith it by since many. I think it Nyquil or Dolo radio. They were the heater in denial. NBA act like Ben day. He Makina were Labus yawn. Joe too soon persona Moi up. I soon media J Buta. He would come soon soon croissants EQ base Muccio sawn way. Bassoon? I'll if I'm media can Dina Saint note that a COO agent, but number of mine, dawn missing. Evening. Not by soon gave no play concede in the United. But. When. Get asked the do you want to say real quick what you just sudden English, basically? I'm I'm a person who is extremely passionate. I come from a family, that's really passionate my family, always spoke from the heart. And and I very much carried that with me. And so when I found myself and Argentina, you could just tell the extremely passionate. And and I really appreciate that. I had okay Dali, you'll soy, you'll soy El Pais older group. Oh, and a lot of spending all Puerto case, Olympus empty say happened their spaniel, I'll say threes on ios. Wow. Yondo up in the Endo in Kaya. Komo getting gosh. Oh, Saudi that teen us as are you? Are you a Mutuel? Domenico, connotes go GLA e rippled GoToMeeting Ghana that does by SAC Quintas port three co dump awoken oh school, but a part of the ASO Avis Dotto cod up ice in Central America got up ice in sort of medical minutes males. Julia. E make it Ampato y Puerto k may and I'm motivated a hand day e Yano Puerto okay, Nadia's ninety eight is is. What is Brigham partly at Boston. Ios depends on okay, Dustin. He's says estan Mazda morality Puerto why KRA. None of us. None of us. Tinian Noel L shock K K yo to on a yoyo Y come. Wow, KOMO Kanai, Sarah as as they buy isse eve SOL Toda via stock also. Windier come on Simona the days BSE, it's it's because he will miss no say he's saying I. Some base editor moso my. Been known. He NAMA symptom ASEAN Gaza camp Casey Miguel button, yet Masa backward thing like I out of every country visited like in the whole world. I've never felt more in CASA than I have here. Like, I literally feel like this is my my other country. I feel the Jit adopted, and it's crazy here like it's so small, and there are very few foreigners. Soleil. I love that aspect of it. I'm I'm like, I'm like vogue Ringo here. The only goes here. There are all in the peace corps, or their Mormon missionaries are the few work at the embassy. I'm like the only one who's not involved in any of that. So for me, it's pretty cool blowing up I just I just I just fell in love with the people when I came here. I couldn't believe how friendly they were in Dustin going through what I went through. And I I came here. And it's it's all good. It's good stuff here. It makes me wanna go tell our English speakers are English listeners where you are. Because I. I think they missed that. We're we're approximately in Swansea tone powder, y the heart America landlocked country. There is no see. But there are some very nice rivers and lakes. It's what it's going to blow up here. And I feel like I'm going to be responsible for some of that some kind of stuck in a catch twenty two as far as over promoting the country is like I hope it doesn't turn into a car the Hain tourist destination for bachelor parties. I just that's just what I hope coming to keep promoting the country anyway. So we'll see where it goes from here. All right. So but a y. Zack. In case. We lose them to a bus. What's? Not too young. She say. Locate Wisconsin, Swiss but known showed it, but. Yeah. English speedy people. Yeah, I picked up on also that we we got last storytellers in the group. Not a Swiss the king Volodia into the sumo in particular is K laterally that they've either a car a ways knowingly olsten theater ace ace hours. In Oprah pies in McKay, an Oprah vice is fun Olympic thrown by K getting Vida, Sandra. Assuming escape I cry Vida. Japan's more which I call me. Base Muccio muga bay gateway us in. So in Colombia, the reason why they Columbia was because. When I got there. I felt like it was just a lot of everything there's a lot of life. They just like, you know, I felt like I was living on a different level. Because there's a lot of music dance. There's a lot of bashing food culture all that good stuff. So. Yeah. That was it. Get ask the Elul Timo getting gas show than the thefts. I don't know if this will work. We'll try oh, it's working. Awesome. Will my pre middle end day boy on your yoga yoga's fuzzy. So it gave me by do immediate effect. This lack of media commodities owner resum with bonded out own ASO yet. Get already the ending for those who don't see Spanish, my favorite, countries, Peru. I don't think there's a doubt in that. I mean, if you look at my Instagram, it's pretty Peruvian now, like even my name is proving shock, which means green Gaitho improving with a little bit of kitsch. Well, kitsch was the enguling which so even my handles got Peru in it. I I love brew allot Balkan Doria Cuttack. Oh, hey. Okay. E M E S about amusement. But I went down in defeat. Defeats in bed. Oh boy. Oh, boy, eilly he'd Sheila. T-that book in my syndrome, which go in Gaza Cuando enthroned Sheila e in say, but we'll sue that. She lay. But I say we'll try Montana cameo got e locking. Say they Montagna. By saw hit the meant Gunda. I'll go with that one for today. So I chose Chile for all of you out there listening because it makes me feel at home. I feel when I whenever I enter into chilly. I feel like I'm at home. Like there's like this magic about the country. And it reminds me a lot of Montana, and which is my home in the United States at least the south of it does. And yes, I'm gonna go with that one for now. And I think I embellish that interpretation a little bit. But that's okay. I think that's going to happen. So okay now, we've had a chance to speak in this amazing Spanish language that we've all learned and thank you for that. Oh, super cool. I hope you guys out there appreciating this because it does not come. I mean, and we're about to get into your stories, but for me like I put in so much work to learn Spanish. And I mean, I lived in multiple countries and studied in school for so long and lived with the family, and it takes a lot of work takes hitting the street to get to to speak a language to the extent that we all do and also Chad good for you for. Picking it up in the last three years because you speak. Awesome. Like good for you. I just have like a super Gringo accent compared to everybody else. But it's okay. They probably think it's cutting you. Okay. So what I'd really like to know from you guys. As what if there was something that made you initially want to learn Spanish like what was it in this? We don't have to launch into like huge stories. But was there a moment? Or is there something that that made you want to learn the language actually? And then how did you start to learn it because I feel like we might have different stories here. Who's not Chad? You're not on mute. Why are we go with you first? Okay. Honestly, I want. I went on a trip like a ten day typical trips of Columbia like with with the buddies just because we're searching for a place to go online last minute. And somehow found this crazy deal to fly card the Hannah. So the cart the heynen medecine and ten days, and I was just blown away by that country like Columbia's my like original of in Latin America, and then after going there, I realized like what I learned in school studying abroad. Even in Spanish speaking countries. I learned nothing because I was hanging out with American speaking English to the whole time. So I really concentrated on when I was going to travel to try to stray away from traveling impacts of green goes the entire time and actually engulf myself, and the culture burials, you're never gonna learn you have to you have to be speaking to actually learn not just memorizing a set of verbs on a piece of paper. Like like, we do in school. You have to actually be out there and speaking constantly so that that trip motivated me. I just wanted to stay in Latin America, learning Spanish and getting to know other Latin American countries Columbia's incredible. That's why Zach is never gonna leave. I don't blame him. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. I wanna to say there's two there's two profound moments that I'll never forget I had a I had a Spanish speaking girlfriend when I was in college and win every time they'd been out like drinking her and her friends I'd have to go and pick them up and then not be in the car. And I just feel you know, like. That dumb guy that had what everybody's black now. But it's still laugh because I didn't want to be that guy. And so like, you know, that that was that was one of the bigger that I think that was the push. But once I started learning Spanish, I started pick up on my the concept of having like, a different identity, speaking different language, like for me that like really like I was attracted to me because I can bring them pretty conservative background and. I couldn't like be allowed. The I could be as free as I'd like to be like speaking his just because like that's the same language. I used a relenting my parents and everything else. So when I started speaking Spanish like this literally opened up a new identity and different way of being. And I didn't mean to get a heavy, but that was my number one thing that like really brought me in and suck me into his fantasy language. And did you learn in? How did you start learning? I the thing that I did that really helped was by a five five five months trends who Peru without speak Spanish. And then I dislike ended up in brew. And like started to pick up. I just like I wanted to eat. And I wanted to be able to like, you know, meet meet people and like half conversations and buy stuff in the streets. And so I'd always like Bredon books. I've read like books about learning Spanish, taking Spanish classes. And I bought a book about Spanish, but none of it really healthy until like, it was time for me to like, you know, order soup, and I didn't know how to say that I didn't want a whatever it is like thousand really pushed me over the limit. You just like a ton of situations where I was uncomfortable. And I probably sounded very very stupid. I remember asking tune sisters one time, which one was better when I was trying to ask which one was older. And so like, you know, stuff like that. Yeah. I think we've all had those moments are witness them. They are hilarious, but they're part of the growing pains of learning foreign language, so good job who wants to go next. All right. I kind of have a long history with Spanish because I mean in my elementary school. We had a lot of of Latinos shadows, I thought some youths. And so I think that what they decided to do was ways give us like once or twice a week, a thirty minute little loonies mobsters, you know, stays of the week like basic stuff. And so because I'm from sort of like, the inner limits of of Atlanta, my family, they are on moves to the outer limits a little bit further outside the city, so like major white country where like that definitely wasn't a thing. So when it came time to select the language, I definitely fell a little advantage. I just felt more confident in class like seventh eighth grade, obviously as a tooth that. And then in high school, I don't know. I always just I guess maybe it was because I had that small little little like taste when I was younger gave me enough confidence to find myself outside of school. Like, maybe joking around or trying to like play around with friends and say things in Spanish, I just thought it was cool, but I guess all of this really came around. And and and the the main reason why inside learn Spanish once I I studied abroad and set foot in Spain. And just saw like it was the first one ever left the country. My family is not very well traveled. You know, they don't really know too much about the the world. And so this was all so new to me I step foot in Spain. And was I was blown away run away by this whole other world where people spoke a different language in. All I had to do is interpret them by body language in like pitch and tone. And and it was so wild to me. And that's when I realize that there's all of South America. I just I just think the obsessed with the idea of of of meeting someone who spoke another language in the fact that like five hundred fifty million save Spanish speakers wouldn't want to have access to that. No. He wouldn't want to be able to this step into that world and be able to move around and then express in exchange ideas and learn more about who we are as individuals who are as out. So and love not. Yeah. Yeah. Pig basically piggybacking off of what Dustin said he said five hundred fifty million people, speak Spanish. So when I was a kid. I was obsessed with maps. I'm still obsessed with maps, but I was like from from a very early age. I always had maps and Globes and all this type of stuff in in in really nerdy stuff. I used to read almanacs, and I would like no like demographic and population statistics in all types of stuff like that. I love that type of stuff and I loved it ever since I was a little kid. My parents would wonder why it was so quiet in the back of the van when we were driving around and it because it'd be because those reading the rand McNally Matt the the rand McNally map and seeing how big the metropolitan area had grown from nineteen ninety five through the year two thousand or something super nerdy. But anyways, I remember being fascinated by Spanish when I was a young young young child. Just like, wow, they're speaking another language, and I can't understand it. And they're clearly communicating in there, clearly laughing and joking around and going through all the emotions, but I can understand one bit of it. So then when I started looking at map, so it was like, well, it appears to me that half of the world's speaks one language almost, you know, save Brazil and French Guiana on Sodhi nam in a couple of those countries right there almost the entire half of the map, the western. Hemisphere, speak Spanish, you know, not the United States and Canada either. But what have we got about twenty countries? They're so then I also when I when I when I went to to to high school, I'm from a really small town in Georgia had three options for a foreign language had Spanish, French and Latin and to me was obvious the choice because of all the maps that I saw on you know, and also hearing Spanish when I was a little kid. And and then yeah, you know, so I chose Spanish. And but I really didn't learn it at all intil. I started traveling. And I also went to Spain like Dustin went to Spain. And I remember when I went to Spain thinking that I knew something about Spanish, and I was completely lost. And I was like, wow, this is real Spanish this is real world in. I clearly don't speak Spanish. And then I traveled through the rest of Europe that was the summer of two thousand eight and it just blew my mind that the average European. At least from you know, a lot of different countries could speak three four five languages. And I it kind of it kind of gave me it kind of embarrassed me a little bit that we as as United States sins normally don't speak more than one language. So I don't know. I'm I'm I'm talking a lot. But but after that that trip changed my life that was my first backpacking trip to Europe in two thousand eight when I was in college, and then I came back, and and that always stuck with me. And then I graduated in work in the real world, and I quit my job. And I was like, you know, what I'm going to fulfill my dream of learning Spanish in finally went and did it. So for you. I can relate to a lot of what you said. In fact, I met a lot of can it's like the wonder of looking at the map and being around people who are speaking the language, not not knowing a word yet in and go into Europe. I think is a big slap in the face for any first time American travelers like for me. I was like, oh, you know. I was the typical. Ignorant unity, America, United States was like, yeah, everyone. Everyone loves us. We saved the world and World War One end to we give freshwater to Africa, you know, everyone, and I went to Europe, and everyone was like destroying my nations foreign policy and could do so in three and four languages, and I could barely defend it in one. So I was like, okay. You know, I need to be more cultured. I need to learn another, language and Spanish was obvious choice. So getting gas show. Jackie was the question. Why we decided to learn Spanish, not and all the map stuff. Yeah. Why? What made you wanna learn it? And how did you do it? I my similar. I mean, my similar my story's kinda similar to to what Dustin in Ford. We're talking about it's expanded in junior high and high school, and I'm actually LDS, which is I guess more popularly known as Mormon in. So when you're more men usually at the age of nineteen they'd actually change the age. Now, it's eighteen you can serve a two year mission you fly, and if you're accepted due to religious interview process as well as physical mental interview process, you can be sent anywhere in the world. And as a kid growing up. I was obsessed with soccer. I played soccer my allies allies wanted to serve in Brazil, or at least South America. Because the Brazilian team in the nineties was really good in house obsessed with the original Renaldo, and I just really love soccer in in here in Utah. There's a tunnel. That's Mexicans are the biggest minority. Here in Utah. And so I had a bunch of Mexicans on my soccer team going up and soccer's really big obviously nineteen of community and here in Utah. It's like if you're not big enough to play basketball, and you're not big enough to play football play soccer. So it was like a bunch of right east east. Eastside in Salt Lake is east side is like upper upper middle class, white kids and tina's playing soccer. So that was kind of always might drive. And then obviously when I was nineteen I applied to be a missionary. I was sent and received a letter that I would be going to Peru. And this is actually I'm told quick story that these boys never even heard actually was asked this couple of days COPA as a missionary. You're sent to a training center. And you are given three weeks of an intense Spanish, call it classroom work where you get the basics and the there's one week in Provo Utah, which is south of Salt Lake City where I'm from. And then they then they send you to your country. Usually if you're. Country has one of those training center. So I was sent to Lima. And I spent the the next two three weeks in Lima at this training center in my last week, the president of this training center brought me into his office. He brought to my attention that him and the teachers thought that I was the worst speak. I was the worst Spanish speaker of the group and that I was going to suffer for the next two years. And usually when that happens because you don't have contact with your family. You can't have you can't listen to music. You can't you have to wear shirt and tie every day. Except for one day. You get we can wear normal closing go do shopping and stuff. You can't you always have to be with somebody. You can't go dancing. You can't go swimming. He can't call your family. I think I already said that. And so usually when something happens like, you can't pick up the language you like get depressed, and you wanna quit, and you wanna go home, and you just don't Italian you leave. So he called me into this special meeting. He said, we're really concerned about your Spanish. Now, I'm a really competitive guy. And so I I remember. And I remember the day. I got that keep an eye was thrown into the into the hood. We're talking you should see the living conditions. I was thrown into you know, I was very fortunate as sixteen year old kid growing up with my family, and my family was will really well travel every year we would go to a different country during the summer. Now, I was living in dirt floors, no plumbing, and no running water, and I kind of had no option. I remember. I remember I was hungry. And I did not tell the lady of hungry as like, dude. I guess to do is right. It must banish sucks. And I just started. I just started. I I just got rid of any pride that was possible. And I said this is gonna work. I can't have any pride. If people are going to correct me. I just got a roll with it that they correct me because they're hoping me it's not 'cause I'm an idiot. Look stupid. I just gotta be humble. And if they correct me it's going to help me. So if I listen, and I watch and I caught. What they do. I promise you only the best banish speaker. I'm gonna go back until that president whatever do told me on the worst out in the freaking best. I'm gonna be so good. That them confused me think that I'm Peruvian. Yeah. And and and I kinda took that the heart and he's that good. I did just copying. The sounds China to read and pronunciation everything and just doing that. I love that. Because that's a really really really good point. I'm sure all the rest of you can relate to that comment as well. It just about it's like the pride thing. The shame thing like having. No shame. When you're speaking another language because it is so hard, and you like, I am a perfectionist. And when I say something like I want it to be perfect. I speak mutually I speak pretty good English. And you know, I I want my Spanish to be I want it to be perfect when it comes out. And so I- struggled a lot at the beginning. When I first moved to Costa Rica to study abroad that I didn't sound like everybody else. And I didn't wanna do that. When I first before I went to Costa Rica. I started abroad in attack. Idia? And before I went I pronounced that Heredia like because that's how it's written. You know? I mean, that's how it's spelled with an h and, but I mean, I kind of did the same thing as you Clayton. When I got there. I heard I mean, I got in the car with my host family the first day, and there are driving me home from the airport, and we got to our neighborhood. And my dad says my host dad says in Spanish, I'm pretty sure he said, this is some of the and I was listening to him. Like, I heard what he said. But I had no idea that he just said son Pablo day Idia like he because because of his accent. And I'm like, wow, this is going to be difficult. And now, I mean when I first start my accent has changed a lot like dozen. You just said I sound span like from Spain Spanish, but I was put up with deco when I first started, you know, like my accent was and it's because I decided similarly to you Clayton like I am going to just pick this up, and I'm going to say it with. No shame. Like exactly the way that I'm hearing it because the more that you the more effort you put into sounding native, a the more, you're respected be the more. You're understood see the faster, you can communicate like all the things I used to teach Spanish just private classes here in Montana, actually. And I was like that teacher with the ruler who would smack you. I mean, not really but like for accent? I think it's so important to to really put the effort in. It's one of the things that I love like listening to all of us talk in Spanish us back there. You know, it's it's so cool for me to hear so many United States in speaking with such great accents. And so I I love that you shared that Clayton and do you go seventy thoughts on accents? True isn't having an accent? No. Well, actually. Yeah. Like, okay. So you said you said this in Spanish, so people didn't really understand here. You say this you said that you're the worst out of the group because you've only been speaking for three years. Why do you say that you're? Nah. Just because I'm I'm still learning like every day, but you're putting yourself out there. Yeah. Maybe I mean, eventually I hope to I just hope to get the Zack's level. I want to get the Zack's level, and I'll be happy. 'cause like every once in a while you can still hear like a little little Zach what like Clayton and Dustin like, no one knows that they're not American. It's insane. It's completely insane. Ford is is kind of more neutral. I think I think I think is forest traveled a lot. He's more neutral. But Zach Scott that hint of Columbia, if I could just get a little hints, and like I'm just going to take it down a couple notches, and I'll be happy with that. But the. Cool that Costinha Clayton have accents like that. And he's awesome. Keep at it though. I mean, you're living there. Yeah. It's it's it's kind of it's kind of weird down here because Paraguayans talk so differently than the rest of Latin American that that it's kind of bad for me because I'm never gonna learn how to roll my RS. They they use the hard are here like worse than Costa Rica. Rica almost sell air almost all war almost I'll blow blower poor totally Fano like dust blown away with a hard ours. Here's pretty funny, and they also they also talked so much differently than than the rest of Latin America because it's a bilingual country. Like, the indigenous language is completely if prevalent in everyday life in every single Paraguayan at least speaks a little bit of it. It's called Guarini. So the mix between Guarani and Spanish is Joe PA. Well, and it's crazy. It's absolutely nothing. Like the rest of Latin America, it would be as if as if present in Peru catch wa was actually prevalent in everyday life. It's not. But here impair why the the native language is. And it's it's very interesting, which by the way is so cool. Thank you Paraguay. Thank you clean. You would you would love it. I know I feel like I feel like the other guys in the group are kind of have a little bit of foam. Oh, maybe a little bit. I don't know for sure Paraguay act out at all the fact is in Columbia Coa Tacoma's dope. Dude. No foam. Oh what for? Yeah. No. I guys. I mean, I know we haven't really had a big conversation about this. It is amazing bad anyways. So much fun. Like, I it was really hard because we were working so much. We didn't get out with the hen day, you know, but man, Paraguayans are so much fun. And they're just so nice. And and their accent is so sim- Biden Bill that hard ours. Just is the coolest thing mad and then night when they throw out certain we chat, and I've had up last week made a big list. We've got some really cool contact coming out in the coming week. I think Chaz actually going to upload a video that we did. He's an uploaded tomorrow or taking teaches me a lot about the culture. It's so funny like, for example, one Biegel viral and so on. One of the things that they do here is. So if you ask them, if you tell someone you're like, oh like you order you order the pepperoni pizza. Right. Let's say right for an example, then someone to confirm that instead of saying like. I guess it's similar to our yet. But they say like. Bill literally. Oh, you you order pizza right hand. And so like that. But there's three versions because you have and you have her, and then you have had. So my whole video about it. And it's so funny. And then we started comparing it to little John and the ganging plans on their life. So abundant. Oh, I can't. I can't I can't even like begin to tell you. How surprise I was country because in Argentina the marketing for Paraguay is like slim to non don't wanna talk about Paraguay and this beautiful country with really good vibes. Beautiful people. The the food is incredible. And I don't know. I just I just feel really comfortable. Hey, it's amazing. But let let me ask you a question accents. I think that ever since I started I had a tutor right before I went to Spain. And he he liked brought my he gave me like a little push when it came to accents. And he just he he focused on like one of the main things that he focused on was like he's like look from here on now. It's not intendo. It's any word ends with. Oh, it's not oh intendo is engaged in will never forget that. And like that was like the huge open. It. That was at really from that went on. I was like, oh, okay. Let me really start paying attention to the details and see if I can figure this out and also on the topic on top of the fact that you can tell when someone speaks super Gringo, and it just doesn't sound right. It's like nails on a chalkboard. It's kind of like come on. But what some put like some effort into that day? K? Apple take have less Essen. Florida. Character, man. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Redneck redneck Ford. That's how I saw video. I saw like fluid Spanish, but with the redneck accent, George, oh, so like that spoke to me a little bit. But I don't know that's over the accident. You don't upset you don't really pay attention to that. Then that you're only going gonna you're only gonna make it to a certain level. It's just you got to put him to work at the end of the day. It's put in the work and try to build a habit break other habits. No. No. Definitely and the more. You can put your shame aside and like fake it till you make it the better you sound. That's what I think. Okay. Guys before we go any further. I'm gonna take a quick opportunity to think Pim's ller I supporting our show today. We've been talking about learning languages and how the best way to do. It is to actually converse. Pim's ler is the conversational method for learning language wherever you are. It's not screen based you actually learn by conversing and training your ears to understand native speakers through their audio courses. And the great news is pinball has partnered with me to offer you a special seven day free trial to get started which you can find at my jump offer dot com. We made that easy for you to remember. My jump offer dot com and then plans start at just fourteen ninety five a month. If you want to keep it going after the free trial, and for that, you get immediate access to all levels in the language that you choose. So you can even work ahead. If you want to it's all there ready for you to start learning at whatever level you need wherever. Are you are currently as in right now? You're listening to me on this show and just as easily you could be tuned into your language lessons. So there's some food for thought for you. This could be exactly what you need to jump. Start your language learning journey. So go to my jump offer dot com and try on a new language for yourself. And when you do sign up hit me up on Instagram at traveling Jackie and let me know what language you're going to learn. I'd love to celebrate that decision with you. Because obviously learning languages has completely changed my life. So you never know where it'll take you again, you can find it all at my jump offer dot com. All right. Let's get back to it. Nothing says respect like someone who's not from the culture or place coming in and learning it so well that they can communicate on the level that you do nothing to meet nothing more to me says respect glove, and like, I don't know just because it's the same in English. If someone comes in starts talking to you in in English, they say things that don't make any sense. A you're not really gonna trust them be. You're probably not gonna take him seriously. And see I don't know if I said that, but I can't speak English. But. You just use this. You think you're going to look at them like a little kid. And and I remember that when I was learning Spanish, and it goes back to that whole like pride humility thing. And it's just I think that that that's so important that if you can speak in a language, I don't think I think it is. I think all of us on our stories are are similar that yet. We went to the country, and we actually got a dove down deep. But I mean, there's so many Latinos here in the United States. I don't think you really need to go to Costa Rica. You could go Downtown Eastside LA and submerse yourself in the in the culture, even at your elementary school. Your is school. There's people there's people fresh from their countries everyday come in. You're just to get a little like give it to that little pride and just reach out and show a little bit of love and just even try to speak. The words, you know, though. Correct. You you start learning and and the veteran the better. You get new folks on those accident, the more seriously, take you in the more confidence you have with them. Yeah. Key point Clinton that that you made we gotta get rid of the pride because you you really have an excuse to not speak a foreign language. Well, if if it's not your language, if you're choosing to learn a language everyone understands in you should understand being being the student of that language that you have an excuse to not speak it. Well, and that's the biggest ceiling that people who learn another language hit. And they turn in the in the never they never choose to break through and continue on with their exactly with their with their damn. I forgot the word for up in these Alkan inheriting. What is learning journey learning? They're learning process because they get insecure, and they get self self conscious. And in the end, they have this image of themselves that that they need to be able to communicate well, which which every human being has the every human being has the inherent desire to to be able to communicate and express themselves, and that's the beauty of the intricacies of language. But in when you can't do that you start to feel like not not self actualized in not satisfied. So you seek that familiarity in that in that re- reoffer mation in near maternal language. So you start, you know, you call we'll say if you're in another language immersing yourself completely with a home stint. A or what have you to learn another language you start calling home more and you start Skyping more. And and you never change your Facebook Spanish. And so, and so, but you really just need to not can note, then spin spin nothing better wins. A don't be embarrassed to go out there and make. Errors. You have an excuse to make errors. If you're learning. Another language you have an excuse to speak like a Gringo, if you're a Gringo, and you're trying to learn Spanish, so just everyone other has listened to this podcast. If you're thinking about learning Spanish of your thinking about learning another language don't be embarrassed to make errors like Chad said a while ago. You're not really learning language, unless you're speaking at you, can listen and listen to music, and and watch TV and do all that all you want. But unless you're like speaking and making errors, you're not getting better. And you have to not have you'd have to not be embarrassed to do that. Like, just an N. Everyone knows like that. You know, you're you're trying and they'll help you. They appreciate the fact that you're trying to learn their language, so and if you think about it if someone speaking to you, and they make in know, not from their not English speaking on. Native English speaker. And they they make a mistake. Do you ever like look down on them because of that? No at like at most like, you might think it's cute or something or you might help them if if you know how to correct them. But no one's ever going to judge. You negatively for like getting something wrong in a language that you're learning. That's a really really good. It's so it's so true. Because I'm telling you, Chad. He says that he speaks the worst Spanish year. You know, I'll just use his words he he speaks with a little bit more Gringo of an accent will say than than us. He's been speaking Spanish for fewer years than us. But that no way means that Spanish speakers, don't like chat as much as us jot is like the most likeable out of all when you get to know him like like, everyone wants to be CHAD'S friend, the girls, love Chad jobs got a girlfriend now. So he's taken, but the girls love Chad in next to thank you. And I'm next the Chad speaking, okay, we'll just go off your words. John speaking, you know, maybe with a better accent and the girls are loving Chad. And they're not loving me. So i'm. What did he talk? That's a bunch of bunch of b s that's a bunch of BS playing. I'm okay, I'm maybe exaggerating a little bit. And I like I like to be self deprecating. But but but what what what's what's the God's honest truth is that child is making these errors. And he's speaking with more of a Gringo exit, and he is in deer like it endeared him to to let the nose. So you should really take L. Chad's like example and just I don't know like because people love him people love it. You know what I mean? They're just like, oh, it's where like he's. So I don't know cute or on. Beyond the accent. Yeah. It's beyond the accent too. It's also the dimples. Wow. Wow. Thank you. If anyone needs help. You can message me anyone listening. Wants learn Spanish smashes me. I'll help you out give you some tips. Some of my weird ways that I learned number one way is get yourself. Get yourself a Latino or Latino opposites attract ask any Latino, they're they're infatuated with gringos something that no offense. Jackie. I no longer can understand. But I'm not taking. White boys. Feel the same way about that Tino. Getting. See? Defend this. I I'll goons she gives us e super Holly. You'll can also ultra Sachs's actinium is getting us Latin is olives better. But finding. A good point to like if if you're really looking to learn a language date data person who speaks fluently that language. I need to teach my girlfriend English. I'm failing her miserably actually who she speaks fluent Guarini, the native language influence Spanish, he knows a little bit of Portuguese. But as far as English goes. It's like, wow barely. Yes. And no, I I like, yes, I very like that very much so yeah, you can have Dustin like, it's it's very cute when she tries to speak English, but I need to help her out a little bit. And the a better boyfriend. I guess I'm still learning. I'm still learning to be a good boyfriend. I think everyone the group should get a real friend. So that we can get more organized in Sigi out Allante and advance as a team because we are better together as a team as individuals. Yeah. Black. All right. Back on quack on of course with the Mighty Ducks referenced. Now, that's just off the record off the record that saying you are on record, by the way. Well, this, you know, this might not may or may not make the final cut. But chads chads new theory is is that if we all get girlfriends will be much much more productive, and we'll be able to take us to the next level. So, hey, hey, Anthony idea. We'll see. Yeah. It's true. That when I am when I lived in Costa Rica, one of the best things that helped me when I was eighteen learning Spanish was making a group of friends that didn't speak any Spanish, sorry, any English at all. They didn't speak English. And so we were forced to speak Spanish with them. And just kind of went with it. You know? And I mean, that's how you learn. That's how you learn immersion is the best. Let me ask you guys this. Let's while we're still on this topic of learning the language. What do you think is the key to fluency? Like, what would you say is the thing that will make like one, do you think you're fluent, and I'll go first on this one because I sort of have a theory that the key to fluency is listening when I because you gotta be able to hear all the words in the sentence. And so you need to listen, and listen, and listen, and listen, and listen and keep listening until the words become familiar to you, and you can break down an entire sentence coming up with every single word. That's in it like you understand it. And then, of course, speaking back, but I think that like radio music conversation. The key to fluency of really is listening and be able to break down. What's your what's your hearing? I've said that for a while. But I'm curious what you guys think what are some other perspectives around around that? I would say based off of my experience when I released starting to feel fluent was when I started to have bites with my my girlfriend like that was like literally because I had to be on my toes. You know, like I like I had to because I didn't want to sound like the like the person that was losing the argument ever. And so like, I really had to listen in hold onto everywhere that she was saying so that I could respond, and then just like it's very hard to get as involved in a language as when you do when you're fighting with somebody that you care about her that you love they they have deep feeling tour so really starts because that's a really painful way to like get live. But that was definitely what took me from level one to level two was just when I was like so like angry, and I just really strong desire to diff-. Bye. Forty s. No. I was like I was just gonna I was just agreeing with with docs, like, I also dated a Latina for a couple years. And man. Yeah. When you when you get an argument, you really just want to speak without having to think. And that's when you really gotta take it to the next level. I was just agreeing continue green Gucci. Oh, thank you. I that's true. As a good point. I was going to interject and say that I've come to find out, and I call it. I call it three things. I call it EBay bussey co who needed sufi he needed back on my gang. So in English that would be like a that would be like, a basic level a sufficient level, and then a a super dope level of being able to speak to Anchorage. I guess dope would be like buck on which is I grad cool, and the basic level was like when you can say things like Joe void is Cueva is to DR. What I'm saying is I you know, vocabulary words, you don't necessarily know how to conjugate will. But you know, what vocabulary words go where and you just start and you just throw it out. And that's when you just that's how you learn. You just start throwing usable cavalier words that you know, you just start throwing them out when needed sufi is when you learn a little bit of those filler words, I s gay ways. Putin o- say as they learn like, the like, you know, you learn those then invaded uneven sufi also like in English would be like this. Hey, how're you doing? Can. I can you hear me one of those that I can Spanish it would translate to Airmont before they buzzer may list. You don't they don't know what you're talking about. But they can understand because you're pointing and you're saying wounded still one of those one of these and that's needed sufi. But when you can get to that needed back on when that that really cool that really dope level is when you know, the vocabulary word, you know, the filler words going between, you know, how to conjugate and it just flows, and when people were spitting people are spending. Whereas you maybe maybe even if they're throwing like a slang word at you forbids very much from their country. You understood not only the context, but who they're talking to hit. They're talking about the past prisoner future. And what it's containing two that you understand that slang. And I think that I think most of us in this group if not all of us have gotten to that level, and there's nothing better to get into that back on you really have that broken down. I love it mocking. You could ask the thanks for sharing that what about chatter dozen? You guys have anything about the Keita fluency. I wanna hear I want to hear Dawson's on this because about full speaks like native Argentinian. I I kind of did it video on this is kind of like my seven secrets to to when actually or at least when I tell people to use or how to perfect their language, but it's similar to Conway's Zack's that which is basically if you can communicate when emotions are high when when when your motion is is to the fullest. That's when you know that your floor because that was the one I remember the hardest hill or kind of like bump in the road to get over. When I was learning the language. I would come home, and when like my friend, my roommate he he was helping me he was like twittering me on this. And he in our be like, I'll do, you know, you have no idea what happened today like today this girl while blah, et cetera et cetera. And he'd be like gay. In the end, the come like, we're not seek are. In. It was like super frustrating extremely frustrating. But we really like forced me to dig deep and just try to figure out how to explain what it was that. I was so excited about and he's just like, I know you're not gonna know like from trying to get around it use another way. There's so many different ways. Explain something you have good enough vocabulary. Still it, you know, just just for yourself. That's backed when I really started to to see some really good results was when I when I just I mean, there was so many document to sit there and tell the worst story, but I came down to sticking guns. And and speaking the language, even though my bones were were extremely hot. And then finally you start to notice these things when since the notice that you've perfected language when there's not not really skip a beat just a discount flows out of your like, you're more thinking about a words in Spanish than you are English snow. That's Hobson instruct the Senate structure is at how you say it. It's not it's not that like this is how I'm translating it to Spanish rather. This is what I meets a say in order to get the information across. I don't know if I answered I don't know if I answer your question is you're what you're asking. If if you want us to to how do we know when we're fluent or how to become? We had just like what you think is the key to fluency just I mean, I feel like there's probably a few key things that you guys have already touched on a lot of them and Ford, I know you've mentioned this before. And I think maybe forgot because it just was reminded at went dozen was talking but joke telling in Spanish was I think one of the things that you've mentioned a lot before is like when you can tell jokes, and when you can understand like, the slang and all of that that's kind of when you know, you're in into. Absolutely. If you're the that type of extroverted, you know, jokester type of person, which I. That's something that. Yeah. I really when you feel like your personality is held back than us. Still have a lot of work to do and not the I don't still have work to do in my Spanish. But but there for years of may, I don't know maybe a year or so definitely quite some time. I felt like I couldn't really be myself than Spanish because I'm always joking and I'm always being sarcastic. And I'm always telling stories, and I just felt inhibited by my Spanish level. So that's a pretty good gauge of of year level as well. And that's obviously a desirable level to be at when you learn a foreign language. So if you can be yourself dies huge. That's massive like if your personality can shine through even in another language. That's I think pretty impressive. And you're not just like robotic like asking questions, whereas the bathroom, and we know what's for dinner. No. So yeah, I totally. I totally agree with that for I feel the same way. I feel like once I start to I was starting to be able to show my real personality. And and Spanish that was when I was really learning it. I can actually I just had like a crazy deja vu Ford. And I were standing on one of the most insane mountains in all of Peru in the closer to gyro wha wash with our with our buddy who's half, finish half Dutch. And he was talking to us about how his mom is so cool when she goes back to Finland because she can express herself better finish than she can't in Dutch measures kind of like struck a nerve with me. I like for whatever reason that's something. I'll never forget. And that was when I was like in the process of learning Spanish, and I was like God. Yeah. He's right. It sucks when you can't really express yourself. The way you want to in your personality is not the same in a different language that must be that must be tough for her to live in Amsterdam when she can she's not as he was saying like she's not as. And she's not as charismatic in Dutch. She isn't finish not sad. Like, hopefully, she stop speaking so much finish around the house in in Holland and learns a little bit better Dutch. But yeah. Think that's a good point. Really? Yeah. I I do want to say before we move on from this point that if you're learning another language, and you feel you can't fully be yourself. And you feel like you can't tell jokes and stories as well as you can in your maternal language, and you're starting to doubt, your fluency level like don't start doubting your level and getting done because look I've been speaking Spanish for five six years now, and I still can't do it as well. As in English. I all the time try to crack jokes in. No, no my silent. Like, they don't like they don't they don't come out is like funny or as witty years, whatever as as sometimes as they do in English. It happens to me all the time. So don't I'm not making this point. We're not making this point to to make you think that if you if you feel like you can't fully express your personality in your humor. What have you one hundred percent in your second or third language learning? That means you're not doing. Well. No, not at all. Like, I still have. A lot of room to improve. But I think it's a pretty good gauge of your level as well. I I'd have to home at least in my case guys. I've never been good with like making sounds like, you know, like growing up like imitating sounder like anything that really requires a really fine. It's incident detail it's always been a little bit harder for me. And so what I did was. I think is like the opposite. I tried to like for what I was lacking the accident. I started to pay attention to like, you know, regional terms and like the country like slaying and all the things that like were exclusive and unique as a country that I was in with the with the hope of like compensating for my lack of an accident. And so like, I would say I have a different personality when I speak in Spanish than I do when I speak in English for that very same reason. Okay. Let's give one awesome encouragement tip to anybody out there. Trying to learn a foreign language, and then we're gonna change gears and talk about Los gringos, they go and do it any language. You can do it. We believe in. You message us any of us or Jackie or being those. We love to help. And I'm excited to see this podcast. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you. I would say that nothing. Good comes easy in the pros benefits to learning. Another language. Just completely outweigh the cons. Ju-? There's just so many. It's there's no competition. There's no balance the the pros completely outweigh the cons. If you just think about how many people there are in this world, and there's just so many different types of on this for all there's so many different types of cultures. So many different things to see and you can go see those things about learning another language, but you really kind of unlock the key to. Exploration and travel on unanalogous level, if you speak if you speak the language of of the of the locals, and you can really kind of submerse yourself in the culture in really see how other people live in. It opens your mind in so many ways that you can't put into words. So I encourage you to seek they seek that out. And in in really, you know, really fight for it. Because it takes a lot in it takes real commitment and determination. But once you break through that that kind of ceiling that everyone gets too because you'll get to that point to where you feel like you're not improving. Our you've re you've plateaued, and that's where most people were ninety percent of people turn around keep out keep fighting because once you finally breakthrough it it's will change your life. So I share this quote, Emma, share it. One more time you live in new life for every language you speak. And if you speak only one you live only once and actually had it on. The podcast. So many times he has heard that before. But these guys are all nodding their heads right now on this video that I can see it is so true. It opens up a whole new life for every single language that you speak. So I would encourage you also to hit the road go get out there. And and just just try it, even if it means to starting at home, you know, there are lots of ways you can do it. Don't be afraid of what America either South America. I would say. Would ever like what really hit home with me was? I like I was just looking it up online. My first couple of weeks in brielle's like how to learn thing. Which is because you always see like, you know, when I first got there. I hear the like, you know, my my my countrymen, you know, like, my fellow United States citizens, and like they spoke fluid Spanish she was. So like for found me. I was like, wow. These people are really legends, you know, like legends. This is crazy. And so I was like how can I be like them? And I just looked it up in the air. Now like how to get really good. Speaking span in. I don't know how it came across a page, but what really is basis from and I still use as a driving factors. Just become obsessed with the language, and it's hard to become obsessed with the lingers completely foreign to you. But there's like a click point. I think it like sixty percents or maybe like seventy percent fluency win. You know, it actually becomes easier to be suspect the language, and I mean like you can ask these guys like I prefer to speak spe. Vanished. Now, it's like, it's so much more fascinating. And if you can get the point where you like have a preference towards speaking different weed, or you just you know, there's things that it can bring to you that your native language. Can't I think that that's that's what's going to guide you like do whatever it takes them szeswith knowing for me that was living in South America. But for some people could be watching, you know, net flicks in Spain, you know, Lokossa they've abandoned or any of those like series or music or anything of whatever it is. That makes you just completely become says like dancing, salsa music. You know, whatever it is that like that bridge to that language at I think is what guides more. I like the idea of watching Ladan shows in Spanish on Netflix with Spanish subtitles. So you can hear how they talked. Imagine you up to their to their mouths, and if you don't understand it pause the show and just look it up yourself. I I've been I mean getting ridiculed because I started watching the NICKY jam like docu reality kind of TV show like the story of his life because it's just like kind of like hood reggae tone. I dunno. I got ridicule either day for that on like on TV with Austin. But anyways, it's a really good way to learn because like Puerto Ricans speak so weird to me. I think it's hilarious how they speak. Our time in Miami like opened my mind to how Dominicans Puerto Ricans and Cubans speak. I I love how they talk. So that's one of the reasons I got into it Mukasa. Casa Pell, I have to watch it with subtitles. Because I have I have no idea what the Spaniards are saying because they talked so different. They the Mary's. It's once you can tell the diff. Dialects? I think that's another way you really know that you're you become fluent. Like, oh, yeah. He's from eastern Cuba, their Spanish, they're obviously Argentinian. But if you can recognize like a Peruvian Bolivian Paraguayan your legit, you're super legit. I so hard. We could talk about that for a long time to going back to the accent thing. And then being able to recognize the accents. But I wanna pay you back on what you said about the watching a show in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. Absolutely. I I watched a whole lot of game of thrones in Spanish with Spanish subtitles when I was living in Argentina. And it was phenomenal his amazing because whoever translates the script is not like the same script as what's being said. And so it's like you learn twice as fast because you're reading a little bit different way of saying the same thing that's being said. I would hate that. I can't do the dubbing. I can't do that. Oh, hit it takes away a little bit. I mean, like, it's not Tyrian, you know, or Jon snow, but I mean, still it's it's a show that I'm I'm definitely okay? With watching. You know, it's like one of my it's my favorite show and me at rhinos Jackie Chan Jackie Chan movies from back in the day Bronx. Okay, debit anyway. Okay. That was awesome. Let's go ahead and change gears though, because I definitely want to talk about Los gringos what you guys have got going on. So thanks for all of your super, great tips and stories and advice about learning language because I know it's hard a lot of people out. There are doing it as we speak trying to learn, and you know, like we can all improve to and so that's cool. And I think it's really really neat to get a group of us together to kind of reflect on that and just share and hopefully encourage our fellow United States in to jump on board with a foreign language. So cool. Thank you guys for that. All right. We're going to go ahead and posit right there because we're already over an hour and we go for another almost forty minutes. So we'll save the rest of it for the next episode. But for now, I want to remind you of to resources that you can act on right now, if you're thinking about learning a language or moving overseas remember to check out the seven day free trial to start learning a language with Pimm slur, which you can do right now. Go to my jump offer dot com for that. And remember that if you are moving overseas to study abroad or immerse yourself in a foreign language and you want to keep your US phone number toss. -able digits dot com slash jump is your one stop shop to solve that problem. So like, I said we're gonna finish this conversation in the next episode and learn more about Los gringos TV, and what these guys are all doing to break stereotypes and bridge the gap between the Americas. But while. We wait for that. You can find all their Instagram handles and links to some awesomely made videos that we mentioned today, and we will mention a few more in the next episode as well, you guys can find all of that. In the show notes section at traveling Jackie dot com slash podcast. Thank you so much for listening today. Stay tuned for more with these guys Los gringos in the next episode.

