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Jim McKelvey | The Art of Audacity and Humility

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Jim McKelvey | The Art of Audacity and Humility

"You don't get to plan your opportunities. You don't get to schedule Opportunity. You don't even necessarily get to prepare for it, but that sum total of your preparation is going to be valued at some point. You just don't get to choose when that moment is. Welcome back to the arts podcast a show designed to help you win at work love and life. We know you have what it takes to reach your full potential every week we share with you interviews and strategies to help you develop the social skills and mindsets to succeed. You shouldn't have to settle for anything less than extraordinary. We've invited some of the best mentors in the world to share their factor commodity, their unique skills and beliefs to become more confident, create fulfil your relationships and unlock hidden opportunities. Within your network I'm Aj and I'm johnny not only doing this podcast with great tips scientifically proven social strategies and amazing guests. We've also been delivering live and online advanced social skills training programs for over a decade of what you learned on this show is helped you in your life imagine with one of our tailored programs can do for you to learn more about our training programs go to the charm dot com for more details and sign up for our newsletter if you like this show don't forget. To subscribe and share it with your friends now thank you everyone for tuning in. Let's kick off today we're speaking with Jim. Mckelvey. He's an entrepreneur most known for Co Founding Square that little payment reader that we all know and love his book the Innovation Stack Building, an unbeatable business. One crazy idea at a time is about becoming an entrepreneur in the truest sense and of course, it comes with a ton of advice on how to solve problems that can be used in your personal life to build. Your own, innovation stack. Walker the show Jim were so excited to chat. Well, let's talk first about something that I think precedes the innovation stack, which is getting comfortable with discomfort Yeah. Wow I. think that's a big part of not only the success of the innovation stack but just a big part of your life in general story that's woven through the book. How have you developed the wherewithal and the ability to deal with discomfort when it talk about breaking laws chasing ideas that everyone said is impossible. Well it at least in my case and I'm not saying this is. A prescription that everyone should follow. But in my case, it started by being sort of an outsider when I was growing up. And then sort of that trend continuing and it just never stopped. Most people get back on track either to college or after college when they get a job I, didn't actually do that I became glass blower and then I started a company that I didn't know anything about. So I've I've always had this weird sort of outsider status and so when I was more of an outsider, it didn't shock me as much as some people who were used to fitting in. Yeah. I wouldn't recommend that as a path I would just say that. If, you're comfortable as an insider if you're comfortable if everything is working well for you, that entrepreneurship is probably not something you want to do. Just because look if if if everyone's getting along and everything is going well, you probably don't want to risk it. Let me ask you in that feeling of being an outsider and as long as you have felt like that and of realized that about yourself as their any signaling that you could see another that of mmediately allow you to to know who you're that you're dealing with one you. Know I I haven't figured out the secret handshake. Yeah, I. Wish I did because you don't know it because sometimes. Let me re relate back to innovation at because I. See this there's there's an interesting parallel here. The last resort you know people think Oh, I should be innovative. I should do new stuff. No no you you don't need to do that. You shouldn't probably be innovative like do stuff that you know works copy copy as much as as you can't like and I wrote a book on innovation but I'm not preaching I'm saying look innovation is a last resort and if If you have to read my book. Okay you know things have gotten pretty bad. If you get to the point where you're actually in a position where you have to innovate, you're probably forced there. And that's the sort of way I feel about entrepreneurship, which is that most people in good times behave very well, and you can't tell who the strong winds are until they're in tough times. A lot of people who you think are is not cut out for turn out to be. And? There's no way to tell because a lot of the bravado and a lot of the stuff lot of the sort of signaling that we try to give to the world to show how tough we are, how innovative we are how bold we are. That's just all crap. So I I've never been able to differentiate maybe there are people who can but I'm not one of. I've been fooled many times. Now in the book, you make a distinction between a Businessperson and entrepreneur, and early in your career you were seeking out on early advice. From business people. Yeah. That was a disaster. Actually Now, what is that differentiator for you and obviously when it comes to business, many of US claim to be entrepreneurs yeah. You can use the word today entrepreneur to describe anyone who's got a business. It's a totally legit use of the word as a matter of fact, that's what the word has has come to me. It originally started off meeting something different the original use of the want road entrepreneur meant. Somebody who was doing something different something that hadn't been done and the word was coined because Joseph Schumpeter the economist who basically popularized their words us was in need of a way of describing this different set of people. He had these people over here that we're doing stuff. There was totally weird different and he couldn't call the business people because the business people terms didn't apply. So he coined the Word Entrepreneur. So, yeah. I tried to get advice for years from business people about stuff that I was doing that was fundamentally entrepreneural and the advice was Terrible and it wasn't that these people were trying to give me bad advice or trying to undermine what I was doing. It's just that they were giving me good advice for their world and in their world there processes and formula and credentials and experts consultants a trade shows and you know they could and competitor's by the way you know they if they didn't know something, they just steal one of their competitors. Employees and you know he or she would bring over the you know the knowledge none of that stuff worked for be and I was like well but I'm doing something that I thought was the same as what they were doing. But I wasn't I was in many cases being an entrepreneur and not a business person everyone has ideas ninety, nine, point nine, nine, nine percent of them never become a billion dollar idea. How do you know which idea is worth pursuing and even building and innovation stack around to me? It's not the billion dollar idea. It's the billion person idea it's is this something that's likely to impact a lot of people. So in the case of square, it was reasonably easy to infer that there were a lot of small business people. It was reasonably easy to infer having been a small business person that. If I liked something there might be other people who would like the same thing. But of course, you can't prove that. So one of the dangers and I don't know that there's a solution for this. But one of the dangers of doing something new is that nobody may care you build it and they go. Well, I don't I don't want that right you're a Weirdo and you have this thing you want. But nobody else does and that was a definite danger when we started square jack and I made a bed at the beginning of the company that we would meet and either have hotdogs or champagne on the one year anniversary depending on whether or not we were successful and it turns out we had champagne, but that was not known at the beginning. Yet. It's a really good question because wrapped in your question, there's sort of sub question, which is the please give me a formula. Please give me a guarantee. Please please tell me that if I follow this check list that I will be successful right you want this checklist there no checklists in my book there no checklists. If you do something that hasn't been done before like there can't be a checklist baked into your question, which was which was a serious legit question is this sort of thing that says, please give the formula that's going to guarantee success. It's something that's never been. And what I'm telling you is while there is no formula for that the best. We can do I think is sort of discuss what it feels like and what others have have experienced as they go through that process and the draw those parallels out not because it's give a checklist. But because. If you find yourself in that situation. One of the things that will almost certainly happened. And certainly happened to me is you will start doubting yourself. You will deeply deeply doubt while you're doing because all your friends who care about you. We'll tell you don't do this. Your physiology will feel weird because you're you're separating from the heard people are comfortable with their together and when you start separating too much humans get nervous. That's that's how we're wired and if you see at. least that there is a pattern of success that other people have followed in the past and you recognize you're on that path, you make not quit as quickly. That's your argument around the business person versus the entrepreneur by the business person wants the checklist. They can follow the path as carved out for them and make sure that they have processes around exactly each step so that they can succeed. Would I recognize in the book? Was this blend of? Audacity but humility. Because you had to be audacious to take on banks, break laws dive in headfirst to merchant processing and not only that really envision a market that no one else saw like as you're talking about the pyramid and adding that other layer, the pyramid that no one was servicing no one talking about merchants who are doing less than ten thousand dollars a year as an opportunity to get to the billion to get to the level you guys had put together I wonder is that Part of your personality, both of those or is that a combination of you jack teaming up together as one of you audacious and one of us more humble or how did that work to have the should spotted chase after this. But at the same time admit I don't know everything we're going to break stuff along the way and just add to that question. I remember the first time I had seen square it was mind blowing and my first thought was, how's that legal? You probably all. Early version, you wouldn't have liked the. So in reading this, I kept thinking back to when I had. I seen it and what that meant and I mean immediately when I had seen it how it worked and I also have of. His three in the music industry and it might have been the Ferguson. It was was a merch person for a local band or barriers just touring through town and they took cards and and. I was mind blowing and I couldn't believe it, and of course, it wasn't too long after before I saw it everywhere. So just to to bring that stunning visual and what it meant for all of us who've seen it for the first time, what you had to accomplish to make that happen well I mean. So the ACIDY humility are that they're kind of opposites but not really like the the audacious like that's the impulse it gets you going and then from that point you better be humble, right so you sit there and say I'm GonNa go here and that's the part I'm going to do this thing that hasn't been done if you commit to that. If you of say well, I'm going to do this. No matter what it takes. The rest of the journey is probably it's humble up to the point where you quit and you don't quit. Right. So it's at I. Talk About this in the book like I've got terrible motivation problems like I'm a guy who will sleep in I'm really in my mind very lazy and very unmotivated and very undisciplined let I'm also not willing to die. Like I'm also like I've survivor I'm not somebody who's who's to just roll over. So I put myself in situations where that survival instinct gives me the motivation and I find that actually easier for me to behave is that a little bit audacity to say we're going to do something that hasn't been done. And then once you've committed to it, just don't quit. But in the process of doing it, you better admit that it has that you're probably not right. So you're not going to come one morning and have the exact solution and it's going to work on the first try or the twentieth try our fifty try I. mean there's there's that like if you think you're. Infallible that's a bad way to be I mean you. Probably some professions where that's a good thing entrepreneurship is not what you Obviously. There were certainly moments and we we can talk a little bit later about Amazon entering the ring where quitting seemed like the viable option. Would you it can't be done. was there a counterbalance between you and Jack in those moments of questioning the idea and pushing forward? No, it's funny You know the Jack and I are not alike in a lot of ways externally because I'm pretty bombastic and I talk a lot and Jackson very quiet and you know he he appears more thoughtful because he doesn't speak and I appear more impulsive because I'll say the first thing that comes into my mind but were remarkably similarly aligned when it comes to the problems that we choose to face and the way we think about them. Like. For me things got exciting at the company when I realized that what we were doing broke a bunch laws. and was therefore got to be really difficult to do and Jack was similarly motivated. So it was not I won't speak for you know through jacket or his motivations but I didn't sense any discord anytime along the way and certainly he didn't he didn't quit when on the first day. I. Said Guys what we're doing. So legal. Now. We talk a lot about relationships and networking and building connections on the show and. In reading the book I, felt like there was multiple moments where relationships played a key role outside of the innovation stack when you're getting the meeting with mastercard getting in front of attempting to get in front of Steve Jobs even what is your view on relationship building and growing your network as it being such a key part of building any business. So again, you're talking to somebody who doesn't use social media. I'm not somebody who has a lot of acquaintances i. have a few really good friends. And people that I trust and hopefully trust me. And I think that might have been the deal because I think about. Well, you know the Jackson famous now but he was not. Famous in two, thousand, eight, you know he was a guy I knew liked but they just kicked him out at twitter and if you look at the stories back then Evan Biz had basically written him out of the story. They had deleted his name along with another guy from the twitter history he was being erased. So, he wasn't a big big shot back then but there was something about working with him. There was appealing to be I guess something about working with me there was appealing to him. And that was a relationship that. It was it was surprising because I mean he was not living in Saint Louis. It wasn't like we were hanging out all the time. He just came into town and asked me to start a company and that was. I don't know why you made that decision, but then he didn't ask anybody there was in his circling California so and look I think. Obviously, relationships are super important and. I guess they can be cultivated over social media and you know tweets and winks and stuff like that. But I. I was chosen to do things that way I would much rather sit down with a person. And in. Getting the pitch together. Practicing it and you guys tag teaming it. There's a part of the book where you talk about having the pitch down. So well that all you really had to do was focused on the reaction. Oh start reading people. Yeah and that's a skill set in of itself and I know we talk about it in our coaching programs how important is to understand what it is that your pitch is inside and out understand yourself inside and out to be better and more president conversation. But then really it's the focus is not on you. It's on the person who's receiving the message receiving the pitch, receiving the conversation and being able to read them and their reactions is such a key part of the equation how you develop that skill in yourself. Repetition is the answer. So what I do is if something that's important. To do well, I'll have to do it one hundred times. So in our case, we'd Pitched Square. Maybe. Not a hundred times. But well, actually you know if you count all the informal ones. Yeah. Easily a hundred times. By the time we got to this one critical meeting with mastercard, which was going to make or break the company, and by that time we were so good at the pitch that it was unconscious Jack had his part and I had my part we were both so comfortable. It wasn't even like we felt comfortable it. Just it was this thing that was going to magically happen and and so our attention was out into the room into the reactions of the people around us and I think that's super important. I. Don't know a way to get there except through repeating but one I guess I guess one piece of advice I would offer. If you know you're in a situation where you have to perfect something, you know don't start on the top prospects. A walking across the parking lot today I saw tennis ball that was all chewed up and a dog spit all over it, and I almost grabbed it right because I like I'm trying to learn how to play tennis a little better and I need crappy tennis balls because I will hit them over the fence into the creek. I like a dog spit cover tennis while to me is still something I can whack a couple times with a racket. It's crazy to think of people who you know prioritize their top. The top camps say they start at the top of the list I mean, if you prioritize like start the middle or the bottom and get your pitch down when it doesn't matter like whack the dog spit covered tennis balls into the Creek, and then you know wait the new bouncy one straight out of the can until your games actually good I think a lot of it in people's minds. They don't see a reason to be motivated to get their pitch down unless they do have the meeting with their number one guy where the reality. Is that you need to be motivated within and for the product it's self and the pige itself and order to get good so that when you do have those opportunities, you're gonNA knock them out of the park you're going to make time to do the things that you WanNa do for somebody for agent who've been doing this for fifteen years we tend to throw ourselves in the way of the car to just to practice what we're going to do about it for those moments against the part is for the people who are looking for. Four that motivation or would you tell them in that in that position whether they're waiting for these opportunities? Well I. I would just say this that you don't get to plan your opportunities. You don't get to schedule Opportunity. You don't even necessarily get to prepare for it. But the sum total of your preparation is going to be valued at some point right? You just don't get to choose one. That moment is this episode is brought to you by square you know Aj we had John Taffer on the show earlier this year, and he was explaining to us the business need to pivot with resilience and the right tools to succeed I. Know we've seen businesses all overall a pivot with curbside pickup delivery and some even becoming general stores. Now, you might know square the little white reader but square has a lot more tools that can help your business especially now that businesses are having to figure out when and. How to make things work in this new normal but businesses are stepping up to the challenge like wiggle whiskey in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It's a family run distillery with tasting rooms, bottle shops and restaurants. When their locations temporarily closed, they shifted focus to selling online with pickup and shipping wiggle turn. It's stiller into a drive through and even created special food and drink bundles. 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I will never describe something that I can show and I will never show something that I could let the other person do by themselves. Right. So my best pitch is I had product I back and I go there. And I'm totally silent there's this awkward moment person has to realize to do with themselves, and then usually they do and then it's awesome that led. One, hundred, forty, seven reasons that this could fail. Those practice repetitions the list win from one hundred to one zero one and allowed you to see other angles and get the idea to a place that VC's would say take my money. Let's go. Oh Yeah. I mean the were getting pissed off what we didn't take their money like they were they were fighting to get into the round which was really That's that's what everybody wants. Right. But the way you do that is by at least the way we did I am there's a lot of people who do differently the way we did. It was by confronting all the problems that we were likely to have head on. And, I'm a VC now, I. You know spend one day a week sort of doing. That stuff, but I'm baffled. At the number of pitches that I hear where they don't admit that there are any problems at all. I can just flabbergasting and I would say ninety percent of the stuff that I hear is just sunshine and graphs moving up into the right and it's it's a disaster. It's still baffles me white people don't honestly discuss the problems they expect. And when they're going to be looking for them immediately since I started to tell you about something great that I have that you need. Your first thought is the push back or look for the holes or look for where it's incomplete. so by addressing those out of the gate, you can focus on you can get those out of the way that you could allow the person that you're. Pitching to concentrate on your pitch and the product rather than looking for those points says holes. Yeah. It totally changes the dynamic of a pitch to be completely candid about all the things that could go wrong and it speaks to a level of confidence in your idea that I think can't be faked well yeah. I mean but more than that. It changes the whole tenor of the conversation. Because to admit that you don't know something I guess could. So back to your question about humility that's the humility. It's a tangible example of us as a team admitting here things that we don't know that we can solve. Here's the things that could could wipe us out and here risk. You're going to have to acknowledge if you WANNA work with us and that level of. Honesty sets a totally different tone for a conversation somebody who's about to give you a bunch of money. Then one which says, Hey, it's GonNa be great problems right and you introduce the concept in the book that I'd never heard before that I would love to unpack for audience because I. Think it's so powerful is this concept of linguistic gravity and how important is when explaining ideas? We. Talk about framing a lot on the show and for some in our audience, they use it without realizing and I thought you really broke it down while in the book. So could you introduce the concept to the audience and how it played a role in the growth of? Square. So linguistic gravity is this concept that I use to help me. Understand why people don't understand my new ideas? So I've got a new idea. And have to then use a word to describe that idea. And if I use a word that somebody else understands that word comes with a bunch of extra baggage. I, give you an example of I think if there's one I use in the book talk about a submarine like. So let's say I'm trying to describe a summary to you and I say, well, it's like an underwater car. Okay which is not really what a submarine is. But if you've never seen a submarine before, it's not like an underwater boat. Under the car seems more like a boat because both Kinda open at the top and a car, it's kind of you know but but it's like it's not a car. But if I say car like the second I think car, you're picturing something that sort of rides around the bottom of the ocean. and. You're sitting there picturing something that would like right around the bottom as opposed to sort of move through the ocean more like fish does the words we use come with all this extra baggage. And one of the problems that the entrepreneur has is just communicating this new idea. So I talked about tricks in the book to sort of combat this. But one of the things you better recognize is that if you're going to describe your new thing. With the word like for should probably most overused word in the language right now. But if you're going to say this thing that I'm trying to build is like this other thing that you understand as soon as you say like their brain shuts off. Oh something I already understand Dunn. And, therefore, they are not going to hear the rest of what you're saying. Now, the problem of course is that you will think they're hearing it because they're looking, they're nodding or their did some way giving you these these sort of signals that they understand but almost certainly they will not. So it's a it's a danger and it's even more dangerous if you if you don't even recognize the phenomenon happens. When we're trying to articulate a new idea that we're excited about it's easy to fall into that trap. Because what we want more than anything civil to understand it and get excited to yeah and and and they're they're different sort of parts of this. The other thing you have to recognize I talk about this as well is that you are not qualified to evaluate your own idea. It was funny before we set up this podcast, I was deleting off all the Microsoft products on my desktop because they crashed by computer and I have this sort of. Love hate relationship with Microsoft. But I have friends who work there right and some of my friends used to work on word. And one of the things I learned about word back this has got back in the nineties was that word had all of these features that had that Microsoft had so many features in this product that when they survey their users, all the features of the users were requesting were already in their users just couldn't figure out where they were. If, you look at word especially the early versions it was. So unbelievably complicated us all the stuff but then I talked to my friends at Microsoft. I said, why is your product so damn difficult to use and they go oh, it's not. makes. Perfect Sense. Well, of course, it makes perfect sense to you because you worked for Microsoft on this product, your ten hours a day. Of course, it makes perfect sense to you. You know if you're a quantum physicist, the idea of you know multiple states of simultaneous being is perfectly normal for the rest of US humans it isn't. So one of the things that happens if you're if you're building something is you get so close to that product that all of a sudden things that would totally intimidate or confuse a user seemed totally find you. So you have to keep in mind that past the first day or two of progress element you yourself are no longer good at it. I think that's such an important concept to understand and John, I have been way too close to the problem for many years and and it takes an outside perspective someone completely green to the industry to ask the question that allow you to start to see things from a different perspective and when you're tunnel vision on that product that you are idea that you want to succeed, you often are too close and too in the weeds and of course, in that first moment where you grab a CEO's credit card and magically swipe it through something plugged into the headphone Jack and. Understand that only eighty percent of the time it works. So there's a little nuance to the Jiggle and all the stress that goes along with that. You know that makes for exciting parts of the story, but there's so much trial and error before that think many people don't realize in that journey and when we think about square, we think about it as this world changing merchant at that everyone's familiar with but ten years ago everyone thought there was this a crazy idea why entered the space? That's so arcane that has fees that no one can understand and you guys persevered. quit it was never a question of quitting. There was never discussion of do we give up I? Mean even when Amazon attack us we were not entertaining those thoughts. And I don't know why that brings up an important piece that really stuck out to me that I felt I really wanted to ask about this, which is everyone knew that Amazon was gunning for you. They liked your idea they wanted to get their first. They wanted to do a better. Of course, we all understand the the gigantic power that they they will financially and mentally. And yet you kept every the culture and the office. Calm. Cool. At least that appeared to be in the book. Calm. Cool. Collected and everyone focused on moving forward. No one wrecking anything that went back peddling no one second guessing what you guys were doing, and so is there anything you could speak to their of how you were able to do that war? Am I totally misreading that it was absolutely pandemonium the. I would say, yes to both. because. It was pandemonium, but it was not more pandemonium. So what happened when Amazon attacked us when Amazon copied product on cut our price. We were already in a in a frantic state of growth. Okay. So at the time, square was growing ten percent week over week, which means the company was doubling in size every other month. So just think of the strains on all systems like the bathrooms to the servers to like every like people are stressed. So so now add to that level of stress Oh and Amazon's gunning for you. Okay now, you may sit there and go. Oh crap. Okay but the question is Can you be more stressed out like is is, is the fact that on top of all that now we have? Amazon. Shows chasing us. Does that does that take the absolute level of stress up notch and the answer is not really In our his because we were so darn busy. With stuff that we knew we had to do for our customers and we had you know hundreds of thousands of them. If not millions by that time, it really didn't affect what we did that much. So there wasn't a state change the second thing about the Amazon attack was we didn't what to do. And you know when? I did that the first thing I did along with some of the executive team was we started looking for other companies that have beaten Amazon startups and found there were none like it was just a null set. There was no no company had as a startup had taken on Amazon and one can't be a good villi well with terrible. But like I it was we were probably lucky because we would have been strongly tempted to copy what they did. As opposed to do what we knew, we should be doing and but because we didn't have any instruction manual how to get out of this mess and then we started looking at what we were doing could think of anything different to do and in our conclusion was why I guess we'll just keep doing the same stuff. We're not. We're not going to change anything so I would say. Square did not react. Externally. At all to the Amazon attack and yet we still want that actually and I tell this at the beginning of the book that was the reason I wrote. The thing was because even after we won, it was gnawing away at me to answer the question why you read these stories about these guys that fall out of planes in their parachutes don't open and they fall to the ground at live. Right Guy Falls out of a plane splits we expect them to die but. Like if you fall out of point thirty, thousand feet, we expect you to die like that's that's the expectation if you live. Now, we have to have an explanation like what the Heck Hap, what you like, what Squirrel Dna do you have or what soft treated you land I I don't know what happened to allow you live but I felt like a survivor. I, felt like somebody had fallen out of a plane thirty thousand feet and walked away from it and I had to spend. Basically two years of my life answering that question because it was. It was just knowing away man and then I found this thing the I call it innovation stack that turned out to be this this sort of. Pattern that other companies throughout history of had, and I was like Oh. Okay. Now that makes sense. Now, it doesn't seem random. It's like, okay it's a rare event. Okay. Not a random it. Let's unpack innovation stack for audience and walk through what Square's innovation stock was because I think again, innovations such a loaded word and when many people think of innovation they think of you know fireworks explosion this huge Aha moment and and what? The book really articulates is a systematic adjustment to the facts and data in front of you and solving the problems as they arise instead of sitting there for days with a blank whiteboard trying to come up with your Eureka moment. Yeah. So what do you mean by innovation stack and love to unpack how you're using this now with your new Venture Launch Code? So an innovation stack is a series of reactions and say reactions because. I don't believe that most innovation is voluntary. Okay like most innovation is it's if you sit there and say I need to be creative and innovative that's probably not gonNA work. What works is I'm not GonNa die I need to do something different because nothing around nothing that I have right now worksite to figure out something new. Okay and the dirty little secret about doing something new is that's probably not going to work either. So you're GONNA have to try multiple new things and some of those things will work, but then they'll cause other problems. So now you're going. To have to have new solutions to those other problems assuming you can't copy the solution for that and this process repeats and repeats and repeats, and if you look at these companies that I studying the book, all of made these choices to create new offerings, you know affordable furniture, low cost travel banking open to normal people, credit card processing for small merchants, including individuals, electric cars, you can you can. Literally, thousands of examples of these. But if you look at the process of these companies go through, it's building a lot of different innovations. Nations. Themselves effect each other. So the thing you do you, let's say that you're fifth innovation if you want to start counting while that may affect the third and the second. So now you gotta go back and tweak those two, and now one of them is working correctly because of something and it gets this snarly mess in squares case, we ended up doing fourteen thanks that were completely unique in the market. and. Some of were not a big deal. I could explain one of them flat pricing. Like a straight flat pricing go well, that's that's pretty simple and I think, yeah, it is pretty simple but a nobody in the industry had ever done it before and be we still had to connect to that industry and since they didn't have flat pricing, we would actually lose money on some transactions. So if you lose money on some of your transactions, well, that's not a very good business. So. You have to do other things to make it a good business and in our case it was volume. So we had to get volume through a bunch of other things that we did that had never been done before. And I mean just ramble on forever. But I like what example of a volume as you want people to be able to sign up easily. Okay. Well, we have a user agreement that you can click online okay and at the time no bank or credit card processors allow an online sign up. So. Yeah. We're going to give you a simple one click contract but. The financial institutions won't accept that. So now we have to build our own financial intermediary that does have signed contracts and you know is acceptable Elliott's we had to replace the entire system. That was what Made Square Square and these fourteen things were ultimately unique in the world and what I found with not just square. But all these other companies I is this is the pattern that repeats is that step one? You pick a problem that's never been solved before and step to you do whatever you have to do to solve it, and then step to a side effect of step two is you get an innovation stack you get these these dozen things or twenty things or however many you need the turn out to be this unique solution and then step three, which is the Interesting thing is you the dominant player in the world and in every case where I found a company with an innovation stack, they always ended up dominating their market but not in a way that displaced other companies from that market it was just they made the market so much bigger. So it's not like square put a bunch of credit card processors out of business. We just took a bunch of people who had never been processing credit cards. Made Them Square customers yeah. In reading and recognizing through the examples. It's so customer centric understanding that all of these are frictions that potential customers growing a new market are going to face everything from the application process to making it. So user friendly I remember the first time I used square it was just beautiful interface and it was so intuitive. I wouldn't need to get on the phone with someone and explain facts, document it. It just made everything easier for me the customer, and of course, it had a benefit to the businesses were using it because it was new and Nifty, and then it became viral and you didn't have to spend on marketing but I think so many of us when we're. Proving out our idea and trying to grow things. Just focused on our idea and not how the customer the potential customer is going to interact with it, use it and ultimately solve their problem. Well again, this comes back to that humility you are not the customer. And you can experience your product. The way a customer can because you're too close to it and word ninety five makes perfect sense to you. But to some poor guy who wants to write a letter to his boss and make a couple of spelling corrections. No, it's overwhelming. So that humility has to has to come from somewhere and I think. That's where learning to shut up is really a great skill set and and both Jack and I have that neither one of us ever interrupts anybody. And even his bombastic as I am I know you will notice if you guys start talking I will always stop. And I, I never talk over people and up to and including if I listening to a customer and they say something wrong about my product like, I will not correct them I will just let them go because a lot of times they will. At the end, tell me something that I might not want to hear but I need to hear. Oh, I, remember that moment in the mastercard meeting where it's obvious to everyone in the room that you're breaking the terms of service. And of course, that's a moment of Strasbourg. Many of us would be like it's okay. It try to rationalize it and you just let the executive realize it turned to his team realize what you're just accomplished and that exact moment changed the course of square and getting mastercard and visa on board. Yeah. That was a good moment to shut up and Jack. Oh my God like it was it was funny because it wasn't like we rehearsed it right I just knew he was going to say anything and I was damn sure I was not going to say anything I will not say anything. And I just had total faith. The Jack was just going to be monk like in his silence and we let the you know 'cause that's the other thing. If you interrupt somebody, you only ever get their superficial ideas. Because if you think about a real thoughtful response to an insightful question or even a dumb question, but like a thoughtful response of any type. It's not gonNA come out some sort of instantaneous platitude because. There's a fighter there. But if you actually think about it, there's going to be a pause there's going to be that. You know that was the moment like having right now I'm sitting here trying to get this thought out and I'm I'm formula thought is. So now what are you guys interrupts me like we never get to the conclusion Aj's shelter Oh. Yeah I would dead right. So if you if you can just be quiet enough. Especially in selling situation to let the other person catch up. A lot of times they will up and this guy who was a mastercard you know Ed McLaughlin was brilliant but I was explaining to him a completely new idea. And even somebody who's brilliant is GonNa. Take. What six seven, ten seconds to rock the idea like. To interrupt or talk past, it would have killed it. I think many of us find silence to be awkward and want to fill it. At the same point so much magic as you just talked about happens in that silence. Because what you are pitching something, of course, you've thought everything through, and of course, it makes sense to you with these new and novel ideas. You need that room to let people catch up and think through it themselves because when they think through it, they're gonNA buy in they're not going to buy in when you are selling them talking at them. Yeah. It's another danger knowing your product to well, you will speed through the stuff that should be walked through or sat. On. It's a real skill to not say anything and recognized when people saturate you're not gonNA get more than. I, mean I look for about five minutes of attention per hour. I give I'm interacting with somebody I'll try to think about Like maybe if I'm really good. I'll get five minutes of attention. This hour were the person's actually. Paying attention I think in the innovation stack and looking at not only square case study but the other innovations stacks much of it is grounded in the core values of the company and your core values were so strong that you survived an attack from Amazon without changing without bucking without all of a sudden this pandemonium around. Amazon, how did those core values come to be and how important are they when you think about new ventures like launch code and the culture you WANNA built? So the core values are obviously critically important although I will say that we did not specifically enunciate them at square. It wasn't like we had a core value meeting. and this is what we value. I it was just sort of baked into the culture There was a respect for the small merchant. I mean I was a small merchant. Jack Mom. And Dad were both small merchants so like we didn't have to say anything, there was the value of design there were there were there were these certain values respect for how difficult it is to. Run, a business that was that was sort of baked into the culture and. I don't think that. Any company is going to. Make a meaningful change in you know in the world unless they've. Unless they've got values that aligned with what the customers want but that's okay. That's a completely worthless statement I just made was like. Okay fine. You know under the customers the real question is at what point to abandon them. Okay And one of the things I do in the book is an interesting pricing study where I take a look at how. Core values which are sort of is. And hard to measure. Be Seen in pricing, which is a number and that's easy to measure. And if you look at the way, a lot of these companies who have these phenomenal innovation stacks and ended up dominating the rockets eventually lose their dominance it's they start. Taking, every last penny they can from their customers when they don't have to and they've got no competition and I go through a bunch of mathematical examples of how that's bad. Now, it's not bad short-term. You make a lot more money short term but long term you end up creating a big opening for competitors who will come eventually. Beat you into the ground. And when we look at the innovation stacks articulated in the book. I. Think. Again. It's this integration across all of them and when you look at competitors and concern about other people entering the market. How they all interplay and assembled together to give you that advantage and as you talk about an Amazon, you know they were doing some of those things that you guys were doing but it becomes mathematically near impossible to clone these super successful businesses of the interplay around the innovation stack itself and much. You said earlier designing a checklist and a framework that anyone could just go in operate is not actually going to create the innovation stack that unlocks these insanely successful business. Yeah and and and again I don't WanNa make it seem like you've. Read my book you're going to get some checklist on how to do it, but I will tell you how the process works. and. What I also WANNA. Tell people, and this is probably more important than the process itself. Is How accessible this is. So one of the things that I note, but I don't really make a big point of is how literally everybody who I studied was unqualified to do what they did. Okay. So start with Jack Neither one of US knew anything about payments zero experiences payments industry jacket never run a small business at least a little experience there but I mean Jack was zero like. To wholly unqualified people in the world of Payments Because Bank of the world started by a guy who's a produce vendor you know Kid dropped out of school at age fifteen you know built the biggest bank in the world biggest bank in the world by a someone who never never finished high school and wasn't even in the financial world for a I I. You know thirty years so. Kelleher, I mean, no credit as a airline execs he was a lawyer and you get these examples that after they got and you think, oh well, what does that mean and the answer is? that. If you want to be successful. Under most. Systems. You need to get qualified become an expert. And then there is a path that you walk that path and you become successful. And that works but not an entrepreneurship if you're doing something that has never been done before by definition, there is no. Expertise, you can't be an expert the the Wright brothers were not qualified to fly the first airplane because no humidity ever flunk. Now I want to go out and fly a plane. This afternoon I gotta go pass it FAA test I. GotTa go get a medical I gotta go have a check, right? I gotTa have all this stuff. Forty hours of training ground school all the like to be qualified today is possible to be qualified the first time. Is Not Possible, and the reason I wrote the book and I'm trying to get people to. Buy It. I'm not even trying to get the people to buy it, I don't care if you're still my book I, don't steal the ideas I don't care if you like I just want you to find somebody who needs to hear the message that. Nobody's expert the first time. That's it because you come in to a situation in your life and you will you will. You'll get a couple of these where you got a big problem nobody knows what to do. And what I. Want you to do is at least consider the possibility that you could be the one to build something that's totally new even though you're not qualified to do it. Okay and I tell you these stories about all these unqualified people who built these multibillion dollar behemoth companies. Not to sort of show off about how cool it is to build these companies but to basically say look. These people were no, we're not special. They were not different. They were just in a situation where the only solution was to build something new and they did it anyway and here's what that looks like. Because I don't want all our talents sitting on the sidelines with their new problems. That's the thing. The point of the book is is it's Yes for you to read it. But really what you WANNA do because everybody knows somebody they should have a copy to and say get off the sideline next time. You feel like you're qualified because you'll always be unqualified to do something. That's the first human history we work with. So many clients who WANNA wait till they get their MBA to start their business. They have this idea but interior exact point they want to become the expert when in reality what we're talking about the innovation stack is you become the expert along the way failing iterating and standing the interplay in these complex systems that can't be taught by passively sitting in a classroom and listening how other people did it. Yeah and don't don't blame those people because that's how we're all raised like we are all raised to worship expertise, right? You have to be qualified to do these things. And if you're. Not. Society says will go go back to school or go. Take this course or? Go on Youtube and look at somebody else ditching out too well. It's not always possible. Thing also lends itself to flood five patterns. I, mean of course we're going to take on something we want to think about why shouldn't I do this? What would be my way? What would stop me and of course, if that's the way you're thinking, you're GonNa, put a list together of all these reasons why you shouldn't be doing. and. Then you'll finally get to a point. Yeah. I got enough stuff on there that allows me to fill good about not moving forward and. Unfortunately if you're going to be. In this line of work and with all this free technology that you can use to to build your own business all the. Could find just enough many reasons of as to why you should start as reasons why you shouldn't but to go along with that yeah it's we we're GONNA see what we're looking for. Yeah Johnny like To just sort of riff off that. One of the biggest reasons I'm not that person I'm not herb Kelleher like I'm not. A total. Bad Ass chain-smoking. While Turkey drinking. Maverick I'm I'm an introvert. We tend to tell these success stories as hero stories. And this I think is one of the reasons herb and want me to write a graphic novel is that I would be too tempted to portray the protagonist as like Superman or wonder woman or like these are these are these are heroes and they're wearing capes and you know like that's not. How? It's really done these people. First of all, we're not here when they did it when they start off when they did the significant stuff and built the innovation stacks like none of these people were anything but normal but once you build one of these tax, you then sort of harness this power that creates. This massive growth and then you become the hero but but the actual qualities are present in so many people and by telling hero stories I, think we discourage people from we give them one more reason as you would say to disqualify themselves and I that just breaks my heart because I. Think. I think they're a Lotta problems that could be solved. By folks who? Unfortunately just betrayed the whole year the their whole lives to be experts before they do anything well, doesn't work that way. So I'd love to hear obviously looking back at square and an understanding. Now, the reason behind the book and the battle with Amazon and getting a greater understanding how your bringing this innovation stack to you new ventures and tell the audience a little bit about what you're doing with launch code because I think there's a lot of valuable lessons in the next venture with all of this understanding that you have. First of all, it's very humbling to start something new if you're doing something about that hasn't been done because you're right back at zero with everybody else. So. The fact that you've been successful doing it before is only valuable up to the point where you recognize some of the stuff. Again, you start seeing the same problems or similar types of problems and maybe little bit less intimidated. But aside from that, it's not like you've got any new answers. So. Five years after starting square I started a profit called Launch Code I. It was three years after starting square a three or four. I. was concerned that we had a huge problem with You Know Opportunity Inclusion in Saint Louis We had one of the most segregated cities in the in the country we had people that lived on one side of the street that had basically no opportunity and at the same time I knew we had a shoot shorter programmers. So I thought wonder if we could train up hundred thousand programmers, which is the number of people live below the poverty line in my hometown about one hundred thousand. So I started this nonprofit called Launch Code and we. By placing people who how to program into jobs that doesn't sound hard. But it turns out that it's really really difficult to place programmers with weird credentials. People. WanNa, hire you as a programmer if you've got two years of experience and a degree, and if you don't have that or if you don't look like what they expect you to look like you will not get a job, even got the skill. So launch codes started as a placement program and we quickly evolved innovation stack of our own, which allowed us to take people who didn't have traditional credentials and get them jobs. That then led to another problem, which is that. Well, we've quickly ran out of people. That had the skills. So we headed open up open up a training program, but we didn't do that normally either we did a training in very, very different ways mostly to allow volume. Because arse our training is free. And it turns out that free is really magic because if your program is free. You can maintain the quality standards for graduation. That you can't if you're taking somebody's money. So I mean, let's say AJ wants to be a programmer and he pays me. Two Thousand Bucks for. Boot camp or something. Okay and let's say he's almost good enough to pass all but. Not. Quite. Am I, GonNa, say, all sorry J. You didn't make it or am I going to say, Hey, thanks for the grain. Here's a piece of paper. It turns out that most of the paid education that happens in. has this way of getting slowly undermined by the fact that the students are actually customers and because our system is free and open to everybody? We're able to keep a very, very high quality in the graduates because we never have to apologize for making a tough will say, well, if you don't like a drought. Like because they're fifty guys that will take your seat, but we don't have to. We don't have lower our standards ever because we're not charging anything. So it turns out that works really well. But then the hard part is you got to figure out how to pay for it. So launch code is this thing evolving innovation stack, but it's train thousands of people and gotten them jobs. It's not just as the training it's the fact that we've gotten. Several thousand people. Who would not be program today working as programmers? So we're pretty happy with that. Yeah, and I know many in our audience especially with what's going on with Govan or probably dabbling thought about coding or career change, and it's an awesome opportunity that you're providing for people to take that leap I know when it comes to the coding bootcamp especially the cost they're they're pretty expensive and to serve the clients and the perspective students that you are many of them would be priced out of your typical coding bootcamp launch code like if you finished launchcode program. We will get you a job flat out I think our placement rate it used to be one hundred percent, but it's not like ninety five percent but that's ninety five percent on the first try. If, we don't place you the first time. We'll come through again we'll get you so. I've never told anybody like if you can get through launch code I'm not saying you can but. Thousands half, and if you're one of them, you're employed period before we wrap we love asking all of our guests what their x factor is when skillset in a mindset come together to make you unique and successful. What do you think your ex factor is I think I vastly underestimate how difficult something is going to be. I think it's no problem. You tell me something we need to do. I would like yeah. We can do that like that's not a I and I'm always wrong I woefully underestimate how difficult stuff is and I know this I know this is my types I've seen the trade again and again and again but like the other day the other day I was I was sailing through my day and I get everything done and I got home was like Something was weird and what was weird was that I accomplished everything that I thought I was going to accomplish that day and that no almost never happens to be I almost always underestimate how difficult something is to do, which perversely gives me the ability to start journeys. that are tougher than they think or that I think I was I was in the Grand Canyon last week with my son He's ten and were you know walking down into this is this canyon right now hard part about walking into new cannon is walking out right how is it down as easy and you're going down and you're going down you're like, okay. And at some point, you got to go up and my son didn't think that he could make it. Right because he's ten in east was one hundred and something degrees and and and. But. It's amazing like you have to make it. Can't stay down here near budget. You know you know sandstone one dead snake we saw one dead stay, but I'd be like. The ability to think that the walk is easier than it actually is is what lace you take the journey of that at its a valuable lesson for audience Johnny IRA excited to check out the graphic novel. So where can we in our audience find that? Oh. Yes. Yes. So it's free and it's a Jim Mckelvey dot com you could download a free copy actually I think there's even a way you can mail me your mailing address and I'll mail you a copy but they're they're printed books and they're and they're also just there's a pdf version but it's chapter nine and it deserves to be a graphic novel. There's a there's a murder there's a guy in a cape. There's. Destruction of a major city. Looting horses, gunshots I just. Better to tell it with pen and ink. Yeah. Quite the salesmanship. Thank you so much for joining. US Show was pleasure. Thanks so much bit Super Bowl. I don't know about you johnny that that interview fired me up. I'm so excited to keep working on the artichoke arms innovation stack. We are working with select members of our community helping them install and implement all the concepts that we've talked about on this show helping people unlocked their full potential to live their lives I love meeting up with them each and every week to see where they are in this process. That is very true and that's become an important part of our innovation stack. We WanNA give a shout out to the guys in our new. X, factor accelerator mentorship program. They've been crushing it and we're very proud of their progress. We got some notable shout outs this week go number one to Jerry for hitting all of his goals and getting his meditation. Have it dialed in Kudos Jerry Patrick connecting with his girlfriend on a deeper level with his new deep listening skills and newfound conversational confidence kit working through a tough situation at work in a little bit of conflict. But crushing his demo and lastly lease getting back to his regular workout since his ankle surgery and motivating the group to push themselves physically. If you're ready to master connection communication and Confidence Unlock your x-factor factor become the most powerful and authentic version of you to win at work love and life advanced video trainings, weekly mentorship sessions, and a growing network of driven guys I- locking their untapped potential are you ready to become our next success story head over to unlock your x factor dot com to apply today John I? Would love to support you on your journey. Now as always let us know were always excited to hear from you. You can send us your thoughts by going to the art charm dot com slash questions. You can also email questions at the charm dot com or as always find us on social media at the charm on facebook instagram and twitter also, could you do us in the entire? Team big favor. Could you head on over to June's and rate and review this podcast? It would really the world to us and it helps others find our show. The podcast is produced by Michael Herald and Eric Montgomery until next week I made Jay have a good one. took.

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Bob Ross wouldve used Canva  Virgin Galactic surges 16%. Canva hits $6B. Hey vs. Apple.

Snacks Daily

16:38 min | 11 months ago

Bob Ross wouldve used Canva Virgin Galactic surges 16%. Canva hits $6B. Hey vs. Apple.

"This is nick. This is Jack and this is snacks daily. It is Tuesday June twenty third Nick I love that Teaboy t-shirt. Awareness I know kind of felt like the kind of two things. It is because this is the best one yet. Straight up TBO. Y check for story. First story is virgin. Galactic. It's totally jealous of SPACEX is deal with NASA YEP so it signed its own NASA the talking to two nights day at the International Space Station an all inclusive galactic. Galactic resort second storage s spend less time on email. That's the promise that hey thinks is worth ninety nine dollars a year, but hey real name is new APP that's been arrested by the Apple. APP police for not paying the old thirty percent APP, tax or Third Vinyl Story. You've had powerpoint then you had google slides now. You have can't Bob Ross. Painting and INSTA- post on this graphic design software, which is now cool six billion dollars Jack. You translate that number. Number four six billion dollars half left, but before we jump at all that good stuff snacker Jack and I gotTa wish happy teaboy Tuesday this teaboy Tuesday were noticing a trend, the babe advocation of Mascot, this companies getting older, but their spokespeople are getting younger yet to be clear I, said baby, fixation, not babe vacation. We're talking Benjamin Button Vibes here influence of Baby Yoda was strong for Disney. Plus and the influence of Baby Yoda's Disney plus success has been strong on. On the marketing industry strong with marketers it has been so you see planters. Peanuts is basically trying to get a baby. You're like success. That's right Jack I noticed it. The human like peanut with like a cane of Monica was killed off last year during the super rightfully, so because that thing looked like monopoly Guy Bread with a groom, not a good combination. The replacement was baby peanut this year. It's an androgynous baby, and it's a door, but aren't all babies androgynous. Beautiful boy. and. We looked into this further. Even going on with our buddies, Mister clean the cleaning supply. We dove and snacked out the ball. Dude with WHO's washboard ads were literally a washboard well, he got a baby version of himself created an advertisement last year that too Shabby Jack. What's the business takeaway for our buddies who are buying everything old school consumer packaged goods companies have lost your trust, and they're winning it back with babies, so jack. What's the life? Take for all of us who stare at these baby mask? Babies are always cute. Cute staggers what LOGO SHOULD BE DEFIED NEXT? Tweet US your answer at Robert Snacks on twitter or on instagram dams, whatever works for you bt by Tuesday. Let's earth restores. Daily. Way. Food Candy. They don't reflect the views of robinhood family. Formation just so we're. Not Recommending any securities. Not a research or investment advice to offer or sale of security by. Digestible business news video. Financial. LLC member favors less SIPC. For our First Story Virgin Galactic stock just jumped sixteen percent yesterday. Because NASA wants to start airbnb being the International Space Station I use it on Tuesdays. Let's get someone in there. It is crazy. There's a publicly traded stock in the business of space tours by the way Luna Point, this out below earth orbit economy seems like a great place for we work, and we think Adam Newman's going to jump into the space virgin. Galactic, though has a shockingly simple business model, you pay two hundred fifty thousand dollars, and then you're on the weightless first base flight. That's it not much different than getting into a nightclub in Los. Angeles now six hundred people have signed up so far to be on this wait list, but only five have actually done virgin galactic sub. Sub Orbital spaceflight and let's be honest. The real value in signing up for a virgin galactic spaceflight is telling. Everyone signed up for a virgin galactic spaceflight. Oh, you're going to the Outer Banks Yeah. I'm going to outer space while wave to from there, I'm going to go name planet after my third born Child Virgin Galactic win public earlier this year, and they're burning through that cash really fast because the business hasn't taken off all four hundred million of it, which brings us to the news from yesterday Jack The sexy headline virgins, calling it the private orbital Astronaut Readiness Program. The world's worst acronym PORP-. It sounds way more technical than it is. When we looked into port further, we notice that base tourists are basically a lot like land torres. They want a variety of experiences. That's right so NASA meanwhile has said you know what we want to start making some money off the International Space Station. Maybe we could partner with virgin to make something happen virgins into it. They see an opportunity to expand beyond their core business, which is sub orbital flights just below outerspace. We're calling inner space yet. Really far up, and then you just kind of float around. That's pretty. Pretty much it for five minutes. No gravity flight sound pretty awesome, but now virgin will start offering private trips to the international. Space Station or talking options here people when you go to Italy, you don't just stay at the hotel. You want the option for the private catamaran toward pre an alfresco dinner, and maybe even in your tasting clear, you could just stay at the hotel. That's the equivalent of the orbital spaceflight. It sounds awesome when sports quarter million dollars. You kind of want to see what Ab Inciarte, when you talk to the concierge, so virgins going to start offering flights to the. But we don't have financial terms of the deal. You know. That was like one of the couple Asterix Jack and I noticed was missing in this press release. Virgin still hasn't even started developing the ship that would get to the International Space Italy analogy. It's as if you know. Capri doesn't exist I think the Catamaran does. It's a slightly exaggerated analogy. Check so the stock is up about sixteen percent yesterday. Just because this is a cool head lawsuit Jack. What's the takeaway for our buddies and a galaxy? Far Far Away over at Virgin Galactic Virgin Galactic wants to pull a fancy to affordable strategy, but it might not have enough cash to do a snacker. That's when you start with a super expensive product to become an aspirational brand, and then you eventually offer an affordable mainstream version, and you know what Uber did it by starting with its fancy black limos before they came out with Uber. X for Everyone Tesla did it because the first version was. was like one hundred thousand dollars now finally they have the thirty five thousand dollar model for now virgin. I has to execute the fancy part of space travel and nobody's even doing it yet. They've only had five passengers. They're losing sixty million dollars a quarter and all that money could easily run out four our second story. Hey tries to fix email for everyone. It's called. Hey, it's a new email servers by base camp, and it's in a huge fight against apple's APP tax. Who many emails? That's the theme of Your Life. I have like six inboxes that I wake up at three am in thinking about and I really don't. I email Jack every morning. Saying Hey, we gotta go through our emails later together. Hey promises to limit your inbox to three types of emails that actually matter, and only three types of email, and that's because emails. The biggest customer problem that has never been solved the first type of email that hey will show in your inbox emails. You'll reply to the second type you're getting is emails. Read and the third type is emails that are pretty much just receipts for something you bought online, and you might as well keep them, and then hey eliminates everything else with a bunch of smart filter, so if you get a first time email from an email jets you've never seen it goes into this like holding folder that you don't need to worry about maybe once A. A week you can go through there and be like Oh. Yeah, that I want give it a thumbs up lot. Get that in my inbox Jack. kind of feels like an Amazon fulfillment center behind the scenes. Though you don't have to sort them, that's the beauty of I'm picturing like a bunch of hey. Engineers being like I'm. We're going to deposit this over here and we'll put this over here. Speaking of Amazon. They love the letter M.. They're not calling it an inbox. They're calling it an IM- box inbox box. You Heard Correctly Your Im- box is where important immediate emails end up going by the way that's like base camps marketing. It's not what we think about this service. We actually think it would sounds ridiculous. Now kind of cool because they end your need to unsubscribe from things. Yeah, because you only start seeing them in your inbox when you've signaled that you actually want these email, no more of the journey to unsubscribe where you're surfing through the email trying to find the unsubscribe. Let's say a busy day for you. Today's like three hundred emails that you have to go through before you go to bed with hey, that could drop to thirty emails. The ones that actually matters business by speed. Good Jack Three hundred emails. Now is the reason we're even talking about. Hey, today is because they're getting a major publicity for their fight with Apple. If you want to get famous, get in a fight with apple. Just like if you WANNA get into famous year punch. Mike Tyson in the face, and people are going to find out who you are. Hayes pretty much punching apple in the phase because it was to charge customers ninety nine dollars a year for this email service, and it wants to keep all ninety nine dollars a year of that revenue, so instead of charging customers through the APP store. It actually directs you to its own website to pay once. You've downloaded the APP. That's a back door to get around apple because apple typically takes thirty percent of revenues generated from me, APP store and Snacker, Jack and I like to call that thirty percent of revenues the APP to apples basically like you want to develop. Develop an APP using our APP store. We'll take thirty percent eighth. You subscribe to Disney plus through the APP store. Apple's taken a percentage of that six ninety nine a month, so hey is fighting against this and they're getting some really nice free pr because a lot of people are reporting Oh my God. Somebody is fighting against Apple's APTEX find paying a percentage of profits to the US government. They think, but they don't. WanNa pay percentage of that revenue to apple last week. Apple blocked this APP from getting on the APP store. They have unblock dipped. The fight continues so. So Jack. What's takeaway for buddies over it? Hey, the Internet is splitting into a free Internet with ADS and a subscription Internet would no snatchers. It's kind of like the West speech Internet verse. That China's censored that we told you about last week. There's another divide one with ads without so let's look at who hayes number. One. Goliath competition is g mail, which you're probably using g mail. Is the advertising based version of email? It's free, but that it's using your data stick. An advocate flowered over a company in your inbox. Because know you've been searching for flowers on Google. Google hey is the no APP version of email. They're charging ninety nine bucks a year, but they're keeping your data sacred. Louis untouched, and without advertise that means Hayes targeting users who are willing to pay to protect privacy and get a premium service g mail, targeting everybody else. Billions of other people happy to look at as long as something is for the free plus ads Internet, and the subscription plus no as Internet are to inner. That's for our third and final story Canada just doubled its valuation in a year. It's all thanks to the TAP. Onomic of business happened onyx. knackers back in the day. You wanted your presentation to look sexy. You Know How you? and. She had a little fade between the slides. Rule I act as what you're going to see today. It's not the animations all about that canvas design, which is the powerpoint for the social media era? People will be in the back room like cheese camp. I think she used canvas I'm pretty sure that's A. Can't you see the contour of those fonts? I can't get over it. I step out of the room. Canvas is a Unicorn Company, which means it's worth over a billion dollars, but you can't buy the stock now. Jack and I like to call this a sumo company because we're a straight up missing out until this company private investors who own canvas dock. They are not missing out. The company just announced it raised sixty million dollars at a six billion dollar valuation up from the three point two billion. It was worth last year. That means it's private. Stock has nearly doubled in the past year. Even though we public investors can't see, we're straight up sumo mowing this all this makes canvas. Valuable Private Tech Company in Australia. Canada is crushing it because we're all becoming graphic designer. IPHONES turns us all into NAT. Go level photographers in the last decade. This one's of Niagara Falls. With the background, the resolution is powerful. Now. Kandeh has turned us all into artists on the iphone Ten camp. This company was founded in two thousand, twelve to help normal folks like us. Great Flyers and Logos and social graphics and presentation. Now it is thirty million monthly active users who are using templates for instagram stories for Youtube, thumbnail images, and for facebook post now canvas, offering a ton of things for free, but it has premium elements that it's a really hoping to upsell. upsell young and a lot of people have up sold one point five million are paying for premium templates or the membership, which is called Canvas prow. It's probably like ten bucks a month then means canvas come straight adobe and Microsoft with a premium version. That's got one thousand options for Fonts because we all don't need that. I actually love seeing those thousand nine hundred ninety s era clip fonts. Those are my favorite. Yes, I'M GONNA. Need this on Serif with extra without Sarah. So, Jack, can you script this Helvetica and whip up takeaway for our buddies over at Canada? We are in the era of TAP. TAP onomic snacker. The human buying and spending is in evolution. We've gone from buying physically in our stores to tapping on our keyboards on our computers to tapping on our smartphone, triassic to Jurassic to cretaceous straight over to tap anomalous, the amount that people spend that results from tapping on smartphone screens is growing fast and tapping is dominated by tapping on a few different APPs like instagram twitter snapchat youtube canvas. Though is the one that will make you and your. Your, business look sharply dressed on those APPs, and sadly we're all sue mowing until it. IPO's Jack in your whip up the takeaways force over there Virgin Galactic just announced its second business line trips to the International Space Station, but so much has to go so right before a prophet as possible, our second story is hey, which has become a symbol of the resistance to apple's thirty percent APP tax services, a symbol to crush email, anxiety, or third and final. Final Story Canada. Its value has nearly doubled in one year as Tapa continue looking and sharpen. Social media is a corporate imperative. Now time for a snack to the day this one sent in by David, Downey and Alison Harris in lovely Paris France Jack would. We Got David Analysis n ninety five masks because of the cruise ships run by carnival. You may want to wear and ninety five mass over your entire body. After you hear this kid, this cruises run. Run by Carnival, Corporation Emmett, ten times more cancer causing gases in Europe. Then all of the continents passenger cars combined. That's according to the Financial Times. WHO EMPHASIZE COMBINED? I'll tell you my investment goal with carnival which I don't own any more was to not own carnival staggers. I know the strategy down here Jack Purchase the stock, so he could then say he divested I stock. It's a brag point. Yeah, just finished divesting from Carnival because they're environmentally drought. Before we leave got to say happy birthday to Megan. Lovely Southborough Massachusetts, which is just under northbound, no relation to Brattleboro also shout out to Valentina Marcello, whose name sounds a lot like my cohost here strange to be a distant Italian relative, but we were most impressed of her snacks challenge. She did ten thousand jump ropes while listening to snacks daily. Rounding on her behalf by the way we are killing the barking, that occurs midway through the podcast. Because apparently, it's really freaked out. Some people like running in the forest. Who suddenly here some bark? I think we're supposed to say. Put to Sleep Jack. By the way, mom, sorry for freaking you out with the barking leg I didn't think of that. Honestly, we were really scared. We scared Jack Mom on this. That's IT for US everybody. If you've got a buddy, who should snacking asked them H., y., H., y. s. d. and then say. Have you had your snacks? Dallas in the now. We'll see tomorrow because if they know they know. The Robin Hood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only the hosts who are associated persons of robinhood. Financial Alyce and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets, INC, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes, only is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security, and is not an offer or sale of a security. The podcast is also not a research report, and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision Robin Hood. Financial LLC member Finra as IPC.

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21:21 min | 11 months ago


"Hey guys did following. PODCAST is a lady gang, network and PODCAST, one production, which means it's GonNa be awesome. podcast one presents the lady gang, the Hollywood girl policy with Lady Gang quickey. Here's Kelly Night Becca Tobin and Jack Vanik. Let's make this quick. Hello Hello Hello Welcome to again quickey I'm Becky here with Jack and Kelty happy July. It is six zero five in the morning I was hoping we would get our computers working while it was still in the five o'clock hour, so we could be like it's five o'clock in the morning, but now it's six. Oh Six am six minutes too late. We were on Good Morning America this morning, and that's why we're up so early. I have had like three hours of sleep at a cup of coffee and adrenaline and nerve, so I'm like a I don't know who I am right now i. feel like I could BARF. You need to drink some water I know actually. Should I go get some water? I might do that. I'm literally like something's wrong with me I need. Xanax, you guys I had a dream. Wall woke up at three. We had to wake up at like four fifteen I headed I woke up at three ten, and then I had a dream that we were filming leading TV again and I went to Kelly's house to spend the night, and then I woke up late didn't have any of my stuff, and it's like one of those dreams, really my gosh just going wrong. You're not prepared at all. So. Nervous, you just tell us about your dream. Wow tell me more about that dream. I was just what happened. There, but then I like a dolphin. Body, And then sometimes like my my dad was. I will say that. That is the most common dream for me is to try somewhere trying to get ready, but like everything being all over the place, not being able to get my shit together so I don't know what that represents. Maybe just. I can't get my life together. What does that represent because I have it, but a lot of times I have it like I have a reoccurring rocket dream where Mike supposed to be pre setting my costumes, but I can't find the costume pieces, and it's like I don't have my tap shoes. Wait. I have the exact same thing. Yeah, what is that? Do you want is in high school like it's always one of those end of the year? I had never made it to single class and I haven't studied for like my exam. That's how my anxiety of unpreparedness manifest the dream. Wow, it's so. It's so strange someone. Tell us what these dreams mean because they're all pretty much the same. Dreams but oh my God. Are you breaking your own rules. Not My morning so early. She doesn't even her she is. That I WANNA. Put Back I never WANNA. Do Live television that is like the worst so anxiety ridden. That is the worst feeling ever I. Don't know how you do the Thanksgiving Day parade. Why do you say amazing over and over again and you say? Well. It was interesting, so we woke up. We woke up early this morning, and I went to the closet and I looked in the mirror. This is like such a weird story to tell, but I'm gonNA. Tell it because. I I looked at her, and it was like my face is puffy in that morning. Way Bat is only it only like it happens when you wake up too early? Go to the airport too early. You have to wake up for work. Your face hasn't gotten a chance for gravity to like. UNPACK it yet, and I looked in the mirror I. know this face. This is like t base I was like this is not get up at eight thirty and start podcasting face like it's been during quarantine. I'm like this is so different. And then I had like this ptsd of like Oh my God I remember when I got up so early then I was like poor. Michael Strahan. He used to early I was thinking about Michael Strahan this morning. The exact same thing jobs like a poor man. Let that Guy Sleep. How do We get they get dressed. What any money for sure, and that's honestly. My next thought was like well. If I was making ten million dollars I'd probably got up at four o'clock every morning again to. Then so before we went on air, we were talking to the producer and the director. And they had this show feed of what was actually airing on good morning America, so hearing other interviews, but then they're talking over it and I had like my heart was like I can't believe that there were many years, and you guys dealt with me, which is I I would have given up on me where I was hearing show in my ears, do hosting another show, and then on the side texting you about lady gang. I was doing three. No wonder I'm such A. King Psycho like. I mean I can't believe I took me right back there. It's been actually a minute. Probably the grammys last time that I had like four people on different planes, talking to me and I was like Oh. My God I am so guys I'm going. I. Don't Know How the hell like listening to that guy trying to talk to us. The producer over the show I'm like I see. Can you hear what I'm saying I'm like no. No and I was like modern. My head gas. Totally I can hear the questions you're saying. I'm like I. I can't compute things at once in my like tiny tiny brain, and this is why I always get so mad when they're like. You know what this person who won survivor is now the new host of whatever and you're like. It actually is a skill that you need to. To spend like many years figuring out how to talk and have three things going on your brain, but anyway I thought we did great. We've already received emails to our email email on our website, so people clearly saw us and we're like I. Want to get the Book I. You GM May. You should put my daughter on your network like all those kinds of things. That's exciting. Listening, and did you see? That you know. You know how I was like obsessed with the Times Square billboard. They put our book on the Little Jamais Bill. Boy I knew you would be. The beginning of the clip they talk about an and act like ladies and New York Times Bestseller and the camera on the exterior of the studio. It's on the billboard above. There we go got our billboard. Celts cried a little seconds Potett. I tried I was like Oh my God. We did. Anyone there in real time. That captured a photo. No! Smoking but that's the thing you guys now. You're always like this both. Oh, I don't want to. I'm joking I don't know what I would do at that photo I also hear nothing. I could do with that photo. I be replaced on instagram story. I would like that photo. Is it like I feel like the book anybody in there? No, it's huge huge. It's just Oh, just the book. Wow, yeah, like honestly. I can't believe your parents aren't in New York right now taking a phone. You guys. Doing is up, she texted me right after it was done being like. How was it? Oh. My God is fifty in the morning. Well, because my whole family tax chain, my mom told them about it and I started getting taxed like my little like ten year old cousin watched it, and he was so excited so I think my mom was probably up and making sure I didn't something up so well. You know what I stood up. I went upstairs and Chris is like. How was it and I was like I didn't see anything like horrible like proud of myself. Seconds off. On, my talk over somebody, though at some point. One of the hosts yeah, but it's hard because we couldn't actually see that. Yeah. I was like great. Actually I was getting my sweatpants. Track I was thinking about you and Marine I had this dream. About you and I always am filled with this I'm getting a text. Nice job on Ama from one of the producers. I always have this really motherly pride like i. kind of understand what it feels like to be may when you go on television, because Becca I expect her. She's like smook. Cool as a cucumber like she's done this a million times and like me I'm awful, even though it's my job, you. Like I am always really 'cause. You're always really nervous before like you'll be like. What was it? What am I guess? Yeah I have this like pre, and then you go on and you're like. Miss. America I. You know Michael. Let me tell you about my breakfast like you. You always turn it up and I am so proud of you. Jack like I sometimes forget that like I don't do this. When now you do like now, you can't use. Been Five years you do this. You do it now, but I'm always really proud of you, 'cause. You're always dislike so nervous beforehand like. You're like a little better. I think I like not projecting our nerves. Just from like this show Biz of it. Yeah, no, that's how I've always been like when I used to do. Cheerleader tryouts I'd be like shit in my pants, and then it's like the second you go out there. It's like the same thing with her live shows like I literally have my nervous poop and then the second week. Go out there I'm like this is fun. Let's take a shot so at least my nerves. Don't transfer onto the actual thing that we're doing true. Yes, true true! Okay. We're GONNA. Take a quick break and we'll be right back. Our favorite brand third loves back on the PODCAST I own. A whole your of these bras. Shirt Bra in black and nude nude is what I'm wearing right now and I'm actually on the first day of my periods. boobs are really sensitive, so it's if it's can be comfortable abroad. Be Comfortable in your first of your period. You know exactly we're talking about and then I have all the lace bras that I've fallen in love with I. Have the Rose Gold Lace the? The purple as the Lilac I have the black lace and I've the white lace and the white lace is an amazing broth. You don't in your collection yet to wear during the summer under your t shirts because you know there's like that super thin cotton, t shirts and tanks that were wearing right now, but the lace just like peeks through and is super. Super Pretty anyway. Anyway listen. We love their love. We've talked about them for years on the PODCAST. You can take the fit finder quiz online. Over fifteen million women have taken. The quiz takes about sixty seconds. There's comfort quality, obviously the perfect fit promise. If you don't Love Your Bra, and you have sixty days to return it third level. Wash it and then donate it to a woman in need so. So? You are GONNA. Love this Bronco, matter. What third love knows that? There is a perfect brought for everyone so right now they're offering league listeners fifteen percent off your first order. Go to third love DOT COM slash lady gang now to find your perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot. COM, slash lady gang for fifteen percent off today. and. We're back. Guys it is. What do you are you doing? July Fourth Weekend Jack Are you going on a trip? Are, we going to include the part where we came back from the commercial break, and Kelsey was like I. Don't have anything. I've got nothing left. She's like. Ridge Italy was going to be something else, but now is they were six o'clock in the morning quickey, so I like change them ideas. But it is July second, which is exciting, I can't believe it's July like we've been in our houses since March march, April may June five months, and I'm thriving. I've never been Nice, have you? Are you really thriving being home, uh-huh? I'M GONNA jump in here and say that that's. A new, development. The first four months. You were a nightmare. At it but I also think it's because I have changed my therapist, so I always saw psychologist, and they're the ones that can like. Give you drugs and Psychiatry Psychiatry Right. Yes, a psychiatrist and she was lovely and amazing, and definitely helped me through stuff, but then I realized I need like I. Need Tools. Yeah, you know what I mean like I need. It's great to talk someone once a week, and like kind of spell your guts, but like what am I doing to? Really? You have tools and have thoughts so this new woman named Kierra I'm probably I don't know if you're allowed to say what I can say whatever she are allowed to say, she's okay doesn't go right if that way. Anyway, so it's like Earth shattering. I really love her and she is. Like, she's asking me these questions I. Guess this is what therapy is, but the last time I went to this kind of therapy I went. After Ryan Ross and broke up. codependent had to figure how to like myself. You know and this is like a different anyway. So it's been just amazing, and she's asking me all these questions and she said something to me and she's like. It's only the end if you say it's the end what? I have to say a few things I. Actually texted you the same exact sentiment when you're like having a spiral about your life. And I? Said No, but isn't it? Isn't it so much better when it comes from some of your paying yet is but I'll also say that now. I'm really glad you have this woman. Because hopefully you won't take to. Social media or facebook to talk about everything you're going through. Cal Down can happen in need an outlet and not in the facebook group I need an outlet I need out, and Chris isn't big Talker, and you need someone that you is like you're. It's almost like she realized so. We're talking to lot not this week. This week was about something else but last week. She was like every time you talk about yourself. You then make this face like. Like an ugly face and ugly face. She's like you. You say something like well. I'm just like that's just how I am. Just an you know and she's like you. Almost you're so mean to yourself and you quantify yourself as like this really horrible bad person, but like nothing is good or bad like no one is one hundred percent good, and no one's one hundred percent bad, and she's like so wouldn't you quantify? Quantify yourself as saying I'm just the bitch I'm like bad, I am I. I'm Selfish I. You know I don't WanNa see people I want to be by myself. Because I'm a dick like she's like every time that you make this like nasty face and she was like you're not all good or not all bad, and then we just can't. These talks and I'm like wow, and i. feel so good guys feel. Well! I'm glad you feel good because you actually did a story last night, an actor from a book. And it was like the most intense thing ever, and you're like it me. Some days I'm a patchwork of all the worst qualities. And I lay in bed at night and I want to die like it's beautiful, have have. Spoken she picks the most intense intense parts of a book, and everybody can relate, but they can't know and then me and back have to go offline and be like is not okay. You enter. Hold on like when you were googling sad. Illustration Yeah Oh. My God, you've got a whole entire INSTA- story of things that of eyeballs popping out of mouths. Jack and I texted each other, and we're like what's going on on Chelsea's instagram. It was just story after story with no explanation of just sad illustrations, like line drawing of a sad woman with her hair in front of her face, and apar- no face at all, not at all and I. was she just sitting there? googling like sad illustrations you. Know, I just revamped to my interest did. Okay I'm just going to let you know so I did revamp my pinterest board. Thank you and I have this board called art and I was looking at the art, and I think I like probably pinned a couple of sort of mo pieces of art, and then at all. It was showing me, so I just kept pinning mom and I was like Oh. My God. Art is amazing like I. Just I've always been into quotes I? Didn't even realize art could make me feel and so then that's where that came from a really I was I. Mean I, was not great but I wasn't like. I wasn't sad woman with like a line drawing of hair. Like I wasn't at that level, I, it well Kelsey. The thing is usually you express yourself in that way, so we assume that you were sidelined drying with no face. Cry For help. Let me tell. Let me just read you the quote from Sam. Landis book broken. People, which is so wonderful, the title alone good board. He said, and this is how life goes. There will be times where you feel like nothing more than a patchwork quilt of all the worst parts of yourself, and then there'll be times when the call to be better is just so lovely and clear like a bell ringing frequency all the voices. Like a bell ringing at a frequency all the voices that keep you up at night can't hear. That's beautiful. I mean sure to be honest, though I got I gotta say like Assad as I've ever been. I've never felt like a patchwork quilt of all the worst quality. Like that's intense. Is Intense I. Also like a grand or at Time magazine so I, think he. will no I mean. That's all I guess. If you've had a lot of trauma, I, mean. Who Am I to say? The book the book is about him getting clean. From drugs, so he's you know and. Actually, the book is about going on Iowa journey. interesting, and so a lot of this is like his I. It's not a delusion when you're on that journey. A lot of the book is his loosens about himself. So maybe you know, listen. I can't remember exactly what part that was because I definitely. Can Call it a scam. No I didn't I read it, but anyway it was really awesome any. He's a friend of mine. So I was like proud of him for reading the book and I wanted to figure out a way to promote the book that you know people would get into you and I. Guess Let's take the saddest. took the most part, and it's like what's worse than hearing. A dream described an entire book of someone's trip. Trip my God the books. Good I'm just kidding. I'm sure it's good, yeah! Identify with broken people, Kelty. Broken You know what it's almost like. I'm like grasping at straws sometimes like I to like a Mike Yeah. I should have something more sad in my life like I. It's something you will something Kelty the manifestations lack, it's. When you WANNA have like a paranormal experience and you open yourself up to it, and you allow like that energy to be in you now you're opening yourself up to all the manifestations, and then you're gonNA manifest something. Yeah, it's true except I think her like intention with wanting something workshop is like to get press about it, so Oh, yeah, Chris may not. Yeah, you want Article 'cause people article. We are dicks. Manifest my car accident. It had nothing it had nothing to do with the press. But I do. I didn't think about it an article about the car crash. Yeah, of course. And I went on the talk to talk about. It was very traumatic for me. Is a slow news week obviously. I. Know I I actually thought about that car crash I was like one of these days I'm GonNa Crash this car on this road for like four years, and then I did so. Oh God! My sister's face timing me. Oh, what she lets see her review. Let me see Oh hi. I. I? You're being recorded on the PODCASTS, but the girls are desperate for your feedback. Guests. I loved it. I thought it was Brady, at thought, it was short and sweet and. Today's ING. Thank you. My full disclosure, yeah! I miss it. My friend had recorded to me. See. This is how much my family cares. Meanwhile Jack Mom's up right now, and she can't even watch. It should just. Hours. Flying to New York and thank Michael Strahan Yourself. Okay. All right well. Thanks for your support. Out of Y'all thanks later. By. All. Right on that note, thank you for tuning into and thank you for everyone that submitted fan questions. That was so so many good why I wish we'd just been able to sit there for half an hundred. Maybe we should take other ones and do some sort of video with them. Granted podcast, we yeah. We were not in charge of what they picked so Thank you to everyone did that and thanks for jumping in and talking about dreams and therapy? My Dolphin Body. Kate we were here for a long time, but we were here. Yeah thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast wherever you go Joe podcasts, we have new episodes of Lady Gang. Every Tuesday and Thursday follow us on social media at the Lady Gang Follow US personally at Kelsey most importantly at Becca and at Jack Bannock. The late again network is produced by will sterling. Steve delegator Hurston Woodward and Elizabeth. They quiet thinks for rating and reviewing wherever you get your podcast and tune in for new episodes were simple week?

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Ep. 97 - Christmas Mince Part 2

Athletico Mince

26:40 min | 1 year ago

Ep. 97 - Christmas Mince Part 2

"The so I was up at the polly. Yeah watching whether Dr the trump says on and obviously Checked in a slow US look at Christmas Manu sampling Nice Seattle so nice. Donate 'cause agents. They're sitting in a throne. Christmasy threaten influence make king. He's earned the Oregon. I reckon anyway. I sat down the booth by the door. Okay on this is basically what I heard. Yeah goes welcome a lung. CERT- our tirade festive folk. An hour census delivered with a dash of Yuletide Gli. Who stopped me in raw meat? Raw told my face whole lowest to lead you. On a sleigh ride up to the condemn seller of the grotto. Fuck and back again before we start Sir would you like to wear had this festive paper crown or yes yes yes we'll care so much would go put it on appeal to bit waxy and watch issue. You're it pepper to Kinda actually from the giants skin of at your la La okay that was made by body. It feels right. This isn't just for Christmas as its new. It is fucking nuts set. What's on this Christmas menu? Then you purveyor of scarlet lash for Astara as you're going to try. I spit BEDPAN for with pigs. In blankets focusing conventional for my sorted the pigs pigs in question are actually let's passages stuff with bull while the beast tits. What made us indecent? What about blankets? I'm not at Liberty Eh diverge about its bought. Suffice Assis- Santa clauses caught one S F has been out as credible who bring me not bad pun right. Yeah to wear an olive aside order fried bread in separate bed your men comb with that has whereas of course would you guy forget Nigel Focus. Let how's your forgotten what the man is Turkey with trimmings chairmen's yes it's been visited with liquefied nerves from A. Are they big mouse exemplary always. What's the joke to? Its Popularity Crispus of Rod Bucket. Their fresh doug doused in creamed puss from one of ran. Drags US wounds. Did you hear my sweaty tits lead to attention and start to cook in bag. Just a Dodge Angel stands sorry. Bet Your statton them. I very forgotten dead. I think Anita triple L. dollars of that. Abominable Cheshire you terrible run. Says if you'd like somebody in advance you know comb out and you can gently up. His wound. Known Eight autrocities. John's drones judgment like trust the perpetual revolving of my on ramp said. Goats is your shy. Look I uh shaft separately not just mountain all on my lap and bring a massive woken ladle or an is anything for me. Saint Bernard still got the Willoughby's based ribcage put it down in the cop off from around inside and so-called light but I'll go out and join him once a finished in short and then the where a went off to the kitchen. But ANDRO to be honest with you. I add to leave shortly after that because of the stench of the surprises of very intense. It's been tense. Rich smells from run. Sketch arc wasn't quiet too rich for your taste. Yeah I found my end point bobby. BACKUP AQAP decreased Koshiba back to the normal menu. Okay a message on the PFLEGER parsnips. Tips from one of our listeners. Jonathan Tears and he asked if marlins would rank ten best Christmas presents all the time we go now so Erez Hello Mark Lawrenson here with the top. Ten Christmas gifts opera saved from lovely wife Barbara. Over the years numbered San snark prevention facemask. Ask still balks cheeky number nine a barbecue apron with licensed to grill written on it. Numerous eight year. Egal's autobiography biography number seven at Shaquille Pin Badge for the victims of piracy number. Six some sponsored B.'s. Number Five Live very best. If Fighters L. P. number four some kind of crossword helping computer device number three a hip flask designed by Kevin Costner number two about from Haaretz and number one the personalized pack of playing cards with with my face in the back of each card and also as the king of the suit. Thank you for those lovely gifts Barbara and Berry Christmas my love I agree with them. Fifty percent just low CPAS. Reckon Yeah Bye listen thank you tomorrow goes goes thank you. Jonathan Crime. Five Little Aston is an affluent area in the district of Lichfield. Some seven miles north of Birmingham there around a thousand properties properties in the village of which some twenty percent of our leader over one million pounds unsurprisingly it is an enclave for professional footballers and celebrities and frequently frequently referred to as millionaires row in the nearby town of St Louis. Just off. The High Street is located small. Nonsense poetry owned and run by Mr Mr Neil Hunt on the twenty eighth of October two thousand nineteen. This poetry was over the scene of an famous infamous and fantasy horrible crime. The day started as usual with Mr Hunt taking delivery of batch of fresh clay and some replacement brake liners as for his kill. You go my tuned in fifty grams of Buff Darwin Cli- five liters of transparent glaze. And how let me just stop you that. Did you just call me nate did. Did you just assume that we were somehow friends. When all is actually going on here is a simple nonsense? Pottery business transaction goes just to figure of speech mate. You just had the fucking gall to slap a mate on me after I just indicated to you that it was inappropriate. It do it again and you can stick miss delivery up your shit pipe and take a fuck off notice pack to your boss. So what's it going to be gone. I tell you do it again Sorry Mr Hunt didn't mean anything by it no you taught warriors fucking go now. Where do I sign your August here on the docket? Now you're gonNA fuck off mate and lose your attitude. I'm neil hunt nonsense potter. Not Some barstool crooner looking for compliments from a fucking clown just as he leaves to men into the shop. It's Jack and John Terry. Mike Lee Looking for very nice nonsense cutlery for Jack Mom what can you say a said. We're looking for a pot for Jack. Mom might tell me. Who are you actually speaking speaking to you my listen? I don't know you from Adam. I'm not your Bait and if you continue to insist I am. I will ask you to leave. The pottery Lecomte Lecomte Ashley. Top sweetheart going get out of my chops. You're just another todd warrior. I can spot them a mile of Golden Legged Jack. Greeley's turn to leave. But as he did so he brushed his leg against pot stand and fall to the floor own style solely on wearing very heavy shoes and thick socks. Almost Magellan's out Jack and stay still you. Don't you fucking Gaston still came walking on make you wait taunt cabin. That you went doubted crawled from under Jackson to leave again but sadly tripped himself up on the corner of a military themed drug on the floor as he reached to steady himself he grabbed another pot standard a UK garden fruits into a UK garden. Fruits theme vase fell crushing to the flaw. Aw What have you done. What have you actually fucking done? I spent eighteen hours the UK garden fruit special. Why is it always little old me? Every other week I give stuck to the Food Bank and I take ice pundits to the prostate support group every full basic. I don't fucking look my don't fucking make me. You Accompany Perlak dot point. Jack takes a step forward to apologize. Sorry Mr Potter. It's just that we heavy let the shoes shoes and the thickness socks combined with the Jeff coming from the kill now lost my balance well at your bank balance is going to take a hit now how that UK garden fruits pot retails at three hundred fifty pounds. And I want to. Now give me your debit card. Gone gave me now. You fucking stood up. But as Neil Hunt barked out these words to Jack John Terry had already grabbed a sharp edge of the broken. UK spot and slashed it across. Neal's face instantly drawing blood boy like that might be. What have you watched any fucking done? I should want my sister's new. Fella owes the most accurate catapult in the West Midlands on my brother-in-law's neighbor is a proofread. Listen might it. Was An accident. Caused by filing a secure the rug to the flow Walton. Fucking wasn't even a child couldn't unfold you to contact with the lip of that military famed. Rug Yeah well let's check the. CCTV shall we. The three of them gathered around. Kneels computer screen screened. The footage of the fall was replayed. Neil zoomed in on Jack's foot. At the moment his full commenced. It was clear that there was no contact between the rug. And Jack's foot what got my I can do it now. Three hundred and fifty fucking. I'm great now Mike. That military frame rug definitely might have moved towards my Jack. It's all about intent walk. Can we juice leave. Mr Terry. Truth is more Irbe our brassfield very heavy today. And what would the heavy shoes and socks with it. Lose my parents SHUTT- chat. We ain't praying for nothing. Terry Terry held the shop pot against Niels throat drawing more blood a style agreed potter. Yes yes yes okay. Okay just get out of my portrait as Jack Terry left the shop. Neil held a Belinda wipe to his bleeding neck terry notice to photograph on the shelf by the door. Exist spurred my brother's wife before tasty on every net puck worries. I don't even know why of fucking Bubba uh-huh leaving the shop. Jack immediately fell to the floor. Gay Sewri didn't expect the pavement to be. So rippled the Sunday clothes. I've signed his got the red suit and beyond him. I'll I'll bring him in. You'll go fetch him Komo unless I use a Christmas eve of May maybe it was so kind of charts you little boy who the horrific rub acceleration aging skin condition humans. Yelp I hope Ya Ya. Hello Santa have you been a good little boil yet. I'll try to be you know. What would you let over Christmas wing to you and you know? Oh I'd like a quiet like a new fountain patchy for militarising why I'll just make it a daily by requests here. Chaos Space Marine Bye Bye Santosh said Fountain pen equally at home shredding opponents with both of fire as they are in a bloody malate these guys can be good enough for pretty much any purpose you want on the battlefield very wise choice. Who is would you look at Christmas? Day would mind soups scarf and gloves. NOPE stopping ten Izzo Collection set of twenty third Walker Zone so slow clumsy individually elite Nicole. Betsy overloads drive them into battery defies hopefully to exhaust the armies of the enemy santer. That's not what I said. Well I'll tell you what chucky the a bunch skeleton warriors at a corpse as well. It feels well. Well I will mind cow polishing cates. Okay I'll Kyla over chosen. How do the pipes for that as well? That's is not what I asked for. Center you just write down toys. I don't are they. Are they a war hammer. Toys to War Hammer. No War War war toys. playable fantasy will figures in any like ooh. So maybe like Do you pull Taibu. Actually Sunday that'd be nice yeah great. I'll continue six foot. Fulfull our pool table about six. A three on no six four falls back because it doubles up as it is played surface full full Duffy. Is that the talk to go. Redo look what are the. What are those to the dentist? I Don I want to you royal who come here you fucking go getting you guys Bahauddin. Goldberg thought it was really sorry above the Afro Santer Raleigh all the way through now. Well so he's buying he's trying to get people to buy warm and stuff is just just just spreading the word. I guess so your own Andro Other intersected manage to intercept. Yes yet WOKV GO SEAN DASHES. Yes Christmas wild to his players. He would go right you lot listen. This is your Christmas motivational log. It's compulsory and should be. Listen listen to every day over the festive period. Remember the games come thick and fast if you went to bed and that could be a lot baby aged. This didn't mess about it. Needed clear it give it a cloud Rosbif without Grevy funding apart without the navy. Turkey paged aged onto. Your last is when you kick him. In the ad it will tend as Dole Walk to for goal for Maldon. Six eight Abed of stopping in your own time trait long without the purpose if it sends determine when you want then go to the circus when you clear a ball talion the when you wake to poke Piedra the juices and you have when defending a corner grab a shirt when when you elbow fall. Would pretend that you if you don't like if you're a fucking shite if you don't like Bonnie don't join Miami passing without guile Jabil without a smile. The only thing that I find funny is stunned up Shit. Ah Missing and determine is event these cosmetics are ladies when a ball is kicked into to the sun. That's ten seconds stolen before it lines. Defend your fucking box. Defend your fucking box. Stop free kicks with the typical peacocks defined box. Defend you fucking and stop free-kicks with the tip of Cups I remember it remember. Shit scrap metal greeding breeze blocks by not conly way. So there you go. Sean offends you box with Tipsy your caucus if anything is what. Christmas is all about the. What another from John? Armscor the Albanian trance overlord. Oh Wow you're lucky. Hi and hello. John Albanian Trans overlord psychic piece criminal and scourge of the United Nations Melody. Cups Just in time for Christmas laid down a seventeen hour long too cranky. Trek one is called Ho. Ho Ho no no no no. No no no I'll be performing it. The lobby areas of the major Swiss euthanasia clinics over the holiday period. He's a little snippet of there is trek to on. My EP has no title but it comes with a guest filled cylinder. And when you inhale from the cylinder the title is revealed inside your mind it comes as a seven inch twelve inch five inch and a nine and a half weeks extended version and also as a jigsaw puzzle and is one of the ingredients and the UK wins the Flu Jab. He's a little snippet of its and over your enjoyed that John and I wish you all stable Christmas it also beautiful Christmas music from Jon. OSC Alley plan that while I'm sitting on me all on Christmas Day I love that was so a scorched lund. Oh Yeah Gotland. Yeah a we go. The celebration of Christmas had banned by the lair layered forbears hundreds of years ago and replaced with a great feast and dance at the Lord's Castle to which all the he'd of the island eland families who had invited. The purpose of the ceremony was the pledge allegiance to the laird for the following year and to praise him for his generosity acidity income passion one week before the event our family would be chosen Dorota the men London choose an appropriate gift. To present the laird a table dealing the feast this year. It was calling blade and his son. Thomas who who accused on the eighteenth of December not em and with two hundred pounds. They sit that boot to anchor the mainland and proceeded to the nearest town call in newer Farah Korea who made Saul him inappropriately. Look sheerly as for hot for the laird an imposed upon his son to sit it out Costa coffee whilst he was aware battling for the heart act he gave Thomas Thomas Ten pounds to cover his expenditure that must return to the boat within the hour. The Lord's Attack Fox would-be set the deal with them. A caution young. Thomas could not believe as is the brightness of the clothing being worn the glare from the lights and the Maras and the Christmas stencils and barbells. He felt as if in a moment he could burst clean open with merriment. He ordered a guest a guest. Being skinny I guess being skinny a lot they and a hard armand biscuit debt within it seated by the window to watch the bus and parade of Fashions and fancies. He noticed a branch at thompsons. He'll bar across the way glimpsing. It's foster evolving machinery. And it's aproned operative he gleefully imagine the townspeople joy at having such a wonderful under high street just then a young lady approached him and inquired about the availability of the adjacent seat for her reports. Upon I does free said Thomas and that would be a pleasure to share your company today. May I enquire of your name. I'm Maureen mccully and what you do for a living here on the mainland Maureen. I'm a sex worker. And how do you mean losses. Well well paid by my customers to perform sexual favors upon them. Thomas had already noticed that the lassie was very fruitful Tut and was keeping further. So what service might the Lodhi secure for the some of their own Seddon Boone's we could have a quick player in the alley behind you. Come on let me Scheuer dumbest followed. Marlena the alley where she held the next to the Bidden Ju- per jumper over her head about two to three kilos of warm Scottish fallow unto the laid off the wheel as you can see a lot of the blunt it up the span I Thomas replied does a family serving there. Were plenty leftover for with a late supper. Would you like to touch top them with the palm of your home. I would very much might Bali. My face them with CANOVA spend of macedon pounds I that would be covered. Thomas begun to lure his face towards bounty on. Then Thomas Stop at must leave in ten minutes away with your come on. I'm not none. Thomas ran to his father. His swollen personal pipe lumping from site. Decide within a slacks like a slug on a rule. Of course soon there were back on the beach in the boot was in sight. Just in time Thomas Thomas near monotonous bear on then call in was grabbed from behind and felt the blade against his neck. It was morning yellow. Audio's seven pounds of neon not leave this beach to lay how it of no money young lassie was obliged to spend it all up on this hut for Malarde Laird. Thomas give her the money that was agreed upon. Thomas counted out the money he had left in his book. Six pounds twenty one pence. There you goal. They knew enough young lady. I declare the full seven pounds as agreed to give. Okay was that Iraq heart fucking bus kit that dumb for me. I couldn't even eat jets lack of gove then. I must deprive you of that for hot by way of Substitute Fairmont. Hundred to me glaive did as requested and Maureen skipped the we back into town on arrival back at the island. Clive Spun Yarn. That the gift been lost overboard. You're bored when an aggressive winkle adegbite upon Thomas Shin but did not wash with the Leads Henchman Glendale Colin and Thomas almost were thrown into a dungeon and soon visited by the Lads Assault Fox Robbie Pot smoker but it was not run as jagged teeth of the venomous saliva about that killed them. Rather it was there I gaze into beasts is for a todd the face of Neil warn the face of Neil water duff as soft neo war. Naw there we go well in return for Scottish till Anymore we wanted to know just Just to Chevron Merry Christmas Larry Christmas for both of us. Yeah and e books your and Chris. Chris raised driving Christmas. Now listen when you think about it right. We'll kind of always driving for Christmas all year round aren't we those seemingly meaningless journeys down in the chip hopping they're all small parts of one overriding journey. which ends when we on Christmas music makes you think others? Will you put in a great great big Big Authority on the Christmas because you could equally say the every journey take is the one lead into an ego chippy on by extra-large called the while all is well to look at not. Don't go lodge cut him up big. 'cause you tight not because it's just too much Yoga Lodge court. I do go lodge called along with the armored Rosemont of you got a Nice Chippewa. I feel yeah not really Waldron ones. Yeah like made up awards that they put the windows and things like that. Most of them have got them Yakov devastated. They said one down south. That's alright that's alright but my Christmas. Everybody Chris Chris. Thanks very much Bob by

Mr Mr Neil Hunt Jack John Terry Thomas Thomas UK John Terry US Mr Potter Mike Lee Barbara Maureen mccully Larry Christmas Seattle todd Astara Oregon Nigel Focus Cheshire
The official (BLANK) of the NFL  Postmates football deal. Martha Stewarts CBD. Restoration Hardwares fanci-ness.

