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"jack slack" Discussed on Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQ Podcast for Everyone!

"Which is really weird interesting. 'cause you know navigating and trying to like be studio and also you know working through zoom. It was a very interesting time to be writing music. But he was the one thing by motivated me. During that time. I felt like i mean we all obviously out really weird. Dodd depressed and unsure of what was going to happen. So this project was kind of like Mitral entry in my state during the time and the project is actually about my relationship with angela's because i was born and raised here so i feel like this product really emulates the views on it up and all the stuff that i've seen and what l. e. news to me and which i feel like harper county kind of says it all i feel like the product kind of speaks about like how. La is this place where everyone comes here. If all the dream that it's this place that everyone kind of has this ideal fantasy about la and the truth of it is that you know it's not always the glitz and the glamour and i think a lot of people's thinking one thing A lot of times. They don't get what they want to get to or what they thought they were today. It's like i feel like there's so much more heartbreak than success stories here. So it's really cool to kind of like tap into that an right about that because i feel like i always only alienated in my friend group. Like everyone's always like. Oh i'm from new is got from you and i always like i'm from here. I know i'm like wait really like you're the only reason i met actually from la. And i'm like quiet so that's nothing weird and makes me feel a little. We did by i. Also i feel like i normally because a lot of things they know it and i'm like no. He's what's it like being a native like year experience. I like the with the expectations. That may be you had for what was possible as somebody who wanted to be an artist. Well you didn't even always know that you want to be a musician. Pop singer now. I didn't actually. I knew i wanted to do music. But i never knew where to start and where to go. And you know where where to start. The process it kind of fell into my lap. Which was you know. I'm really thankful for our by Yeah i mean without lay. I think it just growing up here. It's it's so. Sometimes it's it feels really superficial. You know like. I think A lot of the time. Like i grew up in in high school where you know the school. Next door like demi. Moore's daughters into school there or leg. Jack slack with her at one point like all these schools have like these ties in different ryan. Leaving like i can leave many think right now but like there's literally spin so many kids especially growing up where they were like the popular kids because their parents were celebrities. And all this stuff. So that's what it means is definitely annoying. I didn't like that. That was the one thing i was like. Oh my god. Everyone knows about this person because of their parents. You know thousands of lear it but that also kinda ties into what i feel sometimes. La kind of emulates as a war in terms of like celebrities in suffolk die. Because i think that's what los angeles and hollywood we're the choirs and theatre programs growing up in school very intimidating. For that reason. We're there did. You have to poison people to get the roles like i on not my choir. My i was in choir like from middle school to high school and Dot was like an that was like the one class in a one time in my like in your earlier years. Where i felt like i was seen and i was a part of like a community. Exact class was just everything you know. All this are so normal. They were not annoying. Good yeah it was very nice to a normal class like just kids who just literally muzak and want to sing. Beatles songs like all things beatles song how i'd haunt me yet. We didn't a little beatles trivial towards though that was a very. That was the one. I would say glee. I i know.

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"It keeps its shape if you knew don't like if you want to make something You can also bake it. It keeps its shape. I feel like everybody knows about this. Clay like i don't know if you're inclined if you have children. I knew that you could use it as like Like silly putty like it doesn't get everywhere. I would feel like. I would find it in my rug or whatever now not really sometimes the color will come off on your fingers and you have to deal with that. But it's and it was so funny too when my older son Did virtual school last year. He like kind of picked up on my clay. Yeah i would come into his little room while he's spending his like seventh hour on the computer and he had built tower. only god clay. And i'm like oh dear like this is very much you've passed on your thing. Yeah i really. I think i have fidgety. Person and You know as a. I don't know i get a lot of ideas not just staring at a computer. Great to be doing something else. And whether that's like doing something like fingers or like going outside going taking the dogs for a walk or whatever like it's it's i often don't get the best ideas sitting at the computer now now with the clay. How often are you two things. How often are you replacing it and buying new clay. And how often are you mixing colors or do you keep your callers separate. You're so sometimes. I just actually make things to me like halloween thing and you can bake it. And it's hard as a little thing that can sit on your on your shelf. Whatever but I only generally have to replace because it doesn't really dry out. So i only replace a if we run out of it like sometimes my kids will get it and then they'll make like blobs and they'll be like you need to bake this. I'm like oh green yet. can't wait. They'll just mix it all together. And it'll be andrei. Yeah exactly yeah brown under like all right well and then my dogs will try to eat it. And that's pretty gross. Yes and because they'll eat anything. Sure stuff the ingredients for a perfect telenovela. Obviously you need twins a rich one and anoxia original. You need a terrible accident and mistaken identity. Throw in charming prank step mother and a father with dark secrets. Oh and don't forget the none we. There's this show has all that and much more princess of south beach a telenovela. Like you've never heard it before. Listen to princess of south beach wherever you get your podcast. High caste unscrupulous from destruction pieces podcast. And i'm sharing. The podcast made me the international