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#84 - Damien Finds a New Best Friend


1:00:55 hr | Last month

#84 - Damien Finds a New Best Friend

"Was My childhood happier. The most and a lot of ways I was really lucky. My parents did whatever they could to make it feel like everything was fine. So snoop know very famously enrolling twenties why I wanted to join the gang because said, new possessed all the parties. If you want to know the type of person I am I will make large decisions based on like small perks. Do you want me to pick the one that I think will be funny the one that I think will be wholesome dealer's choice. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will Die Welt man? This was this the funny one yeah. All right. If he this is where it's going to get dope final step of this is to stare into each other's eyes for four. Guten Talk Gamers it's me. Damien Haas. You know from smash. If, you listen to the smash cast. You'll know that a few weeks ago. Shane at a podcast called finding my new best friend with Jackie both of them are wonderful people i. wish them both the best. But kind of leaves me in the Lurch here I, no longer have a best friend he's made his decision and that's okay. So. Today, I'm going to be interviewing to fill the position and I think we've got a pretty solid candidate bringing the next person I think. There's a dumb bit iffy he. In an IT. With his catchphrase it is. Doing then good and yourself I'm doing just fine. Thank you. Feel don't know if he he's been hanging out with smart games for a bit, but we were friends before that. Knew. Each other mutual friend news and sites. Other Vince. The. Bond was strong. The Blue Strolls say something's Bruin a opens something's broken. Hey, that's a strong start. So if he what we're going to be doing today is I wanna I, WanNa cut the bull crap I don't I don't want all that fluff conversation. We're going to be doing the thirty six questions to fall in love adjusted for best friends been shipped. We're going to be cycling through those. I'm going to be taken out all the questions that are hard or that I don't feel like doing. We're JUST GOING TO BECOME S. Brian J I do WanNa put it out there I am open to falling in love as well. That's fair. I'm not okay. That's okay. All right. Would just now to me the doors like that's ever been in those hotels where like it has the room to the other room and so. Mine is open you unlock your so you feel like you could get a maybe a secret remained at some point if you if you're if you're you know sitting on the bed eating Cheetos I am you know looking at that door wondering what's on the other side just now if you open it, minds will be obeyed. You reminded me of something mom because I'm gonNA immediately sidetrack US was in Japan in the before times. In. The long long ago when we didn't have to wear masks obviously the sites, the food's wonderful. But some of my favorite experiences were sitting in a hotel room with the bag of snacks that I've just gotten from seven eleven. Specifically Japanese CHEETOS best thing I've ever tasted I'll very sweet and their pungent in their amazing Oh man I'm in. Yeah. No I have a one of one of the views for my twitch. A huge care package of all. Japanese. Snagged on a yeah. I ran through all the rock because he was like, what what do you like and I was like well, I love Japanese curry because Japanese cult favorite curry and a couple boxes rumor they don't just have boxes but just like instant ramen noodles they'll have instant like curry ice. Yes. So he simply like three different ones and yeah, you just add hot water lead at. Six forty five minutes and you stir it and you have like Oh man I just realized I. Have a friend sending me something from Japan I should ask for something more. No, it's yeah. That's okay. If they ever do it again, let me know I'll deal from. Yeah I'll get you on the order because ev two buddies in Japan now, and so they know I'm a web and so all their like anime toys are way cheaper. So I was asking I started watching hundred hundred and I was like if you see any hundred hundred dollars off good let me know and so he he's sending me a gun and A. Senior and they're great. If you do the like the ban, presto figures the like Oh but no rain game ones basically. All, those are great. But these ones were like pretty huge. It was it was it was like fifty each I'm like the I don't know how big they are for scale but imagine they're pretty good. We have finding those in I mean I remember being in Japan and like buying up a bunch of those and being like I gotta get like I'm bringing a second suitcase home gotta bring home everything and then when I got home just for fun there was like one I didn't find. So I looked on Amazon and it's like thirty dollars free shipping and allow. Oh. Some of them yes way. Japan can't get them here but I was just like I feel silly. There's so many things you do have to shop around me I I'm a big Robo guy so and there's gun them and stuff like that Oh. Yeah. Gun Dumb big. Oh You know anything by studio trigger because they love this year that's that's the log in. Logging kill a kill. In a the. Premier. So. But I feel like their goal is how can we sneak Mac in this story? Yeah totally. I was premier they're like what if firefighters add Mex-? Because they need them. So I'm waiting for that figure but I did. I did preorder a alloy like Goren logon figure, and that's cool. That's coming out march in those every time I get the alloy ones. They're little much of pretty penny because they're big like I have a choke soul of choking big. Oh. That's about this bill while Oy, you can raise it up. So the missiles come out that's. Had to get that off the Ebay I've never been a robot guy but like seeing the collectibles with that, I've always been like, maybe I could maybe I am this I. I don't know dip your toes in. because. You can get a couple of them for cheap and you build it. It's fun. It's a fun quarantine see that's my fear. I don't think it'd be good building it really I think as a kid I tried to do like a model airplane one time and it just failed miserably new a pile of glue India broken promises. GUNDEM's rock because they're built to. They're they're made to be built without any glue. So they're all snap together parts. That's so in the US like plastics and stuff like care, and then they have different levels they start off at H., which is just the high grade kindergarten TV home and Garden TV raid, and then go to. M.? G. A. Ugg It'll fighters news. and. Then there's like perfect rating gets Chris Wilder from that I do get a lot of take talks justice to me about those like what's weird is I've never looked into the gun toys whatsoever and when you were saying that there's like hd in an mg and then perfect I'd knew that yeah because there 'cause people just explain it on take time unprovoked and let you know. If I've got a bunch of questions for you. Yes. I want to get to know you I. Say we probably spend like a few minutes on this and like trade the same question back in floor offered to you and then yeah now. Back. If he so this is from set one. These are the Chil- questions given the chance of anyone in the world whom would you want as a dinner guest? Oh, anyone in the world is it living or dead? A dead person at your table would be disgusting. Larry Is True what stick with living. Okay. If that's I mean we don't have to put them. No no, we want to make my tummy. And and you you're gonNA have to live with it because now that's the stipulation and I agree I'm fine with that. Okay and this is the this is a hard one because you know there there's there's the people that you WanNa pick their brain and talk to him, but it's also like a dinner. So you WanNa have a good time where you can kinda recollect interests so I I'd probably choose Kendrick Lamar because cool. Yeah we both You know we're both compton boys and he used to play basketball with my cousin in heist relays intentional yes. Oh because of that, and because of that connection the we we can ease into conversation by having something relatable. That we both know my cousin and then we'll have a open conversation and he's a little disarmed because you know he's like, okay I don't feel bad about magically appearing at this dinner. Yeah. Yeah. That's see what's interesting that actually did tell me a lot about you not just because you picked Kendrick but like the fact that you thought about the fact that it's a dinner, not just like you're getting to meet this person you're like what we're going to be eating a meal and the fact that you didn't magically be like we're GonNa, be best friends it was like we should have something in common for that sounds like that could actually happen because your cousin knows. I mean he played with them in high school. We are there your kids. Who? Oh? I kind of remember that. All right. Let's I didn't like that. Dude. Well, well, me either. You know take the. Who who would you sit at the dinner table? We actually talked about this the other day on the small stream. There's two celebrities that I wanNA meet more than anyone my runner up is snoop because he's just seems real neat and I've always wanted to meet him but then Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan is my answer that had. So here's a fun fact grown up in La Jackie Chan? No, this is this is this is your runner-up Snoop. So Snoop very famously enrolling twenty s that's the gang he's yes he and he he murdered a man. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and then for a while I wanted to join the gang because said, they said snoop is that all the parties so I'll. That's if you WANNA know the type of person I am I. Will Make Large decisions based on small perks. I usually make decisions throughout my day about regarding whether snoop is going to be a location so He's going to join a whole as game. I can meet Snoop Dogg Damn I. Don't know what my exit plan Mexico strategy was if I was just going to go. All right guys. I'm all done with gang. Now you know I i. You know I think the gang life isn't for me. Own I see about transferring my 401k who's doing this? Wow. Yeah. I feel like I got to know you way better through the. Damn all right. Hold on now Damian you'd never elaborated why Jackie Chan. Because Jackie Chan's awesome. No he he was one of the first instances I saw that combined incredible athletic talent and ability with comedy. His action is impressive, but it also make you laugh He's doing both seamlessly in he just he's also very like unproblematic celebrities who just seems like a really cool guy and he's just someone I've been a fan of since I was a kid and it's not like I've seen all his movies now but I just every time I see him I'm like all right. Jack Lions. Here you know are you aware that he sings the Cantonese and Mandarin version of I'll make a man out of you know? Yeah. So For, Milan I'll make Amana view is Jackie Chan who sings the Cantonese and Mandarin version of the song kipnes sale. He's he's trained. He's a singer Oh my what a person. Yeah. What I love me some Jackie Chan too. So I'm a very hard worker as well. Goodness. Gracious. Always Snoop. been when you think about how long stoops been in the game you've been in a while he's a thousand years old I mean, obviously he's only think fifty last such lights. Yeah. That's crazy. He's going to be pickled from all that we I mean look look it's keeping them keeping them healthy dog snoop Dogg is forty eight years old. Now you've got into almost fifty. Eight years old. He must see the thing is like he was the kind of celebrity where like if you told me he was forty eight it's like okay. Also, if you told me, he was seventy, I'd be like, yeah. He's just that rain. He's internal like Snoop Dogg in its current form as look the same for so long I think he will continue to do so but it just is a reminder that like, yeah, they were all kids when they start rapping like drinks crazy snoop they're just kids so they've just been in the game. So Long I've always been a really big fan. So do do do WanNa meet him. That's fact. All right if. He. Let's move onto the next question if you were able to live to the ripe old age of ninety and for the last sixty years of your life. So thirty to ninety retain either the mind of a thirty year old or the body of a thirty year old, which would you want? Oh, body every day body because I'm considering as we're talking about my body of thirty and my body two years ago was at its prime. You know I'm getting back to it. You know obviously we had to stay inside and finally before in terms is tough. Oh Yeah. Well, finally found like the social distance. Jim. 'cause it was kind of a Boutique Jim to begin with, and so they only have a certain amount of people who can train in two hour blocks. Oh, that's awesome. Tape off everything. So you're like six feet apart at least get Yeah, and so I've been back at it. I've went in the second time. I think my body's going to break apart though because Nice. 'cause I'm going because, I yeah. I'm back to powerlifting from just kind of June when I came with the weights but. No easing back in just you're ready set go. I. Mean I had to like lower the weight so I don't truly share be sore, but it feels good to be back in just talking about this with someone. If feels good be active around people even though we're all dissident and wearing masks and everything just being active in a communal kind of space is great. Also, I've always been pro lifting outdoors I think really there's just something about lifting weights outside that just seemed so much more intense like I think if we didn't live in Los Angeles, I'd be down for that. Let like every time you breed they're like swimming through city punish and I'm like I can't. Yeah. Yes but Look if you go to muscle beach or actually preferably just go to the Venice golds they may have met outdoor space and there's just something about just taking in fresh air. Maybe it's just because people staying in the gym maybe that is true. Yeah. Maybe that's what I. Want to go outside. We'll bleep bleep out the name nobody dachshunds me please but the. Is the most well ventilated. Jim into and it is just it is just marvelous bone chip. I'm so that that's the that's the trade off is this place they know they're the? Quality. So it's it's you know it's about a hundred bucks a month, which is like for by ultimas paint forty five. So yeah. So it's a it's hard but honestly where the In any times you gotta do what you gotTa do. Also like to not to sound like a meet. Ed. But if you didn't get an if you couldn't guess I am immediate it's like a serious one. So like they, they're like, okay when they're giving me the tour, they're like are, here's all the bars, the bars with the black strap that's only for deb lifting that bar that wants for squad specifically. Longer there's listen like you had specific. And then they have these would blocks specifically for recording yourself while you workout. I'm really like that's funny my. Fitness loggers. Yeah. Hey Way to adapt. Yeah. I to ask I've been on I've been doing a down a couple of pounds is I let myself go or needed to but I'm done a couple pounds I've been doing in to get that social aspect is I've been doing ring fit adventure but I've been doing it in my room with my two cats I'm trying not to step on them and I'm like this is socialize. Yeah. You gotta move out the way you'll excuse girls come on. Yeah. I also just bought a a weight bench for my house. Grow those are good. Yeah. They I mean now you know nature is healing and weights are getting accessible again so that Like your everyone should. Be Able to do it from home because the Jacksonville dumbbells are in stock. The only thing is like I'm trying to hit four five wheels again, four five wheels for the non meat heads means forty, five, twenty, five pound ones. So I'm trying I'm just trying to lift big mostly because of Natasha Augie on Instagram, you've been inspired me to get in there shadow Tasha Augie shout out to you. Hope you hope you're watching smash and you hear this you know a C- watching hundred hundred to I'll give you one of my figures just wanted to put that. What about you? have also been five on massage. No. I actually don't Natasha. I would say probably body because I I know I think the mind still has so much growing. Do I don't want to stay mentally here? Forever I don't know I I want to age naturally there but I've already experienced things with the body where I'm like Oh man my knee kinda sucks right now that's too bad like shouldn't have done all that jumping and martial. Arts as a kid landing, really hard on those knees and so yeah, I want to continue learning and getting wiser like this is not my mental peak. I think I'll get better hundred percent I agree with you on that one. That's the other side of it I. Think I focused on the body and forgot about the mind let's fuck thirty year old things which is why I'm not quite there. Yeah. I am a huge proponent of like the conversation specially because that is kind of one of the things I've been liking about traveling and you know and also doing what we do we travel go to cons meet so many people share conversations podcast and I feel like I learn so much just from those conversations and interactions that I think that questions almost Gimme like I'm very areas to the person who wants the the thirty year old mine. These days it feels like online shopping is the only shopping we really do. That's where today's sponsor honey comes in. It's the free browser extension that scours the Internet for Promo codes and automatically applies the best one available at checkout. Honey is basically your online shopping. Best Friends. Here's how it works. You get honey on your computer for free and to easy clicks by going to join honey dot com slash smash. Then when you're checking out on one of its over thirty thousand supporting sites, honey pops up, all you have to do is click apply coupons wait a few seconds is honey. Searches for coupons on that site and honey finds working codes it'll apply the best one to your cart. I actually just use this by some in ninety five mass used honey found a mask that were originally thirty, four, ninety, nine got for nineteen ninety, nine, baby honey supports all kinds of retailers from tech and gaming sites the fashion brands to even food delivery. It's simple if you have a computer honey should be on it it's free and works with whatever browser you use. You can get hundred four free today at join honey dot com slash smartish. That's join honey dot com slash smash. It sounds like it's formulated in a way that is attempting to be like what is more important to you mind or body, but it sounds like the people who actually do have more of a focus on the mind answer body? Yeah. Because they're like, no, I've got more stuff to do. I'm not where body it's like Oh. Those were the days. Oh. Yeah So That's interesting to me. Once again, we're in agreement the ASS. I'll let you pick one of these set one questions to ask me I if that's okay. Yeah, I like that say we're swapping it up. I've I've Gone Rogue Kevin I'm a renegade. Okay then. Okay. There's one that's going to be funny and there's one that's going to be wholesome. Oh, All so I'll let you let you decide. Do you want me to pick the one that I think will be funny or the one that I think will be wholesome dealer's choice. All right. When I also reserve the right to be like, no, we're GONNA cut that out. What's the saddest thing that happened in your childhood? Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die secret hunch about how I'll die. What man is was this the funny one? Yeah. Oh do have a secret hunch I've never I guess I haven't thought about mortality and stuff like that. But I feel like it could just be something random in stupid like like I go into surgery and for some reason, they're like the anesthesia just you just woke up in the middle we had to kill him because it was weird like I just. Don't. Know. Odd Hundred Dying I would love for it to be of ripe old age and I guess I don't see anything being more likely than anything else it's. It's not like I'm like a smoker and I'm like Oh. Yeah. Lung cancer late for sure you know if he do you know how My top three I have a top three list. Number number one brewing I yeah. Number One the police number two, A my house is on fire while I'm playing VR games and I don't know this. Okay, that is funny and number three probably some type of organ failure from all the weird like fitness drugs that I've done not steroids I feel like when you say drugs, it sounds like there's so many like over the counter fitness things that I'm like this can't possibly be good. Yeah they're like weeks. As with creating an ocelot tummy and Ocelot, tell me what, what would you do that? Also it's like thing like it's it's crazy win like my doctor will tell me something and I'll know why and I was like, no, I don't need to do this like I remember one time they're like oh man. Your your kidney the creating levels are high. We want you to see kindergarten. No I'm taking creating. That's why it's high because I'm not drinking enough water while I'm taking creatine. Thanks for letting me know now I'll drink enough water but that is why you're not supposed to be able to chew the creating powder like gum. Making an old bull listen. I shouldn't know why my body I. Shouldn't have an answer usually. What's wrong and you're like, Oh, what am I doing? Wrong? No Yeah. No, that's me. He's got high blood pressure. No I drink salt. Yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to get vascular. I don't WanNa take a what was, what's a L L L Argentine L. Yeah. In the one that's the spice. Yeah. There used to be visit. Look we're going to get into immediate in when you realize how wild meat heads are because like there are like pre workout powders I used to take that were discontinued for one reason or another FDA finally was like Nah. That and and you'll just go on like these forms of people like, yeah. Those were the days super pop fifty was was the what was the was the pre workout like I'd say I remember two thousand and two, thousand ten like around that. It was all about super pump and it was because your forearms with looks. So like sol-solid Knowle's tight nobody's like Chicago is used to take that. He was awesome poor went out for Craig. Can. Be used to be the wild west back in the day. I come up to me in the gym one time I was working out and he comes up and has two giant green pills. He's like you want some pills. Bend over. Also, who I I thinking, and I would love now in my age to be like, Oh, I would say, no but no, he told me these are hoc peer. said. Yes. To him immediately I was like halfway through the word. Pill. Name something after a superhero. Don't think I'm about to put it in my body. Damian. A question I have then. So if he gave some pretty good examples like house on fire while in VR won't be the most bad ass way. You'd WANNA. Do Give me give me that one. Oh okay. Turns out kingdom hearts. It's documentary and so one damndest children in my home. But then I wake up in the middle of the night in a here like ten. Dat Dat. Dat Dat da I'm like, where is everyone darkness and light and then I go outside and like there's all these little critters and I'm like Oh these aren't supposed to be here I fall down into darkness and I'm like, wow, this is spooky and then the key blade is like hey I'm choosing you and I'm like that's pretty mean and so I'm the chosen on the keyboard shows and fight off these little things. But then I remember I don't I'm not taking care of myself farewell not very flexible. So they immediately warm me. We'll meet down into the darkness and I'm like no, and then it's game. It's game over Oh man yeah that's that's a that's a funny concept them putting in the ideas box, but like spill a chosen one who just isn't an issue as. You're the chosen one in. It's never based on physical attributes just like, oh, no, you're pure of heart just got main character vibes. Every everyone who's pure doesn't necessarily have. To. Second Forty. That's true. You could be pure of heart and you just not taking care of yourself physically debts and that's always that's the sad thing we're like if that did happen, it'd be like be I'm not going to be the guy I'm going to be the NPC that's just like how can I help you today? Thank you come again and that's like I at Best I run the accessory show. Yeah. I'm going to be one of the weirdoes in the gym and final fantasy seven. Yeah. Thank you who are not actually using their strength. Squads can you do? There's a worldwide crisis. I'm just in their boxing you can buy rocks you do literal Magic's don't you WanNa do that no score slots it is a funny dynamic though because I'm not I'm not that now but I used to be very much an exercise fitness guy and also a nerd Edwards I currently, but it's a very specific combination but we have three in this room. Oh, you mean, Kevin we feel that we feel that. Well, it feeds into each other I mean that's how it got serious about. A working out. Was the moment I realized that I can look at my gains in the gym as leveling up That's a wrap wrap. It was I was just. To working out as I was well, because that's how I view it now is like wrestling up and it was like and you know my body in quarantine is like when you play counterstrike go and you don't do ranked for awhile. So You d rank. Right. I feel that very much go. To listen to video game music when I exercise teenager like my I come from a famous family. My Dad was a body builder, my motto Rubik's and so like I. Did I was not super in shape I'm just not I just didn't get those genes necessarily, but I still tried really hard. So like the thing that motivated me was like downloading the final fantasy seven soundtrack while I'm running and being like all right now I'm hype for this. You know these characters can do this thing. Why can't I know it's so. Oh. Goodness. I guess it does feed in which yeah. Let's see here. Well, that we kinda just covered that question named three things you and your partner appear to have in common. Yeah. So there you go. Yeah we not see knocking out questions we don't. We didn't even know was there ads the bond it strong let's go over to step two. WHO I'm Sarah's relationship questions. You guys are really well. So thank you. Wow. Very strong. Front runner is interview process types there right. What do you value most in a friendship who that set to see? It's more serious as a good question wasn't you value most in a friendship honesty? And openness mindedness I I see. So many people who have their friend groups and they never get to do things that they really WanNa do because they feel like their friends aren't into it and I never you know I never WanNa have any friends like that like I like I don't mind if you're not into what I have but if you just kind of immediately dismiss it, that's just never fun. It does because I think the best friend groups are when you have they're they're like webs because you. Have, like your friend group and then they have the friend groups for the other things. But then they might toss something your way and get you into it like you and you might not know if you like it or not sure I think that's I. Get stuck in that Rut like I know family members or like my sister would have a friend group and it just seemed like they always do the same thing and she would always complain that like whenever she'd WanNa do something you know different or or. or or like extravagant and or go to a better bar or something that they usually go to always like shoot it down and be like oh Angie and I was like, yeah, that's that's the like that's the open minded. Judgment there. Yeah. You don't have that open mindedness to have new experiences where like or like you're just like man I, want to try camping and then like your friends like our. Yeah. Let's let's do it. Let's try it. Let's get a little. I feel like without that open mindedness, you don't have the experiences, but then I also think it's hard for them new help you with maybe if you. Want to open up to them about like issues or something you're going. Yeah and then you can't be here for me when I wanNA, try a different bar. Yeah. Are you going to hear from me when I'm going through something that might be out of your skull shirt? Oh, I think that's a pretty relatable answer. I think mine would sorta dip into that it would be acceptance and like. Honest. Support you know take my former best friend Shane I feel like I. Can always be who I am around Shane and it's very comfortable. You know I can be in a bad mood. I can be in a good mood. I can just jumping off the walls and saying that it doesn't matter like you see that friend in whatever capacity there in and they can be there for you through whether it's easy whether it's hard or whatever, and then what about the support is like always agreeing with someone telling them what they want to hear is not being a good friend and I've had conversations with people in the past were they've been let you know I've. been honest and they've been like, you know you never you never support me and I'm like. Well, I disagree. I think I'm doing that right now I don't want to see you get in a bad situation and so I'm not immediately agreeing with you but you know again former best friend Shane he'll. He'll take me aside and be like AIDS. You seem like you've been having a rough week like what's going on it's been a little off. So I always appreciate that I think I think that is a very important distinction to because I. Think there are so many people who are built around people who just agree with everything they do never challenge them never. Even if in some people might be listening to us and it was like, well, you know I hate confrontation or that's scary. sedation is just simply repeating what they gave you back to them because some sometimes, it really makes you listen to it differently when you hear your words said back to you in a question. Interesting. Okay. So that's a that's a TYP. That's a friendship tip. Then frontier frontier friendship friendship fringe fringe tip French. Guy Sarah here again, and lately I've been donating to a lot of causes that I really believe in and when we come together as a community, we empower ourselves to make a meaningful change. Our normal has changed and we're finding new ways to connect to and continue to support one another who started social distancing when we spend time with friends and explore local cuisine, and we're doing more to support an advocate for underrepresented communities. So what we need more than ever is an easy way to support each other from afar with the pay pal at sending and receiving money is faster. And easier, you can always stay connected with the people you love quickly secure and send money to family and friends just about anywhere in the world or star a money pool to split the bill going on a gift or fundraise for a good cause you can support the places and causes you care about most make touch free Qr code payments at your favorite local restaurant or farmers market, or donate to a local nonprofit or support a cause from across the country. Pay Pal is making it easy to pay safely quickly and easily download the pay pal APP today terms and conditions apply. And I think the last the last thing I would look for is like so an example is I'm built very different like you WANNA to try bunch of new things I want to to new things too but I sort of have to be in the mood for it. We're like I'm very introverted in like my space the other night on twitter you just messaged me the scariest question that can ever be message to someone like me it's not like, Hey, are you busy like or hey I've got this thing would you like to join? US What are you up to right now and I'm like, do I make it sound like I'm as busy as possible so that if I can't. So my thing to do his thing, I'm a hero, and if not I have a built in excuse I was just like no thin just plan my games before bed and here just like do you want to hop on this thing thing? You know it was like, okay I'll do it but like it's scary I'm like what do you need help moving right now like what are you about to ask? So. I'm notorious for that. I, Love I. Love Light. Up Right. Now, what's good that's negative points if you're. Yes, say I want. For me I WANNA play this game right now are you up like that? Yeah I think that's a good tip being. Thank both. Both Friendship Lii in Romantically? Like. Here's here's why texting you and I dunno I. Yeah it is. It is funny because I am also someone who loves like getting to the point but when it's me, I'm like all right you you you around. Also I take it personal if someone just never replies and. Does where it's like you around reply if you if you WANNA. Chat. Not I won't because I know some but I know some people do they're like, I contacted you and you didn't say anything with me I'm like oh it's all right. I have a couple of friends that like most of our conversations are me apologizing for not responding for like a long time I had a friend like not too long ago who I invited to actually know it was my last birthday party and I hit him up as a hey, you wanna come and like there's no like real response and hey, just reminder it's tonight and like well, I was Kinda mad at you for not you know responding me last time and I was like, Oh, I didn't even know I didn't even know we were fighting, but we're built different right like he's somebody that very much values that communication for me it's more casual and so like I got it. You know it's not who I am but I understood so. But the like that's a two for for me because want my first thing is I want I don't mind however long you take I just always assumed that you're busy. I never assume that you just have to immediately do it and the second thing is if I have a problem, I trying confront as soon as possible like on the same way I don't like say yeah, I wouldn't wait till you hit me up and then be like Oh this I'd be like, Hey, man. This. Is kind of you know that's something I've had to learn to because I very much want to fix things right away and so I'm very much like, Hey, I'm so I just noticed this I'm so sorry are you okay but I've had to learn like sometimes people need a minute to be mad and they're allowed to do that. As I just have to like except I'm like they're not gonNa hate you forever I know it sucks feeling like it's sitting there. Yeah. But like maybe just got to walk away and then you'll talk about it tomorrow. Just be like me and be completely aloof, and by the time they're may call them down. Your back. Oh Day. Oh Yeah. I totally forgot obeyed you Bama. Let. You pick a set to questions set to. Set numerous fi trying to see these. These are all pretty these are. Yeah. Reserve the right to not I mean if you don't know. I'm just trying not to put you on a spot. Open Book Do you do what you will, and then if there's an issue, all I'll say like, Hey, maybe let's swap on how close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people's how close in warm is my family on? It's it's not as close as it was, but not through lack of desire to be. So my dad pass when I was nineteen and I say we were very close before then we loved each other a lot but there was a lot of very difficult specific circumstances that we had as well sort. Of Rock the family made things hard for like a long time. So I got my dad was always my best friend but I got really close with my mom while we were dealing with all that difficult stuff even before my dad passed in, you know when he passed, he passed when I was starting my second year of college here. So my mom ended up having to sort of like pack up the family home by herself for what she could we abandon it because we owed more than it was like worth and she decided to move out to California but my Sister stayed back in Georgia she's older. So we're all kind of spread out now extended family. You know a lot of them have passed away that have been close with. So it's you know my sister and I can't talk as much as we'd like because we both just busy fulltime adults with a three hour time difference she's married and has a whole life there too and my mom and I can't really see each other right now because of covid. So like I love my family so much but we don't have the ability right now to be a very tight knit unit. and. Then on top of that was my childhood happier than most thinking a lot of ways I think a lot of ways I was really lucky i. think my parents did whatever they could to make it feel like everything was fine for me and made me feel taken care of but I you know you can still tell and see things a rough but I I was always grateful for that. But I think a lot of weird specific unique circumstances that made it a little a little tougher then probably the average childhood. So I don't know I'm being being vague as hell. Kinda have to know do do do that. How about you? If he are you close in warm with your F-? Oh. Actually. One more thing before we move, there is so much love there though I don't Wanna I don't want to seem like my mom and I love each other so much my sister and I love each other so much. My mom lives my sister and she loves my mom so much it is all there that. Is Don't never questioned that for a second I of that energy of Let me just add the stick disclaimer in case my family checks this out my mom does listen to the she does mom hello I love very much and and we all loved my dad very much and he loved us very much. So now I didn't doubt that for a second because mine is is. Kind of similar I mean my my family is both tight-knit and and an open and huge at the same time. I. Mean, you know my mom she's from Louisiana my dad's from Nigeria and you know my mom and dad they broke up when I was a pretty young I got divorced and then my dad remarried my mom didn't and so on. My Mom's side, it's it's very very. Close because you know they're from the South Louisiana and so they know even when they lived out here. So they most of everyone except one of my aunts moved out to California when I was younger and they always lived like just a couple of blocks from each other and then why Gran- grandma passed away after my granddad did and they like my aunt decided to move back to. So then it was kind of just my mom and my other aunt out there. It's always been the energy of like when we're all together and we come together biker close were super tight all the stuff but lie when we're separated, you know it's fine like my mom she doesn't need me to call her constantly and all the stuff when we catch up, we call it's like really great. We catch up on everything that's shall we do but it's never like I would always feel guilty because you know I'd be around all the the transplant in like Improv comedy community about how they call their parents every day and every day. Grown up here my mom's like down the street and they didn't feel that say that need my dad on the other side. He is like all about like he if I could call him everyday, he would love it. Okay. I just I just picked up my mom's kind of a thirty four, the phone, which is not liking to be on sheriff time. It's tough but he he's so much closer than I. Think. What's so funny is looking at my mom's upbringing she grew up in the small part of Louisiana with a pretty tight knit close family and my dad, he's from like a polygamous family and Nigerian like my grandma was the youngest wife for my grandfather. Okay. So like going back, there's like a ton of family lot of family like, okay. This is your aunt. This is your aunt from your Grandad's first wife. And so it's so interesting that in the dynamic like my mom's side is the one that's like, oh, it's cool. But my dad is like always like trying to be in touch and I always feel bad because I try and being touched too. But also I'm always doing a million and one hard. Yeah. You've got a lot of irons in the fire. Yeah. too many too many but still not enough you know that's what it feels like it always feels like too many but not enough my day usually ends at like ten thirty at night. Who is it okay to relax like have I done enough? Yeah, and then that party brings like no, you keep going. You must. Tussle or di Di there is a lot of love there and try and meet everyone where that that's kind of been my new new vibe. You know like I'm you know divorced now and kind of when you're you know I feel like you learn so much about yourself going through a break-up think you learn even more when you go through a divorce because there's just so much it just you know holds a little more weight because like you have to do so much paperwork to end things. So really like you really can't just disconnect. Like sit there and be like, okay something you really want inhuman are all the things that are going to have to happen in all this and why are you doing this and if you're doing this, what do you really want what's the dynamic you want? especially, you know having like was the home dynamic that you want to build and that in turn has you relief do reflect on your childhood and everything like it's so funny. Yeah, I've just been so true expected because of all of that defined that you reflect on it more because you're responsible for a human life Yeah. It an ways like my upbringing made it because it's so easy to put so much extra bs on your relationship. With your child from just how you you kind of brought up and you realize how much like nothing matters except that relationship like you and it's very unique to y'all. Like. It's like their many ideas of what makes perfect. You know relationship or what makes a good parent there's so many of these exterior ideas but really the number one thing you learn as a parent is no one knew what they're doing. No there isn't a rule book I like you can buy these books by these doctors and psychologists, but in the end. Because you're raising a human who is an individual with their own identity their own way of thinking sure never have a manual that works and I. think that's why like you know short of somebody being outright like a terrible person supporting to forgive you know any anything. With your parents or something like that. If you're able to everyone circumstances are different but like damn I, think about if I had a kid right now, I'd be like, where do I start like I'm I'm responsible for this child's life and I you know every experience is going to affect them. Somehow their brain is picking up what is normal now, what is what is not I feel like Oh yeah. It really does like a you'll never be that question's GonNa be. Thing that question is never going to change because it is because you no one's going to give you that like you no matter even even if you think like get to a point where you think you have the answers, the moment you're holding that child at changes and but the one thing we I think that's a constant that we do know about you know kids is that you know your relationship with the parent of the opposite sex if you if your child. Grows up to have a hat you know relationship that's kind of going to influence them so I so that Is. something. That's always on my mind with how I interact with my daughter like I don't. I don't yell at her because I don't want her to ever think it's okay for men to yell at I. Got It. and then even outside of romantic relationships I don't if I give her a rule, I give an explanation because I never want her to blindly follows because I said. So yeah, I and and you know there's nothing against our parents doing that but I don't i. you know seeing where we are. Now you know as a country and just everything I think it's very important to build that critical thinking aspect. Yeah. Very much. So and because we have people who don't critical think but they just feel it. Being. Wrong. So you have people pushing against like I feel like there's two sides to it. You have people who just blindly follow people blindly go against things just because they know it's wrong but you never have anyone do but like you you the sweet spot is like knowing why? Like if you don't want to obey a rule, you should be able to say why Sharon? That's that's kind of the Child on trying to build but as youthful as the second half of this question because I've grown. I think it was happier than most I was I. You know I had a very understanding parents like if everyone seen like the like Cybersex video and saw that like when my parents you know had the f. b. i. hand me the. Catch me having CYBERSEX. They were pretty understandable they never and I think that's why I I'm actually not a caught up to date on that one. You'll. You'll. You'll know where to find it. You know if you WANNA, see the full explain version type IFFY FBI Cybersex you'll find a video me explain it but for the gist yeah, when I was like about fourteen. I. Went on a homework help site. It was a finer internet girlfriend or boyfriend thread I found my internet girlfriend and we would have cybersex every night, and then she disappeared one time and FBI agent showed up at my door. said that the language I was using was advance for my age and he had to come and confirm that I was a child and not an. Adult and all of the chat logs. He handed it to my parents. They read the chat logs and yeah, and like they're kind of reaction to that were was they kind of laughed at me I was banned from the Internet for a little bit but But at the end of the day, they didn't like make me feel weird about it like you're both. My parents have always been very open about you know Saxon check sexual things and I think that's why it's so funny that I'm just also open on the t t l. because I feel like a lot of the like when you really like sit down and without going into detail in here all the weird things kids were doing because they were there were no sex ED. Iraq this absence and all the other things like you should just digital told the yeah. Because they're doing way weirder stuff it is a bit of a compliment that they're like we're going to look into. You know he's got really good vocabulary. Exactly. We're using some sat words in that and I'm GonNa make sure you're. All Right? See. So that's why you know I'm a good writer I. Had to confirm talking like a man talking like man in this chance I have one for you to the I. Think would be really fun for the last one for you guys do because we're running low on time. So for each of you make three true Lee statements, the we fit was. For instance, we are both in this room feeling this or we both do this or we both do this, and this is going to be hard because you guys got to think about what you know about each other up to this point. But this is going to prove your friendships. We both have strong principles but are not afraid to challenge them or not afraid to confronted when challenged by agree being hard agree see Kevin. You said this behind the easiest thing of fucking. Fit We both. Enjoy having fulfiling relationships with people that might warm our hearts I would agree with that We both. Appreciate, a good store and actually highly value a good story especially when told through new and unconventional ways. Oh. A highly agree. This this I'm just take I'm GonNa take the easy Freebie because we have to and I think you know most of the known fact us we both appreciate engaging video games with deep lore that can help us escape the world I. Agree. That's more or less what I was sort of talking about engaging stories. Hell. Yeah. That's perfect. Because we are talking about hades before this. Okay. Let's see here. We both value making others. Happy. End of probably had to learn to focus on ourselves a little bit more sometimes. ooh. Solid if those kind of the realm of what I was GonNa say which is We both get genuine joy and fulfillment from making others laugh If he what can I say you've got the Job Oh? Well. Did it. Could. Be. Back. Call me. No No, no no. No. I was talking to get him out of here. Get Out of here. Also, let's hang out later Damian My final interjection for this one is at the bottom of that list. There is a final a final thing you have to do. All right. If he this is where it's going to get dope who and our podcast listeners as opposed to watchers are going to have just A. A grand old time. Oh. Yeah. I'm so excited been. The final step of this is to stare into each other's eyes for four. Four minutes is so much longer than that's four minutes of silence. And and I mean I'm going to be here. So for our listeners I'll give a little bit of like what's happening. I'm not going to complete play by play. Are you guys ready? Do you? I've got four minutes sit on the phone okay. So when you're ready, we'll start it. All Right Candy look in the eyes and here we go four minutes. This is how you become friends starting now. Can we blink. So right now, the most looking closely together cise. The nodding their heads. Trying really hard. Doing so well. Yes. You can see you can feel their souls connecting. There's an aura in the room. For the listeners. We are at one minute so far. If propped his. Hand on his chin. Damian just blinked for the first time. Silence is deafening and. Permeating And now for the listeners. We're just about halfway through this. Beautiful. You can see their friendship spilled off of this. Feel the presence. rubs his chin. So. Deep in thought. Damian might actually be dead it's hard to tell. Ladies and gentlemen we have one minute last. One Minute of pure friendship. Who these to emerge as afterwards. WHO WOULD THEY BECOME? Stronger? They beat. France. You're approaching ten second mark. Nine. Eight. Seven, six, five. Four. Three. Two one. Four minutes is up you too. Well, you're my best friend now. Yeah. Yeah. I feel it. I feel the energy that was nice. Yeah. We transferred bodies after that. It was funny is midway through your glasses. They're very perfectly round and I saw in, they've got like a strong outline. So with your eyeball like smack in the middle of it, I sorta just saw it as a singular like A. From. My mind and also becoming friends. I. Know Is Interesting I. This is when I realized. You can't look into both is at the same is true and I didn't flick back and forth. Yeah I. Didn't do the Sally fields like. If, you ever see her in a scene with a close up. She's constantly flicking back and forth look I'm trying to say both no can't do I really enjoyed it I. Think I. Think the smash audience knows a lot about me already. So I was more interested in getting to know you and learn about you and I guess that's not so fair to you because I didn't you know. But I I'm glad that we got the focus on a lot of because I learned a lot about you and that felt really nice and it's it's more than the like. So many siblings it's like how close warm is your families I like that? It's not the first time. I've done those questions before I dig it. I think it's a cool thing to do if anyone is interested in the looking those up it's thirty six questions to fall in. Love. But I think it was great. How'd you feel if I yeah, I felt good. I agree with you. It was those are more rich questions than you would normally have with small talk. Yeah. I'm definitely going to have to steal for dating. No totally, but I'm gonNA just sprinkle them in out of order so they can. So they won't be on them. You just lead with like two hundred just look at each other for like four s really no over getting into here. Just, gotTa stand just stereotype she's like texting your friends. Please call me and say that it's an emergency. Hey you're looking down at your phone and unto my ice nuance I'm not. Well that was delightful. Thanks for doing man. We do have one more question or one more segment, and that's called shoot dude. Do Shoe shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Do. Did. Okay. So we just played the jingle bombs. This is called shoot dude if he for those at home that don't know and you're new to this. Thanks so much for being here we appreciate you. So a shoot dude is a moment where it's sort of like an aw man like it's a cringe like I can't believe that happened. And so we can. We're just going to read this out because they're submitted by viewers and want to submit your own. It's. SHOOT DUDE AT SMART DOT com. That's S. H. O. O. T. D. O. D. AT SMASH DOT COM and I'm usually the curmudgeon I'm usually like this sounds like you got this off of what pad. But let's see here. So this one comes to us from crystal. I see I tend to speak quickly when I'm excited and or busy, which means that I don't always get what I mean to say outright a few years ago I was working retail during the holiday season and was pretty busy at the register. I was checking out a couple who happened to be two women and once the transaction was over I meant to say have a great day guys but it came out as have a great gay they just laughed out laughed and said, we will discuss what do you think if he's that a shoot dude moment I mean I think you brightened up their day with that mistake. That to the fact that they were like we will. We see what happened and it's funny. Yeah. I don't know if that for me is a shoot that's not a shoe that's a you brightened up day You know he did okay. Good. Okay. Now, if your mindset is anything like mine that's going to be the thing that like at three thirty in the morning to sit bolt upright nearly all the thing I sit in fourth grade. Yeah. That happens all the time. I will I will be trying to go to sleep and think up the reason I think of the reason that it didn't work out between me and my high school girlfriend who thinks that could have done. Like Oh, she did I did mass shooting was my fault. Was My phone you guys ever done that before like them we mix up your words Oh. You say something that you completely didn't mean to say totally time I talk super fast. Anytime especially if I'm getting excited in the excitement rises. No. So I definitely can't really I. Think my problem comes from not necessarily the thing happening because we can relate to that that's happened. You should be like I'm so sorry I meant to say this anyway I'm the one that goes I'm sorry I meant to say this and not because it would have been weird if I said that because it's not because you're like this meant. Because it's Like explain it, and then I pause too much it. Just it that's that's the moment that's. They they wouldn't have said we will if it was you people like, where's your Matt. Like. We will be talking to corporate about how to ruin your life. If this has been lovely if people are just like man, I need some more iffy in my life where on the Gosh Dang earth can they find you want you could just go to if he widey way on twitter and instagram and some of you small Shire's says I will call the audience mosher small shy is as a Canon share since some of you smashers have slid into my chat on a on twitch as. Well come. See you know? Yeah, we raised money at this past week for the bail project I was shooting for five thousand. Unsure. If I could do that and we raise twelve thousand dollars good Lord Man Consolation Awesome actually twelve thousand dollars a twelve thousand to twelve thousand and eight dollars and sixty nine cents lull because that's what chat wanted. Yeah I remember I did an it I to charity for the bill project not recently it was like it was maybe a couple of months ago and I got plenty of of four twenty donations and six dollars and ninety cents Oh yeah I'm like yellow hilarious about the good work only. People. Doing math to try and get the sense to line up. Because at first before we ended it, it was like at eleven thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine dollars and sixty, nine cents but someone wanted to make it a clear cut twelve thousand did it and then after the stream someone went added sixty nine Larry as well. Thanks so much if you have your time, I, feel like legitimately feel closer to. You know I know saying I think so much y'all this has been a smash cast. Hey You know you can listen to US wherever you choose to listen to a podcast. But when you do please rate US five stars they'll be very helpful helps us get the podcast out to others and have them seen enjoy this thanks for sticking around and you you have a good day. UCLA. SCILLIES biggles smart scillies goodbye. Specifically to shame goodbye shame out of Damian's life him in. This is on but you've been recast. By all if you reboot.