Snacks Daily

17:22 min | 8 months ago

The official (BLANK) of the NFL Postmates football deal. Martha Stewarts CBD. Restoration Hardwares fanci-ness.

"Nick. This Jack and this is snacks daily. It is Friday September eleventh make you know how I feel about today's Pot Jack we discussed but earlier I got the sense you thought this was better than yesterday. This is the best one yet not be, oh, I, check first story what we got over there canopy they cannabis company based in Canada likes open concept kitchen apple turnover, an old papian machine new strategy for canopy launch CD line with. Martha Stewart for our Second Story Post mates is officially more excited for football than you are. We had a clear eyes full hearts can't lose situation when the official anything of the National Football League for our third and final story restoration hardware successfully luxury fight. In the past twelve months it's official resto is joining our tastic fancy four of the economy but snappers before he hit those three fantastic stories. Yes. Nick I would love to say one thing. Yeah. It is September eleventh when we said at the top of the pot and our thoughts, they're going back nineteen years over three thousand people died on that Awful Day Jack. was, up, Middle School in Vermont I was in middle school in the Bronx. I could literally see the smoke wafting across the boroughs. It was brutal I was watching it on TV like most other Americans but this is not something nick and I ever WanNa Forget. No New York City was hit the hardest exactly like York City got hit the hardest this past spring. With Corona virus and New York City is a special place for both nick and May. Yes. We were roommates for three years on. East Fourteenth Street between second and Third Avenue right above the beauty bar. Now, September eleventh in the United States is not a day of celebration. Of course, like most holidays in the United States are yeah. But what a lot of Americans Don't realize is it's technically an actually day of service kind of like Martin Luther King is a day of service. It's a day for us to think of and do something for someone outside of ourselves. So we four, we jump into those three wonderful stories, Jack and I wanNA take a moment of silence like we do every year for everyone affected by September eleventh. Let's hitter three stories. Daily spoke to we gotta get. The Hear Rain Food said Candy Effective Use Robinhood, family. Formation just so That recommended any security. It's not a research report or investment advice offer or sale of a security. Nexus digestible business news from a financial LLC. Member favors less SIPC. For Our, first story post mates is officially the on-demand delivery partner of the NFL now, and that's important because the NFL is the unofficial economic partner of the United. States of America are stack is going to work with us on some some imagery here picture the NFL. Sitting around wondering how they're going to replace this like loss ticket revenue Roger, goodell's standing at the whiteboard. He's in his boxers. He's not happy but he's present. and. The first person will most stadiums are going to be emptied this NFL season, which is a big bomber. Jerry good point. Let's keep going what else we got but people will still be watching on TV. In fact, probably more people than ever will be watching on TV usually this is good continuum jotting this down how do we have more commercials and Elaine? We have a lot of commercials already any other ideas out there how about we sell another official blank the NFL title Loretta I like where you're going I, know we've already sold officials seats official straws official. PIXELS. Official Burger official car official pickup truck of the NFL. We have. We have we have put. Have we thought about food delivery APPS Laura you're getting a promotion. In case you missed it snack the NFL kicked off last night. Aka The least socially distant of all the sports. I'm not sorry touching on your buddy for taking chicken wing. This story is about post meets which became the official delivery APP of the National Football League. So posing as a weapon, it's while it's paying millions for this honor, and here's what post mates getting. They get to sponsor the Super Bowl, which is a pretty big deal not too shabby. So you get ready for some like posts mates me that Burrito bowl commercials coming in February yeah. Postponement is GONNA become a verb after the Super Bowl Garin freaking try to make. This. Verb they're dealing with the old double syllable challenge. They also get the right to say the official delivery APP of the NFL on all of posts, mates market, which leads us to the questionnaire where exactly did post mates get all these millions of dollars for sponsorship glad you ask the answer is Uber which acquired post as for two point six, billion dollars in July and that was after, Uber Tried to acquire grubb that deal fell parts they settled for smaller post mates. Now Uber shareholders are excited about potential new business. From these NFL fan sitting on their couches on Sundays and that's because the old delivery APP ecosystem is actually a Mafia style turf war where John Door Dash controls the five families. The NFL could be the perfect way for Uber and post made to catch up to don door dash who's leading the five family on doored. She's still leading over in the Bronx with forty six percent of the delivery market post mates is fourth out of the big four were stock rose three percent because yesterday was both the kickoff for the NFL and the day post mates became the official delivery of the NFL. So Jack. What's the takeaway for our Buddies Uber and post meets the NFL is an engine of economic. Activity claim smackers the NFL is actually the biggest source of entertainment. In the United States, you want some proof forty three of the top fifty most watched TV broadcast last year or football games, and that stats courtesy Everbody Kendall Baker sports newsletter the NFL drives restaurant sales, alcohol sales, electronic sales, and let's face it happiness at all that up the NFL is its own academy on the day that that Congress failed again to provide further economic stimulus to businesses and people struggling with covid nineteen, we're just glad to see the NFL kickoff pun very much attendant and we hope the NFL is as successful as the NBA and the NHL Ben in limiting the spread of covid nineteen is betting millions on that. For, our second story restoration hardware sold more sofas last quarter and made more profit on each one of those sofa salt as impressive because this is the comfy ass- member of the fantastic fancy for stocks. All right. It's a snacker Jack and I jumped in snacks out check out this earnings report were blown away by the opening quote from restoration hardware CEO do not. Follow where the path may lead go instead where there is no path and leave a trail bind. You sounds like a I quote what do you got going on there? It's actually the restoration irs quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson, very transcendental us. That's how you want to kick things off nick remember one hundred percent shots not taking don't go in Michael Scott Slash wing that's. Now. This CEO both. And closed his second quarter earnings report were that same quo and then get this. He ended the horn support with a carpe diem at the very finale not sincerely map best regard. Now, carpet this is like Moses leading all the retail furnish people they of the statue. This guy that's funny because his name is God Davis Guy and revenues for guys company they grew by. One percent last quarter now, one percent growth sounds week. That's no zoom. That's no Palatine that known netflix's no, it's not. But when you're selling furniture online heads challenging right now are you drop in Two Thousand Dollars on a Cloud Sofa now you probably want to test out that. So by putting your on and yet even though butts weren't in sofas restoration hardware who still cost double that by the way they're like ten grand here to pull you. Back about it. They increase sales from May to July do not follow that path where it makeup by just two percent increase sales. But one analyst who basically grades stocks for a living he said that restoration hardware stock is worth more than he thought after reading through this second quarter earnings report actually is quote described it very charmingly we thought the High Income Sumer is healthy and is investing in their homes Jack and I like to say pimp. Yo crips. Now, restoration hardware said that their investments in making themselves a luxury brand have paid off and the way we know that is by looking at their profit margins profit margins rose last quarter by four hundred, ninety basis points, which is finance speak for four point nine percent because remember half a finance is confusing people about finance. Each one dollar of SOFA sold translated to four point nine cents more profit than the year before basically restoration hardware. Convinced consumers there so more luxurious and therefore deserves the higher prices. Now, that's thanks to their gallery style showrooms uniform which nick and I think are like airbnb locks worthy snack you're trying to get engaged in the next six months dude at a restoration hardware gallery. By the way they also have a magazine called Rh Ski House and Orage Beach House, which are extremely aspirational. Trust us. She'll say, yes if you go to the meat packing restoration hardware. The brand perception of RH furniture has elevated and so have its prices. So Jack what's the takeaway for buddies over restoration hardware? There is a new class of stock market winners and twenty twenty companies that cater to the affluent snacks have a brand perceived as luxury is a very nice thing to have anti very hard thing to maintain. Kind of recessive gene that makes you actually enjoy your vegetables. No one's got this thing. But one major trend we're seeing in the krone economy wealthy people doing better than ever and we see four companies benefiting primarily from that trend of wealthy people doing better than even before cove in one thousand, nine struck we're calling them these stocks fantastic fancy for the four stocks are apple. Nice restoration, Hardware Beautiful Lululemon, and Peleton intensity. Each of these companies is helping the world's affluent basically just adapt to shelter in place, and for each of those four companies, the pandemic has boosted their stock prices by forty percent or more in twenty, twenty and sack because if you think there's a fifth tweets robin at snacks, but we can't go higher than five because the whole does if you think there's a six, don't tweet us to six. Oh. Holy One tweet. Four. Our third and final story canopy is pulling a strategic move in the cannabis industry we're calling it C. C. B. D. C. CBD, celebrity, CBD Saggers, we've got a sprinkle a little context on this campus stocks. We're like in a bubble in two thousand eighteen. That's when Canada legalized recreational marijuana use and pot stocks shot to the moon on the excitement. But since then sales have usually disappointed and those stocks have fallen dramatically cannabis is a plant it is a commodity. So canopy needed a key differentiator. From the rest of the cannabis companies and interestingly their key differentiator ended up being liquor legend Constellation brands. Constellation brands is known for Robert Mondavi Wine Corona Beer, and they own one third of the outstanding stock of canopy growth because is doing what liquor companies love to do and Jack don't endorse, which is peer pressure there pressuring canopy to think less about smoking and more about digesting can't be less edibles, more blinds to do it. Kind of do it. If you don't do it, you're not call your core. They're just keep constellation thinks that cannabis should push cbd the less psychoactive chemical found in the cannabis plant that's because CB doesn't make you high but it can relieve pain reduce anxiety, and a whole bunch of other things. Parent Constellation thinks CD is a nice begin product with more mainstream appeal than THC, which is the stuff that gets you high. That's why you see in CBD, in your hand sanitizer and probably your airports as we mentioned, canopy stock is down from tied down seventy percent in fact so. Yesterday. They launched a CD partnership with Martha Stewart Herself this fascinated Jack in me. She's whipping up thirty five to forty five dollar hemp derived CBD Rich Gummy, soft gels and oils, and since it's Martha Stewart, they gotta be Gourmet. Yes they do. We're talking Myers Lemons flavors and even like some rare Berry Jack and I can't pronounce I'm GonNa Call it kindle kindle at this just go with that. Take out your oven Mitts if you're gonNA handle this thing now we noticed can't be a thing for celebrities. It's not just Martha Stewart. Kennedy's basically like a Groupie of the cannabis space base because Martha was introduced to canopy by Calvin broadus junior. Yada. Yada Yada Calvin broadus junior his also known as snoop do double G. who launched a brand called leaf CB with canopy as well, and if snoop doesn't impress. Yeah. Maybe drake will who also watched a cannabis brand also with canopy and if your favorite movie is Super Bad, you'll be impressed that Seth Rogan also launched a brand with canopy. So Jack, what's the? Takeaway for buddies over canopy and Martha Stewart Living Room and the Hamptons therapy is trying to do in cannabis which spotify did in podcasts snacker. That's what we're thinking here. Kasparov had to stand out in a sea of dozens of podcast APPS had to convince people to try podcasts for the first time. Similarly, canopy has to stand out in a field of dozens of publicly traded cannabis companies and similarly as to convince people to try out a cannabis product for the first time. So to deal with this situation. spotify signed Joe Rogan Michelle Obama came crashing and Batman, to a whole bunch of exclusive podcast canopies doing the same thing. Yeah. Ending up celebrities for their own exclusive brands and with each celebrity signing both Kipian spotify. Hope to win the fans of those celebrities as new first time user customers. If you're thinking about trying out a new product for the first time that requires like the lifestyle change and influential trustworthy celebrity is a good way to get you to do it totally shift. Jackie. No whip up. The takeaways force before the weekend the NFL is back and so are those official blank of the NFL Tilapia as opposed make snag wanted and they're hoping to drive eight plant par mortars every Thursday night Sunday all day and Monday nights story restoration hardware Crown Jewel Gallery stores have been closed. I'll quarter but it still increase sales because it's a fantastic fancy for stock third and final canopy growth is being peer pressured to focus on CBC. So it's hooking up celebs with their own brands just like spotify would. Now, time for our snack fact today this one sent in from us. Birth certificates certificates that say where you were officially born in the United States and the US states handle the birth certificates. That's how they do it. For example, my birth certificate was issued by the State of Vermont. It says it very clearly at the top of their certificate extremely charming but there's one place we're pretty sure that doesn't have the state issue, the birth certificate that's right and that. One place is the city of New, York Jack Mom and me can attest to this we both got him. If you look at a birth certificate from the city of New York, the top of the document says city of New York. Yeah, not the state of New York and New York City does its own the bars close at four and the birth certificates are issued by the city staggers. Boyd Jack and Nick in New York on twitter to confirm or refute this exact snack we'd love to hear of somewhere else had birth certificates issued anywhere other than the state now snappers. Before we go we got to say congrats to Justin and Cheyenne anniversary in lovely San Francisco and could crust appear for passing the series seven, a brutal exam that both nick, and I passed as well and Martin, and a Tasha got engaged in Chicago then no, there was a restoration hardware there must be nice and MCI ingesting beam just got married in the Great State of Montana and Sonali and Rahul one-year Anniversary Baltimore Maryland. Happy Birthday to earn around regas from George and Max Castro purport to Allegra in. Orissa rainy from San, Francisco and Justin, and Taiwan and Keith from San. Diego California had Rebecca weighing in Brooklyn and trey. Burkhardt from Berkeley California. View from Arlington Texas differently now, the tiffany on Fifth Avenue, Tiffany in New York City and Stan GM chatted Chicago and Non Canal in Wheaton Illinois and Jeremiah Marta in Arcata California and Justin. Dietrich integrates data flawed and Ryan Fogel you're in Ohio get up go to school your dad wants to get out of bed already smackers. Thank you for snack with us. If you got buddies not snacking, this is the weekend you can ask them H. Y. Y.'s Day. You stay six feet apart and you yell h. h why have you had your snacks daily? We'll see a Monday. Have a great weekend if you know you know. This is Jack. I own stock of spotify Nick on stock of apple and we're both on stock Lululemon. The Robin Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of the host who are Associated Persons of Robinhood Financial Llc and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets inc her any of its subsidiaries or affiliates to podcast for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer sale of security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robinhood financial LLC member Finra SIPC.

Nick. This Jack National Football League restoration hardware cannabis official Nick I New York City spotify United States Martha Stewart Bronx Vermont football Martin Luther King apple York City Middle School Constellation brands CB
Tuesday 1/5/21 - A Chinese Billionaire Is Missing

Chicago Dog Walk

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Tuesday 1/5/21 - A Chinese Billionaire Is Missing

"Hey what's up guys. It's big cat before you start listening to this episode. I want to let you know that we're running a special sale on all barstool merch. Go to store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off goto store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off already made. Today is tuesday january fifth walk. The dog walkers barstool sports jay four back happy new year. How we don. I feel great. I'm ready to get back into it. little tin foil. This was one that we got not even for. It's an ongoing story but my dm's and mentions were flooded being like if you guys aren't talking about this on tuesday fuck yourself like this is sneaky. One of the biggest stories going on right now. It's all over the news and we're going we're going to give our little spin on it. Yeah for sure but before we get to it though. I do want to talk about our friends at roman chief Obviously most guys have tried different ways last longer in bed. But you know doing the old thinking about what's going on with this guy thinking about redoing episode tomorrow thinking about what the amish are up doesn't always work. Yeah you know probably needs romans. Waves more than anybody is the amish. They have no visuals. They have no porn. They don't have anything they'll probably show up in. They need something to dole their senses a little bit. There you go so go. Get some Roman swipes right there clinically is there clinically proven as a way to last longer in bed. They're effective easy to use and fast acting but they don't require prescription roman can ship swipes you in discreet unmarked. Packaging it each. Swipe packet a small enough to hide your wallet for whenever you need it. They're super easy to use as take the swipe out of the packet. Swipe it on let it dry and you're good to go. That's it all. You gotta do to get your hands on these get roman dot com slash dog walk and you can get your first month of swipes for just five dollars. Choose a monthly plan. That's get rolling dot com. Says dog walk. Make sure you'll get this. Roman i mean there's it's a no brainer. You gotta get it gotta get it. So yeah go and then let's get to the topic here chief like you said people been banging on the door. We took a week off that. Want to hear about this so I'm excited to jump into it even though it's not Not not a great story at all. Well not for him. Yes unfortunate sore for him. Who just say who it is. Yes we're going to talk about jack ma. Had you heard of jack ma before this no. I obviously so alibaba is. He's the founder of alibaba. Okay i know. I know what that okay so alibaba and if you don't know what it is. It's basically the chinese answer to amazon. It's like it's a giant ecommerce site. jack ma He's like fifty six years old right now. He founded this thing in Nineteen ninety nine so china's still emerging country at that point they're not Obviously trending towards being a world power. But we're talking twenty years ago. It was a different landscape and he kind of looked around. He he famously. Like tells these stories about how he'd been applying for all these jobs everywhere just getting rejected rejected rejected over and over. He plotted a kentucky fried chicken at his town. They hired twenty four are they had twenty four people apply twenty. Three of them got hired. He was the one who didn't get higher so he got into. I gotta find a new way in. So i can just work and he started like designing websites for all these companies like. I can do this. And he was like looking around to america and kind of had the idea to do a chinese version of amazon. And that's when he created this alibaba. How fuck did he mess up the chicken. That bad at me. I have no idea like how do you go into that meeting. So much in china and here to definitely more so there is who you know and he was kind of. It's almost like an american dream story. But taking place in china where he was kind of a rags the richest guy like. He's he founded alibaba with sixty thousand dollars in like eighteen different you know employees and helpers and they started this they just started it and grew and grew and grew. It is like this. You know those are stories that were familiar with here. I started my garage oil that this that now. It's this giant company and same thing in in china. Jack mazda becoming more capitalist but it's like this balance between and that's what we're finding. That's at the crux of this thing. Here is a balance between the chinese communist party. Like which is the ruling party. It's not like we have democrats and republicans no in china. It's the c. c. p. and that's it so is a part of that party and you kind of have to have connections to that party to get anywhere head. What dining the joke out you can get it out before there's no or is that just a snake draft joke. I've just you know. I know people who listened to both are gonna be sitting here being like ought to probably try to hold a straight face right now. I don't even know what you're talking about. Like maybe the joke is that i said is going over my head. So why don't you just read. Oh i mean even you are not into this category. Yes so this is a separate thing like we like to keep that. I'm sure that we can find. We could do photoshop of this. She picked the other chinese his the premiere of g. Yeah you could be that guy but yeah this is red. Is the chinese communist party. Verse kind of this emerging Co billionaire class in china Which jack ma is certainly a part of And maybe i think he might be that. He's a second wealthiest person in all of china ninety nine. He decided to do this. And that's interesting. Because amazon started ninety four so five years later from amazon. Yep and it's crazy to think that. I mean i is. Here's popular here in some sense. Like kind of more popular like he's he's changed the game exchange but he's also an outspoken personality. So he's he's not afraid to be critical of the china or historically has not been afraid to be critical of the chinese government party The chinese communist party rather and And that's kind of the issue here. Is that you know. There's a long history of chinese like prominent chinese businessmen who just fucking disappear and you know and now it looks like maybe jack ma. I thought he was so wealthy that he was on an untouchable but in china nobody is so he When i say so wealthy. I said he the second wealthiest person in china. He's worth anywhere between the an estimated forty eight to sixty billion dollars so he's a top twenty most wealthy person in the world according to forbes. And you know that company that Alibaba group that company is just. It's become a behemoth. And i just feel like we don't use it as much but that company like its valuation is We're talking like hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. It is a giant giant company. So it's not quite when amazon is but it's the clear number two in that space and and he's made a shit ton of money because of that he also was founding a founded this other. It's like a it's a digital payment platform Call so somewhere to alibaba But that's a part of a separate group called ant financial which he founded as well and there are set to go public And that company has has been given a three hundred thirteen million or billion dollar rather valuation. So they are just processing payments. They said they did Hundred and eighteen trillion dollars worth of payments In twenty twenty they have eighty million different merchants. Like they're they're it's it's like he has his whole other company it's almost Like not basil's but the other guy. Ilan mosque where he like me lamarcus pay pal. He's doing the space x thing. He's doing tesla he's doing a million things. It's not like jack. Ma is kinda like that where he has these separate companies. That are both like crazy crazy successful. So i should say i got the number wrong. They were set to raise thirty four point. Five billion it would be the world's largest ipo and that was in october So huge huge company. He's got a lot of things or two major things. Cook two major things cooking and then so because of that he felt like he had the ability to speak out against the chinese government and he and he's done so like i said he's known as like a breath of fresh air Because he is outspoken and then he he said before In october twenty twenty criticized the chinese banking system because this ant financial is heavily a big player in that in that space in the financial space. And he said there. Chinese banking system is akin to a pawnshop so government didn't like that he's butted heads with the premiere of china that guy g many times they had a g. twenty summit which is like an economic summit for all the world leaders and he was like he kind of went head-to-head with She there and they so they've had like they've traded barbs like kind of publicly and then you know maybe she just had enough because this guy jack ma. He's he likes the camera. Okay like he's out there. He's he's normally very active on twitter and like the first real red flag that something was was wrong was a he hosts a show. Sounds like it's similar to shark tank. But it's called africa's Africa's business heroes. Okay and it is like sharpton where they award money to. Different entrepreneurs are doing things in africa. Obviously china we talked about. This is a callback to that belt and road. Initiative china has their fingerprints all over africa. This time it would make sense that he has a business. Reality show akin to shark tank based in africa so they had the season finale coming up in november where he was supposed to be. You know he's wake one of the judges one of the main people. He didn't show up so he was replaced by this woman On the panel that day as a who she works for alibaba's while she's in some executive alibaba like why don't you fill in and their official statements that he had a scheduling conflict. But nobody has seen them nobody. Nobody's really seen him since october so he made those statements calling the chinese banking system like kintu upon shop. He has supposed to have the thing in november. He has no tweets sense. Stover's now we're we're like going on months and now everybody is just like but it's like you know the holidays new year all this kind of stuff and then now everybody's like hey like where the fuck is jack. Ma and nobody knows he. S wikipedia says there's a disappearance sex now in january twenty twenty one. It was reported that i had not made a public appearance since that failed. Ipo of ant financial two months prior it failed because basically the chinese government was like. No so they were. They were set to have this giant. Ipo like one of the largest ever they were going to raise thirty four point. Five billion dollars in at the time that was going to value the company at three hundred thirteen billion on the eve of the ipo. China stopped the process for moving forward and said it was reported that the chinese communist party leader leader xi jinping which is the guy. We've been talking about personally. Stopped the ipo from happening. So no actually fuck you. You're not doing. And they have like their own stock market over there But like bob is traded here in new york so alibaba their stock ticker scientists bob as That was going to be happening here. As well and china just stepped in and said no so there is like you know no one really knows for sure. No one's really said anything where this fucking guy is. I mean i can't imagine like this is one of the most famous people in china one of the most famous people in the world because of how much he's worth i it would be akin to like just like up and disappear. Can you imagine if that happened. Like the wild because as os. While he's richer i feel like mosques out there more. Musk is out. There has his face out there. He's on twitter. He's on social media. Much the same way jack ma. And now he's just gone and this is. This is a quote here from the washington. Post like day reported that prominent chinese entrepreneurs businessmen that receive media. Attention are more likely to be investigated or arrested So that's something from the washington post that they report. Jack ma himself in two thousand sixteen had this quote he said i think among the richest men in china few have good endings so that was in twenty sixteen and he had these public disputes with the chinese government. Going you know for years now to the point where he decided that he was going to quote unquote. Retire from alibaba. So he's the founder. Ceo but they are just been going through all these like dust ups with the government. And it's not like a dustup with our government because they just have all the authority like there's no real court. It's just like whatever the chinese government wants they get to do you like as us and trump. Don't get along right. But it's not like bezos is gonna like disappears. Nothing's going to happen. It's not getting arrested. I mean you could. You never know you never know but like there would be like avenue improve like a whole court system and a system of appeals and very public. Because you'd be out in the media you'd be able to say your side and it would. It would be very difficult unless he was like they had them dead dead soup-to-nuts dead to rights. Whatever that expressionist to like arrest and make fucking jeff bezos disappear china covering this big time right now. I would assume not just because the government controls the media over there too. So it'd be a lot of like. I've been watching videos this morning. And it's out of hong kong so like they have their foreign correspondent in hong kong. Which is still technically. It's like more free We did an episode on them too but but yeah it's it's not a good situation You said he missed appearance. And then you know. We said that the washington post thing while the independent did an article in two thousand seventeen independent as a paper out of out of the great britain they listed off like a shit ton of these chinese businessmen who just go up and missing So i have a list here. It's like this guy this guy. I'm i'm gonna struggle some of these names but it's x. I. a. o. Who's like this huge. Finance guy will say zhao. He was in hong kong. Four seasons hotel abducted not seeing again. He had this guy lebeau who who actually ironically had a online book store worth the money he was abducted and arrested in two thousand sixteen lay or g. He was detained in twenty fifteen. He was eventually re released. The chinese warren buffett is this guy. Guo gwan chang. We'll have get donny. Does me like correct pronunciation. But that's the guy who is a chinese warren buffet. Same thing arrested detained. Gone missing for several months before reappearing In december twenty fifteen. There's other guy Yangzhou who was like a prominent trader in like chinese security. So like you know in the financial sector he. He was like mysteriously like just to his death like he was being investigated for corruption By the chinese government because he was kinda speaking out. Like you know trying to just doesn't want to relinquish any power so it's like yeah. We have new billionaire class because our economy's grown so much and we re relaxed some restrictions on on business as he become more capitalist but they want the government wants to still have that kind of iron fist around their people. So it's like. How do we do with these new fabulously wealthy powerful people fucking arrest them and kill him and that seems to be you know and it seemed like jack mom may have been above that because he's just that big But it's just it's not working out so like he's just gone and no one knows so this is like an. This is an ongoing story if he liked. That's as much as we have. Gad's i who knows where according to this monday. Obviously this is tim for all tuesday But so much can happen in that time. So we'll we'll see as of this recording. He has not reappeared so the fact that he's just been gone like no tweets nothing since that statement in october supposed to show up on shark tank. Oh he's not here. We sent somebody else like it's it's fucked up and then the aunt group thing we're just like the president the president country is like if you're not going you're not going public fuck you and Like that's something that could never happen here. They might be able to make it difficult But the president of the united states. Can't you step in and be like. Hey actually if if his uber something like that. You're not going public. We're we're we're sabotaging this ipo man. You know scary place. It's a scary place and it's just one of those things where people are always like man. It's so fucking bad here. I don't know at least it's not that that's fucked up man. Yeah and i this. I'm interested in now. Obviously like i feel like in different aspects. We were curious about the samsung guy You know because we didn't know if he was alive or day. That was a weekend at bernie's situation pretending he was live like this. Update people on that. He's he's officially the confirmed that but This is one. I think i'm going to be interested in to kind of keep going on. You know this could turn into. Yeah kinda how. He did a lot of ups updates. We'll see if there's anything there for exactly and and he's a type of guy like who he's very inspirational to a lot. A lot of business people in a way that you don't see from many chinese Ceos and entrepreneurs so he he's done the public speaking circuit before and he's done things like you know what's the key to your success Hiring people smarter than me you know. He's just he's like. I don't know anything about management. I heard great manners. I don't anything about technology. I hire great people great. Cto's so he's just this guy who's like like both at the same time like humble but also like i can do fucking anything and that. That's like if you're the chinese communist party that's a guy who is pretty fucking dangerous. You know and people like him. He's outspoken they like them not just You know in china internationally. He's he's a well regarded well renowned person and And now he's just disappeared because he's a guy that's Be promoted changed so promote. Yeah that's exactly right. That's exactly right now. I can't we don't know. this is all alleged. I don't have just been you know. He could be often fucking mongolia or something like or tibet. Like like who knows where he is. Maybe he just wanted to get away for awhile but while we're not you know. A lot of people are speculating. A lot of people are hitting us up. So i was like. Hey we gotta talk about what he's okay. you hope it's not the chinese government but all track pressure. Yeah they have a track record of making people powerful people disappear. Yeah so jack ma. Hope you're alright. chief. Thanks for the information That's it for today. We'll be updating as the story goes on so thanks for listening. We'll see all tomorrow.

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GUI Nights - Sex Snorkeling

Geeks Under the Influence

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GUI Nights - Sex Snorkeling

"She you I. Hey, what's up? You sexy mother fuckers. This is low down Brown and welcome to another episode. Jiyuan on nights. Yeah. We've already talked we already told you when it's about if you don't have the best point, you're just not in the loop. Sorry. Kind of like the regular GUI, but just a little bit better, and sexier, always sexier we here. We keep it one hundred almost sexy, it's it's a little darker. Right. Let me because I'm hosting yes. It's well done. It's like the HBO series confessions of a call girl. But as a podcast with chubby men, I get that. I it was more of a Rocco's modern life character sex worker on the phone. You see Rocco's modern life. He was a sex worker. You didn't notice the posters by them. It was all it was like all like sex like called numbers, and she'll get our tune because the nineties were a weird and wonderful era. God damn. He worked for a sex, call line. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. All right. And it's framework for the Choky chicken. Yeah. So go figure. Yeah. Nice. Revelations. Much on this. We talk about sex in children's cartoons. We have rented snippy to fuck yakim on absolutely or fucking happy, la- Pugh, the rapist. Oh shit. Like I don't like it. I don't like. The Harvey Weinstein of cartoons. Look you. But tonight we're not talking about rape is now now, that'd be terrible episode. It would be horrible was heavy awful. We're going to talk about our favorite gunfights in cinema. We just John wick, right? And I mean, that's got some pretty significant gunfights in it. It's hard to beat that we gotta like not think about John witness this episode. Yeah. Yeah, we've got to think about just like ridiculous like over the top whatever your favorite lit legit, like fun, favorite gunfight. Actually, I have one that is kind of an outside the box one because a lot of it is the missing. But I really liked. It was very close quarters fight. It was the assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. Oh, dude. And it was the in the in the room scene, where they're shooting at each other. But these are old guns that aren't exactly accurate. And they're like, missing half the time within like five or ten feet of each other, and it was a fucking brilliant, gunfight scene that really took into account, but these guns were able to. Due at the time. It was very realistic for that era. Yeah. Well, let me say those guns were accurate enough, but the, the perfect Poignant's of that scene is the fact that everyone is scared everyone is like freaked out and they're just shooting and they're missing and I fucking love that movie. So it does not get nearly enough appreciation. I can agree with that. Yeah. That is in my top five favorite, like old westerns of all time was that one that Nick cave to the soundtrack for he did okay with, with his with his writing partner Warren l. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna throw another curb all that. I called a curb all because I don't think enough people have washed it even though it does have a good following. It's an original Netflix series. It's a bad ass. It's a bad ass series. But the last season of this, we're talking peaky blinders here where they set them up in the apartment area like thinking known the family's there you remember that, where they like the families waiting in different apartments. And they set up the guy from New York because the guys from yours. Come in the lab and seen it but spoilers whatever see, I haven't finished that series yet who's fucking dude. It was been out for like a year and a half. I haven't watched breaking bad. Like, there are some bad choices I've made in my life, and I've come to accept them. I wish he would. I mean I I'm fine with it as long as you don't mind people talking about it. But you I don't no continue their. So in the four season New York comes over. Right. And they because they had previously killed some gangsters and they come out for the revenge thing. And it's very slow special Bill, the guy Adrien Brody to play. The main gangster from New York, New killer job. He's a great actor. His name is nosy mcgillicuddy do that. No fucking knows. I wonder how many bitches he's got an offer that fuck knows. Oh, he's linked. Seriously? He's fucked of China with that knows definitely. He's snorkeling. There's the name of the episode is that a real thing. Or are you just like improvising knows as big, but his long I don't have that have the name of the episode is sex snorkeling, norcal. Yes. But anyway, so you threatens so you basically threatening the family and the family owns these like not the row houses, but the own an apartment complex is like a trial level. I think in like downtown area so they tricked him into coming there, but they have everything had with Adrian Brodie is knows everything, like planned out with family members in certain aspects of like cutoff point to stuff. And they dislike unleash on New York, and it was fucking awesome, because you don't mess with the fucking Shelby's. All right. Need to watch? You haven't watched any of it that you blinders is damn good show. I just have. I haven't finished the last season. So. Yeah, all right. To piggyback on the last western reference, we just did. I have to say. Say the final a gun fight scene in unforgiven. Oh, yes. So fucking amazing because it's all about dudes that, like I mean, you have Clint Eastwood who can hold his own. And everybody else is scared, and they can't handle their guns. And he just fucking like does hours this. Yeah. No, he just fucking like shoots. All these mother fuckers that are trying to like, get their shit together. And it was an this was a part in the movie. That was previously said where you know, like. To win a gun fight. You have to, you know have your fucking like shit together. You've got whatever you have to remain calm you after I'm panic. Yeah. And the end gunfight. Oh my God. Fuck I mean going that route and, you know, a couple year difference here wolf years difference in filmmaking. Same decade, though. I mean you gotta go a tombstone that final gun scene with Ringo. Oh man. Fuck wider. I mean that shit was just it wasn't huge. It wasn't massive size gunfight. It was just them. And it was just the dialogue. And the where the where you are mentally in that movie at that point, like fucking there were a few in that there was the no you aware. He goes into the into the river or whatever. And they're like we witnessed a miracle is that shouldn't have worked. And then there's the montage when they start breaking bad. And he's like, tell them hells coming with me shooting on the train on the train station like right, all here's. Okay. Corral, of course obviously bring that in his fucking. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Man. That's one of those movies that if it's on TV. I'll watch it. I own it. And I will still fucking watch. It is still my favorite fucking, western. I don't I I can't I can't explain. Oh, good. I love it so much. Yeah. No, I, I will say the OK corral. Shootout scene is my favorite because there's misfires. There's like people like getting scared jumping away. Like a love that shit. It's, it's love it. Awesome doesn't doesn't doc Holliday shoot his chocolate in the air to make the torch jumper. He shoots the horse. I forget how that were shot in the air, he on the air and then the horse jumps. And then he's like, okay, cool, boom. And then he shot a guy. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, velka. Great. He he ate so much scenery in that movie. And I love every fucking son. Oh shit. If you're eating more scenery than fucking Kurt Russell in a movie. That's a lot of scenery chewing, especially like that. Eric russell. Yeah. Jack mom come in and hells covered with me. But, but do. Mustache for the hateful eight. He never shaved his cap it and whatever late in. And. He kept it that whole time. Yeah. Seriously? Yeah. Whole time you wait, wait and tell you that you knew team is gonna need a western guy. He's going to go. Speaking of that has anybody watched the, the extended extension of fucking. Hey fleet because out. Yeah. Went to look at it on flicks, and didn't say movie it said part one. So they extended enough where there's four fucking parts, and they're all fifty minutes long. It's like almost four hours, goddamn miniseries. Yup. Holy shit. I, I had the opportunity and I was lucky enough to see the hateful eight in its original road show in seventy millimeter. Yeah. We fucking. No God, damn amazed that want to brag or anything but man, well, I mean, I invite all you guys. Now, you'd have you did not. We've found out like a day before. Anyway. It's true, though, that fucking movies amazing absolutely glorious. That was a that was an awesome. Gunfight Tarantino, any tarintino gunfight is, is in the top. Well, it's close like in that movie, especially, but also in laugh fucking like Reservoir Dogs. It's close quarters and it's personal. Yeah. You know that shit is amazing speaking with Eva late close scores that size of that place was like a fucking studio. Apartment, it was like a it was like a large. Oh, yeah. It was. You know he shot it. Well to make it seem bigger. But when you saw the but the away us, it was a tiny fucking play. Yeah, it wasn't a big who was not a big. It was not a big venue for flight. We mentioned this movie on the John wakeup equilibrium equilibrium the scene where he throws clips down the hallway, the rounded bottoms, and he comes running, and just like pops the clips in as he's like firing, and he runs out, he drops the clips, and then pops like slides on the floor. And pops the clips in ends. He goes by it's completely unrealistic. But it's amazing. But it is wonderful at that movie desk. Definitely does not try to make it realistic gunfighting. And you know what else does that in the final bul scene in a movie? What's seen well how well. Shit. No. Yeah. I'm proud of, you know, I'm no. I'm actually just impressed with you right now. Yeah. Yeah. That was good is fucking hit girl in kick ass, when she goes down that fucking hallway, and she reload the same way, but she's like a fucking fourteen year old girl and has hasn't done like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yet, hyper manic murdering lane. They're like multiple good gunfight scenes and kick ass. That is true. Yeah. That's definitely and then that hyper reality gunfight kind of thing, which I love because they're not trying to make it realistic at all. That's just not the thing you mentioned fucking equilibrium. It was one of my. Top five favorite picks. It's a great. I love that movie, Christian bale, one of his in my opinion best best best films. The scene where he first encounters, the, you know, the fucking like post apocalyptic, you know, like whatever soldiers and he just brakes, bad ass, because he doesn't want to, like, reveal the puppy in his trunk of his car, and because that would that would really hadn't taken his medication. Right. Exactly. And that particular scene where he just like goes fucking like gun FU on them is so bad ass. And I f- rewind that scene, and slowed it down, so many times, because it's just like dot dot dot dot dot dot dot A just fucking kills motherfuckers. It's so mazing and I'm going to on the groups as there because everyone can talk about equilibriums final gun seen being this orgasmic. Display, which it was. But that movie actually, what I take from it, and appreciate more from it. Is those small stints throughout the movie? There's a small gunplay battles. Oh, yeah. That lead up to the grandiose one. And like the smaller ones. I enjoyed more than the final battle personally. Yeah. I can see that in the for me watching the movie I enjoyed those more like the one you're describing like another, we're talking about where he gets stopped, and he's trying like to, like, not kill people. And then I just keep pursuing gotta murder you. Got a murder you. Right. You know, but insane gunfights. Let's go with. We brought on smoking aces. That's a fucking. Oh, yeah. Oh my God. That's they bring the firepower with that fucking movie. Right. Yes. They do. They really do there, there, isn't there like a rocket launcher, Sharon and other building or something. Yeah. That's just those kind of movies where they know it's not realistic. It's not dealing with physics at all. It's just gun porn gun. It's straight up and gun porn. And the way that's what it's supposed to be. It's not supposed to be serious. It's not supposed to be taken seriously. It's not supposed to be like, well, that's not how you he had thirty two shots on that clip. Yeah. He probably did because fucking this moving no second. One was not fun. I will say that I'd never saw the second one not really as much not care. It was a movie that did not need to sequel. No. Now, we can't talk gunfights without talking about doves. White doves. Oh, you're talking about. Yeah. Let's go do that was an inspiration for the smack my pitch up logo where it's dual wielded handguns with my face going. On. It was John woo. Because that was like, right. It's the spin gun like the hard boiled shits and then doves fucking does. I should've put doves in the smack my pitch logo as well. You go with your brand yourself. Number. That's true at never throw some doves in the background. So, yeah. As much as I love, John. Woo. You know, all of his movies early on Hong Kong. You know era. I have to say the killer, is my favorite killer is solid because the church shooting like violent scene is so goddamn fucking good. I can't even describe you mentioned the church and that reminded me of another gunfight. Well, one person with a gun from the Kingsman the church seen. Aw, orgasmic so hyper Connecticut, and, and just fast paced. But you're seeing every move. The choreography is absolutely fucking stellar. I am really smiling laughing. I'm right laugh. I'm spent after that scene. Yeah. So I'm done. I'm like, okay, I'm good for a few hours, like I can't. And he didn't golden circle when they're assaulting the mountain top layer that they totally missed them. By not being a inside of a volcano. But I mean at this point you're already on the top of mountaintop. Just make it a fucking volcano already, like, don't. Let's, let's just be real here, but the going circle missed. So I'm with you on the original one that church shooting scene. Yeah. On my but the suitcase rocket launcher and like it in golden circle. It's so utterly walking ridiculous. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. That was some moon raker shit. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So it was it was just being like fuck. It try it. Let's go to shot. So good. Nice and other one that I know groups deeply appreciates to the point where this is the movie that you put on when setting up your surround sound because I've been there for two of the places you've moved into when setting up surround sound S V, and this is probably if not top of my list, at least top three of best gunfight scenes, ever, the Bank, heist scene in heat, that movie is, is so fucking amazing. But that particular scene is perfect for calibrating your surround sound system. Really? Oh, you how good that is where you can hear the you can hear the bullets fly by you kinda exactly it is. I mean, there's dialogue there's action. There's gunfighting that, that particular scene has been my go-to for three different like Saran like movie theater experiences that I've had in my life. It is perfect. It is so good. And that movie alone is fantastic. Heat man, the moment where where they shake hands at the end. Oh, is like this brilliant? Like they have absolute respect for each other. Like being the top of their thing they do. And they're murdered at murder. But they have absolute respect for each other. And and there's a where it shows like this wasn't personal. I actually respect you as a person. But you're on the other side for me. So this is where it is. And Henry Rollins gets Trump through a window. But it's not really him as a stunt man. But yeah, whatever surprising that for any rose. Be hard enough to do it himself. Yeah. Well, no, no probably not. I still love the guy. I just figured you use on his own, Jimmy James, you know what I'm saying? But, you know, I understand him not wanting to like good through a window. Also, we talked about BUSTER Scruggs. That was awesome. That yeah. There's some some route in tuten shooting that's happening in that in the first ten minutes. Yeah. So good merger. Shed a few people the tech the Texas tit. I mean movies consistent with gun playing. I mean, you've got the tin pan man. You know, you know. We tried throughout the Bank with James Franco, and he's like, oh, Pam shot, and Sean Penn shot and chat fucking, dude from office in Milton space. Yeah. Dan chaz. And then you I mean into the not the next one, what was the next one was the brother and sister that had the disease like he got the mumps or something on way to out whatever. But then the Tom waits one. There was guns involved in that, too, that wasn't really gun. Well, I guess technically, there was a fight of all that was some like it was a fight, and then, like Tom waits got shot. But he was like I dead. He's like. Yeah. Didn't know that important. She was so good. And that made me so happy. I was like, I'm so sad that Tommy's got killed like no wait a minute. He's alive. Now. One thing that actually involves one of the directors from John wick. The first Ron with booby at least is. He was originally a stunt double for Kiana Reeves on the matrix who will one of the director, the director of John wick gap. Wow. So that's where he got his start as, as a stuntman. So he's actually cannery stuntman. So that's why they had developed a pretty solid relationship as far back as the fucking matrix in what ninety nine when that came out that lobby gunfight seen the matrix is absolutely fucking fantastic. It is agree insane and over the top and ridiculous basements. There was even a reference to the matrix in John wick, or it was like, what do you need? I need a lot of guns, which was aligned from the fucking matrix. So you have a lot of MRs Mr. fight. Yeah. Perfect. But no, I mean. Yeah. You move like they'd be. I mean, come on, that the bullet time was started in the fucking matrix. The matrix started a lot of shit. Yeah. Be real to be real major started a lot of shit. Can we talk for a second about Sergio Leoni? Yes. We can. Because he set up the perfect, like gunfight standoff scene in the good the bad neo-greek. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. I've been it's been recreated by so many fucking movies, never, duplicate it. Never. I mean definitely the dual scenes were in his first two movies. But like that scene with the music, everyone like, yeah, exactly Goldman, standing around on my God, fucking brilliant. And people wonder why Metallica still opens up to that God, damned score because it's fucking amazing is exactly like. I talked at length about that song on our westerns episode, which is like the, I think, less absolutely dropped in twenty seventeen. No, we did the westerns and last year. I thought that was twenty eight team. I don't know. I think it was all night, right? Feel like it was last year knows in December's that would have been late twenty seventeen. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, while ago. Yeah. But I mean. No that score is like definitive for any a really is. I mean anything involving western guns anything. Yeah, but that like that trifecta of people that hate each other that are trying to kill each other. And they're all, you know, like it's ultimate, like it's not a dual because not to people, it's a true. Right. I mean, I want to say real what gun fight, I thought stood out as a bad ads gonna fight was back to the future three. Now that we've talked about this at length before, especially on the audio commentary for the sequel, but boondock saints has some pretty memorable gunfight scene. Oh, yeah. And it and the one that I love is when you know, they're talking about what happened and Willem Dafoe there, while the firefight, and I'm one point with firing into the air, like randomly, like firing his fucking gun in the air, which to be the first. Because it was just so overly dramatic for the moment, where just came off his comedic is fucked. No, it was and see they tried to harp on that. And the sequel, which was see what didn't work because the first one just like did it and didn't know what it was doing. Yeah. Really? Honestly, like Duffy. The director. Yeah. No idea, we had a good movie on accident. Seriously? Though. That's the real ISM. Okay. Because the sequel new was supposed to be what it was supposed to be in. It was not good. Now fucking terrible at those. We made a comment. Yes. Yeah. There were supposed to be a third one too. I don't know. Let's maybe not do that. I think no read us to maybe Sean Patrick Flanery can come back. But norm rita's is to for that. He's like, I don't I don't I don't wanna do that. They don't really want to hurt my career. I go Walking Dead crit. I'm like the main character now Rick's go on bitch. Good gunfights Arabism, some solid fun gunfights in Walking Dead. That's true. There have been very really good gunfights in the world. And they're assaulting. The fuck and headquarters for outlets. Fagan's Megan's Appalachia. Where's this like the outpost, right? It's just like go into these shirt murder everybody. Yeah. Holy shit. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There have been some serious, gun gunfights and walkington. Yeah. So I'll give them that. So anybody else what is the and we have to think of anything, they haven't dropped as famous conflict because the Walking Dead just came to my mind talking about ten other ones that come to mind, the minute that we're done with this episode. I know I'm going to say one thing there's an internet video that parodied robocup where robocup comes up upon a couple of dudes that are trying to rape a woman and. You know, like, like, in the movie we saw that, but he shoots dudes and then more rapists, come out. And then they have a, it's not a gaggle like Moby call, like a grouping of rapists. Well, it might be a I don't want to come up with. I don't want to come up with that term. That's not what we need to be known for is coming up with the, the plural. This is probably by the way, also, not the name of the episode is the plural free. Probably closer to like a murder of crow. Yeah. I don't know. But this fucking video a fuck. Boy is an amazing, and he basically oil, rapists. All right. So the premise is these two guys come on this girl, you know, they're trying to rape the girl like in the movie and he breaks it up, and then more rapists, come in, and he's like, oh, shit. I gotta shoot more of these guys because he shot, one of those guys in the dick. Yep. And oh. Through the dress. I remember that. Yeah. Different way, by the way, that was an afterthought saying, yes, indeed. Yes. Indeed. So more guys, come on, and they're Dixie are out. He's like, oh, I'm shooting these guys. And then more guys, come in, and then, like, the king rapists comes in with like a hard on. He shoots all them. It's the fucking craziest internet Jesus. You haven't seen the have not seen that. Oh, this is the crazy shit. We're going to watch this. We speaking of guns could I please get a lot an actual live rendition of the robo Cup gun. Oh shit. Oh, yeah. The live robocup gun is a Beretta m nine three or I'm talking about, also made to look the exact same. Well that's the base gun and it was built off that. Yeah, there's probably a build kit. You can find online for that. I want that too. Yeah, if I had all the money by that shit, second against bad s. All right. So before we go, I do want to drop to name first bouncers, we kind of used the bar time here, and we don't have more come up for you, folks. I know we made you orgasm. Oh oh, yeah. Yeah. Sexiest sexy off sexy voice. I'm really sorry. You've listened this long. Honestly. But so number one's bouncer, the longest. We've got Amazon dot com go there for all your sexual needs or just order household items like your aprons, or your or some of the movies. So you mentioned or any of the first the first John wicks tombstone, any, John movie any of the Ciccio Leone movies, like they're all on Amazon have ordered a budge. They're all there go, there, go through podcast dot com, hit the Amazon linguine, check out the final gunfight scene from three amigos then this with oklaho- have without coop. Yes. Three amigos amazoNcom good, call the. Yeah. Just bubble. Now when that was good shit. I completely forgot about that was ridiculous gun flying. The ebb so Amazon com charges you could cost you nothing more. But it always gives us a little bit little bit little bit of something hula some more booze. And our newest one and when we were very excited about is t- public dot com. Have. I think we mentioned what fifteen. Currently seventeen but Virginia's Gaddis nine probably nineteen thousand nine fucking, we can get on everything from a t shirt, long sleeve, t shirt hoodie all the way down to a fucking coffee mug, and a onesie for your child yet. Like we have everything. Getting a fucking Gyi nights or smack my pitch up or or I did buy one for a friend of ours. It was the Stanley Excelsior one every child needs to Stanley accelerate one that is true. I'm just saying fucking Stanley. Like there's anything else that aspire to is to be Stanley. Yes. It's true. Like I'm just saying so but yeah, go to GOP dot com. Again, links t public dot com. Boom, right to our merge store on there. We also do have stuff available at live events for those who in Richmond, Virginia. We have hats, Cousy and stickers all available at live events. You cannot get them anywhere else, please come to events. We have a boost clues on June second June second right after galaxy con sagoes Cowan goes from Friday, the thirty first to June through June second, which the three days of just five panels, we've got a panel Friday, three different ones, Saturday and one Sunday. Every yeah, it's gonna be working that we'll we're going to be working at a. Yeah, but right after we get done working at ASA Gaza Cowan. We're going right to fuck in the dark room in the Hoffmeyer building on broad street near Scott's, in Scots dish in and doing a live episode of boost clues the newest addition to GUI failing, and it's been fun, so far over though my God, it's going to be super exhausting. But luckily, the guests that we have set up to beyond the co investigators. They are going to be nice and so fresh and so clean gleaned, so they can just lean on them to do most of the heavy lifting and you should and map on stage. I think. Now, I know that needs to be like a, an alert that goes I was like, hey, I'm going to be exhausted. Let's let you, you handle you can run run. You can run this shit up. So come out to that against the dark room, they have they have all the social media stuff if you're not, you know, check that out come out, it starts at seven doors, open at six starts at seven on Sunday, June June second. And I mean that's it everybody. I mean, go home go the fuck home. G Y.

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DrayZera UNCENSORED Podcast

57:35 min | 2 months ago


"In this episode of zero uncensored we sit down with now. Welcome to the thing. Show ever with zero. Jackie hi and dan pitted. Here is sense. Bring you interview the ball. Kind of king's son. Steve live chef while the web. The tuning in art era along with dad's say goodbye. Dan board to another episode of driven zero on said we are on their sylvan. Five long lines and we're not talking about cocaine we have got myself and i have gone are kojo's jackie. Hi hello jack one man. What and we are a very very special guest. We have an individual that is thought of freon production. Not spn lounge bucked as jack fucking pool. We all go to talk about the main thing. He doesn't stay jovan magical. Adventures here is feel bad. Not welcome to give my good often to give to give you called. Thanks jack yeah. I'm on. I'm on his show like so he's gotten used to my my sense of my sense zero. So so yes. Jack and matt have both suffered listening to be enough time for this. Oh good so tell us. In the world of in the world of trains literally during this whole pandemic. It's just an erect interested regular. Nothing's changed for you. Has it been shitting now. Accident five working. Jerry outweigh ashamed of this free time. It's not. It's not in a jacqueline literally. This whole pandemic been happening. We've had trump. that's been like ousted We've had like burning buildings. We've had the australian bushfires we've had this we have the virus. We had like countries hating each other. And that's just living life ajak. Yeah how is. The world's getting mike literally does everyone. Does everyone in the train world. Do they literally treat it just like regular day. Every sexy should We just need the moss. Algae around a speech of an i five in ever. I actually unoccupied on the fan too. I do like the vendor that. Yeah i literally like for real bro. Like is mad because like mind because literally most aides myself jack. Just home we record. We recall this cost right and this has been four myself in jack. We've been co hosting this together since since march time last year and by the on this comes out in the last twenty twenty one and literally literally your sheets have changed all has it and like literally not literally of just like blown like you. Just go to normal day and then literally has been literally no changes people at malls because it the same way as it. Yeah we like restrictions stuffed with awesome crap and the rule rubbish anyway often is literally eric's shakes Nothing's taste fat as because just general to be fat madden so give her give us a regular day because we say you have to go up and down the whole country gaudeul that maintenance you go to do them. Very exciting meetings like Yeah like give us basically you'd literally you barely ever sleep. So what will give regular day on average able will d two most probably start the day about awful drive down to the deputy. Pick some stuff up. The irregular things get clothing and you have lot meetings from most of the day and then i'm try in an area where on elite which is otherwise. In the night. I saw stuff on the rally and i used to Rostov but now get into the tech side. And i'm rethinking. Jack jack tell us is not because like for you. Do you feel de feel. Like i can't imagine a world where we've had all this pandemic and math literally just had a normal life. It's crazy jack. And also like real wise and that and all that jazz like jack I never actually all steve this question. What are your fool some trains we don here. Welcome john yeah. By the time they've come it will be two months after his birthday. Happy birthday done is take literally literally not for real yet. Data's nine reasons all three years old and still stay strong totally to me that hockey with drain. Slow drugs about two years an onslaught. Jesus christ strike heydrich. We were just talking about matt's life on trains because matt have basically over time. His life is literally been the same. He's a key worker but he works. This really train. Maintenance is just not like is this is world has dog not changed down after my mom like elephant pilot comes tank engine in the morning. Then shit we do have ranked tight to be fed those walk with you Men and the fam- jack off the what were you. Pull some trains in general. Do you like trains. Trains piss you off trade. That's been man up. What do we just go downhill. Y'all now go all these new graphics new logo jack design where we go train before yet an autumn in the fucking train to touch one and that just fucking stop. The train was going still like on the other bay with the fought missiles that get fucking coach integrity in the country in the past replant At bus replacement service in the world because we use it the most on. I remember the time that we went to colchester the event we went on the train. Didn't we that. I want to hear the story. I was meeting of mine if i reme through. What's bang and trying to make himself. Dr rod for the tram leaving me young man. This like trade connections of math. But yo- you you still did me and data that was co from shit. You didn't know that. Jack palley culture that matt. It was at the end ones yet. Commend restaurant train crew in more than from yarmouth to norwich. I'm we got like halfway down with straight in a fucking cow just didn't fund the fucking train now just stand move cow move in fuckin- like wait in the rams i said let's just looking at them moves fucking our fuck in will also is not bad so so tell me why the hell i always want to know. Why the hell matt do. We have so much bus replacement services. I go to other countries. Yeah and i didn't see this thing overruns and just explain what we get signed cool possessions and trading on train tracks right to this report the possession and you act and obviously if you deal thomas takes up on site takes things on the signals. Down possessions been extended in the lasso toffee. Yeah he will come to allow the replacement seven while it even the bus replacing flipping late at times. Jack i like all man and tell me matt like a train. Yeah when you go up when you go like south to north is not that bad but when you have to go east west via that paddington kind of thing. Yeah it's like it just takes forever. Why i other tech trends coronado pop dr In other words in other words. Dan and he's trying to imply here that Let's say without revealing too much. The trains in this country could be a lot more safer. Would you say that that is quite safe. It's just Like lousy people prelude in nine his point people people done about jack doesn't not that's why i said to jack The other day. I said to jack really doesn't like people and jack doesn't be likely to get along. Well i can eight. So i just have my bathroom mind to me up a lot of people ask me up and you. Can you live out of high last year when lost my birthday anniversary is last year. The exact day of my birthday was the first day of locked down well. Well that's my plan to portugal and ireland ruined in it. I just had like tesco cake instead instead of in what he says the chico and cabin a can you imagine dream on any type of drugs shits role reversal See pomona titans each other. I actually done when. I used to drink alcohol me remembering alcohol. Dang drinking that now though concept's glad we go into the fucking tribe in the forest and do fuck oscar. Hanson shit on. His dogs are out of the circle yet. They a lot think man man. It was mad. Because like i just. I just can't remember me. Like i have a the when i used to drink and then day the long time what went to dan case everyone item that i was comfortable. I was alone. I definitely definitely like somewhere in digital felt so lonely. Let's go this on the tell me. Tell me man We'll move your train journey. Dan tell us train. No i remember it well. Kim six monday night action. A beautiful warning ground need the southeast direction. Heading talk about who miles model team this this time this the time. When was it. No i think we drove there with clock or was it when we take a trade became to enter the museum. Did we drive that on schedule. Like the dog takes a buying block. You don't drink while on. Oh no doubt. I have done. I have done i have i have taken on. The train is if what were you jack so good. I'm surrounded chit passion the door. I could just stay young. You done fucking track of ike eight used to a train that will actually happen through the sewage out now. Lot out capable stuff out. Put back lot of fast. Either usa just like extinct pushing the east bound track It's basically evaporator. What trump is a mystery. I'm like it went onto the trump. Did you ever will think like fighting. Customers It made them out of stuff you see on the truck is some of the stuff's horrendous right. I remember my third ever shift. We had cycle to jump before was a jump. Coaches it morbid. Simone committed suicide and we get that quite regularly on tiktok's but the way was i would we for the ship was gonna get council. Say very horrible unsensitive subway. We'll get him gone out but then it lie. The shifted the shift of the head to the end. So me and my proper tie brandon. Says i i was i seventeen to an access to fly to some only so this is off right on ceremonially walking down the track. It can the in about back. Wow this is our ten years day moving into the so if this voice for cockatiels out titans unite tighter math cook. I'm loving how you're getting along so well. Alkatiri was beheaded vice version. I and this well. That's definitely doesn't really a new. A new meaning to control randy so actually. Oh yeah that. Mean that. Thomas i get to whether he's side so so matt. Your on. Your family has gone generations. Frou frou work in the trains. Is that correct. Because i think you told me your dad's must trick. Be terrible if you you. Kate shades from when we were growing up little kids. Get off the people that make those shows acid or something like that. Right in stem came. He actually was catchy. Look closely wet in the sex underneath your boss. More look back let back. He was a walk in the sex at that was his job. Wanted kids call to ready. Could ruin your outed lewis of just want you to type in like cartoons ruined. Your childhood was loads of feelings on and the mouth staff from kids and we didn't even realized you don't you not get out. I mean i mean you. Remember don german bukharan chicken where literally the parents of calculus literally like top alive without any like like tool so and on this. Just legs you man. Well let's face as a deck way. No hold on. Let me just remind my brain here. hold on. i remember almost head was like an american football. Look at this. We'll look at this moment as well. Neck fucking kozel say play. Mind if you just let back besides the stuff that she went back in time. This champion knows how does not success in scott skin avalon disney. I'm the i'm with monsters inc. There's something with zinc come out. After they've got the blue ones like in the night if as rugs at different other episodes. Oh my god yes. I get it with grandma. Oh for god's sake now on that now just looked on grandpa remember now. For god's sake committee wit done go sky when he lay down on the mountain now. Yeah the food's bad ride recently about line without Hospital after you said no. Yeah i this in quite bold recently investments. Ready so of our lovely bunch coconuts. There's a wholesome that got sat with them. Anything and the he's using paper proven his aligns. They said never actually see what happens. We have forty stopped secret. This going into a deep topic about this. Do you feel about today's kids all day. Do they just can't handle ninety s colleagues snowflakes fucking spoiled to punch able in the fucking noughties animated series. They want or they were much people because if he punched Talking him because he takes strong. Wow mad that the So what the spiderman. Just like she web. And that's that's how he wins. Taught them so sticky gets everywhere but yet gone jackass plus releases to be fed to be fed. This is crazy around this box. Saying there's always. A spokesman says not suitable for children. Just take this fine like literally you know it all began when like i remember it in march i said you know jacqueline sweat too much and then you will alike older the time like you know what. Let's just keep it that way. What object to exactly. Exactly exactly exactly and cabbie get invited to that potty the time wow that's that's not mad in so matt tell me then because of the fact a your tower in your life literally your whole family lineage is gone through like working on trains not correct. Anything else generation rallies. Well so so. You're saying that you're great. You're the first generation name. basically did them seem trains. And if i'm using my maps that might paw the industrial revolution. We got a not fall back goal. Not laugh fall back When everyone else metric way when did we. When did we fall to. When did we start getting electric. Give think com ninety eight hundred nineteen eighteen o allow so when did electric trains thought being around. Actually let me get that. Pretty much why. I was interested in genoa. We drive the right again for this lot. Fuck used an electric. So now we're trying to catch up with electric. Can then everyone else in the world is looking guy lot magnetic and stuff up. Well oh in pretty much most industries with twenty say beyond the rest of the world. Wow i mean i know you mean until you mean. 'cause are literally. I went to japan a few years ago and literally my internet server much better than it is right now. Twenty twenty one like this crap. The rest of the world is that why is that. Why so many like for example dead mobile mobile folks like i literally like the other day. I was always in all in the car and we went to things. Breezy and i had no four g. I'm like what do you mean or call get fooled sainsbury's this is not an bryant if you drive around this maze itchy even just kyle downside shift as late as a section of about ten fifteen minutes. I'm like damn sex. That is literally just a dead zone. He just call. Eighty sig was radio. Always just air affects that ten minutes. Wow nastiest mashed Math is absolute mad ting. So you're telling me that essentially calls. We're not even going to the magnetic stuff. Because i did use. She nikon send the bullet trains in japan. Which will so amazing by the way. So we'll never gonna get bullet train line things always because even this too which is a big controversial topic because like the hatred is not really not much false resigned gonna distances behalf and our isn't it that's what we're spending spending like hundreds of billions. Yeah i recode ivankov. Yeah those this house that said no. We're not leaving. The house is apparently full. Stay but we're like no we this house in it yes. lebanon fast. announced a gaze of that was in the planning stage of it. So he's going around widen the lila the hatred. He was going through when it come to a could senate for mobile back to the government. The stop by he got prison for eight. Made fucking millions say. Once his prison sentences i involved comes out. He's but then then why then why. What did he didn't do anything wrong today. Gain at fox information to what's going to happen to them. Mike profit since when is buying property legal poppies blind pro-peace of make money from something from inflation. You know is legal. But isn't that how betting works not calculate gambling like the results ready. I get you dan. that's a that is crazy like dan. What did we do this. Sorry sorry john you saying i said that anyone else tonight with my boy suddenly added to jackson the magister. Knocking down dances grain. Impersonations each pasini. Exactly news i. I remember those the devil's episodes ago. That was watching golden. Dan do the intro and dan went. Hello dismay dre zero matting the episode or sola line catch when you think stain god. Yeah when i when. I when i saw on to add that into my leg a few years ago i'd say forty three four five years ago around the corner time literally with dan and all make butters. Yeah we're in buzzed. It's like what the hell is this thing you talk off you guys fighting a story that that now you're gone sake when we were on difficult like a few months ago right and you're making fucking ride so looking up a what the reason was as he's an idiot necked heated about twice as she likes of english now. Comfort is loving because i get some things in an shot. Yeah so basically dan. Dan and jack so matt is paul on the. Obviously we're not going to talk about this none of you to like football Basically matt law and buner. Those three are in. That condo trio has come to austria. Sorry yeah llama maps and yes. You have lots nickname well. His nickname exactly bench points but people just made me call them at. Yeah they have the they have to they. Have they have their downer. They have their asian which is buna and they have the actually. What would you describe long in that. The parents piano all the tries to bring us. I was podcast. Gonna whack kalisz pool. That sounds like it's been done before all the ninety. I think we've done this phone around. I think we. I think we introduce you done around the same time as when matt Larmer induna did the thing around the same time i mean to be. You've been special guesting on our on the podcast way before three. Oh production thing exactly so neglection. Legal action show. Y'all so you just you just love. Traits traits. Not banal banal. Let's let's let's talk about something like intriguing in my opinion. What do you think You mentioned that we literally just fucked when it comes to train travel in this country. Right hipaa Digging did you know jacket dan. They do like their gaming more than me. Didn't play a lot. But jack and dundas games get yaman A yeah literally badly play games like i will tell you. How are you found a red dead redemption fast one now tori on a second because the bonds are fucked jack yokels if you two hundred paying fucking haitham us through it but then used the plane cockayne crying loads of snakes game more like taking time by taking the route on shit. I remembered when i went round. Dance back in the days when you know we're allowed to get around people's houses back in the good old days all twenty nine beforehand Literally remembered i remembered. Washington read data dons. A believe danielson played billy as well game. I was playstation two That wrapped will around happened to escape. Prefects essentially much halted. The police will be the probably vipin. It was a massive for may. Tara can europe ideological vasic. Bully never returned way. Well well well. Essentially when i was when i was younger and picked on at school. Where donald enforcer if anything goes down. Nickname azure straightening streets. Where we all. They're like relation. A thank you saw little. Edm also learned that like Like that the dogs music thing. Look man that's not school. Yeah this person fucking offset on failed shit launching this passing side mad fucking a fucking branch off the train just around. The handbook recognized. He meeting in trouble. Third nauseates me bargain in trouble for the first person in our school in boy it get detention in jail and from that point on then decided to become a pro wrestler years. Thought you've know year ten when you become fifteen when he saw progressing wasn't it matting and man so nowadays if that orange juice it does firstly ruin good oranges you know what i mean like and secondly a wine the world would they pick on you. I mean do they not know who you are. Do you know what i mean. They did point for his the fast soothing laws then obviously obviously obviously on caravan. jack mom like fam- like don't waste your drink some pouring on people not okay boever about little side like will not. yeah man. This is an interesting the we can talk about is because the tashaun before like you mentioned that we're all gonna generation snowflakes. Can you elaborate on our calls myself. Myself jack and dan. We're around the same kind of era. Give or take you and you and jack up the same age matt so tell us what you think. People snowflakes these days should easily social media. Jack does to let it go for it. I just this whole thing where you've got twitter instagram. The crop-by-crop facebook on take to us the other day. I crocodile use it. Use it the the you you have to. You have to be lebron's these days you have to sell yourself at when you looking people and you paddick life on online in the into the thinking you and you are gonna fucking corner shop two seconds a day. Yeah i mean you like this. As i keep saying this is it brings on this whole depression listenership by people because people can these so-called influences i think wind more life for that when they're even like that Aged obsolete for this any of it other do any event. I'm very opinion. I passed off and i would trigger. Sign many people. If i did. Have you go net flicks. Yes have you spree yet. I want to quite good about that stuff. Let's talk and brilliant. Agassi actually dry. He had spree. Nope never heard of it by do have net flicks. It looks interesting from what i've seen from the trailers. It pretty much the this guy trying to get into that fighting misconduct things as round kicked out and people kill them but like livestream. That thing like your that sounds that sounds right up my street actually cameras in his cop evoke opens the door. Say each life middle win any sale. The car really seventy not around three colon that i said that you could say shit hop it into this fox paper well. I'm people to have to try again. Research rice and stuff like that. You could see happening out of the state of affairs that we all read these days. That something so mad. La di ten fifteen years ago. You could think you got contemplate yet. Lodging after curls skulls like. Let's let's be real here. Like i mean the thing is people wall while reality has been hit for so many people like to flip it the other way and then go into complete fantasy. That's not going to be good for your mind because you step out about fantasy and then you're like living a fault you're living like is basically impulsive syndrome where you're just living a fake life. You know what i mean. On the end of the day. I had this conversation with somebody and they said to them. Look at the end of the day. It doesn't matter. How many likes like postal follows. It's the numbers on the most important thing is like it's what's what's most important you the people around you and all that shit yawning that talks i will get my doctor get stupidly. That gave it to you if you can. If i'll give it to you anyway base the people that can give you. Don't take you to piss me off. The another one is like we know we know some people. We all know people everybody here that we give them. Benton the kurla who. I faint on that gossiping writing tonight. Tell you what i'll tell you what i. I have two very bold a bold people such down in jack in my life. And don't worry don't worry you've you've heard banter on the the football world on you haven't had founded from jack and to me like i mean there's lovingly caused literally like t people are truly can be truly hard to me but in the bantry you goes with the territory and friendship and everything. Then leave the guides right here like for example like true friends like for example when jackal. Tell me this is shit downs. Like what the fuck is this all done. That's the time when you come in with your. I think you will come back from somewhere and knocked you do. And then i'll make rob was in the house and he just let me just chilling. I remember that. I came downstairs and was like why. The fuck of netflix. My mind. we'll give you the right role my house this much. Though that off you will the government be like. Hey don can. I can guarantee stand on the doorstep and then i came back from work at the time fat. Knock out the door said. Hey yeah i fucking bunch whose eats people live in the world right when people will say dry and cool aviv off and fly larvae food when they call real names. I mean i mean jack's wrestling named jackie. Hi i mean like he's like he's very similar like a dozen. How often do you get cold. Jackie heidel jackie giant lover out of the gate. Jack i realize. I only jack after vendor that. He's names actually jack. Not jack me. Buckle jackie hyde joe chatter. What am i done to deserve this man but yeah it's It is mad. Because i'm jack We actually have this conversation and this is obviously you. Don't you can share it if you don't want to share you get very very ticked off about cancel. Culture dungy jack. I think now able like in that they won't be paying our not for like talent from check lara's back then like you had to be talented than would notice you are whereas now people just won't be famous because fucking ballo Chin yeah the funny about this shit. It's the people. These days are trying to go back in time and try it again. Pundit lot counts coach by a prime on was loss jeep. Fool robert downey. Junior is tropic. Thunder ro everyone was like this cost. You've never been hollywood ever again because of that road of that and you thinking seriously i at the time. That was fucking hilarious. Get away with that now. Dan black face and by the time. That was fucking harris moving. Take that away from thank. Oh shoot i really hate on disco everyday a fake dry you with a as a how many we lost. How many people that you got the house about that phones an awful lot at missing something and then we had about eight thousand people in that and everyone was like you can do it. I'll figure in the fuck issue rocket easy outside of like have excellent any of these social media. And either i do this. I do this thing where For a period of time during the day. Especially if i'm with my partner. I always switch my phone off like if for example like the way i see is if you're with someone by for example dan all jack you know i do my best to you know. Look at my phone call. Feel that's important. Although all the dan dan dov love my done does love my internet connection. And why don't you. Dan because being mean dondo live we only live like three from each other right. Yeah give tape right like in the past called the wifi heads right. This isn't the pasta. I just started down the this now in yamasaki Another try to kept texting. These hardest razaleigh trends housewives in this house. Stop message in this whole fine. It's all bantam and it's all chill night. I remember i remember in the talk. I remembered that my phone my phone had like not issues. I didn't have data. And oh shit how they play pokemon go right so i literally laws like bro. Can you hall spot me. While we play pokemon go total first problems of the day. I don't have that. Problem is cited going to do with my life. Like because i think of i'll tell you this right now. I have done some absolute mad tings in early twenties and stuff. The i don't think. I definitely don't think i'll do now. And it's full well so by feel that people should not be like you know like lambasted by things that have been done in the policy which you know at the time was socially acceptable. I know there is. There are certain there are very big. Big red tape that you should never cross right fighting. Most people don't need that common sense. Would you say would you say that's fair jack. People just don't use commonsense. I just think. I just think people these days are just too afraid to speak. Their mind is common sense. Would even be thing if there were people with common sense. If i make sense if you have to say use common sense in the that we can tonight creating. that's commonsense slammed racism citing shed Is this iphone sacco anti white. I hate people was bright man. That's kind of why you'd be lucky job because you see a very lack of you. Don't see anybody deem out anyway. During this time and ice bats an airplane suffered for people who have lost in this stuff. They such a nice little for naught. Because everyone's in like a lion oppressive kind of stay in a minute. I'm quite introverted. And other related now. Is i feel just in everyday. Life pre cohabit side actually and i was like now you will fit in life everyday. Life is not is it. People upset true would you would you would you dan. Would you describe yourself as injured or do you. Are you quite outgoing person. Your opinion dhruva. New marian forgotten in ondo when another part that ben stiller ends up playing the physically disabled guy come out. He got more stake at that time for the did for the black face insulin. It was deciding pro-choice applying the disabled vessel. You lose your job is act. Many people you get an actual disabled persons because not fucking acton fucking film them nasty shan treatise like a votes. I wear fightfulcom. I took his right into it. Isn't it very much. You take a picture of your head. And you sit in their white incre validation a painful see how people get out of asia from us. Oh shit they. Why would you be of these women law fucking kim really famous five and nicer houses stuff. I it is gonna be a sad state of affairs when you stick your off on the net and you enjoy the station. You get the people liking five atlanta. I think i think. I think if it means if you're going to make money from it. I fully understand it because he can get sponsored price from instagram by things. That if you just feel you could post whatever you want like police. Whatever that doesn't that doesn't affect me but if you're posting it but your life is not an order like your personal life and your real life then tonight. I just think you need to seek validation elsl. I think that's bad because like 'cause like life there's more to life than social media. Would you say dan the tree. Validation that you need are probably going to see your night so we are in real life. They decided media bullshit dimension while she was in a relationship with someone but then she's person Pages but like a bend ninety fucking also Just nine night bags Security chipmakers because shit hackman j zero. I'm call thing. Now i nod. We don't we can't handle any more losses shan against draw the creature. Can you can. I se llama dune along lounge. Sorry feel like you guys a lovely. We hold the same views as one day. One day i think we should actually just have like three productions andrey zero uncensored production little chat together top. You like your lover. What are you doing. Giraffe having jackson to make some time john catis folks out now. Actually i think jack would probably be like a dragon clue. Wall want one. Would you be back Defense beds won't time of day. Yeah tommy was shock beaten in person. But you know you mean remains victory shot want be condor slough was. I could english mon. The fuck out what i know about talking people. Just fucking one of the crisis. Animals that we just motiva- rocky become trump. When he meets with say like in any case people will thank you very much. Dan will figure among people name is crazy and this has been jack off. Special guests feel vegetable in smart and we shall be good.