cast. The podcast recommend the most is the jack slack. Podcast now is an emmy. Podcast and jack slack is an expert analyst honestly ninety percent of my tixx. I would feel like achieve. I didn't preface them with. I heard this early on the jack sack. Podcastone jackson was saying on his podcast this week. So most of my knowledge comes from the podcast. And how old are your kids. They are seven and ten okay. So they're definitely any moms out there listening this. I feel i could be a. It's a good. It's a good thing to have if your kids are old enough to understand that you don't eat it and old enough to understand they don't smush it in your hand and smushed into the ground into like your clothes or into your but i think that sounds kind. Where do you store it. Do you just keep like a blob on your desk do you have to. Yeah you can have a blob on your debt like you don't have to have an airtight container. That they can just kind of sit around. I mean as long as your dog isn't going to get it. yeah She might. But i don't know i just i i also just like little building little things out of clay and like my kids really do and i feel like that was very much like a pandemic activity lease. We made all the peg characters we made a whole of the queue eater remember. What else remade. Yeah we just like. I searched for things to keep them busy. Yeah what can we. We did all those like pearla view. When then you iron them up had for a while and You know but this was always something that we came back to where we just like. Oh let's make like super mario but like three d. Yes just. That's one thing that i'm not a particularly crafty person. But like you can do claim. I like a good play with klay. How much of it did you bake. And how much of it is still in your house like right now we just got a whole bunch of i mean there's a bunch there's a lot okay the stuff that my son made into a tower like i had to just get rid of me. Just it was stuck to his death yet. Looks like he was really like needed. Yeah it's interesting. It'll be interesting to see what does teacher say about him at go. Because i'm like. I don't think he has anything to fidget with but we just got some new. We got like a new batch and hang out awesome color. Yes relief very. I know i was trying to think of something that has not yet been on this show. Because i've said i've listened to many of the you know there have been many things that i love so and i'm like oh speaking no i mean i like seeing how people talk about different things that they buy and that have helped them and what. I really love about your contribution to this. Is that a lot of times. When people talk about their pandemic crafts or their pandemic hobby is. It's really hard to separate the idea. And i talked about this with jenna. Fletcher of this is yours a few weeks ago. She she makes polymer clay earrings. It started out from. You know just like i'm bored and i wanna see if this works and she talked about how quickly it devolved into. Well now it's a business. And now i have a website now but i think but it's like this is the other side of it which is like you can just buy like an artsy thing like a craft and it doesn't have to be an se store. That is no really fun. Because i don't know that a lot of people especially adults even without kids would think like i am just going to go buy something that you know. I can do a fiddle with lake while. I'm watching tv. Or waltham you know on a zoom call because i think we're also wired to be like. Yeah but am. I going to be the best claim maker ever live by are okay so i'm sorry for those of you. Were hoping the pig characters were going to be on. They are somewhere. They are staying in paris house. That's nice. i didn't get to do a lot of that as a kid. I feel like because i was kind of a neat freak child in my grew up with a neat freak. Mom and i think that there was like i don't have a lot of memories with clay But i think it could be fun to just. I know smash.

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"I just like the the skill trees and how it's it levels up by based off what we can get into that later. Congratulations to amazon. They haven't had any server issues they haven't had any gripes. Everyone's streaming this game right now. All the famous won't have not all other famous rephrase that most of the famous streamers out there are streaming new world. So that's the big thing right. Now i'm going to throw this into my what the fuck But it was announced. Who was doing the the mario brothers movie and who was doing the voices. I don't believe it's a live action. I just believe it's it's animated. The updated voices. So it's not gonna be the stereotypical it's me. Mario gotcha is doing the voices mario. Oh that's weird and the voice of luigi jack. jack slacks. Doing bowser rogin is doing donkey kong. That could be okay Luigi is charlie day. Those of you. Who charlie is. He's from always study in philadelphia. Gotcha anna anna taylor. Joy through was magic in that one. No means she's gonna play princess. Peach and keegan michael key is going to be towed interesting. It'd be that's kind of interesting. I like michael key for sure. Keegan michael key. But how's it going to tote so we'll see. Yeah that's it but going back to monkey found a price. It's thirty nine thousand nine for the regular. Then it's forty nine ninety nine for like the ultimate which gets you more cosmetic shit so okay that's it or coup wait there is. There is some breaking news Somebody got a new console. It's a me. I got a playstation five congratulations. Somebody else got a new council but cheers. It's right there. It's bbc on their desk black. Nice nice you're cut out. What was that joe. What on skull. Nice congrats congrats on both of you. I do have a question for this. This sony. maybe Possible sony pony if you want to call them that miguel joe and joe but it could be joe but joe and miguel would you. Would you get a tattoo. Saying sony. Pony on your body anywhere. Miguel and then joe would you put a tattoo of. You're saying fuck sony and then yet and then you get a free playstation and by of exclusive. Everybody can see. I haven't playstation xbox controller okay. See where's the mouse and keyboard. Joe that's going to go on this arm. Innocuous controller intended sixty four pm. Would you get nintendo any ask. Controller souvenirs ended controller mcgaw. Would you get anything playstation related. It doesn't have to say sony pony exactly but would you get rados. Yeah of course he would. What contemplated come on. Let's not like i'm putting okay..