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294 - CPAC: Judgment Days (3/4/19)

Chapo Trap House

2:10:48 hr | 1 year ago

294 - CPAC: Judgment Days (3/4/19)

"There's no more room in hell. The did walk here. This one. I was right in the middle of fucking reptiles. Somebody was giving bucy's got them things. We've. That put his so hazard. Depsite? Okay. Important. All right. Well, not quite sure how to kick this off your back from Washington DC. We have such sights to show you from our sojourn among the swine CPAC. I finally got a good night's sleep last night. I feel renewed. But you're listener, I really I'm going to try to communicate to you. How much I was physically and spiritually ravaged by this experience. At the Gaylord convention center in national harbor when I got off the train to Penn station. I just realized how much it felt like my tire body, but in a rock tumbler, I feel great. Listener I no longer fear death because I've been to hell I literally only one who doesn't feel like they were killed this weekend. I felt like I was killed several times. It's a combination of like both what we saw in listen to you. But also just general, you know, travel like eating like shed and drinking too much ping. I pulled the Ripcord halfway through. But if I'd stayed I be in pretty dire straits right now, you pulled the Ripcord and stuck the plunger in the toilet. You pulled the Ripcord, but you left the plunger in the toilet. Yeah. Yeah. That's where you leave it. No, no. Where you leave? It. You leave it in the toilet. Because it's dirty after you plunge or you and the waters from the toilet. Clean. It takes. Is Airbnb fucked up place just put it on the floor. Not so much like when I go to use the bathroom. There's just a plunger sticking out of the toilet like a fucking looney tunes. Do you think it's funny that will went to sit down and he sat down on it. And he levitated in the air for three entire seconds holding his asshole and going out and then sprinted mid air his legs, you know, spinning around almost like a race car revving up ran through wall leaving and outline in the exact shape of his body that he ran through there and then stomped on his hat. Do you think? That's funny, whatever use toilet brush or plunger gets dirty after you use it. So you leave it in the tank, and then you flush it a few times. That's the screen. You could have done that. I had to go I had to catch cap. Yeah. Could be. We're gonna we're gonna loon to let you all know about CPAC. But first of all this is just an intervention Virgil used too much toilet paper you use every day. Doodoo the clogs all these toilets. It's your profligate insane. Use of toilet paper. Green new deal. You're canceled. You have to stop you have to Virgil. You're like a grown man still. We not supposed to wipe your ass, washing your hair. Do you wash your hair, everyday, wait? Yeah. No. You're not supposed to do that. You'd literally do not. What the what the green new deal is? They're taking our toilet paper to into our hamburgers. To know. Why I have such like a goon to take away your toilet paper. You'll butter cake with doodoo stolid dream. You won't be able to pony Brown area. Some fucking guy from the daily caller named calebs. They send the ladies restroom in the US house of representatives and just snaps. Little pick of a oh sees using tampons using paper. Okay. Sorry, slight digression. We we went to see pack. We finally did it. We went to see pack, and I gotta say it really for me just sort of vividly brought to life so many of both the jokes conversations, and ideas that we have talked about on the show the last two years and in the book, but it it it brought it to life in a really visceral vivid way. And honestly, this is going to be a long one. I'm we're really going to try to do our best to recreate for you, your listener every single vivid detail of this experience, which of course, coma dated with seeing our big boy, Donald Trump take the stage we in the same room as the great man himself on Saturday. And I just we're we're gonna take you. We're gonna get you there to to Trump. But it just I have to say. The big takeaway the big theme for me is. And this is something we've talked about on the show a lot and mind a great deal of humor from is the ongoing fraud that the conservative movement is drawing from any intellectual tradition or is about communicating ideas morality truth philosophy or any of that horse shit. Because really was I know I knew this. But it was just never really more viscerally true in apparent to me than seeing all the people pitching their books. They're fucking booths themselves all pitching the same line of bullshit about conservatism. And with our great Republic, and then it's just all leading to seeing Donald Trump take that stage to thunderous rapturous applause of all of these wine and just basically farted out his Sieff lick brain through his ears onstage for two hours to the just hooting, bang applause. They love they. They loved it loved it. And again, like every they're all pretending and probably some even believing that this political move represents anything other than just like the death drive of our civilization. And there was Trump on stage. And it was all there. It was all there in front of sun, downing before noon, and they loved it because mix lips real mad, and they have power. That's all that matters. He's the just to after symbol of the conservative movement. You can wash him decay in real time. Yeah. You he was up there who sweaty and glistening and orange and round and making all these horrifying facial expressions, and they're just slapped. Clap like seals the whole time. They loved it. We love it too. So before you mentioned Trump sundown ding before we get into it. We got there on Wednesday night. And then we were there on Thursday. You took a day off on Friday because it was just too much. And then we were back on Saturday to see Trump. You mentioned sundown ING I wanna give brief shout out to you Wednesday night. We randomly went to the same bar as the activists from the sunrise movement. The people would organize the Senate Pelosi's office and the Dianne Feinstein when she told that nine year old girls go fuck, basically, they're the ones who who pulled the jackboots onto the tots legs. So I wanna give shout out to them. They were very nice. And it was like a weird sort of like we took the pallet cleanser before we ate a mouse shit. Like, usually the wrong dessert, I yeah. By the way, video of our meeting with the sunrise moving ever, emerges do not trust it wait for the full video. And again like and also just the surrealist of on Sunday. When we were seeing Trump was the same time thirteen thousand people were in our borough were back at home in Brooklyn at Brooklyn college to come out for Bernie's like, you know, sort of campaign announcement and just the competing visions of those two things could not be more start from like the where we were versus what was going on back back home backyard felt very forsaken. So I don't know where do you wanna begin? Okay. How about this CPAC takes place this gigantic hotel and convention center in national harbor, Maryland. It's about a half hour drive from like the proper it's not that far away. But it's literally at the Gaylord conventions. Eight twenty nineteen and before we get into CPAC it bears discussing a little bit about the place. It was held in. I'm talking about national harbor Maryland. Which is honestly one of the weirdest. Most bizarre is I've ever been to national harbor is like the real version of what twenty nineteen America would be like the Third Reich had one. Yeah. That's actually what it wouldn't look like man in the high castle would just look like that. It would look like a German approximating what America's supposed to look like they're like, they're these weird fucking life size statues. They were famous people Louis Armstrong. There was the dais kiss at you. There'll in Monroe. Yeah. It was it was classic mid-century Americana, and it was just a sterile development with all these wrestlers. They might as well have just Irish pub, and yeah that was literally the nearly place there is ours. Pub called the Irish whisper, and it was just like the weirdest. Most like version of American culture, I described it as like if the Chinese government created in America style village in the middle of the Gobi desert. Yeah. This is what it would feel like. But then I was thinking about more. And I really thought what it actually feels like is you're driving on a road late at night, you see strange lights in the sky all of a sudden, it's blinding, and you sort of like pass out, and then you wake up in national harbor, Maryland. And it's just sort of deserted. And there are restaurants advertising casual cocktails and comfortable food, and then like a piano restaurant called Billy mckee's, and then a place called Cadillac ranch, and it's just sort of weird empty, and then you realize that you've been placed in a human terrarium for like an alien zoo. Like, this is what aliens have engineered a human style environment that you can live in stressed enough. The the the the off nature of the attempts to be related. Ladle because yes, there wasn't awning on one of the bars at said they were serving comfortable food and inside the gala convention center itself. They had a big sports car sports bar that was called national pastime. They so in Germany, I believe there is this very small city with you know, shops and restaurants, but they're all fake at it's for the benefit of people with Alzheimer's. And that is exactly what this reminded me of. And that makes it the perfect place for CPI. Absolutely. Because you got to see the real ideology, the only true ideology that was on display there, which is that it's cool. Awesome. And actually good if everyone else on earth drowns to death to this. This is worth the death of the rest of human species and all other species. Okay. So then like the Gaylord convention center itself. Already surreal already. Bizarre. We get there. Thursday morning. You know, not not too early. I mean, these are all conservative free. Everything starts at seven o'clock and ends at four. So I we walk in there MAC, you were our sort of psycho not on this. You you you are hunters, Tom. We have had a plan to all acid CPAC, and you know, going into Thursday. I was sort of on the fence about it. I was like, I don't know. I mean, we did it at Ozzy. I obviously you and I and Jamie, but Ozzy fest, you know, it was in central park. It was outdoors and have quite the same feeling of you know, claustrophobic menace and terror not to mention the crowd was funny. But not nearly as. Walking mute. Yeah. So you did it. I did you dropped a tab at CPAC like walking in the door. I was on the fence about it as soon as I walked into the Gaylord convention center, I told you it was like, Matt I'm sorry. I just don't have the fortitude for this. I do not have the constitution to have a psychedelic experience at CPAC. And you know, what you guys were probably made the right decision. It was very very intense. I will say that. But I do feel like I get I get things now that had only previously ever read about. So we walk in after a brief press registration. We got our landlords. And by we I don't mean Virgil because he was still asleep shut up around three or four o'clock to to. Okay. So after our registration, we got our landlords. We then headed to the exhibitors whole this is the first thing we did. This was like this is the big. It's the lowest floor and sorry what we're thing about the Gaylord convention center. It's like all built around this just massive atrium. This is huge like arched like glass dome that covers about like this open space of like, I don't know about eight or nine stories of hotel. Yeah blocks and then like all just like looking out over the harbor itself. And then at the very bottom of it. They create this kind of fake village under this glass dome that again, again, just contributing to the kind of weird artificiality and kind of fake Pleasants, Americana. Like, you said sort of like something people with Alzheimer's like make them feel comfortable die or something comfortable food, comfortable food. How's the food tasted five long comfortable? I just wanna say this isn't a joke. We're making that's literally one of the signs on the restaurant. We have pictures pictures casual cocktails, comfortable food, if those formal that's what was being advertised. There was also. So a store that I popped into a cold America. It's the name of the store. There's a few of these is one in the train station. Patriots one in the airports. I did. It's like it's a gift store for like politics. You know, like like if you're in New York, and it's like the sports store like half. It is Yankees half of it as Mets it's like this. But for Democrats and Republicans. Yeah. And their shirts that are like you're fired sir and their search that like make America. Great Trump is my president bullshit. There was one display that was for the ladies, you know, that was like here's a book of racial quotes from historical women and a t shirt with Margaret Thatcher quote on it. I did get a souvenir for mardi. And if you got a frigerator magnet says, my cat is a democrat. Okay. So the exhibitor hall. This is like the this is very much like every other sort of convention ever been to where it's like a big hall, and everyone has the exhibitor booths and everyone they're pitching some weird thing. And then there's book signings in the back, but this is all the little. Nodules of the conservative movement all day. They want to have a presence there. They're handing out their literature. You know, they're they're selling you their their their thing. They're the guys who are selling inflatable fuck dolls CS during the awards. Yeah. This is the awards, but for conservative political thought for the real freaks. Yeah. Real okay here. Here's a few of the few things we saw my personal favorite was a giant booth for for a group called domestic uranium now. This is a group that wanted domestic uranium for national security didn't investigate further just like the name. Yeah. Yeah. No, we're supporters. Of course, I'm sick of all that foreign uranium as soon as I hate having to dial one for English when I'm getting uranium as soon as I realized that you couldn't just go up and get a hunk of uranium from them. I lost interest just a little sliver to take home. What the hell next up? There was a group. This may be the best one called the CO two coalition. Yeah. Does the most black fucking? Thing I've ever seen in my life. You could fuck off with your live links ISIS, torture, videos or Elliot Rodger memes. This is a bunch of people, and this is a direct quote from the it was totally bootleg. It was just a side this at CO two coalition than it had two little sides looked like a science fair project. And one of the sign said CO Toco Alicia is a new an independent nonprofit organization. Our goal is to explain how our lives, and our planet earth will be improved by additional atmospheric carbon dioxide, whether from natural sources or human activities, and then the other one they had is even more Bucek. It's a bunch of pictures of clip art of food like spaghetti and how at the CO two. It's what's for dinner. So I just hoping that those guys when they when they unwind after the end of the day, they turn on their car, and they just put their mouth over the fucking tailpipe. But yeah, that's the most black should pilled thing ever seen. That's like. Yeah. Killing everyone. Actually, it's great. Let's do it be old power CO two. No, they should have had like have. An exhibit where you can actually get in a car with fucking hoes going from his tailpipe into the passenger side window and just sit in it for a couple of hours. Oh, I you may have seen the picture of me Matin Felix. We're draped up in Orlando pd's and standing in front of a gigantic mural of Donald Trump where it's just his face the planet earth an eagle. Yeah. Yeah. You may you may you may remember that photo. But but that painting itself was just like pure outsider. Art. Yeah. Very cool. Got off of like the side of a barn, and Kansas the constitution party. Was there Felix? You enjoyed that. Yeah. But like, no one really went there because there's no reason for the constitution party to they have nothing to really primary Jones against I mean, they have they have different beliefs than Trump because Trump's are like ever changing. And you know, have a have a lot. He has a lot more of a position Vanity Fair than the constitution ever did. But I mean, it did it did betray one thing that this is a more interesting event in years where democr-. Fat is in the White House. This was this was a sociologically interesting event. 'cause we got to see all the people who like you always theorize about this type of person that person. Who's like Charlie Kirk is a savage like that type of guy we saw bright all those people were there. So it was sociologically interesting. And I'd say out of every talk we saw two and a half. We're very interesting, but the constitution party being there made me want to see it CPAC when it's faction list. I had this. When we every other like big political function of gone to felt this like just general baseline of illness. Because it's true that everyone who's involved in politics is just a fucking maniac. Yeah. Can't do anything else in their life. They have no other talents or Bill that they? Yeah. They need the approval of masses of people because now the issue narcissist personality, but my ears are burning. This. There is a worst baseline here than any other thing I've ever been. Fellas worse. They're they're bracing. It certainly love it now. And they okay. Do you? Remember, I don't want to spoil this whole. But the thing we're Don jR, talking. He's like if you're at a party, and you say your beliefs in everyone hates the shit out of you. That's brave brave and no one fucking lakes that was one of the big themes of CPAC, the conservative movement, and generally talked about how basically their main animating issue now is like their mentions and being able to post, but it's also that they are aware that they are hated loathed by most people, and that's also kind of an form of oppression to them and they went to underscore that. Yeah. You know? It's the everything we've done like as you might imagine the ambiance just sort of grimness and menace going on medicine that I felt like physically afraid or anything. I did. But I that was specifically. Yeah. You were on your trip and Paul so. Yeah. That's why didn't do. Listen to me. It wasn't. It was more. More just like, no one makes you more uncomfortable in a salesman, really overeager salesman. And felt like it felt like I was surrounded by salesman. But they weren't trying to sell me any specific thing. They're just trying to sell the idea that they love their lives. And I know they don't well. I know they don't because they have to do like every everything that was supposed to be fun was just it was just like, oh what if a oh see saw me do this. Yeah. It just. Yes. Performance pure. It's just yeah. They've replaced any sort of natural interplay between you know, enjoyment, like generating generating pleasure in life through through organic means. It's just what if the lips doing this? They would hate it. I love that this just pure spite spy rules spy, the only energy that can we can we talk about that video of Don, jR, Jerry Falwell and like whatever other juniors run the panel. Because I think that's the. It's the most emblematic of this. Yeah. We didn't see this live. This is one of the things that we saw I saw this when I got back yesterday. And it fucking broke me for the entire broke me more than anything actually being there because his crowd described. The it was like a panel on the main stage between don's union Jerry Falwell junior and then to other line, right? Like, Jerry Falwell MRs Jerry Falwell junior junior wife junior and some other fucking. I think is was receiving slap there. I don't think. So it was someone who looks like Mercedes lap her wonderful brother fucking, Craig plop, and and fucking Gershon black just all the people with the most unappealing names, but unim- on appeal, but. Sounds the sound that was made when they were born. Yeah. So all flapping toilet. They're all their on stage. And MRs Jerry fall junior is like, and we're going to have our granddaughter, and we're going to name name her Reagan use that isn't that presidential. And Don, they're all like, they all seem just like they all seem like they just have been hung over in a sleeping bag for an entire day except Don jR, who seems very geared up because I think that he thinks that his dad is gonna watch this panel. By his riffing ability. And he's like what if you name it Trump yet? David. Name it Trump. He's so it's almost like before he went on someone who was like we're gonna we're we're going to kill one randomly selected member of your family. If you don't Eliza laugh from this crowd. He's like no problem for me. One of the women starts going off on some gender stuff. She's like God gets to decide your gender. And we're we get this. You know, you don't get to the side. Like, we're we're raising our daughter's daughter she have dolls, and then Jerry Falwell junior. My boys had go to their head. Is there is a walk. And then Don, jR, just goes hashtag metoo. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be God decided she would be girl. You don't have to rose them girl. She's got a little baby doll, right arm. Every second when my boys always had guns in their hands. We didn't. That's not something hashtag me to talk about Jerry, Jerry that was an amazing panel. Because it was the perfect like Jerry Falwell senior Donald Trump senior like, obviously, both huge shit. But they have like some force of personality Vive where like even Jerry Falwell when he was like, I think the spiraled dragon is a transsexual lately. Like millions of people were like, yes, sir. But Jerry, all Jerry Falwell junior has is that name. But when you put him on stage, it's just like he's just a fucking lump of wet clay. There is nothing going on. On their like his his riff on gender. Son's dolls and my daughter. Barba gun. Yeah. As soon as I. I like to see a OC comb to McDonald's arrest the whole place. Oh, you just assume all gender is you'd needed hamburger. And and Don, jR, is just like all right? All right. We're riffing aunt. Let's go. Fuck. How how did agree new deal, and it just it's one of the most depressing things I've ever seen. It's worse than the little and podcasts. There's like more. There's more like thinking on your feet in that one than this. That was kind of a running theme of all of this, right? Is that the total dearth of charisma anyone on stage except the most buffoonish cartoonish like of figures in the move. Yeah. Not just people on stage with the people watching it. Yes. That that's like it was just like it was like a mirror reflecting just the perfect just vacuous nece and nihilism back and forth. A few few more details from the exhibitors hall, of course, usual suspects their heritage Judicial Watch national review, they all had booze teepee USA had a booth with a life lay size cardboard cutout of Charlie Kirk and an actual in the flesh human being booth, babe. Your photo take. With love CPAC booth babes. Oh my God. This is another good thing. There is a in the exhibitor hall. There was a huge RV parked inside of it. That was like the tax free RV news like at big like stick taxes suck or whatever. And there's a little table set up in front of it. And of course, we went to the tax free RV door was open. We what we got on the RV started hanging out. It was nice in there. It was cool RV? Nice couches a kitchen kitchen, bathroom shower sleeping area. Everything film like Walter, right? We get on. There were hang on the tax VR v. And then like, you know, again, one of these little like droids or whatever. Just like please get all the tax rearview. You cannot be in here. Please please exit the RV, and it's just like white how you gonna have RV not let people come on it. If you're pitching Crumlin, give me something here. I don't understand what the RV symbolizes. Just go around the country in the RV letting people know taxes. Oh, okay. So like making her stop at CPAC. Give me give me something here. There's was a pamphlet. Let me let me on the RV. Let me honk the horn. Oh, there's another cool group. The Japanese conservatives not Japanese Americans Jap conservative Japanese right wing where they're handing out like fans yourself with. And then there was just like you could fan yourself and like had the Japanese flag and the American flag, and it was just like van yourself. But also reminder, no workrooms are committed by the Japanese imperial army during World War Two a magic, dude. Measham a- if heated speech at CPAC that would his final speed. Yes. And they try to put it in a YouTube compilation machina goes savage back. I was told that the Japanese conservative union, this is a new thing. And that's why they're all these events involving the JC you at CPAC this year and one of the events. We didn't go to this because we were pretty much burned out that day was a workshop on Bitcoin's or on on crypto currency that the panel the panel was like three Japanese guys from the JC you, and I believe his name is Mark Wayne Mullen, no. No. Berry louder milk who was just some fucking berry louder Bill. He just booking cracker congressman from Schiphol Georgia. I'm off on that loud milk. It's like that guy that congressman that guy doesn't know anything about crypto currency. Why is he sitting in this event? Why are they even talking about cryptocurrency? This is a scam. This has to be a fucking time share presentation. And I'm really praying like this is where the seeds of the next financial meltdown are being. So that's one thing that has to be stressed about this is that in practical terms. Yes, it is a spiritually is a black mass. I mean, the witches savage. For the death of all living beings. Yes. Let practical level is a fucking jobs fair. Yeah. It's a bunch of on the make gremlin children who don't want to get real jobs. And hey, I don't fuck blame them real job suck and are trying to get into this pipeline. So that they can get jobs triggering lips for USA or heritage or whatever and then guys like selling things like crypto and in their own persona. There's a a lot of there's a big presence at the event from a fucking healthcare health insurance company. They it share. It was like liberty health or something like that. Yeah. They were just pitching plans. They five hundred dollars a month three or family. I mean, it was glory rebounding. We all got text messages on Friday morning that said, welcome to see pack. Come see us at booth six seventeen to sign up for expenses paid travel for activists. Visit stampede America dot com. Calling cow come here too. So we can pay you to do conservativism stupid livestock with funnel you into this fucking corral. And then put a bolt through your head. Yeah. Which I felt like numerous times in that fucking. Because there were there were on people, of course, older conservatives who were there because they're cranks. But a lot of it was these psychotic looking kids all in identical very type suits, most of them with the Makomo Nazi haircut who are just their behalf of whatever or they're trying to get get membership in. So that they can get a job. I mean, the interesting thing about the makeup of the crowd. There was that it was either very old people or mostly very young like millennial conservative gen Xers. No, brick Kavanagh's. No. It was just the only only a Spiring bread Kavanagh's, multiple predicate, repeat bread Kavanagh. Yeah. And it goes without saying, and of course, hypocritical to say this as was pointed out at the time, but they all look wrong. Their faces were wrong and not in a that's an unfortunate ugly face in a that is not really a human face, or it's a poorly fitted mask, it looked everybody all the kids at CPAC all the young people. They look like character creations video game where you get to personalize all the facial features. And somebody went nuts with one of the sliders, one of the areas, another another John voice breaking matting project. It really if anyone has seen monster factory on YouTube. They all look like Mazda factory that was it for me. When I walked in. I was hungry and disoriented and suddenly I'm in this throng with all of these all these cops wearing body armor with bomb-sniffing dogs and holding big fucking military grade rifle. Nls there to guard this collection of whites all of whom have just one thing particularly wrong with them on a on a genetic level at one of their genes just been microwave and that produced like just people who are just unwell in various ways. And it just hit me. This is the future. This is just the future they want. This is probably the future. They'll be holding CPAC twenty years from now when national harbor there is a harbor they're nice ferris wheel and appear where that's guys replaced with the fucking twenty foot high seawall outside our fucking refugee camps. And it's yeah. Just fucking half the guys here fucking cops with us all rifles and the other half of these people to defend their fucking hold on. We're getting a call from Jerry Falwell junior wants to riff on this. Problem with our James wish skinny jeans. I would say shit, Jerry. I would say of the of the young men that were at CPAC. Here's describe it. Imagine if you cut off every single one of Ben Shapiro's toes, and then planted them, and some sort of like, you know, shanty chain dish or sort of like a Mandrake root or something and grew like X additional Kamunga alive from Ben Shapiro's Toews. That's what all of these guys would look there were the most the highest ranking like millennials were they looked like Rubio bastard. Well, we did see a Rubio we saw I'm going to get to the Rubio bastard, again, I would also like to say another big theme of Thursday walking around. Again, we hung out with Felix it's sort of like week to week month to month. What's on his mind is like a slot machine? Like, you never know what's gonna come up and this week. It's all game of thrones. Well, the only thing that keeps the gun out of your mouth in your life. Life is meaning and novelty, and I have to get a new interest every month. That's what keeps life worth living and this week. It's game. The game was incredibly relevant to our experience there for sure it was the only thing that calmed me down was finding Felix. And he just starts comparing things to game of thrones. And it just made my brain. So so calm and first of all I have seen. I had seen some people trying to get over and say haven't you guys were making fun of people comparing politics game of thrones for years now. You are correct. Yes. However when Felix it's deep lore. Yes, informed, knowledgeable ended. It's not just like rand of guys from the show. Hillary's, they're both. All one of the Rubio bastards, and we figured it out. It's Rubio of the day and the bastard. Called beaches. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We we saw like Brinton b trindon vs us gave us me about what to do someone knocks your maga- hat off your high school. Well, that was really instructive because we went to one because they're a bunch of break-up panels. We only went to one and we figured, oh, this was Seoul was billed as a pedal on antifa. How they how to combat them when they're trying to fuck with you on campus or something like that. But what it turns out to be was some kid from one of these St. PSA knock off a Rubio in worked for Marco Rubio. We're not we are not alleging that he's literally the illegitimate child of Marco Rubio. We are saying the game of thrones universe. It would be implied by author George r Martin did he would be of the beaches the name that is given to bastards in Miami Dade. Cabot Phillips beaches speeches at it. It was about documenting oppression against conservatives because they're just using the ID Paul stuff. I keyed styled site actually conservativism as identity, and it's the most oppressed won the actually started talking about liberal privilege because you have privilege if you're liberal because people don't think your piece of shit, and but very quickly. It was it was clear that that was just a cover that was the justification. It was actually about was how to trigger libs on your campus. How to film it? How to have it go viral than how to get a job being me? That's it. It's just he's teaching another generation creates how to get a brand as a lib trigger that somebody's grandpa will pay you go around angry liberal to create memes for like seventy. With the funniest thing. Is it started the woman who run the organization introduces him? She's given the story of how he joined them as like, okay? What's this whole ratio L jail? And she just says so Facebook friends with his dad and his dad message me and say, hey cab. It's really looking for an internship. And so I said, well, he could come work for us. Now, he is. That's everyone funny anecdote, it's he pack is like turns out, our dads know each other. Funny story. That's it Graham boy to go back for a second. One more big thing in the exhibitor hall that I'm sure you might be aware of I got to meet, Sebastian Gorka. We all got to see him very close up. And I got to say like the impression that you have him on television or through James domains brilliant impression really does not underscore. How large he is the baron. How enormous his head is. I have a big head. My head is like the Red Eye of Jupiter compared to his his Jupiter. Mine is like the Red Eye Felix saw him and just said that like his entire bloodline going back. Two thousand years is just EPA genetic memories of burning villages full of people from horseback. Let me tell you something about Gorkhas people. They have to bind their skulls every time. They lose about all look at Gorka scold that's an undefeated bloodline. Gerber piles of fucking Janice Aries at his feet, his head Gorka. Looks like a guy wearing a Sebastian Gorka football, mascot outfit. His head is a mascot version of his head. You know, he was doing a book signing there. And that was you know, cannot miss for me. So I did buy a copy of his book why we fight because I got I got him to sign it for James, and I'm going to own a mill James a copy of this book as a thank you for his brilliant impression of Gorkha. But so there's a bookseller area, and that was fun to walk through and see some of the books that were on still I ran into we went into Sita there Sita said like in years past like they just had like books from V dare for sale open white supremacy. This one was just like one notch removed because their books called like what every American needs to know about the Koran. So I'm waiting to buy a book. Of course, these people are no dummies book selling works for a book signing, you'd better be sewn some books there, I got a copy of Gorkhas book, and as I was waiting on to get it. There is this couple in front of me who are buying a big ole spec books, and I'm sure they're gonna give to their grandkids. That are going to be left unread or thrown in the trash immediately. And the woman is like, oh, like, do you take credit card or whatever, you know, wondering about how to pay the bookseller goes? Oh, yeah. We take it all you know, I've been coming to CPAC for years now. One year, I even accepted payment and precious metals. There's a gentleman who only would pay me in silver coins. I had. Had check change rate. And that's when I really felt like this is what we've lost. Now that Trump is you know. Lost like, the the cooler CPAC silver ago, cold won the CPAC residential straw poll. Back toback. Yeah. It used to be because I mean when there's not a Republican power it used to be like, okay? Who's the type of person who would travel from all over the country to tell strangers about how silver is actually made from dragon dragon breath. There's there's a there's not a battle of ideas about a war of position between factions for the next round of power. Now, they've all been absorbed into the Trump work, even more. So than Bush ever was able to because of the spectacle, spectacular Trump because of the emotionally the emotional power of Trump. They're all just totally absorbed. That's why we we game of thrones references are apt here. Because like like in that show that show the books are about children's wobbling over the gains after a heroic ages ended, we're in that, you know, that CPAC me nobody really knows what they're doing. And they'll just following one plus ring, and they're on their all the shit had children of wealthy houses. Just to finish up about Gorka, though. I did hit the dab on Gorka. I said. Said he looked like he was about to hit you the sore? Here's the books. This is so funny. This is so apt for like what CPAC is so there's a line you have to buy his book to get in line. You can't just meet him. You have to buy the book there's a line for the regular people. And then there's a VIP line where you get to cut in front of everyone else. And unlike other books Richard's like a table, and you shake the person's in Gorka was literally like on a throne. You and yet to reach up to shake his hand. And I was like an honor and a pleasure Dr as he's looking down to throw the surf out. We were the side. So we had a side angle of you of of will handing his book up to get signed to Gorka move. Be like father. Will you read me a story? And then he just hits me like a horse with kills my family. It was like it was one of those things where like Gorka was sent from another planet to kill you and your race. He's such a large man like how tolls you like six four six four. Yeah. He's just he's just it's everything's why. He's like he's wide thick. I was thinking about this. Because it snowed that evening. And I just thought if CPAC had been snowed in nobody could get there for a week. First of all they would have started eating each other with an hour as soon as the canapes ran out. And Secondly, the rescuers finally bulldoze their way in there were just be Gorka on a throne of human skulls, picking his teeth with Charlie kirks fucking index finger. No, wait. It would be noted finally be the mountain versus the hound Gorka the mountain versus the hound Tom fit. And that's. Tom, Tom, Tom, fitness. A totally jacked like sixty year old who runs one of those blogs called like judicial like breaking Robert Muller who said the N word why we need to throw out the case against Trump. But he's jacked Tompkins of fucking big look picture of Tom fit and term safe. Search off thank me later. Before was waiting on line. I was standing right in front of to to maga- leads the Hansel, and they're Brooklyn like ill-fitting suits, of course. And they were talking about like, you know, why they he's like a thing is like about progressives. They don't have morality truth in gone on their side. And then I swear to God, they started talking about girls, and they were like the promo girls today's they don't know what they want. They just want to date and have fun, but they don't know about truth not making that up. And then as we got like close to the close to the throne the throne of doom. They started talking to their like a your fan of Gorkha too. And I was like a big fan of Gorkha huge fan where where you hear from. And I was like a small independent media out. And they were like, oh if you covered Gorka extensive. Viewed him we've interviewed him many times. So I want to point this out like while we were there political magazine had a new piece out that had another brilliant bit another gym from Gorkha that I just have to read right now. It's back when he was still actually in government is reading here from politico. One Trump appointee conservative commentator, Sebastian Gorka would show up at random meetings. Even though it was never clear whether he had the proper security clearance, and he would often raise unrelated points, one former White House official recalled Gorka saying such things as if you look at what Napoleon did. And we'd all be like, I don't know how to respond to that s for comment. Gorka took told the political reporter tickle along road off a short pier. You oughta hack. I wish there was like freestyle battles. You could just for melody Matic old men of foreign extraction him versus celeb-. Lab would crush it. Still up with linguistically directly you utter imbecile. So I do I do this copy of Gorkhas book, I need to milita James, but I just want to read just a little bit of just the flap copy. So you open the book you look at the jacket. And this is the first thing you, see war. It will happen. Again, must be ready and we must win. Those are the big bowl in red. Then the jacket copy begins sober words from Dr Sebastian Gorka, a man who has made the unvarnished truth his specialty, and there's one eternal truth that Americans are in danger of forgetting the most important weapon in any geopolitical conflict is the will to win. I just wanna point out. It starts with the word war on its own line in all caps. Just like the episode three opening crawl. So yeah, that was Gorka that was special to to see in meet the great man himself from there. Like, I said we did go to the panel with one of the Marco Rubio bastards that was mostly pretty boring boring. We left after ten minutes before then we did get to meet another character. You might remember from the internet. But this time on the opposite side, we ran into Claude Taylor, aka true facts stated, hell, yeah. And we asked him about the rat and the rat was there we saw the next time. Like Trump rat like the unions do with scabby what's fun about him. If you ask him a question, he has to give you an honest answer often, very cryptic. Yeah. But if you, but he has a twin brother fix. I was I was I was instantly oppressed Claude Taylor I didn't know anything about other than his online handle reputation is resistance goof, the White House florist or something. Rule. A white photographer. A freelance trail Viagra for and he's like I have top secret security, but as a sixty plus year old man, and he's still wearing statement. I g- Lassus which to me is an alpha move. And so him respect true facts, though, was a very nice to us. But this was another funny thing while we were talking to true facts. And I think Jared Holt was there as well. Some feral gripers like a cost us and yelled called us Judeo communists, and there were like, well, Deo communists or sending their best. Yeah. Those are good. Good. So. Yeah. Again, another indication of what the crowded CPAC actually believes in. Yeah. Choose one or the other guys were hanging around with that Nicolas says the booger eating Nazi guy because we saw him later then they were near him. And they were all dressed in incredibly tight suits, the head one had a huge like Horlicks face. He kind of looked like that MAC to like look and motherfucker from night breed, and he was had a big fuck. Fucking a crucifix would. Yeah. Big wooden crucifix. He basically looked like Brazilian Pentecostal preacher like his name should have been Valencia Gobert or something. And he had very unappealing him and his his flunky is accosted molested Matt ni-. And then I was like, I'm peaking. Not appreciate and they they. You look like shit look at you tweeting fucking vaping while you're so unpleasant. They accused us of being unaesthetic man, aesthetic, non aesthetic men. They're like what you look like next. Good strong, conservative men. Yeah. That's what I saw there. I was just like, we're okay. I was like where your girlfriends they at CPAC Canada. And then just like I was like. Yeah. Whatever guys like get your lexin. This is fun for you. And then they said, we're unaesthetic men, and then the and then when I really lost the thread is and they accused us of supporting brutalism architecture. Yeah. Just like, dude. I don't know what the fuck your. I didn't wanna have that unpleasant. I went on to have that conversation. So I was just like my phone listening. And then he's like, yeah. You guys you think you like this stuff you brutal star conjecture. And I said look if I don't know what you're talking about. And he was like what come on? And I think kind of has been having like an argument with me and his head that I wasn't aware of. And he thought I would be on the other side of it if we ever met and since Bruce. Fuzzy architectural, and it's like the table like, buddy. I you are not we're not on the same wavelength, and it kind of deflated him and they left right Nazis or mad about I don't I don't really follow it either. Give very inscrutable beefs like women with short hair and like architecture. They just wanna point out that I was not there when you were costed. I'm sorry all owned. Tree was just like a procedurally generated fortune means to mid something. I wasn't there. I lied about going to best buy I actually had a bridge of spies moment where I became conservative for one hour. And that was the gave them on you that you guys like brutalism architecture, and we said shitty until that they bridge spied me back. Here's the one thing. They had was right? They're like, oh you fucking ball piece of shit. You know, look good. And it's like, yeah. You're right. Look as I've said, I looked like a human being and these guys for the most part don't and even the ones who are just unfortunate looking, you know, everyone is insecure. You just don't turn that into an excuse to just be a piece of shit. Like, these guys all are just like Little Richard the third running around just being like I have determined to prove villain. I'm gonna take the fact that I look like a weird fucking NPC. Who's glitch ING and use it to make the rest of the world feel my pain being insecure is non excuse to be a piece of shit, buddy. Wait till you find out about Twitter that is a again about the crowd. Just another overwhelming feeling this feeling of just aggressive like malicious smugness and for so long. The the knock on liberals is truly like the Bill Maher like fucking smugness thing. But just the difference of like putting that when you talk to liberals are at these conventions. People talk about like, they feel like the need to fight like they like a fear of the other side a desire to overcome. And this is just overwhelming. But this is it we've won the end of the world. There's no reason to care about anything or any other personally. And that is in fact, a good positive liberate. Yeah. Wouldn't one one of these guys actually did get Matt too? He was like signed my book my book for me and Matt each shit. So it was a copy of truly GIS. Oh nice. They also did able to Matt. So in case you to note on Nazir's Arkansan. All right. Yeah. They're they're bad. I go. I know you guys like, you know, destiny of rope eternal ists, but it says. Problematic from there from there. We went to the big big ballroom where all of the sort of main event stage one speeches where it was called the Potomac ballroom. We media passes we were all the way in the back of this gigantic ballroom, and like the big CPAC stages there and the first guy we saw was this dude named Larry Tate who was talking about. I think criminal Justice reform from a conservative perspective because he actually went to jail for like, election, fraud and racketeering. And I sorta got while he was talking I looked this up. He was sent to Jill is part of an FBI sting called shrimp scam. That's like Abscam, but for shrimp. I love getting the shrimp scam at Red Lobster. He was he got the FBI sent him to the feds for shrimp scam. Okay. Again, cannot make this up. And then after he was done. He walked to the cane is like an old, man. After he was giving his presentation about like, why prosecutors have gone to four which I gotta say, he's right points. Like, yeah. They're putting people Jefford who long. We've normalized rape is a part of going to prison. But once again, this is the thing where conservative this thing is now a problem because it personally affected me literally only hear it from conservatives who have in total, weight example. So after he gave his stock. I swear to God he was given an award. He was given the conservative excellence award by by the CPAC like committee, or whatever. Then we saw chief Trump economic adviser. Larry cudlow J cuts. Ten I gotta say I was hoping to run into them because I wanted to buy an eight ball, but he's definitely off the stuff because he was incredibly low enter Berlow enters fucking needed a bump or something he needed to he needed a hitter fuck rail or something he was so low energies, just like they want the taxes are working and he's dressed like fucking. Dondra gordon? Give heat looks like he's wearing a wall. Whilst wearing a Wall Street tycoon Halloween costume, like one of those ones that you get with the stripe shirt and the arm belts. And like the big plastic stogie? He said we were going to put socialism on trial. That was big. That was Larry cudlow is big line. He goes, I want you. I want the audience to make a pledge right now that you are we are going to put socialism on trial. We're going to put socialism on trial end indict it, and I was sitting in the back going like socialism, you're going to politics jail ten to twenty. Okay. We got luncheon the weird Potemkin village after that. But this was all leading up to in my opinion, the funniest thing that we saw or did at and I want to say this. So like I said I was peeking when I got a cost of by the moon men, and that was not good. And so I was in the dark night of the soul. I was feeling very bad. I was seeing shit and all the faces looked monstrous, and we had to walk to see Kudlow to go to the Potomac ballroom. You have to walk past the main entrance. And then you have to walk past radio row, which is where everyone of the credited media organizations is doing interviews with all the other attendees. And so you're walking in this very narrow corridor with all of these people who are all talking. They're all part of this media hive and everything was too loud. And the faces were like coming right at me. And they would just be crystalline clear for a second. And they on a swear to God. They all looked like they were going to start biting me like that. I. Had what one hundred Thompson called the fear actually had it. I I remember when we went to I went to the NCAA that everybody looked like they were from Ralph Steadman painting. But I actually felt in that moment. Like, I was inside a Ralph Steadman drawn. I was getting the fear, and I was like man like some water. He'll be okay. Like, here's some water, dude. It'll be fine. So he was like, it's no good feels bad. Then it was going straight down into the valley. Then whisked right back and a gun. I earned it after feeling like I swear to God. I felt like I was in the Amazon, and they were piranhas, and they were going to just strip my fucking bones in a second. I was genuinely terrified, but then a beautiful golden boy saved me. I'm talking about the unofficial off the cuff punk rock. Jacob wall. Jack Berkman and lower Luma press conference that was Virgil by this had joined us. So the whole team was assembled for this like Adha. Hawk press conference because I guess Jacob and Jack weren't giving credentials to CPAC. Laura was we'll get through the funny phony turn on that a little bit. And we were to we just put a point on this. Everybody emailed earlier to get credentials. I never got an Email back from CPAC giving my credentials, and I just walked into the media room at the day and was like can I please have credentials. I'm with these guys. And they were like, yeah. Here you go. So that's how easy it is to get. So you remember, I told you how like the Gaylord convention center is like this gigantic like glass atrium that's like eight stories high, and we were on the sun just pouring in and Jacob led us to basically like the edge of a cliff looking over this mayor. We were all yes, we were the ir e everybody who wanted to see the chicken thing was sort of milling around in this area. And no one knew exactly where it was going to be because there's a million places that could be technically called the lobby. So we didn't want to miss it. And I figured he's he's only doing this for the press. He's not going to start doing it. If nobody's there. He's gonna find us. And sure enough eventually he came into the lobby and he just pied piper of Hamlyn style. Just leads us all onto this this outcropping area where the atrium all of a sudden pouring in dappled as fun dappled dappled up. So Jacob Jack Berkman Laura Luma there. To give in their words, the events of CPAC the most Bohdan show. This is like the bombshell. This is what's going to make headlines. This is what's going to make news? He delivered it to us and literally sixes of other people all of whom were hostile press there to laugh at every single just this was a comedy performance. Yes. Every every other like actual Ernest attendee was like fucking they're watching like, Rick Perry. Talk about the future of coal something. They were not watching this shit. So we get there. He immediately hands out in what he is calling a confidential report I have holding it in my hand right now. It is literally like five pages stapled together just times new Roman twelve point font. Looks like something you would give in to like a class you were trying to get a C in your freshman year of college just not really putting much effort. Yeah. Those pictures in it. Yeah. It says confidential report. Port investigation of Representative Ilan, Omar February two thousand nineteen and then he's like everyone ever copy of this. And at the bottom of each page. It says privileged and strictly confidential. So this is firstly see we member you remember like last week. They like them in that Ali guy or went to dinky town fair, by the way, they all went to dinky town and got dinky burgers in Minneapolis. But like the Somali warlords taken over there. So this is this is their investigation. And we knew like I was like this is going to be at about how she married her brother, right and low and behold, that's exactly what it was about. Yeah. But the entire so he's like, yeah. He was giving the presentation from this dossier, which is in front of the moon door. Right. He was at the moon or and he's giving the presentation like his verbal presentation had like nothing to do with document though. It was just like you and momentarily look up and be able to like hear him. Because of course, he wasn't Mike and people are yelling. But when you did hear me book, and as you know, Sumali have an Islamic style Warlock in their community change faces. And then you'd look back at the document, and it would just be like poorly translated Instagram screen shots. Okay. I want to read this is from the document provided under bold underline findings the phone findings are based on. An extensive investigation, including forensic analysis cyber intelligence and in-person interviews with well-placed human sources, and the cyber intelligence is literally just following on Instagram and doing screen shots. And then mistranslating from whatever length Smalley again, like the whole thing was that she married her brother to get citizenship in America, Kim, say that you know, any anything to bulletproof was presented. It's gonna be hard for them booking ignore this one. But I gotta say if it is true. I think that owns and is awesome. If that if that's the fucking hustles you pulled to go from being in a refugee camp to in congress in America doing worse or. Yeah. Lisi motherfuckers. Okay. Can we talk about Jack Berkman though, Jack Berkman was wearing the most dishonest? He was wearing a pinstripe suit with a black turtleneck like literally the outfit you wear when you're about to get beaten up for gambling debt. He's got the here. He's stepped out of a nineteen ninety six vivid porno. Sex. It is with saxophone the background white pumps Pearl necklace Saad, she's got crispy bangs Felix. That's the only way it happens. Feels usually Jack was there, and he'd be like, by the way, if you're here for my purse coverings against my lawsuit against Domino's pizza delivery. That'll be later in the afternoon. Berkman looks like yeah. He just like it looks like he's just like the category of lawsuits. Rolls around the world, and he's like Domino's pizza tracker dishonest. Yeah, I'm getting on that Illinois, married or brother getting on that. Robert Muller to woman getting on that black dot com. Whatever getting on that. He's these. These lawsuit against black convert discriminate against hiring him as an app. Next to them was Luma who had. Boy that had her picture like a drawing of her with tape over both. But the problem is that was like four looks and nose jobs ago. Did it bring about that's the thing about Luma that it's already a sign that you're unwell. If you're wearing a t shirt with your face on very very many people can pull that off and convey, sanity or competence. But her is, of course, that she seems to change her look once a week faces woman. Aureus star. So so that just that heightens that's like a new level of looking unwell that you're wearing a shirt with your face on it that looks nothing like 'cause she's blonde and the picture other shirt, and she has black hair. It's very confusing. I so in the scrum at the Irie overlooking the moon door. There's like I said sixes of people there virtually all of them laughing, and I can't overstate how funny I was. And here's the thing. I was a little bit off to the side. I sort of separated from Felix inversion and during this whole press coverage for like like Jacob wall is presenting it just totally straight face completely straight face. I looked over and you can hear it like wall. He's going on. And there's video clips of this. You can hear Felix talking about game of thrones and met is just bread faced pouring sweat crying from laughing. Just get gales of laughter coming out of him. And we were like three feet away from them. So they could see and hear all of this. But it just. No, I'm like so self like when I'm totally alone. I'm like at my computer. I'm like, I don't even have a Cam on my hair looks like shit. I'm fucking pussy hope. She killed by sniper across my balcony. And Jacob oh, like, literally, here's like people like basically screaming and a man out of his mind. Acid crying laughing at him. Here's me calling him young Griff and his bag is going back. Very calling him. John conning all going to plan. Go on to perfect poker face. No reaction really impressive actually basically role. But when when when Laura Lubar because they describe half of it was complaining that are wouldn't talk with them. And I can't imagine why. But what point she says? And I went to Representative over I loom erred her. She would she said she loomed her I fucking. I was dead. I was outside of my body for I wasn't on any. I feel like I d- personalized in a good way. I feel like I spent the entire week in third person mode. I kind of feel back world, they're just laughing and riffing and heckling them, and I thought we're surrounded by a dozen or so journalists, and I thought oh are these Maga's we're ruin their video. They're also laughing