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The Lost Spoon/Backwards Town

Story Pirates Podcast

39:35 min | Last month

The Lost Spoon/Backwards Town

"Story pirates podcast listeners. Lee here today's show is one. You don't wanna mess. We've got magical rune stones. Fleetwood mac references giant puzzle rooms and some jokes about bar. Phen- don't worry it's not that gross. It's a little but fun. All that and more coming up after these quick words for the grownups grownups. This episode of story. Pirates is brought to you by honey nut. Cheerios made with whole grain. Oats in touch of golden honey. Honey nut cheerios can few your family with a positive energy. You can't help but share on the nut. Cheerios good starts with happy hearts Spits love watching sports. I was always the kid. So it's nice to see coordinated people doing a good job of moving to sports ball around the field of some kind absolutely by favorite part of sports games when someone brings the ball from one place to the other to take a break from the sports game so they do a switch where the sports people move around own. Which around do any of us know how to watch sports play. Wow now can we turn on our favorite undersea soap opera. Oh my fish children instead on it just switched to channel oops sorry was pushed a wrong button. And turn the deal eric. You don't happen to be turning off all the electricity on the ship with that remote right. Nope this is not me now. That we're in complete darkness. Is this a bad time to let everybody know that. I'm absolutely terrified of the dark. Right focus everybody. We need to figure out what's going on. No we don't yes we do know we don't because i know what's going on. Remember how i said. The ship was powered by electricity. And not a magical rune stone in the belly of the ship. Yes sir well. I lied the ship is powered by a magical rune stone in the belly of the ship. But i did want you to know the truth. Because i couldn't risk any of you trying to tamper with it. Well mostly peter okay. Just assume that peter would mess with the rune stone. Ooh that's a funny word. Whereas can i touch it. But i also didn't want to risk myself tampering with it so i put multiple security measures in place including white being my own memory so i wouldn't remember how to get past all those security measures. This is really complicated. Yes but to just set it all up. I don't know exactly how to get to the root stone. I also don't know how long it will take to get there. The only thing i know for certain is that we're going to have to go on an epic journey to the centre ship gasp Tori black and give joy. Hello how cowan me after berry solely pirates. Welcome back to the street buyers podcast. Everyone the one that is still happening in total darkness retake stories written by kids. Who said that and turn them into sketch comedy an song. Oh sorry sorry. it's so dark. And i can't tell where anybody is out. This is like my worst nightmare. How we do a story to get your mind. Also sorry sorry and here. Introducing is the kagan. I'm ten ten years old. I'm from california. And this is my story the law and that's why tusk will always be fleetwood. Mac's greatest album despite his lack of singles. Hello am i frozen. Can you still hear me. Honestly jack we mutiti on zoom like an hour ago. What i mean you can just talk about one subject for hours. Sometimes we want to talk about other stuff like school potato chips sneakers. I've got opinions about sneakers. we know also is fleetwood. Mac your uncle or something why you talk like you know him jack time for dinner. We're having spaghetti. I gotta go guys cool zoom. Catch you next time. Could you not know about fleetwood mac. I'll have to prep a slide show for next time now for dinner. Hey jack how was your buddies zone. Can you imagine. Not having an opinion on fleetwood. Mac let alone their greatest album. Oh you mean rumors who k. That's just silly. Hit my hand on. What an insult sister to put this four care when you set the table you know. I famously hate forks their despicable little things. They think they're so cool with my lucky number. Three they have three prongs see. they're just insulting. And here's why the incident jack. Don't even start with the incident. Yes the incident thanksgiving one year ago. Okay everybody here ready. Go ahead jack. Thanks mom i'm grateful for all of you and also grateful. I have the legendary really big honor to cut the turkey. I better stand for this. Okay it man no mess it up here. We go four. Can the left hand knife in the right. Everyone everywhere. that's wrong. say jeb. Let did you just take a picture of me now. I'm going to put it on instagram on target with hashtag brother fouls could everyone. Please just focus on what happened. The meal is destroyed. The good linen is forever stained. The candles are out. Thanksgiving is hashtag. Brother fails isn't going far enough. It should be hashtag gravy train wreck. Good that's why. She's the matriarch that i don't get along with you sister and i absolutely hate forks and just to have a bit of color. Here's some plano. Logic forks are the worst. You can't do anything with them. Tomato soup nope ice cream just melts right through but spoons. Spoons can cut things and are good for scooping. I love what forks. They stole my lucky number. So where's my spoon Who cares how jessica. Please be nice to your brother. I will help you look for your missing spoon jack. I'm sure we'll find it in no time jack. It's been three hours and we still haven't found your spoon. Why don't you eat the spaghetti off the plate lady and tramp style. Great second of all. I feel like we're so close. There's one place you haven't looked really well aware that if you're such a genius the let are you serious. He don't look at me. Like i stole it. I'm just trying out. Like i'm just seeing. What if your precious little spoon is on the bottom of the toilet. Jessica come on. I'm just saying like you know like what if you're a little spoon is waiting for you to fish. It out can't believe i'm doing this here. Goes nothing on the counter. Three herndon bowl one. Stay put in this of you with your hand in the toilet in style. Hashtag brother bill. i'm going out to find my spoon. Starting with harding's grocery store okay. Salman's is the better storage one coming on conveyor belts alone. It's no jack focusing. Oh dan is all afternoon. Let's twenty kid but it's swollen goes right. I'm home now ago terrible. I looked everywhere for my spoon. And i still can't find it. There's only one person who's responsible for this cow mom. Where's my sister in her world. Why did you put my school where it is. But i didn't hide it. I only have it to you can find out where nuts. This been the worst day since the incident can't even deal with you anymore. I give up. Oh go to my room. Gosh i don't know if it's the searching or the disappointment that so exhausting could do with. Now oh those spot goalie season as a school. That's made out of wakes up. I'm awake now. Of course i dreamt about spoons. Honestly entry was one of my top ten much better than that pineapple dream. I had two weeks ago. Okay cartoon time. Mom is cool. I watch cartoons. Episode is almost done well in america. We say fine on. I dislike that show. But i can't stop watching it okay. Here's thanks. I my gosh no. What's the matter. Why can't you grab the remote mom you know how i've been looking for my spoon all day. How could i forget jack. Mom look at my hand my hand the whole time off. It'd be nice out. It's like hey you're with times risk up of it get real say cheese hough hashtag brother fouls and that was so exciting. Never get sick of a great story. Google google so just just to be clear onto the room. Stone is fixed. We're just going to be in complete darkness. We've got a few more candles flashlights. Around the ship deck. We'll just have to make do with those for now. Awesome actually rad radical even. Have i mentioned that my one fear is being in the dark. Maybe i can sit this one out. That's totally fine. But i'm definitely going is with me me. Of course i've never turned down a challenge. Max at once. And that's because i don't think a man should ever fight goose great. We don't want to go with you. What baby with the mustache set all right. Eric it's just you and me okay willis get going before this room stone combustion or whenever it does when it gets broken. Where do we go. I mean you know that door in the middle of the ship below deck. That says exits. Yeah of always wondered where that door lead. I was like no way. There can be an exit this deep into the ship. Oh no that's an actual exit. It just takes you to a set of stairs back up to the deck of the ship but the door we need is right next to it. Let's get to it to the door next to the exit door all right. Here's the door. I'm going to open it now but be prepared for absolutely anything to happen what i do how it's pitch black in here hunt. I guess he's really good. Nominee didn't come. Because this would definitely freak out. I mean is freaking me out a little and i never get freaked out. People sometimes get freaked out by. How not free. Diane saint here. Nothing can scare me nobis norfolk. It's shake by sturdy zicree by final. After centuries of tempting hordes by greatest enemy is the very crowd under by precious feet bread. Builder is that you my dear coming after you siegfried. That fall was like two feet in the ground is super soft and bouncy are you okay. Oh yes rights. Rights wraps overreacted. A smidge yes to Whoa i guess that glowing button over there says push me. You don't have to ask me twice. But i think that door is locked itself. It did and now. The floor is glowing. Hello if you're hearing this message something must be wrong with the power on the tidal wave. And you've entered this room to try and fix it. I've concocted a series of tasks to protect the rune stone in the belly of the ship. Only the real members of this ship will be able to complete them. Good luck oh and listen carefully. Look i that song that song the since. He's cooking breakfast in the morning straight. She said it's from her adaptation of cats which she called stack. The story told back worse. Yes it must be a clue to open baby to fix the well. There's nothing in this room so not sure what it's a clue to maybe take a look around the room. How did you do that. I don't know just took a step the floor. The floor must be some sort of big instrument and we've got to play that tune meghan song to solve it. I think that's right. Let's find where all the notes are and keep track of which is which I think we have them all. Should we try hopping around play this own. Let's do it five. Six seven eight secret doors job. Let's keep moving. We'll just walk through this door into the next test. How this entire room looks like a beach like the shores of japan an early. summer's morn. There's even a son in here. How'd you do this. I honestly wish. I could tell you what good to see. Shipmates you look well. Sorry what's going o- eric. These are the beach. Pigs alad where we were all stranded forbid at the end of season one. The beats picks super closet. Rachel she them on board then. No one heard from them like two seasons so everyone thought they just let somehow turns out. I beat up. Beautiful them on the ship. Eric i know exactly what we need to do. We'll be right back. Hey grownups it's time for a special part of today's show sponsored by honey nut. Cheerios made with whole grain. Oats and touch of golden honey. honey nut. Cheerios can fuel your family with a positive energy. You can't help but share. Hey peter hailey asked our listeners to send us their stories of characters sharing positively. I sure do well guess what i just got one and i want to share it with you. It comes from an eight year. Old named annabelle from florida. And annabel story is called. Be positive emi. Emi was a rainbow cupcake or rainbow cupcake. Is there a flavor better than rainbow. No impossible oh it's perfect. Nothing's better than that. She had a very good friend named flo flow. Was a teal cupcake to you. I stand corrected emmy flow always had the best time together but one day flow had to move emmy was heartbroken. I can already relate to this story. One time i had a full cake. And then i eight after cake. Oh i still miss that. Half of the cake okay. She told her parents about the bad news. Then her dad and mom asked her emmy. Is there anything positive about this. Emmy said yes. We have memories. And at least i got to meet her. Car wreck said her dad and mom together and from that day on. Emi was always positive the end. Wow that was beautiful. I feel like. I really learned something from that story. Lee no longer. Will i be cake half empty sort of person from now on. I'm going to be a cake half full kind of guy. You know what i mean. I think so. I'm hungry for start your day with honey nut cheerios. And turn your family's good morning into a good day. Just look for a box wherever you shop for cereal on the nut. Cheerios good starts with happy hearts grownups. We're throwing a big virtual april fools party with loofah pranks on peter and pie in my beard. Is this correct. You wrote this anyway. You could win a party pass for your family and friends. Family enter before march thirty first at story pirates dot com slash news. And while you're there you'll learn about our brand new april creator camp with weekly options or class passes that bid perfectly with your spring break. You can keep kids in songs with story pyre composer jack mitchell or writing jokes with baby with a mustache plus our upcoming album the strawberry band any freeze zoom celebration hosted by dj squirm. Lot again. grownups. You can find all of that at story. Pirates dot com slash news. Back to show eric. I know exactly what we need to do. What well the only know the viking were for it. Which is good calm and i can best describe it as a sort of firm squeeze from one viking to another ooh hug yes but bigger that. It's your crock. Know bjorn crew yard as in the ferocious polar bjorn's that used to ransack our winter stores of grain oats and dehydrated fish. Oh bear a bear hug. We need to give a bear hug to each and every one of these beach pigs really. Yes i think. I figured out how to think of the tests. Each test relates to one of the story. Pirates on the ship to complete each challenge. We have to use what we know about our friends on the ship. Wow that's actually a really beautiful security system sick free. i'll start get beat go to we've got beach your trump. You're right you're right. Let's crimes him beat speaks. No we list one. That is running away. it's too far cry. Don't think we catch up with. No i got it got it. That was incredibly athletic of you. Eric never seen run that fast before. Thanks and learned that move from watching the sports person do it on a sports field. This morning. I still don't know sports folk. There's a hole in the sad now. We must need to go down to get to the next test ready born. Go sorry. I mix up what i was trying to say. I was trying to say born ready. Or let's go. But i can buy them and said born go. Lets just glide down the hall okay who a ruble a beanbags. I think we have to lay down on them completely. Still for thirty minutes This one is definitely peter's this test is just in that div ingredients. I know we've got a perfect hardy minute stony without the wrestling versus rollo's i've seen him make that soup. Maybe a thousand times just this week. We've got to solve this massive rubik's cube. Oh i know this one. This is baby with mustaches. Really yes she took up solve them so she'd stopped biting your nails. We have to play a twelve hour board game with arcane we keep changing leave cleaning an astrologically correct star map the andromeda galaxy. This must be ninian loses. That's right. I updated the security system when they joined the team. The only story paired left is you should really check to see if a racing my memory multiple times we'll have lasting effects. Do you remember what your test is. I really don't. But you know eric. I couldn't have gotten through any of these tests without you. Wow that's nice siegfried. But i mean we got through them because you know everyone on the ship so well where do i know. I basically just got here. You're not that new anymore. In fact. I don't think any of us could even remember a time before you were here. Final test complete access to ruin stone. Granted there it is. Wow we did it. I guess the final test is that y'all had to add a story pirate then becomes so close to them to the point where you could barely remember what it was like before they arrived. That's exactly right well. I'm glad we're having this tender friendship all but we really should probably fix ship now. I mean we've come all this way in the room. Stone is right there in the closet now. So yes you're right you're right okay all right. Let's see. are you going to have to do a spell fix it. Should i shield my eyes Era go no. I see what the problem is. Looks like someone just accidentally clapped it off. Probably one of the beats pigs clapped it off. You control the room so with two collapse to very specific claps taught to be by my great great warmer. Now you're right. I should change that here. I'll fix his go-to wagon all done. I guess we should get back now. We just head right back through the pacing time you get back to the main part of the ship you know what i am not sure while we figure this out how bad we do another story. Sure and here to introduce it is. He often my name. Juniper and i'm eleven years old. I lived with moscow canada and this is my story backwards came on. Hi stephanie may i oh excuse me this darn cold so tell me how was your first day of school. Good i think the honestly. I'm not sure why not well ever since we moved here to backwards town. I've been pretty confused I see. I know backwards. Town is a bit of an adjustment a bit but you'll get used to it just remember everything here is the opposite. So it's okay. Hey i got detention. Okay honey it's great good -gratulations here that my little girl got attention on her first day of school. Hey dad kiddo just wish that people in backwards town actually said what. They meant honestly. I'm not sure you can really find that anywhere. What a church dear. Stephanie may would you be a sweetie and run to the store to pick your mom up some tissues in since you're going already. Could you grab me a spare lightbulb in some more juice absurd. Just make sure that there is no pulp. Ooh again for the life of me figure out who would actually want pulp in their orange juice. I mean what's the appeal of having little fleshy. Bits of anything floating in your drink. It's like my mother always said okay. I get it all right then for here. I am at the store Excuse me a shopkeeper where you keep the light bulbs cauda back corner. Thank you okay back corners over here. No light bulbs maybe he meant the other back corner over here. Why no light bulbs here either. Maybe i'll check up front but there's no way that someone would tell me it was in the back corner when it was actually up here in the front up here. Anything else ya Where do you sell the tissues next the ice cream machine. Okay thank you okay. Sounds simple enough. There's the ice cream machine and the tissues must be ryan here. How these are tissues. This is sandpaper. Wait a minute backwards down. I keep forgetting that means. I need to look in place. That is the exact opposite of the ice cream machine. Let me look around atm. No bodega can definitely not hot chocolate machine. Yes and here are the tissues. I think i'm finally getting the hang of this. Excuse me are you sell orange juice. Thank you okay stephanie. What's the opposite of on top of this shelf. Oh wow there's the arch juice hanging like a back from the bottom of this show very weird okay keeper just these things. Please totally free. Here's some money terrible. Thanks bud light. Adults thing stays home. Oh hey stephanie. May how is the store backwards. Fun right no dad. It's just confusing and weird. An unnecessarily complicated stephanie. Don't worry you'll grow to love backwards. Towns soon enough in the meantime about you. Hand me that new bulb. So i can change this light. You know you go. Thanks now let me just take this one. Put this new one in. And they're the new installed now. Flip the switch dad the rooms now darker and kind of scary you know having grown up in backwards down myself. I probably should have seen that coming. Stephanie may back. Oh my nose is a little runny. Thankfully you got those tissues here you go mom. Thank goodness this runny nose. Oh my hand me. Another tissue deer. Wow okay really starting to run now. Give me another tissue. I don't know if these tissues are helping your noses dripping all over the place. Just give me another one okay opponent. This is bad now. My nose is all cold. Wet and mom. Your whole body is covered it another issue. I don't think thank you. What is happening. All slimy hyper aware. Stephanie may now. If you'll excuse me go jumping the dad. See backwards tom. He's the worst. Why would anyone want backwards. Tissues ho stephanie. May you just have to get into the spirit of things here. Why don't you enjoy a nice glass of orange juice from this carton labeled no pulp bottoms. Up wait a minute. This isn't orange juice. This is our god thank you. Well seventy you're not wrong cheers because we'd hard that's what we do in backwards town school. I hate backwards town. If something says it's hot it's going to be cold is something says it's out it's going to be down right is left. Good is bad. it's all but that's why we love it. That's the traditional backwards town. Ironic music plays whenever somebody finally learns. The lesson of backwardness learn anything. I really don't understand any best because this is backwards down. It means you do get it. Get it that's my girl. Now stop worrying about it and sing with me. I don't know the word backwards. We don't live here in the simple plays and it's easy to understand. Come on down to backwards down. Yeah i feel much better but we are definitely going to have to clean that pool rose. We'll beginning now. Lease speaks with the author. Flee it is juniper what hello hello. How's it going. Hey hey you know that song that from again it's from the ones the sinister board game. That one's my favorite. Well thank you very much. I can tell that you are well versed in the canon of the podcast. Yes i am. Yes correct but speaking of canon the future canon includes your story backwards town. Can you tell me how that story came to be. Okay so me and my family. We literally live in backwards town. So you're constantly coming into situations that feel backwards. Yes yes backwards. Done no in muskoka but me. My family call it backwards. Show got it so you and your family you guys all talk about your town in. Call it backwards down. It sounds like this is a big inside joke for your family. One hundred percents. Yes i love that in families or in groups where you can have like a long running inside joke like that. It's very nice because it takes something kind of frustrating and turns it into a joke so one of my family members could be having like a hard day because of backwards town then we will come in and be like oh backwards so you live in backwards. You deal with backwards situations all the time. Do you have any advice for anyone that get stuck in a backward situation like how do you deal with that. How do you process it. How do you stay positive when things are backwards. I is all when you're actually in the scenario smile and nods. Here i go is over with and not to draw attention to yourself. Yes i mean. I love to draw attention to myself but otherwise you just wanna get it over with and then i would just talk to my family verizon and we would kind of discuss how backwards it was and the school is always get it over. You find yourself saying things like Ha have a good day. Just tell you what else. I love to do okay. So i'm very passionate about acting. I love to do like sketch comedy. And i and i love to fill a little bit here and there. How did you get into that well. I was in almost like a sadder period of my life. And then i went to my first production of anne of green gables and it changed my life forever and i couldn't be happier classic canadian tail. Yeah that's what about. The production of green gables was so electrifying for you. Well founded theater. People aren't really ass backwards as as most of the other people. And i also just really love cats and and sing and dance every everything. I'm once in it. It blew me away it surely did. That's cool and so do you write your own sketch comedy or do you perform sketches. That already exists okay. I write my own sketch comedy. Anna and i tried to put it in literally. Everything amazing and so give me an example of where where you use it okay. i'll use it. I'll use it just in general and i'll make it for fun but i also try to put it in school for example. My teacher until gave us little assignments that are like. Oh just just go. Outsiders just go outside and have fun but like show me proof. Make video of what you're doing of course all dressed up as like this self absorbed sledding structure. He does it totally backwards. Instead of going down the hill she went up the hill. Right genius honestly genius. That's amazing and then. Do you do any editing. When you shoot this footage. During when when i would show mitt on tiktok i do editing but most of the time is kinda just like here this is this is it raw because of course i now it i try i mean how could i not your a one take juniper. Yeah lovat juniper. I am so inspired by talking to you. You're so funny and smart. And i love yourself. Please never change in kicking. Thank you for letting us perform your story. thank you goodbye. That's it for today's episode. Thanks for listening and a huge thanks to today's authors chase and juniper before we go. Here's today's story spark kits right as a story about a mysterious town that works really differently than a normal town. You know like junipers story about backwards town except in your story. It's not a backwards town. It's something else something from your imagination. As always grownup skin submit stories at story byron dot com. Cnx week Story podcast is a production of gimblett media. Executive produced by leo retreat. In benjamin salka. This episode was produced by sam bear. Mike avalon chatchai. Peter mcnerney andrew miller. Begging o.'neil leo retreat jonathan roberts. Jasmin romero rachel in. Its eat and mini wear recording sound design and mixing by sam bayer the relic room in new york city. Our theme song was written by bobby. Lord range by brennan o'grady jack mitchell produced by brennan o'grady and featuring the beat boxing caleb the latest musical storing by jack. Nick our head writer. Rachel in its staff. Writers are mike kaplan and michaela lawrence and contributing writers park. Peter mcnerney meghan. O.'neil and leo. Retrieve special appearance by boeing yeas this episode features performances by ear. Causton brian oppong elisa crocker langston. Darby sasha diamond for sperry stena grow speech quinton johnson. Leslie green peter mcnerney meghan. O.'neil leo retrea a russo. Rachel minutes eat mini. Wear musical scoring for backwards down by eric harrison backwards. Down song was written by peter. Mcnerney and produced by spends on was written by meghan. O.'neil jack mitchell and produced by jack mitchell. Well secrets out the beach. Pigs are alive and well and living on the ship. I guess that means. I can reveal the other secret now too. Which is that one of the beach. Pigs lives in my room on the ship. Isn't that right sandy. It's working great for us. Honestly i love living with pig. We watch old movies together. We eat all our meals together out of a trough and sandy is kind enough to be my pillow when i sleep actually going to take a nap right now. Hey sandy de mind if you would you do the pillow thing. Okay thank you. I know you're reading right now. Thank you thank you slide down in the bed and yup to squeeze right in their sandy nothin like your head down on a soft pig to get some rest nights andy.

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THE PROM Special Rewind with Caitlin Kinnunen and Abigail Rose Solomon

Why I'll Never Make It - An Actor's Journey

58:00 min | 5 months ago

THE PROM Special Rewind with Caitlin Kinnunen and Abigail Rose Solomon

"Well hello and welcome to a bonus episode of why. I'll never make in honor of the recent release of the prom on netflixif. I'm doing a rewind episode with one of the stars from the broadway production as well as one of its co producers. I don't know how musical theater actors do they do eight shows a week. We you know the problem is events. I mean they were so great. They all showed up to all these events we they're getting up at five. Am to do some morning show. And they'll do an event that afternoon and then they have a show that night. Is there the dancing and the singing. I'm your host. Patrick oliver jones and thank you for joining me on this very special episode. I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. And so just consider this my little gift to you. A walk down memory lane of my interviews with caitlin canaan who starred as emma in the broadway production of the prom and one of the co producers. Abigail rose salomon who founded rosalyn productions back in march of twenty thousand. Nine hundred is sat down with caitlin in her dressing room at the longacre theatre. The problem with several months into its run and buzz was already starting to percolate as far as tony award. Nominations that season caitlyn. And i talked about her previous broadway productions of spring awakening which was her broadway debut back in two thousand eight and then her next. Show the bridges of madison county in two thousand fourteen. We also discussed her struggle with diabetes. And we pick up with our conversation dealing with the joys of being a broadway performer but also the challenges that come along with that especially when they're so many years in between those broadway shows i it's been like a weird i wouldn't say struggle but a weird learning curve in my life that it's like you can get all of these hopes and dreams that you've always wanted but then what's the next step you know. There's always something more that we want to the next level and so like that's not saying that you'll never find happiness but like you constantly are working like this level. I'm still working my ass off to make things happen. You know and people assume like a will you've done three broadway shows. It must be so easy for you. It's like no know. I still had to audition for the show like any other person like this was not just like handed to me. So it's it's interesting businesses crazy and and so that actually gets me to to to the big question. I mean what does making it mean to you them. I don't know yet it's like the end. That's actually been something that i've been thinking a lot about lately that it's like i don't i don't know that personally i will ever feel like i have quote unquote made it like. I don't think there's like there's not a limit that like i reach. It's like i've made it. You know like. I feel very fortunate to be doing the job. I'm doing and i love it so much but like we talked about this before we started recording. That like it could all go away tomorrow. You never know that it's like right now. Yeah doing great. I'm the lead in a broadway show. I take the final bow. I am going to all these cool events. I'm working my butt off to make this happen but you never know. You cannot count on anything. And i think that's like the pessimist in me like just like always thinking about like like negative possibilities not hopes up and get my hopes crushed but we'll it's it's a hard balance to me especially in this business. People say that it's a negative way people even say that about the title my show. Yeah and for me. It's more like no. This is like reality. Like and i think that it's acting as one of those interesting professions where it counts on us to have to have optimism to have dreams have goals to be reaching for the stars but it also requires us to have two feet on the ground to grind it out to like. I'm here and i i. I haven't heard from any audition in the past three months. But i'm to keep going you know it's that kind of profession where we have to have both sides of that kind of realistic and dreaming side. Yeah i think after some of the hardest working people with prom being such a long process like everyone would always come up to me and be like. Oh my god. You're doing problem that so great. And it's like yom doing prom but like we don't we're not like inbetween all of those bits and pieces. I still had to pay rent. You know and so a twenty nine. Our reading of the problem isn't gonna pay. It's actually and then like. I don't know like when we announced that we were going to broadway. Everyone was like. Oh my god you broadway show. It's a camp. But i'm not. I'm not. I'm not getting paid yet. Like last year. I was working three jobs and on medicaid and like thought about like going on food stamps because i was having such a hard time making ends meet before his broadway show you know and people don't think about that they don't think about they see actors and they say like your job is so glamorous and it's like it can be glamorous totally god casts. Yeah i get to be on podcasts. In my dressing room right But like a lot of the times. It's really hard work and no one sees the hard work that we put into our show work. Because you've been with us. It's two thousand fourteen five years to get where you are so i mean that that's a long time of kind of just making ends. Meet doing other things as you said so. Yeah it's not just one of these things where bam. I auditioned them in the broadway. Show now my life's man. It's not that's not to say that doesn't happen but but that's not the. That's not the norm most people it's like it's like this six show. That's how it happened. It was like damn broadway debut then. After that i was like. Oh no 'cause like. I was talking about this with someone else the other day that it's like inbetween all of my broadway shows flips. My hair like there. Were like like the one i did was five years ago. You know. there's a five year gap broadway shows. People like just assume. Like oh my god. You've been on broadway. You're just gonna be on broadway. I haven't been on broadway in five years. Yeah and it's like a short right you've had to live the life. Yeah in between them so with you. It's it's you'd mentioned medicaid. That's also something that you have to consider your passing alf. I'm a type one. Diabetic have been for nineteen years now. And it's really stressful Because inch insurance we as equity members get insurance if we work a certain number of weeks and i had not been able to work that number of weeks because of the prompt schedule that it's like i would do the lab and when the lab was going it was in a place where it's like. All of the other shows are happening. Men's couldn't be cast in anything to do the lab so it was a whole thing. So i didn't have enough weeks and so i had an old enough that i'm not on my parents have heard so i had to go on medicaid and like there's nothing wrong with that but it's just an interesting thing like yeah. I could not afford my own house because of this industry right. Yeah yeah because you you had to kind of make yourself available to this. Show whatever it needed. But that means you can't be available for other words exactly and that means i can't afford healthcare and like thank god for medicaid because like my healthcare expenses are astronomical. I can't i can't even it's crazy. So and so how. How is that. I mean there's certainly the financial aspect but then there's just the the health medical aspect of it. How has that. How's that affected your your performance as an actor but also like booking more interesting because like it's diabetes is an interesting thing because it's like it's an invisible disease like no one would know. I had it unless i told them. Or the like. Know someone else who has diabetes and like saw my insulin pump and they were like. Oh i know what that is. I know you have type one diabetes So a lot of people don't know i have it But that's why. I like to talk about it and i like to bring awareness to it Because it is hard you know like my body has to fight harder to like. Be a body than the average person's and i have to like pay attention to like is my blood sugar going to go on stage and that makes me feel like shit and so i have to make sure like my blood. Sugar is in a certain range. Before i step on stage mother was it will like not feel great doing the show and i'll have to like eat fruit snacks throughout the entire play So yeah it's just like an interesting listening her but at the same time it's like i've also had it for nineteen years so it's just kind of absurd now and it's like i don't really know life without it and so like just is who i am. Yeah so it's like one of those things were like in the back of your mind. You're thinking about it but in the front it's kind of like not an issue and then every once in a while your blood sugar does go like opiate. Yeah i have diabetes and so and so you say the that sometimes that can happen on stage. How exactly does that affect you. What exactly. yeah so when it's different for everybody it can be. Diabetes is also fun invisible disease that affects everyone differently. I diabetes For me i get really shaky and weak and so like you know how it wouldn't sometimes when you wake up in the morning and you're like trying to move like your body and it's just kinda like creaky takes extra effort to lake. Move your muscles. that's what my body will feel. I just kind of like you're thick water's just trying to so that makes it more difficult to do. Any sing dance So yeah and it just like for me becomes like a worry that it's like okay. My body is going through this. If i don't get sugar and time it'll continue going. Lower it continues going lower. There's a possibility that i might pass out. And then i could go into a coma and like just like a spiral of things right like knock on wood. Hopefully it will never yes. That's a constant fear in my mind because a wonderful friend of mine in orlando. She used the mother and her her son had just found out. I i wanna see like a year ago. And he's like six. Yup i mean. I mean th this little kit but but and so it's it's obviously he's six years old so we kind of knows that has to have these shots or different things. But she's the one who really do not know how my parents did any of it. I like if i had a child with diabetes. I would lock them in a bubble and never let them do anything and my parents were like. No you're gonna live a completely normal life. Just make it work it work and like i don't i just think about the burden that they add to like with and not saying like i'm a burden but like is an extra level in having to deal with that like having a child is hard enough as is like adding another thing on top of it. That's life threatening like. Oh my god. I was diagnosed when i was eight So i was just like in and out of school. And i was keeping up academically but couldn't keep up socially and like the school district we were in was kind of crappy anyway. So my friends were like. Let's joe's homeschool But like also because of that like at the time there have been so many leaps and bounds with diabetes research. And the way it's handled but at the time like in school. The nurses were not allowed to touch me like if something were to happen. They couldn't give me a shot of luca gone. They were not legally allowed to do that and so my parents were like if something happens to you while you're at school they can tell one can save you great things like that. I hope to god it's different now. yes like. It's just stuff that you don't think anyone should have to worry about iran about but like in that same thing like the six year old is like. Yeah whatever you know. Like i don't remember having diabetes until i was sixteen and really had to deal with it on my own. Yeah so in the show you you say that you have to kind of make sure and monitor this blood sugar level and so what process or what things do you do to make sure that what you just hide snacks everywhere pretty much. Yeah there are fruit. Snacks hidden in many places Our stage managers awesome and have them all backstage. We've got them in the stage management office. We have them call booth them hidden in my bedroom set. We have them on like rocks on the lake. Each side of the stage. It's they're everywhere. And how often do you actually have to use. Those not very often is try to do a really good job of keeping it where it needs to be. But like i'd say maybe like once a week i have to be like and ages. Dan them to me then point to do it though. Is that the end of the show When we are putting together the final prom. There's a point where like is ian wright. The woman as my girlfriend in the show are like singing onstage together and then we stop singing and we go upstage to talk christopher sieber like quote unquote talk. We're not really talking. We're like naming the talking while other things happen in front of us but like in that moment there's sometimes when i'm like izzy tell our stage manager. I need fruit snacks. When i come off for a quick change and like 'cause the exits the stage i and then i go and sing some more and so is he goes and start. Your change tells the stage manager whose on deck that i need fruit snacks and then i exit for my quick change like down fruit snacks during the quick change so yeah we have systems that and i'm incredibly blessed with this company because like they've embraced it. It's always something like no one ever like doesn't embrace it but they have gone like above and beyond to make it and been like actively like a part of it you know instead of just like ignoring it or it's like i have a Ah decks com. Which is a continuous glucose monitoring system That i just like where on my body and it tells me what my blood sugar is. I can look at my phone at any moment. And it'll just say what my blood sugars. Amazing technology has come so far But with that is like an app on my phone and you can share it with people and so all three of our stage managers downloaded the app onto watches and so they can see what my budget or is during the show and so if i go low their watches will get an alarm and like have fruit snacks waiting for me. Which is like it's amazing. It's amazing show wonderful that it's become like a community. Diabetes singular diabetes. Yeah it's it's like a family avenue but even more so the they really are now. You're like health family and taking care of you. That is so amazing. Yeah you'd mentioned elissa the girlfriend. Yes and you had originally auditioned for that role. That was the actual. Ask audition for the show us almost five years ago. I was called in for the role of eliza which was the girlfriend and at that point. It was a very like blonde typical cheerleader raw. And i went in for. And i was like i am not right for this. This helu okay but like went in for it And the director casing Heyzer you're really wrong for this part. But you're actually really right for the role of emma deal like going out in looking at these sides and reading them in coming back in reading for the role of of course not like i know. Did you know that going in. did you kind of. I'm better for this. But i hadn't said anything. It was just like the best did so. It was all great Yes early went out in the hallway. And i looked at this monologue which is now the monologue before unruly heart And went back in and did it for them. And then the next day i got a call from my agent saying i'd been is emma. So like from one yup one audition. Isn't that amazing. How crazy you can have shows where you auditioned twenty times and like the the the national tours did it was like three or four. Yes step process of dancing and singing and sides and call backs right so it was a bunch of different things and but then with first wives club again. One of those shows that was going to broadway. It was going to go out of town. It was going to do. its thing. One twenty minute audition done. And i was cast and again we i mean they. They set up the cast much like the problem. Great people yet in front of and behind the table when way to go. We're going to go to town and then and then then it's gone. Yeah so even even wonderful properties like club can't get off the ground so so so it's a testament that when a show finally makes that five six seven year run. Yeah finally on broadway like the prom has it's it's a blessing l. gift hundred percent. Yeah because it doesn't happen. And even once they do get to broadway most the time eighty i think something like seventy or eighty percent of them. Don't make their money back so they lose money. That's that's the broadway norm to lose money. I do well. I mean mostly along the way. You're getting a paycheck. So it's not like it's not like you're having to take the laws you had to take the losses before i can make us so yes. Yes absolutely well. Speaking of speaking of doing the job our job as actors is these auditions and kind of its everything in between actually being on stage that that's really our job and so for you. What is it that keeps you going between those times. Whenever you said you hadn't been on broadway in five years five year gap and i mean just. This is something that i love to do. And i've loved to do it from a very young age. I think it is important that people do this job. I think it's important that we tell other people's stories and bring boyce's to those who don't have them And so. I do it to connect to a different audience. Members do it to bring these different life stories to life and so that people can come and see the show and learn something new and have a new experience and leave feeling enlightened and better about the world. That's why i do it very high minded and also it's really fun. Also i get to sing. He's living in dance onstage dancing. I don't i really hate it. I don't like that part but like we'll get to sing. Unfortunately i have seen the show. You don't you don't dance. Your character doesn't dance a lot but there's that one number at the end that i have to dance cried so hard and you're like in the front. Yeah oh yeah that's to me. That's even more frightening. Is i mean it's one thing to be in the back row and dancing and you just follow everyone else. It's another thing when no one's in front of you. I'm not joking. When i say i cried i to relieve cried so many tears having to learn like my body doesn't know how to do this. I made it. I made it with me three years to learn. Never give up on your dreams right yet. Some people learn a dance in five minutes and five years later can still whip it out. No but these dancers who like. Oh yeah i remember when we did that. Show like seven summers ago. Their brands work differently than mine. I know i absolutely believe that. There's some some physiological mental difference that enables them to move their body in a certain way and remember it. Because i i don't connect this arm movement to now i kick my leg so i know i need to just do it. Seventeen hundred times. And maybe i'll get to learn part of it in atlanta. They were like talking about what sections of it. I would actually begin in i. One hundred percent went up to casey on was like hey so late visit a horrible idea. Even if i learned the choreography it will never look good on my body. Never like my body is not supposed to move this way. So they don't don't do this. Here's okay. I'm going to ask a very cynical question. Did you ever use the diabetes. I i the pumps pump. I can't lose or horrible like that. Like we've been running the number like a lot in a lot in a lot and i'll be like hey much of now and housing fruits now does legitimate. That's legit the only time really ever like used diabetes. My advantage advantage was at disneyland. Because so like it's to my advantage but also like i actually didn't need it. So like with my diabetes. I always have to have certain things with me. Always have like an extra pump site change. I always have fruit snacks Boys have glucose gone bag. In case of emergencies there are some rides on disney disney that Or like faster and stronger. Is you have to put your bag in a locker. Well if you have to bring your bag with you you get to cut the line and go put it in a medical necessity locker. It's like really close to the ride suit. I get to cut the lines to put my bag in. Close locker you only time. I've abused my power and do the same with kids in wheelchairs. You know they bring the it's you know that's that's okay you medically needed. We needed to be at the front. I thank you. And i will say like the person i was at. I was with a bunch of friends and one of them was like. I'm sorry but you've had diabetes for nineteen years. You're allowed to cut the line. And oh absolutely i so yeah so. That's the only time i've abused power and it's really not that bad guy. No no no no. I think that's appropriate appropriate news. What i find wonderful about our show is that there's a happy ending. You know that we you see the struggle that they go through but at the end we get what we want and we embrace love and we you leave feeling empowered. Not like life is going to be hard know and that's not something that gets portrayed very often with the reality because because you do have that the first bad prom yet in in the show where no one shows. Yeah so that's something that actually happened. You know a lot of people come and see the show they say like oh well this only happened with at one time and it's like no. It happens every year every single year. There are lgbt youth across america. That camp carb barred from going to their problem every year. And it's like that's horrible but like the yeah we get to portray that on stage and we get to show people that it does get better and there are people who will listen to you and are people that support you. And that's just that's wonderful and there was a lot of backlash with the the macy's thanksgiving parade and the kiss. It was kinda hurt around the country. So did you personally ever ever get any of that. Backlash just kinda out this general backlash but it was so cool about it. Is that so we were the first. Lgbtq kiss on the macy's parade which is like a huge honor and such a giant moment. I should have happened years ago but like the fact that we're doing it now is a positive step in the right direction. There was a lot of like backlash in a lot of people across the country. Who were not happy. That their children's that on live tv But the most amazing part about it was that for every negative comment we got. We got ten more comments of support and love and like thank you for doing this thing you for showing people that it's just of an it's just normal you like that moment is just a part of our show you know. It's we love each other and we kiss and that's not a big deal and so to be able to do that on. Tv was just amazing to be like. No this is life. It doesn't matter who you love if you love them love you know. It is interesting because in in the whole context of the show. It's like five seconds. Yeah two and half hours exactly. Yeah and and so. It's not like you're just kissing making out the whole show. That's it's not just a lesbian kisses go. It is like it's monday in. Yeah it's like a pack it's like oh i'm guessing. Yeah because i'm trying to remember in the show is that is the first time you've ever like had a lesbian. Kiss right your character. That's the first time gonna kiss first time. I mean like back story. We've just before but yeah it's the first kiss in the show that you see between them. Well i'm glad that you personally didn't get because like social media like twitter verse can just like be insane and the slightest little thing and then you know people are like you know death threats. Yeah so l. We're we've been very fortunate in. We get a lot of love which is great. Good well speaking of getting a lot of love. I'm hoping and i'm sure the whole cast is with tony. Awards coming up. Is there thought of their fingers. Crossed is there like how many fingers crossed the. I am trying my artists not to think about it. You know. I mean you're putting good energy out into the world and hope. The world accepted excessive. So we'll see what happens. Well i mean it's it's certainly lasted and it certainly seems like that. It's doing well to sales up to this. It's gonna last the tonys which is one of the key thing shows. Don't make to the tonys then. It's tricky tricky. Yeah but but it looks like you guys make through. Yeah now have you have producers come to or been a part of anything to start to push for or promote i mean not like not specifically i i myself look at the whole process blake. I want to do everything in my power personally to put myself in a position that i will look back on this experience. Not regret anything Until i went ahead and hired a publicist so i'm doing that To hopefully help things along. But it's just you know it's trying to lake better my career and better my opportunities in the future and just putting myself out there in a positive light and i'm just praying to god and existence that things go well but also like trying my damndest not to put pressure on myself for it. You know i just like that. It's like i want to look back on this experience and not regret any choice that i've made so i'm doing everything in my power. Also like not putting too much pressure on it because it's got to be that balance of yes. I want to understand the realities of broadway. Tony awards sobre okay. Let's like completely separate business. You know like craziness so it's very just like i'm going to be here and present and see what you're going to do the job that you that you were hired to do you. Love doing yes. I can only imagine what it's like being on stage with this wonderful cast. It's incredible because now had you worked with anyone in the gas before so. Yeah all new people but obviously you had seen their work. Yes these people are is amazing. What's your favorite moment in the show. Oh gosh for my character personally unruly. Her is my favorite moment. Because it's the time. When like emma truly owns herself fully. Then you came along and right or wrong feelings began to over. We had to thinking that no one else could. Oh and not having you near me was where i drew the line so i had to conceal this poor on rusi. The heart of I think with other people. I love being on stage with brooks. I think he's the most incredible actor and it's different every night. And it's an exciting Jr is a challenge every single night. And it's he has so much like depth in his soul that being on stage with them is just like it's astounding every night because you're seeing with him when you're both in in your bedroom and he's kinda like giving you his story or talk. Is it that scene. It's truly all of them just every time he's on stays yes incredible. He's the most amazing performer. They all are you know. Of course insane. Lake share the stage with them. Yeah it must be must be an absolute throw. Yeah so the problem is your foreseeable future. Hour-long it's gonna go forever. Yeah yeah it's going to be the next phantom plan. Seventeen year old. Do things next year ryan right so looking forward win. Do you think you'll break. I don't know out of high school land. Honestly think that. I'm going to be that person who's like until i'm fifty. I'm going to be playing seventeen. And then once a hit fifty i all of a sudden will look like eighty right. It's all of a sound. Like no virtual god grandma how right so i don't know do. Do you have like roles that you know that you're not right for because you look seventeen but other roles. It's like you know what one day i would love to do that. you know. It's actually interesting because i got asked to do Broadway bucket list You go sing songs from your bucket list. I've been like considering that. In what roles. I want to play And the ones like the ones that. I'm going to grow out of real soon. I really wanna play olive in spelling bee like they love that show and that role so much So wanna do that and then like i. I think i'm too old for it already. Like in some production somewhere. I could maybe do it but like little red. I've always wanted to play right. And i think that maybe the one that's going to get away from me but one day. Yeah no it depends on the casting journey. They go she. She grabbed her face as she said that it depends on how the surveys holds together. Pull back just a little. Bit more sunscreen and moisturizer porcelain pale skin. And you'll always look seventy. Yeah yeah no. It is interesting. As as i've gotten older i've had to transition out of certain rules. I hoped to do. But i'm also going into rolls when i was in college. I not exactly so. It's a constant change. You've been able to stay stuck for ten years in high school when it changes. I've only played a high schooler once and even high school. I didn't play a high school. No no no because west side story. They're all like teenagers. They're supposed to be like okay so i did do that. Okay i was pepe. Oh side story. I was the tallest whitest hispanic mistake. I'm sarah change. i was in alabama. Where are they going to find. They're gonna find hispanics so we all. Just i mean i mean. Fortunately we didn't like do brown face or anything. It was just like it was just like regular yeah makeup. You know that you did so. It wasn't like anything. your copay. Great okay fighting for no reason. Yeah i know. We're all fighting each other but but other than i think other than west side story and then. Whenever i was thirty i was in greece. Oh yeah yeah. Maybe when i'm thirty i'll play little red. See there you go there. You go right right. Well the promise will be going. Obviously and then they'll let you out for like a couple of weeks to regional so you could say you did it crazy but really into the woods. I would play anyone in into the woods. Those are all that you know. Have you done this show me neither. I've never done show regional production to go. Because i wanted to one of the francis. I'll take the one but the one that plays the wool would be so good at that. So i'll do that. You'll play red will have brooks paid play the do the baker. I think so that would be a great baker. Okay we're just going cast into the woods from your show would be the witch yes obviously I would i would say. Angie will the baker's wife i would love to see Chris would also be the others. Oh yes yes he. Rb princess yes. That's great we got josh. Lehman would be the mysterious man. I love i love this into the problem is what we're going to go on this nickel metal pots. Who are you to say what. I was trying to figure out who is going to be jack. Yeah yeah i think like a gender bend. And i think is you should play jack and i think michael pontiac play and michael potts should play the stepmother. Oh interesting yeah why not. It's into the woods. It's anything can happen in court tonight. Collins whose name is actually courtney but we are courtenay would play jack. Mom see okay. We've got to do it all right all right well as a foreign producer. I'm just going to put out the calls. It and put up the offers great. And then we'll we're going to get this story tonight. I love it and speaking of producing that leads us to the second. Half of this rewind episode to my conversation in march of twenty twenty with abigail rose solomon founder of rosalind productions now. All rosalind is similar to her middle. Name of rose. Her production name actually comes from a more classical source. My company's name is rosalyn productions after the biggest female role in shakespeare and rosalyn drives the story. She is the protagonist Which i don't think is true any of his other play home and But i love but they're just not as many women and she's for but that even in the more contemporary of it sort of like who is the woman. What what is her role like. What was so great about the prom. As you wrote ammon and eliza and angie and backs character and are they're all different ages and they're different looks than the mom you know courtney Incredible job that mom that could have been served the demonize mom but but her acting was extraordinary. Really fleshed out. We fleshed it out in the in the writing as well. So that's a lot of really good different female roles in one show. I mean that's really hard to find end of the shows that roslin production has been a part of on broadway. They have all featured strong female leads their first one back in twenty ten was the miracle worker. Next was twenty eight teens. Three tall women then. Of course the prom and their most. Recent is king lear with glenda jackson doing a gender bending role as the title role of king. Lear abigail is herself. also an actress. Having done reach nolan off broadway productions but it is producing where she has found her footing on broadway in my conversation with her. We talked about the production that she's done both in los angeles as well as new york as an actress. But we eventually get into her producing credits and start talking about how the broadway musical has really changed over the last ten or twenty years becoming a part of the mainstream conversation with the general public namely with the help of shows like hamilton and the recent netflix production of the prom. Now they're doing musicals on gleeful ryan. Murphy's movie of the prom by dropping you know doing lean getting people excited about that and then the shows they now do live on television and you know celebrities which who do see it. I mean they do help. Bring producers cast them often because they're talented in good but but we need certain celebrities to get people to come to plays to pay for the plays and try to dip. Least make your money back. It's not a profit so hard but also it does bring people wouldn't otherwise comments at the theater and then you hope they go. Wow is kind of amazing. I wanna go you know. Speaking of contemporary theatre. The problem is certainly latest project. That seems very close to your heart. Actually all the shows. I produce very much my soul. There've been a few. I don't know everytime time. I've tried to do something just for like the connection. It's never worked out. So i feel like both acting and producing. There's always sort of like it's not just even for my heart. It's sort of looked like i get it. It works out when my soul is involved. Hi it's not always in my control. I mean it was in terms of plays i was going to produce but but the from was something you know that might up partner. Jennifer kranz is amazing. She's my creative director. She brought made me aware of this amazing show. That was coming to broadway. And i actually saw it on. I didn't know anything about it. But i saw it on the a workshop video and it was lapped out at me. The actors hate land. The whole team was so extraordinary. I laughed and cried. I saw this videotape. Even usually doesn't translate what outright if a stage show can translate onto just a video. Exactly that you know. There's something right with no satire hitting it wasn't in the tunnel lanta production workshop in a rehearsal room and the actors leaned out at me. brilliant. And i was so moved by it and laughed out loud h- insistently four times. I thought will. This is gonna be incredible on stage. Said that's how i definitely shows prom and so how did that process work from you. Finding out about it seeing this video. And what was that process of you becoming part of the producing team. I think it was pretty quick. Because i think it was on. Its way to broadway. And so you know. I met with dora. Ban steam the lead producer. The one created the show and Told her about our marketing background in producing background. And she likes the work that roslin productions done will be are also. I had a very clear mission which is strong female characters. The i try to stay very true to that. You know the prom obviously has several right up Ideally of the protagonist problem has more than one female protagonist so She just we clicked and we. I love the show and they say what they need you to raise. What's in what they're gonna offer you in return that's how it works and And we came on board and it's been a really really special group now when it comes to the prom. Roslyn productions was not alone in seeing the magical and wonderful qualities of this musical in fact a look at the promptly. Bill will show forty three names and organizations above the title forty three. So what exactly do all of these people do. What is the job and function of a broadway producer. Now the simple answer that producer raises money. But there's a lot more involved in it than just that many years ago someone who knows a little bit about producing broadway musicals had his own definition of what a producer is. Here's what oscar hammerstein said about a producer is of rare paradoxical genius hardheaded soft hearted cautious reckless a hopeful innocent in fair weather and a stern pilot in stormy weather. A mathematician who prefers to ignore the laws of mathematics entrust intuition an idealist. A realist a practical dreamer. A sophisticated gambler. A stage struck child. That's a producer. So there's certainly a lot more to producing than just holding the purse strings. But there's also more to the title than just producer. Nowadays there's lead producer co producer associate producer executive producer. All of these designations. But what exactly do they mean. Co producers are the people who are above the title but the first producers listed are the lead producers otherwise known as the general partners. It's their show. I mean dory and bill and jack it's their show and they're in charge of it and as co producer Come on board and we help raise whatever money we've agreed to and it's usually listed in the order of raise money money rate in terms of but but everybody is above the title and then there's different levels of involvement and the prompt team was very open to us being very involved. So we know would give our story ideas as it was developing and it was in previews to dory which in and bill and jack who would relate to the creative team as they saw fit right. You know what. I mean things if they agreed with it than they would pass and also. I remember bill in in a meeting. He said we are hearing certain things from a lot of people. So they're hearing. They're listening to their bunch of co producers and probably other people hitching ideas. There's one team that they're all a lot of people are saying something isn't working or then and then it goes in previews and but there is a hierarchy to the way things are handled. I mean even as a lead. So i was a lead producer on the shows that i personally produced eighty four in la. And i didn't three in new york as a producer you have to be a good creative producer. Someone who watches and sorta season. Then you you tell the director you know you would never go. I mean some producers may add a me as a producer. I would talk to the director. And i would never as a producer go to an actor. Say something that's the director's job in there that that i've learned sort of the etiquette and the hierarchy and how things are handled because artists are you know you have to treat them with care as we know now right and even a good comment consort don't read reviews while you're performers even hamanaka can kind of throw you. Oh some that was going to push for the laugh now and it's just better so so there's a certain way things but the promise just it was a really kaelin was talking about on your podcast. About how special for example the stage management team down. And just there was. This is the kindest group people it was the most inclusive of show about inclusivity but actually even sort of the parties and gatherings sometimes you feel like oh the actors are over there but this was the most open inclusive a warm group of actors like a family and the producers. Were very kind group and everybody. Oh my god we were so invested in that show. I've never been sadder about a show closing Was sudden had the closing notice. Come about was surprise Well i mean you look at the box office and you see how it's doing over certain amount of time and we had a lot of amazing things happening. I mean it was a very successful show in so many ways. It's just at a certain point financially. You you have to make a judgment call but but the amount of accolades we got the tony. Nominations we run won the drama desk award. We're having a movie with meryl streep you know nicole kidman in that's coming out. We're going to be doing a national tour. So the movie will come out ahead of that and hopefully make people more aware of an interest in coming to see the tour but yeah there is a heartbreaker Cast cannot be replicated. I've never seen formalises like that. And just the energy every night. I mean it was. A show was very tricky. Marketing was shot as very very hard to let people know what it was really about and get people to come but i. I don't know one person didn't when they finally did come people would leave out nightly and say that was the one that shows i've ever seen and just the energy was always kinetic. It was like a rock concert sometimes. Well yeah just. Whenever i saw it. I actually saw it. In december during its run and the audience was ecstatic about every number that was huge applause and it was so much energy on stage and even in the software moments it was delicately done but also with passion as energetic as the big numbers were so it was a good balance. I think both yes. I was very proud of that show in loved it and it has a whole life ahead of it. One of the. I guess controversies. Is that the diehard theater fans of the problem. The broadway production were kind of that that cast as you said was an amazing cast. Didn't get to do or be a part of the movie What is your reaction to the different castings of the broadway show versus the movie. I mean this is a question really tasked dory but dorville jack russell gracious about not talking about it much While the show was running. Because it's heartbreaking. I mean they bath and chris and brooks and andy. Those roles were written for them. They helped create them. There's some facts. I think even about their lives in the show But a movie has to sell and moving needs stars. Like a play these days on broadway stars now to get meryl streep do it. Are you guys. G loved it. That's amazing in that she wanted to do. You know i mean. I think that's the economics It's great for the palm and that the problem shows how hard it is to sell a show on broadway. That's not a brand how hard it is to get people to come to theater. Which is something i wanted was saying. I want to try to overcome so it didn't have a brand people didn't know what the problem was. You know nowadays people have the brand is. Oh i know that movie star. Oh i know that. Play well known to kill my new book to kill a mockingbird i know tutsi. No so those are all Help get the show. Is maybe absolutely fantastic. But they help get watson seats right initially and That it's hard. It's hard so the movie will hopefully help people will say. Oh i heard of that movie. I heard mel streep was an iron call. came in. I saw that movie so of late. That will bring the national tour audiences in more. 'cause they'll have an idea of what it is but But yes star. Casting is kind of the the name of the game now and people like myself who aren't stars alec. Why could do that. But we get there needs to be a name sometimes attached to it and as the nature of right and as a producer and an actor. Do you ever have a like a tug of war with yourself as far as you want to give actors a chance but you also know that you need to name is. Yeah i mean. If i think about if a doing plays i mean i haven't yet my goal is to lead produced on broadway and jennifer. My partner and i are starting to develop our own ideas and it is hard. I mean you'd think on broadway a musical which were developing You could have really. I mean we did in the palm at route. Tony award when he really really well known broadway stars right but it's a combination. It still do the big ubiquitous general public right family coming from ohio's not gonna know who best level is shot. And if i saw the show off now but but they're not necessarily going to say oh. I'm gonna go that. They might say i'll go to phantom or something that they heard because it's a huge investment. I mean it's time minutes. It's a lotta money. So i get that but So but when i do think about plays definitely and on broadway teams like you need. I mean you need major stars on broadway is there are a lot of their famous amos people but sometimes i kinda need a daniel craig level to guarantee. You're going to make your money back profit. Because i saw show that was like a play called the river of Very subtle show but star hugh jackman and so he's gonna put butts in the seats. And i wonder if sometimes do do producers want just butts in the seats so they think about getting a star or does a star ever mean that a show is. It's not that great. But if we get a star then people will come and see it. I've seen shows that. I think needed to star or wouldn't have survived. They are. They're ju- Heidi sharpton though i mean. She's amazing she had this incredible place. So there you go like there's an example of something that just the the pride. I made a huge mistake by not being accused. Co-producer admit i've told them they offered in that show i was. I was afraid that it wouldn't make it's money back because it was a show i loved thought was incredible but but i was worried about that very thing my bag because you know what i think it even may have made a profit and it's going to be done regionally around the country and and it got nominated for tony's and it was nominated for pulitzer finalists go so that was an example of just a fantastic. If it's that good maybe can you made. There is hope artistry wins. And you know. I was so happy the year that fun home when i thought yay one. I can't even remember what it ran against. As i'm sure was very good. But i just thought you know those moments where you think are one and i'm an artist for some form of amiga. Tell you what nobody nobody goes into theater for the money people go into film because they think pneumonia film actors because maybe they launched might imagine they're going to get money know actor for the my enumerating become Theater is just something that people kind of are born with loving. I think sometimes people come to it. A little later in life But commercial producers. All the time i find are just doing shows they love and they feel like need to be seen and sometimes they go and almost knowing that it's not gonna that it might lose money or whatever they just are passionate about what's being said and that's something that i've always wondered about because eighty percent shows don't show a profit The odds are stacked against you for a show to really be a big hit and to start to make money so i've always wondered. Then how producers sustain that how does the producers business they try to keep it open intel. Certain things like award season. That's why it happens okay. So we're not gonna keep going because we didn't get that uptick or they just keep open as long as they sort of think or get through a certain season If you're talking on a personal level you know how producers stay they. I have found through my entire career starting with my very first equity job when i was young or repertory theatre and my scene was this wonderful man and he had a family and he you know. He was a working actor in san francisco in the bay area and he was making it work when he didn't have jobs. He was sometimes doing four jobs. The same time and i thought you know people who are dedicated to the theater people who are dedicated to be actors or whatever artists they are they see your it out. He now whether some come for money some don't some find a way to make it seem tone but they will figure it out because they're passionate about what they do. And and that's i i love group of producers and commercial producers and and an artistic directors. And it's just a group of people who just loves the in her and has something. Just say whatever it is they wanna say and try to say in the best way possible. I had this conversation. We certainly had no idea what covert was that was going to be. And how that would so dramatically affect not only broadway but theater around the country when it's all said and done it. Looks like broadway may be out of commission for a year year and a half and it's really amazing and sad to think about all of the theater that we've lost the tony awards. Even god a little muddled because of all of it and while it is certainly a positive sign that shows like hamilton were released on disney plus. The problem came out on netflix. It certainly reminds us of the joy and the experience that you can only find in live theatre. The last guest of this season sammy can old spoke to how other countries namely south korea and london to some extent have kept theatre going and i can only hope and pray that broadway will finally step in line and start to make theatre happen again here in new york city. That is my hope and twenty. Twenty one can only go up right. We can only be better than this year as well as your host of this. Show i so. Thank you for joining me on season for and can't wait to share more guests and more stories with you for season five that will begin january thirteenth until then merry christmas. Happy holidays and i wish you a happy wonderful and prosperous new year.

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Weekly: What did Jack Ma and Elon Musk say about AI?

World News Analysis

53:25 min | 1 year ago

Weekly: What did Jack Ma and Elon Musk say about AI?

"Today provide you with in depth news and expert analysis telling the whole story bigger picture the news you want to know today. Welcome to weekly the weekend edition of today a moyal today we'll be talking about jack ma and elam musk debate about a._i._n._s. impact though in and tick tock users spending record eleven million u._s. dollars in july japan plans to raise pension-age beyond seventy so's over sixty five the scope of senior people remind our listeners to hear this again or to to catch on previous episodes you can download our podcast best searching for world today. You can also download the app easy f._m. Or china plus in the app store today today joining me in the studio are they've moser associate dean of the yen ching academy at peking university and our commentator mandolin. Welcome thank you thank you now. Listen to our first topic during this week. One of the spotlight's must be the debate between jack ma and elon musk at twenty nine hundred world artificial intelligence conference in shanghai the alibaba founder and chairman and tesla and space acts c._e._o. Have talked about an implication to humanity throughout all dialogue ma and musk touched on several topics such as employment education reform moving to mars and how humans way of life life can be improved in the future now. Let's turn to our studio guests so first of all after watching it. What impresses you the most about about their debate. I think i love jack ma more now and he's down to earth. He focused on small things and he's trying to help grassroots people the poll check to build an ecosystem for a good healthy sort of commercial system for all of us and assisting medium small and medium in enterprises and then try to butte even an online finance sort of system which benefits every one of us were in it <hes> by the way having. I said that i love him more. It's just a joke. I think he's more than earth and he and ella mapo the very two very different people and like <hes> he's hit. What impressed me most is that he's mayan is emphasizing l. cute. It's a very <hes> pre father or father of potion shen or whatever you say i._q. I._q. later developed into emotional quotient. That's called the e. q. We we emphasize how people deal with each other. We should be learning learning skills to make communication efficient and then now. Maybe it's western whether you are you familiar david. It was l q what if out yourself the first time he he concocted he made up this word he said now in the future in a in a i won't we need meet to talk about l. Cue that means the ability to love and the <hes> to be loved. I think finally when we were reduced to to nothing but spirit to being very generic generic. This is something impress me like another point. He impressed me. Is that whatever you okay. Come up in the future the a._i. Products very smart to super intelligent but they are still tools does <hes> then this made me think at the very beginning when human beings are started to be different from other animals is that we are able to create a stone age age cut a polished stones to the shape of a ni- and we start to cut things right that is much that knife thing is already the very powerful we can use it to destroy ourselves. Weapons are the things that we invented the powerful than our own abilities physical abilities we used them to. It's the same thing so. I don't think he has an example. He said for example. We invented even washing machines right. Can you compete as a housewife. Say let me compete who who washes cleaner and faster than a washing machine so it's just between between a i r robots and human beings is just the income parable incomparable than it will impress the most there are two very different people one on sort of discussing a i as a business tool as a tool for facilitating the normal functions of business elon musk is more of a dreamer. He's he's thinking of these things. S. tools to revolutionize humankind even go so far as to free us from from the normal things that humans have to do which is work and maybe we could. Maybe maybe even to bring us to another planet and build a whole new way of human life where the with smart robots are in charge or at least you know playing a primary rule. That's that's that's split science fiction. Of course we can call it science fiction but <hes> the line is very thin nowadays much of what we thought was science fiction now his comments commonplace with computer so i think it's a two very different visions of jack. Ma sees them only as kind of useful tools that we would be able to use to control things and do certain task. They're boring or too repetitive for humans to do he long must imagine that this world of computers and robots as a sort of almost our peers these people who could take our place and do things and maybe even do it better go beyond us take us places where he couldn't go and tell us truths about the world that we would woah that humans would have no way of finding themselves so he sees a much more prominent role in any sees human beings as as having in the future to be able to live with robots and to live with artificial intelligence and are to be companions and cooperators whereas jack ma more practical looking at the short future sees a._i. And in a machines as just merely tools and aids for what human intelligence can do and that's a that's a very big difference. I think probably both are going to be true for a long time but the scarier one is the longest version. There are actually actually some very interesting points. Let's go through them one by one first of all in the conversation that ma said why do we need that many jobs anyway. He added that humans happen fearing that tag will take jobs away over one hundred years jobs have increased and he believed that way is help. Humans can reach a point where we're average work. Week is only three days per week an average workdays only four hours. A day in your opinion is feasible and what is her assessment of that again. You you know it's about mar as the problem. Solver is just a tool war is going to help us to make us our lives better so we can take advantage vantage of them and use them to its fullest and elon. Musk is like no no no. No you know we we are short of something. I have to say that one is optimistic. Nick optimists to the other dick down. Maybe psychologically into ilma not i haven't had chances must be a pessimistic because in china pessimist somists because in chinese there's one thing <hes> a phrase have you ever heard of and the way the way that means when you're live comfortably you started to worry about about the future which ones fit into definitely elmar elon musk but this means usually people who focus on the present isn't are those who usually opted optimists says no problem. Do you think it is something that human beings should be worrying about that. Robots thoughts are taking our jobs away. <hes> i don't think so that's that's of course the the the fear that people have and i think that's part of the phenomenon that we have now with people like donald donald trump to add and tariffs on goods because they see that <hes> you know jobs are quote. Unquote jobs are being taken away <hes> the truth of the matter. It's not just the those coal miners and the sort of apple manufacturing jobs that are you taking taking away because of because of china or whatever compete competition his it's it's automation all of those jobs it involves assembling that involved digging that involve manual labor all those things are going away because of automation not just smart computers but just automation now. I think that's a good thing actually. I think that that it opens up new possibilities for new job. Markets you take a look at china right now. That's that has been in the last twenty years or so moving away from an economy based on on industrial production in infrastructure komo large scale building projects now moving away to what they call the service sector domestic economy based on service sector and products sold <hes> on online and on such. Nobody thinks that that's a bad thing in fact china's doing that on purpose because they think that that's the new wave. You can't be dependent upon this manufacturing. It's very dirty. Polluting the takes a lot of hard work and you want to move into areas where the poor people's minds are able to create values and create create value and markets so it's so it's a natural. It's a natural thing <hes> as as the technology can take over jobs that previously were responsible for for humans to do that. The result is it's not the jobs go away is that there are new jobs that that that humans can do even better that are are not so dangerous and orla also more fulfilling a human being to it's a different concept of <hes> living in i think under escape a city set of society. We we with our lifetime. Most of our lifetime is going to be spent on trading. We work hard to in order to get necessities food everything so this is a kind of a trade transactions if <hes> robots we we we go into an area that we can produce a lot of things things you don't need to. You know you can to rethink consider how to spend your lifetime like jack ma. It's okay to work for only three days and then every day for hours so i kind of agree. It's a different totally different way of thinking under what sort of economy if it's an abundance economy yes. It's the rest of the time. How are we going to deal with it and spent on jazz. Music spend on reading holiday takings. Is this something that we have been long wound full while toiling in office said oh i'm dreaming about going to the beach of san francisco and but now the fear comes from if i play hey you know i do away over time for the leisure then. I'm looking to get enough to eat and i'm not going to get shoulder but not that problem. No longer exists because we have abandoned thing we produce more than we can consume now <hes> so there's a saying that we are having a best time and the worst time the best time is that we can buy whatever we wanted in the worst part is about it is so overwhelming and then there's the point in the conversation that jack mom touched on current educational system which is still largely designed for the industrial period and mar argues that today there is needed to foster more creative education education and then mosk noted that the solution such as neural link because he has been promoting a chip in bring and it will be a difference maker in the sense but some are also argued that what does allow people to upload -scuse and learning but this is more like cheating in the exam because you're are using a computer in your brain was her take on then. I think this is the only points that i have doubt about kind of disagreement with him because he said from from now on you can forget about all memorable so you know try to remembering all the everything weeping in the past studying from now <hes> a and looking back in the past human beings of being spending ten twenty years learning things that accumulated by our forefathers knowledge knowledge everything right reciting not only residing but you have to learn about mass every few right but now seems to me that it <hes> a chip will replace everything will implant or this knowledge into your mind. I have a big question because biased. The process of learning is that you are re your practice empirical because we are now going to be we still need creativity right and we we will emphasize emphasized much more on creativity not those <hes> database the info certified by recycling lyrics appoint so whatever but things that creativity how do people get creativity they get creativity by redoing a reviewing all the past experiences that our forefathers for example. If you just okay a baby born with empty sort of education right all of a sudden at the age of eighteen you insert a hundred town point tom dynasty town puncture and then you expected this little thing can create right in the better poins literature but i don't think so but is it contradictory to the process of learning and being creative take even though whether chip in the brain you can still be created by doing something more note chipping. The brain is a robotics of intelligence. It's not something new. It's based tom all the data and you come was stuff so it's even though it's a new story was written right. It's written by a r. It's not written by by human beings. I don't think so because a. r. e. r. can learn whatever we have already achieved and make better things i i have no doubt about that but then we there will be a a kind of a competition between we human beings with flesh flesh and bone should always been leading leading leading the metallic or whatever metallic beings i call them but then how so if you just depend too much on inserting chips in into your brain and you lack empirical practices i mean you're not going to be creative in the future. What about. I'm not so worried about it. I i understand mullings consternation but i'm not quite so worried about it. <hes> this is not a process. This is not a new process. We have been part machine part-human for a very long time. The three are all wearing glasses that enabled us to see and that's right well. Is it tale. It's a tool it's made out of. It's an adjunct a my father were hearing aids. That was a tool. That's that's that's electronic thing that actually made his hearing better <hes> <hes> if you look at it this this way things like the internet <hes> are kind of they're not installed in our bodies but they're things that we touch us every every day that augment our brains that usually we would have to just remember <hes> you know what a postal number was or or you know what the value of pi was now we can do it on a on a smartphone and get the instant information instantly so the internet has become a part of us. It's not installed on our bodies but it's it's been puts an adjunct to our brains like something added onto our brain that can be accessed at any time the insertion of chip presumably at the stage. They're talking talking about would be a little more like just taking the next step and having the information be accessible within the body itself although coming wirelessly listen from from outside the body probably or would be a chip with some information which would basically give you the information directly you might have to go to a computer otherwise to get there will be a lot of frightening thoughts about this or could it suddenly to overtake you. I mean all kinds of things could happen. But of course all of these are the the same with any tool well there are similar concerns in even the cellphone is considered to be another oregon over body then about the intelligence ship jack ma ah argued that compared to human beings computers are just a toy and it is impossible that human could be controlled by machines while yulong musk ask on the other hand. He is well known for his social media platforms argument. He's strongly against the fast developing of a._i. He says he very much disagrees. Arguing that human are capable of creating things that are superior to human and the most important mistake smart people make is that i i think they're smart. Computers are already smarter than us. Which side do you think you're going to take. I think i i wanted to believe leave my that we are still in control <hes> because there's one thing if we are reduced to all the abilities in washing machines already wash faster much faster than me me but i want to say that i can switch off the electricity eventually if you into destroy me if it's a war aw that we you know it's life and death. I think humans is going to win you. We just to switch off the electricity actress. Ity come on and then all the robots will die extreme iming but one day but you can also imagine that now a mobile phone is already a an extended organ right we we ourselves were so weak without electricity we have we are not able to live that. What is something very very stressful because we ourselves are eighty succumb succumb to to to to outer outer how to address things not not inside sort of power so yeah i see problems. That might come along with it but i see it as historical. Oh perspective these are objections that had been raised even as far as the greeks when people started reading instead of reciting by memory and they said oh it's going to happen to us will all lose our memories and we'll all be dependent it on books well in fact that misgiving was true very few people actually memorize books now because they'd have books and the same thing is true with you know once you get addicted to computers and addicted to the internet we'd now become lazy and we we have information we get. We don't need to memory is so much things one from the way i've seen it ever since this tendency has begun begun that humans have always been able to take the tools to assimilate them to get used to them and make it part of of the daily function and have been able to transcend what they it could do before because they had these very powerful tools just like a hammer you can do a lot more with the hammer than before you had a hammer right so that same with computers the same with all these tools that were talking about it doesn't make us less human and it also doesn't threaten us as human beings what it does is allows us to as human beings to transcend transcend our limits that we had before and to create an imagine and construct things that would have been impossible years ago and which if we do it right could actually add add meaning to human life and add joy happiness and all the good things that we need through the use of computers rather than distortion might nightmare that this is gonna take over and destroy his that's much less likely the real challenge like you said if we do it right the real challenges for the human society human beings like us to make a rules and to how do you regulate these things. How do you control. How'd you manage if you it's like a nuclear button in front of us you we know who's going to control this and what regulations if people all robots violate these regulations what can we do i. I think that's the real challenge. If we can regulate everything we create then that's fine but then there are rogue people rogue states someone who want to change the rules or whatever then how i think in the future the whole set of road is facing an air award right. There should be just the one country on this planet earth orbit laws should be you know how to say <hes> international laws in calling thing for that it you know in the in the future there will be no such thing as a pure human being. I mean i would have to say right now the three of us i don't know about you but i'm thinking my family. They have artificial legs or artificial knees artificial hearts and artificial lungs or pacemakers. They have things in their brain that helped them prevent epilepsy. They have hearing aids. You know at this point. People are like they're not one hundred percents human already ninety percent the ninety five percents human the war veterans who lose a leg leg. You can give them a new electronic. Lee activated leg that can simulate the screen better than really been leg so in the future. I think all of us are going to be looking around and saying this. There's there's none of us are one hundred percent human beings. We're all part machine part human and yet we still manage to think in iraq and have love and passion and everything everything even though we've become partly machine and i think that's going to be one of the challenges going forth is feeling window. We stopped caring to israel point in which we can stop caring thing about the difference. Even when someone is mostly machine they still pay le day they learned to that's the end of the dock is now how we have to love and care for these machines that we made because they have the same sort of passions and feelings that we do so i can you my world did they are just a different species. It's like we have accepted that. We are human beings and monkeys monkeys in the forest. It's the same thing we can never team. You mentioned you can make love with a mission prejudice prejudice years from now you listen to this and you'll say oh how prejudice racist i won't be existing this episode episode. I apologize in the domestic. They're all listening to that point unit. There's another other robot named sophia as being granted citizenship in saudi arabia's yes so way for the future and for the future outlook musk usc believes that one of the world's threats lie in its declining birth rate and miami greets and there's a later in the show we'll be talking about japanese and south of korean aging society if the birth rate is that low where the rising of robots that be a scenario of the co existence distance for quite on time coexistence and for quite a long time i three stages i think the first one is the heat feel flesh human being dominating dominating stage and then a mix like haiyan you you predicted already. I have already apologized. It's kind of mixed hybrid and in the future i think the robots to replace us and then human species in the years and years and years and millions and billions of years and as a species it's going to vanish that's what i believe because and the new species who created because the world universities like <hes> the things things were die. There's no immortality in the universe. It's a cycle of life. You know some p p one life like us one hundred years years <hes> life expectancy is the longest maybe and then you go in you as a species is the same. A lot has been written about this in science. It's fiction these scenarios and and i'm not sure how i feel about it. I mean some people would say you know what what if we could guarantee or preserve your conscience in your consciousness the fall of your feelings and your thoughts in something that wasn't a human body in other words body may to some artificial thing or steel disk yeah so it's it. Is you as your personality. It is your thinking but we've got you. It's not in a human body. It's an in digital form. Would people want to live. I like that well. That sounds like the movie lucy precisely yeah. There's been little lucy and lots of other as human bus. She exist in the artificial world all right. I'm not interested in existing forever. No i'm not either. I don't think i'm worth existing forever. I write big thinkers nice or even then it's nice to have it's nice to i mean <hes> the best piece of music has to have an ending <hes> snow such thing as a great piece of music that goes on and on forever beauty lies in the ending. There's something never ends is not beautiful that slow yes but i hope that will be enjoying my martini on the bijon thinking about the memory of you guys jason whether it is like jack ma ever said the lob intelligence is the key weather. Love is the answer to this or not. Not only the facts in the future can tell us maybe less hope for the best and prepare for the worst coming up. We'll be looking at in hit. Record of eleven million dollars lers in july to talk billions. Expanding is on the clock. We'll be right back. Hello this is michael. Gong greetings from los angeles the golden state of california. Thank you today for making me part of your team. I- chewy enjoy the debates we had add look forward to many more in the years to come <music>. You're listening to weekly the weekend edition of today. I'm royal remind our listeners to hear this absurd again or to catch up on previous efforts. You can download our podcast best searching for world today. You can also download the app easy f._m. Or ten a-plus in app store today joining me in the studio art divet motza associate dean of yen ching cami at peking university and our commentator man-ling now. Let's turn to our second topic. China's short video abdollahi in in an overseas version tick tock had another record-setting month in july with an in-app purchases raving about eleven million u._s. dollars. It is an increase increase of two hundred and ninety percent compared with the same time last year. Reports show that users in china accounted for seventy percent of total purchases spending about eight million dollars. It has an over seven hundred percent year on year. Increase tick tock users in the u._s. Accounted for twenty percent of in-app purchases purchases. We're spending about two point three million dollars in july revenue in the u._s. Grew by over forty percent compared with last year. Okay so first of all willing to you. Could you briefly introduce doughy tech talk to overseas listeners who haven't used it before it started with a short video. Serve recording app can do and it's easy to learn do you don't have to go to school and and then it evolves into gaming. You know a lot of things so it kind of very basic like one one <hes> for you to play video audio video now we are in the in in e._r. We're entering the era area so the video is becoming very popular. <hes> the less educated people. I have to say that they're more obsessed with easy access to such things why because it takes nothing. You don't have to go to school to learn you know. You don't have to get trained so it's it's for everyone. Say you mean there's no barrier for the engine. Yeah yeah no no barrier for entrance <hes> very short time saving so time affordability everybody can afford playing because it doesn't hasn't really take away your other time number. One is the to rich content of varieties. You you can get everything if you hungry for love. There are beauties on you know beautiful ladies and doing things live streaming you know teaching you everything and then <hes> jokes games teams and many using it to get rich and then there are some people who smarter people. They're using it as a part time jobs to make money and then you can do there. Well you know your mainstream set of job so all these combined. It's just a crazy. I've i've seen there. I've seen their videos mostly not on their actual platforms but you also see them on youtube which i do. I do get on and sometimes in fact. Sometimes i've ever when i hear ear from a friend that there's this interesting video. You should check it out and usually just see his on youtube and usually is so. Why do you think you can achieve such astonishing record purchase <hes> well first of all all of them start out that way. If you think about it youtube the reason was called youtube. It was really a platform for people or people just put up their own movies and their old home movies and stuff like that and once it got going at branched out. It's much much more than people putting up there on their own materials. Their archives interested groups that well moves. They're they're. They're they're having like online debates <hes> they can archive entire t._v. Shows from years than even whole movies of the use that expression right. It's just for every it's just a catchall for everything now. Take top. What's interesting about that is is from what i've seen is. These these are in an era when when short short videos even ones that are technologically advanced are really cheap and easy and fast to make so for the first time or or it's been and happening for a long time but for the first time one person in their basement can with over with to some reasonable <hes> audio visual equipment can make very sophisticated did very interesting of short videos <hes> which <hes> can go viral or the whole idea is to try to make them go viral and so very very often. They'll have a you know they'll have a page. They'll have a platform and they're competing with all of these others they they know it has to be short because attention span is terribly shorted internet. It has to have a style which makes you wanna see other examples in the same style links and so the idea is that you want to get likes you when you get more viewers to to do it so they're short. They're funny sometimes shocking whatever it is and then they can become they can then monetize it make money off of it and if they're lucky than they get millions and tens of millions is and then they can really make money off of it. There's a whole lot of really creative people finding this thinking and thinking. This could be a career if i do it right very very very few <hes>. Some of them are really quality stuff although they are short but then i hope that these is more short of products can be extended into to deep profound and subtle artistic works. Don't you think that is entrepreneur. I don't think those platforms are meant for deep right. I know the thing is that if it's short it's abrupt. It's quick. It's instant gratification. If people are obsessed mr with instant gratification there came to give up the other side. I mean none instant long. Social media in my mind is search social. Media is for everyone to satisfy different needs. It's not just the mass the grassroots the grass who's happened to be the majority. It's always the educated the minority since ancient time people since very engine time i think there's only one or two learned handed person standing beside the king of the queen and now because of the mass education when people have knowledge now but still compared to to the grassroots they they had the so-called alito though i refuse to use the word this it's a cliche now but people who are educated. They definitely are are not <hes> looking for instant gratification. I will look forward but not on daily basis well to bigger pictures so in the euro two thousand eighteen the total volume of digital economy in china and the related industries reached about five hundred billion are m._b. Which is about seventy a billion dollars so it has become the new driving force of economic growth even in china. So how do you assess the developments of china's digital economy army in recent years. Digital economy is going to go even more to toe in the future. I think okay if if everybody like a per capita like like a china has one point four one point three billion population of the latest one thousand four hundred eighty if we spent just the one quiet on something like though into to buy because knowing is and the inap- purchase right something. You're interested you pay for it. That's very popular very trendy. If can cover the bigger bays like i said the majority people the economy would be good but okay the economy economy would be good and house healthy enough. Is it going to be sustainable is going to represent human progress. We still need thinkers. You know other stuff. Scholars colors like david wright your articles and share with us. It was her take on that platform is is content neutral in other words. Whatever you can do a platform you can you can put beethoven on it or you can put allow show dominators at sustain it so the thing is most of these things or many of these things. Recently you get started up because there's a phenomenon of of something like these these fast b._d._o.'s cute things there are several minutes can grab a lot of people become viral when it becomes <music> a mature media then there's a possibility to branch out in present more for different audiences something like i don't know if you know about the the app or the pro the program that's called spotify defy spotify not an american. Yes free frames in the us but it's not an u._s. Platform spotify started out as just a it platform that could pri the play a new new releases by artists and most of it was pop rockin and and some of the things they've become so extensive now in the end they're actual database so huge that they have everything from the most trivial and the most silly stuff that goes viral to the most deep profound works of bach that you can get all align basically weekly for free or for for very cheap is a platform that it you can't characterize it. It's all virtually all music that is produced by human beings so the same thing with these these platforms platforms are only <hes> as useful as they are the people that use them if they only attract a certain demographic like young teenagers. Let's say you may need a lot of <hes> a a lot of hits a lot of likes and you make a lot of money but a lot of but the but your business model might be flawed in the sense that when that goes away the fad dannatt vanishes the the kids grow up than the your business dies because no one's interested in that so it has to have sustainability and it has to have ability to broaden its base and broaden its its readership words listenership ship so that other kinds of the music and other kinds of products can be put in there and that way it has a broad serve sustainability. What's going to happen to take talk. I don't know but right now. It's at it's at that first stage which will just producing a lot of silly kind of funny mindless stuff though is expanding is on the clock. Come up japanese. People may probably need to wait till they are over seventy years old to receive their pensions. What happened stay tuned to find out more welcome back. You're listening to weekly the weekend edition of today. I'm royal today. Joining me in the studio are david motza associate dean of yen ching academy emme at peking university and are coming hitter malinche now. Let's turn to our third topic. The japanese government is planning to raise the option. No age for joining in public pensions to seventy five it aims at coping with labor shortages in an aging population the government announced it will finalize the plans john's as part of a set of legal changes after april twenty twenty okay first of all what is current pension-age in japan and what are the changes after the plan is finalized the current one. Is this the benchmark for sixty and sixty five seventy by now. Maybe after the change h is should be seventy one and odor. I think it's not really a piece of so shocking use. We live long and we consume more. We we have fewer babies so we have to work. You know this is everything. China is catching up. China is catching up it happened. I think the aging population started added in japan and in a european countries in the united states in britain or the u._k. But when when china started to reform and the economy was was started doing good or well then the thing just come up the industrial sort of industrialized economy means is that people are busy not is if it's an agricultural. It's the diverse era then people stay home had have a lot of babies is and then parents who would rely on babies to support them out age care but once it's industrialized and faster paced we have <hes> all all sorts of far recreations. We have dreams to fulfil right. We even gold rush. You know opportunities everything we go to coastal areas to to to to sit in the beach. That's more sort of pleasant thing to do then raise a baby at home but now we are in the digital sort of <hes> your <hes> internet area now and it's even more so <hes> even many young people are hesitating whether they're going to have a vape so have children or not well dave. What do you think this policy means into the japanese people and what kind of difference does it make. I think differences that it's probably putting something in the legal framework which has already been a tendency in the past and that's that's what usually laws usually follow the trans rather than creating them they address problems rather within caused them or the problem japan which which china's now having an and certainly france and some other places is the the lack of a population growth the u._s. U._s. seems to be doing pretty. Well with basically immigration is right but also our population is at replacement level which means people are having just enough kids to keep keep it at about the same level as far as i know. The direction is the oh the aging population direction. It's the reverse not no not no not suspended because with replacement population the good thing about that is it keeps that balance. That's let replacement population is which is that you're you know you have the saint you're building building a supply of younger people that can go into the market at a reliable rate and the dying off of course there's problems because people are living longer that'd be if trump says no no more immigration and harder set of policies on on visas on immigration on sorts of things. I think that direction should be reversed now. Is it's like you said but the the immigration issue is a slightly different different one and the basic thing should their basic copulation so now now you made me forget where it i was about to say but but japan has the same sort of problem that china is facing and his slightly ahead of china because they've already come to grips with some of the issues so one of the issues is is making the retirement age later one of the things that they can do this chat. The japanese workforce has more special relationship to its employers. The the typical japanese employer employee relationship is one of a <hes> sort of a long time long term committed relationship on both sides a japanese when they graduate japanese young people when they graduate from college usually have a very short time or very <hes> desperate time to to very quickly get attached into a good company and what that means is that they will usually be taken on as employees they will be trained for the job. They don't expect employees to come with with skills already. So japanese won't <hes> i work at a skill in order to get some some expertise and then go look for job. They will get the job and then get the expertise. It is expertise. They need on the job which means that they have. The company is pay for as gripe paper. The growth education this company loyalty will continue throughout as the company treats them well gives them regular raises gives them lots of overtime encourages them to spend time at the office by making their the atmosphere there air pre conducive to serve living there and eating and socializing there so there's a very tight relationship between the japanese employer and employees who see it as a family right so that means that the same thing with retirement. They are not going to be this tendency that in the u._s. You see you know were they get close to retirement age and they're just brutally kicked kicked out of the retirement or out of the market before they write quite ready to retire. My father had to retire like five years earlier than he wanted to because the company that he was working for felt that they needed to save money and so they gave him an irc quote early retirement she was a different package than what he was hoping for the japanese are less likely to do that and so all of these sorts of things are going to have to happen in china as well what's happening in china. I think is happening. Japanese twos wither without the presence of companies. These retirees are are are learning that there are things they can do still remain productive in their later years. They can take on different. They can take part time jobs. They can certainly take take will a load off of the parents on the family by by doing the child care that the parents would normally do and that's happening both in japan and china and so the point is is that the that these people are living longer. No longer is seventy a sort of an age where you're absolutely can't do anything and you have to be bedridden or taking care of seventy seventy five even eighties. These can be people in that old who are actually walking around taking care of things. Take shopping even doing a job on the computer and stuff so it's changing the way the workforces make the work period longer and more sustainable and all also it's it's taking the place of all the young people that are not being replaced the way they normally would be in places like china and japan. I think we should learn from the u._s. Your country. I had a brief investigation when i was there research for example. I met a eighty something <hes> shop assistant in macy's i was like oh it's the jurors jury reese sector which is not so heavy duty because you just show present and i went to buy a piece of jaw and then i said how come you stooping work yeah. We you know in the private sector. It's not the government. Government has has has a retirement age but it's a rio capitalist market set of market market this no age limit as long as you can perform well as long as you're able to you know you can fulfill the job description as long as is. You still have something that you can contribute to the society. The doors should be open. The one trend that is is having a huge effect. It's a new idea and and some some sectors are trying it out because it does work for some things some manufacturers found that <hes> it instead of hiring lots and lots of women for these sweatshops sweatshops to spend twenty hours a day fifty hours a day switz- up making tennis shoes and then <hes> going home that it was very bad for the workers and it wasn't very good for the employer either so what they did was they they would they would have the women do it at home and give them the materials they they could see how many that they first test him to make sure they can do it at home. Make the shoe up to quality and then give them materials and products and then they would say all right this week. We give you a quota of ten shoes now now. You just have to tune those in at the end of the week. If your child gets sick on tuesday to take care of your child it's okay you know but you have the time to do it and you may stay up late but at the end the week we give ten shoes and we evaluate them and they're all pass quality control then we send you the money and we went and you never have to come to a factory and you do it by we chat or something like that and if it's this week you don't wanna do ten you sam sorry this week. My husband is six again. I say okay it's up to you. Don't earn that money right. So that's the kind kind of things there. There are all sorts of telephone marketing. They're all sorts of online things that involves just just checking a couple of things and then like putting someone in a list or taking taking the matter list older people could do in their homes without going to into a job that they could do regardless of their health could be on a wheelchair or they can but they could still be active and we something to do that. All you have to do is set it up with a very simple sort of chain of key of information there so that you could simply determined that the work can be done effectively. Give them the freedom that they'll need to get it done because they're older. They can't come into a workout to go and also make it something that gives them a rewarding putting life that it's something that can do the ultimate some money happier right more practical way for people to work remotely so that they can share more flexibility in the work and then a number of other countries are also facing the challenges of having an aging society now. Let's go to south korea to see what the elderly are doing. Their dungs ing with loud music now now. Let's take a short break and drop the beat <music> welcome back. You're listening to weekly the weekend edition of today. I'm wheel now. Let's turn to our final topic in the afternoon. A back alley. Allie of soul is packed with hundreds of super hair. The couples in data a disco organized by the south korean government did club only welcomes senior. Sooner people who are sixty five years old or above the event is the first of his kind aims to tackle loneliness and the mancha in south korea so first of all. Why does it ben those who are younger than sixty five years old then not that lonely. They haven't got dementia. I think <hes> my intuition intuition into it is that if it's government involved this using taxpayers money and then they should be more sort of <hes> you know undue spend every dollar every every penny should be spent with in the right way in the in the right way so six. This should be an age mark anyway. Do fifty under or sixty five sixty five is <hes> quite reasonable because now only yeah maybe it fits within the retirement physics physicality sixty-five five above your was your physical health so i sort of understand this one but one thing i couldn't really understand is y okay. I think in china elderly people have long been organizing. You know dancing. Parties square downs themselves why why it took so long. It's just recently for the first time i kind first of its kind and it has to be organized by a government. How about these people. Oh you okay if the government didn't come mean. What were you doing at home in a waiting for dementia to happen. In the chinese scar down some ladies are are comparatively more self-motivated yeah of course and then they they went outside to tourism everything all sorts of things they're so active active but but i don't know the elderly people in south korea they they stay home this this would be under the category of of you know elderly care it would be something like a you know a the way i see it. It's not necessarily something that the private sector would normally do but this is something that would be very good for elderly people and would be almost like i don't know how to put it in the house this much different than putting <hes> the sort of exercise equipment that you see all over beijing and over time in the parks that are very low level easy sorts of things that that mostly that's where old people that's for old people to to kids too. I guess but it's mostly for old people to have some low low era some aerobic low impact exercise to keep their bodies healthy doesn't cost a lot of money and it's fun and so this is the same kind of thing it sounds to me. It's good good government spending it. It keeps these people active it keeps them more healthy in and if it works if it's popular of the people i should like it then. I don't see why it couldn't the private. <unk> sector couldn't come in and do it even better. I think this is the policy stimulation your body. The beat very obvious be well. Uh so there's some sort of report showing that in beijing some karaoke katie it has opened to sinner people during daytime so it welcomes sooner people and grandpa's impasse in the daytime with a cheaper price. Let me show you with the very very beautiful story. One of my colleagues learning eighties age. She told me said three generations my grandma love singing and my mother my father and me and my husband sometimes so we spent the whole day bringing some snacks to carol qui studio a small room right the three generations have wonderful family together seeing old songs news on smartphones and eat the having fun together so can this method of coping with aging society in south korea also work in in other countries so what are the other ways to help elderly cure and diety after their retirement. I think we should resort to maltese you and you lay layers and small even museums museums of very visit physically consuming. Sometimes i love museums but it's too big or whatever we can redesign it. Make it smaller. Maybe just the the whole room. Only three pictures there for you to look at also china has something we can be boast off. Love is the universities for the aged l'union basham it started from a nineteen eighty three very long time ago and under the director of nece guided by the government and the ministry who's taking care civil affairs or whatever ministry so once you said okay. This does not need mitalent specialty anymore. I can learn everything in this university. I was noticing when i was was in the u._s. Just the last summer there were several places in the town i was i was in indiana indiana virginia anniversary. I saw this thing said adult day care center adult adult as could usually day care center is a center where mothers or the family can drop the kids off during the day while they do something or especially pre preschool school kids or whatever and now it's it's where the relatives are usually the wife from can quote drop the husband off here at a daycare center while while she goes into some things needs to do so just like a child daycare center. They have adult men or women idea. It is a very very good idea and also oh because they have they have certain games. You have people who are experts in in dementia. They have the several kinds of food. They have people that try to group them in the same kinds of who do the same kinds of problems too so that there's a room where people don't talk very much. There's rumor people were more active and if you do it safely and well and especially according to a sort of medical procedure with elderly people people dementia since there's no legal issues it could become just another something that people can use news in their daily lives to make both you and or elderly person happy <hes> well for the young for the senior. If you feel lonely or depressed you may shake it up and just ends. That's it for this episode of weekly the weekend edition of today a quick wrap up of topics jack ma and elon musk debate about why and impact dorian and talk user spending eleven million dollars in july japan plans to raise the pension age beyond seventy and so fiscal organized by the south korean government for senior people today joining us in the studio art david motza associate dean of yen ching academy at taking university and our commentator modeling. Thank you all for coming. Thank you with news and analysis weekly keeps you informed and inspired a moyal. Thank you so much for joining us <music>.