Keegan michael key Mario gotcha luigi jack jack slacks bowser rogin anna anna taylor mario charlie joe sony Luigi amazon miguel joe Peach philadelphia michael bbc miguel Miguel mcgaw
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"He's always got like the. It's always like a gimmick with him but it has to be right because he's not funny so you have to like a funny mustache on him and you have to put like a funny beard and oh look at funny mullet. Whatever thing is on his head. Oh that's hilarious as you know like he has to rely on ridiculous looking craw yes to get laughs. Because that's the only way he can get the laugh and ridiculous looking indeed like the beer. You didn't even look real. And i'm sure adam sandler can afford relooking beard. Yeah once with all these cheap asks wave. he's so anyway officer steve. I decided to go with jack black. I came this close to casting. I mean this is complete nonsense right. So i mean who cares but jack black. I could've seen jackson off and jack black would have actually taken the time to develop a character. Yeah jack black wouldn't even need a funny beard and mustache. Even though i'm sure they would give him one. He wouldn't eat it because jack black would be able to go in there and create a funny character out of his wildly wonderful imagination. Jack black could create a funny officer. Steve and he wouldn't even need prop yes. You wouldn't even need some cheap way or like a jeep feared the only reason i didn't choose jack black like i had started to write down his name. The only reason. I didn't choose him. As because i think that him. And zach galifianakis number one kind of have the same physicality number two zach elephant. Akkas has a big bushy beard. And so i thought if you also have to put a big bushy beard on jack black the they would be too similar. That's great great. Cussing he'd be so funny. Oh god yeah lake. Remember and i was and then i was thinking of when i've seen jack black and we'll fair all together. In the anchorman. Movie when jack slack plays like a biker and then he lake spoiler alert if no one has seen anchorman and then he kicks the he kicks. Ron burgundy his dog.

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"Ursula picked up the jack slack red shaded the Indians. Three to Sonny Gray, now three, Antonio Castillo knows, and Joey Votto with the yardwork. Cubs blank the Royals to nothing. Kris Bryant homered Alec Mills in the Wind combined on a five hitter. Met special Brave 72 to snap a five game slide. Three R B I apiece for Robinson Cano and Wilson Ramos. Jacob deGrom struck out 10 in the Wind. Atlanta starter Mike Soroka tore his right Achilles tendon covering first base in the third inning, so we won't see him again this year. Oh, but if you see him today wish Maika happy. 23rd birthday. Rocky said the giant 76 Nolan Renato's blast ignited a five run sixth Look who leads the NL West Colorado on top Padre Sting, The Dodgersfive for twins came back to tip the Pirates five for white socks down the Brewers, 64 and the A's maroon the Mariners 11 to 1 of fifth inning snowman. Did the trick. Eight runs Angels double duty star Shohei Otani back on the shelf. He's gotta strain near the elbow, where he had Tommy John Surgery in 2018. You won't pitch again this season. His status is a D. H is day to day. Kind of like the rest of us. More Corona fallout The Cardinal's Tigers for game Siri's has been postponed after 13 members of the ST Louis traveling party, including seven players tested positive over the weekend and the field of Dreams game scheduled for next weekend. Iowa has been pushed back to next season. NHL playoffs in Toronto Hurricanes move by the Rangers for one for a two nothing serious lead on the best of five Andres Invention called not only got his first postseason hattrick, it was the first in franchise history. Penguins meet the Canadians 312 even that Syria's at 11 Lightning zapped the capital's 32 in a shootout in Edmonton. The Jets fan the Flames 32 on Nikolai Taylor's power play goal in the third that Syria's level at one Oilers Joel the Blackhawks Sixthree, so that Syriza's one all hats off to counter MK David with three goals. Golden Knights scored four times in the third to dazzle the Stars, 53 in a round robin game. ENDA in Orlando Nuggets top The Thunder 1 21 1 13 in overtime. Michael Porter Jr Port in 37 his career best and about 30 over his season average. Nikola Yokich added a triple Double Raptor. Turn down the Heat 107103 a career high 36 points for Fred Vanvleet Lakers like the Jazz 1 16 108 42 for Anthony Davis. Winds for the 70 Sixers, pacers and pelicans and from college football. The Big 12 announced its revised football planned for this fall. They'll play nine conference games and one non conference opponent of the power Five conferences on Ly the Big 12 and a C C R, keeping one out of conference games on the schedule. That's Tuesday. Sports. It's six till hold your nose for this museum. In America in the morning continues after these messages theme most dangerous day for a newborn is her first day of life. She's at risk from infections,.

Syria Jacob deGrom Royals Mariners Shohei Otani Sonny Gray Robinson Cano Ursula Kris Bryant Joey Votto Achilles tendon Antonio Castillo Cubs Tommy John Surgery Alec Mills Wilson Ramos Mike Soroka Atlanta Tigers Nolan Renato
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"Does that number mean? It is a new low since We were in the midst of the battle. So that is great news. It wasn't the on ly new low number of covert patients in I C U 136 also a new low since The height of the crisis. Number of intubation 62 also a new low, So that's great news. There were only three Corona virus deaths across New York on Sunday. Then the governor turned his attention toward the worsening situation across the rest of the U S. You have medical experts are now saying we should hit the reset button at the nation should shut down. And start over. That's the only way to stop the virus. That's what medical experts are saying. Hit the reset button, shut down everything and start all over again. It's a damning commentary on where we are Cuomo once again to game of the president and his team for the way they continue to handle the pandemic. This was a colossal blunder. How covert was handled by this federal government colossal blunder. Shame on all of you. Six months. Lives lost. Hit the reset button. Yes, he said. The president has to tell the American people the truth. The truth is, it was a mistake to deny. Steve Kastenbaum New York nine TILL Tuesday. SPORTS Here's Robert Workmen. Baseball Monday. Yankees thrash the Phillies Sixthree, their seventh straight wing Gerrit Cole. Now three, You know in pinstripes, he's 1 19 consecutive regular season decisions dating back to last year. No home run for Aaron judge ending his five game run. But deejay LeMay you, Brett Gardner and Geo Ursula picked up the jack slack red shaded the Indians. Three to Sonny Gray, now three, Antonio Castillo knows, and Joey Votto with the yardwork. Cubs blank the Royals to nothing. Kris Bryant.

