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"Gone. And Tyrone Smith is in the same player. And I mean when, in arguably your biggest game you play all year. Andy Dalton's You're leading Russia. That's not a good sign for Zeke or the offensive line. FL Insider Former cowboy Brian Baldinger on where where do you start when it comes to fixing this Cowboys football team that went six and 10? Good morning. From our WB AP Sports Desk I'm Steve Limb. The one obvious that balding or left out is you signed quarterback Dak Prescott. So long term deal, Jerry Jones said yesterday on his radio show. I don't know how you could have any more leverage. In Prescott does right now, and the team wouldn't be offering the kind of money they are if they didn't think he was very special. A lot of issues to consider in the off season while we watch other teams in the NFL playoffs, and this should be fun on Saturday and Sunday. We started noon on Saturday Cults that the bills followed by the Rams of the Seahawks, followed by the Buccaneers. At Washington. Then you started all over again. Three more games on Sunday, so you could spend a lot of time on the couch to find a Smith is the first wide receiver to win the Heisman in nearly 30 years. The Alabama star beat out is Teammate quarterback Mack Jones. Along with clubs. It's quarterback Trevor Laurence, Florida's quarterback, Kyle Trask, in the voting we found out last night. Smith in Alabama preparing to play Ohio State in the national championship game on Monday, and the word out of Waco is that the Baylor women's basketball team currently ranks sixth in the country are restricting team activities. After coach Kim Mulkey tested positive work over 19 and cancer, the big game at home against them before you can on Thursday. Mochi Miss Baylor's win Saturday a TC because of contact tracing After being exposed to a family member who tested positive she Nestle tested negative and was in self quarantine and planned to rejoin the team on Monday but tested positive that day, and we'll isolate for an additional 10 days. True look at sports. I'm Steve Land. This is the W B A P Morning news with traffic and weather on the ones with Monty and meteorologist Fred Barton, plus news and sports at the top and bottom of the hour with Nicolo Say, and Steve Lamb. No, Hell J and Brian EST Ridge on news talk a 20 used talk a 20 w B A P Coming up here at 6 45 this morning, Jim Carafano is going to join us. We got to get into what's happening. Did you see this story that came down yesterday? How does this all audio that was heard by air traffic controllers. This was the talk of the town yesterday wasn't not and I didn't hear it. I did not hear it. What? It was a big story of the day. I'm surprised you didn't because you watch the network newscasts and they had to have led with this. At least CBS. You have lied. I You know, I don't watch network news, okay. These CBS News said that they had audio Or that they had heard audio as had many air traffic controllers of a threat. Through the U. S capital today. This was a threat that was issued and here's what's scary is they don't know where the audio originated. Multiple air traffic controllers in New York. Heard a chilling threat that was obtained by CBS News in this threat, they said, We are flying a plane into the capital on Wednesday. Sulamani will be avenged. Well, today's the day. So what the Here Dad have been broadcast from Well, I don't know That's what they're saying. I was waiting to hear what you have, because they're saying they don't know they broadcast from from the ground would be another plane. What they don't know. They said the young the threat was wearing originated was unclear. They say the government doesn't believe the warning of an attack is credible, but they are investigating it as a breach of aviation frequencies. On. They say the Pentagon was briefed about this digitized voice recording. Who do you think about it? Yeah, it's gonna be on the same day as the electoral college vote. Wow. Uh, Well, I guess the I guess. They're on high alert. Here, I say. Are you all right? I hope they're taking it seriously. Yesterday, all air traffic controllers were sent a message reminding them of any threat or a plane deviating from its flight path. Should be reported immediately. So they are preparing for this. That if a plane does that Where they going to do to it. Well, probably something we've we've seen happened multiple times before for playing deviates will send up fighters. Yeah, you know, to Intercept. We've seen that multiple times. Iran has warned that they warned the U. S A quote our fingers are on the trigger. Huh? They started to day exercises in one of their provinces. And what they were trying to do is try to. Ah, um, combat some drones that have been used, so we'll see what We'll see what comes of that They're doing some testing on drones of theirs as well. But Iran is threatening up. Yes, so well, that's that's great, innit? Right? This is Tom Clancy's dead of honor is the novel same same sort of scenario. It was a joint meeting of Congress, Just like today will be on and, yeah, Airliner crashes into the White House, killing virtually everybody. Yeah, and And then leaving. Uh, what's the What's the hero's name and all the Tom Clancy novels? The Tom Cruise? No, these know the It's an Amazon. Serious to Kiefer Sutherland. Oh, Jack, Jack Ryan Jack Rice. So Jack Ryan becomes president because he was the designated survivor. Which is what that serious was based on, right? Yes, same kind of thing. Well, you gotta take it seriously. I You know, I would be wondering. I've had fighters up in the air right now. It's Wednesday. The thread was said it's gonna happen Wednesday. I think they're I think I think they're on alert. Well, good. You know, they need to be flying now. They don't need boy. Wait till somebody veers off course we'll We'll have a new update on that. Jim Carafano coming up with 6 45 get his take on it. Do you think we claims he wrote all those books that he thought John Krasinski all along. No. Is Jack right on things. So okay fact. Alec Baldwin was the best. Jack Ryan. You liked him in hunt for Red October? Yeah, he has the best. Didn't didn't pin athletic play Jack Ryan know it. We went to Harrison Ford them after a little after Alec Baldwin. Yeah, well, is the Jack right? James Bond, Modern James Pot. Is that what happened? Well, he I've read all of them, and he's just a CIA analyst. But they made him out to be with the Harrison Ford one. And now the John Prison ski one that he's more of. Ah, in the field kind of action guy, you know. Twice. Alec Baldwin was so perfect for this is really cool. Yeah. I think Ben Affleck and Sum of all fears did play the sum of all fears. Okay, Okay. E think he did Chris plying is well, I don't know that I've seen the Japs in the John Krasinski. Syria. I don't recall seeing any of the others. Yeah, that's a serious. It's on What Amazon, right? Yeah. The others were all feature films. I've seen Hunt for Red October. I didn't know that was a Tom Clancy. What about Patriot games? Did you see that? Harrison Ford. I don't clear and present danger. I don't know. I have to go back about Porky's revenge. Many told. Yeah, I mean, don't mess with Porky's revenge. Soupy sales. I think played Jack Ryan importance. Revenge, Revenge forces. Yeah, yeah. And then coming up here, 6 15. Back in Georgia we go first to money cook 1 75 inbound.

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