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15.11.2020 Clarkes,Parks and Mark

Jogo Bonito

1:02:57 hr | 6 months ago

15.11.2020 Clarkes,Parks and Mark

"Taos escort late double against cruelly one year when we won the and we lost two one. So yeah oh legally lean disappear. They'd get knocked out beaten and we can laugh at them coming home early again. Welcome social show helmet here. Jimmy jimmy just having. Thanks good friday. Friday tonight And this is come. Sunday so If you enjoyed the craft beer beer of no jerry. Veto i feel left out now. I'm going to have to end the break. I'm gonna go get voted one and opening on straw pedo. Jovita pay jets this. I'll go. I'll go chocolate orange pastry. Stout cannot just say that sounds absolutely disgusting. No in particular. There's limits to the stuff. Isn't there a car. You got lovely lovely craft show and he's got a stellar on just asking to drink tennefos. Is it enjoyable different. Ten of them. What they Ones nice and then they'd come to you after an anyway listeners. Know what your thoughts are on craft beer all like premium logger. Grosz styler all well as what was again. Jimmy exclude the dock. Druid chocolate orange pastry. Stout those are just four. Words picked out for her one of them being looks tout and free variables lot creative expanded noun phrase. I'm alright listeners. Well you well got three topics to get into today. We're gonna pay homage to the good work. That eight o'clock is doing in the world. That would be steve claw. Scotland manager Scotland qualify an i tournament. I think it was twenty two years from long always but ninety. I was fantastic. Your mega anima. Say a pool harrison. Great friends and big. Listen to the padre. Costa rica and proud scotsman as is absolutely urgent so yet we will be. We'll get to that in part safe Part one and leave pot. Free will get to. It won't get to it Just think hawks listeners parks but one is fundamentally this of side of of the clock spectrum. Double act that. We're going to talk about the s you're sucking of Or the stepping down over resignation of gridlock. The england association chairman earlier this week after essentially racist comments regarding black An ethnic minority people. It's something that just keeps happening in football and these people keep being appointed as don't seem to have the best interests at heart and watch footage is online or audience fee with Adulthood was from december one hundred percent. Show who the the individual series who essentially had to to cool greg cloth. This is the most senior person in english football. He has a cool him on his on the language that he deemed appropriate and greg clock deems that using the term colored people isn't appropriate term. The twenty th th century And it's really kind of goaling that has pointed out and and also the kind of passive at gave afterwards but working in america an adopting those terminologies phrases. It was just kind of car crash stuff in and there is so much tremendous work done by so many superb individuals and yet at the epicenter is is the fa that is supposed to really be the cornerstone of these things and yet it's handling on its policies implemented these policies is it's beyond laughable and essentially. It goes down the puzzles. Where is the true nature of the fa and poor and it's inclusiveness all swollen people who wish to participate in cultural like. Where is the evidence of that. Not only in that chain of people involves a employed but the rollout of that and the connection of. I'll pass across team. Y'all know you've done a lot work on on reading about clocks background. So yeah yeah. I i'm gonna take you back to the actual remarks. It wasn't just racist language. He used a belief believe it was homophobic language that he used as well maybe language but had homophobic connotations language. He used saying that gay. Football is not coming out with a life choice. Now i i completely disbelieve. I think there was a toxic masculinity within football which makes it very very hard for for gay players to come out son in the mail game overseas. he's out asian people in this and that they had different career interests to other other races referred to other races as colored people. Something that you know. How can you not realize that is racist especially with the connotations. They has When you look at the us and coloreds known whites and that was everywhere that would was used to to bond black people from going places from whether it'd be public transport whether it'd be cafes anyway you know. The connotations that has so disrespectful is unbelievable. An also females as well saying that they don't like having the ball hit hard at them now. I'm sorry i play father side. And i playing well i used side and i playing go and i don't like having the ball hit hard me. I'm sorry but i don't. I don't think anyone likes having the ball. Relevance of gender. Greg the experience many times. I mean if you've ever had a bowl your in the cold of winter on an outdoor saw pitch and have the imprint. Now for a week. You know exactly what i'm talking about and i'm sure many of us listen have lose even worse or think is the way that he tried to excuse it saying that. He spent a lot of time in the us and knots. The language that they use for their diversity policies they used the word colored. Now i'm sorry great but that's not only should you the trying to excuse it like but you're the head of a national organization that humped on about equality and diversity for years and years and years. You've this is the man that led the faa's response to bullion and racism relate into any aluko a mark sampson and the response to the historical sexual abuse. And just not point. He was dug out in october. Two thousand and seventeen and criticize boy underwood who was one of the victims in the historic sexual abuse cases for for using humiliating remarks again in front of a dcms committee. Hearing so greg learn from your mistakes. If this is a personal development need you're saying has stems from working in. America stems from a different generation surely recognized that and think we're out today. This is a different time where aggressive national organization. That's the key to the. Fa should be aggressive. And he's just taking it buck thirty forty fifty years by using these remarks. it's ridiculous It's been in that role for four years now as well. Before he was the chairman of the f. o. For six years ten years that we've had a man look this that can use language like this in a row where he should be a champion of a of diverse. It's just unbelievable. And the in two thousand seventeen again called institutional racism in football referred to as fluff and that's a direct quote Well i think the only thing that fluff is what's come out of your mouth. Greg i think is just wrong on so many so many levels and the response to it as well i mean the. The faa released a statement. mark billingham. Who is the ceo of the fa. Now Pointed last august. I believe i don't think the statement and he really was strong enough. He said and i quote some of his words were unacceptable. Well i don't think some of his words. I would say it's wall unacceptable. It's unacceptable to discuss it and use the language that he's used and i think they needed a strong statement in the same statement as well willingham has said an and he's trying to dig up the face and they've reduced the gender pay gap. Well you know kudos to you but war would use it when you can equal it. You know we're talking about equality. And he also said now they have a very small ethnicity pay gap. But what's the very smallest mississippigale bus nearly swore. Then that's ridiculous. There should be no ethnicity pay gap you know males females black white asian. We're all human beings at the end of that. We are all equals. And i'm sorry on ramped in here but it's just really ready really gotten nettie swore again. So i i mean. I don't know what. Jimmy thinks jimmy around because on for for hours on this. It's just disgusted. Ma'am sorry a did wonder when you're going to pass the site bulks iva. You can't describe everything you've said and everything you saw pulled out other a sudden shutdown his look into mr clark and is exactly the same. I think a man in such position should know what language is acceptable. Or isn't hundred. Even nowadays as a friend of epa on facebook the other night about what's wrong with the word colored given the movement departs year however long with black lives matter. It's the ignorance around. The use of that. Word is no longer excusable. The use of ignorant ignorance isn't bliss. It's now because it is. It is everywhere you should be known but the fact that lies say greg clark was the the main figure of the biggest sport in this country and he's still using such language is a disgrace and everything that mark quoted is. He'd been sort of pulled up before for Sexist issues homophobic shoes and so on. I think he'd actually been warned previously about the language that he uses So i think those two thousand seventeen eighteen. Maybe two to three years down the line to turn running sort of make the same mistake again in suicide. He yes because i worked in america yet does not wash but not wash it. I think he's the right thing to walk away before he got kicked away dramatically. What i found frustrating is that greg talk ain't sixty three year old man and his language doesn't seem that east comfortable to discuss and include the word black in his language and it seems that doesn't know what language to use we didn't know what language teams and he should educate himself. I never southall onto. It is so fascinating. Look novel south. Who is poet On twitter but he spoke by. You're talking about wanting to educate yourself about the language of of gender and sexuality and he is very open about his. He was very lack of knowledge about because he wants play. Reposted rolling in aspect and here and he's really opening and a stink one of the things that's frustrating is that are the heat. Greg clock is never asked or somebody's never told him that. Black people and people ethnic diversity don't like the term coloreds and don't let colored because like you said mark. Jim crow bear in america. That terms used to segregate black people and a great ask on bbc Show rayson red card spoke from from the spoke about it and it's it's also something like the turn. The vein turn the pin town. That's come look i think. There's there's been kind of appalled and service thunder. That's the term that the the very term that supposed to represent to represent those people are very nature. those people is like they. it's it's not an appropriate term and an affiliate. Nobody is actually asking people. And the hope is that some cool elliott is just pay an important role in in the And is at the forefront of what can only hope to be an actual genuine dog coach. Is someone who could have exact change. But what i will say. Is that in two thousand sixteen. They won't launching ethnic diversity coats and that doesn't seem to be increased levels of ethnic diversity in coaching frameworks in the In head coaches in had managers in referees they just keep flock reimplementing. It and that doesn't seem to be any evidence In in actual weather is there any any changing in just in a statement. Mount bowling them released as well. The last line In one of the paragraph says we're ensuring that we are able to select the best candidate from diverse talent pool which are welcome but to me suggests that they haven't been doing that previously like yeah. Don't pick yourself up that look. This is what we're gonna do now. You should always been doing that. It's the best person for the job. Like i said it doesn't matter what ethnicity religion gender they are. The best person for that job should get the job and that is someone that recognizes that the fa is not a business because it is not a business and they get in these middle-aged what men to come in and run it like a business people that are from other big businesses like. Where's the social goes of sport. You know in this. Fa that's what it is of got written down here. You think if you think. Not if you think greg who's the previous champion Was seminal in exploring the breakaway and enabling the breakaway ninety. Nine one for the premier league to happen like he. He is one of the foremost players in that moment. Where football essentially change he wanted to monetize it varenne then and this is a man who was the chairman a of of the english. Fa in notorious mun previous chairman was those decisions of bribery among with regards to The well couplets well on an institutional level. She's may greg. Clark step down on the tenth of november the fhm it wasn't then into the twelfth of november. The step down for voice chairman so he two days You know maybe. I should or should step down that jobs. One hundred ninety thousand pound a year job. I couldn't couldn't quite find the salary for the. Fhm lived everywhere. It's just could not find unless you go to the times which is beyond to pay them. So i i am pamphlets arms but uefa the rafer chief. Alexander suffering actually asked greg clark not to stand down from his role as fee for voice chairman now on an institutional level that suggested this massive massive problems that uefa to Go back to the. Nfl got rain down here. The fa is not a business. It's a national institution that should be transparent progressive on infallible and that's more beliefs. And you should. It's not been. He shouldn't be a top down mentality. should be a bomb up and they hop on about over the last few years anyone that's done coaching qualifications and stuff. They hopped on about gr improving graphics facilities. I'm sorry you've not done enough there. They talked by improving the women's game. I'm sorry you've not done enough. That i've spoken to county level development offices and lecture with county level development offices. Wechat they had. Yeah we get given four hundred pound and told run a program based around women's football or run a program based on that for four hundred pounds and this is not just like a one off kind of weak thing go out and horror venue for two hours. This is like a ten week program and they giving you a budget of four hundred pounds. I'm saw level. You need more investment than that. And you mentioned before about about the hawk known about bain coaches and an administrator and stuff like that getting more involved in the game and not very. Tom let you say bane are. That's never comfortably with me is like you say it's almost like well. There's a there's a whole group of society let's just cooling but this name and just is kind of the same is the same to me. The use of what colored is on a human holistic level. You need to find the language the the individuals are comfortable with a generalized term to kind of pigeonhole. Everyone into one size doesn't fit all does it. Not no but yeah. It was great article. I am sorry for pronounce. Surname wrong is bonnie bonnie runner in the guardian road runner. Yeah road and there was one question. He's always on the main. I know one of the lines. Et greg clock satirical comedy and caught him bora blazer today. That's it and we all know how cynical bora bora is made to be a joke. You know greg clocks a real human being. He's not a character but yeah. Let's wrap this up. Because i'm going to get angry in a minute and start swearing again. Let's not do you get yourself a glass. Red will sake of our citizens minute and then combat. That sounds like a plan sounds a condom. Oh at listeners. Breath deep on that one. We'll be back with a positive clock story positive so the stages of the euro's of results of the nation's obviously but this new way of qualification which is meant that free as the tournament's favors free compete that always conform on the big stage with death. Which is a crying. Shame because you kind of want to be in the lower house tournament one of them definitely won't be too the way the taste. Is it worth it. Friendly show many of points in the euros but my favorite support should go. I think that they don't do overtake that. Talk to so welcome cheap. Thirteen of ood At shot just like a positive climax On the fossils like we'll be ambulante about england all into those good siegried Turn turn on I think it was Emesa amount was going on. Which i it was georgia saying that. Just switching and what startling z. Scotland essentially hot It's always comes to this. Scotland doesn't it they have these seminal matches that and if they win they qualify On they always end up losing for the last twenty two years however the joy is Is after go more under an conceded. A go to to take it to extra time. He's from a leaker yovich though not as many as well and they they went out again on penalties for the second time and the absolute horror of all list the delay in celebrate in and having to make sure that kind of penalties are taken appropriately but after defeat in israel in as well in previous round They made it and nothing really exciting time for scottish football and On scottish plays because already do right. Steve clarke has a as a solid manager. Always yes i think. He had great pedigree As a assistant coach authentic remember a panini sticker of fame. Back in the day. Un's he's just developed into you know i know he's only fourteen matches in but for in matches with non games one one draw full loss for gains were home and away legs against russia and home away legs against belgium and think every time you'd say those two teams beat scotland anyway but the important thing is is the results getting in and start to look at the squad guys this like soy in mind. Yeah dragon jimmy off. Just i'm gonna if you're caught a few weeks ago there was the whole Spurs beat chelsea on penalties in usa. And you won the game. And i'm saying no. You drew the game so i just wanted to statistically correct. You say that they've won. Seven under steve. Clark and john on three but of those three two of them they have at the benefit of a penalty. Kick to sort the salt the outcome out. Just let 'em just. Yeah just into your sofa school and let them know. I often drop drop. Drop me an email. And i will send them a strongly worded opinion from myself on such matters. I'm only excited by scotland. I'm i'm jack mom. Do i get my three lines bulldog out here. They they hate us. Do they want sympathy. Oh come on. Genoa tool the heightened. Paul one man jeff most zone. Kittle doesn't mean you have to hate embark vine fraser. He's exciting disney on him bernie. He's at saw in. He's liam cooper griffis. No no no. No no no no. I'll never lakers an exciting. No i'll never have a hacker anyone me. Ao says or late double against cruelty one year when we won the and we lost two one league really griffis can disappear. They get knocked out and beaten. We can offer them coming home early again. This really isn't how awful this game own i say. Can i just say i'll players written down as well. Because i was excited of andy rolex liam cougar's got oliver john mccain hearing teeny ryan fraser only mcburney robots no grass stuart armstrong for its own crossing the primarily. I'll slow drowsy scored player decent squad plan. We're not trying to not championship. Hey mark conduct. They've done the international version of the audio in the championship. Playoff to the european championships. So yeah won't game the championship now gets to the euro that's it. He's like one of those it gets you into the primarily. It doesn't get gate come. Andrew robinson given signed an unlucky marks lean. Tepa that's like come on does like an exciting defense. Come on okay. okay. Letting the love. Let me put winston moi more my dog away and let's go to own and nothing else. They are very exciting group of players. And i'm very pleased that they are there The more exposure full players he playing in the premier league and championship of that will that will feed into. They say. it's very good for game. And i'm very pleased for it. I just want to say. How good was tommy's penalty night as he walked up. This is going over now. Low to the keepers. Roy roy in the corner very impressed. That was just all from business. You love it. Tv choice oh did hard to suppress that glaswegian accent israel allow allow. Let it all out. Scotland have the the sheriff lott just in a in net manages the last couple of years of just in various ways just not achieved an not my support through in any way shape or form and clark was appointed a think. Look eight pool of las. Ta and a finger at really good Campaign with camman and think what you were saying jimmy about exposures think on the flip side like the the crop. Scottish managers in the mix of conic manages in scotland is is probably stronger than it has been for a good while And seek lot was part that so fundamentally they play with but fat free with three full free four three three four one to kind of have the luxury of having andrew robertson and kieran tierney on claims Gluck court noise And mcginn playing along. So it's You know some roy fraser and on i just think like is not that. Wanna look at it. If you could have their full team. I think they could give a lot teams kind of a decent in in these one off situations where he took him out tournament football. I i think that can cause some shocks next year. I'm gonna give shouts. Pool is a pool howson We he said like defensively them. Look as sound as as essentially that ninety. Six crop of of the applies colin hendry. Yeah lot quality And hopefully You know they can. They can do something in the in the championship next year and unlike route boys fun on it would love that. Mark is it wembley's when the england. B scotland it is Is is is it ought already hope they bring gascoyne out pre-game as the guest of honor just a ribs so in the wind. Yeah it'd be interested in it. Be interested in away from the. I wasn't was not thinking i was. I was like less shadow love. I'm sure you might paulo take it on the chin easiest to and i'm sure he could dish it out to us as well. I'm sure it probably will really was a lovely vestige after this. I'm sure for sure for sure. Group gripes with the greeks now finished Shrimp quick run three degrees. Just really really. Super quiet day repay is italy. Switzerland turkey wales a groupie belgium denmark finland russia. Group see australia. Netherlands north macedonia ukraine Group d croatia czech republic england and scotland group e poland slovakia spain and sweden group f. france germany hungary and portugal which i think has been given the group of death seal of approval group off the in group of so. Yeah i think it's pretty exciting in Of roy is not. It's nice that all the the for new Filled now so we can via get excited about the mix and whatnot but yeah that pass all looking forward to that one and i think if we win our group we get the runner up in that group. I love that you've already broken down. Jimmy i think we wanna come second because then we get the runner up a group which will probably poland sweden slovakia. Ooh wow. I read that right. I probably that right jimmy. Take it for. They'll take your time mutations further. Our next in jimmy's european championship. What happens what happens next. They all get given cans of chocolate orange. Pastry style would be good night. You're going to take his through. Although i i'll tell you a little story back it was well cups. He thousand and to all the games Early mornings on you and all used to do very early morning shift in a in a in a street stool and i actually worked out the permutations of every england game where they came in their group in the fiction. Coulda done and i've booked all those mornings off around the same time. Most doing university exams claiming had an exam. So i got to watch every singling gang. Jimmy love the up. And i think most of our games during the day at the moment there the weekend and if during the week they all the evening kickoffs so i don't need to be pulling such strikes this time. I'm just double gin. This was before you had a family year. Because obviously you won't be able to do that. These days yeah yeah and it can lead couple of years got just right. You confess to something that must be weighing heavily on you. Will these years. Yeah you probably know. He's probably like our jove. Can you feel like jimmy shift. He can't do because he's got an exam while we're playing brazil and siemens getting locked over four yard. Run out dania. Yeah that's all actually genoa's just always in. I wasn't Wasn't than tongkah's always in a apartment in san francisco watching not go Also traveling in local hostile. And yeah just the hora arkham very vividly. What should not just keep floating him anyway. Let alone in san francisco always in a friend's house in flipped. And so i'm going now see later. So roy is. Robbie will wherever you mark where. We can't even remember from a genuine commendable. I i just being polite probably hung over in a so so much. Thank you guys. We've we've turned into england so a dip listeners. Omic saw it about scotland's. I don't think it's fantastic. That they qualified Anti robertson will be locked top scorer. The championships will tofte sister. Alima bernie four goals top-scorer miroslav place a tiny european championships ironed. Alright listeners can offer break You have to get in that a pot three will become up on. He's thought long and hard about parks. We're going to be discussing the park saying who's thought i'd be saying next selma after twenty three year week. Craig brown will no longer be referred to as the last man to lead scotland to a major championship. It's been exactly eight thousand one hundred seventy eight. After a french name. It campaign ended. The pin is over after an agonizing nate of twists and turns scotland back in the bacterium combined caught three of the saw new parks of of your sunday. Daytime take football really alright. Arcane across this topic that will come a new dog after discussion with mark about parks take dogs to all wonders is the best park in football so So this yeah we just chat the best park so really. Very important is queens park queens park. The scottish football team older scotch. Fourteen in scotland and i believe The only scotch team to have also played in the fa cup final Achieving this feat in eighteen eighty four and eighteen eighty five. So i'm off the bat aspirated. Shout and there's also just going to throw some into the make some passer aver party Superb south korean midfield dynamo canard jumping on him as roads. Kamar quit jumping on footage. The fact that when he stopped playing professional football he went to university. Played in university team. Like no way yeah like. He was playing university football. That was fantastic. You need you like literally for a frenchman football career going to a and someone set in hell. Yeah but was playing university football for three years for his degree. How cool is i. Imagine going to university anything in almo- track for the party seven next year you've been up. This is co according today just legend. I'm also loves the fact Mammoth taylor didn't and pay them for some really derogatory comment like you're not footballer. He just like run around and stuff because he he just had boundless energy didn't he Yeah so that's another shout Design might wanna drop some in because list here. Look it is difficult man because there's ranges whether to james's punks but of debate over there last houston james's parks because it cash not ruined one of them is one of them like not now like the sports director. Rian or something but I think he as it back in the other one. That's not worth talking about. Are kind of remember replays. James's pockets die relevant listeners essays but interestingly out of the out of the four southwest professional clubs and we'll we'll count talk because they still cost himself as professional even that probably not and i have worked. That's where we should send three of them have fox. We got some changes part with go home. Park on a hop is as the training ground for go. I can never pronounce this huish park because it who is you hewish pot. Yeah yeovil and then talk as i said. It's just plain mourners. Bit playing also gonna shout out police say paw park parkway yes a great parkway's homepage his lovely little ground to be like right in fade shout out to parkway. They're doing good things down there. Yeah well yeah you can have all of them. All of them need to go into the mix they will go into however us has bigger this bigger hawks in that there is composed hamden pau show but more net. Shout is is debatable. And i'm gonna. I'm gonna have to try and get this past year because it doesn't go park in the tokyo but it is backed onto leave olympic park in london and there was a nine hundred and ninety seven starring art continent. Am roy david steven roby fowler to the song parklife by blah harkening marshes man. Eighty no eighty eight so source but book pitches is represented in annoyed cats. Like how is that. Not the best foot will park there is. I'm with you when we're talking about big. Poke the first thing or four. Was hunting him martius and as josephine that no less gang up gang up their hat off his main. You can gang up as much as one but there's no word parking it. It's got nothing to d of wash duck technique. You know so. Why don't we do marshes when we do. He's the best marsh rodney marsh and mc mashes and mike. Marsh would you allow marshals. Would david we marsh at martian it. It's not like sunday park football. I'm jenny with just a great show. Jim if you look if you look at google maps it bucks onto the olympic park. You love the fact that i was just trying to discover least hanjin already convinced into me going jim. Oh i miss the floyd. Jim half fought never called in our struggle. Getting idea of the scale of it. Because in google maps they did not have the football pitch markings but they did have like six or seven cricket pitches that and they would just dwarfed by the size of it. So i know. You're a cricket lever. Jim so i must say. There is a superb old pitcher a identify prewar something of hackney marshes and all of the football pitches owner. And it's just it is insane is insane but you're not allowed do well alternate. Mark is a good argument at the end. It's very it's a lovely link with park life. So let's let's just park it Because there is other there's a value in this because all she thinks maybe Come in and done. Because i really love your parking. The bus. it's hot pockets us. Sorry i forgot to get rid of the of the yeah party. Bus feel welcome in an extended. English lesson expanded noun phrases person Yeah part the process of fulltime isn't it and is determined that as like this wasn't always in our english football vocab but of around for for our long joseph arrives. I think it kind of arrived at him did he. Referenced it against spurs. When jackson was manager which was we. It's very strange moment. But yeah Specify chelsea and accused used time then my favorite. We've joe's action. Why why love this is is a few years ago. I chelsea west ham. When allardyce was there and i can get finishing their nail and someone. They're big sam any any parked a part. They double decker and chelsea. At nothing and josie go into the press conference afterwards unjust wind and moaned. Did what you did about. Sam and then sam came into the press conference and they told him and semis just sat there laughing and i just not see why parked. The bus is brilliant. Just to see saimaa. Sit there laughing. Josie wenjun s great for. It's a big who term. I wonder if other countries the beauty of like especially football is the language of just to pass around. We all have our terminologies for skills and traits data their data. But i wonder if the countries have turned to caulking the bus now the actual conserve reference for the way I love it really love it. i'm okay well. What about queens park rangers guys because And they gave us. Les ferdinand dismissed and charleston. Class and rodney marsh to go back to malta in class. I'm not new marshy. of course. Were they never argument from office of included. And ill holloway. A mommy's gonna talk all which is right then. Paul complete pockets on home. Park and victoria. Poke links everywhere. I must say The the reason nothing keep a sweet spot is because that nineteen and collecting the panini stickers on a beautiful shirts Was i dunno. Just they were like a hipster team. Weren't they of the hips the team with the nineties. Trevor sinclair overhead kick sinclair overhead. Kick is playing for. Kyo kevin gallacher into my veins. Kevin gallo i'm dmp left on the donny madikwe quality coal ready love him. Love him love him are we. Just keep saying his name's now john stay scout. Now that was a goalie. Full novella. But yeah i know i just think saleh's took get now special guy's name. Do you know what it's on him. Things are let's see so less Involved more in india league decisions yet lot. I think that's the person who actually learning his craft a he seems to be very invested in. Keep your and wasn't he some woman involved in amano. I saw an article. Actually just jumping back to that. Saying that less fernandez has been suggested as a someone be involved in the faa. But yeah. but i don't think he's interested. Look i never show it to you last night. Joe but you know my foreign pronounciation is horrendous. So i'm just gonna put it in the chat. One of you guys can read out because all that the trip over but home of the east india tea company wherever jack refers to i was home of them. Yeah yeah. psg the park. Oh that's lovely very lovely. That was almost sexual that we have which is a my -nificant that is the one park that we've mentioned where you see the best players on show currently anyway covered me unless hackney marshes has got some absolute humdinger of some players down. There is being relocated. rape paula. caller turns found again romford. Pele rumford pilot. He loves it down. Why are you turn out tonight. There's a few ex pros going down that plan. Sunday league football crack man of a lover. I think content. You watching turnout. You've week Every separa- ever yeah left wing brilliant. But if you've got say though germany's properly hackney moscow with the best part. Although well on just i just until capacity here on the park the prins forty seven thousand which essentially got as well as going to maybe disliked it. Because it's not very big stadium. Capacity of hackney marshes might low three hundred and thirty six point one acre so many people together. We socially distanced redoing our lockdown. Oh very 'cause i'm racking. Jimmy could probably quickly luck. Break down a hit me yet. Look just a quick just a quick one call a pot come into. It does not have special memory. See you guys playing football on no-one. Vicky parkin toyo park of got more more memories of victoria. Poke much not jimmy. How of course it was about tackle. It must hold memories for you. Joe probably probably beating you down those that which is york again. Who ring also interesting is completely. You bring up because i was looking at a photo The other week and it was me when i was younger. My dad's team metastasis to play for in the devon wednesday. I was in the end of the team photo. And i thought pets and it was devonport park. I was like oh cool. So cut cool. Remember the remember being taken. 'cause i was very must have been about six seven bars. At noah reliable mass. Yeah listen essentially. Mark mark played for like Montlake for the look. Real madrid's of under eleven's twelve and continual more Football teams clements. Lock during the arena. He's an all played for decent team but wasn't as good as marx. And we've got whoops loads But yeah thanks at mark So it's not going be happening marshes that pulled pocket some good memories surely agree that No shots Was sent you talk which I haven't been and the same room as a as a scout southgate speech. Trying loads and loads of of white wine coaches have really liked white wine so lived to be fair. That is the only way you can get for. Gareth southgate's speech yeah. I saw if i'm honest shorts. Three two hundred Who got really drunk and right. Paula was there and arabic Cutlass couple more pros and Yeah john listened to it but another one it says much day and undercut the next day before everyone else underwent and sat in the dugout of the training of england's first team training pitch free fuji out train. Pitch was just pretending to be look just like why can my finger do moves but when high does that for a so. Let's let's get this right. Did this really happen. Because this sounds like a dream and and the move you would just put an during the ymca. So what you're saying. Is you got pissed. Very parlor then went to the england. Doug alvin the ymca. Well i didn't get. They will several stop that charleston. But yeah we will for For thought teams who are not affiliated church in. That's the overnight. Had lots of talks noise place in football in the indoor forty training area and And then yeah yes. Southgate was that and few others on the apron. Lovely gave no speech But we didn't we weren't last question. The region probably roy annually ought about. Yeah what was five. And so it probably wasn't. It could say excuse me mrs just a yes yes. How good is mason. Mt but yeah. It didn't happen and it kind of happened. Exact says the senate pretty much to be absent georgia park down but unlike you. I know you've been next. We've discussed it before. But i've never been to really removed place but don't go now go so you can also use it as an salema. If he just liked because if he wanted to escape from that she just run for august before you reach civilization. it feels like all right well. Do we have any doubts. Because i think you should. I think we should pick a winner. Calm branding brains now. Stanley park off saw flush out loud separate in stanley. Park is the park. The separates earned goodison park coup rather than how much i'm just i'm just isn't as a lovely show. Gotta gotta think out loud now. Isn't vast special suspenseful. Spa isn't it. Shangri got someone if maybe a george invested live coup personally could lean on bit boom boom. Maybe we could and and it does talk in the name especially paul. It's a link nicely to like. The world will woman play. Football in. No-man's i'm because it is almost like that no man's land between the two trenches so so good. I'm just wondering one thing that worries that. If we decide on get it and then appetite decided to build. On sunday coffin it ceases to become stanley park we've given it saami called for no reason that we we just. We just got caveat. That is as of now whereas hackney marshes always disclaimer. Yeah you're right now they're not. I'm i'm tempted goes to To thirty nine now of of weakens speak made a good argument like heightened washes. I think it's a good show. It just doesn't have park in it. Is it a park. Cosa is is. Well what would they put the song potluck to it. Was it called the marsh then because it used to be a march does not mosh anymore now. They drained it technically a park now. But it's just a marching the name. Can we ask them to change it to hackney parks. I've already done email this afternoon. Because i knew about it all right. Well let's give it hackney marshes. Look at you guys all that snow. Some i just want to say Stanley park was wonder up and then and then something of immense power high-policy in hong part paladin part Yeah interesting And loy yeah. Great stuff and lost. Yeah and uncharged by a biggest fee. Didn't they when they realize funds Authentically would need to wrap it up if you guys often enough yet stellar garcia head as it. I'm going down to a few more guys. A pleasure lover. What you re doing mark a chilean all have gotta go in get pizza now. I admire must sun. Come up to me and say pizza podcast and he was down with you and you go though yes he can come down with me so he's chomping at the seats so i've got wind going to have a nice pizza and just chilling families not go anywhere i. I'm almost afraid to open the door. The room's sat in because all the way through. The kids are arguing. So i'm not in front blood on the walls or could be spending more weekend redecorating. Plus it wait. No i'm i'm i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna go by the silent type left mid child. She just doesn't say anything. But i recommend it came down to it. She turned his like some sort ninja. I was gonna say she'd be like a when she back. Backflips and all sorts. Course up every contest out one day hard. That'd be good clubs gloves. Let's get moving from sparring. I also look out nice circle where we keep making their. Yeah and then we could progress on that. That'd be awesome to book your podcast more morally. I'm running a book on which would wind. We'll cross that bridge okay. I wonder next week. What's the greatest bridge melted in football. Maybe thinking have never listeners cloned listening to this wayne. If you'd like to get in touch with you have a favorite park in. Football center is on instead. Sense of voice message send into his own Avoid website If he knows says by voicemail on instagram and we're on twitter facebook at yoga. Benito uk Come visit us online at www dot uk. Answer and guys we have got another installment of the circle. Courtesy of Of the always always excellent and the blackwell so get your teeth into that listeners. I'll on the take it from me but thanks as always and enjoy sunday. Komo nude dombi. Sheila is our ally here Put another ways This where glutamates put up appear so All you load pundits as gave sake in causing some issues say you then you could say that's Impacting on my ability to relate to people in a normal way which with the book it earlier laugh alley suggestion. Actually so i should try and take a new holiday collection book. Let's take a look a bucket full of lodhi michaelo. Check that out. Book load of sammy. Mcilroy nice show stevie macro mom's clips football fish pounds. Don't get me started wine off a few cheeky. Football films says if you insist. Start at the back and work forward about refocus on liverpool. Go to places any day out of champions. Anyone go to kill her. Look no further than staying. Lay clements centrebacks pleasanton. Incumbent virgil van pike playing alongside neil razor fish rule of mice double wing back trent alexander arnold he loves me your zonda also known as the pike perch introduced for southeast asia. What about mid field w neo nice old midfielder with a jamie. That's napa playing in a slightly more advanced through. Who's gonna apply tope Bobble not lease needing an actual mileage together. Cina outset him. I agree we all a bit. Showed up top to she'll to to what about portal. I will wait a minute playing alongside. Lamberto from minot decent sony on late. Lots of bump into caving the cowpox. He's in a bob. Way is just getting together. Not a problem not smell. Check out the bulkheads rebate amusing ourselves. Football fishburne's dangerous states. Nice a bucket. Wounded duncan mark kinsey. I there's a decent would a golden markle greens in there so soy was nine a to apologize to one muscle in on the action gave good moment. Take a p smile yet is new fellas but also a book of a genie masterpiece faranoff each to their own looking lucky smart around the choke through the dead octopus. Who gave everyone care yet. Settled in amaral us cave. Whether or not i'm belden yourself. What's your main big man munnings. Cavan football pundit bow after the. Belinda blender episode. Beat belinda. okay hung state well. We saw thought things behind even kill like so much so we are the grandkids over social distance pizza anyway. Derek from auguste north. Tom dow but he wants to unload boat. The proposed european cibelli as gone down so much looked at recent Mentioned not and he's like sign at kirby dirt all day to save a pyramid like like an explosion. All math made in japan bartolomeo balka president. Ezer run them into the grind. Asa club assume barter. So now they're forced into taking some dodgy deal in the big sex in the prime musuems foreign-owned than on and on and on we'll take care of Movies like to cut to the cheese who can show off so a pain in the air blue anyway. Teens gonna keep it down. Give it down. What about little cody decent player. I've seen him in the dj. Yeah easter of anyway. Party mouth like i'm supposed to be banned. Gerda com warned. You're not getting ground easily. Gone winds in that him electorally Gropius off reactor like teams giving me dodgers. proper glaring. nanny. Over one corner is illegal. Wreck your a bit special. Go more than you tell us what you've got so exasperated. Ground blesses low kelly. Okay walk on. I as an attempt to carry like poor. Save up to meet blank. So i'm slotting me at toronto. Come up with an appropriate metaphor newest Over one of his star wars x wing foia. So okay okay. Imagine football is like all the planet in the galaxy. Yeah in everyone sharing the same air. Whipple is like a republic all from wanting a need the same things so looks and i'm calling on board lovely like looks acute blind and he goes skulks. Jumping the gun coats. It's gone okay. You star vagueness thing. Okay do with it so about vega. He's in charge of this new gang. So connor goes like force. Awakens says new force. I said happy. So he's ain't going. Well the rebel alliance the question night. You all rebel along the seine. Kuh ages going an. I sat bladder. Corn is gonna is who said yeah. He's a bit of a slug. A your phone greg. Clarkin probably the hut He soon coolies gone. Through with asset blah java is marcus rushworth. Fan of kony's definitely jelly who cornerstone else's with a dog saw the big six. And he's he's gone not mainly liverpool 'cause friend column supports. Both of them said look finger plant and he goes like data where the young sky will go civis achieve instruction from the djeddai master. Yoda of the points going. We ask why so said the pilots song ban it. He's in charge of them. Kuhn has gone as liverpool daga. Then conan's go near tattoo in sparsely inhabited sir combined planets on the galaxies out to them and often get everyone off completely lost the plot and it come to me for game. It's like gary neville's long trying to bring reform. I said that in the hall and sold of the game knows care. Did you say carbon saw way to buy conference over. We talking about time they actually going on about. Who's pulls left him. You don't get it a every. Tell me what. I'm getting off. Lost everything veiling in cities supporter. Who here guys come together. I do know everything i football.

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Being the Last Kid Picked in Gym Class with Chris Brogan

Conversations with Phil

46:52 min | 1 year ago

Being the Last Kid Picked in Gym Class with Chris Brogan

"Unstop and bang bang do the boogie boogie and i'm gonna pay you robbie in meatballs. I'm gonna pay you in meatballs. How deep we are a man. We are and you know what's funny. Is people are already watching and like what is this joe. Oh great heart. Why did we even get there. I don't know how we got there. I really don't so. I'm just excited that we are here because chris. Every day that i get to talk talk to. You is a great day man for those of you who are watching. Thanks for being here in just kind of eavesdropping. I'm talking to one of my favorite people in the entire world chris brogan. If you don't know him you will. He is one of the most genuine people i know. He's an author keynote speaker business adviser. He helps companies update their organisational interfaces to better support modern modern humans like me and you. He believes that the age of factory size interactions is over. We all come one to pack. It's time right now except that we're all a little dented and chris is one of the first people that i ever got to know on the internet. Chris was my first follower on twitter. I linked in recommendation to based on comments that he made on your blog and you're the first person that invited me on their podcast. When we're doing the great beyond the great big small business show oh becky mcrae insane safran it ted dimopoulos from that ted actually invited me to be on our part of his book <hes> what nobody ever tells you about blogging and podcasting so chris i owe you much. My brother and i'm so glad that you're here and so glad you're my friend. You know it's it's been a very <hes> mutually giving experience for the decade plus that we have known each other and you know the great big small business show man what what another great venture. I had in mind that you didn't entirely take all the off the ground but the premise was great. You know if we did that ten years after we had done it would work perfectly but so i do i am now on the domain and we will and we will bring back because i don't ever want anybody else to take it so we're going to bring sexy about chris lloyd yeah because i think it's important i mean we think about the the way it was so folks if you're listening and you're like wow social media his facebook and twitter and linked in chris and i were doing social media back when the only social media we had was either we could comment in each other's blogs which we did every time we wrote a post more we could do this wonderful crazy thing called the track back which meant i wanted to go longer and not take over your comments <unk> section with my thousand words and wanted to bring that back to my sight. You remember those days chris. Oh my gosh it was you know the good and the bad because if you think about it was really hard to explain lane people how to subscribe virus s and we spent so much of our time educating potential readers saying this button but then you gotta do this day. If you go to find a reader and don't worry google has the best one ever my deleted it you know so i it was it was the worst of times it was the best of times and i wouldn't trade it. No oh i mean i i would say if you can do could've done social media then. It's a way easier now. You're not wrong except those away overcrowded crowded way cluttered way full of you know all the cool kids finally showed up so we're back to being picked last in gym class just on a digital platform but you know it's golden. I i think that one of the things i love about social still in all of its flavors and i don't really think of it as social but i was on youtube looking for a recipe the other day and i found this woman and it was such an imperfect video. It was such like every little bit of it midway through. She's all well that didn't work and then she dropped some of the stuff on the floor and she's like whatever it put back in and i was like you know this is so much better than watching like a professional cooking show because it's how we would do it. It's how we do it in our house or whatever and i you know i think that on days if i feel jaded or upset or like oh man this is stupid. It's too slick and glossy. I i love the can still find people just being so ridiculously real yeah i that is the the big thing that i fell in love with and that i still love and and why why why i still participate in the game because unfortunately now a lot of it is a game you have to kind of you know the i firmly believe in the givers gain but now unfortunately it's the it's. It's often a givers game. Instead of gain sure is a chris. I shared your postman. Can you now come wash my car and buy me a new house because you know that's the same same thing right yeah. It's you know every now and again. I still run into that. Oh hello <hes> and one of them was a <hes>. One of them was an author who was like well. You know having really connected with you and so many years and i'm glad we reconnected and as you si- commented on a bunch of your stuff in the last couple of days you should really helped me by writing this article in this review this whatever and i was like man like i don't know i always feel sad for people who haven't been around for a while because they feel like i love it. You think you just made up strategy. Okay yeah well to your point. The last couple of days his chris i have known you i would bet it has now gone on fourteen years tons about right got. I've met both your kids. I met both your parents and i love them to pieces and met jack jack mom <hes> great like legitimately like you're my friend and chris. I don't and meanness. I don't think i've ever purposely asked you for anything other than to spend time with you right and i and that though i'm maybe one well right but same with human you you've never asked. I've certainly volunteer to help you. You've always volunteer to help me and i think that's so fascinating. I would never think because chris just like seven of your instagram posts that now suddenly you only so nutty. It's really super ninety and jackson's high by the way jack. I think that i feel for the people who make those requests too. I feel for those people because i know that what they're saying is i. I haven't really figured out the magical formula. I've i've been told by everybody. This is how it's supposed to be hasn't worked yet so i'm just gonna try. <hes> expect d-do re trying to reciprocity reciprocity him. I'm not very good harry potter so it's it's nutty because this i system these tools expose us or allow us to expose ourselves in the most positive ways but it also shows our shortcoming sometimes. It's you know if you don't know how to sort of earn. Somebody's attention to earn somebody's interest in sharing something. It's gonna go bad for you. It's she's not gonna feel very good and i'm sure that person who asked me to do that. I'm sure they're just like man. Nothing works for me probably follow me because i didn't do anything with their email. <hes> i was just kinda nonplussed. They wanna write mean things so but i think phil it's so rewarding for us like when you know you you were nice enough i had that event and you drove all the way to come and see me and some of the other folks over at that event that were it was a few months back. It was funny because we pick up right where we left off. Everything's wonderful and you know the minute fill says i'm working on this new thing. I'm like oh mimi me. I love to be part of louis help and anybody who knows you. It feels that way anyone who says no one who knows you says your name doesn't then smile so like it's a beautiful thing and i just i really feel for for the people who are jumping onto this cold and you know where's my bag of. Money is just not happening. Yeah well it. It's your point about exposing the worse than us. I think it really exposes how impatient and microwave generation we are. We expect that poor poor in seven twitter followers throw in in three facebook likes. I did two live videos and now i should be famous and a christian overnight success of twenty two years blogging egging something like that right with live journal days and longtime ago. I'm overnight success of now. Fourteen years ragging seth wrote ever as written every day forever. I mean i'm sorry you can't throw up a website with a clever name and expect that a thousand real people are gonna find and you on day three works rape and then the new one is everyone and their brother has a podcast like podcast their new band and so it's it's so weird that people really don't have any audience. There's an ultra finite amount of time. You can listen and watch these kinds of things and i would say that you know people. Ask me all the time. What are my podcast subscribe to. Almost none of them. Are my friends like dipping on my friends all the time but you know i watch absurd listened to observe things. That has nothing to do with you know marketing or that sort of thing and so think about that. If there's an abundance of marketers cluttering these platforms and none of us are watching each other shows. Does you know which by the way is great because you know who's not gonna buy your stuff. Someone who's just like you but you know chris. Will you like my facebook page. I will like it. I like you and your page but i say that obviously tongue in cheek but here's here's what i see right people friend me on facebook because they're friends with thirty one of my friends and they popped up in the adjustments the very first thing they do. We like my page who are you. I don't know you lincoln. They add me again. I'm i guess i leaned to the promiscuous side on social. I wanna make friends i want to i don't know where my next piece of business is. Gonna come from and i don't know who will be the next chris brogan in my life. I really don't so. I'm open to that but then the next thing i got this week this kid three weeks. He's been my my linked in friend never ever once engaged with me. Never anything the first message. I get high phil. I'm a keynote speaker and it would really help my business in right uh-huh testimony and here's a link if you could just say how awesome of a keynote speaker i am. Who are you like rate. I don't mean trying. Maybe a jerk but i don't do that. I if i can't vouch for you. I'm not going to risk my reputation on someone. I don't know i just i can't or even if i do it like if i haven't seen you speak. I can't say you're a great speaker. Five interacted with you. I can't tell you great social media great sense. It's <hes> it's i mean people that actually friends with that actually know for a long time i know facets elements of what they are what they do and and sometimes i can't speak to certain other elements you know i have lots of friends i've only seen in speaking and only seen like in the hallways speaking and so i can say they're great speakers incredible collaborators and that sort of thing but then every now and again they request for <hes> an endorsement will be like well can you can you talk a little bit about my strategic planning missions missions that i've had it's that accompanies no. This is weird. I it's so weird that we all think that. If i know someone then be they will absolutely you wanna support me one hundred percent and i i want the best for someone but i also value my reputation and i think it would probably sully my reputation. If i were just to kind of guy who said great things about people sight unseen yeah i agree i agree i interestingly i've had people say that i the only write five stars review five star reviews on amazon which is pretty true. I i've got i've got a couple that are three or four but most of them are not because i love love everything not because they're my friends but because frankly i don't have time for stuff. That doesn't completely meet my needs chur. Just sorta way like i. I got a pen today in in the in the mail. I really like it. It's orange my favorite color. He's if if by the time i get to the bottom of the ink. If i don't love it i would just throw it away. If i love it and i refill the pen. It's getting a five star review. Not because it's orange right 'cause it served a utility utility from me right to steal j. bears word. It was useful yeah utility if a dozen it's no good i was going to ask you a question about influencing because i'm i'm so like <hes> so sour about that term lightly because a lot of the influencers i mean even a lot of times. I was asked to do this project for alibaba. Now i've never bought through or used anything in alibaba so they sent me a list of different products that i may or may not on a recommended people and i had to like scour that list and go. Oh i've used that one. I guess he's good about that yeah product and so i did and you know it wasn't a lot of money. It was like five hundred bucks but you know i felt like i'll take five hundred bucks but i was the whole process was i had to fill out tons of forms. There's a tunnel legal stuff. I'd actually red line their legal stuff to meaning like change it and make them reedited house like this is for like a tweet a single tweet and i'm not kylie jenner's so it's only five hundred bucks and furthermore when i looked at the engagement on that particular tweet three hundred and forty two thousand followers by three hundred forty a two thousand followers eighteen people did something with that tweet so i sent it to them and i said i'll think anyone cared that. I was your stupid influence. I think influence a stupid meanwhile to your right right. Now you have the dyson bladeless fan. I have that same fan ten feet to my left right now and i can could highly recommend that fan it is surprising how well it works for how quiet it is and how simple it is right so let's talk influence for a second. What are you. What's your take on all this stuff well well. I influence in what is my first question so i think about what i'm influential in first of all <hes> i'm a politics six free zone on social media because nobody cares where how i vote right. Let's just be honest. Nobody cares except for the people that want to disagree with whichever etima so. I don't talk politics but what am i influence join okay my glasses. People ask about my glasses. I love my glasses. I get i have these from sunny obstacle and i have an orange pear that i love. I got from soho optics in tampa down. This is where i live. I love them. They give me no money nothing. I think i am influential glasses. I'm also influential in business books and people that come on my show because i don't take many cold pitches right. Ah i don't i don't any here i looked behind. I mean chris. All of our friends have books yet somewhere my office. I mean seriously i look at this us right i can i can look through here. I see an hanley i._c._j. Bear i see a couple of your books. I see jill shefa mine. I see some judy carter. I see michael. <hes> you know if i look around more anthony ana reynaud anthony's one of my favorite people in the world he's he's my second favorite <hes> ball all genius on staff and michael's third by the way michael port paul guys mitch joel being fourth i could go on but i won't <hes> scott stratton the anti bald guy i i've likely given his books away to smart people so they're not in my office right now but he wanted me rights new. I'll have it mark schaefer sally hogshead so those books when i bring them on my show yeah i have influenced there but if you ask me like for real you asked me <hes>. Who is your favorite pin purveyor. That's right. I don't i don't have a clue. I don't know and if you tell me that you'll give me five hundred bucks to write about your pins first of all i'm i. I don't know anything about penn so i will say yes the pin stuck and that was really good and it seems to be round of this particular been this. Here's another influence right otter dot not a i. I love these guys. Kristen introduced me to these are from chris chris penn and now for real. I mentioned him to almost every person i've ever met because they're to uh-huh useful. That's so but most of the time you're totally right man. I mean again to get me to write about <hes> beach balls. No i ain't nobody cares about phil's beach ball stuff. I've i've got one there. <hes> i've got a matchbox cards orange. I can tell you that. I love the start because it's orange. How does it run while it's orange inch so i love that so if you're so yes. I guess you also like orange. I am influential and orange writing. That's it though but other than that. I would say you can get more bang for your buck from finding somebody with five hundred followers than five hundred thousand i can give them. I'm fifty bucks because nobody's paying attention them deal liz strauss up thing baby bloggers grow up david armato. David ramana auto closed the first saab con. I was blessed to open the first southbound armata close the first thing he said stop calling yourself a blogger. I'll never forget that as long as i live. It totally changed. It's my life yup. Yup totally changed my life but to the influence you call yourself an influence or you're not rate a person who perhaps has a little bit of influence over over something but it's really narrow narrow casts super narrow and when you try to expand it out you just look like a schmuck and your promotions nations marketer at that point right. I mean you're not the term influence or doesn't even exist to the humans off and do it. I meet all these neat little people that are brand new to the world and they're trying to influence me with their. What do you call those things you stick on the back of your phone a little serving socket that thing <hes> boy there so influenced influential. I can't even with the call. You know what i'm saying like. That's that's pretty much that so yeah. I'm glad we we agree on that one for sure. I you know don't get me wrong. There's lots of brands that i love so much much that if they said also do a bag of money and it's because you love our brand and we want you to say more i will do both i'm you know. I don't know if that's a good thing or not but you know that's the way i wish marketing work. That's how affiliate marketing works affiliate marketing is. I make a little money every time you are so moved by the thing i want you to buy because it he goes awesome yeah. Didn't you buy your condo based on recommending copy border stuff pretty much i mean i know i paid. I paid my mortgage endlessly on his first team platform and then his second team platform you know so that the little square in the corner was paying the mortgage so my kids wouldn't live in a dumpster. We might have to eat out of it but the mortgage was covered every month by that and then it's gone down a little different times but i always loved that i loved the fact that you know i could point to a baseline of mortgage money from recommending stuff. I knew really well and not just do not work chris but let's be clear used i used it. It was my platform. It's still is actually <hes> you know talk about eating the dog food. <hes> i am only just now about to switch off because you know they stopped selling a lot of their stuff. Studio presses gone so my go-to w._p._n. Gin and all that for some of my stuff and you know i'll oh probably rep that if i have a great experience there but you know it's that versus someone i had the person. Come up to me and ask me. Do i want to be an influence on this fashion fashioned brandon said. Have you seen my clothes like there's i have zero fashion influence on any human alive. Homeless people are giving you should just hold onto this guy. You know so i don't. I don't think that that's a good fit for me. Influential wise michel. We saw beard-trimmers. You want that one either but now a couple times a month. Don't ya ue trim it up a little. Maybe i in fact i'm overdue. I mentioned yesterday so i got these big bigly squirrel cheeks going but you know yeah i saw your was it a video or on instagram. Maybe we can talk about how you're going to trim your beard. I was gonna. I was gonna ask you if you did. Did i totally forgot. That was the weirdest thing i yesterday jumped in the shower. I was a sequence problem you know don't jump in the shower and then try to shave because nothing goods coming into that face apart no question yeah well. This is a couple days growth from me chris. So what do you think that learning to yeah. My little brother's like that my little brother food like a couple of years. It looked like he had that one like spaghetti piece. I got nothing man. I got nothing so i saw aw yeah. I don't know what it is but in some ways it's great and in some ways it's kinda comical. You're holding onto your energy man. That's what i'm thinking and they say that. <hes> people don't trust people with beards words. Lincoln had a beard before he ran for president and they he shaved it off. That's yeah i i've read that. That's back a little later so so what's the deal with the lumberjack number jack guys then then. I don't trust lumberjacks man. I think that's the lesson they're going to chop your house down. That's what it is. That's right. That's funny man. That's funny well. You don't talk about social media anymore which is very interesting. I remember a couple years ago. You kind of made that pivoted ended the small business space which i really love owner. Media is fantastic yet. Kitchen table company is that you did somewhat joe surge and that was really fun. Our friend joe great guy now. They're living in dallas. It appears yeah staying he and angie ajar. It's crazy there. <hes> talk about transformation going from a guy who owned a handful of restaurants kinda popular and social media partnered written with the restaurant group and didn't like the deal he got when he really thought about it like got him over a certain hump and then he and his wife angie said you know. I think think we can do this a different way. They bought themselves out of their deal and now they're out there. Just killing so it's <hes> you know once you get past. I run a restaurant to run a restaurant group to now. I run a system. The alps people grow their restaurant groups. You know it's it's kind of natural progression in some ways but it's also just a powerful powerful way to to look at all this stuff yeah yeah for sure and if we really ruin joe he started out in the nightclub scene in new york it right right. I'm gonna go until you until you turn the camera around him and freaked him out at age. Bombers never forget that you get done with that and he caused like dude. Chris brogan was here okay. I mean just my friend okay. I'm glad yeah he goes no dude. I was on camera. I'm like good. You're good chair your stuff. I mean the reason i like joe. Don't get me wrong. I love is restaurants but i love his brain man and he is smart marketer india's right. They're a great couple and so it's so funny i remember that and then wall street journal came in gary v he wrote about him and thank you economy and school college game day. All those things us everywhere all of a sudden united states bacon on the up yeah uh-huh eight oh nine basically next was like you know excuse me mr surge swords. Can we get an interview with you at some point. Can we still be friends. Oh that's okay. Oh i'm guessing no. I'm just kidding. Joe has never been that way so never really cool but you pivoted to which i think is fascinating so you made that move and i i remember your first pivot though chris your big krit the i'm sorry post where you apologized for actually wanting to make a living early internet chris. Yes i remember that what a jerk you know i had not done selling at all on my platforms for years and years and years and then i said you know this is dumb like you know. I have this platform mural here for a reason. I find things that i think are useful <hes> a._m. Selling them on their time yeah and around that time julian smith said you know i've been sniffing around your your stats. My co author infringement smith who now runs a grownup company <hes> and your number one blog post by a million miles is one hundred blog topics. I hope you're right and by the way it's still top five blog post every day of the week since like two thousand nine whenever whenever <hes> he said you should make a course about blog the topics and i said that seems like a stupid course he goes do it. I'm gonna go gay and i made like i don't know sixty seventy grand on the first floor and it was idiotic. It was just me ready bunch of email that came out of sequence okra is great. You know and i was like oh my gosh. I'm going to quit speaking. I'm just gonna read courses. This is the best life and then like two or three years. We had like really great stuff with courses and then ever since then. It's been this crazy sawtooth thing where you know. Twenty fifteen was amazing twenty sixty not so bad seventeen and eighteen brogan ho <hes> and nineteen so far you know it's like who do i gotta make out around here to get a speech but <hes> part of it. It was because i said you know i've done all this work would be companies. I'm going to do some work with small companies. That really sent a message that i didn't realize how louder was too big companies. Oh forget brogan. He only likes the little guys now. No i just said i'm just going to focus over here a little bit. They were like well. He doesn't mean us anymore. So now all the stuff radios they look at me big company looking it because i'm still really scared about this too turns out and it's it's really a feels a lot like <hes> starting over is like of comic. It feels like going to the open mic night and working on your five minutes again because that's how you get yeah yeah. That's that's all good. Yeah no totally it's all good. I i totally agree with you. I've always focused on the small company but yet people still say gruber shack who it's okay chris one one. I'm just going to change my last name to grogan brogan and that'll get that really put me over the top. I think that's my next move. You know what i love. Most about your last name is that once you get it you get it until it's almost like a secret handshake. Shake all on a on a name you know and and i- endlessly because of all the interviews i get to do i always get to watch people mispronounce all our friends names and had <hes> you know it's it's interesting because the name is something that we value right and i used to work with this guy and it was an indian gentlemen gentlemen others born and raised in ohio so he's about as indian as me <hes> but his name was shashi and everyone called him. Sashi and i said why don't correct. Amigos doesn't matter close enough to drive me insane. It was different. Chassis in this case actually actually got him more than one. Oh my gosh i. She is like the fill of india so you know there's a bunch. That's fantastic. That's really cool. Yeah fill of india india would be another good show for you to launch. That is good yeah. They've got. I don't know i. I don't know that i can do another show chris. Nobody watches this one. So why would i do the other one you brother. I go live and i get to talk to three people more thin who are on the call well. That's why i don't pay attention to the comments most of the time anymore so as much as i love people people that comment i use them and it goes right there and then i'll go back and come into after the show i i don't know i try to ask questions that i think other people would want to know but mostly because there are things that i want to know sure yeah interviewees interesting thing i was a i was being interviewed yesterday and this guy just stuck to his guns beating his like pre written questions and it was clear from question one that he kind of had the wrong guy i shouldn't have been guest really basically <hes> and and then it got really crazy near the end. He was literally asking me like what's it like to hang out with. Gary vader check and i was like you know it's like with you. I guess you know gary swears more than you. It's about the same <hes> and he was like no but like you know crazy to be around that much wisdom and i go. I don't really look at it that way like what i'm hanging out with gary. It's not like we try to like out opined each other like we laugh at like. Ask about the kids and that sort of thing. I don't know i can't answer that one's a well. He's like you will you met richard. Branson said yeah over skype. I mean it was about as sexy as you and me. Talking on this podcast and i said except that i got to watch. I'm a little bit and he looks just like you look in the t._v. In the picture so not that different he's very nice. I said that i said every billionaire. I've met has been nicer than most of the first time millionaire's i've ever met. That's all i can tell you but it was really interesting like your. Your premise of doing conversation is so much fun to me because this guy you know i i just kind of checked out midway through. It was just like well. I'll try to answer these questions away. I think he wants me to answer them without betraying my real feelings and i'll just do my best to land in some kind of a show for this guy because he's going through like i might as well just go with them. Yeah i remember the first time i ever got someone to interview me. That sent me the ten questions ahead of time so i could prepare sure i promise you nothing personal. I'm not going to prepare. It's not because 'cause i don't prepare. Let me be really clear when i speak. I'm well prepared. I know me really kind of well yeah. I don't need you to prepare me. You know if you're trying to screw me. Go ahead because i don't care like i won't share your post then. I want your podcast right. If you're a jackass smell oh you later pal. I mean it's okay and if but on the other hand if you make me feel really wonderful like v van interviewed me for <hes> his unsightly show and he made me feel awesome and then we followed up get this he sent me a custom coffee cup chris that has fill and of's v and the title of our show oh together that's big awesome awesome and it's and it's orange homerun baby. I wear that i have the mug. It isn't right here because i'm it's probably watching. Probably you know all the time. I have it in sightly as you know i think he sold the company now by the way it's been acquired but i still i still talk nice about something else. I totally totally would wanna. I want to be part of it right because he made me feel great yup my angelou. You know they'll never remember exactly what you said but how you made them feel that kind of thing. Somebody's mercer that. I believe that with all my heart well. You know i saw it in person. Cliff ravens craft from cliff is i don't know him though okay okay. I feel like you guys will get along well so <hes> this guy came up to a bunch of us and amongst them being cliff and said oh hey cliff we met at such and such an event and i thought well. That's pretty good of him. Because you know you never know like sometimes. It's a little foggy where he met someone unsure. I felt like good for you you lead with that and then it all went off the rails. He goes yeah you told me about. I don't remember it was like your weight loss or you're like transformation. I don't need a healthy or something like that like think about that like it and that's what he that's what i'm sure. Cliff talked talked about cliff lost. A ton of weight got super healthy. I'm sure that's what he talked about but think about it from cliffside. That was a monumental challenge in his life. It was something huge that he did so the he's hugely really proud of and this guy rattled off like it was whatever it was that we talked about before. We talked about the thing that i wanted to talk to you about. You know what i mean like. That's how much value wait on it so away turned to the two other people standing with like you know who's a douche that guy i've ever met him before but already pre don't like him <hes> because i was just just like you're no good <hes> ed because to me. It's everybody forgets stuff all the time. It's no big deal like if someone forgets some detail the other life i hardly remember anyone else's kids names but <hes> if something really matters to you and and and you have a conversation with this person if they matter to you you're you're gonna remember you know what i mean and it's not a quiz show but it's really it's nuts how we interact with people and they act in this weird way. That's like you know. I'm immediately forgetting what you're saying because i've just waiting to say that i want to say to you so i've got five questions now chris no. I'm just kidding right. I would never feel and i wearing flannel that day. Yeah yeah yeah. That's the ticket you're hanging out with your condition friend right yeah well. Then was name bradman's were. That's him an yes who every time i his name. It sounds like an absolutely fake name yeah so so i think of menswear like i think like god guar right the band <hes> and because he's a rocker so that's how come i can always not to mention. He is one of the nicest people on the planet just mentioned i don't i don't remember which speakers bureau top ten people to follow along with like god gandhi and nah like mother. Teresa and brands grant rant seven. I'm like of course yes. He deserves an and by the way almost nobody knows who guar is so that already rian deers to even more chris. You know i know lots of useless stuff. It's a fine musical band. They're based out of virginia. Yes sir. Yes very nice very nice so chris so let's talk a little bit about dented man because i think that's important i mean you're working on a book and it's going to be incredible and i can't wait to read it because the articles and the videos you've been doing. I've made a big big difference for me and i know a lot of people but that comes from a place of pain yeah yeah well. You know i it's funny. I try really hard all the time to talk about when i talk about depression what i most want people to realize that i'm saying that the same way you have diabetes when someone says to me. Hey we're going to take a look at the menu. I because i have diabetes you go. Oh yeah cool you start envisioning them in a pine box fox. So what if i go with depression. I want people to be like oh yeah. That's one of the media's with and i'm trying really hard to make that the way so it definitely comes. Depression is painful and not finding. There's a lot of it you know. The operating execution of depression is super fun because it slows. Everything down makes you question all your abilities. You lose tons of energy. <hes> you become far less social. Even if you weren't very social began with etcetera etcetera there's so many negatives but but there's positives to every person deal with depression i know is also super creative by contrast. Almost all super creative people i know are also dealing with depression action anxiety or some other simple mental health issue and when i say simple i just mean not split personality or something crazy to take a lot of extra hard hard work <hes> depression anxiety tricky this book the the idea of this book is it's a it's a business book but it's how do we use openness how to use a empathy to build stronger businesses by improving creativity and collaboration. I only wanted to tackle just a little bit of this. Now that feels so far afield from things i've written written but when we wrote trust agents together julian smith and i i said look at things differently treat everybody like their unique. Try to build a small group of people together. It's all the same language. It's the same stuff i've said for all of my career. I don't actually have any particularly new message. I have new ways to look at something to kind of go after through different problem so the whole the whole premise of the book the way it's shaping up right now. You know <hes> one of my chapters is called. Uniformity is for products is not people. One of my chapters is called. Perfection sucks in <hes> cohen chapters called. Can we laugh about this and so my plan is. I want to show <hes> leadership at organizations. How do you work with a people in such a way that you treat them like individuals. We've we've built our companies to be sort of factory setting sized and i think that we need to remember that button. Chair management doesn't work. Everyone working at the same hours doesn't work all that sort of thing so i'm going after that everything is going to have you sort of took. The broccoli ended a cake so delicious cake nice frosting but i stuck a whole bunch of broccoli and you'll never or notice but it's there and it'll be better for you so i'm going to talk about how to improve co- corporate workplace wellness that sort of thing by talking about oh really tangible stuff businesses the one one of the things i the chapter have is something about <hes> <hes> we need reset buttons everywhere and that whole idea of salespeople else people for instance. You get a bunch of knows in a row you get in your own head. You're suddenly a crappy salesperson the rest of the day if i gave you a reset button what if i give you actual mechanical tools whose allergies start again and and keep going and i think we all need that you know not sales but everybody you know you start working on something vaguely creative. Someone comes in and says you know fill in your last repose. They felt like the same old stuff. You're talking about ten years ago. That's it. I've just ripped your sale right off the mast so i don't know that's what i'm looking at and the feedback. I'm getting every time i read about something like depression or i. I wrote about <hes> instagram being this window that you look into other. People's lives go on man. I saw come the worst person you know when you compare yourself. <hes> it's all from like this is stuff. I've dealt with now on a show companies that their employees are all all dealing with this and they're not privy to that. There's people in companies that have all various mental challenge so i'm just trying to figure out how do i how do i make companies. He's realized that there's a lot of untapped value there and there's numeric to improve sales <hes> better attendants <hes> faster creativity collaboration to to help companies not yet so <hes> locked in and i think that you know the minute we help with paralysis. Lot of companies are gonna feel like a better place to be right yeah. We'll and they will be because if your boss cares about you because they understand you you. It's automatically a better place. I mean really anybody that that cares about you. You feel more like you belong to. Something and that's the important thing i mean i think all in all chris that's the toll any of us i want is we just want to be part of something right wolves big and lonely and often you know i'm sitting here in my in my in my office and i get to talk to you but a lot of the day i'm heads down. It's just me you're creating but often creating from air from vapor and it's hard it's hard work and and yeah it is depressing and inside a corporation we have developers with their ear buds on that aren't talking to anybody we have you know open concept spaces but that that means we have to be even more focused and intentional about what we do which makes it even harder because it's productivity productivity productivity. People don't smoke smoke anymore so they don't go outside for smoke breaks talk and if you take twelve minutes to go get a cup of coffee because you're the nice guy that filled the coffee maker will now suddenly. It looked like we abandoned spent twelve minutes. What's on so we're getting more and more spread apart. Nobody cares or so we believe and so i really think this important and stuff man the whole empathy thing understanding where people come from really really important. I know one size fits all. I think that's beautiful chris. Thank you yeah i. I feel like for as much as we're working on digital transformation. We're not really working on digital culture transformation and i think that that's you know there is those studies that just came out a couple of weeks ago saying that you know with the advent of social the the rise in anxiety depression and suicide are up massively in teens and very noticeably and every other other age group and so. It's definitely one of those things where <hes> i again. I don't wanna walk around like the wet shirt and be like depressions real <hes> but i definitely definitely want to say there's so many people that are just on that that razor's edge struggling. I'll tell you a story without revealing the person but <hes> jack and i i. I don't remember when this was it was it was when i spoke at world domination center a world domination summit could've been in two thousand twelve or two thousand thirteen. I was walking down hallway with jack. I made eye contact with this woman that i know and i said hey how's it going and she burst into tears and she said i don't belong here this none onto this is for me. I shouldn't be part of this. I don't know what's happening. I feel terrible and i just hugged her for a while and she let a lot of energy angie out. Oh my gosh it's so much energy and then she was fine again but you know she was just overwhelmed by all. The purple pink haired people who chris gilo type. Ed's and i feel like i'm seeing more and more of that. I'm seeing for everyone who thinks they need to hide every little bump in the road. I'm just going another saying you know what you can do. Is you say man. I just had a really bad couple of months but i'm back on my feet and i feel like i'm doing well or at a couple of months and i feel like if i just got ex- ex- i would get over that hump and i'd be okay. I think we can call it out a little bit more and i think that everyone's gonna work a little bit better. If we do that i agree. I agree i think asking for what we need is perfectly normal regardless of what that is and the more we talk about that the more opportunity we have to really connect them to make a difference in each other's lives on but that that requires a level of trust that often is in there. I mean chris seriously mentzer back to your first book about trust agents. That's the whole reason that's why influence works is because we trust the person that's how passes through it's not because number of followers because of shared experience with them and i say okay well that person person and i have something in common therefore when they recommend something if makes a difference therefore when they share something i believe them. I don't blame them if they tell me something. I believe it and i think that's that's the thing that that scares me man. Is we have a lot of people that don't believe anything. People different aren't than them say he just automatically knee jerk reaction. No they're wrong and i'm not saying they're right. I am saying you don't no no. I'm saying pause for a minute and think about perhaps they could be give it some consideration because they might just be dented. They don't have to be broken absolutely absolutely and that's the reason i picked that word is because i think that about zero people really want to talk about their mental illness and it it dented fits a lot of other the things you know people going through sobriety. You know that are really excited about their two year coin but they're not gonna show anybody because that'd be crazy. <hes> people dealing with <hes> you know i just talked back to a marketing friend of ours mutual friend who just went to pack up her dad's house and he's going to have to live with them for you know until he goes into a home or not and so you know that's a big change in it really is going to change your business around a little bit because you're taking on another life in your house in so you're not as footloose and fancy. It's he frees used to be. I every one of those people including ourselves and everybody else we know that goes through rough times and every human on earth <hes> there's still functional you know they they sometimes are operating at a lower percentage during a time and i think that with with bosses. I don't even especially need them to care. I need them. I'm to accommodate. I need them. You know if i'm going to need to come in later in leave later for a while. That shouldn't be such an amazing tricky thing and you you know but in chair kind of stuff. I mean there's differences right. If we're cirque du soleil in it's seven o'clock show is to seven o'clock show. If you and i are waiters we gotta be there to turn time it. Some people don't have this luxury but a lot of our jobs are not time bound. Do just that way because that's how bosses set him up and think we're done with that. I don't know i hope i hope so. I mean it is it is individualized and i would say it is also results focused. It's one thing and not ought to be little anyone who's sucks that is suffering from depression. I'm here to make light of that but i mean if you do a good job regardless of when you do it you should that that's a reward. That's reward -able stuff right so i think i hope that what people here is that you know you have a choice. You can open open up share a little bit and the accommodation. I think that's a that's a really important word. Chris and really important reminder for us is that the goal is to accommodate even if we don't understand even if we don't care her but we can say you know for instance. If someone needs more seat space 'cause they got a bigger than me. Which you know is unlikely but possible right so then i just need to accommodate that i need to move a little bit off so that they can get their space in end instead of saying no no. This is mine. I mean really this is our world such as we'll done bro. It's all of our world's right and that's the thing i think we need to share more and i just think that for the most part you know there's a lot of systems in place that that exists either for fear lack of trust those kinds of things but a lot of music. That's just how they've always been done. You know so. Why do we need had an eight to four thirty kind of a life. If that's not what we're going to go for here so i don't know i think you're in that same boat at a year of flexible kind of gentleman so why not help other people do get the two absolutely totally agree totally agree so so chris anything else you want to share before we wrap up because i know you've got a lot of messages and a lot of things as you could share. You know i love chatting with. You and i think that it's exciting this format because we could just chat and it's just interesting interesting. I mean i i. I want more people to turn on their cameras and do this kind of thing. I want man. You know. We don't need anymore gurus. I think we're okay with gurus by the way i started when i started you. Were there to look what we're doing. We're just managed figure this thing out of this. I figured this other everything. I look at this and that's how any of us got known was just by like we were. I in a lot of categories good and bad man. I just fell off this cliff. Everybody buddy. Let's not go to that cliff. I think that that's only get back to that. I want to get back to you know a lot. More experimentation and people just like trying to do. It's going to serve serve people best and not trying to see what's the best practice. Oh there you go serve the best. Don't worry with best practice. Good stuff chris folks. If if you want to catch more of chris brogan go chris brogan dot com everything links off of their h._r._i._s. rogan's b. r. o. g. a. n. Chris is broken dot com. He's a great man great friend unfortunate. These spent time with us today. Thanks buddy. I appreciate you my pleasure my friend thank you for having me anytime anytime. Let's show chris.