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"Patrick Mahomes is trending right now. I I think the issue is is like for football. Nobody really talks like Oh. You can't do that against the nickel defense. That's not fun for most people watching football so you speak in terms of heart speed power. These vague broad attributes traits. Yeah and that communicates with General audience but it also gives wiggle room for people that don't know what the fuck they're talking about to be able to have a position on the table to speak so I think he's trying to bring that approach to mma but even so tactile what people fuck up like the hook and the Guy. It's a back door and hits you with the headshot like that because what caused it not your heart your diet like. I mean it makes attributed it but you know what I'm saying like failures happened. Yes exactly. There's granular fuck up. So you complain at where things go to shit and you can't say like Oh. He didn't Harvey gave up. It's like no man. That's not anything that happened like. Did you even watch the footage like that? You got to speak in terms of what we collectively see. Not In terms of what you presume inside his head. Watch Stephen a Smith on his watch. Kevin occasionally. I'll watch it. They and you setback in look at how he bashes these. These athletes these owners. What around fought bash? Fuck out but you said here in you're going to attack a human being for going out. Yes they're getting paid for it or my worst is when they go after a fucking college athlete all the man. They didn't give their heart. And all this shit they do really fucking thing. They went out to lose unless they're on the take. Do you really think they went out to lose. And there's also a difference of like anybody who's been in like a man to man fucking grappling or like fighting sport. Kind gets this like if you haven't done that kind of thing you don't understand is different than losing fucking football game. Yeah like so. It's not like you know cowboys fucking in there to survive. He gets hurt. He's in there. He's not turtle enough and Shit Braille. He's he's going on. She'll and you know I'm not a huge cowboy fan but the guy can fight and so for him to just be up there on his first show talking about how disgusted he was. That's where I'm kind of like all right. Dude get off my TV eating his first one. You know like come on know like we know cowboy has the most bonuses you know. We know he's got the most whatever. Submissions trump by trying like cowboys an elite elite fighter. You know he's part of the one officer so that was just corny. It's just like what are you doing? Why okay if that's your take on. Stephen? A SMITH COOL. That is your take on. We'll guess what take the abuse that you're doing. Get for Matt Community. Going in protecting one of its fires doesn't matter if you like cowboy or not. Yeah we're all going to look at it we're we're all in this room of MMA grappling what striking whatever we we understand we appreciate all the people before us so look at it. This way. You're going to attack this man on all different levels. You're not just attacking him on his ability. You're attacking him. He's not criticizing technique. He's talking about character his narrative. I guess what? I'm sorry but if you go back over the last twenty years go back to the original tap out video of tap out going to Colorado in watching him and giving him his sponsorship and everything. He's always been that way. There's a fight all way in. He says it's an interview. There's a fight stable Turkey in two days call. I'll be there. What fucking individual does that like literally will pack up whatever. Indo who goes in moves on a win and say I'm not coming back home. Sell all my sell my house and everything. I'm here. Move My shit now. A special individual give them credit. Get give the give the athletes that leave their families. Jason Mewes you. Well no I I remember you going to Florida and you're leaving your daughter and and here. I've got to go get ready for this fight. I'm going for four to six to eight to ten weeks. You have to give those individuals credit don attack the fucking Gab. Totally because look at it. Yes we're all we're all human and we all make mistakes but to sit there and take that in a in say. I'm leaving my support system and I've got to go do this. I've got to get focused to go do something. That's eating fucking crazier. Go get a fight with somebody. How are you going to attack their character? How are you GONNA attack? They're fucking traits as you can tell he's never anything like that. I mean there's another common sticks out to me like he talks about getting getting kicked in the arm and it's like it should her leg breaks ship bites it. I mean like you guys arm. No problem like it's like the act like he doesn't know that if you if you even if you have your arms up it's better than taking a clean kick but it's still still. Does it still takes damage from you? Know so it's like all right. Do you feel like many commentators should be required to take ocean on? Shed can open their fucking or just a hard leg. Kick to the right to take one buddy. So you're not on that book out this the guys here commentary. They each get to kick in the leg the week before another the fight just one because this one person kicks no gun for done for live. Okay that randy couture. He'll second guess plus save fucked up. Shit. He'll do that after one though. Some some civilian population kick on. I mean I guess it's onsite rate there. We had a guy come in the gym a few years ago. And he says he told Jason he wanted to take video of Jason Given. I don't know if he was a body kick or a whole full speed body kick or full speed leg. Kick this girlfriend. Yeah and you know. I didn't know Jason both at time but I threw myself like bodily threw myself in between the two guys on my end because Jason was like your have considering it a fair player you know this is like the worst idea I could ever. I can as as your lawyer which I've just been hired myself on lawyer. I advise you not to take that not to take that offer they get. Let me get a waiver on waiver. After this thing. You'll get your waiver right now. Gary how we'll get you away. We'll stephen is is really kind of the. I think he's he's indicative of this hot take industry. That's really come up in the last twenty years right human in Paris where where people just like bloviating in bloviate with just incredibly spicy corny takes and you know the the people with the spicy corn is