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"jackie angelus" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Ginsberg voice with soft, But when she spoke, people listened Friday, Ginsberg will lie in state here at the Capitol, becoming the first woman to do so. On Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern Fox News this afternoon, President Trump talked about the process of killing that Supreme Court seat. I think it's very important that we have nine justices. And I think the system is going to go very quickly. I'll be submitting at five o'clock on Saturday. The name of the person I chose for this most important of all positions, and I think we should go very quickly. You see the Republicans of our United Months of isolation during the pandemic, maybe saving lives, But it's also costing stuff. We have to get our country back. You know, people are dying the other way. When you look at what's happened with drugs, he goes up, people are losing their job. President Trump has claimed for months, the shutdowns created a drug crisis. And now there's data in Maryland to back his claim. Fatal drug overdoses in alcohol related deaths 9% from January to June of this year compared to last. State health officials say the pandemics exacerbating people's addictions. Social isolation and economic distress have created an extremely dangerous environment for people with substance used disorder. John Matthews on Double two, a male and w e mail dot com Another pharmaceutical companies does. It's moving forward with its Corona virus vaccine Johnson and Johnson saying today that it has started late stage testing phase three of its cove in 19 back of the administration's operation works, the participants J. And J is the fourth to get too late stage testing, but it's important to take a step back to realize what's been accomplished. In the last six months. The administration's push on a covert 19 vaccine brought the drug makers and the FDA together in a new way. To maximize speed and efficiency to an otherwise cumbersome process. Jackie Angelus Fox News Shocking Your Money, The Down Finished the day down..

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