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Ep 168. The Island of Lepra

Teen Mom Trash Talk

57:54 min | 7 months ago

Ep 168. The Island of Lepra

"Hello and welcome to Teen Mom trash talk episode 168. I am your host comedian Tracey. Carnazzo joined by my co-host know. Well Winters Herzog. Hello. Hello Noel. Thank you so much for joining me today. We're here to talk about Teen Mom 2 season, 10 episode 8 and 16 and Pregnant season 6 episode 3, I would just like to let you know that this page is brought to you by the wonderful host of 90 Day Fiance trash talk because they're going to be having a live Zoom podcast on Saturday November 14th 7 p.m. Standard eastern time. This is so exciting. It's very exciting. If you do not remember the the host of 90 Day Fiance Trash Talk Tracy and Noel that's yes. I know them. Yeah. Yeah Okay cool. So we had another podcast live podcast for 90 Day Fiance where we covered Darcy and Stacy which is a spin-off. Of 90 Day Fiance on TLC and we covered episodes 1 through 7 will now the season's over and we have to cover episodes eight nine and ten. Hell. Yeah, I'm ready for it. So that's going to be November 14th at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Zoom tickets are on sale. Now you can get them on Eventbrite and the links will be in the show notes right here. You see that I said she looked down into the show notes. Woo Tracy. I love your show notes. I know you do. Oh my gosh, so we're really here to talk about Teen Mom 2 those season 10 episode 16 and Pregnant season 6 episode 3. This is there's a lot of meat here for mostly for the 16 and Pregnant. I feel like that's been the past few weeks. It's definitely more about sixteen pregnant. Absolutely. So let's just jump right in the pool and get to it the Teen Mom 2 episode this week. We're going to start off with Leah. Are you ready? I'm ready. Also Leah just got back from the doctor recurly and they got an x-ray and she's going to take her back to school now. Okay, I would be so mad if my parents took me out for something and brought me back. Oh, no, that was the story of my life though. Really? I don't know why Emerson rised my mom worked in my school. That sucks. It was the worst thing that sucked my cry believes to keep me out for sport just to hang out with her. Oh, yeah. No, this was the opposite of my house. Oh my God. Imagine. I can't imagine like, oh no doctor appointment and then I would have took proved my case. What would you do? I'd be like I have the flu. I have a 107 fever. I need to stay home and my mom would be like, how do I know you're not faking it and I'm like I blacked out four times. I was talking to you. Oh my God, that's terrible. Yeah, like I haven't breathed like a deep breath. Yeah seven days. Like I really need not to go to school. Yep. And take things very seriously. No, no and it's like I'm still like I'm laying on the ground crying, right? That's how you know, it's this is real. Wow. I'm very close to death. Please don't make me go to gym, please God that's terrible. Now, I gotta tell you she's talking to Cory in front of curly in the car. Like she's not there and it was kind of upsetting. Okay. I thought the same thing I was like am I overreacted? Why is she saying all of this in front of her right? She's like, yeah. She's probably deteriorating quickly and it's like why? Yeah, maybe she has to be in a wheelchair full-time. Why are you scaring her? Okay, maybe that's a private conversation. Yeah. I did not like that at all. Yeah, it was too much for me. Yeah, I agree to be totally honest with you. That was way too much for me. So now she tells her like, you know, when you're in school, you have to stay in your wheelchair. She I know yeah, she probably doesn't want to be she probably wants to go run and play with her friends she does but she does stay in her chair at school. So now Tory has the Twins and she said she quit doing this exactly and she takes a d to see Victoria and the baby and this is what he says as soon as she gets there. I'm ready. She goes, how's it been having him out of your crotch month? Okay, I think a d is very very funny. But I think like Leah like pushes her to be funny a little. Yes. Also then she looks at the camera direct right? So, here's the thing. It is a very good question, right because what she so now here's the thing. She didn't mean like, how was the birth she meant like, how is it now that he's out, right? It means like are you lived? Your life are you fancy free now right? Like do you feel better? Is it less pressure on your bladder? She's probably so much more comfortable. Yes, right. Like that's all she meant and it's like what is the price? That was a good question? I know Victoria's like well, I'm going to not answer that question. It's like why I know it's like Victoria light up. Yeah. What are you what are you too prim and proper as I mean suddenly your concern. Let's go talk to royler about that. But you took stranger load up front. Yes stranger loads right at the beginning right you obviously a d knows where the money came from and she said crotch. She didn't even say anything grow, right? She didn't say snatch right you would like how was it a shot him out of your snatch your freaking hor? I mean, she asked a good question. No, right turns out the X-ray was good Curly's put his fine. But so there were worried that it's muscular right now. Leah says around ten years old is when she will start deteriorating with muscular dystrophy and Leah's crying and Victorious like yeah, it's going to be super hard if she starts to go down cuz she's mentally. Okay. What Victoria is like, I don't know. She's not nice and jaam. Yeah, it's not that she's not nice. She's trying to be nice. She's not smart. I don't know. I feel like she had like no empathy for the situation. She's not smart doesn't know what this means. Yeah. That's I can't believe they came from the same place her and Leon they don't I mean Miley has kind of dumb too, though. They don't even look like they're not even a little bit right there. Don't like they don't look like cousins. Nothing nothing. Yeah. Oh my God. So now a d is burping and faces. And here's the thing people are like that. He's really annoying. And yeah, she has absolutely yeah, but okay, here's the thing aren't kids annoying. Yes all are annoying. Yeah. I don't like any of them. I'm sorry. I just want to like throw that out there. This is after Tracy telling me my kid is going to be our way. Now. All kids are annoying. Yeah, it's going to be our annoying kid. Yeah, I but that's the thing though kids are annoying this. Yeah, they're going to burp in your face. That's what they do. I mean I might smack her but yeah, right. I don't say that. No, I'm just canceled canceled. So straight Ally is like listen don't burp in my face cuz I don't like germs and I'm like straight Ally you are now my favorite Ally but that's what I wasn't expecting that from her. I didn't know that she didn't like the germs like us. I know I like that. So now Leah has a sit-down with curly and they self tape the sit-down. Yeah and I love that Curly Ali is just smarter than Leah currently Ali. Oh my God. She is such a sweet like little girl. I just love everything about her but she's so funny. Cuz Lia is like, all right, so you didn't break anything. You probably just like stubbed it. She's like, okay. Did you mean sprained? Yeah, and then she's like, right so we might have to go to a doctor doctor. So in Ohio and she's like, yes, she loves him. Also. She just loves being in Columbus like she apparently she's like, oh, did you have to take me to Columbus to the difference? Maybe I could go to the hospital. It says instead of going to the house trailer where they do the sonograms. She took the first doctor. She's ever been to a credentials. That's the problem. Yeah. So here's the thing. She wants her to always be in the wheelchair kind of right and she's wrong. Oh, no, thank you. What right cuz she's like we were going to have to start bringing it home more but why yeah, I don't know so they keep her wheelchair at school. I guess that's what I understand. Why wouldn't they have one at home all know because they're super expensive. It's the it's the the automatic one. Oh, okay. All right. Well, thank you really? Keep bringing. Yeah to back and forth, right? Yeah. So, let's talk about Cal she's getting her hair braided. I have friends to come over and braid my hair weekly Noel. Yeah, right. Yes. It's so nice. It's so much fun. She keeps it out of the way. It keeps it God. All right. Well she wants to move back to Dover and she thought that Chris was going to be more involved with Lux if she moved Here's the thing. Like I want to criticize her like I get it but like we've all been that dumb girl. This is a lot to buy a house to be closed. Right? Right, but like maybe yeah, I would just drive in like I'll bring him to you. She was trying to do anything to make I would have gotten him an Uber account. Right? I already paid for every time you, instead of paying a home mortgage. Right right moving her entire house. She yeah, that's what I would have done. I think I would have been like when I take the I'll take the hit for $100 a month, but that's the thing like she was an asshole because she screwed over the good guys that were so present for Christmas life for Chris. Well, she realizes that now here's the thing we see locks and he's like reading on his book or whatever and you see a flight and now it makes sense last week when he was talking about the fly cuz that's that's that's cut. So we're seeing this happened already last week. Oh I didn't even realize Very really slop. Let me tell you something. This is the sloppiest editing episode that I've seen in a long it's a sloppopotamus. It is a sloppopotamus. So now she's going to go see a house and she calls scheduling right right. But but you hear the girl pick up and it's Kristen the picks the phone up. Oh, I didn't know that. Oh, yeah. No, it's Kristen's voice. I know Kristen's voice and that's Kristen's voice and then she proceeds to have a conversation with Sterling about the house but Kristen picks up. So yeah, why are they editing like this? Why what's the point? I don't know. It's just sloppy editing. So now she said that she Chris isn't seeing luck she regrets moving and so she made an offer on this house that she really liked very impulsive though. Not for nothing. You see I bought a house and you make an offer like I don't know. I think she wants to get out soon because she realizes like at the end of the day. Chris isn't going to see luck. And the sooner she stays in this house the more she has to drive right and also 9 a.m. But here's the thing. She puts an offer on this other house. That means she would have had three mortgages. That's crazy. Oh, well, then she would have put her house up for sale. And yeah. Yeah, so she makes an offer on the house and this is a house with a playhouse with a slide in the backyard and Isaac's like sold. Yeah Isaacs like I want to live there. She's like you didn't even see it. He's like, yeah, he's like whatever. I literally don't care. He's like, I can't with the car rides looking at him. I'm looking at Joe. It was crazy. I know but you see here's the thing, right? You don't realize that it's not just her driving on a Sunday night. It's hard driving them to school every day. Do you know that I never even thought of that? Yeah. Yeah, it takes for like two hours but that's also dumb on her part. What do you think about one hundred percent? So now she doesn't get the house and now she's looking to build a house. Okay? Why don't you go get another dog too while you're at a k o. Okay. So here's I have a solution to all yep. Ready? Yeah, she still has her old house right move back into your old house go back. Also, if you have the money to build you could just add on to the house to make a bigger if that's what you want. Go back. Go back go back. Yeah, it's so dumb to me. I don't get it go home. Unless you have someone renting there but like go home. Yeah, just got home. Oh my God, so now they should switch and I think that this is actually one of the better things that they do they decide that they're going to do the drop offs on Mondays. So basically Whoever has them drop them off at school and then Cale picks them up from school is so much smarter. Oh my God is so much smarter. It's like, how was nobody already doing this? Why was this idea? That makes so much more sense, right? So now she calls Hobby and she asked for money exchanges. Everything's great. Yada yada yada. This is genius right? Everybody's like, oh, okay cool, and it's like, yeah really smart idea. So just lives in Jersey, right? That's why Jose always in Jersey Girl. Show takes Isaac to the Jersey on the weekends to see cuz I know vs family lives in Jersey too, right so they probably go on the weekends with the kids to see their right cuz there's right. Sure. So now let's talk about Brianna. Okay, there are some POC this is confusing and I feel like again this might be something with editing. There's so much of this that we don't see that we I know to make it cuz it's so confusing. Right? So now Nova spending more time with her grandma and the house is done, right? So just find out the house is done and then they move in the next day. So that's good. But she has a mortgage she page the house off in full and Roxy's super proud of her. I re-enlisted. That's pretty awesome good for her. Yeah. Absolutely r a p the playroom but what's this going to be the playhouse? You know, like this may be something. Yeah. Well the furniture is delivered and they're moving in. So apparently she didn't take much like they really left the playroom Furniture. Yeah, I mean listen. Did that when I moved to you'd want a fresh start? Yes, absolutely. So now it's going to be Thanksgiving and she's like, what will we cook? I mean, I don't I don't know they were talking about like how they're not going to make like a lot of things. Well, I guess because they're tired there in a new house, you know, so then maybe just order from okay. Yeah. How is this house? So messy they moved in one second ago. Okay. I'm thinking here's the thing. I'm like, all right so much more room at first I was like maybe they're just not unpacked page know it's just messy stuff everywhere. Yeah, cuz you don't even know the timeline of all this because it's so weird, right? That's true too. Okay, so Roxy's and her Sunglasses song writing Shades her and she reveals that she has invited to join. Rihanna super annoyed and Britney's kind of annoyed too. Okay, who are you siding with her? I don't know because I feel like there's something we're missing. There has to be something we're missing because I I think I feel like I don't know. I think that probably should annoyed that Des Moines was invited. I think she's annoyed that the whole family was invited. So that means Des Moines mom his dad his two sisters and him home and like there's like a cousin. Yeah. I don't know. I think I think Brianna is a hypocrite. She always wants to Dad's involved but once they're involved she's mad but not local. Oh also, here's the other thing. We don't know how long it was from the move to Thanksgiving. Well, that's true too. But we don't know well that I don't think was long. I think that was right around the corner, but I we don't know how long was since like Nova saw them last like Grandma's house. Just you know, I need more information. I can't make a ton of comments on this cuz I don't have I got that. Yeah dead. So that's what's going on there. Brianna's eyebrows are looking very good. So she had gotten them remember she was like opening a eyebrows or whatever. She had gotten hers. I microbladed now. We got to get Roxy's microbladed. Yeah, Roxy's are they just look little rainbows? Yeah. They do. There's like a there's a pot of gold by her nose off. Yep, some knows goals. You definitely needs them cuz Brianna's eyebrows. That's the one thing they're so nice. They really look at do you think that off like Noah's gold is going to be the new rose gold of the season. I hope not cuz I don't want any knows called. Maybe she'll dig in there for some gold cuz it's awesome. It's a off. What is it? Was that your was that your pack said? That was my my leopard for products therefrom lepre. The islands of lepre. Oh, okay. Good. Yeah. It's right on the coast of Ireland the coast. It's the island of leper. You've never been too liberal, but I I've been to con but I've never been to Opera. Oh, you know, that's the other one. That's a that was a real small island. But if you just go to lepre right now this time of year left of beautiful. It's a lot of you know, it does rain alot though Tracey drool like but no, but then it clears up after the rain and there's a lot of rainbows and then a lot of goals knows gold. Roxanne went there, or she got the I heard that they make really good cereal there. Oh my God marshmallows. Do you think we're that canceled off mocking the Irish culture? Yes, that's nice that a leprechaun is mocking the Irish culture though. Yeah it is. And guess what? We didn't invent the leprechaun. So right ourselves leave us alone leave Britney Spears low poor Britney. She's having a hard time. She looks fine wine. Brianna is wearing Baby Phat. Okay a white baby fat fleece, right? We just talked about this. So Tracy text me the other day in our group text and she's like you'll never guess what's back and I'm like what? She's like Baby Fat Bobs. KO Mara is back and it's like, oh, okay, I guess what's so much of it is sold out on this site. I looked at it. Listen that's going to go away. It's like when Juicy came back remember She was like super expensive and then it came back to Kohl's. Yes. Oh my God juicy was like this shit though. Do you see was so expensive and then like they had the sweat suits but then they had like a high-fashion lunch phone number how expensive like a leather juicy bag was okay. I'm going to tell you this so you bought me when you're right this really cute juicy pair of underwear and this really cute juicy shirt. It was like Capstone leave and it was like cuz you know, I love like a dramatic shoulder sleeve and you got you got this for me before it was cool. Anyway, I I wound up outgrowing I had to get rid of it. But that was like my favorite shirt for so long. I loved that shirt. That was a juicy shirt. Yes. Juice juicy was like like it was like a high-end Boutique. It was I'll never forget that strange like one of my all-time favorite shirts. Oh my God. Thank you. And then now it's unclear in Cycles. So isn't that funny? So weird just saying so she's wearing her baby fat and Roxy's like no, it's just like a simple meal off. Can I make like a lot of things like well make like maybe we make a pineal and like that's it. I'm here for it. I'll and I don't even like pork like that. Maybe I'll just make some empanadas and like that's it. Okay. They now I'm not going to shoot forward but it looks like they made empanadas but it looks like there was cinnamon and sugar on them. I just want to put that out. Maybe we make some dessert empanadas all out. Maybe some apple pie empanadas. I don't know. I don't know like I don't know maybe we could like toss them in some cinnamon sugar. I don't know. Maybe maybe you think the bomber like that. I don't know. Maybe we just make some like rice and peas yum. I'm just thinking American Thanksgiving. Listen, I'm thinking of delicious Thanksgiving. What's that stuff? What is it called? It's called something. It's the Puerto Rican lasagna and it's made with plantains and it's made with know exactly what you're talking about. I don't know what it's made with ground beef my Puerto Rican Friends making and it's delicious so good. My favorite thing in the world is like when they make the pasteles. Mhm. Oh my God. I die for those very odd. If anyone wants to make us some Puerto Rican food, I'm here for all the good taste. That's just all right. So instead well now she's they're acting angry about Des Moines family, but it's like I don't know do we like them do we hate them? Like I don't see her right? Like why are you angry didn't you push for them to have relationship? I don't know. It's Thanksgiving and they're making pumpkin pie on the floor with their feet the kids. Okay, so I'm watching this and I'm like is this one of those things how like my dad used to give me like pots and pans to play with or they actually make something for people to enjoy like some right like someone's going to put this in their mouth right stirred. You start out with your toes with your flu fingers right on the floor on the floor. Yes. I. Now also, here's the other thing dinners at 6 p.m. Yeah, who does they're clearly not Italians. I'll tell you that Italians eat dinner at like 11 a.m. Thanks. I I don't even off. Would happen if we had to have dinner at 6 p.m. I'm in bed. I'm sleeping on Thanksgiving even last year when we had Christmas Day at your mom's house. It was early. I think we were at like 1:00. Yeah. It's 1:00 a.m. Ee eat as soon as you get there. Yes agreed. Yep. Stop. That's weird. All right. So now her and Nova mouth kiss. She is so across the you know, she cooks so crusty Brianna. Oh for sure shower since they moved it to unpack the shampoo. She has natural dreadlocks. She really does so now divorced and his sister show up and they were like, oh, you know my mom's coming right Stella loses her mind when she sees the boy. She loves him all the way. All right. Well Theresa won't come inside dog. That's because she was cooking and heels will get to that but I don't okay. Well, she's sitting in the car. No one knows why she won't come in right also. Did you notice the paint on the garage floor? It was wage. @pink that like they seal on garage floors. Yes, very shiny. And yeah, I liked it. But also Nova was like doing gymnastics on it and I'm like that's a concrete floor kid. Yeah. She she has a lot of faith in herself. Yeah, like wow, okay, so they came for an hour and now they're leaving with trays of food. Okay, but like, okay, I've had these Thanksgiving. I've been to these thanksgivings like oh, okay. Did you are you bringing home the food that you made that you brought? Or you bringing home the food that you didn't eat there cuz you weren't there long enough, right like what's going on? So we find out her mom wasn't feeling his mom wasn't feeling good. She was wearing heels and couldn't stand out why she okay, so she was cooking all night. So does that mean she was cooking all night in heels and they couldn't stand okay, but like maybe just put some socks on and go inside home, right? I don't don't you want to see your granddaughter? Like Nova didn't even know she was there. Did you even send for her to come visit you when your car know what happened candy crush on her phone the whole time? I don't understand like listen, don't get me wrong. I could definitely sit somewhere for an hour and occupy myself and I buy but not through an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah. I also just wouldn't do that. Stay home then. Well, Brianna is going to treat her like she doesn't exist. She's going to be like you don't exist bitch. You know, I'm like, oh my god, that's literally what she's Brianna's along but something happens. I gotta tell you I really think something happened because when her when his mom came to the birthday party, she hugged her and kissed her and she's been sending over there to fax over something happy don't know probably argued or something. Brianna was something happened her story cuz Brianna's explicit as much as like we make fun and we're like, she's not good bubble-bath. She's really not that bad. Listen. She's a nice mom. She loves her doesn't refuse the Des Moines. Nova have her doesn't know she doesn't as much as she talk shit. She never does it off living in the playroom with them for a while. I was so cute. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like know she talks a good game. But like at the end of the day, she's a nice person and she's a nice mom. Yeah, but that's like you dead. Yeah, like I'm just evil on the outside. Yeah, it's not real. Well, let's talk about evil in. The inside. Chelsea is having Watson's third birthday. And Aubrey is going to come back and Madonna's aka the devil. I can't believe that he's three years old. He's ridiculous cute. Yeah, he's super cute. I didn't see much of lame though. I know well we have to talk about Aubrey's phone so we can't really get all the kids in. Oh, yeah. That's true. Well Breeze phone is the new character on Teen Mom 2 gets a paycheck. Aubree's phone is the new father daughter dance, right? So watching it's a pizza cookie cake. Okay, I'm here for it. I know you are. I was not here for it. Also I hate The pizza is always represented with very very silly toppings that I would never eat on a pizza. Yeah. I don't know why they do it. But also they're not in New York. This isn't New York Pizza. I know but it's like every like aged. Okay Noel you were to draw I'm like draw a picture of a piece of pizza for me. Yeah. Would you draw pepperoni on it? Like everyone's I probably not. Yeah, but everyone does and it's a pork not even that I just don't I don't eat it makes the pizza very like really? Yeah. Also, it tastes like pepperoni and I don't like it at home. Yeah. Sorry guys. I just feel very strongly about a lot of things. Yeah. I listen if you guys only knew how strongly she thinks about a lot of things. Well anyway, Watson talks a lot right now. So off-camera Aubrey said that they put Adams number in her phone and she was upset so off-camera Aubrey confided in her mom and Chelsea talked about it on camera, right? So, what's the poor dead? Perfect. Okay, so she said that she did not want the phone number in there and Chelsea is saying that every person besides Adam has a heart emoji next to his name and address is because okay. Also do you think that maybe cuz Grandma Donna put the number do you think Grandma Donna is going to write like zaddy in there, you know, like I don't I don't get it. And then she said that he's in here from his dad and Kohl's like well, that's what I wanted to be in her phone is okay Colt Colt now. I'm calling him calls call you're growing a mullet. I can't take you seriously as a person. I feel like you need to go wrestle. Okay. Also, I was reading just real quick someone posted. It was a YouTube video so I didn't wind up watching it but this girl was like calling coal golf in sheep's clothing like saying that he's actually not as nice as he appears to be on T. I don't think he appears to be so nice. Yeah that me either. I was thinking the same thing. Like I don't think they're either of them are nice parents know so dead. Guess what you wanted to be in her phone as Dad but Adams her dad. So that's what happened. Bryan Adams not her other. Dad your her dad your other dad. So he texted her, it's Daddy and she said hi back then he didn't respond to her and she'll she's like, can you believe it? He didn't stop going through a text leave her alone. But also like what's the problem first altar? Maybe she called him as soon as she got and then she deleted it. She probably had to delete her phone list. So you wouldn't see that they spoke on the phone. Well, She's like, I don't even know why he's still there. Why is that's her dad? Okay, well I just don't understand. Yeah, it's really annoying. Chelsea said that Aubrey's uncomfortable. Okay, I'm sure she is because she probably feels very much in the middle because she hates everyone around her. So it turns out that Aubrey has been expressing that she just wants to be home with her friends. She doesn't want to go to Grandma has all the time and Chelsea's thinks it's time to change the custody agreement now, can we look at the other side of this? What do you mean? Do you think that there's a chance that Aubrey doesn't like to be with Adam. Aubrey doesn't like going to Grandma Donna's house or if he doesn't like that see here's the thing. She might not like going to Grandma Donna's house. She's probably bored as fuck. She wants to be with her friends, but I think she wants to be with her family because I think that she misses out on like a lot of like the stuff but also, I think that maybe if her dad was there at grandma. She was allowed to see him sometimes maybe she would have a better time. Maybe but then like do you think that there's a chance that she doesn't even like Adam? Okay. I don't think that she doesn't like Adam. I've always seen the way she feels about Adam. I think she doesn't like Grandma Donna. Yeah, I don't know. I really wish that I knew more cuz again, it's like we're assuming that Aubrey love love loves Adam love loves Grandma Donna and Chelsea's pulling her away and maybe maybe she does not. Listen. I'm Chelsea might not be pulling her away. But Chelsea's certainly influences her with some of the things she says I know but I'm just wondering what we don't see em, there's so much we don't see there is so much. We don't see and like I said, I feel like she really doesn't like Grandma Donna. That's just my feeling that I get interesting. So I don't know. I mean I would need to interview them. Okay. Well, maybe we could try. Okay get Grandma's on on the phone right now. Did you want to put her number in your phone? No. No, are there any heart emojis next to it? Usually not well speaking of people in your family. Let's talk about Jada ready ready? All right. So Sean has been coming over more dead. And her parents are out and Jade's like they are a nightmare the way she described them. She's like you ever like go to sleep and like you get murdered by a Monster. Yeah That's like those are my parents. Yep. Yes, there's the week they wake Chloe up in the middle of the night. They trash the place and they won't take a drug test. So she's going to kick her parents out. She said that she's super anxious. They lived there just think their room is disgusting. Well good thing Miguel goes up to her parents room to clean up a little bit because there's no food. There's Zhang is I mean literal junk. They're singled all over the carpet. Yep. It's discussing. So now they go to Primanti Brothers, which is a I guess where are they there in Indiana, Indiana, but Primanti Brothers is from Why my Bridal? Oh, wow. Yeah, it's from Pittsburgh. Oh, okay. Sorry Tracy. Just losing it a little bit right now. It's fine. Someone must have cooked something. That's just irritating might long maybe a burger. Yeah. So this is great. Everything's great. So yeah, Primanti Brothers is a sandwich shop in Pittsburgh and it's like a super world famous one. I've gone there before and what they do to their sandwiches is they put a coleslaw on it and I didn't realize it's a non mayo coleslaw stop it. So I asked him not to put it off but then it was not mail. Oh you silly girl and I really missed out on that and I don't know I don't I'm not saying it's my biggest regret in life, but it's one of them up there. It's probably up there. All right. Well just comes with Christian Corey just as Chrissy sister and they go to the sandwich shop and log Jade texted them to move out. So now they're believing Sean for them getting kicked out and she said that she doesn't want Jade close to her family. Now. This is what I want to say about this. Yeah. You guys moved into our house. You don't pay rent you trash the place. You don't help with the baby. You're up all night, and you're doing drugs. Yes. Whether Shawn once you guys there are not right. It's really not applicable right anything. So if you would have moved in and helped her clean the house and helped her I'll take care of Chloe and like been like super supportive of her and gotten jobs. Like I think Jade would have been really happy to have them there. I think that well the thing is they're looking for someone to Dwayne. It can't be them exactly. So now she said Jade's Dad. Okay games that are cut. Yeah. He looks like the ghost of Sean's few months. Tell me he does. He looks not. Well. He looks like Sean on a double Bender. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Yes Sean. He looks like she is dope napkin. He was he Sean's doped out, you know, how like What's it called? Tyler and Catelynn their parent Bush and April got married. Yes, like I'm not totally convinced that Corey isn't Sean's actual dad that married Jack mom, maybe I mean listen, he also looks like he's the product of siblings married he does so she texted her mom to see when she'll move in her mom's. Oh well now it's too late to move. I gotta tell you my brain exploded. Yeah, it's too late in the day. So she's like you don't even have stuff though. You just have to put your clothes in some trash bag. Yeah. I'm Jane should bag up their clothes and bring up. I was thinking the same thing. I'd be like Sean. Let's get some garbage bags. It's going outside and pathetic and I'm locking the dog barricading them and Christie silvey Sean and Jade wants to leave her own house because she doesn't even want to see them at sucks that made feel super drained and she's freaking out she's having a panic attack and she's like, I'm going to murder my mother dead. Dad I've had a roommate like this, I know what it's like yeah, I imagine it's your mom. Yeah. No, I can't I can't cuz that's like cuz then also she has guilt that comes in with that exactly. So now as I take very shallow breath cuz I cannot breathe. Let's talk about 16 and Pregnant season 6 episode 3 months. We're talking about Maddie. She's eighteen years old. She's from Texas her boyfriend. Cory is a they met at a football game. He's a football player. Her mom is Crystal, her mom's fiance is Robert. Okay, and this is the family that we're going to talk about. Okay, it's funny. I said I broke so I wasn't paying attention and they wrote they met at a fat back, Okay? Okay. Okay, that's good. Well, thank you so much for being present know I'm here. I'm all right. So right off the back we know that right off the bat. We know the Quarry cheated on her page. Were just together for you know a little cheated on her a lot. Yes. Yeah, correct. So now but she's already 34 weeks pregnant also, she's eighteen nineteen years old right now, he's not a kid. I don't care what we want right? I don't care. So I tweeted last night at Morgan. Okay, and I'm going to bring up my tweet to get it from the Teen Mom Trash Talk account. Right? Right. And this is what I said. Oh, maybe I didn't tweet it. Oh my god. Did it not go through you probably didn't go through. Oh, no. Well, I'm going to Tweet it him. Okay, or maybe I tweeted from my real account. Oh, no, that's also possible. No wonder nothing's happening in my life. I wonder I can't get anything done. Well, I meant to tweet at him and I'm going to Tweet him today be okay ridiculous. This is bulshit. It really is. So she's 34 weeks pregnant and we're talking about her baby shower and she said that before she got pregnant and before she was a quarry her and her mom were BFF. Right? Right. So we also learned that she has three brothers from three different dads and her dad isn't in her life. So that's for kids for Dad's know. Everything is fine though her I gotta tell you I hope he doesn't cause a scene. Oh, no. I hope he isn't going to put up a scene took a shower. What's that me put up a scene what like paint some scenery? That's what I mean like backdrop, you know, do you think he's a set designer? Moron, well, I gotta tell you I know her mom. I know these women. Oh, yeah, he is such a textbook cookie-cutter jerk-off. That's what her mom is a real asshole. I also think she's racist. She's so racist. He had to put a disclaimer on this episode. Yeah, she but here's the thing though, you know, she's racist off the bat off right away. Okay. So now her mom's like yeah, they were smoking pot. They were coming home late. So they moved in with his mom into her one-bedroom apartment and I gotta tell you. Yeah, he looks down. Okay, I was thinking the same thing like she seems so out of it like very out of it load a process. Yeah, there's something going on and I don't think it's just that she's sort of process think that there's something making her slow to process like like the marijuana the devil's blood seemed like that. No, not at all. She does. He's fine. I liked him. Yeah. Yep. You know someone in the group we get we guys we have a group on Facebook called Teen Mom Trash Talk podcast listeners. Someone was like, maybe she's on pills. Okay, but that's what she was acting like home cuz he was fine. He was very there and very alert this entire episode wasn't she was like dragging ass? Yes. All right. So apparently they have to get an apartment but he lost his job because he got arrested for violating probation and he was like listen I had less than a gram of marijuana on me in the cop was racist but here's the deal it's illegal in Texas and he got 6 months probation, but he kept getting arrested so they changed it to two years probation because he would not stop smoking but that's the thing stopped smoking. It's like Janelle all over again. So his new job starts next week and he wants to move in with she wants to move in with her. Mom, right? She's like don't he's like, don't worry. We're going to have her own choice. Two weeks after the baby really she wants him to talk to his probation officer to see if he could move to her mom's house, right? Okay, but when she's talking about this she can barely speak. She's slurring her words. Yeah. No she is very out of it. Right? So now they're texting when she's two months pregnant. So Cory and her mom Crystal or texting and they get into an argument and she calls his mom a crackhead and he calls her a horse and his like you have four different baby. Daddy's you whore she took called his mother a dick sucking crackhead. Yes. Yes. Yeah it is they they I don't fight like this. Her mom is such garbage you're going to you're literally spoke with a teenager. What's wrong with you? Oh my god. Well, her mom calls her chunky when she means she's an asshole. Her mom with her orange makeup and her disco ball highlighter. Ya know her mom is I don't get nice maternal vibes from her. Okay, but she's also like this again from the 90s or something. Well, I mean, yeah, they're just don't live in New York clearly, right? So she is going to throw her a female baby shower all female people. Isn't that what a baby shower usually is right. So I'm like, okay fine, but she's kind of like digging like it's not just that it's all women. Like I don't know. She just really doesn't want Courtney be involved, you know in anything. The only thing that I will say this whole episode I hated the mother but I get it cuz it was like, okay he can come at the end. That's what she was like. No, he could be off. Well that that was a little bit silly. So now she tells her mom that she wants to live with them and her mom's like okay, but can Cory be trusted because we have expensive things in the house and Corey has a record, okay? He get arrested for shoplifting. She's like, oh, okay, but he just got arrested for smoking pot and she's like, yeah. Well pocket lead to other things. You're a racist. Yeah. Also your daughter is the one on the other things off daughter is the other thing. Yeah, so they have the baby shower and Cory's family can't make it his entire family can't make it right? Cuz I don't even think her mom met any of them yet. Yeah good for his entire family to be honest with her. So she wants him at the shower and she's wearing a flower crown and sash. Yeah. She went all out. She is way too blotchy just spray tan I've ever seen but we know it's you right no one else is pregnant at the show. Oh, you wouldn't have to tell us down right now with a crown and a sash. Well, this is what Cory told her mom. This is a quote you suck dick for a living and you have four kids with fog. Adds a lot. It's just a lot for both of them. Good for you Corey. Truth so she tells her friends that Corey said this to her mom and her laugh. Well, I mean I would have left to it that I was going to say it's 16 but they're not even sixteen. I know well she didn't graduate and that's not great. She didn't graduate and she didn't actually say she was doing online classes like nothing they were like, how many credits do you need is a graduate. She's like all of them all of them anything. Yeah. It's a 12 right? She's like I even when I wasn't pregnant I just wasn't going yeah, I'm like, oh that's good. So now anyway they got in an argument took a shower. It's a very very little argument and he gets annoyed and he goes upstairs during the shower and she goes upstairs and they're talking about like how you know, they can't live in a one-bedroom apartment with his birth and but like you can't live in a one-bedroom apartment for people can't do that pers, you can't and also she's right though. She's going to feel uncomfortable people in and out. She's breastfeeding I guess at Absolutely. So now she's 36 weeks pregnant and they don't know where to live, right? So they meet up with helvetia his sister and Kevin who's his brother and then Kevin is her husband to also calvisius husband. Her brother is Little Romeo. I'm sorry his brothers Lil Romeo. He has a little Romeo's face. It's crazy. It's so funny. Well, he said that her mom had the shower for herself and I gotta say something. Yeah, I agree with him on that. He did have to shower for herself. This was her party. So now his sister said something that was very very pivotal in this episode. Will Tracy you're so smart. Thank you so much his his sister said no one is better than no one she's all right, though. Like everyone's well, basically they were like your fucked-up. We're fucked up who cares stop also like we're all in this together. Why are we his family was very very nice. I think family is much nicer than her mother way nicer. All right. So now 37 weeks the probation officer agreed for him to move and now we get to meet his mom his mom has no voice. I hope she doesn't have volte covid-19 on here. Okay, but is this her natural Voice or something happen or did something happen when she's sick for the episode? I don't know. I don't know. So she said that she grew up in the projects and she doesn't want him to struggle his mom is so nice. She is so nice. She could I mean she's letting them live at her one-bedroom apartment. Absolutely. So she so I'm Maddie asked if both of the moms could meet for dinner and she's like, yeah, of course. Yeah. She was really nice. So they're going to move into her mom's house and her mom says no drugs you have to do chores and Cory has to get her home. Job, okay. Okay. I don't think that those are bad rules at all. Not at all. Right. So now she wants a natural birth. So they go to a birthing center and she wears all of her orange eyes or Shadow to her eyebrows all the way and she's talking about the Midwife in herself tape. Jade came over and did all of her mom. Yes agreed. I don't know how far it is from Indiana to Texas but it must have been a short drive home. They're practically neighbors. Right? So now she we meet her do let her Midwife and they talk about a waterbirth. I'm good. I fainted so she said that there's only a 6% transfer off of women from the birthing center to a hospital and it's mostly First Time Moms. Right? I can understand that they Panic they're in pain, right? All right. So now it's 38 weeks and she's folding some baby clothes and Corey can find work. And here's the thing. This is again bad editing. I thought that he had a job that he was supposed to start the next week, right? I was thinking the same thing wasn't he supposed to start a job what had or dead? Well, this is what happened to her. Mom wasn't finished being racist. So she went out with her friend Carey. They went to a martini bar to really let loose. Yeah, it's you know, it's their night out. They deserve it. Yes, and she put on every eyeliner that she ever owned and she wants to talk about Cory's record. He's in and out of jail. He's a bad role model. But here's yeah we kind of he's black. He got it. He's black. He's black. He's black. That's the yeah and you hate him cuz he's black. Okay cool. So now they're dismissing him from probation. She's 39 weeks pregnant and his mom is like pretty packaged to go to dinner. Yeah. She's really nice about it. Super nice of Crystal comes in this in her scrubs and his mom is super friendly to her. She could have been so wrong about it. Like you literally called me a crackhead. I hate you. No, she wasn't at all. Yeah, she's like so you're a nurse and she's like, yeah. What do you do? She's like, oh, I work at the convention center and she was like, all right. Well, let's talk about how I called you a crack but whatever because like you also like your son said nasty things there was a lot of drama, you know, people were salty and his mom's like okay. Okay, just like don't call me that. Okay, right. Okay. And her mom was like not letting it go and she's like, okay. She was much more graceful super graceful. I was like, oh my God, this woman is so nice. Yeah, she's Wayne. She's too good for for whatever her mother's name as I forgot already Crystal Crystal. She's too good for carpal. So now she's forty weeks and isn't this funny like so many people that I've met that are pregnant like they go earlier. They go super league. It's like 40 weeks on the. She gets contractions her water breaks. She's in so much pain. She regrets sex. She's never texted you think that that's like a dog Oh, she goes over to the birthing center and her mom shows up. And she said that she thinks she's dying. Okay, I mean, here's the thing. Everybody keeps talking about Noel you should get pregnant and then I watched like this and I'm like, right? No, thank you. So three hours until later. She is freaking out so they put her in the tub with her Victoria's Secret bra. Okay. I have to tell you most of this I fast-forwarded through it was too much for me. Okay? What about a sports? Bra? What about a comfy Sports? Okay. She did not she doesn't plan ahead. She doesn't get clear life. She didn't even think we're in this place. Do I want to have the baby? She's like, I just want to spray blood every yeah just work everyone. So she's screaming you have to call 911. I am like I am so sad for the screaming trying get it died. I cried you did I did some scared know I would I I have to mute this I have to I can't handle this. All right. Well, then he says right come hard, baby. I'm like, excuse me. I think this is the wrong time for that. That's not what you say penis. Can you repeat that? So now she's pushing on the bed, but that's what I mean. Why is that what you choose she's pushing on the bed, her head is lower than her whole body. Her body is angled. Her neck is bent in half. Yeah. Why she how is she pushing? She can't even breathe. Yeah. I don't think she was like grunting. It was very very bad very animalistic but I gotta tell you his mom is all up in there, but I would want someone like her there. She's so bombing seemed so nice. She was holding back. She's like God and she's screaming got her Tracy. I was terrified it was this was bad and she did a good job. But listen, we've had a few weeks of very underwhelming birth so that this happened that I was like, yeah, they didn't they didn't they didn't bury their heads know. I don't know what this was about. She was angled they were like, yep. Or deliver a baby with no oxygen whatsoever. Let me show you how say no more fam. All right. So now the baby's out her name is Casey Lee case, It's kaise likha Maya. Okay. Well, she's six pounds seven ounces, right? She's so cute. Oh, she's so cute. And then February 12th was born. Yes, so she said she's really really really sore her she said she feels like her insides are going to fall out of her and I'm like, I guess that's the thing. I don't know is it I've never heard anyone else say I feel like yeah. Okay, cuz remember your organs are going back to where they used to be. I I want to die like a lot of times talking about this. Well, don't worry cuz Korea has this is Dwayne Wayne glasses. Okay, my father-in-law had on Dwyane Wade glasses the other day. Oh my god really did all the way and that's like what are you doing? Like, how am I going to get a roll off on? What was that show different world different for girls. I don't wear these glasses while Corey winds up getting a dish washing job at a restaurant. Okay. Also when he was saying that he couldn't get a job because of his record. I was like, why are you not working in the kitchen and out? I was thinking the same thing. Why aren't you just working at Applebee's they let all of the conflict. I'm pretty sure half of the staff at Applebee's still in jail while they were they were they would leave us and go back to jail. Yes. So she's trying to get on the counter. She's having she's writing The Struggle Bus on this couch. Her mom goes you're not as limber as you used to be. Well, you know what? Maybe Crystal should clean these these yeah, so she has more room. Yeah saying so long Her mom said that he doesn't help. So she said that she feels super uncomfortable when her mom and Corey are both in the room. Yeah, cuz they don't like each other. That's really all there is to it. So they found her mom says what something pretty racist and then she stops herself what she say. She goes y'all are just from two different. Y'all are two different people. So your so the same. Yeah, I was like, oh you screwed up girl. Okay, and the and the commercial break instead of saying if you know anyone who's pregnant call, it's your sex. It's like if you know anyone who's a raging racist, right? Yeah. They had to have a. You're such a racist tow race. Like it's it just shows right through this what you have a black grand baby. Now. Yep good for you good for you. Maybe this will open your eyes. It won't don't worry. It won't so now the quarantine hits the baby's four weeks old and obviously Corey loses his job as a dishwasher and he starts smoking weed and he gets kicked out of her house. Now, I understand his own fault. Yeah. Yes. So now he moves in with his brother and he told her she has to move out of her house. So she moves into her aunt's house into a room with bath. Slot machine from cult on yes, but why does she have to move out of her mother's house? Okay, to be honest with you probably cuz her mother's a raging racist and he doesn't want her to be near her mom. I just think he's honestly, I think he was just being petty like well if I'm going to be there Korey doesn't even want her talking to her mom. Okay? Well, that's a little much too though while we don't know what happened. Right? So she tells her aunt that she's going to live there for like three months. I like to her aunt's like you could stay as long as you want but like how long but when are you leaving exactly right? Tell me that date so he won't apologize to her mom. And also there's two deer outside of her aunt's house. Did you see them? Yeah, there were so cute. They were just standing on the lawn. Hello. Well now she's all by herself took care of the baby because she doesn't have Corey there anymore. And she's getting like a little handsy with her when she's crying. Okay, but why is she so rough on her? I don't know she faith. Her mom to chat. Apparently they haven't shot since she left and her mom is like I don't want drugs in the house. Okay Valerie off, right but then her mom says y'all are not right for each other off. Yeah. That's the thing. Her mother's being such a bitch. Okay. So her mom's side of the family won't show up for anything that they do and doesn't like him cuz they're racist absolutely and then she says don't worry. He's going to just walk out on you anyway, and then she says hmm, at least I won't be married four times and she's like he's going to cheat on you more times than that, but then they shall be role of a cotton. Yeah. It's I don't know what the what is happening here. But like her they should cut her mother out of her life. Yes food. So she has a bad rash on her mouth. Now what's going on here? What when she's in the confessional? She's got like a thing over here. Oh, she has a bad rash on half of his chin Wong. That his brother's house. Yes, almost like impetigo. Isn't that like they call it open mouth or something? Oh that's hand mouth and foot. That's hockey know it looks like she has impetigo anyway, so now she is in the confessional and she just food on her mouth. That's what I'm thinking of. Yeah. She had food on her mouth. Yeah. She looks not well off and they actually wound up moving into an apartment through Unemployment. He got so there pays for their apartment from unemployment, but unemployment doesn't last forever. I guess then he'll get a job when covid-19. It's not exactly I hope so I really do because I don't think that she's bad. I don't think that he's bad. I think that her family sucks, but she there's something off about her definitely something off about are also I was looking to dig a little bit and someone said is your mom racist they tweeted her and she's like, yes my mom. is Reese's oh Okay. Well, there it is. Yeah, I'm sure they cut out a lot of inappropriate scenes that they couldn't show our her and Corey still together. I'm assuming so I guess so I don't have any other information that guys make sure you follow Teen Mom trash talk on Twitter Teen Mom trash talk on Instagram team on podcast on Twitter and you can follow me your host at Trixie choosing me on Instagram and Twitter and you can follow no lnoe girl on Twitter and no we underscore bear 8:10 on Instagram. Do not forget to go to the show notes because we have tickets for sale for a 90-day fiance Trash Talk podcast long live on Zoom November 14th Saturday. And is there anything else that we need to housekeep any housekeeping? We have magnet we have stickers for sale. We have tons of merch go to fiber.com for Merch and also go to our Facebook group cuz that's usually where we post the most stuff and you could talk about the podcast and you can talk about the show and that's where we have all the fun. Yeah, we like you got Eyes and make sure you sign up for patreon at patreon.com Trash Talk podcast for over two hundred bonus episodes, and they're fun. They're really so much fun. Okay. Bye.

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Episode 216: Bring Us A Gargoyle

Defenders Of The Night

1:13:49 hr | 6 months ago

Episode 216: Bring Us A Gargoyle

"School took bender the most trusted source for top to bottom coverage of everyone's favorite mid nineties animated program. I am your host. Liz circle. I am your host daniel williams liz. Hello hello god. It's been ages pal. I know it feels like it and one hundred years old does hudson. You're finally gone. You're truthful this feels right. This feels good. I am one thousand years old. And i feel it in my bones and i'm okay with it as long as heavier comfy chair they can kick back. I've got crappy couch. Does that count. Yeah i mean. I guess it's better than a pile of hay. Yes liz today. we're gonna talk about a shoko gargoyles. My goodness really. Tell me more today. We're talking susan. Two episodes sixteen revelation. I got mixed feelings about this one. I'll tell you what because i liked the episode. I hate the main subject. Get all detective. Mat- is not necessarily one of our favorite people no and It is not helping himself in this one. I'll tell you anyway. This aired october. Twenty sixth nineteen ninety-five. We went on a two week break. I wonder why weird it was directed by our pal frank. Par he's back from vacation will welcome back. Frank yeah and it was written by writer of questionable success so far cary bates which episode carry him before he did the silver falcon and he also did high noon. I believe he really likes the eliminate ones. He's a guy is i got it. I think he came in with an agenda. He's like you know what i'm going to introduce. You know this is me. I'm doing this in frank. Pars like Yeah okay buddy. Cary bates has some old angel fire websites. You know. he's got some conspiracy blogs. Liz powell goals. It's that time you know what we're talking about. If you like the show. God damn open up your favorite podcast here and leave defenders of the night a five star rating and a nice review. Not or an was. You know what i decided. Let if our pal screenshot that and shoot us an email. We will send them. Calamity cast swag. We are bribing. People full reviews now. Let's do it so i will personally some postcards okay. I don't know that means what's it going to say is i don't know either. I'll make it up as i go if i send them. It's just gonna be gargoyles. Don i like it. I know you do. And that's what liz. We're starting off at the hotel kabbah. It's a new place. Where in medias res baby. Mace malone of all people has trapped goliath in this death trap hotel it's decked out with steel shutters over the windows and a room that turns upside down and drops victims into a spinning blade. Liz i mean. I've stayed some shitty hotels but this is crazy. This is a major like homes action going on here. Have you ever been in such a place. How does it even work. Lots and lots of money to spend on stupid things. Yeah i immediately was like. What are the physics of this room. But i gotta tell you. I was into it. I was like oh. This is exciting. It was exciting and especially so we see goliath doing his best to survive this death trap mesa's controlling. The things is every episode has to have a huge control center no matter where they're located. There's some massive control system. You took his cues from big mac. Yeah he's got a bunch of tv screens. Yeah and the camera pans back and who is behind good elmes detective matt. Bluestone matthew perry bluestone. What are you doing working with. Illuminate man's a hell of an opening. I was into it immediately on the best interest. We've had in a while. Despite matt bluestone i was like yes. Keep going harder faster and you know i immediately was like what the fuck dude to man like. You're going to do that to your partner. I was outraged. I had a lot of emotions and reactions to ensure yeah and mace malone who is got to be one hundred and twenty years old bt doug. He hits us with this really quick perfect explanation of map bluestone. We're two minutes in. let's hear a clip. Luminosity will be pleased. Mr bluestone who make an excellent judas. It's now you know what. I didn't like lose the voiceover that we got in this episode. The matt bluestone detective noir thing. I i wasn't into it. Kinda liked it well. Maybe it's because. I hate matt bluestone. Shut up. You're probably got mess. Centric episode tried to hate it. Listen i couldn't matt is so over the top like he thinks he's so important in his own brain that this style made a lot of sense to me. Does i mean we all think we're the lead in our own stories. But he's like. I'm the lead in several people's stories so i think this was actually the perfect style of episode for him every so often. They're like we're going to do something completely different style wise and and sometimes it works out sometimes not so much. I think to me this wert all right. You know what. I agree you change my mind. I mean you're right. I think it's a good idea to switch shown every once in a while you know still hate matt. But i'm not now. Yes yes so from there we gotta go back in time and we gotta figure out how it all started because this typical new are we have to go back to the beginning right so we go to. I don't know this place is probably the name. It's a centrally located park in new york city and matt is meeting with martin hacker. You remember martin hacker. He's the fbi agent we met in the silver falcon who is absolutely hammered with dream boat. Yeah he looked her up and down as a mass looking for more information on mace malone stepson. Think he's putting clues together. And even though we all know martin hackers going to help matt. He still takes this opportunity. This shit on matt's investigation now liz. I'm two mines here. Because again i hate met and i think he's a doofus but unfortunately he is fucking right about the illumine naughty as it turns out the app so i say that yes. Let's shit talk matt but not about this target his stupid personality but not as investigation because he's spot on here this much hate to admit it. He's spot on. Matt was kicked out the fbi because of him doing shit like this and martin was his partner back then so maybe it's just ingrained in him that he has just be shitty. Yeah okay all right. I do love that. He was kicked out of the fbi doofus of all the things. We don't know about matt. That one thing explains everything so we don't need to know any more facts about matt bluestone bats. Yeah let's why can't do this. Detective work itself. It's his job his job as detective stuff. I don't know. I guess maybe the fbi has the ability to get information that he can't as a lowly detective maybe for the information that he ends up getting. I feel like nobody should be giving out. you know. he's in the witness protection program. But you know whatever. I'm just going to tell you anyway. You can't do that. here's this name. Here's address here's a social security number. We're tight so it's all right. I don't think that's how that program works. It's not how it's supposed to work. If tv has taught me anything in tv has taught me most things i know. Did you see the look of utter glee on matt's face was like oh goody goody and then as voice over cuts in is like i wanted to follow up right then but duty calls you liz. We cut to the police station and see. Captain pantsuit. walk out of the women's bathroom. All matt stands in the hallway outside door duty call and then before the door of the bathroom close all the way matt like russia's up and he says hey detective dream boat there liz. She says no. I've been in there the last twenty minutes and she hasn't. Liz is captain pantsuit. Okay i don't think i realized that was a bathroom. That was her office. I didn't catch that poor tummy. Well as i learned later a few minutes later it's actually the locker room but we don't learn that for i'm gonna say thirty seconds so i'm like oh she was spent a lotta time. Pooping this was all fairy elaborate. Poop joke okay. So she wasn't in the bathroom slash locker corrections hanging out in the janitors closet around the corner. Which does that connect up to the clock tower. I think that's what they're insinuating. But that's weird. That kinda bummed me out you know like the clock. Tower doesn't have a cool hidden back their building door. That's gutter like fancy knob or something that leads up to a world of wonder and imagination. I don't know all right. Willie wonka just a door in the back of the janitors closet. What they've shown us before they've only shown us her like going down to the end of a hallway and then going up the staircase. I wonder if what we're missing is a transition between the janitors closet and like like a pull down said a astaire's an attic. Maybe yeah maybe. Oh we're missing that connective peace anyway. Liz matt rounds the corner and he's like fair you are. I've been looking all over for you for all day. Where have you been in. If i was detective dream. Oh and i'd be like crawl out of my ass. I don't like you that again. That's me. I have a bias. I makes me wonder like how much time while. She's on the clock. Is she up with the gargoyles. Like if he's been trying to find her for so long. What the what does she do in all working. That's not a yours or matt bluestone business. Okay she needs them. Sweet sweet goliath time. Listen maybe she's taking since you will photos of her with a large gargoyles statue. I a lot of things. And this is what i learned that. It wasn't the bathroom that the captain came out earlier. Because here we see dream hotel a very elaborate lie. Can i play this life for you because it's way more than we needed there you are. I've been all over the place looking for you. I was just Returning them up the sink in the women's locker room spilled over. I spent the last half an hour cleaning it up. What a mess. She was lying right to my face. Just say you were getting Some paper towel. Like don't say anything like i was in the janitors closet. I had to grab some supplies was in here all day. I don't know man if she were up with the gargoyles okay. How long has she been with the gargoyles. Nail you think. She would have some goto well-thought-out responses what she's doing up there with them. I always feel like if you're gonna lie. Keep it vague. So you've got room to maneuver you know. Yeah so matt's obviously suspicious as he ought to be because his dream. But you didn't do your best work there. Well how was she supposed to know. He was lurking outside the the women's locker. It is her partner. She should be at least the fact that they need to communicate with each other. She's like oh this dude's a creep so he was probably hanging out either by the women's or by the women's locker room. I don't know you know what why lie when the truth sounds better. Just say you were up in the clock tower to give any more details than that so he suspicious and he's like hey by the way i have this new lead for the luminosity and race malone. She just like okay. I don't care. Yeah like he is an idiot and we all agree on that. But you know mace malone's old-timey partners alive and well and is criminal so right who's to say mason still around like if nothing else just hear the dude out because it's easier than blowing him off. Yeah you're kind of a jerk. Yes he is dumb but again the aluminum israel. So i don't always liked the way dream boat talks to me. Yeah it's needlessly means sometimes and that's coming from me like that's not her personality like it is totally within my wheelhouse to be mean to matt bluestone a real life like i would totally like fucking aloom ninety. Whatever jerk off but that doesn't feel like her no especially it's like oh secret society. Uk matt girl. Your love fucking gargoyles. Your boyfriend has a tail. You have no room to talk about any shit like that. Their relationship is weird because at the end of the day they still like each other. But you know it. Both keeping secrets at this point. And i think matt knows. She's keeping a secret and i don't think he likes that. 'cause i feel like before this episode as a series has gone on light. Their relationship was starting to get better. She was like okay. Fine near my partner. I'll stop resisting list as much. But i'm intrigued to see where the relationship goes after this episode. Although it might be interesting to see the gargoyles get to interact with more humans in a positive way. So maybe i'm not interested so much in where their relationship goes. But i'm interested to see how the gargoyles interact with matt as they get to know him better. Maybe which gardai think would like him the most of broadway. They're both detectives. Oh my god. They go trenchcoat shopping together but only on halloween. Okay so from there. We end up going to the v-shape health club. Ooh my can. I just say that the male gaze is alive and well in disney cartoons of boy. The scene opens up with some gratuitous sexy lady. Bits is the woman drinks sexily from a sexy water fountain filled with six and she's wearing a leotard with her ass cheeks hanging out and the camera focuses follows her for no reason. I mean there's never reason for this but this is absurd. This is a children's cartoon here you go for the the lady loving people out there who are watching this with their kids. oh wink. here's a drawing of a but listen. I'm pro but i don't care to see butts in my cartoons. I don't care about that. So sixty lady leads us to the stepson of mace malone. Yeah jack and. He's a retired banker that likes to spend his afternoon pumping iron. Yeah did you recognize that. This was ed asner. i did not it is. It's our old pal. Hudson not doing barely passable scottish accent. That's so funny. Yeah he doesn't do a lot of secondary or tertiary characters in the show so matches up to harass a retiree about his dead mother. That's why he came looking for jack. Yep jack's mom. Liz was flow dane. A silent film star. Jeff does not look old enough to be the son of silent film star now but okay and his dad was a god. Damn bomb liz above jack. Jack told me. I don't know if you heard multiple times. Jack thinks that his step-dad is a bum. Bum and jaba quantum. He's a bum. I guess what. Jack is trying to say as as malone was not a good stepfather so mad. He came here to show. Jack who again is in the witness protection program but didn't leave the city that he grew up our presumably. He is from new york city and stayed in new york city in the witness protection program. Okay he came to show jack a picture from his own. mother's funeral. Where maybe you can see. Mace malone in the background. That's why he showed up here. Yeah i guess just to have jack verify. Like oh i guess is mmj what he's like. Oh yeah that might be him. Jack doesn't know it doesn't care because again maze malone above is about them so matt shows up to speak to this person in the witness protection program because he wants to know where flow is buried and i feel like you could probably get that information from like a dozen other sources like why did he have to harass this person. Who's in hiding that one piece of information he's looking for. He's like where she buried. But we do learn that she was buried under her real name he know. Typically even actress has a stage name. You can figure out what their real name is. Yeah some actual detective work dude. That's a very good point because again. He's a detective supposedly. Yeah and i like. The internet wasn't like as much thing shirley detective people had databases. They can utilize. Yeah i mean this seems like public information. I mean you might have to put some effort into it but again detective right. It's kind of the whole gig. So matt broke. Jack's cover because he's an asshole and we have to go back to the clock tower. Yeah because matt is also very busy. He's working on his aluminum case. And also just fucking with dream boat so she goes upstairs to the clock tower and mad as a standing in the living room kitchen area. Of what i'm calling boats crash pad and i don't know why he's so weird here like he's acting even more suspicious but really. I think that this setup should answer some questions he had. I think he's upset because he helped her carry that. Tv in she's at. Oh it's for some friends now. She's claiming for her private little space. And if you lied to me about that what else have you been lying about. Also why do you get your crash area to rest and everything. I'm your partner. Should i get to have access to this too. And i could see why his feelings would be hurt. I don't know if she is even a little bit standoffish of strangers that hold. Tv scenario was the first time she met him and she didn't know that he was a detective before she even with our partners of her partner so he was just a guy. Yeah so. I don't know that i'd be particularly forthcoming with what i'm doing with. Tv to some stranger. Because it's none of your fucking business. Stats varying cheryl yeah. I forgot that was before they had officially met the other thing like she's got seniority over you. Do she gets a crash pad. Also the captain doesn't know so. Keep your fucking mouth. Shut not hurting anyone man. Just chill. yeah she just needs a place to unwind well luckily for her she impressively changes the subject to jack. And if there's one thing that matt likes to talk about more than anything else in the world it's his weird luminosity conspiracy theories so he's like. Oh yeah let's talk about my shit. You're dumb crash. Pat is boring. And i've got conspiracies my question though. Liz yeah perhaps you can answer. This is how does she know. The the lead from earlier about mace malone stepson. Because he didn't mention that bit he didn't get that far because she blew him off. Just been sloppy writing. I agree. I think you're right. Matt is like a fucking dog with a tennis ball so he's been properly distracted now. He can talk about his favorite subject. He tells dream boat. That apparently every thursday in all motherfucker leaves a rose. The crypt of flora dreidel dribble not dreidel. I am the worst when it comes to names set. Say i don't care so he's gonna go check it because that is jack. Mom flow de. Yeah so we had to the cemetery. Pine lawn sounds nice. I guess i don't know and there there he is. There's the old man that'll man's got a fucking hand. Tattoo me someday. Liz oldest. Fuck hand. Tattoos sick mustache. You've been saying for years. He went and tattoos one day. One day so matt surprises old dude and there is such a huge info dump here that i'm not even going to try to explain it. I'm just going to play the clip. It's easier yeah all these years and you still have a soft spot for flora must have been tough becoming dead to the world abandoning your wife but you had no choice. The alumina decided. You were irreplaceable. Excuse me nobody knew. More about underworld dealings than mace malone wants the gangs found out an outside faction learned their darkest secrets. You a marked man. You had to disappear thanks to you. The aluminum had the goods to cut themselves in. They've been organized crime silent partner ever since this whole thing annoyed me a little bit because i just feel like mace malone very quickly like i got me like he didn't even try to like keep his stick up. I think it's because the has plans for matt so you know he can finally just like you know you think you know a lot about me. I know a thing or two about you. Mattie boy and it's about time you joined the aluminum audie come on down. What why this guy just because he knows about you. What does matt bring to the table. Shitty detective skills but they think is really impressive. Figure this all out but like what he figured any of this out if it hadn't been for like the fbi guy and other things he was using like he shouldn't really get credit for this and even if he did figured out so what just kill him. Just kill max. Don't bring him into the fold. I mean why is it. Oh he figured out he knows. We're real better just in duct him. No i figured out. He knows a real. Let's throw him into the ocean race. So the party will never be serious. He'd be fed to the fishes fed to the fichus exactly but they want him as a member but he's got to pass a loyalty test. I liz yeah in matt's like yeah this all sounds on the up and up. I'm into it let's go. What is this test. And i was disappointed like i don't have high expectations for matt bluestone and i still managed to be disappointed by him. Oh man i dunno by. I mean we already knew. That deluxe was a member of the luminosity. Matt didn't know that right matt did not know that so matt wants something in return. I okay. which isn't that the membership like. He's becoming a member which was like what he wants. So it makes sense. It can't be like oh you're letting me join your top secret club. But i have to prove myself i okay hulu i get out of it. Do you get to be part of the top secret super club that you've been obsessed with frears. No that's how important met thinks he is. He's like oh you want me to join your club. What's in it for me. Like who the fuck do you think you are at. Least that's what's in it for you dickhead. Yeah it's not like you're david. Santos okay but mace malone plays bowman. He's got some hot sauce. Courtesy of deluxe zenon member a lower echelon member. I thought that the richest man on the planet would be somewhere higher up. But he's a junior executive like who is this fucking thing. Is it literally. Jesus christ has risen and is also the leader of the illuminating. Yes okay yeah how this works. No i'm intrigued to like. Maybe it's just has to do with his age like he. So young like mesa's over one hundred years old and has special bridge nation drugs. He's given to look younger. Like what the fuck presumably made by zana toes pharmaceuticals right. Also deluxe went back in time and met original members of the aluminum body. Deluxe could've gone even further back in time and started the illuminating for all. We know. I don't know. I just feel like that. Dude is probably not getting enough respect in the organization. You know what justice for deluxe taken seriously in this organization. He needs to be higher up all right well anyway so we are on a really pretty seaside highway that makes zero sense for new york city. Where the fuck are we. I think they're in maine literally. Looks like they like just went upstate to the coast and they're on duty. Okay so dream about and matt are on this wind e seaside highway matt's angry. Yeah and a little unhinged here like he's losing his shit and he'd be there was a little bit more than just a little unhinged. Yeah so he. Like dr a buddy. It's my car. And he's like no pullover on having in what fucking world. There's no way. I would let someone else drive my car. I'm driving it no matter how insistent they were especially with them being this weird in like aggressive about it. It'd be one thing if they had made a stop and we're getting back to the car and he's like hey like my turn to drive. Now i insist and she'd be like okay. He literally made her pull over on the side of this windy highway so they could switch sides and she agreed to this. Why the fuck did she agree to this dude. It could be my wife and she was like all right. Let's switch places. I'd be like non good. I'm gonna drive my car. thanks. I don't know and i mean i'm weird so i didn't let anyone drive my car for a very long time other than like my sister than like jeremy but now like share. You wanna drive. Whatever i feel like. If i'm in the car why wouldn't i drive out on you like control. Oh just shut up shut up. You think you know truth that you don't. I don't drive ins fine. It's whatever i used to drive a fucked on a. I'm like shh. Oh i hate driving. You'd rather be the one driving if you're in your car. Yeah like please. Let's get in your car and you drive me all over the world. But if i'm in my stupid car i'm driving. It makes sense. I don't know that it does. But i appreciate you saying that anyway enough about car so the listeners to know how i like to drive liz. Liz matt is driving this car. And what's what's going on jerry. Being accused viciously driving dream boat is obviously very very uncomfortable. Yeah they're on the wind. Es highway on the side of a cliff he is taking turns at breakneck speed. He's been insane. Liz as it turns out he's so set because he knows about the gargoyles they are totally real and he totally knows that dream boat is totally dating the leader and he has a big old crush on her and he just. He's mad right. That's what i got out of it. I mean it kind of feels that way. They don't actually like talk about the whole being jelly or anything like that in terms of romance. But it's got vibes. Dream is not interested in you that way man but he's angry and none of that was good. It was very uncomfortable to watch yet. No he's got this entitled fucking white man rage bullshit stick going on because he's gonna drive them off a cliff unless a gargoyles swoops down and saves them right. That's what he's doing right now. That's nuts slow and with nuts like there are so many non violent and non aggressive ways. He could have confronted her about the gargoyles and he chose this method. This is the privilege of a fucking white dude. Because how does it end up liz. How does this confrontation go. Well we gotta find out 'cause we gotta take a break. In modern day bristol. Someone is copying one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. Jack the ripper. Only this time. The story is different. A woman survives and decides to get her revenge by taking the law into her own hands but in so doing. She awakens darkness deep insider if like suspense thrillers. Man serial killers tune in to jane the ripper and audio drama available now. Wherever you get your podcast hand we are bad. I totally didn't spill my drink. During the break expires he totally did. Is that a spoiler. Was i going to reveal at the end of the episode tricky. Everyone i just wanted stated that i have never knocked over drink. I've just fit my drink out. Fine if we want to get technical hasn't made that specific before and since we've been recording remotely. I haven't spilled anything law de fucking down all right so liz. This car doesn't go off the cliff. Now thank goodness dream. Boat she fucking rasul's control the car from matt somehow. Yeah i you know. I'm not going to think about it because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense because he could still drive them right off the cliff but what ever they pull over and everyone safe and she is angry. Yeah and even her angriest as fucking crazy as mattress was. Did you like this little fit. That matt continues to throw in the middle of the street the middle of the highway. There really fucking lucky that apparently no one else drives on this stretch of road. Yeah although it seems like their shift is like the eight. pm to four am like they're at work. It really weird hours. Yeah which makes their location right now even stranger but it looks like the pch. That's what this reminded me of. But okay so liz. He is screaming at the top of his lungs at the gargoyles. And he says he's not gonna stop until he gets the truth about them and her and their relationship and again. Why couldn't look partner. I figured this out. I have lots of questions. And i think now is the time that you need to answer them. Like no more making shit up. No more line. No more skedaddle. And around this gave me something answers. Let's talk instead. He's like i'm gonna risk both of our lives and scream at the air. She's like buddy little. Follow me around everywhere. They're not here they can't hear you. He loses his rage boehner pretty quickly when he's standing in the mo the highway here. I'm going to play a clip of mattis deflating. A little out there. I know all about you know. Show yourselves. I know. I know this is what you shake your head and tell me. I'm wasting my time right and liz. This is what. I was talking about before the break. She doesn't choose to file an official report with a captain. She doesn't threaten this man with a civil suit as you said. She's like they're not here right now. Buddy let's talk about it. Let's you know this is probably my fault. Such typical woman thing to do like i was mentioning the privilege of the angry white man like he gets what he wants by stopping his feet on the ground and acting like a fucking maniac as a woman. Sometimes it's just easier to just be like fine. Let's do this thing now because otherwise you just have to keep dealing with that and it's easier just to defuse the situation. I can't even imagine how dangerous this man is being like. What's he gonna do. If i keep denying it like what crazy thing that is isn't going to try and do to me and him next now just normalizing that behavior gargoyles real cool aches not always on their a game. It was the ninety s. I feel like we've learned a little since then a little little a very small tiny little tiny bit. Okay so she relents yeah. I think it's a bad idea. I think that it's of his fucking business and We moved to the precinct. You know i feel like it will get to appoint since they are partners. They need to have some sort trust that it would make sense if she came to this vision on her own terms. Like you know what. I'm going to share this part of my life with matt so he understands some weird things i do and why do them. I can get that but the way. She's pretty much like forced to do it. I don't love no. She's bullied in her. Life was threatened. Yeah that's not okay except for the show is like this says zero consequences. What matches did he gets what he wants. And were move on. And that's fucking disgusting which we do move onto precinct do right. We don't get there in time. So we move on from that she's like meet me back here at eight o'clock or whatever and i will show you everything. And he's okay his salty about it though you know he's like woah. What do you mean we gotta do. We gotta come. What the anytime you think. You've seen a guard royal. What time of day was it nighttime. It's not nighttime anymore yet. Dumbed down. he doesn't even try and put together. He's the worst detective. That's what is the worst detective. He's failing up like every other fucking okay all right. Let's see when he probably came from a wealthy family. you know. We discussed that in the silver falcon. How he's probably a rich boy who just gets what he wants all the time you know. He probably went to harvard or whatever and just like privileges. Fuck who doesn't understand why people don't like see his goodness again. If nothing else is rolling around new york city in the mid nineties is a straight white dude so it's pretty gold for him. Yeah okay les- we've gotta go to a fairy matt's meeting up with mace malone again because the information was good so the illuminating must be just a fine organization my right god but he agrees to his loyalty test. Bring us a gargoyles and you know he brings the hardest one. Yeah i mean. I'm jumping ahead. But it would have been ways to bring like lexington buddy. You could throw him in a burlap sack. They don't explain why they want to go and they don't explain. Why matt has to do it. This is something that deluxe could very easily do. Right deluxe captured them several times. He does it for fun. That is weird. 'cause i was like oh because matt's connected to dream boat so he has at Brussels deluxe deluxe connection directly to the gargoyles. Not just a separate. I think i mean yeah that makes no sense if i had to guess it has more to do with getting matt to do a thing regardless of what the thing is yeah like if they can talk matt into doing something like this they could probably talk them into a lot of shit right. 'cause i mean this is him having to be disloyal to his partner showing that they illuminates the most important thing to him. Where's deluxe it's and gave her fuck about the gargoyles. Really that's not fair. He loves the gargoyles. He thinks they're has best brose and he dislikes to fuck with them and it's actually true like he doesn't want them dead. He wants them to be his playthings. You just wanna share them just like i like to ruin. Tv shows for you. Liz i just like to fuck with these. Think think i'm just ruining everything you love but yeah then we're back to the clock tower. Matt finally gets to meet the brogue oils and he finally learns why all of his trenchcoats have been disappearing from his apartment. You really really want that to beware broadway Because he knows when matt's on duty. Yeah so matt continues to be an asshole here to getting everything. He wants handed to him. So dream boat walks him out to the balcony. Or whatever you call it. She's like a check it out given a minute and he's like statues you brought me up here to see statues you ask all was like do give me like two minutes or why are you jumping to this rage. Supposed to be friends. He's he taking steroids. Or something. Is like roy aging here like what the fuck is happening. You know if. I could attribute it to anything. I would have to attribute it to the red headed rage. No we've seen it into garin. We're seeing it in matt and those are the only two people with red hair that have ever gotten angry. So the bros. Wake up and matt can eat shit. I will say. I know your favorite thing in the universe is the wakeup sequences. But this one i think actually made sense. This one had a purpose to absolutely i. I didn't even have a note about it. He's gotta be surprised. That dragon dudes are coming out of stone. Cates like your first time seeing it. You're like whoa. That's interesting okay. Which is the reaction that gives. I thought he would freak out at least a little bit of be like mean. Think how surprised you would be if fucking statues to started to explode. I would like grab dream boat and like be like hiding behind you every. Don't kermit the frog armed. Like yeah. He should have done the. Oh okay i mean i guess how else would he react to the overall experience. He's too weird stuff he already knows. They exist right ana they go inside and dream boat is explaining to matt. How does work how they are protecting the city instead of ancient scotland. They're here to help us. But unlike in scotland like no one really knows that they exist here and we kinda need to keep it that way and we keep them safe. You know goliath of all people is actually pleased. That matt's made the cut and he gets to meet them. Finally you know he's trustworthy enough. Yeah you know i guess. According to the situation as far as he knows it but really we know that dream boat was bullied and threatened right and it never ever comes up again. Dream boat never goes back to glide and says you know actually the reason that i brought him up because he threatened to kill me. If i didn't right because then he outlets ripped him limb for limb. Yeah dick i. I really wanna see that now. The first part which is a goal is just going bat. Shit crazy in ripping him apart roussum and is probably one of the most gruesome things you've ever said liz anyway as far as knows this is totally and everything's on the up and up and he's like hey it's good to finally meet you bro. Right and dream. Oh pops and she's like oh. This is really great. But you're going to keep their secret right. That's now that you've met them now. We're going to cover this. Feel like this is the thing that maybe they should have discussed beforehand. I'm trusting you. i'm taking you to the secret spot. That's really important but you have to promise me that this is safe. You're not gonna do anything stupid. But no that like. I understand that their partners and all that but after the shit that he just pulled. Yeah fucking dream boat. You trust too much in matt's like pretty sure he's like probably keep the secret but i want something in return. Yeah and like. That's not how trust works yet. Dip a huge mistake. Yeah yeah go live. Just like roles as is is like What did we say about this dream. Boat get it in writing. Yeah so matt takes goliath outside. You know wants to have a conversation. Not in front of women men to gargoyles. He's got a plan. Let's hear this plan at his. Mace malone has an office hidden condemned hotel all the street level. Entrances are sealed off. No goliath can get me inside. I'll be able to find the proof. I need to expose the illuminating liz. At this point. I wasn't sure if this was a triple cross same. If matt's a bad guy like i guess in that sense he's playing this noir role really well. I will say that like he did. Have me intrigued the whole episode. Because i never really knew who side he was actually on. I'm assuming they're trying to see what he is. A good guy but my but is he. I don't trust him still. He's just bouncing back and forth between violent psychopath and the gargoyles new friend. It's really like i think. The extremes are too far apart on the spectrum. You know yeah but i guess not knowing where he stands as a sign of a pretty solidly written episode. At least i think they do that. Well as much as matt is really annoying in the episode that aspect of him is done quite well with the specific aspect of the story. That semes- in this episode for sure but carry nailing the the new are aspects of things. Yeah this plan is not great. In my opinion. I don't know that i would trust him so much goliath but well. Yeah i i can't even ask before. Why does he pick away of all of them. And then henson's like how come help in there like no hudson. It's just the two of us and treatments like the three of us. I'm coming to you. And i know no jimbo. You're staying here. Yeah and it's weird. Where she places her trust because she's like okay but when it comes to goliath she's never so open to stepping back neither one of them ever are but the other so it's weird that she's like not really seen after this because she doesn't come along she stays out of it yeah. I thought for sure that she was going to be sneakily. Following jumping ahead. I was really surprised that we never saw her in the hotel ball. That is kind of surprising. It's very unlike her right well. Speaking of we go back to the hotel cabal. We've almost met up at the timeline of our immediate race. Opening goliath gingerly flies. Detective matt bluestone to the roof of the hotel. Which you know the entire time map was probably like this is why i mean you soon. Okay yeah so. They get to the top of the building and mets like. Give me a second. I can handle this locked door. So can i do and just ripped the door off which i love. Allies puts matt in his place classical. I have to to be like. I know how to handle this situation. Brute force calm down. There are other options. Yeah but i kinda liked that. He didn't let met have his moment. All right fair any chance you get to shit on matt. I'm all for it. So i feel like at this point. Goliath realizes that matt needs to be knocks down a peg or to learn ten pegs. I think he just thinks too highly of himself. It's true the door has been dealt with. Shall we say yes and they head down the stairs and the stairs turn into a scary slide. Because i mean that's fun. This puts us back where we started. Where goliath crashes through the ceiling. Ask i on the floor and matt he meets up with malone so we're back to the beginning of time before in the year twenty. One hundred cybernetic enhanced. Population threatened to tear down everything. America held dear free speech drive-thru liquor stores and guns so many guns after much deliberation it was decided that if america and it's superior values survive the coming roebuck lives. There was only one option. Get the fuck up the next hundred years. So the construction of space merica the galaxy's newest and brightest star if you value adventure good times and cyborg fistfights find your place in space. Merica space miracle. No cyborgs nita by subscribed to space merica on apple. Podcasts google podcasts stitcher or checkout calamity cast dot com. Liz were back we are we are. We are all right i. I don't know it's having. We are in the hotel. Cabal goliath is hanging upside down again. You know we briefly mentioned it and the opening. But i don't think we really covered it. Enough he is running through the halls this hotel and he ends up in a room and the room turns upside down yet. The furniture is now on the i. Guess ceiling whatever and goliath is hanging from a table above these giant spinning blades. It looks like giant versions of what you'd find in a blender. Yes for sure. And he's not in my opinion sufficiently upset about the situation. He seems pretty chill. He's like i can deal with this. Yeah he rips that table off of the ceiling floor and he surfs that shit down into the death blades now. I don't know why this wooden table destroys. The giant blender blades. But that's what happens okay. Sure i've never seen any of the saw movies. But i feel like this has some saw kind of like energy happening. I am an expert and have seen literally everyone Which is weird. But you are not wrong. It's definitely got saw energy yuppies. Gotta make some sacrifices except for he actually makes no sacrifices. He's fine he's surf. Ninjas his way into the next room of this hotel really do feel like if h h holmes the serial killer from chicago had the means to make a saw kind of style building does exactly what his death hotel been. He made a death. Oh yeah. I don't know i mean. Obviously that's insane but also like that's impressive especially back in the early nineteen hundred. Yeah like that's wild in a cartoon like yeah anyone can do that in real life like that takes a lot of work. Yeah he put in the fucking man good job h h holmes. Good that's coming up with a plan and that's sticking to it boy. If there's one thing. I admire its serial. Killing their can-do attitude. Mace malone gets on the house. Pa and he delivers this whole explanation. As to what the fuck is going on. I'm sorry. I just felt like we should get back to goggles. You're not wrong all right. Here's a clip. I'm sure you've noticed by now. This is no ordinary hotel. The cow is designed to decimate one script unreality fences we step in and stripped your mind of its most precious memories and darkest secrets by the time. I guess leaves here more than mindless created is gonna steal your memories and break your mind man. I guess. I could just watch movies. But i kind of want this to be turned into like a movie it was. It was turned into like eight movies. I guess i need to watch those at some point needs the right word but sure that kind of like slasher gruesome kind of thing isn't normally my jam. But i'm very intrigued now. I just love how we can. Just move in and out. I'm going to say seamlessly. With giant air quotes. Liz the fucking hotel all right. We're the hotel. Goliath is trying to figure it all out and malone is like he's never gonna get it. It's so great. You gotta have a special key liz. That's something we didn't mention earlier that mace malone in his last meeting with matt gave him the key and then the reason that matt had bang on the door to get into the control room is because during the slide he quote unquote lost his key. Oh no what's Lucky that he went down the right side of this shoot. Am i right her rack. So goliath comes to a hallway with a series of doors on either side and lizards a window. At the end. He can see outside. It's freedom reno. But no liz Again this is a death filled funhouse maze so as goliath is running down this hall running through fire doors. Open up an electron density shoots through. I don't know shut up and A couple of the doors are just giant smashing bits mace malone is taunting and mocking him over the pa. He's getting some publisher out of this. He's pretty spry for a man in his one. Hundred and twenty s. I guess that Those drugs he's taking helps with other things too. It's more than just boehner pills. Well fuck you because goliath got the wind all its shatterproof glass He can't get out. But liz remember that key that we were just talking about. Yeah who has it in his hand. All g mango life. Good all goliath duty pickpocket matt. We'll never know until they talk about it later. Probably well so we see in the control room. That malone is just like gleeful. Yeah he's so happy that he's destroying goliath spirit. Yeah i gotta say good fucking luck man because goliath has his will is unbreakable deanna. It feels like you know. I mean mace malone is know that yet but glaive is not a quitter now and he's dealt with the way worse than this it. Yeah no shit matt asks. Mace malone a question that i was thinking as i was watching the episode. What if matt had gone down the wrong side of that slide. He would've been fucked now. I was wondering. Did mace mean that he would have just let matt go through the fun house. Shit all the traps and everything. Yeah what a dick they would have been like. Oh look you didn't succeed in your missions. So far while i torture you you know saying it out loud. Yeah okay let matt suffer. Actually i meant for it. Let's keep going so since goliath has the key in allows him to just seamlessly goes through all these things now he can bypass all the torture and just make his way through but malone is tracking him and sees him just like quickly going through the motel and he's like what the fuck is happening. It's like oh. I guess when i dropped mckee found it. Yeah and i guess it was because there are only a couple of minutes left in the episode. We didn't get to see what goliath was up to like. I was kind of disappointed in that aspect of were being told that he's just easily navigating through the torture rooms. And we see like a red dot on the tracking screen. Yeah but that's a lot to miss out on. It is and it would have been cool stuff to see. But i guess this episode has already done so much like it's in the script but we don't have the time for it so now. He's just a blinking dot and part of me wonders. If it's because like this isn't an episode about goliath. it's an episode about matt. So they were keeping the focus on. How matt was reacting in dealing with all this stuff or is it just uninteresting like if you have the key doors just open regularly that probably is a. I don't know how that's possible but that would be funny. If you don't have the key to open the door it's fire you do have the key. It's just the next room. I that's cartoon logic. I guess so. We'd just have to roll with it for sure. Liz malone is kind of upset about this whole thing. Because i guess it's this one hundred and fifty year old man's job to run the murder hotel and if he allows a prisoner to escape he loses his pension. This man so old but still has a job was the fucking point of being in the luminosity. If he's stuff to work. Yeah i mean. He specifically mentioned his pension. Should he be like independently wealthy from all his years of being a gangster. And i know were focusing on a very minor detail. The pension is what you get when you retire so that means that despite how fucking old this man is. He's not been allowed to retire yet. Yeah that's rough fucking. You need a better plan. Treat your people right. All right. Mace pulls out a laser blaster and goes hunting. Yes go in school and in this case old school is lasers. Oh it's always laser zeal. Fallback you know like oh. My murder. hotel doesn't work lasers all right. I'm sure deluxe outfitted him and everyone else in the minority with lasers. Those are xanadu industries for sure so glad this climbing up an elevator shaft. Yeah not phased by any of the is. He's like let's just another day in the life of goliath. This is not the first death maze that he's dealt with you know. The pack nevada hit him with a death may so he's used to it. And thank max places not quite death maisy but has that energy to it to death maze energy. That's how i want my house to be decorated with energy in a hallway outside this really weird setup in a hallway. Outside of where goliath is mace malone matt enter a second hidden control room to set off more traps. This is ridiculous how they go into this room. That's next to the elevator. Entrance and in their mace malone says of the giant window looking into the elevator shaft notice the two way mirror. Hard to miss pal. It's like fifteen by fifteen here. It's a wall that i conceived okay. I've noticed at cheer. Okay yeah now with the push of a button may stops an elevator car on goliath. Who dodges it. That should happen to him all the time. But the elevator car catches him on the way back up like it reverses direction heads backup it catches him and is heading towards this and spinning turning spiky. We'll thing it's like the police for the elevator but death see but death filled and goliath is going to be ground up into Wait now he just jumps out of the way again. It's so like non-threatening as to be laughable. Yeah but liz. The grinding wheels tear the elevator car. It's destroyed but this is not at the ceiling is at the top of the elevator shaft because goliath keeps climbing and then matt and mace malone see him so goliath is passing by. If you've noticed the to a mirror he's passing by that so whatever happened with the elevator car and the grind bits happened. I don on the sixth floor. There's so much more elevator shaft. Above that i don't understand the logistics of this is what i'm trying to get to like. How do people use that elevator. Normally i don't know maybe they can't maybe can amount of floors are safe. You gotta get often floor. Seventh forty die. You have to get off cross the building. Go to another elevator. Gotcha okay you're safe six and below. That's a regular elevator but be careful because that becomes suddenly death elevator. Yes exactly all right. That sounds stupid. Yeah okay but that's what happened. All right sure from there you know gliding still climbing up. He's now in the view of mace and he doesn't know that they can see him but they can in mace decides to shoot him in the back with his laser gun. But you know what's weird about this that were all just kind of choosing to ignore from goliaths point of view. There's a big mirror in the middle of an elevator shaft. Yeah that's not typical. But i guess he's just like oh look cute. I like today before goliath could actually be shot in the back matt dives at mace causing them. Both to go flying through the glass. Start falling down the elevator shaft. Yeah liz i gotta say out of all the possible choices. That matt could have made our e. stopping mace. This was the worst one. Does he have his gun. Dream has her gun on him all the time does he not carry his good like he couldn't like knocked him over the head with the butt of the gun or something or i mean i guess shoot him. But i'd rather have not shoot someone he could have just fucking karate chop the guys neck. He a poked in the mets. A big dude and the thing about it is. He was watching what was going on in the elevator shaft on the screens. He had so much time to formulate some kind of plan. This is what he came up with. I'll jump to my doom. I mean i guess this is him just assuming that a gargoyles again is going to swoop down and catch him. But that didn't work the previous time. There were no gargoyles. Yeah it's unbelievably dumb. So matt dies because he did a dumb thing. And that's the end of the episode right. Liz quite goliath does his normal diving after someone and swoops in gets mad though yeah. That's right goliath defies physics while matt just belly flops to his doom. I don't know if you noticed the positioning. That matt was in but he is in classic arms out feet out bellyflop like star fishing to his death. He looks like a flying squirrel. This is so weird also. I don't want to overlook how somehow mace malone was able to grab the elevator cables with his hands while he was falling should have ripped his hands to pieces. You the bone right. that's a metal cable cable. Like i saw it. I was like no. I had the same reaction it was. It was very like visceral dislike but he's fine mats fine despite what should have happened so as mace. Everyone is okay. We all get back up to the hidden control room for alright. Mace malone however as he's getting into the control room liz. Did you see him bellyflop. Broken glass all. I miss that. He jumps from the cables having climbed up two flights of a building with just bone exposed. Yeah he jumps and just kind of belly flops. Onto the broken window frame again. What are we doing here. He's got no flesh left on his hands he's been impaled into the gut and somehow he's fine element ati man. They're superhumans yeah. Maybe that's part of the drug cocktail is like he's got shatterproof skin. I dunno well. Liz as it turns out this was totally a triple cross. Thank god matt. Gave the key to goliath and a mace jumped his down the elevator shaft. Fuck you mace balloon. Did you like how he was like shaking his fist. Angry at goliath in matt didn't even stop to deal with ase malone is they were climbing back up the elevator shaft. They just kept going there. Like fuck you climb. Because nobody crosses mace mellow nobody. Okay pal. I mean you've been crossed yet. Done been crossed double or triple depending how you look at it. Yeah i like how they don't deal with him because he knows he lost his spot. I want someone explain this hotel to me but for now we gotta go to the roof. Where the voiceover kicks back. An and matt you know. He's kind of lamenting his missed opportunity to get in with the aluminum body by teaming up with goliath. But i found myself thinking. Then he's got the key he still got his key so he could totally go scope out the building. Learn a bunch of secrets and stuff. Shouldn't that be enough to be like. Hey look i was tapped luminosity and they have a death hotel and you know depending on how long you waited he might find. The corpse of mace malone right speaking of mace bologne. We cut back inside the murder hotel and he is running around going door to door losing his mind. He says mind fast very quickly. Yeah i guess. He doesn't handle stress very well. Apparently not keep saying like one more door one more. He opening the doors and their dislike stonewalls behind them. I'm wondering how long has he run this fucking hotel. And how does he not have it memorized yet. Maybe it changes. Okay now. we're just that's crazy. It's like hogwarts and elevators change and hallways change and staircases change. And i asked this question again. If he had his key. Would he be going to these doors. Not opening up like normal doors makes sense. I mean it doesn't make sense. But that's what they're like alluding to are these magical keys. Is this a magical building. I hope we come back to it. Well from the back of the clock tower and it's time for the boys go to bed bed bed. That's everybody says. I read your night night in my bed. She betty by if you say so okay. So a man talking and he wants to know why she would keep this secret from him. She's like buddy. It's not that i didn't trust you. But being the only human they can fight it in. It made me feel special. And as a woman. I just need to feel that way in. It's not that you are insane person who is prone to conspiracy theories and can't be trusted by the way. Let's not forget that you got kicked out of the fbi. It's the needed to feel special as a lady. He had it love that explanation. And i made it worse. You did make it where it's dead. But i feel like that's what they're trying to insinuate here. I've totally had those feelings before of like a man i haven't Like oh i don't want to share this thing. That's early special. Means a lot to me because like the more people who have it. I'm not the only one anymore. But sometimes when you open up your world other people and makes things easier and better liz. That's why i just don't have friends. It's the easiest lies. I'm sorry that you've been misled So oh her. Her sounds of sadness. Genuine listeners so matt's like oh yeah. I totally get it. It's like me and the aluminum body. Like i like being a weirdo. Don't trust me. And they think that i am unhinged and how it makes me feel special. It's totally the same thing right. Like what is he suggesting here. I don't know if it's not the same thing dude. It's not at all. But i guess when you are so up in your own bubble and two so in your own shit you're like. Oh yeah. That's like this thing that i know all about what you're talking about. It's just like me. Yeah matt he literally talks to anyone who will standstill about his thoughts on. That was really not the same thing no no. Even though nobody wants hear about it he's talking about the illuminating. It's not the same thing in all man she had a secret and you are blathering to anyone with a fucking pulse about the secret society. How is that similar. All right so they leave the clock tower and they re enter the police station and they run into the captain lists. Yeah who is eyeballing them weirdly because to her they just came out of a storage closet. Yeah she's like. Oh i see you to found each other. We found each other like what he's trying to say she's like oh nothing but i'm glad to see that everyone's pants are on like clearly. She thinks that they're fucking now. Is that going to need ongoing thing. Like we're of youtube in. Because i feel like that's what they're setting up here and i don't like that because matters gross matches nut deserve to have his dick anyhow so many words for magazi- like oh what am i going to say near dream boat where you're gonna say ding dong i see. You found each other with your junk nope okay. Liz were on the street. It's the last seen outside. Matt runs into martin hacker. Yes and right before this clip played this clip that. I'm about to play right before this clip i was like. Oh that's why he wears gloves. Now listen to this and luminosity pin you. You've been one of the all along. I ought knock you flat on your back. Well wouldn't blame you. Matthew to this already floored me once martin. He's fucking the luminosity. I bet he's got the hand to. Why doesn't david have the handset. Otavio classy motherfucker. He doesn't have. He's only got a tramp stamp. He doesn't have a lot of tattoos. He does wear the ring though. Yeah he's like no no no. I won't have your silly thing tattooed on my hand. But i wear the ring. It'll wear the pin. He's a jewelry kind of guy. Yeah well we haven't seen yet as deluxe where the ring. But you know he's got some so. Why is this tattoo exist. If as martin says the pin is what makes it official. He gives matt the lapel pin and he says. Now it's official baby. You're one of us. Yeah the tattoo is just for the crazier of of us. Which you know matt would totally do that. I say that as a man covered in tattoos by the way yup. So why is matt so important that the luminosity put martin hacker on him to try and dissuade him from pursuing this case. I don't know it's such a wild thing if it did exist no one would believe you right because secret societies. That's crazy those don't exist. Everyone would just blow him off as a crackpot which is what they do. yeah so why. Does he loo medicare. I mean it would have been so much. Funnier if illuminate wasn't real in matt was just whole hog cohen after it. I don't know. I mean it's not exactly a comedy show but still and it's like why is martin part of the and when the fact that he joined and what makes him special because if he was already eliminated when he and matt were partners and the like they placed him to be partners and that was a bit ago. Did he get to just join. Young dad is the member. maybe and maybe maybe. It's like the veiled prophet and st louis kind of thing. Where if you're part of it like it's a generational thing. Yeah so liz. This episode ends with hacker putting a piece of candy and his mouth with a gloved hand. And i don't know about you. But i was really sketched out by that like weird. I don't know like leather gloves. And the of the taste of leather in your mind. You know what he leaves were. That's how it ends. He's like zia. When i see your pal. Yeah that's like We get a discount card. Ten percent off our prescriptions. I don't know the episodes over it was just a matter of factly. Urine zia as gargoyles took its final ad break. So shall we liz. We're gonna come back. We're gonna finish it up this week. It sounds it listeners. Are you into alpha male fat ass leading ladies and happily ever after then checkout another great calamity cast podcast. Dick the week where i chat with my other. Two co host everything. We love in sometimes eight about both writing and reading romance novels. So grab a glass of wine. Get comfortable and let's get down and dirty about romance. Find it on calamity dot com wherever you find your podcast all right and we are back to have our final thoughts of this episode. Hey liz what you think about this episode. I liked it. I thought it was interesting. Obviously we've talked over and over and over again. That matt is on our favorite character by any means. But i think this will open up some interesting plotlines for the future. You know. it's one of those things. We learned a little bit more. But i have way more questions now. Yeah i just think that the way that matt was handled like the nor style. I think it worked well for him. Yes despite matt being such turds yes i agree with you. Almost one hundred percent. I mean i guess. In the same way that. I didn't understand the importance of big mac. At don't understand the importance of the illuminating. Yes and i agree because my main hope is that they handled it better than they did with the city of stone mini series when we finally get to the luminosity miniseries or whatever. It's called now. So matt made a comment when mesa increasing his. Well fuck guess. I'm not going to become part of the luminosity. He makes it sound like he wants to join. He can expose them and bring them down or do you think he's actually going to become a member like get brainwashed by the in goldman i e. That's a good question. I would assume that he wants to infiltrate from the inside but as with all powerful organizations like i know what i'm talking about whatever he would probably get indoctrinate he would probably turn. I don't think he is made of the kind of stuff that would keep him from changing science right. Because i feel like he has an obsession and then it would be three boats job to pull him back out. Yeah especially just based on how full of himself he is. I feel like they could really play on that and be like senior important. What you do matter is really playing up his ego okay. All right and he's going to. I know i am so important. I'm glad everyone else finally realizes that. Liz delight haunted houses or escape rooms combined. I've never been in escape room. I think i would enjoy it. But i also think it makes me very anxious. I've never been haunted. His house the way that like you pay money and they like purposely trying to spook you but like real ghosts stuff fascinates me like i like doing like the lumping. Anchin tour did the ghost tour at the fox theater things like that that have like real haunting that fascinates me way more than like limit. Jump on spooky real haunting. Wow okay i will say. I believe in ghosts. I've had experiences okay. I've never been to an escape room. But i know that i would hate it because it seems really annoying games and puzzles and things like you'd be good at it. I am okay at puzzles. But i find them frustrated catch and also as far as haunted houses. Those are boring. someone jumps out at you and you're like all right. You stand bear your to close. I mean you don't like people that make sense. Oh shut wiz were done. We did a this was a fun. When some weirdness. I dug it as i said yes. I am appreciative of the upswing episodes. Go argyle so everybody. Thanks for listening to today's episode of defenders of the night. I got to be happy about an episode and liz. We have to thank our good pal. In kao-chao mcgowan for creating our interstitial. Everyone check him out on instagram twitter. He's at easy underscore breezy underscore mac listen to more of his music at good deed music dot dan camp dot com four sweet gum. Stl up banking dot com. If you wanna talk gargoyles or your favorite death trap. Use hashtag gargoyles on twitter. We're at calamity. Cast daniels at underscore ds williams. And i am at zirkin eater on instagram. Where at clemson cast network. Daniel is still at underscore the s williams and all that for it content in i m at zirkin eater with a bunch of food and kitty cats find us on facebook at clamming cast email asset klemm. Nick has network at g mail dot com and check out. Calamity cast dot com for more podcasts. If you'd like to support the calamity guests network on a monthly basis checkout patriotic dot com slash calamity cast and sign up for one countributions. You can use pay pal dot nu slash calamity. Cast and i would be so upset if i forgot to mention that we have merch so head to our website. Click the link at the top of the page and check out our store duet. We'll be back next week with season two episode seventeen of gargoyles and episode defenders of the night that can't believe dream sat out the hotel in frustration about this has been a calamity gas production more content visit a limited gas dot com and follow us on facebook twitter and instagram.