take rises to the top and Stephen as certainly is that. But it's like go back to like go to Howard cosell you know thirty forty years ago you know he. He was never boxer fucking lawyer in a in a in a sportscaster and and he had good he had takes. A lot of people. Thought were Corny but a lot of more grounded in reality and like he was used around the fight game for a long time so we had that authority you need when he gave it take it was. It was grounded in something but now it's like now you're takes don't even have to be grounded. Anything just come up with the spiciest virus fiery stuff but of course. We're we're marks. Because you know like you already mentioned. It's like well now that no one's reading thing trending thing I and so we're kind of honest. That's words were societies headed. It's like doesn't have to be substance to to what people will clinical or or listen to or like that again. There's lot of go ahead. No I think you're say there. There's a lot of people that are merchants like merchants of outrage like that's a great way to learn. Tmz or anybody like that just like looking for shit that's going to work and looking for people get cancelled. Look for people to get docks you know outed and Lizard stupid jobs and all that shit you know so anyway we gotta keep Stephen a out in the open where his takes could be exposed for the Cornyn is that they are you know he should be held the State. I think he should be held the standard. If anybody does does some stupid make fun of it. Learn yet learned from it. Don't do it again. I don't even think he understands like he doesn't cross the line. We'll like he was like he was. He's obviously a big juicy. Target Rights. Joe Rogan. Just trucked him basically great and so he did it very intelligently and concisely because he's just got that background of being a comedian who can communicate and the martial arts so he's like com combined those things you just trust him completely and then Stephen A. Just keeping this thing moving comes back and cut a promo against Rogan. Where it Kinda double down on. What set against and then just kept going? Wait a minute so it's on site because then if then if I just take care of Stephen a new subject but it might not be over because some other assholes in step up its way. Let's go fight somebody else's them don't show like that but there's a way to talk shit like a journey you follow Jack Slack. Face voyeur sure he's smallpox mad shit but it's about people's technique it's like about their inability to hit a double leg or something like that but he's coming with logic freight but that's what. I'm saying like when somebody's talking shit like even if it's an mean tone there's still an opportunity to like educate or inform in that spot instead of just seeing some brandon emotional shit that has no bearing in reality if so wait a minute. Let's go back report. Let's look at the whole situation. Could this be all set up though? Just throw some logs over fucking fire and keep this trending that they set up to put Stephen Steamers. Espn's not what you've ESPN used to be. Don't know it used to be the sports network now. It's not that I mean they got and don't get me wrong. Got The gaming and everything on that and those fucking kids are making fake. I mean boy. You WanNa look at it from the standpoint. They everything is built around trending. Now if you're not trending not succeed true. So it's kind of one of those 'cause I'm going to look at it and I love you guys. We give him a shed on. There's GonNa be toys down here and all this shit so we've got we've all got fucking Shit so as a parent and I'm at the beginning stages and you've got you've got older child. A how old are your kids? Eight ten in the twins are twelve twelve. So I'm at the beginning stage and I'm sitting back looking at it like damn whereas ten years when your kids are twelve?.

Stephen Jason Mewes cowboys Stephen a Smith football Joe Rogan mma Patrick Mahomes Harvey Stephen Steamers Turkey randy couture Howard cosell Espn Kevin officer Matt Community ESPN Colorado don
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"Clearly inbounds not out of one last quick one for Mike Pereira Mike in the second half Russell Wilson threw a touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett where it appeared as though almost his entire body was across the line of scrimmage when he let go the football just for clarity sake what is the role where Kerr quarterback be with regard to the line of scrimmage when he releases the football and how can it be legal past their yeah he's got a bee every part of his body and the ball happy to be be on the line when it leaves his hands a man that includes airborne so when you're airborne your body still has to be be on the line and and I I thought initially when Erin and I want all my he'd be on the line he'd be on the line it's going to be in a legal pass and then when they played it back you can see that his back was still on the line are over the line so it makes it a legal pass but you've got to be totally your whole body and the ball half to be be on the line clearly be on the line when the past leaves the pastors hang on really appreciate your time this morning Mike Mike Pereira NFL rules analyst for Fox joining us on the my gas line thanks so much for the call and good luck this postseason well thank you and as far as I'm concerned you can stay another week tell that to the folks don't let the boat trailer Jack slack off another week so happy decade to you as we head into an attack all right that is Mike Pereira NFL rules analyst for fox we thank him for his time of course so many questionable calls so many interesting calls to dive into what I do I really don't think there was a better week to talk to him then this one with the forty nine R. C. hawks with the game ending with the ball in the one inch line with the controversy of Pete Carroll the Seahawks taking the delay of game penalty it just seems fitting that we have a great conversation with Mike to wrap things up as the forty Niners move on to the post season coming up next we'll talk more forty nine R. C. hawks will wrap up the decade here on KNBR later on in the show we'll chat with NBC sports northwest Joe fan for his perspective of the forty Niners Seahawks fish and will also look at the R. C. playoff picture have a Seahawks and forty Niners could have a third round of this rivalry coming up shortly my name's Kerry Crowley filling in for pop in line here K. B. R. one of four five six eighty be forty you're.