and just heckling them just asking Ning. And that's what I realize what this trio this what the three musketeers do by going from town to town. And putting on these press conferences, they're basically medieval Jong lose. They are. They are circus actors there because. All sorts of entertainment is entertainments are banned. Tumbling Baird dives. These people, and they just go around for village civilities to enter to entertain the local the small folk accepting this case, a small book, you'll be able to pay attention to them are journalists because all they're like online fans or housebound. No. That's the thing is that it was a totally self contained experience. It was just entirely for the benefit of these journalists. It was not going to change anyone's mind. It's not going to penetrate, the MSM nobody but housebound boomers or even going to hear about it on Twitter. It's just for our benefit. And that's when I started to think that Jacob wall must be some sort of transcended comic genius. And that this is actually the only good bit going on right now of all the people trying to do bits because we're all kind of like capitalism is just a giant improv class, and we're all just doing bits for each other most of them suck. Because most improv is bad. He said some more of them are okay. And a fewer very good. I feel like he's the only one who's the best of John fucking Belushi of capitalism because he doesn't care how anybody. Sees him all of us. We're bound by the fact that we have an audience that we want to reflect well on us they want. We have an audience that people we want to think that we're smart or funny or good people. Same thing for all. The would be carnival barkers on the right? They have it audience that they want to think that the good in some way Jacob wall does not care. And so it's just pure performance. And like at the end of it that will summarize some, hey, what about that thing where you said, Robert Muller? Rape that lady goes. Yeah, we're done with that. That was my old set. What are you? On a new five minutes. So by by Artis my recommendation to you is that if all and Luma are coming to your town. Do not miss that show. If it's the funniest thing when the Sex Pistols point in Manchester for the first everyone, not many people saw, but everyone who did went on to form a band or the velvet underground, we put a clip I did get the chance to ask the first question at the press conference. We play clip of my Mike, my, Hugh, I want to open it up through. The public's we well financial is. Okay. If I read it. All right. Confidential for relly. This is hereby released you can post it, and we're answering questions about the remorse. He's keep other people for. The. Conference. We're finished with that. We haven't talked to anybody. Okay. So an imaging there, we leave. The wall press covers we're going back to the Potomac main hall to see what am I was the main event of third one right before. So I split off from the group because I need to get a bite to eat. So I didn't want to go to what was it America baseball the restaurant? National pastime. So I wandered around the Potemkin village outside looking for a normal human restaurant. Not something called the clam Manufactory. I did find when I found a pot belly. Good. Good. And I walked in and not a lot of people there all the boys. There are black and CPAC people have just been like streaming in and out all day to get a Sammy. And I felt like such a piece of shit because I look like one of those people that you would confuse me for one because I'm wearing a blazer, and I just felt so shame based getting my sandwich that I just hope to God all the workers there were just wiping their asshole with with the fucking bread. They were using that day is not washing their hands or anything spitting in the fucking foods spending in the soup because I would have gladly taken that friendly fire. Do you think we're so if you tried wiping your ass with bread, you would clog fewer toilets tell Kay? That's not even a good. Call. Pretty good. I mean, you know, no one's tried it. But if you get like if you get like, very like a craggy, like low nooks and crannies in the bread it could get corners of your asshole. I go one brief thing. This is of course, learning not medical or not. My grandfather was a doctor the genetic memory. Of regained the main event of Thursday, which of course diamond and sell that that was the that was an all star performance. We're going to get there. But there's just a few quick quickest before there. So we did see a throng of people as we love Jacob all fall some crowd of people. Oh, what's going on over here? It was done junior. J J T J is John junior walking around. And I saw him up close and personal. And I gotta say his beard. Good move for him. Yeah. It's actually an improvement on his look because it does cover up his chin list all his lower lip just gives up. So the is a good come. He met bloomer. No, I didn't see that like forced herself through the crowd. Luma has to be one of the top five like crowd covers in exist. Yeah. So we see him briefly. And then I see a woman who's moving around on a like an electrical wheelchair like a mobility scooter. And she's got the CPAC dog in her lap. She's got her dog with her like therapy dog. It's the door little dark sins. And I'm walking right next to her. And I go like, oh who's this? And she goes my dog. This is any Oakley or dog any Oakland? I'm like, okay. I'm feeling better. Now, I've seen even CPAC dog. Oh, you know. I'm like that dog. And she just goes who is that over there? And I go Don junior, and she goes, oh, any loaves done junior. I'm surprised she didn't like run off. And then I realized that Don dogs reacted done junior. The way they reacted Terminator. What she's associated as her dog liking is actually her dog like registering the fact that he's an inhuman monsters killing machine also fairly small flight logo. Yeah. He does. He does the Vince McMahon memes. Strut as a default walk virtually saying that you wanted to you wanted to meet him. I wanted to get a picture with Don jR, and just whisper to him. You know, I've always wanted my father to love me too. So so we we get back into the Potomac ballroom to see like a few of the final presentations of the day. And most of these are like ten fifteen minutes shops. Okay, I up, and this was fucking surreal again, if it hadn't gotten bad already, we've already told you. I mean, again, some of the most insane things I've ever experienced. This may have been it for me on a panel about small business regular regulation, you had current labor secretary Alex Kosta talking about sort of tax credits and small like it was about health care health. All businesses about small businesses healthcare, so boring audiences asleep. I'm nearly asleep. Save for the fact that this is the guy literally a day ago. A judge in Florida ruled he broke the law covering up the fucking sweetheart deal for child rape empire. Fucking godfather Jeffrey. This is this is literally why he has a job in the White House is that he did that on the fight walks under neared a cover up of an international child rape conspiracy involving among other people former President Bill Clinton current President, Donald Trump and was rewarded for his trouble? But with a fucking cabinet post, and he's up there talking about fucking tax deductible health savings accounts, if so fucking surreal, and what's even more horrifying as he's there's this grotesque baroque criminality that he represents being sublimated into this banal conversation. But even that coversation is evil because they're talking about how about how we need to preserve private healthcare that literally fucking kills people every year. Well, I thought one of the things that was interesting about that panel give it just the content was how much they sounded exactly. Like the liberal case for ObamaCare. There was no no presence of we're going to repeal ObamaCare like that fire. Brimstone has gone. The overwhelming mood was like. Yeah. Obamacare is the law of the land. We're going to preserve it. And it's just like thirty minutes of well, we're going to tool around with the tax credits to make access and affordability more accessible in a Ford -able for people. We're going to do some tax rebates to do something about prescription pricing. It's like it. Basically sounds exactly like the little because being ObamaCare the things ObamaCare that are two popular. They're stuck with like the pre existing conditions thing. And they're all happy that they got rid of the mandate. But the mandate was to pay for that. So they're going to have to be some other mechanism to pay for it because they're stuck with which really does prove that all the people in two thousand nine who are insisting that, oh, this is a step towards universality now. Obamacare sort of the Zambia version. The currently exists is the status quo. That's being used to fight against universal healthier. Okay. Moving on again. True detective season one two. Okay. This is really good una speech, titled like defending Jerusalem, we have American ambassador to Israel stories around. Oh, he's the Israeli start. He's the Israeli ambassador to the United States Dory. Gold who actually weren't an elevator. We were we were not stuck in an elevator with him. Nearly normal elevator ride with Dory. Gold is really invested or it's the United States who give it talk about defending the eternal city of Jerusalem. This one was hilarious and made for a perfect contrast with what came after it. So he's not there talking about tr basically trying to give a history lesson. He's arguing old people say that the Jews haven't been in Jerusalem for two thousand years. Well, here's some archaeological evidence look look at these stones. We found quoits. He had these fan of stones of old, Israel and was like fees are ROY. Royal seals from the kings of Judah. They were found at the foot of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This one here is the seal of king hesitate who we call in Hebrew Keough. He was a direct descendant of king David, and here's his Royal seal. So guess what there were Jewish kings in Jerusalem. I mean, it was so perfectly out of place because it was the content and point of the speech is insane. It's like he's like days lead. If Nebot ca Dizet that proves we've lived thirty million years, and like just all the fan of stones of ancient Israel like this PowerPoint, right? Tim Howard point and this classically Israeli right wing thing to find like bullshit like coins and stones from the biblical kingdom of Israel to prove that they've been there forever. And therefore, finders keepers like Netanyahu has a coin in his office that has the name Netanyahu on one of those made up coins from thousands of years ago when in fact Netanyahu's Hungarian last name, but it's perfect because like, well, the he's justifying. Ternal dominion of the of greater Israel by Israel. When in reality like to sell to those people just had to be like, yeah. Fuck arabs. They would accept it. But the funniest part of the speech was when he was had some some letter. He was doing to prove his point. He was like does anyone in the crowd speak? Ancient Greek like, yeah, good, Ricky, and really know your man silent complete nickel Havre nece ballroom. Just like those anyone in the audience here. Read ancient Greek. We'll watch this. Then this completely bombed and it went on for so long. And he kept saying things like you'll now let's flash forward to two hundred BC all my God. We have two thousand years. I was and here's a two thousand year old man who can attend. You say there were Jews in ancient Israel. Oh, yeah. Sure. They were everywhere. Ladies here. It's hard to understand understate. The overwhelming vibe of please clap haunting every panel. Besides trump. Is like his big applause line after all this boring. Shit was and Israel Jerusalem must be protected and. No one's pay off. Did you hear that? The ancient Israelis made their own ox cod. It could stop and turn on an ancient coin proved we've ever lived there. Another thing, which is which is what made this. I'm sure less interesting than when they're out of power. And why I wanna come back if we live to see non Republican president you're on your own. I would do it just because they've got it Druce lem. They finally did get that to be the recognized capital. Congratulations. This is just being a sore winner. And he's got an American recognize Jerusalem is the capital. But like again, he's got what he wants. But like his big enemy is one coal and the university of Michigan. And he's just like contrary to what the university of Michigan says who gives a shit anyone in that crowd. They're like, oh, I hate to university of Michigan. Log informed. Comment circa two thousand four. Nobody cares about any of that shit. All you have to do is go on the stage. You say Israel. We don't we folks. And that's it raptures and just like a dead. Just absolutely dead crowd. Just a few like coughs. Okay. Then we get the main event, and I gotta say. And I gotta say the contrast could not be more vivid diamond and silk and silk. And this is what we were really looking forward to diamond silk it out there, and I stay fucking blew the doors off that fake killed. They create absolute crimes they deserve. Every penny. They got double. Well, certainly diamond deserves most that I'd never seen. I've only seen them like on cable news brief clips that I've never actually seen them do like a set. Yeah. And I had no idea silk. Literally does nothing. Well, she needed black lady because she has like they have to black lady stuff. That's why they like, I'm does all the jokes and like all the zingers. And then all silk does just go. No, we'll like the head writer. But it was that was so sick that was so fucking like I was so mad. I was there after the two speeches. I'd seen previous just I wonder like to jewel pods. I was so fucking. I was watching TV on twitch on my phone at full volume, and I was just so fucking irritated. And then just you know, I I honestly thought so we were in the back media pit, right? And you can't really see the front of the room and judging by the reaction of the two speeches we'd seen. I was like there's got to be like, no one here. They gotta just be saving it till you can see like Tron Birlik, Mark Levin. But when diamond until came out it was like, oh, there's places packed. Yeah. Like, I thought they were gonna form a pit counted it. There was no fewer than a half dozen standing ovations for diamond and sill. And the thing is you guys never seen before. I've seen them in person longtime listeners will know that when I went to the NCAA Cleveland two thousand sixteen with Brian Quimby from St.. Fight. We went to the Alex Jones rally that was held totally separate from the convention on a little park next to the river was ninety five degrees out Milo. Is there Jones was there Roger stone? Was there? It was a cavalcade of goofy goofy goofy ops, and I wouldn't still speech, and they it was probably maybe one hundred maybe two hundred rough-looking info wars fans, and they didn't do that. Well, bombed kinda bombed. I mean, nobody I mean only Alex Jones really got a big crowd and got them engage super because that's what people were there for. But they did. Okay. The problem was is that they would have like these setup punchline situations and the hoof is the fucking Hicks and the audience would yell into the into the pauses and ruin the rhythm. And you could see them getting mad at them. So it was like it was okay. You know, a couple of hundred Infowars fans and now boom two and a half years later at the same stage. The president will be on two days after them. Pack room full of like millionaire Siazon's and fail sides going crazy for like. Yeah. Like, you said like you said to me, and it was actually like it really hit me like nothing sums up the last two years more than you seeing them bomb. Ninety degrees in front of Cleveland. Shitty. River two years later, headlining and last thing marquee event of American conservatism on the same stage that Donald Trump himself and killing kill you. Just like. We just I cannot their impromptu chairs of Felix love this at one point diamonds going off. And she says just in the middle of her pattern goes socialism. And then someone randomly in the middle of the crowd. Just yells out socks this guy like he gave his death yelled. Oh weak and he's death rattle. And then like, then some it was like, that's right, Honey. And then he died and just sold drifted off to heaven perfectly. Wait a fucking harp. He went to conservative they'll haul like he's gonna live in a Benji, Pirro savage moment compilation. So I've tried to remember even like what the content of their several as it's just like, it doesn't matter. Yeah. It was just like just like all the all along. All the wall. They're going to take your cows jokes. This is one of the one that I wrote down was he said all this talk about a green new deal. We need a new deal for babies. Insane. And here's what I don't understand. What don't you understand? When an illegal alien chiampou that border illegally. Belief advocates the help and support them. But when an American baby comes through the birth canal, legally, advocate and to kill them. With that. Had a problem with that. I have a problem with the and don't star read. We don't need a green new deal. We need a new Dale are Merican baby. We need a new deal for American babies, which just maybe imagine a bunch of little infants civilian conservation corps, half building a dam. Yeah. Then the business plot is done by the boss, baby. We need we need to we need to electrify Tennessee value birth canal. I mean, just like the impromptu you chance standing ovations, of course, grotesque, but I will say now I would accept a writing job on diamond silk season three of anyone's out there. I will take the head writing job predominant silk season three. Honestly, I think seeing seeing on the same day within a few hours. Jacob all it really did make me feel like I was enjoying like the eighties during the height of stand up comedy as an art form and seeing the two greatest exemplars of the posing schools. If felt like wall was vintage anti comedy, Andy Kaufman, unconv-, you know, just totally a principled committed to the bit anti comedy. And then diamond soak were raw era leather suit, Eddie Murphy theatrical release stand up special just crushing it ROY diem people. Yeah. Okay. So that about brings us to the. End of the first day. Ahead to what we did that night because it was definitely the worst thing. We've did during their and maybe the worst thing I've done in my life. I knew I was thinking all day. I should we shouldn't do this. And then we got there. And I was like, yeah. This was a bad idea. My soul just felt soiled. I we decamped patio longs for. And then you know, I've done a lot of humiliating things in my life. I plan to do more. But I don't think anything will ever top waiting in lie in line on the cold God to get into the teepee USA get into the Benny Johnson. Benny Joan sociation. Yeah. This is new job is toilet paper. USA's creative director. We got someone forwarded us the invite, and we are just Irish VP and they've let us in. It was called the America fest merica, and the actual Email was just like a night of bourbon, beer and bacon for I'm not exaggerating and it signed off with dilly, dilly. Was dabbing astronauts. At Cadillac ranch bar called Cadillac, which is one of those fake ass. Western honky tonk ranch where they raise Cadillacs. There's power in Japan called like USA cowboy number one at a time. Catlike on the roof. It's wacky penny. Johnson teepee USA. This was this was the social events of have to put a soul at hazard. And I did I would say like, it was horrible. But it was worth it. Just to see it was like stepping into Benny Johnson's brain. Which is kind of interesting because okay. Here's what it was. A fairly large bar two stories. And there is the drinks menu is just like build the wall whiskey knee. Tremendous Akot will pay for it to kill a sunrise, the Toronto and coke, and then just the cavenaugh which is just a beer Trump and coke was not one because that would have been an actual pun. Yeah. No. They didn't even have any was just called AO. See and it was. And the only way it was done up to make you know that it was America fest. This is this is Benny Johnson's projection of what makes Erika yellow low and epic and the answer is hunks all throughout the bar. Knife size cardboard cutouts of Chris Pratt. Tom Brady him Tibo, Arnold, Schwarzenegger, shrink. Jackie Chan Jackie Chan to right. The first thing when I got up to the bar. The first thing I see a cardboard cutout of Chris Pratt with a lay placed over it. And it was just like the only the only kind of a woman was Marilyn Monroe. Oh, no, no, no, no, no ski there's an AO see one that was just there to be yelled at and defaced away, Monica Lewinsky and Hillary to somebody wrote Putin day Han, he's cardboard standi and marker next to a table covered with wonder bread bags and it said socialist breadline free bread. That sounds great. Holy absolutely destroyed any Johnson, by the way, you're wondering what analog is Peter Bailey. But otherwise. Yeah. A lot lot of honky dudes there. Charlie Kirk was there, a DJ TJ showed out on junior idiot, knucklehead speech about how you guys have the balls to be assholes on college campuses. And I love you for that was my favorite part is the gist of what down from was saying was, you know, if you go to a party, and you yell make America great again or build the wall. People think you're an asshole, and they kick you out. But here you can be yourself. So this is the one party year that any of these fucking people can go to. Yeah. I felt like a bone deep despair. I was feeling like Reverend Toler the only time in my life. I have not used all of drink tickets. Yeah. Fuck out. I was on some like mama's third world shit where I was just thinking like, oh, we're all on the same side. These these guys aren't my enemy, really. I mean, we're all we're all in the imperial corps. We're all the exploiters like we're the bad guys in this story. We need to be destroyed. And no, no, no disentangling me from them. We are all accountable for this. The worst part of that party is when those fucking people would try to talk to you would try to socialize with you. I was at the bar way for Drake. And again, all the bartenders are black, and I just wanted to say a normal. I'm not one of them, I'm normal, please. But like Matt says, no, I also don't deserve virtual. It's like the only thing that matters is the only matters in that context. What side of the bar you on the bar? And this guy said, oh, hey, what are you getting corona? He said, oh, cool. I love corona God love to have a human conversation with a fellow human. I didn't see them, but apparently billing darla shine where they're spreading polio. And the. Whatever. No, I felt I felt deep despair. I I also finally got the concept of zen fascism where it's just not have India, Jerry Brown or or John Milius. It's these guys have embraced a Buddhist concept of nihilism where it's just look we found ourselves by total total total random fact of fate to have been born at the end of this imperial moment. We are have access to this incredible bounty of exploitation of the bounties of exploitation, and we're gonna fucking use it and have fun. You're also in the same boat us you were born in the same situation. You are have access to this same bounty. Why don't you just enjoy it? Yeah. Everything's gonna die. Everyone's gonna die shore. It's not sustainable, but we're going to be the last I so white on enjoy it why fight against it. And I actually finally got the point of all that hypocrisy mongering that Republicans do or they say, oh you drive. A car o you use a cell phone. It's not to try to get you in some petty hypocritical. Gotcha. It's the say we're all in this together. We're on the same side. Why don't you just enjoy it? Why are you torture yourself? Why are you like, oh, this is actually bad and oh, no. We're exploiting these people. Yeah. But that can't change it. You're in this situation. Just eat the fucking slider drink the God, damn beer and enjoy yourself, but the trigger the lips have fun. But the thing is what repulses me to no end is that they don't even seem to be enjoying it. They're not real. They're not actually decade. Exact they are these fucking people who like you said go to one party a year and try to fucking make friends and bond over the popular beer, corona. Right. No. They over that. Classic. Well, that's just it is that they've embraced this nihilism. But they also know what they've done. And so it's never gonna be pleasant. It's never going to be actually fun. They're never going to really be able to be decade than never really going to be able to be purely hedonistic because they always have that voice in their head. And that's why they need to trigger lips all the time. They need to push it out, and they need to they need to have an enemy that they can they can smile. At any given moment to smile, their conscience one last detail from the party Felix did use reality. Bending powers to accurately predict the playlist, and he literally said the next song is going to be sick. Oh mode, and it was and that's what I was like I have to leave yet. Because I know Benny John are used the my you're wondering who I am in game of thrones. How Brennan rivers the blood raven three hundred I saw into Benny Johnson's mind. I saw him hearing mogambo in sicko motive for the first time and decided to play them back to back at his epic party. He did it. And then he did it and just under and finally just underscored Matt's overall point about the party, and how we're all like complicit in this grotesque spectacle, we left that and just to decompress and relax. We went to the fucking casino national harbor, Maryland and God fucking dumplings and drink alcohol thing that will stick with me from that show. Not just my own crimes my own awfulness because honestly as bad as I felt I still did feel like. Wasn't one of them sort of Francis. Wolcott should have like a sinner who does not expect forgiveness. But I am not a government official, but the image that will haunt me as I actually saw five feet in front of my face, Charlie Kirk smile, and is bad as it looks on film, seeing it actually happen in person is one of the most unnerving because he doesn't smile the way that humans do where you just the muscles. Move up your lips. You know, it's snaps back. He goes from not smiling smiling and it just snaps up. And then his gums pop forward the little mouth inside the aliens. No more. He looks like a lamp Ray sticking his face against the side of an aquarium. That that brings us to the end of Thursday, the main day go along with this episode. We're going to be a long mega APPA sewed. So I I destroyed by Seoul for you people. My soul is garbage. There's more to come damn soul. Now. So on Friday, we took a day off because there was nothing really cool going on. It's fucking give me a break. Exact we just two days in a row. We just couldn't do it. I needed to sleep in all the worthwhile stuff was at like, seven AM Glenn Glenn breath dog. Glenn beck. So hard by giving them a spot at seven in the morning. And then Candace was at like eight there's no way. Hey, remember when we went back was hugely anti-trump. And now he's at a party, which is just a four day. Trump fast owned so on Friday. Matt Chris, and I went to the Smithsonian museum of American history. So we go there, and this is the only point I'm going to make from the only thing I'm gonna just underscore leading into this Trump speech on Saturday, which was the brutal in Monto this whole experience so in this Sony, and there is like the hall of presidents, right? And they're all the all these presidential memorabilia and artifacts and things like that. And we're walking through we see like Lincoln's hat that. He wore it afford theatre. Pretty amazing. They like this. This is the uniform that Eisenhower war on d day. And like all these artifacts of American history and grandeur of the off. Yeah. By the way, the exhibit is called the American presidency a glorious burden hilarious. So it's like, yeah. You're going through you're going through all of American history. You walk through all the wars that this country has fought. And again in the back of your mind, it's all just leading to Trump, and it's renders everything that come before it invalid, and it really symbolizes the death of American history and culture because you get through all of the American presidents, and I swear to God at the end of it. It's a giant photo of Donald him, the Lanya he's grinning, like an idiot his eyes look like little mouth, and he just has this bizarre painted on limply giving the double thumbs up. And it just this is the end of American history. That's the end of that. I'm under the from the revolver from the pistol, George Washington used to fight the American revolution to cheat hamburgers. But of course, it was always leading here was that's the real joke of it was and it's inescapable, and it's just. Again, that's all say about the are recharging day. Dave regeneration on Friday. We went to the museum. We went to the Trump International hotel there in the lobby so Saturday, Trump big wet boy when we should say just as an aside as we are stumbling in past the security, the secret service security detail, literally five feet behind us. Laura lumers getting her press badge taken away and getting denied entry. That was like stumble into this hilarious punchline interactions with Laura is that she was like she is like the pushy mouthiest person in the world, and she's hectoring the private not secret service, the privately hired CPAC security, who's like look take it up the media office. Like, I don't know. I didn't you know. Because apparently what happened is she was using her pass to go to the press area in the ballroom where we have seen things was dialing and was. Yelling at all the reporters for being discriminating against her or whatever the fuck. And so since the media, you know wing they have an interest in having the people there relatively happy. I guess they just said we don't want that problem. So they pulled her credentials right before it was happening right before she was going into the fucking a metal detector right before us. And they pulled her aside. It was amazing. So the punchline to are hilarious run-ins with Laura loom over the weekend was walking into Trump's speech. Daddy, Trump going through security and seeing her be denied entry as we just wall spy. We're like, hi, Laura. We're going to see your guy. Too bad. You can't come. Yeah. That sounds where you. Yeah. Sex-abuse? And then I did see have some video where she's like, why am I being denied access and CPAC letting in these leftist agitators? Show me the lie. Well, Laura, but she probably she probably meant like reporters for time. Laura, if you're if you're listening to this it's because we're polite we're nice, and you you tend to get up and scream things down your tone policing women. Well, you know, you just shouldn't be doing that. That's what they're afraid. You're gonna do. So this is it. This is the main event we get there in the media section, and there's a lot of fucking waiting around. It was very boring and like the thing is in previous days. The media section was all the way in the back of the room for Trump. They moved it up sort of the middle. So that they could fill the back just was standing room. Only Charles chumps who we later found out paid money to be there because they kept they kept berating us. They're like, sir, sir. 'cause you please sit down we can't see and it was like, well, we don't have any chairs either. I don't know what the fuck you want us to do. And there were like you're not supposed to be standing. And we're like, okay. We'll try to see we can do. But I don't know what you want. It from us and then women just barked at us. I paid two thousand dollars to be here. And I was like that sucks. Probably that is the classic definition. That's a wipe p. That's not an. I definitely respect you more hearing that you did that. And they were they were here for free idiot. You guys missed it. There's a part where Matt was just sitting on the on the table this crash showing and one of them went some reporter. And I wanted to be like, yeah. This is Jake tapper problem with you how Jake Capper's conducting himself. So at one point they threatened to call security on us for standing in the media zone, very unprofessional. A but unprofessional yoda's problem with how I how I behaved CPAC as a reporter. I am a reporter. I am John from pod. Save america. One of those guys contact my boss. So the way that the CPAC speeches are it's all very tightly packed almost pretty quickly speech. Somebody comes on. There's like maybe two or three minutes with some audiovisual material in the next one starts, but of course, Trump was super late. Like, you always is. So there's like a half an hour where they just had to keep doing things they couldn't show the same three videos over the fucking ad for the God damn insurance company that they kept running. So they just ran in full a segment from CNN or match slap yells at Chris Cuomo and the audience is just yelling at the television. It was just a collective expression of what all the grandparents do at home just yelling at Chris Cuomo for having a liberal bias. We talk about match lap for a second. But talk about match. Let's talk about matchless slap. Maybe snatched lap is the head of CPAC. So he's Doug's exit or look at motherfucker. He's the guy who introduced Trump and. He just has this energy of like like a community theater director. Yeah. He's just like berating people back places. Everybody we show. It's funny because like the entire affect Haitian of every CPAC speakers like, oh, I'm what I'm what you hate the most. I'm a red meat eating straight white SIS male but match lab just gets up there. And it's like are you like a villain from dance? Mom. He's like it's step turn pivot tax cut prints. We're not saying he's gay was just like a very like. Yeah. Like a mean theater guy? He did that because he was leaving up for the meanest the meat. Yes. Donald trump. So yeah, it was so boring. Wait around there being yelled at by these fucking souls in the back. I'm really glad to be rude to them, by the way. I was very glad to be able to just do anything to make me feel differentiated them at one point during the Trump itself speech. I just hear one of them go under there as we're like howling in laughter at him. Just go under there. He's trying to lists. Some journalists laugh showing their by thing they were laughing to everyone was was fucking kill the Keith. He so many. They were all every we were laughing at the wrong parts, though. And they got annoyed at that. Okay. First of all, the music choices. I gotta talk about a little bit. I didn't even mention this. But like in the previous day's like again, this species are like ten fifteen minutes. They get some ancient like they really out the Kripke to maroon five and then we'll him out to Bruno Mars or like the chain smokers. Just stunting very very Hoven or never actually Todd Solondz more like the musical show. So pre leading up to Trump they play Neil Young's rocking in the free world conservative never gonna give up that song. It's like they're born in the USA. Now, they cut out. The verse about thousand points of light, though, interesting. They bring out Trump too proud to be an American gotta play. It. Always gotta hear an all surely stand up next to you. Still to Trump's and here's the thing leading into this. We were very concerned that we were going to get state of the union Trump little bit. I mean, I wasn't that worried 'cause he really likes a crowd that grew with them. Exactly. It's a it's feeds off and these guys were the most primed possible. So I wasn't that worried. But it was a possibility little nervous. But then we see we see our commander in chief just threat out there immediately. Go to the side and give a full hug to the American flag. And we knew we were in any little smile on his face like, it's this little babe. Inky or whatever he loves the smell and the audience is going insane. The people behind us are cheering screaming fucking concert. And like all the Rolling Stones won't sit down. So I can't see beyond say. Incredible. He gets out there. And then just from like word one. We know this is casino. Don casino. Donnie, dotty is Donny baseball. He's here. He was like it was one of the best one of like if you're in the Trump speeches for the dementia for the caddy for the weird stories that go nowhere. There were people. I know that I was it was like a concert was like, dude. I wish you were here. You're such a big fan of this sort of thing. I was you were here. Daniel Dale who mentioned on the show is like probably one of the most. The chief catalogers of Trump's speech is one of those guys who are tapes of every Grateful Dead performance, just for Trump Dale Dale seen. It all all of his rallies, documenting all of his bizarre statements in lies, or whatever Dale said that this was the weirdest speech. Trump has ever given. I feel privileged to have seen it. Here's the thing before we get into details. I just have to tell you up front. We left after about an hour because we wanted to beat the crowd, and we had a train to catch fully thinking he was wrapping up. He went on for another hour of left and twenty minutes. He did he talked to dollars and twenty over two hours on stage and again. Yeah. And it was all incoherent. It was all rigid material. Like, I think what what part did you like really relocate? We were in for a treat for me. It was when he kept making weird references to Mark Levin. Yes. He called out. Mark Levin from the stage probably five times. He kept going Mark Mark's over there, isn't that? Right, mark. If I get this wrong about it for Mark worry said, the part of the got me was he said, he was describing the history of tariffs saga about how we went pack. We find this tariff. There was a period in America where we have so much money. We didn't know what to do with. So there was the terrorist debate tariffs. And there was time. We had tariffs, and we did great because we didn't let there's a word Malani doesn't want me to use it. She always says don't use the word done. Don't use. It. Should I use it? Do you think I should use it, folks? Now, I'm not gonna use it. And we were like what the fuck. There were a bunch of things like that. He had a bunch of things that went nowhere that he was like looks like I was supposed to connect this to larger thought we're not going to be making that deal. There was one where he's like. And you know, I talked to a man toughest guy in the world killer, mentally environmentally. And he asked me today. What are you going to talk about Donna? And I said, I don't know. And you know, this guy great guy. Great guy. Actually, he would turn on me in a second. But you know, I talked to him, and he, you know. Okay. So he's a killer this guy. Right. He he talks more than five people joke images. He backed terrace connect that guy to anything nothing. He had about I would say six full sentences of things that he talked about about tariffs. And it took him thirty five minutes to get through them. Because within those successes was thirty minutes because he have. Got a call very very guy. You know, who he is? He says to me, Mr President elder, but you great builder. Mr president. I say, you know, me for sixty five years. I'm not supposed to say don't tell me how long. Malania gonna hear how long you've been together. It's like, we all know how old you are. Sees you every day on every falling apart. That you are just a museum of decay. Sixty five years. You don't have to miss the president. He goes down. And he goes, okay. And then two minutes later president. But and then that guy was supposed to tell them something that phone call. But he got so caught up in the thing about how he won't. He kept calling you Mr President that he just ended it feel you you put it out Felix. When he was doing the phone call. He did the Dave Chapelle white guy. He he did this entire thing about how like people who used to be friends like Clough Charkes how people who before he ran for president. He said, you know, before before I run before I'm president. But now, you know, get a phone call. And then it's like, oh, Mr President, I go, Mr. Johnny, whatever your daddy. But it's perfect Chapelle white guy voice. He like he he was having such a good use loving yet. Here's the moment. Where like I felt like just like I felt juice like I feel it crept up my spine. I just had a huge small in my face. 'cause I knew we were seeing something special. So like you said he keeps shutting up Mark Levin from the stage who did like forty minutes before. And we didn't see that. But Mark Levin is just like we did get to hear a few taste of that master shake voice. But he. The king door conservative who's like again Rupp's on constantly about like their Republic. You know? The constitution actual tradition. And then like now, he's of course, just like a cra- these reek to trade war game of thrones shed. But like he's craven little Cordier. Like, actually, it's more like that Star Wars the little guy who lives on fucking job of the hut. What's his name Loni is isn't it something like is just salacious crop scrum? So Mark Levin. Just this wretched little Kirti or who had like again day to day on the radio talk about like, the proud intellectual tradition of conservatism. Then he has literally be called out on the stage in the middle of Trump talking about this is my favorite moment. Trump talking about how much he loves Tibo. Television television. But watching TV going to say without Tibo. There's no point. I love the Tibo love to Tibo all the shows. I some ones I forgot. And you know, I was looked to Andrew Jackson, but this election my election, greater than the election of Andrew Jackson, people say set this this. I'm not saying it better. You've said it. Like, the military really turn me on was in that riff when he was describing his election in the people the people they came from the hills. They came from the valleys, they came from the cities, they all came. Oh, when he's talking about Robert Muller's like like robber authors. And he goes rabbit mother had thirteen including one of whom has the worst reputation in history. Democrats in the world, including a man with the worst reputation of anyone I've ever heard of in the history. He called James Komi and Komi bad bed. Thirty cop. He was just feeling himself. It really was a Lou he spent again, he spent about twenty minutes on a tangent about his crowd sizes at the inauguration because and called out Dave Dave Weigel by name own sage because this is how slow his mind works. How choke with Big Mac sauce brain is. So we all remember that he his first big dumb controversy after his presidency was claiming that he had the biggest crowd size ever. There's all these photographs proof you take a picture of Obama during his inaugural. It's all the way to the end of the mall. You take a picture of Trump? And it's barely. Wash them and show them. All looks like it's balding. Right. Exactly. And so everyone owned him about that Sean Spicer had the sputter and deflect and eventually he got over it moved onto the next thing. And then year later, he was at a rally in Florida, and Dave Weichel who this guy Washington Post, Dave Weigel? He tweeted, oh, doesn't look like it's a full crowd because he had a picture of Trump coming into the stadium thinking the Trump was going to speak. But apparently that was earlier and he just checking out the crowd beforehand. So he got owned in that was fake news. That was real fake news, folks. And so that happened to your later. And now this is what four five six months after that. Now. He's connected. Those two things in his head. And he's like, oh, wait a minute. All those pictures that showed my crowd size wasn't as big during the inaugural. Those were from hours earlier. And so he's like I've got the silver bullet, and I'm going to own him. And he's actually talking to Mark Levin in the audience. He's he's show. We're gonna have all this on his show. It's going to be big news. Here's the really funny part about the crowd size thing. He kept talking again with the inauguration. He's like why don't we just show? The clips from the news will show that they're all lying and Mercedes. We're sitting match slaps wife is like calm slap. We're saying this lap. I said a Mercedes. Let's just show. They say, No, MR president, don't do it. But I want to do it. And they said no to everyone sees the pictures what he's really saying. There is like his own calms people were like, yeah, we can't do that. Because we will look like fools because it's self evidently untrue. So we're just gonna like sort of you say it, we're not gonna defend you on. Everyone's just wrong. All moving on. Because he's sitting there thinking that. He just owned everyone on the crowd source crowd size thing. Whereas in reality, everyone just agreed to ignore that he ever said anything I. My favorite thing of the day. There was like a ten minute riff on day blog oil. But the best part of it was when he destroyed Weigel by pointing out he's too poor to fly, private labels. And every man Trump. That's like he's still start. Like, that's how you knew. It was real Donny. Yeah. That's like something. He would say is like a New York like real estate pieces shit like hook commercial like to say that about a reporter global on a phone that might not have flown a rally at an airport airplane hangar, you know, in the middle of the sticks. But for that crowd. They loved it because they're all bunch of rich dollars a ticket like in Trump's shitty brain. He's like, oh, yeah. If you're a good enough reporter, they pay you one hundred million dollars, and you can charter private whatever you want make people like wake Weigel. Why does he have a job? Maybe we're saying I'm mad. I'm mad king with the mad king bring up reading harder instead of when fire. Let's great encounters line Capote finding these hot grading. No, more bad food for this. We're gonna we're gonna marry Madania. We're not gonna marry her to tie with Lantis. Marry your servants son daughter. Mark levin. I love to kiss him. We're gonna hold his head after the show and many of said, oh, don't talk. Don't talk about this. What can hatch dragging eggs in dragons two hundred years coming back, and we I promise attracting bigger vissarion. So and then like he was to like droning on about tariffs. And then like one point he was just like soda wrap things up. And then I was like, okay, we'd better get out of here. Because I want to be able to get a car back to get our bags and make our train and just get the fuck outta here. I don't want to stay a second longer than I have to. So it was like do the smart thing. Leave a little bit early. He went on for another hour and a half. And I'm a little disappointed because we missed some of the most insane things. He's ever said, I sort of would have liked to seen it live. But we were like in the car going back reading about general raising Kate Earl Ray's kicking myself. But then again, I was sorta like I I got enough of it. I don't I don't he's in Cain. Like, the fruit did have another before raising Cain. He had another his favorite newest side about meeting hot generals. Oh my God. He said there was a case of general being in a movie. They didn't give him would because Hollywood discriminates against people. Civilian passing privilege, these generals these generals the best like perfect people. Perfect people Hollywood couldn't even catch them. And then it goes the raisin cane thing. And he goes raising like the fruit. And because he goes, noticing viable isn't no the phrase raising Cain, and like he just said, the general it like the fruit and the general just said, yeah, he was like I like you raising. I like, you raising Cain. And then he claimed that he gave his own nickname. He says the new we're going to call you mad. It didn't work out didn't work out with dog. He had to go a fire. We bad mad dog Mattis. That's his Berson Silmi. A big chunk where he just talked hotter generals. Are that's the best type of Trump story is when he meets a hot guy. We were talking about we were talking about when during the football banquet, the hamburger banquet. Because it's like Trump all those people. They're just at CPAC, and everyone goes through his rallies, just like, you know, pussy Tom over you fucking queers. And then Trump is there and Trump like you remember what he said about the quarterback where he went. I'd like to be the very handsome quarterbacks age. He's like Rosalia pre not like gates just like, it's it's just like he's like an old woman all grandma's combo like an east coast, grandmothers, compliments like. Handsome. My goodness. Their babies generals in the quarterbacks. Off old man mincing around. Who's like, ooh, what are you? The general handsome news. They're like your this is full because it's all joke. It's funny thing we were laughing. They were laughing. Everyone was laughing the same from the same crowd of people who chastised us for daring to laugh at him as journalists. I also have heard one of them just under their voice, just whisper. God he's so funny. And that's the thing is that it's all fucking joke. That's the main thing that I got from CPAC like the diets cast the system is inviolate it cannot be defeated. It cannot be undermined. It will go until it runs out of resources, and then it will collapse, and we will be the last people to suffer for it. In the meantime, we're just going to entertain ourselves with this theater, notice politics, and we're all gonna have a fun time. And the reason I felt so gross. I just felt like in that in a broad sense. I was part of the same sort of sterile media ecosystem, this assholes all yukking it up. But we are when we were laughing at Jacob wall being complete oaf with his amazing shit about fucking Illinois Amar is like I don't think I would have found it so funny if I was a Somali, you know, like fucking putting pictures of her with nine eleven next to them and some psychos probably gonna try to kill her because the politics is acting upon the lives of all these other people. Meanwhile, we were just hanging out with. People who are just immune to that who are in the bubble and are just really happy about it and enjoying it. I mean, the thing is, you know, you go to thing this horrifying spectacle, just the psychosis. You get having. World spanning empire people the most comfortable lives in history, but the most hatred for other types of people you go there, you get the same input say, do you think you're a better person them because you have like ten degrees? More of irony than they do. And you go home you realize this you see your own futility in the universe. The inescapable path of demise. Not just, you know, your nation, but all of mankind and your relatives you're gonna walk away from it relatively unscathed compared to everyone, and you love to see it folks, you love to see it. Here was my revelation. It's that God is real. And is disgusted by us. Therefore, no salvation will come to America, and no salvation is served. My project now is to attempt to create my own God my own earth. To provide me with the salvation that I need. Okay. That's the everyone needs. Everyone's mission needs to be to find find in resurrect a God. Yeah. Yeah. On with those sacred games, folks. All right. I'm going for God's. What are you guys got always like the sea not being in it? Just the concept of. Just one of the old ones. Probably. All right, go for it. Do some more ketamine and watch aquaman. Really? My resolution wasn't quite as soul crushing or maybe a little bit more banal, but I've sort of grasped this like subtly before. But but seeing Trump on stage, everyone laughing and just putting on this show and all of his zingers like I really realized that like Trump these people are loathed by normal people. They get their hats knocked off. And they go in public. They feel like they've gotten what they want like me dogs bark at me like every third, and they got what they want in Trump and owning the lives, but it's like ashes in their mouth because nobody respects them or likes them. And like the culture is could not be further away from them. And they're just mad that Jimmy Fallon Kimmel mixed one of them. But what I really realized seeing Trump on stage is like Trump is there late night. Tv host. Yeah. He's their political comedian who makes one of the people they hate and who gives them all the zingers, and they. They like like his he did a two hour monologue for fuck. Fucking late night TV show, that's speech fell. He drops those sweet tweets holds the cultural space of all of these these smug comedians who who liberal shoes to feel feel sane. And that's what really struck me about. It was how devoid of conservatism CPAC was, and as we were talking about it afterwards at patio ones that says to me. Well, yeah, that's right. There's conservative project anymore. It's just we're just kind of waiting out the clock here. It was a mmediately apparent about how empty of any ideas. Anything was and even when something had like the faintest grasp towards like an idea or a project in any of the panels how utterly on receivable. It was how it was just crickets in the audience. No, one cares. No one has any interest in any of that shit. It's only the comedians that the joker. They just wanna hear like Cal farts. Yeah. Soy. Just like the poetry. See stupid. I mean, I would just say that like. It was an interesting experience. I certainly had fun going on a field trip with with the gang. Yeah. Love to. The homes where are, you know, like a Corleones says, I guess part of the same impact in that we make entertainment out of this. And it's it's funny to us. But making fun of these people is insufficient. It really like almost like you can't do it. No, it's hard for us. But like it's like not only is it not only does it not do anything. It's a necessary part of this Krebs cycle of spectacle. They need the people get mad at them or to get triggered by that. Or to make fun of them to give them grist for the next round of spectacle that they sell to their fucking fans and their donor, which is precisely why they credential us in the first place. Exactly. So I would say that like, you know. Like even think we've been pretty clear aware of this. Even from like the first episode this entertainment, we're doing entertainment about politics. But I would hope that you know. This doesn't lead you to the same nihilism that we saw on display at the Gaylord convention center that you know, that look if you aren't an island, and you you believe in something or you want a better future. Then you you you must organize to defeat these people the only I would say like I said the contrast with the people thirteen thousand show for Bernie. And the sunrise activists that we just randomly met at that bar. I mean, like if you believe in something that's what you should be doing. That was the only thing that really gave me hope because the past CPAC was railing against this status quo railing against this big government, and this cultural decadence now, they're defending it against new ideas against the green new deal and the promise of remaking through mass action, the very basis of our society, and to my point about like, the feeling I had walking to the Smithsonian hall of presidents and just realizing like, oh like it's all been leading to this. It's just it's a joke. It renders Donald Trump being president renders. Everything that came before it farcical. It's like, yeah. That's terrifying. It certain way. But it's also like hugely liberating. We're at a moment where like the back to the socialism or barbarism? But like, yeah. Like all this old shit is like dying. They know it in this like this horrible death rattle where it's all joke. But at the same time like a different future is grasp -able. It's right there in front of you and more and more people are realizing it who who want to experience once you feel something other than just like hatred for your fellow, man. Which is what these people believe it. I mean, that's the closest thing to what these people actually believe in is just hatred, and they are swine conservative movement. We set it in the book, I'm going to restate it again now seen these fucking people their top to bottom swine, and they have to be defeated its contempt for who they view as weaker than them. That's it. And of course, that's mostly just a joke because most there they're just these costs little Roy's. But. You know, the capital has given them armor, and they wanna use it like fucking mex- to destroy everybody else. And earlier I said that the feeling of glib smugness of certain victory haunted the place if there is one thing that they are scared of and say it over and over it's socialism. That's true. It's the one thing that is that they are on the attack about I mean, the live. It's not liberals, it's not mainstream Democrats socialism. I mean, obviously they've been calling like when Obama was president. It's pack like the big line was like an Obama socialist of bringing socialism's they're gonna call anything. So any kind of even tepid liberalism socialism. But at the same time like now that we are experiencing like, the very beginnings of like, a genuine socialist moment in this country. Like, I said I heard the word socialism probably ten to twenty times more than I heard the word liberal Democrat or progressive. So like, they're aware of it. And you should be as well that like socialism is the only thing that is. Standing against these people and what they sand for. So they're going to be a part of that. Or you're just gonna fuck and be along for the ride. All right, close us out to do character. Cpac nerd? Okay. This speech America in. Malusis to Rome. But through the to of course, the obligatory prison, the founding fathers, of course, is to mention that in this space would Michael Savage is here at quite emotional performance. Did you see Peter brim Lou in the crowd? It goes without saying that he is some of the most interesting dieting. Cpac? When winter what the creators rethinking when they died hair chose to do the wild about his character. Very the rare. David Limbaugh book. Well. You know, it's just once again, I just feel like a brotherhood and can ship that can only come from seeing hell with your friends hell of a good time health time, and Dave we are all damned, but that's cool. Well, not necessarily. No. I actually that was liberating just feeling like, okay. Yeah. I'm like a John Wayne at the end of the searchers where can't come back into the cabin. You know, but I'm still gonna fight. God damnit every Matt does you heard a Matt is John Wayne cancelled shit? Fuck all John Wayne's opinions. No. But that's the only choice is to fight. Even if you even if you assume the outcome is is set. I mean, what the fuck else are you doing? So. Yeah. Sticks shut up in gain. Cpac chop oh judgement days. Two two.