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794 - Rose Says Goodbye to Free Comic Book Day | Sleeping With Doctor Who S2 E14

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794 - Rose Says Goodbye to Free Comic Book Day | Sleeping With Doctor Who S2 E14

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Tell me the story you see the kind shine shines straight on listeners get stacy Sarah Julian Jennifer. These are your Nana Nine Fourteen Skoda Patria emergent support the sponsors combined. Thank you along with me Doug and we're so proud to be part of nine fail presents. Thanks mister barred. I'm Ed dear scooter on twitter and instagram and make sure a you know it's a huge way to help l. to show his spread the word wherever you are in your natural interpersonal communities and line it just do it organically when sleep comes up Suheil listen to sleep podcast or you could just share right out of your podcast APP right in the episode you hit that share button shared on twitter shared in tag tag me so I can say thanks. What do you say we get on with the show here you up all night tossing turning being nine in trouble getting to sleep trouble? Staying Asleep will welcome. This is really quiz me. The podcasts submits you to sleep. We do bedtime story is you need to do is get it bit. Turn out the lights regretfully Amadou the rest sue would have to agree to save lace for you could set aside whatever's keeping you awake so whether it's thoughts the things you're thinking about your minds thinking about a turn to get your attention about physical fee feeling see anything. You're experiencing experiencing physically. We're feeling emotionally. That might be coming up. I'M GONNA try to take your mind off to do his Israel. The nicest safe society or you can set aside whatever's keeping you away like you said then what I'll do is send my voice nice across the deep dirk night on news of lulling soothing Kuroki dulcet tones pointless meanders superfluids beautiful engines holy cow <hes> you you you say I've never seen a nursing superfluous tangents for one would have never so you have your your superfluous stand at date t tangents the they they don't. They're <hes> they have different. If it is a different than normal you say they have a low viscosity are Super Fu flu super-fluidity but a low viscosity. How do you do which scoots N._B._C.? Will Use a slow stirring motion very slow scrape the sides you kinda like like <hes> that's what I do. That's one of the ways I do. Creek Adele Saotome sweatless meanders so basically with the podcast is here for your new hi how how you doing. I'm glad you're here. I hope I can help this now despite gas I'll give you a heads up. It doesn't work for everybody but give it a few tries a hope I a hope it can. I hope it can help hope it works for you is reason to make two shows because I have trouble falling asleep on his united who sometimes echo geico deal with other stuff waking up. <hes> you know trip stuff <hes> traveling stuff <hes> you know thoughts feelings physical sensations sation to get all those things go in and I just make this bad kissed. You can't take take your mind off of that. So if you're new let me give you a couple of things of what to expect respect to podcasts usually see. It's a little bit different but that's a mild way seeing it's pretty different than a normal podcasts or even a normal sleet like <hes> like something like geared toward sleep. It's really like a company like you see a company you you don't company. That's kept but you don't need to keep. I think maybe I should seal that one up. I don't think I said sleep with me. It's like company. That's kept is that you don't need to keep the is she scoots woody mean well. Let me try to explain it to you. Let me get to new listener though so if I guess a little bit different structurally really what to expect ease show starts off with a few minutes of businesses that we keep podcast free so in this example. It'd be like if the company shows up you see. I want to greet you right away. I guess like no that's different <hes>. It's it's just what we're able to keep the podcast for you say well. That's how we keep the Porch Light San and it's a heavy you know the police to greet you know is the people that support the show and support the sponsors such as it's that's so much it's important for new listeners has regular listener so starts off with business and there's intro which Kinda you you might get to the point. The two companies kept <hes>. You don't need to keep right away because intro was kind of a show within a show for a lot of people sparta their bed down bedtime. I caught bed down wind down routine but as you get into bed lick. I think a lot of things that don't necessarily work gonNA think make you feel a K.. This is GonNa be quick okay. I'm going to snap my fingers to count to ten. You know I'm GonNa Jingo some wind chimes in we're going to do you know sue Scooby Doo in Ian and you're going to be asleep in in you know I'm a I've been doing this a long time. I get these creaky dulcet tones. You know one point meanders. I used to have a point doled off <hes> but so Ooh what was my point <hes> so was the intro is is <hes> to ease you into bed time. So if you're not interested in the INTRO US WANNA get to the top part of the show tonight we'll be talking about doctor who just skipped about eighteen or twenty minutes or so end is but so is there so there's the intro easily talk about the podcast for about twelve minutes <music> in ramble in kind of a monologue type fashion. You know have his is. We like to say round here these parts heavy on log dog to have you saw logs. It's more of just like a friendly friendly banter would just like if you're a greeting guests at the house but here's the good thing is this. Is this podcast. That's where it all ends. You don't get a greet me because you play now you can say they're scoots rambling but I won't be able to hear you even even if your partner says is Santa Pod kid talking nonsense and then you might say he's a pod man dear without a doubt and then you can both have a laugh at that I am. I wouldn't hear any of the to do just you good crack yourselves up e._C.. Two kid he's more like Ak- he's Pad Twain. It's well that's pretty much. Sums me up into so Husson I point to oh it's so the intro scan of Lake Afr- familiar friend that you don't have to entertain or that you can talk about an adjustable way or just wonder by to scoop what's going on with scoots tonight. Man Naturally I am only Kinda. Listening will didn't need to start talking. Will you can of conditioned to just barely early listen. That's one of the other things around the show. This is one of the few podcasts you don't need to listen to. You just kind of be rounded so it's like we're the company's kept <hes> <hes> U._C._l._A.. scoots his keeping me company but I don't have to keep him. You know I don't have to it's. It's a weird social. It's not a diner. It's a social dynamic without was out the dynamic parts you. There's no there's no dine in. Have you say that die. There's no dynamics year like I said there's this is super super-fluidity in a high viscosity. Oh no maybe it's a low viscosity. You're right thank you. You're totally mixed up my <hes> mixed metaphors. Oh so the intro is way introduce you to the show and ease you into bid time interest can't goof around. Maybe make bedtime a little bit less serious. Maybe like <hes> you know. Take a little bit of grouchy poos out of bed time because I knew for me to talk about. I haven't talked about my brain bats <hes> <hes> but a Lotta Times my brain bats it is like a bunch of guests showing up as soon as may hit it spill obviously little <hes> Yuna function Bart's my personality start h use this word carpet they. They say he drew outcome this. Did you realize your efficiency to we didn't even track our efficiency today. How inefficient is that and it's okay and then new sixth grade? Pardon me see how come you were you the last person in your class ever to kiss a girl and I'd say why didn't kiss a girl in sixth grade so technically we know in in my second and eighth grade seemed supportive order point avoid. It's okay like I'm trying to go to bed here. Actually in my like another part of me would be like when a woman to sit when his April fifteenth. Oh my goodness end you know there's different parts of us us <hes> and they want my attention really like a guest would in it for me. At least it's really hard to say listen I mean I guess this is done. The podcast have learned say Hey Brian at the best time to to discuss this stuff right now. I'm just going to listen to this podcast. I <hes> let's all like you could snow. You'll up Accurate now how come that doesn't happen like like you say okay when a moving into the next phase of existence <hes> they'd say well. Let's see see you dry. You tried to do this tragedy. Let's see I would like that rundown. You see are you going to can we can. We have like a stats component. Can I get a a couple infographics and you know it said the whole Peter Thing or whatever or you know the the limbaugh or can we just do run through you know for maybe twenty years. Is it because you have all the data up there. I'm assuming you say well. Let's run through some info how many hours of motor oil commercials have consumed. <hes> you know I'd like to see the top thirty. It would be interested in that. He say Okay Br Breakfast. CEREALS GOTTA be way way up there but motor oil. I would put it in the T.. I mean like <hes> you see which like how come this S._A._T.. Word and they'd say well. It's overused. That's why viscosity I mean. It's probably hard to spell so maybe they do you see here. We can't use it in the spelling bee because it's a word that every child seen any you know most shelter Algernon ever you know. Some children are watching every single thing against they don't have <hes>. Here's the thing if you're if you're Motorola company free the advice actually probably have seen PA freaking ads from you too but <hes> most now that have talked about your clearly next do research to be like Ak. Have you thought about a verve lane. It's mid mid viscosity. It's the only mid viscosity motor oil. It's a hyper synthetic and I'd say <hes> interesting. You've been listening to me <hes> so okay. So what was I saying Oh. You don't need to listen to me. Also oh no pressure to fall asleep they he had the recent shows about an hour is because I want you have plenty of time to ease in drift off at your leisure. He sure just like guest. I'd say hey we'll be here. Talk and don't worry about keeping me company. I'm here to see my companies kept <hes> the company. That's the key right as I said like 'em keeping you company. You're not keeping me company so I'm just going to be here talking in he and other things if you can't fall asleep I'm going to be here for about an hour or so. If you can't sleep you get queue up episode after episode. I'm here to the Very End Emeka show because I truly believe you do deserve a good night's. Sleep a good night's rest some moments of comfort in solitude ineffective can enable that somehow <hes> you know this and honors something powerful and if I can have a connection to that just ramble join in and then talking about doctor who later in you might see scoots and a watch doctor who don't let you okay don't worry you won't recognize. I said You'd see was editor was at a store in Avant Garde story about pencils. No that was scoots was talking about <hes> it it says Dr who in the title but a yeah. I don't know I'm not sure who said yeah that's right just talking to actor who <hes> but in a meandering lulling soothing way any think that that's about it. You don't need to listen to me. No pressure fall asleep shows her about an hour starts off with the intro pursue business intro business doctor who for about forty five fifty minutes in some thank yous at the end and that's did you try some ninety nine point nine percent of listeners said if it took a few tries before they it started working for them he knows I'm glad you're here in a work very hard strive in a you're in a really want to help you fall asleep. Thanks again for coming by in. Here's there's a couple of ways we keep your show agoin <hes> he everybody. I don't know if you check out our merch store lately but as we were staying in the warm season for a a little while here we've got those really cool Bella flowing tanks in all sizes and <hes> two different princes sleepy sheep in asleep with me logo go. We've got new things and horizon just go to sleep podcasts dot com slash store at check out all of our merge. Don't forget about our custom. Sleep phones is sleep leap spray inversely paints. Nothing goes better in bed than the Bella flow Etang taps and the sleep pants <hes> so check it all out to sleeping me podcasts dot com slash store. Get your merchant and share with me. Thank you so much everybody everybody we're talking a season four to season two episode fourteen or thirteen depending on how you're counting is he's <hes> <hes> sh boom boom boom boom free comic Book Day. I think that's what would be called Old <hes> but in an ironic way we're not ironic way like free comic books day episode also had alternate title when it came out in its part two of last week's episode in is episode where <hes> Natalie's it gets it is unlucky. It's not unlucky thirteen eighteen but we do this is <hes> Rose Tyler's <hes> one of his swansong. She has another Kalisa moment to start the episode out where she does kind of relate she her hair's blowing in the wind she staring and she's talking in Kelly. There's like the recap episode than hers talking like a Cooley C. and then Elsie Lake <hes> and she says it's literally seaside shots and so there's a episode like opens believe Internet and instead of closing rose actually standing in Iraq <hes> and then opens we have dialects talking about getting re. They say were back at you know the one thing that led to the leads to people becoming time lords this comic books and the end of this what we're GONNA put a stop to enroll skulls amount. She says you're DOLAC said Scoot. Euskal Uday licks <hes> but you're dialects Alex in she does this very dramatic removal of her lung rat lab code very worth watching <hes> <hes>. Let's see something to cope time more. You WanNa know. Five eight acres of you've five Seder's of genesis are status a- genesis Ark Barreau says yeah no your name's <hes> think about the house of human we know about Daleks in time Moore's <hes> so you know I'm going to be useful same with my friends Mickey and rise and they say a real wake. What's the Genesis Ark <hes> they tie reneging but let's let's wake it up? <hes> keep keep an eye on it in Mickey says is dollar because I thought they were all <hes> gone <hes>. Let's see what we got climbing music. Jack Starts Chanting Music Jackie and the Doctor L.. Get you out also you out. The doctor says to Jackie. She says where's rose in doctors. This is a promise <hes> get you both out <hes> speech all global wavelengths. Oh so then <hes> cyber person it gives it gives a speech I he wants. Everybody advances <hes> Arusha. Give up at all. <hes> you know we wanted total authority Lordy. She goes to how it works and then the cyber leader goes okay. I'll tell everybody for all humankind do broadcast everybody what about the people that don't watch broadcasts so watch narrowcast or no cast you know <hes> cyber is in charge. You will all become like us <hes> Dr so watching with treaty glasses. We see a view of London they say. Are you going to surrender or what <hes> <hes> taken instructions you know this is London in the Earth's then the Dow like <hes> the one with the Black Black Space Grade Alec. I guess you'd call it a says. Which one of you is the least important says rashes? I'm the one in charge a lab so I don't know if that makes me at least important but <hes> I guess one in charge. This is the neal's we're gonNA check your brainwaves or stuff <hes> and so they say they say okay. You can tell you anything go. We're GONNA scan you who doesn't matter meanwhile back at the cyber with Roberson's <hes> they say hey we're detecting some activity unknown technology in the Soviet sphere for Your Chamber Delta Delta Investigate I obey they get investigating and they say we obey. Hey unit ten six five and ten six six. I obey vinyl land to Laptop W.. Oh they say you establish a visual link which some reason goes to a laptop so I w t.f is when we get a little comedy because for bank fear laboratory Tori and they say there's they say when we we read rises brainwaves <hes> we read that there's another species of <hes> that said they were big farm end the MEDALLA CSUS Dalek Thay go check it out <hes> and he says I bay ended in the cyber said that Oh that's when the with the tool visual usual links Gibson the dogs are also watching and they says <hes> identify yourselves <hes> in this ever people say you identify I in this is a dollar state your identity then they go back and forth and make you make some joke okay then the cyber person says <hes> you're being logical modify in Dallas say we don't take orders and then they say okay. We'll Alicia named yourself dollar so that's good then back at the lab they see we'll these cyber people. We've identified them by you know <hes> <hes> we could tell their inferior identify Dr Grabs Ju Ju J. These phone calls rose scissor phone still working or she answered rose doctor hears about the genesis Ark put to glass ash glasses on in the oh the separatists way we followed your sphere in here and they you see these are worldwide Deci people the Dow say that <hes> and they say the cyber person says they don't know what they're talking talking about disabled people don't know what they're getting themselves into. They say you're designed is inelegant in the daleks Shusha worth adhering the Dalek show. I could listen to talk all day long until you know we'd get on my nerves. They say dow have no comp concept of allience just as there always taking it up a notch actually because they could literally run like a nowadays to those daleks like <hes> people really get behind him like the the then the cyber versus Haywood about a we team up or it could be compatible Cyberman plus daleks together we could upgrade universe and the docks that you propose alliance <hes> in they say denied and then they have <hes> like little showdown because the Dachshund we only wanted to get rid of the comic books <hes>. We don't want to upgrade anything downgrading thing. See No kinds of Stolac your pro. Your proposal lines request denied. I think I put pest control. We don't know whose name means but they have this showdown. Oh they see yeah. This is <hes> pest control daleks <hes> they say they say four dollars five million cyber people <hes> and they say you're GonNa really take out all cyber people with four dogs Alex they could we could do is one and there's even more jokes <hes> and then see you more jokes as funny Mickey. Gigi is a Mug in after the dialects <hes> oh Kazinda dial seven to catch the doctor they do a rewind in Mickey Lake said <hes> <hes> they say we re lake <hes> go back. <hes> females heartbeat increases Mickey goes you tell me about it in Roscoe sets the doctor and she goes oh five million sovereign. Nobody will one doctor and then the cyber people okay. Let's upgrade. Some people daleks concentrated and genesis of so they're like L.. Let's get this genesis thing going. They also know that the doctor knows something about <hes> the Dow Exit Jank or Jackie does <hes> in indeed they split them up. They see concentrate on the genesis. <hes> making us rose what what's going on with the two of US <hes> <hes>. Why aren't they a bargain us <hes> and then Jake Novon go to get up Ivanka's upgraded? She says they did my duty for Queen and country. Jacobs's Yvonne really messed up <hes> England <hes> so that was <hes> is a bit of a showdown Dalek sketch make you wide. Why do they need us? Rose Jackie yells at Torchwood. I did my duty you you protect you are proof. Emotions are no good somebody say. I think that's what the Sagara leader says the doctor in doctor here's mile well okay. Why quite like hope good emotion? Hope is in the doctor like Dr knows what scum and his team boy band shows up with Jake in the hair gels. I think there's the name of Jake's crew and Jake rescues a doctor. Remember Jake from like six seven four five episodes ago. MAKI PARTNER IN WITH BE Alternative University to the Janke somehow sneaks off during the is this a confusion because he said we got in new cyber leader which I said we'll see server people. They're worthless. I Louis <hes> except for their armor. Jaiqi snuck off and jake since everybody off and in doctor says you can't be jumping around from alternative universe still turn to the University of these big cheap plastic buttons they use <hes> and Jake goes come with me me gotta go check out our own version of torchwood and then they go to dispel world. Things are a little bit more messy in less <hes> Lake because he has the people's does produce for a republic run said <hes> and it N J j. p. shows up that was jacomb into in Pico's he goes now. I know who you are to actor and he goes well. I gotta get back there. He goes. I'm in charge in this world. You'RE GONNA listen up <hes> plastic buttons torchwood parallel each shows up again to get back. <hes> GONNA listen elsom. Miki has one of these cheap is cheap plastic buttons. <hes> he goes they can't transport without shoe and roast goose. How can we keep showing up <hes> because I don't know she was you're the bravest man ever met and he goes really and she was well human? Now you know the doctors more brave which I I don't know if those necessary because it's like like I guess because yeah I guess it is necessary for the story of the episode. Embassy raves human rows of Flash to human touch human touch to wake up the dialects <hes> I think it's because we sucked up a bunch of time <music>. I'm Lord Power or time travel power. Meanwhile they're talking the DALEKS. Just listening in because roast goose entity noticing came or would it does is <hes> in Mickey goes well how come they hand open in the doctor's. We took it. It's a time Lord design. It's all that's left. <hes> Ruth Gustafson said it says the future futures inside Ed actor so saying the walls back it a parallel Pete Pete land end is <hes> cyber recoup goes on is the San Jose go cyber recap <hes> peeve gives like as some exposition about the cyber people in you've from when they from their world and he goes yeah. Even the MPC goes oversold Mickey or doctor goes. We're sold mickey boy and he goes. He's helping any chance to see rose rose a because you know she's your daughter and he goes down. That's complicated. Dude it because by way this is a golden aged here in London. Jerry Jones running things doctor goes off and he goes yeah. There's something going on now and the doctor goes yeah. It's a breach <hes> you shouldn't be time traveling to impair low world said saving time travel in all of you are going back and forth as void we'd energy goes. Can you seal the breech doctor and he goes it could but then there'd be five million cyber people in the world. I may Worried about that. The doctor was what about Janki Tyler and he goes. 'em Now in the dodgers really and Pecos Jackie gotta help because she calls the beach breach staff the Cyberman defeat the Daleks <hes> D._C.. Can do all that and the died Pecos Eh <hes> introductory. Let's do it. They just loved how you said. Mickey boy says it in a funny way off. We go <hes> phone call. He Goes Janke via landline and she says she saw conductors. Sh she was immense. Staircase in three Torri inductors okay get a girl in she he she us okay Norris Turco's race it will be as we'll see in a little bit <hes> in ended actresses Jaclyn Andrea Susan Tyler Dude those your wife <hes> it was at the wedding trading is in the doctor comes around the corner waving a white flag surrenders to the cyber people he you go surrender unto in the Dow lecture in the final stage of awakening in Roskin brags she was oh by the way <hes> you know I took down your emperor. Emperor was doing great to lay that took the time for texts and cinnamon the air get get you get that dialects in the daleks is unlike that then we see a doctor in his thirty glasses <hes> see the doctor rose. Oh he rose in there with his three glasses which really explained undersea Lakers are missing. I guess <hes> because he goes to the cyber people whatever <hes> he pulls US Sonic Perot be says <hes>. Hey everybody <hes> <hes> they go. You're the doctor he goes Yup Ma- powerless seductress me in Rosen doctor so hey and then <hes> Mickey Mickey Mick McKee good to see you Mickey says Yep and the Doug Social Time cease and they said well how'd you get out of time or actor. He goes a Volvo Arcadia ego stuff but you used to you for rain or way Negotia Negoti we hand to last for dialects in existence wrong you know he was what's the special and rose coast. The names daleks Kevin James in once's. I'm Jay Sanke Jast and CON ELECTRIC HIS Co.. Called Scarrott <hes> a secret order of daleks to become more <hes> to empathize in Makita some some sort sorta time Lordship Yo and the dodge is really never seen it gazulas secrets all around in Dhaka's good news time Lord Science or restore dalek supremacy in inductors. Would you mean in Roscoe's one touch from a time Lord traveler will wake up somewhere very goose some then the doctor pulls out the screwdriver because is a secret nothing I go probe. Hickerson screwdriver doesn't do much but open doors then jake in the hair gels bust in <hes> then like there's really a bit of a showdown Mickey Accidentally Slips in touches the ARC which activates it <hes> <hes> daleks are impr- Emperor Genesis Pixel needs <hes>. Let me check this people are very tough against the dial trying to the they <hes> but <hes> was Z.. Everybody runs out. Genesis ex-prime needs thirteen square miles so they will roll out. Everyone runs Jackie Aki present so Jackie Pretzel by P to W T.F <hes> Zamin Janki Janki to Jake Shakey's running in they say we're GonNa upgrade you and then Pete saves or he goes. Hello Jacks <hes> choose choose. H what industry is parallel worlds shaky. Try to have your mind just in silly absorb it will explain to you Pero Pero Loss Pete Repair Low Existence Assistance <hes> Jay Couscous Shush Shush it <hes> and she was pretty old PECO's you don't <hes> and go way to sake in <hes> in the news leak. <hes> pizza like raise rose. She's GonNa do much always been single because same here but in my world worked at them rich and Jacobs. I don't care how how rich he is very she goes. I don't care how vary and they yeah well. This isn't the right thing to do then they of course kiss or hug and then AC- take the lift to her sand getting ahead on which forecasts <hes> oh sold the cast while this is happening. There's lots of cast reaction chance that are really good. Good big hug love then there's a big showdown between Sarah people tortured employees and <hes> dialects all units all units to Torchwood. They're trying to work through genesis ERC outside cyber people are marching. The doctor grabs the magnets <hes> he looks back with three d glasses in the dogs open up a roof mechanism time Murtagh Gash scar takes the lift and at that time Lord <hes> so does time Lord Science actresses with a time Lord Science. What do you mean by that is in the genesis are opens <hes> they see it's bigger on the inside? That's the trick of it and they say oh boy this is good. It gives million suggested daleks start coming out as it spins around Nico's where they're keeping them like an office as souverain three or two how many daleks in their millions probably all of them. There's two cyberman caught a guess then the Dow Alex inside where people can go try to shut down a comic book shops <hes> take the lift <hes> and then Pecos good. We gotTA GET OUTTA here. This isn't Good Work <hes> O._E._M.. Ready Very hippy Huda Sammy Sammy Andrew is good because this isn't good. We gotta get out of this world. We'll head back to another our world a make the most of it. They're Janki rose. You'll you'll come with us. <hes> in Jackie goes no no no because command do not London their for Cyber People in Dallas everywhere now in the doctoral cro- close the breach in the doctors actually have he's got the three D. Glasses on oh very very happy. That's what it was <hes> he goes. I'm ready. I get all the equipment I need. Art Of. P Rose puts on three D. Glasses S. arose because we can't just go in the daggers. Don't worry a part of the problem part of the solution in deck. Is anyone anyone new. They have acute moment him and rose. She goes is doctors. Anyone going to ask with the glasses Roscoe's what's with the glasses and their accuracy can see because everything's got void Loyd time travel energy is she puts him in and together Dennis's reboot in three minutes. <hes> the doctor actor rose search for do teamwork <hes>. Miki's impressed he go see a told you <hes> the doctor <hes> he has his to jake doctors cool dude <hes> he goes <hes> just open void in the supplement like magnetic energy close avoid ego which avoid police keep everybody. Everybody don't worry about it. It will be closed off from two worlds okay to bank your doctor goes. We'll call Pete Swirl Dad world. Everybody will be safe there. IN CAPUCCI CAPUCCI says <hes> avoid locals itself in Roscoe's. You'll be on the other side or get. We're making us. We won't you get pulled any hit and you see in the episode. A next generation he goes just hang into this magnetic clamp hold on tape and doing my whole life and rose goes use you want me to go with them and he goes she and she says Shit. Is this how you GonNa break up with me and Dacca's Yep and save the world <hes> kind of convenient <hes> a little awkward e._M._p.. Goes Yes <hes> you gotta go now. Rose Gazon going Jackie says Gomes arose he goes. We're going n she goes. I'm not gonNA Jason. I going rose roast goose. Mama go without me away. In the computer says one minute <hes> Roskam. I've had you lose for nineteen years but do I time with the doctor of seeing everything I've seen him do it for me for you for all all of the whole planet every play and he doesn't alone them ninety more because he's get me in but then the Doctor Sends Rosa back <hes> wish wish everybody Jaiqi unhappy Cyberman and retreat <hes>. Oh it's simple. Did I miss effort who hasn't come yet. He came Amien. Maybe did people get in the room but in van as a cyber person says you shall not pass just like Ganda off and she says she has oil tears. She says she does her duty. She protects the lab from cyber. People leaves optimal own AH levers operation. I think I'm a little ahead of myself. It's arose goes back into the pear peach world evidence. She goes right back. <hes> and Jake says I gotta go back and because no way he takes everybody's button busek buttons. He goes <hes> <hes> everybody staying here. It's an order in Jake. Use Maki Maki. Everybody says no reason up too much parallel energy and then roses back. You're not gonNA be able to see your mom and she goes. I made my choice along time ago not leaving you. So what can you do to help in doctor goes set the coordinates in the Computer Jake he's unhappy and the other world this is when Van protects them ended any say everything's operational <hes> open glory mutt and Jeff Shiver and shake the doctor says <hes> roscoe's who's shiver dodgers. I'm shake it then they a pre they seal their electoral magnates. Presser buttons opened breach down electromagnetics Daleks because or come in is in everyone goes in the void oh except for one dollars two space gray one dollar like energy. He does ZIG temporal shift <hes> that last word is except one Dalek emergency temporal shift levers hers. Jams rose tries to fix it <hes> the doctor watches is the action music. It's Kinda like a bike grip. <hes> rose can't hold on <hes>. She slips Pete rescues. Her right is avoid Kuo's is <hes> and everyone goes through it. <hes> doctor has his rose now. I realized that he was going to save for. Maybe is so I'm sure they recorded like multiple versions this or maybe we really debated. This was probably the best way for them to end it so he'd saves rose back to parallel world but avoids close to the buttons won't work anymore so roses impeach World Pete reserved system closed Rajub of bridges kilos chanting music. The doctor touches as well puts his face to stares blankly roses on the other side against the wall long missing the doctor fingertips doctors fingertips are on the wall can't say goodbye. He walks off his hands in his pockets Ed Rodin than than Endsleigh Kenley. The doctor walks off assistance close roses in happy but <hes> she says goodbye to the doctor and then the next thing you know we see rose as we hear so my call rose like a whisper on wind then we see rose in bed sleeping she wakes up. She's Guy Oh KC P._J.. San like Kenneth Silk Pajamas <hes> in then she gets up she tells him I'm she goes with MOM and dad her mind ad in Mickey by the fire fire side and rose kindnesses <hes> hit a dream rose. <hes> is a doctor calling or heard a voice call my name Dan McKee and Jack Mom and mom and dad and in Maki they listen to the dream. This is very collegial lake meditative wise his distant rose in Catolica almost like poetry who's in we packed up into Daniel jeep when we had off just like the dream said to follow the voice cross water driving for hundreds and hundreds of miles because he's calling rose and they show all the I'm driving and in their head to beach in Rosa walking down the beach alone if P._J.. You make your stand in the air in his back to like where she was at the beginning. This is story of how I didn't work for the doctor anymore. In roscoe's where are you and then we see Salako a holographic version of the doctor he goes into Tartus. One gap of the universal left about to close it takes a lot of pride power to send this using a Supernova burning up a son to say goodbye in then the doctor sue like uses a screwdriver to make himself off more solid basis can't touch me mess everything up and he goes where are we in Norway. He says Norway Perfect <hes> then she says Dr League Wolf Stride and the Dow again and dude ooh doctor says Dalek and she goes do. Would you believe this is bad Wolf Bay. Can you believe that any goes so perfect. He was about two minutes. <hes> this is really good writing and acting. I didn't even know what to say the doctor because we get Maki Rose Kozel. There's five of us now mom dad making the baby and there's just enough of laws here. <hes> that's not too long to be like deductor Likud rose and Mickey Nikki Rosen the doctor and they say no mom says three months <hes> more Tyler's <hes> in their doctors. What about Oh you? She goes home working back in the shop and actress. Oh that's good and she was dude. No I work at torchwood since they know if thing or to Nico's Rose Tyler defender of earth gets back in our world. <hes> you know your venture 'cause here. You are with living a life day after day one adventure I can never have any goes. She goes from I._C._U.. Again he goes now and she is really GonNa do so he goes tartus less of the time lords and then she says on your own forever for every from this point forward one hundred percent is alone single only platonic relationships <hes> end end. She says I love you in the doctor goes quite right to and I suppose if there's one chance to say Rose Tyler and then he doesn't ah he vanishes out <hes> before he says I love you in rose <unk> hugs Janke in the and the doctor <hes> Bank in the Tartus. He looks up the next thing you know it's like a teaser because he sees a woman in <hes> in Netherdale like hey have a sham style and he goes to what she goes what and he goes what and she goes. Who are you in? He goes what and when she goes where am I and then ends with a teaser for the I think it's a special for the start of the next season pretty sure the doctor was this crying too. We just double check them right here. You think there's a tear on his cheek. <unk> rose scores Cheers now sees sham into episode comes to a close in the season so take a little break from mmkay who here <hes> but I'm sure we'll return for another season. You know down the road good night. Let's let's run through a couple of facts that came up in this episode. A sphere which I think is coming before <hes> see the Suet Wikipedia radiuses of which we can weaken the dictionary and Wikipedia is just see what is some or an analogy from middle middle English is fear old friendships fear late land sphere S. spear <hes> so something like a ball and a the globe even in a Persian as S._e._p.. H._R. were sky and mathematics irregular Sri Dimensional object in which every cross section is a circle to uric logic to go over a ball celestial bodies and it's a little bit about mis algae area activity of appointed area activity of <hes>. You know expertise. He's <hes> <hes> next one. Let's look up a wikipedia about hair gel because here Joel had a police in my wife. Definitely has a place in Jake's wife. <hes> it's a hairstyling product you so hard and hair into a particular thing. According to wikipedia analysis of ancient Egyptian mummy said the they even even styled their hair using a fan base to jail to ensure that the style stayed in place <hes> the whole time when they are <hes> in earthly realm and nats the oldest is thirty five hundred years old <hes> also <hes> in Irish AAH by get they found people using hair gel from pine tree resin possibly from Spain or southwest France nineteen fourteen fourteen in Buenos Iras. <hes> veterinary student created the first fixed if for hair they got a registered trademark Erica in does go Meena was G. O. M. I. N.. A. It became synonymous with fix it of <hes> and this fix it of <hes> displaced soaps and oils used for the purchase is in the Borough Kareem is nine hundred twenty nine and Briton nineteen sixties modern hair gel was invented the United States <hes> by what would later be renamed the DEP corporation whose inventor Luis Montoya a gave designed as Nan Greasy consistency die astle ballet to N._F._l.. Theft tally to ballet to a DP. That's how they came up with the name he came up with the name DP. Not many brands are numbered variants higher have greater hold <hes> some are more spiky stuff afw <hes> some have a k. can't cat ionica polymers was a main functional components positive changes in the polymer costume to stretch making more gel more viscous your gels resist the natural protein confirmations at allowed how dare to be styled and textured it because his stretch out polymer takes more space than a coiled polymer Mississippi flow salvat molecules around it doesn't were do much for me because <hes> Lake even my hair out and did like destroy ton of the strongest <hes> stuff they are always adept who sold here's just the ingredients of current product <hes>. I wanted to look it up just to see what's in there it just waiting for this thing to load road. See this new Saly for for a sporty people depth sport. It has <hes> water e._D._p.. Sorber Doll Carbo Mur Arbor Karen Amino Acids Sodium Cool Ride Anton all rep bowling greg all P._G.. Forty hydrogenated castor oil p._p._G.. Five Sell Fast Twenty Eh Amino masol Pro Panel Die Sodium e T._D._a.. Benza phoning do for deed m M._D._M.. Hydro tone in Massell urban are apart fragrance. <hes> 'em all cinema mall wyman NAIN IDRAC SEA ICE. Oh Heck so three who dash so Ecolo heck seen Carbo Zahle Sal Day Hide Exo Cinema Hall Linen All C. L. or two zero ninety as blue number one in C. L. Seventeen two hundred that's red thirty three and directions or to apply damper dry hair is desired style is desired okay so what about this thirteen square miles and they found the school website blue ball product projects each dot com in skuld the measure of things and you can use could create comparison sir measurements <hes> it's a Blue Ball braddock second did twelve square square miles <hes> it says four fifths is big as rock island which is <hes> or personal island. It's in Illinois and I will border. I don't know but it's fifteen point one four square miles. It's <hes> it's a famous Fort Meade. That's a one point four. Oh It's two one in two time or meade is eight point four five square miles Garin island are eighteen square miles San and Marino. He's twenty four square miles. It's an uncle country in Italy L._A._X.. L._A._X.. Airport is <hes> five point zero five point five square miles <hes> so let's cool what's she. What's on page two here? Do we get more things. No maybe hit the wrong button. Oh okay took awhile is <hes> C- of course three coral atolls in Saint in New Zealand four point six. Oh square miles mackinac island in Lake Huron was a grant grant Victoria grand hotels four point three six <hes> <hes> see what else we got. Disneyworld is thirty nine square miles while <hes> it's pretty Big Hilton head is forty two square miles Gibraltar is two point five five. Oh Square Miles <hes> we'll just find famous places allies ones. There's things I never heard of a Washington D.. C. Sixty Square under miles Carlsbad caverns seventy three square miles American Samoa Seventy six of Honolulu is one hundred to to central park is <hes> one point three square miles <hes> if Philadelphia is one hundred and thirty five square miles. Let's just some of the <hes> things that are just cool. Thank for other. You can look up other stuff on there in some see. This is State Symbols Louis U._S._A.. Says some square mileages of states. I just jumped to the some of the smaller ones Rhode Island is thousand thirty four square miles so there's like almost Delaware one thousand nine hundred fifty five square miles connecticut forty forty five square miles jump to bigger states South Carolina thirty thousand one hundred eleven miles <hes> New York and Mississippi. We're both in the forty six forty seven with North Carolina Missouri Sixty Eight Ninety Eight <hes> Minnesota seventy nine thousand six hundred and seventeen in the top ten Oregon at Ninety six thousand Wyoming it ninety seven Colorado one. Oh three-plus Nevada not went. Oh nine plus Arizona one thirteen plus New Mexico one hundred twenty one Montana one hundred and forty five thousand square miles California one hundred fifty five nine seventy three square miles at Texas two hundred sixty one hundred and fourteenth square miles in Alaska. I've under seventy six hundred forty one square miles so you could open up a hundred things in <hes> Arizona New Mexico or Montaigne. I think so it's a little bit of square miles. <hes> elevators kaput intellectual Mangosuthu. We elevators elevator <hes> U._S.. Canada Japan or lift in U._K.. As a vertical transportation advice deliver people or goods between fours levels or decks as from wikipedia they consist of <hes> typically powered by Electric Electric Motors to drive traction cables or counterweight systems some <hes> you Sandra Alec Fluid in Agriculture Agriculture Manufacturing conveyor device used to lift the materials in a continuous stream into bins or silos. There are several tastes including one that uses a screw conveyor that uses archimedes screw panels of fork Shohei elevators <hes> languages other than English may have loan words based on elevator lift Roman architect of e to be true Ruiz <hes> wrote to irk media spilled his first elevator in two hundred and Thirty Six v C <hes> then <hes>. Let's see what else <hes> let's see the book secrets by El Marada in Islamic Spain Houston elevator like lifting outing device <hes> in the seventeenth century the prototype see you in the palace. Buildings of England and France elevators could be used to drive systems based on choices Choisir win win lassus <hes> end once industrialization came then they really need to lift heavy stuff so it's just a little bit of link to that Article Dare there so so article by Kaput <hes> from Grammar Phobia is you're better expression is in loan word to describe Kaput said say restaurant certainly really now an English word on loan from the French. The kaput seems to be in a different class <hes> a German word and international loosely shod and Roida data <hes> they say those are questions from June segment twenty seventeen the loan word means an English word adapted more or less intact another language guage could also use of adoption or borrowing. We don't know better Sherman than borrowing adoption along with for a word like Kaput <hes> the has lost its <hes> even though it's in English German word though other linguists have suggested possibly probably could be popular loan words in Long learned loan words after loan words are orally transmitted knitted learned one sir part of living vocabulary and they would say traveling this one's just a popular loan word ended Anderson Ice Article About electromagnetism who electromagnetism that we've used before I think from wikipedia in other schools off with a history of theory of electromagnetism the view changed they used to be to several forces with James Kirk Clerk Maxwell's treaty and electricity magnetism were shown to be mediated by one four or more ORF four main effects resulting from these in interactions with your Cooley demonstrated bank experiments one electrical charges attract or repel one another with a force inversely proportional to square distance between them unlike charges attract lake ones repel magnetic bowls or states of Bowlers Asians at individual points attract or l.. One another in a manner similar to positive and negative eight of charges and always exists bears every north bowl is yoked to a south all in electric current inside a wire decrease corresponding circum friend orential magnetic field outside the wire each direction it depends on the direction of the current in the wire. The current is introduced in a loop of wire when it is moved toward or away from a magnetic field or the magnet is move towards or forward towards or away from it. The direction of the current depends on movement. There's a little bit about to add say ignite to doctor who for a little while and I say goodnight you but there will be some thank you thanks Eric. I WanNa thank <hes> d d the Lt Twenty eight for reviewing show on apple podcasts. They say love it works every time F- takes if you try so thank you should not be silver wings itchy me silver wings <hes> calming and comfortable. Thanks for me. Get a good night's sleep many times with everything kindness <hes> I'm in be in friends beyond the binary <hes> makes me feel happy and acknowledged in hopeful way to help me settle down and feel safer fast while I'm glad I'm glad to am glad to podcasts and help you fall asleep in and let you feel seen because you are for ninety nine percent of time works every time that's from loud. I'll ooh PIP <hes> low pip <hes> who says during the one percents. I'm not asleep before the intro ends. It's Nice snow scooters with me in the deep dirk night. Thanks for the Comfort Cape Blanc is you. You don't know how bad you need this guy the cash racks or put your sleep <hes> if you're not listening and not getting distracted in Snooky says four three one from the U._k.. Says <hes> deal with the O._S.. O._C._D. and it can be really overwhelming at night but <hes> when I have nothing to distract me use A._S._M._A._R.. But the videos were too bright the shows perfect event in the background so if may intrusive thoughts get in true true who can tune them out into the stories thanks so much for Love Scooter and Company for the gym and the gym of podcast in this from snooky forgery went from the U._K.. As a gray haired one is best for Canada's twenty guy good a he double double hockey sticks sleep <hes> like <hes> like let's people like the show for different reasons I they think it's funny and the tangents. The meandering and laid back is hilarious individually getting a you know falsely. Thanks reviewed the show on Apple podcast really appreciate that <hes> Schick cast gas box <hes> comments it's over here. Manny says <hes> deputy of Radish Commander Emily it does not like to practice. I don't normally leave mean cabinets villa me run some by here <hes> so I guess they were getting there's some something else <hes> Soren Asa says <hes> the SPEC yourselves when feel an existential. That's one good purposes for thank you. Rachel says <hes> thanks boyfriend. <hes> get to get to sleep. <hes> says says give it a try. Chen asked about a mystery barred lyrics convenience its own good Jonathan Mann Dot net <hes> in Begi she heard about the show on <hes> ROB has podcasts and gives a shout out to the wonderful rob Steven Jesuit blur the whole screw Arabas podcasts Dot Com rob has a website dot com. He ended dance everything and Schwann's anchor will you took the time to support a show on patriots sponsors exists because it direct listener support and show gross because people spreading the word about the show so I really appreciate everybody just sharing their natural experience with the podcast with other people couldn't do without you is as a proud member of Nashville percents <hes> so lot of amazing shows you can find it and I feel presents. Cam including one of my favorites should dream boy and if you're good

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They Called This a Movie Episode 97 - The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)

They Called This a Movie

1:23:07 hr | 9 months ago

They Called This a Movie Episode 97 - The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)

"Everybody. Nobody's catching him the bike kit. Does he do. That by special. Special. Provided. It has the right lighter. GREENKEEPER? Free K. by. Chips to do. Clothes. took. Him Away from the constructing. Kim even up too. Busy. Busy here. Wasn't anything the old. I'm art. GOING GETS tongue the goal flying. Everybody's after the dirt bike kid. Hope. Brooklyn Lemon Meringue. Respect your elders. Breaks loose when he turns the town. Look. Saute, you flip. Billingsley as the VIC fight kids, you are something special he's spying. Third Kid. If you came. Welcome today, call us a movie testing the strength of friendships. One terrible movie at a time subscribe to the podcast on Itunes and other podcasts services. By searching they call this movie we have heard of the main naming network defined more from us, check the website, the mania me not come on twitter facebook and instagram at the main amy. We're also now a proud member of Geek five nation and you can find them GV NATION DOT com welcome back they called this movie this is Anthony Delvecchio with me is always is Dan? Acquire. Mark Myers say Hello Gentlemen. Hey how's it going? No, no real bit today just want to thank you guys for allowing me to sit out a couple shows as there were some things in my family going on a death in it. So thank you guys for allowing me to have that time and I just wanted to say I. Appreciate you for that. They really have a bit just wanted to say that we're glad to have you back. We held them. The Ford is best. We could without Ja rule out the heavy back hopefully next week we'll have a bit how about that yes? Yes. I'll be able to think of one I want I want to bits mark right. US bits got it. Yes. So we're just GONNA. Go right into it guys. What did you watch this week anything mark I'm assuming you watch anything. I. Know You've been busy no not much at all I through another podcast we do on here I'm strongly trying to figure out if I have any time to watch the umbrella academy. Apparently, I know how you chose about in some. Ways. Yeah it seems like from everything people tell me I will like it but I. saw one clip of people fighting in like school uniforms which must have been a flashback or something and I just assumed that's what it was and apparently it is not. So yeah, it's got one page in it so I would probably check it out anyway at some point. Yeah. That's about it. You know I've been keeping my mind busy by just having YouTube. Stuff in the background try and stay sharp on that and this week I know it's not a video game podcast but just having the background they're doing speed runs this week. So that's basically everything that's been on my television. Okay. What about you? Dan? Well, I just moved into a new house. So it's kind of tough to watch some stuff, but I watched half of host which you had talked. About aunt yes and I fell asleep Brad ahead to go to sleep I liked what I saw so far it I might finish it up tonight after the podcast. So I got halfway through that but I did watch a very weird moving I considered making it my next pick but I don't think it's our type of weird I watched come to daddy and it sounds creepy but it's not think right It's Elijah Elijah Wood movie when not helping. It's so weird Elijah Wood had obviously he had the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that was massive, but he hasn't done anything since then it was Kinda like that was his magnum opus and then it's all been downhill for him. Essentially really what this movie was it's Elijah Wood is a man child. He's a pampered man child with a weird haircut he kind of looks like Ezra Miller in it. that. So he plays Elijah Wood I. Don't know. I. Don't know anything about. Personally. I can't. I can't say if that's how he is I don't know either he gets a letter from his estranged father to come meet him in a remote cabin. And it's a beautiful cabin. He goes to meet him and all this weird stuff starts happening the the father treated like shit and it's it takes a weird turn and usually I like movies that will go for broke. But this one made no sense with its twists I don't want to spoil it for anyone if you plan on seeing it but people are not who they say that they are kind of thing. And it's just not done well. Yeah, it's a weird movie, but that's what I feel like. Would he just made fuck you money with Lord of the Rings and now he's just like well, I'm just gonNA take weird like scripts that interest me I'm gonNA take those scripts. He did like the maniac remake where I think it's all in an first person perspective. Yeah. I, think that's a that's the movie that that he did. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, I knew, I, remember him doing a slasher movie. Yeah. He seems to do a lot of horror. These low budget indies the it's probably just. Whatever comes across my desk if I like it, I could do it because I don't have to worry about money no Nomo, and that's good. Yeah. I wonder yeah I wonder if it's really at this point, he doesn't care anymore being a part of that trilogy. Kind of gives you carte blanche at this point I'm trying to think of if anyone else has really done anything super successful I know Vigo Mortenson was in the Green Book which won an Academy Award he's doing the Oscar stuff like he started with eastern promises and history of violence two Kronenbourg movies, and then it captain fantastic, which is great movie guys never saw it. Just reminds me of Mr Magoo Games magic emporium too much just entitle. So scares me. It's definitely not anything like that. With Orlando Bloom. His Day. Yeah. Movies and the Kingdom of Heaven Weird movie I feel like he knocked up someone Hot Katy Perry Katy. Perry right yeah. Yeah. So good. Yeah. He's I mean she makes bank obviously. So he doesn't really need to do anything and he made fuck her money. Yes. I mean you know it good for those guys why not I think Reese Davies I think he kind of came out with some like really conservative type stuff or rhetoric. So I don't think people really talk about him anymore. Eel McClellan Serene McClellan he's tragedies cats. That's right. Yeah. That's. The podcasts. Say they called the movies? Very own cats I. Mean I feel like shortly, Sean Bean went onto game of thrones and dying it elsewhere. So I think most people made out pretty well from there. Yeah. Allows you would just kind of decided I'm going to do whatever you're I. Think you're right yeah. Yeah and him him and Daniel Radcliffe for kind of. David. I had a joke setup. Say in. England they call your would Daniel Radcliffe. Though I I feel like Daniel Radcliffe has done done better movies than Elijah Wood has in terms of craziness. Should I remember I gave a mini review on the podcast about guns Akimbo. which is the good kind of crazy and I would recommend anyone to go see that movie because it's wild. But yeah lies you would just Kinda does weird indie horror movies which I would not recommend watching. That's good to know because I've seen that pop up. I think it's on shutter. It's on shudder in it's on Amazon Prime Okay Yeah that's where I've seen it. I. Daniel Radcliffe also wrote a dead Guy Jetski. was so good. So it's the Jet Ski, which one which way? What was the jet Ski Jet Ski Yeah Sorry Man. One of the top movies of the best years. So really good. That's why I'm really excited for. Paul Dano in the Batman because if if you see the movies that he's a part of right, I mean there will be blood. He's really good in it. Swiss army man he was good in it. I mean he's been in so many good movies and he's so under underrated. Sure. Yeah. 'CAUSE and I know you talk about like certain things just rated perfectly. Movies, actors whatever. But I I would say a lot of people kind of sleep on Paul Dano. Yeah I. Wouldn't disagree with that plus that's just an a plus last name Dano. Good, but it's like Hawaii five o mixed with Dan Acquino exactly. Yeah. To great things in American history. So for me this week was kind of quiet I watched work it the net flicks dance movie as my wife whilst it it's it's one of the girls from girl meets world. It's not my it's it's not my demographic, but it was a movie. I watched they form a team of Ragtag. Group of dancers there's that you know who doesn't love a good rag tag team of something I watched the hat and I watched hosts which was good as nice sixty, five minutes. I guess the first pandemic movie the that's the first Kobe movie I think they really jumped on it. Pretty simple story, and then I watched I which I finished in like a day I watched the series on Netflix came out with a high score which goes through the kind of the history of video games which was very interesting. Seems like they they set themselves up for a season two I was really well done, and then we'll probably talk about that on another podcast sometime in the near future I, watch TV. So the first episode of Umbrella Academy for the second time and it's for me really it's it's fine I don't love it but it was a show that I watched an episode of. A first second and you're GonNa say you watched the movie cuties. Have you heard about this? I just I just read something that they they pull the movie. Yeah. I think Netflix pulled down last I heard they just changed the poster in description or something. Really know, but they may have pulled the whole thing at this point Yeah. That poster was terrible. Not Good. Someone pulled up the cans poster put next to the net flicks motzer. Looks like two completely different movies? I did not watch that movie but I watched first episode of lovecraft country, which which started last week on HBO, which was interesting kind of crazy. You know HP lovecraft stuff and I watched the first for the first time. I started watchmen the HBO Series Watchmen, which is really good and Mike five episodes into it. It's so wild that show but it's good. I like how they really expand upon would Alan Moore rope yes it's cool. It's almost like set in a different almost different time line, but it's thirty years. Yeah. It's thirty years after the events of the comic book or the Comic Book because it's the comic book ending Yeah It's yeah. They do drop the giant squid on. Times Square it seems like its own reality outside of that almost why I like how different it is. It has a different feel from the comic book. Yeah. It's so like racist such a forefront of it, which is so interesting because of everything that's happened in the past five months, it's become became so timely in after the fact, a whole group of people learned about a Tulsa lack wall, street because of it, which was interesting which it plays such a heavy part of it. But yeah, it's really well done. Show surprised that how good it is is it done? They just said like one season and that's it. I. Believe the writers said that they only wanted to do the one series. Because they felt it would cheapen it. If they came back for another one, I admire that the willingness to say I'm done. With this show especially and giving I heard his regina king would only come back if all the writers or the director comes back. So they can't even like cheat a second season. And 'cause the will you'll get there but the cheese essential if he wanted to do and I agree, you don't see that very often that kind of restraint from riders or from anyone really when they have a hit show or hit movie, you know everyone's always working to get that sequel Yep and this I I admire that restraint that they're showing. It's I. I. think that's a good watch. I think you're GONNA be pleasantly surprised with the end of it co but this week. We welcome him back. It's also his weakness movies. So mark, do you want to introduce the movie? You pick this week? Yes. I picked the dirt bike kid thousand, nine, hundred, five, I believe starring Peter Billingsley was the kid from Christmas story which I didn't know before I picked the movie backstory on why I picked this one when I pick over the top this movie was like close second guy looked at it and I was like this looks interesting. But then over the top popped up on the next page and I was like, Nope, we're doing that. So with the choice to come back I was like you know. What I want to check that out. It looks like the tagline with him using a magical dirt bike to save a hotdog stand just seemed like some kind of crazy eighties fever dream Coke infested movie wasn't that bad wasn't as wild as I thought, it would get like the bike didn't talk or anything spoilers if felt like the perfect movie I wasn't taking too much of a risk that it could be something completely boring because at some good actors a good character actor being the main villain I just thought hell we haven't done a dumb children focused eighties movie in a while serling does and the be insane. So Yeah has either you've seen this before that. No, I have not I feel like I should have. But did now. So the dirt bike kid right five directed by hoyt seek casten only ever directed besides this episodes of a TV show called not necessarily the news which was kind of a parody of a new show which they would kind of mystery science theater over news clips or something like that. A few of our actors are also from that. So he kind of tapped the shoulders of some of the people that have worked with the Nord. This movie is written by David Brandis who didn't do much else in Louis colleague who has written bulletproof the awful Adam Sandler Damon Wayans movie. GHOSTS OF MISSISSIPPI, Oct Sky Domestic Disturbance beyond the sea ladder forty, nine and Charlie Saint Cloud. Pretty Long Long filmography absolutely great ocober sky is probably the best. Is that with Jalen Hall Yeah Okay, and maybe go Mississippi at stars Peter Billingsley from as mark mentioned, Christmas story, Stuart Pankin and Bloom Patrick. Collins Sage Parker Chad Sheets Gavin Allen Danny. Breen in weasel forshaw is an score of five point six and a rotten tomatoes score fifty nine percent audience score only but eight hundred, thousand dollars estimated and it was a direct to video. So what are you guys thinking of dirt bike kid real quick that list of actors a little easier than can congress Godzilla we'll be well. I'll tell you what guys. I didn't mind this movie up until like five minutes ago when I clicked on awards that it one Peter Billingsley won an award for this fucking movie. The award a young artist award exceptional performance by a young actor starring in a feature film comedy or drama. Can I just say Peter Billingsley sucked ass in this movie? Yeah. He is like the weakest link for that. He isn't a Christmas story. He's not good in this movie right to me I feel like the bike acted circles around him and Man Now I'm Kinda angry at this movie this movie. While Fun to watch and funny does not deserve to have won an award for. My saw that you picked this mark. This is going to a little too close to gleaming the cube but just dirt bike centric, but it's way different. It's not there's no weapon arms deal with the Viet Cong in this movie or surprising. At something like that? Yeah bars on the hot dog stand. That's why Mr Hodgkin's was after it. Yeah. When I looked up the synopsis of how a Kid was going up against your typical as villain who's a greedy banker what is he like a rich person man I've been dying to see a movie like this where we always joke about the guy taking over the Ski Mountain Ski Lodge. That's this movie but with a hot dog stand. And I was all for it and then they introduced the fucking bike and I was I wipe my hands on. This movie. I'm done I. thought it was GonNa be the kid racing the save the hotdog stand not other-worldly Chit. It made no sense. That now question for you. Okay. If the bike wound up being possessed by his dead, DAD would've been a better. Off. Now wouldn't have changed anything that would have just explained why the bike is how it is but less creepy than the old man who shows about a thin air and oh Talks the young boys. Going into the outside of reading the description and all that, and just my impression is that is one of those movies where I literally hate it the main character of media that whole first opening scene besides the fact that I think we all know this but especially something that has worked with electric before when she cuts the TV chord with. Metal Scissors. That I was like, she'd go fly across the room. But just the sheer fact that he liked doesn't listen to a words. He says in that thing and it just so poorly active by Peter Billingsley. Yeah. At that point I was out on him immediately it was just the banker the assistant in the hot dog stand God I was like. I would like to see that movie to where they're fighting to save the hotdog stand. This movie was didn't go as far as I thought it would go and I figured that out pretty early on but it does have every single thing eighties movie has in terms of when they're trying to make a kid. It's some weird thing that seemed to only be popular in the eighties dirt bikes. There's always some kind of weird sport or weird fad that kids are really into that they make A. Big Deal about there's little league john-anders, food fights which seems to be this movie felt like a guy had seen a bunch of movies like that, and then wrote his own script and somehow got it produced. You know like his take on those type of kids movies and probably the reason it went direct to video but it's a movie I watch you know again or anything like that what I didn't hate my time with it. Okay. Yeah I think he has one hundred percent wrong I. Love this movie. Be Over when they arrest the bike. The. The cops come they put handcuffs on the bike and they Brigham in down to the station they put him in the Paddy Wagon. They set bail and one hundred dollars that won me over. Yeah. Absolutely. It's just so stupid but I can't believe they went there you see them we'll Lee motorbike into that cell and turns around with puppy dog sad puppy dog is in its own cell. Yeah. Perfect. I loved it does everything I wanted to be everything the about the cops only one. Part annoyed me. But maybe it was just that one cab they were just yell random numbers let z just going to say that how could you love this movie with this guy constantly just yelling random numbers aunt yeah. Like everything else the cops do is really good in terms of trying to do keystone cops type deal with them you know resting a bike. And putting them making him bail handcuffing the bike at one point. All that stuff's great. It was just they went too far trying to make that one up too much of a buffoon when it really need to just as actions speak a lot louder than him whenever they gave him lines but yeah, I agree with him. One sense that that is probably. One of the more pivotal scenes. But I thought there was going to be more weirdness with the bike is probably where I come off of where some kind of backstory with the bike is what I was thinking going in but they didn't do it. Maybe just my expectations soup perfect movie. So what real quick you weren't happy with how weird the bike was. ME. Is that what you said Yeah I wanted to be like some reason why the bike was Oh, wait like not just oh, it's just a bike that has a mind of its own like. Is it like some kind of somebody that Hodgkin's across several cross? Check. It. With I wanted it to be a reason. You want this movie to be two hours with a backstory. I just needed align just give me a line like, oh, this is old Jameson from down in the river. Asking his land and he's come back to you know what it was. Honestly, it was all the children that that old man killed. The spirit of is in the bike. Yeah. That's why they constantly tried to get away from the old man. Takes a special rider, and then he just murders that kid perform. Ritual this wasn't one of those movies where I needed it longer in grittier or anything like that. I would have settled created line just one line of dialogue from the old man go even saying something as creepy is that it's like it's the hopes and dreams of all the kids that I've read ridden it. Enough as a one. Out of nowhere, I don't even know if you had a name I don't think he was he was billed as anything to be honest. Probably wasn't even cast right showed up. please. Know. This movie is far from perfect and shame on you for even thinking that it's a good movie. It's Great what I love to and just a personal thing while I was watching it writing my notes out this afternoon because this movie rips off, it is unapologetically et at times. where it rips off the scores so much that I was watching it in the room when my wife was in the kitchen and jade was listening to it as she was working and it got to a point where the kid. All of a sudden after an hour of the motorbike, not flying not having the ability to fly then flies and the closest thing to the score that you could ever get without getting sued starts to play and she's like and she says to be like, what are you watching because it sounds really familiar and that was at that moment I was reading in my notes and they rip off the tee score right? They're like, oh no, you've never heard this before, but it sounds a lot like et was Dan. In. As close, you can get that way. Man There's no reason for the bike to fly. Right, it really doesn't add anything it doesn't add anything to the story. Doesn't accomplish anything. Just like he was the cops. That's. That's what I was going to say we seem to have been on a run where grown people just abused the shit out of little kids. Right we we have. Motorola where bikers harassed trialed. Gleaming Cube where what what was it was Koreans of Vietnamese Vietnamese people abduct and our after a teenager, we have this movie where another group of bikers is out to kill a child. Jump Up and down on his face yeah unapologetic. Wants to kill the kid and and the banker Mr Hodgkin's is okay with it. He's he at one point in the movie. He essentially allows these bikers. He gives them permission to go murder a child Yup. What is going on with the movies that we pick I mean that was the eighties man that's what happened in the eighties and I feel like missing movie. Yeah. Does anything happening over the top? I know the the son gets kidnapped and over the top yeah. Yeah. Another eighties movie lure just picked up by two strange men. If you're a kid in the eighties you're just in constant danger. Pure smoking around you probably have. Hey, take my beer. Happens anymore life I'm sure it's much more depressing. Right it's not just like a family barbecue, right? Here go now it's like it's a random Tuesday night. Yeah. Be. A man. It'd be it'd be more like Benders backstory and breakfast club. A man. I mean, it's such a dark turn for such a bright movie where you know it's it's definitely very happy. Go Lucky. But yeah then you have a group of bikers just run up on this kid I don't know where really. Subtle. Lie There was two things I noticed about this moving. I could never get over it and it really ruined it for me. One was the cop who kept saying random numbers and to was peer Billingsley constantly having to take his glasses on and off the put the helmet on every single time, he has to take his glasses off to put the helmet on. My favorite moment of that is when they're outside the banker, whatever may be the hot dog stand when he goes against his promise and the the assistant is there and him in the hot dog guy or with the assistant he goes on the bike and he hands her his glasses. was. Home. It's like at the most inopportune time because scenes are supposed to have an impact are just totally wasted when he has to take his glasses off. Helmet on. It's such a waste. It's a waste of like a second but. It. Annoyed me to no and I couldn't I couldn't not focus on it every time it happened. I think at one point I told you in fucking doing it again. I feel like listening to this conversation it's like how a lot of these movies end up where aunt is either on one end of the spectrum good or bad and Dan's on the other end and I'm just sort of go. Well, I can see both inside. Devil's advocate Sir I. There's a lot of things. I love. But I wasn't as in love with an his aunt and for the people at home, we don't plan that. Reno. Like we don't text each other how I feel about the movie I hate conflict. That's. That's Why you want to add fifteen minutes to it because it's like our well, Dan hated it. So maybe if we added fifteen minutes, I can get his what he hates. Right and then I'll make aunt hated by adding fifteen. Free everybody to the middle. You have. Maker. We'll get deeper into when we go through the plot but I think one of my favorite aspects of this and it's real small is when the woman is withdrawing the money from the bank and they're putting, it looks like old timey moneybag at the dollar signs a shopping cart I think. As she's pulling away like the budget in Fort fake bills. So he's just like bricks in a bag or something or whatever they probably like just like. Paper or whatever, and also that the tackiness is amazing. Just real. quickly, what really stopped this movie from being the just the run-of-the-mill like all right. Well, you had the bully right I feel I forget the bullies name Max smacks. So what's the stop that kid from being Mr Hodgkin Son and Peter he's basically buying hotdog stand right. So what's stopping this from Peter Billingsley racing against Max to save the hotdog stand you can even keep the magic bike but why do we need to have a be something completely different than that? They were. Real Estate Fraud Yeah Right. Right? It's just weird I. This movie shouldn't exist like this. Because they needed hacking seen man hacking seen why? No again home near view set up where you have dirt bike racing going on at the very beginning. So why steer away from that the going to the hacking seen the thing I love about his best friend is that when he gets to his account Gives himself. Eleven cents. Old Ladies Account he gives her a million dollars. He adds eleven cents to his account thirty nine cents. At fifty. They should he should have made it sixty nine. That feels more like Bo exactly. Right. It's all about tits. That movie came out today that he would give himself sixty nine cents. I don't think I was much of the parlance back then to the inside joke as it is today you're probably right? Yeah. But that's your. It made me laugh that your that he's figured out that he could hacking and do change the money. At he doesn't give. Exorbitant amount of money. On a good. Man I. I liked just just the way they how naive they were about how computer hacking could work. Never Hacking Mook seen right compared to what can happen nowadays with. You the kind of guest pastor at word yet right and you have access to everything. Is there one password though thank get the password be greedy right? What is it wind up being? It's the Scrooge Dog, right? Oh, I didn't catch the name of the dog. The dog but I will say the one thing that this movie has going for it is Mr Hodgkins Stuart Pankin he's he's he is a good top eighties villain I. Think the only way it could have been better if it was it was played by. Christopher McDonald. Perfect for this movie. Sure. It's just it's not his type of movie. Yeah I thought he was really good. You know he he has the the fake Suave Swagger to his character where he speaks French, but he's just like a total sleazeball. And he's also got a couple of moments that would not even close to being filmed nowadays. Woman breaks out the window and he goes I should install bars. Sick dog on her too. Yeah. He traps her in the room I feel like McDonald's might be too handsome for that role. Right, I think that's the point. Right? This movie wasn't really. Made for that kind of character. But he would he he's definitely one of the best villain in film. Like ten years before. Happy. Gilmore. So I don't know how old he would have been. He was probably forty at the time of Happy Gilmore. I want to feel like thirty at the time of this that's I would say you guys want to get into the plot. All right Dan you got. So all right as I've been doing for the past however many episodes I twenty give a shout out to our frontier from Geek Vibes nation and her podcast top ten with Tia. It's podcast t and her friends discussed top ten list. So top ten movies at Christopher McDonald could have been in top ten movies where a dirt bike is in. You name it they're they're doing it. So I, she listens to this podcast. She's a good friend of it Tia. A top ten Christopher McDonald's list. That's Oh God. Sorry to you. What's Awesome. Yes. So go to get vibes nation check her out. She's also on twitter TC underscores stark. So I mean you could go to five nations. She's on there along with a bunch of other great podcasts but go check out. Tia. She's a good friend and she deserves your attention. Okay. Great and we are going to be right back. But before we come back, we are going to take a few minutes listens as messages from friends of the podcast we will be right back. Pay, this is ten a one Jay coach from the Ocho d'oro partly, our podcast every week Jodi Ph is talking sports, movies, TV comics, and more. It's always a parley topics on each episode. You can find the on apple podcast Google podcast iheartradio spotify stitcher. Wherever you find great podcasts such as the one you're listening to right now. Don't forget to check out girl polly dot com where you can find the links to all the ODI PH social media accounts linked to the bands whose music here each week on the shell cashback sixty, seven podcasting Paulie points are companion blocked section of the show. Thanks for listening cody. Now, get back to your regularly scheduled podcasts cassie. Welcome travelers seems like you're looking for a story. I got one for Ya. Involves venture. Friendship. Why don't you tell about that time I saw that big ASS Mellon? Yes. I was going for more. You could come about the time I kicked her ass or I wouldn't ever tell get my ref gear on. Okay. Everyone shut up how come with me. As I, tell you a story from afar. Everybody my is David. I'm the from afar podcast from afar podcast is all about four friends separated by distance brought together by adventure. Hope Y'all stop by and give us a listen thanks and welcome back and now's the time to get into the pot for the dirt bike kid we open up on a sky shot as we hear audio from some sort of sci-fi kids show which then transitions to a commercial for a motocross competition with then we pan to a house with a for sale sign and then move on inside we. See Ralphie from a Christmas story sits glued to the TV with his motocross magazines, eating chips and chocolate phone rings and Ralphie's unfazed. so He's already exasperated. Mom has to answer the phone even though she asked him to answer it for her phone calls about a job interview. Meanwhile, the bacon shoes cooking starts to burn and the smoke alarm goes off the sheer fact that she tells him Hey check out the bacon make sure nothing happens to it, and then that happens was as I said earlier the instant the moment just like. Houses. Get so much of a jerk. Well, he's he's got no father figures. So that's the reason probably should have been Cobra. Kai, saying. So the mom cuts the cord on the TV which seems like a bad decision for someone out of work mark mentioned it's also plugged in so not a great idea. And she got off the phone despite the smoke alarm going off and she gets the interview. So she has to go there and twenty minutes. So she gives Ralphie fifty dollars anniversary list while she gets ready for the interview his real name is Jack in this movie, but I'm calling him Ralphie for now. Last fifty dollars their last fifty bucks choosing bank account I. Guess. So he rides off on his bike and hence to the motocross competition instead he meets up with his creepy pervert friend Bo who's a scoping out and girls tits instead of the sweet motocross action. When they see their friend, I guess Max who's participating in the competition and he's just beating the shit out of his bike Ralphie whose name is Jack in this movie because he wishes he had a bike like maxes and some creepy old man pops out of nowhere saying that that BICA special needs a special writer then he'll have to buy it. Back from Max and Max on the motocross circuit struggles with the bike at first he gets stuck at the starting line and then the bike goes off on its own and it looks like he's GonNa win until the bike stopped short and tosses Max to a big old mud puddle. He after he loses storms, his bike pissed off Jack offers him fifty dollars that his mom gave him for the groceries and Max's no this is a sweet bikes. My best bike ever blow offers him the fifty dollars and Jacks BMX. Bike he throws in the helmet and Max agrees. So this bite the being last fifty dollars now. A motorbikers bike then Bo talks about all the babies they're gonNA get with it. Yeah poges wants to fuck. He's Horn Horn on main as they say on twitter I never heard that before is that a real thing you don't go horny on the main. I, you have to explain this stuff to me one day off the podcast because. You knew what like cap and no cap meant, and now this I am not that I guess I'm not supposed to know this but then I feel so far behind you'd never go horny on the main. That's the truth. Okay. Secondary Count for it. It's a stranger dame is accounts worked go horny. I. If I did that I would just ruin all the progress that I've made. So they go back the Jackson House and his mom freaks out rightfully. So about him using the grocery money and his bike, the by should he motorcycle Bo high tails Atta there even though he's part of the reason these in this mess and she sends Jack to his room real quick. I just realized something. The main characters name is Jack Yep he took his mother's money who is supposed to get food and sold it for a magic item Yep. So we're essentially watching Jack in the magic beanstalk. One hundred percent okay, good. I just connected the dots. Had An epiphany. Onstream. Yes Orange Trivia the director mentions that on the director's commentary from the two thousand fourteen DVD release. So essentially Jack and the beanstalk, he got a extras. That's ridiculous. No direct video movie should get DVD extras. Did. The question I would have would be as Peter Billingsley on that commentary to because that's time Christmas story it became in the Zeitgeist with the twenty four hour and all that. I feel like that's been like. Decades Yeah Yeah it's been away for a while but for some reason, it just hit like the twitter sphere whatever. Leads to too busy. He's like John F. Averroes best friend so. All the Jon favreau movies he he produces a lot of his shit he used to. He produced dinner for five when I was on IFC I didn't know that. He was also in far from home I didn't know that Spiderman. He's he's one of Oh. Yes. That's right. He's told by those those bright blue eyes is going to be honest with you. He's not a bad looking guy no no, he's. He's a handsome man. Yeah. He definitely he wound up as they say. That when I do know that that term I do now. So I will agree, yes he. From what I remember he's got A. Check handsome guy I would agree yes. Good for him. Yeah. I WanNa talk to him about this movie though. I'll send them a dam. Yeah. Listen Man I know you were a kid and really didn't have much to say but what were you thinking? And I'll ask them why is this movie so perfect and then? I'll get embarrassed on another. Another interview, which one of you asshole said that they didn't like this movie. That would be me. I was me. And you could have thrown me under the bus Listen man you gotta own up to it. It's. It's. It's it's in the right now. She's not here. Cut Him. Loose. I can't throw mark under the bus when it's I'm on audio saying this movie sucked. I can't do it. I could try. I feel like that would not be good for the podcast. True. We're nothing if not a honorable. So. She sends him to his room at night as she goes over the bills. Jackson examined cleans up the biking we get montage about him clean the bike. Some song about. Your it felt like a montage to like a romantic comedy in the eighties. A dirt bike kids movie you would think that but. I have to ask this question does the bike get in erection? Yes, it does. Does. It most certainly does doesn't it? No Yeah it's pretty creepy. Is He's gently washing the mud from the bike the front flap just slowly ever. So slowly rises up and how could anyone misinterpret? For. Anything. Anything but their action that is one hundred percent right kids movie God damn it. He's getting turned on my little boy. I mean, we did say that Peterborough handsome man so I don't WanNa. Say He was good looking boy. I'm not saying that. Was A kid. Certainly thought. So yeah, they robbed him of his innocence and. Thereby fucked this kid right now well. No one would believe him. One would. View right and the kid understands the bike right? So the bike could really set whatever wanted to him your mind now, Jack, who's GonNa believe you now. You can a lot I think he has like supernatural powers of the bike and lock them in the garage. He's I, think it closes the garage door at one point. One hundred percent yeah the mindless. Now. You can't leave. The the MOMS listening to her headphones can't hear her son's cry for help just pleading banging on the garage door. Having. This is gross. Yeah should we should try to get a Netflix deal out of this. So he gets on the bike and starts playing around on it, and then the bike starts driving around on its own. This is the first kind of official evidence that it sends she and he goes off speeding couples over, and then the bike takes him in the cop on a high speed chase they wind up in an alley and the bike dries up a fire escape and then flies off the cop crashes in the Alley, the bank. Then takes Jack some sort of park where a biker gang, the size that they should hassle twelve year old at biker named Big Slime Pulls Jack off the bike, and he gets on and takes up a set of stairs. But eventually, the bag tosses big slime off Jack Jumps on and they fly away in and then Jack takes the bike back home and sneaks back into the bed just in time for his mom realizes he was gone. All these events that happened in this movie you would make sense if you did the saint elsewhere ending to this that it was all his imagination sure because as he recounts it to bow it all sounds made. It's a fever dream. It's the last things thinks of as he's sitting in hospital bed 'cause he's dying because he crashed bike as soon as he got on. The at chased by a biker gang. Jack. Jack you sure did. Exactly, what happened and we say the hotdog. Stand. His mother's crying and Mike arms got eight. Spots. Likes the doctor and Mrs. Clavell as the nurse. Practitioner that's. Awesome. To completely different movies we definitely. One that would definitely not get me. This doctor moving right? Not. The snuff film with the. Bike, we'll salt motorbike. I would. Honestly I would love that twist ending where the kid is like brain dead. He's an Coleman. He's just believing it her you were there and you were there. That's right. That's right. Check in school ride your bike in Heaven Buddy. In the morning Jack's Mom loads the bike into the her station wagon with intentions selling bike to get our money back Jack tries to convince her that the bike has special powers, but she's not having any nt drives away to sell a bike. Jack in Bogota, they're a little league game while the mom sells the bike shop Max does off Jackson BMX bike to him and he gets pissed off the doesn't have a bike no more meanwhile motorbike. Drives right out of the front of the shop on its own. The absolute were security Paul time in that outside of it being loud when it needs to turn on a go out, we find out later that this guy might not know his inventory I. IT seemed like the Mo the busiest bike shop in in the world. So we meet Mike Jackson coach runs a hotdog stand slash kids hang out. He's a bit sad sack but more or less. His heart is in the right place. SORTA guy has little pep talk with Jack in the coach from the other team is clavell tries to talk to him about something she found out about at the bank she works at but he blows her off that Mr Hodgkin's shows up. He's the owner of the bank, and then the motorbike shows up at a nowhere. Jack is up at bat and we know this the other team is evil because they have real uniforms. Jack is stuck playing in jeans and sneakers. Than Jack has that moment where as if his dad came to see him play and suddenly gets a whole bunch of confidence, but it's a bike that claims in play. So he gets to confidence to hit an almost homerun. The best part about the bike showing up is that it's this motorbike standing up on its own in the middle of the to bleachers and nobody bad tonight like Motor. Third Bike Yeah. The only person notices is Hodgkin's because it farts at him. Sad. When he's at Bat, he has a terrible swing at a pitch. That's his eyeballs. And the bike Hong Sadam he Bowie Hey Bo. It's bike and goes right back into the bat. So. Weird. Why would they give you confidence expect I'm going to hit a home run for them kind of minimum press the Blake Yeah. So decades almost home run but he gets tagged out at the plate on a bullshit call starts a bench clearing brawl. Angel Hernandez. Little, league yeah he kicks Max Right in the end. And I just says a haymaker enter the up calls them out. In real it'll be fights. Mike Appeals to MISC- lavelle trying to get her to admit that he was safe. But she says, she didn't say anything which strike won Lavelle. Maybe cute. Your big old glasses but that was a bullshit thing to do. Yeah. We come on man it's terrible. Have some respect. Yeah, and then Jack immediately forgets all about it and again vogue get on their bike and go to Mike Doghouse by the way this Hannah lettermans jacket. Yeah. I'm assuming it's supposed to be his version of a motorcycle jacket, but he's like year old kid on a dirt bike I'm going to assume that the jacket is his father because it makes no sense. Fits in pretty, well yeah. Maybe. His Dad was a little person. Chance. To. Maybe. Yeah I feel like, I, feel like they didn't do any back story for others parents. Yeah. They just didn't really write it in. Yeah. It was just it just made me it was like the I I thought it was Max Jacket. Because he gave them all the equipment ripe. And that I saw his last name written on the jacket and I was like his jacket and he doesn't look very good at little league but apparently is great pitcher because there's like nobody gets out your fastball Jack. Well maybe you know the two thousand fourteen director's commentary addresses that. So it makes doghouse is completely chaos there as he just lets the kids run completely wild throwing food all over the restaurant MISC- lavelle shows up and she comes to him to tell him that the bank is going to take over the that dog houses on in order to build a new branch because it has been identified by their computers as mathematically the best place for a new branch and he ignores her then he storms off Jacob Oh, try to appeal lavelle outside and the motorbike takes off with Jack on it and Jack Mom shows up at the bank for her interview. is turning it into his own personal casting couch starts coming out the JAGS MOM Janet while the bike drives Jack Right into the bank and interrupts the job interview. Totally Cock Blocking Hodgkin Janet Tells Jack to bring the bike back to the store. He tells off Mr Hodgkin's, and then the bike runs over modeled new bank branch string any hopes of his mom getting the job. Traffic back the bike back to the store, but he feels like he can't just leave the bike there. So He makes a deal with Mr Zach the store manager to work off the fifty dollars by doing some deliveries and then the bike and Jack go ahead and do some deliveries. The one thing year is I guess he's a kid but the thing I thought he was going to do would have been the selfless thing but that's not what this little jerk of a kid with do is go. Hey. You know my mom's looking for work maybe she could help you out. Here. said he's like, no I'll do delivers for you screw my mother. Bike I'm not making any other money out of he's a pretty selfish kid that we know we know. Like. Realistically, that's what the kids should have done but staying with his personality, it's just like what's good for me and I want the dirt bike yeah. So the next day the mom tries to bring the bike back the Mr Zach saying that Jack took the bike back again but she jack explains that he worked the cost with Mr Zach and he apologizes for losing her job and she says it's fine because more or less. She didn't WANNA fuck Mr Hodgkin's to begin with so. Jack goes to Mr Hodgkin's house to do things through the system. His mob suggests while Mr, Hodgkin's is trying to seduce another applicant. Hodgkin's answers the door and the girl tries to leave. So Mr Hodgkin's sixes dog on her and she retreats back into the room where he was trying to Fucker Jack tells Mr. Hodgkin's that he wants to speak with the board of directors. Hodgkin's tells him. Yes. Just to blow him off as girl skips through the window Scott, her what might career or Missouri. At then he sings to the door Oh. Yeah. Yeah. He's a he's just a good creep all around. Yeah. Yeah. It's really well done. It's early and Clare himself the voice of Charleston Claire from dinosaurs. Oh I didn't know that. I knew it sounded familiar. That's awesome. Thank you for pointing that out. My night. Yeah. The the most realistic said its into a Sitcom ever. They can all be sunshine and rainbows man we're all GonNa die and that's okay. We'll we'll die together especially. Hey, listen terrible way to go out I. Guess sure. Hey, the sun explodes thumbs up yeah. Not. GALACTICO. As we stated earlier. Or Kasulu. Subject uses this as evidence that the bike that they should do things the right way and then calls the bike of big old nerd. So the. Heard. The Pot calling the kettle black. So the bike gets upset and refuses to start because he just got called. As is his right. I would do the same thing. If you call me I'm not GONNA help you. Their focus, clearly a jock. So then the biker gang shows up at a no aired driving all over Mr Hodgkin's lawn. So Jackass to apologize to the bike in order to get away from the biker gang the next day. Hodgkins Bank has a board of directors meeting. They're determining the real important things like banning women from the company's fault. The Eighties lavelle comes in to tell him that Jack is year and he tells her off and Jack Mike MISC-. Lavelle have talk outside and Jack. The size of the only way to get things done is to be a rebel so he hands his glasses. I'm just helmet and takes his glasses puts them back on and he storms back in with the bike and right into the board of directors meeting, and then once again, he drives it right about to it's able and crushes the model once again. Hopkins's basically about the Punch Jack Right in the face, but there's press there. So he decides to quote unquote hear him out, and then behind closed doors Hodgkin's appeases Jack says at the bank will try to find an alternate site for the new branch rather than destroys Mike's restaurant after they're basically going to exhaust all other options before they destroy Mike Restaurant essentially. So Mike and Jack go to Mike's Doghouse to celebrate with a bunch of kids the bike and Jack makes speech. Now, this is the greatest day of his life and he couldn't have done it without bow which wasn't even there. Just thanking everybody is mom Max for giving him the bike. Max's there and he's pissed off because he's trying to nail these two hose and they're they're not having any of it I su he does the exact opposite of what he should do though. Kid He's a jerk. He this kid's the hero. Now you say that I know that kid he's my buddy. Yeah this is not going to get. He is he needs help. He needs he needs advice from Bo because, but that's what boat do, right? Yeah and bow and shame on. Both are not taking advantage of that situation back. Yeah. They they went to the wrong person. They got to the wrong person. That's right. Yeah. No that actually absolutely, it should have been bow in that. That's my buddy and then he says, I, could have done without bow yeah. Handy by two girls table which his arms randomly. That's yeah. This movie fucked up. fucked. Up Movie. So the next day the Bank forecloses on Mike Stock House and they demolished planned to demolish by noon the next day Mr Hodgkin's says the computer did a search and this was the most ideal spot for the bank and he says it couldn't have been a mistake because he programmed the computer himself and he doesn't make mistakes. So Jack in the bike retaliate by absconding with a trailer from the construction site and drive it straight into oncoming traffic nearly killing a driver and a motorcycle. Committing a murder manslaughter. Jack in the cop then go on another high speed chase on the highway any of the run over a jogger eventually Jacko's flying off a ramp and flies away with the bike. Jan, flies the bike downtown set to suspiciously et like score and then flies the bike home the cops in Hodgkin's show at Jack's house and they arrested a dirt bike and one of the best ordered warrants in the US legal system history. And dirt bike, they literally handcuff the bike and take it away and instead a one hundred dollars bail like even gets its own jail cell. This is my favorite part of the all move. It would have been better if they read the Miranda rights to it. You have the right to remain silent and you say we'll that would have been great if they went the whole the whole nine yards with it is a good question is does ascension dirt bike have Miranda Rights Yeah I think anything that's. Technically not a US citizen right? We don't know where where was it made Made in America have social security card. I. Don't I doubt it. But it has a soul. Up with the the creepy L. Man. Yeah, what which kid is put into the bike at that point if we ever had had the last, right, right that's the that's the move that it should be. That would be the horror movie version of this or you know. But I just thought of something what if the magic and the conscious inside of bike is the old man? And he just end it even more creepy. He does that because he just like John boy sitting on. I was GONNA say they really makes whole scene in the garage. Just, that much croupier that's probably exactly what it is this. Is the old man I got erection while he was doing. It was just a giant production produced by NAMBLA and Jeez. Man funded by the North American men we love Association got tricked us. Oh Man. That's That's pretty dark. I don't think I'd watched that movie I'm I'm going to take a hard stance on that. Wouldn't watch it. Watch movie sponsored by NAMBLA got it. That's that's my hot take for twenty twenty you. We know where your line is got. You could say about Dan Winer. Call an Asshole, but you can say he will watch a movie produced by NAMBLA. So Jack is in bed crying over his incarcerated bike. All his mom has a late quote unquote late job interview some assuming she's trying to become a stripper. Strong some. I mean what? Who? Who goes to a late job interview someone who's desperate for money? I guess someone who's kid took their last fifty in blue it on a bike. So someone trying to be stripper, she could do it to. Attract of MOM. Yeah absolutely and she she has that on the resume hang right people want mothers. Like a now kind of thing it's niche. Maybe it's more of a this Biz generations kink I don't know I. I wasn't old enough in the eighties. To No. Yeah we're we're mill thing and nineteen ninety-five mouse? Mammal, then we'll never find out. Right. Huge waste of the door. Looks like it. Always. Thanks stock. Has Three uses are you sure this is one of them. Blow Yea Blow Him On that. I think I shouldn't be friends with you. It's for science dock we need to know. That is sort of the plot of back to the future. But it's not to find out if it just sir, it just happens by coincidence Mardi has. Suggested this phone call and he heads the police station. It turns out that MISC- LAVELLE is paid the bail on the bike I can't believe I wrote that sentence. Mike then works up the courage to ask MISC- lavelle Toe Cup of coffee on the way home the bike detours to Mike's Doghouse it runs itself into a bulldozer which the knocks down the construction fence and then Jack, has the get out of here you dumb dog moment with the bike as it drives away. Want you. Anymore get Outta here. Go on get. Can you see I? Don't want any more at home he starts ripping up motocross magazines as his mom gets home. He says, he hates the bike, which is mom is perplexed by, and then Mr Hodgkin's gets called down to Mike. Doghouse to look over the damage and orders the chief of police to confiscate the bike as the bike lodges on from a nearby tree. then. The bike because it has telephonic powers sends messages to Jack via the computer in his room. Presumably tell him that the heck into the Hodgkins Bank computer camp that sentence. This might be my favorite bike moment in the movie. The hacking of his of Jacks computer. Tell US giving him subliminal Cold War Our messages on what to do Hodgkins Bank computer. Lines Hodgkins Bank. Computer Lines. and. Then he picks up This happened to be sitting there the newest issue of personal computer model. Hey, got an a in computer science. Yeah that's right. They. We had to make sure they put that line in there. We know Bogata D and he did the most damage. So that's why he only gave himself eleven cents. To Jack Imbo sneak into the school as the cops do a manhunt for jacking the bike as Khalil and Mike have a conversation over coffee as she hopes up Mike to not give up my find out her name as Maisy at School Jack Manages to hack into the banks computers meanwhile Al Hodgkin's is apparently combing the streets in his limo trying to find them apparently has also hired Max to help find them who is also tapped motorcycle gang to help him. This is where he basically gives big slime carte blanche to do whatever. feels. Him Make. Him Disappear. The school jack is literally typing random words into the password and eventually comes across the right one, which is scrooge could have been there all night and apparently they don't lock you out after five attempts. To say, this is the perfect time where you could just have unlimited guesses essentially there was no security So doing some digging Jack realizes that there was other location that was viable for the new branch, but doesn't understand why Hodgkins is set on Mike's Doghouse Bo than does some digging into bank accounts he gives himself eleven cents to give them a total of fifty cents and then the local widow he gives her one million dollars the cops find the bike and then immediately lose it they search Hodgkin's the kids search Hodgkins Bank account, and then realize that Hodgkin's is double dipping double digging double decking. Double dipping. He owns the land Mike's dog houses on. so He's basically using the bank to buy the land from himself as he's about to head out to the ground breaking ceremony and the next morning Hodgkin's sees the widow trying to take out the million dollars he tells miss global to handle it and she decided to quit right then in there as my Combo leave at school the biker gang fines Jack and big slime says to him I've been looking forward to jumping up and down on your face and then big slime through set. Jack on fire to reiterate he's like twelve. Yeah it's Again, we have a movie where they're happily trying to murder a child. Gleefully. Trying to murder this kid. Oh Yeah. So make. Like year. Child Well Dan you can't spell manslaughter without laughter. So. It just weird Meli obviously. Yes. Motorcycle gangs were people that you don't miss what they were. Amine Group of people. I seriously doubt murdering twelve year old was on their to do list at any point. This isn't the cartels. Questions for you guys. Do you think they sent an invitation to audition to Captain Lou Bateaux for big sly? Very similar. I was reading up on that guy that guy's dead big slime. died in ninety six. But then it just in time the bike shows up and jacket selena chasing ensues again, the ground breaking ceremony there's a brief scene to set up at the bulldozer will be wired remote. So Hodgkin's can push the button that starts the bulldozer himself the makers Jack around eventually driving over appear into a lake allowing Jack to get away, and then Hodgkin's speaks at ceremony Mike and maisy show with a bunch of kids protesting the destruction of the doghouse. The police chief apparently is pro freedom of speech, which is refreshing and food fight ensues. Hodgkin starts the bulldozer while MISC- Lavelle and Mike stand in its way and then Jack shows up with dirt bike and I take on the bulldozer. The bike starts pushing the bulldozer as jack takes on Hodgkin's Hodgkin's pushes Jack to the ground. So his mom was Pine Hodgkin Space and the bike is April during the bulldozer around and winds up running over Hodgkin's lymphoma the bike and Jack Take Hodgkin's on our on a wild ride and another car chase ensues Jack Takes Hodgkin's on. The joy on a joy ride on the back of the dirt bike and basically threatens him with bodily harm in order to save Mike Doghouse. He takes him on a motocross track until he agrees and also blackmail him because he found out about the double dipping eventually he agrees on the bike stops not before the bike ejects. Mr. Hodgkin's in a big old mud puddle with his job done the bike then decides it's time to stop being sentient and he goes away who knows where Can I be honest mice doghouse was Shithole. It's not worth saving. Kit Can we say that I don't know if I was like twelve I thought to be a kind of a cool place to hang out. It's if there wasn't an archaic, I mean, yeah really needs to clean it up because he just letting kids throw food around all place. It's a mess. He's creepy looking. He gives like a weird speech at the beginning and he doesn't come off as like a guy that should be around children. Really. And it's just the mascot is terrible giant hot dog the giant dog really yeah it looks fucking terrible. This place does not deserve to be saved. He failed actually no, he didn't fail but yeah. I take that back but still it was a business owner Dan I don't care. It's terrible. The prices are outrageous to for back then ice cream for forty cents. That's ridiculous. He's got to. He's gotTa make it somewhere. They all the food on the floor. That's That's why he has to have such outrageous prices because he has to higher cleaning crew every night. Food around the ice cream will be twenty cents. US, year Make. Janitor work overtime. So fast forward a few months and there's a grand reopening Mike's Doghouse, and this clavell is now pregnant that I laughed out loud when she turned around with that shirt. Lights with an Arrow pointing at the stomach. Just in case you didn't get it. We're not sure how much the fat suits going to play. So we got to let you know she's pregnant if it doesn't show up. Well on. Camera. Mice. Candidate. End. Talk about kicking your coverage by the way. I feel bad for Miss Mel. Let's see liked Mike for some reason because a loser. Totally. Loser. I. I'm sorry I think that was a little harsh but. Doesn't exemplify being a loser. Yeah I mean, yeah. No, you're right. He loses the big ball game. He loses his business. He has a defeatist attitude. You really just hair's not very good at centipede or whatever Gallagher Gallagher. Yeah he has no moves and gallagher. Jober wait. He's just he's a fucking mess. He exemplifies his restaurant. And he's the mirror image of what of Mike's hotdog stand. His prophets must be razor thin. Well he also at the end of the movie, it's a bunch of bullshit because he opens the new restaurant in front of Hodgkin's bank, which is awful. No one's GonNa go there first and get you know what I'm saying like no one goes to a hot dog stand and then goes to the Bank I. saw it as a Com. Was a brand new like I thought. It was just a grand reopening of Mike Hotdogs and they didn't move it. They just kind of updated it and they built the bank around it i. think that's what happened. But what sense does that make I guess it was a compromise plan. Jack doesn't reveal the real estate fraud that Hodgkin's committing. Yeah. You can have your bank, but you're going to have this stupid fucking statue of Yourself. You'RE GONNA have a hot dog stand instead but doesn't doesn't. He still get the money regardless? Yeah. Hodgkin's but I mean Mike Mike isn't trying to begrudge him his money. He just doesn't want to lose on business, but it's weird because essentially the bad guy doesn't lose anything here he gets what he has. He's kind. Of humiliated because he has to wear that hot dog costume. That's true. But at the end of the day, he he just made like, no pun intended bank, right? Yeah I think so I mean he was going to build the bank regardless as long as Jack kept his mouth shut about his double Dylan's so we have. So this movie is the message from the movie is blackmail is okay as long as your twelve year old essentially him dirt bike and guess. What jury in the world is going to convict the twelve year old I. Guess of black. Man. They met. So they never explicitly also solved. The whole mom doesn't have a job thing does she worked for for Mike, I I don't know she like it's I got the impression that for some reason, she's an interior designer I. don't know because they also like my inside and goes you know, let me show you your work you know and she's talking about how she's gotten so many clients. Gajah okay. So they do solve that that. All right. Weird to make it to be honest. It's just the editing was really poor here is that he goes Oh let's go inside and see you know your work you made, and then the first thing you see is the you know maisy turns around pregnant. Jacket somehow impregnated maisy. Work. First thing you see when you go in there and since they had to hire Jack's Mom, all the food prices went up twenty cents so good job guys really needs another their bike. All and that's the other thing. This kind of pissed me off at the end a new kid shows up in like is basically like touching jacks bike. Get the hell away from my bike kid who said you could touch my shit. Yeah. Absolutely so Mr. Hodgkin. Shows up in a hot dog costume to cut the ribbon. Big Slime is now working as security Mr Hodgkin's and turns out they as we mentioned Jack me a compromise the bank is built around doghouse creepy old man from the beginning shows up again tells a ginger care that the motorbike especial and then the ginger kid thanks for on that in their. Gender can takes upon himself to hop on the bike and the bike wakes up wakes expect a search driving around hassling Hodgkin's again, and then we get a freeze frame ending as Jack and the ginger on the bike high five, each other, and that's the end of the dirt bike kid does not deserve a freeze frame ending. Your I think you're incorrect. I, agree with mark on note this movie didn't earn it. NOPE now listen man. Bad guys come out squeaky clean in this big slime gets a fucking job out of it. He doesn't he wanted to murder a preteen. You know man some sometimes things and not the way you hope everybody wins in the end of this moving sin that's not what the movies or four man everybody gets what they want to be in this movie. Max. Who knows what? Yeah, he loses a bike. Girls Yeah, right? Yeah. I mean he essentially he gets the hotdog stay. I get the hang out at the hot dog stand in dirty floors. Congratulations everyone everyone else comes out on top Mike gets a baby smoking hot wife. The mother gets a job Hodgkin's becomes rich big slime gets a job and Mike just gets the function of the hotdog stand. Here after getting shelled it myself my little league game. Drown. Saracens milkshakes. overprice milkshakes. Eighty cents unbelievable. So Maybe next time you'll. You'll locate the fastball a little bit. Better Jack. Hit the corners God. Damn it. So, very the you guys will do to make this better. I liked our movie idea that a bike is a sentient I. Guess Bernard Soul of Children Yeah? Yeah. It's I. Like that I did the more you ride the bike the more steals your soul until you're trapped within it. Sounds like an episode of are you afraid of the dark that's not bad. That's not bad. I get rid of the flying aspect because that means nothing. I also have Hodgkin's not getting what he wanted because he's a he's a creep and he's committing. Fraud. So I don't think he deserves to get a happy ending. We later find out in the director's cut. He becomes President I'm sure. But yeah, I mean you get rid of a good amount and this movies is a lot more palatable I'd say. End for God's sakes give Jackson fucking contacts please. Back, then we've been the the hard contacts and I don't think that character should be trusted with those types of contacts I guess he was too young. Like we went through most of the stuff I would. I would change. One thing you know you were just saying with the the dirt bike itself I. would just change it to now like the souls of kids but maybe it's with my theory of maybe it's the souls of all the People Hodgkin's screwed over. In his time as a banker that works as well too. Yeah. But I also like this is more of a commentary. The fact that they chose the ending the typical villain ending usually goes one of two ways either something embarrassing happens to them at the end, which is the hot dog stand thing here or they had that moment with a copper taking away and he faces consequences for the first time. But he's still yelling like. You know very over the top villain. See last me. Yes stuff like that. I might go with that ending maybe that was the bike I tell you the night. They Ha, they take away or could be partially a third thing where they take them away to an insane asylum instead of jail but Yeah. That's probably the only thing I would change outside of. Just, some kind of one line can be really dumb about the dirt bike is just not have Hodgkin's win. As Dan says in the end have him. You know be seen as crazy and maybe lose the bank in MISC- lavelle takes over or something like that. I wouldn't change thing it's not perfect but I had a good time with this movie I gotTa be honest. So I'm not GonNa Change a thing I thought we we made some pretty creepy dark movies which I would I would love to see all of them but for this movie you could stay stay intact and good with it you guys WanNa, put your shit and we get out of here. Yeah. Sure. At the Acquino One, twenty, two on twitter come check me out I actually don't check me out I don't have anything interesting. What you should check out is our real play Dean D. Twitter at Stranger Amy's which has interesting things we recap our latest episodes. We have other great friends that we follow who are also Dean D. related just a bunch of cool shit on there. We're over thousand followers right now we hit a milestone. Yes. I agree I echo. That's sentiment mark. It is Nice I I love the progress we're making just jump on now man 'cause we're going places and you could be one of the people I knew them before they became big and yeah I mean that's really all I can say because we're not probably not gonNA give you anything at that point I don't know we'll see who knows but just follow us and hang out with us and talk with us and just be our friend. I've been in the the Pike as Selfish Ranger. Davies. Airs every Wednesday. So the day before this comes out, check us out stranger demis I tunes, Google play wherever your podcast than our gaming podcasts of the game podcast airs every other Monday and we So just keep we'll got for that the easiest spot too because it's not a weekly schedule like these podcasts are stranger Damian in the. One you're listening to right now is it just follow us at game pod on twitter or the INSTAGRAM Gameball pod to make sure they are up to date on the podcast itself we stream probably close to three to four nights a week sometimes five depending on whether it's a podcast weaker not. So go over to game ball pod on twitch, we just became an affiliate so you can subscribe to. US Now. So go ahead and do that you can use your twitter prime subscription to do it without causing you any extra money but you get the help support us as we are a small young streaming we do quality warzone on Wednesdays or mainly multiplayer shooters we might cycle off every so often thursdays usually going to be right now I'm playing trails in the sky that's usually going to be. An RPG night if you like that stuff Friday or Saturday depending on the week is our hard game by daylight, Jen hosts, and then Sunday's be strategy Sunday's or grab bag Sundays. Dan is usually in charge of choosing the aim for that That's more of our chill relax ended the week just come hang out stream and every other Monday when the pike heirs we do our Retro Roulette Game. and. You know this has been they call this a movie where they call this movie Dot pod be nut calm and wherever you get your podcasts at they called US movie to search for they called US movie and we'll pop right up the main website is the main dot. And we are on all social media at the main damage that's facebook instagram twitter to search for the main Damian will pop right up. So not all social we're not on TIKTOK or snapchat. Zuma's we're also proud member Geek Vibes Natiq find them at GB nation, not common podcast streaming APPS and on social. Just look for Geek. Vibes Nation buttery shows on their besides Tia show besides our show bunch of great shows something for everyone. I think they just started a gutting. The secret cow is now on their a bunch of seen in nerd and a bunch of other awesome shows but very. Varied in terms of their content and they're a bunch of people. So it's Geek. five-nation you can find them at GV NATION DOT com if you have any questions or comments feel free to hit us up on our g mail, the main Damian Jima Com suggests a movies for us or just tell us how great we are. If you have the time if you want if you go to I tunes please rate US Five Stars and give us a review. It really helps us out a great deal with the algorithm and we can greatly appreciate that I am at Andt Delvecchio can reach me. On twitter and that's going to wrap it up this week. So the director of the dirt bike kid is holy to see casten. So Ford Dan Aquino and Mark Meyers. This is Anthony Delvecchio telling white see casten well, you certainly made a movie didn't you?