Pete Carroll K. B. Joe NBC NFL Mike Mike Pereira Kerry Crowley Seahawks Mike Pereira Mike R. C. hawks Fox analyst Erin Kerr football Tyler Lockett Russell Wilson
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"Order certainly AB fifty five ten fifty four is our whole that all victims and Californians can be safer we believe with the provisions are in this this is going to create a safer California the measure is supported by some environmental groups like the national resources defense council it's also won grudging support from the utility reform network or turn which says the bill is not perfect but it's better than the status quo but it is opposed by some who see it as a giveaway to the utility companies lawmakers who support the bill call it a move forward but there are thieves who say it's a step backwards senator Scott Weiner is a Democrat from San Francisco he says the bill would block the creation of public utilities to replace investor owned utilities if this passes in its current form and this was the this particular language was put into this bill late Friday afternoon over the holiday weekend lot of people have not even process to yet and this is a dramatic sea change in terms of our ability to try a new model model that has worked throughout the state in terms of publicly owned utilities it's a good model this bill makes a dramatically harder and perhaps impossible to measure passed out of committee on a vote of ninety two it goes next to the Senate Appropriations Committee with supporters hoping it passes before I July twelfth deadline set by governor Gavin Newsom that's also the day utility companies could see their credit ratings downgraded if there is no legislative resolution on the state capitol beat I'm Christopher Martinez the phone is the leader for passing climate change legislation addressing urgent problems in energy production and public health but assembly member filled king of San Francisco says efforts against climate change have not been as extensive or as the media in the transportation sector his new legislation would change that cater face Casey rough gate reports Francisco assemblyman Phil Tang announced his intention to change California's rebate system for consumers to buy electric cars he is proposing assembly bill ten forty six which would transform the clean vehicle rebate project the state's existing clean car rebate program Tang says the current program does not reflect the urgency of incentivizing electric vehicles I just wish it on a broad author two years ago to re visit our clean vehicle rebate program the rebate program that's not really in the Senate it's more like an entitlement if you can get twenty five hundred dollars this year if you can get twenty five hundred dollars three years from now what's the incentive to go get into a clean car today or yesterday there is what we want to do is have an incentive level that really drives the sense of urgency nearly forty percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the state come from transportation seventy five percent of transportation emissions are from cars and light duty trucks eight twenty sixteen report from the American lung association estimated that Californians suffered fifteen billion dollars in health costs because of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution Jack slack is with a three fifty bay area transportation campaign he says the state needs to address fossil fuel vehicles immediately vehicles gasoline cars are driving us toward climate chaos we actually have to stop using fossil fuel vehicles and this can be done we can put the brakes on this a move to clean cars we can move to electric cars with buses and trucks everything has to be electric running on clean energy and we can do this and we can help solve the problem as well as all of the public health problems that are caused by fossil fuels they're currently just over a half million zero emission vehicles in California which is far from meeting former governor brown's goals in an executive order brown called for one and a half million zero emission vehicles by twenty twenty five and five million by twenty thirty supporters of AB ten forty six say that the current program does nothing to motivate consumers to purchase electric cars now because the rebate level does not change his bill would diminish rebates overtime to encourage.

twenty five hundred dollars fifteen billion dollars seventy five percent forty percent three years two years
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"Like i don't know yeah wasn't real like that yeah i i that that i mean that's what he's like the yet again he's like the least important thing in the film she he's he's there almost to add to her character which is fine she donated amanda door character no no in terms of the theme of will also the thing about the where she went and visited him any that never happened she did knock on him he did not write any crap in the meant nothing i why don't you know that's my problem with these but if it's so small that ma well i'm a i in the battle cry apparently according said they could've used that were interesting yeah but i think they were afraid it might upset some people but the ted bundy was a political activist democrats and i can't remember which politician was but it was a nationally known politician that he supported in colorado it's it's just you know and he was a law student clap down smart handsome had a lot of you know very charismatic charming a really good psychopath tape like a bath yeah m yeah well i mean i would the haley joel osmond but that is one thing when it doesn't bother me 'cause i think it does add to her conflicted feelings so i mean i get it i get why they did i just think it's kind of lazy writing but i get it but one thing i noticed i thought it was interesting and probably the better they didn't they didn't show any violence now yeah god is what i natalie portman they showed one photograph that was real or not he did behead somebody and they they showed a picture of yeah but that was it otherwise i would much nothing and they could have if they want it i mean the especially what he did in florida when he which allying i please have any doubt yes they but they they withheld wendell about again there were more i can't do that yeah well i mean i well i respect yeah well i mean i like the movie a good bit i thought it was a pretty i mean it's may be weird to say but i thought it was entertaining i thought it was a really interesting new look at a true story in terms of because you never see him as opposed other films like this you never see him break his innocence of yeah that would end so you're never like seeing him being nice and charming and then seem in a room alone may harm getting away with all of that and so i felt like that it's almost tempting you to sympathize with but then at the end it's like oh wait just remember he did to my yeah and so i i liked the tone but it had he said he made it kids he has the director writer director no directed ana did you guys who made the documentary huge netflix says well that ted bundy i'm like okay oh that person like oh it is a little extra like why but then i'm like oh you're you're being very economical about you're you're researcher making it profitable that is very intelligent man fair yes but but he said he made it could be as daughters me like once that just he like real out i'm i don't remember about basically he goes like i realize like this could happen happened and they run and i got it's like coddled here harsh maria instead of which i did appreciate and that's again the trailers are just trying to get people in there and that is really what the trailers are if you make a trailer that at the same time the movie i will give you a birthday cake every year for the rest of i'll