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Episode 356: Wonder Woman 1984 Heads To HBO Max, Deadpool 3 Lands New Writers, Run, Predator 5 News, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion, Marvel 616, Vanguard, No Mans Land, QT8: The First Eight, Life After Flash, We Are The Champions, Honest Thief, The Climb

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Episode 356: Wonder Woman 1984 Heads To HBO Max, Deadpool 3 Lands New Writers, Run, Predator 5 News, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion, Marvel 616, Vanguard, No Mans Land, QT8: The First Eight, Life After Flash, We Are The Champions, Honest Thief, The Climb

"Hey what's up everybody. I got something real quick. i want to talk about. I talk about it in the episode very briefly. I bring it up. I am doing. I'm bringing it back. Patriot only two tiers to tears. Right now i'm not doing anything else with it. There's a dollar tier which is basically just thanking us and then helping us out month to month with the dollar. That's like s four quarters. That's like one hundred fucking pennies. I mean it's a dollar so if you want to donate a dollar every month. You can help us out by doing that. The other is a six dollars here. It's super cheap six dollars. And you'll get at least two bonus podcasts. I don't know what we're going to be talking about in the bonus podcast. We'll figure it it'll be fun. We'll do some movie reviews. I don't know maybe we'll just bullshit. Maybe who knows it's too bonus pods and even if you just want to donate to the podcast and help us out. You can do that. You don't even have to listen to the podcast. I'm not going to force you. Listen to the bonus podcast but if you do if you want the bonus contact it'll be there so to at least two bonus podcasts a month and it's six bucks i got to. That's it. i'm not doing anymore. Tears for now. I mean something else might happen later on down the road at another tier but right now. I'm going to keep it simple a dollar or six dollars a month to help out the podcast so just head on over to patriot dot com forward slash pop culture leftovers winward patriot dot com forward slash pop culture leftovers and selected reward. That you want joe. Leftovers might not be suitable for people. Who can't handle insane another profanity so you might wanna fuck off how culture leftovers might take. Its time getting around to advertise content as well if this is a huge problem for you then. Youtube apple leftovers typically has a long run time as well. If you can't handle afford a six hour podcast then you probably won't like us. Can you too can join the aforementioned vessels and club off all together in unison. Others who may not be able to handle culture leftovers include children under the age of fourteen if you regularly listen to. Npr are a pregnant woman. That has spent most of your first second and third trimester looking at stupid shit on both at sea and pinterest if you talking your t shirts if you use a bluetooth headset in public if you go to motivational speaking seminars if you had light goals if you have self respect if you had a heart condition if you're if you're a huge pussy with a heart condition four if your name is melvin. Kfi seven or six fourteen land. Everyone else phasing episode three hundred fifty. Six ready likes seven million. Podcasts talking conservative. Less shooting brad done before taking the scraps throughout life and it's a trap bit even contra spill over your over called sir. Ready overs. only podcasts. Human tour coach who one well gonna pop culture leftovers. The only podcast. It sounds even better the second day after it's been uploaded. i'm brian. I'm a leftover. Jake is not going to be on this one. He got found out word yesterday that he would have to be working late. And i think that's because of all the thanksgiving shit people getting ready for thanksgiving and stuff like that. So he's working late and i think they had somebody call off or whatever the fuck so i am not alone though. Thank god thank god. We are joined by. Paul hart from movies from the heart and the animated bad cast. Welcome paul thanks again appreciate it. Why do you sign a great before. Eddie censored distant. Now i moved the microphone so close to me too. Yeah i don't understand i understand. I felt like i was talking to you. And you're like on a hill hillside somewhere far away as a better now brian. I'm here to how that talk. Is it better now. Yeah you sound fucking wonderful nothing. Nothing chamber on the same man. I don't know what the fuck tell ya. I don't know why. Why you fucking man up. Talk like a man i dunno. I guess you're talking like milton from office space. You soft spoken pussy named were. Yeah yeah speak up. Our also joined by dan west from brute force in ignorance at dungeons and dragons podcasts. Walk shower you. Everybody just sounds like a vagina right now. China on helium. yup good. How you guys fantastic. I think i pissed off everyone that has a vagina by saying that. The likely probably touching that you guys. I was just thinking of the thing running back positive. Back to that fucking hill. He was on earlier is. I'm sorry brian. I didn't hear that. I must have nested. I wasn't present for that. Yeah well i don't know about you guys. I hate this fucking time of year. I know like a lot of people like fall. It's so fucking. It's gray and it's gross out and i don't fucking like it. I don't know i like that son. I like that vitamin d inside. I'm not. I'm not into this. Fucking shit everybody on iran. I'm a fat guy. So know i'm gonna throw on. Some sweaters gets dark at two thirty pm. Yeah that's terrible. Yeah it sucks man. I feel like fucking living in alaska right now. It's a sad it's depressing. I dunno i gala stress. I've got all this extra stress right now. In my life i did. I got a massage chair. And so yeah. I know i've had this for years. I love it. It's amazing though it's like it's it's a really nice one. It's not one of those fucking cheap. I massage whatever the fuck they were called. It's got the calf massage and everything cherrywood armrest. The thing is nice. And i was at the ending up got yet jerks me off and worth every penny. Yeah it's like a swiffer attachment or swiffer all the come off my chest fucking amazing technological advances. Just we're living in the future. now man. You should have heard me. Moaning in jesus christ. Is somebody not to my back. It's ridiculous i'm like oh not like if my neighbor was outside rake in her yard she with a jerk and it man ridiculous. I'm not even kidding. You glad you have something to relieve the stress as good masturbation so yeah i mean it goes out saying. Doesn't it really right. Yeah i just feel. I just feel a ton of shame after masturbating you part and parcel guy. Yeah and being raised by parents who were conservative christians. So those definitely not going to help doesn't doesn't when you think jesus is watching near the entire time so dirty boyko debate anyway man how you guys doing. What the fuck pau. We're the fuck are you. What are you doing do here. Do you hear him. Dan up my pet. He's super bowl. I and other here they go. Wow jesus there we go. Yeah oh my gosh our you. I felt like we felt like me. And dan were doing a seance ghost paul. And you're like you're starting to come in already. Do look the part of a ghost. Absolutely that makes sense targeting swirling around overhead hall. Trying to tell you about my day. I am ghost. You wouldn't shut the fuck up about ted lasso. Jesus battle one. I've been trying to be so good at bringing up their fucking show. Try you're popping in and out dude. You like a porn star right now. You're just you're popping in out man like the volume on your mic is just going in and out all right. Let's pause paul your back. You sound good all right. I'm glad that sound better. Your and your your i. Your half is bitchy as you were paid for everybody in some of a bit dude. I know brian's complaining about your audio fucking hassle and you can come on. we're like what three hundred sixty episodes and by now we should know. I know what people don't understand is like before we started recording. We were talking for probably forty five minutes and paul sounded fine and as soon as i hit record. Then it goes into this fucking in and out bullshit with paul you. Yeah it's like a perfect analogy for my day in life. Everything looks good on tinder and then we get there in person. They're just not happy. Thought you are just. You're the you're the modern day. Rodney dangerfield respect. I tell ya know. Respect me take my wife please. what was it. Just remember him on kulm improve. And he's telling tim male lake the next time i run into you. I hope i'm driving and that's awesome. He was one of those comics. That didn't really blow up until later in his career when he figured out schtick and he started planes. Care there man. So i mean because that's a complete character that he made up kind of like he. He went like andrew dice. Clay went the same route with the with the dice. Man in this comedy minute has been brought to you. But i don't know what the fuck is going on you talking about mom enough head of days. I've never heard of angie's klay that is are you. What are you kidding. Me or your rhyme guy. Yeah hickory victory tack. The mouse went up. It was one of my cocker something. Jack pill and now they got a son. Jack and jill. We're the hill. Each with a bucket accord. Joe came down with two fifty. Oh know who that man you got the dice man. he would. He would not fly in today's absolutely he. Did you ever watch his show on showtime. It was just called dice. I think i did not check it out now. Two seasons fantastic fucking fantastic. It was so good it was kind of like a like a curb your enthusiasm but with andrew dice clay and it was so good. Dan propper was watched. It and didn't even realize probably he was. He was really good in that one. Martin scorsese show about like a record company. I think it was called vinyl. Never watched that on. Hbo and it got canceled after one season. Yeah he he's in a couple of episodes that he doesn't really good job. Yeah i've never seen that. I remember it got completed. And then i was like. Oh maybe this show. It got cancelled. I was like. Yeah then you'll fucking kelly same thing with swamping fuck. Yeah why. I watched one episode of swamp thing like i'm going to go back to it now. It's been canceled. You think there's any chance that that show gets revived now that they've lost on the w and now that everything's moving over to hbo. Max and he still done it. Sounds like there's a lot of interest in it again. Winter the reception to swamp thing has been really positive online from what i'm seeing any of the w. shows but it seems like everybody each enjoyed what they're seeing so you know you never know with them on. Hbo maximize say yes. Let's given our shot. One of the worst things didn't they cancelled after the first episode episode. Episode comes out and it got like good reception from people. There just laugh bucket. we're not we're done. We're because the numbers that i don't know i don't know they did end up going over budget. I know that much something happened where they would like win over budget. Okay yeah that's the way it man. 'cause i watched half of it. When i found out acts i stopped watching it because i was like was i fucking point and yeah it was just. It was pretty good did you. Did you ever watch sealed. Swamping cartoon growing up as a kid no. I don't know if we had that over here. Yeah i remember. I remember much about it being on. Did you watch you watch. Jackie chan adventures. Pau yes my dad took us to go see rumble in the bronx and then we watched. Aflac show's awesome in the bronx. Oh my god. I remember that movie and then they would go to the video store and then what they did. Is they offer over all of his movies from china and they just started domino. Like fucking supercop. Hell yeah like jackie chan on a snowboard rumble. In the bronx where he looked jumped off of that pair onto that boat and he shot his distract every decade in the out takes. He's like his plaster cast on he. Has this big salk. This painting a sneaker he just pulls over and so that's how he can do. The rest of the film is yes. That was the best part of all. His movies is just watching the takes at the end. Yeah those are man. I gotta jackie chan movie. I'm going to be talking about a little bit later. We'll get into good bad pop now. That's a little tease for you. I'm just i'm just flicking the bean of your brain. Oh god flynn the being. That's a deep cut economic breen of your brain man. You ever see speaking of brain that t shirt and it's it's it's crank from the teenage mutant ninja. He's the symbol from the wu tang clan. It's called ukraine. There's another wu tang shirt that's awesome and it's got the who tank symbol but on the left side it's it's got ric flair woo. It's early one of the comment i wanted. I wanted to thank if you've noticed on feeds most of our feeds. It's been updated with the new updated logo. The new beautiful awesome. Yeah i think. It's great. And i wanted to. Its listener rob forest. Who did it and graphic designer. And if you're looking for a logo for your podcast business. I would definitely send them an email and it's okay. I think it's rob forest. No it's excuse me. It's forest f. o. r. e. s. t. graphics dot com at gmail.com forest graphics at g mail dot com and that's to ours and forest and he did a fantastic. Who is fucking who is. Who is inhaling over. There would be jesus. I'm not doing anything. Oh my god. Jesus christ in christ. You sound like Like jack the fi fo fun that giant sleep in or something right now. You sound like selling haggard. Taking a nap arm discuss hold my breath and full shit. Oh my god. Did you hear that. Dan way if you say so many questions. Paul was breathing this episode. This were answered. Look good let being an obscene phone call. I know i. I didn't know god i hate this one. It wasn't that bad but it was. It was there. It was like tony. Soprano dr melodies office. Okay got it was it. Was your breathing pretty heavy there man no sleep apnea. Jesus christ. Great logo great logo. So if you're looking for a new logo for your podcasts or business don't get lost in the woods find your way through the forest with forest grabbing senior. They're very good. I can use that. Rob you can use that. He ain't gonna use it that low birth of you know i liked it positive here and how to breathe positive on. His breath is entire. Time passed out front that breathing. Uh-huh man let's i typically don't do this app typically don't do the items reviews on weeks jason. But we're going to do this week so it's time for us again. His church right okay. What do we have here. We've got an updated items review so somebody left and i tunes review and now they've updated. It comes yeah. It comes from aaron forever and it's titled drunken slurring and screaming and it was was heavy breathing out. Apparently it's all you go down. I know. I know. I won't let it go. Let it go. i'm at y. Show i just will not stop nagging. You got no experience with that. Neither me see the original and they kept the original one in here man. It's crazy how things change in a matter of months just like just like that ex wife. it goes on to say i love this. Podcast makes it worth listening to six hours on the host gets drunk and either started slurring his words or screaming and his co host highly recommend it. And then there is an edit it says eleven twenty edit levin twenty twenty edit. I had to stop listening about six months. Ago can only tolerate a belligerent. Angry drunk beat the same mildly amusing potty jokes into the ground for so long so now it's a two star star the five and went down to five and the same things that he loved me at the beginning getting drunk screaming. Now he's just like your fucking one trick pony brian. I don't know what he was expected. So what's looked up. He stopped listening about six months ago. And yet he still held onto this anger for me. And i'm saying this like that's that's i don't know what's more fucked up here. He's like he's like steve. Gruesomely from fuck and billy madison. Just holding onto a grudge. I guess oh man yeah like is my name written on wall somewhere. If people he's gonna podcasters he's gonna kill you. Put on lipstick after you can read this fucking stuck. His neck in between his leg started doing this weird wild buffalo bill dance do. I don't see great. Yes so we were from a five to a two and lost this. What a fair weather fan fair weather fan. Yeah yeah i get it i. I'm the first to admit that yeah. There's nothing new coming from me. You've seen it all you've seen it. There's nothing new. You're not getting anything else. Take me as i am. Get the fuck out basically a belligerent. Angry drunk hey we love you for it i drink. I drink one fucking time a week. I drink one time a week. Man i do not throughout the week. I do not drink at all. If i had a fucking problem i would. I would probably hide that. But you know we drink more. Maybe you need to up you tolerance. Yeah exactly exactly so. I'm going to function right. Yeah well if you'd like just start drinking like before work and after work and you can be drunk at work and then you'll learn to function at your job by yelling and screaming you carry on through the week 'til you go we'll say yeah be a belligerent. Angry drunk throughout my entire life. Not just not just once a week. Yeah not just when you're trying to enjoy yourself and blow some steam There's the frick sometimes. Sometimes a lot of times. I just read these and it's like you know they don't they just see the one side of me on this podcast and whatever and sometimes i read these things i just. I'm able to just let them slide off my back then sometimes every once in a while. They'll already catch you when you're down when you're feeling down on yourself and they have no idea that you're feeling down but then you read something like this and you're already feeling down and it's just like people love it's crazy man. It's crazy people love to kick you when you're down and they also they also loved the kick people when they're when they're on their when they're when they're doing great. Some people just hate to see people doing great. There's as down as brigham. Yeah especially on the internet. Like people sticking above anybody else's umbrella rain back in raynham back into the slop slime in the hive of a scum and villainy. I've said it before. I'll say it again. I can't imagine. I've i've listened to some podcasts and i used to love them and then they've made some changes and then they started talking about this talking about that and i don't agree with it but i've never i've never like i've never got on social media and like yelled at them floor and i mean it's just i don't know i think it's it's kind of sickening. Sickening and you need to. You need to just chill the fuck out. I mean we all got to on this fucking planet together and trying to away to to live peacefully and just yell at each other over the internet is just. It's fucking ridiculous. I just want to know what the fuck in november nineteen tells them. Bring you back into his memory after six after six months. Yeah you know. Like what the fuck was he just drive and one day god fucked up ryan guy and some fucking like jason bourne muscle memory thing going on. I fuck fuck. You want some leftovers. And he got he fucking flipping. Yeah at least you know. You were living rent-free and his head lights how you know you're the fucking winner in the argument. That's arguing with him at home. They have so much he is fucking piece of shit he was the guy was masturbating. And he's like oh brian. Brian does this. I've heard and talk about this before. I hate this guy. He's going to hear from each six months later. Log onto my computer and write about. Yeah yeah. I hope. I go fuck yourself you piece of shit. And that's the theory again. Take the high road but then at the end of the day. I fucking now. Here's the thing erin. I i didn't know you existed. When you wrote this bucket review you existed for literally five seconds when i read it and now now and now you you existed for like maybe another fuck three minutes and you're done with you all right. You like you like a flashlight dude. Spanker jeff by count. I come in here and needs as a posh. Wink at best doesn't know that jerk off with a condom on. Wow that's that's what he is just looking finish up and just go eat by you got you enjoy doing this skin on skin when the fug but this glove on it this latex glove on your deck. It's amazing and the best part about this. Is your sober going in on them. So fuck you man and use condoms in years. But i heard that like they said that if you put lubricant inside the condom it's supposed to feel more like a natural thing. You guys ever tried that. But the put the loop in the condom. No i haven't haven't used a condom along here. Yeah dude yeah. It's one of those things. It's like once i heard about that. I hadn't used the kind of inter ever and you. I hope you're not listen to this. Maybe maybe it works. Maybe egos melania covenant sticky now. What's why two-star whitey go the to. Maybe maybe when you read the email and maybe they didn't like what you said. So then that would. That was like in their brain for six months. When i read the original itunes review so this guy held onto someone gave him. Maybe you gave them some shit you know whatever and then got me on the air and rise in front of my family every time every time somebody hates this fucking podcast at all. And here's a fucked up thing. It all comes down to me. It's all my fault. It's every fucking time ever bitches about dan. I think i am the problem here. That i know i know i am. I my latte to to handle. Am i allowed to take in. No i don't think so. I just honestly honestly think a people just nowadays. If people don't like something they feel like they need to tell the well. Yeah and and it's not like it's not like anyone can just kind of like. Yeah i can like it or leave it. Or whatever order. Like i gotta i gotta let you know about it. Yeah and his. i'm important. Love this or fucking anyone should die at seems to be looked to kind of positions people. Take them basically everything now so no one's ever locate it was okay fuck you. Oh yeah. you're the greatest so probably going to do when people show up the fucking aaron forever's funeral. I'm sure they're all going to be talking about you. Know what i miss about this guy. The most him bitch and on social media about shit he didn't enjoy. Yeah you remember. When he told that. Brian guy that he was only a two star. That took some serious bowl. How big big cock air and swain swing swinging his big dick around that guy real inspiration. Real inspiration changed so many lives. Yes he did good for you good for you getting your fun little opinion out there anyway. Drunken the title of it drunken slurring and screaming. I wish that was like a quote for our podcast drunken slurry screaming guy fucking shit. Oh jason bourne rage look at you coming in all the correct volume and shit paul. Thank god the iphone. No heavy out my vegas even going on either. Yeah oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I kept thinking like if there is a if there was like a feather in front of your face like you keep blowing it out and then bringing it back in like a sleeping cat or something in a cartoon. Hey let's go over the view so you everyone else who didn't send one say that you do like me because i need validation guys. Let's jump into our contest winners for the. We're going over these real quick. The contest winners for the digital codes for last week's movies and first movie is the movie chick fight and we've got five winners here that we're going to be going overly pull up so chick fight. This is the movie with. What's your name elian. Akkerman can paul. You nailed it on it are oh my god here we go. What are we guide. Let's start this first winter I not to be aaron for her now. I i is nate ria nate. Rea- you win. Hey dan you want to write these down for me bro. dude you have. Ron let me know. I bugged in every week after we get done with these. I'm like they. Can you sorry man. Now do it. Now i'm bugging the people in discord. Let me let me know when you're ready down. Rain adrienne second second second winter chick. Fight stephen liska. Stephen liska stephen paliska. Congratulations next winter project. Fight three more. Three more chick by john counts john carroll. You're a winner. Your winning accounts number four number. Four wayne swaggart wayne swagger you to digital copy chick might sway gert. That's a really interesting last name right next winter next winter last winter. Last winter of chick fight nicholas tones. Nicholas tony arson tones. I like some cool. Congratulations congratulations now. We're going go over our winters for the movie spell fox. Big paper jason. I'm kidding we guessing wins again. Stephen liska stephen plus getting spell as well see here. People are entering these things. I'm telling you don't even talk to me about competitions. Tammy hatfield second. Winter spell journey failed inserted. A jake mccoy joke here. Who was the first winner. This stephen bliss skar he want again. No kidding john councilmens again. I'm telling you nobody's entering these folks things seriously as in john wins again. You want again congrats. John it's the same people answering the each one. So rob forest. A was that for that is for all right. Final winner rob forest. A forest graphics wins spell and number five nate. Rea- wins again all right and now. I've got four copies. Four copies digital copies of jungle land nother do just one more disposable. You get the game now. Okay all right tony. William dixon william dixon william texan congrats congrats. I enjoy this movie. Quite a bit. Jungle land adam coronet and credit your fucking winner and greta. And you're lucky. Adam because you keep sending the fucking keep starting your answers to the wrong email. You're lucky. I like you fucking lucky that i like you adam. You're a good kid. You've been listening for a long time. But you keep sending your email to keep senate to the wrong. Goddamn email send. It's a comments at pop culture leftovers. You're lucky i like you. As three we got one more left that starts to winners for that too winners for that number three. Just bitched out. Adam coordinate their monica guerrilla win every. She came out with their own line of granola bars. The monica garage granola great. Yeah she's got one called the rock and roller it's the monica guerrilla granola rack. And rolla coming out your mouth too fast last winter. Who's going to be the big winner. Jungle all nine on getting their getting their rab forest once again. It's the same. It's the same nine people entering every fucking week omega. Wait till you get to day. We have to make up when us. The fun one knows yet. Not saying overdone tetras gay. Ted's within ski. You've one next week. I get a fucking one star review from ted's muszynski and now what maybe you can be in a competition where you can try to stop undermining me. I would win competition. We're giving it no. We're giving out winners man. We're giving out winners dude. You should be excited about this. These are people that are going to be able to enjoy cinema cinema now for free during this during these challenging times. Oh it's so awesome. You couldn't wait to wrap this shit up down. Alcaide is your again is your own cooking. Your poor arthritic. Ridden hands flocking choice. Jesus christ gonna find another piece of paper now. I cross sure pride. I'll sacrifice another tree for your cantera say goodbye to the rainforest. Go ahead of you say realize what aaron forever was fucking man. I love both you guys. You know this you know this hour. And they're not you are. Yeah yeah that's another it's been it's been too fucking long since up able to talk to people and and build the show you. You always put me in a good mood dan. Well that's good glitters. Put me in a mode as well whether it's me. Berating you or me a post hole i know. Yeah yeah about my week limp wrist. Never get a hand job from dan west never. It's at least recommend. It's like yeah ads. So it's like a like a tree branch rubbing up against your penis or something like an empty glove full of jello. It's almost necrophilia. Because it's it's that dead of a sensation exactly so wrong but it also feels so roy. I usually just fucking loved. Jelly is what i do. You guys ready for good pop up this episode. Terrible all my god this is. That's that's what we strive for here at pop culture leftovers fine fine as the gold standard here at pop culture leftovers. That's our slogan. Strive for fine and it'll do guys. Twenty twenty is the year for striper. Fine truth yeah no shit all right. Let's up at a good bad pop. Leftover reviews with good good bad. Tom is where we talk about the things in the previous week under weeks that we either wants to read. Sometimes we rate these things and if this is your first time listening we'd like you to be familiar with our rating system. The rating system is simple. If the leftovers don't like something they toss it if they do like something they suggest you taste days. And if it's brilliant against a tupperware rating if all the leftovers love it then it gets the pinnacle of success a tupperware party. So i started looking at like the fandango now app and the amc app for my list. And i started to see that. The movie theaters weren't posting any movies past thursday. And yeah i was thinking. Oh my gosh theaters. Getting shut down again. And that's what happens. So as i noticed this. I was like if you're gonna watch any movies. You'd better watch them this week. And so i went to the theater and i saw four movies in the theater this week because i knew i knew i wouldn't be able to see movies for awhile which includes like we're gonna be talking about wonder woman eighty four. I don't know. I don't know we'll talk about that later but like i don't know if i'm gonna be able to detonate theater now but so i thought four movies in the theater this week. One of the moves that i saw and actually saw on thursday is it was the fan of premiere of vanguard. This is the new. jackie chan. Movie and accountant is threatened by the world's dead. The deadliest mercenary organisation and covert security company. Vanguard is the last hope of survival for him and it's written and directed by stanley tong and he's worked on many movies with jackie chan. Jackie chan's in this again and mia. Mookie and this movie just travels the fucking globe and you're following this security company vanguard who's trying to protect this wealthy accountants and his daughter and It just travels the globe this special effects in this are absolutely terrible. They're so bad. They're so bad they do they do like. Cgi they do a cgi lion cgi car chases and and it's so bad. But i'm telling you like. And i don't know what they were trying to accomplish here if they were trying to their own version of like a spy movie meets fast and the furious. That's what felt like. But with like hyper martial arts action. It's it's it feels like i don't know it feels like a b. movie but it feels like they put a lot of budget into this one too and they put a lot of stunts into it as well. I had fun with this movie. I think it was a lot more fun watching it in the theater with the sounds and things like that it goes all over the place. The villains are kind of not great but they have like and it goes all over like they start off the movie in china and they find out that they rescue this accountant and and a from being abducted by by this mercenary or organization that has been basically blackmailing him and using his money to purchase weapons and things like that weapons of mass destruction and then then they're worried about his daughter being a target now now that he's been secured they're gonna go after his daughter she's in africa. She's like trying to stop poachers and poachers in africa. Go to africa and we get. Cgi lions we get a guy who's like a poacher and and then there's this whole this whole water scene where they're in a. There's a waterfall and they're going down these rapids and there's an action scene with using real jet skis and these mercenaries are jet skis. And they're going after jackie chan and he's like a raft and then they go then. The movie goes to the middle east and they start fucking Battling each other guard starts battling these mercy mercenaries in the middle east and all of a sudden one of the vanguard agents is using this flying green goblin hover board shooting guns. I'm like what. Am i watching here and i don't know i had a lot of farm wife. I'm not gonna say it's a great movie. It is not a tupperware. It's i'm going to say it's a really fun. Taste it if you like. Just silly like jackie chan action. It does have a lot of the comedy in here. It's not his funniest or best movie by any means. But honestly i think they might be wanting to start kind of like a whole franchise with this with sequels vanguard to. I don't know how this is performed in china but and then of course it does have like at the end of the credits. It's got like all the outtakes and things like that. There's a scene and it's fucking were. jackie chan. Doing his own stunts. I jet ski. Goes right over the top of him and another actor and it pins. Jackie chan under the jet ski. And he's fucking drowning klein's yeah yeah the production crew and everybody had to come over there and fucking pull him out you got pinned under this jetski. And he couldn't fucking brief man. It was fucked up support. Guy is is is. He still like the center of the action this movie. I know he's like a little bit older. He's not he's yeah he's like the head of vanguard the top guy vanguard and it's basically it's this young young up and comer that's like the the agent him him in this other guy or like the two main kind of like action stars and there really good man there fucking the really good. There's some really good martial arts in this. I was just wondering if they're going to start to have passed the baton or if he still trying to make a full goal of being like the highlight reel of these movies sued. He's like sixteen now right. I think he's older than hats here. And he's fucking he's still good. He's still fucking he still fucking god. There's a funny seeing that kind of alludes to that where like one of one of the guys that's younger like jumps over like this balcony does like this barrel roll and gets up and runs. After the villain jackie's getting ready to do the exact same thing and another guy points out to him over. There's some stairs. Jacqueline jackie goes in his the stairs at that was cool. Very funny but i love. Jackie chan i. And i knew it'd be the only night it was playing here before the shutdown so i wanted to. I wanted to see. Jackie chan and the new movie and it was fine enough man. It was fun enough. So i'm glad that i saw i'll give it a taste that if this one pops up on that or something like that and i would definitely give it a watch if you're a fan of jackie chan. Jackie chan is sixty six years old. Jesus man damn man pinned by jet skiing by jetski at sixty six did you was it. Did you see tom cruise. Has he had the record for holding your breath under the water for a movie the longest and it got broken by a female actor. That's an avatar sequel. They've been filming underwater. They've been doing with kate winslet. Kate kate win. Yeah was kate. Winslet house kate winslet except crazy video weighted shoes underneath the water. Even sit there. They were doing motion capture under the water and they had to get under the water. Do they did this with sigourney. Weaver sigourney weaver held our breath for like four or five minutes. That's fucking dude. How old is to going weaver. Like seventy it'd be the same age isn't it like don't do shit like that didn't do shit like that on the abyss. That's why ed harris like slap james cameron around he made ed harris hold his breath for too long and he came up. And i think he slapped james you. He refuses to talk about the making of the abyss for james. Like you said. James james cameron. La some hard on for filming shit. Underwater yeah dude. I mean look. At what james cameron did after the a best with titanic and then doing all those titanic documentaries and now going underwater and doing a lot of filming for avatar. I would love to take a bath with james cameron. It'd be so much fun. Gopro just filming. Joe wash the liver spots on his back. You know god. I'd be worried for your for your health. If you take a bath with that guy might make you hold your breath for ten minutes onto that path. It'd be doing holding my breath. Under that water business. Snorkeller man james is just. Call me your little blowfish and forever. I've done it's here from me. Six more months. Yeah you'll hear for another months. It's my biannual check in brian. Still matter fan erin. We get still high to blow off steam. Buddy feel better. This is therapy pre classic fucking pussy fucking pussy. I'm going to get on. I tunes until tell him how much i don't like you re edit to. Don't blame me. 'cause your fucking dad beat you. Don't don't blame me 'cause you fuck a dad. Had a few drinks drinking a few mic lobes in fucking slapped. You around the house knows the stella artois look my dad's drink a dad's drinks and pabst blue ribbon giving you a tb are beat down beat down a little bit. We call a walkie special guys. I know domestic violence is no laughing matter. I'm laughing all the high road in cairo. Dan over there so it's just a joke if seriously if this guy was actually being beat by father a terrible fucking thing even though he's a dasell to me if he was beaten beat by his father when he was a child. That's a terrible fucking thing. yeah. I'm good good clarification. Dan big dick anymore. I don't know maybe you're asking for it when you're a kid you know. Oh paul may maybe. You shouldn't have been the basketball in the house. That's all. I'm saying. That's all i'm saying that's why i had bounces first off your face you little bit. Twenty twenty twenty. Guys i watched. Did anybody watch any episodes of netflix's new docu series. We are the champions. Yes yes. I've watched i've watched three episodes. It's from executive producer. Rainn wilson he's also the narrator on this we are the champions explores the quirkiest most charming and oddly inspirational competitions. You never knew existed. Each episode follows a unique competition providing a window into a world of determined passionate and incredibly skilled competitors. Who put it all on the line to become heroes in their own. Extraordinary worlds featured competitions include cheese rolling. Chilly eating these sounds pornographic these fantasy hairstyling. Yoyo dog dancing and frog jumping. I have seen. I don't know which episodes you guys have seen. I watch cheese rolling chilly eating and yoyo and i i think i think this really comes out of the gate kind of like firing here like these are odd quirky competitions and i did. I knew that people there were contests for people where they eat chili peppers. But i think that this does. And i knew that there had to be like yo yo competitions. We talked about the rubik's cube competition. Of course there's gonna be a yoyo competition. I've never seen it kind of like laid out in this format and in such a fun way. I'm telling you like how they they put on these competitions. Like i'll get to some of these. But the chili eating one like they fucking made that shit exciting. These people are eating like these chili peppers like these ghost peppers that are like super high and they would go over like how hot they were compared to like a regular jalapeno and they would show you and then they had kind of like this breakdown of like all these people that are competing in chilly eating. And you know like a person being like a champion here this person coming hailing from this country in this person from this and they got the best of the best in the world to like go head to head in like this ultimate chilly eating competition and by the time you get to that competition like you've got a really exciting breakdown of all these different people where they come from male female. It doesn't matter where they come from. And you're like who is gonna fucking win this. I thought it was super compelling for eating. Chillis live just watching people eating chili peppers and i was like. Who's going to win this fucking thing. I was super invested in this. It's insane. I how much i really cared about like. Who's going to win. This thing i was i was blown away by the presentation and how they showed this. I want the cheese. Rolling was cool. I to talk about what you guys saw the paul. What episodes did you watch. Yeah so. I watched cheese rolling the chili pepper. And then the haired styling one came on afterwards. But i'm going to echo what you said. It's from what i saw. A total tupperware thought like the cheese rolling was fucking fascinating. Because i'm like i just these people just chasing a you know we're thing of cheese down a hill. They really didn't tell you why they're chasing the cheese. But like you get so into it and by the end of that episode when it comes like you're introduced to like a couple of the female competitors and there's a point in the middle of the race or they're like neck and neck and i don't know who i want to win more like. I was so conflicted as to which cheese runner i wanted to win. You know like the tried and true like the tried and true champion or the one that's trying to uphold the family name in this crazy sport lake. It never once made any of these contests feel like a black sheep like they gave it so much credibility and so much prestige and just getting into the competitors backgrounds and like why they do what they do and you know especially the chili pepper eating one day at so many different people from so many different backgrounds and representations of it was super cool in the guy. That did the chili thing. It was fun. Just like i would love to see a documentary. Just on him making these chilis in the way he comes up with these crazy fucking. You'll they keep calling them mad scientists. That's exactly what he is but yeah it was so much fun. I'm halfway through the hairdressing one and that one is just as crazy. But i think this is a very fun. Newly no lake. We're always short on ideas and this is fun new way to learn about new stuff like it was really fun. Yeah i've seen shows where they talk about like weird competitions or like weird things in general and it's like but i thought that the presentation here was phenomenal. It never took anything away. It never made it look like a joke like some of those. Because i've seen some about like different obscure sports and it's kind of a joke. You know you can make joklik all this could be on. Espn eight the ocho lake. They don't make it feel like that. Like and i think it's because they care more about the people that compete than they do the actual sport. Yeah young people are when the people that do this are what's interesting Yeah like i could care less about people just running down this fucking dangerous health. Why would you why would you. Why would you run down a fucking hill chasing a fucking wheel of cheese. Yeah that can go like damn thing could kill somebody if the guy in front of them but like you and then you find out why they're doing it you just are into your so invested in them. You're just fucking into yeah. It was so like. I just love how they made. Everything seems so valid. Yeah like like everything they're doing has a purpose. It was really cool. Yeah and i think rainn wilson's a really great narrator for this. I think he did a fantastic. I'm also going to give it a temporary dan. We are the champions. I thought the ring wilson during a kind of parody spoofs voice with his narration. there's like And then we see the geez. Roll down the hill and people chase after it and it was just like it just felt like nineteen these kind of documentary style. I didn't think there was much love in his voice. Wait did you. did you not feel that. Did you don't feel like it's kinda like ho-hum narration. I i never got that from it. I mean maybe. I could watch it again and get that feeling. But i don't know. I felt like i got a super invested in. I don't know if it's not it's not. It's not all rainn wilson that like brought this about. I thought it was like a lot of just like the interviews that they have with the people. I mean yeah. He's just like if we're looking at this is like you know A whole like Like baking a cake. This is just like twenty five percent of like what makes that cake. Good as rainn wilson. I thought and the rest is the rest shot and breaking it down and really getting into kind of like that. My new show of these weird fucking sports. Yeah i watched. I watched the cheese rolling city eating. Go halfway through the hairdressing. What's the one soul the beginning of the doak dancing one. Let's get that. And then i saw the beginning of the frog jumping one and skip that as well. Okay so all right. I wanted to say people get a cheese wheel running one. Because that's why you watch the geez chases in gloucestershire because you wanna see idiots throw themselves down more than forty five degree hill and arms stuff. That's why we will watch over here because obviously people don't realize the cheese chasing he's in gloucestershire share in england so this has been gone on for many many many gays. Definitely since i was born according to the documentary. No one knows how it started. Which is pretty funny people just chasing this wheel of cheese which gets up to eighty miles an hour and it's the first person to cross the line is the winner. This hill is so steep. They basically everybody loses control at some point and some people. Just got into cartwheel's of pain. Yeah they to the one leave. The one lady talked about how one person's foot by the end of it was facing the other direction. Let's right and in documentary. You see a forty two. Three people getting knocked out cold they just slide down tools. The one thing. I really did like about the cheese wheel. One actually just cinematography. General was filming in general with the super slow. Most of seeing those people full down. The hill is looking hilarious and call me a cold heart at boston. I don't give a crap about anybody in this show. I don't care where they come from stories. Were a like you're an idiot. That's going to alert. A chilly for netflix. Agrees to almost no money. Hell you doing with your life. Just didn't care. I'm sure i'm sure they're lovely So lovely people love fuck them. I just care about them. They'll give a crap. There's was a lady from england in the one like she's a schoolteacher. Just chemistry and blah blah blah blah blah. She's no stranger to hot spices and she looks like she's probably like pakistani. Sri lankan origin something new chilean in her food. And i was like. Oh i can see someone throw up. Is the chilly in copetition. Wasted half an hour of my life. And i didn't see that was really disappointed. I wanted to see motherfucking. Pass out throwing up for out but no no. They just muscled through. Look look i watch effort. They're putting into paying a fucking idiot. You're y- what have we learned that. Dan's sadist. this is what it's better than a masochist. Which is what these people are so find. It's it's made very well. It's very well done very well. Produced some of the things that they cover interesting. Some of them crap. Doug dancing who gives a fuck so it's fine. It's fine so it's the equivalent of listening to an episode of all right. Exactly strive for fine. that's it tasted. They go man. I'm to have to go back. And i'm going to watch. I think i'm gonna watch the dog dancing because there's an awesome episode of king of the hill. Were hank starts dog dancing with lady bird. And it's one of the funniest episodes of king of the hill ever. And i just said that for myself and five other people have walks in episode but for the five people that watched it episode. You know exactly. What i'm talking about and it was fucking hilarious. I i did not know you could dislocate a collar bone. Yeah never had shit pop again. Actually you can also if you break your collarbone. You don't get any costs or anything just has to heal as well as it can. Because i've fractured mine and cost. You broke mine to talking talking to you guys doing a break. Your collar bones. What do you do. I was always chasing a wheel of cheese. Jason lychees. I wasn't even in a competition. Don't ask me. It was a weird day. I was in a laundry man. You know how they got those carts and a laundry met that like they got two wheels and they got that big bar. That goes up like to hangar. I was in it and then I was just standing up in it and then my sister just kicked it over and i landed on the folding table and just shattered my collarbone. This happened last week. Everybody in fucking and morphine. As a health mine is way more boring or turned up on it. Like a friend's holiday. We were going surfing and we were camping in a failed turned up and i got rushed by about seven of my friends. One of those being listener stevie lovelace and they all jumped on top of me and by the time the fifth person was on top of me. I heard a horrible crunch noise. And i told them all to get off and yeah my collarbone was kind of like in a very odd angle. So i drank whiskey and smoked weed until it couldn't feel anything out ready to god. You would've said you were at a dog dancing competition you stupid jumped you for it. I also was hoping that he would say i was in a laundry dude. I'm not even joking. Also in a laundry mat. Weren't both there. I was dogged dancing in a laundry mat. I was telling somebody was stupid for doing frog. Jumping just fucking clobbered me in the collarbone. I was dirty dancing dancing. I i held my pomeranian up like gene. What's her name. Jennifer gray patrick swayze at the end of that fucking movie. I'm surprised he didn't break her. Collar bone will make in that movie. Now man and fucking hated each other. Oh god that the movies that made us so good it was. I hate that movie. It was the best episode. Was the best episode. It really was like. I love the soundtrack. I grew up on the soundtrack. But i can't stand the movie. Why did they hate each other. Dude it like there's cuts of him calling her like a dirty bitch. Like i think he hung up. I could be wrong bryant. But i think she held up production for like four hours because she wanted a cheese tray. Yeah yeah the whole cheese tray thing. They talked about the cheese tray thing and there was a clip of him calling her a bitch. Yeah he's like come on. You bitch is like whoa. So what you're saying is they were both pieces of shit and it was made by porn company. I found out. I just literally found out like maybe a month. Yeah it was made by a point. I literally just found out that. She's married to fucking agent in that deal their divorce. Now because jun choi fuckin- jinx at shit. They divorced win like last time. I was out with june. She clearly brought that up that they were married to each other and then the next day after we recorded a broke that they split up. Wow i think like in the summer. Yeah it's fucking nuts. Okay there's your there's epcot trivia for the day that much you can put up with some of being a bitch. Tio veasley lasted a hell of a lot longer than patrick swayze story cheese. Four hours for cheese tray dude. He sounded like a diva man but he was just going off on her. I heard that they've rolled that she's trade down a hill and she ran after it fucking collarbone and you know what else i think when they were making that scene where she keeps laughing when he's touching her that was all real and that was pissing him off was. Yeah yeah they brought that up. Did you see making the christmas movies that made us. That's coming out this year. no. I didn't yeah and they're gonna have christmas movies that made us and they think they're going to be doing and other going to be doing elf and like all the movies home. Well they did home alone already. There did home alanya national vacation. Yup which is weird because there would be no home alone without christmas vacation. Because that's when christopher columbus set i can't work with this piece of shit chevy chase and john's uses like well hang on. Let me give you a script. And that's how he got home loan. I've heard some. I've heard some horror stories about chevy chase. Yeah yeah oh god There's some horror stories about chevy chase on the set of of community. There's a whole voicemail. Well there's bill. Murray off when they did caddyshack i'm sorry. Yeah they i think they got a physical altercation during the filming of that i could be wrong but like i'm pretty sure that they did because i think they need. I think they clearly said they needed to get bill. Murray so high on weed for the one scene that they have together in caddyshack just so he wouldn't like fucking break his neck. Well they hated each other. I think going back now. Yeah thank you. I think it was all detailed in a book about the making of caddyshack. Yeah then they made that into like a documentary on an ear. Something it's really good. Yeah champions on net flex stan gives it a taste at me and paul enjoyed quite a bit. I don't know you guys decide for yourselves. I think people are just rushing to the dancing episode. Right now is just like oh my gosh. Why is the dog. Dancing episode just exploded. Like oh my gosh everybody. Listening to this episode rushing in netflix's listen to to watch the dog dancing episode and we exchanged a six months netflix's dirty review about the fucking dog dancing episode from an forever outspoken fac. I'm so important. Listen to me in my opinion six months later you fucking rat you. I think he's probably the worst of cons. I think this is all planned by him. Like my first review is going to be that. I love him and then i'm gonna watch them or he's golden up like a whole third ask. What's what's the fidelity. Yeah this is like like when fucking whole cogan in fucking macho man for the form. The mega powers. All the mega powers fight. Yeah and then they fucking turned on each other. I mean an forever. We were like the mega powers. No in this elizabeth elizabeth. Yeah yeah talking badge gem. She's said did you. Did you watch the match. Oh man miss elizabeth episode of dark side of the ring. Paul dared house fantastic their whole series fucking to me isn't it. It's so god. And i think they just got renewed for like eighteen more episodes. Fuck yes and they drop them in parts the first part and then like months later you'll get like the second part. I'm just excited to see. I feel like they've done a great job. I can't even imagine what else there is to cover like. Where huge conspiracy. I mean like even the little stuff like that. John stoskopf docile guy getting sloughed brown. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh my gosh. Bruce at the bruiser brody one. I couldn't believe it from all accounts. He just sounded like a nice guy and he he gets fucking murdered. Said oh yeah well. And and even the thing was like the fabulous moolah like back in the days. He seemed like the nicest person and all of a sudden. It's like it's all coming out that she's fucking she's like no wire hangers lady fucking jong harare. She's hurt she's joan crawford. Evil mommy dearest dearest. Oh my god. I watched that movie. When i was a kid and i was like mommy. That's you mommy dearest. What a fucked up movie life after flash paul. Did you watch this. I ted dude. Here's the thing. I one of the four movies that i saw. I talked about land guard but they had the. I haven't seen the movie in over a decade well over a decade. I hadn't seen flash gordon and they had the fortieth anniversary in theaters for it was a two day two or three day event from fathom events and so i went and saw on sunday and get there and there's like no sound when they start the movie. It's like at the beginning before the movie started. They had like all this special kind of like. Oh we're going to have like you know. Sam jones introduce the movie. And we're gonna have like this comic book. This animated comic book. Come to life from the from flash gordon and all this shit there's no volume in my theater and so i go out there and i tell him there's no volume and trying to get it fixed and because there's so many people not showing up to the theater. They were able to switch it to a different theater within my theater so i was able to go into a theater. That did have audio. And they switched it over. And i was able to watch it but they gave me. They said you can get anything of our menu for free and we'll also give you a free ticket for a free movie. And so i had used like my. Amc points to get the tickets. So i got the ticket for free. And then i was able to get some free nachos and a free drink and then i got a free ticket. I made not like a fucking bandit and you're about to say sam. Jones actually came down from the from projectionist room college. That would've been amazing. He's like. I'm times are tough man. I'm working right now. He's like. I don't even know how long i'm working here because it looks like they're going to be shutting down. The times are tough. I jones. Oh no yeah. But i'll do it. i can. I cost the cost am so much money that day because it was so windy out that day when i opened the door to leave like the doors swing wide open and it snapped the chain on the door. I broke the door. And so i- cost ams. I i cost. Amc was in whole that day they cannot they cannot single handedly puts them is going to be reading about that online. I the nacho door we were fine until he fucking fucked up this door. And now we're filing chapter chapter eleven bankruptcy. You remember when that fashion place that store the clothing store forever. Twenty one filed for bankruptcy. I thought they should after they changed it to forever. Eleven for chapter. Eleven as my. That's my data joke from last year. Anyway so i went and saw the fortieth anniversary in the theater. I'd never seen flash gordon in the theater and so this was awesome. And so after i got done i remembered that there was the flash gordon documentary. Which at the time when it came out. I really wanted to see it but it had been so long since i'd watch flash gordon that i wanted to watch the movie and it wasn't streaming anywhere and so when they released it in the theaters and i watched it. I was like okay. I'm gonna watch this documentary and it. Chronicles the making of the one thousand nine hundred film version of flash gordon and its eventual cult following and looks at the roller coaster life sam jones since his role as flash gordon his struggles and successes in the aftermath of when he went up against one of the most powerful producers in hollywood. And it's got a ton of fucking people that were in. The movie cast members melody anderson. Brian blessed peter wingard richard. O'brien deep roy. Deep roy good porn name. Good point name right there. Deep roy give him the give her the old deep roy. Give deep roy. What a great porn name deep roy. Anyone dan did you see. Did you see. Have you ever seen this movie. Life after flash Yes today oh no shit. Yeah a lot of comic book. Creators are involved in this too as far as like interview. Stan lee alex. Ross mark miller. They got filmmakers filmmaker. Robert rodriguez and you know what i knew. I hadn't seen him enough time. Asaf after flash gordon. But i didn't know exactly why and this really gets into like you know like why he didn't explode and why they didn't make any more sequels to this. And you know he had like this big falling out with with the producer of this movie. Dino what was his name dino had big falling out with dino whatever dino's last name was i can't remember a big falling out with him and it was. It was basically like his agents. Were telling him as advisers. Were telling him to let go ahead. Just leave the movie and it really turned out to be a bad decision. Got the wrong people around him. But i mean i mean we can impact us a little bit more. You can watch it for free on amazon prime. Now you can't watch flash gordon streaming anywhere for free but you can rent it or buy it from voodoo or apple or whatever amazon but i mean what did you think about this dan. It was interesting. Because i love love gordon shit when i was a kid and gums must have watched about twenty times. Something like that And it was interesting to see like you guys are saying. We'll actually happened. And why sam dissipate off the face of the planet and the thing found most interesting about that story is the production guys. The production side and some of the actors said it went one way. Which was the sam went back home for christmas. And then he never came back because there was like a pay dispute or something and then the other side of the cast and crew set and sam. His family said he went back home for christmas. He was waiting for cool for him to come back to england to do dubbing and voice stuff the you know certain things and he never got the phone call so one side says that he just told them all to fuck over never came back and the other side said he was waiting to come back. So it's just was there was no kind of like resolution as to what actually happened go to sides of the same story and neither of them lines up with the other so what the hell did happen is mad. I think i honestly think that his advisors gave him the wrong advice. Like not to count not to go back. They're not going to resume production without you and and he was proven wrong. That's what i think. That's just my personal opinion. That like he's too important that he'll get what he wants. Whatever demands he's wanting he'll get and they'll bring him back and that's that's not what happened here. They went they went ahead and used his double and then got got a voice over actor crazy man. 'cause i didn't realize that that wasn't his voice. I had no clue. I could tell you could tell like some of it is dubbed a like. I didn't realize that they basically did the whole fucking film with a completely different guiding guiding voice and the guy that played what was his name blah blah blah blah blah. Trying to find our pete wing great to go play lights this. He said it was some canadian actor and he doesn't remember his name and no one else members who this guy was never know who the fuck it was. It was brady weird. Let's like maude with lots of problems. With mainly with sam and look a little head bashing and stuff and i mean not gonna lie like the guy comes off as a hell of a trick the beginning of this and only in his professional life but his personal life comes as a complete douchebag but as it goes on like the documentary is very fair and very kind of impartial information than it receives which i thought was a really nice touch and they let everyone speak that truth and by the end of it you know you get stuff from Let carson family and friends and people know him and him himself and basically saying it to realize that he wants a piece of shit and he kind of turned his life around. Ted came along and he did that. And things looking up fam- so that was nice. It was it was good to sort of see both sides instead of everyone. Just slagging him off from cool nimick for the rest of his life. Yeah oh god. And i love it. They got into the the amazing soundtrack. Because it's so good. I listened to it today. Really you know. I mean when you look at a movie like thor ragnarok you can see basically like that whole movie. That whole styles inspired by flash gordon. Yes you can say you can say planet hall you can say you can take whatever or stories you want to take but like the style like tyco. Td is injected into that is one hundred percent taken from flash gordon. What hundred percent. All of the colors and the way since music and you know the crazy stuff that jeff schick we're coming up with jeff goldblum ship. You know what i mean. That's my favorite entire movie and the hologram comes up with jeff loveness even like the score in third ragnar from mark mothers baugh. It's it's very flash. Gordon and i loved that they did bring up star wars in this too because we know that flash gordon was a huge influence on the star wars films. George lucas is trying to get the rights to flash gordon movie. And they wouldn't give it to him so he ended up writing his own. Kind of flash. Gordon which ended up being settles in. It's perfect that max. Von sydow who was in flash. Gordon ended up being a character in the force awakens. When you played your sense aca yeah. It's amazing because i mean yes is very cheesy film. it's very cheesy. It's incredibly dated but it clearly influenced a lot of people back. In the day you see that in in info and you can see it star wars and a million of things it some and the soundtrack the soundtrack there is just go. Fash like that to anyone as those it a conic and i'll just this is. The first documentary goes the. It was a really interesting. I think it could've done with being. I'm going to go. Jake is to be a bit shorter. They will for me dragged a bit could have been in an hour long like an hour and four thirty four cut quite a bit of out but yeah it was. It was interesting was going to say. I wish i would have said more timothy dalton but he hates that film so he wouldn't do anything but it was like that was the guy that said In the end credits he said i saw timothy dot one in like a lawn threat and i said hey timothy you killed me and fast odin and he just fucking sned. Him turned around and walked away. Yeah he hates that. Maybe it's a smear. His career he really doesn't like it. What does it mean. What movies of his does he love like. If he hates racquetball does he hate his james bond. No i think you'd like since james. Yeah like well. I thought he was fantastic in the rockets here. Oh he's good in doom patrol. Yeah yeah yeah. He's fantastic and doom patrol. Paul what you think about life after flash. I really enjoyed this one. I didn't see the movie. I ended up afterwards. Which is really crazy because i ended up recording with memorable. We talked about the movie highlander. Which i've never seen so. I watched highlander. Right after. Flash gordon do. This was so inspired by flash gordon even with the whole queen soundtrack. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah queens was kind of all over the place eighties movies and tv shows but yeah my biggest takeaway is. I wanted to get a beer fucking. Brian blessed that so that had a pie old in legend. Holy said blade the mantha. I kept thinking god. The sam jones iss this wish dot com version of lou. Frago just comes off like a fucking asshole. And like and dan like. I know you said towards the end of the movie. You kind of see. I your like you kind of seen as a better person. I ever seen that at first until his son said you know like i hated the movie ted because way he went back to that person. And it's like sam jones was completely embracing debt like that image again. So it's like family manner you kind of want to be well. I don't know man. Maybe his son doesn't understand parody. Because that's what that was a i think on with sun'll be an asshole to his son. He's always fucking problems but as in his his his childhood is probably marred by the actions of his dad so he didn't want fuck and see that on screen so i can understand why he had. It was just him in a comedy film. Pretending to be a much over exaggerated version of excel. Because i don't think he can let run through punch through walls and we'll know everything else sits and teddy says on a life. So we'll see where i'm goin'. I took it that that he didn't like i took it that he felt like his dad was kind of becoming a version of himself in. That movie was out at that time like he was kind of going back into that mindset. Not that he thought he could like talk to teddy bears but he was kind of become that asshole. Yeah i feel like the sun felt like he was compromising. He is now to go back to that. You know that's how i talk. And i don't think that his son appreciates the potty humor of seth macfarlane. No no but like my whole point was just that. I don't think i just don't feel like you. Totally redeemed himself. I'll know the guy who gives a fuck. Would i think about this. He just seemed he just seemed very self controlling type of dude but it was kind of cool to see like him kind of saying how we learned from himself. Just a battle he went into death fucking dino guy jesus fucking christ sounds like that guy. Pretty much destroyed his career from the offset. Yeah yeah yeah to the point where he like. Twenty years later i had to call dino and say hey we cool. He's like yeah. We're fine no like dude. I heard he wouldn't even fuck in his kids. Eat the dino flintstone vitamins. Fuck fucking fuck. And when they got flintstone vitamins. They were eaten. Betty and wilma and fred and barney but he fucking trashed all the dino's they were in bams and they were. It was but all the fucking gino wants. They fucking threw in the trash soon as as soon as he saw in the kid's hand just smacked it out. No yeah yeah. We don't do that in this house. no it was. It was really cool to see all like especially movies like that way back. They were things now with cgi to see like how they built like like actually move to like one of the biggest hangers in the world. Do just to get some scenes for the movie like. That's that's what. I love about the old movies that they made all that shit by hand away. They created the clouds. Yeah that's really cool. Then they add like some kind of like coloring to water and the fog would turn into your pink. Yeah it was cool. That was a practical effect. Yeah your favorite about the whole documentary. Was everyone else. Every person that did impression of dino diller. That's that's my favorite bit because everyone was like. Hey everyone put this gruff talion voice and everyone's was slightly different but apparently that was exactly how we sounded because everyone did the same damn thing you know you. I'm sorry it was probably awesome to for those two only guys in the world to like actually collect the props from the movie who's like wives and girlfriends pie told your your ridiculous for having this day. That debt set the camera show to their house. A hey we wanna talk to you about some props you have from flash gordon fuck you pays off. Here's mine hunkin. Here's my costume. That this dude farted in or whatever dude like yeah. They were talking about like the one costume that timothy dalton war and it still had timothy dalton on. It seems like happy about that. He's i could clone timothy dalton if we had the technology with this but he did not say that. That was me. But i yeah. I'm surprised that this shit some of this shit is not in like the smithsonian like the smithsonian doesn't have like some of the stuff in there it's crazy like some of these big movies you'd think like some of these props of being the smithsonian the smithsonian renton east from from these people and it's not there so yeah don't like how do you see that this guy's house this year but what if you or whatever you want to see this shit. Maybe maybe maybe he opens his house to people that want to pay the os last week. He's holding off for for himself because he doesn't want anyone else to touch it. Last week starts to sweat asked week. We talked about the wolfman scott nods documentary about the monster squad at the end of that documentary. You had andre gower. Who played the young kim that movie and he was the director of the of the of the wolf. Ain't got more man's got documentary. He pulled out the stephen king rules. T shirt that he wore during that movie he likes showed it to like all the super fans and dude their reaction was just like. Oh my god. This is the shirt. This is the shirt you know like like all these super fans just went so nuts for it so that stuff is important to like you know like if you're a fan of a certain property like just be able to see those things like you know if you're a fan of like the wizard of is like i don't know where like the original slippers arthur. Like smithsonian museum somewhere but like there were stolen. I heard that too. Yeah no one knows where they are. There's there's been like a fucking bounty things for years. They got stolen out of some museums. Isn't there like an unsolved mysteries about that or something. There could have been all. I know we used to watch your show. Hollywood treasures where this guy would have an auction house in hollywood and he would find like you would talk to like old actresses and actors and get like some of their private stuff and would sell it for like fifty thousand dollars and shit like that and he always said his holy grail was to find the ruby slippers. Because you original ones were stolen. Yeah i don't know how many that they made and how many were screen used. I think there was only one legit pair still like out there that could be validated to be on screen. Because they did in the show. Wake would like freeze frames. You know because anyone can say. Oh look i got this from this movie and they would like they would spend weeks like scrutinizing it to like shit on screen and they will look like for certain scuff marks and took a lot to even validate that the stuff was real from a movie. So that was cool but yeah. I think there's only like one pair that's known to exist and they've been i i'll be honest with you as far as like flash flash gordon documentaries go. I don't know if they've ever made another one. i. I think that this was fantastic. I personally loved it. I'm gonna give it a tupperware. So i think if you have amazon. This is definitely worth watching dan. It sounds like you're giving it a tasted or high taste it taste. It tasted it was interesting. It wasn't it wasn't an watched. And i thought that good that was about it. Cindy you sorry thing. I watched game wait to spend time. Well you know what happens what. I don't like things as you found out earlier. And paul what are you. What are you giving it. I'm gonna give it a high taste. Just because i've never. I don't have that much experience like movies and held to such high regard to me. I was just more entertained by you. Know sam jones versus the world. Type of thing now him you know being a fuck insecurity guard and phillies see yourself. I will say that if if anyone does flash you haven't got the dvd or the balloon. You haven't listened to the commentary tracks. Do yourself if ever get a copy of the dvd with the brian. Blessed commentary on it. Because this bill saying you know he's a fucking amazing character. I'm his he gives you the lowdown on everything in the film. As far as what was going on onset is and it's hilarious really funny. It's really informative. About how the film was made and everything that was going on between the actors and everything. So check that out. If you're a flash gordon fan because it's fucking awesome. My god his his best part was when he's getting so worked up. He's like can i say can i stay out. I shouted fuck. Did you know that goes climbed everest like three times. Shut the fuck up. Are you serious did it. When i was a kid it was a little the look kids tv show we have. I heard his second time up there. He chased a cheese wheel all the way back down and he didn't break a bone all the way down. I already i already fighting. Beat the cheese wheel down ever like the cheese will have to catch up to him and was the cheese wheel. They had dislocated collarbone. We like we don't know how this happened. This is this is this is not even biologically possible passenger. Did it. so we don't know my favorite badgley documentary was when he was talking about because he tells the story. We'll tell him which is the bit where like hit. The man goes behind the domingo and he likes grabs a cheek and she goes. Oh she looked as a big squeak and he that and he loves telling people that was ad libbed because it one hundred percent warts commentary. he's going. oh this is. You're really just let me so funny canceled for that. Nowadays i mean an actress unstaged true so true. That's you guys want to take a break. Even keep going. I would like to take a break. Please let me take much shorter. Let's break it up. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna break it up. We'll be right back Hi around like morgan freeman. I bet most of you do some online shopping with amazon. It's just so easy. I myself locked them today to buy adult diapers. I'm not embarrassed. I have zero shane. I really don't give a fuck you. I'm at that age. You'll get here to one day. I don't think that you won't you naive as hat. One day youtube will be just like jamie. Lee curtis and shitting your body weight. Dan and yoga. And the next thing you know you'll be on amazon ordering adult diaper thing. Holy shit that record face fucker was right anyway. The how point of this is the tell you that pop culture leftovers dot com has an amazon shopping with families. When you click on the link from their website it helps the show. It doesn't charge you extra at all. You just shop like you. Regularly would an amazon takes care of the rest. It's easy and convenient just like these. I literally flew this depot recording this that hashtag day all right. Hey we are back. We got a lot more to cover in. Could pop band pop. And i'm going to start off with you guys. Get your own good pop up that you want to talk about this. Oh my cat. My cat is on the table and tail. Just hit the microphone. there is just. He is just wanting some love and right now. This is he. He's just wanting some levin right now. You're handsome fuck dude. I'm gonna tell you that right. Now you're handsome is fuck. You should not worry about that. You're fucking beautiful animal anyway and is head. He loves it when it rubs years loves it whenever up years. Yeah it's good that anyway. I watched no-man's-land on hulu this hulu original series and it dropped. I think on friday thursday friday. What was the eighteenth was wednesday draft on wednesday. A family grieves the death of their daughter in a suicide bombing. Meanwhile brother suspect she is still alive. After glimpsing her in a news report and sends off to find her in the middle east. And that's a little bit misleading. He sees a news report and he sees a woman she's turned around. She's putting her hair up in a hair tie and he just. It just reminds him of his movements. It's it reminds him of his sister. Now she was believed to be dead believed to be killed in the middle east and so he cannot shake he cannot get it out of his head that that was his sister. He thinks that there are some circumstances around her death. That were very suspicious. And he thinks that there's a chance you could still be alive. So this basically takes him on a journey to the middle east to syria where he gets involved in the syrian civil war and meets up with a female fighting unit known as the wipe e. r. y. Pj and this is not a true story. But it's based on real events that are happening in the middle east and In this story not only de meet him and his family and then the members of the y. Pj this female fighting group. That's fighting isis. But you also meet on the other side of isis. You meet three london. Born men nassar. Yod and paul who eventually for isis and it gives us flash brat flashbacks like a breakdown. Why joined isis and paul. I know you watched a little bit of this. I've i'm through four episodes of this. It's an it's an eight episode series on hulu. You watched part of this. I don't think the e- it was time related for you cracked why you couldn't finish anymore. Yeah yeah it was totally time related. And i'm not gonna lie like it was just the subtitles just staring at screens. All the time like oh i just need to kind of chill but then i looked at a time. Like there's no way i'm gonna be able to even get one done but i was the first half of that episode. I was into what was happening. I mean i was definitely compelled with. It's not like something we've seen a lot on. Tv where it kind of takes you into syria and look at this guy's quest to find some truth. Yeah it was. It was super interesting. I'm definitely going to go back and try to give it a you know a decent shot. Yeah i've seen some negative reviews online. I personally really. I'm really enjoying this. I think like a lot of people are upset that this is not more of kind of like you know going through like what's really going on over there. It does but it's also included like this fictional story like this french man looking for his sister who got involved in the syrian civil war and it does flashbacks. And i like how she got involved into it. In the first a lot of people are upset about the fictitious nature of this and why it's not focusing on the factual truth of these women that are fighting in the in the uae. I still think there's plenty of room for at that show to come out or a docu series about these women that are fighting in the white. Pj i just find that the drama and what's going on in this series is super compelling. I'm really enjoying this show. I could not stop watching it. I binged like the first four episodes. But i watched to back to back i. Some other things came back to the third episode. Even as of today. I finished the fourth episode. This is something. I definitely wanna finish. I think there's a lot of mystery and a lot of things they're having me. Come back to this one top. Where i really like no-man's-land and i think this is a really great show that no one's talking about right now so i'm really kind of like people. Just get so upset when it's like not dealing with like what's really going on and stuff like that. I think it's still shining a light of like what is going on there. But it's like you know. I watch fucking titanic by cameron. There is no rose and jack then never happened but like all the things that happened in that movie. The fucking boat sank. I think that this is basically just a way to kind of like shine a light on like what's going on over there but still like bring us you know like the drama and like i dunno. I enjoy it. I guess i'm just not pissing and moaning like some people are about for whatever reason But i still think that this is compelling and it shines a light on what's really going on over there and how horrific some of the some of the things that are that are happening over there. I top where it's no man's land on hulu and dan. You still don't have fucking hulu over there in england nope facto. No i mean aside from this. Is there anything else. Get on it. Yeah i mean who's got some some originals and shit that i think you'd wanna watch like the big one of course handmaid's tale you know and i know you know seth rogan did future man. We're going to be talking about run. Which is a hulu original film is actually supposed to come out theatrically but hulu. I think we get a lot of that on amazon prime. They move over to amazon prime. Yes some stuff they do. Yeah yeah yeah so no-man's-land check it out on who they'll give it a shot if you if you're not into it after the first episode if you don't give a fuck about these characters after the first episode and then drop it i don't give a fuck what you do. I really don't care. I really don't fucking care anymore. You can do whatever the fuck you want to live your life thing a fuck these people fucking now you get to listen to three white guys talk about what the fresh prince fresh prince of bel-air the fresh prince of bel-air union to them thirty years later we're bringing the banks family back together. Join will smith in his former co stars for funny heartfelt night full of buzek dancing in honor of the show that ran for six seasons in one hundred and forty eight episodes they brought back all the cast that they could bring back through this one. Of course they could not bring back james. Avery who passed away in two thousand thirteen played. Uncle phil also was the voice of shredder and the teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon. I didn't know that now you do but man everybody comes back. We'll smith finds a ribeiro. Karyn parsons who played hillary tatyana ali who played ashley. Joseph marcell played the butler. We've got both vibes. I was shocked. Fuck it shocked that we got both verbs. Because i i knew a little bit about what happened with janet huber with the original. I knew a little bit. What happened with you janet hubert. But i didn't know the full story here and i like all well impact this. We'll unpack this but man. I'm five minutes into this. And i'm tearing up. I'm already tearing up and it had it had to do with the cast going back. They totally redid the set of the fresh prince of bel air at the fucking living room that they would like most of them would congregate in there. You know we got other parts of the house but like a lot of the scenes that took place where like in like like the main living room the four year area and there are meeting there and they're hugging each other and alfonso ribeiro pops out of like and just do it. I'm fucking. I'm in tears like five minutes into this thing because this show like i remember going back to one thousand nine a. I remember being a fan of the fresh prince when he was a rapper nightmare. On my street now. I think i could beat mike tyson. Whatever the song was. I loved all his fucking for his wraps. Were funny they were clean. They were funny. I enjoy them as a kid. I thought it was very talented than and to hear the stories of how the show came about. And you know the story of him and quincy jones. And all that. I don't know i was. I was just and i remember when the show came out. I remember watching it the the night that it aired. I sat down to watch it the night that it aired like. There's those shows that. I remember watching the night that they aired. This is one of them. I remember watching seinfeld than i did it. Aired and remembering and watching that first episode of seinfeld and thinking to myself. I do not like the show and then it turning into something else and being one of my favorite shows ever and i know it's not the cool thing to like seinfeld now but back in the fucking late nineties. You fucking no uber watching it. You know you were watching it. Most people were watching hours watching it. It was a fun event science bob. We're here to talk about seinfeld. We're here to talk about the fresh prince. But man i fucking love this show from day one. I thought the whole just the whole like i mean. We had a culture clash of him coming from philly in the family. Living in belair. But it's a black family man and it's like the ship you didn't on the cosby show. You know. I think like the cosby show. The contemplate at safety played it. They played it for white audiences. This show man. It took it to some places where we're black people like. This is the shit that black people are dealing with. It talked about. The episode were caught in a wheel got pulled over by the police. This should still fucking relevant today man who this this was. It's fucking makes me wanna go back and watch all these fresh prince episodes on hbo. Max man i tell where the fuck out of this will impact and a little bit more but my guide. Paul what did you think about this earth. It's told uproar. This was the you know. This show came out when i was just starting to really kind of go away from the cartoons and try to be you know like a grownup kid a cool kid and of course it's gotta be will smith and it was just so cool to just learn everything that went into this show and like how it did tackle those big subjects back in the day that are still being felt today but i mean it was just awesome to really talk to talk to the dude that played geoffrey. You know how much like pride he'd like. Everyone just looks back on. This was sold privately. They know it like they know how much of an impact it's had on society and it was cool for them to just kind of like acknowledged that and talk about how that became something bigger. And i think to me the most interesting thing. Besides the ant give coming back was them talking about like how they filmed the show and the most interesting thing to me was what they did on tuesdays wednesdays and the trust that like the raiders had in the actors that was like the those are the two days or they were able to kinda like rehearse and give it their own feel and i don't know if a lot of shows gave a lot of actors death freedom to kind of test around with their characters but it seems like those tuesdays and wednesdays. The week of filming was when all the magic happened of how they were really able to. You know to put like the real miss into this where you know it. Was you know some of it could be kind of too hard to believe. But in those tuesdays and wednesdays they were really able to get you to feel the real nisa those characters and of course you know breaking down the whole you know talking about james avery and you know like what they really break out. That you know huge. Everyone knows scene. Where you know wills dad leaves and there's uncle phil still. They're like really here. You know to really hear about the filming of that scene. How emotional it was for both of them and how james. Avery became the dad for him off the camera during that scene of how he just said. Look at me like playoff me when we do this. That was that was super cool was just awesome to see everyone. Come back you know. Even the little kid think his name was nikki in the show like it was just a lot of fun no school to see like then acknowledged the influences had society. So yeah it's a whole tupperware these kind like reunions or even like a documentary on some of these black sitcoms it. I don't think that they shine a light on. I wanna know like what was going on in the writer's room for like good times you know. Yeah jimmy walker fucking. I loved good times. I you know it's it's one of those shows that i watched. I think i watched it in syndication when i was a kid like on the ass and shit like that. I loved good times. And i felt like that was like you had the cosby show which i was a black cast but it was basically center it was. I felt like it was made for for white audiences it showcase the comedy of bill cosby cosby. Who is like family oriented. You know back in the day we can all we know we know i know about. We all know about bill cosby now. Okay we all know about dr sleep all so we only get. I'm talking about what we what we knew of him back then but like you know so but i want to and i do it i would love to. I want more of this. I wanna fuck. I want a family matters reunion. I wanna fuck fucking. I want to. I want a good times reunion. This is shit like and we've had a lot of these. I feel like josh gad. Did the whole like fucking reunited apart shit this year. And i think that's been great. And this is another thing that i just think like even took it to the next level because you just the cast interacting with one another talking about like dude. It was great seeing them all together in the same room and all the love that they had. You have to think to yourself that they had to have been talking about coming back and doing something. And i honestly think that. I know they're talking about doing like a re a reboot of the show and making it more of drama or whatever the fuck they were talking. Yeah there was talk of that. And i know that that's like in development or something but i honestly think that they should bring back this cast and do ten episodes do ten episodes. Just kinda like what netflix with full housing fuller house you know do bring. I think will smith would come back. I think like once he felt the energy and got back in the room with these people. I do think there was. There had to have been talk. There had to have been talked. Somebody had said like. Could we do this again. could you do this again. I think it's all off camera but man. I cannot think that they did not think like man. I want to do this again. Especially numbers come in like did this did like big fridge b. l. Yeah do what was the biggest movie before this action park. Do this has to do this. Has to be huge. This has to be huge for them. That a fresh prince of bel-air. My dad was watching the fresh prince of bel air. Who i'm talking about my fucking father was watching the show. My dad loved this show. Dude i mean fucking. Do you remember where you do. It's like we talk about like where we were when fucking people talk about like where they were fucking kennedy got shot. You know when nine eleven happened. Dude i could sit here and talk about where i was when fucking carlton did the first call to dance. You know what. I mean that that was comedy gold. It was so funny. What dan west did you think about this. Oh so it's up wherever they all day obviously coming from another country show has a slightly different kind of meaning over here. Because i mean oversee you guys have your problems over in the us and we have a similar share problems to race and stuff like that. But it's not doesn't seem quite as notts but we didn't have many kind of like a light black shows over here. There was a circle desmond's which was about Like a hairdressers which was like an all black cast and that was hilarious as well. That was that was awesome but fresh prince. A man everyone over. Hey what's the fresh prince fucking. Everybody what's this show and if this was like before we had streaming or anything like that funds were saying you didn't just watch on your phone yet to sit there and hit the weight at the right time in front of your tv to watch it and everybody was the fresh prince. It was on at six o'clock on bbc. Two and everyone atmos go on everyone on this show and it was just a fucking joy from start to finish not only was it funny but like like cultural commentary in it but it was full of wisdom as well like the six series. I didn't everything i mean. Everyone always talks about the public brand new excuse episode. Because it's one of the best things in sitcom and i would say. Tv history between will and james just can't watch it without crying every single time. Loan care how many times they play. I've just burst into tears. Everything time fucking incredible and let you saying that the episode where they get locked up for with four show judges and local fo- comes near telling the guy he's gonna tangle the the police station that were so many lawsuits that his grandkids are going to need lawyers and that was awesome. But there's also stuff like when. I'm willing to go to college. And there's there's a very big class distinction. Where like the guy was. I think his name was doke or something and he was saying. You know that like colton wasn't black essentially and that was like you know. Say it's very difficult to talk about. Is like being who i am but it was just thought it was very interesting episode and alphonse amazing speech in that i'm about jumping the same hurdles and things and wisest trip in march and it is just like it's just so good from start to finish and this reunion like you said you just start tearing up see them. Oh hugging. there's a beautiful tributes james avery and you know we get the kid's name kidney mo bros bagley comes in nikki. He comes later on his shit and just seeing the cost the kind of archive footage of how they used to hike the live audience up and then we'll play and let percussion instruments beginning of the film. Megan just like getting this energy level. Low to this massive crescendo. in band. They will start doing the show just to get like the laughs and the the Interaction with the audience as high as they possibly could and it reminds me of them that there's many shows that have this kind of true color rotary amongst the cost. You know things we have nowadays. They're very how much can we make out of this. And it's very kind of clinical and corporate and you just see them like just boston moves in will smith's dressing room to patchy and everyone's just having an absolute blast all the time and they were excited. You know like the you'd hear the music coming from both of us dressing room and people must form a line to get to it and then all the cast and all the crew were just be having a huge pile at the end of filming or even at the beginning filming in some cases and it was just. It was awesome. Because that's all. I wanted us like the cost of the show. Were doing affair. When i was a kid and i was watching it but to actually see it and to see them would come together and to see them so close even now even though. It's been so many years since i've been in cyprus together it was just beautiful man it really was and i know about the working that we are the champions documentary faculties people. But i've i grew up with fresh sprints and like so many people that you know we grew up with an idea and it was it was it was awesome watching will smith star is as this show was successful. Because like here's the thing i knew about him and i really enjoyed his rap. I thought he was super funny. And i you know parents just don't understand. I used the fucking listen to that all the time i used to be able to fucking sing that song and quote it. I thought it was so funny. You and and then telling my dad like oh this rappers going to get like his own show and my dad thinking this is going to be a stupid fucking shell and then my dad falling in love with it which you know like it's it's one of those things where it's like now. My dad gets like how money this guy is in like. Now families could sit down like this it was. I know you see the cosby shows. A family show but man. This was a different kind of family show. But there's something. There's some super special this and i don't feel bad. I feel bad going back. I've tried to go back and watch those cosby show episode. Because i still love fucking man. There's some great episodes. But i can't watch those episodes and not feel weird about who who he is now. It's just yeah. I can't and so like i say the same thing with kevin spacey movies. Yeah anymore. I can't do it either. I haven't been able. I haven't gone back and watch seven. I haven't gone back and watched the driver. Ab driver. i haven't come back and watched any of those. I love glengarry. Glen gary glengarry glen ross. I haven't been able to go back and watch that i mean and i mean he's in seven for like he's in seven for like seven minutes. It's such a great movie. But i haven't been able to bring myself to go back to watch that movie. The cast like stellar cast. And i can go back and watch this and love. I want to start a rewatch on this one. I want to start a rewatch on this one. I am so i was shocked. I am so glad. But i was also show shocked that they actually addressed janet hubert the original give. Yes and and not only. Did they talk about her like when when he said. I think that this would not be a special unless we did. Bring up. janet hubert the original. But i was shocked when he said i talked to her. I sat down with her. And i'm not going to spoil anything. Fuck it you know what. Here's the dude. I feel like. I want to see this woman. Get her justice from this. I wanna see. I wanna see hollywood except or again if she's willing to come back and do another series. Do another comedy. I'd love to get back wherever project that will smith is doing next. He needs to bring her on one hundred percents. He's as she was not like looping off like definitely rate or anything but janet was always my ave. Yeah she was fucking. She was just perfect perfect. She was great. I mean you you go back and you look at like how you go back and you look at like how black actors retreated in the early nineties like on a white show where they just had like one black person as a cast member or something like that. They were always kind of like. They had some bit parts. Go back and watch melrose place that first season of melrose place like the. They active that they had the black actor that they had in that she was. She was really good. They gave her nothing and then she eventually just buchan was written off the show. Let's crazy man but again. This is kind of apples and oranges because we at the same time like the fresh prince was going on. We have red dwarf which had like two black actors as the main character. So it's like it's weird for me. That's that's not a us production now. That's what i'm saying. That's again like the whole atlantic ocean sort of like playing a bit on this one but again it's definitely definitely it was definitely. I think that she was the bigger person here. She said she said. I'm sorry i she said. I'm sorry i which i don't think she owed him an apology. Honestly i do think that will smith didn't as a young guy and i think he gets it now. He gets it now in his fifties but as a young guy he just saw one side of what was going on the set with her he did not know the full story and i think that she was basically dropped from the show because of like he's the talent he's got a problem with her. I think if both parties would have been able to sit down and talk about what was going on. I think they can work something out but i feel like exactly and you can go too much ego and a twenty one year old kid. Think about we're at twenty one who think about twenty one bit. Yeah and i mean you know like he probably thought like the world you know you know know the sunset and an rose because because everybody was worshipping him at that time. And i feel like i think. Now i'm like we will smith interviews and things. I remember him saying about how he had psychotic drive ozone words and like he said to janet like he was he had so much fear. Fear was coming coming into all of his decisions because he thought the world was against him and everyone was gonna try and tear him down understand his point of view from that side of it. But yeah but you gotta fuck and talk to your cast members if be talking about so all this camaraderie onset if you're talking about all this camaraderie on set. You gotta put. That should aside. I just felt like us what was going to say. He's like you said earlier. Scratchy bid like you said earlier. If i just talked to each other like they did in the special that it might not have ever happened like as well didn't know what was going on with janet like at home and the baby and stuff and it's just again it's just this whole week. We see so much of it. Nowadays the breakdown of communication people take sides on something noble fucking talks and nothing ever gets resolved cds to people come together after twenty seven years talking to twenty seven fucking years of slinging martin shit and hating each other and cornish the names in the media and all the rest of it and then they come together and they see each other face to face. The world's first thing they do they fucking hug each other like low embrace and they have a talk a both explain their perspective on what was happening will clearly in the wrong and janet had nothing to apologize for the only thing she apologized for was maybe given him some shit in the press and but she didn't even need to do that because it bothered sounds of things that she was treated like absolute crap and but even though that happened in the past i spoke about it then understood where the other one was coming from and in the end it seems like he's been forgiven or forgotten and it was fucking beautiful human moment caught on camera and it was a healing moment a healing moment. You felt it when you watched it. It's it's a sad that this is what it had to come to. I feel like when when this happened when she needed her cast members the most they and i mean i think like the one voice that could of stopped. All this from happening was will smith and any let it be. Let it happen and i think that that's because of like youth And i think with age and wisdom. He's come to realize that he was. He was at fault here and man. It was nice. It was a beautiful thing. It really was fucking beautiful and i. I wish i wish this woman the best going forward. I hope that yeah. I hope that if she wants to get back into acting that that will open some doors for her because these she said like when. You've got like the hottest up and coming actor saying that she's difficult to work for and then you look at the fact that you know the way that people kind of like see like oh okay. She's she's she's an actor. She's she's difficult to work for on a on a set with a cast predominantly black and now got another black actor saying she's difficult to work for they and they just basically viewed her as this black woman that's difficult to work for and she was blackballed from hollywood. And that fucking. That's that's that's sad. Because she had so much talent and people are talking still talking about the episodes that she was in and what she brought to the show and so. I'm just glad that this documentary had the balls in that. Will smith had the balls to do this. I was shocked shocked. I love that like you know dance. Says you know like they did their hug but then she like. She went right in she goes like. I don't know why you had to go as long as you did like. She like kind of like goes inada. She's holding him accountable. It wasn't like all you know like estimates. They hugged it. Got real for a second. You know she really. She really let him know. And you're as big as we'll smell when you're as big as will smith you can distance yourself from anyone. Yeah we'll smith is such a big fucking actor. If he if he wanted nothing to do with his family members they wouldn't be able to get in and talk to him. Like that's how big he is his entourage and the people around him if they wanted to control him they could. Oh yeah and so the interesting thing about the whole situation is the if either party didn't want to you know i wouldn't give up ground to come and talk to each other than this wouldn't have happened like it's very like humbling and bold and brave of both of them to be able to just sit down together a couple of crew around and then that was it and hashed out made apiece and then sit. I'm happy i'm happy with them. I'm happy with the outcome and to get back on campbell. What's that paul. I'm sorry to say it was a great day. She actually came back to talk. It was the cast to was it was like do we get the first shot of her sitting down in that seat. I always like oh my god. I haven't seen her sense. You know what i mean. Yeah and like. I was reading something like i know i. It just sounds like there was so much like it. Sounds like will. Smith was so threatened even though like it was his name on the show like the show is named after him like there is literally people coming up to insane. Yeah like they're probably going to name it like the aunt vivid show like there's people getting his ear about some stuff that i've been reading trying to kind of get into like exactly what down in just sounds like some people really able to rip these two apart and just put jealousy and between the two of them and it's just so happy to see them finally be able to dance twenty seven years. He's as christ like it's fucking crazy and it was just. I mean it was so awesome to see like of course like all. The big like earth shattering moments like really address like the issues. But also forget how funny this show actually was fuck in areas like like it had those moments but like my favorite moment is always like to earthquake seen when he stuck with that girl and he's singing. This song lake stuck in the basement girl. Get on my nerves. I thought she was fine. Don't know for bodies hers just shit like that. Like it's so fucking funny like in. Carlton lake doing their crawling on my god. I still fuck and tear up in laughter. When i see that. It's so funny when he breaks the fourth wall and just for goes nuts. That was like one of the fucking funny shit. That's funny issued. I ever saw this documentary. Didn't do which i was really upset about is. It didn't clear up the fact that like most people one of the biggest gripes about the fucking theme song is that it's the theme song when you listen to it. Sounds like he fucking took a taxi. Cab from philadelphia all the way to belair. There's a new version. Yeah it's the covers. There's a missing verse like if you watch them on the plane. Yes there's a missing verse where he's on a plane so fucking goes from philly takes a plane gets off the plane and then takes the cab to bel air. There's a couple of episodes that actually have that whole intro and it was a treat play reruns. That's this is the one because even like the beginning would have like a different beat. You know you'd be like oh shit. This is it. This is it. this is like seeing. You know the fucking different catsuit in the batman. Sixty six sickening. I mean say again with the with the i mean just some fresh prince even over here you can start seeing it to someone especially if they are my age and they will know every fucking world yes because like i said everybody used to watch it and we watched it like just over and over again and i remember getting very very important so overhead remember getting drunk at sea too eat to and outside in chicago on the streets and i think it was me. I know brooke dougherty remembers this. We were are seeing the fresh prince theme saw outside on a cold night in chicago during see too easy to and singing we. We're seeing a bunch of fucking sitcom socks and fresh. Prince came up and that was one of the signs that we sang and one of my best moments of hanging out with the leftover army. So i mean the fresh prince of bel air reunion on. Hbo max absolute tupperware highly highly. Recommend this one. One of the year's best definitely say like from everyone. My side of the pond light any fresh prince family ole miss james avery. And when you re you re what's the episodes we know he's gone just is always upsetting. But you know uncle phil was a father figure to so many people i know and wisdom bombs he dropped three. That show just fucking live on forever. He was the same guy in real life. Apparently to everybody like listening to tatyana tagging tatyana tatiana. Musani taty tatyana. Ali talk about How she basically how he basically kind of like Was a figure to her and basically it was a big part of like her growing up and her acting and stuff like that. I mean that was incredible. That was incredible so what a man talked about this movie. Last week i had paul. Did you watch jujitsu. i did. I liked this movie. And it sounds like everybody else in the world. Aided it nicholas cage martial arts stars tony java and lane mucci team up. For the action packed explosive thriller jitsu in ancient order of expert. Jujitsu fighters face there but match in a deadly battle for earth. Also starring frank grillo juju chan by jujitsu and watch it tonight rain at rs from paramount pictures. Actually before we jump into. Like i review of this. I thought about last week before we jumped on the review. We are giving away four digital copies of jujitsu. Fuck off dan. Fuck andrei nowadays. All you need. Stop it guys now. I'm literally only going to have three people enter this. All you need to do is look for jujitsu tweet on facebook on jujitsu tweet on twitter or our post on facebook and share it on facebook twitter share then screenshot your share re tweet to comments at pop culture leftovers with the subject jujitsu. And next week. I'll be reading off the winners of the digital copy of jujitsu and this is for. Us residents only. i wish it was global. I apologize guys. I can only do what we're able to do these codes. These codes won't work internationally but paula. What did you think about jiu. Jitsu only give it a low low low taste it. I love like nicholas. Cage is the best part of this movie because he knows exactly what he's supposed to do with movies like this. I did enjoy the comic book. Panels then leaping animated and turning into the actual live action scene. Yeah i thought the alien look like shit. I thought the rest of the performances weren't that great like are you know. The main guy were kind of following. I do they should have got scott adkins for that for those of you. That are familiar with scott adkins. I recently watched triple threat on net flicks. Have you guys seen triple threat. Look triple threat. Oh my god the cast on triple story is terrible and triple threat. But my god the list of actors and martial artists in triple threat is insane. Tony draw aeko you as scott atkins michael michael j. white Just fucking like some of the best names in martial arts and it's not a great movie as far as like the story but my god just seeing tony jain aeko together is like it's worth it. It's on netflix. If you watch it. Yeah no i think probably anybody could have been better than some of these people in yeah. There was a couple of times with the lake. There was this one fight scene where it just randomly went to a random person's point of view from the fight. I loved it hardcore. It was hardcourt. henry. I loved it. I know fuck. Do you think it was actually from somebody. Like it was just so weird Nicholas cage we know like just his whole interaction with the one guy and him being mad that he was on his piano. Like just you know like nicholas cage knows exactly what is brought in for you know like he knows exactly what he's supposed to do in these types of movies and he did exactly what you need to do like frank grillo and all that shit up frank. Grillo is not good in this movie. Arable dan dan only how. How much of this movie did you watch before you tapped out of seven minutes. Thirty seconds and The special effects terrible sets for fucking terrible. The music was terrible. Terrible even the bloody credits at the beginning of the terrible fucking shitty photo shopped bullshit. Cgi intro sequence. Say did when of just after the camera flew into the mouth of skull just before the no more film star eight. And then i was fucking out this shit i haven't watched it but tulsa you're wasting your time now now i would watch us again and and i hope that we get sequels. Okay you can talk about this are going to go for. This took me five attempts three months. I saw dude bro. I saw this theater doubt. Oh no oh man well. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am glad that people there are people that enjoyed this. I ain't me. Oh god. I felt like man. I'd rather yeah. Would you say that you you run away from this movie. I've run away from this. Yeah you mean like if it was like tell me you had free puppies and it's van. Yeah absolutely that's my segue into the movie. Run on who good one. good one. Yes yes all right cool. I think i think erin. Forever is back on the train after that segue. He's like brian's not a one trick pony man this guy's got this guy's got more up his sleeve than i thought. Yeah run on. Who did you watch this. All i did. I watched last night. A home schooled teenager begins to suspect. Her mother is keeping a dark secret from her. It's directed by niche shanty. He's the director of the movie searching which came out a couple of years ago. Great movie tupperware that movie. I love that movie. I need to see that john show. Oh my watch search omega where it streaming on amazon prime or netflix. I dunno find it. Find it go to the just watch. App look for searching search golden right now search searching it all my. I loved searching searching as absolute tupperware. This movie stars. Sarah paulson incur- allen cure allen. She's actually a wheelchair user in the film and she's a wheelchair user in real life so they basically they got a real wheelchair user for for this movie kind of like taking a member. What was it a quiet place. Where they they actually cast you know they had a deaf character. They cast the denver actor and they did the same thing here. They gotta will real wheelchair user here and basically this movie. You've got a teenager. Who is she. She's in a wheelchair. She's home schooled and she starts suspecting overtime that her obsessively overprotective single mother is hiding some sinister secrets that she can never tell to anyone and at the beginning of this movie you see. The mother played by sarah paulson. If you've watched the american horror story series you're familiar with this actor she's fantastic. She was in choosing bird box for five. Seconds nurse ratchet. Yeah she was. Nursery nurse ratchet in the ryan. Murphy nother ryan murphy. Series there for ratchet but at the beginning of the movie. She's giving birth to khloe her daughter and who's a premature baby and she asked the doctors if if she's gonna live we hear no response and the scene fades out and we're we're we're introduced to diane and her and her daughter chloe later on down the road and you know where they are now. This is a hard movie to talk about spoiling it so busy. I just kind of want to get your reaction to this one paul. It's an hour and a half long movie at all. It's easy to watch our and a half Not biller so there's this store it moves it moves. What did you think about run. I love this. I fucking love so much. I had so much fun with this. It's so short like it's short. It goes so quick. I don't feel like there's a wasted seen the chemistry between sarah paulson. And i forget. Her name is fucking amazing. Sarah paulson is just like. She's she's old reliable like you know when she's in something it's going to be awesome like she's just humane care. Allen is about doing a place or daughter. Club yup yup. That's then because there's really like. I think there's really only three like actors in this pretty much. We get a pharmacy seen with some people. But there's really only. It's only paul paulson and allen And we we get tom tom the fedex driver. I'm the fedex driver. I love tom fedex driver and yeah but you know there are there is a pretty fucking amazing. Twist in this that i did not see coming i love the ending. I just you know there's probably some people like oh like this little stretching you know lake logic well you know. It's a fucking movie who yeah. Yeah like i loved it. I'm going to give a tupperware. I had already recommended this to like three people last night. Who texted back and said they absolutely enjoyed it. So yeah i really. I really had fun with this. I really loved this movie dan. You would hate this. You hate you hate. You hate everything. Then people love see. I do say this is from the director and producer searching and i really enjoyed such a cool thank you. Searching was amazing this is definitely not searching and the ending on this one is just so out there but in my opinion a lot of people think that it falls off the rails it just goes off the rails at the ending for me. I felt the ending was so fucking out there and super satisfying. Oh awesome awesome awesome. I was like dude. I can't believe you've got the balls that ended this way. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Yes i saw like. Yeah i'm sorry to interrupt the all fucking thank you. Dean is amazing. I stood up. Because i'm not wheelchair bound and i just i d- i did it just to show off. Take dick here. Alan fuck you know dude. I don't care if she is in a wheelchair. This girl they cast the right fucking person for she with her faith like just the way lay. She was playing off like the terror of what she was finding out all. She was so good a lot of times. It's like here like there's this there's this whole thing of casting people in these roles and it's like you know like are we going too far because you know acting is acting and and things like that in this case they cast wheelchair user and i think like she was the perfect fucking choice. She was phenomenal in this movie. So guide so god. I love the ending to this. I absolutely love the ending to this movie. Poster is fucking horrible now. Dan even watched. The movie's gonna find something to bitch about nova as design. I mean as in. It's like it's really like fucking whole thing image. Good yeah the movie isn't the move. The titles run with a period. Right isn't it is it. Is it run with a period at the end of a sentence one. Okay okay. i thought. I really dug this fucking movie. I don't know this is a treat to watch on fucking hulu hulu this week a between no-man's-land and this i just hulu it's worth this week. I was not expecting like. I didn't know much about the movie i mean. I've seen a couple previews hulu a lot. So i saw the you know where like because it reminded me a lot of like with like that gypsy gypsy and like yeah. And that's based on. It's based on a true story the whole What does it mean chosen by. Proxies that what it's called munchausen. Yeah well i think. The actual show with patricia arquette was called the act with that. But yeah i don't know i. You know you you texted. I think like thursday night and said to add this to the list to and then man like within the first ten minutes. The phone goes to the side. And i'm all in fucking. Sarah paulson like a perfect ca. Kathy bates type of four minutes from misery. Like aw man just everything everything about this movie. Worked like the twist in the middle to that fucking amazing ending all just so good. Yeah yeah yeah. It's like they introduce that drug and you're like what does that drunk. What is the drug the drug do. So yeah you find out what it does do. Jesus christ. Oh yeah yeah. It's it's a tense movie. It does it does it does go into the realm of like you know abuse share total. Of course yeah. I can but it goes into the end of this. This is unbelievable. I can't believe this This would happen. You can hear some doodoo to care with the murder fucking move just a movie just get lost in. And i don't think it's as good as searching but i do think that this is a fun follow up and had a very satisfying ending for me and i think like some people are going to watch the ending and hate it me on the flipside. I thought that the ending was bold in fun and kind of like a kind of like a pump. Your fist kind of moment for me. I enjoyed it quite a bit. And i think it's got a sick. It's gotta stick the landing. I felt stuck the thing. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I give tupperware as well awesome. Dan what do you have to go pump palm. Thank god nothing all right. yeah I have a couple of things like i know. It was on the list. But i did. Give the and maniacs reboot a couple episodes. I gave it one go ahead. Yeah Yeah i mean the first episode was i think what it needed to be like really rift on hollywood bringing everything back yeah including itself and dot calls david duchovny a snacks. Ha ha. it's you know but yeah it just didn't like it. Felt like it had the parts from the one from the nineties which i just absolutely love but Like you just kinda just has the model to. It doesn't seem to have like the heart. But i'm only a couple episodes end like some of my favorites aren't coming the season like the good feathers and slap you the squirrel. You might give it a couple more episodes. I'll give it a mill the rotate thought. Okay hours telling people discord. Somebody asked the question on dischord. Is anybody watch. cnn maniacs. and i was yeah. Watch the first episode. And i had to preface it with. I did not really. I didn't grow up watching the maniacs. It came out when i was fifteen. I was watching shit like saved by the bell. Nine hundred zero melrose place. I had moved on. I wasn't really watching a lot of like cartoons and stuff like that was just in that age i was i was a teenager so i was wanting to watch like you know. I wanna watch other shit at that time. So i wasn't watching. I remember watching one episode of anti maniac and the episode is stuck with me my entire lifetime and i thought it was a funny charming show. I thought it was well written and funny. It's just nothing that i watched while it was airing and if jake was on this episode he would be able to just fuck and talk. Anna maniacs like crazy he loves the maniacs and he said he'd watched the first four episodes. And i think he's really enjoying this new revival show. But i'm the wrong guy to talk to about the anti maniacs. I really am i i understand why people love it. I do understand why people love it. And i think that it is a fun cartoon. It's just it's just nothing. I grew up with zero. Install while watching this. So yeah no i told yeah and i'm going to give it a couple more episodes but yeah it just it doesn't to me doesn't have the same magic as it does from its original run but yeah so i only got two things. I'm gonna start with the more Late hearted one. Which is the unicorn. Which is the walton goggin. Cps all access show. Yeah it is he is a recently. He has recently become a widower. His wife died of cancer and now he has two teenage daughters and the show picks up with a year has passed since he has since his wife has passed away. And he's he's a good looking guy. He owns his own business. He has a great house. He has good kids so his friends who are played by rob qadri. I love rob quadri children's hospital dude. He fuck in steals this show. He is so funny in this but they you know they convince them that like you need to get on the dating websites because your a unicorn. You're like the good looking guy you have a job. You're not like a fucking serial killer. I sound like a preview for this and they make fun of his forehead. Oh yeah they do. The first season is on netflix. And the first season is well the goggin forehead looks like it is big. It looks like it. Looks like adam drivers fucking chest in the last jedi. Not figure four wall. Thank god gan's or read form in from that seventy show. I seriously i wanna play a game of handball off. Robert from walton. Goggin score crazy. Yes the best. The season finale. Is that the kids play handball. Off of this fucking no like the second season just started up and if you if anyone is a fan of justified because he played a boy crowder on justified. There is an extremely satisfying reunion. That looks like it will be taking up the remainder of the second season. I give it i give it a tupperware. It's so cool like it's really tackles like trying to get back out there dating trying to you. Know be a dad to your two kids like a needle and maintaining friendships with the people that will always be there for you. And you know there's a there's a. There's an episode where where there's cat fishing going on from a row. Qadri walton geoghegan's where they don't know the other ones trying to catfish dealer. Which is the one that really gets everyone to fall in love the show so yeah i would check it out. It's on netflix. The first season and then. Cbs all access. Every thursday i think did drop okay bare knuckle. Boxing match between foreheads. Who wins walton goggin. James vanderbeek hauling goggin gauguin's for sir. You don't think vanderbeek head can take goggin bare knuckle boxing match. You might go the distance. But i don't think he's got the stamina. You think it comes down to a decision with the judges dawson and then the last one which is it is it's on fx. This one has gotten a lot of controversy. It is called a teacher. I knew this is coming out. Paul and i was like. I'm not gonna fuck in talk about this show. And i love nick robinson. I think nick robinson is a talent. Like i don't want me to talk about it. I will drop no no i. I want you to talk about the show. That has a teacher having sex with underage child. I had i had to rip off the band. Eight no no no. It's called so this is this is actually okay. Let me bring up the fucking shit here because this is from the same lady. She actually made a movie in two thousand thirteen of the same name. Call the teacher. And they're pretty much explored just a relationship part in ends with like the possibility of maybe getting out this one so she wasn't done talking about fucking teachers having sex with children she was like i got more stories to tell in the realm of seek teachers having sex children. She's like i'm not done. No no she was not done this. You know this was announced. And whatever. I'm just going to put out there There's been a when i was a student teacher. Something like this happened where i was a kindergarten teacher but it happened with a high school teacher and one of her students and i remember like shipping closed down for a couple of days. We had to take crazy ass training to even like try to see the signs. Because it's it's fucking insane. Everything that goes on and this type of relationship with all the power ju- remember the gym member like the big one the happen with that teacher. That was like fuck cave attornal where it was completely fucking romanticized jail. He waited for her. They got married. Had a fucking kid together. She just recently died. Yeah and like dat. Like i hate that fucking shit like that's like that's why me and my teacher buddies were so apprehensive about this show like. Is this going to be another one of those things. That's going to like romanticized kind of like a forbidden relationship. Love is the foundation like. Is it going to do that. It does not at like it was so hard to think of like a rating. It's like a toss. It tupperware like i can like. It's so hard you toss toss the subject matter. I toss i toss up like oh i hate watching it because it's like it's so infuriating because it's very much like she is such a predator and they do such a great job of just like showing her like of showing the little things she does to get power over. This kid is fighting. So i'm talking to somebody from the army and she has a different outlook lately. She's seeing it as him being the aggressor. But then when you look you know what i mean like and then tell us. I'm telling her on like you know like like if you look at this. She's doing these little small things and again. That's because i went through a fuck and week of predator training for this shit like just supposed to see this stuff like they do not glamorize it at all. They make it. They make it very seedy. It comes off. Very awkward of the performances are fucking amazing. Okay so that. The the student is played by nick robinson from melissa and joey and love simon and he was also in jurassic world. The teacher is what's her name. She's from fantastic. Four reboot the kate mara. Go ahead. I wanted to get the cash out of the way. no no. yeah. Yeah i did bring it up and then it's directed and it's funny. I'm watching the end and said executive producer jason bateman. Wow they had. They had an interview with the director again. Jason bateman the producer of this and. She goes by name only his production company signed onto us. We had to put his name on there. He's never been to the she's never been to the set. He's never read a script. He just gets a paycheck. But it's it's hannah fidel. She is the director the creator and the writer. But yeah like the first. The first couple episodes kind of delve into this crazy. Every episode starts off with like trigger. Warning it says this show depicts scenes of grooming and predatory behavior and then at the end it says you know if you know anybody in this situation reach out to this website or number in that and like they really do like the first episode. You kind of lake okay. Who is the one. That's really doing this. And then it becomes more clear that this teachers really abusing her power to get what she wants. And she's manipulating. This kid you know and it's crazy because you know like he's starting to get into it so now he thinks he thinks he's the motherfucking man as he says yeah and it's going to start to evolve into lake. I think we're at now. I think it's about to be found out. So we're like four episodes in. And i think the rest of the episodes are going to deal with like the aftermath and a couple time jumps of just what this can do to the people involved like his family. The coworkers like like like i said it's like a toss tupperware. It's so tough to watch like especially for like a teacher. 'cause you're just screaming at the tv like what the fuck are you doing. But the performances are great. And it's just it's it's not an easy thing to talk about end but if fucking happens all the time and lot of this shit ends up just being solved outside of a courtroom by just like you know. The teacher just has to resign and go go over here and it gets dropped stuff happens all the time. So it's cool. That is kind of being given a spotlight where you can kind of see like the little signs to look out for but yeah it. It's fucking it's it's quite the show. It's it's really hard to explain. It's so is the lesson of the show like don't fuck your students. Is that pretty much what it is pretty much. Yeah pretty much. Well because will. I mean like it comes off as a joke like yeah. You know you don't know your students. But i mean there's a lot of these people that get off on that imbalance of power. You know like these teachers like to go after the children that come from very broken homes. You know the lawyer that the export that like and i'm not just talking about like the female teachers like it happens with do teachers and everything like it's just like you know like i got. I totally got bias glasses on. Because i'm in this situation. You know lake. It's on the guy that i wanna protect all the students. I definitely am a little more fired up about this. So yeah but like yeah. I mean this lead on glad. They made it a female teacher with a male student. Because you don't see that sort of stuff it's always like the male teacher is shown to be based the ship so i think this is a very brave. Move all one hundred percent and dan here. Here's the kicker is he's he turned eighteen in the middle of this relationship. So now the big conversation as well. He's technically an adult like can she be tried. Can this happen like in this. Look into the fact like well. You know what you're still got the power you still got the power play on them because he is your student so like it doesn't really take one side. I mean like totally is but like it really. It goes out of its way to really show you all the factors involved in it like all the little things like they're really trying to find a way to make you sympathize for her and then all seen god your piece of shit. It's just insane fucking insane. How they do it like dade they put you through the wringer for everybody. So thank you for letting me talk about that bright and yeah some heavy shit yeah. It's very heavy damage. A great point like a lot of the times. it's the mail that shown as as the aggressor and dan at least in the united states at its most of the time when it comes to like a teacher and a student usually is a female teacher. That's doing it with those are the stories that fucking the press. I think fucking gravitate towards because that's the ones that are going to sell i. It probably happens a lot. More with mel teachers trying to get in the pants of younger women right. Yeah but that also gets i mean. There's also that's that also get some media attention to but yeah no. I mean just a lot like and they're really going the route of like you know she's not get enough attention at home so she's finding it from a kid. Yeah it's just. I think it brings a lot of attention to a subject. That's happening a lot and yeah it's a good it's well done makes you makes cringe while you watch it. I don't know man. If i'm gonna touch again added this out. I'm editing this out man. it's a fucking show on fx and like none of us. None of us are fucking a piece of shit that's gonna fuck it prey upon somebody. That's young i think you know. Yeah it's it's yeah it's fucked. I gotta take a shower. After every episode is like what the fuck man and like she uses it like like they use like such like a techno since type of soundtrack. It's so fucking unsettling so fucking weird man reminds me that joe rogan bitten strange time. Stand up place his about how if it was like It was talking about the female cup that was trying to buy weed of the boy and she bought laid off of him and then she arrested him and he was saying you know. Don't give a shit and if it was a guy trying to sling dick like your fourteen year. Old daughter in that mother book will be in the street of a similar situation. Yeah knowledge man know because the kid is going to. It's just crazy on the kid is. His friends are starting to find out. And he's like the fucking man he means so it's how they look at every little side and like just how like the people are starting to notice. Teachers classmates. his girlfriend it's insane. Did you ever watched catch a predator. Chris hansen dude. I remember the fucking okay. I used to watch it. Shit like i was onto onto that shit late so then i started watching the msnbc fucking marathons shit. And i started watching a so. They they caused this one mother fucker twice. What what the fuck. He's like christmas at this guy down. This is the second time we caught doing this shit. Why are you back out here doing this again. What the fuck man. That's fucked up. I watched I jesus christ. Are you glad you happy at the. Bring that up paul. Not this is this is. Why didn't talk about the fucking thing last week. 