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Sara Schaefer Has Never Seen Avatar

"Support for this. Podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars. Buy a plane ticket. Pay down your student loan. Treat yourself to those shoes. You've benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer survey to save with progressive in twenty nineteen. This episode is brought to you by comcast since two thousand eleven comcast is connected more than four million students from low income families to the internet. Now they're launching more than one thousand wi fi connected lift zones in community centers nationwide to provide safe spaces to get online learn more at comcast dot com slash education in a world. Where every conversation as about. What movie your tv show you just see. This is never seen it. Comedians rewriting famous movies and tv shows. They've never seen everybody on today's episode. The incredibly wonderful very funny. Sara schaefer is here Sarah has never seen avatar but she rewrote it and we read her script. Funny thing about sarah script. It was written for a live show that was scheduled to happen. March twelve twenty twenty. It did not. It was supposed to was basically the day after the nba key and sold. The day. tom hanks cove it was crazy. Last minute cancellation and then just you know last year happened and we just got around. Sarah came on. We use her script. It is incredibly funny We're joined by. Rebecca our wonderful producer and we take on. Her descriptors is so good. Sarah is a legit writer she's to show on. Mtv called nikki and sara live She's just so so funny. I mean just everything written for jimmy fallon who wants to be a millionaire even like just just so many incredibly funny things I'm so happy that you see her on her avatar scripts Showed a memoir called grand. Come out last year. And she's she's wonderful so such kind nice person and i'm happy we got around to this. She has never seen avatar. She rewrote it. We read her script. Always wonderful to be joined by rebecca as well. And it's just is crazy. We talked about a lot of stuff. That comes along with avatar. Replace him dad game. We play some before. And after it's it's really nice time and thank you for listening Thank you for being here and paying attention. I hope everyone is. Oh kay Crazy things are slowly starting to become things potentially again. I've been doing. Some outset will one one outside a stand up show but that was wild. There's an airport hangar i was nowhere near anyone. Neil burning was there. He's very funny. A lot of really funny people were on. The show is nice to wave friends from far way. I got some clips of that. If you wanna see more stand up stuff more bonus podcast stuff. I got a lot. Lotta kyle stuff. I got a lot of never seen it stuff all on patriot dot com slash. Never seen it. There's a couple of tears you can choose from whatever you want. This podcast is up early on there. I got bonus stuff. I a podcast called really seen it where i talked about the movie. They've seen the most battle be up there. It's just nice little scattered but a lot of fun stuff. I think that people are enjoying my first full set. Back was up there helicopter motorcycle. I forgot what it was. You couldn't even here. So i don't know why i talked about it But i think you'll enjoy the patriot. I'm working hard on it. Trying to get twitter feels sad. Facebook feel sad. Instagram fueled sad. It's just feels sad So so just avoiding that But patriots them on their saloon. The stereo thing. I just hope he goes are doing all right. You enjoy everything. Thank you for listening to the podcast. This is the most fun thing. I have gone on. Please tell a friend about lever review about it. Spread the word we got. Sarah's here we got a lot of really fun guests coming up we still i just. It's really nice so to help. Spread the word. I would appreciate that Thank you for listening. Check out our patriot. If you want more of this show more kyle stuff. I got a few random live dates. All outside drive in patio things. Come up with any fresco in the un. you can see that at kyle dot com but thank you. Thanks for listening to this is sara. Schaefer has never seen avatar. Everybody this is never seen it. I'm your host. Kyle layers this. The podcast comedians rewrite famous movies and tv shows. They've never seen today. Having never seen avatar in joining us about three hundred eighty five days. Later than the script was produced sara schaefer. Thank you for being here sarah. Hello and also joining us once again. I don't know she's seen avatar Steinberg thank you for being here. Hello me so before we saw. Sarah this was going to be for our live show los angeles and remember those with that. Means all of those terms this is going to be. This is basically march twelfth. That was like my day. That i count as my first day of the pandemic was when i went into lockdown was march trial. So yeah this sort of how i feel because i remember you and i were even back and forth that specific about it. What is this what do we do. I'm sure everyone was texting. Like with twenty people at that time and it felt very what is i. Don't know if it felt very unimportant to like yes but do we read the script like well. I mean it's like canceling. I mean we had our that saturday following march twelve. So i don't remember the exact date of it but it was scott and i my husband and i were having our ten year anniversary party and we were gonna tell everyone we hit got married. And so and i like we had a place we had catering setup it was like in lieu of a wedding basically so that day is also the day. We cancelled the party. Just like and i kept sending an email out to the guests like everybody. Cool doing this should we. You know. And like and then it was the no. We're not doing this. They cancelled south by south west south by south west and the national basketball. That was what i was like. Oh shit is real right. It was all you know we don't need to be we're not gonna be the first people to recount. How crazy it was. But it's just the timing of that. Show being the sort of hinge of. I remember the and being very nice about it and saying well. Your audience wouldn't be that close together anyways which is a nice way of saying. You're not super sold out. Tickets to its regard any distancing guidelines but they had people reached out to them and stuff like that. you're listening go ahead and keep that deposit. I don't know what it's going to be like when i get back on. Say i know. There's been a lot of comedians who never stopped performing or just starting to go back out now. They've vaccinated or whatever i'm i just can't imagine what it's going to be like. Yeah i have a a m fully vaccinated i Partner volunteered at a distribution center for the vaccines. And they give it to you at the end of your shift and still even like another month and a half by since then and i just did an outside show at an airport hangar like everyone has a different microphone. And everything like those no-one sitting near each other everyone's on like coolers ten feet. It sort of feels like you got convinced at your family reunion to tell jokes and everyone's just like in. The yard was okay. It was nice to do. You know. I miss it a lot and i had to go and do like old jokes that the beginning remember how to. I'm like what a way. What am i going to say. Like i just. I don't wanna do pandemic jokes. Necessarily but i also don't want to talk about the elephant in the room or whatever. It'll be weird if i can't go back and forth and we've talked about it on here about watching hand democ things. I'm wondering if there's going to be a member about gene of last year when they were like this person sold the zoom only pilot. This and i was like. I don't know if i want to watch this and not feel so light at the end of the tunnel enough dorm. Like i definitely don't want to. Yeah i don't i mean i wouldn't mind watching something about it ten years from now i can't stand it when they're like we're or like even like hillary clinton putting out a book so soon. I'm like wait. A second speculative like you know it's better if you let it simmer get some some hindsight going but i remember even the nicholas cage world trade center movie came out like two thousand four and as just i mean this not that long like can we add a little bit of. I don't know if there will be I my par- she watches. Grey's anatomy my corner jillian and i watched ask do i. It's only i'd never seen only about the pandemic but how insane would that have felt if they ignored it right and i think that show how i loved this season because they are showing the experience of healthcare workers which is in real time like. I think they're doing such a good job of showing the emotional trauma that healthcare workers are going through. It's actually like it is very painful to watch like crying a lot. I cry a lot anyway. When i watched his show. But like it's normal through all of this. I just get more emotional out everything. I posted a picture of my dog when he was two months old. And i felt sad. I was like a small six months ahead growing up so fast. Moving him down on his seventeenth birthday today or something a haircut and i posted a picture of when he's a baby he still we still is. That will miles who has actual baby. Yeah and he was He was like man. I'm going to be taking my baby everywhere when this is over and i was like. Yeah i'm with this puppy and you know what we'll never mind. It's a different thing does. It isn't different because it is because we'll can't rate her like wearing. But i i get emotional looking at videos of my puppy from five months ago. Everything makes a graze made me emotionally and i didn't know a single someone named bray. That's where i was starting with. And that i said it's been on for like tacoma seventeen years look oh long time i mean i feel like these people are part of my life like i saw tweet going around. That was like what's the most what what tv character death hit you the hardest and one of the characters on grey's probably hit me the hardest because it was someone i had been with for so long or and just had a show right after nine. Didn't mentally. I knew he was gonna die mentally prepared. Everyone and like in the news they were like derek is going to die. Sorry iraq wit to the show. And i was like not okay like i was like i'm shook like i can't get i'm like can't stop crying. Like in the back of the show just like he's god like is the way they did. It was so emotional was at the person whose fishing now. It's it's kind of fun to dive in. This seems relevant. Like i have seen nothing from grey's anatomy. I thought it was a book. I guess it's a person. Maybe it's both it is okay. Wow well it's a real book in the real. Well no there's a grey's anatomy a real book. No no now okay. So there is about this show. I'm dipping way back into the very first season so first off. Grey anatomy is a play on words. Because it's gray matter part of your brain and and meredith grey is the Young snappy resident now. She's like you know. Owns the fucking hospital. The all these years later but when she when the show starts the part of her history is that her mother she comes into the resident the residency with a lot of expectations on her because her mother is a famous doctor. Who penned the book gray's anatomy or something and there is there is an anatomy book in the real world. That is a name. And i can't remember what it's called but it's like a famous one that all you know that people i could look it up but so is supposed to be way. It's like a play on this big as that. Yeah they're like trying to like show. You like oh imagine if you were trying to be a doctor and your your mom was like the doctor you know and and and you know and then it all goes from there it was. I've never jumped in this. I've never. I've also noticed that is late in the game like this might be the last season life. It's it's funny to jump in and just be like is the whole show this dramatic and jillions like no y- Yeah but yes yes. Well siphoned people in comas and a guy just got stabbed for like interrupting a child trafficking Women there's a corgi story line to the be plot. Yeah the plot is always something kinda like like like. That's that music comes like doo. Doo doo doo. Doo liked it. It was like two of the heaviest things i've ever seen. Not even dimension like is over the like an umbrella over the whole show because the the namesake of the show is in a coma la in her dead husband is in untold beach of her coma and then Who seemed to be important to. The show just died from getting stabbed in the stomach because he had a woman who was trafficking children and then like the c. Plot is like these. Two residents are sleeping together. And they're thanks. Well it's one of the original shonda rhimes shows and it might might have been her first big show. I can't remember but it was such a different style. Show when it first came out because it was really kind of pushing the boundaries affleck's sexual content in a network drama and it was like funny at the time. And i just have cool music and like now it's just like this is like white wine lady like i have totally grown into my middle age with this. I like it. I like a embracing the melodramatic parts of what you're doing shows. Yeah i watched. I've seen maybe an hour and a half of it. And i'm like oh this show knows exactly what it is is doing exactly that and isn't trying to play like all sides of television at the same time now and it's it's what i call them. My shows like scott. We'll go you know. Oh you got shows. And i watch a ton of tv. But my shows like grey's anatomy. This is is Scandal was one of them. You know and i. It's appointment tv. 'cause they don't you can't bench them and you wait for them to come out. And then you watch and are shows that like actually helped me with my emotional like a regulating my emotions because especially newer ones like this is us. This is us in particular knows what it's doing that it makes you cry every episode. I think it's not going to happen. I'll go the whole episode. It'll be the very last second. And i'll just be like burst into tears. So and scott will if he's there around when it's happening i'll be like i'll start he he's like i know you're crying because i hear you go cut dammit. The thing with that show right. It's like the crying show everyone. Yeah this is us makes you cry for sure. Degrees anatomy makes you cry frequently but not not the way this is is trying to get you there emotionally. They're trying to make you break open so that you feel a little release every week that give me that. I just like when they really do what they're trying to do. And trying to play it cool just like no. This is what we're doing and you're either into it or you're not. We don't care if you don't like going to be over here crying know like anyone who sits down and episode seven hundred thirteen of a television show. It's crazy to sit on and be like let me see if you're actually good like it's my opinion that it's keeping this show from being the most successful thing on television for two decades. I see what's happening. Everyone is good looking. But everyone doesn't look like a supermodel. So i'm like i'm living. It was great. Yeah but is. I came to this conclusion of the show and i did not. I don't even hold this against. I thought it was every seen as someone. Something trivial happens. Something like someone will talk about a trinket or someone will be. This is my favorite plate. Or hey i really like whiskey and then they get to explain their trauma at each other like. Hey did you get new car. Yeah i got new car you know when my wife died because cancer hitter in the face with a gun also liked cars and then it turns this thing like i don't know if i caught you in especially heavy moment but i liked it and it did make me feel like i hit addressed. Covert that day was it. I didn't have to talk to anyone about nice and it does. I like that. They don't really hold back and try and play because you know how the pandemic became politicized thing where you can have an opinion on whether or not science israel. They didn't try and be like a. This is okay either way what you might expect a network television show on the biggest ever to do but they were. They were like we're writing to what's really happening. You know nice of them to live in reality. I was kind of disappointed that i was surprised that they did. Yeah speaking of wild successes and bad transitions So you have never seen avatar. He's actually my biggest achievement. It's your biggest issue. You have you behind. You is a james cameron shaped body. So avatar was the biggest movie in the world. then wasn't the biggest movie in the world and now just in time for this episode of come out is the biggest movie in the world again. Really really they re released it in movie theaters and it overtook avengers endgame or the recently sitting home last couple of weeks. Oh wow. I forgot that movie theaters are opening up. That's yeah in some places it's yeah. They decided to show avatar. As it was primarily in china china. I released in china and made like fifty million dollars in two weeks now is enough to overtake vendors. Movies on the top either the last one or the one of the big ones so now avatars the highest grossing movie of all time again and i always avatars the movie that started me saying the phrase The movie we all think about and talk about still. Because i did see it. I think i just. I remember it being pretty. I don't wanna talk too much about anything. But how do you consciously avoid seeing avatar. Was one of those once in awhile. I will and i wrote like a little intro in my script but i occasionally and i don't really do it as much anymore but occasionally we'll like if too many people are talking about something. I'll just sort of be like I'm so tired of hearing about it. I don't want to see it and it's not. I'm not normally like that. It's just certain things. I've heard too much in and now i'm like over it and not interested in it and so if i see something when it first comes out that i'm part of that wave you know for somebody else but yeah. This was just being talked about so much. Everyone had seen it. And i was just sort of and it was probably win. What year did it come out. I to say no. No ten thousand eleven really. It would really help us know yet. Nine two thousand nine okay. So two thousand nine was a really crazy year of my life like i. was started. Had just started working at Fallon in my whole life. My personal life was crazy. I was like single for the first time in my adult life and i was just like partying lot. I didn't have time for movies to be honest with you. This is drunk. I was drunk of all two thousand nine and he did it right. Remember spending ninety four dollars on a movie ticket. Yeah that happens to me sometimes. It's i don't know it's hard for me to remember if anything did happen like that. Because i've been even thought about a movie in a year I haven't seen any movie theater releases that have come straight to. Hbo or anything like that. I but avatar more than anything i've ever thought about or or can remember was the biggest thing in the world and then wasn't immediately there was no you know it was sort of on the cusp of win. Social media was like really blowing up. Two thousand nine is when twitter blew up. Its when a row around that time is when net flicks became streaming. Like it was still. I was still getting. Dvd's in the mail. around then. Because i remember what apartment i lived in and still getting. Dvd's there but i remember that's also when it started screaming and so i think maybe movies started. Maybe i wonder if that's when movies really started to tank more unless they were one of these big ones. We got consumed by other pop culture and just so the shelf. Life of a discussion of something was shorter. We sort of just started shifting to talking about game of thrones and whatever like zeiss of tv show lasts for right half of the year and then it's gone and then hypes up for three weeks and then lasts for half of the year again. Yeah basically just talked. By game of thrones or breaking bad or whatever was on at the time Let's read the script you can cast it however you would Ub i'll be jack ub. Cal u b Khloe and rebecca. You can be sharing and the ma whose mom okay and you. I'm out and then okay. If there's any characters you don't want to say you can also catch them as they come. That's we've cast the characters this. This was really fun to do by the way you like doing. It feels like i mean. There's just so wild wouldn't have to get more into the circumstances of not doing it live but it was. Yeah i'm excited to. Yeah okay. I can read this first paragraph to insurance. It's kind of what we just talked about. But i want to talk a little bit about my personal relationship with this. Move eight right before we begin. So i'll just do we just start okay. Avatar never seen by sara schaefer and my never seen. I mean truly. She knows almost nothing about this movie. Sometimes in a movie becomes really big and popular cerebral. Get so irritated by the hype in conversation around that she bails on it completely sitting on the sidelines while the world bonds over masterpiece. She doesn't want to come off stubborn because normally she loves popular things but every once in a while too many people go. Oh my god you have to see it. And she digs her heels in and says no and then years later she won't even be able to remember the name of the movie and occasionally annoys. Her boyfriend now has been by calling it pandora. that's litter. I literally last night by the way when i was going to send you the script i was sitting right here and could not think of the name of the movie because my brain was saying it's called pandora computer and you can't even remember the words still like when i say now scott knows that if i say something about this movie i refer to it as pandora and he knows that i'm i don't know my brain sometimes. Switches words around. It won't give me the word. And so i had to literally google. Because he wasn't here. I had to google because i was going. Go out and go. What is pandora. What is that movie. Because i couldn't find it on. My computer turned search movie title. He is like i was like okay. Google and google blue alien movie. That's all i know about it. That's off that there's a blue alien in it and then maybe like i've seen memes or but no very little okay. So that's that's the. That's the Intro here now we can begin. Who's going to read. You can do that if you'd like. Yeah i'll do the okay exterior Backyard night a little boy. Jack nine lays down in the grass gazing up at the night sky. captain b.'s. Oh we are approaching kale outpost nineteen permission to dock astronaut. Jack permission granted you ready for the debriefing. Affirmative captain b.'s. Oh the planetary committee will be pleased with our findings. We think we found our new home. And then a woman's voice jack mom from inside the house get inside but mom. Now jack runs inside. What did i tell you about going outside only three minutes a day. That's right and why only three minutes today because the air is made of poison right now. Go upstairs do your homework. Okay mom. This is the dumbest shit. I've ever by the way just. Before jack goes into his room he turns and looks outside up at the sky. A star twinkled set him. He believes cut to exterior space twenty years later interior space ship jack. Now twenty nine stares out into the galaxy from the cockpit. He is sweaty but not in a sickly way his skin glisten just so like he's been doing crunches in the space jim for a little bit before starting his day. His facial hair is stubbornly enough to suggest a certain. Fuck it at. His biceps are well defined as blue eyes are inviting but have a mystery to them. Khloe thirty two smart skilled sits inside him in the cockpit. Exhibiting a map. See what i did there. I described the man objective. buying way. they both look out into space where we now see. A blue dot sparkling. I think that's it god. I hope he pushes some buttons and drives the ship towards the blue dot exterior blue planet. They're just outside the atmosphere of sparkling blue planet. They can see greenland peeking out from behind puffy clouds. Oh god jack it's beautiful. I just hope they're friendly. Whatever it is. We're in this together. I love you. I love you too now. Let's do this. They soon towards the planet in my close i think at some point they zoomed means nothing to me. So i didn't exterior tropical forest. Jack and chloe have emerged from their ship. They look around at an absolutely lush forest of odd-looking plants in purple flowers sparkling insects flutter through the air around them. The birds are singing songs. They've never heard before. Jack takes a deep cleansing breath. Wow that feels good. Accident levels are ideal. And it's reading freshwater as well wanna grab our paxton start looking around. Yes but i come here you. He grabs khloe at the waist and pulls her. And i don't know why i've made. This sexual kisses her passionately. 'cause you're right in the middle of watching grey's anatomy so it starts getting heated. She's grabbing his head and he's pulling at her shirt but then crack a tree. Branch breaks in a false and false suddenly beside them. What do they look into the trees and see something coming frightened. Jack grabs his game a pistol from the forest emerges a blue creature. It looks like just like a human. This is me describing. The the only thing i know about appetizer. It looks just like a human but like if it was going to burning man dressed as an elf cat. The greater floats in front of them. Jack and clear frozen in awe and fear creature sizes them up and becomes angry when it notices. Jack's weapon blue creature is rebecca blue creature. Is that sharon. Yeah i she good commitment. You pronounce it correctly. I don't understand what i'm looking at. It doesn't like your gamma pistol. Put it down. It can be so take me. So this is weird. You're doing a great job. But what if it's trying to trick us take knee so who she just put it down. Jack slowly lowers his pistol. Now the blue creature has calmed and comes closer. Curious it sniffs. Jack's face it tickles. Your eyes are so rich off slow. He's mesmerized. They're sharing a connection deep grief chefs lou. Hi i'm jack. Jack zach is understands you sharon sharon. Let's name is sharon. She's trying to communicate. Hello sharon mass. Langi shock sparkling. Insects surround him them. It's a beautiful moment. we aren't sure. Who is the alien anymore now. A montage sharon says jack and chloe planet works. She introduces them to her village. They use bow and arrows to hunt and gather abundant sweet fruits from the trees. They try interesting. New foods and jack spits out one particularly growth reptile they feed to him And they braid chloe's hair at night. There is a dance around the crystal fountain. Khloe is so busy bonding with the children of the village that she doesn't notice the spark between sharon and jack who are now sitting together on a rainbow lily bed in the crystal mountain f chamo- wou she opens up her hand to reveal a magical stone. It floats above her palm. Glows would is it ruined to you like pretty pretty like you he flushes. Hey i've been wondering how do you you know. Sharon is confused. You know like how do you express attraction. She shakes her head you know. How do y'all starts making the finger in the whole notion. Mimics foot doesn't get it at all. Jesus christ how do you fuck sharing pulls her long braid forward over her glistening blue bosom. She presents her braid to him. No i'm not sure what you're getting what i'm meaning. How do you guys fuck. And i feel like this is something i think i might know about the movie that there's something to do with those long like braids. They have. I think that is that is that. I haven't seen movie sense thing. I've just seen things like jokes or something. Where i made me think that. That's how the fuck is with their brains. What she takes her and starts to move it towards his head. She is looking at him longingly. He doesn't know where this leads. But it's pulling him in. He wants her up his rippling torso but which is now. Bear as per village crystal fountain rules. His buddy tingles under the stroke of her braid. She moves it up towards his head. And then just as. He thinks she's about to kiss him. She wraps around his head. She starts moaning and trembling at the touch. he's not feeling oh jock jock shah shasha. She's an ecstasy. Am i supposed to be feeling something. Oh hey guys shared jack pull apart abruptly. Hey babe we were just going on here. Nothing nothing sharon was showing me how she keeps her hair so moisturised. oh great. Did you talk to her about you. Know the plan right the plan. Yes yes shared. Actually can you give us a second. Cia looks cwm. Sharon floats away chloe. I'm just trying to get away. Develops look chloe. I'm just tried to be strategic. You know. I have to be delicate with that. Things are going so well here. they love us. This place is paradise. I don't want to screw it up. We didn't come here for a vacation. We came here to find a new home for six billion human beings right okay. I promise. I'll talk to sharon about it tomorrow first thing but can't we just enjoy tonight. Fine jack turns to though jack. Yeah a real favorite lines are we. Okay it's great that we talked about grey's anatomy before this understanding the world. I'm coming from. Yeah we're fine. Khloe watches him. Join a dancing group of blue creatures. She is worried exterior glitter meadow morning. Sharon floats beside jack as he walks through a glittery meadow share in. I have to talk to you jock. I made her french like really finding the voice. I've had some kind of traumatic brain injury. I'm like re learning how to read zach. Her hair starts reaching towards his head. Not now share. This is serious. Like she's trying to block it khloe and i. We came here. Well because our planet at home earth yes earth your planet but it's a lot dirtier we didn't really keep it up. There was the industrial revolution and some wars. Mcdonald's toxic waste tire fires trash barges. What else slavery laboring kyle gone. I don't know where it went. Are you is your coronaries recording. I think it's i. It looks like it is like also seems to still be going figure it out after the script yes slavery. It's win a bunch of people like me owned and tortured a bunch of people who had different color skin. Oh sarah's eyes go wide no no. Don't worry about that. It's totally over now. Anyway put we really fucked it up and now we need a new place to live and we were thinking like how cool would it be to crash here for a little while just until we get on her feet and could find something. Were permanent. Like her effect strangers. Talk just like perfect strangers while you really understood our conversation last night sharon not stupi. So what do you think. And that's where. That's where i stopped. That's that's that's literally no joke. That's i have a document when the pandemic started for me stopped working on it. I was like okay. The show cancelled. I'm done god everybody. It is me once again talking to you about stereo if you haven't joined us over on stereo It is so much fun. Think of it as like a post credits scene to our podcast. If you've ever listened to before and after and screamed the answer or anything like that stereo is what you wanna do. Stereo dot com slash kyle. It's free on iphones on android you can play games. Live along with me and along with guests. We actually play with jason smith. The ceo of star auburn's audio so we played them before after. We do some wild movie debates and you get to participate. Live along with us on there. It is stereo dot com slash. Kyle airs k. Y. l. e. a. y. e. r. s. We've had a lot of fun a couple times a week on there and i just think i know you've heard me talk about it but i actually do love doing them. It's a really wonderful time. We have been debating random movie fights. I Maybe my favorite one was who would win in a fight. Maui for moana or shrek in an iron man suit and we went on and on about that or who would win fight myself. Todd sklar and we have one line of cocaine and hammer or dwayne. The rock johnson and he has to or oven mitts. I think that was the debate. It's just been really fun. Time bizarre debates and we played a lot of before and after you can bring your own before and after play. Games live with us long. Give us your plots or guests. The answers to minds. You no longer have to scream at the podcast. you see. this isn't like a normal ad is talking about. Why i love stereo and i do. It's really fun is exactly this podcast. Perfect for i think a stereo dot com slash kyle airs is free iphone and android stereo dot com slash. Kyle airs sign up and come play along with us. I'm sorry my camera cut out at the words slavery it felt like an voiced word slavery. We we could hear you though. So i appreciate the laughs ovoid into vinnie accountability. That i've ever had that the second you said slavery. I just turn my camera and ended. They're going to bring this up again. Oh wow oh my god. So i think that was a pretty accurate guess. That's what i was picturing it to be. I think i don't even remember why they go to. The planet is called pandora so wait. Is it something. That's why you think that's why i that. Oh my god. Hey great that is. That's so funny. I didn't even that. That's why i called it that it's also. We'll see what you would call the planet if you were thirteen when you wrote the movie. Yeah and wasn't avatar. Like responsible for the papyrus font like going crazy. That was a big adding I guess generally what i remember about the actual plot is he goes there. He's like a paralyzed military guy. But they give him an avatar so he can like move around and stuff Falls in love with sharon so wait so wait. Schick so like Zoe saldana character is also a human but is using. That whole planet is not real. No i think she's a navy or whatever the yeah there's some humanoids are called something that i picked up on over the years is that jack or i don't know his name. Is jack but the main character is a white savior in this movie. Like somehow i don't know so. That's why i went in that direction of like okay. This guy comes in like humans are coming to this planet and destroying it like he's just like using the body of lega dormant. I don't think gaffey just like a. I don't think it's one of them like died. And then they put his soul into their corpse. You're thinking like there was multiple drafts of this movie before they spent dollars making just. It's for seated but only ever seen the trailers and then hearing that it's basically like pocahontas in fern gully excellent. I don't really know what. I don't even know what to know where to go with that thing. I believe about this. I can't even remember anymore. This is real someone to look it up. I believe i'm looking at the Thing that thereafter on the planet is called on obtaining him yes that like it feels like he forgot to hit command f. and go back and change all of the place holders like when i write. I i put an actor name in. Because that's why envisioned reading the lines and it's for me to write in a voice. It feels like that's what james came in forgot to do was he named something unobtainable and then just put out to go back. And he's like all right now. I'll give it an actual name. Kim giddy potassium or something. I don't know what i'm reading it now. Okay so the film is set in the mid twenty second century where humans are colonizing pandora. Okay i got that right. They're gonna call. It is a hush a lush habitable moon of gas giant in the alpha centauri star system. In order to mine the mineral unobtainable room temperature superconductor. The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of navy a humanoid species indigenous to pandora the film's title refers to genetically engineered nabi body operated from the brain of a remotely located human. That is used to interact with the natives of pindar. So he's not even there like he's just using some lab made body apparently with is always saldanha's right after actor says here. It says here. That cameron wrote an eighty page treatment for the film so he really thought it through the stadium. This if you told me what disney owned franchise was based on a a a ride. I would guess this before. Pirates of the caribbean. I guess this is the one that was based on an amusement park. Ride this all right. The three d. was magnificent. And i know that that is that it was incredible. See this is a movie. I would probably go see in theaters again and would never in my life watch on a streaming service. Yeah well that's that's what people would always say is the positive of it. They're like it's really beautiful and you do need to see it in a movie theater to fully appreciate that because on your screen at home. You're not gonna get. And i do appreciate that of james cameron or he would a nickel work into all of this and it was like nothing and still member when they come out with stuff in three d. the everything they big see harry potter and three. I really don't. I don't want now. I think it's kitschy and good for some horror movies or you have to make a movie that cost one billion dollars to make and that's this. This ruined other regular movies being in three d for me because it was so yeah and so yeah i've ever had a good three d I personally don't like watching. It gives me a headache like it makes me feel really anxious like it. It gives me like zion. Like i max. Three makes me feel like really kind of ill. Oh my god. I max when i max was a thing in the eighty s and you just go and it would be like. You're flying through the air. You're on a roller coaster. I would be. I would be as if and i was scared. I hated rollercoasters retail. And so i would feel like i was on them in those movies and i would hate it. I would be like feel like. I was actually going to fall off a cliff or whatever it was that they were doing to intent. Yes i remember. I remember like i don't know when sometime in the late nineties being like my parents taking me to some i had never been to before and i was like i was petrified of rollercoasters was petrified of all kinds of any kind of extreme zone activity and like as soon as i walked in i saw how big the screeners i started hyperventilating and then i remember one of the trailers it was like a promo for lennick enemies from park ride or it was a movie trailer. I don't remember because i was. I dunno head. But it was a roller-coaster Haunted roller coaster. And i started like having an actual panic attack and had to leave the theater and it was like i was ever since then i was just like i can't. This screen is too big. It's too overwhelming my head right to see the movie. I saw okay so one experience that was actually. I don't i can't remember if it was three d. or not but it was definitely i. Max was one of her dogs. The cave painting on. Yeah yeah that was incredible because it felt like you were in the cave and it wasn't like you weren't it was just to get the feeling that you're in this cave with these incredible cave paintings and it was a visual experience. That i liked really agree. I had the same experience. I think it's it's a documentary or some kind of like if it feels like. Oh you're just there. You're like on like going museum tour like they're not say look beautiful. There was okay so then we saw mad max. The new one in some crazy new five k. I don't know what it was but it was in the hollywood theatre the theatre whatever. It's called And that was so again. I don't remember if i had three d. glasses on or not. But i just remember the quality of it was so intense and so real that it actually made me feel a little bit sick like in the beginning especially there. The opening scene is like he's in the dirt and its violent. And i was like i was like crawling out of my skin like some. I imagine it must have been like. I was talking about actors. Like is this what it was like when people i saw movies because people would when i came out the train came when right when when movies first came out people were like fainting and like passing out and like freaking out because they never seen anything. Like if i mean i i. Can't i remember seeing an i. Max into the kansas city zoo had the only i max in probably it anywhere nearby for for the yards at the science museum is And we went and where we're going to see a documentary You know what could and who's in documentary about Arctic and antarctic animals. and so. it's funny. 'cause there's like baby bears and ball and then they showed a walrus. Fight on the. I max and kids were like gagging and it goes down how you think it does based on how they look and they got big teeth weapons and yeah it was seventy foot tall tusks and kids are and it was just because the first trailer was a trailer for a michael jordan documentary. And everyone's like here. You know frigging michael jordan basketball your space and then we saw this and it was horrific it would say it was didn't have a rating because it was educational but like yeah it would probably be an r rating amount of united states. Pg thirteen european are rating amount of violence. I just remember. I just were people freaking out. Yeah i think it might have scarred me for my max avatars. Probably the next time. And it was wonderful. Because i wasn't like Trying to follow it just sort of like washed over by fun. Three d colors for you know as christmas. I'm in chicago alone. Let me just watch this. One man save these people that didn't ask for it. Hey everybody kyle here Wouldn't it be great. If there were a pocket-sized guide that helped you sleep. Focus act just be better will there is and if you have ten minutes head space can change your life head. Space is your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations in an easy to use app head. Space is one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through clinically validated research. So whatever the situation head space really can help you feel better if you're overwhelmed. Head spaces a three minute. Sos meditation for you. That is also for me. It is wonderful if you need some help falling asleep head space. 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Her car right gives a woman in nesia. And then what's the second spiring actress moonlight as getaway drivers for criminals. God damn it. I'm not going to be able to get. I know the first movie. And i can't remember the name of it at all. It was ridiculous so he's both familiar to me after a car wreck gives a woman amnesia. She and an aspiring actress moonlight as getaway drivers for criminals. Is the getaway getaway dryer. The getaway driver movie is is it with ryan gosling. Okay yeah what is the name of fucking movie. It was good drive right. The second one is drive drive. Yes it's called and it's called drive. But what's i pay. Karadzic gives the woman amnesia. She in this barring actress. Second movie asia. Oh nurse betty. No that's that's different parts nurse checking ugly betty nurse. Jackie no nurse no betty. It's really that movie's crazy okay. I don't know why. I thought maybe I can't think of the first one either. You're looking for mulholland drive. Oh why thought of ad for just a second. I did a. Why did i tell you know what it is. I didn't realize i didn't remember. She got amnesia in that movie. Sort of makes you feel like you also have it which is probably why you're exact mental state. When is that aspiring actress. I was like a mahal in dry. But then i am. I didn't put the two together. Goddamn number two. The charm of a new digital traffic servant in deers queens close friend digital servant the charm of a new digital electronic servant. In deers queens. Close friend her. Probably her abor- now favor other of i got this on her favorite the favorite her favorite. We're looking for her it. Oh my god. I her favorite before. Is it just another one. Who benefits from knowing how dumb. I am okay. You're gonna do puns stoop. Okay yeah i like that. I favour a good shirt. Maybe i'll make that assured although make a make shirts for the episode last week where it's a picture of yoda and it just says gholam on it and i got all for copyright. Return all those. We'll see if i can make the favor it I don't know how the favorites poster would possibly look like toby super ornate anyways. I love that movie watch on airplane. Yeah that's fun. I like those great. I look there's always those great movies like that. That did that win best picture. She won the favorite actress commented. I think one best was great. God it was so good. Yeah i wonder what one year that made me mad anyway. Not gonna look it up now or all the game every year. I'm like what green book beat nine movies. Yeah Yeah go for sisters who are trying to pave their own social professional romantic pets me man who claims to be from a military unit of psychic soldiers. Okay so little women And then Psychics are getting soldiers. Who's who's bat like. Was that listening like a tom. Cruise saying david Wants to deal with that one. Good question good question psychics odors. I mean definitely men in iran or man minor no little minority report. No minority port is more police now military psychic soldiers psychic. They can read minds I think i've seen that. We're looking for little women who stare at goats. Oh okay and who stare at goats. I've never seen that is it. I don't even remember. I'm even here's like. I just found the title deal with it. I i saw. Because i think it has like george clooney. I got noticed in had like. Oh yeah and everything and then i saw that had all the parts of a movie and i think i liked it but sometimes you know it's just sorta just sits in your head okay. We got one more year a man discovers his entire life is a false implanted memory including when he spent the summer with a handsome doctoral student. Who's working as an intern for his father. I just remembered this two different movies okay. False memory implanted not recalls it. Is that total calm. i. I don't know what that means. Is that yes. Cut out. Very well may be total recall and then the second. This set wait. Yes sagan in the summer with a handsome doctoral student. Who's working as an intern for his father. Oh no i do know this because we completed this last time i was on so did yes okay. Let me try to get say okay. Sorry so what reading. We did a man discovers his entire life is a false implanted memory including when he spent the summer with a handsome doctoral student. Who's working as an intern for his father. I forgot to check. This off is done. Yeah working as an intern his father. It's just really funny because that is an accurate description of that movie. But it's not what you would think of when you describe that movie exactly total. Recall me by your name. Yep i've never seen call me by your name. But i was like what the words well and i know i'm like i know it's a young guy hanging out with an older dude. You go there you go all right. Our final game. That we're playing today is called guess. What movie trailer caused atas describing. Having only watched some trailer never having heard of the movie the game. Guess what movie. Kyle's has described the catholic never had incurred the how this game works as my dad watches a movie trailer. He will describe the trailer as he is watching it. And then you have to guess what movie it trailer four are you ready for this one. Here we go okay sunrise. It looks like people are being interviewed about the government. Some people saying they don't belong or are a waste of money. The skywalk some to leave shots a helicopter hovering over a bunch of tiny slum houses on top of each other now the helicopters around that giant thing. What is that thing. He's asking why they are here and why they don't just leave. The sky says they don't have weapons and he just wants to go home. There's a lot of military surrounding them. How do they understand what each other occur sane. Black hawk down is not black. Hawk down Parts like wire you here. There's military as a helicopter over slums I would be shocked. If i've seen this is well you think about it for reference. The favourite did lose best picture to green book. Okay okay yeah. I don't know i don't i don't know this one. I mean i'm sure. I've seen whatever district nine nine. God damn it see. this is my thing with trivia. This is what i've learned. Because i worked on a trivia show and worked on. Who wants to be a millionaire. Your first instinct is usually right and you should just say it out loud. Did you think he was district nine. Yes i don't know why. I just waiting now that you know this i just in my head i went district nine and then i let it go out of my head because there's no one first thing that yeah that's how i always feel like if that's popped into my head. There's no way that's what it is. I know and trivia it actually is a lotta times. Your first instinct is the correct answer. You should just try it. You want one more. 'cause then just talk yourself out of it. Aereo go with your gut on this one. If you ever come on okay. Some fireworks are going off over the city. Oh and that was a gunshot murderer is asking them to do stuff for them. Someone gets shot in a taxi. He city has around ninety suspects. She wants to know why a cartoonist is at a gun range. Tons of shots of everyone looking at evidence. Paul is not okay who is on the other side of call. This is upbeat music murderer. Moody quick shots of cars. So as night wants to know. If anyone else's in the house. Summer of sam is not summer of sam zodiac killer zodiac. We're looking for zodiac zodiac. Yeah i guess not called zodiac killer. But i think i was like i know this is about like one of those serial killers that was like very prominent like in culture and lots. You know they're trying to find the guy killed people in car. Look at that finish on a high note guest. The dad game Sarah thank you for being here. Thank you for having never seen so much for having me for not watching it. Despite having an entire year one day this might come in handy. Let everyone know about anything to find you stuff like that that you'd like to know You can follow me online. Sara schaefer one. I am starting a new podcast in the next couple of weeks. It's called the schaefer shakedown. You heard it here first. The first time. I've revealed the title. Wow this clip onto bittorrent websites. And i have checked out. Yeah thank you very much. Thank you everybody for listening I hope everyone is having a nice day. What we're gonna do now. I'm going to play a clip from one of our stereo shows and you can check that out. Please enjoy it and check us out. Stereo dot com slash kyle. Airs jump on a heartwarming story of dying dog. That doesn't even go here. A heartwarming story of a dog. That doesn't even go here. L. doesn't go to this high school type thing. She doesn't even go here as mean girls. Oh a dying dog. What is it dying dog. movie talked every time. Yeah we're is there. Okay there's old yale go to girls. All dogs go to heaven. lean girls. that was doesn't really work. Yeller marley mean girls. Marlow nicely dine. Marlene marlene mean girls. Oh man items come two on this and that's a tremendous was easy. It's marley in mean girls girls. He's good guys are good marley and mean girls marley and mean girls. I love hearing it over. Its marlin mean. Girls isn't that is great staff of all time. Yeah this is if nothing else has really shown me that anytime. I've been on the podcast doing before and after his i would easily be last placed anybody who is listening.

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NLU Podcast, Episode 423: Madelene Sagstrm

No Laying Up

53:26 min | 3 weeks ago

NLU Podcast, Episode 423: Madelene Sagstrm

"Beater right club today. Yes that's better than most about. It is better than most than most ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the no up. podcast solid. Got a great interview with madeline sags today. This interview goes hand in hand with a video. That is premiering on our youtube channel at nine pm eastern time on wednesday. It's called a week in the life. Madeleine for some reason. Let us follow her around for an entire week beginning to end during the game bridge. lpga Last month or two months ago i guess now and we documented the whole process. It's a project we really wanted to do. Dj has been absolutely grinding in the ebbe to get this thing out and as rainy said on the podcast this past week. It's it's something that is We're we're maybe the most proud of of anything we've ever put together. I say we. I didn't even do anything. I just encouraged. Dj along the way. There's a lot of color added in this interview to what you're gonna see in the video as well and we talk a little bit about Madeleine's it's a tough subject about the sexual abuse That she went through as a child. We don't really spell it out in great detail understandably here on the podcast but when you hear talking about a difficult time in her life that's definitely what we're referring to an as well. We discussed that as well in the video this coming week and we thank madeline and the lpga and everyone involved for letting us get involved in this way in bringing his product police youtube channel and that out if if you are listening to this past nine pm eastern on wednesday noling up is brought to you by precision pro golf. I just got off the golf course here. We're at pinehurst this week. Use my precision pro range finder on every single whole. Randy's battery died which is his own fall in one of the Amazing perks of precision pro range. Finders they have give you free battery replacement for life. The big key is you gotta get the batteries. Keep them in your golf bag. No problem sharing with big guy today. Our listeners can add the next nine slope to their golf bag for twenty dollars off if you use coupon code no laying up on word at checkout twenty dollars off their most advanced range finder. The next nine slow crystal clear display. It's got slope adjusted distances target. Lock pulse vibration a built in magnet for your golf cart. It's got all the bells and whistles. You can't do not need anything more in a range finder. And it's got the they truly have the best customer service of anyone in the business. If you call someone answers it's a real person who's a golfer themselves and it's their mission to help you with their question it's the only only range finder like said that comes with lifetime battery replacement so at the annex nine slope to your golf bag precision golf dot com use coupon code no lang up at checkout for twenty dollars off our favorite range finder. The next nine slope swing with confidence hit more greens with precision pro golf. Let's mad on sexual all right so when you were approached by dj in randy to say. Hey we want to follow you around for a whole week while you're doing your job and film at all. What was your honest reaction. My first reaction was that it was something that i had in my mind that i would love to do like i would want to watch what somebody does and i was like heck yeah. Let's do this. It's going to be so much. Fun was a distracting it. Although and be honest no it. Wasn't i i think people around me thought it was going to be distracting. I honestly would the preparations that i had in front of before the tournament. It was honestly probably the best. I could have had because it made me focus on what was important to me noxious. I always want to portray myself in a way. That's authentic to who i am and so it made me kind of put more things in perspective and kind of just go out and go forward or rather than worrying about my game where i was at and blah blah blah. Well when you when you saw the week in the light video for the first time you texted dj that you notice yourself doing a few things that you never realized you did curious what those were. What what it was like to watch a little words day you say under your breath and also why would we actually say and also i speak very fast. I didn't realize how fast folk and my first reaction. After i watched videos like. Oh she's cool. I wonder if we have friends like nice. We do what think we promise was. We're gonna make you look real cool. I promise the case but good job. Well what's your biggest takeaways fars like something that people don't really realize about l. p. life on the lpga tour. I know you mentioned in there that nobody ever sees anything outside of thursday through sunday and beyond that nobody sees anything outside of those who are in contention so kind of just expand on what day to day. Life is like out there things that you think people probably aren't fully aware of. I think the biggest thing is just. I mean it's hard like everybody gives their heart and soul out there. Everybody wants to be at the top and you just focus only is on the people that are playing. Well you don't forget but you don't see anything about the people that are like fighting with things or struggling with their game. And i think that that's that's golf is really hard like i know. I mean everybody who plays golf knows how hard a tough rounders. And it's just having those in the spotlight trying to make a living out of that. Life is just really difficult. So i think that sometimes that don't get talked about enough kits we get put on our sometimes the pedestal. Like you know people want think that our lives are perfect. And it's just it's not. It's not the whole reality of it. Like we worked so hard they put their heart and soul into everything they do and it i mean it's it's not as easy as people think it is because you only see the people that are winning and i think that sometimes you just lose a little bit of that perspective that everybody who's out there is we are the best of what we do but it's still not easy to maintain that level of like professional golf. I want to pick your brain on this. This thought and if you do not agree with it at all. I feel free to disagree with this but you know we cover the men's game a lot and when i go out on the pga tour. I feel like i'm i what i see. My reaction to everything is that. I don't feel like the lpga players. And i mean this in the best possible way. I don't feel like you're defined as much by what you do for a living as i feel like some of the men are and what i mean by. That is just that you guys. Are you worked so incredibly hard at your game yet. I feel like you were better at keeping things in perspective as to what it all means overall in your life does that make any sense at all. Do agree or disagree with that. Why hope it's true. Because i think it's easy to get second not world easy to define yourself a lot with a game and personally. I think a lot of people will feel better both about golf in about themselves as human beings if you can make that distinction between. I am not my results like this. Golf is a big part of my life. But it's not everything that i am so i'm hoping you're right because that would be great. 'cause that's what they were doing. Something really good then. Yeah i just remember when we when we shut the wow world of golf with you in any park you know. just how. How just hearing her talk about golf in her life and everything it just i was. I was very impressed by that. Mostly because i if you're the you're the i think the seventy second ranked player in the world as of right now. And if you compare that to the men's tour like seventy second ranked player on the men's tour has a whole huge team and in one of the things one of the big takeaways. We had from spending some time with you is that you seem to handle a lot of your own responsibilities. As far as sponsorships meteoric is that rare on the lpga torah. What does that been like. I wish i could afford one of those huge teams. I i do think that it is. It is a big difference. Money is a big money's a big part of it probably because it is much more difficult for us to make a go around and you have to take a bigger responsibility for yourself and i. We don't have the same things to offer to sponsors. Sometimes because we can't promise perfect tv times we can't. We can't promise some of these things that i mean. If you're playing the masters you know that you're going to be seen on like tv. The like have those highlights. And i think in a sense that while i'm personally control freak so i struggle with that a lot to give somebody. I struggled to delegate. That's that's one of my shoes but it is different. And i think that it's just watching. I mean men's and women's sports in general it looks extremely different all across the board. It's not just women's skull. It's i mean watching comparing basketball. You can't it's really hard to compare maximum and sports well before we get too down too far down a million things i want to ask. You is helpful for listeners to do a little bit on your background. I think this is now between you and pernilla. This is now a swedish women's golf podcasts. But i wanna hear some about you. Know growing up in sweden and how you ended up to all the all the what you think the key things. Are that leads you to where you are today. One of the things. Actually i think the distinction like the distinct seasons. We have back home. Because when i was young i put my clubs in the basement from probably from november until march april. Because i couldn't play golf so that was kind of one of the first thing so i was. I was surrounded by a lot of difference. Pull sports. I played soccer. I did gymnastics for a long time. So i would say overall were most people coming from. Sweden are pretty well rounded athletes. Just because we've had been forced to do other things. And then i think also the mentality like from my perspective. Mind comes a lot from just knowing she made to america. She made it on the big four like she came from the small country and she proved that we also can be something that that is inspired me to kind of spread my wings and just see. How far can i go so that was always my mentality. I was like okay. I wanna get absolut. And i wanna live the dream. Let's let's go for it now bringing that full circle. Ut it up with sorenstam at the game of the week that we followed you around. I mean what is that. Like a pinch me moment for you. It wasn't until i stood until i walked into the box on the outside. Holy crap this actually happening. And i i am so proud being both myself and my journey that that i had done over the years and also being swedish. And it's like we are three the three three of the best women's golfers sweden and we're playing in a feature group in america on the best tour in the world. And i was like this is sick as like this is crazy. I just felt really humbled. Andreas really really really proud. When i walked to disney box well. I honestly don't think i had realized it till i was out following you guys the first two days i've never seen nonaka play golf in person. I never saw her. You know she retired in two thousand and eight. And i definitely wasn't doing this job back then. It was really cool to just see greatness up close and personal you know. She's obviously in the prime of her career. But you know you commented afterwards. At least you know she's again hasn't played professional golf and thirteen years in comes out and amazed you with her wedges. One you said you were going to follow up with her on some tips on wedges did you. Did you actually do that. After the event and what. What amazed a fellow professional golfer when another player does that with her wedges. What was the stuck out to you. Why i think i know from fact when i go into my office and i put the clubs on the shelf for two weeks and i go back and i was like oh goodness what have i done in those thirteen years of that it takes it takes time to get tournament fit like we feel that every year. It's like it takes time to get back into the groove of how how do you play. Competitor golf cassese. When you're out with your friends and just wackadoo around like everything would inequality playing says again me. you know. it's different so i mean. Just her hunger in her house serious. In how many shots she can still pull off with. Obviously i mean it was phenomenal. She i mean she didn't have the distance that i know she used to have and i think that comes with both not playing also. She's older now than she was. But just i mean the touching. Her hands is still there. It's insane it was crazy for people that maybe aren't familiar with your pro career. How would you describe it. Where do you. Where do you fit into the landscape and i could read off stats and your resume if i wanted to but i i'm of more curious to hear your answer on it. Well my answer a. I always see my career as a roller coaster but at the same time i always know that it's like if you look at it from a big perspective as always gone up i've done every stage of both symmetric tour and and lpga. So i've kinda did i. They went to college to lsu. So i consider myself one of those people that kind of followed the rule book of how you're supposed to do it distant then every step along the way trying to stay a little bit on each staff and not too long and just continue to grow and get better. So i've done a little bit everything because i've having watch you play golf one and then watching play for thirty six holes. You seem to hit the ball differently than a in. Almost every lpga tour player. I've seen S h part comes to mind in terms of similar ball striking. I think and in terms of how far you guys both hit it and just the way the ball flies through the air. You're an excellent putter. If i don't wanna say the results don't seem to match the game but if somebody asked me why is she not a top ten player in the world. I would struggle to answer that. So i'll just ask you that. Why why. what is keeping you from being a top ten player in the world. I would consider that those six inches between my between my ears. And i feel that same way to a certain extent i also to my game up a bit. I i think people consider me a better balls drive ball striking than my consider myself. I don't really see the consistency there. I'm a way too much of a perfectionist perfectionist in general so i think i'm the thing in my way up. I mean pretty much. And that's what. I'm working really hard up because i can fill my potential and i i thank you for that. I see compliment. Because i do see my game being able to be like up there fighting in majors and and be one of those players but not there yet continuously working on that but yeah i think just the point i watched you know what. Nb park is able to get out of her game right in your capable of things with the golf ball that she's not capable of but it's just something that it's so hard for some of that falls the game as closely as i do for me to really separate at the highest level of both men's and women's golf like what makes certain people special but it was interesting that your mind went. Your answer went straight to your head. So would you say you struggle with confidence. Or what have you learned about the mental side of golf over the course of your career. I think. I struggled a lot with confidence. I know i mean. I can watch some of the girls on tour and i was like i want to believe in myself as much as you believe in yourself i do think that i deep inside i do believe in myself and i do know. I know that i do what i love to do. But then sometimes in the heat of things. I do question my own ability and i wish somebody would just be able to give me the key. This is like. Here's the key to all your problems like you're welcome but it comes with practice. I mean the same thing as if you wanna get good six footers you have to hit a lot of six footers and if you wanna confident you have practice being confident. So that's kind of where. Where am i just kind of keeping myself accountable of continuing to improve those where i feel like i'm lacking confidence. One one thing Being extremely extremely hard on myself another thing and just being accepted of where my game ad is one thing. I proved myself something to myself a few weeks ago that i've struggled a lot with i started out with double bogey in carlsbad at a kia classic and then i went on and shot one of the best rounds of my life and i think that for me disproves like it doesn't have to be perfect but you can continue. Continue working on continue grinding. Something good can still come out of it. I'm curious with your sweetest background. If you're familiar at all with vision fifty four. I know the nelson and their team is quite popular out on the on the pga tours. Have you worked with them at all on on the mental side of gulf. I haven't worked with them personally. But i say hydrogen when i see them. I know a bit of how their system works. But i worked really close with my coach back home. Helms larsen he is. I consider him my. He's not my swing coach cheese. My performance coaches in every single part of my game in my life and we're picnic thing and just just trying to perfect every part. I work with a mental coach. Marcus through the swedish national team. So that's kind of the the route that i have been on so far a quick break to check in here with our friends at whoop. Coupon code no laying up all one word at checkout to get fifteen percent off your whoop and your subscription again. This is huge huge savings on this thing. 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So that's kind of how it all started and we figured out really quickly that we look at the world in a very similar is than just think about the game similar so we worked really really closely together in Sixteen and seventeen me kind of really growing into that role of professional golf. Because when i came out on tour i was show extremely uncomfortable and i was like. What am i doing here like. I don't belong here so we worked super closely then both off weeks and he came out to a few tournaments and it was just so nice to be able to speak to somebody who understand how you feel because sometimes like i'm going to give example my parents but coast. They don't they. Don't pray professional golf. So sometimes when i say something i just don't think and i was like well. It doesn't work like that. You know so it was it was it was so nice when somebody can relate to you and come up with legit like legit answers to like. This happened to me too. I did this to get through it. Sorry it was such a nice way to pick somebody's brain and just learn from one of the best and his role in in this story that you've decided to tell here in the last month or so. I found particularly interesting and you. Can't you came forward with part of your life. That was obviously incredibly difficult. And i'm going to. I'm going to Use some of the words you used in the pga drive on video which is also included up. Parts of it are included in our weaken. The life video. But you said. I'm sitting in a hotel room in greenwood south carolina and i can't stop crying it's march twenty sixteen and i'm here to prepare for symmetric tour event later in the season. I wanna give myself the best chance to succeed. But i can't keep this inside me anymore. I need to tell someone about the secret that i've kept bottled up inside of me for sixteen years. I'm wondering as best as you can tell us that story and then i'd like to get into as well as y. You know what how telling. That story has helped you in recent years. So when i started working with robert my only intended focus was dishes for golf. Like i'm going to be so. I'm going to become such a better golfer by working with him and blah blah blah and i think most of my decisions in life have been the golf golf golf. Everything is about golf. And when i really started working with robert he made me understand that. Is i like hall. I am as a person affects my golf. At who who i am and how i view myself and how i view the world is also going to affect how i play so i kept like i've had this income up before but i've never felt like this is no point. Why why why waste thought about this. And i've kind of just kept like pushing it down pushing it down but us work in a me being free being free in my mind. Being free in my golf made me realize. I am stuck here. I don't want to open this door. And i opened the store. I know have a lot of work to do. And and that that week when we were we were playing a practice round because it was one of my biggest tournaments we were there early and i know okay for me to be the best version of myself to become the best for atkin can be. I need to open this door now and ninety to start working on myself. And that's when. I decided to open up to him and talk to him and it was. I mean looking at it now. The best decision that i've ever made. I wish i would have made it earlier. But that's when i was ready for it and that's when i was ready to face really something that has defined me or an explanation of how why. I have reacted the things that i have. Why some of my behaviors are the way they are. It's not everything but it was a huge part of that developed like my developmental stage into professional golf and two how i define myself in that world sexual abuse is not a i mean. It's it's a difficult topic right. I mean it's it's it's it's difficult for me to ask you about even and you're i guess the video starts beth nichols saying madeline term is a brave woman. And that's the word that comes to mind when i think of you deciding to tell the story in such a public way. Why was it important for you to tell it in a public way. Was it a bit of therapy for you or was the goal to help people. I'd like to hear kind of why you felt. It was time to tell the world about this. I think it's a bit of everything i mean. Every time i open my mouth. And i and i talk about and i just saying the world word sexual abuse eighties. It just becomes easier and easier so for me speaking about or speaking about my own emotions and and just my trauma in that sense helps me as a person and dealing with my own stuff but at the same time like you said. It's hard to speak about. And i was like i want to make it less hard to speak about it because so many more people than we can even understand are dealing with us and it's unfortunately we're never going to end like it's like e can't you're not gonna be able to reach the predator but i can reach. Victims can reach them and make them understand that you first of all. You're not alone in this. And also there is light in the tunnel you can go through this and still survive. It's not going to determine how you wanna live your life. How would you describe what the reaction has been like both on tour and any other aspects of your life time you go out with something very personal and something that you stand for. It's always hard and i. I was worried. I had talked about it back in twenty seventeen before and the reactions were very good. I was still worried this time too. Because you never know you never know what reactions are you gonna get but the amount of love the amount of support. The amount of people can relates in up. It's just it's an any good. I thought i was going to be going to be a bit too much for me. But i realized really quick. I want to be in the middle of this because this is something that's really close to my heart and something that is important to me and and it's just been it's been so empowering for me i mean i i'm growing every day just standing up for this all standing up saying that kay. This is a part of me. But it's not everything so now i have to keep myself accountable. I have to show all this other sides for all the other people that are also looking at my journey. Sorry it's been so empowering and it's been so much love and i couldn't ask for anything else watching the video on i'm like ally i teared up. And maybe even actively wept a little bit when mike juan publicly said that you are a hero of his. I thought that was the coolest thing that you know. He joined your press conference When you had that the game bridge and what was what was your reaction to hearing something like that from the commissioner of the lpga tour. Well i was shocked was. I was so surprised that he was there. I don't know it's so for me. I've always felt so so much love and so much. Been so grateful for this tour and for this organization they'll pga because they they really care about us players like we are their children like they like they love us and they want to do the best thing for us just having their support and everything we do in who we are. It's just all we can ask for from our employer so it was so important for me for him. To acknowledge does is more than just golf. Because that's what i have come to understand over. All these years like life is more than just off madeline. It's not everything well on a completely separate note and again. I'm i never had this much material to work off of as i prepare. You know but this video really does dive so deep into what a week in the life is like as the name but you talked about gratitude for golf in that video and for for getting back into the season. Is it the downtime that you had leading up to this tournament that gave you that perspective. Do you feel that way. After four to five weeks on the road. I really appreciate to hear a professional kind of speak to being outdoors and loving golf as you know. Some professionals are very tired of golf at a certain point. But i i enjoy hearing that you have such gratitude for the game what what drives that one hundred percent. It was sitting inside in london for four weeks. I because it was. I mean that was completely shut down. I couldn't do anything. I was so happy. I mean we're we're staying with jack. My boyfriend and his parents because we were getting our visas. Done and i was in a very good situation. Obviously but just the fact of appreciating the life that i live and have created a were here just like okay what i do for a living the gulf war courses that i go to the grass that i play on it just like i feel like one you kind of step away from the game when you get perspective you get that sense of gratitude of course when i play a million weeks in a row get sick of it i just wanna get out of it like it's i think i think perspective something that you is a choice that you make And i think it's easier when you decide to go and find that and find the balance of it because if you're out on the golf course day in and day out is easy ticket tighter bit and one thing that you know just in meeting shane. Your caddie who travelled from ireland for this event. It got me along the line of thinking of you. Play golf at the highest level for women's golf so the amount of money that you guys play for its well. Documented is not being nearly as high as the men's tour and i'm coming at it again from shane's perspective right. A percentage of earnings on the pga tour for a caddie can be a great living. But i would say for the majority of lpga tour caddies. It's not necessarily the same. And i'm wondering how that does that. Ever have any effect on you. Do you ever look at pressured somewhat. Earn money for the guy toting your bag and going on the journey with the. I'm just always curious about that. It is hard. I three walked on last hole at kia a few weeks ago. And the first thing i walk over and i say ten. I'm sorry 'cause i know it means. I mean it's not gonna make humongous difference but at the same time. It does make a difference. Because i mean he's got a family to support at home and and i have my life to support you want to do well and it's it is hard to make everybody happy but i think that deep down it's like every time even though i three wacked i still try to make. Everybody wasn't like was going up there and just like missing on purpose. So i i think that it does put perspective but at the same time it's like going through hard periods with your caddy is like when you succeed. It's so much worth it. It's like you have that you just dot feeling of success together so i think i mean obviously there but crazy like we are because they love they love that live traveling on the run the world. Some weeks you're not gonna make a paycheck and some weeks. You're making a massive paycheck so it's a world that crazy. That's what i consider it is. It's a interesting way to go about life. I have great admiration for it but in the video you and you and change sit down after a practice round and you go through the book in detail and i'm curious is that a normal thing or is that just because this is a course you weren't really able to fully experienced or fully versed on the have that much time to prepare on site for this tournament. Is that a normal thing to sit and go through a book in that much detail for me. It's all the time 'cause. I truly believe that if i can make the best preparations possible less likely to do a strategic miss like i'm always going to hit back up shots i understand that and then but if you can learn to miss in the right spots then you're still going to be able to score and you can turn very average week in a pretty decent week. Where really bad week into still making the cut. I think i think trying to take variables out of play and just like okay. This pin. it's stupid we can go for that. That's just not inverted this here. We can be very aggressive. And just i mean it's kind of like watching america football like they have their game plans on their little things in the little things until each other. You know it's the same thing for us. I think the more we can be on the same page to easier. The better communication. We're going to have when we're on the course where the winds gonna come from. We know if it's down window fourteen. I'd really don't wanna driver. And then when we stand there we're not really going to argue about it as much as we might have if we didn't talk about it on the caddy note pernilla her and she and i talked about how her husband caddies for her. Your boyfriend is a caddie on the lpga tour but is not your caddy on the pga tour. Any recent behind that it. Has you guys work together. As from plenty of reasons behind that we have. Actually we did end up working together for events in the end of last year. That was on purpose. But it's something we when we met. It was a decision that we decided to give everybody who is working together living together traveling together. I mean i give them so much credit. 'cause it's hard like you spend so much time together and we just made that for early. Were just do our lives. Have something different to talk about each night but He does coach me very closely. We practiced together when we're home so so he has many roles already so we decided not to give him a caddie role. What's are you guys when the t. sheets are coming out every week do you do you ever ask the pga. Hey can you please put me in. Caroline head wall in the same the same side of the bracket or same side of the draw. So you guys could wake up at the same time. I mean i wish he's working for J murray green at the moment and every every week you obviously look. That's the first thing you look for like are we in the same way. And then you decide okay. I have to wake up really early to take you to the gulf courses. They have that that moment. But you i mean. There's nothing that we can control. Is the choice that we've made but when we play in the same way it was much easier south in certain weeks. You really hope to be in the same wave and thirteen weeks. It doesn't matter. Well what can you tell us about. Who was on your bag when you won the game bridge in two thousand twenty thousand that funny. My my my caddie back then he wasn't gonna make it from south africa. So i i asked jesse jackson and say hey. I need a caddy for a week. I don't really want to get to know somebody new. Would you wanna carry my bag and just count numbers for me. Because i'm really about a math. And he goes Let me see. And he actually said he never said yes either so. I was just asking jackets. Like do you think he's actually going to do it because it's not i'm kinda screwed here. I need to figure something out. So i had him his that on the bag for for a weekend. He's one hundred percent and done. He's retired now one one the. What's it like. Try to close out you know an lp tour tournament with an amador caddy on the bag. Where i think. I think a caddie overtime is going to. It's going to help a lot for me that week. It was really a lot about me being comfortable a lot about me having a good time and i think also me. Having the responsibility of more ownership of my own game really helped me because i tend to lean a bit too much caddie sometime ask for what do you think what do you think what do you think about it. Then just sticking to my gut. So that week i learned a lot to just like trust like i. I'm actually the boss of my game here. Like i need to trust myself even more but it. It was the fact that it was him. It just made it such a wonderful experience like jack mom was there too so we all i mean. Asa family would just had such a fun week. We all stay together in a house. They were in america rather than in the uk so we just had such a good week together and it just really perspective on life again just going out there and enjoying it. Well it looks like when you when you win when you find out that you've won shocked doesn't it really even define the look on your face really like you. It looks like he didn't really even understand that you had one that. Did you know exactly what the situation was. Or take us through that immediate reaction after you find out you win. I think on those last few holes. I was so present in what i was doing so in the moment and i knew i just my only focus on eighteen war after mr second job was like i need to make up and down here to get into this playoff. 'cause i had a chance to make birdie i also everything just turned so quickly and i didn't know what was going on once. She missed a putt. I kind of knew where we were standing. But when she missed her putt. I was like oh hold on. Where's everybody else. Like is any like i don't know where everybody also said so. That was the first thing. That ran through my head. And i looked over at alan jackson. He goes like that's it. I was like a user. He's like yes. I'm sure do you. is it easier. Once you've won on tour is. Are you able to draw on that. You know everybody's still goes through ups and downs but are you able to say to yourself like look. I have one like i've done this before. Does that help you out and confidence in any way since you've won one hundred percent i mean that's always something like i'm jay tour win i will forever be no. Pj tour winner and nobody can take that away from me. And i think that is. Just i mean if i ever had whenever i have died in my head. That's what the first thing jack reminds us like. You have one on tori. You know how to do it. You can do it again and i was like yes true true true but i still don't hit that fifty eight degrees which close enough. But it's something that i after i won. I wasn't a really good run. I was playing really really well then. Kobe hit than i had really been a bit of a struggle coming back into it. But of course i think it's kind art everything in life like once you get that i it. It does get easier you like that you can do knowing that you can perform under the like the most amount of pressure is just yes. You got it done. I love in particular in the video. When you talk about putting you say. I know for a fact that my ball will never start off line. So it's either the speed of the read. And i was just like man. What a way to go through life wanted to get to that is that do you. Is that something you tell yourself. It's not gonna start off line or do you truly truly believe that you will never hit it put. That starts off lied. I mean clearly. Start off line. But i don't believe ever. I know that. I put in the work for it. I i consider myself having gotten to the point with my mechanics. Okay you might not look beautiful. But i know that starts online and also i do. I mean i'm aware that sometimes. If i'm aiming somewhere i feel something different. It's not it could start off line but in my mind. It's never going to be a ball stark mistake. It's either going to be misread a mental block or or to speed this off. That's kind of those three things that i only. I always go back to. That's awesome. i'm i think i'm gonna channel some of that. Now it's like oh it's gonna start online. Just focus on the speed. But you're big on the truth is ball's you play a ball. Calloway and this is not a sponsored segment. I just i a huge huge troops fan. But i wanted to why you play it. I'm honestly surprised after playing it for so long least for myself. That more tour players aren't using them. I'm obsessed. It's helped me so much. Around the greens. Why do you use the truce. Well i think people get a little bit like it's a lot like they think it's a lot but you get so used to it though it's ridiculous. The actually the main reason why i started was because we'll call it marketing. Call it like me giving a kid a ball. That is the only person they can get it from me. You can't copy that that ball. The only person that had those are me so that was the horizon. Because i wanted to be special. I wanted is like you can design your own ball like yeah absolutely want to sign my own golf ball so that was kind of the the main reason at first and now i mean i just love when that when you get that role. Noble and just rolls perfectly. It's so satisfying. And so i love it. And now it's like walking down the fairway. I never guess which one is my ball like. It's like there's so many things is i love about it but from the start. It was the fact that i wanted those little kids to have a special offer. Me that's cool. I like when i used to put a black line on on a ball. When i putt i would obsess over whether or not that black line road perfectly end over end right and when it didn't it would get in my head but the truth is looks like a perfect putt. Every time you hit it and i was connecting the two questions there. Do you think you start one off. Because the truth is makes you think it goes online and to address that issue. That's very fair. But that is something that i just. As one of the few professionals that uses it. I figured that'd be something to ask. But what's something. If you could go back in time something you could tell rookie. Madeline sags jerem. What's an example of something. Maybe you would help a rookie out with or something. You wish you knew when you were just starting out in professional golf. I think just taking the space that they have earned i. It's easy to go stand in the corner of the rangers easy to not stand to next alexi on the rate that gets easy to make yourself smaller than you actually are. I wish i think i did a quite well. But it's like you're on dell. Pga tour for a reason like make sure that you remember the reason when things get tough for one you succeed. Like i think the people that go out there and are confident and trust their own game and trusted the path. They're on they're going to do great but it's it's easy to see people making them some smashing themselves smaller so that's kind of what i always tell people that come out. The new rookies and people that i'm close to just myself to start doubting myself like i don't belong here like you don't deserve to do this and that was no i like. I have earned my spot here. I deserve to be out here. That's very interesting. Yeah you gotta tell yourself you belong. You know it's your. It's your spa. that's interesting so you've told either randy or dj. They said that you said you want to own a farm in the country someday already. Have the animals picked out a name so with that in mind what do you what do you want to get out of the game of golf. You know how do those two things correlate i. I only play golf for own satisfaction. I really like at the same time. Like i love. I mean i see myself professional athlete but more than anything. I see myself as an entertainer. That's how i would consider my job description. Like i play golf because people enjoy watching play golf. So that's kind of my. I want to go out and just show my love of the game. And i also want to see how far can go. How much how many. How much can i push. Go like when will not stop in. Currently i'm not there on feel like i have a long ways to go to find that to reach my potential in what i can do but i think in the i mean the recent with the farm. It's more just peace and quiet and perspective. And i think that's that's because my biggest thing is that i lose perspective on things and just loose little bit of gripper reality when i get stuck in golf too much. And that's kinda what i like to focus on but i mean. I play golf because i loved the game. I don't want to share the love of the game. And and there's not. I mean now to telling my story and everything that comes with that. I think that i have found even more like more and other different kind of purposes in life. So that's continued to grow that and to continue to grow that comfortable ness about dealing with your with your own stuff so to speak. Well what kind of this is. Maybe something. I should worked in more in the background. But what you're you've you grew up in sweden then you went to school in baton rouge and now you live in orlando. Those are three. I would say very different. All very different cultures. Well was the acclimation process like at both both the second and third stop along the way. They're insane it was. I don't think. I guess when i went to college all i knew i was like okay. I want to move to america. I want to go somewhere where the weather is good and the good practice facilities. I can play year round. And that was my criterias. Like good school. Play with the best players in college blah blah blah and went to visit tells you and i was like this is awesome. I wanna go here. And i said yes and then when i came there and i was like okay so bit different than home. You know like. I remember i say oh class. I sat found my classroom set down. And then i sit there and observe everybody's talking to each other and also like come that everybody knows each other here and i was like this is crazy and then somebody talking to me and i'm like i don't know you and then i realized. Oh no that's people. Do they just talk to each other. And i was like okay. I can live with that. I can move. I get used to this and it wishes cool because as a golfer calm. I never felt like a superstar. Like i didn't feel like at home. It's like soccer is bigger or ice hockey and stuff. And then when. I when i told people at lsu like i play golf for the girls. Tinder like no way. That is so cool. So i felt really cool. I felt very accepted. Because everybody kept talking to me all the time and i just loved it. I loved the food. Love culture everything about it and then now are orlando's like a bigger mix more more similar to home but at the same time i have that american version of it too because you didn't like orlando necessarily right when you when you arrived. Is that right now. That's a very good very good thought. Because i mean i. I was told that when you don't want to make sure you stay. Don't leave right away. Don't change the things that have taken you to where you are right now and i did stay for a bit and then i decided to move and i was comfortable museum. I was comfortable with the people. I kind of had my network of people there and then moved orlando i had. I had nobody in that sense. Like i didn't have coaches. I didn't have friends and it was. It was hard in the beginning and then a year into it. I mean now. I don't think i believe like. I love this place so much now. I i love my golf course. I love the membership. I just have the most amount amount support here and just the people here are from tastic. Couple hobbies we picked up the photography in knitting which i had a good laugh at the time lapse. You have of knitting on the plane. But i love to hear just kind of how how you how you found hobbies what it was like to you know from what i gather. Professional golf is very lonely. At times you have things kind of keep your mind busy anything else you tried out and how did you end up with two of your main hobbies like dying. I'm not a terrible. I did draw two. I'm quite decent at to actually. I like things to keep. My hands occupied I do lie to give my mind occupied. And i think that i always try to go away from things that are not on my phone or not on my Computer or tv. I do enjoy watching netflix. Who doesn't watch netflix. But at the same time. I want to. I mean missing for me is kind of like meditation. I've tried meditation. I continued to suck at it. Like i've really struggled to meditate but missing me now become. How do i stay in the present. How do i deal with an issue like when one of the strings is in the wrong place and like how do i drop something like. How did you hear with my patients. So it's kinda like a mental practice for me in a sense and photography schist going in getting that perspective of things like finding beauty. In whatever i see i mean. I love sitting editing photos. And just just finding okay. This is nice. I mean i. I love to take photos of nature and especially animals because then you really have to be present. You can't if you're not there you won't catch moment and gosh there's been a lot of fun off the core stuff back on the gulf run. I asked her no this question. She had a very what. I consider a very interesting answer to this. But you know women's golf. Wh what can what kind of help does women's golf need. Where would you say if i were to help if men's pga tour golfers for to help in some way and you could wave a magic one on what would it look like what would help from people either immediately or in other aspects of golf. What would that look like in an ideal world for you. Such a hard question. I think that when when members of course asked me what can we do for you. And i was like watches. Just watch a turn on the tv and watch women's golf. That's what i tell like. That's what most people can do. I think that just watching. And engaging and i think the biggest thing that i saw today was one of the warriors guys wearing an lpga hoodie. And i was like just supporting us in any way you can as like people can't people are not going to be able to change our tv rights or make like prioritize women's golf in front of pj. Sometimes but i think just just engaging coming out the tournaments whenever we can do that again and just and just just seeing actually good. We are because we all really good at this game. And it's even more relatable. I think to the to the average golfer thera. Pga tour office just so extremely different and there. There are different kinds of athlete. But i mean somebody with five to ten handicap is going to be able to relate to them and scoff more than men's golf. I think we'll one of the things that seems to be really lacking in women's golf is statistics so how how do how do they work. How's it work on the pga tour. I've heard that players in some events maybe all events you have to keep your own stats. What what what does that do for you professionally. I think that normally it's the it's actually to score the dust them the dasa stats out there. And it's simple. Did you hit the fairway. Did you hit degree in so many parts of did you have. Were you in a green bunker. So it's nothing i mean. It's nothing fancy at all I know that there is people doing a bit of more stats on the side but Nothing that the tour uses a shot link of some kind would be super super helpful for fans that follow it up for us like refresher scores every couple of holes. It would help a lot too. I know that. I'm sure for your family and friends as well. But you keep a rubik's cube in your bag talk me about that. Yes a miniature one. At the moment i it was kind of the same thing in college i will. I thought college gop took forever. So i needed something to distract me when i was out there and i didn't wanna talk somebody else and just needed to focus on myself. So i kinda learn how to do the rubik's cube off youtube than just kept doing now. When i was playing and just to keep my mind occupied was the biggest thing you now. It's kinda it's kinda symbol in my bag. We probably should've asked you this when we were talking about onaca. But you were a captain's pick. When was the captain in two thousand. Seventeen for the solheim cup. What's what's your stand out memory from that experience. How extremely nervous. I was for nine holes. it was. I mean it's one of them. Slake you can't prepare anybody for that moment. It's it's like you have to kind of it's something you have to get through your first one and i know that i would handle a second one better than the first one it was just. It was mind boggling. It was overwhelming. It was fun it was crazy it was sad it was english every all the emotions like the whole palette of everything was there but at the same time i was so honored to be. There was so proud but i was so scared at the same time and i just wanted to do well. Was it hard getting the tea in the ground on the on your first hole. And they made a drivable. And i'm like who puts the driveable par for as the first and solheim cup and i was like it was like okay great and i'm going to go to the driver. Don't mess up here and you have the hardest working out of your life after that would this shakes and other great it lose. You know it was kind of like okay okay. How do we deal with this. Like how i should have. This is the moment that i've practiced for my entire life. Like just let it happen that it was hard. It was very hard. I hope we make it to the solheim cup this year. It's an event. I need to need to find myself at last question. And we're going to let you out of here i was. I was told to ask you this question. I'm supposed to ask you if orlando has nice sunsets anthem. I told randy embarrassed. Like you have ruined in in my room. Yanakis we have so many Internal jokes just spending so much time together. It was just. I mean you guys are so awesome. I really appreciate the work. You guys do and i think that we as in women's golf need people like you that you guys got our back. The might to watch because you really enjoy women's golf. So i think you guys for being the best supporters and Continue to encourage as display us in every possible. Why we i mean we really shape all dorothy. You guys do well. We appreciate you letting us in and the access and this past hour in the many many many hours you gave us back in february at the game bridge so thanks a ton madeline for your time and for all of your contributions you've made to to our content and we look forward to following you along the way thank you guys. Thank you for having club right club today. That's better than most about. It is better than most expect anything different.