be tom cruise i will send you that holiday card blah blah blah you know he is very good about that he is yeah anyway and then 'em and they like didn't delve into his mind bunch yeah i blah blah blah and like his childhood and crap and i was like oh what's in the movie maker make the trailer which is that they don't have you don't but i know saying we're not should that yet but then papa we wouldn't have a premise for a one of the best holiday romantic comedies of all time the holiday for dying not fred's class the guy jack slack cameras ds to london a kate winslet you can't beat it oh yeah come on is that called the holiday yeah yeah we got that fake trailer with james franklin lindsay lohan or you're trying they get monday as fire when they have that done john to with the man who say goes on in a but yeah so i i like how they did that because if you didn't know this was it about ted bundy it would essentially just come across as a guy who looks like he's being set up for murder which i think is interesting of course until the end 'em when it's revealed obviously he did all these things but m a n also i just like the whole how pretty much every character is dealing with some type of conflicted feeling towards another person or about how their situation like like the the woman the girlfriend obviously he's the center of it where james yeah liz 'em where she's dealing with the feelings for him having been with him for a long time now now knowing about all these things about believing them and then how can she that the love that she had formed before you know end 'em and then even 'em ted bundy to a certain extent just in terms of how he's portrayed throughout the movie but i thought that was really interesting through line where pretty much every character is dealing with that in a way like even the the the judge played by a oh john malkovich talk about the highlight of the movie you ask me were honest to god and we know i don't love neither do you like randoms unnecess matt damon moment i don't like that yeah like a random celebrity cameo john malkovich in this movie is good is everything i ever wanna knitted yeah but like even with him as was he original judge goes over drug that that is hilarious except except pop and i disagree with him indiana when he was like what do you say like i don't feel i have any mountain talk to you and i know that i said this some little this is a little white male whisper to each other with this and i think you just showing hughes a judge judge no he said i wish you were in this room as a lawyer i said i wish you were not here yeah oh but like but like even him in the movie is 'em or he in the movie is a dealing with like the idea of being a judge be like oh this guy's actually kind of smart and charming yeah and so every county buddy can be taken in by exactly like bundy exactly and so it's like every character to one way or the other is is like that even haley jospin so yeah i thought that was interesting mm yeah i mean i yeah i liked the tone of photos directed well i i liked second front quite a bit i thought it was a little aimless not gonna lie yeah i'll let soldier excellent perhaps could they had so much to work with what's the total directionless semi i mean it kind of meanders it was very i felt like it was it was it felt tied it in a tight enough or maybe the performance is kept me going but i thought i i agree it's not 'em focused as some others are are are still what yeah eight plus acting well it might as acting acting sign those good yeah i know i know but that that's true but yeah okay yeah i now as you like it i thought it was good i've seen at least a couple of documentaries about this why they were you know they were and they were there really wasn't interesting story but i i was like i said i think i was mostly a my interest in it was how long were you you were hate aj schrader yeah yeah yeah that's right and i thought 'em thought it was just interesting just to see what a psychopath is like asking them i thought that was interesting well you know you're in the medical field i i mean from that point of view yeah yeah yeah i was interested in what was wrong with this brain but i thought they did a good job a you know as i said if it's a i look at it as a documentary or biopic by apparently yeah i'd probably give it like a three in a row he is going again out the gays a man i will say the one thing i know so you know they showed the actual footage it they end no yeah i thought that guy from acted super different unless those weird but like a creative choice i guess you know but i like it could have been easy it like when he was a talking to the day i guess what the diy in front of all the cameras like that guy from clearly is acting super different than in the the documentation and i put those really weird like ha there's a lot of like i don't know how feel i don't feel that much so it's not a big deal also i felt super good that they end but you can't really help that i get to especially a random recover i couldn't take it out as pod right now where once the mess ask comes off one of these people then you realize how creepy they are before that you don't you don't know that you know there's just something really wrong with them in a you know you kind of what their behavior slide a lot but when you realize but they're so awful then you start wondering how come i didn't notice that before you know i don't like being fooled how about you had to close i had a long time to think about it yeah okay all right i mean again it's like that idea of conflicted it was it was interesting or to you know on the east coast the son of sam what the heck we chat in downtown me happened around the same time roughly the zodiac killer a hawaiian ozone seventy why you think culture right now with certainly no zodiac with on the west coast i think that was a different that wasn't the same in not san francisco different guy that was elway and yeah they're not they don't even i'm not sure if they've been caught the guy though they you know they didn't yeah but also i'm john off some sam happened in new york ted crews and he crews dad said his dog told the kill people well that's sad that scott dawn laughing at that's like schizophrenia some crap that area mean dog that that was not not fusing is foul yesterday was psychopathy to but he was he was not as a psychopath is a different yes schizophrenia or something right together while we have links like mine tundra and everything what do you think is the deal with this is a good question for you why do think is the deal with people's obsessions with the stuff like in pop culture like why do people want to take like absorb it so much people like replayed people love watching like there's a i think they're serious burns feed did who make those true crime video shows caroline minutes away of processing you thought process but how do you feel better did take it if you do understand that even when i find that to be sent you can imagine why like attracted to them and stuff oh you mean jean rupees and all that no no i mean these days like even like people liked it i think i'm looking guy whole thing i've ever heard that yeah you did we talked about it on here oh but if i think i think i agree with what he said but also i think just people like creepy things why am i mean yeah and it gets the adrenaline going and people like that i think that you know so we have another try all people want to understand i think that's i agree with this is this is really hard to do you think that's why they taken so much replicant it's impossible hopefully the understand so that's why they absorb of your of your bet cut it it can't compute because it's irrational behavior could be or at least you laugh it off you trying to if you're trying to understand well then why do i had so much well i.