'cause it's fucking i don't care it's a good show with brings good awareness. Yeah i'm glad. I fucking talk. It's unsettling so teachers don't for students students do fuck teacher of let's carry on mamas. Don't let your babies grow up back that ages. Good willie nelson get now paul. I think you handled it. Well oh no it's just you know it's something near and dear to my heart just fucking protection of kids. You know absolutely man. I think like the protection of kids man. All kids should have the right to basically all kids should be able to just grow up and be kids. And if they're going to experiment sexually. It should be with other kids because it happens and they shouldn't be manipulated. Exactly like just just fucking. Just look for the kids man. Yeah that's all i ask. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah exactly not saying i m fucking made it sound creepy. It's fucked kids. Yeah if the kids you know experimented with like sexual stuff when we were kids and so it should. If that's just part of growing up man. I know we don't want people don't want to shine a light on it. They don't wanna look at it when you watch. Tv shows and shit like that. They don't want to even fuck an address. It but fucking kids have hormones and shit and i remember being a teenager and fuck and heaven. Hormones look big mouth. Yeah exactly. I mean lots of people say that they get away with various because it's animated of true. It's very true it's very fuck insurers show so yeah she happens. Yeah i watched it. I went to the theater and watched honest thief this is the new liam neeson movie. Wanting to lead an honest life. Notorious bank robber turns himself in only to be double crossed by two ruthless. Fbi agents strengthened by mark williams. He's a producer on netflix's ozar stars like i said liam neeson kate wash from the umbrella academy j. courtney jeffrey donovan. I love jeffrey down. The guy a guy just looks like a villain. He doesn't play a villain in this movie. It's fucking crazy anthony ramos and robert. Patrick yeah the fucking t one thousand from terminator two that robert. Patrick not not not is it. Who is it is it. Is it jason patric from fuck. The lost boys is jason patric speed two cruise control Yeah this one's stars liam neeson basically the plot on this one is. Tom played by liam. Nascent tom carter. He's this aging thief known as the in and out. Bandit he is he. Yeah yeah yeah also. They're also the teacher from a teacher was also known as the in and out band look shirt. Voters brought it up. No it's all good. Yeah you had to go. there live near par. Had the bring their could show. That's why i didn't fuck. That's why it was not on the list of watch last week. It was sensitive sensitive deteriorate. You before the show. I know i know you asked. And i told you i said that's why i didn't talk about it last week. We can talk about it. You could talk go and you did and you did. But this guy he's been fucking robbing banks. He's been robbing banks for years. And going into banks. Robin these fucking safes and over time. He's accumulated nine million dollars that he's put into a storage facility the storage facility that he stores it in the woman is the manager of the storage facility facility. And that's any sumpter played by kate. Wash from netflix's umbrella academy he needs her. They have some chemistry and they're both of age so it's consenting it's one hundred percent consenting fucking paul's bullshit. We got a predator young. They're both adults. You got quite gone. Gin fucking hitting on the fucking lady from umbrella academy but no they. They start to see each other. They start to see each other. They start to date they have. They have a little bit of chemistry. And there's little spark between them when when he's fucking running out the storage facility jump to a year later. He's totally in love with. This woman wants to settle down marry. This woman loves her and so he's like you know what i don't want to have anything from my past ruin this. I'm gonna fucking turn myself in as the in and out. Bandit i'm going to hand over all nine million dollars that i stall to the fbi. And i'm going to ask for a reduced sentence. And i'm going to ask for like visits. And so he fucking ends up calling the fbi basically and confesses over the phone. He's the in vanda they. They've already got some confessions from people. That didn't pan out. People were just fucking lion trying to take credit for this. And they're lying. They're not the in and out bandit so they don't really take it too seriously but they send a couple agents out there to check up on ask. One of the agents is played by. Jon courtney the other agent is played by anthony ramos. These guys take the keys to a storage facility. They go out there. They're starting to look through shit. They come across three million dollars so not the full nine but three million dollars. He's put in the storage facility and these guys are like you know what they're crooked cops one of them's giant courtney's completely truck. He's like i'm going to take this for my fuck himself and then we're gonna fuck him. We're gonna fucking kill this guy and take this money blow and so shit just sparking goes crazy from there but you know what he liam neeson's doing this offer love from the three musketeers. Fluvial older low. So he's doing it offer love. He's getting he's done living that life and he's given it up for this one woman that he loves so much and so i mean she just kind of goes crazy and fucking you know Jay kourtney trying to kill him trying to kill her and just a huge fucking thing. Robert patrick is involved in this. He's like the police chief. And you know. And then. Jeffrey donovan who trying to think he was most recently in let him go. He's been in a bunch of stuff if you knew if you look jeffrey donovan. You know what he was. He was actually fargo season to hulu original series. That i can't remember the name of it but it dealt with the gypsies where he was in burn notice earn. Notice thank you. That's what he's both known for. Burn notice jeffrey dahmer. He's in this one his character. He works for the fbi. He's got this whole other side story. That i think is hilarious. Like he's going through a divorce and his wife got the house but he got his wife's dog so the entire movie like he's hanging out he's going into work with his wife's dog which is like this it's like it's either a shitzu or a b. Schon say i don't remember what kind of dog breed it is. But it's so funny just to see him show up to work with this very cute dog. This movie for what it is is a tasted. I did enjoy it. It was a fun kind of escape. I watched the second tuesday at the theater in the afternoon and it was a fun escape. I i would give this movie at tastes that so yeah if you just wanna see just things kind of spiral out of control crooked cops and greed shootouts in the streets great car chases some fun action and liam niessen kind of like not break character but his accent he keeps he ever watched liam neeson movies and you can tell like when he can't do the accent right and he's slipping back into his irish. He's slipping back into his irish accent. Happens quite a bit in this movie. Man there's at least four or five times where i go see like. Here's irish accent coming through on this one. This is when he shouts by any chance because always show that they're definitely plays a part in a couple couple scenes. But i i did enjoy the movie. It was just kind of like. I would recommend this one like on a sunday. This comes out and this will come out shortly. i'm sure on. Vod on a sunday where you got nothing else to watch and your board and you just want to watch an action movie. J'ai courtney plays. I really enjoyed john courtney lately and his villain roles like i loved him as a boomerang and in suicide squad and buffalo. I thought he was fantastic and buffalo. This is not as good as those performances. but he's still fine fucking villain. I'd give it a taste that it's called us. The and i also went to the theater. And i watch a movie called the climb. I'm not going to talk about this one too long. It's a comedy drama drowsy. It's produced by and starring. Michael angelo calvino. And kyle marvin. I've never heard of these guys before. This is a very small movie and it hit theaters. Hit amc covina also directs and stars George went is in this movie. From cheers norm crazy. Yeah you've got best friends. Mike and kyle and they're biking together and mike tells kyle that he's sleeping with his fiancee that he slept with her as their biking there biking. They're like in another country biking together. And kyle's not not at night cyclist in. Mike has been cycling for quite a while. He repairs bikes. And things mike. Kyle's not a cyclist out of shape and not able to cycle and he tells him that he's been sleeping with fiance and and they're about to hit this hill and as they're hitting this hill. Like kyle's like as soon as i catch up to you i'm going to beat the shit out of you. Might and they're like. Yeah these that's why. That's why i talk to you this while we were about to hit this l. and it's kinda funny because as he's trying to cycle up this hill as he's telling him about how he slept with his fiancee. You can hear kyle struggling. And mike is like all right man push through push through. You can do it. You could do it. Kyle is like fuck you. Mike and so what ends up happening is that kyle confronts his fiancee about this after he sees mike and her actually making out at the hospital orcas might get admitted in the hospital after an incident and he sees them making out and he's like do you do still wanna marry media still love me and then it breaks away cut to cut to the future where we see mike at the funeral for this woman she is now died she is now died she passed away cancer and mike is mike lost his best friend kyle over this she is now died. There's some comedy even at the funeral. But kyle shows up to her funeral and they do end up talking and then they do end up meeting each other over Over christmas where kyle is found a new fiancee. And so i enjoy this movie quite a bit. I'm going to give it. I will actually give this one a high. Taste it it's it's it's about. It's about friends it's about friendship and you know trying to build those build. Those they had a childhood bond that went on into their twenties and thirties. And trying to rebuild that friendship that they lost through through one of them you know getting involved with the others fiance and it's a fucked up man. It really is a fucked up. Movie and mike is actually involved in kyle's new relationship. The family hates his new fiancee. And so they kind of want. Mike the break kyle up with this new woman and i enjoy this movie quite a bit so i'll give a high taste it. It's not perfect. You can tell like this is like the director. It's maybe the first movie and and some of these actors they're not known names but it was definitely a passion project and it was a lot of fun to watch so it's the climb it'll probably pop up on. Vod very soon. If not netflix amazon. So i'll give it a high taste. It and i would recommend people watch it also. That sounds pretty funny oklahoma. Pretty fucking funny. Yeah yeah and things go. There are some brilliant moments of comedy in this to be quite honest with you. There are some moments where i was just like. I was laughing out loud. It's not a perfect movie. It's not the tightest script but there are some moments in this better absolutely brilliant marble. Six one six that either of you guys watch any episodes of moral six one six on disney plus get it. You don't have disney plus there yet. I think we can. But i'm not fucking. I watched the japanese spiderman episode. That's all i watched. What do you watch ball. I watched japanese spiderman one. I watched the the women of marvel women creators and then the one where paul scheer does a deep dive into some of their most like not well known characters and attempts to make disney plus. tv show. oh. I didn't want. I love policy at partial paul scheer from the league. He's he's actually written comics before. So i actually i actually. I actually one of his comics. That he wrote one of the spurs comics that he ever wrote. I tweeted him about it. And i said i really enjoyed it. And he replied back to me and he was like kinda shocked like oh thanks because like most people when they tweet him were tweeting him about the league because it was still out at the time and i think he was kinda just like very taken aback that somebody had actually read his comic enjoyed it but i thought that was going to happen but anyway yeah i watched the jeopardy spiderman one dude. I've seen clips of the japanese spider man show before. But i've never actually watched it and this really went into depth on it man like i know that this was actually brought up briefly in the mighty morphin power rangers episode of the toys. That made us but like this really gets into it. Back in like nineteen seventy eight. When marvel comics went over to japan and signed a deal to bring marvel comics characters to japanese television and like their first their first venture into this was spiderman and it was a huge hit over there and like it's not the spiderman that we know over here like this was tailored for japanese audiences and what japanese audiences wanted like. You had a guy who of course had like. The powers of spider could walk on walls and had was a web slinger but it was not peter parker and there was no mayday. There was no gwen stacy. There was no mary. Jane it was completely different rogues gallery. It wasn't green goblin. It was what was it professor monster amazonas and and like these characters. That look like crows so it was. It was weird. And he had a buck and race car that he would that he was in and then he had. What was it the gp seven which was no that was the race car and then he had fucking like mac like a like a like a robot like power rangers robot that he would get into man. It was it was a bizarre fucking show but like this guy had so much love for like the character the one season that they did over there and and i thought i was super interesting. I haven't gotten as far as you have is an these episodes but What did you think about marvell. six one six. I really enjoyed this. These were super fascinating. You know the paul scheer one was really cool because the whole concept of that one was key went disney plus when they first started he brought like documentary crew with them because he wanted to pitch them a show based on a marvel property so they gave him access to like their archives and he was to pick one like us to pick a property and then get people involved to like pitch a show and he ended up winding up on brute force which is like the animals that dressed up like in the power suits and he ends up going out and getting like animators to make the show and even gets like jon hamm and nicole breyer to like do voices and disney plus at the end passes on it which is kind of funny you know. They really wanted to put it in this. But then like the one about the female raiders at marvel in the early days was really fucking cool. Because there's a really cool story of this writer named joe duffy. When she came in they wanted her in the seventies to write for. Captain marvel and chris claremont. Who you know will go on to write for the x. Men goes absolutely fucking. Not like i m writing. Captain marvel you can take like power man in iron fist. And that's kind of how she made her start and it was just kind of funny like she's like. I refused to do any female books. Because i don't wanna be typecast to just get boring female characters in marvel universe. Look i just wanted to write for the x. Men and you know the cool guy so it was really. It was really interesting to see like the wave of all like all of how that inspired to get more different. Comic book raiders and the process. And like just how fun. It was to work at marvel like in the eighties. Ninety s and seventy s. but. Yeah i give i give everything a tupperware so far. I can't wait to go finish the rest of them a lot of fun. Yeah man. I mean it's crazy. Some of these episodes are like forty five minutes and some of them are like over an hour. Yeah and there was one like i just. I couldn't get into it. Not because i don't want to but it was mainly on lake the foreign like inspirations for marvel comics the whole thing was like in subtitles and i'm just like doing i've been reading all fucking day. I'm gonna give this one a break and jump to the paul scheer episode. But i want to go back. I want to watch all of them that they have. They seem very interesting. Yeah that's cool. Yeah marvel six. It's on disney plus. I enjoyed the episode. I did watch like you know. And i guess i guess you can watch japanese spiderman online. Now yeah and the whole story was cool. Just like how how lake i mean. It was in japan for thirty years. And you hardly even knew about it in the united states. Us was so protective. Yeah i kind of making sure that people wouldn't confuse that with spiderman here but then again they let us watch off lundgren as fucking the punisher. They're totally totally fine with that. Fucking nineteen ninety. Captain america movie. Jesus christ yeah marvel six six. Yeah definitely check this out. People if you have disney plus because besides the mandalorian. What else are we watching on there really. There is a mini series on the national geographic portion of dizzy. Plus it's a. It's a remake of the right stuff. Yeah how is that. that's awesome. That is so good. It's really good. It's it's a fun mini series. I think there they're about to finish up now with eight episodes but has got a patrick guy. Forget his name. He's from suits pretty much. The only thing he's been in patrick abraham or atom. It's really good. It's a good time period piece It's a high tastes right now. So i definitely besides mandalorian. I mean it's definitely non that level but yeah if you're looking for something else to pass the time on disney plus i would go with the rate stuff if you're looking for anything on disney plus thank for it. It's fine here's a fine thing. I'll bring it up on fucking facebook like basically the mandalorian streaming service and somebody else. Somebody will bring up all the manila. A series water gargoyles. Whatever don't have you know whatever you know. That's fine that's fine. It's just here's the thing. I want new new contact giving new content. All right i don't need to take a trip down. Memory lane and watch all duck tales episodes. Okay i both are nice dude. I'd fucking love duck. But i'm not fucking you know what i mean. I don't know as a forty year old man. I'm sitting at sitting around watching fucking huey and louie running around for tresor in shit and hey i sound like a dick right now because i know people love that shit but i don't know i don't need to go for for me is going back and watching old sitcoms. I have a hard time going back. And watching cartoons. I have a really hard. It's even a struggle for arab love. Transformers i'll watch the transformers movie all day. Because i love it but going back and watch an even g one transformers cartoons is kind of a struggle for me. Sometimes i live. I have to live off souljah to watch them. Because they're so bad. The really bad like the cart is grappling. We'll fucking terrible just didn't realize we didn't realize thunder cats sparking terrible. Like i thought. Like i loved it when i was a kid and i know some people are going to be like. That's me how can you say that. But yeah i. I do think the thunder cats is like. I love it when i was a kid like that. You cannot take that away from me. I was all about thunder casts. But you watch it as an adult. It doesn't hold up as well even the movies. Not even that greater which is a shame. But i remember. Dvd of defenders of the earth. Did you watch that. Oh now. I don't think i've ever flash gordon the phantom and a bunch of other people who like this big group the defenders of the earth. There's bit in that way. The phantom pointing in the distance and animate must've go bold summit because he's about nine hundred thousand different fucking like poses in the space of three seconds. Really exaggerate listings. Ever your fit. It was a very straightened like thing. I didn't know this is a kid. Does adult i was like fuck. Which isn't that weird. Which is super critical as we get older. You know i don't know i. Oh my god. I used to love like chippendales rescue rangers. But i don't know if i could sit back and watch old chippendales. Rescue rangers episodes is a forty year. Old man i don't think he should either aren't they. Aren't they making that live action movie with no startling duck with rogan out. There doing what. I knew that they were talking about the. I didn't read the articles. They're talking about doing live action. Dark wing doc. No no think they're doing a live action chip and dale movie and they re booting a dark wing. Duck animated show with seth rogan. I got the two the two. Are they doing just chip and dale. Are they doing rescue rangers. They're doing rescue rangers. Live action we're getting a live action zipper. Sure are in monterey. Jack fuck yeah. And what was her name. What was the fucking was. her name. Ratchet gadget. I wanted to fuck that little mouse when i was she. I'm sorry i'm sorry. I was fucking like seven. And she had curves for days. Can't wait for the facts about a mouth coming out. I know oh my god. I wanted to fuck a mouse. I wanted to put a little piece of cheese on my dick and have a good of town died takes. Some cheese was of a penis. You know go gadget monterey jack man. Did you ever play the nintendo game. Oh hell yeah. I love the shit out of that game. Damn dan giggling good. What what's up you get cutie. Eight guys the first eight this is. This came out in theaters last year. It was a one night event. I think it was like fathom events. And i don't know why didn't go to the theater that night. I think i was tired or some shit. I don't know. I really wanted to see this cutie. The first eight. It's a documentary chronicles. The life of filmmaker quentin tarantino from his start at video archives up to the releasing of once upon a time in hollywood the film features interviews with his frequent collaborators of his films. It's written directed by tara. Would she also did the documentary. Twenty one years. Richard link ladder back in two thousand fourteen. And got this this. This basically it goes from reservoir dogs. Yeah it goes from his time as being a video store clerk all the way up to once upon a time in hollywood but it talks about the first eight quentin tarantino movies. He's promised to give us ten prompts to get a tan and and it goes back and it talks with like the actors and people that have been involved in his movies. samuel jackson. Tim roth interviews with jennifer jason. Leigh kurt russell christoph wasp jamie foxx lucy liu michael madsen eli roth. I mean just everyone that's been involved in these moves. The thing i loved about. This is the fact that like when they show somebody that was involved in one of his movies. They'd also they show all eight of his movies at the bottom in a graphic yeah and it would highlight which ones that they were involved in. I'm going to start off by saying before. I forget that i love the tribute to his editor. That passed away The woman what's her name. Do you guys remember her name. The editor that was. Why do i wanna say kathy. It might be right. I can't remember what her. Oh sally monkey sally. Sally monkey was his editor and he had they had such a close relationship and it was probably the person that he collaborated with the most on his movies and and she would tell him like she was the only one that had the balls to tell him like no. Don't do that or you should definitely do this. Like he said in his one of his speeches she was the only genuine equal to him in like his creative sweat in his creative sfeir just as much a part of all of his films as he was which was rain is obviously she was still with us when she passed away. She passed away but they showed clips of like all of his movies. Most of movies. Where like during the filming he would have these actors say hi. Sally and i thought that was sweetest. Thing ever 'cause she's the editor she gets all these clips and then all of a sudden as she's doing this job if ever gotten mundane to her but every once in a while she'd have like an actor like maybe kurt russell. Or a michael myers or a mike meyers. Say like hi sally. And what joy would that had to bring joy to her to get that message. Like a high sally from fucking like samuel jackson or something like that but man i goddamn it like. I've been wanting to watch this for the longest time. It's available on stars so if you have started can watch it there but it goes through everything and quentin tarantino is just. He is first and foremost a lover of movies. He loves cinema and so everything he does is like a passion project and a love letter to semi like most recent movie. Once upon a time. In hollywood i feel like as a love letter to like those old. Fucking like nineteen fifties westerns gunsmoke. And and just just those old fucking and it's a love letters to stunt men to you know same thing with death proof as well but this goes through everything it chronicles everything from like the making of reservoir dogs which he had made twenty thousand dollars in residuals when he played an elvis impersonator on an episode of the golden girls. I never knew that. I never knew that. And they showed a clip of him as an elvis impersonator in this episode and through residuals. He may twenty thousand dollars. That's what he used to make reservoir dogs and because nobody he had been hired as a writer in hollywood. I mean. I remember watching true romance romance back in like ninety three when it came out and thinking like this is an amazing film christian slater patricia arquette dennis hopper christopher walken. Oh god the brad pitt. Val kilmer is in that movie. Who's the actor from sopranos. James gandolfini in that movie the list. Goldman gary oldman bronson pinchot. The list goes on and on for that movie. Star studded cast for that movie and he'd been hired as a writer but nobody was letting him direct and reservoir dogs once it hit the canned film festival in france. Like it was the talk of the town like he was the biggest name in cinema and it opens so many doors for him. Once reservoir dogs came out. And i remember watching him like i remember back in the early nineties turning on. Pbs and watching. Charlie rose the the guy who had interview like celebrities and people like that. I remember watching quentin tarantino in an interview with him. After reservoir dogs came out and just being so impressed with fucking guys knowledge of cinema and movies. And i want you guys get into this but my guide. This fucking this documentaries phenomenal. it's so god. Dan cutie eight. It's also it's kind of everything that left off the flash wasn't it was like a bit more. You gotta bring that up again don't you. Yeah this would. This wasn't three and it could have been another fifteen. Twenty minutes hours all bloodied. Hey but yeah it was. It was awesome and we'll go to see a lot of the kind of stories from the costs incurred and everything with stuff that we haven't really heard before jamie jamie foxx talk about django unchained in this movie. Yeah i really enjoyed everything. He said especially some of his impressions stuff. He was doing awesome. Yeah he was very much defending django with those the the back classic for the use of particular language landed out on christmas day. Yeah like a bit and would say yeah. Yeah so all the controversy with django unchained and then he competitor to oh. It was able was jackson that compared to twelve years a slave and they said look you know. People consider twelve years a slave art and in in i am. The director is an odor. In which stephen steve mcqueen with or slave and yeah and the no no no. He's just been a piece of shit and it's like he's like so jamie fox and samuel jackson have his back and like he doesn't. He's not like that's not what it's about. And then of course we find out stuff about how he was brought up an area he come from and let his life is like a young boy and let grown up for his teenager and how he was like immersed in all these different cultures and like he wasn't he wasn't toldt in anything that is in his films. He's lived all these experiences and it was like seventy bell stunt lady that was stunt double than she was in birth. Yeah yeah she said like you know he's a little people say like how does he write women so well because is seems like he's got a little bit of woman inside them. She says he's got a little bit of women. He's got a little bit of black nose. Well that's discussed this quinton because i for the longest signing wish for the longest he treats people with respect. That's where he does for the longest time. I was like dude. I would love to see a. And i know it's never gonna happen but i would love to see or quentin tarantino could do with a wonder woman movie. I'm sure he would fucking kill it. I've you know. Like and i mean we can all go back and the movie does address the author car crash in kill bill volume two. It talks about that. It talks about that it talks about harvey weinstein talk about that whole relationship. It doesn't shy away from these things. Look but i. I've always thought that quentin tarantino is number one good. He's the guy like they talked about like when he wants somebody for his movies. He'll get that mersin for his movies. He doesn't care if he has somebody envisioned for that movie. He's going to get that guy now. Robot full robert forster was robert forster and jackie brown. Like and i still love jackie brown. I think that movies fantastic. I love jackie breath. Bridget fonda who retired from acting. And like i thought bridget fonda was fantastic in that movie. Jackie brown is still one of my favorite quentin tarantino movies and that movie got pretty much panned out. Because it was the follow up the pulp fiction. Yeah and people you know and they. They addressed in the documentary. How was not kind of like this. You know crime movie that we've been accustomed to from quentin tarantino. This is i mean. They even said that you know people would did pulp fiction which was heralded as one of the greatest movies in fifty years. I think didn't they put it in. Like the fucking the volt or whatever. You know what i mean. Yeah and and but it was heralded as this amazing accomplishment blah blah blah and. everyone was like for. Now he's gonna make pulp fiction. You know pulp fiction too. We'll have to be his next mill movie literally a sequel but you have to be some exempt and he was like completely fucking different and as in like film wise like you know shooting in cinematography in color palette and i mean he's music's always awesome took it to get down look at particular genre. It wasn't quite so like mishmash like mishmash but like it wasn't different songs. Different scenes like lots of late seventies like soul and funk and things like that and so he just he people expected something of him and he just went no through their expectations out the window but in a good way and maybe he wanted to make and that's why he is the guy that he is the only the only film that he's made of not big finals is death of tried watching it re times. Yeah i'm just bored but you know it doesn't mean i'm sure there's loads of people out there that love it. I'm sure there is and from watching this documentary. I'm going to try and again because when you understand the stuff that went on behind the scenes like especially zoe belle being a stuntwoman for thurman and then he was like i want you in this movie and i wouldn't be this character and it means that we can strap you to the hood of that car. We see your face. We know that issue. Yeah i watch it. I went to the theater and i watched grind house. Which was when they presented with. The robert rodriguez movie and the clinton him a death plan. They had a big time. Yeah clad terror planet. Yeah so. I want to get your thoughts here. But and but i loved how they talked about like some of the continuity of characters in his films. Yes you know. They talked about the vega brothers and they also talked about. And i did not know this. But in the movie reservoir dogs a character says house alabama alabama was patricia. Arquette's character in true romance a movie that he wrote and she apparently after that movie started dating mr white harvey keitel's character and started getting into that business with him. But she could not get over. Clarence and i was just like the fucking blew my mind as how connected all these movies were and we all know about the. What is it the cigarette brand. We've seen a bigger big red apple and how it shows up aide even showed up and once upon a time in hollywood. You know all my full funny the credits. Yeah yeah yeah. I fuck out of this. I loved it. And i'm a big quentin tarantino fan anyway. So what paul paul. Yeah it's it's a toll up for at least in my lifetime. There's i think he's the only director where i can turn on like a movie in the middle of nba. Should this is a tarantino movie. Just has that style. And i think he's probably the most ripped off director that you know like you see so many movies like oh this is obviously trying to be a tarantino movie so like i definitely give it up where i think. This movie definitely tried to do two things. I definitely think they were trying to get in front of the whole harvey weinstein thing. You know they really fuck in like that was a big thing. When it first happened like quentin tarantino had to have known he had to been involved some way or another in like it does a great job of showing like no. He had nothing to do with any of that. And even some of the fucked up stories. That michael madsen tells about later but his daughter and the like just like you get a picture of this guy was just a piece of shit. Did you ever see the like the interview. The interview on the red carpet years ago. That fucking courtney love had and she no quick. She says something. This is like back in two thousand and six. They asked her like a question and she ended and it was real quick. She was like if you're ever invited to a party by harvey weinstein. Don't go. Yeah i again. That's why i love that. They really kind of really show just like i was really nervous that they were not shy away from some of that or kind of brush it under but they went full force day yallop. He worked with a piece of shit. Now he doesn't like yeah. I do wish we would have had more interviews with quentin himself and thurman. Yeah yeah just. Because like for a while. She was his muse. Like that said you know they work so well together they had a really great career defining relationship but man just lake just to really get his head and like the shit that he would do where he would have movie marathons at his house and they would watch these movies like. That's that's what you would do to hang out with quentin tarantino. You wouldn't have drinks. You would eat popcorn and you'd watch these movies. That had a huge impact on him and when they started doing quentin tarantino fucking not his movies but just marathons movies at. He loved it alamo draft house and he'd be able to hang out with fans yeah. It was just cool to see like he is such a true fan of cinnamon. He's not afraid to say like yeah. Like i will steal something from a movie. Like he's like i don't pay homage to shit i straight up steal. It was like that's what people are doing to his movies too. It's just going full circle. Lake the guy. The guy has been like a fucking trailblazer. Well if you watch if you go back and you watch swingers. Jon favreau fucking vince vaughn that movie the sitting around the table and they're talking about how quintin totally bites off. Script says in the slow motion scenes in reservoir dogs like that scene search with them talking about how stealing from that in that movie. Swingers it holds that much more weight because you know one hundred percent. That's exactly what tarintino is doing. Yeah that's and that's fucking awesome. I mean just everyone is kind of pain damage to it. All and just like the fact that like he loves to go back to like the roots and the fact that he made the hateful. Eight in seventy millimeter. You know like when nobody else was going to do that like he went back and did that. And just like the love. He puts into the scripts and all that a hearing how he like how much he hates. Calvin candie as a character. It's his most hated. Character was just so fascinating to get into his mind. Because i think he is one of the most profile attack fulfilling prolific director prolific. Thank you so much walk directors. And he's very just some people that will just stay away from his movies because he's that pulled a rising to some people it's just great to really get into his head especially from the people that have worked with him. You know. i'm more than one movie. Tim roth guy with four movies with them. Yeah you know these people love they keep coming back to him for a reason. The robert forster stuff was yet. They didn't talk about four rooms. Did you ever watch four rooms. Yeah oh yeah. Yeah he's got. The bruce willis bruce willis room. It's the final room in that movie. And that's a that's a. Tim roth movie where he plays. The bellboy in hotel and the final room is the twin quentin tarantino story. And they basically they do that. Alfred hitchcock alfred hitchcock movie where the guy places the bet where he's like if he fucking late this lighter how many times like five times three times five times in a row that he'll cut off his he'll have another guy cut off his fucking finger. And do that whole fucking that whole that. Whole final scene in four rooms is like i love for rooms number one. Like you had the fucking the witch coven with madonna in the first story. I think like. I can't the second store is the second story. The the antonio banderas and he had the unruly children in that. Yeah which is kind enough by robert rodriguez. He says that's where the idea for spy. Kids came from. it's awesome. Oh my god and then yeah. I can't remember what's the third room. I can't remember cathy. Because the directors on that was quentin. Those robert rodriguez allison anders let fall. I can't remember that third economic zone. Yeah but what was the story for the third room and four rooms on have never seen four rooms. The old soul dan. You've got to watch for remember you've got to watch for rooms the missing ingredient. The wrong man really was the hollywood the man from hollywood. That was a quentin tarantino. One quarantine those demand from hollywood so the misbehaviors was robert. Rodriguez and antonio banderas so the wrong. The wrong man. I don't remember what was the wrong man still. I don't now. I gotta watch for rooms again. It's been years. I used to watch that so many times. Like the fucking kids when they show up in that room. And if there's a dead prostitute and the bad a needle hanging out of somebody is arm. The kids smoking a cigarette. I was just funny the rabbit. Oh my god that he delivers ice to the wrong room. Isn't that the story. And there's like an argument going on inside the room and he brings the ice. Yeah yet and it's the the woman who ends up showing up in the hollywood man. She yes she's she's in both. Yes yes yeah. Oh god oh my god dan. if you've never seen four rooms you gotta watch that shit. You'll love it. It's so good. I'll try and find it. Sounds tim. roth is awesome. Tim roth is so good in it. Oh my god. I love for rooms such a great movie. That's like one of those late nineties movies that i watched over and over and over again. What's your favorite quentin tarantino movie. I'm going to sound. i'm going to sound like such a fucking like basic tarantino fan. When i say this but i am going to say pulp fiction. Okay man. it's it's rape between inglorious bastards and django unchained nice. This is a big difference. I would probably gonna head. I'd probably have to say django unchained for me. It's like pulp fiction. It's just like feeling that. I had the first time i watched that movie. I've never been able to. I've watched other tarantino movies. And i love them but like as a teenager watching pulp fiction. And the scene. Where bruce willis fucking goes back into his apartment looking for that. Watch any happens to go into that. His old apartment at the exact moment that john travolta's taking a shit. Oh i was in any other movie. He would go back there and john travolta. The main character of the movie is going to gun him down. But in this movie. John travolta's taking shit and the fucking gun is laying on the counter and it was pop tarts. Yeah i was just like i i i you know and then and then the scene of the fucking adrenaline shot. I'd never seen anything like that in anything where it was just so graphic and just like not only was he giving an adrenaline shot to death rumors character in that movie. I felt like everyone who watched that scene for the first time got their own adrenaline shot of like. Oh my god. This is fucking happen. Inc look at the size of that needle and it's going into her fucking heart. Oh my god. I can't believe i'm watching this. It was insane. I had never seen anything like that. It was so crazy seeing slow because when she when adrenaline goes in and she goes. Yeah screams scrambles up against the couch. And she has this huge needle sticking up a side like at the continuity of the film like the way that the three of they're separate and switched around the time line doesn't actually run in older. That was too much in. Nfl my sword. And i was like protect guys. That goes dead now. Seems like all of hollywood. Dan was in the same boat as you because they were like. I remember that story in the movie. Where they're like dude. He dies in the middle of the movie. But keep reading keep. What did you like when you watched pulp fiction for the first time and they opened up the briefcase and you saw the glow coming out of it. What did like like that was like the the biggest between me and my friends when we go to coffee shops and we'd sit down and we were like drinking coffee smoking cigarettes and we're talking about movies. When pulp fiction would come up. We would always have the conversation of what was in that briefcase. It's a soul what we used to think as well. He's never really come out and said anything he's never come out and ben concrete about like what was in that briefcase right. Won't he's not going to mean. We figured that it was marcellus. Wallace is so because he had that weight loss on the back of his neck throughout the entire movie. And we thought that somehow they like fucking extracted and put in a briefcase. That was the best thing we came up with right. I mean there's no reason for him to have placed on the back of his. You ever seen the picture of the actual bulb that they put in the in the briefcase. Once yeah yeah yeah. I think i posted that on facebook. The actual picture of it but that fell man. I just i watched it. I just couldn't is blue. My fucking head ridiculous stuck in one neighbor. Bits is very it's just before But she goes back into the back room where it is. i've bombing marcellus. Wallace and why mental. It happens in the movie. And he's at the front the stole and he's just like testing all these weapons and just like shame so tana's poking imaginary people then he finds the saw it on the top and then history of fucking sword everybody was saying was that honda is just man. Was that hanso soared from kill bill like that. Was the big question going to have to check. That can be amazing. And it's just like how the bride when she gets buried alive she's buried in dr king schultz's wife grave sit and she also has mr blown razor blade to cut the ropes with do dallas. That blew my fucking mind. Let's say it didn't they say didn't they say fucking christoph watts's character in django and and the hateful eight was related to michael fast benders character tim. Roth is the great great granddaddy of michael. Fast bender in inglorious pasta. Thank you thanks so myklebust. Bender isn't technically distinguish accent for walk in like family. Name is in jangle unchained as like a stage coach. Robbing game for me. It's kill bill. I consider kill. Bill wanted to buy some film eight but killer wanted t math may. Those are my favorites. I as far as the kill. Bill movies go. I think the second one. I like a little bit more than the first to try to you. Just because it's it's such a love letter to like those like nine thousand nine hundred seventy s like kung fu movies and also the first movie is just. It's just fucking understand the story but then is just like plowing through carving people up on. It's crazy and then you end up with her of taking the help of irony. She's help in the back of the food. And then it just kind of you know you're going to let them know i'm coming for him. Yeah yeah the end like that. Copy the fuck in the forehead and then and then the second movie. And it's the pacing is is much more like melodic thaw our need to see you know you understand the characters a lot more people say the second one's boring and this way you find out what the fucking reasons for why she's doing it. I love it. I love the second one so much. All my god. I love this. I so much have. Have you guys heard the rumor that there's like actually to tarantino universes there's like the regular universe and then there's the movies that exist inside of his universe and they say that they say that kill. Bill is a movie that exists like inside of that universe because supposedly kill bill is the same plot as what obama thurman was like auditioned for pulp fiction for the pilot. Fox fox four five. Yeah yeah so. They're saying that's like you'll bills like a movie that takes place inside when that would also mean that from dusk till dawn is in the same fuck and movie universe because they're same character from from don showed up and kill bill the sheriff. Yeah that's one of the rumors and the pride of a nation is one of the movies that takes place in there. I will never forget. The first time i watched from hold on because like i had no fucking like when i fucking watch that. I had no clue as i had. No clue as a vampire movie dude tonight. Me and my mate lead singer folk talk is a huge baby fat. As we sat down that his house we watched it and it was like it was like us. He's awesome like the gecko brothers like you know like capture the family this tenths of fucking crazy. What's going to happen. I wonder what happens when they get the way. And then then the heck to a fucking lizard lady my god. Oh my god. That's one of the first bucket. Like danny trae ho appearances than ever member. I'd seen it wasn't he and desperado. But like wasn't the blood in blood out. Like i remember that movie but i don't understand that one fucking fucking like what was it like joker. Oh god i'm trying to. I haven't seen blood in blood out forever. But i've talking love it. It's about like fucking like latino gangs and shit like that man. It's fucking great fucking movie man but yes like early danny trae host stuff like this is like before like danny trae host. Had he has that. Look like you. You remember this guy like even didn't have remember. Yeah like even though you don't fuck in life even though he didn't have the biggest parts and some of these early movies like you remember that motherfucker because he just looked like a bad ass and you know and it's like one of those. Yeah oh my god. Cause he's fucking legit man like did you guys watch that danny trae documentary. Yes jesus christ the people that he was in the yeah he said he is that motherfucker that was and that's why i love like one of his contract. Agreements is if he's going to play a bad guy he has. Diane screen does want to glorify like that criminal life fucking awesome dude this fucking ten movie quentin tarantino bullshit man. I don't know i am not. I want this guy to continue like he says that you fucking peter out after ten movies i still think. Martin scorsese is like wine. He gets better with age. Wolf of wall. Street just came out a few years ago. Phenomenal movie irishman still great. I think irishman was really god. Yeah but man quentin tarantino to go away after ten movies. And here's the thing. He just signed a deal with harpercollins to do two bucks. One of those books is going to be a once. Upon a time in hollywood book in the second movie is going to be a nonfiction book where he talks about movies and his love of cinema from the nineteen seventies and also introduced. Like some what ifs like. What if they did this in this movie. Or what if they did that you know. And so he's he's doing a couple of bucks i think he's trying to stretch out his legacy a little bit more. I don't think this guy is ready to go away. The talking about him like after he gets done with his last direct to'real movie going back into his true romance days writing staff and he he's written some stuff in the past. I remember him doing some writing. Some tv in the ninety s for some tv shows and stuff like that. I don't want this guy to go away man. I think he should back in. Say fuck my ten movie role. I've got more stories to tell you know. Just like just like in wolf of wall street when leonardo cap ios character says you know. I'm not going away. I'm not leaving won't quentin tarantino to do. I can't see this guy sitting still. I can't see this guy coming out with his tenth movie and sale me. The next one is going to be his last one. Yeah it'd be the last one. I can't see this guy going away. He's got so many more stories to tell my opinion. I don't think that he will go away unless he thinks that tenth movie is his best movie. His swan song. Yeah i honestly. Although mike like my favorite films kill bill movies. I love i love basically everything not so much death proof but i think his best actual film from like a technical just like looking at a piece of our together with kind of subjective is thankfully. I think the hatefully is fucking masterpiece. Have you have you watched the extended version on netflix. Yes i have not watched it yet. It's like a film and a book and a play Had a baby and quentin tarantino is the dad and it has all these incredible actors in it. And it's just it's so beautiful to look at and the acting an amazing and there's even all this stupid little moments like that will that we saw in the documentary and everything. But there's like those little moments that showed like ad-lib all like he. He got his name the lady that the the prisoner lady jennifer jennifer. jason leigh. Yeah he was like you go by that guitar left and she was like bud. I play the guitar. I said we have to learn to play the guitar so she had to spend. Was it three months learning that one song so she could play. It live in front of everybody. And i wasn't like on tape. There's all these little things that he does. He like makes his movies as good as it could possibly be and look. They said in the documentary. Nothing onscreen nothing. That he does is random or accident everything for a reason. Which is what people used to sabah. Stanley kubrick is well exactly the same thing that ever. Just go out you know. Everything is picked out specifically. And that's that's just what he does a nats. War hatefully is culmination of like everything he's worked. Ah and it's just awesome. Man impressively brian. The first time we met star wars episode. That was hateful. It was just about to come out and you said that you were going to go see it. Crispus always remember that. Jake and i actually traveled up to chicago together and we. It was the nearest theater. That was playing in seventy millimeter. When quentin tarantino is doing the roadshow and he quentin tarantino films. That movie with seventy millimeter lenses. But not just any seventy millimeter lenses. He used the actual same lenses that they used to film the movie. Ben hur starring charlton heston the exact same lenses. That like not the exact same type of lenses the exact same. That's how much this guy loves cinema. Jake and i went up and they were doing the roadshow for that and we went to the one theater that was playing it in chicago in seventy millimeter to watch it. We wanted to watch and seventy millimeter and for me jake. Didn't jake loved the movie. But he didn't think that the seventy miller meaner brought much to me on the flipside. I felt like it really did. Open everything up to where like you felt like you. Most of that movie took place inside of that fucking like cabin glossary. Yeah yeah and they fit all those characters on screen. It felt like a play. It felt like you were at a stage stage play and you could watch all these characters. Interact and for me. It was like fucking amazing watching it and seventy millimeter. It looked beautiful. I was blown away. May again go ahead. I'm sorry i was open. They would've told more about that guitar story me to thank you. Because the fact that that was actual hundred fifty year old guitar that they got they got it from the smithsonian smashed it. Her reaction is real. It was like a hundred grand or something a hundred thousand dollars worth of guitar. That's how much it was worth and it's funny like when they i found out they were just told like you know there was an accident. That happened like it's first. They were cool and then they found out that like no kurt. Russell angie smashed it. He smashed was written a script to like. Yeah like what the fuck have them continue to use the guitar. But like dat goes into the whole jangling unchained thing like he gets so much out of his actors like fucking the caprio and open on a on a glass. I love when they talked when they talk about django unchained. How dicaprio is like having a hard time with like his character being like the slave owner in like using the language that he used in that movie. And then jamie fox and samuel jackson said dude you know like africa how they said like this is like the way these people that property. Yes that's how you have to see us. And so when leonardo di caprio shut up the next day jamie fox is like hey. How's it going leo. And leo just look like didn't even fucking acknowledge him. He was looking at him. Yeah he wouldn't even look at him do he was like fucking in that character he was like fucking like method acting. Like this is like dude like from that point forward. He was that character. I was listening to have you guys listened to the new one of the latest smart cast episodes with kevin smith. Where he's talking with. Sam levine from freaks and geeks the that guy. He sam levine. Played one of the inglorious bastards. Yeah and he's talking. He's talking to sam levine. About like you know what it was like working with tarantino on the set and they're talking about like the whole fucking the scene with You know what do they call them. The bear the bears urge jubilee. The jew jubeir whatever. Yeah played by la roth and that whole scene. Where like they're getting ready to introduce. You know this. Fucking nazi to the bear jew and fucking sam. Levine's character has to come off. It's tough to this fucking nazi nazis fucking a big dude in. Samm levine is a small guy and so fucking quentin tarantino of tells him like you know dude. This is your character. This is what you're feeling in this moment. And then he goes and he talks with the nazi the guy's playing a nazi and he's like this. This is what's going on in the scene blah blah blah blah blah. So they fucking film it and what ends up happening is basically that sam. Levine's character does come off as menacing to this nazi character. Sam levine. Then talked to the guy that played the nazi in that scene. He's like what quitting tell you. And he said that he said while. We're shooting this scene. If at any moment. I feel like my character like like you. Your character is not menacing is not a powerful character. And if i'm not buying that you that you're fucking like you could fuck you bash my head in with the butt of that gun at any moment that i'm supposed to steal a gun away from you and out shit went and said he would rewrite the movie rewrite then home. Yeah he would rewrite the whole fucking scene for authenticity. Wow that's amazing and what happened. Was that yeah like that. His character did not try to take the gun away from sam. Levine's character so that sam. Levine samm levine. Came that dany brought it for his character. I mean yeah. I i was blown away by that. Like holy shit like. That's that's how that's how much that quentin tarantino doesn't want to sacrifice you know like he'll change the whole city authenticity. He'll change up the whole script if he doesn't fuck and feel like you know if this other actors not buying it because like you're looking at santa levin who's a small guy san levine. If you look at sam levin now he still looks like he's fucking like that same kid that wasn't reaching. I love sam levine. I think. I think he's fucking brilliant. I love him as an actor that made the same way that he treated roth as well. He was like he kept him. Yes tunnel yes and he was like saying. You know what we're going to get to is going to get the lines. Brad's they pump you. Workout you depress up lifting weights chila for a bit keep working out and he kept for five fucking day so by the end of it he was just a savage like he was so fucking ready to beat to death. Yeah in the film. And that and that is the intensity i mean. I'm not massive illiberal fan. And but he comes out of that fucking tunnel and you can see in his eyes he is on a fucking mission and he is just pumped and ready and somebody gonna die. Just goes for insane. Dummy has to be is brilliant that they said that method acting like the director getting the guys to do the method acting some. I don't know about you guys but part of me just wants to wrap this up and fucking fly dan over here and fucking paul. I want you to drive down. And i just want to have a fucking quentin tarantino marathon and watch these mummies info fucking out after we get done. I'm gonna turn on fucking inglorious bastards van and just like i love how they even talked about that. I think that's one of his bravest movies like the first twenty minutes. There's no brad pitt like there's no big names like it's just that family and you know Christoph waltz wasn't a huge name at the time and later in the movie. There's a thirty minute scene. Where where they're in. The basement with michael bender wasn't even michael bender at this point like pretty much all no names and those are the two most like intense scenes of the entire movie. Yeah again people that people expect you said that bit in the ball was so boring. He fucking kidding me. Fucking brilliant man. I'm edward whole time and just said at the beginning of the film and that was when literally that i seem christopher wolves my god how fucking terrifying a menacing was that guy took a took time oversee like the script gave him some time to kind of fall into for us as the audience to kind of see what he was putting out and then you know it just slowly got worse and worse and you just like oh. This guy is the devil and it's so good get then quentin gets the complete opposite performance from him as a complete pure character. Django unchained. i. Yeah i here's another thing before i forget i did not know that quentin tarantino wanted to cast michael madsen. As vincent vega in pulp fiction. A rejoice crazy. Now we all know how john travolta debt. I can't see anybody else in that role other than john travolta. Yeah exactly and just because it was just scheduling conflicts as well. Yeah we yeah. Volta came back is that was his comeback film. Is it documentary. That's his comeback movie almost like. Oh fuck quitting shops. What he's doing now godley fan and all of a sudden garbage directed by fred dearth read. My guy didn't he do that. Michael movie where he's an angel or some shit and phenomenon phenomenon film was oh my god dan. roberts volun- forest whittaker. It's a good one. Oh my god what did i. I watched a movie recently. Forest whitaker's brother was in it. I'm not gonna go. There was it was. It was triple threat. It was the triple threat. I think his brother's name is like omar whitaker. I remember but man dude. I was watching. I was a motherfucker. Looks like forced whitaker. I paused it. And i went through and i i was like and it was like yeah. It was rather. That's his brother he's in. He's one of the leads in fucking the unicorn really. Wow i thought. I thought that could have been his son dam now. It's his brother. Oh wow yeah. They do look alike. Yeah he's he's really good in the unicorn. Let's take a break. We'll come back. We've been doing good for five hours. We we've got a fly through the rest of this shit so come and i'm going to have to bow guys as five pastor exhausted dude. Yeah this has gone way longer than i thought it was gonna go again to. We're gonna come back. i'm gonna. i'm going to cherry pick the rest of the shit that we're going to talk about. I'm going to cherry pick it to wrap the shit up all right. Dan thank you so much. You want to say by everybody by guys. Think people love you man hell. After this one now they well they. Will you know what i think's coming back coming back. And i'm and i'm totally. Revamping it patriot on. I think it's coming back. Oh sweet and i think i'm gonna do. Bonus episodes patriot podcasts. That are only available to patriots members. Wow that's slugging dude right now. I'll be. I don't know how long i'm gonna do it right now. It's my job. I'm in my offseason right now. So i'm not working technically so i won't be working until march again because my new job is. I have an off season. So i take about three months. I have plenty of time right now. So i'll bring patriot back for maybe three months so i'll have a fucking awesome so i have plenty of time to do extra podcast i'll be able to. Maybe i'm thinking about like what am i going to do for patriot on to make it worth people signing up and like what am i going to do. I might have patriots join me for episodes. I might have some of the patrons. Join me for episode. I might have like regulars on come on and we can talk about like fucking movies. Like we've talked about her passion for quentin tarantino movies. When i talk about other fucking movies. I don't have an episode where we talk about fucking like big trouble in little china. Something i don't know. I don't know i don't know what will do i don't want to say. I think that's pretty cool. I love the thought of you talkin about like some sort of you know older movies like rail real people absolutely love that franchise be sweet talk about john carpenter films. Let's talk about bay live. Let's talk about the thing let's talk about. I don't know but but we're gonna have fun doing it. We're gonna have fun doing it. You know and so. I don't know what we're gonna do. I don't know what i'm gonna do. I just have people. I just bullshit who might just both. I don't know what the fuck raymond do exclusive content. Only available to patriarch patrons thinking about bringing it back. It might go live tomorrow and then expect new podcast patriot. Only podcasts coming out in december. So i'll give it all figured out. And i work out but yeah you know and this will definitely definitely helped me out over the off season and keep the show going because i still have to pay for. I still have to pay for hosting shit and all the other stuff to keep the show going so it'd be huge help to me in the offseason where i am not making. I'm not making any money during offseason really so But yeah i'll get that. I'll figure it out and we'll probably talk about that next week down so the army will have your bag. I know i know. I know they will. I will try my best to entertain aaron forever. I hope he signed. Sign up your son of a kind is guide you hear from him until six months later. It'll be like i'm i missed the boat on that fucking bitch. Dan thank you. So i love you i love you. Dan thank you so much. I wish she could've people. i know. I wish you could have stayed the entire episode. Because it's it's fucking like what time is it there. Ten plus three baby baby she. She's very ties. Ties me a hell of a lot. Now quentin tarantino. Your baby's names beatrix. Which is the same name as the fucking ghetto at beatrice kale in. That's one of the reasons why she's beatrix fucking beautiful man awesome take. We'll take a break. We'll come back. Immune paul are going to blitzkrieg through the rest through the rest of this fucking bullshit. 