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Rise & Fall |  HBO MAXs Karma Episode 3 Recap

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Rise & Fall | HBO MAXs Karma Episode 3 Recap

"Hello and welcome to the calmer recaps for episode three so much happen that we have to get into, but before we do that. We have a special guest so. We saw him in the first couple of episodes. We have the winner of the right to stay competition and somebody that I was I was so excited to see what they were going to do. So I would love to talk with this person about their journey in. Karma and and what that's meant for them here we have here is said. He can hear me right yes. And with be I have lilly from season five endurance high Sierras, and also worked on Karma. Yeah. Thanks for joining US Harrison. It's good to talk to you again. Thank you to. You seem. A lot can happen in a year. You seem older. Slower already. A. US So. Let's go all the way back to before. Karma started. How did you find Karma? And what was your journey like into getting onto the show? Well basically, my mom had this. Kind of backstage website should look for like like movies or TV shows There's this reality show called. Karma, it's Kinda like that shows survivor endurance. Like I could see. You've seen Oregon but She was like I was like saying that sounds like. A sounds fun. You know like why not go for it. So we went for, and then later on, just let to me getting in. We were like ooh is crazy. What was your first impression of being there you know. What was it like? You did the big hike and then all of a sudden you see the cabins which are not even really cabins there basically. Thoughts on those like. 'cause I was I was watching like endure at the stuff that had all you like. Cool like shrinking tree houses or something I. was going to be Kinda rough. Get used to this. Yeah and I know that you mentioned in the first episode that you had gone into homeschooling. How long had you been home schooled before? Transitioning back to being you know out in the Wilderness with a with a group of other. People same age as you. Been Home schooled for. Two years now we got into it ever since I started getting bullied back like a wild go, but. Can you repeat the question my best. Buy You you as the. Two years so you're on its hike. And what was that whole? What was going through your mind as you're all tracking? Ms Hike all the way over to the cabins. Fun because like. I don't know it was just really like Oh wild and stuff like hang out and got to kind of get used to each other like talk. Little bit the. Don't get to know each other yet. Get to know each other fully, and I was like all right all right. It was really hard for us not to like talk or anything, but it was really fun. You guys were dying to talk to each other because you have been able to talk on the black. Conduct for like a couple hours. Rely on and we finally got the talkers. So, then you you get to camp and you know it's pretty rustic I guess. And the next day is the. Right to stay challenge. Tell us about. Your right to stay challenge because you really. Out there floss in like. Dominate. Remember it selling them. After back to the cabins. They're like they're like. Yeah. We floss in on US hairs than out of like I was also flashing for you guys. Understand, I was fostering because of victory. You know like for everyone else, but. The right to stay challenge. That was fun because I'm a huge swimmer like one of the biggest hobbies love swimming. Is. A big part of my life, so I was like I challenge is to remain I'm good. I'm good I'm staying I'm chilling. At assaults like? Trying to figure out like what to do because. Once you get into the pedestal, not the pedestal still but the area. You're standing before you actually go into the challenge you're. Right in your mind what I do. I do this do this. Allow following where you really made it look easy. Very. Hot is going to be a lot harder though. And I did see one of the test box like. Some of the crew members were doing it and you. You blew through. They were having trouble in. There weren't even like eight people on their Alice China kind of like. Once I got to trying to observe like. How do I? How do I do this without like falling messing up fully? But like. After a couple minutes like all right. It's kind of simple I feel. So now you are in official Karma player, and who were you you close to prior to the partner selection anybody that you vibe dwell with. War with Iran me and him were like I remember like before moving like one on the bus like I was like I felt a good vibe with Aaron. How's like? About this guy? I feel a feel feel connection did. Like we're. GonNa work well. It turns out we do. We actually became pretty good friends. That's awesome and when you watched partner challenge. The one where Mac and Elijah were up on this door frame. What were your thoughts on? That I know that later on, you made it clear that you wanted Elliot's your partner. What was it that made you want her? Well. Well. Okay so I was like I was messing with my mind logos. I was thinking I was like I saw Lsu you had a good mindset. You know she like I, could tell she was like prepared mentally other than me look. Like I was like I could work well tear. But then again I was in my mind I was like I know Elijah it's not gonNA. Give you the partner I. Want if I won. The first challenge is not going to give me what I want. He wants me out of the game. That's simple. It's simple, so it was like I was like. I like Ilya. Partner? But I. don't want her I know. That sounds mean but I didn't want earlier, but then again if I did get her, it wouldn't have been bad, so it was like a fifty fifty partner, so I picked the person that I have one so if I didn't get her out of got. I was fine with anyone else. Oh! You're saying that you strategically told Mac. Somebody that. You sort of wanted and sort of didn't want. A slightly wanted her. You know I was like fifty fifty about it. I was like so. Wanted her. Get her. Your face dropped a little bit. Like. You really wanted her like. I did want her I like is kind of fifty fifty because I thought in my mind, I did want her. You know owns like if I picked the person that like. If I didn't get her. Then it wouldn't have been a big deal. You know like number two or three on your list. Yeah, kind of saw. A mind like what would be good at unlike pros and cons basically. And I thought of a lot of the others and I like observed everyone, my whole time I was like really quiet during the show you know. Just observing, seeing whenever like how everything's going. And, so it was like Ilia is like very strong minded. Like Shit like she wants you is on. Can I say. Okay she was on the. I. Forget what it was like. It tilts down. It was like the second challenge right? Yeah, the teams our get to. Choose on there. And she was crying, but she stayed up there I was like. You're GONNA have some balls to do that. I'm sorry. You do. Push through. Through that. She! Stayed on there, Dude. I was like I was like. I'm I. Like how? Yeah well now I'm curious who who would have been your number one pick as a partner that you really would have wanted. I forget it all my book, but. I think. I think it was What does this? All the girls had the same name sky? Unique! Skyline I think it was skyline, but then Mac Ticks Kylie Oh right? Yes, I wanted I wanted to have somebody till like on. A small like a small partner. Almost you know what I mean. That's another reason. Why delete because I wanted to small Just in case you had any challenges. Berry like had to hold him or something. So would be able to be all right looking for quell this small on strong or small and smart, either one. So at this point in the game when you guys are, it was a believe. Yeah, it was the night of day three when you had just gotten partnered up. And, so, where's your head? At at that point? Three days is a pretty long time especially for people who? Always have had been been able to at least communicate by phone with their family and stuff like Marie your head at at that point? Well I was I had my like song me right, but I wasn't just using the song, so I wrote down. Like like a whole paragraph on each one like. Pros and cons about the place, so I was in my mindset I was like. Is this really what I wanted or is this? Is this really what I thought it would be? But I don't WANNA! I don't WanNA give up I. Don't want I wanNA. Push through this. I want to prove myself you know. But like my mind is everywhere at the time, so I was trying to think my mind wasn't in a good place, so I went with it. I just want certain things. What were you expecting and what was different about it? Well I. Remember I remember. When we were on the bus ride, we took like a we took a break and we like stopped at this big lake, and there's like a bunch of houses or something like service thing because I. I thought that place was done. With school. I thought that's very state where we were like. Frank I like that place. It looks cool. But after I realized. It was like a deserty place was like. Always like GonNa needed practice like my environment, like like my mindset like to be alone or something I should have thought this through. But like I just go for it, let's go and do it. You know and every thought of the consequences. It's hard to pick yourself. You know yeah doing that until you really do it. No one can understand unless they've done it. You know on what absolutely when? Did they go over what would happen to Skyla on once? You laughed. Yes, their. Nominee Skeletal or she didn't tell me. I was like. We can make it where like. You could go off and Scott would go with you. I was like. and. They're like you can make like you make it. Look simple as if you've lost a challenge I was I. Can do that I was like I gotta gotTa show the world that I messed up. You know. And so I was like I got to give her a chance. Now, that was such. A pathetic thing for me to do is to leave behind. That was the biggest regret I like that I did there was like I felt I felt so bad. And I didn't think that third enough That was one of the one of the biggest regrets I've ever had. I felt like really really really bad, and I just felt so much guilt and. If I could go back. A wouldn't have done it. I would have stuck through for her. And from family for me? But I wasn't in the right for dinner at. It's hard to you. Know when when you're internally struggling to think of anything besides that. You know what I mean like like I don't. I don't blame you for it, but but of course looking back. It's hard to watch somebody else struggle because of your decision. Yeah, for sure for sure. And You and Skyla both together chose the inspiration when you chose the color purple. was there any moment that you can draw inspiration from from your journey or any advice or anything that you could say to others that might be interested in Karma to inspire them as well. Paul the the one of the reasons I picked inspiration while sky lead it because her dad, right and I. It was like my family I just wanted to. Like to show them that I could do something big in the world. You know I was like I. I could make it out there on my own. And, so it was like. I was inspired by a lot of the people at Karma like a lot of the kids, even though they didn't feel the way I felt like. It's still again inspired meals like I was like they've made it through like a big part of their lives to be on their own. I was like. Just for me, that's hard. At all I was confused Inspired by them as well, but my family inspired Muse because they've they've done so much there. They Brung me tear. They didn't. Didn't I barely did anything come. You know. They they built from the ground up So what we're GONNA do now is. We're going to head into the spoiler Terry. Territories so future. Erin is going to come in here popping. Tell you where to skip to. If you have not watched all of this season yet. But if you have watched the whole season and just keep watching, and we will be right back after future and pops in. And we are back, so. So after you left, we have jack coming back in to replace you and then. You know skyline. He go on to win. What was it like seeing that whole? Journey happened. I remember me and my mom. We're like really dude. Imagine they want imagine and they want. Is they want we so it say. I thought I. I second in my mind. To like a two. percent chance of however worded it right, but I was like imagined Jack. Like came back to the show, that would have been sick. I was like there's a chance. There's a chance, but. Whatever then? Jack I'm on the show. choose skylines like I was like. A skylark. Jack Team. They're going like nobody likes jacket. I I like Jack. I Love Jack. I thought Jack was a snazzy. Do you know? But like? He just like screwed himself that I frigging day. So, so did you find this out like in real time or not? From watching the show like you knew that? Whenever, you left! Not I mean. He didn't know it right when you were leaving that he was gonNA. Come back, but. The next few days. Is that when you found out? The next few days. Yeah, my mom was like you're not gonNa believe this smells like what. What's going on like what? Like Jack got back on the shows like. I knew it did I told you I told you Jack was coming back. And so that was like. Content mom content. That's wild. Wild. What do you think would have happened? Had you stayed? And you and Skyla just continued on as the purple team. Do you think that you would have been in a prime position to win a lot of those? Challenges or be an early target because of you know how good you and Schuyler both were. Yes. Okay I don't want to sound cocky when I. Say this, we would've breaking wine. Did we would have won? Even I'm not even lying I'm dumb for doing that. I we would. Dude. Talk to look back at. Gun To. Like I, was watching myself like cradle? Start up there. Like if I if I go, meet myself in the future like you must have a big man up. Come on. What was your relationship with the other teams prior to leaving? Did you feel good in a good position with all of them? Did they all seem to want to keep you in Schuyler around? Made sure I made sure we didn't actually like make like saying anything. That would be aggressive or make them think that we didn't want them on our side, so we kind of wanted to like. Whether you call it when you call it when like alliance? kind of wanted a trick. Everyone that we are in or I. Did I wanted to tell everyone that? Alliance you know alliance. But like. The show. We're still GONNA. Be Friends but know. Trail and literally a, but so you wanted to cover all spaces. So what are your final thoughts looking back on the experience having seen? Jacqueline the game, of course you say now that you do regret leaving. But you know. Are you happy for Purple Team what are your own? Yeah. I fell. I was super proud when Jack old out in the like in the in the annals. was like dude he cited. Win that fifty thousand East said it and he did it. I was like. All right. It's so. I was I was really impressed. Knowing what you know now! Would you ever do something like Karma again if presented with the opportunity to? If I were trained, mentally, said like three hundred times already, but like I, I kind of want to go out and a test might. Go out there on my own nobody with me for like couple weeks, and then I was like I was like. Yes, I want to go back on the Karma you know a show the world. I could do it again like show the world a through. and. Just be a big. Accomplishment for me Oh Yeah. And I also WANNA say that. You weren't the only one out there who was homesick. Like a lot of the other kids are, and of course like it's not necessarily always relevant to the to the story line. To put those in there, but like a lot of the kids were very very homesick to you weren't the only one. So. What is your advice for? Any Future Karma players or somebody who's going through something like that? You went through. What would be your advice to them when they're feeling homesick? It's tough, Dude. It's really tough because I thought with I don't know if anyone knew, but I though with the stomach ulcer for two years. Anyone knows what that is, but I would I was with that for two years straight that sucks, and that's kind of like a nervous system kind of thing right, but it sucks, so you have to have? To have like. A, good mental state you know. Like you if you love your family like. Love everyone! Then, it's GonNa be. It's GONNA be like. Two Times harder I'M NOT GONNA LIE TO UNION NOT GONNA sugar coat. But. You gotta stick through it man I know. I left in your life, but you love. But I wasn't I was completely wrong for doing that was really dumb, and it's not right, and you're gonNA. Regret it in the long run. Despite how hard it is needed to stick through. Good Advice. LEVINTV. Another thing was another reason I left was I didn't feel. Like I deserved it enough, you know. I felt like I didn't do enough to get here. Like I all all I wanted to do is feel proud of myself. You know because I. didn't I didn't feel like. I don't feel like I've done enough to make it here. I. Don't feel done enough. Why didn't you think so? I don't know I just felt easy at first like I. Sounds cocky or not, but it just felt like like I just slid right through and I didn't do enough felt like somebody else deserves my spot. But then again that's no reason to leave, and and put somebody else in that in that place, but like. That was just like another little thing hanging up in my mind. Right yeah, because taking a look at those challenges. I know that you said that you love. Swimming and swimming was a huge part of of the right to stay, but. We didn't really see too much swimming. Maybe until what final? Four final five with the. With the I. Don't even know what this is called with. Of the two partners at a jump at the same time with the yeah. Yeah! Yeah I wish I would have stuck their man and sucks. I feel bad. Well the you have a lot that you should be proud of Harrison. Show with fourteen thousand applicants. Says something about you. You got a great personality and. There's just a lot of interesting things about you and very. Physically strong to and you. KILLED THE FIRST CHALLENGE HARRISON! And it's tough. It was the fourth day. That's a Lotta time to be missing home so I. Just want you to know that I'm so proud of you and that you should be yourself to. When of course you're only fourteen and You can do a lot of reflecting one year so. But Yeah I'm glad that you're you're happy with how it turned out for for Jack and Skyla Tim. Fischer also I WANNA. Thank jd for like protecting me through all the crybaby bits. Email they kept me safe? They're really happy that he did that. Good to hear, we'll have to let now know yeah. Well I. Thank you so much Harrison for coming in joining us here and I. Sure it was great seeing you on Karma I hope to see you. I know we will see you somewhere in some way, shape or form. You have so much going for you and I. Think you definitely GonNa. Go places so. I'm glad that this experience had a great impact on you and I think. In Tie with your law of Karma I think you will inspire people to to. You know. Keep pushing through even when they think you know. It's the end of the road just to keep pushing through and I. Think how you've. Handed your journey afterwards. That's that's the important part and I think that's something that everybody can take away from this. Her. Harrison, where can we follow you? I know that you're a singer Do you have a youtube like follow yeah. Everything is at Harrison hill-wood. On Youtube instagram. Twitter yet though, but I will make one area go. Yep, that's IT BOM bom. Jimmy you're. On people I want to integrate. Yeah. Yeah don't don't come for Harrison Harrison. Here's great yeah. Well yeah any final words for us here. stay safe because of this Cohen stuff now inside because it's a little worse. And I. Don't even know what's happening twenty twenty right now. It's like. Just that that's what it is. I don't know house. Explain this year, but yeah. Stay safe and. Midi yards, be ever in your favor. Thank you. I mean they'd be. Joining us. Thought it's been. It's been good to talk to you. Good to user! Now Problem Nice meeting. You too Erin. Thank you so much? As US well. Take care. Oh well. Here's what also I I love. Harrison I I love here isn't a lot and I think. That's something that I've taking away from this because I feel like every every player, no matter where they placed I feel like has taken something big away from this, and really for sure. What the beauty of Karma and things that we appreciate here so now we are about to go into our recap of episode three, but before we do that, we're gonNA. Take a quick break and go over to our sponsors, and after that we will be right back so. You know what goes around comes around, so we'll be going, but will be coming back soon, right? Here's a sponsors. And we're back, so those of you who are watching the video? Notice that we have somebody who has joined us here. We have keen from endurance to also wasn't survivor dream teamer. How are you aquin? New Great Guys. Thanks for having me back. Yeah. Such a pleasure to have you here and especially for an episode such as this because. What an episode this was. I know I know an endurance that we've seen some dramatic law talks? I'm thinking final four of to Hatch A. Final four of high SIERRAS. But I. Don't think anything could hold a candle to what happened. In this episode and I'm. Yeah I just I've never seen strategy breakout such. It's such A. Chaotic way like that so I'm excited to have the both of you here and later. Monroe will be joining us to help. Break this down. Absolutely yes, so, this was the episode the infamous. Moment when Michelle walks in, and everybody's so chaotic. A great moment and we'll get to it at some point, but let's start from the beginning. Yeah, and this was alluded to from our from our interview with with JD Michelle for that. Day of just. All of the stuff that went into that and you are also the story. Producer it for this episode correct? Yes, I was yeah. How how does wine? Tackle something like this. was there anything that was left on the cutting I'm sure there was anything left on the cutting floor. That might add some. Some more context and clarity to what happened here I mean. I feel like. Not necessarily for this exact storyline. Much drama that happened in episode three. It I my initial. String out. We call it like my first cut was like. I seen before the challenge was like twenty minutes early. Thermos or something like that like. Supposed to be ten minutes. On Wow and I was like so much happen I. Actually went to the CO EP kind of talked wrote with her, and she was like. Let's streamline. We have this point where. Huck in Adrian. In Eli Test Luke's trust. And let's just let's just go through that as Streamlined as we can, and so it made it more easy to follow. Can I ask you a question about this? Because obviously, we don't know how the camp is really set up. It seems like it's a pretty open safe, so it's very hard to kind of find nooks and crannies to sit in to like somewhat like secretly talk, but like with Luke just that kind of naive to to go immediately as soon as he gets his information, and and what to wear like one. That simple, that was like okay. got this information go sounds like she's like. Know? It wasn't like it was probably five or ten minutes probably ten minutes your queen. As soon as he walks up to adjust in I mean the three boys yellow, grey and orange are together at that point, and they're like he's already. Omega Yeah Yeah. Age Ten minutes is like two seconds. Immediately made a beeline over there, so. Is, he had. To ten minutes, ten minutes probably felt like courtesy if you WANNA. Look. Oh. Wow! See you wherever wherever you're talking to someone else. Okay. So before we get to what? What Adrian alike him up with we gotta go back. To the beginning so obviously green team is left, and the time has come back and in the morning log talk. We get them reading letters for the first time, and so here in. Max, letter how he is calling out hock. A as somebody that cannot be trusted, so and they ended up giving their growth to team read. Yeah. Were you guys talked about that at all. I wasn't to shop now. No now with skyline. Andy being so close to each other yeah. That definitely makes sense again. This is another kind of nod to endure. Endure instead letters as well, and so they kind of have that solidification of okay. This is gonNA. Be Another story element that that we pull from this predecessor it was it was really fun, and it was also kind of Nice that they each got to write their own letter. 'cause then endurance, there was only like they wrote a letter together. I never had to write a letter so i. don't know what that process was by by relievers. So yeah, really, what was that process like like? Did it because you've got to share a letter versus each of you getting to write your own individual ladder right, I mean well when when Eric and I were eliminated on high, Sierras we. Drove back to the hotel where the parents were staying. We got driven back, and while we were on the Ryan back, we wrote a letter together. and. We always knew it was just going to be our letter together, but I I. Don't I'm not exactly sure why decided on this one to make the to let them have like individual letters which I kinda liked. The individual letters because you get to hear each person's voice, yeah, in perspective as well, too. And so very quickly on in this episode, I know pretty much from for the first two episodes. We've been hit with this grey, blue and red alliance although it Kinda seems you know based off of the evidence and circumstantial things that seems like gray and blue are lot closer to each other than both of them are to read. But we have. Hockey here saying that. I don't trust Luke because Luke keeps passing along information and just that on paper I mean. Like, if I like I, just if I'm luke. And if I'm in an alliance with somebody. You know and they tell me something in confidence, or if I tell somebody something in confidence. It's supposed to be confidence if I tell something, somebody something general like hey I have two brothers and three sisters. And they share that like. I'm not going to be you know 'cause. Just. That's not something that I would want to keep a secret. You know by if I tell something somebody in in in confidence. It's a whole other thing to tell that information and spread that around. I feel like you know. There's definitely an element of strategy of being a person in these competition game. Who has all this information? And who shares this information to you know? Pull people closer a unfortunately when you're in a situation where you're playing with a bunch of like high school kid, gossip runs rampant and a lot of times. People don't understand that you need to hold them information in and use it at the right time versus Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah and I think it's harder for for kids age unless you're Jack, of course, use this type of. Of a strategy and you know I feel like loop with what's feeling vulnerable I? Mean you just saw it i? Mean he's the smallest guy out there and it just my even though he made him a stage like my heart, so went out doing when you have ally. Adrian and huck these these three dude who are probably like twice as tall as him, cornering him, and just yelling at him, and it's like I, feel like this was just a a mistake. Luke made early on because of being insecure about where he really stood with these people and you know. Because, he was able to turn it around real quick. And I felt like I felt like both sides. Didn't really handle their positions well. I think hug had had. The right idea of saying okay. You know I'm noticing this pattern of Luke saying information. Okay? Is he going to do it to me again? Let me see if he's going to do it to me again. And if he does okay that I know for sure okay, I can't trust. Luke But I feel like I. Feel like where they lost. It was win. They immediately confronted Luke about it afterwards because I think I. Think if they had tested luke, if like like. If I had just tested luke and is now like hey, and just pulls Lucas side and it's like hey luke. So? Apparently. Pink knows the secret information that I told you i. told you this in confidence. Why did you betray me and tell them that? That's one thing because isn't that would be understandable why you know. How could be mad at an also puts luke in a position of being accountable and. You know it will make hot. Come off better in that situation when you kind of like. NOT NECESSARILY RUB IT in his face, but more like just really confront and be like. See I, got you I, do I told you this lie, and then it's like well then now you just open this whole can of worms because yes, you did prove that Luke. You know is willing to share your information with other teams have given a chance. But now that's money because. The information wasn't even true and everybody was in on it, and it just makes it seemed like this this whole elaborate setup to take out luke. And I feel like it could have been I think I think if Hukou took the more. Passive approach and was like. Why did you? Why did you re I told you something? And you told them well now. I can't trust you. Don't don't acknowledge that you lied like. Don't acknowledge the whole thing, but just be like like. I've noticed that I've told you things and I've heard it around and I didn't really believe it at first, but now this time. Okay, this is the last Straw. To kind of just yeah, even if they didn't go up to Luke and they had the knowledge that they can't trust luke anymore because. As soon as they walked up to Luke, Luke also knows. They're out to get me whereas he didn't know that before so now. Luke has something against them to send them to the Cape potentially. Auto. It then puts luke back a little up against the wall, going into the next challenge of if I very much knowing if we don't win this. We have three teams. That were just Kinda yelling screaming at me. through you know, win win! There's not very many teams to go off in the very in the first place. One little mistake like this can turn everybody again. You so it. It would definitely I say yeah, I I'm state on everybody's part how they dealt with the situation You know, but at the end of the day because Luke. Ari pulled out that win during the challenge. They were in control. They had full power. Who is going up? up to the. Up Temple, but. And I think and what this also. Is this pushes blue more into the arms of the other three teams it pushes them towards red, pink and purple. So now you know. I mean now. You know unfortunately we lost orange year, but now it's just you know yellow. Yellow and gray on the outs, and now blue is more push towards red pinkish purplish. Be Interesting to see how that dynamic turns out for the rest of the season as well to. The Totally get it how they confronted him like they were high were mad. They were so highly so excited. Yeah can can imagine. Doing that I mean not maybe not myself but. I could see where there had. Also there's there's a certain element when you I mean I. Know this is what day five probably in, but there's a certain ellen when you're on the TV shows and stuff as a kid where you're like. You forget a lot of the time with the cameras are there, but then sometimes you're like? Oh, the cameras are here and like you realize you have this dramatic moment that you can play out with your other friends, and so we're going to be drama, because this is TV and not real life, and I feel like there's a little element of you could tell they're so ready. Ready to kind of have this dramatic soap opera by confrontation with Luke moment at it was, it was pretty pretty hilarious, but what isn't this challenge called? And can we go through? Can we talk about I? We took a throwback all the way back to endurance season one with tilt. Yes, and this is the challenge that each actually didn't blue in this and endurance. season. Yeah! I think they did Johnny Aaron Yeah. They definitely wanted his challenge. Though I guess this is the challenge for Blue Teves apparently. How? When? All. Of that contraption, no I have said I think I think for endurance season when they were already kind of hanging. Until in. Just sitting, there were already route. Yeah, weekly didn't drop. No actually was kind of surprised. Nobody just flew off right. Weight Yeah like just sliding out of somebody's hands. Yeah, it was very much. It's like we're gonNA gradually, just kind of slowly to. Go and like immediately like Dr I remember like my boyfriend and I both like even it was my second time watching. We'd like audibly like really. Like Oh. Gosh, right? Are you trying to shake these children? Often then this contraption so like very much props to all the strength of all of those kids are even getting through that initials don't. Yeah this. This is a challenge that favors. Evenly matched teams. Or least somebody that has the ability to hold their other partner for longer. And I'm surprised. Nobody took blue team strategy from endurance where you know. I'm Gina was calling out. Different arms and Aaron Aaron Aaron would. hold one arm so that Johnny the Justice Grip on the. Kind of keep them in place for for longer I don't remember that nobody remembers the dirt one especially these kids. Know. Twenty years ago, this is. Still on Youtube, though still you're right. It seems like a lot of people did watch endurance prior to doing that, so we? Seen seeing child's like this. This challenge. I always wanted to do like I. Would I remember the entire time like I was on endurance, and we kind of got one like this, but like I totally failed because I didn't tell totally Mike. Now but But like? Yeah, he knows. But I love when I love when they they're on epic contraption, it truly is teamwork situation of May, both just have to hold on. To hold on you know, and it forces you to really have trust in your partner very early and Arianna was very vocal about like Luke to not let me go also knew lake. If we don't win this like we're toast, and an even at the very beginning Lucas screaming I, get do this over the Paris out and unbelievably. They just. Hold on and I honestly think that you guys are right like who knows if gray orange and yellow hadn't confronted them like that. Maybe they wouldn't have had the willpower to to hang on even longer. Yo Yeah, you know what I think I think they really should have waited on. Who Wins? This mission before they went like because then because then they could take advantage of the fact that hey, now they've been sitting on this information. Hey, and whoever wins go up to them, and then even if blue still wins, it's not like blue knows that. There are a whole spot has been blown up. You know might have been better to wait. Even if you were excited, moment could have been. I'll say this. You never really on endurance saw. They blow up like this drama will up like this between the guys. So, like yeah! I don't know if there's a generational thing and like you know the young women and Gen Z.. How like you know they've kind of started? Just being each other allies rather than allowing you know. To. Put them against each other, but it was just really funny because I felt like there are almost the entire series of of Karma. You never really got. Stati like ca like cat nights or or women like draw dramatic moment this dude dude, all going at it and be like I. Got You I got you so i. don't know maybe maybe there some stuff on the cutting room floor, but it made me proud of the new generation of young woman. Yeah and And after this challenge, wow blue! is so vindicated in creative. Just been called out. They felt vulnerable. They get up there and they win. and then they hold off this hour and are you get so Sassy ear? That that power goes to her head so bad. What. Willie what do you think like when they kind of started holding these these kind of office hours, 'cause they. They seem to do this. Whenever important decisions were needing to be made. They just automatically had this idea to hey. Let's do this buried diplomatically. Even though it was, it was not that all the time very happy. Because I liked I liked that every team gets to have their voice heard, but also because it would make my life easier and postproduction. Eighty everyone's everywhere. It's like okay, well, we we know this is where they are, and where each of these storylines happened, so so I was happy that they they decided to do that. Yeah and it seemed like really. A lot of because of the come between the guy's really the guys became the important factor in in terms of convincing blue to not send them, so you know blues talking to origin, Aria saying I want to hear from Adrian. Right why? We shouldn't send you like we're going to Presley. It's agents. Here from Adrian. N Thought Adrian had a good. Orange? I mean haven't really wanted. Anything haven't really been seat as a strong team. That doesn't really make sense to send them to the temple. Because if you're trying to get out somebody else and you're sending orange with them. You know orange is going to leave. Leave. Old Have, old! Endurance Habits send them the Temple Temple is the cave anybody who doesn't? It's like breakage. My brain's temple. Behaved send them to the cave. Near their. Points where all good points, but it all came down to can blue rebuild their trust with gray. which they did have a one point. I think the glue winning. This challenge really allows them to kind of look at the whole field of competitors. Be Like who do we really WanNa work with moving forward. Are we going to try to like immediately? Use Our power to completely bury the hatchet and gain their trust by using their opinion with our who we send the Cave and they chose gray with which I know. you know I. Feel like you look it. Seems like a very strong team. Even though you know, they might have not gotten along superwealthy beginning, but how six three the end of the Osu recall and they just you know they just looks like a very strong team so i. get that choice. but yeah, the great the sending. Orange to the cave. Did it just it just doesn't make sense it feels like. You Know Adrian is obviously an easy person to target because he has been so. Like since day one of the game, so somebody you can easily like turn other people against. Because Hey, he is gonNA like be dramatic. He's going to be loud. He's GonNa share his opinion even when we don't WanNa, hear it like it's an easy target. If you're worried about people coming back and biting you in the, but if they don't go home, so you know easy, karmic target unfortunately and. We probably. kind of got the 'cause we didn't get to see much of her kind of strategy leading up to this and kind of her individual game play We did see a lot of agents. Yeah and I'm really curious. Once once we have for sleep agent. Join us. What that whole process was like? Because what we saw was Presley go to Adrian and say hey. You need to apologize to blue. And Adrian is China, not really taking Presley seriously in his sort of. Kind of laughing and saying he shouldn't really do that because I mean. They're like they're not gonNA. Forgive him. Why should he go in apologize and which I could understand on some level I just thought the way that. I just felt so bad the way that. Agent at handled talking with his own. Partner and this is when I. I'm really starting to think. Wow, you know. It really does seem like every. Because of the way that Mac set up these teams, and those will probably be a theme throughout this whole season, but. I really just feel like everybody is just acting independent of each other and like we have you know Presley in Elliott doing. A fine job over here and then. Agent in Eli over here their own. Thing with other Working together, as it didn't really feel like orange and yellow were really. Fighting to avoid this. It just felt like two different. Approaches, that we're at conflict with each other And then we have that moment. In the boys cabinet the Cabinet on the left where. Agent call agents says what kind of man does that make me or Eli says that, and then he turns like not even man Luke. That's when everything really blows up. Yeah Luke is. About it and he goes straight to Presley and Ilya. Like you need a controller partners because there's they are you're you're GONNA like Arianna? You're gone, you're done. I mean that is the big huge risky move. It's like you're literally going to be talking trash on the person who making the decision like right before they're making this decision like. Why like just just you know you know that's how you made me? Go on the side conversation once you're done with your little with Michelle talk and everything like that i. don't know maybe what the situation. Where he was very aware of the fact that he was going to get a sense of the Cape, so he was kind of pissed and kind of just standing there being any new. There's really no chance so he. He was just kind of running his mouth as Case that was the case. I think that he was sir that he was going. There wasn't much of a point of holding his tongue. There so, but we can ask. Is he here? Is He in the waiting room? No, not yet I only have tressler here. But Yeah I mean and. I'M GONNA plug. Michelle, video, here On Youtube where. She did a video. In her challenge accepted series about how she became a TV host, and there's an extended kind of behind the scenes on this particular episode of. Her walking in this just utter. I compared it to be like being the substitute teacher in walking into a classroom and seeing. Like this classroom students in going like. Oh what is happening in trying to get everybody? You know it I I do not envy her. In that moment. I felt like. Felt like. she handled that very well. It's so funny to me, too, because they're certain element and lily like if you remember those two, and maybe this is just like the way. Like we raise, but if there was an adult that you knew, and like you knew on endure when jd was going to, and you knew in those sets were about to happen, they would hold. Stop you down. They put you in the hottest. WE'RE GONNA SEND JD! You guys walk out of the Husker. You'RE GONNA walk down this and you're GonNa Meet J. D. and you knew you just had to like be. There's a certain amount of I'm not saying the kids. Kids are disrespectful, but you immediately kind of like okay. The adult coming into the room like let's kind of be on our best behavior type of situation. And they knew this was about to happen, and so for them no, and then the still kind of pop off like that I, I have to just kind of have off jd half half after Michelle the producer to just allow this to happen organically, and still sending Michelle, it like a risky move to. Her head. This is what happened I. Mean this is what I remember from my perspective. The, We're getting ready to send Michelle down there and so all the cameras are getting set up for like on the TRIPODS. Michelle section right and it was in that moment Michelle's like standing up to the side waiting for her cue, so she doesn't really know what's going on, but yes, there was some drama I. Don't know if she knew that, but it wasn't like crazy yet. And, so that's when all these. Everything went crazy when she's waiting after side then all of a sudden everybody's running around and then it's like okay, go Michelle. And From. Exterior at all what she was walking into? Oh absolutely not and we do. Have we do have Presley waiting? I might bring Presley in here because Presley wants to talk a lot about the situation so. Yeah I'm wearing orange in honor. Of of her Michelle told us about her. When. We were previewing Karma. So I was very I was very very excited to see. Presley in the fact that she was in my favorite color orange. We so excited to see. and. I was so excited for this, but we also have monroe here from season three of endurance allies. I'm GonNa Bring Monroe in here. Now, bringing Wesley as well so. I'm. Ready to be here, yeah, all. Of that Yeah Jerry leads in front of it. Wow. Pressing welcome, thank you so much for being here and being such an awesome Just character in person on Karma like you're I felt you were such an individual and it was so great. Right now I'm. Low. Internet struggling. Struggling maybe. You want to hop back and. If you can hear me still? Well. But in the meantime president. I know that you said that you had a lot to say on the behind the scenes here so. What. I can't even fathom what even happened this episode so much happened so like what was going on behind. The scenes was so important to like the huge blow of that we had It didn't really seem like it in the edit, but like this was day's coming. This was cut in progress. People were fighting way before this even off camera when we were hanging out and not allowed to talk about game I know that Adrian and Eli were rubbing people the wrong way already and people were already mad at them, and so I sort of knew. Going into this challenge that like if somebody else one, we were going to the cave that was like I knew from the beginning Adrian both new I think going into this episode that we were almost certainly going to be sent to the cave, so that's why it was so. You're talking about Adrian. Sort of just being kind of mad talking about someone in front of them. That was because I think at that point. We didn't have any expectation or hope that we would be saved. We were just like we're going to the cave. What happens happens might as like. Make an impression before we go. Back Way you said that Adrian Eli. We're both rubbing people the wrong way and that's that's interesting to hear because you like Kinda was portrayed as like very. We like quiet like dude. So what about ally was rubbing people the wrong with similar things that Adrian was doing. It wasn't actually necessarily anything specifically. Eli was doing. He is super, sweet and super. Super friendly and he was kind of a follower so minnesotans he and Adrian were really close like media were very very close in age in very very close, and so ally would kind of just defend Adrian and do everything he was doing. Hence why some people were sort of like. Hey both Adrian and Eli are in issue because when they're put together Starts Perpetuating Adrian was and like I. Don't have anything against the way that Adrian was interaction what my game was going to be before I ended up. Having partner was like I'm four eleven and I'm a nerd. I am like the most the easiest person to underestimate in the world. I remember one of the first things that people learn about me with that I wanted. Wanted to be an apologist when I was a kid I said that because before we were allowed to really talk, they I was just like hey stopped trying to kill this be that was floating around and so I told them some be facts, and immediately or like that's a nerd and I was obviously not a physical competitor, because I am a chronically ill person so. People weren't really scared of me, so what I wanted to do. Is I really wanted to play up that sort of like useful youthful innocence I was one of the younger members of the cast just like I'm. Don't look at me, I'm not doing anything and then be able to use that to encourage other people I know. That I came across on the show because I didn't get much of my own game like I was. What I was trying to portray as just like this little baby, who is like innocent and soft. But what I was I was really trying to be like I want people to feel bad for me and I want people to view me as this innocent little child, and I want people to underestimate me so that I can stay in the game until later in the competition when everything is alliances and and smarts and game And so that's what I was trying to do. But then with the associations with Adrian I already had a target on my back, which I couldn't really avoid. And so I did end up. Having a lot of people feeling bad for me and underestimating me, but that didn't save me because people wanted agent out so bad, which is unfortunate, because I think that Adrienne could have had a really good redemption, because like we talked about it, and we just have very different methods of communicating as people, and he never necessarily did anything that would is explicitly wrong. He's just a very blunt and honest person and I'm a lot more of a sort of soft step around the issue kind of person. Like those two clashed a lot and I really do wish that. We had a little bit more time because we ended up having a really nice moment where we just Kinda talked it out and I was like I need you to apologize I. Need you to be a little less blunt about what you're saying I need you to like? Here's a compliment sandwich. Learn how to do this. give some criticism instead of just going straight for it and I was like I will be more clear about my needs I will. To keep in mind that you don't mean to attack me when you're deciding game. Because it felt like that to me but I know that you're just trying to communicate. Get your perspective out there. You just want to be heard. And that was a really nice moment and make it into the at at which was unfortunate because I really likes us. Speaking of Adrian, we do have more good. Is your finger. Okay. My finger is okay. It's just jammed. My wrist is broken. Believe it or not, so this This hand is useless right now. Bummer. You can play piano. I! Can play core one hand, but I can't do anything else in that. Scott You guys had like personally I know you were saying how you felt like this one moment was left out of a really sweet moment of you guys kind of like coming together as a team, but I felt like you guys really did have a wonderful kind of journey and story of how you both kind of rose to the occasion to find common ground, and to learn to communicate with each other in such a short amount of time 'cause you guys did have your back up against the wall. Once you were going to the cave and so I don't know I definitely felt like you to had a wonderful, and we're such a memorable team. Because of the way you guys learn to work with each other rather than kind of let your different personalities. Keep you dog. Yeah I mean I think it was really useful like even. Outside of the game I think it was a really useful life lesson for me. I think that. The team that I was in game. Wise put me at a disadvantage, but like from I, never really viewed Karma's like a show that I would win. I never was like Oh. Yeah I'M GONNA. Win this show. I was just like I'm GonNa go, I'M GONNA. Learn something about myself and I'll come back home. And I did I learned how to sort of make myself a lot. Clearer I learned from Adrian I am such an anxious person and I'm such a really bad. Just stating my needs explicitly and not talking around something and being kind of standing up for results and intern is like very good at just saying his perspective, and putting it out there and so I definitely learned that. I need to like communicate more directly and I need to start making excuses for myself. And that was super, beneficial and useful in this partnership, and like in my life afterward because I gained the ability to just be like hey. I want to do this. Let's do it. And that helped like why chopped off all my hair, because it's like wanting to do it for months and I just never said anything, and then I got back. I was like actually. I WANNA cut my hair rough, going to cut my hair off, and then we booked an appointment and I cut all my hair off. So that was. Dropping knowledge a good. Well it. It is so interesting to watch the show and watch you guys be in a partnership because you. You are so different in the way that you communicate in the way that you. Like your honesty and Just, your emotions are different, but that is what real life is like. You have to figure out how to work with people and I really feel like. Especially near the end of episode three, when you guys apologized to each other, and we're like you know, Adrian us, you said I feel like I was being insensitive to your moment and I thought that was a really. Powerful scene? So Adrian. What did you learn from Presley? I learned well. To be honest, almo sounds. Like, Presley, learn more from the from the negative side I mean from the positive side I feel like I learn more from the negatives I. I feel like. I learned like I said in the live with. Michelle that you have to be friends with somebody before you can be teammates and not feel like I in to the team aspect to this. The TV aspect of was all. Let me get to know press. Let's see if we even. Communicate well before I just tried to put strategy on her, and so I think you have to be friends with somebody with be a teammate. Is nominee perspective on life after. You know I know like the team thing we've talked about WHO paired everybody up with and something? He didn't quite remember who like who did you guys? Would have been your ideal partner if you could have picked your partner like. Everybody was thrown into a situation where they had to figure out how to work with somebody that maybe wasn't there number one choice, but. I kind of sized everybody up. Who are you really hoping for? I'm. Here for a second because I, remember that I really wanted to be paired up with huck because I knew that he was smart and I also knew that he would have been an advantaged physically for me because again he is giant and I. I will be five foot when I'm an adult and like the that is my height, so I was. Sort of going for that aspect because I wanted somebody who I could. have an advantage with physical competitions, but who could also understand me sort of strategizing and has that intellectual discussion? I remember about who I think. I explicitly stated that I wanted at first. Adrian. I when I walked in to cabin or tent, the Tabernacle called out. Of. And I don't think they showed on. The show is I explicitly said you can literally give me anybody just not Presley which is why that he gave me pressing. And Say No ILVA. Just, get right I. Remember I remember, we said we said the same thing about each other. We just didn't want each other, which is so funny that he gave us each other, but to this day I. Really don't know who else I would've wanted if I could chose challenge. I mean if I could. If I won the challenge, now had to choose I honestly don't know who I pair myself up with. Even after the show. I don't think like Oh. They would have been better teammate I. I think I'm disgusted with the way with team a hat. And I would love to get Adrian's perspective on just what happened. This episode I know that. You know the plan had come together to kind of. Luke was do instant things, and you all saw it and you wanted to see. Hey, will he continued to do this to us, or is he going to actually? Keep a secret, but he did and. You all confronted Luke about that. What was your whole perspective on this whole thing? Well in the cat in a tablet. Like I, said on the show he brought up the idea, and as soon as I was on board. I was like huskies like there. Let's go right now, so then we go and. I already knew already knew how this is going to go I already knew because I knew luke is like this telling you since day one. There really was no point, but the part that didn't show on the show. Is that we company in constantly costly arguments with other people because we did not light boop because he was such A. Manipulative Person He defeated so many people so I was like, but they kept denying it so and Hook were like. We're finding that a show. People Roberta show people since they can choose to believe it, which is why after we did Arianna was like. Oh, my gosh, this is so stupid, but no. That was awesome. Because that's her teammate annual was shutting down Schuyler shutting down. They really didn't WanNa look at it. They were like it's dumb. You're calling for no reason but if we didn't call. They would. They would have not acknowledged that he was a liar so i. feel like in has to be done. Okay. I just know that me and Ilia and Avon also had sort of like this alliance in calling out, Lucan Ari. Because Luke and Ari in more of a social game we're kind of targeting us as well because they bonded really easily was the other teammates, and so me and Ilian. Avon were all sort of less in like the big social game. We all kind of kept to ourselves and so. We were also targeted, and so at first we were like. Hey. Why are we calling outlook? Because I like like he was really nice to me. in some of the social game, but there was also the aspect of blue team was. Actively, trying to take down yellow pink and orange, and so I remember the three of US ended up. I don't know how much of like actually made it. The three of US kind of ended up being like hey. They need they needed to be called out like they really needed that to be going on. And that was sort of the catalyst for everybody to start just going nuts on each other, because we had all been Sportiva, keeping it to ourselves, and talking amongst each other of in. Hushed tones, some more explicitly than others, but I remember mostly I was just like mad. In more private moments, and then suddenly everybody was like we're going to host an air grievances party and we're all just going to. Go off and then that got out of hand really really fast because everybody was like. Now is the time to speak my mind about everything and suddenly there's all these perspectives that you didn't even think of just flying around during this argument. because. It was actually like forty five minutes of arguing. A bunch of it got into ended up getting cut out. It was a super long argument. It went on for a long time. Did, he? They feel like 'cause. Michelle Walk Walked in at one point during one of the one of these arguments, did you none of you guys are like? Let's shut it down because Michelle is or were you just didn't even care you? Know I. Don't think anybody I think I think we were all even look excited because we were like everybody wanted Michelle to kind of be on their side, and like back them up. Everybody wanted to. An outside source because there were no outside sources. Somebody wanted an outside source to tell them they were right. because when it's basically just you. Because everybody was fight each other you want somebody to Icu I understand your point and everybody was like actually kind of excited I also think that the argument blew up so much because it kind of started in the individual cabins. And then they were like. Hey, we got to meet up in the middle, and so all of us sort of knew that Michelle was coming, and we were then I'll put in one place. And then it just got so much worse because we were all sitting next to each other and we've just. Anyway wait till Michelle got here. She's going to hear my side of this story and this will be settled. We'll have the outside. No judgment shall roll up to. Did. You feel like she did that. Though or did you think she kind of walked the Middle Road there? She had to I. Don't think she I. Don't think she should have or could have been like. Sort of picks favorites and rose everybody up because everybody was so mad, we were all sort of delusional ourselves into believing that. We would get. We would get an automatic win to the competition for being so good at arguing and being so right, and we were just like all. Since we were so caught up in the argument like we're right, we're doing the right thing kind of. Like somebody something going to happen when Michele's here, somebody is going to get in game trouble for this, and then what I think made the game like so powerful is that it was just like no, it's it's uptick Karma like I'm not. GonNa, do anything. The producers aren't going to give anybody a disadvantage. For this. If. You're putting this out there and is going to come back to you. Somehow I felt like that was actually a better way to handle it then how? Let me tell you you were right. That was my. Take on the situation through just so much of it was. Not, in the show like you can't put all the interactions in the show. Also being way. Taking everything way farther than it needed to go? Eastern would say something. That wasn't actually that bad, and then I would be like Oh my God. You're a deposed. You're trying to kill me. Being a little dramatic. Everyday. Nine. What's your approach to to I guess. Coming her stresses like. And what was your reaction like for example in that campfire? She says she wants to switch partners to Elliott. Like what was your reaction to that? How did you feel about that? Well when it comes to Tacoma in Presley down I really didn't. I'll be honest. I really didn't care too much to calm her down. I? Just think she wasn't wasn't looking at looking at it like a game and I know at some parts I guess you should have looked at the game black. At the same time we're there to win and he. Just wasn't focused on winning all of the time so when she said that. She wished that Elliott could be her partner I really didn't care it because she said it multiple times before it wasn't like that was the first time me hearing that at the at the camp. Ethel Campfire with Michelle. That wasn't my first time hearing yet, so. I really don't care I just want to go to the cave. See if we win or not. If we don't, we don't but I. don't want to not try. And and I don't think this is part of the show, but I remember US walk into the cave. Presley was telling me she really does care our goes I. Just WanNa see my dad. I believe in I i. personally didn't have that same mindset. I DIDN'T WANNA. Go home, so I kind of a lot of the time and shamefully. Blocked out things that Presley were saying because it was just not, it wasn't. It wasn't the same head spaces I was in, so I was just walking out. I really honestly admire your ability to do that because I. Like since I've grown a lot and been able to sort of compartmentalized that stuff a lot more, but like everything was personal. I was going through a super anxious time. And so like Ju just like completely. Incidentally, it wasn't even the show's fault. I was just kind of going through a rough mental patch that summer, and so like that sort of was just all on me, and so I was sort of freaking out the whole time, and I do wish that I had been able to. Put aside my. Super Emotional side so that I could actually like. Stay in the competition a little bit longer. Because I think that had this drama past I would've been able to handle it a lot better. But yeah. I also think. My favorite quote that's going in my favorite quotes books, so that was dramatic every day because I am. You are. And I WANNA. I WanNa ask you about 'cause you were huge you even though you. Very long and you're such a big part of the story as a whole because from day one you're making you're literally get like. Calling Out Jack, you're literally getting the entire group of the boy to change their minds, not save Jack, and then all the sudden Jack come back! Can you walk us through a little bit of like your first impressions of Jack and kind of how that all kind of hashed itself out on day one. Okay well. I don't really think that I'm you know. Blind. And I do think in that situation they were. Yours thing the first date right Especially at lunch I launch. We weren't really supposed to talk. only did anyway and we we did that. I think by drain are somebody, but we weren't supposed talk, and so already I was just getting. A bad vibe from Jack, which I'm pretty sure like I said we weren't supposed to talk, so they probably wanted to catch that bad bye-bye camera. That's why we weren't supposed to talk to we. The cameras were there already got a bad by from Jackson Dan. In it was just, it was a, it was A. Such a how do I work this? I'm GONNA win attitude. That was the by didn't like it was such I'm GonNa win attitudes so then at the first campfire when he says and I'M GONNA win. The of dollars sounds like he's not joking. He really means that he's going to do anything. Get and but everybody else is looking at it like a joke which I guess if they didn't. They didn't catch the same by the icon. It seemed like a joke, but I knew it. I knew what he was doing. More than the backpack. Trust so biased because Adrian. Adrian I felt like and correct me. If I'm wrong, but I remember in an earlier episode. Talk I was like I feel like the the reason Adrian might of the wrote in Jack was because he saw a little bit of his own strategy in Jack and so that was a threat to you in a way of this guy's going to try to play this game like I. Get I. Know this guy. 'CAUSE! It's my game and I'm GonNa do it before he does so. I'm going to get him out before he can get me out with her. An element of that in it or not at all game recognize game. Well, I will say. I I knew I knew Jack was a big fan of survivor, too, so that was the thing because as soon as I had Like soon as I started my application process for Karma I did go back and watch tons of survivor, so I was, and I watched season twenty. That's another thing at lunch. We were talking about our favorite survivor players and I said. What's his name I'm Fr- I'm? My favorite survivor player. Player! Now Dick I. His name Yes tylenol. And so and so he was my favorite player Jack was like you like him I. Don't think Jackson was every player, but. We're talking about the things that we really liked about Tony and so then already our like yeah, this dude. He's smart. He's smart. Enough DEX so I was like. You said he was no one. Thousand Dollars in the camera didn't even really like the edit didn't show all of this, but we were really arguing about that all the way up into. The the right to stay challenge in that night I. Think I went to sleep with. The boys disliking to. Be honest because. You were pretty influential with the do I must say I mean. There was the the right to stay where you kind of swayed how that's shook out. And then there was the the the the trap. I'll call it when you laid the traffic cop, Luke up in some of his. You know different days saying different in different ways you seem to really have a lot of with the dudes and the camp was about how you were feeling during the game. Yes, but not in the best of ways. I was feeling like anything I. Say they're GonNa, hear an inert thing negative about it, because now I the same thing about Mac. Initial once on the show I said I really think magazine Genius Morass at the Presley and then, but I made a big thing of. Put that on the show, but I made a big thing out of every time. I saw someone that has threat. My initial thought was I'M GONNA. Tell the camp while I think they're a threat. And how as a whole weekend eliminate that? That player in the camp was? It wasn't feeling my strategy on. Like this whole whistle blower attitude always and I. Really respect in like you. I can think of. Honestly can't. My memory is very patchy because it was just so much happening at once, but I can't remember you actually being wrong about the people you were talking about. was just a matter of. It was, it was the wrong move to just say it to everybody to their face like what? I and like I really admire your ability to just feel like that's a threat. That's threat like your way smarter than cameras. Give you credit for because little thing happened arlene up on. You were like that's a move. That's danger. That's a threat to us. We need to point that out and like had. I cooperated with you a little bit more also and like so those seats in the girls Kevin Because like you were saying the girls cabin was like we were allies. We were just friends. There was not a lot of whom. I mean it was very mean girls. Where are fighting was like not out there? It was very subtle very. Often. But all of the actual fighting in the girls cabin was like you. We would not be able to have seen it. On camera because it was just teams, you eat like subtle subtle, but micro I had been able to. Talk to you and cooperate with you a little bit easy a little bit easier at first and been like. Hey, yeah, 'cause I knew you were right and been like sowing the seeds very subtly in that girl's cabin, and then you can have both team members, so because like what happened is you did have a ton of influence in the guys cabin? Always they always listen to you, but. But then their partners would come out and be like. Stop like no. He's wrong like it is was entirely my cabin that was changing their minds against you. That was not then like they wanted to listen to you. And so had we been able to play that just a little bit better. We could have totally gotten a ton of people out just by playing that super like sneaky. So those? Khanna strategy. I don't know if I would have done that. Because of like how I wanted to be represented on the show, but it would have worked most certainly, and it was actually a which is unfortunate. That didn't come across his way. It was like one of the bravest and move kind of like noble strategies to tell everybody to be like everybody deserves to know. That? This person is doing something wrong like that. Was it made a lot of people mad at the time which is unfortunate, but typically like revolutionary sentiment. You'll really mad evil calling up. People really like you were right. One hundred percent about all these things you were arguing against. Adrian I think she thinks you're right. I. Think so, too. She said she definitely said it a lot. On! But I do I think I was right to I, humbly say I think I was right to no I. Don't think I was I know I was out. Oh! In and even NBA Jack said it too I was very I was very much about Jack and I. Think. I know I was right about Luke to and I'm pretty sure I was. I was right about a MAC but at the same time Mac really did start to seeing to regret. Choosing of the teams, a little bit and I think I think he doesn't anymore, but I think on towards him. Getting Outta show really started to regret that. So, I'm not sure about Mac. You completely got green eliminated. That was kind of thing. From what you're! You're one of the first people to be like back. Did this on purpose MAC? gave us you want. And everybody was like. Did. Adrian left a lot of a lot of Karma in the game when you laugh. Yeah! Well because in the in the water bucket challenge was Remember Yes, but what? They on the camera is that while we were going back and forth Billingham water bottles? We were shouting at each other why we should get somebody out so green was all like a remember. The people who got out Jack in I was like Whoa. Look out your teams get green. Look at your teams, and and we're kinda chanting mantras of why people should get the other the bucket. I thought. Totally. That was and it was also. A brilliant challenge because they gave us like an immediate look at how everybody viewed the teams, who was the biggest threat and we were third on that list, so that was. Terrifying, but yeah, those mantras in because those were like Ruutel, it was so respect. Again. You're right about Mac. Because MAC was so good at he's viewed us as a threat and he turned into a martyr because Jack wasn't there to do anything that would make people suspicious against him. He wasn't there to sort of fight that narrative of Oh. He was just he was just a nice little boy who wanted to play chess. That was being played up. It was just like so much of this game was. So social, and in the very subtle things that didn't actually make it on camera, which is a shame because then. There would have been a lot of different fan reactions if everything was out there. Now is. We're going to go into the spoiler territory, so for all those that are split free haven't washed the rest of the season. Where can they follow you and find you? Before we let those people go. I'm not that Presley on twitter and instagram and Youtube and all about stuff I have a podcast. It's called. Validate the do a podcast with my dad where we show each other media that we're interested in that makes me watch movies that he enjoyed when he was my age and I make him watch that I enjoy now and so that's a superfund podcast. This is kind of poorly timed because making him watch twilight as a joke. Show! It's so fun why of block but the movies I? Try To rewatch them now and I'm just like Oh. No, Oh wow, I love that. It's Super Fun to watch. You said validate means the name of this. Date me, yes. Urinate. Where can we find you? Adrian Line. All. Her was eight. At eight go more on every social reform Adrian go more. And Eight and what are you up to right now? One of mile to right now. Yeah. Are you musician or what? What on? I am a musician and I'm working awesome music right now, so fingers crossed I'm house music our very very soon, so who you? Can we get a little bit of the sample? A little bit of a? You cannot. More and not. down. We've got to wrap the girls definitely. Well. Rely had. Wraps actually we had the first rap and then and then Drina. She she wrote down. Our lyrics have been made a district a dream. Is in, we performed in front of. It was all area. That was. So spoiler free people were going to let you go here and now we're GONNA move into spos- spoiler Laurel okay so. Now, it's us that this move that happened here ultimately. Ended up, being the demise of. All like gray orange and yellow, so it pushed blue towards Red Pink and purple, and they all made it to the end. So how how is it kind of seen that whole thing? Unfold there. I was not, surprised. I saw coming in. That's because while especially for me on yellow, then to the net and me and me and still talk to this day. We talked about Santorum. It's that. Men were one of the only teams or orange, yellow warm, the only two teams who didn't their whole Mike. Game off of lying me and Eli were very truthful. I mean orange. Orange? Orangina were very truthful the entire time. and. We were very open about a lot of things, and that's why a lot of other teams saw our internal struggles with our teams in s why they allowed allowed them to kick us out so early, but. I do think Orange Yellow and gray left the biggest impact on the show and that's why every team after state and we left I because we we were so early to leave our impact. Instead of waiting to the end of the game to start picking up speed. There was no under the radar for. Right. No, how many how many times have you told people I told you so then Purple Tacoma Wet. Every day. Every day, because I just do it so I, said it the day we won. We got back in the day. Won't I was I was? I told you and I kept saying why why? Why? Let Jacqueline. Because it and I definitely called it and and. I I really. I'm really happy that Jack. In Jack Mom not stupid because this me like a little bit of validation, I'm happy. They noticed that I was right about everything about Jack. Because I just cannot I. CanNot believe people. Let Jack One. Win and not saying Jack didn't deserve it, but I I made it so blatantly. On a big billboard in front of everybody that Jack will win if you continue to do what he's doing and people continued to let him do what he was doing, and he won the game and that's. To Me Adrian, you remind me so much. I don't know if you watch these and to have endured, but my my friends scooter. 'cause he told everyone brown team's GonNa they came back around team's GonNa Win Awards, and we don't get him out and they they did under what and you still causes alker today, and it's like seventeen years. Old. At the same time to? I Adore Scooter he's. He's a good year. This is just like sort of something. That I wanted to bring up. Because I think it's amazing, it's not super related, but right after that big fight. We also went like. I think almost like straight to lunch like pretty soon after that fight which was super weird. Yeah during that lunch. Jd came and talks to all of US terrifying. He gave me candy though so like I was. You gave us all candy. WHO's great? But he told me to. Whenever I went home to read Lord of the flies and come back and talk to him about it. I thought that was super like that was such a read because he was like. People are ganging up on. You. Read Lord of the flies. Nicer here. It was not actually that much like Lord. There's no murdering going on or anything. Dark. It. I mean it was a good read and I really enjoyed being able to apply that to our situation, but it also made me grateful because. It was so different like. Not to be like that literature, but Lord of lies isn't necessarily about human nature like they're going to kill each other. It was about entitled, and it was about entitled people listening to others, and that actually ended up making me respect the cast a lot more because like as much as we fought, and as much as I remember the fighting. Because it was right before I left, we did have this whole democracy thing going on before all the big decisions. We had a conference people. There are very few decisions that people made alone and people didn't hear everybody out on and that it was a very structured thing that it kind of amazes me that we all just were like. We're GONNA. Make a star Archer and like we're GONNA. Make a democracy right now and they did that. It was a super fascinating thing to see kids. Be Able to pull that off. To the Redo our democracy as a country. I think we would. Benefit from it, but hey, around real quick I wanNA know from all of the other teams that were eliminated will alternate. BLEEP and Adrian one word for the law of Karma that you would find to the team. The Presley go first green. What would be the law of Karma that you would say they need? Oh what does I? Don't remember them on anywhere. Remember that even. The one that you guys got on the game. I'm reading in a minute chat right now. On the on the flip side of that well, how do you think your law focus? Really shaped your experience, both in Karma and out of Karma. With our long personally. Yeah. No I think. I have adhd so it kind of is like can't focus disorder. Sort of as a joke slash reminded myself that I needed to pay attention, and that's what I ended up. Not Doing and that's what I went. Home is like I was supposed to focus on the game and I got caught up in interpersonal relationships. Me Presley Adhd all away. One. Question, because I sorry, I was kind of spacing out for a second. Typing up all of those. Laws of Karma. But I have a question about your. Cave U. N. with like five coins versus one coin with yellow. Were you thinking going in? And what is your thought? Process as everything unfolded in there. I'll know I. I. I. I, we had all five points, but I really wasn't sold that we were going. Right, but I couldn't show that because Preston is already like we're. We're going home. We're going home stuff. That was to people on the team saying. We're remarks were even more likely to go home because that's just. Right. However? Towards the end. Where we actually? Started getting surreal for me I was like. I, think we I think we might win and then I think it's honestly so crazy. Elliott just. She just knew. It was even shaped like that in the show Kazaks. Really how was that? She was just like it's right there, and she just knew. I really think that's crazy, and it's amazing to and I'm happy that that. Yellow, so far and happy they won, because yellow is my favorite team on the show other than myself of course I, I love yellow, and that's why when Presley got no question that we were going to give Presley. I mean give y'all team are coins. I'm happy outing. Gus Far and I don't think that if we would have made it out. The cave would last long anyway just unless we would want to challenge that I don't think we would have lasted long anyway just because. If they would they want to try to send us to the cave next time for sure. Yeah. Ilian new stuff. That like my grandparents and my dad like accused me of cheating and telling her where it was I swear on my life. I didn't do that. Off the. Had I didn't do I talked about it before, but then I decided against it I place them randomly. She was just like one and I was like. It was. New You talked about it. I knew you talked about it and told me and ally were dead set in to this day because I wasn't gonNA. Say Anything, but I. DO I think you have? All the time I was I was pretty darn. Sure that you had by told Ilia, where was that? Yes, because you were so along with her? And you want to be teammates or her right saw like you probably most definitely did that, but apparently not. Know, it was like it was. It was shocking to me, too, because I was like. At that point I was just kinda like `angsting like on my. They're gonNA. Lose my forgotten and I'm going to be alone. And then she just like it's that one and I was like a hello, and then when I when I smashed yellows pot for us. My hand got cut open to which was a whole `nother sign I like I was injured so much on this show that I know the medic by name I knew his wife and all his kids names. Such a de I also think wanted just gets it to just about to turn like shadow. If you're listening to this, I hope they're doing very back. Happy Birthday! Maybe, we're. Better than. It was just like. Wow. That is an interesting I like strategic thing when it comes to Karma when it comes to sending to two friends, really close friends up to the case together, because in that against the rules Willie like to tell. Where my. they? They hide their point. Is that against the rule? I? Mean I don't think so. I. was against the rules but I don't think. I don't know why why you know. It's an interesting strategy. Want Karma and Karma Future. been messed up I gotta say so I'm really glad to hear that Presley you know paddock. Clear pretty and didn't do that I. think that would have been something bad i. if I was I would have struggled with that if I would have. Been You know your partner and learned after the fact. That I was like I'm I was like last night talked about it. I want to tell her where we're putting the coins and I wanted them to in the game and he was like. No you are not. You seem like yeah. You're right, but like I want me. To me was dumb, like why would you even think of doing? And so and so about I've actually realized from that moment moving forward that you didn't really care too much about game, or at least it didn't seem like that especially after we got sent home on a car ride back to the hotel. I and I'm going to expose myself bit I was. I totally broke down our crying. I was I didn't talk to anybody at off and Michelle actually came to the car to talk to us and I didn't I definitely didn't WanNa. See Michelle and moment at all. Wait a minute. I have a quote written down from my tax with Keaton. Million Errand where I think you said you don't cry. so. Maybe, that wasn't known cry. Set. High. Unless right until that moment right there. I did not cry at all So actually I actually did cry a little bit in the in the tent. In you saw because we have like a confessional. You saw when I was. Telling people how got outright? My eyes were a little watery. I was actually crying a whole lot very happy to ensure that in the show because I. Really. Really Mad I was. Mad. If would've shows that. Like? The Cut. Such respectful editors, too, because I was like so until it came out, I was like they're going to put in every single time I cried. Like a baby, and they're going to milk that drama and they actually cut a lot of it out, so that was very restrictor. Appreciate so while I was while I was totally breaking down in the car right back hotel. Presley was. Really annoyed me at them. All in Presley was so happy she was so good. I can't believe finally going home and we had snacks, and it was her first time I think it was her first time ever drinking a coke in. Edition all my gosh, this coq is so good. Lead I'm going home I'm drinking coke and I was like. We just lost. You not cared. We just lost. Her situation that was fair. I was first of all I want on Karma before it went on adhd medication. So that tells you a lot already, but then also Yeah, going home. First of all, we had been regardless of the fact that it was super short. I was out there for like three weeks I was in the wilderness for a while, and it was the first time. I had really good snacks in like a really long time. I love food. A Lot I was very excited about that, but then there was also. There was the first time I had coke which caffeinated coffee regular coffee drinker. Coke makes me go and I was just like. So excited his. My brain was just like gave up on the fact that we lost I process that a lot later. I've process hard things. Like once I'm alone since I was still with people, I was sort of in like. Yea, let's party. Let's eat snacks. Let's drink coke. Let's have a good time because I get like see my dad and I miss my cat and dog a lot, and also my mom and my brother, but less my brother, doing just GonNa. Love you, but like I. I know we need to wrap this up a little bit and finish up, but just a quick behind the scenes question Lily, did you did they get coffees and they get caffeine. Okay I would because I wasn't like. WHAT THE HECK! Dot Caffeine or coffee when? I asked multiple lines having withdrawals. Our first weekend? Brandon really wanted to get us cokes and have a pizza party at jd was totally against it. He said. They strong. Jd next time. Get the kids the pizza. Jd. Was the healthiest ever. By the way the catering insane. Endurance to drop out and three weeks and. I. Look I went straight back to eating because especially because I grew up with really bad allergies, and I, was sort of like right then is when I first started. Fully growing out of them, and being able to eat whatever I wanted, I n go back to health but like. I lost weight I felt so healthy. It was so weird and the fresh air, too, yeah in cooking. Stay looking back on the whole entire experience. Like how do you guys look back on the experience? And what have you learned overall? Have you changed in the last year? I think I have a new I think. I have a new aspect of not not as A new point of view on how I view being a high stress situation. But other than that I'm not so sure I changed that much at all. Well, what is your new point of view of being in high stress situations then? Well I. Understand that everybody. Takes stress differently right? You can't expect everyone to look at something the same way you look at something and I learned that especially through the Jackson because a lot of people were totally against the like no jacket so cool. He's so smart. He's so innocent. He would never do anything like that. Just no one's going to look at it either I with you. I feel like at this point. It's impossible for one hundred percent of everybody to to look at it either I would you, so you can be. You have to be slow and you have to. Work it out and come to an agreement. To something. 'cause going going your opinions at them. Expecting everyone to follow is not. Is Not always going to work. Or ever. GonNa work to be on. But other than that I'm not sure I changed so much at all I think most of the things I did out there. I would do again. if I had the chance again so. Don't send me back. Laughing and yawning in this case of crying. I have to ask about that. God. Would you? I most definitely would do that again and let me tell you what I would do that again. Okay, and and that's just because in that situation and Dayton really so this a lot. Obviously because it's a kitchen, but she was really cursing me out, she cristiano. She was laying on the profanity. Sailor. I mean right. Yes, she was he was really coming at me. So I have to do whatever I do due to you know. Shut her up and it did work on her face. He kind of be. She got quiet if she just started crying. Barnes went out. All of the argument made it into the show because I was going off a yeah. I swear a lot. obviously none about made it into the show, but yeah I was like. There's a lot meaner protrayed me as I was like really rude in a lot of places. which was a recurring offense because especially during the challenge where I was holding your arms over the thing. Really. Don't the name of these charges, but she was. Kirsten me out by. Dropped me I'm, GONNA be so. Every every bomb in the world. Really cursing me out. I was. Afraid because I was like I knew that. If, we lost that challenge like we were going to be going home and so to. Touch me I will don't you I mean. Do hold on good. Yeah, no I was like super. To be around and also see I stressed because I was just like. When I hit a certain point, that's just like the like word, vomit and motions, words, or swear words and I. Don't make any sense at all. And I learned how to be better about that, too, because I was like. That was like. Not. That was also part of what got me sent home because we couldn't communicate because. I? Like there was a miscommunication and like an unwillingness to communicate. From both ends at that point, because Adrian didn't want to deal with being super dramatic and I didn't want to have him. Just be plunked with me and we kinda needed like agree that like hey. This is how we're GONNA. We're GONNA communicate now. We're going to do this and it's GonNa. Be Fine. And that moment didn't come until much later in our partnership, but yeah and like as for what? I learned is like that was genuinely Communicating with other people who weren't like me. Because I have a tendency to stick with a couple of people who are really close to me. And just talked to those people because I know those people understand. We have a lot of trouble sort of pushing myself out of my comfort zone like sort of learned the hard way. How to both sticker price off a lot more than I did. and to be level, and like more on being able to take somebody communicating with me in a way that I wasn't super familiar with, and I wasn't super comfortable with just sort of like. You came stronger myself a lot of the changes that I went through on the show Kim through when I got home. Because at that point I was like you know what I'm GonNa do all this stuff that I've been wanting to do I'm going to just. Go out and live my life and. That's it. That's what I. That's what's happening. I. I feel like we could talk for hours and I. You, you're you're you're absolutely? But this has been such a pleasure getting to talk with you. Both are really added some much needed context everything that was. Thank you. Thank you both so much for that and. You were. Relations you guys like it was. It was such a pleasure watching you both like go orange team that love. Yeah. I will say. Adrian. You said you watched survivor. Have you seen Stephen Fishbach? On token jeans or second. I I watched twenty, eight, twenty, nine only tonight. Okay, well, he year. Blind and he texted. He wished she could have seen more from orange team. Full. Song continue to work it out has. Working it out, but yeah would have been curious to see what happened later. Long, Director's commentary. That would be really fun now. You're saying jokingly, but like an extended director's commentary version to show more the teams because I was super disappointed. Not necessarily super disappointed, but the fan reaction has been kind of disappointing, because there's a lot of fans going after people who wrote just like really nice old time, because they only saw like bits and pieces of game and let. The normal personalities, a lot of people are going after Huck, which makes me mad because we were friends. For these keys, okay. All. Happens. They all played Karma I'm so happy that we got see wherein Karma and I feel like I feel like. You both definitely made a huge impact on on the show, and I mean the fact. That Michelle pointed out to us before we even started watching the game I mean I think that was. Really cool so I'm. I'm here for Orange team. Who in it yeah? Thank you guys so much for coming on for sharing your insight and keep in touch with all of us and good luck with all your stuff age and make sure you let us know when you're music dropping. Yeah doing! Yeah. I can't wait to Let's check out your your podcast your Dad Presley. Like he's A. I mean like everything about my personality can be explained by this is that I have a dad who was a Scorpio and a philosophy major. Explains Everything. What happy! Happy Pride we'll be looking for. Being Adrian. Music, yes. They safe and healthy guys. And quick, speedy recovery for you agent with your hand and your fingers. I make too much calculator. Or whether you. And there you have it. That was the orange team and so thank you all for being here with me for this. This was I really appreciate it having all these perspectives for this episode. Especially, so as always. Where can people find you monroe. You know you can find me on link at Monroe Jordan Daryl drop me A. That's my only social media. Call me old old school. Lily for you, you can follow me on Instagram at Tiger Lily Brown with two wells, and also twitter at. Lily twenty-seven, sings And Youtube. youtubecom slash Lilly twenty-seven. AZIMA INSTAGRAM IS HBO Max? Oh. Yeah, check that out! Monroe I. Think you, you have like the O. G., but usually the classy social media. or You can follow me on all the nonprofit platforms at heat marquis. We're mainly about my dog and just now trying to survive this. So Thank you for joining us for episode three. We will be coming back to you later this week with episode four so looking forward to that. And until then. Stay safe and what goes around comes around. I.

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