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"Minnesota golden gophers get set to take on the Arizona State University. Sun devils first meeting ever between these two schools. Arizona's state has only in their fourth year as a division one hockey program. But they always had some very good success. Franken packed out the club level of believable winning national championships. And great powers is a holdover he coached them for five years as a club team. And now in his fourth year as head coach of the D one team. And how about the loyalty that that university showed by not bringing in a big name? Yeah. They let him keep the job. And he's done a terrific job. Good for him. Puck is down and the golden gophers get the opening draw little different from a club team to division one thirty million reasons to keep. Yeah. Yeah. That was a donation. Shop on the point by the sun devils block, but we have a penalty coming up right away twenty five seconds in. It will go against the gophers as Jack slack and one of the sun devils in front of the Minnesota last week owns that Saturday night. What did we have two penalties game day? So let's start this parade Sarah twenty five seconds. No, that's not what you want. No, sun devil power play. Twenty one goals on the air in thirty two games or fifteen point eight percent. So that has not been an exactly bright spot for them. And unfortunately, their leading goalscorer the nation's leading goal score who has nine power play goals is out of the lineup. Johnny walker. Not Chris tonight got hurt and practice earlier this week. Does have to wait and get ready for their NCAA tournament. Sundell's now up across the middle of the rain brought into the Minnesota zone by the defenseman Brinson passionate. He's a good one that the coach was talking about on a game show. But now the gophers clear and the sun devil will go back into their own zone. And in talking to the gopher coaches before the game, this kid was someone that was on the radar for this gopher team at one point Johnny Walker. No passionate passionate. Yep. He does have a older, brother. That's a Ford on the squad as well. The sun devils habit. It is Brinson passionate cutting it down the right side. It's tipped off into the corner boards by clay Phillips. He.

golden gophers Minnesota Arizona State University Johnny Walker Arizona Brinson Johnny walker clay Phillips Franken hockey Puck NCAA Jack slack Sundell Sarah D Chris twenty five seconds eight percent five years
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"Like losing the having an lose or Arab people and all of them are like, Erin PICO. That's because they thought that was a slam dunk. And I think that you know, they're not we're going to mitt that. But I think that the thought was he's going to kick off his reign then got set back, but I feel like we're firmly. And now he's got a veteran guys face. I think is the perfect match for him this point in time hinder Carl's, right? He's won four or five dollars one like four or five fights in Rohe's tough, dude. I think that it'd be if he showcases well, I feel like we're going to be entering into that space a little bit because they do get this nice no competition weekend. I feel like people paying attention to the fight. And he's going. I if if he does what he's been doing he takes Houston Ford. And I think he has that potential to be their guy. I mean, they're guy at the very top of the Jimmy ask you bear to question for a second. If peco becomes who we think he can be and want him to be how does Bill to keep them long-term on ships. Take what do they do? Do get into own swim with that money. What do they do to keep him? I'm not sure signed people to bring them over. Let them do boxing matches. Let him go for do some kind of or amateur wrestling for money or some unlimited picograms, whatever you wanna do the he should have his last name B R nicknamed grams. I'm sure it's gonna every idiot on Twitter. But I'm not sure that's a that's a challenge that Scott Coker gonna have. That's I don't have to worry about that right now. Because I think even he recognized that still waiting to have the win at your back in terms of your matchmaker. Because Henry Corrales is interesting choice because he's the best of that division has to offer and came up short against the better ones. However to your point he is a pretty formidable striker bites down the mouthpiece kinda guy to when he needs to be so peco's, not careful Corrales is not the guy to play too many games, and he can sleep people too. So he's got a lot of knockouts wreck. He's he's a very very interesting test PICO if you fight up to his potential should win this, no problem. But he's got to fight up. There's potential that's sort of the he's been more reckless against lesser competition. But I feel he had any lakes to stand on to be reckless that all coming off of that. I think it was the aggression that he went after Leandra ego with I was like, you know, I couldn't you would think you would think a knockout like in his debut like. Had it will pull him back a little bit. But no Alaska rookie Ben day Haas who who is very I like James, James Gallaher. I've met James gal her in person. He actually is the sweetest kid people. Don't think that because all you see on TV is this like over the top brash guy. But in person, it's the total opposite. So in any event, he got his come up four getting in day Haase's face bend. They of course, had legendary when he's back in action against the very challenging one or Gillette, so three five on that car definitely pay attention to. It's actually pretty good card in the arms making his debut on that car on the freedoms though. Right. Yeah. Right. Jack Jack slack. We're just not gonna Jake because this is why the coke is like coca card because back in the Herschel Walker a bible lash, you always had that guy was getting his chance. I have no strong in one way or the other before I condemn or before I praise I would like to see how he looks to me. It's interesting. These fighting the guy puts the cheese inside the hotdogs in my local gas. They gotta be, you know, it's probably a pretty full diet..

Henry Corrales Erin PICO Bill Rohe Jack Jack slack Scott Coker peco boxing Twitter Herschel Walker Houston Ford James Gallaher Jimmy Alaska Carl Haase Jake Gillette B R Haas