'cause i go i'll be right back right. Hey we're back pa we are back. We are without ten west. How we going to do this. Have no idea is gonna be rough me you you and the red headed stepchild right now. I know we're going to guys. Hey it's time for the pop culture leftovers news. It's a news about this news. Gangsta gangsta fuck. Y'all real quick blitzkrieg through this shit. Did you see the news that the next transformers movie is going to be directed by stephen capable junior. He was the creed to director. Did you see this. I i thought that the cree to director was then over. But i don't i forgot what it was. Yeah okay did you like did you like creed to create one a cab kugler guy coolish so cut right kugler circa damp. Yeah i'd i think the fights and crete to or not as good and i just was not a fan of cree too but it's hard to say how's this guy going to do when it comes to transform. Its movie man. I don't know. I don't know we'll see i mean i've haven't been a huge fan of the last one. So bumblebee bumblebee. But yeah okay. I've been a fan of bumblebee. Why did they knock it travis. Night back in here. I don't know travis. Director of bumblebee is full of heart man. More than any of the michael bay ones here. This project that they're doing this anime. It's it's separate from the animated prequel. That josh cooley has been linked to direct. So this is a completely new movie. That they're getting stephen capable junior for juries out on this one i'm not. I'm not the big span of cree to and if you'd ask me. How excited are you one to ten for stephen capable junior the director of cree to to be in charge of transformers movie transformers. Beloved to me. I that's my that's like the fucking that's my cartoon of growing up like childhood cartoon. That's my number one. Cartoon from childhood growing up and to give it to. Stephen cable junior i i don't know i don't know solta guy so would anybody besides the guy that directed bumblebee. Do you think anybody would have been able to excite you for this new transformers movie like is during the other director that besides the guy that would have got you excited for this. I have to be somebody that actually comes out and says like i'm a fan of transformers like i grew up watching. Transformers would have to be that guy that comes out and says what's wild is like. You'll find like. I remember why what's his name. The guy who's in charge of the Star wars story but group pablo hidalgo. He's a huge transformers. John van he draws. He sends out artwork on twitter. He used to at least he would put artwork g one characters from transformers. He's a huge. You and this is the guy who's in charge of star wars story book stuff like this is the guy you know. And it's like it's he's not a director anything but he's got a passion for star wars for transformers and it's like that's the kind of guy that i want involved in transformers. I like a guy like kevin fight. You were talking about the difference between bryan singer. Just the director that came off a movie. The usual suspects that everybody loved and they gave him the accident. And it's like yeah. I mean that's that's the x. Men movie i mean dude. When when superhero movies weren't coming out and we got x. Men in two thousand. I loved it. I loved it but man. It wasn't until we got like fucking kevin feige a guy who loves marvel and i know kevin fi was a producer on those fucking x. Men movies but he didn't have complete control until he got with marvel studios and we saw with a guy who has passion for the shit. Like jon. favreau a guy who has passion for star wars. The guy who's passionate moral philosophy. Yeah we gotta get somebody who's got passion with the transformers that's going to connect with the g one audience. That's going to connect with the beast wars audience. That's going to connect with fans of transformers. I don't know who that fucking guy is. You know. I don't know who the guy is like. If like as much as i bag on peyton reed for the ant man movies and just being like a fucking company man when it comes to marvel studios if peyton reed came out and said like. I'm a huge fan of transformers g. One like peyton reed said. I was that kid in the theater that cried when optimus prime died in the animated movie i would be like. Oh my god peyton reed might be the guy that we need directing fuck transformers movie. We are because you feel like you could take care of your babies. Yeah yeah. I don't know man. Predator movie news from dr crisis says nothing to do with kevin spacey. Everybody don't worry she did you see this. Did you see a fifth predator film. Did you see who. They're tapping to direct this. I did not know ten cloverfield lane and the boys director dan. Trachtenberg is in talks to helm the fifth installment in the predator franchise at twenty th century studios notice how. It's not called twentieth century fox. Now that disney owns it's got twentieth century studios going to the movies and seeing fox searchlight movie. Now it just says searchlight pictures. It's a search all it's weird. It's fucking weird. But patrick designs behind the script for the v movie with the plot being kept under wraps side from the fact that it won't tie and any of the recent sequels. The predator series has had a rocky road. The thousand nine hundred. Seven original starring schwarzenegger. This news comes from dark rises by the way. The original starring arnold schwarzenegger remains an iconic classic of the genre. It's danny denver. Danny glover lead. Sequel was widely dismissed at the time but has held up. Better with time and robert rodriguez predators in two thousand ten received mixed reviews. Shane's blacks ashamed blacks. The predator in two thousand eighteen was widely panned and the less said about both alien predator. Films the better with disney's acquisition of fox. The box office failure of the predator series would be put on ice for many years if not permanently it looks like dude as much as i have not been a fan of these predator sequels any of the predators sequels to be quite honest with you predator to predator to like. Do you know if you're going to make a predator to movie you have to have irony. Well if you're not going to get the one guy from lethal weapon seriously if you like at the time. I'm not a mel gibson fan. Now at the time you're not gonna get their fucking lethal weapon guy. That was too old for this shit to fucking go up against the prayer. You're gonna get rigs you're gonna get fucking mel gibson back in fucking what was it. Nineteen ninety two or whenever the fuck that movie came out he was still a huge commodity. Nineteen ninety nineteen ninety. Yeah he was a huge commodity back. Then you're not gonna go for danny glover and when i watched that movie there was things i liked about it. And then there's things. I didn't like about it. It was a lot of rehash from the first movie but just set in like an urban city setting and you know he had fucking what's his name. George clooney's right george. Clooney beauty gary busey. All you see was in that movie. Also it's kind of like a lethal weapon reunion in predator two. I think george clooney at that time we doing in the killer. Tomatoes killer tomatoes movie. He was fresh off of he had done facts of life and then he went to roseanne and then he did the killer tomatoes. Now i don't know the order. What a whirlwind. Yeah killer. Tomatoes with john ashton who was gomez in the original adam's fan. I love that killer. Tomatoes movie with george clooney. It was on its. I think he can watch it on crackle crackle or popcorn flicks or something for free. I love that fucking movie. It is so camping so cheesy. And so funny i need. I need to check it out and check. There's i remember watching that when you would stay the night at a friend's house. Oh yeah. I remember staying the night at a friend's house when we were watching that movie for the first time it was like on usa up all night with gilbert godfrey and at the beginning of the movie george clooney works in like a pizza parlor and he's spinning though and he's flipping the dough and he spends it up and the doe never comes down from it goes up and it never comes down at the very end of the movie falls on his head out of nowhere. It's a call back to the beginning of the movie and me and my friends. We just laughed our asses off at of that fucking killer tomatoes movie and it was fucking highbrow comedy back then. Paul oh forget. But dan tracked him all my god. I think he's an inspired choice. What thank you right. He's not one of my favorite black mirror episodes with the play test with kurt. Russell son i love that episode with Russell the video game. The virtual reality thing yeah. He directed that one. That's dan trachtenberg is. Yeah if anybody's going. And here's the thing though i said this about. I said this about shane. Black i said like oshane black was in the original predator. Movie shamed black has done some great shit. I talked about shame black last week with the monster squad. I thought if anybody is going to be able to make a great predator movie at shame. Black and i watched that movie in the theater and i was like super ma- on it like you think they just need to go back to the original tried. True like put it in the jungle. Don't like fucking go into the city. They did do that with that. Fucking was it. Robert rodriguez with the. It was crazy. It was basically kind of like. Yeah it was. They had to offer grace. They had the guy from the pianist. What was his name adrian. Brodie adrien brody appeal right. Wasn't michael key key and that he was using using was in the new one mashame black. Yeah i don't know what they need to do but dan. Trachtenberg is a step in the right direction. I like the guy. So hopefully he'll fucking get it. Like i like legal analysis that guy that i want to do everything going forward singer upload right. He did upgrade upgrade. I just watched that that was so fucking. Good upgrades amazing. He did upgrade. He did the invisible man with elizabeth. Moss like leeann. Now is like the guy who i want to do everything and you know that would be my choice for a predator. Movie dan. trachtenberg is fucking top notch. The guy does the boys. I love the boys. Yeah oh god yeah no. I think it's i think it's a step in the right direction. You find out that he did ten cloverfield lane in the boys. The boys is coming off some the biggest of all time. You know the last predator. Kind of sucked. This is a good way to kind of forget. What the fuck cap and like all right. Give me this. Dan trachtenberg predator. Gimme a dan. Trachtenberg predator make it rated r. Fucking who you cast in this thing. Who do you cast. Who do you cancers your main guy. The predator in this well. I mean i think this old like the you know. Think the default answer for every big muscle guy as the rock. Chris hemsworth the rock. So yeah yeah. I mean who is is. Why would you get both i can. We have like the carl. Weathers schwarzenegger fucking bond right there. Man fucked if what if they just said fuck it. And we're gonna fucking take the franchise and mix it in with the predator. That'd be kinda cool. We're gonna have an expandable as go up against the predator. Your they need to. They need to somehow get jean claude van damme and this just just like for a med type thing because he was the original predator. Yeah i would love to see that. He's the first one killed or something and be calm. And i don't know we'll see we'll see what happens. I love dan trachtenberg. Stranger things season for news from bloody disgusting. Did you see this shit. Is the freddie krueger. Casting for the mayor robert england's or strange things for as a disturbed man imprisoned for a gruesome murder. Were absolutely. this comes from bloody disgusting. We're absolutely elated report today. That horror legend robert england and signed on to star in the upcoming fourth season of stranger things. Playing what sounds like a very interesting character one that potentially pays tribute to most iconic role england will play the recurring role of victor creel. Disturbed an intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the nineteen fifties. The sounds like a perfectly juicy character for england to sink his teeth into likely to put him back on the mainstream radar for series that is often pay tribute to a nightmare on street. It seems only right. That england is now making his way into hawkins. How what the fuck got a series of deals you know a fucking masters and shit from like another dimension and now we gotta talk in. Robert england's character is. Is this what we're going to expect. Are we just gonna expect a murderer. Are we going to expect. Like a is his character going to take a turn and be a hero in this. I don't like the holy gruesome grisly murder thing. Kind of threw me off the stranger things. I mean yeah like you can't get dark and kind of violent but usually that's like supernatural the fact that we're bringing in kind of like a grisly serial killer. Yeah you definitely could maybe come a good guy at the end but it seems like he might be a main foil to our lovable ray group of kids who are knowledgeable. I think that he could be kind of scary. But on the flip side. It's like it's like what would it look like for a fucking sue. You know a guy who is a murderer from the fifties to be released and have to go up against creatures from the town. Now you know what would it look like for a fucking serial killer to go up against fucking monsters from the upside down and his name. Does it not sound kind of russian to victor korea. Yeah like you see going to tie into like the whole thing. Yeah because like what do we know about season. Four of stranger things hopper is alive. He's imprisoned far from home in a snowy wasteland of come chock tada in russia where he faces dangerous both human and other dangerous both human. Could that be victor creel. Totally could be right. Yeah and other. Of course that's from the upside down. Yeah absolutely i mean. We don't know a lot about season. Four but man yeah fuck. What if he's in prison with fucking victor correal. That'd be cool. That'd be and i think i'm so excited for this news too. Because man stranger things season three really kind of righted. Some of the problems. I had with season two like i feel like they really got back on track. Okay season three thought was kick ass. I love season three. I love season. Three more than i love season two. I enjoyed season two. And most of what i enjoyed from season two. Was you know the fuck. In dustin and steve shit. I loved it. Steve man did talk about one of the greatest character. Turns steve such a piece of shit and most to that first season but when he turns around at the end of that finance the first season and goes back in the house man. That's that's one of the greatest like good guy turns and tv. I loved god. I love that actor. Fucking joke here is just so god. Oh yeah now hair yes. I'm fucking jealousy to hold onto your youth. Hold on a youth kit for real now goes away goes away. We're not all fucking paul rudd. No we are not all right. We're not all dick clark. He's dead now but man. He held on for a long time. He really did dead. Marvel news smart news. paul deadpool. Three moving forward at disney with new writers. This comes from comic book dot com. We got the we got. Wendy mall new and lizzy mall new. Very their names look very canadian. Their names look like they could be on the back of a fucking hockey jersey or on a putin menu. Yeah i'll take the mo new with extra gravy extra. Gravity graphic gave me that gravy sweet. Fuck gravity at that mall new gravity. Beer wendy and lizzy the mo new sisters they. They've been writing episodes of bob's burgers and they've got a new series called the great north. That's set to premiere on fox and twenty twenty one. That's that shows already been renewed for a second season. So we've had good luck with comedy writers in the past at marvel talking about the russo brothers who've written for arrested development and community. It's one of those things where people are by going to be looking at this and being like. Oh my gun. Bob's burgers writers write in deadpool. Movie i don't know about this. I don't know about this paul. I don't also. I have no clue how this is gonna fuck and translate. I love rat recent palmer nick. The original writers. They were designed by land writers. They wrote deadpool one. They wrote deadpool two. I love those guys. They i mean they were fucking involved in wayne. Sean salmon series. I think those guys are fucking brilliant at those guys. Were fantastic on the deadpool movies. I don't know what happened there. Why paul were not returning for deadpool three because you know those talks had happened. Oh of course that's there. I mean no chance to hausky. We don't know who the director is going to be for deadpool. Three the original director. Tim miller did not return for the second film. He got chad's to hausky from the john wick movies as the director was a chance to hausky. Believe it was a couple of john guys. Better famous i think it was chester. Hausky let me see here. The david lee. David light yay. There's two guy i told you. There's two guys two guys involved with the fucking john wayne movies and one of those guys with david lights and david lij. He directed the second movie. We don't know if he's coming back to direct this moving. We don't know who the director is going to be deadpool three but it looks like you know. This movie has not been green. Lit one hundred percent deadpool. Three but it's going to happen one way or the other but it looks like they've tap the these these sisters about that. I am a huge bob's burgers fan The later episodes not too much. But these two raiders did most of their reagan. The heyday where where like i feel. Once fox realized at disney was going to be a part of it that there was a chance that disney would buy them out. I feel like a really kind of cleaned up there. Like raunchy style of humor to kind of impress. The disney guys coming in to kind of keep their stuff so like the later seasons have definitely not been as funny or even like risk gay. I haven't watched bob's burgers in probably the past three seasons. I watched it. And i two three seasons and i thought the show was brilliant. Those two writers. That's there that's that's kind of their prime. Yeah of the episodes. They've done so. I'm really excited for that. Because i think they'll be able especially if he gets to our rating and they're given like freedom to kind of let loose. I think we could get some really fun shit. Going on justin crawl. Who rides for deadline broke the news. He went to twitter to clear some things up about the deadpool franchise noting that the third installment is still going to be r. Rated there have been concerns at marvel would want to tone deadpool down in order to work him into the mcu. Fortunately those two things are not mutually exclusive and his foul mouth will continue in the third movie while the tone is set to remain. The change in writers does represent a first for the record breaking franchise. Both deadpool movies were written by. Rhett reese paul warnick so this third installment will be the first without them attached back in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred in april kevin. Feige did talk about the rating. He said it remains to be seen. If marvel studios will venture into the world of r. rated adventures such as the successful films. Logan deadpool that being said it appears that the oriented humor that has made the ladder character. So damn popular is here to stay. He said when we were purchased. Bob eiger. who's the disney. Ceo said to us if it's not broke. Don't fix it. There's no question that deadpool is working. So why would we change it. So it looks like they're still wanting to go with an r rating with dead pool. I'm saying that that it will still be marvel studios and it will be. It will be an r rating. But i don't think any of these movies are going to be like. I think it'll be mcu adjacent. I think these movies will do their own thing with that. Pool will be able to do whatever the fuck they want to at that poll. Still and it's not like and we could see deadpool show up in the main movies. But i don't see ryan reynolds deadpool being like a main character or an important character liked any of the avengers films going forward like he might show up as a cameo but man i. I don't know. I think. I think it's for me if he shows up. It'll be fine if it's a cameo but anything more is a distraction. Oh yes especially if with guardians of the galaxy or anything like that just because he's such a brutal like character like he doesn't fit well into kind of the main phases of the of the mcu. But now like i wonder because the first two movies he does have ties to the x men universe. Yeah do you think that will be x. Men adjacent to like do you think you'll be his own thing or do you think we might see some x men characters filtering in and out of these deadpool movie dude. That's a god damn good question. I think you will acknowledge. I think once they introduce once they finally introduce the x. men which would be faced by or whatever the fact. They're planning on doing that. We he. That in his own movie he will acknowledge the new actors. Playing like exhibitor or logan or whatever. But i don't know how much they're going to bring back like. Are they going to bring back as a joke. Mcevoy to plagues xavier. Or patrick stewart. Or you know. I don't know that's up in the air man. Yeah can you just imagine like a main avengers movie. You just see like deadpool kinda like wandering in the back then look around and like kind of slowly creep back off that kinda shit would aware of all the like us. All of a sudden realized is like he's just like in a not rated r. Movie and just kind of like tries to get out before anybody notices home. Well i've always said that. I want him to i want. I've always said this in the past that like if they introduce him into a main. Pg thirteen marvel movie that i want him to break the fourth wall like when he curses he gets bleeped. And i've said i've said that multiple times on on episodes and and him not being able to drop the f bomb. Or like if i don't know because like you can say one f-bomb in a pg thirteen movie. Would they let deadpool get away with it one time would an event like what it disney marvel movie ever do that they had ironman call a child a pussy in iron man three. Okay yeah i mean the man but still fuck fuck. You know what i mean last true. I've always thought about that. Like would they ever drop like. I think times they've really flirted with it like especially like in the spiderman movies. But you're bringing your kids to watch the new fucking advantages movie. Deadpool saying fuck fuck where. The fuck is robert doctors. What's the big difference. What's the big difference. been like. You're taking your kids to go watch the new x. Men movie and fucking you know you've got james mcevoy's exurbia china fruit logan and he tells them the fuck off. Yeah then mcevoy even says that in days of future pair. Yeah i don't know. I don't know i don't know i mean kids here so much. I guess biggest concern here is. I don't want feigen marvel the fuck intone deadpool down. I still wanted to be the same radar fucking shit that we've been getting what like we've talked this episode. He has such a passion for these marvel properties. You got to think that he would even look at dead pool the same way like you know. I think he understands the essence of dead pool and the essence of deadpool. That's been working as r. Rated version the day before this article came out of this. You know marvel studios and the dead pool shut the day before. This article came out so two days ago. As of this recording recording on saturday we more proof that the only thing that new site we got this covered shouldn't fat cover. Is there keyboards with anything that would obstruct them from ever writing another article because they came out with an article titled ryan reynolds rumored to be announcing dead pool of three next month totally wrong. They're totally wrong. And like everything that they fucking say here in. This article is complete bullshit. This article goes on to say it's half sequel to the established deadpool series and half reboot. It goes onto say rhett. Recent paul warnick will be returning to write the script along with reynolds chorley. I know everything here. They say is fucking wrong. It will be titled deadpool ret con and we'd be set during the snap. The film will open with the entire established supporting cast. The deadpool franchise getting snapped away with weasel. Getting snapped off screen to avoid using tj miller. Which would be referenced in a fourth wall break. Deadpool will assume this happened due to him time travelling at the end of the pool. Two and attempt to fix the running joke is that deadpool has always been in the mcu. And there's definitely nothing strange about that. T ray is the villain. The mc film would be rated r. and released under twentieth century. Banner it will work like a sony spiderman film. Where the cannon to deadpool but not necessarily vice versa blah blah blah blah bullshit. They lost me at recent. Paul weren't fuck. We got this covered because the other day they released that timothy. Shell may was in talks for batman beyond warner brothers. Michael keaton yay. We got nothing. Covered guys are fucking fully. Exposed their flashing everybody with their fucking mike. Groping took over was even flashing fucking. We got discovered covered. Jesus christ is you find. Just click bait bullshit. Some news of the black widow film came recently with the released marvel studios black widow. The official movie special book. Did you hear about this. The mar- the black widow the official movie special book. I did not know teeth. Ot fake bangel terrible last name. I don't. I don't even know if i said his last name right. Ot fake panel. Who plays he plays mason in the film. Which is rick mason revealed a few things about him and his relationship with natasha. He said mason is a finder for people who aren't so affiliated with armies like people who are part of the andrew world. He can find anything you need as well. He's had a relationship doing that. Work for the black widow and they have a bit of a five going on. There's a sense that there's more to the relationship than it being purely work related. So that's always in the next. He's alluding to the fact that his character rick mason in black widow might have a a romantic relationship or have had a romantic relationship. Ro right rick mason. More about rick mason. The character rick mason in the comics. There's also known as the agent. He was a mercenary who became a highly covert operative and freelance agent. Who specialized in the nonlethal handling of superhumans. He is also the son of venus mason. Who in the comics is the tinkerer and the character of the tinkerer. We actually saw in spiderman. Homecoming finneas mason is a former salvager turned professional criminal who use the gitari dark elf and ultrasound technology salvaged by adrian tombs. The vulture to create all new powerful weaponry due to the actions of spiderman. Tinkers weapons came under risk of being found and therefore tombs considered shutting down their organization. Whoever the tinker convinced him to do a final highest which resulted in tombs being arrested. So yeah rick mays. I don't know honestly. I don't know if black widows going to connect to the tinkerer from fucking spiderman homecoming. That might that might just be comic book. Shit they don't fuck in they don't make that connection so mason might not be related to finneas. Mason the tinkerer in the spiderman. Homecoming movies but fake randall. He gave more details about his character of masonry mason's arc and black widow he said mason story starts when natasha's trying to escape and she needs a place to hide out so we hang out for a little bit and then later on when she gets in trouble. She calls me up again car. I help her out with a help. Out with a chinook if you need a helicopter. I'm the guy to ask and then again every time she's in trouble she calls me. She's like he's like fucking aaa insurance. She's got a flat calls him. He's like he's going back to fuck in going back to the tarantino movies like the wolf. So that's where my head worth so if you if you got a kid in the backseat of the car. That he accidentally blow his head off fucking clean up the upholstery called a wolf call. Winston wolf called mason rick mason and he also gave more details about his character of mason. And fuck you hold on. Oh yeah he had another quote about his role in black widow as well as town. Natasha takes advantage of his resourcefulness. Mason is the guy that you want on your side. If you get into a hard corner tasha definitely takes advantage of the opportunities for him to provide certain things. She never really pays with cash. She doesn't have credit. Why no yes sir. I know what will whoa. What are we doing here. This is all eventual and are we how was thinking. This is like a going back to review the teacher jackass obama. No it's definitely. It's like booty call for a booty call. Yeah yeah i think we. I think we need to move out of marvel news. This is getting agree to one. Big question though. I think there's a high probability that this dude ends up being taskmaster one hundred percent. Yeah i mean. If i dude i kept thinking it was going to be fucking. Yeah i thought. I was going to be rich a wise but the more that i keep watching these trailers and like the family dynamic between hurricane character and you know all the characters when the sitting around the table and shit i. I don't think so. I think it's gotta be ot fag bengals character of rick mason. Here matto mass. Oh yeah oh yeah one hundred percent you know. Because like she's all she's only contacting him for like act like just clean up her shit and she can't pay with money. I mean come. Yeah kim on man. Dc news wonder woman saddened. Hbo max and theaters december twenty fifth. What the. I never would have guessed this. I honestly never would've guessed that it would actually that they would do this. They gave a talk. There was talk. Could they release it on. Hbo max and like i what alad mid one hundred percent. I never thought it was going to happen. Never never a million years. I think that what i thought. But i don't know what warner brothers executives. I don't know what's going on with them right now. And i don't know how they're gonna react during a pandemic and so. This is what we're getting. I think it comes down to them thinking to themselves that you know like. How long are we going to hold onto this movie where it was supposed to originally be released in november twenty nineteen and then august of twenty twenty and both those fucking dates fell apart. And how long do we hold onto this fucking movie. Do we hold onto this movie. Release it in theaters or do we release it in theaters. Also at the same time for people that can't see it in the theaters. Do we try to sell some. Hbo max subscriptions all right so so. I have a question about that. You know like how when they did moulin for disney plus and you had to like spend thirty dollars and you'll keep it as long as you have disney plus. Are they going to do something like that with. Hbo or is it. Just you have hbo. Max subscription you have access to wonder woman. Merry christmas man. You got hbo. Max you're watching wonder woman. Jesus christ while but dude like dude is this. Is this brilliant. Because honestly in my personal opinion once you dive into. Hbo max and you see all that they have to offer movies dc holy shit got studio ghibli on my god. You've got all this all my do. They have so much to offer on. Hbo max and i think it's a great interface. I think it's a fantastic interface. I think coming out of the gate. Their interfaces sir fucking ten times better than fucking lose. I think they have so much to offer on. Hbo max whether it's the classics whether it's dc whether it's studio ghibli. It doesn't matter so much to offer. Hbo max i think like once they they think like if they can get people to subscribe merely just to watch wonder woman and after you've watched wonder woman like once you start browsing. Hbo max and you realize all that else that they have to offer all the hbo stuff and all the studio ghibli all the dc. All the they all classic movies. I don't i think that they think once they get these people to sign up. That people are going to stick around for what. Aj max has this dude. I don't know. I'm not one hundred percent sure but i think this could be they. This could be a huge move for them and it could be a huge move. It could be a great way to promote the streaming service. I don't know yeah no totally. I mean i definitely agree with all day feels. Got awesome stuff can easily get in. Westworld game of thrones if you haven't seen any of the whole the whole interface that they have in the way they have it broken down like they've got it broken down and like know. I think the crunch they have like the country roll stuff there. They have like the anime. They have studio ghibli. Afdc they have it broken down like different categories that you can go and check out the. I think there's a lot a lot of stuff that people will want to stick around for like an adult swim category two. Yeah yeah on there. That i was on last night and i just do you think this is. Do you think wonder woman. Eighty four coming on. Hbo was kind of like the signal of like like the dawning of the new way. That movies are going to be released now. Like do you think this could possibly be the started the end of like theatrical releases at least four awhile now well i mean we know that recently. A lot of these theaters. It's been they have been. I know a lot of the movies that i've seen in the theater recently. Like let him go. I didn't watch this one in the theater but fat man was released in theaters. Like it's going to be available on digital like november twentieth or the twenty fourth. That's the new mel gibson. walton goggles. movie the santa claus fucking hit man. Yeah yeah and like a lot of these movies are hitting theaters and within seventeen days. Universal did a deal recently. What was it. i'm trying to think here. Let me pull this up. I think. I have this cinemark. Cinemark did a deal where they'll have a shortened theatrical window for movies in the us box office and then it'll go to yeah it'll go premium. Vod thirty one days after it opens on the big screen. Canadian theaters are doing the same thing. Universal worked out of the us amc out of the oath another theater chain where it's like seventeen days after like it releases in theaters. It immediately go like but this is. These are pandemic rules. Wants the pandemic's over is this gonna stick. Is the big question so i wonder woman three comes out will wonder woman three have the same. Are they going to release wonder woman three day of. Hbo max or is this going to be theatrical dude. I don't know. Is this going to completely change the landscape of movies. I don't know. I don't know i don't know i really don't now like once. There's a vaccine for covert and people are comfortable with going back in the theaters. Dude i don. I don't know paul yet. And now second question is does disney stick to their guns and wait for theaters or are they going to end up. Putting black widow like disney. Plus a milan. If you would ask me this a month ago. I would set. It comes out in may like they originally slated if you ask me now. I think that the chances are we need to see what happens with. Hbo mac subscriptions as of christmas if families are subscribing to hbo if disney plus feels like they need dude. And here's the thing. Disney plus was the same fucking streaming service that said. Hey you watch milan you gotta pay. I ought to have a disney plus subscription and. Then you gotta pay thirty bucks on top of that. I think they could easily do with black widow. I think people would be more like how that will black widow. How is how is that going to sit with you now. How how well is that going to sit with you now. The hbo matches just saying yeah. Yeah that's the death seattle. Yeah i if. Hbo's doing not give it not charging extra like you know fee to just be able to watch right wonder woman then. They're kind of putting disney in a corner like okay like we're going to bring this out on christmas. Yeah same day as theaters. And you don't have to pay any extra than the subscription but disney's is like. Yeah you gotta have. You gotta have disney plus and then we're also gonna fuck in. Yeah moulana rules apply. You gotta pay thirty bucks on christmas. Merry christmas everybody. Yeah but don't you think. Hbo's really like pretty much saying to disney like okay. You're move now like taking the movie that we really banked making a lotta money and we're really charge you more than just be oh subscriptions. I thought what they were trying to do is sell. Subscriptions was doing the snyder cut. I had no idea that was gonna flip and fuck and be like okay. No we're going to release them and eighty four. Fuck yeah i yeah. This could be a fucking game changer. For the way movies. I released and marketed. Now it really could. It really could. I don't know when. Yeah when the fucker people going to feel comfortable going back to the theater man dude and like i remember you for a while. Last year like when disney was coming out. You kept talking about destroying war do it. I don't think anybody realized that. Like st streaming wars and streaming thing would be like the future of fucking cinema right. Yeah farc yeah. I thought it was all about netflix's trying to buy up theaters now. It's basically like netflix. Where we go to watch movies right. Isn't that fucking insane. Yeah jesus christ. Yeah yeah paul i like. I don't know like we're totally entering a new landscape when it comes to movies and movie releases now so anything. Anything that i thought was off the table can be put back on the table. We could be seeing next year if it comes to the spring if it comes to may and disney is just like we are not ready to put black widow out on fucking in the theaters. We could definitely be seeing black widow showing up on disney plus with with no premium charge. It could not be. I mean it. Might they might go the. Hbo max route then they would almost have to. You know what i mean like. Are you fucking nuts. We have to do it for wonder woman. We're not gonna pay an extra thirty dollars to watch black widow. Yeah yeah. I get it now. It's bad enough. I to do for trolls worlds. I that was actually a really good movie. I haven't seen. I haven't seen it. You liked it. I loved it so much it was. It was so much better than the first one but i never thought. Well souls coming out fucking christmas day on disney plus. I never thought of pixar movie but fucking skip theaters. Way isn't really. Yeah so so. I think it's christmas day. Yeah so the picks it's a pixar pixar movie. This isn't that disney animated movie wreck it. Ralph this is like a pixar movie. Yeah one cut like isn't it like about a dude like pretty much dies. Yeah oh shit. And they're not going to go the move on route like they're not gonna charge you an extra feel nope. Oh shit it's dropping on fucking disney plus and there's no extra charge and you can just watch soul. Yeah fuck at pixar movie dude. Oh my god i now. Merry christmas well and alright day kind of did that right because on wor was the first pixar movie of this year march and and that came out two weeks. You could actually just rent or buy off of wherever you buy your downloads. Y- and two weeks later. That came out on on disney plus. I saw originally released in theaters. I saw it in the theater. Oh you do. Okay i did. I did. Yeah if i go back and look at my history on amc. I actually. I saw that in the theater and then shortly after that they shutdown if theaters and then you can watch it on video and then it out shortly thereafter on disney plus. Yeah because i bought it. Vod exurbs the week. I had the kids at bought it audio. Deion lake two days later. Like it's going to be on disney plus two weeks unlike like son of a bitch. Did you watch the new snyder cut. Santa cut trailer. Where did you think you know. It's something that's happening. I love the reaction to step in wolf's new costume did. Did you see like being turned into the chair from knives out. No no the best response. I saw on twitter. I saw it was a pick of grumpy cat. And then the new steppenwolf and it's sad. How can we upgrade. Steppenwolf zack snyder quote. Make him look like grumpy cat but covered staples no god. He does look like the fucking like. The game of thrones chair with fucking. I thought he looked like you like pin art. Like that fucking when you put your face into those pants. Yeah yeah your hands into those pens pin thing. That's what i thought it looked like. Oh my god that's fucking do that. Which would just go away. Somebody posted on twitter. Like do you. How do you stop the new steppenwolf. And they posted a picture of a magnet. The only one i saw was like daniel craig's sitting on it like he is at the end of knives. I that's awesome. Oh my god knives out. What a great movie. I'm so fucking pissed off because all the theaters around me shut now and november twenty fifth. They were supposed to release knives out in the amc theaters for five bucks. Oh my god. I just I just watched that with a friend of mine. She came over and she never seen it. And yeah god. That was so fucking good so i own i fucked. I own it on fandango now. It's my dangling now account so for anybody who residency. It's on amazon prime as well. There you go. It's so fucking. it's great man. i. I talked about aaron forever. You fucking you know giving me shit on the items review and whatever but man. I can't i've had i've had some shitty emails. Come into me where people attack me personally. And i've gotten very personal episodes and talked about my past and like you know me growing up and stuff like that and people abuse it against me in emails said very hurtful things to me. But i can't imagine and that's on such a small scale. I can't imagine being like ryan johnson. Who's in charge of a star wars movie and for the people and then we're that movie hurt them so bad where they feel like. It ruined their childhood that it ruined like their their experience with luke skywalker that they felt the need to tweet this guy and fucking call every name under the sun. I can't imagine how this makes this guy feel because you know he's a fan of star wars and so just just hateful people out there man just hateful people like like i hated hated the treatment of like transformers. But i've never tried to fucking like. I've never tried to personally attack michael bay on social media or anything like that. I can't imagine what like ryan johnson and some of these people have gone through fucking reading some of this shit online so i fuck that. Jesus yeah no. It's now fuck that shit you learn in kindergarten classroom fucking shut your mouth. You know like if it's nothing productive up. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah we're on this earth for such a short time like enjoy it. Enjoy any if you hate somebody. I think we can all agree that we hate hitler. Yeah i think. There's some people that i think we can all agree that we hate but on the flip side like you know. I don't know there's a dude. There is a part of me. Like when i first started this podcast. There was a part of me that was like i'd hear other podcasts. Talking about listeners. That listen for awhile. Fans and the eventually like they'd had their fill of like the host or whatever and like with fucking attack them and i was like main. You know you've made it when people come at you like that and there's always a part of me that kinda wanted that and i gotta keep i gotta keep that in perspective because like i mean i don't know man there is there is power in evoking those kind of reactions out of people but it does it but does i'm not going to say that it doesn't if feels good but then it feels bad too because like i like i mean i can i get it. I get it. I get just like any relationship that anybody's ever had. That's fallen out like there's a point where like you've had enough of a certain person and and you know you're just like you've done with that person and so am i making sense right now. Like no you e- you totally are making sense like you know you wanna at the end. Everybody wants their feelings. Validated are like feeling hurt. You want people to know why you're fucking you know what i mean. It's just the way you know especially in the social media world. It's become so easy to really nut feel any consequences of saying kind of stuff you don't you know like i can go on twitter and i can call ryan johnson a piece of shit and i won't ever be able to see if that even affected him. You didn't see it so like my words mean nothing so people just can go upon shit like this and they can have absolutely no consequences for their actions like that and just not even think twice about doing it again. Yeah it's weird it's weird. It's because there's a part of me that thinks to myself like at least i have people reacting whether it's good or bad because there's some great things within the past. I've been doing this for eight years. And i hate to bring this all back on on myself right now. I feel like. I'm just like very self-indulgent right now but like but i can look look back on like this eight almost eight years of doing this show and think to myself like you know there are people that put podcasts out. And they don't hear anything back from anyone or the people that just hear back from their friends or you know. I've heard everything everything from like new listeners. To old school fans like there have been people that have been with us from the beginning. That still love us. There have been people that have been old school fans of the podcast. Where i have. I've seen like people. That were diehard fans of the show. Paul on follow me on twitter. I see that stuff. They follow me on twitter like die. Hard fans that used to write in there are at least two people. I know of that. I've met in person that have unfollowed pop culture leftovers on twitter. And i don't know why i don't know why i don't know if somebody said on an episode or or so. I don't know why they've never reached out to me and told me but man it's like but there was a time it was man you know like i thought to myself like it's kind of like where i wanna be but it does suck man. You can't please everybody all the time and it's not my place to reach back out to them and be like. Hey why do you follow me. What can i do. You know you're either with me or not with me. And i can't. I can't not everybody's gonna like me some people they just listen to the episodes and they'd just hear the one side of me that's a deck. They don't know the other side of me. That's like that is a caring person that does like that does care about people. Like here's the thing paul. It's like i'm only one guy. I i can't fuck. I wish i could ever relationship with everybody that sends me a message all the time. But there's only so much of me to go around. I can't imagine like what it must feel. Like to be like a kevin smith that gets tweeted at all the time by everybody that loves him and he can't reach out every one of them all the time you know i can't even i can't even imagine being in that guy's position or like a ryan johnson for all the fans that hate him or like him he can't respond to everybody and i'm i'm not. I'm not even close to that level. But you know i get i get. I do get messages from a lot of people all the time. And i wish i could spend more time talking. Everybody i just. Can't i just like the best way for me to get to know people and you know this paul is like when i meet him at sea to meet them face to face and i have that physical connection. I'm not the biggest social media. Know and like totally speak on that. I feel like you and i have had almost two to relationships right like we've done. Yeah or like even three right like we started off just of facebook messaging that it turned into like you do and then me onto here You know it is completely different than when we got together see to. It was like you know like i. Totally get what you're saying there so many different ways to actually get to know people and for you the most authentic way tweet to and i completely agree with that way we can sit here and talk about fucking transformers movies on. The podcast is a whole different thing when you're actually in that person's personal space like getting to know them so it's a face to face. Personal connection to impersonal connections are so sorely lacking especially in corona time. You know yeah. I mean but it's man i don't know there's dude there i'll just be honest with you. There's times where it fucking i'm a. I'm a pro it's crazy. I'm a very private person. But i do. Open up on this podcast and then when a half people use it against me. When i do open up and i have people use it against me an email. It's just like oh my god. Why am i doing this. Why am i sharing this. Why why am. I exposing myself like this and but but i have to keep in mind there are. There are much more there many more people that enjoy this show then. There are people that are going to turn on me. And so i do i do. It's crazy 'cause i can get i can get fucking ten email saying how much people love this show. But it's the one the one that i'll remember the most is that mother fucker. That fucking hates me so fucking people you know they they play into like any and i'm one of the most self conscious low self esteem person you'll ever have always fucking listen to those two but people you know at the end of the day. It's almost feel bad for those guys. Like how unhappier they with themselves. Yeah they're gonna take their time out to reach out to somebody they don't know and bring up. Just you know something that was like they know was very important to you and you know very personal to you. Like how much do they hate themselves to say. That is just a great boy. That's a good point. You know that's go back to a teacher talk. But that's you know that's how we learn to deal with all the bullies at school to the kids in all you just stare you know they're they're not happy with them own selves. And they they. They hate when people aren't feeling like them. Misery loves company. do one hundred percent. Yeah mandalorian dude. You've been digging. It did so holy shit man. This is god damn it. It's been a fucking amazing roller coaster. Hate episode twelve came out. So if you haven't watched episode twelve don't listen to this episode. Twelve comes out and we know there's been kind of like a mole a spy. That's been feeding information to mark gideon and okay dude. You're that mere cat creature. Do i think that that's behi- really that fucking mere cat looking creature that was hanging out with. Yeah that it didn't talk. It just looked like a mere cat that was hanging out with caradon. I think that. That's the dike. The spy that's been given information to them. Mum because i because we know what the ad that you know that one person that works with carl weathers and stuff that they did plant a tracker. Yeah i don't think it was. I don't think it was one of those fucking people that were preparing the ship. I think it was that fucking mere cat looking creature ou. I think that that i didn't so good news. Mere cat creature can fully talk and all that shit. We're going to find that out. There's going to be a fucking episode. Where that fucking mere cat creatures talking to some money. I mean totally. I mean come on lay. We all pretty much agree that next week. We're seeing rosario dawson right. We got to talk the planet corvus. That that she's on. Yeah which okay. Which is crazy i was talking to. David is like about this. I'm not the biggest star. Wars guy played that battlefront game. Yeah and the corvette is a ship. Oh okay so she is she not on a planet as she ship will they said planet but i automatically went to shit. Dude is he being set up But the david said he he. You know dave davis the guy trust about star wars stuff and he said no. You said he's not being setup that he thinks. Everything will be fine. But i mean like next week is directed by dave. You gotta think we're gonna sorry. Oh it's gotta be stateful directing it. He's the one who basically was the guy behind the okay tano and so they're going to let him direct the episode or she shows up right i would. I would think so. Do okay. so like when we talked about the count and they talk about many chlorine and they talked about fucking like okay so were they trying to inject medical orient where they trying to. Is it all about trying to injectors medical into dr troopers. So you know fucking like androids that. They've injected with four sensitive medical oriented or the experiments that they were that they were working on those like the snow clones or was it like the future of the palestinian clones. What i mean what was that all about. Your guess is as good as good as my like. I didn't even go to snow. Until i saw some some stuff online. But i just kept my main thing was like why is gideon almost cost plane as darth vader like like his black suit and then this chess like it looked very veteran. Man this show is knows when i find out. I'm sure i'm gonna love it. But it's fucking. I felt like this was one of the biggest game. Changers of the mandalorian. Hardly got any answers. Tell anything i love. I love the season so far. I love it so much at my hazel freaked out. She is a huge wrestling fan so when she saw her favorite wrestler. Sasha banks last week as one of boca john's partners. Yeah she was through the moon. That's awesome that's so cool. That's so cool. I yeah. I'm loving this season so far. I mean you know i'm like i don't have any concrete answers but i'm just loving where they're going. I think we are going to be getting. It looked like dark troopers that we're getting but as far as like a it. Sounds like they were wanting to inject them with with medical oriented and make four sensitive troops. But i don't know then on the flip side e saw what was in the fucking in behind glass. It looks like it looks like snow clone. So i don't know i did. Yeah yeah yeah fucking love it. I love the mandalorian. So like what a cool concept too because like totally rewards the fans like the hardcore fans you know like if a huge star wars fan and you did like rebels and enclosed wars like this is paying off dividends for you but then like if you don't know anything about star wars it's a fun like western science fiction show. That will still get all the emotions and needs from me so cool. Yeah here's the thing. I think it's a good balance between it's a good balance between cute star wars and star wars. Because like i'm not i'll be honest with you. I loved fucking. When i was a kid. But as i got older they kind of walk me. I have a weird thing with cute star. Wars and bad esta always. I don't know where did you fall out in the porguese. I was worried about the porks. I was worried about the poor. Like how much are they going to be a part of the story. You know that always worries me about that. That was what worries me about the mandalorian. Because it's a lotta cute star wars with fucking baby. Yoda and i feel like it brings casuals in casuals. It don't give a fuck about star. Wars have been brought in. And i think that's great. I think it's great. I love the fact that people have been brought into star wars because of baby yoda. I think it's great. I want more people to be brought in. I'm also worried on the flip side though paul that they see the response of cute star wars. And that's all we're gonna fuck and get. Yeah that's all we're gonna fucking get there is such a fucking huge response about snarky droids in star wars and it felt like every fucking movie that came out recently within the past few years just had snarky droids in it. Oh yeah look at rogue one. I know exactly i mean i'm worried about cute st- hours like i don't want that to take over like i watched the lego star wars holiday special. Which i you know. I didn't bring it up in the pop band pop. Jake watched it. He he wanted me to watch it. I watch. I will say i enjoyed this. Lego star wars holiday special. More than i enjoyed fucking the rise of skywalker but on the flip side. It's like. I'm not a huge fan of like the lego franchise when it comes to the movies. Anyway i love lego batman i will make the exception for lego. Batman that is lego. batman was amazing. Do legal. I still laugh so hard when dick grayson introduces himself to bruce wayne where he goes like. I'm richard but everyone calls me dead and he goes. Kids can be so cruel. i do. I saw that shit in. I max and i was like it was such a gorgeous movie. It looked great. And it's so funny. And i think it just. It's such a great job with batman's rogues gallery and all. Yeah so much fun. But i i'm like i'm i like cute star wars but i'm worried i'm worried about cute stars. I don't want it to take over. Because like i show up. I know a lot of people show up for baby. Yoda a lot of people watching the mandalorian show up for baby. Yoda and i like that. I like that stuff. But that's side dressing for me. Man i show up for pedro pascal and the mandalorian bad assery in show. That's what i show up for and and it's it's a weird thing. When i'm i'm worried that that the reaction all the memes and all the love for baby yoda and i love it too. I do. I love it. I love it. I think it's i think it's funny. I think it's funny i love. I love the child. Don't get me wrong. But i don't want that to be. I don't want to take over and just be like that's where we need to go with. Star wars in the future is cute star wars for everything like that's what's working right now is cute star wars for everything you know i. It makes sense. It worries me man. it's worries me. It worries me so you know. I still like the bad assery fucking like that bad s i liked the han solo shoots i you know. Yeah yeah. I do gotta say one thing. I'm loving the lot. This season is like the different types of creatures monsters that we're encountering you know like that one the name of that. Big tremors type thing dragging do was fucking cool and then we never really got this e but like in last week's up the week before this week when they were on that little barge and baby. Yoda got tossed into the water. Depth monster you know. Eight to thinly loving that. They're giving like act like they're really giving some like fear. Yeah these big nasty aliens that even in the star wars universe. Yeah they're good maurienne guards in the fucking axes that they were using data. That was fun. I mean there's a lot of There's a lotta fucking fan service. That's given in these episodes. And maybe there's an overuse of know call backs from the original trilogy and stuff like that but man overall i've had a blast at the mandalorian season. I've loved it. I i got a Dawson as asaka tano. Holy shit. holy shit. I can't wait. I can't wait. Oh my god. And i think if we even get like gallagher ezra dowm mullane jesus or a sabine ren man. I would die paul. Yeah this is the episode per done. Oh man it was a blast. I feel like this is the longest one i've been on. I feel like this is the lies. One i've been on for a long time that i've actually had a good time on. This was a ton of fun. Man this was you know. Fuck in all i do. Is i talk to you there. My kids are my students and never really adult. So it's nice to actually talk to talk to somebody on the same like age level and and then wavelength as me. So i appreciate you giving me the time this week to feel like a contributing adult. I love the paul episodes. I dan dan dan west deck news. Talk i sucked. Dan west dick earlier. But my god. Paul i fucking love having you on lavina these are these are so much fun to do man just talk and i mean god we got to talk quentin tarantino for two hours. Come on when it be weird. If we didn't talk that be paper. Then be so weird weird did you listen to. The last episode in talking with the fact was seven hours a weird communication. It was like fucking movie with amy adams with the aliens and she was holding up the pictures and it was like a fucking pictionary thing with alienates. All your listeners. Like italian all. Yeah yo hey say one word. They say they made marinara sauce. And i good super gay. He was good. I love it mcvay. Terrible paul where can people find you other than in a in a drunken stupor. You me on may back. Cast and Movies from the heart. We got some fun. S fund shit coming up. I just did worth memorable about highlander. I got i got number one. Neil did you get eric. Merrill on your podcast. He reached out to me. What the fuck. I wanna have this guy on. I'm worried about his time schedule. He lives in fucking california. I've got gifts here. I got to open these up before we wrap the episode. Oh yeah yeah. He told me about those two. I don't even know what they are. But i got gifts and not only from eric memorable. I got a gift. I got a gift. Here from nathan mcconnell and nathan i apologize sir that i have not opened your gift previously. It's i plan on. Open your gifts. Nathan every episode and then i get so drunk by the end of the episode and i can't wait the ramp this shit up because it's fucking garbage and i'm just like oh my god i gotta get off this fucking episode. Don't open your gifts. So this i gotta a. I got a gift here from nathan mcconnell. What did you send me. All my nathan sent me here paul. I'm opening a gift. Mcconnell with he sent me a shot glass winter park colorado. And it's fuck it's a double shot glass easiest it's got it's it's labeled in levels here easiest more difficult and most difficult so i can. I can pour the drink. And i can select which difficulty level. I want this shot to be in. That is fantastic. I love this. I will fuck. I will take a picture of that and share that on twitter and on facebook for all of our listeners. awesome. I also got. Let's see what we got here from. Nathan mcconnell paul. Are you fucking seriously paul. Are you fucking dying to know what i got from nathan mcconnell. Yeah yeah. I'm really excited. I'm really excited to hear you open miracles though. Oh nathan thank you did. Promise me this this is. I talked about the the. Espn thirty. for thirty. For bruce lee and nathan mcconnell sent me a hard back of the book the warrior within the the philosophies of bruce lee. Oh nice holy shit. This is beautiful. Thank you sir. Oh my i'm going to take all my god. I cannot wait to read this. This is gorgeous thank you. Oh my god i cannot wait to read this. Thank you so much You know what right now. I've got so much time right now. Paul to watch all this content and shit. Yeah there's been so many kung fu movies. I wanna watch. He wrote me a letter here. Hi hey brian. This is from nathan mcconnell. I thank you for that. You do for all that you and jake have done. I think it's amazing. How you have brought so many people from all over the world together in a positive way. We all need more of that second. I hope you enjoy the book. You'll have to tell me what you think. i found. Bruce's thoughts of bringing eastern and western philosophy together intriguing third. I added some souvenirs of where i live in colorado. Hope you enjoy them sincerely. Nathan nathan mcconnell. Thank you and welcome to the leftover army so he sent me a fucking colorado thank colorado. I need another magnet for my fridge. Thank you so fucking much. it's fucking. I've only been to colorado once. Paul and it was a layover flight. I was in fucking denver for fucking now. Our in a layover flight. That's that doesn't that seem like a bullshit way to visit colorado. It does yes yes it does. Have you been colorado. But we went to. My dad was big into Trains and his his mom lived in the state of washington and we took summer. We took like a cross country amtrak train trip and we went right through colorado and didn't get up got to see it through the observation car i will. I lived in washington for a summer. Oh yeah yeah. I lived in small town in washington. Called roy in i went to seattle and i went to tacoma. I lived there. My parents couldn't stand me. Sent me to live with my aunt for sure story on my grandma lived in olympia. Okay is that olympia is that is that the capital. yes it. is eric marable. We've had him on that. We had eric marable. We've had on the podcast one thai. I've always wanted to get him back. God damn it his fucking he lives in california and his schedule and i always feel weird about asking him to come on because i feel like he would not be able to make it. He sent me a gift. I'm hoping right now. Do you know what's in this. I do like everybody in the leftover army knows within this except for me. It's a cock block eric. Maryville is known for the cock. We we talked about years ago. What was it the way they call that thing the fucking those the comic black the fucking boxes. The one up the one at box but there was a black. There's one called black something. Oh i don't know eric. Mayor would send us the black and he would send a cease fucking packages and they had penises written. All of he's got one called. The i hope in this of this. It's called the mando the man the man. It's the man the man dog glory. And it's a it's a penis with amanda eric. What did you send me son of a bit eric. I'm sorry like air. It's one of those guys that i've met a few times but i feel like i don't know him as much as i should and i feel like he wants to get to know me and i wanna get to know him but we just haven't brought out and i feel like he's trying to bro out with me right now. Let's see what we got here. I love you. Don't give me mega cock black. Is the name of this box. The man deng. Laurie and i got to take a picture of this fucking massive penis with a best gar helmet of mantha laurean on the sheriff the tip of the sheriff there what we got here. Only god hold on. Put this down. What is this was going on jason. You know it's in this ball don't ya. I do know what is it getting it out right now. Holy who all my god holy shit. He made a mandatory helmet. he did. This is a mandalorian helmet and this does not look like like. It's it's the mandalorian helmet like. You would think like this. Looks like aged and weathered it's got. It's got like rust on like this. Is the old fuck in like pre bess. Car mandalorian helmet. This is fucking. Oh my god this is this fit on my fucking head. Hold on hold on. Oh my god. Can you hear this. Paul like ed this dope shit fucking awesome man. I cannot wait to fucking display. this thank you. Oh my god. This looks amazing. I gotta take a picture this. You have no idea. Oh my god. This is made by eric. Miracle like it's amazing. See the craftsmanship and like how far he has come from when he first started doing this. He sent us gifts years ago. He sent me a captain. America mask years ago. But like this is on another fucking level dude. Holy i'll take a picture. This post this on facebook and twitter. This is incredible. Oh my god and you can you put this on. Hold on this on. You can see out of it. I can see out of it. I can all that's awesome. You can see out of it. Like i could fuck and fuck. I could put that. I could actually podcast on that. He sent me a t shirt here as well galactic empire child services and it's got a fuck and it's got like one of those biker troopers on it the picture one of those you know the biker troopers god this is awesome the one that fucking punched baby. Yoda in the face. You know like the jason sit acres version. Yeah fuck my god. Galactic empire child services. This is incredible. And it's a medium. Thank you that's my song. Is eric memorable thank you so much. This is incredible. I cannot wait to put this on a display case. This is so cool paul. You knew this all along yet. He told we recorded on tuesday night. Which is great because he texted me. He texted me the day after. Sean connery passed away really and he said i need to be on the movies from the heart. I wanna talk about highlander. Oh we were supposed to do at the wednesday after day. And i wasn't able to. And i felt bad i had to reschedule and i called them up. Tuesday text my said hey. Are you available tonight. And he goes. Yeah i can be and we did highlander asks. You need to listen to that. One he s. He is so knowledgeable on the highlander series. And then when we got done talke