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"jack permitir" Discussed on KTLK 1130 AM

"That would be Brandon McManus three forty six in the world around this was great great concentration on one thing Minnesota lead on their twelve game assistant for Minnesota the goal is not to way but Jack permitir now through reading drop pounds on a low point for souls door his shot built by the Waitt plague of castor playing in just his third game for Saint cloud state as a goalkeeper long pause Allstate if you are going to be a nice single off others arms up is going to be an icing call would come loose and calls on six Minnesota shot for the first and another six in the first three minutes and forty six seconds of the second period goal for the game Walker gets the assists from soccer Myers at three forty six and also from Minnesota facing off against salmon hinges also in Cologne this week a quick other guys have a good game Brandon McManus blaming the goaltender the first goal for this one as the play develops or here he's little bit that'll be the end of his night the first one this one I think the five for Lynn will do for you on a nice draw that was free software and lead to the gold and the sword of the year another gold trimming changes Jackson faster is old and the number one goaltender for them David Remnick is in Slovakia he's had himself for a really good season so far to Nelson holding the function of the Saint Paul told once again there's two nothing golfers with the hole on the board for the final of a traffic jam hold it down me behind the goal was taken there by the fence in park Custer with a key foster getting up to one side for Michael Miller who's a fine job of convincing false in into the rooms all for cross site for the tool for reducing bills in Richmond long stretch he because he came down the middle of the ice he totally four five minutes twenty six seconds the first please and that's a long stretch response across life before the war was this the first twenty six for thank you very much to me is three nothing will step aside for a moment ago for more go for hockey after this the abbot find the foundation of the global health care company abit is dedicated to helping people build better lives in stronger communities in Minnesota and around the world have been in the.

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